Durham University Records
Administrative history
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Reference code: GB-0033-UND
Title: Durham University Records
Dates of creation: 1555 - date
Extent: ca. 765 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Created by Durham University, with occasional items collected by it
Language: English predominantly, with occasional Latin and even less German, French, Tamil and Welsh

Administrative history

A university in Durham had been mooted under Henry VIII based on the medieval cathedral priory's former Durham College in Oxford, and a more serious, but still eventually fruitless, attempt to establish one was made in the 1650s with letters patent being issued by Cromwell for a university college based on the cathedral in 1657 and a provost and fellows actually being nominated. However, it was not until 1832 that the efforts of William van Mildert, last prince bishop of Durham, and the Durham dean and chapter led to the passing through Parliament of “an Act to enable the Dean and Chapter of Durham to appropriate part of the property of their church to the establishment of a University in connection therewith”. Temporary accommodation was provided in the house known as Archdeacon's Inn on Palace Green and the first students came into residence in 1833. On 1 June 1837 a royal charter was issued recognising and confirming the constitution of the university. Seven days later the first Durham degrees were conferred under the authority of this charter. An Order of the Queen in Council of 8 August 1837 appropriated Durham Castle, previously the bishop's palace, to the uses of the university. One of the objectives of the founders was to establish in the North of England “an Institution which should secure to its inhabitants the advantage of a sound yet not expensive academical education”.
The new university in 1832 was collegiate, although initially there was only one college, now University College, based in Durham Castle since 1837. In 1846 this was followed by Hatfield Hall, where expenses were reduced by providing all meals in common at a fixed charge and by letting the rooms furnished. A Cosin's Hall lasted only from 1851 to 1864 when it was effectively absorbed by University College. Unattached, later known as non-collegiate, students, not living communally, were first admitted in 1871. They themselves established a St Cuthbert's Society in 1888. In 1947 St Cuthbert's Society became the recognised designation of the non-collegiate students. Its current relationship with Council was adopted in 1948. Bede College, established independently as a diocesan teacher training college for men in 1839, took university degree students from 1892. In 1975 it was merged with its women's counterpart, St Hild's College, which had been founded independently in 1858 and connected with the University in 1896. Two private halls, St Chad's and St John's, founded in 1904 and 1909 respectively, took the style and title of independent colleges within the university in 1919, when Hatfield was also granted the title of a college.
Women have been admitted to Durham since the 1890s. In 1895 Senate petitioned the Crown for a supplementary charter enabling degrees to be conferred on women and in the Michaelmas Term 1896, the first female student, Martha Anne Thomas, matriculated on 23 October. In 1899 a women's hostel was set up at first 33 Claypath, and then in 1901 Abbey House on Palace Green. By a resolution of the Council of the Durham Colleges in 1919, the women's hostel became known as St Mary's College and was provided with a purpose-built site in 1947. It was the last single-sex college in the university, first admitting men in 2005. Women students residing at home had first been admitted in 1896 and in 1947 this body of women students became known as St Aidan's Society, with its own principal. It became St Aidan's College in 1961. The remaining Colleges, Grey (1959), Van Mildert (1966), Trevelyan (1967), Collingwood (1972), John Snow and George Stephenson (both initially at Stockton, 2001), Josephine Butler (2006), and South (2020) bear witness with the Graduate Society (1965, Ustinov College from 2002), to the post-war expansion of the university. In addition, Neville's Cross College, founded by the county council in 1921 as a teacher training college for women, became a licensed hall of residence of the university in 1924. So some of its students studied university courses until it was merged with the Durham Technical College in 1977 to become the wholly independent New College. Finally, Ushaw College, a Roman Catholic theological college established to the west of Durham in 1808, became a licensed hall of residence of the university in 1968 until its closure in 2011.
During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the numbers of students in Durham itself remained small. The university's original endowment was insufficient to maintain the country's first university course for engineers instituted in 1837 and, with the exception of mathematics, science also declined; medicine, although it at first had a reader, was not really taught in Durham. Student numbers in related institutions in Newcastle soon exceeded those in Durham. In 1852, the Medical School in Newcastle, established in 1834, became "the Newcastle upon Tyne College of Medicine in connection with the University of Durham" and the University began to award medical qualifications. A College of Physical Science in Newcastle upon Tyne was founded in 1871, under the aegis of the university. This became the College of Science in 1884 and then Armstrong College in 1904. It offered a wide range of pure and applied science as well as an increasing range of arts courses.
The original constitution of the University, which placed its government under the control of the dean and chapter of Durham, was modified in 1908 to create a federal institution. This provided an organisation at university level functioning equally in Durham and Newcastle and wholly responsible for examining and granting degrees. The students, however, were members of the university by virtue of their membership of its largely autonomous, constituent parts in Durham and in Newcastle. A royal commission of 1935 led to further constitutional changes which took effect in 1937. Under the new arrangements the Durham Colleges continued as the Durham Division, but in Newcastle the College of Medicine and Armstrong College, with its associated King Edward VII School of Art (founded in 1837 as the Newcastle School of Art which became part of the College of Science in 1888), were merged to form a unified Newcastle Division named King's College. Two full-time appointments were established to lead the two Divisions, the warden of the Durham Colleges and the rector of King's College, who served alternately as vice-chancellor and pro-vice-chancellor of the university until the Act of 1963.
After the Second World War both divisions expanded rapidly and the federal organisation was soon rendered out of date. The various governing bodies within the university concluded that there should be a separate university of Newcastle. The Universities of Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne Act of 1963 provided for the establishment of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with the former Durham Colleges continuing as the University of Durham, rebranded as Durham University in 2005. Pure science teaching within Durham had been re-established in 1924 at the same time as the department of Education was opened. Both developments were the result of collaboration between the Durham Colleges and Durham County Council and for many years were in large part funded by a special rate levied by the latter. The original range of pure science departments was extended after 1945 and applied science and engineering were introduced in 1960 and 1965 respectively. Large scale development in the social sciences came after 1960 and the range of arts departments was also expanded in the 1960s. The present academic departments/schools at Durham were organised into three faculties of Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences and Health in 1985, with Business being upgraded to a faculty in 2019.
University College, Stockton on Tees, opened to students in October 1992 offering joint qualifications of the universities of Durham and of Teesside. It was established in partnership with the university of Teesside and the Teesside Development Corporation. In 1994 the Privy Council approved its status as a residential and teaching college of the university of Durham. Since 1996, by agreement between the two universities, the students studied for university of Durham degrees. In 2001 John Snow College and George Stephenson College were established at Stockton. In recognition of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee in 2002 and the tenth anniversary of the Stockton campus, Her Majesty gave permission for the university to change its title from University of Durham, Stockton Campus to Queen's Campus. The two colleges were transferred to Durham in 2018 with the university's presence in Stockton thereafter being represented by an International Study Centre.
Official titles:
1832-1908 The Warden, Masters and Scholars of the University of Durham
1908-1963 The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Durham; (in Durham) the Council of the Durham Colleges in the University of Durham
1963-date The University of Durham


The collection records the administration of England's third oldest higher education institution through its various transformations. In its early years in nineteenth century Durham, it was a small, mainly theological institution, in terms of government and teaching. It then burgeoned into an increasingly secular, collegiate and federal university in both Durham and Newcastle with other affiliated and associated institutions in the north east and overseas, offering an ever wider range of arts, social sciences, sciences and medical courses in the early and mid twentieth century. By the early twenty-first century, it is a major teaching and research institution in Durham and for a time also Stockton-on-Tees, after the separation off of the independent Newcastle University in 1963. The university is now engaged in providing high-quality teaching and learning, advanced research and partnership with business, regional and community partnerships and initiatives, and services for conferences, events and visitor accommodation.
Much of the material derives from the central running of the university, being papers of its governing bodies and their committees, financial records of its administration and the files of the chief officers carrying out that administration. As well as the overall running of the institution, a lot of the records revolve around its constituent and particularly student members, their admission, fees, work, exams, behaviour and extra-mural activities. These records come also from the academic departments of the university, its colleges, and student bodies, though for none of these is the collecton comprehensive.
What is largely not present is any great quantity of records for the university in Newcastle, either for the two affiliated colleges there of Armstrong and Medicine before 1937 or the combined division of King's College thence to 1963. Nor is there much about the administration of its other affiliated colleges, Codrington in Barbados and Fourah Bay in Sierra Leone, beyond the records of their students' admission, examination and graduation. There are also some personal papers of the university's senior or junior members, administrative, academic and personal.
Though records do date from the university's foundation in 1832, there are relatively few records predating the 1937 reorganisation, much having apparently been sent for paper salvage during the 2nd World War. However, the date range does extend well back before the university's foundation into the sixteenth century for deeds of properties subsequently held by the university or the colleges.

Accession details

Deposited in Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections, from various parts of the University mainly from 1971, with most deposited since c.1990. After 2002, an effort was made to secure the core records of the university for the archive, aided by the then imminent move of the university's central administration from Old Shire Hall to the new purpose-built Palatinate Centre in Stockton Road and the increasing automation of record keeping and lack of use of hard copy central filing. Records were appraised on site and removed from principally the basement and the Rotunda in Old Shire Hall, and also the Politics Hut located down a vennel opposite Old Shire Hall, with the major transfer being in 2008. The focus has thence been on the archives of the various colleges with all having been taken into Palace Green Library with the only significant exception (in 2021) being St Chad's College. Records of departments have been taken in as and when, with significant quantities being taken from closed dpeartments, alongside particularly History.
Individual accessions (all Misc:):
1902 CF4/A1 Lecture lists 1874-1902.
1924 GD6/A1 Cricket club minutes 1846-1861.
1933 GE1/AA1 Debating Society minutes 1835-1839.
1937 GD6/A2 Cricket club minutes 1886-1894.
1948 F9/E1B/1-2 St Hild's JCR minutes 1920-1942.
1949 GE4/A1 Choral Society minutes 1903-1921.
1958 F1/D1/2 Cosin's Hall admissions register 1851-1858.
1959 CD10/A3 Earl of Scarborough's chancellor installation photo album 1958.
1970 GE8 Rover Scout Crew records 1932-1965.
1972 CF1/1/1, CF1/3/1, CG1/2/1-3, CG1/4/1-2, CG1/12/1-2, CG1/19/1-2, CG5/1/1-2, CG5/2/A1 registers of students and accounts 1833-1893.
1980 EA1/JB11 Photos of Palace Green Library interiors 1936.
1981 GE6/A1-3 Natural History Society minutes 1947-1969.
1982 BC3/8-13, BC6, DA1 Science faculty office records 1922-1973.
1983:2 BC5/1 Museum curators minutes 1912-1924.
1985 GE7 Lightfoot Society records 1947-1985.
1990/1991:11 GE10/B1 Palatinate account book 1961-1976.
1990/1991:12 GD2/B1 Colleges Athletic Union account book 1906-1946.
1990/1991:13 GD2/A1 Colleges Athletic Union minute book 1928-1932.
1990/1991:14 GE9/B1-2 Colleges Dramatic Society accounts 1949-1963.
1994/1995:5 AA2/1 Grant of arms 1843.
1994/1995:15 AA1/1 Foundation charter 1837.
1994/1995:16 AA3/2 Petitions to admit women [1881].
1994/1995:17 GA4/C1 International Association visitors book 1963-1966.
1994/1995:19 AB1/25 Statute 1882.
1994/1995:26 CJ1 Public Orators' speeches 1981-1995.
1995 CF1/D1 Admissions register 1833-1896.
1995 BB19 Committee on the appointment of a new vice-chancellor 1978.
1995 BB20/1 Services select committee of university government review committee 1981-1982.
1995/1996:10 GB1/AA1-4 SRC minutes 1913-1964.
1995/1996:15 CG1/13/1 Scholarship fund ledger 1869-1897.
1997 BB20/2 Report of university government review committee 1983.
1997/1998:2 F2 Howlands Trust new college project 1993-1997.
1997/1998:13 CK1/BD&BF events & congregations photos 1982-1991.
1997/1998:16 CK1/BD Library extension opening photos 1997.
1998/1999:6 CK1/BB Hollingside House photos 1990-1997.
1998/1999:13 CD10/A2 reel to reel tapes of Earl Scarbrough's installations as chancellor 1958.
1999/2000:8 CK1/B PR Office university events photos c.1960-1990.
2000/2001:2 DB15 Extra-Mural Dept records 1882-1994.
2000/2001:6 F1/E5/A1 University College Scientific and Philosophical Society minute book 1936-1937.
2001/2002:112 GE11/B1 Medical Society account book 1882-1928.
2001/2002:123 CD9/A2 cassette of Duff's speech at Trevelyan's installation as chancellor 1950.
2001/2002:131 DB15 Extra-Mural Dept records 1924-1952.
2001/2002:132 DB15 Extra-Mural Dept library accessions registers 1950-1999.
2002/2003:1 CG6/2/A1 Military Education Committee petty cash book 1937-1948.
2002/2003:14 CC1/S18 Suez petition signatories 1956.
2002/2003:41 CK1/BC Ian Stephenson photos 1999.
2002/2003:47 CJ1/2003B Public Orator's speeches Jul 2003.
2002/2003:49 HGB1/FA1913 Coll of Medicine SRC photo 1913.
2002/2003:50 CG1/7/1-3 Durham Colleges capital ledgers 1903-1970.
2002/2003:51 CG1/25 & CG4/1E Durham Colleges invoices 1936-1940.
2002/2003:55 DA1/E1 Irvine Masson's Durham University Royal Commission papers 1930-1938.
2002/2003:56 DB15/F Extra-Mural Dept summer school programme 1984.
2002/2003:57 CJ1/2002C Public Orator's speeches Nov 2002.
2002/2003:58 CJ1/2003A Public Orator's speech Jan 2003.
2002/2003:59 EA1/JA2 Sid Watson library porter retirement party photos 1982.
2002/2003:60 EA1/K2 New library opening leaflet 1983.
2003/2004:1 EA1/J1 Saskia Rockenfeller library photo album 1993.
2003/2004:16 CJ1/2002D Victor Watts memorial tribute 2002.
2003/2004:23 CK3/C DUAS Short Course No4 photos 1942.
2003/2004:31 CG1/3/44, 14/3-6, 15/7, CG4/1A/3 ledgers & salaries books 1949-1964.
2003/2004:34 CJ1/2004 Public Orator's speeches Jul 2004.
2003/2004:40 CK1/BCR H.M. Rowe graduation photo 1947.
2004/2005:5 DB13/I School of Education local slides 1960-1981.
2004/2005:7 JB2-11 Stockton committee minutes 1992-2001.
2004/2005:8 AB1, BA-BF, CA, CF1/D4, CF3/B-C, CI1-3 statutes, central minutes, deed boxes, pass lists, mark books, proctors' books, graduates' register 1831-1968.
2004/2005:9 CC2/1 Durham Colleges fire brigade photo 1925.
2004/2005:11 JB1 Stockton Board of Governors minutes 1997-2002.
2004/2005:12 DB1/AA1-42 Zoology Dept photos 1974.
2004/2005:16 CK1/A1-2 Honorary graduates photos 1999.
2004/2005:17 CF5/BA1-BG1 International Office student files 1969-2001.
2004/2005:18 G1/A1 & B1 Air Squadron 1943 magazine and group photo.
2004/2005:20 F1/FA1943, 1948, 1948a & G1/B1 Castle college group photos & Air Squadron photo 1943.
2004/2005:30 CD13/B2 Ustinov memorial service video 2004.
2004/2005:32 CJ1/2005A Public Orator's speeches Jan 2005.
2004/2005:33 CJ1/2005A Prof Manning's public oration Jan 2005.
2004/2005:34 CZ1/A DCL gown, 3 hoods and a mortar board.
2004/2005:37 CK2/A Public Relations Office files re events organised 1988-2003.
2004/2005:38 CK3/A&B G.R. Watson (PoW) file 1941 & Keers Durham photos c.1950.
2004/2005:40 K1/1 Obituary offprint of Sir Derman Christopherson 2004.
2004/2005:43 K1/2 Memorial fund notice Prof Peter Richard Evans [2004].
2004/2005:46 CH1/C, F9/A1 & C3, University general and Hild/Bede deeds 1781-1994.
2004/2005:47 CF3/A2004 Exam papers 2004.
2004/2005:48 CK1/A-B Development Office slides, photos 1992-2002.
2004/2005:49 EA2/10 Sudan archive files 1978-1998.
2004/2005:50 K1/4 Wolfgang von Leyden obituary 2004.
2004/2005:51 CK2/B1-2 Public Relations Office files 1991-1998.
2004/2005:53 CK1/B Ustinov photos 1992-2004.
2004/2005:56 F1/H1 Malcolm Macfarlane Grieve glass negatives 1912-1914.
2004/2005:59 EA1/GB1 Library history 1833-1967.
2004/2005:63 GD1-48 Athletic Unions and sports club minutes, accounts, photos 1944-2005.
2004/2005:65 K6/1B Durham Colleges (1954).
2005/2006:1 GB1/AB1-FZ1 (part) Students Union minutes, files, publications 1969-2004.
2005/2006:2 CJ1/2005B Public Orator's speeches June/July 2005.
2005/2006:3 EB/FA, F5/FB & GD4,5,20,26,38,39/EA & EB sports groups photos 1951-1983.
2005/2006:5 GB1/AB1-FZ1 (part) Students Union minutes, files, publications 1969-2004.
2005/2006:6 EA1/C2-6 library donations records c1950-1982.
2005/2006:7 F1/H2/1 W.F.G. March collections prize 1916.
2005/2006:8 GB1/AB1-FZ1 (part) Students Union minutes, files, publications 1969-2004.
2005/2006:10 F1/H3 et al K.B. Gibson ephemera & papers 1935-1938.
2005/2006:11 F3/G1 St Chad's Foundation vols I & II 2003-2005.
2005/2006:12 DB4/EA1-3, Pal & Dip Head of Dept files 1985-1990.
2005/2006:13 CL1/A1 staff handbook 1992.
2005/2006:14 F1/C3/A1 Castle Tunstal chapel kneelers record book 1976.
2005/2006:16 EA1/GA5 & GB17 Maltby Library deed 1855 & Cosin Library scheme 1913.
2005/2006:17 CC2/2, EA1/J3, I/PGMisc1955/1 & 1967/4, Colleges photos 1923, library plans 1955 & 1967 and PG frontage photo 1938.
2005/2006:18 F6/H1/1-106 Parkinson scrapbook of life as a Neville's Cross student 1951-1953.
2005/2006:20 F1/A-H passim University college minutes, accounts, admin files, photos 1885-2004.
2005/2006:21 CK1/A1964 Honorary graduates photo 1964.
2005/2006:24 F1/FE1954, F1/FJ1956, F1/G4, GD19/EA1954&1957, GD36/EA1956 Michael Mates cross-country and fives clubs photos 1954-1957.
2005/2006:28 F6/H1/107-111 Parkinson scrapbook additions 1951-1953.
2005/2006:29 EA1/B3/1-5 Library working parties & sub-committees files 1970-1994.
2005/2006:30 CJ1/2005C Public Orator's speech 9 November 2005.
2005/2006:31 CD14/A Bill Bryson installation programme 9 November 2005.
2005/2006:32 CJ1/2005C Honorary degree oration 9 November 2005.
2005/2006:33 CJ1/2005C Honorary degree oration 9 November 2005.
2005/2006:35 CF3/C9B BA finals' examiner's mark book 1912-1946.
2005/2006:36 EA1/GD1 university librarian's engagement diaries 1952 & 1954.
2005/2006:37 F3/G2&3 St Chad's college yearbooks and centenary service paper 2002-2005.
2005/2006:39 CD14/A Anne Stevenson's poem for Bill Bryson's installation 9 November 2005.
2005/2006:42 CK2/B Coroporate Communications office files 1990-2003.
2005/2006:43 EA1/H3-29 David Watkinson's files on library and university history c.1970-c.1990.
2005/2006:45 K1/9 The Darwinian 2005 with an obituary of H.C. Price (1930-2005).
2005/2006:48 CJ1/2006A Honorary degree orations 12-13 January 2006.
2005/2006:52 K7/1-2 STOP-GAP and SHOUT student newsletters 1982 & 1992.
2005/2006:53 CF3/B16A Medicine pass lists 1890-1901.
2005/2006:54 EA1/E2 library borrower's ticket 1972.
2005/2006:55 F3/C4-5, E7 St Chad's chapel, development and drama printed material 2003-2005.
2005/2006:57 F8/H1 Rose Lloyd-Evans (Women's Hostel) photo album 1908-1909.
2005/2005:59 EA1/JA-JC library events, buildings and staff photos 1936-2002.
2005/2006:61 EA1/GF2-3 Main Library extension files and mechanical services manual 1981-1998.
2005/2006:65 CK1/B, CK2/B, CK4, K7/8-10 Development Office files, newsletters, photos 1984-2006.
2005/2006:66 BA1/56-70 & BA3 Senate and Council minutes 1990-2005.
2005/2006:67 GE14 Durham University Society records 1921-1999.
2005/2006:69 F4/G1 St John's College College Record 1997-2003.
2005/2006:70 CK2/B Development Office files 1957-2003.
2005/2006:71 CK1/B Development Office photos 2003.
2005/2006:72 CK1/B Development Office photos 2002.
2005/2006:73 CE2/1 Vice Chancellor Recruitment Pack 2006.
2005/2006:74 CK4/1 2004-05 A year at Durham University brochure.
2005/2006:75 EA1/C13 Ron Lancaster covering letter for a book given to the library 2006.
2005/2006:76 CK4/2-5 Corporate brochures 1990-1994.
2005/2006:77 EA1/GF4 Library & Museum buildings DDA access reports 1999-2005.
2005/2006:78 EA1/JC1-3 Palace Green Library staff photos c.1982-c.1996.
2006/2007:1 EA1/E3, GA6, GB18, GC2-3, Borrowings list & librarians' correspondence 1842-1942.
2006/2007:2 CJ1/2006B Honorary degree orations 28-30 June 2006.
2006/2007:3 CZ2/1 Commemorative glass bowl 50th anniversary King's 1987.
2006/2007:5 CK1/D1-10 Public Relations Office radio cassette recordings [c.1995]-2006.
2006/2007:6 EA1/H32 John Lumsden's file of library papers & reports 1981-1994.
2006/2007:8 EA1/B3, GD2-20, K6-7 Papers of D.R. Ramage, university librarian, 1945-1967.
2006/2007:9 DB5/F1-2 & G1-2 Philosophy dept library registers, Wittgenstein & Bretherton papers 1934-1981.
2006/2007:19 EA1/JB29-30 Photos of Palace Green Library exhibitions 1969-1992.
2006/2007:20 HAA/1 N.L. Gannon's collection of College of Medicine centenary celebrations 1934.
2006/2007:21 EA1/M1-2 Library posters 1981 & 1983.
2006/2007:23 EA1/A1/6 & A2/2 & EA2/1&2 Library & ASC annual reports 2001/2.
2006/2007:27 F1/E8/AB1 Castle SCR Suggestions Book 1957-1994.
2006/2007:29 F1/FA1898 Castle college group photo c.1898.
2006/2007:32 CK1/BF2005-2006 Honorary graduates photos 2005-2006.
2006/2007:34 CF3/A2006 Exam papers 2006.
2006/2007:35 CJ1/2007A Honorary degree orations 12 January 2007.
2006/2007:36 BA1/29-53 & BA3/33-60 Senate (replacement) and Council minutes 1963-1990.
2006/2007:37 F4/E2/A1 & IA1-4 St John's Cranmer Hall JCR mins 1968-1975 & CK Pattinson's DUBC blazer 1924.
2006/2007:39 CE3/1-4 & CL1/A2-5 UGC visits reports 1985-1989 and appraisal schemes 1988-1994.
2006/2007:40 EA1/H36 revision of order procedure file of David Sowerbutts 1968-1972.
2006/2007:41 CF3/B28-50 & C34 pass lists and mark sheets 1947-1967.
2006/2007:42 CJ1/2007B Honorary degree orations 6 February 2007.
2006/2007:43 AA1/5 Grey college exhibition catalogue etc March 2007.
2006/2007:45 EA1/GC5-26 Librarian's files 1930-1946.
2006/2007:47 EA1/C19-24 Library theses accession registers 1899-2007.
2006/2007:50 CH2/B24-25, GB1/C14-16, GB3/B1-2 & C2-5 DSU & DUCK files 1982-2004.
2006/2007:51 CH3/1 Vincent Harris biography 2007 & Student Union plans 1944.
2006/2007:54 CK2/B3 Public Relations Ustinov Chancellor file 1998-2003.
2006/2007:55 CK2/B4 Public Relations Music centenary file 1990-1991.
2006/2007:61 CF3/A-E exam papers and other exam records 1891-2005.
2006/2007:62 AA1 Stockton 175 celebrations 2007.
2006/2007:65 CK1/BD1 Calman/Japanese ambassador photos 1999.
2006/2007:67 CJ1/2007C&D Honorary degree orations June 2007.
2006/2007:68 CJ1/1970B Honorary degree orations December 1970.
2006/2007:81 AA3&4, F4/AA1 Supplementary charters & SJC deed of recognition 1895, 1897, 1923.
2006/2007:82 EA2/10 ASC Sudan archive correspondence files 1977-2002.
2006/2007:83 CK2/B5 Press releases 1986-2003.
2006/2007:84 F1/FK1908 & FM1908 Castle rugby & football photos 1908/9.
2006/2007:85 F1/D3 Atkinson file, Jean Atkinson obituary 2007.
2006/2007:86 F1/C2/A6/7 Castle general ledger 1946-1974.
2006/2007:87 AA1/5/8-12 175th anniversary programmes June 2007.
2006/2007:88 BB-BD & CB Committee minutes & university office files 1924-2003.
2007/8:1 F1/C6 Castle plans and staff index cards 1920s-2000.
2007/8:7 EA1/G University library departmental liaison files 1970-1995.
2007/8:8 CZ1, F1, GD26 Harrison gown, Castle photos & flower slides 1910-1969.
2007/8:9 F1/FA2005F Castle photo 2005.
2007/8:11 F4 St John's College archive 1909-2000.
2007/8:13 F1/FA2004 University College group photo 2004.
2007/8:14 BB47 & 50 IT Strategy & Users committees minutes 1999-2007.
2007/8:17 EA2/10/SAD/1/8-11 Sudan archive correspondence files 2001-2002.
2007/8:18 CK1/E8-10 postcards of University buildings c.1930-1970.
2007/8:19 AA1/5/14 Durham Concerto signed programme 2007.
2007/8:20 AA1/5/15 St Martin the Fields 175th anniversary signed service paper 2007.
2007/8:21 F11/E1 and E4 Trevelyan College JCR handbooks and Hippocampus 1984-1995.
2007/8:24 CF3/C31-52 mark sheets 1959-1982.
2007/8:26 F1/G7 Castle/Hatfield prospectus 1944.
2007/8:35 EA4/G Observatory library file 1945-1967.
2007/8:36 CJ1/2008A honorary degree orations 2008.
2007/8:42 K1/12 Robin Dix memorial service paper 2008.
2007/8:43 EA1/GB20 Librarian Stocks' file re Kepier School Library 1923-1924.
2007/8:45 GE15/C&D DULOG productions material 2004-2008.
2007/8:48 GA1 DU Women's Society records 1970-2007.
2007/8:52 GE14/D&F DU Society ephemera and artifacts c.1960-c.1980.
2007/8:53 F13/C6/1-15 duplicate Sir Basil Spence plans of St Aidan's College 1961.
2007/8:54 F1/E1/D4 duplicate University College yearbooks 1995, 1999, 2002.
2007/8:57 CK1/BC photos of Hugh Curtis at Bede 1937-1939 and in 2008.
2007/8:61 EA1/L/SCI.L/43-53 proposed Science Library fittings plans 1963-1966.
2007/8:63 CF5/A2-6 RAF short courses 4-8 student files 1943-1945.
2007/8:65 CF3/31, 51-56 & CF6/A pass and congregation lists 1949-1952 & 1969-1976.
2007/8:66 CG6/4 & 5; CH1/B363-367; CH2/B26 playing fields leases, accounts, corresp 1897-1946.
2007/8:68 F11/E5/A1-D1 Trevelyan College SCR records 1981-1990.
2007/8:69 DC9 Centre for Seventeenth Century Studies records 1990-2003.
2007/8:71 DB11/F1 History Dept examiners' meetings signatures and marks 1939-2002.
2007/8:72 F1/E1/AA12 Castle JCR minutes 2006-2008.
2007/8:73 CK1/BD NATO Cosmic Rays Institute meeting group photo 1974.
2008/9:1 CJ1/2008B honorary degree orations June 2008.
2008/9:2 DB12/H1 The Geograduate No1 1968.
2008/9:14 CF6/C Stockton degree congregation progamme 1996.
2008/9:15 F7/H1 & I1 Peter Wildman Hatfield photos and blazer 1956-1961.
2008/9:19 EA2/1/23-25 Library ASC annual reports 2002/3-2004/5.
2008/9:21 DB11 & DB14 History/Economic History depts student files 1974-1982.
2008/9:23 F7/H1 & F9/FAH Wildman Hatfield photos late 1950s and St Hild's college photos 1959-1960.
2008/9:24 DB4 Palaeography & Diplomatic dept files c.1955-1995.
2008/9:29 CL3/1987-2001 HR academic staff leavers files 1987-2001.
2008/9:38 CB1/C6/6 appointment of a chancellor file 1991.
2008/9:40 F1, F8, GB1, GE1 various, ephemera of Michael Bates (Castle 1953-1957).
2008/9:41 DB4/I5-7 Pal & Dip dept photos c.1980.
2008/9:42 CD12/B2 first day cover stamps featuring Margot Fonteyn 1996.
2008/9:46 BC2/4,5,A1 Museums committee minutes and review report 1998-2007.
2008/9:48 EA1/GF10 librarian's file on Durham palatinate records 1991.
2008/9:49 EA2/7 library archives and special collections files re collections 1949-2006.
2008/9:53 DB11 & DB14 History/Economic History depts student files 1983-1989.
2008/9:56 CJ1/2009A honorary degree speeches January 2009.
2008/9:58 EA1/L Main Library plans 1965, 1983, 1995.
2008/9:64 F1/B Castle governing body & committees minutes & papers 1974-1997.
2008/9:65 EA2/5/Z80a Library file re palatinate records return 1970-1973.
2008/9:66 CF6/A,D & CK1/BF congregation lists, videos and pictures 2003-2008.
2008/9:67 BB82-83 Ceremonies and Honorary Degrees Committee minutes 1964-2006.
2008/9:69 EA1/C26-27 Library processing and DACE library transfer files 1975-2001.
2008/9:76 EA1/GET2 Library departmental liaison files 1963-1996.
2008/9:77 CL4 non-academic staff record cards 1960-1992.
2008/9:78 EA1/GET2 Library departmental liaison files 1963-1996.
2008/9:79 DB4/A1-2 Palaeography & Diplomatic Dept annual reports 1956-1984.
2008/9:82 EA1/GET2 Library departmental liaison files 1960-2000.
2008/9:85 F1/H10 Adrian Howard's Diophantine equations proofs 2003-2004.
2008/9:90 AA, CC, CD, GB, K supplementary charter petitions et al 1894-1960s.
2008/9:91 BB1, CG1/13, EA1/F, F7/C2 Estates mins & accs, Hatfield accs 1898-1945.
2008/9:92 F9/I St Hild's blazer badge c.1950.
2008/9:98 DB20 Oriental/East Asian Studies Dept records 1949-2007.
2008/9:106 EA1/B1 Library committee minutes 1994-2007.
2008/9:108 BB1/3 & F1/C2/A18/1 Estates cmte minutes and University College journal 1905-1923.
2008/9:113 DB4/FA32-37 Pal & Dip Dept South Road records 1966-1972.
2008/9:119 GD5/EB97 DUBC Wyfold IV training at Henley photo 1948.
2009/10:2 EA1 et al Librarian's Office files 1990-2008.
2009/10:7 EA1/H95-104 Library cataloguing files 1970-2004.
2009/10:29 BA1/69-71 & BA3/76-78 Senate and Council minutes 2005-2008.
2009/10:35 GD5/EA1911&1933 DUBC crew photos 1911 & 1933.
2009/10:37 EA1/N1 library seal c.1950.
2009/10:38 F1/H12 Jeffrey Farlam RAF records and Geology notes 1942-1950.
2009/10:39 F1/H11 Roland Butterfield ephemera 1902-1915.
2009/10:46 EA1/JA16 Science Library extension photo album 1981-1986.
2009/10:47 DB4/FA38-39 Pal & Dip Dept accessions registers 1957-1997.
2009/10:48 F1/H12 Jeffrey Farlam RAF photo albums and professional certificates 1945-1987.
2009/10:53 JC2 UCS guide 1996.
2009/10:56 CF1/A4 Van Mildert Professor of Divinity installation service paper 2009.
2009/10:57 EA2/1&2 library Heritage Collections annual report & minutes 2002-2006.
2009/10:58 GE10/D2 Palatinate 5 issues 1958-1961.
2009/10:59 EA1/B,C,H,N library house minutes, book purchases, publications, Yetts stamp 1979-2000.
2009/10:60 EA1/C30 library gifts register 1994-2000.
2009/10:61 F1/H13 S.F. Warth certificates & MA hood 1907-1928.
2009/10:62 BB84/1 Gateway Programme Board papers 2009.
2009/10:64 F9/H1 Sarah Collinson Hild/Bede students album 1905-1911.
2009/10:65 BB85 Examinations and Assessments Advisory Group minute book 1994-1999.
2009/10:68 EA1/JA17 John Hall retirement library staff photo 2009.
2009/10:69 EA1/JA18 Clare Powne deputy-librarian farewell meal photos 2009.
2009/10:72 C, D, F, G, K various, prospectuses and printed ephemera c.1975-1990.
2009/10:75 F1/H13 S.F. Warth certificates 1907-1928.
2009/10:76 F7/H2 Brian Shillaker notes & photos 1953-2007.
2009/10:77 F1/E1/AA University College JCR minutes 2008-2009.
2009/10:87 EA2/10/SAD/1 Sudan archive enquiries 2003.
2009/10:88 GE10/D2 Palatinates 1949-1953.
2009/10:90 CK1/BC H S Offler photo c.1990.
2009/10:97 BA1/72 & BA3/79 Senate and Council minutes 2008-2009.
2009/10:98 GE10/D2 Palatinates (2nd copies) 2008-2009.
2009/10:105 CK1/BF1981A & EA1/JC28 photos featuring A I Doyle [c1962], 1981.
2009/10:106 F1/E-H Castle JCR, library, boat club records 1937-2004.
2009/19:115 GE19 Orchestral Society records 1982-1995.
2009/10:125 GE33/A Historical Society minutes 1937-1966.
2009/10:128 DB13/F Education School staff files 1985-2003.
2009/10:134 CF3. F7, G2 Collections marks, Hatfield battels, Women's Union 1952-1975.
2009/10:138 DB13/F1 Education School staff files 1985-2002.
2009/10:145 CZ1 Academic dress of T.M. Clayton 1894-1905.
2009/10:149 F7/H2/33 Brian Shillaker BSc thesis 1956.
2009/10:160 F9/H2 St Hild's photo album c.1925.
2009/10:163 CK5B press cuttings 2005-2007.
2009/10:164 K1/21 J W Marshall funeral service paper 2008.
2009/10:167 EA1/C&H Library accessions and cataloguers' files 1973-2002.
2010/1:1 CJ1/2010B honorary degree orations 2010.
2010/1:2 CH3/2 Holmes article on VE Harris' Student Union 2010.
2010/1:3 ED2/K1 Pitman Painters Fulling Mill exhibition file 2010.
2010/1:4 CF6A&D2008 congregation lists, scripts and DVDs 2008.
2010/1:8 DB25&26 Linguistics and European Languages Depts files 1994-2006.
2010/1:11 CF1/E3&4 Durham Colleges term lists of students 1939-1946.
2010/1:15 F1/C8/6-9 University College library borrowing and accession registers 1952-2001.
2010/1:22 ED3/F1 Gulbenkian Museum nominal ledger statements 1975-1977.
2010/1:24 DB2/B Maths Dept Board of Examiners records 1958-1999.
2010/1:26 EA1/K1 library staff bulletins 2006-2008.
2010/1:32 BA1/B3 Senate attendance register 1986-2010.
2010/1:35 CK2/B33 Media Relations animal research file 1990-1992.
2010/1:46 CF3/A4 BMus exam papers 1896.
2010/1:51 CF3/A2010 exam papers 2010.
2010/1:52 EA2/10/SAD/1/14 Sudan archive correspondence file 2004.
2010/1:54 BA1/73 and BA3/80 Senate and Council minutes 2009-2010.
2010/1:61 CB1/D7 and R3b student appeals 1970-2003.
2010/1:66 DB13/F1 School of Education staff files 1993-2004.
2010/1:68 CK1/E15-23 DARO postcards 2011.
2010/1:77 GD5/D & FB rowing programmes and photo of F.J. Hoyle 1946-1949.
2010/1:79 CB1/P37 Calman's VC portrait file 2005-2007.
2010/1:80 DB14/B1 Economic History Board of Studies 1970-1985.
2010/1:81 GA3/A2 & F1 DU Branch of AUT minutes and banner 1963-1993.
2010/1:84 DB15/IA slides of DACE staff 1994.
2010/1:86 F7/FY1-3 Hatfield copy postcards 1904-1924.
2010/1:89 CB1/U7 Ushaw College closure notification 2011.
2010/1:90 CK1/BD photo of Science Labs staff 1926.
2010/1:91 GE27 DU Literary Society files 1969-1971.
2010/1:93 CH2/B28-29 plans for Grey College developments 1990-1998.
2010/1:96 EA1/A&L library plans 1981-1983 and annual reports 1984-1989.
2010/1:98 BB1,CG1,CZ3,F1 sealing registers, certificates, seal presses 1893-1985
2010/1:101 CJ1/2011C honorary degree orations 2011.
2010/1:102 CF6/A congregation lists 2009-2010.
2010/1:103 EA2/9/5-7 Cosin's Library visitors' book and notices 1958-2011.
2010/1:105 F7/H2 Hatfield College and Science Labs copy photos c.1910-1937.
2010/1:106 CB1/R3b Academic Appeals 2004.
2010/1:107 DB4 Palaeography & Diplomatic dept files 1949-1995.
2011/2:2 CL3 HR staff leavers files 2002-2004.
2011/2:3 CB1/N16 deed with Newcastle Univ 2004.
2011/2:4 CL3 HR academic staff files 2004-2005.
2011/2:6 CF8 Academic Support Office departmental reviews 1999-2005.
2011/2:7 CF5 congregation DVDs 2009.
2011/2:9 F8/FA St Mary's college photos 2008-2011.
2011/2:11 F & G various, DSU and college ephemera 2006-2011.
2011/2:13 CF3/A exam papers 2009-2011.
2011/2:26 EA5/C Education Library accession slips 1964-2001.
2011/2:29 DB13/F1 Education Dept staff files 1976-2005.
2011/2:30 CF1/D19 and DC19/1 Institute of European Studies records 1969-1999.
2011/2:31 CF3/A2011 exam papers June 2011.
2011/2:33 BB19/2 Vice-Chancellor selection panel minutes 2005-2006.
2011/2:34 DB29/B Pyschology Board of Studies minutes 1963-1991.
2011/2:35 BA1 & 3 Senate and Council minutes 2010-2011.
2011/2:49 CG7/D31 treasurer's Ushaw College file 1968-1999.
2011/2:50 DB4/I10 Palaeography & Diplomatic Dept staff photos c.1955.
2011/2:54 F3/E9, GE4/B, GE15/B St Chad's SCR, Choral Society and DULOG accounts 1974-1995.
2011/2:55 F4 & F10 St John's & Van Mildert newsletters etc 1982-2011.
2011/2:58 EA1/H109 Library Oxfam pledged giving file 1967-1991.
2011/2:61 CZ1/A17-20 PhD gown, hood and cap of J. Beeley 1965.
2011/2:62 GC2/F1 PSI Sgt Blackburn's tankard from DUOTC 1950.
2011/2:65 CD14/4 Bill Bryson's farewell book as chancellor 2012.
2011/2:67 EA1/K1 Library staff bulletin 2009-2010.
2011/2:70 F1/H15 papers of H.J. Armstrong 1937-c.1980.
2011/2:71 DB4/G10-15 files of A.J. Piper 1988-2006.
2011/2:77 DB4/G16-20 files of A.J. Piper c.1975-2004.
2011/2:86 CF8/E1 Academic Office marking conventions 1989-1998.
2011/2:92 F11/I1-4 Trevelyan College tee-shirts 2005-2001.
2011/2:94 F1/C7/1 QE2 diamond jubilee Castle lunch menu 2012.
2011/2:104 CB1/D7 & R3b discipline and academic appeals cases 1992-2006.
2011/2:105 EA2/10 Abbas Hilmi and Sudan archive files 2003-2006.
2011/2:106 EA5/C Education Library accessions 1970-1990.
2012/3:1 EA1 Library cataloguing records 1970-2009.
2012/3:2 CK4 et al Development Office collection of leaflets, newsletters etc 1994-2012.
2012/3:3 CB1/R3b academic appeals cases 2005.
2012/3:5 CF6/D2010 Congregation DVDs 2010.
2012/3:6 DB19/H6 Business School alumni magazines 2011-2012.
2012/3:7 DB4/FA46-52 Palaeography & Diplomatic Dept files re 5 The College conversion 1979-1982.
2012/3:8 EA2/5 & 12 Special Collections exhibitions 2011 and Thomas Wright mss files 1966-1998.
2012/3:14 F9/I2 S.H. Cunnigham Bede College rowing cap 1912.
2012/3:17 CF3/A exam papers 2012.
2012/3:19 Institute of Advanced study reports and programmes 2008-2012.
2012/3:22 DUAFC team photo 1920.
2012/3:23 senior staff retirees HR files 2006-2009.
2012/3:40 HCA2 Newcastle Colleges Appeal 1921.
2012/3:48 CF6/A Congregation scripts, June 2011.
2012/3:52 EA3/G Oriental Library files 1961-1998.
2012/3:64 F7/FB1910 Hatfield cricket XI photo 1910.
2012/3:77 CZ2/3 milk jug and sugar bowl 1887x1916.
2013/4:6 GA3 DU AUT branch admin files 1950-2010.
2013/4:20 GE10/D2 Palatinate 1964.
2013/4:32 F4 various St John's college deeds etc 1690-2003.
2013/4:40 F9/H4 Biography of Hilda Dukes and St Hild's postcards 1908-2014.
2013/4:41 CF6/A congregation lists 2012.
2013/4:46 F6/I1-2 Neville's Cross blazer and scarf 1943.
2013/4:47 CZ1/A22-30 C.C. Addison DSc gown and hood and Hon. DSc eulogy etc 1946 & 1977-1994.
2013/4:51 CF6/D Congregation DVDs 2011-2012.
2013/4:55 DC10/F1 school exam timetables 1945-1947.
2013/4:56 F12/FA1902 St Cuthbert committee photo 1902.
2013/4:63 F3 & F9 Enid Jeffries St Hild's College memorabilia 1906-1958.
2013/4:67 F6/FA Neville's Cross College group photos 1944.
2013/4:73 F1/C8 University College Lowe library records 1968-2006.
2013/4:74 F4/AE1 & D3 St John's College visitors book 1987 and admissions register 1964-2010.
2013/4:75 DC10/F2 Rose Leddicoat's school certificate et al 1924-1932.
2014/5:12 CG7/A treasurer's files 1832-1980.
2014/5:29 F7/FA1948 Hatfield College group photo 1948.
2014/5:31 F20/BA1 John Snow College Council minutes 2001-2005.
2014/5:40 JH7 Palatinate South magazines 2001-2002.
2014/5:49 BB82 Ceremonies and Honorary Degrees minutes 2011-2012.
2014/5:53 F7/C4/2 Hatfield chapel plans 1851.
2014/5:65 F9/I3 Bede College blazer badge [c.1950].
2014/5:76 DB29/M1 Psychology Dept masters theses 2002-2003.
2014/5:86 GE8 Scout and Guide Society additional records 1997-2015.
2014/5:94 F20/FA John Snow college group photos 2006-2014.
2014/5:95 HGB1/FA1956/2 Newcastle RVI staff photo 1956.
2014/5:98 F7/F Hatfield College sports group photos 2013.
2014/5:99 F9/H7 May Hindmarsh album 1891.
2014/5:101 F9, F10, GE12 Hild Bede, Van Mildert and Catholic Society publications 1970-2014.
2014/5:106 ED3/C5 Oriental Museum accession register 2011-2013.
2014/5:109 F9H/D1 St Hild's school certificate results & certificate 1952.
2014/5:111 CF6/A Congregation scripts for 2013 June and 2014 January.
2015/6:5 DB16/B-F Theology Dept minutes and files 1944-1999.
2015/6:41 DB16/F1-2 Theology Dept mark sheets 1945-1988.
2015/6:68 DB2/B-F Mathematics Dept minutes and marks 1992-2004.
2015/6:73 DB6/BA English Dept minutes 1984-2007.
2015/6:91 CF6/A Congregation scripts and programmes 2014, 2016.
2015/6:97 F20/I1-5 John Snow College clothing 2012-2014.
2015/6:111 F3/C3/A3 & C4/C1 St Chad's deeds and service papers 1609-1710, 1998-2016.
2016/7:16 EA1/G & EA3/C Library important papers and Oriental Library accessions 1937-1993.
2016/7:35 EA1/F9 & GF43-44 Library staff lists and expenditure summaries 1997-2016.
2016/7:38 GD20/EA Men's rugby club photos 2009-2016.
2016/7:39 CF3/B20 Music exams pass lists 1908-1990.
2016/7:48 F7/E1/C1 Hatfield SCR visitors book 1949-2004.
2016/7:49 EA1/F10 & H119-121 Library finance files 1985-2015.
2016/7:51 F4/A-F St John's College records 1940s-2009.
2016/7:69 EA1/K1 Library staff bulletin 2015.
2016/7:78 F4/C7/B7 Cranmer Hall handbooks 2010.
2016/7:80 DB12/IA1967 Geography dept photo 1967.
2016/7:81 GE4/F1 & GE16/F1 LP recordings of chamber choir and choral society 1972-1973.
2017/8:1 CK1/BD2012 Kuwait agreement photos 2012.
2017/8:31 DC6/B1-2 IMEMS History of the Book meetings 2002-2013.
2017/8:56 F1/E12 University College Boat Club file and photos 2003-2016.
2017/8:104 CB1/D1b Dunelm House catering contracts 1976-2005.
2017/8:105 BA1&3 Senate and Council minutes and papers 2011-2017.
2017/8:117 various, alumni newsletters, journals & brochures 2010-2017.
2017/8:118 GE1 Union Society term cards, minutes and posters 1971-2018.
2017/8:124 F9H/H28 Eleanor Dickinson St Hild's College book prizes 1903.
2017/8:127 F9 & F9B Bede and Hild Bede college lists etc 1966-1986.
2018/9:18 F12/FA St Cuthbert's Society freshers photos 2004-2009.
2018/9:23 F4/C7 Cranmer Hall Tim Yates files 1960s-2008.
2018/9:54 F10/E6 Alison Gowman's Van Mildert Trust files 2007-2015.
2018/9:59 CJ1/2010A A.I. Doyle Chancellor's medal oration 2010.
2018/9:106 GE16/C1 Chamber Choir manager's file 2018-2019.
2018/9:130 GE1/A,C,D Union Society minutes etc 1974-2009.
2018/9:131 F7/FD Hatfield Boat Club photos 2013-2018.
Also, originally deposited with Durham University Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic and subsequently transferred to Durham University Library in November/December 1992:
30 April 1970 CH1/A1-23 Barclays Bank deeds for university properties.
3 September 1971 CG1-5 passim treasurer's account books 1893-1968.
6/7 September 1972 F1/C & D passim University College accounts and academic records.
1973-1981 CH1/B1-362 Surveyor's deeds for university properties 1555-1938.
11 March 1982 F1/B, C, D, F passim University College minutes, accounts, admin files, photos.
14 February 1990 & 20 October 1994 F3/C3/A-E St Chad's College deeds for its site and advowsons.
19 September 1991 CG1-6 passim treasurer's account books.

Previous custodial history

The records have been held within the offices that created them. Almost none of the records have been away from the university, though one or two have been retrieved from local booksellers.

Conditions of access

There is restricted access to administrative records less than 30 years old, with some further restrictions, generally as noted, on records less than 80 years old where the General Data Protection Regulations apply.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Head of Collections (e-mail pg.library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


The material was originally arranged (c.1990) by accession in 4 main groupings: Central Administration, University Library records, College records, and records of university associations, societies, common rooms and clubs. Sorting of this material and new accessions into the present classification was begun in April 2004 after consultation between M.M.N. Stansfield, M.S. McCollum and E.R. Rainey.
The main subdivisions are now:
A Foundation and Statutes
B Central Committees
C Central Administration and Officers
D Faculties and Departments
E Support Services
F Colleges
G Associations and Societies
H King's College
J Stockton/Queen's Campus
K Publications
L Validated Institutions/Courses
M Partnership Organisations


Some accessions are appraised on site before transfer, others are appraised when received at Palace Green Library. Clean duplicates are generally removed.


Continuous further accruals are anticipated. In April 2004, a retention schedule and other records management procedures were developed for the university's records to facilitate the regular transfer of records from the university's departments and offices to the archive. This draft retention schedule was developed further on the appointment of the first university records manager in August 2006, and reviewed in 2019.

Finding aids

Word-processed inventories or summaries of accessions had been drawn up prior to 2002, hard copies of which were available in the Palace Green Library searchroom. These were expanded as necessary and converted to XMetal by 2006, with subsequent accessions also catalogued in XMetal. From 1999 to 2007, Adrian Allen carried out an inventory of archival material still held on site in university offices, departments and colleges. Some of his word-processed lists were expanded and converted to XMetal as this material was subsequently transferred to Palace Green Library. Otherwise material has generally been catalogued into XMetal on receipt.

Related material - here

- Thorp Correspondence (papers of Charles Thorp, 1783-1862, first warden);
- Old University MSS (which include notes on lectures given in the university in the 19th century and some papers of early members of the university );
- Additional MSS (these include various recollections of the university and particular departments within it, along with correspondence of: Charles T. Whitley, 1808-1895, the first reader in natural philosophy and mathematices, (Add Ms 834); Samuel Smith, 1766-1841, canon of Durham at the time of the university's establishment, (Add Ms 836); Temple Chevallier, 1794-1873, the first professor of mathematics, (Add Ms 837); and F.A. Paneth, 1887-1958, professor of chemistry, (Add Ms 780));
- Jevons Papers (papers of F.B. Jevons, 1858-1936, master of Hatfield College and vice-chancellor; the contents of this collection, however, are entirely scholar's working papers, not related directly to university affairs);
- Duff Papers (Sir James Fitzjames Duff, 1898-1970, vice-chancellor);
- Abbott Papers (Claude Collett Abbott, 1889-1971, professor of English 1932-1954, DUJ editor, mainly his own literary and personal papers);
- Karl Britton Papers (Karl William Britton, 1909-1983, professor of Philosophy at King's/Newcastle 1951-1975, mainly his own scholarly papers);
- Foster Papers, Albums and Slides (Ian John Charles Foster 1908-1978, library staff 1946, keeper of Oriental Books 1950-1973)
- Durham Castle Buildings Archive;
- Durham University Music Exercises (compositions submitted for music degrees);
- Durham University Observatory Records;
- Durham University Department of Archaeology Photographic Deposit;
- Durham University Department of Geology Lantern Slide Collection;
- Durham University Library Miscellaneous Albums & Photographs;
- Durham Dean & Chapter Muniments;
- Mawson Papers (firm of Durham lawyers who acted for the university).
- Durham University Extension Scheme 1880-1895 papers of the fourth Earl Grey are in GRE/B174 file 15.
Various serial publications are also invaluable adjuncts to the archive in providing information about the members, regulations, life and events of the university:
Durham University Calendar (produced annually in hard copy until 2009 and thence updated online) is available (since 1833) at the Palace Green Library and (since 1843) at the Bill Bryson Library;
full runs of the Durham University Journal (1876-1995) are available at both Palace Green Library and the Bill Bryson Library;
a full run of the Durham University Gazette (1898-1939 and 1953-1986) is available at Palace Green with the Bill Bryson Library holding the new series (1953-1986).
In addition, the printed local collection at Palace Green Library has various prospectuses, reports, accounts, newsletters, and journals produced by colleges, departments and clubs and societies within the university.

Related material - elsewhere

- Durham Cathedral Library has correspondence between Bishop Van Mildert and Warden Charles Thorp.
- Durham County Record Office holds the archives of the College of St Hild & St Bede (successor to the two teacher training colleges of Hild and Bede) (E/HB); also occasional items of the university's Book Club (1883-1917) (D/X94/99) and Railway Society (c.1959-1988) (D/DURS) .
- Birmingham University Library, Church Missionary Society archive (XCMS) has records of Fourah Bay College before its affiliation to Durham in 1876 when it was run by the Society and connected to the C.M.S. college at Islington.
- Balliol College Library, Oxford, has the papers of Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878), canon of Durham Cathedral from 1839, foundation professor of Greek 1833-1839 and professor of Divinity 1839-1864, which contain much on the foundation and early years of the university.
- Newcastle University has the records of Armstrong College and the College of Medicine and their successor King's College, except that practice and attendance registers and accounts for the College of Medicine 1870-1940 are at Tyne and Wear Archives (E/UNI). Newcastle also holds the papers of Charles I.C. Bosanquet 1924-1972 and Lord Eustace Percy 1911-1952.
- Durham university websites dating back to 1998 are available at http://www.archive.org/web/web.php.


J.T. Fowler, Durham University (1904) (Fowler's own copy of this, interleaved, with corrections and additions, is DUL ASC Add Ms 199);

C.E. Whiting, The University of Durham 1832-1932 (1932);

C.E. Whiting ed., The University of Durham 1937 (Durham 1937);

A.J. Heesom, The Founding of the University of Durham (Durham Cathedral Lecture, 1982: Durham, 1982);

A.J. Heesom, “Who Thought of the Idea of the University of Durham?”, Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (December 1982), p.10-20;

I.E. Graham, “The University”, in Durham County and City with Teesside, ed. J.C. Dewdney (Durham 1970), p.497-507;

E.M. Bettenson, The University of Newcastle upon Tyne A Historical Introduction 1834-1971 (Newcastle upon Tyne 1971)

N. McCord, Newcastle University: Past, Present and Future (2006)

N. Watson, The Durham Difference: the story of Durham University (2007)

M.P. Andrews, “Durham University: last of the ancient universities and first of the new (1831-1871)” (Oxford Univ. D.Phil. thesis 2016)

M.P. Andrews, Universities in the age of reform, 1800-1870: Durham, London and King's College (Cham, Switzerland, 2018)

Histories of particular colleges, departments, activities or clubs are cited at the appropriate point.


Foundation and Statutes
Reference: UND/A Catalogue

Central Committees
Reference: UND/B Catalogue

Central Administration and Officers
Reference: UND/C Catalogue

Faculties and departments
Reference: UND/D Records will generally be arranged as follows (not all series will necessarily be present):
A Annual and other general reports
B Committee minutes and other papers
C Accounts
D Student records
E Files of the head of the administration
F Other office files
G Papers of and about individual members
H Publications
I Photographs
J Plans
K Ephemera

Support services
Reference: UND/E Catalogue

Reference: UND/F College records are arranged as follows:
A Foundation
B Governance
C Administration
D Academic
E Clubs, Sports, Associations
F Photographs
G Publications and Ephemera
H Deposited/donated collections
I Artefacts

Associations, Clubs and Societies
Reference: UND/G Records are arranged as follows:
A Minutes
B Accounts
C Correspondence and other administrative files
D Term cards, fixture lists, publications and other printed material
E Photographs: EA formal groups, EB other photographs
F Artefacts

King's College
Reference: UND/H Catalogue

Stockton/Queen's Campus
Reference: UND/J Catalogue

Reference: UND/K Catalogue

Validated Institutions/Courses
Reference: UND/L Catalogue

Partnership Organisations
Reference: UND/M Catalogue