Durham University Records: Publications
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Reference code: GB-0033-UND/K
Title: Durham University Records: Publications
Dates of creation: 1855 - 2011
Extent: 16 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Created by Durham University
Language: English predominantly, with occasional Latin


Generally archival copies of the main university publication series such as the Calendar, Durham University Journal and the Durham Colleges/University Gazette, along with copies of occasional university publications or reports and lists, and copies of university newsletters and magazines for staff and/or alumni such as Next Week/Password/The News/Dialogue and Kingsgate/Durham First/DF/Dunelm. There are also a few published obituaries or memorials of former staff.

Accession details

Transferred at various times since the 1950s and especially since 2004.

Previous custodial history

Always held by the university.

Conditions of access

Open for consultation.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail PG.Library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


Arranged by title.


Some accessions are appraised on site before transfer, others are appraised when received at Palace Green. Clean duplicates are generally removed.


Continuous further accruals are anticipated. In April 2004, a retention schedule and other records management procedures were developed for the university's records to facilitate the regular transfer of records from the university's departments and offices to the archive. This draft retention schedule was developed further on the appoitment of the first university records manager in August 2006.

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Open access and even borrowable copies of much of this material are available in Durham University Library at Palace Green, along with other newsletters of the university and its colleges. Some copies of earlier twentieth century student journals are accessible in the printed collections of Archives and Special Collections.


Reference: UND/K
Obituaries and retirements
Reference: UND/K1
Dates of creation: 1949 - 2013
UND/K1/1   2004
Sir Derman Guy Christopherson (1915-2000) by Duncan Dowson and Sir Gordon Higginson, from Biographical Memorials of Fellows of the Royal Society London 50, 2004, p.47-59, includes a photograph; printed, offprint.
Paper booklet, 7f
Given by Gordon Higginson, transferred from the Registrar 2 March 2005, Acc No Misc 2004/2005: 40.
UND/K1/2   [2004] & 25 June 2005
Memorial Fund notice for Peter Richard Evans, lecturer in Zoology at Durham University 1968, professor of Zoology 1987-1998, with a copy notice about an auction for the fund with an obituary of Professor Evans from The Durham Advertiser 25 June 2005 .
Paper, 1f
Given by Dr J T D Hall, University Librarian, 15 March 2005, Acc No Misc 2004/2005:43.
UND/K1/3   c.1990
Photocopy of a notice of the death of Ernest Augustus Aslachsen, BA Durham 1890, died 19 January 1891, curate of Withernwick, Yorks.
Paper, 2f
UND/K1/4   26 October 2004
Copy obituary from The Independent of Wolfgang von Leyden (1911-2004), lecturer then reader in philosophy at Durham 1946-1977.
Paper, 2f
Given by Dai Morgan 29 October 2004, Acc No Misc 2004/2005:50.
UND/K1/5   12 January 1981
Copy obituary from [ The Times] of Malcolm Macdonald (1901-1981), chancellor of Durham 1971-1980.
Paper, 1f
Transferred from CJ3/1 21 June 2005 by M.M.N. Stansfield.
UND/K1/6   25 June 2005
Copy obituary from The Durham Advertiser of Geoff Endean (late 1930s-2005), lecturer in engineering and tutor at Collingwood.
Paper, 1f
UND/K1/7   1997
Printed memorial to Eric Halladay (1930-1997), lecturer at Durham from 1964, head of house successively at Grey, St Aidan's and St Chad's 1980-1994, and coach to Durham University Boat Club 1964-1994, with tributes from Vernon Armitage, The Times (with the full version of the 20 August obituary included), The Independent (Hugh Matheson), Gerald Blake and Peter Prichard.
Paper booklet, 6f + 1f
UND/K1/8   [2005]
Notes on the lives of Edward Vazeille Stocks (1870-1934), university librarian 1899-1934, and his wife Edith Catherine Stocks née Mayhew (1866-1950) by their daughter Helen, with a letter of 14 February 2005 by their grandson Peter Bright listing the houses they lived in.
Paper, 2f
UND/K1/9   Autumn 2005
The Darwinian
Newsletter of Darwin College, Cambridge, containing on p.7 a tribute to Hugh Casburn Price (1930-2005) bursar of University College 1964-1981 before moving to Cambridge.
Given by Dr W.T.W. Morgan of Durham, 29 December 2005, acc no Misc.2005/2006:45.
UND/K1/10   20 September 2006
Photocopy of a memorial address given by Dr Peter Clarke at the funeral of Dr Clive Preece (1941-2006), formerly senior lecturer in engineering, Durham University.
UND/K1/11   18 March 2001
Service paper for an evensong and commemoration of the life of Sir Derman Christopherson, former vice-chancellor, in Durham cathedral.
UND/K1/12   29 February 2008
Service paper for a memorial service for Dr Robin Dix (1956-2007) in St Oswald's church, Durham, including two photographs.
UND/K1/13   13 May 2008
Service paper for a funeral ceremony and celebration of the life of Gilbert Hampden Manley (1931-2008) at Durham Crematorium, including an inserted photograph.
UND/K1/14   8 April 2009
Service paper with address for Michael Desmond Lowes (1930-2009), with 2 photographs of him, young (in uniform) and old.
Paper, 2f
UND/K1/15   4 July 1997
Service paper for a service of thanksgiving for the life of E.M. Bettenson (1911-1997), with an address by Derek Nicholson.
UND/K1/16   29 January 1982
Service paper for a requiem for Professor Ted Allen MBE at St Cuthberts, Old Elvet, Durham.
UND/K1/17   30 June 1989
Service paper for a memorial service in Durham Cathedral for Clifton William Gibby (1902-1989).
Paper leaflet, 2f
UND/K1/18   1949 - 1979
Service papers for memorial services:
18 February 1949, Durham Cathedral, Marquess of Londonderry
10 June 1959, Durham St Mary-le-Bow, Charles Steel Wallis
11 October 1967, Dunelm House, Tony Blacker, Jim Heatherington, Linda Hutchings, Sue Smeddle
15 February 1969, Durham Congregational Church, Doreen Grace Bretherton
1 October 1979, Durham St Margaret, Rosemary Jeanette Kaye
5 paper leaflets
UND/K1/19   1953 - 1978
Staff retirements, departures and honours, invites to dinners and to contribute to funds for leaving presents:
1953 A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve, P.C.J. Gray
1954 Prof C.C. Abbott, Mr B. Colgrave, Mr Norman
1955 Miss Fergusson, Prof Hood, Prof Wagstaff
1957 Sir James Duff (20 years)
1958 Sir James Duff (portrait), Prof J.L. Burchnall, Miss N.M. Lunan
1959 Mr William Plunkett
1960 Sir James Duff
1961 Dr Peter Evans
1963 Clifford Leech
1969 Sir Derman Christopherson (kinghthood)
1970 Col J.C.R. Fitzgerald-Lombard, Dame Enid Russell-Smith, Mr C.R. Hudleston
I.J.C. Foster
1973 Albert Jarvis
1978 Sir Derman Christopherson (18 years)
Paper file
UND/K1/20   1947 - 1971
Notices of deaths and invites to memorial services:
1947 Prof A.F. Bernard
1949 Marquess of Londonderry
1953 Queen Mary
1954 Mr E.H.U. de Groot, Dr W.E. Foster, Miss J.M. Telfer
1955 Prof P.J. Heawood
1956 Mrs J.D. Duff
1957 Mr R.L. Wilson
1960 Dr James V. Whitworth
1962 Mrs Martha Sabrina Gordon
1963 Prof J.E.P. Wagstaff
1965 Winston Churchill
1967 Anthony Blacker, James Heatherington, Linda Hutchings, Susan Smeddle
1969 Dr Doreen Bretherton, Father Vincent Shanley, Earl of Scarbrough
1970 Sir James Duff
1971 Prof C.C. Abbott
Paper file
UND/K1/21   13 November 2008
Service paper for the funeral in Durham cathedral of John Walton Marshall CBE DL (1931-2008), former director of the Durham Business School, with an insert of 3 photos of him, 2 on the Matterhorn.
Paper booklet, 12p + 4p
UND/K1/22   4 June 2011
Service paper for a memorial celebration of the life of Richard A. Chapman (1937-2011) in St Brandon's church, Brancepeth, with a photo on the front.
Paper booklet, 4p + card covers
UND/K1/23   3 August 2011
Service paper for a thanksgiving for Jennifer Joan Britnell (1943-2011) at Durham St Cuthbert's, with a photo on the front, and Ann Moss's eulogy inserted.
Paper booklet, 12p + 1p
UND/K1/24   11 April 2011
Address given by Theo Harman at the funeral service for Sir Kingsley Dunham (1910-2001) in Durham Cathedral, with an offprint of an obituary of Dunham by G.A.L. Johnson from Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society London 49 (2003) p.149-162.
Paper, 6f
UND/K1/25   21 July 2011
Service paper for a celebration of Prof Andy Brinkman (1950-2011) at Durham St Nicholas, with a photo on the front.
Paper booklet, 4f
UND/K1/26   27 November 1987
Service paper for a thanksgiving for Frank Dowrick (1921-1987),
Paper booklet, 4f in card covers
UND/K1/27   [31 January 2012]
Eulogy on Wilf Chapman (1912-2012), delivered by Rob Catty, with a relating email.
Paper, 4f
UND/K1/28   9 May 1992
Service paper for a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Louis Allen in Durham Cathedral.
Paper leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/29   1975
A memoir of Percy Joan Heawood, Lecturer in Mathematics 1887-1911, Professor of Mathematics 1911-1939, by C.W. Gibby, with a photo.
Paper file, 11f + BW print + card covers
Formerly: PamL+ 510.92 HEA/GIB.
UND/K1/30   1 March 2012
Service paper for a thanksgiving and requiem eucharist for Alan Piper (1946-2012), with a eulogy by Dean Michael Sadgrove.
Paper leaflet, 8f +2f
UND/K1/31   [c.1980]
Biography of John Douglas (1828-1904, University College BA 1850, LTh ?1851) with images by W.T.W. Morgan from Durham University Journal
Paper, 2f
UND/K1/32   [2001]
A Celebration & Commemoration of a life in Science Ronald Girdler fellowship in Geophysics appeal brochure, including appreciations of him (1930-2001) by the master of Grey College and Henry Dyson, with a donation form.
Paper booklet, 14p + 1f
UND/K1/33   21 August 2012
Service paper for the funeral and service of thanksgiving for the life of Dorothea Ruth Etchells (1931-2012), Durham Cathedral, with David Kennedy's sermon.
Paper booklet, 20p + 2f
UND/K1/34   10 February 2001
Memorial address for Sir Derman Christopherson in Magdalene College Cambridge by Rt Revd Prof S.W. Sykes.
Paper file, 3f
UND/K1/35   13 June 2013
Thanksgiving service paper for Constance Mary Fraser in Tynemouth Holy Saviour, with Colm O'Brien's address.
Paper leaflet, 4f + 3f
UND/K1/36   10 June 2013
Service paper for the funeral of Gerald Bonner in Durham St Cuthbert, with Anthony Bash's sermon.
Paper file
UND/K1/37   30 December 2013
Service paper for a service of thanksgiving for Richard Hugh Britnell (1944-2013) in Durham St Cuthbert, with addresses by Margaret Harvey and Anthony Bash.
Paper leaflet + 2f
UND/K1/38   20 January 2014
Service paper for the funeral and service of thanksgiving for Edward Jonathan Lowe (1950-2014) in Durham cathedral.
Paper leaflet
UND/K1/39   29 October 2003
Service paper for a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Dr Sidney Holgate CBE 1918-2003 in Durham cathedral.
Paper leaflet, 8p
UND/K1/40   21 September 1963
Memorial service for John Edward Pretty Wagstaff, emeritus professor of Physics (d 2 August 1963), in St Mary-le-Bow, Durham.
Paper leaflet
UND/K1/41   13 March 2015
Service paper for the funeral and service of thanksgiving for Anne Winifred Orde (1924-2015) in Durham cathedral, with addresses by Susan Rennie and Canon Rosalind Brown.
Paper leaflet
UND/K1/42   4 June 2011
Service paper for the memorial celebration of Richard A. Chapman (1937-2011) in Brancepeth St Brandon, including an appreciation by Martin Peacock.
Paper leaflet
UND/K1/43   3 March 2013
Service paper for a service of thanksgiving for Joan Bernard in Trevelyan College Dowrick Suite.
Paper leaflet
UND/K1/44   14 September 2016
Service paper for the funeral of Professor Sir Frederick George Thomas Holliday (1935-2016) in William Black's Service Room, Brechin.
Card, 2f
UND/K1/45   16 February 2007
Service paper for a [memorial] service for Sir Gareth Gwyn Roberts (1940-2007, DU 1976-1985), in St John's College Chapel.
Paper leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/46   28 February 2018
Service paper for a Requiem Mass for Anthony Ian Doyle (1925-2018) at St Cuthbert's Catholic Church, Durham, with the homily of Father Andrew Downie.
Card, 4f
UND/K1/47   5 February 2018
Service paper for a service of thanksgiving for David Knight (1936-2018) at Durham St Oswald's church.
Paper leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/48   19 September 2018
Service paper for a Requiem Eucharist in Durham Cathedral for Ann Moss (1938-2018), with an autobiography, with images, written July 2013.
2 printed paper booklets
UND/K1/49   7 July 1998
Service paper for the funeral of Michael Richard Vasey (1946-1998) in Durham Cathedral.
Paper leaflet, 16p
UND/K1/50   1979
Robin Nixon: A Life and a Tribute, ed Noel Pollard
Printed booklet with BW illustrations, 32p
UND/K1/51   2 May 2019
Service paper for a memorial evening for David Held in Durham Castle Great Hall
Paper leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/52   10 June 2019
Service paper for A Celebration of the Life of Jennifer Price (1940-2019), in York Cemetery Chapel
Card leaflet, 2f
UND/K1/53   19 December 2019
Service paper for the funeral of Margot Johnson (1921-2019), in Durham St Oswald's church
Card leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/54   10 January 2020
Service paper for the requiem mass for Joseph Michael Fewster (1934-2019) in St Godric's church
Card leaflet, 4f
UND/K1/55   October 2015
'A.I. Doyle A Tribute at 90, by A.S.G. Edwards, offprint from The Book Collector
Printed paper booklet, 12p, in card covers
UND/K1/56   29 January 2021
Service paper for the funeral of Brian Cheesman (1931-2021) at Durham Crematorium, with images
Printed paper booklet, 4p in card covers
UND/K1/57   2001 - 2020
Service papers for funerals collected and attended by Brian Cheesman:
Prof R.W. Girdler, Durham Crematorium, 6 November 2001
Beverley Shaw (1934-2009), Durham Crematorium, 20 November 2009, with images
Funeral and Service of Thanksgiving, Gavin Bernard Townend (d2010), Durham Cathedral, 31 March 2010
Celebration of the life, John Samuel Thorp (1925-2011), Shincliffe St Mary the Virgin, 23 December 2011
Dr Desmond Evans (1934-2012), Durham St John Neville's Cross, 16 April 2012, with an image
Professor Donald Boulter (1926-2012), Durham Crematorium, 16 June 2012, annotated, with an image
Celebration and Thanksgiving Service, John Victor Major (1929-2012), Durham Elvet Methodist Church, 31 July 2012, with images
Sung Eucharist in thanksgiving, Joseph Patrick Michael Cassidy (1954-2015), Durham Cathedral, 17 April 2015, with an image
Dr Richard Fong (1936-2017), Durham Crematorium, 20 January 2017, with an image
Funeral Service, John I. Clarke (1929-2018), Durham St Oswald, 16 May 2018, with images
Memorial Service, Martin Bott (1926-2018), Durham St Nicholas, 22 November 2018, with images
David Michael Hirst (1933-2019), Durham Crematorium, 26 January 2019, with images
Service of Thanksgiving, James Stirling (1953-2018), Durham Cathedral, 4 May 2019, with images
Memorial Service, John Vernon Armitage (1932-2019), Bede Chapel, 10 January 2020, with images
Card file
UND/K1/58   23 November 2021
Service paper for the funeral of Peter John Rhodes (1940-2021), Durham Cathedral, with images
Paper file
UND/K2   1876 - July 1995
Durham University Journal, Volumes I to LXXXVII/2
With also the extra complimentary number The Lightfoot centenary lectures : to commemorate the life and work of Bishop J.B. Lightfoot (1828-89), ed James D.G. Dunn, (Durham 1992) and the special supplement Katherine M. Hutton, The adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, or, An idea in need of a publisher, (Durham 1994).
There have been a number of student magazines/journals/newspapers containing a variety of prose and poetry, news, gossip and sports and society reports for student consumption in Durham in the wake of and as a contrast to the more official Durham University Journal which began in 1876. The waning of initial enthusiasm, problems of securing adequate copy and financial difficulties along with on occasion official disapproval meant the lifespan of many was brief but some have persisted to provide a less reverent Durham focus on life at the university from the late nineteenth to mid twentieth centuries.
The Undergrad began with something of this varied vein of material on 18 February 1886 and lasted 3 issues until 30 November 1887. In Statu Pupillari revived the genre on 17 June 1893, proclaiming itself “The Lawful Successor” of its predecessor which had “perished at the hands of the Warden and Senate”. A second issue of the same title in a rather different format appeared in 1894. No.1 of The Critic appeared on 23 June 1894 and a 2nd edition of The Whirligig survives, undated, but possibly for June 1902 when The Jabberwock made its first appearance, with a second edition surviving from probably the following year. Meantime, Blue Stocking had issued its first number in February 1903 with the familiar editorial declaration of “not entering into competition with … The D.U.J.” and being concerned with “fancies, some, indeed, based on facts”. This journal reached issue 5 by November of that year. Its relative success was exceded by The Sphinx which first appeared on 9 March 1905 and had produced fully 8 volumes by June 1922 when it seems to have expired. An issue of The Wear survives for Michaelmas 1922. The Palatine also appeared in December 1922 with an editor elected by the S.R.C.. Although this editor felt “confident about the future” in the second number in March 1923, his organ was then being challenged by the independent periodical The New Durham which issued its first number in the same month and which had incorporated its rival by its second issue of June 1923. This had produced two volumes of numbers by Epiphany 1927 before embarking on a New Series in Michaelmas that year, run by a committee from the JCRs of the Durham Colleges who elected one of their number as editor. The New Durham then persisted until June 1962 and the demise of the Durham Colleges. It had meantime been joined, briefly by The Vision for an issue in Michaelmas 1945, and more permanently by the S.R.C. newspaper The Palatinate in 1948.
In more recent times, other short-lived student magazines (copies on open access in the printed local collection at Palace Green Library) have included: Lead Balloon (2 issues, c.1980); The Idler (5 issues, [1981-1982]); Inside Out (1 issue, 1984); The New Idler Incorporating Drone (1 issue, 1985).
W. Hooper, “The Genesis of the Durham University Journal”, ( Durham University Journal, 21, 1913/1918), p.431-432; C.E. Whiting, “The Journal”, ( Durham University Journal, 23, 1922/1926), p.451-454.
For a full set (1876-1995) on open access, see either Durham University Main Library, reference 050 DUR, or Palace Green Library local collection, reference Per Local DUR.
UND/K2A   December 1943 - Easter Term 1962
Durham University Journal Supplement University of Durham Notes, detailing university news, normally icnluded in the Jounral, but here rertained as a separate file.
Paper file
UND/K3   1833 - 2009/10
Durham University Calendar
Transferred from the offices of the Durham University Students Union and the Lowe Library, University College, July 2005, with some of the gaps filled in from David Watkinson's collection November 2005, an ex-registrar's set in Old Shire Hall August 2007 and the former Chief Clerk's set in August 2009.
Includes a copy of the 1844 Calendar with various amendations, list of prospective exam papers for 1845, equations, notes of sun rising and setting times in Newcastle, and updates to lists of fellows and students, bought in Bigg market 1898 and given 30 July 2021 (Acc No Misc.2021/22:1).
Further copies of the Calendars 1833 to date are available on open access in either Durham University Main Library or Palace Green Library local collection at 050 DUR and Per Local DUR respectively .
UND/K3A   1912
The Calendar of the Durham Colleges, detailing dates, the university's history and officers, officers and staff of the Durham Colleges, details of the university library, museum and observatory, university clubs, subjects of examinations, fellowships, scholarships, prizes, examinations, regulations, details of colleges, fees, college regulations, academical costumes and subject book lists, with some advertisements.
Printed paper book
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K4   Epiphany 1950 - June 1986
( Colleges Gazette) Vols. I - IV;
( University Gazette) New Series Vols. I to XXVII; Combined Series Vols. I-IV
New Series formerly L378 in University College library, Durham; Combined Series formerly in the office of David Watkinson, deputy university librarian.
A full set of the Gazettes 1898 - [1986], including also the earlier original series and the later combined series, is available on open access in the Durham University Palace Green Library local collection at LL 053.784281 DUR and (including also just the later combined series) in the Main Library at 050 DUR.
Durham Colleges/University Annual Report of the Warden/Vice-Chancellor and Warden
Reference: UND/K5
Dates of creation: 1957/58 - 1981/82 Further copies 1952/53 to 1981/82 are available on open access in the Main Library and Palace Green Library local collection at 050 DUR and L 053.784281 DUR respectively.

Single publications
Reference: UND/K6
UND/K6/2A   1948
Graduates of the University, with historical lists of officers and professors (Durham 1948), with amendments of additional names and degrees (mostly women), and corrections. “Joyce Gowland” on the flyleaf.
Paper book
Further copies are available in Durham University Main Library and Palace Green Library reference sections at Ref 378.4281 DUR and PGRef 378.4281 UNI respectively.
UND/K6/2B   1954
Graduates of the University, with historical lists of officers and professors (Durham 1954), 2nd edition, being a supplement to the list of extant graduates published in 1948.
Paper book
Further copies are available in Durham University Main Library and Palace Green Library reference sections at Ref 378.4281 DUR and PGRef 378.4281 UNI respectively.
UND/K6/2C   1960
University of Durham Supplement to the Graduate List Last Published in 1954 (Durham 1960)
Paper book
Further copies are available in Durham University Main Library and Palace Green Library reference sections at Ref 378.4281 DUR and PGRef 378.4281 UNI respectively.
UND/K6/3   1946
List of Electors of the University of Durham to come into force on October 1st, 1946 for the combined English Universities Constituency of Durham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and Reading, detailing surname and other names, address, first degree and year of first degree.
Printed by Durham County Press Ltd.
UND/K6/4   [c.1965]
“The Academic Hierarchy”, an 8 verse lampoon extolling the importance of the departmental secretary over the vice-chancellor, head of department, professor, reader, lecturer, graduate and undergraduate.
UND/K6/5   [c.1975]
Side By Side, article about the association between Durham University and the Phoenix Assurance Co Ltd, including an image of an 1822 insurance policy for Cosin's Hall.
Paper leaflet, 2f, foldout, illustrated
UND/K6/6   [1998]
Old Shire Hall Centenary 1898 to 1998, including images of the building and of the original proposals of Barnes & Coates, with a draft
3-fold colour leaflet + 3f
UND/K6/7   7 June 2005
A summary of Durham University's promotional day at the Newcastle Gateshead Hilton. The publication, entitled "Excellence Working for the Region", briefly details the role of each stand attending the day within the university (stands representing university faculties, centres, institutes, and outreach organisations).
Printed A4 booklet
UND/K6/8   2006
Vice Chancellor Recruitment Pack, including details of the role and university, general financial facts and figures, terms and conditions, and how to apply.
Fold-out, colour, ring-bind pack
UND/K6/9   c1995 - 2005
Take A Look! was a promotional initiative encouraging prospective applicants to book a campus tour, available at both Stockton and Durham.
Printed A3 colour illustrated poster and bookmark
UND/K6/10   [1984]
University of Durham description of the current and historic development of the university.
Printed colour illustrated booklet, 28p + covers
UND/K6/12   1931/32 - 1938/39
Abstracts of Theses for Doctorates Presented by Candidates Who Have Received the Degrees in Convocation During the Academical Year, mostly from the faculties of Science or Applied Science.
Formerly Per Local DUR
8 printed paper booklets
UND/K6/13   [2012]
The Palatine Centre, describing the purpose, environmental credentials, art, timeline and construction facts ad figures, with details of other estates developments
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, 16p
UND/K6/14   October 2012
Art in the Palatine Centre and the Law School, Durham University, by Henry Dyson, Keeper of Fine Art, with a foreword detailing the variety of art displayed and biographies of the artists whose work is on show
Printed paper booklet, 28p
UND/K6/15   [1974]
University Science in Durham 1924-74, by W.A. Prowse, with contributions from E.F. Baxter, J.L. Burchnall, C.W. Gibby, B. Hollingworth and W. Hopkins
Printed paper booklet, 28p, with some drawing illustrations
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 PRO
UND/K6/16   7 February 1969
Select Committee on Education and Science (Sub-Committee A) Minutes of Evidence Friday, 7th February, 1969 Session 1968-69 Student Relations (HMSO), recording the evidence from the University of Durham of Dr D.W. Wood, Dr W.D. Corner, Mr R. Morley, Dr J. Heywood Thomas, Prof W.K.R. Musgrave, Prof F.E. Dowrick, Dr I.R. MacPherson, Mr A.S. Ditton, Mr P. Bridgewater, Miss E.C. Moles, Mr S.H. Reid, Mr D.A. Soulsby, Mr J.F. Standen, Miss W. Bromilow, Sir D.G. Christopherson, Sir E. Collingwood, Dr S. Holgate, Prof G.D. Rochester, Prof J.L. Brooks, Mr D.J. Wilks and Mr I.E Graham
Printed paper booklet, 52p
Former reference: PamL 378.1
UND/K6/17   [1975]
Some Notes on the University of Durham, with a map
Printed paper booklet, 12p
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 DUR
UND/K6/18   November 1959
W.B. Fisher, “The University of Durham”, (The Geographical Magazine, Vol.XXXII No.6), p.276-283
Printed BW illustrated paper booklet, 18p
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 FIS
UND/K6/19   March 1978
A Brief Note on the History of the University of Durham with special reference to the post 1963 period, by I.E. Graham
Printed paper booklet, 16p
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 DUR/GRA
UND/K6/20   11 March 1982
The Founding of the University of Durham, by Alan Heesom, Durham Cathedral Liecture 1982
Printed paper booklet, 32p
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 HEE
UND/K6/21   September 1952
G.H. Turnbull, “Oliver Cromwell's College at Durham”, (Research Review), photocopy
Paper file, 7f
Former reference: PamL 378.4281 DUR/TUR
UND/K6/22   [1955]
W.H.G. Armytage, “Prejudice and Promise 1600-1660: some aspects of the Civic University Tradition in England”, offprint from [Civic universities : aspects of a British tradition] p.105-116
Paper file, 6f
UND/K6/23   1958 - 1982
University of Durham Publications, published by Oxford University Press and then Peter Lang Publishers Ltd of Berne from 1978
UND/K6/23/1   1958
Kenneth Ellis, The Post Office in the Eighteenth Century A Study in Administrative History
UND/K6/23/2   1961
G.J. Cuming, The Durham Book
UND/K6/23/3   1965
M.H. Callender, Roman Amphorae with Index of Stamps
UND/K6/23/4   1966
J.W. Smeed, Jean Paul's Dreams
UND/K6/23/5   1968
John Lough, Essays on the Encyclopédie of Diderot and D'Alembert
UND/K6/23/6   1972
Ireneus László Legeza, A Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Malcolm Macdonald Collection of Chinese Ceramics
UND/K6/23/7   1973
Brian Primmer, The Berlioz Style
UND/K6/23/8   1976
D.E.L. Crane, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham The Rehearsal
UND/K6/23/9   1976
W.R. Ward, Early Victorian Methodism The Correspondence of Jabez Bunting 1830-1858
UND/K6/23/10   1978
Martyn Lyons, Revolution in Toulouse An Essay on Provincial Terrorism
UND/K6/23/11   1979
W.R. Ward, Theology, Sociology and Politics The German Protestant Social Conscience 1890-1933
UND/K6/23/12   1980
David Hillery, Music and Poetry in France from Baudelaire to Mallarmé
UND/K6/23/13   1981
Alison Saunders, The Sixteenth-Century Blason Poétique
UND/K6/23/14   1982
Richard G. Maber, The Poetry of Pierre Le Moyne (1602-1671)
UND/K6/24   1983 - 1985
University of Durham 150th Anniversary Series, published by Edinburgh University Press
UND/K6/24/1   1983
Sacred Cows in Education. Essays in Reassessment, ed F. Coffield and R. Goodings
UND/K6/24/2   1983
An Infinite Complexity. Essays in Romanticism, ed J.R. Watson
UND/K6/24/3   1985
Public Policy Studies The North East of England, ed Richard A. Chapman
UND/K6/25   1932
Publications prospectuses:
Paper file
UND/K6/25/1   1932
The University of Durham 1832-1932, C.E. Whiting, prospectus.
Printed paper leaflet, 2f
UND/K6/25/2   [2008]
Creating the Future, with sections on all aspects of the university.
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, 48p, in card covers
UND/K6/26   1882 - 1884
Papers University of Durham, mainly papers read before university societies in Newcastle:
Papers Read Before the University of Durham Medical Society Session 1882-83, printed by J.M. Carr at the City Steam Printing Works, 21 Low Friar St, Newcastle, 1883, 60p: “The President's Address” ; J.M. Lazenby, “The Ferments of the Human Body” ; F.E. Abbott, “The Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Bright's Disease” ; C.C. Caleb, “Stammering” ; W. Owen Travis, “Tuberculosis (Bacillus of)” ; C.C. Caleb, “Ferments: Their Relation to Fermentation, Putrefication, and Disease” ; E. Bailes, “Tobacco: Its Growth, Use, and Abuse” ; Case of Molluscum Fibrosum introduced by Mr Bourne; Myxoedema, the case introduced by Mr Travis.
Rules and Regulations of the Durham Union Society ... Revised and Corrected to October, 1884, with Lists of Life Members and Former Officers, printed by Thomas Caldcleugh, County Printer, Post Office Buildings, Saddler St and 88 Claypath, 1884, 28p
University of Durham Junior Union Society Rules, 2p
Durham University Junior Union Society Selected Papers, Nos.1 to 4. Session 1881-82, printed by J.M. Carr at the Steam Printing Works, 21 Low Friar St, Newcastle, 1882: 1 K.McR. Davis, “English Heraldry” , 17 January 1882, 10p; 2 J. Hawthorn jr, “The Channel Tunnel” , 24 January 1882, 12p; 3 K.McR. Davis, “Academical Dress Its History and Origin” , 7 February 1882, 4p; 4 J.G.H. McLoughlin, “The Electrical Transmission of Power” , 14 February 1882, 8p
Durham University Junior Union Society Selected Papers, Nos.5 to 8. Sessions 1882-83, 1883-84, printed by J.M. Carr at the Steam Printing Works, 21 Low Friar St, Newcastle, 1882: L.E. Tylor, “Reminiscences of Coal Mining on the Continent” , 31 October 1882, 8p; C.Z. Bunning, “Experiments with Lime Cartridges at the Broomhill and Bedlington Collieries” , November, 1882, 21 November 1882, 12p; B.H. Shaw jr, “Notes on the Growth and Development of Words” , 27 November 1883, 12p; J.H. Reed, “The Growth of the Art of Printing” , 30 January 1883, 8p
Ownership inscription: William Philipson of Newcastle. Bookplate: Ex libris Herbert Shaw
Paper book
Previous references: IV.B.1, SC14804
University newsletters and magazines
Reference: UND/K7
UND/K7/1   March 1982
Issue No 1 only. Its editorial states “STOP-GAP is a town/gown magazine, focusing on local and student issues and Arts with the intention of highlighting the huge GAP which exists between the two communities.” The editors were Darren Nolan and Joe Brack and it was printed by Bailes. It was intended to be monthly and sold for 15p.
Paper booklet, 16p
Given by Roger Norris January 2006, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:52.
UND/K7/2   [Easter and Michaelmas 1992]
Issues No 1 and 3 only. An irreverent compilation of minutiae and adverts. Edited and produced by Jack Hamilton. Free.
Paper, 2 items each of 1f broadsheet
Given by Roger Norris January 2006, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:52.
UND/K7/4   April 2005 - December 2021
University community newsletters:
Unity April 2005 - May 2006
A community newsletter (colour tabloid newspaper) which aimed to strengthen and celebrate links between Durham university and its constituents in the communities around Durham City and Stockton. Unity had a circulation of approximately 60,000 and was intended to be produced three times a year by the marketing department of the Development Office, but the funding did not last long.
Issues for April, July and November 2005, May 2006.
Durham University Community Newsletter, a monthly online newsletter, providing 'a summary of all the latest community news and updates form the University over the past month'. Issues for May 2018 onwards; also Community Fun Day poster 22 June 2019
UND/K7/5   Summer 1992 - 2020
Kingsgate/Durham First/DF/Dunelm
Durham University's alumni magazine Kingsgate was relaunched as Durham First to coincide with the new university brand in 2005, and was then retitled DF in the Summer of 2011 (issue 30) which lasted until the Winter of 2014 (issue 35), when it was relaunched as Dunelm in 2015 beginning at issue 1 again. This publication is sent to all Durham university graduates, both in the UK and across the world. There are two issues per year. The style of Durham First is that of a general interest magazine, with the feel of a Sunday supplement. It is produced by the marketing department of the Development Office.
Kingsgate vol.1 no.2 to vol.3 no.2 (Summer 1992 - Autumn 1994)
Durham First issues 1, 2, 4-9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17-24, 26-29 only (Spring 1995, Autumn 1995, Autumn 1996, Spring & Autumn 1997, Spring & Autumn 1998, Spring & Autumn 1999, Spring 2000, Spring 2001, Autumn 2001, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Summer 2005, Summer 2006, Winter 2006/07, Summer 2007, Winter 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Winter 2009, Spring/Summer 2010, Autumn/Winter 2010).
DF issues 30 (Spring/Summer 2011), 31 (Autumn/Winter 2011), 32 (Spring/Summer 2012), 33 (Winter 2013), 34 (Summer 2013) and 35 (Winter 2014).
Dunelm issues 1 (2015), 2 (2016), 3 (2017), 4 (2018), 5 (2019), [6] (2020), [7] (July 2020)
A full set is available on open access in Durham University Library, Palace Green, Local Collection at Per Local+ KIN and Per Local+ DUR.
UND/K7/6   1958 - 1986
Termly Lectures and Meetings Lists
Lists of public lectures and society meetings, detailing the date, society or department, lecturer, subject, time and place. It was drawn up in advance of each term, for Durham Colleges and the Durham University.
With some gaps. Whole years missing: 1965-1969, 1978.
UND/K7/7   1961 - 1987
“Next Week”
A weekly listing for Durham Colleges and then Durham University, generally sent out on Tuesdays for events beginning the following Sunday detailing special lectures, talks, debates, society meetings, social events, film shows, concerts, dramatic performances, athletic and sporting events, and exhibitions.
Not complete for all years, and none for 1978.
UND/K7/7A   January 1979 - December 1985
“Next Week Supplement”
Similarly weekly listing of fellowships, scholarships, studentships, awards and grants. The title was dropped in February 1983.
Not complete for all years.
UND/K7/8   May 1985
Bulletin, a new newspaper for the university, with articles on events and developments around the university, ?one issue only.
UND/K7/9   3 November - 2 December 1986
Newspoints, fortnightly (in term time) digest of university news items.
UND/K7/10   January 1987 - Summer 1994
The newsletter of the university of Durham, produced approximately termly or twice-termly, with news of appointments, research awards and articles on all aspects of university life. No.38 was produced in June-July 1993, but no.39 did not appear until Summer 1994 in a very different format, with lists of research awards etc having then been moved into the new Password Headlines Service.
A set is available on open access in Durham, University Library, Palace Green, Local Collection at Per Local+ PAS.
UND/K7/11   22 April 1993 - 7 July 1999
Password Headlines Service/Headlines
A fortnightly digest of university news and information, including staff vacancies, obituaries, sporting and academic achievements, honours, events, and media coverage of university happenings.
A set is available on open access in Durham, University Library, Palace Green, Local Collection at Per Local+ PAS.
UND/K7/12   July 2000 - February 2007
News, became The News in May 2005
A staff newsletter published three times a year, at the end of each term, when it was distributed to every member of staff across the university. It aimed to cover a wide variety of material including general news, research success, sport, outreach work, personal achievements, with a popular regular feature, “Under Investigation”. It was produced by the marketing department of the Development Office and lasted until issue 19 (February 2007) when it was superseded by Dialogue.
Issues [1-13] (July 2000-December 2004), 15-19 (May 2005-February 2007).
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K7/13   Autumn 2007 - November 2019
Durham University newsletter for students and staff, in A5 format [to obviate increased postal charges for the A4 format of its predecesssor], edited by Rebecca Grundy, Publications Officer, Development and Communications. It replaced The News, with volume 1 coming out in Summer 2007. Including a promotional poster for its launch.
A full set is available on open access in Durham University Library, Palace Green, Local Collection at Per Local DUR.
UND/K7/14   October 2016 - December 2021
Dialogue Signposts. The formal newsletter (UND/K7/13) was complemented by a weekly electronic newsletter comprising sections on need to know, latest news, lectures/seminars/workshops, events and activities, and detailing the university's response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
Paper file
UND/K7/15   2004/05 & 2005/06
A Year at Durham University
Published per academic year, and aimed at an audience spanning all those with contact with the university, these books focus on events and activities on a broad level. Topics discussed include summaries of research, student experience, global and regional impact, and internal organisation and finance.
2 printed colour illustrated books
UND/K7/17   Michaelmas 2007 - April 2013
QED Quality Enhancement at Durham
Issues 6-8, 10 and 16-17 only for Michaelmas 2007, Easter & Michaelmas 2008, Michaelmas 2009, Easter & September 2012, April 2013
UND/K7/18   March 1981 - April 1982
University of Durham Newsletter, produced by the registrar for circulation to all staff, 6 editions only
6 paper leaflets
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K7/19   2012 - 2019
What's On Things for families to see & do, listing of forthcoming events, April to September 2012, October 2012 to March 2013, April to September 2013, October 2013 to March 2014, April to September 2014, October 2014 to March 2015, October 2016 to March 2017, October 2017 to March 2018, April to September 2018, October 2018 to March 2019, April to September 2019, October 2019 to March 2020.
12 printed colour illustrated paper booklets
Printed reports
Reference: UND/K8
UND/K8/1   July 1983
Report on the Structure and Government of the University, prepared by the Review Committee, 2 copies.
One copy formerly L+378.4281DUR/DUR.
UND/K8/2   1991 - 1995
Research Report
Listing all published research within each department, and developments within research centres, published annually (the first volume covered 1989-1991).
5 printed books
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K8/3   1994
“Strategic Review”
UND/K8/6   2007
"Strategic Plan to 2010 Summary", all three contain brief summaries of the plan, with the 2007 diary also including facts and figures.
Two colour illustrated paper booklets, and a diary planner
UND/K8/7   [2011]
Durham University The Wolfson Foundation A Partnership for the 21st Century listing Wolfson funded projects 1973-1998 and detailing those from 2001: Wolfson Research Institute, laboratory refurbishments for Physics and Engineering, merit awards for Brian Huntley, David Parker, Michael Farber, Carlos Frenk, Nigel Glover and Todd Marder, University brary study spaces, Biophysical Sciences Institute, Palace Green Library Wolfson Gallery, Oriental Museum Egyptian Gallery,
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, 44p
UND/K8/8   [1994]
Strategy for European Initiatives 1994-1999
Printed paper booklet, ii + 22p + covers
UND/K8/9   1999 - 2017
University strategies:
University Strategy Document 1999
Durham University Strategy 2010-2020
Durham University Strategy 2017-2027
3 printed paper booklets
UND/K8/10   July 1952
The Future Development of the University of Durham Report of a Committee appointed by the Court of the University
Printed paper book, 112p
University Guides and Handbooks
Reference: UND/K9
UND/K9/1   October 1972 & October 1973
Notes on the Administrative Organisation of the University, intended to supplement the Calendar, detailing statutory bodies, and their committees and sub-scommittees.
2 printed paper booklets
UND/K9/2   [2010]
“Greener Living Guide”, produced by members of the Sustainable Living Action Group, ed by Jennifer Avery, Carla Denyer and Stuart Morris.
Paper booklet, 20p + covers
UND/K9/3   [c.1992] & 2002
Equality of Opportunity
Diversity & Equality 2002 is aimed at all employees within Durham University concerning equal opportunities, race equality, and the university's diverse student population.
2 leaflets
UND/K9/4   1949 - [1964]
General Regulations of the Durham Colleges/University
undated, Michaelmas 1949, 1959 and 1963-64.
4 printed booklets
UND/K9/5   2003 - 2004
Student Survival Guide 2003/04, 2004/05.
2 printed paper booklets
UND/K9/6   2000 - 2003
Undergraduate Handbook, vol.II Core (Final Honours) 2000/1, 2001/2 and May 2003.
2 paper booklets and a 4 ring binder
UND/K9/7   2006
6 versions of the English language publication "Together we'll create your future" these booklets (written in a variety of lanuages including Hebrew and Chinese) were aimed at potential students and stress the incentives to apply as well as Durham's strong international reputation.
Printed colour illustrated booklets
UND/K9/8   2005 - 20010
The Freshers' Guide to Student Finance (2009 and 2010) and studentfinance Guide for Parents and Partners (2010), aimed at successful applicants, is a brief guide highlighting financial support, opportunities, and information concerning loans and earning money whilst at university. Other items include Facts and Figures, Durham at a glance, and a CD promoting the Durham difference.
Printed colour illustrated booklets and promotional CD
UND/K9/9   c2005 - 2012
Student Health and Safety was issued to all successful applicants upon entrance to Durham University and presents a clear list of Do and Don'ts.
Printed booklet
UND/K9/10   October 1966 - October 1986, October 1990, June 1992
Information for Members of Staff. Started in 1966, this annual publication replaced various documents previously circulated to staff each October. It was a supplement to the Calendar and, by 1975, included notes on the administrative organisation of the university, the functions and powers of unversity bodies and committees, committee procedures, confidentiality of proceedings of in university bodies and committees, student representation and consultation at departmental level, the university library, general information for staff, and boards of studies and their standing orders. By 1990 it had become Information for Members of Academic Staff and in 1992 the Staff Handbook.
23 printed booklets
Formerly Per Local DUR
UND/K9/11   1987/88 - 2006/07
Student Statistics then Student and Staff Statistics, produced annually providing tables of overall numbers, departmental profiles, then undergraduates, postgraduates, students by college, international students, staff, Stockton, and students by department.
20 spiral-bound/bound/loose paper files
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K9/12   [2012] & [2016]
faith support, detailing chaplaincy and faith support and listing college chaplains
2 printed colour illustrated paper leaflets
UND/K9/13   2001
Financial Assistance for Students in Hardship Guidelines 2001/02.
Printed paper booklet
UND/K9/14   [2006]
International Student Handbook Part One
Printed paper booklet
UND/K9/15   Epiphany 1973 & 2016
Bus timetables:
University Bus Service timetable Epiphany 1973
Inter-Campus Bus Service between Durham and Queen's Campus Stockton 2016/17
Card, 2 items
Student magazines and journals
Reference: UND/K10
UND/K10/1   20 March 1963
Poetry Circular, Vol.1 No.3 only, poems with adverts on the inside back cover, editorial committee of Mike Goddard, Lorna Sage, Neil Forrest, Judy Latham, Vic Sage and Freida Elvidge.
Paper booklet, 8p + covers
UND/K10/2   2009 - 2010
the fun and beautiful journal, poems with some images and adverts, edited by Rosa Rankin-Gee and Alex Walker, issues 1 (Michaelmas 2009) and 2 (Epiphany 2010) subtitled The Difficult Second Issue (2 copies with differently coloured covers).
3 printed booklets
UND/K10/3   2009 - 2011
The Grove, poems and prose with notices of literary events and some adverts.
5 issues only: 8 (November 2009), 9 (February 2010), 10 (March 2010), 13 (November 2010), 15 (February 2011).
With a poster for an Open Mic Night, 19 October [2010].
5 printed booklets + 1f
UND/K10/4   October 1980 - [May] 1981
Q.E. weekly : what's on, in and about Durham
This was intended as a weekly publication of event listings, news and reviews with occasional feature articles, and various photographs and drawings. Robert Blood was editor for the first term of Michaelmas 1980, when it produced 7 issues, appearing from 8 October to 19 November, retailing at 10p. Richard Clayton took over as editor for the next term, when issues 8-13 appeared, with no publication for the week of 18 February. Only one “bumper” , seemingly final, issue appeared in the Summer term, retailing for 15p. Q.E. expanded to Quod Evenit.
14 printed booklets
Formerly Per Local QE
UND/K10/5   March 1962
Alarum, a literary journal of articles, poems and photographs, edited by Richard Moseley of University College, which does not seem to have got beyond No.1.
Printed BW illustrated paper booklet
Formerly Per Local ALA
UND/K10/6   [?1991]
Eos, a literary anthology of poems, short stories, drawings and photographs, compiled by Louisa Lockwood, Roger Jackson, Faith Dunne and Susie Davis.
Printed illustrated paper booklet
Formerly: L+821.29EOS.
UND/K10/7   Michaelmas 2006 - Michaelmas 2010
Mostly Harmless, subtitled Durham's latest satire and comment, A3 size to Issue 6, then A4 ( “Handbag-Size” ). Present:
Issue 1 Michaelmas 2006
Issue 2 Epiphany 2007
Issue 3 Epiphany 2007
Issue 4 Easter 2007
Issue 5 Michaelmas 2007
Issue 6 Michaelmas 2007
Issue 7* Epiphany 2008
Issue 9 Easter 2008
Issue 10 Epiphany 2010
Issue 12 Michaelmas 2010
10 newspapers
Formerly: Per Local MOS
UND/K10/8   November 1968
Pegasus A Journal for Literature and the Literary Arts, comprising “articles, reviews, notes, critical bibliographies and original creations”, edited by Peter Packer, intended to be termly, only the first issue present.
Paper booklet
Formerly: Per Local PEG
UND/K10/9   1990
Siren - a Parish magazine for the illiterate, irreligious and incontinent of Durham, articles, features, and comment, with some photos. Issue 4, editorial team: Miles Stevenson, Chris Stevenson, Justinian Montagu Pope, Arabella Saker, Uta Bhut.
Printed illustrated paper booklet
UND/K10/10   June 1958
Poetry Group No.1, poems, Hon Sec N.H. Talbot
Paper booklet
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/K10/11   2013
Conundurham, (began with issue 1 on 14 March 2013), issue 3, 26 November 2013
Printed paper newspaper
UND/K10/12   2012 - 2013
Oh! Magazine whose third edition proclaimed it was “Durham's only glossy lifestyle and business magazine” (Issue 3, April 2012), edited by Graham Courtney, with a [?sister] publication of DunOh! Collingwood (Issue 1, June 2012) which was about “what's on in Durham and what's happening in your college” , edited by Alex Courtney, ?relaunched in November 2013 (Issue 1) as Oh! Magazine whose editorial Alex Courtney proclaimed it was “designed to help you find out what's going on both at Durham Uni and in the city that surrounds you. Whether it's music, fashion, sport, drama, nightlife... you name it, we'll have it,” with issue one including articles on university sport, summer camps, Zambia, DST, DUMS, Tempah in Toon, Movember, BID buzz, Leonard's coffee house, fashion, dentists, Toyota dealership, and the police.
3 printed colour illustrated paper magazines
UND/K10/13   [1982]
Upstart, a [one-off] magazine for the 150th anniversary, edited by Roya Nasser and Margaret Buchanan-Smith.
Printed paper magazine
Formerly: Per Local UPS.
UND/K10/14   1923 - 1927 & 1953 - 1954
New Durham, subtitled as The Magazine of the Students of Durham Colleges in the University of Durham, a literary journal including short stories, poems and book reviews, with advertisements and occasional images, printed by Durham County Press Ltd.
Vol.I. Nos.1-8 (March 1923 - Epiphany 1926);
Vol.II Nos. 1-3 (Easter 1926 - Epiphany 1927);
Vol.I No.12 (Michaelmas 1931);
Vol.II. Nos. 1,4,5 (Michaelmas 1932, Epiphany & Michaelmas 1934);
Vol.IV Nos. 3,4,6-10 (Michaelmas 1947, Epiphany & Michaelmas 1948, Epiphany 1949, June 1950, Spring & June 1951);
Vol.V Nos. 2 & 3 (June 1953; February 1954).
24 printed paper magazines
A full set is available in PamSC+.
UND/K10/15   [October 2003]
The Town & Gown, issue 1 only, editor C.T. Lamb, some irreverent and some serious articles, with some adverts
Paper magazine
Formerly: XLL 053.784281 TOW.
UND/K10/16   November 1988 - June 1997
ON the arts in Durham, fortnightly digest of mainly university Arts news, with features, previews, reviews, letters, competitions, listings, short stories etc.
James Sparling 1988-1990
Clare Bloomer 1990
Ian Harris 1990-1991
Jenny Reid 1991-1992
Timothy Grey 1992
Barrie Hall 1992-1993
Olly Lambert 1993-1994
Matthew Scott 1994
Sarah Richardson 1995
Georgina Pattinson 1995
Jane Mackenzie 1997
53 printed paper magazines
Formerly: Per Local ON and PamSC+02677
UND/K10/17   February 1987
Unpalatable!, Issue No.1 only, published by Bailey Media, with an editorial beginning “This is the first issue of a brand new, independent journal for Durham students. Unpalatable will bring you the best stories and gossip from both the city and Uni.; not just DSU/NUS news.”
Printed paper magazine
UND/K10/18   December 1922 & March 1923
The Palatine, a student magazine of articles and news about university life and reports from clubs, with the occasional drawing, also adverts. It only produced 2 issues before it was subsumed into New Durham in June 1923.
2 printed paper magazines
UND/K10/19   November 1919 - June 1922
The Sphinx, news of university happenings, reports from clubs, sketches and adverts, vol.VIII Nos.1-6 (November 1919 - June 1921) and June 1922.
7 printed paper magazines
Full sets (1905-1922) available in SC 01657-01659 and Pam SC 00399-00434.
UND/K10/20   Michaelmas 2014 - Michaelmas 2015
Durham Review of Books, a termly publication, launched in Michaelmas 2014. It aims to be an intelligent, challenging and irreverent collection of essays, with a format roughly based on that of the“ London Review of Books”. Content can range from politics, to culture, to literature. Each issue is loosely themed around an issue or concept. The core idea behind this publication is the printed word- as such, images and other ‘decorations’ are mostly bypassed.
2014/15 Ben Kirk, Isaac Turner, Nikki Motohashi
2015/16 Ben Kirk and Nikki Motohashi
4 printed booklets
UND/K10/21   2014
Reverberations, edited by Pegah Moradi and Stella Elena Alexandrova, an anthology of poems by university students grouped into various themes.
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, v + 39 pages
UND/K10/22   [?May 2006]
The A Spot, poems, articles, drawings, cartoons, photographs and adverts, Issue 3 only
Printed paper booklet
Directories etc
Reference: UND/K11
UND/K11/1   1932 - 2003
Staff addresses and telephone numbers, with job titles, with amendments; variously titled and with the following years present.
Lists of Addresses of University and College Officers in the Durham Division of the University of Durham: October 1932, November 1938, January 1944, January 1946, January 1947, January 1948, October 1949, October 1950, October 1951, October 1952, October 1953, October 1954, October 1955, October 1956, October 1957, October 1958, October 1959
The Durham Colleges in the University of Durham List of Addresses: October 1960, October 1961, October 1962
University of Durham Lists of Addresses: October 1963, October 1964, October 1965, October 1966, October 1967, October 1968, October 1969, October 1972, October 1973,
University of Durham Addresses and Telephone Numbers: October 1975, October 1976, October 1977, October 1978, October 1983, October 1990 University officers, members of Senate and Council, academic and admin staff; retired staff; academic and admin staff of other recognised colleges and halls of residence; senior men and women; colleges and departments. (Last in this format, with some amendments).
[University of Durham Addresses and Telephone Number of] Retired Members of Staff: 2nd edition September 1994, 3rd edition April 2001.
University of Durham Telecomms Book: April 2003 departmental/college numbers, then an alphabetical listing of staff with phone number, email address, job title and department; inserted at the front, DAUT committee and accounts. (The last printed; online thereafter.)
37 printed paper booklets and 1 paper file in a 2 ring binder
1932-1969 transferred from XL 053.784281 on 9 April 2018.
UND/K11/2   2010 - 2017/18
Desk diary and almanac
8 spiral-bound paper booklets
UND/K11/3   2004/05
2004 Diary 2005 www.milkround.com
Paper booklet
Reference: UND/K12
Including general, undergraduate, postgraduate, and alternative prospectuses.

UND/K12/1   1937/38 - 1965/66
Prospectuses for Durham Colleges and then Durham University
The Durham Colleges in the University of Durham with many BW illustrations [?1937/38] (2 copies) and [?1954] (2 copies)
The Durham Colleges 1949/50.
The Durham Colleges Information for Applicants 1950/51, 1960/61, 1962/63.
The University of Durham Information for Applicants 1963/64, 1964/65, 1965/66.
11 printed paper booklets
UND/K12/3   1970/71- 1988/89
University of Durham General Prospectus, issued annually, mainly dealing with undergraduate degrees, including brief sections on postgraduate opportunities, complemented by the general postgraduate prospectus and the postgraduate handbook. Black and white photographs are contained within all general prospectuses; only in 1981 was colour photography used for the front and back covers.
19 printed black and white illustrated A5 booklets
UND/K12/4   1980 - 1995
Durham a prospectus by students (1980, 1981); Durham University Alternative Prospectus (1985, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1995). Written by students, these student publications are imaginatively illustrated and aimed at providing prospective applicants with information from a student perspective. Dealing with college and academic course life and stereotypes they do not hold back from referring to negative as well as positive aspects of the Durham experience.
8 printed, illustrated A5/A4 booklets
UND/K12/5a   1988 - 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 - 2022
University of Durham Undergraduate Prospectus. The undergraduate prospectuses from the 1989 entry made use of colour photography throughout, and, from 1995, shifted from the standard A5 book to a variety of sizes and formats. In 1996 the newly built University College at Queen's Campus, Stockton was included within the undergraduate prospectus (for 1995 entry information was provided in a separate prospectus), and between 1996-2004 information on the two campuses and respective courses were distinguished by flipping the prospectus upside-down. 2014 includes QR codes. 2021 is in 4 versions.
35 printed colour illustrated books
UND/K12/5b   2003 - 2008
The standard undergraduate prospectuses are associated with departmental booklets aimed at prospective applicants and focusing on specific aspects of respective courses. An incomplete collection of these booklets is available and includes booklets covering: Accounting and Finance (2005); Business and Business Finance (2003, 2005); Business Finance at Stockton (undated); the Centre for Brass Band Studies associated with the Music Department (2004); Chemistry (2003, 2005, 2006); Education Studies (undated); Engineering (undated); Human Sciences at Stockton Anthropology (2004); International Relations (undated); Law (2006, 2007); Medicine (2003, 2005); the Photonic Materials Institute (2006); Physics (2004, 2005).
17 printed, colour-illustrated, subject specific booklets
UND/K12/5c   2011
Alternative formats: Braille undergraduate prospectus is available in six soft-bound volumes, alongside a 12 Disc box set with paper contents booklet of the same content.
6 plastic-covered spiral-bound braille books, with a plastic case containing 12 CDs
UND/K12/6a   1972/73 - 2008/09
University of Durham Postgraduate Study (1972/73-1976/77), Handbook (1977/78-1981/82), Prospectus (1982/83-2008/09). These publications provide a guide to degrees and diplomas offered within each faculty, admission requirements, facilities available, and fees and finances. From 1983 black and white photography was used, which changed to colour on the front covers in 1987, and throughout the publication from 1993. The 2006/2007 visitor guide comes as a folder containing an A4 booklet on postgraduate study, Fees & Finance information sheet, map, and a small booklet titled Durham at a glance.
30 printed books in A5/A4 format
UND/K12/6b   2009/10 - 2012/13, 2016/17, 2018/19, 2019/20
Durham University Postgraduate Prospectus, annual general booklets with separate booklets for each specific subject: Anthropology, Applied Social Sciences, Archaeology, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Business School (linked with Finance in 2009/10), Chemistry, Classics & Ancient History, Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering & Computing Sciences (separate booklets in 2009/10), English Studies, Geography, Government & International Affairs, History, Language Centre, Law School, Mathematical Sciences, Medicine & Health, Modern Languages & Cultures, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Theology & Religion. Also includes an (undated) post-offer congratulatory booklet. 2018/19 in 2 versions.
Printed colour illustrated booklets
UND/K12/7   2002 - 2020
International prospectuses:
Study Abroad Prospectus (2002/2003), International Foundation Programme (2003), International Students (2005), International Prospectus (2010, 2019, 2020).
6 printed colour illustrated books and booklets
UND/K12/8   2005 - 2007
Mature students' prospectuses:
Mature Students Guide (2005, 2006, 2007), Foundation Programme Guide (incorporated within the Mature Students Guide in 2006 and 2007) were intended as brief, comprehensive booklets for prospective applicants, and were linked to their respective undergraduate prospectuses.
4 printed colour illustrated books and booklets
UND/K12/9   [c.2005] - 2021
Mini prospectuses:
Facts and Figures (2 versions), Durham at a glance, Living and learning at Durham University A brief guide (2009), Living and learning at Durham University A mini guide (2010), Durham University Pocket Prospectus (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
Let's Make Things Happen Undergraduate Mini-Guide 2019; Undergraduate Mini Guide 2020; Find Your Extraordinary Undergraduate Mini Guide 2021 (2 different covers)
Postgraduate Mini Guide 2020
14 printed colour illustrated brochures
UND/K12/10   [1969] - 1970
Summer School brochures:
Summer School Facilities, detailing Durham's attractions, university accommodation, and sporting and cultural course options for summer schools [1969]
Summer School in English Language, English Literature and Local History at University College and Hatfield College 1970
Combined Outdoor Pursuits and English Language Course 1970
3 printed BW illustrated brochures
Formerly numbered: PamL 378.13
UND/K12/11   2014
North American Postgraduate Guide
Printed colour illustrated booklet, 24p