Durham University Records: Colleges Various
Administrative history
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Reference code: GB-0033-UND/F
Title: Durham University Records: Colleges Various
Dates of creation: 1575 - date
Extent: 62 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Created by the colleges of Durham University, with deeds of their properties created by their previous owners/tenants
Language: English predominantly, with occasional Latin

Administrative history

Durham has always been a collegiate university in that most of its students have also been, and now pretty well all are, members of its constituent colleges, providing them with accommodation, welfare and extra-mural activities. It continues to grow as a collegiate university and this collection encompasses the records of its some of its more recent college foundations. The development at Stockton on Teesside opened in 1992 as the single University College Stockton but in 2001 the two separate colleges of John Snow and Stephenson were established there. These transferred to Durham in 2019 at the same time as a new college - South - was being developed on the Mount Oswald site in Durham. Furthermore, there are files of an unrealised attempt to establish a college on the Howlands Farm site in the mid 1990s before this was successfully developed for Josephine Butler and Ustinov Colleges.
But there is no single, ubiquitous model for a Durham college, and this collection also comprises some records of Neville's Cross College. Founded by the county council in 1921 as a teacher training college for women, this became a licensed hall of residence of the university in 1924 and even moved into Hatfield College's site for a while during WW2. Some of its students studied university courses until it was merged with the Durham Technical College in 1977 to become the wholly independent New College, eventually moving to a new site at Framwellgate Moor. Its former location was derelict for a while before it was redeveloped as the home of Ustinov College in 2018.
Durham also had two affiliated colleges for almost the middle century of its existence with the already established Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone and Codrington College in Barbados, founded in 1827 and 1745 respectively, being thus brought into the university fold in 1876 and 1875 until they went their own way in 1967 and 1965 respectively.
Durham also had a number of associated colleges in the UK and abroad in the later 19th and earlier 20th centuries. Records of the students from these colleges who took Durham degrees are in such as the Calendars, pass lists and mark books etc, but there are no records of the colleges themselves in the archive. A something of a successor to this, a formal relationship was established with Teikyo University of Japan in 1988 as part of the university's growing international links. This led to accommdation for Japanese students and staff being established next to St Mary's College in 1990. There are a few records of this relationship here with more in the archive of St Mary's College.
Finally, Ushaw College, a Roman Catholic theological college established near Durham in 1808, became a licensed hall of residence of the university in 1968 until the college closed in 2010; whilst ASC now administers its archive, that is still held at the college.


This collection includes the few records, mainly reports, transferred so far from the Colleges Office, along with small groups of records - mainly some minutes, publications, and photographs with a few artefacts, from some of the university's newer colleges, and also from its affiliated colleges.
Most of the university's historic colleges in Durham have now transferred their archives to Palace Green Library where significant collections for University, Hatfield, St John's, St Chad's, St Cuthbert's, St Aidan's, St Mary's, Van Mildert, Trevelyan and Hild Bede colleges are now held. The colleges' records reflect all aspects of the colleges' life from minutes of its governing bodies and other committees, to registers and files of its students, administrative and financial papers of its officers such as the master/principal and bursar (including covering maintenance of their buildings), also minutes, accounts, photographs and ephemera of the running of their dining halls and chapels, of their common rooms (senior, middle and junior), and of their student sports clubs and societies, with also on occasion papers of some of their senior and/or junior members, and some artefacts, principally occasional items of clothing such as ties or blazers. In addition, there are considerable collections of deeds for the properties which became the colleges of St Chad's and Hild Bede which take the history of these significant sites in the city of Durham back into the sixteenth century. The deeds for St Chad's also cover its advowsons held elsewhere, especially in Liverpool. Various items are also held for the following colleges: Collingwood, Grey, Josephine Butler, Neville's Cross, Ustinov, Stephenson and John Snow.

Accession details

Transferred since 2002.

Previous custodial history

Always held in the colleges, except for occasional items donated by usually college alumni

Conditions of access

There is restricted access to administrative records less than 30 years old, with some further restrictions, generally as noted, on records less than 80 years old where the Data Protection Act applies.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Head of Collections (email pg.library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


College records are arranged as follows:
A Foundation
B Governance
C Administration
D Academic
E Clubs, Sports, Associations
F Photographs
G Publications and Ephemera
H Deposited/donated collections
I Artefacts
J Associated Trusts


Some accessions are appraised on site before transfer, others are appraised when received at Palace Green. Clean duplicates are generally removed.


Continuous further accruals are anticipated. In April 2004, a retention schedule and other records management procedures were developed for the university's records to facilitate the regular transfer of records from the university's departments and offices to the archive. This draft retention schedule was developed further on the appointment of the first university records manager in August 2006, and reviewed in 2019.

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Most of these colleges still retain their records themselves.

Related material - elsewhere

The archive of Codrington College is held at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (https://www.cavehill.uwi.edu/ARMP/campus-archives.aspx)
The archive of the former Neville's Cross College is held by its successor New College.


Reference: UND/F Durham University is a “collegiate” university. The colleges are a major part of the Durham University experience and are one of the key reasons students give for applying. Durham University's college system is arguably the most distinctive feature of the University. Colleges are small enough to foster a strong sense of community, whilst still allowing students to enjoy all the academic and other benefits of a large University. Every student at the University belongs to a college. They remain a member of their college throughout their time at Durham and beyond. The colleges are not teaching bodies, but they are more than just places to eat and sleep. Instead, each college is a small community providing a wide range of activities and facilities for study, sports, the arts, socialising, relaxation and welfare.

Colleges Office
Reference: UND/FA
Reference: UND/FA1
UND/FA1/1   2012 - 2016
The Colleges Annual Report, comprising reports from those responsible for estates and facilities, research and scholarly activities, student experience, and recruitment and allocations, also from the head of each college, and Experience Durham, International Affairs, Greenspace and University Catering.
5 printed paper booklets, colour illustrated
Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/FA2
UND/FA2/1   2009
A guide to Christian Chaplaincy in Durham University 2009/10
Printed paper leaflet, 1f
UND/FA2/2   [2018]
What is a College?
Printed paper leaflet, 4f
Stephenson College
Reference: UND/F19 Stephenson College, affectionately known as 'Stevo', was founded in 2001 and is a modern, purpose-built college offering high-quality accommodation and a well-rounded student experience. It is named after the great Northern railway pioneer, George Stephenson, and was established on the Tees riverside at the centre of the University's Queen's Campus in Stockton. The college relocated to the Howlands site in Durham from Stockton in September 2018 and thence to Rushford Court, North Road, Durham, in September 2019.

Reference: UND/F19/C
Reference: UND/F19/C2
UND/UND/F19/C2/1   2013 - 2014
Posters for events at the college.
Paper file
Societies and Clubs
Reference: UND/F19/E
Rocket Theatre Company
Reference: UND/F19/E4
UND/F19/E4/C1   2019
Paper file
UND/F19/E4/D1   2019 - 2020
Productions ephemera:
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, by Fraser Logue, Saltwell Hall, 5-7 December 2019, programme & reviews
The Showcase (for the Locomotive Cup), Josephine Butler gym, 25 January 2020: James Smith, The Importance of Queuing, John Snow College; Lucy Atkinson, As The Crow Flies, Rocket Theatre; Sonny Pring and Janina Arndt, Vaudeville, St Aidan's College; The Thing about Midsummer Night, Trevelyan College; Alex Rome Griffin, Curling, Buttered Toast; reviews and poster
J.M. Barrie, Dear Brutus, North Road Methodist Church, 14-15 March 2020, porograme, poster & reviews
Paper file
Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/F19/G
UND/F19/G1   [c.2010]
George Stephenson College prospectus
Printed colour illustrated booklet, 4f
UND/F19/G2   [c.2010]
Postgraduate Facilities at Stephenson College & Queen's Campus
Printed paper leaflet, 2f
Reference: UND/F19/I
UND/F19/I1   [2014]
Stephenson College tie, red and white diagonal adjacent stripes on a black background, with one representation of the college arms at the base
Polyester tie
UND/F19/I2   [2014]
College tee-shirt with “I [red heart] STEVO” on the front
Cotton tee-shirt
Size: 850 x 750mm
UND/F19/I3   [2014]
College lapel badge
Metal lapel badge, red on silver
Size: 120 x 150mm
Howlands Trust Project
Reference: UND/F2
Dates of creation: 1992 - 1997
Extent: 3 metres
The papers are concerned with all aspects of the project and include management; planning and design; fundraising and promotion; internal correspondence; and internal arrangement.
Records of a project to build a new college and research institute for the university of Durham at Howlands Farm on the south of the city. A principal designate, Miss Deborah Lavin, was appointed, who managed the project, although it was never fully realised in its original form. The deposit includes material relating to the open architectural competition for a design for the college, won by Arup Associates.
Deposited by Miss Deborah M. Lavin, principal designate, 31 July 1997, Acc No Misc.1997/98:2.
The project files followed a very structured arrangement during their active period. This is documented in Internal Arrangement (UND/F2/E1). Following transfer to the Archives, and their subsequent appraisal, these files were rearranged into smaller themes (functions) which follow a broadly hierarchical pattern. It was felt that this would better assist researchers in finding information.
A Management
B Planning and design
C Fundraising and promotion
D Internal correspondence
E Internal arrangement
Closed for public access until 2077 under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.
During their active period, the project's papers were managed in line with the university's records management procedures. Consequently, some of the papers were already destroyed or transferred to a different university department prior to their transfer to the Archives. For more detailed information on the project's retention schedule, see Internal Arrangement (UND/F2/E1). Following their transfer to the Archives, the papers were then appraised for their perceived value to researchers. Some material was destroyed on the basis of having little long term value. These included all duplicates and a portion of the correspondence deemed insufficiently significant for retention.
Appraised, sorted, catalogued, packaged and numbered in WORD by Jonathan Bush, September 2008 to February 2009; list converted to XML by Michael Stansfield March 2009.

Reference: UND/F2/A
UND/F2/A1   c.1993 - 1997
Strategy reports and policies relating to the new college.
UND/F2/A2   24 January 1994 – 30 April 1997
Strategy reports and policies relating to the research institute.
UND/F2/A3   14 July 1993 – c. 1997
Gantt charts and project timetables (some with covering correspondence).
UND/F2/A4-5   23 July 1993 – 6 March 1997
Management Steering Group meeting minutes.
UND/F2/A6   c.1993 - 1997
Financial modelling initiatives.
UND/F2/A7   c.1993 - 1997
Account reports and budget statements.
UND/F2/A8   March – April 1997
Papers relating to contingency plans for the Howlands college following the Council decision of March 1997.
Planning and Design
Reference: UND/F2/B
UND/F2/B1   26 October – 30 November 1993
Planning Committee meeting minutes.
UND/F2/B2-5   17 November 1994 – 4 March 1997
Meetings with ARUP Associates minutes.
UND/F2/B6   25 October 1994 – 1 August 1995
Reports and minutes of Arup Associates concerning their “Durham Briefing Meetings”.
UND/F2/B7   25 August 1994 – 20 June 1996
Papers relating to the planning of the college.
UND/F2/B8   August 1993 – 23 December 1994
Papers relating to the Artists Forums and Workshops.
UND/F2/B9   30 July 1993 – 26 April 1995
Correspondence relating to environmental issues.
UND/F2/B10   8 October 1993 - 22 November 1994
Correspondence relating to the RIBA competition.
UND/F2/B11   1994
Papers relating to the RIBA competition guidelines.
UND/F2/B12   26 May - 12 October 1994
RIBA competition assessment reports.
UND/F2/B13   June 1993
“Environmental Statement for Proposed College at Howlands Farm, South Road, Durham, for the University of Durham”, report by Anthony Walker and Partners, Newcastle.
UND/F2/B14   12 January 1994
“Proposed University College and Conference Centre at Howlands Farm: Preliminary Energy Use and Environmental Performance Study”, report by R.W. Gregory and Partners (Consulting Engineers).
UND/F2/B15   16 August 1994
Report from ARUP Associates on the design of the new college (chosen as the winning entry in the RIBA competition).
UND/F2/B16   15 September 1995
“A New College for the University of Durham: Design Development”, report by ARUP Associates.
UND/F2/B17   c.1994
Architectural plans (photocopies) for the college.
UND/F2/B18-20   September 1993 & December 1994
Photographs relating to the Artists Forum.
UND/F2/B21   December 1993
Photographs relating to the primary schools college design competition.
Fundraising and Promotion
Reference: UND/F2/C
UND/F2/C1-2   5 October 1993 – 12 February 1996
“Fund-raising for the Institution of a New College at Howlands” (FINCH) meetings minutes.
UND/F2/C3   24 March 1993 – 25 April 1997
Reports and minutes of meetings with the Development Office.
UND/F2/C4   27 October 1993 – 7 November 1995
Reports and correspondence relating to tourism initiatives for the new college.
UND/F2/C5   February 1994 – 24 June 1996
Papers relating to fundraising events and lists of contacts.
UND/F2/C6   23 September 1993 – October 1996
Reports and correspondence relating to Deborah Lavin's networking visits to America.
UND/F2/C7   23 April 1994 – 10 November 1996
Correspondence from Iain More, fundraising consultant.
UND/F2/C8   c.1994 - 1995
A New College promotional brochure.
UND/F2/C9   c.1994 - 1995
A New College: Project – A Foundation for Research named after Ibn Khaldun promotional brochure.
UND/F2/C10   11 February 1993 – 27 March 1996
Press cuttings/press releases photocopies concerning the new college.
Internal Correspondence
Reference: UND/F2/D
UND/F2/D1-12   December 1992 – July 1997
Day correspondence from Deborah Lavin, principal designate.
UND/F2/D13   5 February 1993 – 26 June 1997
Correspondence between Deborah Lavin and the vice-chancellor.
UND/F2/D14   13 January 1994 – 10 February 1997
Correspondence between Deborah Lavin and Estates and Buildings.
Internal Arrangement
Reference: UND/F2/E
UND/F2/E1   July 1997
“Howlands Trust Project 1993-1997. A1: List of what was done with the project files at its winding up in July 1997. Compiled by Margaret Creighton, secretary to the Principal Designate.”
UND/F2/E2   July 1997
“List with commentary by Miss Deborah Lavin, Principal Designate, of the topical files of the project deposited in the University Library's Archives & Special Collections, Compiled July 1997 [i.e. list of files in section (of the deposit)].”
John Snow College
Reference: UND/F20
Dates of creation: 2001 - 2018 John Snow College was established in Stockton in 2001. The College takes its name from the nineteenth-century Yorkshire physician Dr John Snow, regarded by many as one of the greatest of all doctors - a world-leading pioneer in anaesthesia, epidemiology and public health, in addition to being Queen Victoria's obstetrician. The college relocated to the Howlands site in Durham from Stockton in September 2018. It was based at Rushford Court for 2019/20 and then moved to a new permanent home at Mount Oswald in October 2020.
Deposited by the college December 2014 (Acc No Misc.2014/15:31)
Additional material received from the college:
June 2015 (Acc No Misc.2014/15:94);
February 2016 (Acc No Misc.2015/16:97);
March 2017 (Acc No Misc. 2016/17:93 & 109).

Reference: UND/F20/B
Governing Body/Council
Reference: UND/F20/BA
UND/F20/BA1   9 October 2001 - [?February] 2014
Governing Body and (from 15 October 2002) Council minutes, agendas and papers; incomplete (none for 2008 and few for some other years), and including a copy of the college plan of 17 February 2009.
11 annual paper files
Societies and Clubs
Reference: UND/F20/E
Reference: UND/F20/E1
UND/F20/E1/C1   6 February 2011
JCR Standing Orders Part II
Paper file
UND/F20/E1/C2   February 2012
JCR petition to the principal about an access route between Craggs and Fairbridge halls of residence.
Paper file
UND/F20/E1/D1   2004, 2005, 2014
Freshers Handbooks, detailing college and JCR officers, frequently asked questions, activities etc.
3 paper booklets
UND/F20/E1/D2   Easter - Michaelmas 2014
Snowdrop, JCR events and newsletter, issues 3 and 4.
2 paper leaflets
Reference: UND/F20/E2
Reference: UND/F20/E3
UND/F20/E3/AB1   April 2014 - June 2018
SCR Archive Committee, minutes, agendas and papers of work to develop and catalogue a collection of material (especially photographs and printed ephemera) reflecting the history of the whole Stockton development and the college in particular, and including a history of the John Snow Café Scientifique. The committee first met on 3 April 2014.
Paper file
UND/F20/E3/C1   [c.2008]
SCR address list
Paper file
Closed under DPA to 2068.
UND/F20/E3/D1   November 2005
Prof John Hamilton being presented with a commemorative Stockton coat of arms by Councillor Ann Cains on behalf of the mayor at an SCR dinner, to mark 5 years and Stockton and the setting up of the joint Medical School with Newcastle University.
2 colour prints + 1f
UND/F20/E3/D2   2008 - 2012
SCR membership cards, detailing the committee and programme for the year, with some information and images of the SCR and college.
Card, 5f
UND/F20/E3/D3   2006 - 2018
SCR dinner menus: 12 May 2006 (jt JCR/SCR presidents); 9 May 2008; 17 June 2015 with guest speaker Michael Stansfield; 23 March 2017 with guest speaker Clare Melhuish.
Paper file
Infinity Musical Theatre
Reference: UND/F20/E4 Established in 2009 when it won runner-up for best new society at the Durham Annual Awards, it aimed to put on an annual musical in ARC, Stockton.

UND/F20/E4/D1   2013
Production ephemera:
Footloose the Musical, [15-18 February 2012], programme
Spring Awakening a New Musical, [February 2013], programme and review
Paper booklet
Drama - Blizzard Theatre Company
Reference: UND/F20/E5
UND/F20/E5/D1   2020
Printed ephemera for productions.
Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, North Road Methodist Church, 6-7 March 2020, programme, poster & reviews
Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire, Mount Oswald Hub, 16-17 October 2021, programme & review
Paper file
Reference: UND/F20/F
College Groups
Reference: UND/F20/FA
UND/F20/FA2003   [October] 2003
College matriculation group, in front of the Holliday Building, arranged on the paths and up the staircases, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses and gowns, with the college banner, titled, unidentified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 490mm
UND/F20/FA2004   [October] ?[2004 or 2005]
College [matriculation] group, in the Holliday Building foyer, arranged around the central seating and in the corridors, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses and gowns, with the college banner, titled, unidentified
Colour print
Size: 280 x 400mm
UND/F20/FA2006   [October] 2006
College [matriculation] group, in front of the Holliday Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, unidentified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2007   [October] 2007
College [matriculation] group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, unidentified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2008   [October] 2008
College matriculation group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, unidentified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 605mm
UND/F20/FA2009   [October] 2009
College matriculation group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 605mm
UND/F20/FA2010   [October] 2010
College matriculation group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 605mm
UND/F20/FA2011   [October] 2011
College matriculation group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2012   [October] 2012
College [matriculation] group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2013   [October] 2013
College [matriculation] group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2014   [October] 2014
College [matriculation] group, in front of the John Snow Building, in jackets, ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2015   [October] 2015
College [matriculation] group, in the Sports Centre, in jackets, college ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
UND/F20/FA2016   [October] 2016
College [matriculation] group, in the college grounds, in jackets, college ties, skirts/dresses etc and gowns, with the college banner, with the college title and arms, by Gillman & Soame, all identified
Colour print
Size: 305 x 755mm
People and Events
Reference: UND/F20/FY
UND/F20/FY1   11 May 1993
Bob Gibson leader of Stockton Borough Council, in a suit and tie, outside the Holliday building.
Colour print
Size: 135 x 190mm
Reference: UND/F20/FZ
UND/F20/FZ1   August 1994
Views of the River Tees and Stockton riverside (before the barrage raised levels), taken by M. Dancey.
1-5. Riverbanks.
6-10. Boys fishing on the riverbanks.
11-14. Riverbanks.
15. Looking upstream to the Railway Bridge, with boats moored by the bank, scrapyard on the bank.
16-17. Victoria Bridge Stockton.
18-20. Replica Endeavour moored in the Tees.
21. Buildings on the north bank near Victoria Bridge.
22-24. Buildings on the river bank.
25. Bend in the river looking towards the Endeavour.
26. Minesweeper HMS Kellington moored by the bank.
27-31. Boats left on the shore at low tide near Princess Diana Bridge.
32-35. Views downstream towards the barrage.
36. Boat with a wheelhouse moored in the river.
36 colour prints
Size: 100 x 150mm
Publications and Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/F20/G
UND/F20/G1   [c.2010]
John Snow College prospectus
Printed colour illustrated booklet, 4f
Reference: UND/F20/I
UND/F20/I1   2014/5
Snow Day teeshirt “Cirque Dusnow” 2014/5.
Gildan Sportsyle pale blue cotton teeshirt
UND/F20/I2   2013/4
John Snow Netball Club badged hoodie 2013/4 “GM”
Fruit of the Loom dark blue cotton hoodie
UND/F20/I3   2012/3
[John Snow men's rowing] all-in-one
Pontoon Sportswear dark blue with white sides and yellow piping lycra rowing all-in-one
UND/F20/I4   2012/3
John Snow rugby shirt, badged, “15” , “DJ” , P&H sponsored
Viper10 polyester royal blue/white hoped short-sleeved rugby shirt with red flashing
UND/F20/I5   [c.2014]
John Snow tutor's shirt, badged and “College Tutor”
Jerzees 579 dark blue with red facings polo shirt
Neville's Cross College
Reference: UND/F6
Dates of creation: 1937 - 1958 Neville's Cross College was first mooted in 1908 but the war delayed building work and it was not until 1921 that it opened as a teacher training college for women, founded by Durham County Council. It became a licensed hall of Durham University in 1924 with thereby some of its students studying courses at the university. It opened its doors to men in 1963. Still funded by the County Council, with university involvement, it was resdesignated as a college of education in 1969. The university link ceased in 1977 when it merged with the Durham Technical College (founded in 1957) to become the wholly independent New College. The original site of the college, sold for redevelopment in 2002 as New College redeveloped its Framwellgate Moor site in 2004, became the site of the university's Ustinov College as Sheraton Park in 2018.
1921-1943 Miss Zeta Gladys Day May
1943-1949 Miss Mabel Sarah Coey
1949-1958 Miss Netty Margaret Lunan
1958-1966 Miss Mary Whitley
1966-1977 Dr Robert G. Emmett
Desmond Dalton, A contribution to teacher education: Neville's Cross, 1921-1986, (Durham 1986)

Reference: UND/F6/A
Annual reports
Reference: UND/F6/A1
UND/F6/A1/1   1949 - 1958
Annual reports [of university students] for 1948/49, 1949/50 and 1957/58.
Paper file
Reference: UND/F6/D
UND/F6/D1   July 1945
Pass list for Joint Board Examination students
Paper, 3f
Given by T.S. Stott's daughter August 2018, Acc No Misc.2018/19:6.
Societies, Clubs and Associations
Reference: UND/F6/E
N.C.C. University Students' Dramatic Society
Reference: UND/F6/E2
UND/F6/E2/D1   [1950] - 1954
Ephemera for performances of:
The Old Man of the Mountains, by Norman Nicholson, 31 January/1 February [?1950], invite and programme
Lovers' Vows, 24/25 January 1951, invite
Deirdre of the Sorrows, by J.M. Synge, 2/3 December 1954, programme
Reference: UND/F6/F
College Groups
Reference: UND/F6/FA
UND/F6/FA1944A-C   [?June] 1944
Neville's Cross college groups, all in dresses/skirts with the occasional blazer, all at Hatfield College, one outside B stairs, two on a lawn; in one Maureen Trevaskis (later Mrs Morrow) is identified.
3 BW prints
Size: 80/85 x 130/140mm
Given by Jim Morrow, son of Maureen Morrow, 24 May 2014.
Another copy of one image: UND/F7/FK2.
UND/F6/FA1944D   [?June] 1944
Neville's Cross college group, all in dresses/skirts with some jackets/blazers, outside ?B stairs at Hatfield, by Youngs Photographers of Houghton-le-Street, unidentified.
BW print
Size: 75 x 130mm
Given by T.S. Stott's daughter August 2018, Acc No Misc.2018/19:6.
UND/F6/FA1945   [June] 1945
Neville's Cross college group, all in dresses/skirts, outside on a lawn, unidentified.
BW print
Size: 85 x 140mm
Given by T.S. Stott's daughter August 2018, Acc No Misc.2018/19:6.
Reference: UND/F6/FB
UND/F6/FB1945   [June] 1945
Neville's Cross hockey team (11), outside on a lawn, in white shirts and dark skirts, with crossed sticks, Avis, Ellen, [Thelma Stott], and Marj identified.
BW print
Size: 85 x 130mm
Given by T.S. Stott's daughter August 2018, Acc No Misc.2018/19:6.
Deposited personal collections
Reference: UND/F6/H
Parkinson scrapbook
Reference: UND/F6/H1
Dates of creation: 1951 - 1953
Scrapbook of Christine Wood's time as a student at Neville's Cross College 1951-1953 recording mainly her social life, but also occasional work activities in the form of programmes, invites, cards, letters, photos, newspaper cuttings, beer mats and two fireworks. Some of the items are captioned. Some other items are no longer present. There are also some notes of other social events attended. Apart from Christine Wood (later Parkinson), her friends featured are Valerie Dove (later Moffat), Lesley Smith (later Aynesley), Audrey Cree (later Bell) and Marjorie Smith (later Grant).
1. Prospectus for Neville's Cross College July 1950.
2. Open Day invitation for Christine Wood 30 June 1951.
3. BW photo of [CW] and Margaret Jones, college mother, on the entrance porch steps.
4. BW photo of girls in shirts and skirts ?dancing in front of the college.
5. Roneoed sheet of 10 [college] songs.
6. CW's training of teachers grant regulations declaration.
7. DCSRC freshers' [party] Castle invite from Ian Hoodless 6 October [1951].
8. Institute of Education cathedral enrolment service paper when CW sang a solo 5 October 1951.
9. Neville's Cross college informal dance invite 12 October 1951.
10. BW photo of [Marjorie Smith] and another girl outside NC college.
11. BW photo of [CW] outside NC college.
12. BW photo of Marjorie [Smith] and CW outside NC college.
13&14. BW photo of NC float in the Rag procession, “Neville's Devils”, 12 girls dressed as school pupils and teachers on a Dixon Transport lorry. CW wearing a pen nib head-dress in honour of Paul Parker “everyone's heart-throb”.
15. Durham Colleges Rag Mag 1951.
16. BW photo of Escomb church exterior from the S.
17. Newspaper cutting advertising for a baby sitter for the Xmas Ball.
18. DCSRC Christmas Ball in the town hall programme, some names added, 14 December [1951].
19. Newspaper cutting from Palatinate about the forthcoming DCSRC Christmas Ball.
20. NC college printed Christmas 1951/New Year 1952 card.
21. BW photo of Hatfield College.
22. Printed arms of Hatfield College.
23-25. Newspaper cuttings about the 10.15pm curfew for girl students.
26. NC Dramatic Society “The Old Man of the Mountains” ticket 1 February [1952].
27. 1 shilling ticket.
28. Note about a night-time meeting at Hatfield College 31 January 1952.
29. DCSRC Shrovetide Ball at Castle ticket 22 February 1952.
30. Stockport address 11 Juy 1952.
31. NC formal dance invite to Malcolm Gardiner 26 February 1952.
32-39. NC Dramatic Society “The Merchant of Venice” tickets, programme, [ Palatinate ] review and 4 BW photos 7-10 May 1952.
40&41 Newspaper cuttings about a tug-of-war between an elephant and 20 staff and students at Hatfield College.
42. Newspaper cartoon about “Botany Junior Laboratory”.
43. DCSRC June Ball at the Town Hall programme 20 June 1952.
44. Newspaper cutting 4 male students toasting another, Jubby identified.
45. Newspaper cutting of a NC student's opinion of King's.
46. [ Palatinate ] report on Durham Colleges' swimming team's prospects.
47. Newspaper cutting reporting the election of officers of the Durham Colleges Conservative and Unionist Association, John Shillitoe highlighted.
48. Newspaper cutting of Mary Bostock and Paul Parker punting.
49. NC Institute of Education results 1953.
50. BW photo formal group of NC first years (47 present) 1951/52.
51. BW photo formal group of NC second years (45 present) 1952/53. (Photocopy).
52. BW photo of 4 girls relaxing on a lawn, Summer 1952.
53. BW photo of 4 girls on the college porch steps, captioned “Me in San”.
54. Cheering note on a nautical theme from Beswick, Reed, Scott, Lister, Lee and Pinkney [which they brought to CW, along with refreshments, up the fire escape when she was ill in the sanatorium].
55. 1 shilling ticket.
56. Newspaper cutting of Durham rugby scores.
57. Beer mat from [Nevelles Dene Hotel] for Steel, Coulson and Co's Elephant Ales.
58-61. NC Dramatic Society Floor Plays programme and 3 BW photos 30 October [1952].
62. “Smoke Woodbines” beer mat from The Buffalo, November 1952.
63. Standard Roman Candle indoor firework.
64. W. Harbot & Co Demo indoor firework.
65-69. Aeolian String Quartet concert programme, with the autographs of the members, 22 October 1952.
70. Newspaper cutting reporting a rugby match featuring [Ken] Beresford.
71. Newspaper cutting on Durham female students and their “Windswept Look”.
72. BW photo of [CW] and 3 female friends in coats outside NC college.
73. BW photo of [CW], Val [Dove] and a male student on the river-bank during the Regatta.
74. Envelope from [Ken Beresford] to “Miss Teaching Practice” in Sunderland.
75. NC Informal Dance invite for K.W. Beresford 10 October 1952.
76. St John's College printed Christmas card from “No.1 Monk”.
77. St Cuthbert's Society printed Christmas card from Malcolm.
78. Newspaper cutting of NC Rag float, 7 featured, Audrey Dobson, Val Dove, Norma Wyness, Norma Russell and Alice Thompson identified.
79. BW photo of NC 2nd years' Rag float 1953. Photocopy.
80. Durham Colleges Rag Revue ticket 6 February 1953.
81. Linkman Sherriegg egg flip beer mat from the Duke of Wellington 21 September 1952.
82. Durham Colleges Rag Mag 1953.
83. NC Formal Dance invite for Peter Yates 17 February 1953.
84. Durham Colleges Rag Revue programme 1953.
85. Poster advertising DCSRC informal dance in [Library] Room 5, 14 March [1953].
86. BW photo, man, head and shoulders, signed Peter Murray [radio DJ].
87. Week's teaching timetable for CW for Dubmire Infants.
88. A poem about teaching.
89&90. BW photos, views of NC college.
91. Newspaper cutting headed “Lulu Among The Yahoos!” and noted as “Alan Chappelle's Babtism” ( sic).
92. Letter to CW from the Director of Education, County Borough of Sunderland, allocating CW to Hasting Hill P. Infants' School 29 April 1953.
93. BW photo of Cosin's Hall entrance June 1953.
94. BW photo of NC college main front.
95. Newspaper cutting reporting a Durham Colleges 2nd XV rugby match, [Ken] Beresford highlighted.
96. BW photo of a coxed four rowing on the Wear, John Thompson cox identified.
97. BW photo of girls picking out stones and clearing ground for cultivation.
98. BW photo of CW in the grounds of NC college.
99. BW photo of the rear view of 3 girls picking out stones and clearing ground for cultivation.
100. CW room name-plate.
101. BW photo of CW and 4 female friends in dresses in the grounds of NC college in front of a rhododendron bush.
102. BW photo of 4 girls walking along a hedge-row.
103. BW photo of 4 girls perched on a fence around a NC notice.
104. BW photo of CW and another girl in dresses sitting on a [?BSA] single cylinder motorbike registration LUP67.
105. BW photo of girls picking out stones and clearing ground for cultivation.
106. Handook of Information for Teachers produced by the N.U.T.
107. Testimonial from Netty Lunan, Principal, for CW as an Infants' School teacher, July 1953.
108. CW's Institute of Education Certificate 1953.
109. BW photo digital print “Mothers & daughters”, 7 ladies in dresses in the NC grounds 1951.
110. BW photo digital print Marjorie [Smith], Audrey [Cree], Val [Dove] and CW, in coats, outside NC main front.
111. BW photo digital print “Mothers & daughters” 1952, 10 ladies in dresses in [NC] grounds.
Given by the compiler, Mrs Christine Parkinson (nee Wood) of Harrogate, 19 September 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:18 and 27 October 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:28.

UND/F6/H2   1937 - 1939
Photographs of Nancy Caldwell (1919-), during her time at Neville's Cross College
1. BW print of Margaret Little in costume as Ellen in the play Room in the Tower, outside, April 1938.
2. BW print of 3 ladies outside, 2 in costume [in the play Room in the Tower], April 1938.
3. BW print of 2 ladies outside in costume for the play Room in the Tower, Tylney & ?, April 1938.
4-5. BW print & BW postcard of a group of 9 men, 7 in suits and 2 in cassocks and dog collars, outside ?a church door.
6. BW print of OTC championship, Ponteland, 2 men in suits firing rifles prone on a range, 1938.
7. BW print of [OTC] Infantry Unit, winners of the Philipson Sheild 1937 & 1938, sitting outside with rifles: CQMS E.J. Dobbie, O/C B.C. Hooper, O/C G. Waite, L/Cp W. Phorsan, Sergt E.W. Yates, O/C G. Gowie
8. BW print of 7 ladies outside, sitting in deck chairs or on a rug, in dresses, J. Macdonald, E. Gustard, I. Weatherston, J. Carter, E. Weeks, M. Shield, N. Caldwell, June 1938.
9. BW print of 10 ladies outside, trees behind, in dresses, E. Sample, K. Jeffrey, E. Gustard, M. Shield, J. Macdonald, E. Weeks, I. Weatherston, R. Horsley, H. Robinson, N. Caldwell, June 1938.
10. BW print of 6 ladies outside dressed as ?dancers, posed in a group, E. Sample, J. Macdonald, M. Shield, E. Gustard, J. Carter, [N. Caldwell].
11. BW print of 5 students at Neville's Cross, in dresses, outside: C. Foster, E. Gustard, M. Pigg, M. Shield, N. Caldwell, June 1938.
12. BW postcard of a study bedroom interior at the college, sent to N. Caldwell by L.G. Yeoman, 20 July 1939.
13. BW postcard of W.A. Brown in cricket kit playing a forward stroke in the nets, 1938.
14. BW print of a women's hockey team (11), in white shirts and socks with dark skirts, and sticks, in front of a goal, (possibly a Durham County XI)
15. BW print of 6 ladies outside the college entrance in white shirts and dark skirts (?those awarded colours): netball, Doreen Anderson, Kathy Lee, Helen Robinson; hockey, Ethel Stamper, Nancy Vickers, Nancy Caldwell, 1939.
16. BW print of a ?year group photo, (39), in dresses/skirts with 2 in college blazers, outside the college entrance, [1939].
17. BW postcard of a formal group of male students (43) in suits with 2 in blazers, outside a college entrance, by L.E. Muller, of 454 Kingsland Road, London, 1939.
18. Covering letter from Liz Wisniewski detailing her mother's career, 15 March 2018
File of 17 BW prints/postcards + 1f
Given by her daughter Liz Wisniewski, March 2018, Acc No Misc.2017/18:72.
UND/F6/H3   1924 - 1976
Scans of images of Anthony Blake's time at Neville's Cross College (1973-1977) and of earlier items.
1. Jim Floyd, Robert Melville, Jen Chettle, Douglas Shearer on a bench outside the college, cars behind, first day at college, September 1973.
2. End of 3rd year group went to North Wales, outside: Anthony Blake, Douglas Shearer, John Ward, Lynn Waddington, Karen Trainer, Sarah Butterworth, July 1976.
3. 2nd year History field trip: Carmel Horn, Jane Priestley, Sue Reed, Douglas Shearer, Christine Hindson, Stella Gibson, Carol ?Crawforth, Margaret ?, Christine ?, Gill Knox, Robert Melville, Carole Dodd, 1975.
4. BEd graduation day on Palace Green, Castle Master's garden with roses behind, in academic dress: Sarah Butterworth, Jeanette Copeland, Anthony Blake, Janet Robson, Karen Trainer, June 1977.
5. College staff, half length, outside, jacket and tie, Dr Stephen Newton (History), c.1974.
6. College prospectus cover 1973.
7. College staff list 1973.
8. Fresher's Week programme, September 1973.
9-11. College prospectus c.1924.
12. College timeline by Anthony Blake, 2017.
13. Hilda Firkins (aged 18) and fellow student, in dark dress and light shirt, 1924.
Paper file, 4f of 13 images
Reference: UND/F6/I
UND/F6/I1   [c.1943]
College blazer of Maureen Trevaskis (1925-2014), Neville's Cross 1943-1945, royal blue with the college badge on the chest pocket
Born 1 February 1925, educated at Seaham Harbour Grammar School for Girls; Teacher's certificate at Neville's Cross College (based in Hatfield College) 1943-1945, married 1946 becoming Mrs Morrow (youngest married teacher in the country), taught in schools in Sacriston, Waldridge Lane, Nettelsworth, Cheveley Park Infants (head) and Durham Gilesgate Infants (head); died 6 February 2014 when living at 4 Whitesmocks, Durham.
Woollen blazer, 3 pockets, hole in the right pocket, 2 buttons, unlined
Size: c. size 10, 700 x 450mm
UND/F6/I2   [c.1943]
College scarf of Maureen Trevaskis, black background with alternating broad bottle green and thin red and silver stripes, Elliott's Irish Poplin Hand Woven in Ireland.
Silk and wool scarf, unfinished ends
Size: 1220 x 285mm
UND/F6/I3   [c.1980]
Neville's Cross College coat of arms with “Ne Vile” on a scroll beneath, produced by The York Heraldic Shield
Painted shield on a wooden plaque
Size: 180 x 150 x 30mm
UND/F6/I4   [c.1950]
Neville's Cross College coat of arms with “Ne Vile” on a scroll beneath, produced by The York Heraldic Shield
Painted shield on a wooden plaque
Size: 170 x 150 x 20mm
Transferred from University College 17 December 2020.
Codrington College, Barbados
Reference: UND/F17 On his death in 1710 Christopher Codrington left estates in Barbados and Barbuda in trust as a bequest to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG) to estbalish a college for the study of hysic, surgery and divinity. It eventually opened in 1745 and became affiliated to the University of Durham in Easter Term 1875. After WW2 the Classical faculty was wound down by Durham as the university in Jamaica was developing that, so that after 1955 only theology students were being taught at Codrington. It became part of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in 1965.

Reference: UND/F17/G
UND/F17/G1   Summer 1961
Codrington Review, with articles about the college and elsewhere, and lists of ordinands,
Printed paper booklet, 28p + covers
UND/F17/G2   1988
Codrington College A Brief History, by John W. Holder (Bridgetown, Barbados), with various images of staff, principals, buidlings etc, printed off the college website 25 October 2010
Paper file, xii + 27p
Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone
Reference: UND/F18 Fourah Bay College was founded by the Church Missionary Society in 1827 to train Africans as schoolmasters, catechists and clergymen. The college was affiliated to the University of Durham in 1876. In January 1918 the Wesleyan Missionary Society became associated with the CMS in the control and work of the college. It was merged with Njala University College in 1967 to form the University of Sierra Leone when its formal association with Durham ended. Some of the series of publications held at Durham continue into the new regime.

Reference: UND/F18/D
UND/F18/D1   June 1966
Fourah Bay examination papers in Chemistry for the BSc and the BSc qualifying exams.
Printed paper booklet
Formerly: PamL378.664
Reference: UND/F18/G
UND/F18/G1   1959/60
Fourah Bay College The University College of Sierra Leone Annual Report by the Principal, includes an appendix on the college's history by Davidson Nicol
Printed paper booklet
Formerly: Per Local FOU
UND/F18/G2   1961/62 - 1980/81
Fourah Bay College The University of Sierra Leone Prospectus Session 1961/62
Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone Prospectus for Sessions 1978/79, 1979/80 & 1980/81
2 printed paper booklets
Formerly: Per Local FOU
UND/F18/G3   1960/61 - 1972/73
The Fourah Bay College Calendar including dates of terms, almanac, historical notes, officers, council, college staff, University Act, charter and statutes, standing orders, comittees, boards, ordinances and regulations, for 1960/61-1962/63, 1964/65, 1966/67-1972/73 (part II only for 1972/73).
11 Printed paper booklets
Formerly: Per Local FOU
UND/F18/G4   1948 & 1952
The Fourah Bay, articles with lists of staff
Vol.II Michaelmas Term 1948 No.1
Vol.II Epiphany Term 1949 No.2 (1 and 2 subtitled New Series)
Vol.4 Michaelmas Term 1952 (subtitled The Terminal Magazine of Fourah Bay College)
3 paper booklet, 1 & 2 bound together in boards
Formerly: Per Local FOU
UND/F18/G5   Epiphany 1966 - December 1968
Fourah Bay College Gazette, including news of departments, graduates, visitors, lectures, staff, numbers, appointments and a calendar for:
No.4 Epiphany Term 1966 Vol.2 No.2
No.5 Easter Term 1966 Vol.2 No.3
No.6 September-December 1966 Vol.3 No.1
No.7 January-April 1967 Vol.3 No.2
No.8 May-August 1967 Vol.3 No.3
No.9 September-December 1967 Vol.4 No.1
No.10 January-April 1968 Vol.4 No.2
No.11 May-August 1968 Vol.4 No.3
No.12 September-December 1968 Vo.5 No.1
8 paper booklets
Formerly: Per Local FOU
UND/F18/G6   1948 & [1957]
Fourah Bay University of Durham Sierra Leone Appeal Fund brochures
2 printed paper booklets
Formerly: L+378.664FOU and PamL378.664FOU
UND/F18/G7   December 1959
Sierra Leone Studies, The Journal of the Sierra Leone Society, ed A.P. Kup (Special Number, New Series, No.12)
Printed paper book
Given by David Gledhill of Bristol, February 2017.
Teikyo University of Japan in Durham
Reference: UND/F21 Since 1990, Teikyo University has sent around 30 students in September and April to its campus in Durham (TUID) to improve their communication skills in English, and interact wih Durham students and the local community. Its main building is the Lafcadio Hearn Cultural Centre with two halls of residence next to St Mary's College.

Reference: UND/F21/A
Reference: UND/F21/AA
UND/F21/AA20   2 July 2010
Invite for a 20th anniversary celebration ceremony and buffet lunch
Card, 1f
Reference: UND/F21/C
Reference: UND/F21/C2
UND/F21/C2/1   October 2011
Teikyo festival, 22 October [2011]
Paper, 1f
UND/F21/C2/2   October 2010
Annual Japanese Festival, 23 October 2010
Card, 1f
Reference: UND/F21/D
Student Lists and Registers
Reference: UND/F21/D1
UND/F21/D1/1   April 1990 - April 1991
Admissions register, with names and signatures, and an oath; mostly unused.
Paper book
Reference: UND/F21/G
UND/F21/G1   1998 - 2015
Teikyo University in Durham Gazette, issues: Vol.III No.1 (June 1998), Vol.XI (February 2008), Vo.XII (February 2009), Vol.IX (2011), Vol.XIX (April-September 2015).
5 printed booklets
South College
Reference: UND/F22

South College is the university's newest college, established on the Mount Oswald site in October 2020.
2019-date Tim Luckhurst

Reference: UND/F22/G
UND/F22/G1   2019
Promotional flyer for current students to transfer in
Paper, 1f