Durham University Library Additional Manuscripts (1-2000)


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Durham University Library Additional Manuscripts (1-2000)
Dates of creation: 12th century - 20th century
Extent: several sequences of different sized materials
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: items gathered in accordance with the current collecting policy of the University Library.
Language: English


A few of the MSS below have been in the library for many years before 1945. Most of them were added by gift, deposit, or purchase between 1945 and 1961, with the object of enriching the local history collection. Other items have been found in printed materials.

Accession details

Given, where known, with each acquisition.


The list, numbers 1 - 731, was originally created according to standard book cataloguing procedure. This means that, unlike other lists of Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections material, the descriptions have been heavily normalized . This is especially obvious in the forms of names given below, which conform to the then current authority form, which means people are frequently referred to by titles that they did not hold at the time of the creation of the item. In view of this, descriptions and citations should be treated with some caution.


Summary list of the additional manuscripts accessioned and listed between September 1945 and September 1961, David Ramage
An index to MSS. Add. 1 - 731, which should be used with care, as it contains occasional references to items from other Durham University Library collections, and a collection of microfilms of Durham related manuscripts from other repositories.
Foxon, D. F., English verse, 1701-1750: a catalogue(London, 1975).


Add.MS 1-199
Add.MS. 1   1754-6
“A journal of some occurances [sic.] kept by Ra: Ward begun 6th Sept. 1754”(to end of 1756).
Journal kept by Ralph Ward, Gisbro.
Size: 30 cm.
Bought from Grafton, £3. 3s., October 1945.
Add.MS. 2   1928-44
Towie Castle, and The Widow, Maids of Athens, (Silverdale). Three verse plays by Gordon Bottomley in author's pencil manuscript.
Size: 13 x 18 cm
Presented by the author, October 1945.
Add.MS. 3   29 December 1903
Letter from Selby W. Plummer, Durham, to Dean Kitchin, on the exhumation of St Cuthbert's remains.
With typescript transcript.
Size: 25 cm.
Presented by Mrs Sclater Booth of Castle Eden, 15 February 1946.
Add.MSS. 4-6
Presented by Dunlop Rubber Co. via B.R.A. [B.R.A. 329], 13 June 1946.
Add.MSS. 4 & 5   1 and 2 October 1772
Release and lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by Francis Ord, H.L. Ord and others to William Dugall and Thomas Dugall.
Parchment   1m.
Size: Lease: 34 x 46 cm.
Add.MS. 6   4 May 1791
Lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by John Forster to Robert Hopper Williamson.
Size: 48 x 64 cm.
Add.MSS. 7 - 16   c.1920
Billingham development documents: 8 plans, printed copy of Tees Valley Water Bill, and typewritten list of Billingham and Stockton councillors.
Deposited on permanent loan by G.F. Brown & Co. via the B.R.A. [B.R.A. 590], 13 June 1946.
Add.MS. 17   1825-35
Pencil drawings of celebrities of the city of Durham, by J. Bouet (Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet, sometimes called Nicolas Bouet, 1791-1856, artist, of Durham City).
75 portraits, including some engravings, photographs etc.
Size: 32 cm.
From Castle Eden. Bought from Steedman, £4. 14. 6. 1 July 1946.
Cross, David A., The art of Joseph Bouet (1795-1856) : a catalogue of two albums in Palace Green Library (Special Collections) Durham University with reference to other works located in Durham and elsewhere(Durham, 2003).
Digitised material for Pencil portraits of people from Durham city, 1825-35, by Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet (1791-1856) - Durham University Library Additional MS 17 Digitised November 2017

Add.MS. 18   December 1945
Lumley Castle: Mining report by Forster, Raw and Partners, Newcastle, to G.E. Fawcus Esq. (typescript).
27f. and 8 plans.
Size: 33 cm.
Presented by G.E. Fawcus Esq.
Add.MSS. [19-156]
Numbers formerly used for part of the Van Mildert Papers, which were transferred from Additional Manuscripts to form a separate collection, June 2006.
Add.MSS. 157-162   1822-1849[?]
Six poems in her own hand by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, some incomplete and probably unpublished [?]:
“Savonarola”, pp.9-10;13-16, apparently continuous.
“My beloved sister ... Henrietta on her birthday ... March 6th 1822”.
“A flower in a letter”, stanzas XVII-XX.
“A child's grave at Florence”, stanzas 25-32.
“Sweetest do not fly me”, draft with alterations.
“O my little soft soul”, draft with alterations.

The second poem is torn at the top and bottom.
6 pieces: 8f., various sizes.
Bought from A. Rogers, £12. 12s., 13 March 1947.
Add.MS. 163
Letter from Sir William Schwenk Gilbert, beginning "Dear Watkins", dated "Sunday" only, Kensington.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Loosely inserted in a volume bought Sotheby's, 30 July 1947.
Add.MS. 164   1947
Photographs of the book presented to Princess Elizabeth by the University of Durham on 23 October 1947at the laying of the foundation of St Mary's College, specially bound by Sydney M. Cockerell.
With a specimen of the leather, tooling and lettering.
Size: 25 cm.
Presented by S.M. Cockerell, 16 January 1948.
Add.MS. 165   1891
Memorial verses on the death of William Bell Scott by Algernon Charles Swinburne.
Author's autograph manuscript.
Printed in the Athenaeum, 28 February 1891, p.281 (copy of printed version included here), and in Astrophel and other poems, 1894.
Size: 34 x 20 cm.
Bought Sotheby's £5. 10s. 9-10 February 1948.
[Add.MSS. 166-167]
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/F9/E1B/1-2, 12 June 2006.
[Add.MS. 168.]
Relocated as Thomas Wright MS. 16, September 2003.
Add.MSS. 169.-174   11 February 1853 - 13 December 1853
Six autograph letters of Edward Bradley, relating to the Verdant Green drawings, etc, Stilton, Leigh.
Bought Myers, £5. 5s., 1948.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 175   Between 1672 and 1719
Printed copy of The ancient rites ... of Durham, (London, 1672), edited by J. Davies of Kidwelly, interleaved with ms. notes by James Mickleton (1638-1693), the dedicatee, with a few notes by his grandson James Mickleton (1688-1719).
Size: Octavo
Bought Goldschmidt, £6, 24 March 1949.
Add.MS. [176.]
Minutes and accounts of Durham University Choral Society, 1903-1921: now transferred to UND/GE4/A1, University of Durham Society Records.
Add.MS. 177   11 and 18 January 1776
Letter from Henry Seymour Conway, signed H.S.S., written Henley and London.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Found in book accessioned 27 August 1949 (found in a folder indicating it to have been part of a sale of autograph letters formerly belonging to Alfred Morrison.
Add.MS. 178   24 December 1792
Indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas Young of Gateshead to William Wilson, pipe-maker (on a printed form).
Size: 14 x 26 cm.
Presented by J.A. Gordon Esq., Bede College, 7 October 1948.
Add.MS. 179   1833
The education of the peasantry in England. What is it? & what ought it to be? with a somewhat detailed account of the establishment of M. de Fellenberg at Hofwyl in Switzerland, by Baldwin Francis Duppa (published, London, 1834).
Author's signed manuscript.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Binding: Vellum bound.
Bought from P. Murray Hill, £2.16s. 8d., Autumn 1949.
Add.MS. 180   20 May 1818
Letter from Count Jozef Boruwlaski, London, to Miss Ebdon, Durham, with signature and seal.
2f. (one blank).
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Formerly loose in Boruwlaski's Memoirs(Durham, 1820), accession no. 78,793.
Presented by Mr H.W. Fox, 1948.
Add.MS. 181   1818
Durham County election ball.
Verses, attributed to _. Ord of Newton Ketton.
Size: 19 x 15 cm.
Presented by Stanley Smith (ex Armstrong College), Spring 1950.
Add.MSS. 182.-184   1911-22
John Masefield: letter, signed, undated, from Boar's Hill to Mr Grubb: 2 postcards, one from Gt Hampden, signed, dated 21 September 1911, to G.P Putnams Sons, the other, initialled, from Boar's Hill, postmarked [19]22.
Size: 18 x 11 cm; 14 x 9 cm.
Bought with books at auction, November 1949.
Add.MSS. 185.-186   1903
Two letters from Samuel Waddington, signed, one on Board of Trade paper, from 7 Whitehall Gardens, S.W., 25 March 1903, the other from 47 Connaught St, W.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Bought with copy of Poems(1902), c.1949-50.
Add.MS. [187.]
Fragment of a commentary on the Psalms.
Now transferred to Add.MS.1950/A/25
Add.MS. 188   14 March 1895
Letter from T.E. Young to Hardy, signed, returning his copy of the Babylonian Record.
Size: 20 x 13 cm.
Found in Babylonian Record, 24 November 1949.
Add.MS. 189   4 February 1893
Letter from Joseph Bain, London to G. Neilson.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Found in Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, vol. iv, c. 1949-50.
Add.MS. 190   c.1850
“A repertory of the Close Rolls of the Court of Chancery of Durham”(manuscript), by William Henry Brockett.
With letter of author, initialled W.H.B., inserted.
Bookplate of Matthew Mackey; inscriptions of C.O.P. Gibson and W.H.D. Longstaffe.
80, 1f.
Size: 24 x 18 cm.
Bought from Johnson's Bookstall, Durham, 5s., 16 October 1946.
Add.MS. 191   1776
A sketch of the life and character of ... Richard Trevor, Lord Bishop of Durham. With a particular account of his last illness., (Darlington, printed by Messrs Darnton & Smith, 1776), compiled by George Allan and incorporating an account of Trevor's last illness, which is ascribed within the text to Robert Hutchinson, one of the bishop's domestic servants, by whom the portrait of Trevor in the engraved frontispiece was drawn.
Proof copy (quarto) of the printed text (port.+[iv]+13+[i]pp.) with Allan's ms corrections, preceded by an engraved portrait of Allan, an earlier proof of the printed title page with imprint date 1775, another proof of the engraved frontispiece portrait of Bishop Trevor and an ink and wash drawing of him with related notes, specimens of Bishop Trevor's signature, and Allan's fair copy manuscript text of the printed work. A marginal note added in red ink on p. 12 of the ms records the suggestion, heard in Durham by WH [? William Hutchinson, historian of Co. Durham] that the account of Bishop Trevor's illness was actually composed by the bishop's nephew.
Bought Johnson's Bookstall, Durham, 16 November 1946.
Formerly Phillipps MS 14076.
Add.MS. 192   1777
“Statuta et ordinationes Ecclesiae Cathedralis Christi et Beati Mariae Virginis Dunelmensis”, Iohn Lambert scrip. & del.
With title page vignette of Durham Cathedral, head and tail pieces, and decorated letters.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Presented by Mrs Sclater-Booth for Colonel Rowland Burdon, December 1946.
Add.MSS. 193.-194
Presented by Basil Anderton Esq., who had been instrumental in having the transcripts made, 14 August 1947.
Add.MS. 193   1911
Typescript copies of letters from Captain Cuthbert Collingwood (1st Baron), to Dr Carlyle and Mrs Carlyle of Inveresk, 1792 - 1805, with supplementary documents to 1840and plans of the Battle of St Vincent.
With introduction and notes by John Oxberry.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 194   1913
Typescript copy of journal kept by Admiral Lord Collingwood (1st Baron) in the Mediterranean, December 1807 - January 1810.
Copied, by permission, from the original in the possession of Mr Alfred Brewis, Granville Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Portrait of Collingwood and Letter of Brewis inserted.
Size: 26 x 19 cm.
Add.MS. 195   1745
“Elementa logicae tam veteris quam novae in usum juventutis academicae. Opera Tho: Johnson A:M: Coll: Mag: Cantab: Soc. MDCCXLV”.(manuscript)
(Thomas Johnson of Magdalene College, Cambridge.)
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark M.VI.49), 1950.
Add.MS. 196   1679-80
“Physica a R.P. Francisco Sandero tradita excipiente me Thoma Durham A n no D omi ni 1679 & 1680”(manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725).
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.32), 1950.
Add.MS. 197   1678
“Logica a R.P. Franc. Sandero tradita.”(manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725), along with “Brevis inspectio in doctrinam Cartesij non'ullorumq. atomistarum”.
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.31), 1950.
Add.MS. 198   1680-94
“Metaphysica”, (1680-81) with “Ex tract' Vo sive ultimo et M[eta]phys[i]co R.P. Fr. Gul[iel]mi”[ 1694?]prefixed and “Tractat us de Physiognomia humana”1681appended. (Manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725) and extract copied by him from tractates of Francis Williams (died at Liège 1681).
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.33), 1950.
Add.MS. 199   1904
Durham University: earlier foundations and present colleges, by Joseph Thomas Fowler (College histories: London, 1904).
Author's interleaved copy, with many of his ms. notes.
Size: 18 cm.
Bequeathed by the author.
Relocated from Library's printed collections (old pressmark 39C16), 1950.
Add.MSS 200 - 349
Add.MS. 200   1834
The Bishoprick garland
A miscellany of Durham poems and notes, some printed but most in the hand of Sir Cuthbert Sharp, with a few additions by Robert Surtees.
The first edition of this miscellany, collected and edited by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, was published under the title The Bishoprick garlandin 1834. It does not include many of the items contained in this volume, and the text of items which are included frequently diverges from that found here. Some of the additional items found here were not printed for reasons of decorum or because they had a tenuous connection with the Palatinate, others were intended to be included in a second edition.
Size: 23 x 14 cm.
Presented to Dr Henry Gee, Master of University College, Durham, by J.G. Wilson in 1915, and purchased by the University Library in 1939.
Add.MS. 201   c.1880
The Psalms, translated by John Low Low, with other poetical passages from the Old Testament. Author's manuscript.
314f. and 19 loose inserts.
Size: 23 x 14 cm.
Presented by Andrew Low, early 20th century: re-located from Library (old classmark 33.D.4a), 1950.
Add.MS. 202
Relocated to DCG 7/1, October 2012.
Add.MS. 203
Relocated to DCG 2/1, October 2012.
Add.MS. 204   7 October 1836
Letter from John Banks Jenkinson, Bishop of St Davids (signed J.B. St Davids) at Abergwili, to Dr C.J. Bloomfield Bishop of London, on the University of Durham.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
In library before 1930. Transferred from Old University MSS sequence (pressmark H. iii. 23.
Add.MS. 205   29 August [1837 ?]
Letter from Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham, signed E. Dunelm, at Auckland Castle, to Lord John Russell on the lodgement of judges at Durham Castle.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 206   29 July 1875 - 1 March 1892
Guardbook of 156 letters from Edward Augustus Freeman, at Wells, etc., mostly to Joseph Thomas Fowler, with other material including 10 photographs and 4 sketches of churches and portraits.
363f., including both numbering sequences.
Size: 21 x 15 cm.
Presented by Canon J.T. Fowler.
Formerly numbered 206-276, 631-730 (each letter having been given a separate accession number)
Add.MSS. [207-276]
Numbers not now in use: formerly used as accession numbers for individual letters within Add.MS. 206.
Add.MSS. 277-278   1863-1864
Letter and carte-de-visite from Edward Bradley
4f., 1.
Bought from Myers, 7s. 6d., July 1951.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 279   1883-4
Book of autographs of members of the Durham County Assizes Grand Jury, with portraits and miscellaneous photographs, collected by Alfred Backhouse, Sheriff of Durham (with Sheriff's badge inset in cover).
Size: 31 x 25 cm.
Bought Symington, £1. 1s., 13 October 1944.
Add.MS. 280
Copies (made in 1880's ?) of Royalist composition papers, 1642-51, relating to the family of Lilburne during the Civil Wars in England, mainly concerning George Lilburne of Sunderland.
With engravings of Col. Robert Lilburne and Lt-Col. John Lilburne.
From the original papers in the PRO.
Bound volume of transcripts of 60 documents, and 4 engravings.
[1], 191, [4]f.
Size: 31 x 21 cm.
Presented by Sir Charles Harding Firth, June 1909.
Add.MS. 281   1804-1883
Volume of correspondence, notes, drawings, offprints and cuttings on antiquarian and archaeological topics, chiefly relating to the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods, with spine title “Select Antiquarian Tracts & Autographs”.
Contains 83 items, approximately half of which are manuscript and half printed. Manuscript contents list at front of volume
Bookplate of Frederick Hendriks FSS, FLA, Knight of Vasa, 1893.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Presented by E.B. Birley, 1951.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. [282-315]
Numbers not now in use: formerly used as accession numbers for individual ms items within Add.MS. 281.
Add.MS. 316   1792
Extracts from Aristotle's Art of poetry, with observations upon it, translated from the original Italian of Abbate Pietro Metastasio ... by John Dixon.
With ms. note: "Mr [William] Mason intended to have written notes but did not find time ... To the end of the first chapter is in the hand writing of Mr Mason"; and "Bought at the sale of Canon Dixon's library, 1854."
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence (former pressmark Theta.vi.20.
Add.MS. 317   c.1792
Letters on music, by Pietro Antonio Domenico Bonaventura Metastasio, translated by Dr William Burgh, from an unidentified printed edition.
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Add.MS. 318   1809-27
Scrap book miscellany compiled by John William Smith of Barnard Castle.
Engraved portraits, mainly English and French subjects, some views of places, sketches, notes on Durham antiquities, with drawings, notes on scientific experiments, original letters and other documents.
Also contains 34 tithe receipts, Tanfield parish, 1654-1722.
Owner's name, place and date 1809 on cover. Some notes initialled J.W.S., others in different hands.
Size: 32 x 20 cm
Bought from Boddy, £4. 4s., 1951.
Add.MS. 319
“Mem dums as to practice in the Courts of Gaol Delivery and Sessions of the Peace at Durham. Process for outlawry.”.
A legal precedent book, the precedents from Charles II to George III, entered from opposite ends of the book in different hands, one half apparently written c. 1700, the other c. 1800.
vii, 218f.
Size: 16 x 9 cm
Bought from Wilson, 42s., c.1951.
Add.MS. 320   c.1837
“On the practicability of bringing an uncivilized and rapidly wasting aboriginal population into a state of security, civilization & progressive improvement. Respectfully submitted to Chas Buller Esqr M.P.”, by Thomas Hodgkin, M.D.
Manuscript bound with printed evidence of Hodgkin and S. Bamnister before the Select Committee on Aborigines, British Settlements, 1837.
Size: 33 x 20 cm
Presented by W. Waples Esq. 1949.
Add.MS. [321.]   11 February 1857
Letter from Thomas Baker, at Whitburn, to the Rev d. the Librarian, Durham University, about experiments in making straw paper, with gift of M. Koops Historical account of the substances which have been used to describe events ...(1801).
Size: 18 x 11 cm
Bound in at front of book (location: SC 01641)
[Add.MS. 322.]
Relocated as Thomas Wright MS. 17, September 2003.
Add.MS. 323   26 February 1945
Letter from Mrs M.D. Darwin (née Wharton), at London, to H.W. Acomb, Durham University Librarian, about the Wharton family papers presented by her to the Library.
Size: 20 x 12 cm.
In copy of The Whartons of Wharton Hall, by E.R. Wharton, presented by Mrs Darwin in 1945 (location: XL929.2).
Add.MSS. 324.-328
Purchased from I.K. Fletcher, 17 March 1952, £65. Previously owned by W.H. Cumming and Sir Leicester Harmsworth. Bought by Fletcher, Sotheby's, October 1945, lot 1971, £30.
Add.MS. 324   1617
“Sanctus Cuthbertus puer - postea Lindisfarnensis episcopus - a levitate lusuum per trimum puerulum mirabiliter convers us. A Minore Congregatione Academica Beatae Mariae Virginis datus in Theatrum illustri d omin i comiti Davidi Brembato, cum iterum Marianus Praefectus esse iuberetur.”, (Ingolstady [Ingolstadt]).
Manuscript, with music.
[ii, 42, iii]f.
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Add.MSS. 325.-328   1945
4 letters regarding the St Cuthbert play from Ingolstadt.
2 from H. Chadwick S.J., 4 November 1945and 7 November 1945, at Stonyhurst College.
1 from Leo Hicks, London, 31 October 1945.
1 (typed) from W Kane, S.J. 22 November 1945, from Loyola University, Chicago.
1f. each.
Size: 23 x 16 cm.
Add.MS. 329   c.1630
“Reports in the Star-Chamber from I o to III o Car. I”.
[ii], 220, [vi] pages.
Size: 30 x 21 cm.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston of Gainford, 24 April 1952.
Previously owned by John A. Stewart, 1809, [then Richard Heber (d.1833); his sale, Evans, 10-19 February 1836, lot 1481; then Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps MS. 8342), sold 1895, lot 1057, to Reya (£1 10s) (ex info Sir John Baker)]. Formerly numbered MS 346.458.
Another copy: Mickleton & Spearman MS 65.
Add.MSS. 330-331
Bought with and inserted in W. Allingham's The music master(1855), 1952.
Add.MS. 330   26 March 1908
Letter from Arthur Hughes to Mr Brown agreeing to sign his illustrations to W. Allingham's The music master.
Size: 15 x 10 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 08739).
Add.MS. 331   4 November [1855]
Letter from William Allingham (signed W.A.), at New Ross, to Arthur Hughes about the arrangement of The music master.
Size: 12 x 9 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 08739).
Add.MS. 332   29 August 1915
Letter from Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, at London, to Mr Waters, with a copy of The big drum, 1915.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 09647).
Bought with book.
Add.MS. 333   1950
“The essence of mysticism, set forth in rhythmic sentences, by a disciple of Thomas a Kempis”, Herbert Pentin.
The author's typewritten copy with an autograph account of his career.
iv, 104f.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Presented by author (M.A. Dunelm.), 5 September 1950.
Add.MSS. [334.-336.]
Durham University Union Society committee meeting books, 1902-1918: now transferred to UND/GE1/AC1-2, University of Durham Societies Records.
Add.MS. 337   1843
Letter from John Ruskin at London, to Revd. Walter L. Brown, [Ruskin's tutor] postmarked 1843.
Apparently lacks beginning.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Via Brown's youngest daughter, Miss Caroline M. Brown, to her cousin Revd. G.C. May, who presented it to the library, 1935.
Add.MSS. 338 - 339
Previously owned by Miss E. Morse. Bought Sotheby's, 10-11 March 1952, lot 191, £3.
Add.MS. 338   [1877]
“Sir Walter Scott: Preliminary memoir”, by William Bell Scott.
Author's manuscript: apparently the introduction to an edition of Sir Walter Scott's poems, 1877.
Size: 20 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 339
A Scottish kirk session book of Dailly, Ayrshire, 1691, copied out by William Bell Scott.
[1], 22, [i]f.
Size: 21 x 17 cm.
Add.MS. [340]
Returned to Bishop Cosin's Library as Cosin MS. B.I.27(i).
Add.MS. 341   8 September 1852
Letter from Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. at Middle Hill, to Dr M.J. Routh.
2 corners torn off with a few words.
Size: 21 x 11 cm.
Found in Routh III.E.15.
Add.MS. 342   20 June [1850]
Letter from William Sidney Gibson at Newcastle, to Revd. Joseph Stevenson asking for help in researches into the life of Richard de Bury.
Size: 25 x 21 cm.
Found in a book [?]
Add.MS. 343   1817
“A catalogue of the manuscripts constituting the collections known under the name of the Mickleton and Spearman MSS. Presented by Wasey to Shute [Barrington] lord Bishop of Durham; and by him presented in ... 1817 to the library founded by Bishop Cosin at Durham”, by Sir Henry Ellis.
[iv], 111, [iii]f.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Presented by Mr Kenneth Povey of Liverpool University (bought Graftons, £3. 3s.)
Add.MS. 344   28 September 1887
Letter from Edward Lear at Sanremo, to Miss Campbell, on the misery he has been enduring from the heat and food of Italy.
Size: 21 x 13 cm.
Found in copy of Journals of a landscape painter in Southern Calabria(1852), bought 1952.
Add.MS. 345   1817-1826
“Poems”, by Michael Alexander Lowry (Kilmashogue).
Author's manuscript.
Title-page and dedication are dated 1817, but individual poems have dates from 1813 to 1826.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from Herrick, c.1949.
Add.MS. 346   27 March 1777
Letter from George Allan at Darlington to William Hutchinson, discussing his and others' etchings and drawings, and also antiquarian topics.
Size: 33 x 19 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 25s., 20 February 1953.
Add.MSS. [347.-348.]
Acquired with copy of Napoleon III, by P. Henrichs (1857), presented by Miss Edleston of Gainford, 1953.
Add.MS. [347.]   27 September [184?]
Letter from J. Mitchell, at London, in the third person to _ Sainsbury proposing that the Prince Louis Napoleon and the Count d'Orsay should visit Sainsbury's Napoleon collection.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with the book (location: SC 10562)
Add.MS. [348.]   25 février [184?]
Autograph letter from Napoleon III at 1 Carlton Gardens London, in the third person, to _ Sainsbury, proposing to call and see his Napoleon collection.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with the book (location: SC 10562)
Add.MS. [349.]   28 June 1881
Letter from Octavius Pickard-Cambridge at Blandford presenting his Spiders of Dorset(1879-81) to the University Library, Durham.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 00683).
Bound with presented copy of book.
Add.MSS 350 - 539
Add.MSS. 350-418
Bought from Myers, Autumn 1953, £10. 10s.
Add.MSS. 350-399   5 June 1860 - 26 December 1861
45 Letter from Joseph Bonomi, enclosing two further letters by Miss I.M. Martin (not included in numbering sequence (?).
41 are to J. Lee, and one each to Mrs Lee, W. Camps, Dr Pratt and the Council of the Syro-Egyptian Society.
With miscellaneous notes by or about Bonomi, (5 items) apparently attached to the letters.
95f., 6f.
Size: Various sizes.
Add.MSS. 400-412   25 March 1862 - 2 June 1865
13 copies of letters to Admiral William Henry Smyth, made for J. Lee: from C. Ker, C.L. Prince (3), Revd. W. Monkhouse, G. Chambers, Sir R.I. Murchison, A.K. Barclay, the editor of the Intellectual Observer, Dr T.R. Robinson, B.A. Gould, G. Knott, S.B. Kincaid.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Add.MSS. 413-418   1803 - 64
Add.MS. 413   2 June 1803
Letter from Boulton, Watt & Co. to R. Potter.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 414   7 November 1843
Letter from A. Sidgwick at Cambridge to (?).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 415   22 November 1847
Letter from Sir David Brewster at St Andrews to John Lee.
Size: 19 x 12 cm
Add.MS. 416   Undated
Copy of letter from Lady Margaret Maria Brewster (afterwards Mrs Gordon) at St Andrews to Mrs John Lee.
Size: 22 x 18 cm
Add.MS. 417   23 February 1853
Letter from Sir William Crookes at Oxford, to _ Spiller.
Size: 19 x 11 cm
Add.MS. 418   9 July 1864
Letter from William Henry McAlpine at London to J. Lee.
Size: 18 x 11 cm
Add.MS. 419   10 June 1784
Letter from William Van Mildert, at Bradden, to Samuel Mendez da Costa, reporting on the progress of his Oxford studies, particularly on fossils and natural history, and sending news of fellows and others at Oxford to whom Menendez da Costa had given him recommendatory letters.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 25s., 18 December 1953.
Add.MSS. 420-429   5 August 1882
Manuscript pieces by Peter Pindar (pseudonym of John Wolcot [1738-1819]), including folders of “Poems & Hymns for Young Folks”, “Tales & Fables”, “Madrigals”, “Sacred Poems by Dr Wolcot”, “Anacreontics”, “New and Old Ballads Composed for Queen Elizabeth”.
3 boxes
Bought from G.F. Sims.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 430   5 August 1882
Letter from Sir Henry Taylor at Bournemouth to Miss Kate Perry discussing books (Shelley references).
Date may be read as 9th May. Recipients name supplied in pencil.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 21s., 26 January 1954.
Add.MS. 431   9 November 1637
Copy of a letter from John Cosin at Cambridge to Joseph Mead (here spelt Mede) relating to his discourse Churches, that is, appropriate places for Christian worship(published 1638 ).
Copy apparently made in 1672 or 1677.
Size: 19 x 14 cm.
Bought from John Grant, 10s., June 1952.
Printed: Durham Philobiblon, v.1, pt.9.
Add.MSS. 432-438   29 November 1911 - 26 November 1915
Seven Letter from Henry James, at London or Rye to Mrs Howes, wife of the vicar of Rye (two undated).
Size: 23 x 20 cm, etc.
Presented by G. Fawcus Esq., 2 February 1954.
Add.MS. 439   1680
“An account of the national affaires frome June the first one thousand six hundred and eighty, shewing whatsoever hapened considerable in that time ... [by] Gabriel Hasting. Aetatis meae An: 19. E Collegio Universitatis, 1680”. With, appended (f.9), “The speech of James ye 2d to his first parliament”.
Author's autograph.
[ii], 9, [ii]f.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston of Gainford, Summer 1953.
Inscribed: "E libris Gabrielis Hastings è Coll. Vniversitatis, June 2 1680 pretium 1s 4d
James Bate of Ashby.
E libr. J: Bate e Coll: Jes: apud Cant. AB:1697."
Bookplate of Revd. Joseph Edleston M.A. LL.D., Gainford Vicarage, Trin. Coll. Camb.
Add.MS. 440   29 March 1892
Letter from Walter Hamilton at London to Mr Day of Cork about a projected book on French Ex-libris.
Size: 21 x 13 cm.
Found in copy of Hamilton's Dated bookplatesgiven by Miss Edleston, 1952.
Add.MS. 441   3 December 1901
Letter from William James Dawson at London to Sir John Martin Harvey introducing his play Savonarola.
Size: 20 x 13 cm.
Bought with copy of Savonarola.
Add.MS. 442   23 December 1858
Letter from Sir Richard Owen at London to Sir John Forbes M.D. on the gorilla, with acknowledgment of help given in a translation from the Periplusby the Bishop [Edward Maltby ?].
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Found in Maltby 112.E.17-18.
Add.MS. [443.]   2 November 1835
Letter from John Taylor of Mold to W. Wharton of Dryburn, Durham.
Written on a printed monthly report on Cornish engines by T. Lean.
Size: 43 x 56 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC+ 00127).
Bound into Thomas Tredgold, The steam engine(1827).
Add.MS. 444   Undated [July 1861]
Letter from Ford Madox Brown at London to C.P. Boyce, referring to a largish water colour just finished and to a visit from W.B. Scott.
Annotated on verso “rec[eived] July 3/61”
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from Blackwell, 10s. 6d.
Add.MS. 445   Undated
Geological notes with coloured sections of strata, by Joseph Barber Lightfoot.
Size: 27 x 21 cm.
Found in Bishop Lightfoot's copy of Sir C. Lyell Principles of Geology(1853).
Add.MS. 446   [1915]
Letter from Jane Ellen Harrison at Cambridge to J.D. Duff with a present of her Russia and the Russian verb(1915).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Acquired with copy of the book presented by Mrs J.D. Duff, September 1950.
Add.MS. 447   27 November 14 Henry VIII [1522]
(1) Thomas Darneton, Abbot of Eggleston
Christopher Fulthrope
Ralph Menwell
(2) Thomas Baker and others.
Composition between (1) and (2) regarding the division of land at Startforth.
Remains of three seals.
Parchment.   1m.
Size: 42 x 65 cm.
Bought from B. Halliday (Cat. 265, item 211), £3, 7 May 1952.
Add.MS. 448   c. 1800?
The famous history of Sir Thomas Wyat. With the coronation of Queen Mary, and the coming in of King Philip ... Written by Thomas Dickers [Dekker] and John Webster. London, printed by E.A. for Thomas Archer ... 1607.
Copied (in manuscript) from the Bodleian copy by A. Dyce and S. Reay.
With a ms. note by M.J. Routh, to whom this once belonged.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Bought from The Bookshop, Cirencester, 27s., 29 March 1954.
Add.MSS. 449-452
Purchased temp. Canon Fowler, who added thumb-index tabs.
Phillipps MSS 20110 and 20873.
Add.MS. 449   1777
“Memdm. of translation and temporal acts of John [Egerton] Lord Bp of Durham beging. 20 Augt. 1771 [to 2 October 1777] (before Geo. Brooks noty. publk.)”(manuscript).
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Add.MS. 450   1676 - 1818
Letters to Bishop Shute Barrington or his agent Richard Burn, with draft replies, mainly of 1817-18, with expenses of translation to Durham, printed confirmation, visitation and other forms, 3 precedents of earlier bishops, etc.
109 items. 173f.
Size: 23 x 17 cm. and less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 451   1776
Letters to Bishop Robert Lowth, mainly from Edward Pearson.
17 items. 35f.
Size: 23 x 17 cm and less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 452   1764 - 1816
Correspondence of Bishop Shute Barrington with Richard Burn and others, about patents, and with two accounts of Bishop Lowth's.
15 items. 23f.
Size: 26 x 20 cm or less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 453   c. 1680
“A discourse in defence of the King's right to dispense with the stattutes called the teste viz the 25th and 30th Carl 2d, by one whose profession is the law and whose communion is according to the Church of England.”(manuscript, written about 1680, defending the right of James II to dispense with the Test Acts).
[iv, 12, xii]f.
Size: 30 x 19 cm.
Binding: Half bound in morocco (20th century).
ff.9-12 nibbled by mice.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953, who had bought it from Colbeck Radford & Co Ltd, Bruton St, London, who had bought it from Sotheby's, July 1930.
Add.MS. 454   c.1765
“List of temporal chancellors of the Co. Palat. of Durham [to 1770] ... of spiritual chancellors [to 1759] ... attorney generalls ... solicitor generals [to 1753] ... officers of the several courts ... for ... 1760 ... sheriffs [to 1747].”
Manuscript, written on the blank backs of broadsides and similar local documents, the printed sides of which have been pasted together.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 455   1706
“York four days stage-coach begins on Friday the 12th of April 1706 ... performed by Benjamin Kingman, Henry Harrison, Walter Baynes ...”[advertisement for new stage-coach service, annotated with receipt to Mr Badingfold for a place booked for 3 June 1706].
Size: 25 x 18 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 456   c. 1680
“... Sr. Philip Musgrave of Hartley Castle in ye county of Westmoorland Baronett ... a short plain and true narrative ...”, by Gilbert Burton, Edenhall.
Manuscript: Edited and published by Samuel Jefferson, under the title The Life of Sir Philip Musgrave(Carlisle, 1840.
Flyleaf inscription “Jos. Musgrave e Coll. Oriel 1749”
[iii, 82, vi]f., f.4 and 5 transposed.
Size: 17 x 11 cm.
Binding: 19th century gold-tooled red goatskin, by Hering of Newman St [London], imitating 17th century style and with Musgrave armorial stamp and motto “Sans changer” on both covers.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953, who had bought it from Bernard Holliday, Leicester, June 1927, who had bought it in London a few weeks earlier.
Add.MS. 457   8 February 1891- 20 November 1905
Twenty-nine letters from Joseph Thomas Fowler at Durham to C.C. Hodges.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 458   8 August 1879
Letter from William Greenwell at York[?], to W.H.D. Longstaffe.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MSS. 459-460
“The Journall of the proceedings of the House of Commons”, November 9th to 19th 1685.
With typewritten transcript of above manuscript, Durham, 1927[?]
Ts: 30f.
Size: 26 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from James Wilson, Birmingham, 1927.
Previously owned by G. Sacheverell of Barton, Notts., and Sir Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, Derbyshire.
Add.MS. 461   c.1689
“A collection of the principal proceedings in the Convenc io n of the Lords and Commons which made the Prince of Orange King”(manuscript).
[iv, 250, viii]f.
Size: 31 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from T.Thorp, Guildford, August 1931.
Add.MS. 462   c.1685
“A kalender of ye iournalls of ye House of Peers begns. in May 1660 ... endg. in Iune 1685... wth. an acct. of ye appeals & writs of error wn. brought in & iudged” (manuscript).
With an alphabetical index, lacking A.
Size: 38 x 26 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from P.J. and A.E. Dobell, June 1927, £1. 10s.
Formerly Phillipps MS 22895.
Add.MSS. [463-466]
Acquired 31 August 1940, bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761, etc.
Bookplate of Richard Lawrence Pemberton.
Add.MSS. [463-464]   11 and 12 June 1790
Two letters on a forthcoming Parliamentary election in Durham county from Rowland Burdon at Castle Eden, not in his hand but the first signed by him, to John Taylor at Durham.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MS. [465.]   30 September 1812
Letter from William Taylor of St Helen's Auckland, to Lady Milbanke on her husband's candidature for Durham County in a parliamentary election.
Seal attached.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MS. 466   31 [sic] June 1801
Letter from Sir Ralph Milbanke at Seaham to William Taylor of Bishop Middleham.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MSS. 467-468
Acquired with copy of Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols, (1874) by R.C. Nichols, presented by Miss Alice Edelston, 1953.
Add.MS. [467.]   19 March 1875
Letter from Mrs [Lucy] John Gough Nichols at London to T.F. Dillon Croker, offering him a copy of Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Bound with the presentation copy of the book (location: SC 10240)
Add.MS. 468   12 April and 13 December 1861
Two Letter from John Gough Nichols at London to Dillon Croker.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Bound with the presentation copy of the book (location: SC 10240)
Add.MSS. 469-470
Bought from Alick Fletcher, catalogue 71 item 842, November 1954, £5. 5s.
Add.MS. 469   1861
Military description of the south-east part of England, by Major-General William Roy, 1765.
A handwritten copy prepared, according to accompanying letter, by W.F.D. Jervois for Lord Palmerston in 1861.
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 470   17 October 1861
Letter from William F. Drummond Jervois at the War Office to Lord Palmerston enclosing the above item, (469).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 471-472   1928 - 1935
Letter (Add.MS 471/1) from Gordon Bottomley at Silverdale to Penelope Wheeler, dated 3 November 1931, referring to the death of Charles Ricketts.
Autograph note (AddMS 471/2) from Gordon Bottomley at Silverdale to Penelope and Christopher Wheeler, dated Christmas 1933 , originally with a Christmas present from Emily and Gordon Bottomley.
With these are a signed photograph to the same, Christmas 1928 (Add.MS 472/1), another signed photograph, 1935 (Add.MS 472/2), and a signed syllabus to the same, of the Oxford Recitations (Add.MS 472/3).
Size: 19 x 11 cm.
Bought from C. and I.K. Fletcher, catalogue 91 item 19, Autumn 1954, £4. 14s. 6d.
Add.MSS. 473-474   1865-1866
Letter, and poem “The Kingfisher”, by Edward Bradley (Cuthbert Bede).
Bought from C and I.K. Fletcher, list 91, item 21, £1. 5s., October 1954.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MSS. [475-476.]
Purchased as part of collection (largely printed) with binding title Rare tracts, antiquarian, topographical, etc. collected by G.C. Greenwell.
Add.MS. [475.]    c.1700 ?
Notes upon coal, by John Ker, 1st Duke of Roxburgh (attributed in ms. to "Earl of Roxborough".
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Bound in Rare tracts ... collected by G.C. Greenwell, vol.2, 3rd item (location: XLL942.8GRE)
Add.MS. [476.]    1852
“A survey of the Maiden Way from ... Birdoswald Station northward to the Scottish Border ...”(manuscript), John Maughan, Bewcastle.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Bound in Rare tracts ... collected by G.C. Greenwell, vol.2, 9th item (location: XLL942.8GRE)
Add.MS. 477   29 April 1640
Indenture of sale of lands at Hurworth by Ralph and Barbara Booth to Richard Baddeley of Durham, before Gab. Clarke and M. Bullock.
Seal and signature of R. Baddeley.
Parchment.   1m.
Size: 49 x 60 cm.
Presented by S.M. Stobbs, 61 Whinney Hill, Durham, 12 September 1955.
Add.MSS. [478-479.]
Numbers not used.
Add.MS. 480   1875
Durham University examinations.:
B.A. Examination, December 1875.
Analytical Geometry, June 1875.
Mechanics, December 1875.
Spherical Trigonometry and Astronomy.
Size: 22 x 14 cm.
Bound in Examination papers ... 1874-5-6(location: XL053.78)
Bound in volume of printed papers with title-page Examination papers set to students in Arts 1874-5-6and inscription of R.J. Pearce, Jan.15.77, presented by Secretary, 1958 .
Add.MS. 481   1771
“An account of the money subscribed for the relief of poor sufferers in the parish of Gateshead in the late inundation ... 1771.”.
Size: 19 x 13 cm.
Bound with Narrative of the great flood in the ... Tyne(1772) and other printed items on the same subject (location: XL942.8TYN).
Presented by Miss Edleston, 1954.
Add.MS. 482   15th century
Language:   Latin
Breviloquiumof Bonaventura, defective at the beginning and the end, etc. Distelbrink, no. 1. Text missed through the loss of leaves: one before f.1, containing ed. A.M. a Vicetia (Freiburg im Bresigau, 1881) pp. 1-6/6 (the opening of the preface); one after f. 19, ibid. 167/1-176/4 (II, 11-12); two after f. 65, ibid. 633/up6-642/19 (VII, 5-60); and one after f. 67, ibid. 652/14 seq. (VII, 7). Chapter list to the seven parts follows the preface, f.5-6.
ff.1-67v: sunt quinque. Secundi .x. Tercij .v que. Et quarti ... ... delectaciones in rebus delectabilibus qualis.
Corrections by deletion in red, e.g. f.28v, 44v.
A marginal note, s.xv, f.26v. Many small + marks in margins, a few, e.g. f.10v and 57, in red. Notes in pencil, s. xviii (?) refer to "Aristot", f.20, 39.
Written in north-western Continental Europe.
Secundo folio lost.
Also described in Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, II, 521.
Size: 67ff. Membrane (0.18mm.; some natural edges, holes (three in f.33, the two in the written space circled in red), quires with hair side outwards), 201 x 142mm., all leaves cockled through the effect of damp; brownish yellow staining in most lower margins, outer quarter of f.1 and lower outer corner of f.2-5 eaten by vermin with some loss of te x t, lower margin of f.23 and 29 cut away.
Decoration: capitals lined or filled with red; simple paraphs in red. Initials, to chapters and parts, 2-line, plain red.
Script: Written in a squat textura, proficiently with the 3 in the abbreviation for sed barely dropping below the line; perhaps by several hands, most conspicuously changing for f.39 (6 1 ), also on f.33.
Binding: medieval. Sewn on five split white thongs, the upper three broken, drawn through the boards, across the inner face for c. 40mm. in a "VIV" pattern, and pegged in holes through the board; head bands, with white and blue thread, drawn across the outer face of the boards at 45° for 15mm., and similarly pegged; wooden boards with cushion bevelling, almost flush with leaves; square recess cut into front board at the centre of outer edge, with two holes from pins fixing clasp; remains of metal catch in the corresponding position on the edge of the back board; covering of boards and spine gone, leaving traces of glue on the inner face of the boards, including clear marks of the tongues of the corner-mitres inside the back board.
Presented by Miss Edleston, 1953.
Provenance information:
"F", c. 30mm. high, cut into the centre of the front board. "J" f.6, 61, and "R J H J", f.67., large thick capitals, s. xvi or xvii (?). "Presented by Alice Edleston of Gainford from her family collection 1953", on a printed label stuck inside the front board.
Add.MS. 483   4 May 1953
Binding, lettered on spine, "Durham, May 4th 1953".
Prepared for the opening of St Mary's College by the Queen Mother, but not presented owing to the cancellation of the ceremony at that time. On the re-arranged date (2 November 1956) the contents (photographs of Durham) were removed and rebound in similar style and duly presented.
The binding, by Douglas Cockerell and Son, is green-gray crushed morocco with a St Cuthbert cross inside a wreath lettered “Durham 4th May 1953” above and “Ancilla Domini” below: on spine “Durham 4th May 1953”. Doublure single gold line; signature stamp inside end cover (the replacement differed in having tiny crosses sparsely semé End papers and slip case of characteristic Cockerell marblings.
Size: 36 x 29 cm.
Cover, and illuminated inscription, was secured for an additional charge of £4 (the main volume costing £38).
Add.MS. 484   4 May 1953
Inscription in red and black on vellum “To her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who opened the new buildings of St Mary's College on the 4th of May 1953 these pictures of Durham are offered with gratitude and humble duty by the University of Durham” (written by Joan Tebbutt).
Size: 36 x 28 cm.
As above.
Add.MS. 485   c. 1916
Diary of the First World War, for the period 1914-1916, of Alexander Angus Macfarlane-Grieve (of the Seaforth Highlanders).
[i-ii], 282 pages.
Size: 23 x 17 cm.
Presented by Lieut.-Col. A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve, 20 March 1957.
Add.MSS. 486-510
Presented by the Librarian, Ushaw College, 20 February 1958. Formerly belonging to Edward Arthur White (some compiled by him?).
Add.MS. 486   19th century
Pedigree of Stansfeld of Stansfeld, compiled by John Stansfeld, who acknowledges help from R. Thoresby: lithograph by J.Y. Knight & Co. Leeds, with coloured coat of arms.
No date. With White's armorial bookplate, on which is a manuscript note by him that the pedigree was given to him by the compiler, John Stansfeld, in 1883.
On linen, dissected and folded in black leather binding.   1 piece.
Size: 66 x 99 cm.
Add.MS. 487   1843?
“The names of the noblemen and gentlemen in the commission of the peace for the county palatine of Durham and Sadberge, tested 24 February 1843.”
Size: 32 x 21 cm.
Add.MS. 488   c.1850?
“A list of the nobility and gentry of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Durham who contributed ... to defray the expenses of resisting the Spanish ... 1588”.
Size: 14 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 489-510
Pedigrees, quarterings, wills and other transcripts, families of Adamson, Barnes, Bollesdun, Brakenbury, Butterfield, Bysshe, Barnes and Aislaby, Edwards, Greyson of Murton, Heath, Heron, Hoar, Hotham, Milbanke, Pemberton, Read, Shafto.
Compiled by Edward Arthur White, c. 1850.
Size: Various sizes
Add.MS. 511   16 June 1849 - 16 May 1850
Minute book of Durham Architectural Society, with loose insets of the last minutes, letters of apology from Joseph Bonomi and Mr Cory, and a memorandum from W. Sidney Gibson, and also 3 leaves of drawings.
140f., of 14 have been written on, 5f. loose.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Found in Lowe Library, Durham Castle.
Add.MS. 512
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/F1/D1/2, 12 June 2006.
Add.MS. 513   c. 1780
Book of precedents for the Durham law courts.
Cases from 17th and 18th centuries, in various hands, including that of John Dixon, with an alphabetical index.
Bookplate (armorial) of John Dixon, Durham.
[3 blank], 187f.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Binding: 18th century blind-tooled reversed calf, by Waghorn of Durham.
Bought Steedman, £1. 5s., 30 May 1941. Transferred from printed book accession 60,213.
Add.MS. 514   c. 1837
Lines occasioned by the death of Count Boruwlaski ...
Size: 9 x 11 cm.
Bound in volume (location: XL920B7)
Found inserted in copy of Boruwlaski's Memoirs(Durham, 1820), accession 114,583, acquired from the library of Revd. T. Romans, April 1958.
Add.MS. 515   c.1670
Durham County memorandum book: a miscellany in various 17th century hands, of transcripts of legal documents mostly relating to places in County Durham including Sunderland, Brancepeth, Alnwick, Stockton, Durham, Greatham, Gateshead Moor, Jarrow, Westoe, Barnard Castle, Seaton Carew and Frosterley.
First item is “The Incorporac i on of the Brough of Sunderland ... 21 Marcij 1634”.
Also includes recipes concerning the blood and teeth.
Compiled by a member of the Dixon-Johnson family of Aykley Heads.
[5], 357f. Many blank leaves in the old foliation, including one unnumbered between f.109 and f.110.
Size: 19 x 14 cm.
Sold, [15 July 1953 ?] by Edward C. Lowe, Birmingham, for £22. Probably not acquired at this time by the library. Accessioned 1958.
Add.MS. 516   c.1780
Copy of charter of 22 March 1600of Newcastle upon Tyne, Elizabeth Dei Gra. etc, reciting that Newcastle upon Tyne was an ancient town.
3f. last leaf blank.
Size: 29 x 19 cm.
Found in book.
Add.MS. [517]
Returned to Bishop Cosin's Library as Cosin MS. B.II.18.
Add.MS. [518]
Returned to Bishop Cosin's Library as Cosin MS. B.II.19.
Add.MS. 519
Third catalogue of books, compiled by Edward Chandler in his own hand, revised with notes and additions, between 1730-38.
Thomas Osborne, the London bookseller, offered Chandler's library in fixed price sales in 1752 (A.N.L. Munby and L. Coral, British book sale catalogues 1676-1800(1977); Factotum 5 (1979), p.4)
Size: 37 x 23 cm.
Bought from F. Weatherhead, bookseller, 25 April 1952, £5.
Add.MS. [520-525]
Returned to Bishop Cosin's Library, bound in Cosin MS. B.II.19.
Add.MS. 526   c.1730
Shelflists of his books, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 30 x 19 cm.
Found loose in Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 527   c.1730
List of books purchased by Edward Chandler, with prices and names of auctioneers and booksellers, and two lists of maps.
Size: 23 x 18 cm., etc.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 528   c.1730
“Doctor Hunter's pamphlets [in the Cathedral Library Durham]”, list apparently written in Bishop Chandler's hand.
Size: 18 x 15 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 529   c.1730
“Bishop Cosin's Library”, (i.e. a list of books from it), in Bishop Chandler's hand.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 530   c.1730
“Duplicates set apart in Bp Cosin's Library”, in Bishop Chandler's hand, but not bought by him, at least before the compilation of his own catalogue.
Size: 19 x 15 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 531   c.1730
“Catalogue of popes”, (with notes on authorities,etc.), compiled by Bishop Chandler.
Size: 21 x 16 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 532   c.1730
“P[ope] Joan”, (with authorities for and against), compiled by Bishop Chandler.
Size: 21 x 17 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 533   c.1730
“Sermons”, apparently contents lists of bound up volumes: with papers by Bishop Chandler, but not in his hand.
Size: 30 x 21 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 534/1-141
Bowes family papers: letters and documents, concerning the Bowes family of Streatlam, Co. Durham. The contents relate particularly to the 1569 Rising of the Northern Earls. They include lists of the rebels condemned to execution before Sir George Bowes, several drafts of the petition from Sir George to Queen Elizabeth entreating a reward for his services and losses during the rebellion, 3 letters from Sir George as Marshal of Berwick in 1579, household accounts detailing purchases and other expenses, draft of the indenture conveying Streatlam and other lands from Sir William Bowes to his nephew George Bowes 1611, rentals and other papers concerning the conveyance, administration and inheritance of the Bowes estates. Many of the items and the guards on which they are mounted bear notes and markings by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, the Durham antiquary, and there is an index by him on the two final leaves.
Originally 144f. mounted in a guardbook.
Size: 30 x 23 cm., etc.
Binding: Originally half-calf, marbled paper sides, 19th century. Spine blind-tooled, lettered in gold at head "Bowes MSS", with paper label at foot lettered in ink "12". Ink no. "A9" crossed out on front board and "vol 12" written above.
No. 12 of a series of volumes of Bowes family papers bound up at the instigation of the Durham antiquary, Sir Cuthbert Sharp, who discovered the papers at Gibside, another Bowes family house in Co. Durham, in 1833, and drew on them extensively for his Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569. A few of the papers in this volume are printed in the Memorials. Most of the series were sold at Sotheby's on 28 March 1923 with the contents of Streatlam, when the house was given up by the Strathmores (the Bowes-Lyon family, Earls of Strathmore, to whom the Bowes estates had passed). The inclusion of the mss in the sale was apparently unintentional, and many volumes were bought back by the Strathmores, but a number were widely dispersed. This volume was eventually purchased by Durham University Library at Sotheby's, 22 April 1958, £66. 6s. (with a contribution of £33 from the Friends of the National Libraries). Other volumes are in the British Library and the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.
B.L.H. Horn & F.J. Shaw “Bowes bound correspondence and papers”, Archives, XIV, no. 63 (Spring 1980), 134-140 (an account of the mss and their migrations, and a list of the volumes with their then locations).
H.B. McCall, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, XVIII.
Add.MS. 535   1681
Copy of Decree in Chancery concerning the executors of Bishop Cosin: Sir Thomas Orby, John Durell, Miles Stapylton and Thomas Blakiston, at the suit of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Denis Granville and Isaac Basire and their wives, in 1677.
Judgment given, 17 September 1681 at Westminster.
Size: 30 x 18 cm.
Presented by Ushaw College: from the collection of E.A. White.
Add.MS. 536   1665-1668
Darlington Ward rental book of Bishop Cosin, 1665-68:
1665: 28ff.
1666: 26ff.
1667: 26ff.
1668: 30ff.

Size: 32 x 20 cm.
Bought Hodgson's auction no. 11, 28 July 1954, lot 143, together with a printed book, £4.
Phillipps MS. 18464. Belonged to T.F. Hedley in 1924, and seen by Edward Wooler of Darlington at that date.
Add.MSS. 537-538
“Collection of important original historical documents, MS. papers and letters etc. relating to the counties of Durham and York ... 1713-1812”.
Not all original, but some apparently contemporary transcripts. A large number of copies of 1 letter about sheriff of Yorkshire included.
2 volumes. 37f. and 35f.
Size: 34 x 21 cm., etc.
Bought Hodgson's auction no. 11, 28 July 1954, lot 144, £4. 10s.
Add.MS. 539   1853 - 1866
Diary of J. Theodore West, begun in Leeds (where West was in business as an analytical chemist in Albion Street) 1 January 1853, and continued through his emigration in that year to Australia (where he worked for some time in the goldfields near Bathurst) and his return with his family to England, arriving in March 1862. The diary resumes, after a gap, in January 1866 and continues until October 1866, ending in Darlington
Vol. 1 covers 1853 - 16 October 1858 and (pp. 287-348) 13 December 1861 - October 1866, with a gap from March 1862 - January 1866. At back of volume (pp. 350-364) there are notes of letters written and received.
Vol. 2 begins (pp. 3-14) with a diary kept by West's wife during his absence on the gold fields, beginning 7 October 1858 and running on for some days. It continues with West's own diary from 4 November 1858 - 20 November 1861. At back of volume (pp. 185-202) there are accounts of expenditure. Both volumes include drawings and vol. 2 has pressed flowers, presumably from Australia, between pp. 142-143 and 148-149.
2 volumes. (364, 202p.)
Size: 186 x 115, 172 x 123 mm.
Bought from remnant stock of Hildreth, Darlington bookseller, 1957, for 10s.
Add.MSS 540 - 759
Add.MS. 540   17th - 19th century
A list of the knights and burgesses who have represented the county and city of Durham in Parliament[compiled by Sir Cuthbert Sharp], 2nd ed. Sunderland, 1831, heavily extra-illustrated with manuscript and printed items relating to County Durham, 17th - 19th century, including numerous pedigrees and election broadsides.
Bought from Elly, 18 May 1934, Elly having obtained it from the Colepike Hall sale.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. [541-566.]
Numbers not in use; (used formerly as accession numbers for individual manuscript items in Add.MS 540).
Add.MSS. 567-569
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 14 June 1958, £1. 15s.
Add.MS. 567   24 October 1797
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Oxford, to Messrs Lackington, Allen & Co., booksellers.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Bought 1958.
Add.MS. 568   10 September 1820
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Oxford, to W. Ford, bookseller, of Lambeth.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 569   25 June 1847
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Tylehurst, near Reading, to Revd. Arundel Mildmay, Merton College.
Size: 10 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 570
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/CD10/A3, 12 June 2006.
Add.MSS. 571-576
Bought from Francis Edwards, 1959, £10. 3s.
Formerly in the possession of two of Hutchinson's grandchildren, Marshall Hutchinson and Tempest Camps (who makes the ascription to Hutchinson).
Add.MS. 571   1788
Baleazar King of Tyre, a tragedy.(manuscript five act play in verse)
Attributed in manuscript to William Hutchinson by the author's granddaughter, 1859.
Spine title: MSS Vol. 2
[viii], 153, [iii]p.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 572   1787
The tears of Bellville vale, a poem, in seven parts.(manuscript)
Attributed in manuscript to William Hutchinson by the author's granddaughter, 1859.
Spine title: MSS Vol. 1
[x], 314, [vii]p.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Add.MSS. 573-576
Honourable love, in a series of letters from persons in real life.(manuscript)
By [William Hutchinson].
In 5 volumes (vol. 4 missing).
Size: 20 x 14 cm.
Add.MS. 577
“A trew copie ffound in the lord Conyers studie of the names of certaine Knights that dwelt within the Bishoprick of Durham ... A.D. 1264.”
With Consecration of the Bishops of Durham; Genealogies of northern families, including Nevill, Lumley, Hansard, Bulmer, Madison, Burton, Bellasis, Tailbois, Conyers, Barnes, etc. all written about 1625, with some later notes on rents, about 1728.
Size: 31 x 20 cm.
Bought from J. Burke, bookseller, London N4, 19 June 1959, £9. 9s.
Add.MSS. 578-579   c. 1910
Manuscript pedigrees of the descendants of William Chambers of Monkwearmouth Hall (b. 1647, with two family seals, and of Chambers of Cleadon ..., compiled by Bertram Mordaunt Chambers (b. 1866).
Size: 33 x 41 cm.
Bound with Northern notes(1906) (location: SC 12349).
Bound in an odd volume of Northern Notes and Queries(accession no 121,953), bought from Steedman, 11 March 1959.
Add.MS. 580   1909
“Outline of a scheme for instruction of working men and country lads of 17 or 18 years of age and upwards at Durham University”, typescript, by John Percival, Bishop of Hereford.
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Presented by Sir James Duff, 7 September 1960.
Add.MSS. 581-615
Bought from E. Hall, 1959, £3. 15s., with Add.MSS 617-620.
Add.MS. 581   7 February 1868
Letter from Charles Baring, Bishop of Durham at Auckland Castle, asking someone to read prayers.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 582   27 March 1793
Letter from Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham, signed S. Dunelm, at Mongewell.
Endorsed "Wallingford Oxon" in pencil.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 583   1 October 1895
Letter from George Body at The College, Durham, to Miss Aston on the death of David Bate.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 584-585   18 September 1871 and 2 April 1872
2 Letter from Thomas Cooper (the Chartist) at Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham, to S. Sharp on the Moabite stone.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 586   16 February 1828
Letter from John Forsyth at Durham to Messrs Pigeon & Son, spirit merchants.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
Add.MSS. 587-589   1863 -1869
3 Letter from William Greenwell at Durham to W. Cunningham and Mr Whincote, on collecting stone and bronze objects (dated 10 July 1863, 19 January 1869 and 18 December 1869).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 590   Endorsed 17 March 1826
Letter from Henry George Grey, signed "Howick" to H. Smales, Durham.
Letter merely says "Friday, Newcastle"
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 591   16 February 1828
Letter from Thomas Hutchinson at Durham to Messrs Pigeon & Co., spirit merchants.
Size: 31 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 592   1 March 1890
Letter from William Rupert Jones at The Geological Society, London, to J. Tate referring to reports of borings from the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 593   29 November 1895
Letter from George William Kitchin at The Deanery, Durham to Canon A.P. Moor at Truro on church matters.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 594   4 August 1874
Letter from Joseph Barber Lightfoot at Trinity College, Cambridge to Mrs Mansel about writings in progress.
1 item.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 595   15 June 1877
Letter from Joseph Barber Lightfoot at Trinity College, Cambridge to John Murray about additions to a lecture to be published.
1 item.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 596   15 May [1850?]
Letter from Edward Maltby apparently at London, to Revd. Thomas Bowdler.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 597   16 February 1828
Letter from Richard Maynard at Durham to Messrs Pigeon & Son, spirit merchants.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 598   23 April 1881
Letter from Sir Joseph W. Pease, Hutton Hall, Guisborough to Mr T. Potter about a Cobden Club publication.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 599-600   19 July 1853
Letter from Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter at The College, Durham, to Mr Justice Erle on the Durham circuit, asking him to dine.
With carte de visite photograph of Phillpotts, with some writing and signature cut from a document dated 27 March 1866.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 601   16 February 1828
Letter from Ann Strong at Durham to Messrs Pigeon & Son, brandy merchant.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 602   11 January 1826
Letter from George Townsend (Canon of Durham) at Brighton to Mrs Wood of Worthing, referring to his work on the Old and New Testaments.
For other Townsend items acquired with this letter, see 618-620. below.
Size: 22 x 19 cm.
Add.MS. 603   24 January 1863
Letter from Bishop William George Tozer at the Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin and Durham Mission to Central Africa, 71 Euston Square, London, referring to one Eley.
Size: 20 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 604   23 March 1795
Letter from Charles Weston (Prebendary of Durham) at Durham, ordering a copy of Hurd's Life of Warburton.
Size: 17 x 19 cm.
Add.MS. 605   12 July 1892
Letter from Brooke Foss Westcott, Bishop of Durham at Lollard's Tower, London, to "My dear Hensley".
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 606   27 March 1897
Letter from Brooke Foss Westcott, Bishop of Durham at Bishop Auckland, to E.F. Jackson.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 607   24 May 1847
Letter from Bishop Samuel Wilberforce at Eaton Place, London to S. Bartley.
Size: 11 x 10 cm.
Add.MSS. 608-615
A collection of franks, signed by:
Sir Francis Blake
John Bowes of Streatlam
1st Earl of Durham
William Charles Harland
Bishop Maltby
Joseph Pease
Arthur Hill Trevor
Sir Hedworth Williamson
All Durham gentry of about 1830.
Size: 8 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 616   8 August 1937
Letter from George G. Napier at 22 Braidburn Terr., Edinburgh, on genealogical matters.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bought with copy of H. Scott's Fasti ecclesiae Scoticanae(1866-71), to which it refers.
Add.MS. 617   16 April 1890
Letter from Sir Joseph W. Pease, Hutton Hall, Guisborough to Captain H. Toynbee declining to attend a meeting of the Mission to Seamen.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought with 581-615.
Add.MSS. 618-620
“Lines to his daughter on her marriage”, and three pencil drawings of Broadwater church, one of the exterior and two of the interior, circa 1840's, by George Townsend.
Items accompanying No. 602 above.
3 items
Bought with 581 - 615.
Add.MS. 621   1830
Memoranda, mainly dealing with fees, with three printed forms, bound with or pasted into a volume containing printed tracts on the same subject, all relating to Durham Palatine Courts.
Not all in the same hand, but with the name of William Brignal, solicitor in several places.
Size: 25 x 20 cm. etc.
Bound with Tables of fees etc. for Durham Palatinate Courts.
Bought Grafton, 19 April 1944, £2. 2s.
Add.MS. 622   1850's
Old Exchequer (Palace Green, Durham) ground plan, by J. Henry, Dun Cow Lane, Durham.
Showing each floor after acquisition by the University for library and lecture rooms.
1 sheet.
Size: 52 x 65 cm.
Digitised material for DUL Additional MS 622 - Old Exchequer Building (Palace Green, Durham) ground plan, by J. Henry, Dun Cow Lane, Durham
Add.MS. 623   [c. 1834]
Plan of the Stanhope Tyne rail road, from the Durham Turnpike to South Shields.
NW is at the top. Properties and owners of land are marked (which evidence suggests that the map was made about the time of the opening of the railway in 1834).
scale: 4in:1 mile, approx.
1 sheet.
Size: 41 x 110 cm.
Bought from Grafton, 12 October 1943, £2. 2s. 6d.
Add.MS. 624   15 September 1887
Letter from Edward Bradley at Scarborough.
Bought from J. Wilson, Birmingham, 21 October 1960, 7s. 6d.
Missing, since at least January 1999.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 625   1788 - 1789
Poems and literary essays, and copies of letters describing a journey in France fron November 1788 to April 1789, by R.W.C., addressed to Miss Nanney Wynne of Maes-y-Neuadd, N. Wales.
Size: 24 x 18 cm.
Presented by Professor John Lough, 1961 (from Howes Bookshop, Cat 136, item 663, £6. 10s.
Bibliography: John Lough “Letters from France, 1788-1789”, Durham University Journal(1961-62) 1-12. (An article on Add.MS 625; a typescript copy, presented by the author, is shelved with the ms)
Add.MS. 626   22 April 1955
Autograph letter signed to Benedikt S. Benedikz from Sir William Alexander Craigie, at Watlington, about Guðbrandur Vigfússon and his work on the Icelandic-English Dictionary, 1869
Paper   2f.
Presented by the recipient.
Add.MS. [627]   1841
Section shewing the gradients on the line ... from Darlington to York, of the Great North of England Railway, drawn by T. Sopwith ?
1 sheet.
Size: 102 x 31 cm.
Bound with SC++ 00937.
Bound with A plan of the proposed Clarence rail road, (1827) and four other printed plans relating to rail roads, as 3rd item in volume; binding title “Maps of proposed railways 1827-1845”.
Bought from Steedman, 12 January 1959.
Add.MSS. 628-629
The day of the sardine, Sid Chaplin.
Author's typescript (Add.MS 629), with signed letter dated 25 April 1961 (Add.MS 628).
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Presented by the author, 1961.
Add.MS. 630   1953
Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone. Photographed in its setting ...
Book made for the University of Durham by E.A. Milton (manuscript) at Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Size: 31 x 15 cm.
Book, binding and slipcase made at Fourah Bay College for presentation to the University, 1953.
Add.MSS. [631-730]
Numbers not now in use; (formerly used for individual letters in Add.MS 206).
Add.MS. 731   c. 1790 ?
“A descriptive account of the several birds, animals, reptiles, insects, fish, shells, fossils and other natural & artificial curiosities in the Musaeum of George Allan Esqr of Grange near Darlington. Arranged in systematic order. Part 1st. Containing the land-birds”.
1 volume - 77 original leaves (interleaved with 78 blank leaves)
Size: 18 x 14 cm. [blanks 30 x 22 cm]
Binding: 18th century reversed calf.
Presented by A.N.L. Munby, 1963.
Add.MSS. 732-744   ca.1849-1890
Letters, sketches etc., by Edward Bradley (Cuthbert Bede).
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 745   1945-1956
Guest book of F.A. Paneth at the Old Corner House, Shincliffe, 1945 - December 1953, and at Wiesbaden, April 1954 - April 1956.
F.A. Paneth was Professor of Chemistry at Durham University, 1939-1953, where he founded the Londonderry Laboratory for Radio-Chemistry. His guests included many distinguished scientists.
1 vol. (13f.)
Presented by Miss E. Paneth, 1986.
Add.MS. 746   1963
Letter to Miss Eva Paneth from Professor F.A. Paneth's former secretary, Mainz, 26 July 1963, recounting a joke played on her by the professor in the guise of an experiment. With English tr. of the anecdote by Miss E. Paneth.
Presented by Miss E. Paneth, 1986
Add.MS. 747(Facs)   1938
Photocopy of letter to Professor Soddy, Oxford, from the secretary of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, Nobel-Committee for Chemistry, 12 November 1938, acknowledging his proposal of F. Paneth and G. von Hevesy for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1939 (the proposal was unsuccessful).
Presented by Miss E. Paneth, 1986
Add.MS. 748   1945
“On the teaching of radiochemistry in Great Britain”, memorandum to W.A. Akers from F.A. Paneth, Montreal, 20 March 1945, urging that government backing be given to the establishment of a school of radiochemistry at Durham University. Marked confidential, with copies to Dr J.D. Cockcroft and Dr J. Chadwick.
F.A. Paneth was Professor of Chemistry at Durham University, 1939-1953, where he founded the Londonderry Laboratory for Radio-Chemistry.
Presented by Miss E. Paneth, 1986
Add.MS. 749   1942
Pencil notes for a lecture by Professor F.A. Paneth on “Der Bernstein in Geschichte und Wissenschaft”, given at Durham University, 21 August 1942, with announcement of the lecture, notes on his reading on amber, envelope of samples of emery paper, and photograph of Paneth.
1 envelope.
Presented by Miss E Paneth, 1986
Add.MS. 750   1957
Correspondence of F.A. Paneth on amber play counters, January-September 1957, with the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna; Sir George Thomson, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; Museum of the History of Science, Oxford; British Optical Association, London; and Dr Karl Andrée Gottingen.
19 f., 1 photograph.
Presented by Miss E Paneth 1986, as background to the Paneth amber collection in Durham University's Department of Geology.
Add.MS. 751   1957-1979
Correspondence of Miss E. Paneth on amber play counters, 1957-79, with photographs of the counters.
9f., 1 pamphlet, 56 photographs
Presented by Miss Paneth, 1986, as background to the Paneth amber collection in Durham University's Department of Geology.
Add.MS. 752   1986
Recollections of Durham University, 1939-1973, by Leonard Slater, former Reader in Geography and Master of University College, Durham. Typed from tape recordings made in 1986.
Presented by the author.
Add.MS. 753   1825
“The Common Place Book being A Collection of Recipes Selected from various Sources by William Trueman Whitby 1823”.
Largely medical, household and other non-culinary recipes - Trueman practised as a chemist in Durham from about 1830, for a time in partnership with Matthew Thompson (cf. Durham Cathedral Library MS Raine 117, another of his commonplace books).
12 pp. index follows p.197 - Pencil quotation on memory on second front flyleaf, pencil recipe for preserving birds on end flyleaf and another for mist. pector. on back pastedown. Trueman's bookplate with ms crest on front pastedown, printed sheet Kitchingman's Stenographytipped in on back pastedown.
1 vol. ([8], 1-18, 21-197, [15] p.)
Size: 128 x 120 mm
Bought from Turton, 1986.
Add.MS. 754   [c. 1400-1425]
The Poor Caitiff
Middle English prose compendium of religious belief and devotion, composed c. 1400 and commonly called by this title.
Incipit: p. 1, “This tretys compiled of a pore caitif ...”
Writing and decoration: c. first quarter 15th century, textura script, illuminated initials, flourished paraffs.
Inscriptions of John Turner, 16th century and Bibliotheca Swaniana, 1792. Given by Henry Yates Thompson to G.M. Trevelyan.
For detailed description see Catalogue of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library (available in Search Room).
Parchment   1 vol. iii f., 466 p.
Size: 112 x 82 mm
Presented to University Library by Mrs M.C. Moorman, 1986.
Add.MS. 755   11 October in the 20th year of Hatfield's episcopate [1364].
Letters patent from Thomas [Hatfield] Bishop of Durham granting rights of free warren to the master and brothers of St Giles Hospital, Kepier [near Durham], so that no-one may hunt there without licence from them, on pain of forfeiting £10 to the Bishop.
This charter seems to be otherwise unrecorded in medieval sources; it is not enrolled on Hatfield's Chancery roll.
Vellum, with large fragment of Hatfield's seal.   1m.
Purchased, with assistance from the government's Purchase Grant Fund, Phillips Sale on 26 June 1986, lot 4. The charter was presented to the Soc. of Antiquaries of Newcastle by A.J. Rudd in 1909, and removed from its custody without due authority at an unknown date between then and 1963. Now deposited at Durham by consent of the Society.
Proc. Soc. of Antiquaries of Newcastle, 3rd ser. v. 4 (1909), pp.125-126.
Add.MS. 756   1981
“Memoirs of an ordinary man”: semi-fictionalised autobiography of Laurie Moran, concerned particularly with Brandon, Co. Durham, and the collieries in the area.
Glossary on last two pages, followed by folding plan of Brandon colliery.
1 vol. ([2], 79, [2] p., [16] sheets of illus., 1 folding)
Photocopied from author's typescript (completed 1981) in 1987
Add.MS. 757(Facs)   1894
Letter to Bartholomew Price, Master of Pembroke College Oxford, from J[ohn] Percival, Headmaster of Rugby School, 20 September 1894. Photocopy of Pembroke College, Oxford, MS. 60/14/154.
Thanks Price for his help in Percival's unsuccessful bid to become Dean of Durham and Warden of Durham University.
2 sheets.
Presented by Aidan Lewes, 1986
Add.MS. 758(Facs)   1915
Autobiography of John Wray (b. 1843) of Western Australia, son of John and Celia Wray of Co. Durham. Photocopied typescript.
Gives Wray's recollections of England before his emigration to Australia in 1853, including a visit to the Great Exhibition in 1851, and of his life thereafter in the Albany area of Western Australia, and later in Perth. The autobiography was written in 1915 (f. 8).
[2], 30, [1] f.
Presented by A.F. Whitford, 1987 via Department of Palaeography.
Add.MS. 759   1987
“Some reminiscences of the Department of Geology at Durham, 1946- 1951”, by E.A. Vincent, Lecturer in Mineralogy and Crystallography at Durham University 1946-1951, later Professor of Geology at Oxford.
1 vol. (Word processed. 27 p.).
Presented by the author, 1987.
Add.MSS 760 - 831
Add.MS. 760(Facs)   1986
“Davenport ancestry”: pedigree of the descendants of Richard Davenport (buried 9.1.1623) of Wigston Magna, Leics., from the 17th to the mid-20th century, compiled by John Lloyd Marlow, 1986. Photocopy.
Richard Davenport was grandfather of George Davenport, Rector of Houghton-le- Spring.
1 sheet.
Presented by Malcolm Davenport, 1987.
Add.MS. 761(Facs)   1831-1882
5 letters (20.7.1831, 15.11.1831, 11.5.1838, 15.8.1838, 22.6.1863) to C.T. Whitley from Charles Darwin, and of 1 letter (13.6.1882) to Whitley from Sir Francis Darwin. Photocopies of the originals, with transcripts.
C.T. Whitley, a friend of Charles Darwin's from their undergraduate days at Cambridge, was from 1833-55 Reader in natural philosophy and mathematics at Durham University.
16 sheets.
Presented by Mrs T.W. Bower, 1987.
The originals of the letters are at Shrewsbury School.
Add.MS. 762   1859
Transcript of the will made by George Lilburne [d. 1676] of Sunderland on 23 July 1674, "copied from the original in the position of Mr Kidson Sunderland Solicitor, September 14 1859".
1 pamphlet (6 p., stitched, in paper wrappers).
Size: 219 x 135 mm.
Presented by the executors of Gavin G. Lilburn, 1985.
Add.MS. 763   18--
“The Lilburne MS”: volume of 19th century memorials, transcripts, clippings, etc, concerning the Lilburne family.
Concerns particularly John Lilburne the Leveller, his uncle George Lilburne [d. 1676], and 18th century property disputes involving the Lilburnes.
With several internal sequences of pagination; not bound up entirely in sense order (gap in sense between f. 87 and f. 88 is filled by text on ff. 100-111); ff. 128-138 loosely inserted.
1 vol. (146 f.)
Size: 345 x 222 mm.
Presented by the executors of Gavin G. Lilburne, 1985; coloured armorial of [Charles] Lilburn [1842- 91] mounted on front free endpaper; volume probably compiled by or for him.
Add.MS. 764   1656
Warrant from Oliver [Cromwell], Lord Protector, to the Admiralty Commissioners, 8 February 1655/[56] to send a naval vessel to Hamburg to bring home Edward Rolt, Envoy to the King of Sweden.
1 bifolium. (1 p., with endorsed title)
Size: 305 x 202 mm.
Presented by the executors of Gavin G. Lilburn, 1985.
Add.MS. 765   1691-c.172-
“A catalogue of books belonging to John Cock 1691”.
The original catalogue of the collection formed by John Cock, Vicar of St Oswald's Church, Durham, until his deprivation as a Non-Juror in 1690, and given by him to his successors in the living in perpetuity. Written in Cock's own hand (see heading on f. 13r), with some additions (mostly listing further books received from Cock in 1704/05), probably in the hand of Pexall Forster, Cock's successor at St Oswald's. With amplifications and corrections in the hand of Thomas Rud (who followed Forster in the living), and notes of various loans from the collection.
Title above from f.3r. Addressed on back wrapper "For the Reverend Mr Pexall Foster these Durham".
The catalogue lists the books in shelf order, thus revealing the arrangement of the library, and gives very abbreviated details of author, title and format.
The Cock Library was sold ca 1930, without a faculty, by the then incumbent of St Oswald's, and dispersed.
1 vol. (28 f., plus original grey paper wrappers).
Size: 355 x 137 mm
Purchased, with assistance from the government's Purchase Grant Fund, 1987, (with Add. MS. 766) from Steedman, Newcastle).
Add.MS. 766   17-- - 1881
“Catalogus Librorum, quos Vir Reverendus Joannes Cock A.M. Vicarius Ecclesiae Sti Oswaldi Dunelm. Successoribus suis in perpetuum legavit, Classicus”.
Catalogue, in the hand of Thomas Rud, Durham Cathedral Librarian, Vicar of St Oswald's 1711-25, of the library given to St Oswald's by John Cock (Vicar of the church until his deprivation as a Non-Juror in 1690) and dispersed ca 1930. On p.1-47 Rud lists the collection in shelf order, giving the pressmark of each volume, with format, author, title, place and date of publication. For pamphlet volumes the total number of items in the vol. is stated, and the first item identified. On p.49-75 Rud then gives a contents list for each pamphlet vol., in pressmark order; this section of the catalogue appears to have been left incomplete, stopping at F.G.6.
On p.91-105 is a further shelf list of class M, shelves A-E, written between 1876 and 1881 by A.C. Headlam, later Bishop of Gloucester, whose father was Vicar of St Oswald's. Headlam marked with a pencil dot all the books in Rud's catalogue which were still present in the Library at that period. Also annotated by E.V. Stocks (Durham University Librarian) to show which books he was unable to find in 1916 (note on p. iv). Cock Library bookplate on p. i.
1 vol. (58 f., with modern pencil pagination iv, 112 p.)
Purchased with assistance from the government's Purchase Grant Fund, 1987, (with Add. MS. 765) from Steedman, Newcastle.
Add.MS. 767   [c. 1200-1499]
Peter Comestor, Historia scholastica, with several shorter items
Shorter items include: Alexander of Ashby, Argumenta bibliorum ad Lethardum; ?Guido de Pileo, Obsecrationes versificate veteris et novi testamenti; Peter of Poitiers, Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi (incomplete); 1487 catalogue of the library of the collegiate church of St Cuthbert, Darlington.
Writing and decoration: Peter Comestor copied early 13th century, extensively annotated 13th - 15th centuries, rubrics, flourished initials, marginal drawings, shorter items copied 13/14th - 15th centuries, rubrics, diagrams.
Erased 15th century inscription of bequest to the Darlington collegiate church by Richard Witton, Dean, on f. 177r; inscriptions of Anthony Branson, 16/17th century; Thos Mascall, 17/18th century; Conyers 16/17th century; Thomas Hopper, 18th century; T.F. Powell, 1949.
For detailed description see Catalogue of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library (available in Search Room).
Parchment   1 vol. 189 f.
Size: 335 x 245 mm
Presented to University Library by H.F Smith, Leicester, 1988.
Add.MS. 768   1907
Alphabetical List of all Graduates, Licentiates, Scholars, or the University of Durham, 1833 to 1911. Compiled and written by Walter Consitt Boulter in 1907.
1 vol. (240 f.)
Presented by Professor C.W. Whiting, 1934.
Add.MS. 769   17--
Manuscript notes on the Greek Testament, by John Taylor (1704-66, classical scholar and Archdeacon of Buckingham).
1 vol. (iii, 211 f.)
Provenance: inscription on f. iii, 24 September 1856, of gift to the University of Durham by Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham, with note that he had it from [Samuel] Parr, who was given it by [Anthony] Askew (to whom Taylor left his books and mss). Further puzzling inscription (on f. i, in the hand of J.T. Fowler, University Librarian) of gift by Mrs Bland, 1880. Formerly numbered Maltby 157.E.7.
Add.MSS. 770-771   1902-1917
Memoirs etc. of J.T. Fowler, Vice-Principal of Hatfield College, Durham and University Librarian.
Photocopied, 1982, from originals in private ownership. The material copied was selected by C.D. Watkinson of Durham University Library as being of greatest Durham interest.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. 772-776   18--
“Index idoneorum”: commonplace book of George Taylor (1772-1851) of Witton le Wear, Co. Durham, consisting largely of extracts from his classical reading, thematically arranged.
Contents: v.1, A-Dog. v.2, Dou-Jen. v.3, Jes-Pat. v. 4, Pau-State. v. 5, Statu-Z and Supplement.
Compiler's ownership inscription in v. 2 dated 31 March 1835, in v. 4 7 July 1841 and in v. 5 15 October 1842.
For biographical note on Taylor by James Raine, mentioning this commonplace book, see pref. to Taylor's Memoir of Robert Surtees(Surtees Society 24, p. x- xvi).
5 vols.
Size: 190 x 250 mm
Provenance: inscription in v. 1 of Sir Henry Taylor (G.T.'s son).
Purchase by D.U.L. at Sotheby's sale. 25/26 May 1988, lot 1422.
Add.MS. 777   1768
“An accurate Plan of Mr John Watson's Estate within the Township of Westoe near Shields in the County of Durham. By Richard Richardson in 1768”.
Drawn in ink, with some pencil additions. Title in cartouche.
scale: 30 chains [= 92 mm.]
1 membrane.
Size: 432 x 596 mm
Purchased (Todd Bequest) from J. Shotton of Durham, 1986.
Add.MS. 778   1986
“Some reminiscences of Fritz Paneth and Durham”, by G.R. Martin. Photocopied typescript.
G.R. Martin, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kent, was taught by Paneth at Imperial College, London, and in the 1940's and early 1950's worked with him in the Department of Chemistry at Durham University, where Paneth was Professor from 1939-53. The reminiscences deal in some detail with Paneth's scientific work, especially the research undertaken by the Londonderry Laboratory for radiochemistry which he established in Durham. They also include accounts of other Durham science staff of the period. The appended photograph shows the Durham Radiochemistry Group, 1950-51.
i, 24 f., with appended photocopied photograph.
Presented by the author, 1986.
Add.MS. 779   1947-1953
“E.J. Wilson”: Professor F.A. Paneth's file on Edward James Wilson, one of his research students in the Department of Chemistry, Durham University, from 1947- 49.
Contents: 17 items, consisting of correspondence between Paneth and Wilson, 1947-53, about his thesis (Ph.D. awarded 1950), employment possibilities, publications etc, with a report by Wilson "for submission to D.S.I.R." 1948 on his research on determining the disintegration constant for uranium I.
1 envelope.
Presented by Paneth family?, date uncertain.
Add.MS. 780/1-409   1938-1955
Correspondence (photocopied) of Prof. F.A. Paneth (1887-1958, Professor of Chemistry at Durham University 1939-53).
409 letters and telegrams: 1 box.
Received via Miss E. Paneth, 1981
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. 781-785   1871-1875
4 autograph letters, signed (dated 19 June [18]71, 6 November [18]73, 21 September [18]75 and 29 September [18]75) from John Ruskin to Sir Willoughby Jones Bt., Cranmer Hall, Fakenham, Norfolk, a letter (6 August 1968) from Sir Lawrence Jones Bt., the recipient's grandson, giving them to Mrs V. Surtees.
Ruskin's letters include references to his boyhood friendship with Jones and their personalities then, and to his present ill health and difficulties in working. Each Ruskin letter has its envelope, except that for 1873 which has the envelope (postmarked Jy 2 [18]71) of another letter (not now present) from Ruskin to Jones.
5 pieces, 4 envelopes.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees, 1989.
Add.MS. 786   3 March 1878
Autograph letter, signed, from D[ante] G[abriel] Rossetti to Mrs [Cowper-]Temple (later Baroness Mount-Temple.
Refers to the health and financial position of the painter James Smetahm, sales of Smetham's paintings (with prices) to the Cowper-Temples and others, and to Rossetti's own progress with the predella of his painting the Blessed Damozel.
1 piece.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees, 1989; with clipping from sale catalogue, dated in ms on verso 1947, in which it was item 246..
Add.MS. 787   13 July [190]4
Concerns the date of birth of his brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti's wife Elizabeth Siddal, which he suggests was in or about 1834 (in fact 25 July 1829).
1 sheet.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees, 1989; with clipping from John Wilson (Autographs) sale catalogue, and letter from the firm, 1982.
Add.MSS. 788-797   1786-1876
Deeds etc. relating to property around Durham City, Co. Durham, Northumberland and London.
Purchased from Miss C. Robson, 1972.
Add.MS. 788   6 June 1840
Lease of coalmines within the Crook Hall Estate near Durham by Rev. Robert Hopper Williamson of Hurworth to Edward and Thomas James Backhouse and William Bell, all of Bishop Wearmouth. Includes plan.
Parchment   8mm.
Add.MS. 789   17 November 1786
Conveyance of premises in Elvet, Durham City, and on Elvet Moor by John Smith of Kensington, shopkeeper, and his wife Ann to William Shields of Durham, mercer and draper.
Parchment   2mm.
Add.MS. 790   26 July 1800
Reassignment by Robert Naisbitt of Shincliffe to Walter Carles Hopper of Belmont of Moor-House Farm, Houghton-le-Spring.
Consideration: £850.
Parchment   1m.
Add.MS. 791   19 May 1819
Assignment by Edward Shipperdson of Durham and others (trustees of Walter Carles Hopper) to Robert Donnison of Floater's Mill, Co. Durham, of an estate held by lease at Moor House, Houghton-le-Spring.
Parchment   2mm.
Add.MS. 792   11 July 1839
Counterpart lease of coal mines etc. in the township of Quarrington, Co. Durham, by Henry Blanshard of Middlesex, Esq. to Charles Barrett of Cockerton Hall and John George Quelch of Park Hill, Co. Durham. Includes plan, scale 6 chains to an inch.
Parchment   11mm.
Add.MS. 793   13 January 1798
Release of a house and premises in Tweedmouth, Northumberland, by George Rule of East Ord, Co. Durham, blacksmith to Alice Renton of Tweedmouth, spinster.
Consideration: £69-15-0.
Parchment   2mm.
Add.MS. 794   7 January 1857
Counterpart lease of a mansion house and premises at Whickham, Co. Durham, by the Rev. Robert Hopper Williamson of Hurworth to Edward Richardson, Esq. of Whickham.
Parchment   3mm.
Add.MS. 795   28 June 1872
Lease of 30 Devonshire St, Portland Place, St Marylebone, Middlesex by Joseph Chaplin of St Marylebone, fishmonger, to John Charles James Fenwick of Bolton Hall, Northumberland, M.B.
Parchment   8mm.
Add.MS. 796   22 March 1876
Counterpart lease of 30 Devonshire St, Portland Place, St Marylebone, Middlesex by John Charles James Fenwick, M.B., to George Edwardes Dering of Portman Square.
Parchment   2mm.
Add.MS. 797   25 March 1828
Settlement of £2,467-18-4 stock vested in the names of Thomas Purvis of Lincoln's Inn and Plawsworth, and Robert anthony Purvis of Newcastle upon Tyne by Henry West of Jesmond, Lieutenant, R.N. on behalf of his children.
Parchment   2mm.
Add.MSS. 798-800   1580-1660
Deeds relating to Hurworth, Co. Durham.
Acquired in packet, source unknown.
Add.MS. 798   27 April 22 Eliz. I [1580]
Bargain and sale of lands formerly belonging to the chapel of St Oswald in the parish church of Hurworth, Co. Durham, by John Walker, citizen and scriptor of London and Roger Rante of London, gent. to Henry Lawson of Neasham, Esq.
With attached memorandum of the enrolment of an indenture from the Earl of Lincoln and Christopher Gouff to John Walker and Roger Rant, 16 April 22 Eliz. I [1580].
Parchment   1m. and 1 piece.
Add.MS. 799   31 January 1650/51
Grant of a messuage, cottage garth and lands at Hurworth by William Jennison of Neasham, gent. to Thomas Braithwaite of Shackleton, Yorks, gent. in pursuance of an indenture of partition of the same date..
Parchment   1m.
Add.MS. 800   27 June 12 Charles II [1660]
Exemplification of a fine for conveyance of lands at Hurworth from Thomas Braithwaite, gent. and Ursula his wife to Anthony Bierley for £240..
Parchment, seal missing.   1m.
Add.MSS. 801-802   1760-1795
Two documents
Acquired in a packet, source unknown.
Add.MS. 801   8 December 1 George III [1760]
Indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas, son of Francis Plowdon of Callaly, Northumberland, yeoman to Mark Ferry of Callaly, weaver.
Printed form completed in ms.
1 m.
Add.MS. 802   1794-1795
Will of James Reynolds of South St, Durham, gent., 29 September 1794, with note of grant of probate, 20 November 1795.
Copy, in a 19th century hand, extracted from the Registry of the Consistory Court of Durham.
Add.MSS. 803-804   1772-1802
Two documents
Deposit from Preston, 1943; details of source not recorded.
Add.MS. 803   16 March 1772
Power of attorney granted by some of the freemen and burgesses of the city of Durham and the township of Framwellgate to George Pearson of Durham, gent., authorising him to present to Parliament their petition against the bill for enclosing Framwellgate Moor and two pieces of ground in Framwellgate called the Intack or Cow pasture and Shaw Wood, and to represent their interests in all negotiations thereon.
Signed by approximately 330 names.
Versions of this bill were introduced in both 1771 and 1772, but not enacted.
Parchment   1 m.
Add.MS. 804   10 June 1802
“Laws and Regulations for the Conduit and Management of the Schools for the Education of Poor Children in the County of Durham”.
Deed signed by Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham, pursuant to the Act of 41 Geo. III (1801) for the establishment of schools for the education of poor children in the County Palatine of Durham.
Parchment   3mm.
Add.MSS. 805-812   1725-1853
Parcel of 8 deeds relating to property in Binchester, Staindrop, Hylton and Ford in County Durham.
Purchased 1952 (BRA 846, part of a lampshade-maker's stock)
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 813   1719
Bill of complaint of John Walton of Lanchester in a case (Walton v. Clavering) in the Court of Common Pleas.
Concerns payments etc, which Walton claims are due to him through his wife Sarah, but which he alleges are being detained from him by James Clavering the younger of Stone House, esq. (later Sir James Clavering, 6th Bart), William Roper, Durham attorney, and others.
At head of f. 1: “Report. in Officio XIV. die Augti Anno D[o]m. 1717”.
Paper   58 f.
Provenance: unknown; apparently not part of the Library's Clavering Papers.
Add.MS. 814   1922
“Sonata [in G major] for viola and piano”by Arnold Bax. Autograph performing score, ink with additional pencil markings.
Dated at end (p.35) Jan 9th 1922. Written on manuscript paper with imprint A L No. 12; “60100” in red pencil at head of p.1. In manilla folder with inscription “Harriet Cohen”, and “942” in red ink. First performance Aeolian Hall, 17 Nov. 1922; published London, Murdoch, 1923.
35 p. on 18 leaves.
Size: 359 x 265 mm.
Provenance: bequeathed by Miss Harriet Cohen, 1968.
Add.MS. 815   ca. 1919-1946
Music manuscripts from the collection of Gordon Bottomley (1874-1948), mostly short choral pieces or songs, some of them settings of poems by Bottomley.
10 items
Bequeathed by Gordon Bottomley, 1948
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 816   1880-1923
Kilburn correspondence
Letters to Nicholas Kilburn (1843-1923), Bishop Auckland pump manufacturer, influential music amateur, and friend of Elgar, together with a few letters to Kilburn's wife Alice and several miscellaneous items.
The letters are largely concerned with musical matters. They illustrate Kilburn's contribution to the musical life of the North-East (he was conductor of the Bishop Auckland Musical Society, the Middlesbrough Musical Union, and the Sunderland Philharmonic Society) and the wide range of his contacts among contemporary composers and musicians, both English and American.
85 items
Purchased Sotheby's, 9 February 1976
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 817   1871-1944
Incomplete draft of Derrick Leon's book Ruskin: the Great Victorian(posthumously published London, 1949) together with a collection of letters and other material used by Leon as sources for the biography
The collection of source material is particularly concerned with Ruskin's love for Rose La Touche. It includes original correspondence of Ruskin's friends the novelist George MacDonald and his wife, in whom Rose confided. Also included is “John Ruskin, friend and lover ... the story of his friendship with George MacDonald and his love for Rose La Touche”by George MacDonald, George's son, unpublished in this form.
51 items
Presented by Virginia Surtees, 1984.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 818   29 November [1848]
Autograph letter from [C.K.J.] Bunsen, Prussian diplomat and scholar, to “My dear Mr Dean” [George Waddington, Dean of Durham]. Asks Waddington to intercede for three Prussian sailors, imprisoned for smuggling tobacco when they came ashore at Shields.
3p. on 1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album (no. 55).
Purchased, with Add.MSS. 819-824, from Richard Ford, London bookseller, 1990. From a disbound album of letters to or accumulated by Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), the Co. Durham antiquary (whose note identifies the recipient of the letter and amplifies the date).
Add.MS. 819   17 May [18]42
Autograph letter from [Henry George Grey, Viscount] Howick, [later 3rd Earl Grey], to “Dear Sir” [Sir Cuthbert Sharp]. About the progress of a memorandum from Sharp on improvements to the postal system in Sunderland. Howick [M.P. for Sunderland] has had it submitted to the Postmaster General.
2p. on 1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album (no. 129).
Purchased, with Add.MSS. 818 and 820-824, from Richard Ford, London bookseller, 1990. From a disbound album of letters to or accumulated by Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), the Co. Durham antiquary.
Add.MS. 820-824   1714-1716
5 letters from [Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of] Scarbrough, to Ralph Gowland, Durham attorney.
Purchased, with Add.MSS. 818 - 819, from Richard Ford, London bookseller, 1990. From a disbound album of letters to or accumulated by Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), the Co. Durham antiquary, number 13/[14] - 21/[22].
Add.MS. 820   21 August 1714
Attempt at Aberdeen to proclaim the Old Pretender as King [after Queen Anne's death]; Durham city and county electoral manoeuvrings.
1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album
Add.MS. 821   5 October 1714
Durham electoral manoeuvrings; patronage.
1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album
Add.MS. 822   14 October 1714
Appointments of Durham militia officers and J.P.s - “I design .. to gett the Gentlemen that were turned out of the Peace restored” ; Sussex electoral affairs.
1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album
Add.MS. 823   19 March 1715
Patronage; appointment of J.P.s; militia affairs; bill to improve navigation of the Wear (the date of this letter could be 1716 new style, but from the content 1715 seems rather more probable.
1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album
Add.MS. 824   10 March 1715[16]
Leaves; fortunes of the Old Pretender and his followers.
1 folded leaf, tipped to a leaf from a disbound album
Add.MSS. 826-831   ca. 1850 - 1938
Literary correspondence
Presented (with Add. MSS. 832) by Mrs Virginia Surtees, 1984, to whom they had been given by Sir Sydney Cockerell.
Add.MS. 825   10 January [1859]
Letter from J[ohn] Ruskin, Den[mark] Hill, to [W.S.] Williams (of the publishing firm Smith Elder), about the arrangements for the publication of The Oxford Museum, a pamphlet by H.W. Acland with appended letters by Ruskin (published London, Smith Elder, 1859; 2nd ed. Oxford, Parker, 1860).
With pencil dating and other notes by Sir Sydney Cockerell.
3 p. on 1 leaf.
Add.MS. 826   25 May 1860
Letter from John James Ruskin to W.S. Williams (of the publishing firm Smith Elder), about the forthcoming publication by his firm of vol. 5 of his son John Ruskin's Modern painters.
With pencil annotations by Sir Sydney Cockerell.
3p. on 1f.
Add.MS. 827   Thursday [ ]
Letter from Christina Rossetti to Mr Bryant. Sends £1 - “This time I must make it a loan to be repaid as soon as you can”.
Add.MS. 828   [1858?]
Letter from Ford Madox Brown to “My Dear Sir”, setting out, in reply to a series of questions from his unidentified correspondent, his ideas on the place of Art in the instruction to be provided in working men's colleges.
Dated in pencil by Sir Sydney Cockerell “? later part of 1858”.
12p. on 3f.
Add.MS. 829   14 February 1912
Letter from Helen Rossetti Angeli to Cockerell returning the above letter to him and commenting on it.
4p. on 1f.
Add.MS. 830   13 May 1911
Letter from Isabel Swinburne to [Sydney] Cockerell, in part about D.G. Rossetti's portrait drawing of Algernon Swinburne.
3p. on 1f.
Add.MS. 831   9 December [19]38
Letter from A.H. Mackmurdo to Sir Sydney Cockerell, enquiring about the possible location of letters from Brown to William Morris.
1 p.
Add.MSS 832-851
Add.MSS. 832/1-36   1879-1905
Letters of Sir Henry Irving, 1879-1905
Most of the letters, possibly including some of those in which the recipient is unnamed, are to Sir Francis Burnand, the playwright and editor of Punch. The content is largely theatrical chat, invitations and enquiries after the Burnand family. Four letters are present only in transcript, the originals having been given by Virginia Surtees to the British Theatre Museum for its Irving collection (see Add. MS. 832/36); these four have been printed in Laurence Irving, Henry Irving the Actor and his World, London, 1951. Most of the letters are accompanied by a typed transcript.
36 items.
This group of letters was presented by Mrs. Virginia Surtees in 1984 (at the same time as Add. MSS. 825 - 831); (the group consists of 33 letters, one envelope and one card from Irving, with a note by the donor about their provenance). They were purchased for Virginia Surtees ca.1940, probably from Maggs.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 833/1-38   1841-1854
Letters to the Rev. James Raine the elder (1791-1858) from various correspondents.
The letters concern Raine's activities as antiquary and historian, librarian to the Dean and Chapter of Durham, Surtees Society secretary, Rector of Meldon, Principal Surrogate in the Consistory Court of Durham etc.
38 items
Purchased from Edward Hall, 1957.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 834   1832-1850
Letters to the Rev. Charles Thomas Whitley (1808-1895), Reader in Natural Philosophy and Mathematics, Durham University, from various correspondents, and 2 concerning him or his family.
Many of the letters concern Durham University affairs; several relate to Whitley's scientific interests and friendships (with Darwin, Whewell, William Hopkins, Thomas Sopwith etc.); two concern alterations to Durham Castle.
24 items
Purchased from Myers, 1971.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 835   1857-1859
94 letters from John Stephens Blackett in India to his mother in Ireland, with later notes etc. about the letters.
The letters were written from the neighbourhood of Agra, where Blackett was in the service of the East India Company as a surveyor. They cover the period of the Indian Mutiny, and also throw light on the social conditions experienced by young “Chota Sahibs”.
97 items
Deposited on permanent loan by J.P.M. Blackett, 1948.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 836/A-J   1786-1887
Correspondence and family papers of Samuel Smith (1766-1841) Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 1824-1831, Canon and Sub-Dean of Durham 1831-1841, and of his sons.
The collection includes (A/1-21) correspondence, mostly between Samuel Smith and Bishop William Van Mildert, concerning the University of Durham 1832-1834, and (C/1-35) letters of Thomas Smith, 90th Infantry Regiment, from the Crimea 1854-1856 and from India 1857-1859.
1 box.
Purchased from Robin Waterfield, Oxford, 1980, with assistance from the Purchase Grant Fund.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 837   1832-1865
Chevallier corespondence
129 letters mainly between Rev. Temple Chevallier (1794-1873) and Rev. George Elwes Corrie (1793-1885), concerning particularly the affairs of the Universities of Durham and Cambridge, the Church of England, and the diocese of Durham, as well as personal and family matters.
1 box
Purchased from Miss Susan Todd via Ciderpress Books, 1976.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 838   1850-1890, 1949
William Bell Scott letters
146 letters from the artist William Bell Scott to W.M. Rossetti, 1850-1890, together with 3 related letters from Alice Boyd to W.M. Rossetti, 1890, and 6 letters from Rossetti's daughter Mrs Helen Rossetti Angeli to Prof. C.C. Abbott of Durham University, 1949, concerning the acquisition by Durham University Library of these letters to her father.
The subject matter of the letters is largely literary, artistic and domestic, with numerous references to the work and lives of members of Scott's wide circle of acquaintances and friends, particularly D.G. Rossetti and other leading Pre-Raphaelites.
155 items
Purchased from Mrs Olivia Rossetti Agresti, 1949.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. 839-842.[Facs]   1855-1889
Photostats of correspondence of or relating to William Bell Scott (1811-1890).
Acquired in connection with V. Walker's research on Scott for her Durham Ph.D thesis, 1951.
Add.MS. 839.[Facs]   1883-1887
Negative photostats of letters from William Bell Scott in Harvard University Library, one to Algernon Swinburne, 1883, and 3 to Sidney Colvin, 1885-1887.
Subject matter: gift of a copy of Swinburne's Century of Roundels, and (largely) Colvin's edition of Keats.
4 items
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 840.[Facs]   1862/3-1879
Negative photostats of letters from William Bell Scott in the Library of Congress, one to W.M. Rossetti, 1862 or 1863, and one to Mrs A. Gilchrist, 1879.
Subject matter: largely literary.
4 items
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 841.[Facs]   1855-1875
Negative photostats of 5 letters to W.J. Linton in Yale University Library relating to William Bell Scott and his brother David Scott.
5 items
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 842.[Facs]   1856-1889
Positive photostats of 24 letters of William Bell Scott to Ford Madox Brown and 6 other related letters.
Subject matter: largely artistic and social, with numerous comments relating to the writers' own paintings. The originals were in the possession of Brown's great-grand-daughter Mrs C. Lamb, c.1950.
30 items
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. 843-844   ca.188-
“Abstract of Cassiodorus”: autograph ms of Thomas Hodgkin's condensed translation of the Epistolae Variaeof Cassiodorus.
Hodgkin's translation was published under the title The letters of Cassiodorus, London, 1886. This ms is a draft, differing frequently from the final text, and it does not include the life of Cassiodorus and other introductory editorial matter which preface the published version. The title “Abstract of Cassiodorus”appears on the spines of the bindings.
2 vols
Presented by David J. Hall, 1991 (accession 1990/91: 5).
Add.MS. 845   1814
“Principles of Scripture-Interpretation considered with reference to Religious Controversies”: autograph draft of the Bampton lectures delivered in the University of Oxford, 1814, by William Van Mildert.
The lectures were published under the title An Enquiry into the General Principles of Scripture-Interpretation, (Oxford, 1815). This extensively corrected draft, “begun July 1813” (f.i), has frequent differences of wording from the published version.
1 vol. (i, 93 leaves).
Purchased 1991 from Gage Postal Books with a contribution from S.A. Routh (accession 1990/91: 1).
Add.MS. 846   1991
“James Boswell: the unearthing of the journals”by John Wain: text of a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 transmitted on 12 May 1991.
Includes an account of the discovery of a large quantity of Boswell mss at Fettercairn, Kincardineshire, by Professor Claude Colleer Abbot of Durham University.
i, 18 p.
Purchased from the BBC, 1991 (accession 1990/91: 3).
Add.MS. 847   1991
“A Hatfield view of the English Pennines”: draft of a lecture delivered by Sir Kingsley Dunham, as Senior Fellow of Hatfield College, University of Durham, 17 January 1991. Typescript.
Autobiographical account of his own research on the geology of the Pennines with some introductory remarks on Thomas Hatfield, Bishop of Durham 1344-81, and his silver mines.
16 p.
Presented by the author (accession 1990/91: 4).
Add.MS. 848   1725
“A Plan of Land Belonging to Mr Jno Hodgshon Called Old Park Lying in the Parish of Woolsingham and County of Durham Anno 1725”: ms estate map of land at Wolsingham formerly part of the medieval Helm Park.
With table of names and sizes of 17 closes. Shows the location of old and active pits in the Moor Close, and gives names of the holders of adjacent land.
scale: Scale bar: 27 [chains] = 7 five-eighths inches, “A scale of Decimal Chains 3.5 in one inch Statute Measure”.
Ink and colours on parchment.
Size: 738 x 772 mm.
Purchased from Abley Rare Books, 1990 (accession 1990/91: 2).
Add.MS. 849   1987-1988
Family tree of the Todd family of Escomb, later of Wolsingham (Weardale) and Aukside (Teesdale), researched by Rosemary Allen, drawn by Harvey J. Allen, 1987, revised 1988. Photostat copy of ms.
1 sheet, with attached leaf of photocopied additional notes.
Presented by Mrs A.W. Todd via Professor D.F.S. Scott (accession 1991/92: 2).
Add.MS. 850   ca.1760
“A Survey and Plan of Land in the Township of West Auckland in the County of Durham belonging to Sir John Eden Bart”: ms estate map.
With table of measurements of the five farms, giving names and sizes of fields. Incomplete; keying of table to map covers only three of the farms.
scale: Scale bar: 22 chains = 3 thirteen-sixteenths inches, “Scale of Decimal Chains 4 Ch[ains] 50 Links in one Inch Statute Measure”.
Ink, colours, and pencil on vellum. Coloured crest.
Size: 688 x 890 mm.
Purchased, with assistance from the Purchase Grant Fund, at Sotheby's sale 26 February 1992, lot 637 (accession 1991/92: 3); Burgess Browning cat. 3, 1991, no. 36.
Add.MS. 851/1-11   1978-1979
Letters, from Professor Gordon Manley to Miss Joan Kenworthy (Principal of St Mary's College, University of Durham), largely concerning the Durham meteorological record, with associated tables of calculations.
Presented by Miss Kenworthy (accession 1991/92:4).
Add.MS. 851/1/1-2   30 January 1978
Add.MS. 851/2   9 March 1978
Add.MS. 851/3   1 July 1978
Add.MS. 851/4/1-9   27 September 1978
About the work on which he embarked c.1938, while Professor of Geography at the University of Durham, to compile from the meteorological records of Durham University Observatory a temperature series for Durham for 1847-1940 [published Quarterly Journal of the Meteorological Society1941]. Discusses how to extend his published series of adopted mean temperatures both forwards and backwards, and suggests his correspondent might like to involve herself in this, particularly by working on the volumes of meteorological readings made at Gosforth for the period 1802-1833 by James Losh, now in the Library of the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society. Final leaf (851/4/9) is notes headed “Composition of a Temperature Series for NE England: proposals, with list of available records for the period 1794-1978”.
9p., with appended leaf of notes.
Add.MS. 851/5   1 March 1979
Add.MS. 851/6/1-6   5 March 1979
In the first table (851/6/2) Manley has updated his series of adopted mean temperatures for Durham, 1847-1940, to 1978, with adjustments for the change in observing routines at Durham University Observatory in 1958. 851/6/3 is a photocopy on a slightly wider sheet of the same table.
In the second table (851/6/4) Manley has standardised his series of monthly mean temperatures 1932-1947 from observations he himself made at Moor House, Durham on to the observations made on the same site for the Nature Conservancy 1958-1978.
851/6/5-6 are additional copies of the same two tables, addressed to Professor W.B. Fisher, Professor of Geography at Durham University. All the copies of the tables have suffered from fading and rubbing, affecting the legibility of the preliminary notes and some figures.
1p., with 2 appended tables.
Add.MS. 851/7/1-2   3 June 1979
Reports on his progress in extending his temperature series for Durham backwards from 1847, to fill the gap from 1833, when the records kept by James Losh cease. Encloses (851/7/2) a table of provisional mean temperatures for this period, calculated from records kept at Ackworth, Yorks by Luke Howard, and others kept at Kendal and Keighley.
2 p., with appended table.
Add.MS. 851/8/1-6   8 August 1979
Reports on his recent work on the volumes of meteorological records kept by James Losh, and sends a table (851/8/5) of one mean monthly temperatures he has calculated. Also encloses (851/8/6) a table of mean monthly temperatures for Durham for 1842-1843 which he has calculated from data supplied from the Durham Advertiser by his correspondent. Comments on the merits and deficiencies of the various series of records available from sites in the North East for the first half of the 19th century.
4 p. with two appended tables.
Add.MS. 851/9/1-4   9 September 1979
Further report on his continuing work on Losh's records in the Lit. & Phil. Includes a table of mean monthly temperature readings he has calculated from Losh for 1821- 1832.
4 p.
Add.MS. 851/10/1-3   5 November 1979
Reports on his progress and explains the sources for the table he encloses (851/10/3) of mean monthly temperatures for 1801- 1850.
2 p. with appended table.
Add.MS. 851/11/1-2   27 November 1979
Sends slightly revised version (851/11/2) of the table (851/10/3) enclosed in his previous letter.
4 p. with appended table.
Add.MSS 852-915
Add.MSS. 852-853   1870-1884
The Rev. Charles Clinton Chevallier's meteorological register for Heighington, Co. Durham 1870-1884 (Add. MS 852), with associated loose papers (Add. MSS 853/1-9).
Presented by Mr M.D. Lowes, 1991 (accession 1991/92:5).
See description and commentary in J.M. Kenworthy and M.D. Lowes, “The Chevallier family: their contribution to meteorology in the north east of England”Weather48 no.2 (February 1993), 51-56.
Pepin, N.C., “Analysis of the Chevallier meteorological record: Heighington 1870-84”, Weather, 49 (1994) 230-238.
Add.MS. 852
Register compiled by the Rev. Charles Clinton Chevallier from his own observations, with title on f.1 “Meteorological Register, Heighington. 460 feet above the Sea”.
Monthly tables, with annual values, January 1870 - February 1884 for barometer (mean, highest and lowest points, range), thermometer (mean, highest and lowest points, range), wind direction, and rainfall (amount, number of days, and falls over half an inch; table for 1880 also records thunder).
Monthly tables, January 1870 - February 1884, of mean height of the barometer, with average for 10 years 1870-1879. Tables for 1870-1879 are annotated in red with differences from the 10 year mean.
Monthly tables, January 1870 - February 1884, of mean temperatures, with average for 10 years 1870-1879. Tables for 1870-1879 are annotated in red with differences from the 10 year mean average.
Monthly mean rainfall tables, January 1870 - February 1884, with average for 10 years 1870-1879. Tables for 1870-1879 are annotated in red with differences from the 10 year average.
Monthly tables, January 1870 - February 1884, of number of days on which rain fell, with average for 10 years 1870-1879. Tables for 1870-1879 are annotated in red with differences from the 10 year average.
1 vol. (50 leaves)
Size: 205 x 333 mm.
Add.MS. 853/1-9
Loose papers associated with the register. Descriptive notes made by Miss J. Kenworthy in 1992 are attached.
Add.MS. 853/1
Draft entries for the register for 1870 (April-December only), 1871 and 1872, without most of the annual values and with some other gaps.
Add.MS. 853/2
Draft entries for the register for 1873, 1874, 1875 and 1876. Without the annual values, and table for 1876 without December values.
Add.MS. 853/3
Leaf of rough calculations, written on verso of cyclostyled letter from a Darlington stationer, 1879, about Christmas issues of certain periodicals. Left-hand page: top left, calculation of the 10 year average for mean barometric pressure in November 1870-1879 (1879 at the top); top centre, likewise for mean temperature for November; top right, monthly rainfall for 1879; centre left, calculation of the 10 year average for rainfall in December; bottom left, calculation of rainfall differences from the 10 year average for 1876, 1874, 1872 and 1870; bottom right (upside down), calculation of the 10 year average for rainfall in November.
Right-hand page: left, calculation of the mean barometric pressure reduced to sea level for November 1879; centre, calculation of the mean maximum temperature for November 1879; right, calculation of the mean minimum temperatures for November 1879. With attached descriptive note by Miss J. Kenworthy, 1992, pointing out that these figures suggest that the highest temperature 58°F was recorded on the 19th not the 18th as given in the register.
Add.MS. 853/4
Comparison of rainfall totals for July, August and September 1880, 1881, 1882 and 1883.
Add.MS. 853/5
Printed rainfall report form (monthly values) for G.J. Sumons' periodical British Rainfall, completed in ms by Chevallier for 1882.
Add.MS. 853/6
Pencil table of daily rainfall values for 1880 (year identified from register), written on verso of printed order form for G.J. Symons' publications.
Add.MS. 853/7
Daily rainfall values for 1883, entered by Chevallier on a printed "Register of Rainfall" form.
Add.MS. 853/8
Leaf of notes on chess moves, also containing note of the latitude and longitude of Heighington.
Add.MS. 853/9
Printed sheet entitled “Weather Information from the Meteorological Office, No. 27 (Revised Circular)”.
Add.MS. 854/1-22   1857-1896
A small group of letters and photographs of members of the Backhouse family of Darlington, with related cuttings.
1 file
Purchased 1992 from D.P. White, Averys, Rusper, nr Horsham (lots 47, 48 and 56 in his Occasional list 43).
Add.MS. 854/1-5
2 letters (854/1-2) from Edward Backhouse (1808-79, the Quaker philanthropist, of Sunderland) and 3 newspaper obituaries of him (854/3-5). 854/1, to J. Backhouse & Co. [bankers], 22 Nov. 1867, requests a copy of the account he had opened with them for the building of Seaton Temperance Hall. 854/2, to L. Middleton, 23 Feb. 1874, declines an invitation to the opening of the British Workman at Durham and wishes it success.
Add.MS. 854/6-16
7 letters (854/6-12) from Edmund Backhouse (b.1824, first M.P. for Darlington and senior partner of the bank J. Backhouse & Co.), chiefly to L. and R.M. Middleton, 1874-96, with photograph of Backhouse (854/13) endorsed in his hand, “J.C. Brooks xmas 1894 with best wishes”, and 3 newspaper cuttings (854/14-16) about him. On a variety of matters, including closing hours for public houses (854/7-8), comments on his projected retirement from Parliament (854/9), and his fiftieth anniversary with the bank (834/12).
Add.MS. 854/17   8 July 1857
Letter from W[illia]m Backhouse, Shotley Bridge, to R.M. Middleton, Northallerton, agreeing to attend a temperance meeting - “I cant do much at speaking”.
Add.MS. 854/18   10 May 1873
Letter from Jno. F. Clapham, Bank, Darlington, to Dear Sir, about affairs in the [Backhouse] bank, particularly arrangements to provide him with assistant inspectors - “I must have some relief from constantly increasing duties”.
Add.MS. 854/19   14 Dec. 1874
Letter from J. Backhouse, Darlington, to R.M. Middleton, , about a likely youth for the Northallerton branch of the bank.
Add.MS. 854/20
Part of a printed letter, with autograph signature of J. Backhouse, setting out rules of conduct for bank staff.
Add.MS. 854/21   27 July 1890
Letter from Henry Backhouse, Red House, Darlington, to Mr. Middleton, thanking him for a letter of sympathy.
Add.MS. 854/22
Carte de visite photograph of Alfred Backhouse (1822-88, of Pilmore Hall and Dryderdale, Co. Durham), with compliments slip from his wife, in envelope addressed to Robt M. Middleton, J. Backhouse & Co., Northallerton.
Add.MSS. 855-859   1976-1979
Publicly available evidence submitted to the Royal Commission on legal services, 1976-79.
The commission, chaired by Sir Henry Benson, was set up in 1976. Its final report (Cmnd. 7648) was published by HMSO in 1979. Written and oral evidence was submitted by a wide range of individuals and organisations.
12 boxes, 1 card index and 2 index folders.
Some evidence was treated as confidential because of its personal character; copies of the rest were deposited in the Public Record Office and a number of libraries (Final report, para. 1.19-1.23). Durham's set is believed to be that used by Mrs S. Ramsden.
Add.MS. 855
Written evidence.
Arranged in groups, according to category of witness. Groups are identified by letters, and some are divided into sub-groups, identified by Roman numerals. Within each group or sub-group items are arranged alphabetically by name of witness. (Each item also has a unique identifying number, prefix EV, which does not relate to its physical location).
10 boxes.
Add.MS. 856
Oral evidence.
Transcripts, arranged by number assigned to each witness.
2 boxes.
Add.MS. 857
Card index of written evidence, alphabetically by name of witness. Group letter shown at top left corner, evidence number at top right.
Add.MS. 858
List, in folder, of witnesses submitting written evidence, arranged by category; with some manuscript changes to the original categorisation, probably made before the material was received in Durham.
Add.MS. 859
Lists, in folder: (a) in alphabetical order of witnesses submitting written evidence; (b) key to numbers assigned to witnesses submitting oral evidence. Extra copies of (b) are provided in each box of oral evidence.
Add.MS. 860   ca. 1890s - 1930s
Short stories and prose pieces by Rudyard Kipling (some including verse): autograph drafts of 31 items, bound up together with typescript contents list and title-leaf for each item.
The volume contains one unpublished item, “Red Dog (political allegory)”, four stories collected in Land and Sea Tales, 1923, all fourteen stories collected in Debits and Credits, 1926, five stories collected in Limits and Renewals, 1932, three uncollected works ( “Railway Reform in Great Britain”, “The Benefactors”and “A Tour of Inspection”), a series of newspaper articles ( “The War in the Mountains”), a story outline ( “Buried Treasure”), a speech ( “Club”) and an article in dramatic form ( “The Voyage Home”).
1v. ([2], 273 f.).
Size: 380 x 300 mm.
Presented by Kipling's widow, Mrs. Caroline Kipling, in 1937, on condition “that the manuscripts should not be used for collation”. Mrs. Kipling's letter and associated correspondence are in a pocket at the back of the volume. The volume is one of sixteen similarly bound up in green morocco by Messrs Maggs for the Kiplings, and presented by them to various institutions.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 861   1974
“John George Gibson (1857-1927) ... clerk in holy orders: an exercise in verification by C.W. Gibby ... 1974”.
An exposure of fraudulent claims to qualifications, etc, made by John George Gibson, incumbent of Ebchester, Co. Durham, 1895-1927, and author of various publications on masonry, local history, etc.
Photocopied typescript. [2], 15 p.
Received 1982, among a deposit of records from the Science Faculty Office of Durham University.
Add.MS. 862   1931-196-
“The story of South End ... Durham”, compiled by Mary Apperley, 1931.
An account of South End House, formerly the Shepherd's Inn. Contains a transcript of an article “The Old Inn”, from the Durham County Advertiser, 4 July 1913, followed by a description of the buildings and adjoining cottages by Mary Apperley. Plan of the house in 1882 on final leaf. The accompanying map dates from the 1960's.
Carbon copy typescript, with two photographs and two newspaper clippings tipped in, and a loose map.   [4], 12, [2]p., plus map.
Received 1982, among a deposit of records from the Science Faculty Office of Durham University.
Add.MS. 863/1-32   1986-1994
Plans and drawings of Durham Castle, drawn by Martin Leyland.
The deposit is mainly of plans drawn up for archaeological investigations in the Castle at Durham. The two exceptions are 863/3, a plan of the city defences, and 863/32, a section of a trench cut at the back of Bailey Court and to the east of the Almshouses.
Some plans are in pencil, some have been drawn up in ink, a few are in both versions.
Scales are on the drawings where applicable. The list below, compiled from information supplied by Martin Leyland, gives the dates of the drawings' creation, where known. Most of these drawings were either executed for an undergraduate dissertation in 1986 or for a Ph.D thesis submitted in 1994. Other drawings are lodged at the section of Durham University Library's Archives and Special Collections at No. 5 The College, the County Record Office at County Hall and some remain with Dr. Leyland.
32 pieces
NSR Planfile B bottom shelves
Presented by Martin Leyland, 21 April 1994 (accession Misc.1993/94:13)
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 864   1994
“My first eight or so years at Palace Green”: recollections by Dr A.I. Doyle in 1994 of the early years, 1950-ca.1958, of his career on the staff of Durham University Library.
Photocopied typescript
Presented by the author, 1994 (accession Misc.1993/94:16)
Add.MS. 865   [1640's]
Notes of twenty sermons preached in 1642, between 15 July and 25 August, by Dr. Calibut Downing and other Parliamentarian sympathisers. Written in a contemporary hand.
f.1r: Mr. Arrowsmith. 15 July. On Jeremiah 33.6.
f.4v: Mr. Furth. 17 July. On Jeremiah 35.15.
f.9r: Dr. Downeing. 17 July. On Thessalonians 5.17.
f.12v: Mr. Hall. 24 July. On Psalm 125.1.
f.17r: Mr. Batt. 24 July. On 2 Corinthians 5.19.
f.22v: Mr. Ash. 27 July, at a public fast. On Isaiah 3.10.
f.28r: Dr. Downeing. 27 July, at a public fast. On Proverbs 25.5.
f.32r: Mr. Ash. 27 July, at a public fast. On Isaiah 3.10.
f.36v: Dr. Downeing. 31 July. On Thessalonians 5.18.
f.40v: Mr. Hall. 31 July. On Psalm 125.1-2.
f.48r: Dr. Downeing. 4 Aug., before the sacrament. John 6.53.
f.51v: Mr. Foxly. 7 Aug. Matthew 12.30.
f.59v: Mr. Welde. 14 Aug. John 5.40.
f.65r: Mr. Mockett. 14 Aug. Genesis 22.14.
f.71r: Mr. Batchelor. 15 Aug. Ephesians 2.7.
f.74r: Mr. Welde. 16 Aug. Psalm 137.1-2.
f.79r: Mr. Sprige. 16 Aug. Psalm 85.8.
f.82v: Mr. Carter. 21 Aug. Romans 8.2.
f.87r: Mr. Hall. 21 Aug. Psalm 127.2.
f.90r: Mr. Greenehill. 25 Aug. Revelation 1.5.
1 vol. (95 f.)
Size: 180 x 115 mm.
Presented by Dr. A.I. Doyle, 1994. Inscription on f.95v of John Neale, in a 17th-century hand, not that of the compiler.
Add.MSS. 866-867
Purchased at Sotheby's sale, 13 December 1993, lot 256, with assistance from the Purchase Grant Fund. (accession Misc.93/94: 5).
Add.MS. 866   1612-1617
Diary of Thomas Chaytor of Butterby, Co. Durham, May 1612 - December 1617.
Thomas Chaytor of Butterby (died 1618), second son of Christopher, inherited Butterby from his father, and, like his father, held the offices of Registrar of the Durham Consistory Court and Surveyor General of the Northern Counties. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest of Stella. His diary records the weather and its effects, harvesting, prices of crops and other agricultural matters, social activities, births, marriages and deaths of family and friends, his own and his family's health and remedies, matters relating to his offices as registrar and surveyor, occasional political matters, etc. Durham probate records include his nuncupative will and detailed inventory of his property in Butterby and Durham.
1 vol. When received the diary was disbound and disordered, and its order has had to be reconstructed from internal and physical evidence. Some leaves are probably lacking.   62 f.
Add.MS. 867   1603
Commutation of tithes, Great Stainton, Co. Durham, 1603.
Indenture made 15 November 1 James I (1603) between (1) Thomas Ingmathorp (otherwise Ingmethorp, Inglethorp), clerk, parson of Great Stainton, and (2) William Lampton of Chylton (Chilton), Co. Durham, gent.
(1) commutes all tithes and other dues owed to him from the lands of (2) at Great Stainton, expecting only his dues for mortuaries, burials, weddings and christenings, for 3 years from last midsummer day, renewable every 3 years for a term of 21 years if (1) lives and retains the parsonage, for an annual payment of £14.17s., payable in 2 equal instalments at midsummer and St Andrew's day.
Witnesses: Robert Scoggen, John White, Martin [illegible].
Parchment   1m.
Add.MSS. 868-870   1949
The Royal Arms, light opera by Arthur Hutchings, based on the play of the same title by C.A. Alington and composed in 1949. Autograph full score and vocal score, with copy of the printed play annotated by Hutchings.
3 vols.
Presented 1993, by L. Saunders, to whom they were given by Hutchings (accession Misc.93/94: 4).
Add.MS. 868
Autograph full score.
Loose quires in portfolio.   188 p.
Add.MS. 869
Autograph vocal score.
Loose quires in portfolio.   108 p.
Add.MS. 870
King Harrison & Others, by C.A. Alington (London, [1923]).
Includes, p. [99]-212, the text of Alington's play The Royal Arms, marked up by Hutchings as libretto for his light opera.
Add.MSS. 871.-884   1791-1995
Howlett Papers
The Howlett Family Papers were formerly the property of Mrs. Barbara Denness who lived in Hexham from 1971 to her death in 1996. They consist of two donations. The first is six volumes of memoirs and papers belonging to Mrs Denness's great-grandfather Samuel Burt Howlett (1794-1874), surveyor for the Ordnance Survey, and his eldest daughter, her great aunt, Martha Ann Howlett (1827-1914) . The second was compiled by Mrs Denness, and consists of her work on the history of the Howlett family, and her journal (96 vols).
14 boxes
The six volumes of memoirs (Add.MSS 871-876) were donated by Mrs B. Denness in 1986, the rest of the material was donated by Mrs Denness's daughter in 1999.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. [885-886]
Numbers formerly used for part of the Van Mildert Papers, which were transferred from Additional Manuscripts to form a separate collection, June 2006.
Van Mildert family papers
Add.MS. 887   1889-1990
E.V. Lucas Papers
A small collection of short published pieces by the author, publisher, and lover of cricket, Edward Verrall Lucas (1868-1938), letters from him to his sister and nephew, other family papers, pictures of him, recollections, correspondence, articles, extracts and cuttings about him, and lists of publications by him, gathered up by his nephew Colonel Andrew Man (1907-2000).
1 box
Part of a bequest of publications and other material by and about E.V. Lucas collected by his nephew Col. Andrew Man, and received via Col. Man's executor, Nicholas Man (accession Misc.2001/2002:114). The bequest was primarily of books by and about EVL. Only books not already held by the University Library were acquired, and these have been incorporated in the Library's printed collections, and are listed in an appendix to the catalogue of the contents of Add.MS 887.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 888   1785-1839
Four miscellaneous deeds relating to Sunderland.
4 items
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116); at some time probably in the possession of John Cresswell Brigham, antiquarian book seller, of Darlington
Add.MS. 888/1   January 1785
(1) John Yearl of Sunderland near the sea
(2) Walter Burne
Bargain and sale of a ship called the Stanhope (130 tons)
Consideration: £700
Signed and sealed.
1 m. (damaged, with loss of text at top right corner)
Add.MS. 888/2   1 January 1824
(1) Ann Londridge of South Shields, widow
Henry Edgar of Sunderland near the sea, shipwright
(2) Henry Fryar of Sunderland near the sea, coal fitter
William Kent Porteous of Sunderland, fitter
Covenant between (1), joint owners of the former prize ship Harmony of London, of which Henry Edgar is also the master, and (2), for the management of the ship in the coal and coasting trade between Sunderland and London.
Term: 12 months.
Signed and sealed: (1) and (2).
2 mm.
Add.MS. 888/3   30 May 1826
(1) John Lorimer of Sunderland near the sea, shipowner
(2) John Lorimer the younger of Bishop Wearmouth, mariner
(3) Nicholas Corner Reed of Bishop Wearmouth, attorney at law
Bargain and sale by (1) and (2) to (3) of a former prize ship called the Vestal of Sunderland (187 19/94 tons) to put an end to disputes between (1) and the other part owners (Alexander Milne of Bishop Wearmouth, coalfitter, and John Halliman of Bishop Wearmouth, master mariner), and in trust to sell in order to satisfy (1)'s share of debts including £372 owed to Messrs Adamson & Sons, shipbuilders, £47 to John Storey, shipbuilder, debts to the said Alexander Milne, and £130 to (3); with a proviso that. after the satisfaction of the debts, any surplus remaining from the sale or from trading before the sale should be paid by (3) to (1).
Consideration: 10 s.
Signed and sealed (1) and (2)
1 m.
Add.MS. 888/4   29 July 1839
Articles, rules, regulations, warranties and clauses of the Equitable Marine Premium Insurance Policy; agreed at a general meeting of members held in the Commission Room, Exchange Buildings, Sunderland.
4 mm.
Add.MS. 889   30 September 1745
Copy of letter from Francis Paxton (a Quaker?) addressed to George II.
Interprets the present troubles as a sign of God's judgment on the sins of the nation. Argues from the Scriptures that God will look favourably on a righteous king and scatter his enemies, and urges the king to discountenance vice and encourage virtue.
1 folio bifolium
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 890   29 July 1789
Warrant, issued at the request of the church-wardens and overseers of the poor for Darlington, to have Susannah Pratt, wife of Ambrose Pratt, joiner, brought before the magistrates to ascertain the place of her legal settlement.
1 leaf
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 891   31 October 1803
Letter from Joseph Wood (schoolmaster and botanist?) at Whitehaven to Revd. Mr. Harriman at Gainford near Barnard Castle, concerning exchange of mineral and botanical specimens.
2 folded leaves
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 892   27 November 1839
Estimate of the expense of pumping the water out of the High Main coal waste at the old pit, Manor Wallsend Colliery, and sinking that pit down to the Bensham seam and establishing a colliery thereon.
1 folio bifolium (4 p.)
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 893   4 March 1840
Draft terms agreed by William Anderson on behalf of Messrs Brandling & Co. and Charles Millner on behalf of himself and others for liberty to sink a pit or pits and erect a colliery on their Biddick estate and in a field on the east side of the Boldon turnpike road adjoining the lands of the Dean and Chapter of Durham, and to transport coals over the estate by a railway linked to the Brandling Junction Railway; with appended letter from William Anderson (to Charles Millner?) asking him to confirm the terms of the draft as soon as possible.
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 894   9 November 1841
Calculation and estimate of the cost per fathom of sinking Harton pit, made for William Coulson.
4 leaves
Acquired with the Darlington Turnpike Deeds from an unknown source prior to ca. 1950 (accession Misc.2001/2002: 116)
Add.MS. 895   1867
The Posthumous Book of Hieronymous Magius of Anghiari on Bells. Illustrated with Notes by Franciscus Swertius junr. of Antwerp.
Done into English, with a few additional notes by J.T. Fowler M.A., F.S.A. [Rev. Joseph Thomas Fowler (1833-1924), Durham University Hebrew Lecturer 1872-1917, Keeper of Bishop Cosin's Library 1889-1911, Hon. Canon of Durham 1897] in 1867.
Spine title: Magius. M.S. Trans. Dr. Fowler.
Attached to p.2: specimen of page printed in 1872; with note by M.E.A. Powles recording Fowler's decision that the manuscript must not be printed until the translation had been revised.
MS. paper, folio.   79f.
Size: 330 x 210 mm.
Manuscript given by Fowler to M.E.A. Powles, 1899 and presented to the Library by Mrs Powles (née Brooksbank) of St Oswald's, Crieff, 24 May 1928.
Originally kept in the Old University Manuscripts collection, reference F.III.52, transferred to Add.MSS. 2002.
Add.MS. 896   6 January 1899
Letter from Canon William Greenwell (1820-1918) of Durham to "Dear Madam", about the lack of wills, particularly Umfreville wills, in the Durham monastic muniments; mentions also his own gout, and a stained glass panel in Lanchester Church, Co. Durham, with Tempest arms impaling those of Umfraville.
1f. (4p.)
Presented by Dr. Richard Britnell; found in a copy of Feodarium ...which he purchased (accession Misc.1996/97:6)
Add.MS. 897   Copied 1996
Photocopied recollections by Mary Apperley of her childhood in Durham, including descriptions of her home, South End House (formerly the Shepherd Inn), her grandmother's home, Elvet Hill House, and her education in the 1860s at a girls' school in the city.
See also Add. MS 862, which includes the same photographs of the building as appear here, but with completely different text.
Copied by Martin Roberts, Durham City Planning Office, partly by photocopying original typescript with ms corrections and photographs, partly by typing up original manuscript, from material lent to the City Planning Office by Dr. and Mrs W. Chapman. Presented, December 1996, by Martin Roberts, with the consent of Dr. and Mrs Chapman (accession Misc.1996/97:7)
Add.MS. 898/1-3
3 letters to John Trotter Brockett (1788-1842), the Newcastle upon Tyne antiquary
Bought from Alex Fotheringham (bookseller), 1996 (accession Misc.1996/97:8)
Add.MS. 898/1   18 March 1824
From John Brewster (1753-1842, antiquary and historian of Stockton on Tees), ordering a copy of Brockett's Glossary of North Country Words, and recalling a publication of his own on the subject.
Add.MS. 898/2   13 December 1819
From John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham (1792-1840), thanking Brockett for support in a recent pamphlet, and urging him to return to the north, where his pen is most wanted, particularly in “the County of Durham - where the influence of the Church is so uniformly and industriously opposed to all freedom either of thought or action”.
1f. (3p.) and cover.
Add.MS. 898/3   30 March 1829
From Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1813), , about Brockett's Glossary ..., conveying Robert Surtees' willingness to be of help.
Add.MS. 899   1995
Dr. P.J. Fitzpatrick (Dept. of Philosophy), “A Tyneside anniversary: Richard Dawes and the Miscellanea Critica 1745-1995”(1995). Word processed article on the Newcastle classical scholar and schoolmaster (1708-1766).
51 p. (numbered [1]-46, [1]-5)
Presented by the author, 1995 (accession Misc.1995/96:11)
Add.MS. 900   [18th century]
“Instrumentum Appropriationis Ecclesia de Emeldon, 1341”, 18th century transcript of a document concerning the appropriation of the living of Embleton, Northumberland, to Merton College, Oxford.
Presented by Dr. Jeremy Griffiths, Oxford, December 1996 (accession Misc.1996/97:3). On front cover “Phillipps MS 9657”.
Add.MSS. 901-902   1984 & 1995
Two memoirs by Professor W. Roy Niblett of his period as Acting Registrar of the University of Durham. The first (Add. MS. 901/1-2) entitled “Some characters”forms part of the later, expanded “Wartime registrar: Durham (1940-44) and return to Newcastle (1944-45)”(Add. MS. 902/1-11), covering mainly people encountered, and some events.
2p. and 11p.
Presented by the author (accessions Misc.1984:17 & Misc.1995/96:5)
Add.MS. 903   12 December 1811
Autograph letter from Robert Surtees to John Bell, bookseller, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, from Mainsforth. Relays permission from Sir Walter Scott for Bell to print Fetherstonehalghand explaining the source of the poem “Rookhope”in Scott's Minstrelsy.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees. Originally offered by Mrs Surtees to Durham Cathedral Library, but transferred by agreement to the University Library, to which Mrs Surtees gave a number of Scott first editions given by him to Robert Surtees (accession Misc.1995/96:23)
Add.MS. 904   ca. 1995
“A memoir concerning the Londonderry Laboratory for Radiochemistry at the University of Durham”, a historical account by Professor Dennis G. Tuck (b.1929) of the development of the Department of Chemistry in the University of Durham from 1924 to 1953, and recollections of his own years as a member of it, first as an undergraduate from 1946 to 1949, and then as a research student in the Londonderry Laboratory founded by Professor F. A. Paneth.
1 vol. ([i], 21 p., word-processed)
Presented by the author, 1999 (accession Misc.1998/99:14)
Add.MS. 905   1996
“On the folding of the R[oyal] A[nthropological] I[nstitute], 1967-71”, word-processed account by Dr. R.M. Bradfield of his perspective on the closure of the Institute and the transfer of the library to the British Museum.
[1], 5, 2, [1] f.
Presented by the author, one of 5 copies given by him to 5 different UK libraries (accession Misc.1996/97:1)
Add.MS. 906   1937
Handing-over notes compiled by E. Henry Longbottom at the end of his period as Science tutor on the staff of Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone, 1936/7, together with related photographs and clippings.
Presented by the author (accession Misc.1992/93:5)
Add.MS. 906/1-21
Handing-over notes (typescript). History of the science course staff; general problems facing an educator in Freetown; proposed roles and tasks of science tutor. Courses and syllabi: "Arts Science", "Normal Students", teaching at the C.M.S. Grammar School (boys), the Annie Walsh Memorial School (girls). Work at the Princess Christian Mission Hospital. Detailed notes (with diagrams) on the design and operation of the electrical switchboard in the laboratory and for the stage.
Add.MS. 906/22   10 March 1936
Printed report of Fourah Bay College for 1935.
Add.MS. 906/23-27
Staff photograph, Fourah Bay College, 1937 (see Add. MS. 906/50 for names) (Lisk Carew Brothers, Freetown). 3 large copies (2 mounted), and 2 postcards.
Size: 17 x 22 cm & 9 x 14 cm
Add.MS. 906/28-38
Photographs of staff (most identified) on detached albums pages (28-36) or loose (37-38)
Add.MS. 906/39
Photograph of College electrical switchboard.
Add.MS. 906/40
Postcard of Freetown Cathedral.
Add.MS. 906/41-43
Photographs of Manowa ferry.
Add.MS. 906/44-48
Photographs of brick making at Freetown.
Add.MS. 906/49   19 June 1989
Obituary of Right Rev. Cecil Horstead (Bishop of Sierra Leone 1936-1961) from the Times.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 906/50   13 December 1992
Letter from H. Longbottom accompanying and describing the material, identifying some of the subjects of the photographs.
Add.MS. 907   early 19th century
“Retrospections and Recollections, with other Fragments Spouting and Amateur Casts &c”, an account by [ ] Garthwaite [b. 1792] of his experiences in amateur theatricals in Sunderland and Ryhope, 1808-1810 and 1814-1816, and his life as an apprentice and journeyman painter in London 1810-1813.
Includes cast lists from productions, theatrical anecdotes, his life in London (working in a shop, as a scene-painter at Covent Garden working 12½ days a week, unemployment, witnessing a suicide, taking work as a ship's steward, becoming a ship painter for the British and Russian fleet, various accidents) before returning to Sunderland and resuming theatrical work, and marrying Fanny Hodson.
Paper, folio   5f. (remainder blank)
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, bookseller, 1998 (accession Misc.1997/98:9)
Add.MS. 908   July 1917
First World War British printed trench map, with manuscript annotations, relating to trench warfare near Moeuvres in Artois, and showing the approximate British front line on 27 July 1917.
Printed at head “Moeuvres. Ed. 2c. Special sheet. Parts of 57c N.W. N.E. & S.W. S.E. Positions map 27-7-17. Detail and trenches revised to 18-7-17. 3rd Field Survey Co., R.E. (1843)” The area covered is part of the Hindenburg Line position with a section of the Canal du Nord and the villages of Pronville, Moeuvres and Havrincourt. German trenches, wire entanglements and known and suspected artillery battery positions are shown in full. No British trenches are mapped. Evidence is marked of German demolitions carried out during the withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line in February and March 1917. The area was fought over in November 1917 during the British tank attack of the Battle of Cambrai. The manuscript annotations relate to buried signal cables and possibly to a British artillery battery near Hermies. Ms inscription on the verso "Mr Wilkinson". Belonged to Mr Wilkinson of Hull, who served in the First World War, possibly in the East Yorkshire Regiment.
scale: 1 : 20,000
Size: 56 x 78 cm
Presented by Mrs Linda Drury (whose husband's step-grandfather was Mr. Wilkinson, the map's original owner) (accession Misc.1997/98:4)
Add.MS. 909   25 April 1971
Letter from Malcolm MacDonald to Veronica Owen (d. 1999), headmistress of Malvern Girls College, Worcestershire, congratulating her on the intelligence of her pupils, to whom he had recently given a talk, and offering to repeat the occasion - “I like nothing better than talking with members of the young generation - the rulers of the world tomorrow - about some of our contemporary international problems”. With photocopy of letter accompanying donation providing further information on Miss Owen.
2f. & 1f.
Presented by the recipient's brother, Captain C.H.H. Owen, 1999 (accession Misc.1999/2000:3)
Add.MS. 910/1-3   1995
Typescripts of three poems by Denis Goacher:
“In the Cotswolds”, - “Threading that wood, April 1942”, signed and dated le quatorze juillet 95.
“This way Parnassus”- “Up the slopes of Parnassus, sculptors the fewest”, dated Last Day of March 95.
“S1”- “Here again, second wife, same”, signed and dated 10.8.95.
1f. each.
Presented by the author, enclosed in letters from him re the Library's purchase of letters to him from Basil Bunting (accession Misc.1995/96:6)
Add.MS. 911   11 April 1833
Letter, Bishop William Van Mildert to Hon. Arthur Trevor, from East Sheen about prospective appointees to a post in the bishop's gift and thanking him for his advice about Mr Duncombe (mentions inclosure - not now present).
Purchased Mary Gilborson, bookseller, 1989 (accession Misc.1989:1)
Add.MS. 912/1-18   1930s - 1995
Photocopies of papers concerning Edna Maud Doyle, née Halton, who graduated from Durham University in 1933 with 1st class honours in physics, later working for ICI at Billingham. Comprises photographs (912/1-2) of rag parade (EMD on the right) and family group (EMD on the left); bill for books; examination papers (912/4-5); certificates (912/6-10); references (912/11-15); list of reports written for ICI 1942-51; biographical note by her son, July 1995.
2 photographs & 16f.
Presented by her son Anthony Doyle, (accession Misc1994/95:24)
Add.MS. 913   1998
“Samuel Balmforth Wood, Mus.Bac. (Dunelm) (1896-1977)”: biographical notes on Balmforth, who graduated as Bachelor of Music from the University of Durham in 1934 and became a prolific composer for the brass band, written by his daughter-in-law, Mrs Sarah Josephine Wood, and illustrated with inkjet printed photographs.
Presented by the author, 1998 (accession Misc.1998/99:5)
Add.MS. 914   1998
“He held the lantern: English in the North East”: word processed copy of a paper by Prof. J.R. Watson (read in Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 March 1998, on the occasion of the celebration of "One hundred years of English" in Newcastle) about the history of the teaching of English literature, and development of a Department of English, in both the Newcastle and Durham divisions of the University of Durham until the Newcastle division became the independent University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1963, and thereafter in both universities.
Presented by I.M. Stewart, Deputy Registrar, with the agreement of the author (accession Misc.1998/99:4)
Add.MS. 915/1-29   1742-1879
Miscellaneous documents, many relating to the Burdon family.
29 items.
Presented by H. Pitman, 1989 (accession Misc.1989:6)
Add.MS. 915/1   [ca.1750]
Ms. tally of coals wrought at the Margaret and Resolution pits at Jesmond belonging to Allen Hodgson 1 January 1742 to end of August 1745.
Add.MS. 915/2   [ca. 1778]
Ms. notebook of Richard Burdon from 16 November 1768 giving a financial account of beer brewed, hops used, and brewery expenses incurred, including hirings, from then till 1778.
Add.MS. 915/3   Saturday, 13 April, 1793
The Newcastle advertiser... No. 235, v. 3.
Printed. 4 pages.
Add.MS. 915/4   21 May 1807
Particulars and conditions of sale of seven property lots at Hendon and Willesden, Middlesex, by order of the bankrupt estate of Isaac Mencelin.
Printed. 4 pages.
Add.MS. 915/5   [1807]
List of domestic expenses 22 May to 26 August 1807.
Add.MS. 915/6   8 January 1811
Receipted bill from John Hewetson to executor of Richard Burdon for house repairs and painting, 1810.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/7   November 1810
Bill from E. Goodfellow for textiles.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/8   25 December 1810
Receipted bill for policy renewal no. 13264 from Newcastle upon Tyne fire office for Richard Burdon.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/9   3 January 1811
Receipt from Margaret Carr for purchase of material and cloaks.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/10   17 January 1811
Receipt and account for 1810 from Martha Robson for candles and rushes
2 pieces.
Add.MS. 915/11   2 February 1811
Receipt from J. Ramsey for medical attention to the late Richard Burdon.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/12   25 April 1811
Receipt and account, 1810, from Thomas Sopwith for joinery work at Shieldfield House and other property.
2 pieces.
Add.MS. 915/13   13 June 1811
Receipted bill from John Scott for blacksmithing.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/14   n.d.
Transcript of letter of 9 February 1812 from George Wood, Justice Mr. Baron Wood, to the editor of an unnamed newspaper, re an alleged judgement of his about the law of property of hedges and ditches, with a comment on the origin of the case by Richard Burdon.
Add.MS. 915/15   18 March 1814
Letter to [ ] Langley Esq, Edgware Road, from E. Sanderson, containing the Chapel accounts Michaelmas 1812 to Michaelmas 1813.
Add.MS. 915/16   [1823]
Account for 1823 to Mrs Burdon Shieldfield (Newcastle upon Tyne) listing haberdashery purchased from J. Verty.
Add.MS. 915/17   1 September 1823 - 5 February 1824
Game diary (pheasants, partridges and hares).
Add.MS. 915/18   23 July 1827
Printed particulars of an auction of 23 properties in Northumberland or Durham, mainly public houses, to be sold by Dodsworth at the Queen's Head, Newcastle. Lots 1-3 are said to be "late in the occupation of Sir Thomas Burdon". With prices etc. annotated.
Add.MS. 915/19   27 March 1833
Note of receipt on behalf of R. B. Sanderson of documents relating to properties, including the leases of three public houses, from Messrs. Fenwick.
Add.MS. 915/20   19 January 1834
Letter from John Buddle of Wallsend to R. B. Sanderson of Biddliston with a copy letter of 14 April 1829 from John Buddle to George Johnson of Willington Colliery, both relating to the working by Sanderson of Heaton Colliery and payments for that by his to the lessees.
Add.MS. 915/21   23 November 1835
Printed particulars of an auction of Low Crane public house on Quayside, Newcastle, being the estate of William Boutland, bankrupt, by John Ewart at the Peacock Hotel, Newcastle.
Add.MS. 915/22   26 August 1837
Receipt from the Newcastle Bank, to Mark Moor on account of R. B. Sanderson.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/23   n.d. [1837]
Receipt, from the Township of Jesmond (Newcastle) for half-year's assessed taxes due from R. B. Sanderson on 20 October 1837 with account attached.
2 pieces.
Add.MS. 915/24   23 July 1839
Receipt from Robert Warwick to Richard B. Sanderson for two years' rent for coal in Jesmond as per two leases.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 915/25   10 January 1861
Statement of by R. Burdon Sanderson of North Jesmond, re the Blyth and Tyne Railway and the interest of the Duke of Portland, referring especially to land in Jesmond and the Town Moor.
Add.MS. 915/26   [1869]
Printed testimonial book on behalf of Lt. Co. Geoffrey Wentworth Beaumont, Scots Fusiliers, aged 34, applicant for the post of Chief Constable of Northumberland. (Some of the testimonials relate to an application in May 1869 by G. W. B. for the post of Chief Constable of Birkenhead).
Add.MS. 915/27-28   29 October 1869 & 12 February 1879
Two cuttings from The Newcastle daily journal, including reports of the Northumberland Sessions with R. B. Sanderson as magistrate.
2 pieces.
Add.MS. 915/28   n.d. [19th century]
Inventory of contents and furnishings of rooms of a house.
Add.MSS 916-1030 This group of manuscripts was stored in the Library for many years under the temporary reference of SR Cab C1 and the document date. Occasionally this reference has appeared in citations.

Add.MS. 916   [late 12th century]
Language:   Latin
Single leaf from a breviary of Durham usage, containing part of the office for St Nicholas. In the recto margin names matching some to be found in St Giles' parish register in the late 16th century have been added.
1 leaf
Size: 30 x 19 cm.
Deposited by the parish of St Giles, Durham, ca. 1962 (accession Misc.1996/97:3)
B.S. Benedikz, “Leaf from a twelfth century monastic breviary”, Trans. Arch. & Arch. Soc. of Durham and Northumberland, 11 pts 3-4 (1962), 281-283.
Add.MS. 917   [March 1183 x October 1184]
Language:   Latin
Grant by H[ugh of Le Puiset] bishop of Durham to Thomas de la Buteillerie of three bovates of land in Heighington, formerly held by Hugh Brun and his wife Alice and was sold by them to Thomas, rendering annually 4s.
Witnesses: Gilbert Hansard, Philip the sheriff, William of Howden, John of AMudneville, Ralph of Chester, Eudo of Puntchardon and ROger his son, Richard de Parca and Geoffrey his son, Geoffrey son of Richard, Jordan Escolland, Alexander of Helton, Richard of Puntchardon and Walter his son, Thomas son of WIlliam and William his son, Alexander de Hameled, Gilbert son of Gilbert the chamberlain, William of Lumley, Roger de Keivill and Richard his brother, Stephen of the chamber, Amisio.
The document has been extensively annotated in a modern hand.
Size: 12 x 16.5 cm
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 14 December 1977, lot 31 (accession Misc.1977:36)
Printed: English Episcopal Acta 24 Durham 1153-1195, ed. M.G. Snape (Oxford 2002), p.127-128.
Add.MS. 918   [early 13th century]
Language:   Latin
Grant by William, son of Thomas of Ferye, to Simon of Midel[t]un of land in Morton. Document annotated in a modern hand.
Size: 12 x 16.5 cm
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 14 December 1977, lot 32 (accession Misc.1977:19)
Add.MS. 919   [early 14th century]
Language:   Latin
Grant by John of Eggyscliff to Robert of Eggiscliff of a messuage in Eggiscliff [Egglescliffe]. Document annotated in a modern hand.
Size: 10.5 x 23.5 cm
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 14 December 1977, lot 32 (accession Misc.1977:17)
Add.MS. 920   28 March 11 Henry VIII [1520]
Lease from Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmorland to Robert Colleys, concerning a pasture called Stotfolde within the Bisshopr[i]k of Durham. With tag, seal broken away.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:14)
Add.MS. 921   10 October, 5 Edward VI [1551]
Bond of £20 of John Banebrig and Anthony his son, of Snott[er]ton, Co. Durham to Richard Bowis of Norham, Northumberland, for fulfilment of a covenant of the same date. Signed by the two Banebrigs; with 2 seals, both now broken.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:4)
Add.MS. 922   24 April 1570
Letter from the Privy Council to Sir George Bowes concerning the loan he is to raise in the “Bysshoprik”. As some are unable to pay owing to the despoliations of the recent rebellion, others of sufficient means are to be approached at Bowes' instruction.
Signed Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester; Francis Russell, Earl of Bedford; Sir Francis Knollys; Sir James Croft; William Cecil, Lord Burghley.
With a modern transcript (marked as inaccurate).
1f. each.
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 20 November 1973, lot 218 (accession Misc.1973:16)
Add.MS. 923   1575 x 1600
Copy of Bernard Gilpin's letter to his brother George, concerning his conversion to the Protestant faith, written in 1575.
Purchased from Adab Books, catalogue 520, no. 52 (accession Misc.1982:9)
An abridged text of this letter is printed on pp.25-32 of W. Gilpin's Life of Bernard Gilpin(1752); the text on p.32-41 of G. Carleton's Life of Bernard Gilpin(1629) differs more extensively as it appears to be a translation of the Latin version given in the 1628 Latin edition of Carleton's work.
Add.MS. 924/1-14   1576-1715; n.d.
Documents relating to the Wren family of Binchester, Co. Durham.
14 items
Purchased from Sotheby's sale, 6 June 1978, lot 34. (accession Misc.1978:14)
Add.MS. 924/1   14 December 16 Elizabeth I [1576]
Language:   Latin
Pardon granted by Queen Elizabeth to Anthony Wren of Bishop Auckland. Document annotated in a modern hand.
Add.MS. 924/2   31 January 31 Elizabeth I [1589]
Language:   Latin
Pardon se defendendo of Charles Wrenne for killing Robert Ratcliff in a duel. Endorsed with record of release proceedings, 14 May 1589. Document annotated in a modern hand.
Add.MS. 924/3   11 September 38 Elizabeth I [1596]
Indenture between Charles Wren of Bynchester, Co. Durham and John Thornhughe of Fenton, Nottinghamshire, as part of Wren's marriage settlement, leasing property at Westhartburne to Thornhughe. Endorsed.
Add.MS. 924/4   4 July 7 James I [1609]
Language:   Latin
Quietus issued to Charles Wren and Henry Tonge for £200. 2s. 3d., the aid levied at the knighting of Prince Henry. Document annotated in a modern hand.
Add.MS. 924/5   16 November 7 James I [1609]
Language:   Latin
Patent of appointment by William James, bishop of Durham, of Charles Wren as constable of Durham Castle (Richard Hutton, chancellor). Document annotated in a modern hand.
Add.MS. 924/6   29 January 15 Charles I [1639]
Indenture of agreement between Robert Harreson of Bishop Auckland and Moses Skepper of Durham City, and Anthony Trotter of Bishop Auckland for the conveyance of land known as Lady Close formerly belonging to the chantry of the B.V. Mary in the parish of St Andrew Auckland. Endorsed.
Add.MS. 924/7   15 March 1649
Receipt of Lindley Wren of Binchester to Thomas Simpson of Newton Cap for tithe corn, indemnifying him against the farmers of the petty tithes.
Add.MS. 924/8   29 April 1673
Commission of Charles Wren as Captain of a company of foot in Sir Ralph Cole's regiment. With other notes of earlier documents on dorse.
Add.MS. 924/9   21 January 25 Charles II [1674]
Indenture by which Francis Wren of Henknowle, Co. Durham conveys to Charles Wren the younger of Binchester and Elizabeth his wife property in Witton-le-Wear: - Over Moodiffeild alias Middifeild in Witton upon Weare, lands called Colebank, Pangarth-feild and the Whins, with any coal mines therein; also Abbot's Closes; Lady Close in St Andrew Auckland; a messuage in the Market Place at Bishop Auckland and various rights etc. pertaining to these. Endorsed and witnessed.
Add.MS. 924/10   7 October 1678
Warrant from the “Councill Board” to search the houses of papists for “Armes of Warr and Offence” in the Darlington Ward of Co. Durham. Signed and sealed by 7 deputy Lords Lieutenant, and issued to Charles Wren and others. A list of people whose premises are to be searched is included.
Add.MS. 924/11   17 April 1679
Commission by Nathanael [Nathaniel Crewe] bishop of Durham of Charles Wren as captain of a company of foot in the regiment of Colonel Ralph Cole.
Add.MS. 924/12   9 October 1680
Bargain and sale by Cuthbert Stobbs of Newton-Capp, weaver to Charles Wren of Newton Cap of a tenement (identified in a later hand as the “high Barn” ) at Newton Cap. Endorsed, same date, with receipt for first payment.
Add.MS. 924/13   22 March 1714/5
Letter from George Bowes to Mrs Barbary Wren, Binchester about her health and an outbreak of fever.
Add.MS. 924/14   n.d.
Rosette of yellow and blue ribbons, sewn to a paper bearing the legend “No Popiry, No Surrender, 1690, William the 3rd 12th July”.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 925   5 May 1594
Letter from Ro. Delavale to William Rande, joiner, at Newcastle on Tyne, agreeing to discharge a debt of £3. 6s. 8d. owed to Rande by George Gray of Alnwick, for which John Basnett, tailor, of Newcastle has stood surety. Receipted by Thomas Wilken[son?].
Purchased from W. Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:11)
Add.MS. 926   [17th century]
Manuscript book containing copy of sermon on Colossians I. 15. “Who is the image of the invisible God, the first borne of every creature” by Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) independent divine - see DNB “Of his writings the larger number were not printed in his lifetime, though prepared for the press”.
Size: 19 x 15 cm
Purchased from SPCK bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:21)
Add.MS. 927   1603
“Origo episcopatus Dunelmensis anno Domini 1603. Liber Johannes Hall de Conset Generosi: 1603”
A history of the bishops of Durham from Aidan to Cuthbert Tunstall (635-1559). Perhaps the earliest of eleven known manuscripts of this work, an English version of the so-called chronicle of William de Chambre.
The English appears to be the work of a recusant, who signs himself “T. R.” in a Cathedral copy, possibly from the same background as the author of the Rites of Durham, the well-known account of the monastery at the time of its dissolution in 1540, composed about 1593.
The introduction to the work states that it was produced on the 1st August 1603, at the charge of John Hall, for his use. John Hall of Consett and Framwellgate (1568-1624) was related by blood and marriage to several recusants, and one of his grand-daughters married James Mickleton (the elder, d. 1693), of Crook Hall, Durham, to whom the first edition of the Rites ..., 1672, was dedicated.
14 f. (f.5 [original foliation] misbound after f.8). Fragment from a larger, leather bound volume.
Size: 30 x 21 cm
Purchased (source not specified) (accession Misc.1966:14)
The origin and succession of the bishop's of Durham[sic] (1779), by George Allan, from Durham Cathedral Chapter Library MS C.IV.14, on his private press at Darlington.
Add.MS. 928/1-13   1604-1657; n.d.
Accounts of revenues and expenditure of Kepier Grammar School, Houghton-le-Spring (chiefly on building works) and a later transcript of an account of tithe rents.
26 items (mostly mounted) on 13 sheets.
Purchased from Lt.-Col. J.G. Birch, 1968 (accession Misc.1968:5)
Add.MSS. 929-936   [17th century]
A series of documents relating to 17th century religious controversies, once part of the collection of the Duke of Manchester.
When the Duke of Manchester deposited his collection in the PRO for the HMC to describe, some were erroneously marked with the Public Record Office stamp.
Purchased at Sotheby's auction, 24 March 1970 (Duke of Manchester's MSS), lot 413 (Misc 1970:4, 11, 13, 18, 22, 24, 28 and 30)
Add.MS. 929   [17th century]
“An advertisement to Christian princes. Concerning the waies by which the Jesuites guide their affaires. What meanes they use to prie into ye secret counsels & designes of Princes. And aduance the greatnes of their Society: Printed at first at Millan by Pandolfo Malatesta 1617 And after corrected and reprinted In Rome By Antonio Brugiotti Ao 1618”
A translation of Instruttione a prencipi ... fatta da persona religiosa ..., 1617. A French, but no English translation of this text was published.
A possible date 1637 appears on the front but has been deleted.
Size: 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MS no.152.
Add.MS. 930   [ca.1620]
“Dr Hackwells treatise tendinge to Pacification in ye controverted Articles which were determyned by ye Synod of Dort”.
Attributed presumably to George Hakewill (1578-1649), D.D., archdeacon of Surrey and rector of Exeter College, Oxford. The Synod of Dort (or Dordrecht) was held in Holland in 1618-19 to resolve controversy between Calvinist and Arminian views on predestination, etc.
Size: 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 153A
Add.MS. 931   [17th century]
An answer to a communication about his work of pacification/reconciliation between Protestant churches.
A letter to a “right worthy gentleman” from J. D. [ J. Dury (1596-1680)]
Size: 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 607
Add.MS. 932   [1630s ?]
Language:   Latin
Copy of Latin epistle, signed by Thomas Morton, Bishop of Durham (1564-1659), (transcript with some contemporary corrections, possibly by the author's hand), the original of which is the first item of J. Dury's De pace inter evangelicos ...(1638), less last passage.
Discusses the barriers to Christian unity between the different churches, especially regarding the eucharist and predestination.
Size: 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 603
BL Sloane 402, ff. 183-192: copy letter of Morton to Dury [?].
Add.MS. 933   [17th century]
“Of the Protestant Churches in Germanie”and “A request in the name of some foraine Churches to all Godly divines of Great Brytaine and Ireland”
Two short tracts, the first describing the current state of German Protestantism, the second on various religious observations with suitable biblical texts to enforce them.
Size: 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 604
Add.MS. 934   [17th century]
Language:   Latin
“De sacramentis”
Series of paragraphs on the sacraments.
Size: 29 x 18.5 cm
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 598
Add.MS. 935   [17th century]
“De vectigalibus”
Notes on the “subsedyes and impositions of Kings expences”, translated from Juan de Mariana (1536-1624) S.J. De rege et regis institutione(Mainz, 1605), book 3, chapter 7.
2f. [Fragile]
Duke of Manchester's MSS no. 599
Add.MS. 936/1-6   [17th century]
Theological notes
Latin notes from Andrews Respons. ad 2am Epistolam Molin: (Pierre Du Moulin [1568-1658] ?), etc.
Notes on theological texts (Psalms, Isaiah, Corinthians) etc.
Two notes, attributed to Mr. Burges, on Philippians and John.
Part of a treatise on faith.
Duke of Manchester's MSS nos 605, 608, 606.
Add.MS. 937   15 October 1627
Language:   Latin
Letters patent, signed by Richard, Bishop of Durham (Richard Neile [1562-1640] Bishop of Durham, 1617-31; Archbishop of York, 1631-40), allowing Sir Thomas Blakeston and John Witham to alienate land in East Shipley, [Northumberland or Yorks.?] to Christopher and Hugo Blackett.
Endorsed on verso, “... recordo in rotulis clausis cancellar. Dunelm. scdo. die Augusti ... 1628”.
Size: 24.5 x 28.5 cm
Seal: Large defective pendant seal of bishop of Durham, originally ca. 9 cm in diameter.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:16)
Add.MS. 938   [ca. 1634]
An itemised estimate for the cost of materials for the finishing of the stone bridge at Berwick-upon-Tweed from 18th August [1633-34]. Incomplete.
Purchased S.P.C.K. bookshop (accession Misc.1977:6)
Add.MS. 939   9 April 1640
Letter from Thomas, Bishop of Durham [Thomas Morton (1564-1659)] from Stanforth, to Lord Willoughby at Grimsthorp, with autograph opening, signature and seal. Apologises for not visiting him in his journey north, but must return without delay. Nevertheless, he would have stopped at Grimsthorp, but for a flood that has held him at Stanforth.
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 23 June 1970, lot 348 (accession Misc.1970:25)
From the family papers of Bertie of Grimsthorp.
Add.MS. 940   6 April 1647
Letter of attorney from Robert Bradford of Dublin to his brother Charles to claim property of their parents John and Ellynor Bradford in Hamsterley, Co. Durham. Witnessed, signed, with armorial seal.
Purchased before 1971 [Leslie, Hull?] (accession Misc.2001/2002:137)
Add.MS. 941   20 June 1662
Receipt signed by Ellinor Pattison & Jane Belam, daughters of Anthony Crosier, acknowledging the payment of £50 of royal bounty to the daughters in recognition of their late father's services to Charles I.
Witnessed by the mayor and justices of Newcastle on Tyne: John Marley, Robert Shafto, Mar. Milbanke and John Em[e]rson.
Purchased from Peter Eaton before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:16)
Add.MS. 942   29 September 1664
Letter from Henrietta Maria's Council, Denmark House, Strand, to the bishop of Durham [John Cosin] concerning payment of the Queen's rents.
2ff [fragile]
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:12)
Add.MS. 943   23 March 1667/8
Questions on lease of a coal-mine, with legal opinions in answer, signed by Will. Leake. Endorsed “for Mr. Hacker of flyntham”.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:11)
Add.MS. 944   23 August [16]68
Letter from John Brockett, Barnard Castle, to an unidentified recipient requesting a licence for William Raine (the bearer of the letter) to be his clerk, Raine having the correct qualifications and the approval of the [bishop's] official.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:5)
Add.MS. 945   4 July 1668
Receipt from Robert Myers of the High Nicke, Co. Durham, cooper, and his wife Elizabeth for £42.9s. for sale of a house near Sunderland to John Littell, with signatures and marks.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:16)
Add.MS. 946   1680s
Houghton-le-Spring - Halmote Court:
Presentment of the jury for the homage of Bishopwearmouth, 26 September 1684, with wrapper
J. Johnson's quietus from the Bishop of Durham, 16 January 1689, with wrapper
Also transcripts and notes by J.T. Fowler.
Acquired early 20th century ? (accession Misc.2001/2002:139)
Add.MS. 947/1 a-c   21 November 1689
Letter from the Privy Council, Whitehall, to the Sheriff of the County of Durham asking for a list of horses belonging to Papists. Mounted on page from album probably collected by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, with original address, and 19th century notes on signatories which indicates letter was in possession of Mr Surtees.
3 pieces mounted on 1f.
Purchased from J. Wilson, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:20)
Add.MS. 947/2   31 July 1828
Letter from Count D'Aragon, Naples, to the bishop of Durham, recommending a music master Mr Bertini to him.
1f. mounted on back of album page.
Add.MS. 948   20 August 1687
License fee receipt signed by Jo. (?)Humble, , for John Rogers gent to concord with Edward Longuevile and others for various lands in Seaton. With papered seal, noted as that of Richard Neile, Bishop of Durham (but this seems unlikely as he had been dead for half a century: Seaton was not bishopric land, so the issuer of this receipt is not known).
Found in book of C.H. Hunter Blair's donated by his son (accession Misc.2001/2002:138)
Add.MS. 949   21 September 1688
Warrant signed by members of the Corporation of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, appointing Joseph Dixon and Thomas Moore, from whom one is to be chosen by them to be the Elector for the Company of Weavers.
Donated by Miss W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:12)
Add.MS. 950   1 October 1692
Bargain and sale between David Hymus, skipper, his wife Elizabeth and son Thomas, and Ephraim Atkinson, mariner, and his wife Elizabeth (all from Sunderland) of a messuage in the High Street, Sunderland. signed and sealed (3 seals). Endorsed with witnessed livery of seisin.
Purchased from Winifred Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:18)
Add.MS. 951   27 October 1693
Presentment made by the Grieve and jury of Ryton [i.e. list of fines levied for small local offences], addressed to “John Hutchinson Steward of ye Halmot Court liueing in Framegaite in Durham” (recorded in Halmote Court Book at Chester-le-Street 18 October 1693 [f. 1456v]).
Purchased from Adab Books, cat. 520, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:23)
Add.MS. 952   13 October 1699
Sale of property in Darlington Market Place, by Robert Trueman, woollen draper to Timothy Middleton, mercer and Joseph Fisher, dyer (all from Darlington). Signed and sealed by Trueman and endorsed by witnesses.
Purchased S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:40)
Add.MS. 953   [18th century]
List of expenses paid to witnesses for attending assizes (place not specified but Simonburn mentioned).
Donated by Dr. M. Hughes, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:26)
Add.MS. 954   [18th century - GR watermark]
Scheme of cultivation for each piece of common land, Welton (Yorkshire)
Purchased from H. T. Jantzen, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:35)
Add.MS. 955   27 January 1701
Bond in £3,000, Ralph Hutton of Mainsforth to Robert Spearman of Durham, to ensure the fulfilment of certain covenants and indentures.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:26)
Add.MS. 956/1   23 October 1712
Letter from Thomas Sharp (d.1758, canon of Durham), Cambridge, to his brother John, about family matters.
Purchased from Miss W.A. Myers (part of a larger lot of letters to John Sharp, of which Add. MS. 956/2 was the only other purchased) (accession Misc.1971:42)
Add.MS. 956/2   28 November 1721
Letter from Thomas Sharp (d.1758, canon of Durham), Rothbury to his brother John in Westminster, asking him for advice about marriage.
Purchased from Miss W.A. Myers (part of a larger lot of letters to John Sharp, of which Add. MS. 956/1 was the only other purchased) (accession Misc.1971:41)
Add.MS. 957/1-9   [early 18th century]
Letter, 16 October 1715, from Christopher Thornton to [Gilbert?] Spearman; 8 pieces of school-children's exercises (English and Latin) etc., some signed George Spearman, ca. 1725; page of a printed alphabet book with owner's names, 1724.
9 items. [Fragile]
Found during demolition of back wings of Cosin's Hall (formerly Archdeacon's Inn), Palace Green, 1968. (accession Misc.1968:6 )
Add.MS. 958   29 September 1716
Articles of agreement between Hildebrand Lord Allington (with John Weston) and Thomas Price, whereby the latter is to operate a water pumping house in Sandgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, for a period of three years at an annual salary of £44. Stamped but not signed; endorsed on verso “not executed”.
Acquired before 1952 (accession Misc.2001/2002:141)
Add.MS. 959/1-3   1721
John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham (d.1720): account of debts due by the late Duke to shop-keepers, tradesmen & others (including £23.10.0 to Pope for Dryden's tomb); account of expenses for the Duke's funeral; printed cutting from the London Journaldescribing the Duke's funeral.
3 items.
Found in printed book purchased from Christie's, 1978 (accession Misc.1979:2)
Add.MS. 960   20 June 1723
Lease by Robert Gibson, gent. of Humbersledd, Co. Durham to Thomas Jones of Fallowfield, Co. Durham of the farm at Fallowfield, signed and sealed by parties, with witnesses' mark and signature.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:13)
Add.MS. 961   20 September 1725
Deed of uses by Robert Hood and Elizabeth, his wife, of Darlington, for £50 mortgage, of property in Darlington near Badell Gate alias Blackwell Gate to Thomas Sanderson of West Thickley. With marks and seals. Endorsed and witnessed.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:29)
Add.MS. 962   17 July 1725
Autograph letter signed from William Mitford, Inner Temple, to John Pye, Durham, enclosing the result of researches into the title of the Delavalls (of Seaton Delaval) to a moiety of the Rectory of Tynemouth. The work appears to have been done for Mr [Thomas?] Rudd.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1960 (accession Misc.1960:2)
Add.MS. 963   1725-1886
Transcripts of records of the Durham City Butchers and Fleshers Company, principally Apprentices enrolment book 1765-1839; Freemen admittance book 1765-1886; Meetings book ( “Absent book” ) 1725-1841 (2 copies).
Ms. and Ts. transcripts made by Miss M. Todd and Miss Cooper Hodgson.
Presented by the Durham Branch of the Historical Association, 1941 (accession Misc.1941:1)
A group of records of the Company of Butchers (from which these transcripts appear to have been made), was deposited in 1966 and now forms part of the repository's Durham City Guilds Records.
Add.MS. 964/1-2   1731
Two mortgage deeds relating to lands at Stapleton (Yorkshire)
Purchased from E. & B. Sutcliffe, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:11)
Add.MS. 964/1   30 April 1731
Mortgage deeds for £60, concerning lands at Stapleton in Yorkshire: Michael Colling the younger of Darlington, butcher, and his wife Anne, daughter and coheir of George Ord of Sedgefield, to John Coulson of Stockton on Tees, gentleman. Signed, sealed, endorsed by witnesses.
Add.MS. 964/2   5 June 1731
Mortgage deeds for £70, concerning lands at Stapleton in Yorkshire: Michael Colling of Darlington to John Coulson of Stockton on Tees. Signed, sealed, endorsed by witnesses.
Add.MS. 965   22 August 1735
Letter from William Craik, at Arbigland, [on the Solway Firth] to Homer Maxwell at Carzield, requesting the latter's presence at the funeral of Craik's father. Reverse used for later algebraic notes.
Found in a copy of J. Kersey's Third & fourth books of ... algebra, (1674), purchased 1963 (accession Misc.1963:6)
Add.MS. 966   [after 1758]
Legal case notes concerning lands within manor of Lanchester, 1713-58 and later, by a legal adviser of Christopher Wilkinson. jnr., asking counsel's opinion.
Donated by Dr. M. Hughes, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:37)
Add.MS. 967   12 November 1738
Letter from Christopher Hunter (1675-1757) at Durham to Zachary Grey at Cambridge, concerning their literary and antiquarian activities and friends. Also a printed notice of a forthcoming edition of the Bowes Correspondence (this did not appear, but was published eventually by the Surtees Society).
1f. with cutting attached.
Purchased W. Myers, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:4)
Add.MS. 968   1744
“An explanation of an ancient inscription discovered at Rutchester, the last station in England, upon the Roman Wall, 1744 ... according to the copy given me by Dr Hunter of Durham, who copied the inscription this last summer”, by John Taylor (Chancellor of Lincoln) [Roman inscription at High Rochester].
24p. and attached tag identifying the author.
Presented by Miss W. A. Myers, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:29)
Philosophical transactions[of the Royal Society], vol. 44, no. 482 (1746-47) pp. 344-58.
Add.MS. 969   1730 x 1750 probably 1740s
“Bishop Chandler's account of the receipts and outgoings of the Bishopric of Durham”
A detailed account of the various sources of income, undated. Mentions Mr Whittaker's salary - he was Receiver-General until 1745. The hand is similar to that found in notes in the Receiver-General's accounts - possibly that of Christopher Johnson.
6ff, mounted.
Purchased from Sanders of Oxford, catalogue 52, no. 1443, 1966 (accession Misc.1961:2)
Add.MS. 970   7 June 1745
Mortgage of the tolls of the Boroughbridge to Durham turnpike road by the named trustees to Gideon Philips for £100. Signed and sealed. Endorsed and witnessed.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:8)
Add.MS. 971   20 July 1747
Mortgage of the tolls of the Boroughbridge to Durham turnpike road by the named trustees to Gideon Philips for £150. Signed and sealed. Endorsed with subsequent transactions, redeemed 1826.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:9)
Add.MS. 972   18 July 1746
Bond in £100 of William Waring of Durham City, gent., to William Wallis of the same, gent., concerning the payment by Waring of a debt of £50, plus interest. Endorsed, 17 November 1757, note of repayment and £7. 8s. interest.
Purchased from E. Hall, ca. 1964 (accession Misc.1964:29)
Add.MS. 973/1-   [18th - 20th centuries]
Records of the births and deaths of members of a family named Rippon, also one named Watson, belonging to several parishes in the Durham area, 1745-1902. Taken from family bibles owned by Miss Minto, one of which bore the 1809 ownership inscription of Thomas Rippon of Burnopfield.
7 pieces
Donated by Miss Minto, 1970s? (accession Misc.2001/2002:66)
Add.MS. 974   28 July 1749
Letter from Humphrey Rawlings, Stockton-on-Tees to an unidentified recipient, largely concerning a request for advice over financial investments.
Provenance not known (accession Misc.2001/2002:65)
Add.MS. 975   [Probably later half of the 18th century]
Official proclamation for the opening of one of the three annual fairs of Durham City.
Presented by E.H. Knight, 1935 (accession Misc.1935:1)
Add.MS. 976   10 September 1751
Letter from Spencer Cowper (1715-1774, Dean of Durham), Durham to his brother, Earl Cowper, about family matters and his health.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:4)
Add.MS. 977   18 August 1755
Affidavit signed by William Belasyse of Brancepeth, testifying that Dorothy Paget, daughter of Justinian Paget of Gray's Inn, was born on 10 July 1755.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:5)
Add.MS. 978/1-2   [ca. 1760 - 1777]
Account of the sums of money received of Sir Lancelot Allgood (d.1782) year to year by Thomas Philipson Senior, 1759-1777.
Printed receipt from the Greenwich Hospital Commissioners, to Lancelot Allgood, for 1s.8d., one year's fee-farm rent of Northumberland estates, signed by Nicholas Walton, 2nd October [17--].
2f. and 1 piece [fragile]
Donated by Dr. M. Hughes, 1970/71 (accession Misc.1970:3 & 19)
Add.MS. 979/1-7   1759-1766
Copy surrenders of copyholds in the manorial court (i.e. bishop of Durham's Halmote Court) of Cockerton.
7mm. tied together
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop (accession Misc.1977:12)
Add.MS. 980   1760
Election canvas; a census of freeholders in the south-east division of the Darlington ward, prior to the county election of 1761; voter's promises are indicated. Taken 10 Dec. 1760, on behalf of Robert Shafto, one of the candidates [the others were the Hon. Frederick Vane and Sir Thomas Clavering].
I, 51p. [fragile]
Purchased from R. J. Scott, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:3)
Add.MS. 981   1 December 1760
Letter from Henry Ornsby, Darlington, to unspecified recipient, about collecting debts and other business mentioning several enclosures (none extant).
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:18)
Add.MS. 982   20 June 1760
Letter from 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (Charles Watson-Wentworth) from Scarborough, to another peer and member of the Government, concerning the march of militia from Darlington to Durham.
Donated by Miss W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:14)
Add.MS. 983   28 May 1762
Letter from Thomas Haynes from Wick to “The Revd. Mr. Grand at Dirham” [sic], concerning a questionable demand for money made to Haynes by Benjamin Owen, apparently an ex-usher at Durham School.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:6)
Add.MS. 984   11 July 1764
Lease by the bishop of Durham to James Oliphant of a tenement on the east side of the south end of the Tyne Bridge for 21 years at a rent of 3s. Endorsed, signed.
Purchased from Winifred Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:27)
Add.MS. 985   6 May 1765
Bargain and sale by Thomas Metcalf of Stockton, mariner, George Hutton of Sedgefield, gent., John Matthews of Stokesley, gent. and Robert Preston of Stockton, gent. to William Chapman of Stockton, cartwright, concerning a stable and granary in Stockton. Signed and sealed.
Purchased Adab Books, cat. 509., no. 67, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:5)
Add.MS. 986   17 December 1765
Bill to the bishop of Durham [Richard Trevor] for books purchased [from the S.P.C.K.], with directions for carriage.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:22)
Add.MS. 987   22 January 1766 - 10 December 1766
Clavering family coal mining accounts
Fortnightly detailed account sheets for the Thorn Pit, Andrews House (near Marley) 1766, (later known as the Success Pit) belonging to the Claverings of Greencroft, near Lanchester
26 pieces, tied.
Purchased 1967 (accession Misc.1967:3)
Add.MS. 988   5 November 1766
Letter from M. Dickinson, White House to Mr. George Pickering at Nunwick [N. Yorks], about a boundary dyke.
1f. [fragile]
Donated by Dr. M. Hughes, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:12)
Add.MS. 989   10 December 1766
Letter from William Emerson (1701-1782, mathematician), at Hurworth, to his publisher [not named], concerning the contents of a forthcoming book.
1f. [fragile]
Purchased from I. K. Fletcher, catalogue 217, no. 44, 1965 (accession Misc.1965:6)
Add.MS. 990   4 June 1767
Letter from Thomas Lawson at Longhirst to Charles Shaftoa. He has agreed with George Davison of Linacres about Marley Coat Walls and wishes to conclude the business as cheaply as possible with “Uncle Carr”.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:7)
Add.MS. 991   18 January 1768
Bond of Nicholas Chapman of Norton, Co. Durham, to John Williamson of Elton, Co. Durham for four hundred pounds. Witnesses R. Preston, Jno. Lawson.
Purchased from Winifred Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:9)
Add.MS. 992   3 November 1768
Letter from Joseph Clark, Morpeth, to John Renton at Blackhadder House, with recipe against footrot.
Donated by Miss Myers, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:1)
Add.MS. 993   16 September 1768
Letter from Nicholas Halhead, Auckland, to Mr. Bunn at Westminster enclosing a draft for £5 of Archdeacon Sharp's. Tipped in to a later wrapper apparently misidentifying Halhead as the orientalist Nathaniel Halhead (1751-1830).
1f. in wrapper.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:10)
Add.MS. 994   22 January 1768
Letter from Robert Harrison (1715-1802, mathematician) at Newcastle, to James Allan at Darlington about schooling and lodging Master T. Bowes.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:11)
Add.MS. 995   25 October 1769
Note written in the third person from the bishop of Durham [Richard Trevor] to William Lambton, concerning a proposal by Lambton to alter the boundaries of Lanchester Fell.
Purchased from W. Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:26)
Add.MS. 996   29 October 1769
Letter from Henry Wilkinson at Sherburn House to Mr. Thomas Hugall in Durham, about a business meeting.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:31)
Add.MS. 997   19 November 1770
Letter from William Jolliffe at New Palace Yard [Westminster], to the bishop of Durham, concerning the bishop and Sir Ralph Milbanke's rights in the nomination for the curacy of Chester-le-Street.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:33)
Add.MS. 998   4 May 1772
Lease for a year by Elizabeth Bland of Hurworth, Co. Durham, Richard Ripley of Westminster and William Snaith of Hurworth, Co. Durham, William Newsam of Yarm, Yorks. and Edward Waldy of Ingleby, Yorks. (assignees of Robert Raisbeck, of North Cowton, butcher, now bankrupt, to John Bower of Scorton, Yorks, and Loyzelure Wilkinson of Coatsmore, Durham, concerning several pieces of land at North Cowton. Signed and sealed. Endorsed.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:11)
Add.MS. 999   9 April 1774
Letter from Henry Vane, 3rd Earl of Darlington, at Badsworth in reply to unidentified correspondent, concerning the pedigrees of hounds.
Purchased from Jantzen, catalogue 110, no. 23, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:4)
Add.MS. 1000   2 October 1774
Letter from John Rotheram (1725-89, Rector of Houghton-le-Spring) at Houghton-le-Spring, to [Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland], , expressing himself “desirous of keeping as much at a Distance from all election matters as possible”, but endorsing Lord Algernon Percy as a proper candidate to represent Northumberland in the next Parliament.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:21)
Add.MS. 1001   19 January 1775
Letter from George Brook in London [to George Allan?] on behalf of Bishop of Durham in favour of Thomas Pennant (author of topographical and travel works), requesting an account of the County [of Durham] for Pennant's next publication.
1f. [fragile]
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:2)
Add.MS. 1002   18 November 1776
Agreement in manorial court of the manor of Egleston (Eggleston, Co. Durham) that the lord of the manor, Timothy Hutchinson, shall be allowed the right to inclose parts of the manor's moor or common lands by act of Parliament in recognition and recompense the effort and expense he has been put to defending the boundaries of the manor against encroachment by the neighbouring manorial lord, the Earl of Darlington. signed and sealed by the freeholders (Christopher Harrison, Lancelot Harrison, John Stephenson, Joseph Dawson, John Stephenson, John Addison, Antony Headlam, Joseph Stephenson, William Dixon, Joshua Gibson) and Timothy Hutchinson.
Purchased from H. T. Jantzen, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:8)
Add.MS. 1003   30 July 1777
Unsigned or incomplete letter from Marmaduke Tunstall at Wycliffe (N. Yorks.), about a ledger book of Easby abbey and the estates and arms of the Tunstall family.
Donated by Miss W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:20)
Add.MS. 1004/1-3   1779
Deeds relating to the bishop of Durham's manor of Howden (Howdenshire).
Purchased from N. T. Leslie, list 131 nos. 139-141, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:7)
Add.MS. 1004/1   17 August 1779
Bargain and sale by the bishop of Durham [John Egerton] and his agents Daniel Dew and Blencow Dunn to Thomas Ayre of Ellerker, [Yorks.] of specified land in Ellerker for one year. Signed and sealed by the leasors, papered seal of the bishop. Endorsed and witnessed.
Add.MS. 1004/2   18 August 1779
Enfranchisement by the bishop of Durham [John Egerton] and his agents Daniel Dew and Blencow Dunn, and George Brooks of Grosvenor Square, Middx. to Thomas Ayre of Ellerker, [Yorks.] of copyholds in the manor of Howden by virtue of the process enacted by Add.MS. 1004/1. Signed and sealed by the enfranchisers, papered seal of the bishop. Endorsed and witnessed.
Add.MS. 1004/3   18 August 1779
Enfranchisement by the bishop of Durham [John Egerton] and his agents Daniel Dew and Blencow Dunn, and George Brooks of Grosvenor Square, Middx. to Thomas Smith of Ellerker, [Yorks.] and Ann his wife of copyholds in the manor of Howden. Signed and sealed by the enfranchisers, papered seal of the bishop. Endorsed and witnessed.
Add.MS. 1005/1-6   ca.1780
Returns to the bishop of Durham, pursuant to an inquiry in the House of Lords, giving the number of papists in certain parishes: Birtley, Bywell, Chollerton (names given) and Lucker. With two modern notes on the contents.
6 pieces.
Purchased from Steedman, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:12)
Add.MS. 1006   January 1781
Appointment by John Dale of South Shields, master & mariner of Joseph Aynsley of London, coal factor, as his attorney in a bankruptcy of Westminster coal-merchants. Signed, sealed and witnessed, 9 January 1781, with a covering letter to Aynsley by Dale, 13 January 1781.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:12)
Add.MS. 1007   13 October 1781
Letter from William Hutchinson from Barnard Castle to Farrer Wren, Binchester, on a Roman monument there (the one discussed and engraved on page 347 of vol. iii of Hutchinson's History and antiquities of ... Durham).
Purchased from H. Bristow, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:25)
Add.MS. 1008/1-21   1782-1880
Thomas Bowes [and successors?], solicitor at Darlington: miscellaneous letters and other papers concerning various clients and cases.
21 pieces
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:10)
Add.MS. 1009/1-2   1783
Petition and commission for the bankruptcy of John Smith, draper, of Durham City, the first signed by Edward Lord Thurlow as Lord Chancellor.
2mm. tied together.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:45)
Add.MS. 1010/1-5   1784-1789
Five letters from Henry Vane, Duke of Cleveland and Earl of Darlington (1766-1842), enclosing £50 instalments of a loan to be repaid.
5 pieces
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:11)
Add.MS. 1011   7 February 1785
Letter from Thomas Jopling at Cotherstone to David Kinghorn, Bishop Burton near Beverley, containing detailed family news.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:34)
Add.MS. 1012   4 July 1786
Autograph copy of speech by Charles, the future 2nd Earl Grey, to voters for the Northumberland parliamentary election at Morpeth (his first election to Parliament).
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 5 July 1977, lot 137. (accession Misc.1977:22)
Add.MS. 1013/1-2   11 September 1786
Hilton manor, in parish of Staindrop. Notice of auction, with particulars of value and quit rents, and conditions of sale.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:28)
Add.MS. 1014   4 March 1786
Letter from John Sharp (1723-92, Archdeacon of Northumberland; trustee of Lord Crewe's Charity) from The College, Durham, to Edward King (antiquary, 1735?-1807, author of Observations on ancient castles(1772), etc.), thanking him for a presentation copy of his book, sending him a copy of a recent set of plans of Bamburgh Castle, and explaining in detail his forthcoming intentions for the renovation of Bamburgh Castle.
Purchased from Charles Higham (S.P.C.K.), 1984 (accession Misc.1984:19)
Add.MS. 1015   20 November 1788
Deed of settlement for the marriage of Francis Mascall of Eppleton and Elizabeth Radcliffe of Durham, with Francis Smales of Durham and Cuthbert Eden of Houghton-le-Spring as trustees, concerning the manor of Eppleton. Endorsed, 1830, with note by Mascall on the death of his wife.
Purchased from P. Smith (Elvet Bridge, Durham), 1982 (accession Misc.1982:6)
Add.MS. 1016   17 February 1789
Sir Henry Vane, 2nd Bart, (d.1813), from Durham to Loyd & Co., Wine Merchants, London, enclosing a cheque in settlement of their account. Loose biographical note (1016a) on Vane.
1f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:48)
Add.MS. 1017   1790
Document of purchase of legacy of £50 to James Ewbank on the death of his mother Mary Ewbank, by William Thompson, Barnard Castle.
Purchased from A. B. Walker, Whitby, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:15)
Add.MS. 1018/1-3   ca.1790
Three letters from D[aniel] Watson, (Rector of Middleton-Tyas, Yorkshire, d.1804?), to George Allan (the antiquary, of Darlington, 1736-1800), concerning classical studies, an unidentified publication of 1790, the death of an acquaintance, and family affairs. Apparently edited for publication at some point?
3 pieces
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:23)
Add.MS. 1019   2 August 1791
Letter from Rowland Burdon (1756-1838, of Castle Eden, MP etc.) from Sunderland, to Mr. Friar, Newcastle on Tyne (? John Fryer (1744/5-1825, surveyor), giving directions for surveying the roads between Newcastle and Sunderland, and from there to South Shields, in connection with the building of a new turnpike.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:7)
Add.MS. 1020   10 March 1794
Letter from William Hutchinson (1732-1814) antiquary, Barnard Castle, to James Savage, bookseller and antiquary at Howden, Yorks., announcing his new publication and requesting information about antiquarian matters in Howdenshire.
Written on the back of the prospectus for Hutchinson's History of ... Cumberland.
Purchased from R. Hatchwell, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:6)
Add.MS. 1021   27 March 1795
Recommendations (printed form completed in ms.) of Francis Stephens, Commissioner of the Victualing Office, to be a subscribing member of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Signed “S. Dunelm” (Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham).
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:3)
Add.MS. 1022   9 February 1796
Bill from Christopher Smith & Co., drapers and haberdashers of Stockton upon Tees, to Mr. John Chaloner for £22. 12s. 1½d, for funeral expenses.
Purchased Jabez Elliott, cat. 14/67, no. 169, 1967 (accession Misc.1967:8)
Add.MS. 1023   1964
Typescript transcript made by R.S. Boumphrey of a letter from John Ware at Whitehaven to Mrs Dodson of Lancaster, 6 and 20 November 1796, describing his journey in the north of England: Lake District, Bishop Auckland, the nuns of St Helen Auckland, Raby Castle, etc.
Transcribed from the original, DDGa/17 of the Gresgarth muniments deposited at the Lancashire Record Office in 1958.
With (1023a) note to C.R. Hudleston from Lancashire Record Office confirming that the sketches mentioned in the letter are no longer present.
I , 10f. in card cover, and 1 piece.
Presented by R.S. Boumphrey, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:28)
Add.MS. 1024   14 April 1797
Letter from W. Constable to “Sir” (unidentified), referring to the antiquary William Hutchinson who is considering writing a history, who wishes to see the manuscripts [?] when he comes to Holderness.
Purchased from E. Hall (accession Misc.2001/2002:15)
Add.MS. 1025/1-5   1797-1822
Five letters from Rev. Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846), canon of Durham, written from Matlock (24 September 1797) and Yoxall (18 November 1798; 5 June 1822; 3 & 4 September 1822), to his publisher (1797-98 Cadell & Davies, 1822 Thomas Cadell), concerning correcting plates; presentation copies; advertisement of his works; his wish to disassociate himself from a work advertised as by “W. Gisborne, D.D.” - “a man of straw, & the book a catchpenny intended to pass for mine” ; and revisions for a new edition of his Enquiry into the duties of the female sex.
5 pieces
Purchased from Christie&s sale, 16 April 1980, lot 111 (accession Misc.1980:11)
Add.MS. 1026   March 1799
Statement of income for 1798 for I. A. Esq. (other material from Dr Hughes related to the Allgood family)
Donated by Dr. M. Hughes (accession Misc.1970:1)
Add.MS. 1027   20 September 1798
Letter from Thomas Hopper at Durham to Mr. William Forster at Norwich, about monetary and personal affairs.
Donated by Miss W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:9)
Add.MS. 1028   20 January 1798
Letter from G.W. Meadley at Sunderland to James Field Stanfield at North Shields, assessing the character and public conduct of William Henry Lambton (d. 1797), late M.P. for the City of Durham.
Purchased from Hofmann & Freeman, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:5)
Add.MS. 1029   17 March 1799
Letter from William Jameson at York to Mr. Robinson, Essex Street, London, concerning the affairs of Stephen Croft of York, deceased, and enclosing a copy of a lease of 1772 from John [Egerton] Bishop of Durham, to Croft and others, concerning an estate at Wheelhall, York.
Purchased from E. Hall (accession Misc.2001/2002:50)
Add.MS. 1030   3 January 1799
Letter from Granville Sharp at Wicken Park nr. Stony-Stratford, to Joseph Hill, Savile Row, London, concerning legal business of his sister Judith Sharp, and niece Ann Jemima Sharp.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:23)
Add.MSS 1031-1099 This group of manuscripts was stored in the Library for many years under the temporary reference of SR Cab C1 and the document date. Occasionally this reference has appeared in citations.

Add.MS. 1031/1-5   1799-1811
Five letters from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, bishop of Durham 1836-59) to various correspondents, including Joseph Hill, Thomas Leigh and the booksellers Cadell and Davies, concerning financial matters (prebendal estate), problems with posting newspapers, orders for books and other matters. Written from Buckden Vicarage [he was Vicar of Buckden, Huntingdonshire, 1794-1823] (19 and 26 March 1799, 25 August 1805, 28 February 1811) and Covent Garden (8 July 1807).
5 pieces
Purchased from W. Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964::20)
Add.MS. 1032   [Early/mid 19th century]
Autograph note to the Secretary of the Carlton Club - “Lord Castlereagh will have the honor of dining ... Saturday July 16” (Possibly the statesman [1769-1822] or a later Marquess before achieving his title).
Found in lot 518 purchased at Hodgson's 24 March 1966 (accession Misc.1966:5)
Add.MS. 1033/1-2   [Late 18th - early 19th century]
Lot 1 and 3 (2 is not present), allocated “as determined by casting the dice”. Two parcels of land, one to Mrs Nowell of farms at Healaugh and Fremington, one to Catherine Close of farms at Harkerside and Fremington, all near Reeth, N. Yorks.
Paper watermarked J. Buttanshaw.
Purchased S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:27)
Add.MS. 1034   [ca. 1800]
Ms. viola part for Six concertos in 7 parts .. op.3, by Charles Avison (1710-1770) [published in 1751]. The first and last leaves are strengthened by being pasted onto leaves of (unidentified) contemporary printed music.
Copied ca. 1800? (Watermark in paper dated 1801). With 20th century ownership stamp of Arthur Finch. Cf. Durham Chapter Lib. Mus. C12 (Harman 389).
7f. in paper wrapper.
Purchased ca. 1970 from unidentified source (accession Misc.1970:5)
Add.MS. 1035   [ca. 1800]
Autograph copy of “Ode to the memory of William Cowper”, by Rev. Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846), theologian.
With photocopy of the printed version from The works of Thomas Gisborne(London, 1813), vol. iv.
2 leaves folded, paper.
Purchased S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:10)
Add.MS. 1036   15 October 1801
Letter from H. Howard at Greystoke Castle to Sir [ ] Milbanke at Seaham, concerning an election in County Durham.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:15)
Add.MS. 1037   [1804]
The performances and sums taken in the Theatre Sunderland, by Stephen Kemble Esq. Manager. Opened Tuesday October 18th 1803. Closed Monday January 9th 1804.
List naming performances (plays, interludes, farces), beneficiaries and takings.
Purchased from Myers, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:19)
Add.MS. 1038/1-2   1803-1804
2 letters from J. Ward jr. at Durham, to Adam Clarke at Liverpool and Manchester, about papers to the Liverpool and Manchester Philological Societies, etc. 18 February 1803 and 29 December 1804
1f. each (mounted)
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:24)
Add.MS. 1039   10 December 1804
Account to the township of Darlington for payment of expenses of recruiting and discharging James Walker to the army, with a note signed “Alex. Nashe Serjt.”.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:1)
Add.MS. 1040   30 March 1804
Letter from Lord Chancellor Eldon (John Scott, 1751-1838, 1st Earl of Eldon) to R. Burden of Castle Eden, Durham, concerning financial matters relating to the settlement of the estate of Mr Surtees endorsed with a copy of Burden's reply of 2 April 1804.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:20)
Add.MS. 1041   13 July 1804
Official licence to plead, enabling James Topping to defend Jane Smith, indicted at the Durham Quarter Sessions, on a charge of larceny.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:24)
Add.MS. 1042   24 December 1805
Fragment of a letter from Shute Barrington (1734-1826, Bishop of Durham 1791-1826), preserving only the opening lines (with reference to the Boldon Book) and the final leave-taking and signature.
Accompanied by a printed engraving of Barrington by Thomson (referred to as the late bishop, so ca. 1830) that reproduces the final clause and signature from the letter.
2 pieces
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:2)
Add.MS. 1043   3 August 1805
Letter from Shute Barrington (1734-1826, Bishop of Durham 1791-1826) at Mongewell to Mr. Wilton, Attorney, Gloucester, concerning a trust and a reduced allowance to be paid to a Mr. Cook.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:4)
Add.MS. 1044   21 February 1805
Letter from John Walker at Badsley (near Lymington) to John Anstey, Kendals, Stanmore, Middlesex, mainly concerned with income tax assessments on West Indies property and annuities.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:22)
Add.MS. 1045   14 August 1806
Letter from Arthur Anstey from Bushey to his brother John Anstey at Kendalls, Middlesex, concerning the payment of a legacy (dependent on property abroad), domestic matters.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:2)
Add.MS. 1046   15 May 1806
Letter from J. Farrar of Witton-le-Wear to Mr. Charnley [i.e. Emerson Charnley, the Newcastle bookseller, 1782-1845], asking to be sent copies of a Book of Geography, and Scientific dialogues. Titles of several other books are written on the back of the letter.
Purchased from Mrs. L. A. Leake., 1982 (accession Misc.1982:7)
Add.MS. 1047   8 November 1806
Letter from William Shields from Durham to Mr. Bell, Abbey Office, Hexham, concerning business matters including an overdue account and an order for some tea.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:11)
Add.MS. 1048   19 August 1807
Letter of condolence from Shute Barrington (bishop of Durham) from Auckland Castle to unknown recipient.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:2)
Add.MSS. 1049/1-6   1808-1831
Notes from William Van Mildert, mainly relating to book purchases.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:23)
Add.MSS. 1049/1   20 December 1808
Book order to S.P.C.K.
Add.MSS. 1049/2   n.d.
Recommendation of Rev. George Daubeny of Berkeley, Somerset for membership of the S.P.C.K., signed by William Van Mildert.
Add.MSS. 1049/3   18 March 1831
Letter from William Van Mildert, to Sotheby', ordering a lot in a sale of prints.
Add.MSS. 1049/4a & b   29 March 1831
Letter from William Van Mildert, to Sotheby', ordering books in a sale. With list of books.
1f. each.
Add.MSS. 1049/5   31 March 1831
Letter from William Van Mildert, to Sotheby', asking for bill for recent purchases.
Add.MSS. 1049/6 i-iv   n.d.
Covers to letters (not present), all franked by Van Mildert.
4 pieces.
Add.MS. 1050   17 January 1809
Printed form, with details supplied in ms., recommending William Tournay, Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, for membership of the S.P.C.K., proposed by William Van Mildert.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:)
Add.MS. 1051   24 July 1809
Articles of agreement between Robert Robson and Jacob Brantingham concerning a back-kitchen erected by the former in Darlington.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:14)
Add.MS. 1052   29 January 1809
Letter from Sir John Eden (1740-1812) from Windlestone to an unidentified recipient, offering advice on the best form of appeal to make on behalf of a convicted criminal, Fletcher.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:19)
Add.MS. 1053   30 December 1809
Letter from Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846, Prebendary of Durham) from Yoxall to Cadell & Davies, London [booksellers and publishers], ordering certain books and enquiring into the progress of an edition of [Gisborne's?] sermons.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:5)
Add.MS. 1054/1-4   1810-1815
Letters from Robert Surtees, the antiquary, to John Bell the bookseller and antiquary.
Purchased from Myers - Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, part of lot 516. (accession Misc.1981:27)
Add.MSS. 1054/1   2 November 1810
Letter from Robert Surtees from Mainsforth to John Bell, Newcastle, about the Bell family and a copy of the pedigree of Bell of Bellasis from a Harley MS.
Add.MSS. 1054/2   8 June 1802
Letter from Robert Surtees from Mainsforth to John Bell, Newcastle, identifying a coin for him, and requesting an account of the tombs at Whickham, to borrow some seals for engraving, about some acquaintances and transcribing a verse starting “Now little Billy is gone to the Kirk ...”.
With copy of Bell's original letter about the coin of 6 June 1802 written at the end.
Add.MSS. 1054/3   14 August 1812
Letter from Robert Surtees from Mainsforth to John Bell, Newcastle, about books and tokens, seals and heraldry.
Add.MSS. 1054/4   11 November 1815
Letter from Robert Surtees to John Bell, Newcastle asking for information on the exact northern boundary of County Durham, some notes on burials (presumably answering questions from Bell) and a ballad, called “The Scotch War”, starting “When first the Scottish War began ...” which he suggests Bell may like to include in his collection if it goes to a second edition.
Add.MS. 1055   12 January 1813
Letter from John Abernethy (1764-1831, surgeon) from Bedford Row [London] to Thomas Bowes Esq., Durham, concerning the latter's health; with a prescription.
Purchased from J. Wilson, cat. 23, no. 1, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:2)
Add.MS. 1056   31 March 1813
Letter from William Lowther, 2nd Earl of Lonsdale from Cottesmore to Lord Liverpool as to who had the patronage for the appointment of Postmaster at Barnard Castle.
Purchased from Quaritch, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:14)
Add.MS. 1057 a & b   7 October 1813
Letter from Edward Maltby from Buckden to [ ] Freeling about a passage from E. Burke, and a note on his Jelf (wrongly) said to be in Maltby's own hand.
2 pieces
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:17)
Add.MS. 1058   October 1813
Postal cover with Rushyford office stamp, date stamp 14 October 1813, franked by Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham.
1 piece
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:19)
Add.MS. 1059   16 October 1813
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, bishop of Durham) from Farningham to an unidentified recipient (possibly the Revd. Philip Dodd), explaining that his appointment as Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford will not mean that he will resign his position as Preacher at Lincoln's Inn.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:21)
Add.MS. 1060   17 July 1814
Letter from John Lambton (1792-1840, later 1st earl of Durham) from Lambton Hall to Thomas Thompson, subscribing to a relief fund for English prisoners of war from Sunderland, lately returned from France.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:15)
Add.MS. 1061/1-63   1813-1821; 1832
Collection of letters, notes etc., largely from Rev. Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846, canon of Durham) to the London booksellers Cadell & Davies of the Strand (1061/1-39 [1813-1821]; 1061/40-53 [undated]), but including some from other members of Gisborne's family (Mary, James, John and Thomas junior), (1061/54-61 [1814-21 and undated])
Mainly requests for copies of Gisborne's books to be sent to named individuals, but also orders for other books
Apparently unrelated to the other papers (1061/62-63): one note on two Nottingham people, undated (paper watermark 1833; letter from G.(?) Cumberland to J.H. Burn, 1832.
63 items: 1f. each (except 1061/38a: attached enclosure 38b)
Purchased from John Wilson, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:11)
Further letter by Gisborne to Cadell and Davies (in 1817): Add.MS. 2047.
Add.MS. 1062   5 April 55 George III [1815]
Agreement in Court of Pleas at Durham, between Robert Colling & John Walton Elliot, and John & Margaret Trotter concerning tithes at St Helen Auckland, Co. Durham.
Bought S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:3)
Add.MS. 1063   n.d. [19th century]
Letter from James Finlay Weir Johnston (1796-1855, chemist) to [William] Jerdan, enclosing “a short outline of my paper on coal” (not now present).
Purchased from J. Wilson, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:19)
Add.MS. 1064   15 February [early 19th century]
Letter from Sir Mark Masterman Sykes (1771-1823, M.P. for York) to an unidentified recipient, concerning the Stockton Inclosures Bill.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:38)
Add.MS. 1065   22 July 1824
Letter from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from Buckden to T. Cadell (Bookseller, London), concerning the progress of one of Maltby's own books, and ordering certain other titles. Also (1065a) extract from a publisher's catalogue listing Maltby's books.
1f. and 1 piece (both rather excessively mounted)
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:12)
Add.MS. 1066   1 May 1824
Letter from William Nelson from Rusheyford to Richard Wilson, solicitor, London, enclosing a cheque for £820 (collected rents) and commenting on estates and tenants at Stainton and Elstob.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:9)
Add.MS. 1067/1-6   1824-1827
Five letters from J. Ward, solicitor, from Durham to Richard Wilson, solicitor (acting for Lord Eldon), concerning negotiations over estates at Barmton, Nunstainton and Woodham, owned by Mr Lambton (for whom Ward appears to be acting).
Also one letter from Thomas Peacock junior, Bishop Auckland, to Wilson, including a copy of a letter from Ward to Peacock senior, relating to the same business.
6 items, 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:13 & 2001/2002:74)
Add.MS. 1068   22 August 1825
Letter from Robert Gray (1762-1834, Prebendary of Durham; Bishop of Bristol) from Bishopwearmouth to Mr. Trevelyan of Wallington, proposing a visit, with his family, on 2 September. With slip of paper identifying the correspondent in a 19th century hand.
1f. and 1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:12)
Add.MS. 1069   7 June 1825
Letter from M.J. Routh (1755-1854) from Oxford to a bookseller, concerning payment for a parcel, and the second part of his catalogue.
Purchased from W. Myers, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:9)
Add.MS. 1070/1-3   1825-1833
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, Bishop of Durham 1826-36) sent to an autograph collector, and two other small samples of Van Mildert's hand.
1f. and 2 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:50)
Add.MS. 1071/1-27   1824-1856
Salvin family correspondence, relating to the family of Anthony Salvin (1799-1881, architect) of Finchley.
27 items
Purchased, but provenance not recorded, before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:142)
Add.MSS. 1071/1-2   1824-1836
3 letters from Anthony Salvin senior to Anne Nesfield (his fiancée at the time of the first letter and wife by the date of the others), , the first a love letter interspersed with practicalities, the other containing a medieval French poem starting “O cher enfandelet, vray pourtrait de son père”.
1f. each
Add.MSS. 1071/3   27 October 1830
Letter to Anthony Salvin junior from his father Anthony Salvin senior.
Add.MSS. 1071/4-17   1836-1852
14 letters from Anthony Salvin junior, including 12 letters to his mother, 3 from school at Bishopton Close, Ripon, 1836 and 9 from Cliff House, Hove, 1837-1838, 1 letter to his grandmother from Cliff House, Hove, 1838, and 1 letter to his father, Anthony Salvin senior, from Paris, 1852 about his travels in Europe.
1f. each.
Add.MSS. 1071/18-20   1826
3 letters from Emma Maria Russell from London to Anne Nesfield (later wife of Anthony Salvin the elder) about her health and family news.
2f., 1f. & 1f.
Add.MSS. 1071/21   8 December 1831
Letter in verse from Charles Nesfield from Houghton le Spring to Mrs Anne Salvin (Anthony Salvin senior's wife).
Add.MSS. 1071/22   20 May 1833
Letter from Mrs Eliza Salvin from Durham to her daughter-in-law, Mrs Anne Salvin in London commiserating with her bereavement, and on family and health matters.
Add.MSS. 1071/23   29 July 1833
Letter from W.A. Nesfield (1793-1881, artist and landscape garden designer) from Durham to [his brother-in-law] Anthony Salvin, describing his recent wedding.
Add.MSS. 1071/24   25 December 1833
Letter from [ ] Salvin from Durham to Mrs Anne Salvin about urgent financial matters and family news.
Add.MSS. 1071/25   6 October 1836
Letter from Robert Nesfield from Bishopton Close to Mrs Anne Salvin about his travels and possible architectural work, with a letter from her son Anthony written on the same sheet.
Add.MSS. 1071/26   24 November 1836
Letter from William Gilly from Wanstead Rectory to Mrs Anne Salvin about a milk cow for her.
Add.MSS. 1071/27   4 July 1856
Letter from Mary Akens [?] from Finchley to Miss Eliza Salvin at Berne, Switzerland.
1f. and envelope.
Add.MS. 1072/1-2   July-August 1816
2 letters from J.H.H. Holmes to the Hon. Washington Shirley in London, one from London including a copy of a letter from John Ross from Willington Quay concerning the dangers found in using the Davy lamp in Hebburn Colliery, the other from Bishopwearmouth concerning Ryan's alternative system of colliery ventilation and its recent endorsement by the Society of Arts.
1f. each
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:7)
Add.MS. 1073   7 December [18]16
Letter from William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, 1776-1834 from Brighton to Miss [Jane] Porter concerning a play by her which has been well received according to Lord Essex. He suggests she send an unsigned letter to reply to him and suspects that Essex thinks the author to have been a man.
Purchased from Jantzen, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:6)
Add.MS. 1074/1-14   1815-1816
Letters between the government and the magistrates of South Shields relating to the suppression of a strike by seamen on the Tyne and Wear in September and October 1815.
14 items and 3 wrappers
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 28 March 1972, lot 397 (accession Misc.1972:18)
Add.MS. 1074/1   23 October 1815
Letter from Lord Sidmouth from Whitehall to R. Green, Nicholas Fairly and W.G. Liddell (the magistrates of South Shields) regarding finding those responsible for setting fire to the brig “Renown”.
2f. and wrapper.
Add.MS. 1074/2   26 October 1815
Letter from J.H. Addington from Whitehall to Robert Green at South Shields to be hand delivered by Mr Stafford, the Chief Clerk of the Public Office in Bow Street whom Lord Sidmouth has sent to assist them, and telling them that “it is his Lordship's most anxious desire, that only cases of very pernicious delinquency should be made the subjects of prosecution”
Add.MS. 1074/3   2 November 1815
Letter from the captain of HMS Tartarus, moored in Shields Harbour, to Robert Green at South Shields thanking him for his commendation of his crew.
Add.MS. 1074/4   3 November 1815
Letter from the commander of the troops from Newcastle, to Robert Green at South Shields thanking him for his commendation of his troops.
Add.MS. 1074/5   27 November 1815
Letter from J. Beckett on behalf of Lord Sidmouth, from Whitehall to the magistrates of South Shields relating to requests from seamen at South shields to have their pensions restored, these having been stopped in response to the late disturbances there.
2f. and wrapper.
Add.MS. 1074/6   27 November 1815
List of the out pensioners of Greenwich Hospital who have their money sent to South Shields, with there number on the pension list and address.
Probably enclosed with 1074/7 or similar.
Booklet, 8p.
Add.MS. 1074/7   4 December 1815
Copy letter from J. Beckett from Whitehall to the mayor of Newcastle regarding a list of Greenwich pensioners on which leaders of the disturbances are to be marked for punishment.
Add.MS. 1074/8   7 December 1815
Letter from Robert Green from South Shields to Lord Sidmouth, apprising him of the current situation, giving details of the main suspects behind the disturbances.
Add.MS. 1074/9   [December 1815]
List of the men on the seamen's committee thought to have organised the disturbances, with there current whereabouts and various information laid against them by named parties.
Add.MS. 1074/10   11 December 1815
Copy letter from Nathaniel Clayton (town clerk) from Newcastle to John Scott at North Shields passing on the list of pensioners.
Add.MS. 1074/11   18 December 1815
Letter from R. Barker from North Shields to the magistrates of South Shields passing on the list of pensioners.
Add.MS. 1074/12   28 January 1816
Letter from R. Barker from North Shields to Robert Green South Shields enclosing a copy letter from John Brown from Newcastle to John Scott at North Shields, all relating to the list of pensioners being passed between them.
Add.MS. 1074/13   3 February 1816
Letter from John Brown from Newcastle to Robert Green at South Shields asking for the list of pensioners to be returned.
Add.MS. 1074/14   29 September 1816
Letter from the captain of HMS Florida from Tynemouth harbour to Mr Fairless and Mr Green at South Shields enquiring whether the presence of naval ships is still necessary in the Tyne, with reply from Green and Fairless, 30 September 1816, that the situation is much subsided, that HMS Florida need no longer remain, but that some presence should be maintained.
2f. with wrapper
Add.MS. 1075   14 August 1817
Letter from Henry Phipps Mulgrave [1st Earl of Mulgrave, Master of the Ordnance, 1810-1818] from Mulgrave Castle to the bishop of Durham, confirming that he has ordered the removal of gunpowder from Hartlepool Church.
1f. badly mounted.
Purchased from R. J. Dickinson, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:6)
Add.MS. 1076/1-2   13 September 1817 and n.d.
Letter from Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham from Auckland Castle to a bookseller, asking for a copy of the history of the Marmyon family.
Note to Mr Porter identifying a book to which he had made reference.
2 pieces, mounted separately.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:3)
Add.MS. 1077   20 May 1818
Letter from Charles Edward de Coetlogon (1746?-1820, theological writer) from London to M. D. Robinson, Strand, concerning the difficulties of finding a situation for Mr. Edkins' grand-daughter, and the possibility of placing her in a seminary in Durham.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:11)
Add.MS. 1078   5 November 1818
Letter from Charles Edward de Coetlogon (1746?-1820, theological writer) to his daughter Eliza, at Miss Simpson's Academy, Framwellgate, Durham, about domestic matters, interspersed with fatherly advice.
Purchased from E. Hall (accession Misc.2001/2002:14)
Add.MS. 1079   27 May 1818
Letter from Joseph Boruwlaski from Durham to Mr. Todd [& others?], bookseller[s], concerning subscriptions and an advertisement for his book.
1 piece
Presented by A. I. Doyle (bought from Miss Myers), 1972 (accession Misc.1972:1)
Add.MS. 1080   18 April 1819
Letter from Shute Barrington (1734-1826, Bishop of Durham 1791-1826) from Cavendish Square, London to J.W. Whittaker (1791-1854, Vicar of Blackburn 1822-1854). Praises Whittaker for his recently published Historical and critical enquiry into the interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures, with remarks on Mr. Bellamy's translation.
Purchased from E.Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:1)
Add.MS. 1081   27 April 1819
Printed notice, with some details filled out in ms., for distribution to members of the committee of management of the Bishop Auckland Savings Fund, announcing a forthcoming meeting on 6 May 1819.
1 piece.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:7)
Add.MS. 1082   24 March 1819
Petition (printed form completed in ms.) from Simpson Brown, formerly sub-curate of Shotley and Whittonstall, now of Aycliffe, for relief from the Charity for the relief of poor widows and children of clergymen. With certificate of support from neighbouring clergy, and further testimonial signed by the bishop of Durham and archdeacon of Northumberland.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:6)
Add.MS. 1083   22 November 1819
Letter from J. Cayley from Durham to Charles Tennyson [D'Eyncourt, 1784-1861, M.P.] enclosing a couple of Cayley's printed tracts [not present] and suggesting their efficacy in preventing social unrest.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:3 )
Add.MS. 1084/1-8   1816-1821
8 letters to Solomon Chapman in Sunderland from fellow Quakers, including several from Ireland, containing news of family and Friends. Written and dated in the Quaker style [i.e. months numbered rather than named].
8 pieces
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:3)
Add.MS. 1084/1   9 December 1816
Letter from Elizabeth Robson from London
Add.MS. 1084/2   12 April 1821
Letter from Sarah Grubb.
Add.MS. 1084/3   17 April 1821
Letter from Jonathan Pim from Dublin, to which have been added further letters from Nathaniel Williams from Dublin and Thomas Robson from Sunderland about Chapman's visit to the Dublin Meeting forwarded to him from Sunderland to Thomas Thompson, at Liverpool.
Add.MS. 1084/4   13 May 1821
Letter from Abraham Fisher from Youghal to Chapman at Thomas White's in Waterford.
Add.MS. 1084/5   15 May 1821
Letter from Jane Sanders (Chapman's niece) from Whitby to him at Mary Watson's at Waterford.
Add.MS. 1084/6   13 May 1821
Letter from James Richardson from Lisburn to Chapman at Thomas White's in Waterford. Includes lists of names of Friends attending Meetings in Ireland.
Add.MS. 1084/7   28 May 1821
Letter from Abraham Fisher from Youghal to Chapman at Thomas White's in Waterford.
Add.MS. 1084/8   18 September 1821
Letter from Rebecca Ridgway from Blenheim.
Add.MS. 1085/1-12   1819-1829
12 letters from G.S. Faber (George Stanley Faber, 1774-1854: Vicar of Long Newton 1811-1832, Master of Sherburn Hospital, Durham, 1832-1854) from Long Newton, to J.W. Whittaker (1791-1854, Vicar of Blackburn 1822-1854) or Whittaker's mother, concerning Whittaker's books (he was a Hebrew scholar) and miscellaneous domestic matters.
12 pieces, 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:7)
Add.MS. 1086/1-3   1821-1824
3 letters from T.H. Faber (Thomas Henry Faber 1780-1833, of Bishop Auckland) from Auckland Castle to J.W. Whittaker (1791-1854, Vicar of Blackburn 1822-54) or his mother, concerning the death of a friend or relative and other family matters.
3 pieces, 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:8)
Add.MS. 1087/1-7   1827-1837
Material relating to Thomas Henry Faber (1780-1833, of Bishop Auckland). 4 letters (1827-1829), concerning a trusteeship and domestic matters. Letter from Faber's brother G.S. Faber to Mrs. Whittaker of Lancaster, 1 July 1829, concerning the death of T.H. Faber's wife; and a copy of T.H. Faber's record of burial from the parish registers of St Andrew Auckland, 6 April 1833 (copied 1837).
7 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:6)
Add.MS. 1088   10 January 1821
Letter from Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846) from Yoxall Lodge, to Cadell & Davies, booksellers, London, ordering a copy of Sermons on the loss of friends(published by Hatchard).
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:26)
Add.MS. 1089   23 October 1821
Letter from Henry Phillpots (1778-1869, Bishop of Exeter 1831-69; Rector of Stanhope & Prebendary of Durham) from Durham to “My dear Sir” [probably Sir John Trevelyan], proposing to visit him, with his wife and eldest daughter, at Wallington. With a well-preserved seal.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:18)
Add.MS. 1090   5 October 1824
Copy of the lease of the colliery and mining rights at Eppleton (near Houghton-le-Spring, Co. Durham), Francis Mascall (father & son) to the Hon. Archibald Cochrane and 11 others; for 42 years, at £1,000 p.a. plus a levy (various rates) on the coal mined.
Purchased from P. Smith (Elvet Bridge, Durham), 1982 (accession Misc.1982:5)
Add.MS. 1091   23 July, 3 Geo. IV [1822]
Lease of Darlington bakehouse, toll booth, shambles, tolls, etc. by the bishop of Durham to George Lewis Hollingsworth, Thomas Backhouse, Edward Pease, Jonathan Backhouse jr. and Thomas Clarke. Endorsed with livery of seisin, etc.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:4)
Add.MS. 1092   13 May 1822
Letter from Shute Barrington (1734-1826, Bishop of Durham 1791-1826) written in the 3rd person to the Revd. Dr. Clarke of Kensington, thanking him for sending 2 recent publications.
1f. and wrapper.
Purchased from E. Hall, n.d. (accession Misc.2001/2002:7)
Add.MS. 1093   16 June 1822
Letter from Reynold Gideon Bowyer (d. 1826, Prebendary of Durham 1792-1826; Archdeacon of Northumberland 1812-26) from Bamburgh Castle to an unidentified recipient, appealing for candidates for the vacant perpetual curacy of Holy Island. Sets out the difficulties of filling the post. Accompanied by typed transcript of the letter.
2f. each
Purchased by W. Myers, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:6)
Add.MS. 1094   28 January 1822
Certified extract from the parish registers of Haughton-le-Skerne for 1805, concerning the baptism of George Byron, son of the Revd. Henry Byron. Copied for Captain R. Byron.
Purchased from E. Hall before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:11)
Add.MS. 1095   27 July 1826
Letter from John Banks Jenkinson (1781-1840; Canon on Durham, 1825-27; Dean of Durham, 1827-40; Bishop of St. David's, 1825-40) from the College, Durham to Mr. Marton, giving directions for moving his books left in Marton's care, and others bought recently from Rivington's bookshop (London) to Abergwili or Durham.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:12)
Add.MS. 1096/1-6   1823-1832
5 letters from George Andrews (bookseller, of Durham, d. ca. 1830) to Sir H. Hardinge, and Dr. Phillpotts, requesting them to support his application for the job of Post Master [of Durham, presumably], recently fallen vacant; Oct-Nov 1823 (apparently an unsuccessful application).
Letter from Robert Surtees from Mainsforth, 23 November 1832, to Andrews' widow, promising her assistance.
2f. each.
Presented by C.W. Gibby, n.d. (accession Misc.2001/2002:2)
Add.MS. 1097   1823
Kirklevington rental, Michaelmas 1823: no indication of parties or properties.
1 piece.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:30)
Add.MS. 1098/1-2   13 December [1823]
Letter from Shute Barrington (1734-1826, Bishop of Durham 1791-1826) from Cavendish Square to Revd. Dr. Bale, returning some (unidentified) confidential papers.
Cutting (apparently unrelated) from a newspaper (dated in ms. July 19 1792) of a satirical letter drawing parallels between two people with the same name, one a pickpocket transported to Botany Bay, another a bishop translated to Durham.
1f. each
Purchased from E. Hall, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:7)
Add.MS. 1099   15 March 1826
Pauper's certificate for Thomas Chipehan, with his wife and 5 children, attested by Gibson Collinson (Churchwarden and Overseer) to be residents of the township of Forcett, North Yorkshire, addressed to the officials of Darlington. Printed form with names, etc., filled in.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:7)
Add.MSS 1100-1150 This group of manuscripts was stored in the Library for many years, those with reference Add.MS. 1132 and following under the temporary reference of SR Cab C1 and the document date. Occasionally this reference has appeared in citations.

Add.MSS. 1100-1131   1666-1801
Whiting MSS: a small collection, formed by Prof. C.E. Whiting (1871-1953), of original documents related to his own research interests in English religious and political history under the later Stuarts, and the history of the North East of England. Some items are accompanied by transcripts by Whiting.
32 items
Bequeathed by Prof. Whiting, 1953 (accession Misc.1953:4; temporary shelf reference before full cataloguing S.R.17.H. Whiting MSS)
B.S. Benedikz, “A bibliography of the published work of Charles Edwin Whiting (1871-1953)”, Durham University Journal, 63 (1970-71), 223-227
Add.MSS. 1100-1107   1666-ca. 1702
Documents by or concerning Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon (1609-1674) and other members of the Hyde family.
8 items
All, except Add. MS 1106, bought by C.E. Whiting, 1931-4, from Colbeck, Radford & Co, London, who had acquired them at a Sotheby' s sale, 1 April 1931, which included a quantity of Clarendon papers, "the property of a lady".
Add.MS. 1100   5 August [1666]
Copy of an unsigned letter from Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon (1609-1674), to Prince Rupert (1619-1682), endorsed in Clarendon's hand "Myne to Pr. Ruperte 5th Aug. by Sr. T. Clifforde". Congratulates Rupert on his share in the victory over the Dutch fleet [at the battle of St James' s Fight, 25 July/4 August 1666], but regrets that "soe glorious a Sunshyne of Victory should be clouded by the ill behaviour of any whoe ought to haue gott good shares in the honour", probably a reference to criticisms made of the prince's part in the inconclusive battle which had been fought against the Dutch fleet at the beginning of June. Counsels Rupert on the importance of continuing to work in harmony with the General [George Monck, Duke of Albemarle (1618-1670), with whom Rupert had been placed in joint command of the fleet in April 1666], and assures the prince that Albemarle has reported generously on his courage and behaviour.
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1101   12 February 1666[/7]
Draft or copy, in the hand of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon (1609-1674), of a memorandum from King Charles II to Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans (d. 1684), and (on conjoint leaf) a related memorandum from Charles II to his mother, Queen Henrietta Maria (1609-1669). Endorsed by Clarendon "The Kinge to my L[or]d St. Albans & the Queene 12 Febr. 1666[/67]". Expresses satisfaction with the progress of St Albans' diplomatic soundings towards a peace treaty to be negotiated at the Hague, and discusses its terms, and the need not to offend France. (The treaty, with France, Holland and Denmark was eventually signed at Breda, 21 July 1667.) The king' s memorandum to Henrietta Maria (an important channel of communication in St Albans' negotiations with France), assures her that the commercial treaty which Edward Montagu, Earl of Sandwich (1625-1672) is on the point of concluding with Spain will not be prejudicial to France, and expresses his willingness to promise that for a year he will not enter into any alliance hostile to the interests of France.
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1102   May 1671
"A note of Writings in the hands of the Ld. Bp. of Sarum belonging to the Lord Cornbury and the Ladie Cornbury Late the Relict of Sr Will Backhouse": list of deeds and other evidences of title to lands belonging to Henry Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, later 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709) and his second wife, Flower (d. 1700). Dated at head May 1671, and arranged in two sections, Writings relating to the mortgage of The Mantles, 16 June 1669, and Writings relating to the mortgage of the manor of Swallowfield [Wiltshire], 2 May 1671. With a holograph note by the Bishop of Salisbury [Seth Ward (1617-1689)] about one of the documents. Endorsed by Lord Cornbury "A note of such Writings of my Wifes Estate as are in the Bpp of Sarum' s hands. Recd from the Bpp May the 19th: 1671".
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1103   26 August 1677
Power of attorney, appointing Sir Allen Brodrick of Wandsworth to administer the Wiltshire estates of Laurence Hyde at Vasterne and Wootton Bassett, during Hyde's absence overseas.
Signed and sealed by Hyde.
Laurence Hyde (1641-1711), later 1st Earl of Rochester, was sent as Ambassador Extraordinary to Poland in 1676 and to the Congress of Nymegen 1677-1678.
1 folded sheet, seal
Add.MS. 1104   29 May 1686
Autograph letter, signed, from Francis [Turner (?1638-1700)], Bishop of Ely to "yr Excellence" [Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709)]. Turner apologises for his delay in writing, but suggests it is inadvisable to use the post for fear of interception of letters. He reports on the health of Clarendon' s son, Lord Cornbury, and seeks preferment for a protegée Mr. Crooke.
With transcript by C.E. Whiting.
Letter:1 folded sheet. Transcript: 3 leaves
Add.MS. 1105   5 March 1687/8
Docquet for the Lord Chancellor, recording the grant by James II of the office of Keeper of New Park near Richmond to Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester (1641-1711) and his son Henry Hyde (1672-1753, later Earl of Rochester and Earl of Clarendon), for their lives. The docquet, signed by Thomas Watkins (Attorney General) and countersigned by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, Godolphin, Dover, J Ernle and He[nry] Fox, records that the grant was made after the surrender of earlier letters patent of Charles II granting the office to Rochester and his heirs for the lives of Lord Huntingtower and Thomas Panton.
1f. (mounted)
Add.MS. 1106   8 April 1689
Letter, signed and sealed, from Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709), to Dr. Thomas Tenison (1635-1715), Rector of St Martins-in-the -Fields and later Archbishop of Canterbury, giving his views on a letter to a member of Parliament in favour of a proposed "Bill for Uniting Protestants" [enacted as the Toleration Act of May 1689], which Tenison has sent him for comment. Clarendon recommends that the bill should be debated and agreed by Convocation before being introduced into Parliament, and expresses some scepticism about claims that its provisions have the support of Protestant churches abroad, or that Archbishop Usher, Bishop Sanderson and Dr. Hammond would, if still alive, have given it their backing. Recalling the "extravagant unreasonableness of the Dissenters" during the negotiation of the Restoration church settlement, he questions the wisdom of attempting to alter the settlement to embrace Dissent, and, while concurring with the desirability of union among Protestants, is doubtful that the bill is actually the best way to bring this about - "My wishes are, that in the endeavours of bringing People into the Church, we may not shutt a greater number out, then are likely to come in; for there are weake Brethren of all sides".
8 pages, seal
Bought by C.E. Whiting, 23 October 1928, from P.J. & A.E. Dobell; probably acquired by them at a Sotheby' s sale at least 5 years earlier (information from Whiting).
Add.MS. 1107   Not after 1702
"Remarks upon the Hist[or]y of the Rebellion": editorial notes in the hand of Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709) on the manuscript of his father Edward, Earl of Clarendon' s History of the rebellion and civil wars in England. Publication of the work in 1702-4 was overseen by Henry' s younger brother, Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester (1641-1711), assisted among others by Thomas Sprat, Bishop of Rochester (1635-1713). These notes relate to the preparation of the manuscript for publication, and include one page of responses by the 2nd Earl of Clarendon to suggestions by Rochester and Sprat.
1 folded sheet (2 pages written) and 3 leaves, with endorsed title
Ian Green, “The publication of Clarendon' s autobiography and the acquisition of his papers by the Bodleian Library”, The Bodleian Library Record, 10 no.6 (May 1982), 349-67, especially pp.356-7, on the descent of Clarendon' s papers.
Add.MS. 1108-1109   1666-1676
Two letters from Henry Bennet, Lord Arlington (1618-1685), Whitehall, to Horatio Townshend, Lord Townshend (1630-1687), Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk. The first letter (29 August 1666) warns Townshend of the approach of the Dutch fleet, and instructs him to prepare the Norfolk militia against a coastal raid. The second letter (27 May 1676) sends the king' s permission for Townshend to retain custody of certain "Bookes" [i.e. records concerning the Norfolk militia], provided he gives his successors any necessary information from them, and suggests that Townshend may regain the king' s favour, but that Arlington' s own position is under assault by his enemies.
With transcripts by C.E. Whiting.
Letters: 2 folded sheets. Transcripts: 3 leaves
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Colbeck, Radford & Co., 1934
Add.MS. 1110   27 June 1667
Letter from the Treasury Commissioners to justices of the peace about the collection of the Fire Hearth Tax. Deplores the disturbances and resistance with which attempts to collect the tax have been greeted, while also acknowledging the many complaints the Commissioners have received about corrupt and oppressive behaviour by the collectors. Provides guidance on exclusions and exemptions from the tax and on tactics commonly employed to evade it, and requires the magistrates' active compliance in assisting its fair and full collection. This copy of the letter, signed by the Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir Thomas Clifford, Sir William Coventry and Sir John Duncombe, is addressed at the foot of the first page to the Cumberland J.P.s, but on the verso to the J.P.s for the Barony of Kendal in Westmorland.
1 folded sheet
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Colbeck, Radford & Co., 1934.
Add.MS. 1111   September 1669
Letter, signed John Blayklinge, to Philip Swaile at Richmond [Yorkshire], a fellow Quaker, about the imprisonment of some members of the Society of Friends by a court in Richmond. The undated letter is endorsed by a 17th century hand "John Blakelin : the 9th Month 69 about what was done concerning Release of Friends". It probably relates to the breaking up of a Quaker meeting in Richmond on 26 May 1667, and the subsequent imprisonment of Matthew Pratt and John and Edward Pratt in Richmond house of correction for two months.
John Blaykling (Blaikling, Blakelin, d. 1705) of Sedbergh parish, Yorkshire contributed to several Quaker pamphlets, and himself suffered imprisonment (see Joseph Smith, A descriptive catalogue of Friends' books, 2 vols, 1867). Philip Swale or Swaile (d. 1687), of Hartforth, was the agent of Lord Wharton of Aske Hall, and one of the most prominent early Friends in the Richmond area, which became a flourishing centre of Quakerism (see Edmund Cooper, The Quakers of Swaledale and Wensleydale, 1979, pp. 4-8).
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1112   26 November 1678
Letter from Sir Joseph Williamson (1633-1701), Secretary of State, Whitehall, to Mr. Flemming [Daniel Fleming (1633-1701, of Rydal, Westmorland, J.P. and antiquary, knighted in 1681]. Williamson thanks Fleming (who was one of his frequent correspondents) for the intelligence he has sent, commends his diligence in hunting priests, and asks him to continue it and report further.
With transcript by C.E. Whiting.
Letter: 1 folded sheet. Transcript: 1 sheet
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1937.
Add.MS. 1113   March 29 [168-?]
Letter, unsigned but with seal, from Elizabeth Maitland, Duchess of Lauderdale (d.1698) to "my Neece the Countesse of Lichfeild" [Charlotte Lee, Countess of Lichfield, née Fitzroy, illegitimate daughter of Charles II, d.1718]. Expresses pleasure that the Countess is satisfied with Mr. Hyde, and offers to use her influence with him or others on the Countess' s behalf at any time her affairs may require it.
1 folded sheet, seal
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1930.
Add.MS. 1114   [1680]
"The Recorders speech att the session House in the old Balie on Munday the 19th of September 1680 vpon his passinge Judgment vpon Mrs Cellier". Contemporary copy of speech made by the Recorder of London [George Jeffreys (1648-1689), later Lord Jeffreys of Wem], when passing sentence on Elizabeth Cellier, "the Popish midwife", for libel in some passages in her 1680 pamphlet Malice defeated.
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1115   14 June 1681
Letter from William Cave (1637-1713) to Thomas Comber (1645-1699), praising a manuscript work by Comber which the latter has sent him for comment, and offering some minor corrections on matters of early church history. Has not forwarded the manuscript to Dr. [William] Beveridge (1637-1708) as requested, as he is out of town, but returned it to Clavel [Robert Clavell (d.1711), the bookseller, by whom it was published in 1682, under the title An historical vindication of the divine right of tithes].
1 leaf
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Colbeck, Radford & Co., 1934.
The autobiographies and letters of Thomas Comber, sometime Precentor of York and Dean of Durham, ed. C.E. Whiting, 2 vols, Surtees Society publications, 156-7, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 30-1.
Add.MS. 1116   6 July 1681
Draft or copy in the hand of Thomas Comber (1645-1699) of a letter from him to the Archbishop of Canterbury [William Sancroft (1617-1693)]. Asks Sancroft to recommend him to the Bishop of Durham [Nathaniel Crewe (1633-1721)] for one of the Durham Cathedral prebends which are likely to become vacant shortly, and claims that among his other supporters are the Durham prebendaries, Daniel Brevint (1616-1695) and Denis Grenville (1637-1703).
1 leaf
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Colbeck, Radford & Co., 1934.
The autobiographies and letters of Thomas Comber, sometime Precentor of York and Dean of Durham, ed. C.E. Whiting, 2 vols, Surtees Society publications, 156-7, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 33-4.
Add.MS. 1117   [ca. 1685]
Contemporary manuscript account (incomplete) of the trial of Thomas Dangerfield (1650?-1685) in the Court of King' s Bench, 3 May 1685, for writing and publishing a libel [i.e. his pamphlet The information of Thomas Dangerfield, gent, 1680].
The trial is not included in A complete collection of state-trials(vol. 10, 1779, appendix, p. 33, "we have not been able to procure Dangerfield' s Trial for a libel"), and no contemporary printed edition appears to have been published.
p. 1-44, 57-64
Bought by C.E. Whiting, 1931, from Bernard Halliday of Leicester, who had acquired it with a collection of papers relating to the estate of George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham.
Add.MS. 1118   [1685?]
Evidence given to the Grand Jury on the indictment of Lord Delamere for High Treason: depositions by Captain John Jones, Samuel Story, Mr Vaux, Mr Evelyn, Ralph Hope, Thomas Saxon, Daniel Twemlowe and his wife, and Rope Wright on an indictment, December 1685, against Henry Booth (1652-1694), 2nd Baron Delamere (later 1st Earl of Warrington) for attempting to foment a rising in Cheshire at the time of Monmouth' s Rebellion.
Delamere was acquitted in January 1686, and Thomas Saxon was subsequently convicted of perjury. Delamere' s trial is published in A complete collection of state-trials, 4 (1777), 210-246.
6 leaves, folio (defective at foot, with some loss of text)
Bought by C.E. Whiting, 1933, from Bernard Halliday of Leicester, who had acquired it with a collection of papers relating to the estate of George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham.
Add.MS. 1119   [1686?]
Letter from Sir Jonathan Trelawny (1650-1721), Bishop of Bristol, to the Archbishop of Canterbury [William Sancroft] about the state of the churches of Elberton and Littleton, Gloucestershire, as revealed by Trelawny' s recent parochial visitation. The letter, signed J. Bristol, is undated, but probably relates to Trelawny' s first visitation of his diocese in 1686. He comments on the deplorable state of religion in both parishes - in one the sacrament has not been administered since the Restoration, in the other seldom, and the only church plate is a small bowl kept in a Quaker's house.
With transcript by C.E. Whiting.
Letter: 1 leaf. Transcript: 1 leaf
Bought by Whiting, 1937, from Bernard Halliday, Leicester.
Add.MS. 1120   9 March 1686/7
Letter from Sir John Reresby (1634-1689, at this time Governor of York) at York, probably to the authorities in London, reporting on troop movements and courts martial in the York area, and acknowledging receipt of instructions from the King relating to musters.
Endorsed with date of receipt, 11 March 1686/7.
With transcript by C.E. Whiting.
Letter: 1 folded sheet. Transcript: 2 leaves
Bought by Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1935.
Add.MSS. 1121 - 1122   1692-1693
Two letters from [John Drummond, 1st Earl and titular Duke of] Melfort (1649-1714), at St Germain en Laye, written on behalf of his master, James II, dethroned king of England. The first letter (28 June 1692), to an unnamed recipient, announces that the Queen [James' s wife, Mary of Modena] has given birth to a daughter [Louisa Maria Theresa Stuart], and asks the recipient to inform Madame de Maintenon. The second (29 July 1693), addressed to Monsieur Deschissaux, servant of the king of France, asks him to give protection to one Gibson of the vessel the Lamb of Glasgow, in a dispute concerning that ship.
With transcript of the first letter by C.E. Whiting.
Letters: 1 folded sheet, and 1 leaf. Transcript: 1 leaf
Bought by Whiting from Colbeck Radford & Co., London, 1934
Add.MS. 1123 - 1125   1694-1728
Three deeds relating to property in Gilesgate, Durham.
Add.MS. 1123   16 March 6 William & Mary, [1693/4]
(1) Thomas Heaviside of Kepier, yeoman
(2) John Banks of Kepier, yeoman, and his wife Anne
Lease by (1) to (2) of a messuage or tenement house and garden in Gillygate [Gilesgate], Durham, now sublet to John Holden, skinner, bounding on Gilligate to the north, a house belonging to the late John Forster, gent, on the west, a tenement belonging to Richard Hutchinson on the east, and a close called Pelloe Leazes on the south, together with 6 pasture gates on the Gillygate common.
Term: 1 year
Rent: 1 peppercorn
Consideration: 5 shillings
Mark of (1)
Witnesses: Richard Browne jun., J. Church
Seal (1)
Add.MS. 1124   1 May 1724
(1) Jonathan Heatherington or Etherington of Elvet, Durham, litster and his wife Alice
(2) Anne Alderson of Elvet, Durham
Lease by (1) to (2) of a moiety of a messuage or tenement house and garden in Gilligate [Gilesgate], Durham, lately in the possession of Anne Banks deceased and her undertenants, and a moiety of six pasture gates on the Gillygate common.
Term: 1 year
Rent: 1 peppercorn
Consideration: 5 shillings
Signed Jonathan Etherington; mark of Anne Etherington
Witnesses: William Alderson, Jo. Walker, Jo. Walker jun.
Seal (1)
Add.MS. 1125   29 November 11 George II [1739]
(1) William Robinson, plaintiff
(2) Thomas Robinson and his wife Anne, deforciants
Final agreement and quit claim recording the gift to (1) by (2) of two messuages, two gardens and two acres of land and common pasture rights in the parish of St Giles [Durham].
Consideration: 100 marks of silver
Add.MS. 1126   29 November 1698
Autograph letter, signed and sealed, from Thomas Comber, Dean of Durham, to George Hickes, the non-juror, philologist and antiquary, at an accommodation address in London. Comber tells Hickes that the members of the Durham Cathedral Chapter have gladly voted to subscribe £20 towards his projected thesaurus [ Linguarum vett. septentrionalium thesaurus grammatico-criticus et archaeologicus, published in 1705]. He attests his own unwavering friendship for Hickes through the divisions of recent years, and seeks reconciliation with him, warmly inviting him to Durham "wishing our Mss: or our company here, may invite you down hither". He offers Hickes a copy of his own work on ordination [ A discourse upon the form and manner of making, ordaining, and consecrating bishops, priests and deacons, according to the order of the Church of England(1698)] and invites his comments on it.
With transcript and notes by C.E. Whiting.
Thomas Comber (1645-1699) was appointed Dean of Durham in 1691 following the deprivation of the non-juring Denis Grenville. George Hickes (1642-1715) had been similarly deprived as Dean of Worcester and was subsequently secretly consecrated as non-juring Bishop of Thetford.
Letter: 1 folded sheet, seal. Transcript, etc.: 4 leaves
Bought by Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1935.
edited by Whiting in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4th ser., 7 (1937), 160-2; also in The autobiographies and letters of Thomas Comber, sometime Precentor of York and Dean of Durham, ed. C.E. Whiting, 2 vols, Surtees Society publications, 156-7, vol. 2 (1948), pp. 255-7.
Add.MS. 1127   11 October 1715
Letter from Richard Lumley, Earl of Scarbrough (d. 1721), at Newcastle upon Tyne, to "My Lord" [probably Nathaniel Crewe, Bishop of Durham] about the progress of the Jacobite rising in Northumberland. Scarbrough, Lord Lieutenant for Durham and Northumberland, reports that a body of papists have gathered in Northumberland, and are making their way to join the Earl of Mar, seizing arms and horses on the way. Their leaders are Lord Derwentwater, Lord "Witherington" and Mr [Thomas] Forster, M.P. for Northumberland. He hopes that Sir William Blackett will not join them.
James Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater (1689-1716), leader of the "Fifteen" rebellion in North East England, surrendered at Preston and was executed in London on 24 February 1716. William Widdrington, Baron Widdrington (1678-1743) was sentenced to death but reprieved. Thomas Forster (d.1738), also captured at Preston, escaped from Newgate and died in exile.
1 folded sheet
Add.MS. 1128   18 March 1720/1
Letter from Robert Spearman in Durham to James Clavering in London, about provision of witnesses to a bond Clavering is to execute; mentions Mr Gowland and Mr Bowlby as business associates, and reports the death of Sir John Eden.
The correspondents are probably Robert Spearman of Durham (1657-1728), attorney, and Sir James Clavering, 6th Bart (1680-1748), who succeeded to the baronetcy in 1738.
1 leaf
Found by C.E. Whiting in his copy of An enquiry into the ancient and present state of the county palatine of Durham, by John and Gilbert Spearman (1729).
Add.MS. 1129   10 August 1735
Letter from Gilbert Spearman to James Clavering, requesting permission to pull ling (heather) on Clavering' s fells to thatch a barn Spearman intends to build at Tanfield Lea. With note in a later hand that a copy of the letter was sent to Mr. Thoresby 30 March 1759.
Gilbert Spearman (1675-1738) was the author of parts of An enquiry into the ancient and present state of the county palatine of Durham(1729); Sir James Clavering, 6th Bart (1680-1748) succeeded to his baronetcy in 1738.
1 leaf
Add.MS. 1130   22 April 1794
Petition to George III from debtors imprisoned in Durham Gaol, begging for the king' s assent to a bill "for the Releasement of the poor Unfortunate Insolvents". With list of the debtors attached (18 names, including two women), and covering letter to Henry Dundas, Home Secretary. With seal perhaps representing the sword of justice, and Durham free postmark, 24 April.
With transcripts by C.E. Whiting.
Petition and letter: 2 folded sheets with attached strip of paper, seal. Transcripts: 3 leaves
Purchased by Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1935
edited by Whiting in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4th ser., 7 (1937), 162-5.
Add.MS. 1131   25 May 1801
Letter to Rev. William Marks, signed S. Dunelm [i.e. Shute Barrington (1734-1826), Bishop of Durham], written from Mongewell. Approves Marks' conduct to Mr Harriman and his appointment of Mr Wharton as his sub-curate, but wishes the latter' s stipend to remain unsettled until the Bishop' s next visitation.
With transcript by C.E. Whiting.
Rev. William Marks (d. 1827) was curate of Middleton and Eggleston. Rev. John Harriman (d.1831), the naturalist, had been sub-curate of Eggleston from1795 until 1801, when he became curate of Gainford, and Rev. George Wharton was appointed sub-curate of Eggleston.
Letter: 1 leaf. Transcript: 1 leaf
Bought by C.E. Whiting from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, 1937.
Add.MS. 1132   7 December 1826
Letter from Sir William Chaytor (1777-1847, sometime MP for Sunderland) from Witton Castle to Mr. Lockwood, Newcastle, concerning a business transaction in his capacity as a trustee of the estate of Miss Dolly Cornforth, decd. Also press cutting obituary of Chaytor.
1f. with wrapper, and 1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:9)
Add.MS. 1133   14 April 1827
Letter from C.G. Young to [John Bowyer Nichols], , about Mr. Raine's [James Raine the elder's] “index to the Durham charter” which he believes Nichols has printed (on information from Sir Thomas Phillips).
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:26)
Add.MS. 1134   30 March 1829
Letter from William Nicholas Darnell (1776-1835, Prebendary of Durham) from Bamburgh Castle, to “My dear Emma”, asking her to pay certain sums to the Head Waiter and Chambermaid at Barry's [Hotel?], Edinburgh.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:9)
Add.MS. 1135   20 January 1829
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, Bishop of Durham 1826-36) from Hanover Square to “Reverend Sir” (unidentified): “I received your letter ... & will take the first opportunity of laying your communication before the National Society Committee ...”.
Donated by B. S. Benedikz, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:20)
Add.MS. 1136   4 September 1828
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, Bishop of Durham 1826-36) from Durham Castle proposing to visit Sir John Trevelyan at Wallington. With frank and a well-preserved seal.
1f. and 1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:21)
Add.MS. 1137/1-2   2 May 1829
Order in bastardy issued in the township of Gainford, Co. Durham against John Gibson and Ann Wright. Defective, with attached bill to the father.
2 pieces sealed together.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:23)
Add.MS. 1138/1-2   1829-1831
Letters from William Stephen Gilly (1789-1855, Prebendary of Durham 1826-1855) from Durham:
to Charles Danvers, 13 December 1829, concerning a book by [Charles] Macfarlane, apparently the 2nd edition of his Constantinople in 1828(pub. 1829)
to the Revd. W. Harness, 2 March 1831, expressing the hope that Rivingtons have sent him a copy of Gilly's latest book, Waldensian Researches.
2f. each.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:13)
Add.MS. 1139   n.d. [mid 19th century]
Letter from William Stephen Gilly (1789-1855, Prebendary of Durham 1826-1855) from the College, Durham, Monday evening, to George Taylor, Esq., about books (on mourning paper).
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 1957 (accession Misc.1957:4)
Add.MS. 1140   17 June 1829
Letter from J.W.D. Merest from Staindrop to Clayton, Scott & Clayton, solicitors, London, regarding the overdue payment of a £25 acceptance fee.
John William Drage Merest was presented to the living of Staindrop by the Marquis of Cleveland in 1829; he was subsequently Rector of Wem, Shropshire and domestic chaplain to the Marquis.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:8)
Add.MS. 1141   22 January 1829
Copy of will of Mrs. Ann Roberts, widow, of Kelham, Notts., with attached grant of probate (proved in the Exchequer Court of York, 22 January 1829). Property left in trust to her niece Elizabeth, wife of Henry Thompson of Darlington, liquor merchant.
Purchased from E. & B. Sutcliffe, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:10)
Add.MS. 1142   [1829 - watermark]
Fragment of a letter from Thomas Sopwith about the packing of books.
1 piece.
Found in a Surtees Raine ms. purchased from Steedman, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:24)
Add.MS. 1143   [ca. 1829]
“Fillypotto”. An anonymous satirical poem lampooning the political meanderings of Henry Phillpotts (1778-1869, Bishop of Exeter 1831-1869; Rector of Stanhope and Prebendary of Durham), in the late 1820's, from anti-catholicism to toleration, in the interest of career advancement. Refers to him as Dean of Chester; probably dated 1829-30.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1960 (accession Misc.1960:4)
Add.MS. 1144   30 October 1830
Printed indenture with ms. additions between Diana Beaumont of Bretton Hall, Yorkshire, William George Hawdon, cast iron founder, of Bladon [Blaydon] in Winlaton, Co. Durham, and Thomas Emerson, also of Bladon (as trustee), selling Hawdon for £115.9s.8d. two houses, land, and a cast iron foundry at Blaydon. Signed and sealed by Beaumont. Endorsed, with plan.
Purchased from Peter Eaton, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:1)
Add.MS. 1145   21 July 1846
(1) Thomas Wentworth Beaumont of Bywell Hall, Northumberland and Bretton Hall, Yorkshire
(2) Charles Broderick of Serle Street, Lincolns Inn
Richard Beaumont of Bossall, Yorkshire, naval captain
Edward Blackett Beaumont of Finningley Park, Yorkshire
(3) William George Hawdon of Blaydon, cast iron founder
(4) William Johnston of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gent.
Indenture between the above parties, reciting earlier agreements relating to marriage settlements, for the purchase by (3) for £500 of land [abutting that purchased by Hawdon in Add.MS. 1144 to the north-east] at Blaydon for an iron foundry.
Signed and sealed (1) and (2).
With schedule of earlier deeds, endorsed receipts, plan drawn by Thomas Bell & Sons.
Purchased from P. Eaton, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:1)
Add.MS. 1146   ca. 1830
Letter from W.H. Brockett (William Henry Brockett (d. ca. 1867, general merchant and antiquary, of Gateshead) from Gateshead to Mr. Charnley (Emerson Charnley, the Newcastle bookseller, (1782-1845) prepared a catalogue of the Thomlinson Library of Newcastle in 1829) requesting the loan of a copy of Dr. Thomlinson's catalogue.
Purchased from Mrs. L. A. Leake, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:2)
Add.MS. 1147   Wednesday 7 May [1828/1834]
Letter from Durham (John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, 1792-1840) to “Dear Sir” (?pencilled in: “Dr. Kenealy” ), acknowledging receipt of a petition.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:16)
Add.MS. 1148   13 November 1830
Letter from H. Hildyard from Stokesley to Clayton, Scott & Clayton, London, concerning a financial business which appears to have got into difficulties, largely blamed by Hildyard on the Bishop of Durham and his agents. Refers to the Clarence Rail Road Committee, chaired by Hildyard.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:15)
Add.MS. 1149   9 August 1830
Letter from Eden Greville from Weston Favel, to Mr. Wrightson at Darlington as executor of Mrs. Garth, asking if he has a survey of land at Butsfield now owned by Greville but formerly by Mrs Garth. With certificate of production in 1843 in a Chancery case added.
Purchased from H. T. Jantzen, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:6)
There are extensive records relating to the estate of Mrs Nanny Garth in the DUL South Durham Deeds collection.
Add.MS. 1150   18 March 1830
Letter from Vane Londonderry (Charles William Vane Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, 1778-1854) from Belvoir Castle to an unidentified correspondent re-arranging a meeting.
Purchased from E. Hall, before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:56)
Add.MSS 1151-1299 This group of manuscripts was stored in the Library for many years, those with reference Add.MS. 1132 and following under the temporary reference of SR Cab C1 and the document date. Occasionally this reference has appeared in citations.

Add.MS. 1151/1-9   [ca. 1830]
Partial ms. pedigrees, mainly of Co. Durham families: Surtees, Eden, Wrenn, Lambton, Baliol, Lyon, Liddell, Williamson, Clavering, Vane Stewart.
9 pieces
Found in a copy of Flower's Visitation of Durham(1575), (no information as to when) (accession Misc.2001/2002:63)
Add.MS. 1152   28th May [ca. 1830]
Letter from Hon. Gerald Valerian Wellesley (1770-1848, Prebendary of Durham) from Apsley House, to [Robert] Bowyer, 80 Pall Mall (1758-1834, painter) returning a print sent on approval and declining to subscribe to the series to which it belongs.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:23)
Add.MS. 1153/1-3   1831-1851
3 letters from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Chichester 1831-1836, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) to various correspondents, concerning dining arrangements, clergy moves and an unsolicited book.
3 pieces, 1f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:32)
Add.MS. 1154/1-7   ca. 1835-1845
Letters from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Chichester 1831-1836, Bishop of Durham 1836-56), two signed as Chichester to Jonathan Matchett at Lakenham mentioning his translation to Durham, a subscription of 25 guineas to Revd Lonsdale for King's College Hospital, to Mr Laing about the Governesses' Benevolent Institution, ordering books (on mourning paper), a note to Sir John Trevelyan about his new chapel and an engraving of Maltby from a drawing by J.S. Corman.
7 pieces
Purchased from E. Hall (accession Misc.1962:17)
Add.MS. 1155/1-3   [ca. 1840]
3 letters from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from Auckland Castle or Curzon St., no years given to booksellers: two to R. Buckmann and one to the executors of T. Cadell (d. 1836), concerning various orders for books, and nominations [for a place in a charity school, see 1159 below].
3 pieces 1f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:38)
Add.MS. 1156/1-2   28 October 1841
Note from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from Auckland Castle to Mr. Dalton, acknowledging receipt of a book. Accompanied by a photograph of Beechey's portrait of Maltby.
2 pieces
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:30)
Add.MS. 1157   1 May [1843]
Letter from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from London to Mr. Buckmann in London, regarding distribution of presentation copies of his Two sermons ... [and] a charge ...(1843).
Purchased from S.P.C.K. (London), 1981 (accession Misc.1981:22)
Add.MS. 1158   31 December [1835] - 5 January 1836
Letter from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Chichester 1831-1836, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from the Palace, Chichester to the publisher Thomas Cadell, directing him to send presentation copies of certain of his books, “elegantly and classically bound”, to the Revd. W. F. Raymond and to the Dean of Chichester. Endorsed with a copy of Cadell's reply.
Purchased from Charles Higham (S.P.C.K.), 1984 (accession Misc.1984:14)
Add.MS. 1159/1-2   27 September 1841 & 16 July 1843
2 letters from Edward Maltby (1770-1859, Bishop of Durham 1836-56) from Auckland Castle to Mrs. Percy, concerning the candidature of John Ingham and Susannah Maxwell for the St. Ann's Society Schools (not successful by 1843), see also 1155/1 above.
2 pieces.
Purchased from Charles Higham (S.P.C.K.), 1982 (accession Misc.1982:18)
Add.MS. 1160   15 October 1831
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, Bishop of Durham 1826-36) from Auckland Castle to C. Holehouse, replying to a request to sponsor Thomas Hill for a vacant situation at Charterhouse.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:23)
Add.MS. 1161   15 June 1831
Letter from William Van Mildert (1765-1836, Bishop of Durham 1826-36) from Hanover Square to Mr Lupton concerning some framed prints to be sent by Mr. Colnaghi.
Purchased from E. Hall, no date (accession Misc.2001/2002:72)
Add.MS. 1162   20 Oct. [1832?]
Letter from Thomas Burgess (1756-1837, Prebendary of Durham & Bishop of Salisbury) from Salisbury to “Revd. Sir” (unidentified), apparently concerned with a forthcoming edition of a Greek text, and enclosing a half-sheet of copy [not present].
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:6)
Add.MS. 1163/1-2   9 September 1832
Letter from Lord Falkland from Windsor to his agent in Co. Durham about Hardwicke Hall and other properties, with draft of agent's reply.
2f. each.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:18)
Add.MS. 1164   5 April 1833
Letter from F. Burdett (1770-1844, politician) from London to John Bell of Gateshead, replying to his request for a frank.
Purchased via Myers from Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, lot 516. (accession Misc.1981:2)
Add.MS. 1165   29 July 1833
Letter from W. Vane (1st Duke of Cleveland, 1766-1842) from Paris to Lady Shelley [Mary Shelley, 1797-1851], containing travel news from Paris.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:49)
Add.MS. 1166   17 December 1834
“The angel's song & Judgement”. A large display of penmanship, executed by Henry Allerston.
Purchased from Miss Minto, with graphic items, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:2)
Add.MS. 1167   14 March 1834
Letter from F. Charnock [?] from Bishopton Close to “My dear Sir” (unidentified), apparently providing a reference for a past pupil (un-named) now “so eligibly placed at Durham”.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:6)
Add.MS. 1168   3 December 1834
Notes on Bishop Cosin's Library, Durham, comprising an account of the charter of foundation, taken from the Mickleton & Spearman MSS, and the revised regulations of 1798. Endorsed in another hand “Mr. [C.T.] Whitley's report respecting Bp. Cosin's Library at Durham, Decr. 3d. 1834”.
Presented by the Revd. B.A. Smith, 1951 (accession Misc.1951:1)
Add.MS. 1169   16 August 1834
Letter from Thomas Penswick (1772-1836, Roman Catholic Bishop for the North of England 1824-36) from Durham to Charles Stanley, Dennah House, West Chester. Property and family matters.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:10)
Add.MS. 1170   1835
Letter from Le Blanc, Oliver & Cook, solicitors, London, to W.H. Lea, Henley-in-Arden, enclosing a copy of a letter from J. Burrell (solicitor, of Durham) dated 11 Nov. 1835, reporting on the difficulty of selling an estate at Newfield, property of Branfoot deceased, and the possibility of the See of Durham purchasing it.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:1)
Add.MS. 1171   23 March 1835
Terms of apprenticeship for boys and girls taken on by the Middlesbrough Pottery Co.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:6)
Add.MS. 1172   22 July 1837
Satirical anonymous poem written at Sunderland concerning Chaytor as a politician. Sir William Chaytor (1777-1847, M.P. for Sunderland 1832-35, when he was defeated; he stood for election as M.P. for North Durham in 1837, but was again unsuccessful).
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:12)
Add.MS. 1173   7 November 1837
Letter from Henry Ellis from the British Museum to John Bell of Gateshead thanking him for a gift of a box of fossil reeds from Gateshead to the Museum.
Purchased via Myers from Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, lot 516 (accession Misc.1981:15)
Add.MS. 1174   2 April 1837
Letter from Edward Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby from Knowsley to an unknown recipient concerning autograph collecting.
Purchased via Myers - Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, lot 516 (accession Misc.1981:26)
Add.MS. 1175   13 April 1837
Letter from George Townsend (1788-1857, author, Prebendary of Durham) from Northallerton to John Raine, Blythe, Bantry, concerning an edition of Foxe's Acts & monuments, for which Townsend is to write a preface, and other literary and domestic matters.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:19)
Add.MS. 1176/1-5   September 1837 - October 1841
5 letters from George Townsend (1788-1857, author, Prebendary of Durham) from Northallerton or The College, Durham to J.W. Whittaker (1791-1854, Vicar of Blackburn 1822-54), praising Whittaker's literary and evangelical activities and incorporating miscellaneous domestic news etc.
5 pieces, 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:14)
Add.MS. 1177/1-3   1837 and 1860
3 letters from Henry Montague Villiers (1813-61, Bishop of Durham 1860-61): to the Lord Chancellor's secretary (18 July 1837) concerning the level of insurance on Kenilworth Vicarage (a living then held by Villiers); to J. Barlow (31 July 1837) on the same; and to J. C. Bruce (28 September 1860) about an invitation to chair a meeting.
3 pieces, 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:51)
Add.MS. 1178   12 March 1837
Printed form of apprenticeship indenture, completed in ms. for Thomas Walton of Bishop Auckland with J. Angus & T. Wilson, Woolen Drapers of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Donated via Collingwood College, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:4)
Add.MS. 1179/1-11   1838-1868
10 letters from Charles Thomas Longley (1794-1868, Bishop of Ripon, 1836-1856; Bishop of Durham 1856-60; Archbishop of Canterbury 1862-68) to miscellaneous correspondents, concerning subscriptions to appeals, clergy preferment, etc. Accompanied by a contemporary printed portrait of Longley from the Illustrated London News.
11 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:36)
Add.MS. 1180   April 6 1838
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh (1755-1854) from Magdalen College, Oxford to Mr. Lumley, bookseller, 50 Chancery Lane ordering a list of books from his catalogue.
Presented by Miss Winifred Myers, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:13)
Add.MS. 1181   14 January 1839
Prospectus for the creation of a subscription news room within the Central Exchange at Newcastle (on the corner of Grey Street and Market Street), with a plan, artist's impression and description. Printed large format document, with ms. additions, addressed to S. Rowlandson of Durham and signed by R. Grainger.
Donated by Miss I. Rowlandson, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:34)
Add.MS. 1182   [1840s]
Letter from William Henry Vane (1st Marquess of Cleveland, 1766-1842) from Newton House to an unidentified correspondent thanking him for a gift
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:10)
Add.MS. 1183/1-2   [ca 1840s]
Two impromptu verses by William Crighton (mid-19th century solicitor, of North Shields and Newcastle) occasioned by the marriage of three of his Durham acquaintances (Griffith to Tilly; Wilkinson to White; Burrell to Reed). Accompanied by an obituary notice of Crighton from an undated and unidentified magazine.
2 pieces.
Purchased from E.Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:3)
Add.MS. 1184/1-2   27 January 1840
Letter from J.A. Dixon to William Crighton (19th century solicitor, of North Shields and Newcastle) concerning reminiscences of schooldays spent together in Durham, and including a lengthy set of comic verses by Dixon on the same theme.
2 pieces, 2f. each.
Purchased from E.Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:4)
Add.MS. 1185/1-2   1840-1841
2 letters from T.C. Grainger to an unidentified recipient, one (17 November 1840) from Grange, near Sunderland, the other (11 January 1841) from Morley's Hotel, Charing Cross, about archaeological finds made during his father' development work in Newcastle.
2 pieces, 2f. and 1f.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:9)
Add.MS. 1186   29 January 1840
Letter from William Stephen Gilly (1789-1855, Prebendary of Durham 1826-1855) from Durham to Mr. Clark, concerning a candidate for a nomination, and political and other matters.
Purchased from I.K. Fletcher, 1957 (accession Misc.1957:5)
Add.MS. 1187   10 April 1843
Letter from William Stephen Gilly (1789-1855, Prebendary of Durham 1826-1855) from Norham to [ ] Wigram, concerning acquaintances of theirs and the prospect of a future meeting.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:25)
Add.MS. 1188   24 Ma[y?] 1842
Letter from James Finlay Weir Johnston (1796-1855, reader in Chemistry at Durham, 1833-55) from Durham to John Purdie, junior, thanking him for his offer of an engraving of a fossil, which he is asked to leave with D. Nutt, foreign bookseller, the Strand, London.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:12)
Add.MS. 1189   23 October 1840
Letter from James Finlay Weir Johnston (1796-1855, reader in Chemistry at Durham, 1833-55) from Durham to the Philosophical Society, Kilmarnock, thanking the Society for making him an honorary member, on Durham Observatory paper (with Bouet's picture of the Observatory engraved as a headpiece).
Presented by Miss S. C. Leisk, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:13)
Add.MS. 1190   13 July 1840
Note signed “J.R.” and endorsed “July 13 1840 Lord J. Russell”, concerning the management in the Lords of the Chapters Bill [i.e. the Bill to carry into effect, with certain modifications, the 4th report of the Commissioners of ecclesiastical duties and revenues; enacted as 3 & 4 Vict., c.113, 1840], the annual sum to be allowed the Dean of Durham, and the view of the Bishop of Durham.
Purchased from Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:22)
Add.MS. 1191   8 December 1840
Letter from Lady Anne Elizabeth Williamson (b. 1801, wife of Sir H. Williamson, M. P. for Durham) to Mr. Crowe, Wheat Sheaf, Monkwearmouth, ordering a pair of horses.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:53)
Add.MS. 1192   15 March 1841
Letter from J.H. Lowther (M.P. for York) to unidentified recipient, concerning the Medical Profession Bill, then laid before Parliament, and its disadvantageous implications for the pharmaceutical profession. With slip identifying correspondent.
2f. and 1 piece.
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:58)
Add.MS. 1193   15 June 1837
Letter from R. Caldcleugh from Durham to J.& W. Kimberley, manufacturers, Birmingham, asking for further time in which to pay a debt, for the reclaiming of which legal proceedings have been started.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:2)
Add.MS. 1194/1-2   ca. 1840s
Copies of 4 testimonial letters for John Atkinson of Kendal, dated 1841 (2 from J. Backhouse & Co.), and an undated letter to him from J. Brantingham, Darlington (in the Quaker style).
2f. each
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:2)
Add.MS. 1195   [1] May 1841
Letter from Edward Pease (1767-1858) from Darlington to Thomas Richardson in London about money. With a portrait of Pease from the Illustrated London Newsmounted at a later date.
Purchased from Jantzen, cat. 50, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:21)
Add.MS. 1196   4 May 1841
Letter from W. Ogilvie Porter (1774-1850) from Bristol to an unidentified recipient, replying to a letter asking for information about setting up in medicine at Norwich.
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:64)
Add.MS. 1197   16 April 1841
Letter from John Scott, 2nd Earl Eldon from London to John Bell of Gateshead concerning gifts by the latter, relating to Lord Eldon, his grandfather.
Purchased via Myers at Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, lot 516 (accession Misc.1981:25)
Add.MS. 1198/1-10   1841-1875
Darlington Society of Friends: account for the Darlington Meeting, 1841; 4 certificates recommending Friends from other Meetings; letter from Thomas Smith to Mr Backhouse (28 June 1849) about Society funds; part letter (28 November 1866) of news of family and friends; part letter from Southend, Darlington (11 April 1871) giving detailed account of an Elder of the Darlington Meeting (identified as J.P. ?); letter from Birmingham to James Backhouse (18 October 1875) about travel arrangements; historical notes.
10 pieces
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:16)
Add.MS. 1199   18 October 1842
Letter from William Benn (coin collector) from Scarborough to Mr. S. Purdue jun., in reply to a letter offering a collection of Roman coins.
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:8)
Add.MS. 1200   13 June 1842
Printed form of apprenticeship indenture, completed in ms. for John Coates with William Clark, tailor.
2f. [fragile]
Donated via Collingwood College, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:5)
Add.MS. 1201   18 February 1842
Letter from R. Hansell from Easington to William Lloyd Wharton, his landlord, asking for leniency over rent arrears due for a farm and offering to pay by instalments. Sent on by Wharton to his agent, J.K. Watson, Hull, and endorsed by him accordingly.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:13)
Add.MS. 1202/1-2   1 June 1842
Letter from George Townsend (1788-1857, Prebendary of Durham) to an unidentified recipient, fixing an appointment to visit a library. Accompanied by a contemporary steel engraved portrait of Townsend, engraved by A.W. Warren after a drawing by H. Smith and published by B. Wetheim.
2 pieces, mounted.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:18)
Add.MS. 1203   11 July 1843
Letter from Richard William Jelf (1798-1871, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford; Principal of King's College, London, 1844-68) from Christ Church, Oxford to an unidentified lady, apologising to her that he is unable to help her candidate in a forthcoming election at Magdalen College, Oxford, but suggesting that Durham may offer an opening instead.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:11)
Add.MS. 1204   7 April 1843
Letter from [Stephen ?] Temple from Durham to John Saul, solicitor, Carlisle, discussing a client's case (Francis Story) involving the recovery of loaned money.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:12)
Add.MS. 1205/1-13   1843-1848
Letters relating to the election of John Bright (1813-1889) as M.P. for Durham City in 1843, mainly from Bright in London (at the address of either the National Anti-Corn-Law League or the League Club) to John Henderson in Durham.
12 pieces and some envelopes.
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 25 July 1972, lot 345 (accession Misc.1972:3)
Add.MS. 1205/1   8 June 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about finding a good parliamentary agent.
Add.MS. 1205/2   13 June 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson; there is no vacancy at Sheffield so he is free to stand at Durham.
Add.MS. 1205/3   14 June 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about his standing at Durham.
Add.MS. 1205/4   26 June 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about funds.
Add.MS. 1205/5   15 July 1843
Letter from Bright (from Winchester) to Henderson about the Durham Committee.
Add.MS. 1205/6   28 July 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about a congratulatory meeting to be held at the Crown and Anchor.
Add.MS. 1205/7   16 August 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about Tory trickery.
Add.MS. 1205/8   4 October 1843
Letter from Bright to Henderson about the new paper and petition.
Add.MS. 1205/9   2 February 1848
Letter from Bright from Rochdale to Henderson about carpet weaving and family news.
Add.MS. 1205/10   15 July 1843
Letter from Lambton to unidentified recipient about suitable candidates for the Durham election.
Add.MS. 1205/11   29 July 1843
Letter from the Committee of the Batley Anti Monopoly Association including a congratulatory address to the electors of Durham who voted for Mr Bright to John Anderson [Henderson ?] at Durham.
Add.MS. 1205/12   29 July 1843
Admission ticket for League meeting at the Crown and Anchor, Strand to congratulate the voters of Durham City.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 1205/13a-e
Envelopes addressed to Henderson for some of the above.
5 pieces.
Add.MS. 1206   21 August 1844
Letter from Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776-1847, bibliographer) from London [?], to M.J. Routh, replying to a letter from Routh. Refers to Macaulay's article on Addison, and the hope of a visit to the coast.
Purchased from Winifred Myers, 1967 (accession Misc.1967:4)
Add.MS. 1207/1-3   1844-1857
3 letters from Henry Vane (1788-1864, 2nd Marquess of Cleveland) to various correspondents, sending an autograph, commenting on a sample of madeira and declining a subscription.
3 pieces and 1 envelope.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:9)
Add.MS. 1208   4 February 1845
Indenture binding William Cooper of Bishopwearmouth as an apprentice and clerk to Bilton and Wasserman of Sunderland.
Presented by Dr. A.I. Doyle, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:5)
Add.MS. 1209   1 December 1845
Standard printed letter sent by the Leeds and Thirsk Railway Company to landowners concerned in the proposed construction of a branch line from the Leeds and Thirsk Railway to Hartlepool, together with a schedule, completed in ms., detailing the land required near Stockton. Sent to the Trustees under the will of William Haswill.
2 sheets.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:31)
Add.MS. 1210   1845-1856
2 letters from J. Ward from Durham, one to Mrs. R. Smith, Stoke Newington (1 October 1845) about her book on their mutual friend [ The Life of the Rev. H. Moore ... Including the Autobiography, and the continuation, written from his own papers, by Mrs. R. Smith(London, 1844)] with observations about other Methodist acquaintances, the other to an unidentified lady (24 October 1856) replying to her questions about his children and his differences with the Methodist Conference. Mounted with this, a picture of a cricket match on the racecourse at Durham, probably from the Illustrated London News.
2f. each and cropped, mounted engraving.
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:20)
Add.MS. 1211   7 May 1846
Letter from John Bowes (1811-1885, M.P. for South Durham 1811-85) from London to an unidentified correspondent, enclosing two House of Commons papers [not present].
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:4)
Add.MS. 1212   29 January 1847
Letter to the Wear & Derwent Junction Railway Co., from the Weardale Iron Company, Tow Law Ironworks, asking for assistance in building a school there.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:42)
Add.MS. 1213/1-21   ca. 1848-1930s
Small collection of mainly printed ephemera relating to Darlington, largely magazine/news cuttings ca. 1900-30, also including a list of Darlington Book Society members (late 19th century), a notice of the Darlington Farmer's Club, 1848 (with ms. notes of a meeting of the Mechanic's Institute, 1848 on the back) and a carte-de-visite photograph of Francis Mewburn (1785-1867, Chief Bailiff of Darlington) from his widow.
21 pieces
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:13)
Add.MS. 1214   1 June 1849
Copy of a lease, of a farm of 41 acres at Darlington and rent charges in Darlington, archdeacon Newton, Blackwell and Cockerton, by Henry, Duke of Cleveland to Robert Thornton of Stapleton, for 1 year and thence from year to year at £550 p.a. With schedule of fields
Purchased from E. & B. Sutcliffe, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:2)
Add.MS. 1215   8 March 1849
Lease of 2 acres of land at Haughton-le-Skerne, the Revd. J. Newsam of Soham, Robert Colling of Haughton-le-Skerne and John Richmond of Stockton to Thomas and John Stabler, of Haughton-le-Skerne, for 21 years at £19 p.a. Signed and sealed by all parties. Endorsed by witnesses, and with memorandum of agreement of 14 February 1870 by Thomas Stabler with Robert Thornton of Stapleton.
Purchased from E. & B. Sutcliffe, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:3)
Add.MS. 1216   18 April [ca. 1850s]
Letter from J.G. Dundas to “The Rt. Honble. The Lord Mayor” on behalf of the Lords of the Treasury about an application by the York Temperance Society.
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:18)
Add.MS. 1217   28 January [ca. 1850s]
Letter from William George Henderson (d. 1905, Principal of Hatfield Hall, University of Durham, Secretary of the Surtees Society) from Magdalen College, Oxford, to unspecified recipient, enclosing particulars of the Surtees Society.
Purchased from P. Eaton, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:28)
Add.MS. 1218   [ca. 1850s]
Letter from Warren (?) Metcalfe to John Fothergill, surgeon, Darlington, apparently declining an invitation to address the Darlington Temperance Society.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:39)
Add.MS. 1219   [Later 19th century]
Photocopied pages from memoirs by John Mitchinson (1833-1918, bishop of Barbados) of life in Durham in the mid-19th century - includes biographical details of cathedral clergy, his education at Durham School etc. Sections entitled “Childhood recollections”, “School reminiscences”.
Supplied by owners, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:15)
Copied from original in Pembroke College Archives, Oxford (ref: 60/15/83) from whom copies, permission for publication etc. must be obtained.
Add.MS. 1220   [n.d. mid 19th century]
Letter from Margaret Rippon to an unidentified correspondent concerning a Shakespeare portrait purchased at a sale at Lumley Castle by her husband, when young.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:16)
Add.MS. 1221/1-4   [1850s]
2 undated letters from Henry Montague Villiers (1813-61, Bishop of Durham 1860-61) to unidentified correspondents (one signed Dunelm) concerning agreements to preach.
Engraved (by D.J. Pound) portrait of Villiers and a printed biography, both dating from his time as Bishop of Carlisle [1856-60].
4 pieces
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:41)
Add.MS. 1222   15 March [18]53
Letter from Ignatius Bonomi from Durham to J. Church Backhouse, Blackwell, Darlington, about arrangements for publishing a pamphlet [unidentified] for some beneficial cause, discussing particularly the illustrations which may involve payment of large customs duty.
1f. and envelope
Presented, via the British Library Dept. of MSS, by Mr. Sunderland, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:5)
Add.MS. 1223   23 March 1853
Letter from Thomas Crofton Croker from London to W.B. Scott concerning Scott's gift of his Antiquarian gleanings in the north of England(1851).
Purchased via Myers from Sotheby's auction, 27 October 1981, lot 516 (accession Misc.1981:6)
Add.MS. 1224/1-2   14 March 1853
Minutes of a meeting of the Wolsingham Angler's Association, held at Wolsingham, concerned with arranging a lease of Lumley Lock in order to ensure a free passage through it for salmon in the River Wear, accompanied by a related document (in William Henderson's hand) entitled “Proposed data for a sub-lease”. These appear to be the enclosures referred to in Add.MS. 1225/4.
1f. and 2f.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:32)
Add.MS. 1225/1-6   19 February 1853 - 5 September 1853
6 letters from William Henderson from Durham to Douglas Gresley, concerning legal and business matters, including the Lumley Lock dispute and fishing rights in the River Wear.
6 pieces, 1f. or 2f.
Provenance not recorded (presumably E. Hall) (accession Misc.2001/2002:46)
Add.MS. 1226/1-2   1854 & 1866
Railway documents
£20 share certificate of William Nicholson of Clerkenwell in the Darlington and Barnard Castle Railway, 10 October 1854.
Incomplete page onto which bills paid by the Stockton and Darlington section of the North Eastern Railway Company and their receipts have been pasted (numbered 369-371 & 374-376). These include purchase of grease, a locomotive (no. 185) from Robert Stephenson & Co., building works on the Skinningrove Branch, parcel and telegraph bills.
1226/1 - 1 piece. 1226/2 - 369: 1 piece (no receipt); 370: 2 pieces; 371: 2 pieces; 374: 2 pieces; 375: 7 pieces;376: 2 pieces.
Donated by T.W. Robinson, 1967 (accession Misc.1967:7)
Add.MS. 1227/1-47   1850-1857
Letters addressed to the directors and officers of the Stockton & Darlington Railway Company on a variety of minor matters.
47 items
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:12)
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 1228   14 February 1855
Letter from John Collingwood Bruce from Newcastle to C. Roach Smith about the Roman station of Chester-le-Street and altars found there.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:3)
Add.MS. 1229   23 February 1855
Letter from William Stephen Gilly (1789-1855, Prebendary of Durham 1826-1855) from Durham to James Cunningham, concerning the Vaudois and Waldensian Church.
Purchased from P. Eaton, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:5)
Add.MS. 1230   28 December 1855
Letter from Francis Lyne from London to Francis Mewburn at Darlington, concerning a dispute over legal practice and Lyne's intention to publish some correspondence on the issue.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:37)
Add.MS. 1231/1-3   1858
3 letters from Jeremiah William Summers (historian of Sunderland).
3 items.
Purchased from Adab Books, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:13)
Add.MS. 1231/1   15 June 1858
Letter from Summers from Bishopwearmouth to Henry Morton Esq., enclosing (not present) the published parts of the former's History and antiquities of Sunderland(1858).
Add.MS. 1231/2   n.d.
Note from Summers to [Robert?] Robson concerning Richard Robinson, a freeman of Sunderland in the early 18th century.
1 piece.
Add.MS. 1231/3   2 February 1858
Letter from R.H. Allan from Blackwell Hall, to Summers, concerning Sunderland personalities.
Add.MS. 1232   17 November 1855
Letter from Henry Montague Villiers (1813-1861, Bishop of Durham 1860-61) from Bloomsbury Rectory, to an unidentified recipient, asking him to give a lecture at our School Room on the Microscope. With a small photograph of a portrait of Villiers pasted on the blank half of the sheet at a later date.
Purchased from E. Hall ca. 1970 (accession Misc.2001/2002:73)
Add.MS. 1233/1-4   1856-1881
4 letters from John Prideaux Lightfoot, from Exeter College, Oxford to various correspondents, concerning various college and business matters.
4 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, ca. 1970 (accession Misc.2001/2002:53)
Add.MS. 1234   11 November 1857
Copy of offer of purchase of land (re. railway) by the Darlington Land Company to Mr. Barningham.
1 piece.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:15)
Add.MS. 1235   12 March 1855
Letter from Sir Henry Taylor (1800-1886, author) from “The Uplands” to Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892, naturalist) concerning the removal of some trees.
Purchased from E. Hall before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:68)
Add.MS. 1236   17 August 1880
Letter from Sir Henry Taylor (1800-1886, author) from Bournemouth to R.F. Charles giving some proof corrections.
Purchased from I.K. Fletcher, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:46)
Add.MS. 1237   5 September 1856
Letter from James Raine junior from York to his father concerning a curate and the Northumberland survey of 1597. With a sketch of a Saxon cross at Wensley.
Presented by the Librarian of Magdalen College, Oxford, from a volume once owned by James Raine senior.(accession Misc.1969:8)
Add.MS. 1238/1-8   1880s
2 letters from James Raine the younger (d.1896, Librarian of York Minster) from York to Dr. Henry Holden (1814-1909, Headmaster of Durham School 1853-82), December 1880 and June 1881, concerning the history of Durham School; letter from Bryant Burgess, Latimer, December 1881, to Holden, with verses; contemporary news cuttings, mainly about the school, and an Old Dunelmian's Club dinner menu, September 1881.
8 items
Acquired with printed items purchased from Howes Bookshop, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:22)
Add.MS. 1239/1-8   8 April 1857 - 26 March 1858
7 letters to Henry Pease (1807-1881, M.P. for Durham South 1857-1865), and one to Mr. Cowburn, from 6 correspondents, about subscriptions, patronage etc.
8 items (mainly 2f. each)
Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:35)
Add.MS. 1240/1-4   1858-1876
3 letters from Charles Baring (1807-79, Bishop of Durham, 1861-79) to various correspondents - agreements to meet, renewal of subscriptions, resignation of trusteeships - and a fragment of another letter.
4 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:2)
Add.MS. 1241   19 March 1868
Letter from Charles Baring (1807-79, Bishop of Durham 1861-79) to an unidentified recipient, concerning a proposed scheme put to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
Purchased from E. Hall, early 1970s ? (accession Misc.2001:6)
Add.MS. 1242/1-7   1870s
Letters from Charles Baring (1807-79, Bishop of Durham 1861-79) to miscellaneous correspondents and one to Baring, dealing with everyday matters of business. Accompanied by a contemporary mounted photograph of Baring (from a Bristol photographer).
7 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:5)
Add.MS. 1243   2 January 1858
Letter from John Ruskin to Margaret Raine [daughter of James Raine, the future Mrs A.W. Hunt] concerning a proposed visit to Durham and mentioning his work arranging Turner sketches at the National Gallery.
2 f.
Purchased from C.J. Sawyer, one of two letters sold at Sotheby's auction, 1967 (lot 223) as the property of Mrs R. Van Buren Emmons (accession Misc.1969:10)
Add.MS. 1244   2 April 1859
Letter from Charles Thorp (1783-1862, Archdeacon of Durham; first Warden of Durham University) from University College, Durham, to an unidentified recipient asking him to complete, as soon as possible, the legal requirements attached to the recent grant of a piece of burial ground for St. Mary le Bow, St. Mary the Less and the Cathedral and Castle precincts [Elvet Hill graveyard].
Presented by Dr. C. W. Gibby, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:20)
Add.MS. 1245/1-2   24 January & 7 February 1859
Two letters from Thomas Wood from Coxhoe Hall to Francis Mewburn, concerning business transactions and disputes over West Dock collieries, involving Messrs. Jackson and Coleman.
2f. & 1f.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:15)
Add.MS. 1246   [ca. 1860s]
Genealogical notes concerning the Brackenbury family of Durham, from the middle ages to the beginning of the 19th century, extracted from 18th century writings of “Mr. Cradock of Durham”, and other sources.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:4)
Add.MS. 1247   26 February 1860
Letter from Henry Vane (5th Duke of Cleveland, 1788-1864) from Raby Castle to an unidentified recipient about the non-availability of an adjutancy in the South Durham militia.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:7)
Add.MS. 1248   11 July 1860
Letter from Henry Grey (3rd Earl Grey) to Sir Charles J. MacCarthy, congratulating him on his appointment as Governor of Ceylon (reply to a letter in Earl Grey Papers - GRE/B114/3).
Purchased from Myers, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:17)
Add.MS. 1249   23 December 1860
Letter in third person from Henry Thomas Liddell (Earl of Ravensworth) from Ravensworth Castle to Robert White concerning White's gift of antiquarian reprints.
Purchased via Myers from Sotheby's auction 27 October 1981, part of lot 516 (accession Misc.1981:20)
Add.MS. 1250   13 July 1861
Letter from Henry Phillpotts (1778-1869, Bishop of Exeter 1830-69; Rector of Stanhope; Prebendary of Durham) to B.J.P. Barton concerning the problems of finding a priest for the benefice of Buckland (Diocese of Exeter), then joined with another parish.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:37)
Add.MS. 1251   20 March 1862
Letter from William Candlish (b. 1816 M.P. for Sunderland) from Sunderland to William Dixon, declining an invitation to Seaham.
1f. mounted
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:8)
Add.MS. 1252/1-2   25 April 1862 & 11 April 1864
2 letters from Rev. H. Jenkyns from Durham to the editor and to the publisher of Men of the time, complaining about inaccuracies.
1f. each
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:32)
Add.MS. 1253   13 August 1863
Letter from Prideaux John Selby (1788-1867, naturalist) from Chat-Hill to an unidentified recipient concerning the habits of partridges, and the means of establishing a heronry.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:17)
Add.MS. 1254   1 February 1864
Letter from John Henry Blunt (1823-84) from Spennymoor to Canon J. Fowler, looking for a reply to an earlier letter and exchanging news etc.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:2)
Add.MS. 1255   2 July 1864
Letter from William John Frederick Vane (3rd Marquess of Cleveland, 1792-1864) from Bath, agreeing to subscribe to the North Wales Natural History Society.
1f. mounted.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:10)
Add.MS. 1256   5 August 1864
Letter from George Waddington (1793-1869, Dean of Durham 1840-69) from Durham to an unidentified recipient, in reply to a request to help a candidate for a scholarship at Durham University, mentioning crisis there.
2f. mounted
Purchased from Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:22)
Add.MS. 1257   15 March 1865
Letter from Robert Ingham (1793-1875, M.P. for South Shields) from London to Mr. Salmon' (Thomas Salmon, friend from their time together at Durham School), acknowledging receipt of a cheque. With late 19th century biographical note.
2f. and 1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:31)
Add.MS. 1258/1-8   1865-1876
Letters from miscellaneous correspondents to Henry Baker Tristram (1822-1906, Prebendary of Durham 1873-1906).
8 items
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:70)
Add.MS. 1258/1   28 October 1865
Letter from T. G. Binney, St. John's College, offering a copy of Binney's paper on Holy Places
Add.MS. 1258/2   8 November 1865
Letter from Alfred Newton (1829-1907, zoologist) from Magdalen College, concerning purchase of some birds' eggs, other natural matters and his career prospects (partially in French).
Add.MS. 1258/3   11 November 1865
Letter from Thomas Burt from the S.P.C.K. London, concerning a new edition of The land of Israeland a proposed work on natural history by Tristram.
Add.MS. 1258/4   21 November 1865
Letter from Thomas Burt from the S.P.C.K. London, regarding some books Tristram is trying to obtain.
Add.MS. 1258/5   22 November 1865
Letter from W. Dickes at the Designing, Engraving & Colour Printing Offices, 5 Old Fish Street, concerning illustrations in the reprint of a book by Tristram for Burt.
Add.MS. 1258/6   20 February 1866
Letter from George Warington, Apothecaries' Hall, with an analysis of some rock salt collected in Palestine.
Add.MS. 1258/7   24 May 1876
Letter from Rev. Selah Merrill, from Beirut, concerning the location of Sodom & Tristram's theory thereupon.
3f. and envelope.
Add.MS. 1258/8   [1892]
Leaf from the Monthly supplement to the Christian herald, including article on David Jamal who had guided an expedition of Tristram's.
1 piece
Add.MS. 1259   20 July 1866
Letter from R.L. Pemberton from The Barnes, Sunderland (incomplete or unsigned), to J. Gough Nichols, about the history of the Pemberton family.
Donated by Miss W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:13)
Add.MS. 1260/1-7   1867-1877
7 letters from William Charles Lake (1817-97: Dean of Durham, 1869-94) to a Mr. Kempe and various others, concerning invitations to preach, testimonials, etc.
7 items: 1 or 2f. each.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:35)
Add.MS. 1261   27 August 1889
Letter from William Charles Lake (1817-97: Dean of Durham, 1869-94) from Homburg, to the President of the British Association, sending apologies for absence from a forthcoming meeting of the Association.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:10)
Add.MS. 1262   25 October [ca. 1890?]
Letter from William Charles Lake (1817-97: Dean of Durham, 1869-94) to Mr. Fowler, inviting him to meet the Archbishop the following day.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:10)
Add.MS. 1263   5 February 1868
Letter from Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) from the Education Department, London, to Miss [Dora] Greenwell, concerning a book of hers [an anthology?].
Purchased from R. Steedman, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:6)
Add.MS. 1264   2 May 1868
Official form of inquiry (printed, completed in ms.), from Mrs. Charlotte Furness of Billy Row, Crook, Co. Durham, to discover the whereabouts of John Johnson, her brother, a soldier in the 2nd European Light Infantry, last seen when sailing for Calcutta in 1860. . Endorsed “Reply No. 3129 26th May 1868. Dis[charged] with the sanction of govt.... 14 July 1859.”
Purchased from E. Hall, n.d. (accession Misc.2001/2002:42)
Add.MS. 1265   29 December 1869
Letter from George Frederick D'Arcy Lambton (2nd Earl of Durham, 1828-79) from Lambton Castle to “My dear Baldwin”, thanking him for a set of rules for bezique.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:13)
Add.MS. 1266   19 June 1869
Letter from Adam Storey Farrar (1826-1905, Prebendary of Durham) from Durham to “Dear Rowden”, concerning the sponsorship of a Mrs. Robinson at elections held by the Friends of the Clergy Society.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:19)
Add.MS. 1267   22 November 1869
Letter from John Fielder Mackarness (1820-89, Bishop of Oxford 1869-1888) from Honiton to an unidentified recipient, concerning ordination requirements for Durham graduates in the Diocese of Oxford.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:16)
Add.MS. 1268   24 November [1870s]
Letter from Henry Holden (Headmaster of Durham Cathedral School, 1853-1882), from Durham to “My dear Clarke” commending the University of Durham.
Purchased from W.A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:14)
Add.MS. 1269   23 August 1870
Letter from C. Maurice Davies (1828-1910, author, Durham graduate) from Bayswater to Shirley Brooke, enclosing a list of work and commenting on his writing for Punch, etc.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:12)
Add.MS. 1270   28 April 1873
Letter of introduction from A. S. Farrar (1826-1905, Prebendary of Durham) from Durham, for R. L. Johnson, visiting Oxford.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:23)
Add.MS. 1271/1-2   4 January 1872
Letter from John Bacchus Dykes (1823-1876, hymn writer) from Durham to H. K. Morley concerning chants. With carte-de-visite photograph.
2f. and photograph
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:6)
Add.MS. 1272   1 August 1871
Letter from William Greenwell (1820-1918, antiquarian and canon of Durham) to “My dear Sir” (unidentified), offering an opinion on the date of a stone pot, considered to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and declining to purchase it.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:6)
Add.MS. 1273   29 January 1871
Postcard written in Latin, from an unidentified correspondent, postmarked Guildford, to J.T. Fowler, Hatfield Hall, Durham, concerning W.J. Tait's need for a curate at Long Benton.
1 piece.
Found in a book in the Winterbottom collection, 1960 (accession Misc.1960:3)
Add.MS. 1274   19 December 1873
Letter from Joseph Thomas Fowler (1833-1924, Durham University Librarian 1873-1901) from Hatfield Hall, Durham, to Mr. Evans, concerning a tract by the latter on alphabets, diagrams of coins, and Fowler's appointment as Librarian at Durham. Also describing his discovery of a manuscript Latin psalter with English gloss at St Nicholas's, Newcastle (now Newcastle Public Library TH.1678, see Ker, MMBL, III, p.492).
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:39)
Add.MS. 1275   9 February 1873
Letter from Edward Prest (Archdeacon of Durham; Rector of Gateshead) to an unidentified correspondent contributing towards the cost of music books for the morning service of the University.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:42)
Add.MS. 1276   28 June 1873
Agreement of apprenticeship for James Walton of Gateshead with Thomas Carrick Watson of Newcastle, grocer.
Donated via Collingwood College, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:3)
Add.MS. 1277   1874
Bill from Thomas Heaviside, Queen Street, Durham (photographer), to Mrs. Pearce, Palace Green, for 12 cartes de visite, Christmas 1874.
1 piece.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:44)
Add.MS. 1278   27 November 1868
Letter from Henry Baker Tristram (1822-1906, Prebendary of Durham 1873-1906) to B. S. Lowne, written from Greatham Vicarage, Stockton-on-Tees, , concerning plants and botanical matters. Endorsed by Lowne on blank verso: "My dear Stevens, Do send my plants ... in haste yours sincerely Benjn. S. Lowne".
Purchased H.T. Jantzen, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:5)
Add.MS. 1279   18 November 1874
Letter from Henry Baker Tristram (1822-1906, Prebendary of Durham 1873-1906) to George Setton (?), thanking him for a flattering reference to his work.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:39)
Add.MS. 1280   8 May 1882
Letter from Henry Baker Tristram (1822-1906, Prebendary of Durham 1873-1906) to Mr Watkins, declining an invitation.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:22)
Add.MS. 1281   3 January [18]76
Letter from James Barmby (Principal of Hatfield Hall; Vicar of Pittington) from Hatf[ield] Hall to "My dear Johnson", thanking him for his congratulations on Barmby's appointment as Vicar of Pittington.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:1)
Add.MS. 1282   7 September 1881
Letter from Sir George Elliot (1814-93, MP for North Durham) from Houghton Hall, to [Judge] Gainsford Bruce, thanking him for his congratulations on Elliot's recent election success.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:21)
Add.MS. 1283   14 February 1874
Letter from George Henry Robert Charles William, 5th Marquess of Londonderry (1821-84) from Wynyard Park, Stockton-on-Tees, to an unidentified correspondent, concerning political trouble in Co. Durham, and "organized mobs of drunken pitmen". On mourning paper, and signed V[ane]-L[ondonderry?].
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:57)
Add.MS. 1284   [19th century]
Letter from T.W.U. Robinson from Hardwicke Hall, Sedgefield, dated Sunday evening, to Hodges about local and farming matters.
Purchased from Steedman (in copy of catalogue of Robinson's library), 1973 (accession Misc.1973:20)
Add.MS. 1285/1-4   [Mid/late-19th century]
2 charcoal drawings (female heads) and 2 small watercolours (aqueduct near Rome) attributed to Clement Burlison (d.1899).
4 pieces
Donated by F. Rutherford Esq., July 1964 (accession Misc.1964:7)
Add.MS. 1286/1-6   1873-1884
6 letters from Joseph Barber Lightfoot, (1828-89, Bishop of Durham 1879-89) to various correspondents, concerning subscriptions to appeals, thanks for help, invitations to preach, etc.
6 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:29))
Add.MS. 1287/1-11   1876-1889
11 letters from Joseph Barber Lightfoot, (1828-89, Bishop of Durham 1879-89) to various correspondents, on miscellaneous small matters - borrowing books, invitations to preach, purchase of pictures, invitations to preach or subscribe to charities etc.
11 pieces with 2 envelopes.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:54))
Add.MS. 1288   1889
Corrected printer's copy for Lightfoot's (1828-89, Bishop of Durham 1879-89) edition of the (spurious) epistle of Ignatius to the Philippians, printed in The Apostolic fathers(1st edn. 1885, 2nd edn. 1889). Accompanied by a compliments slip from Lightfoot dated May 1889 and a modern note on the two editions by G.R. Treloar.
10 pages foliated 48 - 57 and 2 pieces (a & b).
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:55)
Add.MS. 1289   3 May 1881
Letter from H.B. Hyde, (Private Secretary to Bishop Lightfoot) to F. Gale, explaining that the reserve price of 100 guineas placed on a picture of Durham Cathedral, in which Lightfoot had expressed an interest, made it too expensive for him to consider further.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:8)
Add.MS. 1290/1-4   November 1878
Four postcards from J.T. Fowler (1833-1924, Durham University Librarian, 1873-1901) to R. Blair, South Shields, concerning variant readings of the tombstone of Regina set up by Barates the Palmyrian (from Arbeia at South Shields).
4 pieces.
Found in volumes of local archaeological pamphlets at Ushaw College, and donated in 1957 (accession Misc.1957:3)
Add.MS. 1291   [Late 19th century, not before 1883.]
Notes by J.T. Fowler (1833-1924, Durham University Librarian, 1873-1901) on his relations William Fowler (the engraver, 1761-1832) and Joseph Fowler (d. 1882).
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:40)
Add.MS. 1292   27 March 1899
Letter from Joseph Thomas Fowler (1833-1924, Durham University Librarian, 1873-1901) from Winterton, Doncaster, to "Dear Jobson" (almost certainly Frederick W. B. Jobson, B.A. Hatfield Hall 1898, curate of Mohill, Co. Leitrim from 1899), containing advice on sermons.
Purchased from I. K. Fletcher, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:4)
Add.MS. 1293   17 February 1879
Letter from George William Kitchin (1827-1912, Dean of Durham 1894-1912) to unidentified correspondent, supplying information on residence requirements, examinations, etc., at Oxford.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:9)
Add.MS. 1294/1-2   1886 & 1897
2 letters from George William Kitchin (1827-1912, Dean of Durham 1894-1912) to Mr. Matthews and another, unidentified correspondent, concerning invitations to attend ceremonies etc.
2f. and 1f.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:27)
Add.MS. 1295   25 May 1889
Letter from George William Kitchin (1827-1912, Dean of Winchester 1883-94; Dean of Durham 1894-1912) to Miss Evans, Friary Cottage, Winchester, concerning her offer to restore a memorial in Winchester Cathedral.
2f. with envelope.
Purchased from E. Hall (before 1971) (accession Misc.2001/2002:51)
Add.MS. 1296   14 May 1883
Letter from William Greenwell (1820-1918) to "My dear Hooppell", inviting him to "come over some day" to meet Mr. Franks.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:20)
Add.MS. 1297/1-2   16 February 1886 and 7 October 1887
2 letters from William Greenwell (1820-1918) to G. H. Haydon, Bethlem Hospital, London, concerning fishing flies and Roman antiquities.
2f. each with one envelope.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:24)
Add.MS. 1298   24 March 1915
Postcard from William Greenwell (1820-1918) to Miss Brewis (?), thanking her for remembering his 96th birthday.
1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:27)
Add.MS. 1299/1-2   13 May 1878
Letter from William Walsham How (1823-97, Bishop of Wakefield 1888-97) from Whittington Rectory to Mr. Trimble (?), thanking him for a book and cheque. Certain words referring to another person are obliterated. Accompanied by a contemporary printed photograph of How.
2f. mounted.
Purchased by E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:17)
Add.MSS 1300-1403 This group of manuscripts was stored in the Library for many years, those with reference Add.MS. 1306 and following under the temporary reference of SR Cab C1 and the document date. Occasionally this reference has appeared in citations.

Add.MS. 1300-1305   ca.1825 - 20th century
Album largely of portrait drawings of people with Durham connections, by Joseph Bouet (Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet, sometimes called Nicolas Bouet, 1791-1856, artist, of Durham City), together with an 1857 auction sale description of the album's contents, and late 19th/early 20th century notes on the identities of some of the people portrayed.
1 box.
Presented by Charles Wallace, 1985 (accession Misc.1985:1). The album descended to the donor through his mother's family, the Pembertons, having probably been purchased by his great-grandfather, Richard Laurence Pemberton (1831-1901). The notes are probably by members of the Pemberton family.
Cross, David A., The art of Joseph Bouet (1795-1856) : a catalogue of two albums in Palace Green Library (Special Collections) Durham University with reference to other works located in Durham and elsewhere(Durham, 2003)
Add.MS. 1300   ca.1825-1856
Album largely of portrait drawings by Joseph Bouet, with some lithographs and a few photographs, of people with Durham connections (clergy, judges, early members of staff of the university, prominent tradesmen and citizens, and a number of prisoners tried at Durham for capital offences).
(288 items, numbered i-ii, 1-20, 20A, 21-29, 29A, 30-31, 31A, 32-33, 33A, 34-66, 66A, 67-68, 70, 70A, 71-96, 96A, 97-103, 103A-C, 104-118, 118A-B, 119-151, 153-161, 161A, 162-163, 167-175, 175A-B, 176-177, 177A, 178-193, 193A, 194-201, 201A, 202, 202A, 203-206, 206A, 207-211, 211A-D, 212-214, 214A, 215-219, 219A-D, 220-224, 224A-B, 225-226, 226A, 227, 227A-B, 228, 228A-E, 229, 229A-F, 230-231, 231A, 232-234, 234A-B, 235-243. No.2 precedes no.1. There is no number 69, 152, 164, 165 or 166.) Many but by no means all of the drawings are dated; the dates span the period 1825-1856.
1 vol.
Size: 215 x 295 mm.
Digitised material for Durham University Library Additional Manuscript 1300 - Album of Joseph Bouet drawings Digitised February 2011

Add.MS. 1301   1857
Printed auction sale description of the contents of the album, entitled Appendix to bill of sale of valuable books, engravings, pictures, &c., of the late Nicholas S. Bouet, Esq., to be sold by public auction, on ... 22nd & 23rd ... of January, 1857, at 27 Old Elvet, Durham ... by John W. Elliott, auctioneer, enumerating contents of scrap-book of the late Mr. S. Bouet ...(Durham, G. Proctor, printer).
The sale description lists the names of 145 of the people portrayed, and, at foot, notes "Also numerous Prisoners who have been tried at Durham for Capital Offences during many years past".
1 leaf.
Add.MS. 1302-1303   [20th century]
Notes identifying some of the people portrayed in the album, in random order and without numerical references to the relevant drawings.
1 notebook and 1 loose leaf.
Size: 163 x 100 mm.
Add.MS. 1304   [20th century]
Notes identifying people portrayed in drawings 3-56.
2 leaves.
Add.MS. 1305   [20th century]
Notebook of identifications of people portrayed in drawings 56-135.
1 vol.
Size: 163 x 100 mm.
Add.MS. 1306/1-12   1875-1948
Miscellaneous collection of 12 autograph letters (1 typescript) signed from deans and canons of Durham in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. H.B. Tristram (17 April 1875) to Middleton about specimens and n.d. to Ella about a meeting; G.W. Kitchin (4 June 1897) autograph request; H.H. Henson (20 April 1917) about the Deanery; J.E.C. Welldon (22 August 1919) about the Deanery; A.H. Cruickshank (23 March 1921) about H. Jenkyns; D. Walker (3 November 1921) about same; A. Lillingston (9 December 1921) about Australia; H.D. Watkins (31 August 1922) about Archdeaconry of Durham; A.E.J. Rawlinson (12 February 1935) about Archdeaconry of Auckland; J. Dykes Bower (26 January 1935) about the Father Smith organ in the cathedral; C. Alington (11 February 1948) autograph request. Several are written to a Mr. B. Osborne of Bournemouth answering architectural questions.
12 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1959 (accession Misc.1959:4)
Add.MS. 1307/1-6   1876-1896
3 letters and one postcard from Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901, Bishop of Durham, 1890-1901) to various correspondents, concerning work in progress, arrangements for letting a house, etc. Accompanied by a contemporary printed photograph of Westcott.
6 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:43)
Add.MS. 1308/1-8   1877-1898
7 letters from Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901, Bishop of Durham, 1890-1901) to various correspondents, largely concerning invitations to preach or social engagements. Accompanied by a printed photograph of Westcott taken from the Universal Portrait Gallery.
8 items.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:77)
Add.MS. 1309   24 December 1895
Letter from Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901, Bishop of Durham, 1890-1901), from Auckland Castle, to [J.F.] Hodgson, thanking him for a copy of his essay on St. Cuthbert's and St. Hild's.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:78)
Add.MS. 1310   [ca.1900]
Anonymous sketches of Durham Cathedral incorporating verses ("Saint Cuthbert chose his lordly seat at last, etc.) and an autograph signature of Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901, Bishop of Durham, 1890-1901), cut from the end of a letter.
1 piece.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:43)
Add.MS. 1311/1-8   August - December 1879
7 letters from Captain Richard J. Kay, from the Grove, Birtley (mostly carbon copies), concerning shipping transactions, particularly a voyage of the ship "Tirante" which stranded near Copenhagen and had to be salvaged, and was caught in ice at Ochakoff. Bill from Kay to A.B. Wilbraham re loss of the SS Bayard.
8 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:9)
Add.MS. 1312   1 March 1881
Lease of mining rights at Washington, Co. Durham (mainly to the S.E. of the town) by Wenman Musgrave of Barnsley Park, Gloucs., to William Stobart of Norton Conyers, Yorks., for 21 years at a minimum rent of £260 p.a. With plan.
Parchment   6 mm.
Purchased from R. D. Steedman, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:30)
Add.MS. 1313/1-2   26 June 1882
Letter from Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828-92) from Germany to A. J. Mason, offering advice on finding biographical details of Erasmus. Accompanied by a letter from Mason to Canon Moor, the autograph collector.
2ff & 1f. mounted.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:29)
Add.MS. 1314   3 October 1883
Letter from Thomas Simpson Evans (b.1816, Prebendary of Durham) to Revd. W. R. Nicholl, Kelso, supplying autobiographical information.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:5)
Add.MS. 1315   8 May 1884
Letter from A.H. Pennington to Dr. Swanwick, requesting his presence at a demonstration or lecture to be given in Hartlepool.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:36)
Add.MS. 1316   [1884]
Poem by Richard Watson (called the Teesdale poet) called “Middleton-in-Teesdale fair”, starting "I sing the customs of our dale to show ...". Typescript, dated Woodlands, Nov. 1884.
Purchased from A. B. Walker, Whitby, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:34)
Add.MS. 1317/1-5   1884-1886
3 letters, from the Earl of Durham, J. Priestman J.P., and W. Kearney J.P., to Arthur Bootle Wilbraham (1842-1897), and 2 letters from Wilbraham to the earl and to J. Trotter, concerning Wilbraham's appointment as a magistrate (1884) and as a Deputy Lieutenant for Co. Durham (1886).
5 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:15)
Add.MS. 1318   29 September 1886
Letter from Rev. William Vincent Ryan, from Stanhope Rectory, to the chaplain of the prison at Northallerton concerning a woman parishioner.
Purchased from W. A. Myers, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:21)
Add.MS. 1319/1-2   1887
Note recording the planting of a tree in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria's jubilee) by Arthur Beanlands (d. 1898, Lecturer in Astronomy and Treasurer, University of Durham). Found in a bottle buried in the garden of the former Divinity House, Palace Green. With letter (1965) of donation.
2 pieces.
Donated by the Archaeology Dept., 1965 (accession Misc.1965:1)
Add.MS. 1320/1-3   1886-1940
Cover and part of The Undergrad, February 1886 (lacking pp. 1-10), with a ms. key on a postcard to the caricatures in the "Don Dunelmo" sketch (key figures in the University at the time). Accompanied by a letter to the Dean of Durham from L. Stirling-Wilkinson, from Manfield Vicarage, Darlington, April 1940.
3 items
Source not recorded but probably given by the Dean of Durham, April 1940 (accession Misc.2001/2002:25)
Add.MS. 1321   30 December 1889
Letter from R. Appleton from Trinity College, Cambridge, to Canon Moor [the autograph collector], thanking him for a donation to the College Mission Buildings and commenting on the recent funeral of Bishop Lightfoot of Durham.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:3)
Add.MS. 1322   6 September 1889
Duplicated letter from the secretary R. J. Richardson) to the governors of the North Eastern County School, concerning a special governors' meeting to be held at Darlington, September 1889. Addressed to Prof. R. J. Pearce of Durham.
1 piece.
Found by Dr. S. Holgate in a physics textbook previously owned by Pearce (date not recorded). (accession Misc.2001/2002:23)
Add.MS. 1323   12 March [ca. 1890]
Letter from Katherine Frances, Viscountess Boyne, from Brancepeth Castle, to Dr. Canney, requesting his visit as one of the servants is ill.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:11)
Add.MS. 1324   29 August [ca. 1890]
Letter from Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina, 4th Marchioness of Cleveland, (1819-1901), from Battle Abbey, to Mr. Bruce, inviting him to stay at Raby Castle.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:8)
Add.MS. 1325   26 December [ca. 1890]
Letter from Henry George Liddell, 2nd Earl of Ravensworth (1821-1903), from Ravensworth Castle, to unidentified correspondent, regretting that he will be unable to attend the next meeting of the Archaeological Society.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:43)
Add.MS. 1326/1-2   1890 & 1892
Certificate of licensing as assistant stipendiary curate in the parish of St. Cuthbert, Monkwearmouth, 21 September 1890 and ordination certificate, 12 June 1892, for Albert Edward Gunn (B.A. Dunelm). Signed and sealed by Brooke Foss Westcott [Bishop of Durham, 1890-1901].
2 pieces.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:43)
Add.MS. 1327/1-7   ca. 1890-1921
6 letters from James Edward Cowell Welldon (1854-1937, Dean of Durham 1918-33) to miscellaneous correspondents, dealing with small business matters from various stages of his career as Headmaster of Harrow, Dean of Manchester, etc. Accompanied by a late-19th century printed photograph of Welldon from the Universal Portrait Gallery.
7 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:52)
Add.MS. 1328   14 October 1918
Typescript letter from James Edward Cowell Welldon (1854-1937, Dean of Durham 1918-33) from the Deanery, to H. Yates Thompson [collector of mss., 1838-1928], thanking him for the gift of a book for the Cathedral Library [possibly a volume of Illustrations from 100 manuscripts in the Library of H. Yates Thompson].
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:75)
Add.MS. 1329   6 November 1926
Letter from James Edward Cowell Welldon (1854-1937, Dean of Durham 1918-33) from the Deanery, to unidentified correspondent, offering to subscribe five guineas to a memorial for Lord Curzon.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:76)
Add.MS. 1330   29 August 1930
Typescript letter from James Edward Cowell Welldon (1854-1937, Dean of Durham 1918-33) from the Deanery, to Mrs. Ross Clyne: "It is not difficult to answer your question. The offence which it is hardest to forgive is, I think, treachery...".
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:25)
Add.MS. 1331   1 April 1891
Letter from George Borly, from The College, Durham, to Mr. Adderley, accepting an invitation to preach.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:3)
Add.MS. 1332   16 September 1893
Letter from Herbert Kynaston (1835-1910, Prebendary of Durham), from Paris, to Mr. Sullivan, declining an invitation to preach.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:28)
Add.MS. 1333   11 January 1894
Letter from Lt.-Col. J. H. Robinson, Private Secretary to the 3rd Earl of Durham, from Streatham, to an unidentified correspondent - "I beg to inform you that Lord Durham is yachting in the Mediterranean and...there is no chance of my getting an answer to your request by the 24th inst...".
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971. (accession Misc.1971:39)
Add.MS. 1334/1-2   1899 & 1901
2 letters from John George Lambton, 3rd earl of Durham, (1855-1928): from London, 20 October 1899, to Colonel Robinson, ordering 10 cases of port; from Lambton Castle, 4 August 1901, "Gentlemen, I have read Mr. Becnor's pamphlet, and am of opinion that it is not of practical use to the Lord's Committee on Betting".
2 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:17)
Add.MS. 1335/1-3   1889-1907
3 letters from John George Lambton, 3rd earl of Durham, (1855-1928): from Wooler, 28 December 1889, to Mr. Scoones, concerning a visit by the Earl's brother Francis; from Lambton Castle, 30 December 1899, to an unidentified correspondent, thanking him for a monetary donation (? towards raising troops); from Lambton Castle, 8 November 1907, to Colonel Drummond, apologising that his name was omitted from the list of those who attended a preliminary meeting of the Durham County Association.
3 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:18)
Add.MS. 1336/1-4   1899-1913
4 letters from John George Lambton, 3rd earl of Durham, (1855-1928): to various correspondents, concerning arrangements for meetings, invitations, social engagements, including a royal visit to Co. Durham.
4 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:14)
Add.MS. 1337/1-47   1891-1895
43 letters from Joseph Foster (1844-1905, genealogist) from London to Thomas W. Backhouse. Foster wrote Pease of Darlington... 1665-1719(London, 1891), Wills and administrations of the various Backhouse families registered in the Archdeaconry Court of Richmond(London, 1894), and The descendants of John Backhouse, yeoman, of Moss Side, near Yealand Redman, Lancashire(London, 1894) and this correspondence relates to his work on these books.
Also a genealogical note, two letters from Jonathan E. Backhouse to Thomas [Backhouse], and a sheet of portraits (damaged copy of p.31 of The descendants of John Backhouse ...without text).
47 items.
Purchased from S.P.C.K., 1977 (accession Misc.1977:20)
Add.MS. 1338   20 January [18]99
Letter from Miss G.E. Mitton (?-1955, author), from Sherburn House, Durham, to an unidentified correspondent, informing him of the forthcoming publication of her new novel, Fire and Tow.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:31)
Add.MS. 1339/1-3   1886-1898
2 postcards and 1 letter from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20) to various correspondents, concerning meetings and travel.
3 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:40)
Add.MS. 1340/1-5   1888-1901
2 letters from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20) to "My dear Lee", concerning researches in Slaithwaite, and a postcard from Moule to Dr. Symes Thompson, thanking him for his congratulations on Moule's elevation to the episcopate.
Also by a picture postcard of the Bishop (1908) and a printed photograph of his father and mother, cut from a magazine.
5 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:32)
Add.MS. 1341   6 February 1908
Letter from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20) to "My dear Mrs. Ames(?) in Cambridge" who has requested his autograph.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:59)
Add.MS. 1342   12 September 1910
Letter from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20), from Auckland Castle to "My dear Stewart" who has declined a post offered him by Moule.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:13)
Add.MS. 1343/1-6   1889-1911
4 letters from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20): from Auckland Castle (14 September 1904) to the editor of The Sunday Strand; from Auckland Castle (28 January 1911) to an unidentified correspondent, enclosing as requested a short (3 page) account of "the main crises of my spiritual history"; from Auckland Castle (15 May 1911) to A.B. Cooper about preaching.
Also 2 other miscellaneous letters from Moule, a page from The fireside news(25 October 1889) about Moule, and a photograph cut from a magazine.
6 items & 1 envelope.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:33)
Add.MS. 1344   19 November 1918
Letter-card, from Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920, Bishop of Durham 1901-20) to H. Berkley Score, thanking him for his book of fables [ Sparks of light from a fabulist's diamond mine(Ormskirk, 1894)], and for his praise of 2 books of verse by Moule and his brother [?A. E. Moule], but rejecting Score's suggestion of a collected edition of the Moule family's verse.
1 item.
Presented by Miss Myers, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:15)
Add.MS. 1345/1-25   1809-1907
Collection of miscellaneous letters from Anglican dignitaries, mostly bishops and deans, to various correspondents. Mainly matters of church or episcopal business.
John Fisher, bishop of Salisbury (1809); bishop of Capetown (1826); Samuel Wilberforce, bishop of Oxford etc. (1845, 1866) with portrait print; Benjamin Harrison (archdeacon of Maidstone, canon of Canterbury etc.) to Moor (1847, 1883); bishop of Madras (1853); bishop of Winchester (1856); Henry Alford, dean of Canterbury (1868); H. Goodwin, dean of Ely (1868); dean of Chichester (1869); John Jackson, bishop of London (1871); Robert Bickersteth, bishop of Ripon (1871); James Woodford, bishop of Ely (1874); Rev. E.H. Plumptre (1875); Rev. J.H. Blunt (1880); George Bradley, dean of Westminster, 2 letters regarding the Prince of Wales' objection to a monument at Westminster being copied at Rugby (1882); Benjamin Smith (archdeacon of Maidstone, canon of Canterbury etc.) to Moor (1888); Arthur Hervey, bishop of Bath & Wells (1889); dean of Hereford (1890); archdeacon of Madras (1891); H. Wace, dean of Canterbury (1906); bishop of Guiana (1907).
Possibly formed by the autograph collector Canon A. P. Moor of St. Clement, Truro, who is the addressee of several of the letters.
25 items (with 1 envelope).
Bought from P. Eaton, 1966 (accession Misc.2001/2002:13)
Add.MS. 1346/1-9   1892-1925
7 letters (1 typescript) from George Rodney Eden (1853-1940, Bishop of Wakefield, 1897-1928), to various correspondents, concerning miscellaneous domestic and business matters - invitations to preach, recommendations for hotels, etc. 1892-1925. Also, 2 letters from Constance, his wife, 1899-1902.
9 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:16)
Add.MS. 1347   [n.d. ca. 1900]
Letter from Violet Hunt (authoress, 1866-1942) from Wolsingham, to W. M. Meredith of the publishing firm Constable, about her as yet unwritten novel.
Purchased from Quaritch, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:12)
Add.MS. 1348/1-2   [n.d. ca. 1900]
2 letters from Margaret Hunt (1831-1912, author; daughter of James Raine the elder) to [Mr. or Mrs.] Oliver, concerning social invitations.
2 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:25)
Add.MS. 1349/1-4   [n.d. ca. 1900]
3 pedigrees recording various branches of the Greenwell family of Co. Durham, from William the Priest of Wolsingham (in Boldon Book, 1183). Envelope addressed to Miss Greenwell of Durham, containing galley proof of entry for Greenwell of Greenwell Ford in Burke's Landed gentry.
4 items and 1 envelope.
Bequest of George Nicholas Greenwell Smith (Vice-Principal of the College of the Venerable Bede, 1961-74), 1981 (accession Misc.1981:16)
Add.MS. 1350   21 February 1900
Letter from Henry George Percy, 7th Duke of Northumberland (1846-1918), from Albury Park, to S. S. Carr [secretary to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1924-27], thanking the latter for a copy of his paper on the heraldry of Seaton Delaval.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:60)
Add.MS. 1351/1-4   n.d. & 1902
4 letters from Hon. Arthur Ralph Douglas Elliot (1846-1923, MP for Durham, 1898-1906, editor of the Edinburgh review) to various correspondents, concerning journal contributions, etc.
4 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:17)
Add.MS. 1352/1-2   January 1904
Letter from 4th Earl Grey, from Howick, to H. H. Fox, dated 3 January [19]04, enclosing a duplicated letter from Randall Thomas Davidson (archbishop of Canterbury) signed Randall Cantuar, from Lambeth Palace, to Lord Grey asking him to participate in a Committee on education in the African colonies, dated 1st January 1904.
1f. and 2f.
Purchased from Brandon, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:14 & 10)
Add.MS. 1353   25 April 1904
Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915, lexicographer), from Oxford, to Dr. R. Steele (bibliographer and editor, 1860-1944), concerning the etymology of the word "parody", and its occurrence in the Secretum secretorum[edited by Steele for the Early English Text Society].
Found in copy of edition of Secretum secretorumpresented by G. W. Steele Esq., 1965 (accession Misc.1965:10)
Add.MS. 1354   5 June 1905
Letter from H.R. Leighton from East Boldon, to Canon W. Greenwell, sending two pamphlets for the Chapter Library and enquiring about genealogy etc.
Found in a copy of Leighton's The first Town Council of Sunderland(1903) purchased from Steedman, 1976. (accession Misc.1976:15)
Add.MS. 1355/1-24   1903-1923
Letters to Alice Edelston, of Gainford, Co. Durham: from Harper Gaythorpe, from Barrow-in-Furness, about the Rev. John Cranke (d.1816) and his research on the Cranke family, and letter from his wife enclosing notice of Gaythorpe's death (1-10:- 1903-10); from Mary Anna Calvert from Gainford about the Clark and Cradock families and her reminiscences, with a badly faded photograph (of a painting?) of Edward Huntingdon (11-18:- undated); letter to Mrs Calvert from Elizabeth M. Watson about their Huntingdon ancestors (1908); letter to Alice Edelston from Elizabeth M. Watson about family pictures (1909); letter from Edward Dibdin about James Cranke (1923).
24 pieces.
Purchased from Steedman (from Surtees Raine material?), 1974 (accession Misc.1974:7)
Add.MS. 1356   28 June 1907
Letter from Spencer Leigh Hughes, from South Shields, to "Dear Mr. Strauss", apparently concerning a motor car race.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:30)
Add.MS. 1357/1-4   1909-1914
3 letters from Joseph Thomas Fowler (1833-1924, Durham University Librarian 1873-1901) to E. V. Stocks (University Librarian, 1901-34), concerning University Library history, a picture of Routh, accompanying a gift from Fowler of a collection of Durham Palatinate coins, and other matters.
4 items, 2f. each.
Library correspondence (accession Misc.2001/2002:42)
Add.MS. 1358   13 October [19]10
Letter from Edward Jepson, MD, from Durham, to Mr. Cane, concerning normal practice relating to eye surgery, and the activities of Jepson's daughter Ermyntrude, in Paris.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:19)
Add.MS. 1359   [ca. 1911]
Typescript copies of 12 letters from Charles de Sousy Ricketts (1866-1931, painter, writer, printer), mostly addressed from Egypt and Greece; undated but apparently written ca. 1911-12, when on a Mediterranean tour. Two are to Gordon Bottomley (poet, 1874-1948), the others to "My dear poet" (internal evidence suggests that these are not to Bottomley). Also a manuscript note on these letters.
Parts of some of the letters are printed in Self portrait ... of Charles Ricketts, ed. C. Lewis, 1939.
62f. in cover, and 1f.
Donated by G. W. Steele Esq., 1965 (accession Misc.1965:12)
Add.MS. 1360/1-6   [ca. 1910]
Photocopies of pages from the Commonplace Book of W.D. Lowe (d.1922, Censor and Bursar of University College, Durham), including verses by Dr. J. Barmby and annotated extracts from Prof. J. H. How's Nugae(as printed in the DUJ, 1910).
Presented by R. P. Wright Esq., 1984 who had received them from Prof. J.H. How (accession Misc.1984:13)
Add.MS. 1361/1-2   1912 & 1919
University College, Durham.
Printed programme for a University College concert, 14 December 1912, signed by people present.
Printed menu for a Durham Colleges Services Dinner, held in the Castle Hall, 17 May 1919, signed by people present.
2 items.
Donated by B. C. Gregson Esq. (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:36)
Add.MS. 1362   22 July 1912
Autograph note from Henry Gee (Master of University College) authorising R. C. Wilkinson & his wife to sketch in the Castle, Durham.
1 piece.
Purchased by E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:24)
Add.MS. 1363   10 January 1914
Letter from Llewellyn Arthur Atherley-Jones (1851-1929, Judge; M.P. for Durham N.W. 1885-1914) from Kensington, to "Dear Metzler", thanking the latter for his congratulations on Atherley-Jones' appointment as Judge of the City of London Court.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:5)
Add.MS. 1364   26 August 1914
Letter from James Joicey (1st Baron Joicey, 1846-?) from London, to Mrs. Stewart Brown, concerning the plight of members of their respective families trapped in Germany at the outbreak of the First World War.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:26)
Add.MS. 1365   18 July 1916
Letter from Philip James Stanfield, 1st Baron Weardale, (1847-1923), from London, to H. Simmonds, providing a reference for a Miss G. Wilson.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:24)
Add.MS. 1366   15 February 1915
Letter from Herbert Hensley Henson (1863-1947, Bishop of Durham 1920-39), from Durham, to W. J. Hardy, concerning a proposal by the Dean & Chapter of Durham to devote funds to the cataloguing of documents then housed in the Treasury, the project to be supervised by Hardy.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:22)
Add.MS. 1367/1-2   1917 & 1921
2 letters from Herbert Hensley Henson (1863-1947, Bishop of Durham 1920-39): from Durham, to the Speaker of the House of Commons, concerning the career of Sir William Anson, 9 March 1917; typescript, from Auckland Castle, to the Bishop of Sheffield, agreeing reluctantly to be Vice President of a Church Congress, 3 December 1921.
2 items.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:16)
Add.MS. 1368   24 December 1934
Letter from Herbert Hensley Henson (1863-1947, Bishop of Durham 1920-39), from Auckland Castle, to Sir Ian Malcolm comprising a reference for the Revd. Austin Lee, then stipendiary curate of Usworth, Co. Durham.
Purchased from E. Hall (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:47)
Add.MS. 1369   5 June 1937
Letter from Herbert Hensley Henson (1863-1947, Bishop of Durham 1920-39), from Auckland Castle, to the Bishop of Guildford, replying guardedly to a request from the latter that Henson propose a motion in the Church Assembly.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:21)
Add.MS. 1370/1-4   6 September 1922
Typescript letter from John Meade Falkner (1858-1932), from London, to Mrs. [Kate] Watkins, widow of Archdeacon H. Watkins of Durham, sending commiserations on the latter's death.
Purchased from B. Rota, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:22)
Add.MS. 1371   18 August 1922
Letter from Alfred M. Palmer, from Walworth Castle, to Mr. Walters, thanking him for some books.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1966 (accession Misc.1966:41)
Add.MS. 1372/1-8   1924-1927
6 typescript and 2 manuscript letters from Alan Ian Percy, 8th Duke of Northumberland (1880-1930), from Alnwick Castle, Albury Park and Princes Gate, London, to S.S. Carr, secretary to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-on-Tyne, concerning the Duke's Presidency or Vice-Presidency of the Society and attendance at meetings, etc.
8 items.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:61)
Add.MS. 1373   1924
Todd, Mary “Civic government of Durham, 1780-1835”(1924).
Manuscript of thesis submitted for Liverpool University M.A.
Presented by Miss M. Todd, 1964 (accession Misc.1964:25)
Add.MS. 1374   26 May 1925
Menu for a dinner of a University dining club, with initials S.C.C. [Slow Coach Club?]. Autographed by diners, including [Sir] Irvine Masson (Professor of Chemistry, 1924-38), J. L. Burchnall (Professor of Mathematics, 1939-58) and A. A. Macfarlane Grieve (Master of University College, 1939-53).
1 piece.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:26)
Add.MS. 1375/1-11   [ca. 1926]
Humorous verses on scientific topics by Hildyard John Eglinton Dobson (1902-1927, Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the University of Durham): ms and typescript copies. ca. 1926. Accompanied by an obituary notice for Dobson by I.M[asson]. (offprint from Journal of the Chemical Society, Dec. 1927).
8 items.
Presented by Dr. C.W. Gibby, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:5)
Add.MS. 1376   24 February 1926
Typescript carbon copy list of the names of the Grand Jurors for the assizes at Durham, signed by G. H. Stobart, Sheriff.
Purchased from Steedman, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:6)
Add.MS. 1377/1-10   [ca. 1895-1929]
Cartoons of Durham personalities by S.M. Rowlandson.
Archdeacon Hamilton; Mr Jackson (Cathedral choir); [ ] Bagshaw; Dr Farrar; Rev. Bothamley; Prof. Heawood etc.
Also a poor quality photocopy of a page of caricatures presented to Durham County Club and page of notes on people in the drawings, by Miss S. Rowlandson.
Donated by Miss I. E. Rowlandson, 1977 (accession Misc.1977:37)
Add.MS. 1378   15 September 1931
Letter from Andrew George Little (1863-1945, Historian, particularly of the Franciscan order), from Sevenoaks, to Dr. R. Steele (bibliographer and editor, 1860-1944), concerning various points relating to manuscript studies.
Found in book presented by G. W. Steele Esq., 1965 (accession Misc.1965:8)
Add.MS. 1379   16 April 1934
Letter from George Grey Butler (1852-1935, author, magistrate), from Ewart Park, Wooler, to B. R. Leftwich, thanking him for information about the 18th century statesman Robert St. Paul, and sending him a copy of his book on the subject.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:7)
Add.MS. 1380/1-2   1937-1946
Typescript copy of verses by Eric Birley parodying the Dewey Decimal Classification system, written ca. 1937. Accompanied by a letter from Birley to David Ramage (Durham University Librarian), 5 June 1946, explaining that they were written when the Library adopted the Dewey scheme.
2 items.
Presented by Eric Birley, 1946 (accession Misc.1946:1)
Add.MS. 1381/1-13   1937-1962
Small collection of material relating to Sir Irvine Masson (1887-1962, Professor of Chemistry, University of Durham, 1924-38; Vice Chancellor, University of Sheffield, 1938-52), collected by Dr. C. W. Gibby after Masson's death. Letter from Masson to Gibby, concerning Chemistry Dept. courses, April 1937; typescript letter from Lady Bassett, Masson's sister, to Gibby, ca. 1962; 2 letters between Gibby and Dr. A. H. Lamberton of Sheffield University; 2 offprints and a photocopy of obituaries of Masson.
7 items.
Donated by Dr. C. W. Gibby, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:19)
Add.MS. 1382   17 February 1941
Report by Prof. Wilhelm Levison on items in Cosin's Library of use for modern research on continental history.
Presented by Newcastle City Libraries, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:4)
Add.MS. 1383/1-2   23 August 1944
Typescript letter from [?] Felton, from Ulverston, to Sir Henry Havelock-Allen, concerning a plant.
Letter from Laura Smithson (1885-1963, actress) to Havelock-Allen, from Stockton-on-Tees, requesting information on the regimental colours of Sir Henry Havelock.
1f. each.
Found loose in Add. MS 731, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:8 & 14)
Add.MS. 1384/1-3   1929-1949
Letter from Thomas Mann (1875-1955, author), from California to Prof. Wilhelm Levison, 3 October 1946, concerning the possibility of Mann's being reinstated in his doctorate from the University of Bonn. Accompanied by a circular letter of the Bonn Faculty of Philosophy, concerning a reading by Mann, 22 Nov. 1929, and a newspaper cutting of 26 July 1949 concerning Mann's receipt of Goethe awards.
3 items & 1 envelope.
Found in the copy of Buddenbrooksin the Levison bequest (accession Misc.2001/2002:140)
Add.MS. 1385   7 October 1947
Letter from Cyril Argentine Alington (1872-1955, Dean of Durham), from Durham to John [?], in Leicester, about a memorial in the cathedral. Accompanied by a photograph of Alington cut from a newspaper.
2 pieces & 1 envelope.
Donated by B. S. Benedikz, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:1)
Add.MS. 1386   [ca. 1950?]
Hardwick Hall, Blackhall, Co. Durham [home of the Maire family]. Drawing of supposed priests' hiding place in the attic (apparently drawn by the National Coal Board).
Donated by T. Westgarth, via Miss M. Johnson, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:7)
Add.MS. 1387   22 August 1951
Letter from T. A. Meade Falkner (nephew of John Meade Falkner) to Mr Bramley, from Salisbury, explaining that he is unable to send him a specimen of John Meade Falkner's handwriting, but enclosing a privately published anthology of his poems.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:18)
Add.MS. 1388   July 1952
Typescript schedule of names, dates and particulars on tombstones in the closed burial ground of St Margaret's, Durham, prepared in July 1952 under the direction of the town clerk (D.S. Martin-Jones), further to the Open Spaces Act, 1906.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.1952:1)
Add.MS. 1389/1-3   [1960s]
Two diaries and the introduction to a third relating the voyages of the Boumphrey family in 1887 to America on the Cunard ships Servia and Etruria, visiting New York, Boston and Buffalo, and (introduction only) in 1899 to Norway. Diary of Thomas Boumphrey and account of the journey written by his daughter Alice in 1893, typed by R.S. Boumphrey. Introduction to 1899 diary by R.S. Boumphrey.
19f.; 15f.; 4f.
Presented by R. S. Boumphrey, 1963 & 1965 (accession Misc.1963:3 & 1965:2)
Add.MS. 1390/1-3   1963-1975
Typescript extract from the memoirs of Miss M.E. Heawood (sister of P. J. Heawood, Professor of Maths, at Durham, 1911-39), mainly concerning her life in Durham at the end of the nineteenth-century (ca. 1963: 2 copies, variously corrected).
Typescript copy of Dr. C.W. Gibby's memoir of P. J. Heawood (1975; added later?).
7f.; 7f. & 11f.
Donated by Dr. C. W. Gibby, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:10)
Add.MS. 1391/1-2   1964 & 1970
Typescript letter from Jon Silkin (b.1930, English poet), in his capacity as editor of the literary magazine Stand, 21 June 1964, to D. Ramage [Durham University Librarian], concerning the latter's order for a back set of the journal.
Typescript letter, 22 March 1970, to D. Sowerbutts, Durham University Library, concerning an invoice for "Northern House Pamphlet Poets".
1f. each
From Library correspondence (accession Misc.1964:23 & 1970:29)
Add.MS. 1392/1-4   1966
Reminiscence by Eric Frank Baxter of Professor C.F. Herdener of Durham. Typescript transcript dated September 1966 with notes by Dr. C.W. Gibby.
Presented by Dr. C.W. Gibby, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:1)
Add.MS. 1393/1-4   15 September 1966
Typescript letter with corrections and emendations from Bertram Colgrave to Professor D.F.S. Scott, concerning Professor C.F. Herdener.
Presented by Dr. C. W. Gibby, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:3)
Add.MS. 1394/1-16   1939-1952
Collection of miscellaneous letters etc., assembled by Mrs. E.F. Hall , concerning the history of Count Boruwlaski. Includes letters from J.R. Edis (photographer, Durham) and Alfred Smith (accountant, Durham), a copy of the article in The Timeson Boruwlaski [presumably written by Hall based upon these notes], notes and British Museum borrowing tickets for books used in her research.
15 items.
Given by Mrs. L.A. Leake, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:1)
Add.MS. 1395/1-3   1968
Copy of Hanna Swiderska's article on Boruwlaski, in Polish, from Wiadomosci, 21 July 1968, together with a typescript English translation; also microfilm of letters from Boruwlaski to Emma George in the Czartoryski collection, National Museum, Cracow, Poland.
1 piece; 21f.; 11 frames.
Presented by Miss H. Swiderska, 1968 (accession Misc.2001/2002:9)
Add.MS. 1396   December 1970
Autograph reminiscences by J.L. Burchnall of Durham University and Cathedral personalities (called Durham 1919 and after). With typed transcript.
13f. & 3f.
Donated by the author, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:6)
Add.MS. 1397   31 May 1971
“The Royal Commission of 1933: some recollections & reflections”: memoir by J.L. Burchnall of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding this phase in Durham University's development.
Donated by the author, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:6)
Add.MS. 1398   January 1971
Typescript note by E.F. Baxter on the beginning and building of the Durham Colleges' Science Department in 1924.
Donated by the author, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:4)
Add.MS. 1399   [ca. 1976]
Clifton William Gibby's memoirs of Durham in the early 20th century (mainly concerning Durham University and Cathedral personalities). Typed from Dictaphone with corrections by Gibby.
Donated by Dr. Gibby, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:11)
Add.MS. 1400   1976
Clifton William Gibby's reminiscences of Durham, spoken by the author and typed up, with manuscript addenda. Subsequently corrected and expurgated by Gibby in 1986, the document was closed until 2000.
37ff, 10f.
Dictated and checked by the author, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:12)
Add.MS. 1401/1-3   [1971]
Prof. Francis Campbell Hood: autograph reminiscences of the University of Durham, 1922-55.
With additional notes that were closed until 1985.
Also order of memorial service for Hood.
27f.; 2f. and 1 piece.
Donated by the author, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:23 & 24)
Add.MS. 1402/1-2   [1972]
Durham reminiscences of Mrs. Muriel Hood (widow of Prof. F.C. Hood): about characters at Durham from ca. 1929-1939. With letter explaining the writing of the memoir.
34f., 1f.
Donated by the author, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:8)
Add.MS. 1403   1974
Reminiscences of Durham life in the middle part of the 20th century (mainly notes about local people) by Jack Holloway and Fred Dennison (Durham city tradesmen and councillors) recorded by L. A. Leake in 1974.
Donated by Mrs. L. A. Leake, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:15)
Add.MSS 1404-1499
Add.MS. 1404   8 January 1976
Funeral address for Mrs. Muriel S. Cassels (d.1976), written and delivered by the Revd. Stuart Jackson. Ms. and typescript versions. Accompanied by a letter from Jackson to Miss [M.] Johnson.
9f., 2f., 1f.
Donated by Miss Johnson, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:9)
Add.MS. 1405/1-3   [1970s]
Notes and transcripts, made by L.A. Leake, from the correspondence of John Adamson (1787-1855, antiquary) 1814-50 (particularly letters to him by Mary Cockle, and letters concerning the publications of the Newcastle Typographical Society); transcript of printed verses by Adamson; notes on entries concerning the Newcastle Typographical Society's publications in a catalogue of books, etc., belonging to Adamson at the time of a fire in 1846 which destroyed some of them.
28f.; 1f.; 28f.
Presented by L.A. Leake, who had copied the correspondence then in the possession of Mrs E. Adamson, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:1)
Add.MS. 1406   1982
Recollections by David Goudie Ramage of Durham and the University Library, 1930's onwards. Recorded in 1982 and typed from 2 C60 tapes.
28f. & 2 cassettes.
Recorded for the University Library, 1982 (accession Misc.1984:3)
Add.MS. 1407/1-4   [1940s-1970s]
Some notes on the history and use of the Library buildings of Durham University, compiled by David Goudie Ramage and including notes from other staff members about the various buildings and locations.
Offprints of 3 articles by Ramage: “The library buildings on Palace Green, Durham”“Bishop Cosin's Library: restoration 1958”; “Portrait heads for Cosin's Library”.
43f. & 3 offprints.
From the residue of Mr Ramage's estate, 1989 (accession Misc.1989:3)
Add.MS. 1408   1983
Reminiscences of Geoffrey Ainsworth Williams, of University College, Durham (B.A. 1938, M.A. 1941). Life in Durham Castle for a student there, 1935-39.
42f., 1f.
Presented by Canon Williams, 1983 (accession Misc.1983:5)
Add.MS. 1409   14 October 1838
Reply, in third person, with autograph signature and red wax seal, of Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, (d.1843) as Grand Master, to invitation of Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham [Freemasons], Raby Castle.
2f. mounted.
Purchased from P. Eaton, cat. Mss. 20, item 155, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:1)
Add.MS. 1410   [9 September 1693]
Signature and seal of Lady Ann Duck, of Durham (1635-1695).
1 piece.
Found in one of the books belonging to W.R.H. Gray presented to the University after his death in 1937 (accession Misc.2002/2003:10)
Add.MS. 1411   10 February 2001
Memorial address about Sir Derman Christopherson, successively Vice-Chancellor of the University of Durham and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, delivered by Rev. Prof. S.W. Sykes at a memorial service for Sir Derman at Magdalene College.
Presented by Prof. Sykes, 2001 (accession Misc.2000/2001:16)
Add.MS. 1412   September 1789
Letter in doggerel rhyming couplets, addressed to "Dear Cousin" (and on verso of p.[3] to Nathan Dearman Jun[ior]), signed M.W., Staindrop, [17]89 [rest of date illegible]. Gives an account of a visit to "Sledwick well" to collect healing waters and moss, and asks for a quilt to be sent to him, and for a piece of vellum to be bought for him from Appleton or Heaviside, both booksellers in Stockton at the time.
Bought from Alex Fotheringham, bookseller, 2000 (accession Misc.200/2001:17)
Add.MS. 1413/1-5   1555-1700
5 stray documents from the Durham Bishopric Estates Halmote Court Records.
5 items.
Bought from J.L.M. Gulley, 2000 (accession Misc.200/2001:19)
Add.MS. 1413/1   25 June 1555
Unexecuted surrender, to a syndicate, of Sedgefield gravel (which had belonged to all the tenants) for 21 years. It is ordered that the previous title be investigated. [It was not enrolled at the court that might be expected from its date (DHC I/22 f.23), nor that autumn (DHC I/23 f.29). DHC Records in DUL do not have the roll for the 1556 courts for this township.]
Add.MS. 1413/2   24/25 Elizabeth [1582/83]
Original surrender, Norton, whereby Richard Smith of Norton sublets grazing. [DHC Records in DUL do not include the court roll where this would be enrolled.]
Add.MS. 1413/3   April 1597
Report of the bailiff of Evenwood that he has seized the Evenwood land of Christopher Athey. [The Bishop's warrant to do this is enrolled in DHC I/43 f.282B. Athey's other land was also to be seized. In November Athey and his wife passed their lands to their son (DHC I/44 f.316.)]
Add.MS. 1413/4   17 June 1617
Atheus [?] Fowler versus Jo. Wheatley. Complaint that the defendant "dothe hold two roode Riggs wrongfullie" from the plaintiff, and has set his quicks [? hedges] on the plaintiff's ground. [Referred to the jury of Norton to certify the court within 20 days - see DHC I/76 ff.31 and 93]
Add.MS. 1413/5   7 January 1700
Original surrender Henry Whitfield from Anthony Bustin at Wolsingham,. [Enrolled in DHC I/91 f.1849]
Add.MS. 1414   18 April 1868
Letter from the painter and designer Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893), to Mr Miller [John Miller (1786-1876), wealthy Liverpool merchant and patron of the arts, and father-in-law of Peter Paul Marshall, whom Brown mentions in the letter, and who, like Brown, was a founding member of the decorating firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co]. The letter comments on a number of Brown's own paintings, including "The entombment of Christ", "Elijah and the widow's son" and "The traveller", and on recent work by Mark Anthony (1817-1886), Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Holman Hunt. Also refers to William Morris and his wife, James Pelham, George Rae, Frederick Leyland, and Charles Augustus Howell.
10p. on 3 sheets.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees, 2000 (accession Misc.2000/2001:14)
Add.MS. 1415/1-2   [Late 19th - 20th century]
Note headed "Who wrote “A Tour in Teesdale”" with later typed transcript (bearing later corrections).
A memorandum on the author of this work, printed in several editions at York and Barnard Castle in the first half of the 19th century. The writer has misread an inscription and believes the author to be called Garlaw (he is thought to have been an R. Garland).
1f. each.
Removed from printed Local sequence April 2003 (not clearly associated with any copy of the work held) (accession Misc.2002/2003:33)
Add.MS. 1416/1-2   1882-1937
Student lecture notes and sermons of Canon Herbert Gouldsmith 1882-1937
3 boxes.
Herbert Gouldsmith (c1867-1940) was the second son of Henry Gouldsmith of Richmond, Surrey, gent. He matriculated at Oxford University as a non-collegiate student on 14 Oct 1886 aged 19. He transferred to Exeter College there, from which he graduated BA in 1886 with a third in Theology. He was ordained deacon in the same year and priest in 1887 in Rochester.
Gouldsmith was one of the early theology students at Oxford University where it had only been established as a separate school in 1870. It did not have the status of the Classics or Mathematics schools and attracted generally candidates of lesser ability, many of whom only attained thirds, as Gouldsmith did, in exams which tested factual knowledge rather than critical ability. Gouldsmith's books date from the time when the school was beginning to be regarded as a vocational qualification, with the numbers of ordinands taking the other non-theology schools in decline. Theology students learnt the Pauline epistles, the Gospels and Acts and four books of the Old Testament, as reflected here in Gouldsmith's notebooks, along with dogmatics, the history of the early Church, apologetics, liturgy and textual criticism.
He began his ecclesiastical career as curate at St James Hatcham 1886-1890 before spending 10 years in India as incumbent of the Old Missionary Church, Calcutta. He returned to England to spend the rest of his days in Co. Durham, first as rector of St Paul Hendon in 1900, then vicar of Auckland St Andrew with St Anne and St Philip in 1904, then rector of Bishopwearmouth in 1908 and finally as rector of Haughton-le-Skerne in 1923, of which he published a brief history in 1929. He retired to Hurworth in 1937. In addition, he served as rural dean for first Auckland 1904-1908, then Wearmouth 1910-1923 and finally Darlington 1935-1937. He was also chaplain to the Bishop of Durham 1908-1920 and was appointed an honorary canon of Durham Cathedral in 1910. He acted as proctor to Convocation from first Durham Archdeaconry 1921-1922 and then from Auckland Archdeaconry 1924-1935. He served as the clerical secretary to the Durham Diocesan Conference 1916-1930, and was also Commissary Niger from 1922.
He was connected with the University of Durham insomuch as he served as a member of the Council of St John's College from 1922 to 1937.
Deposited by St John's College, Durham, on 24 Jan 2003 (accession Misc.2002/2003:25)
Add.MS. 1416/1   1882-1886
Volumes of notes and essays of Herbert Gouldsmith from his time as a theology student at Oxford University
7 volumes of notes from books and lectures along with essays of Herbert Gouldsmith from his time as a theology student at Oxford 1882-1886, with also an interleaved copy of the Psalms. The notes cover his courses on the New and Old Testaments, Religious History and some theology. They are generally neatly laid out and well ordered, some being paginated and with indexes at the back. At least two of the books appear to have been reused, probably by one F M Miller.
8 paper books
Add.MS. 1416/1/1   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's New Testament notebook presumably dating from when he was a student at Oxford. Notes on the New Testament epistles taken from Prof William Sanday, Joseph B Lightfoot, later Bishop of Durham, and Walter Lock. Including a list of contents.
Paper book (spine scuffed).
Add.MS. 1416/1/2   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's New Testament notebook, presumably dating from when he was a student at Oxford. Notes on St Paul's epistle to the Romans from Prof William Sanday.
Inscribed in the back "F.M. Miller 284 Amhurst Road Stoke Newington".
Paper book (spine scuffed).
Add.MS. 1416/1/3   ca.1884-1885
Gouldsmith's New Testament essay book, dated at the front "Oct 1884" and containing possibly more than one term's worth of essays.
14 essays on the New Testament, with an index at the back. With an essay in another hand inserted, possibly that of F M Miller?
Paper book (spine scuffed) & 6ff inserted.   
Add.MS. 1416/1/4   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's Religious History notebook, presumably dating from when he was a student at Oxford.
Notes from lectures on European religious history from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, with notes from books. With an inserted list of significant sixteenth century events.
Paper book (spine scuffed) & 1f.
Add.MS. 1416/1/5   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's Theology notebook, dating from when he was a student at Oxford
Notes from books on theology with an analysis of the Book of Revelation.
Paper book
Add.MS. 1416/1/6   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's Old Testament notebook, presumably dating from when he was a student at Oxford.
Notes on various books of the Old Testament - Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, and Daniel.
Paper book (spine scuffed).
Add.MS. 1416/1/7   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's Religious History essay book, presumably dating from when he was a student at Oxford.
Essays on topics concerning the Reformation.
Paper booklet (spine scuffed).
Add.MS. 1416/1/8   ca.1882-1886
Gouldsmith's Interleaved Psalms, possibly dating from when he was a student at Oxford.
An interleaved copy of the Psalms, with some general notes on the Psalms at the beginning and other notes throughout, probably by Gouldsmith when at Oxford, with some other notes also possibly by him at a later date, c1910s, as the hand is similar to that of his sermons. The book came from Roffey and Clark, Printers and Booksellers, of 131 High St, Croydon.
Paper book (spine missing).
Add.MS. 1416/2   1890-1937, though most are 1908-1923
Sermons written and preached by Herbert Gouldsmith, mostly as Rector of Bishopwearmouth.
649 sermons written and preached by Herbert Gouldsmith, most from when he was rector of Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923. A few date from his time in India (1890-1900) and others from his incumbencies at Hendon (1900-1904) and Auckland (1904-1908), with one brief sequence being from his time at Haughton-le-Skerne. Others were delivered at other churches, mainly in Durham diocese. Most of the sermons were delivered to Anglican church congregations, but some were for other ecclesiastical groupings, such as church workers, the Boys Brigade, a Wesleyan congregation or teachers.
Almost all the sermons have recorded at the top when and where they were delivered. Most were delivered only once with only the occasional one being repeated, up to a maximum of four times. They are mostly written out in full, though a number are in the form of brief notes. There are very few amendments or alterations. All are headed by a biblical text. They are generally organised in order of the text within the Bible, rather than chronologically or by place. Some were delivered as a series on a particular book or chapter of the bible.
10 bundles of 673 paper booklets, single sheets or groupings of single sheets.
Add.MS. 1416/2/1   1895-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 76 sermons on texts from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Chronicles, Kings, and Nehemiah.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Calcutta 1895-1899, Newcastle St Stephen 1909, Silksworth 1908, 1914, Belper 1911, Auckland St Anne 1904-1908, Shotton 1912, Zermatt 1907, Hendon 1900-1903, Boscombe 1896, Boldon 1920, Gipsy Hall 1900, Haswell 1912, Gateshead and Auckland St Andrew 1905.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/2   1904-1923, mostly 1910-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 51 sermons on texts from Isaiah and Jeremiah.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1910-1923, also Auckland St Andrew 1904, 1905, Sedgefield 1918, Birmingham 1916, Auckland St Anne 1905, Ryhope 1909, and Southwick 1920.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/3   1894-1921, mostly 1908-1921
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 54 sermons on texts from the Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and including a printed coloured pledge to abstain from alcohol during the [First World] War.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1921, also Belper 1911, Auckland St Anne 1906-1907, Calcutta 1894-1899, Champney 1907, Gateshead St George 1907, Auckland St Andrew 1906, Gateshead Venerable Bede 1915, Hendon 1902, Monkwearmouth 1912, Duffield 1911, Ryhope 1913.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/4   1890-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 87 sermons on texts from Daniel, Zechariah, Malachi, Habbakuk, Hosea, Jonah, Joel, Obadiah, Matthew, Luke and John.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Hendon 1912, Calcutta 1895, Auckland St Anne 1904-1905, Auckland St Andrew 1904-1906, Stanhope 1905, Ryhope 1923, Kensington St Luke 1900, Calcutta 1890-1893 and Horden 1911.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/5   1904-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 50 sermons on texts from Mark and Luke.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also CMS County Union 1912, Southchurch 1904, Wallsend 1911, Hartlepool 1909, South Hylton 1915 and Auckland St Andrew 1904, 1905.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/6   1896-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 56 sermons on texts from Matthew, Luke, John.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also St John Wesleyan 1921, Newcastle Cathedral 1914, Bowdon 1914, Gateshead Venerable Bede 1911, Newcastle St Paul 1909, Wolsingham 1920, Hendon 1911, Auckland St Anne 1907, Auckland St Andrew 1905, Bishop Auckland 1904, Stanhope 1916.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/7   1902-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 77 sermons on texts from Matthew, Luke, Corinthians, and Galatians.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Houghton le Spring 1922, Auckland St Anne 1905-1906, Greatham 1913, Hexham 1906, Birmingham 1915, Auckland St Andrew 1907, Hendon 1902 and Gateshead Venerable Bede 1915.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/8   1906-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 47 sermons on texts from John, Timothy, Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Auckland St Anne 1906, Hendon 1909, Belper 1911.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/9   1895-1931, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 88 sermons on texts from Philemon, Colossians, Ephesians, Acts and Romans.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Auckland St Anne 1905, Hendon, Calcutta 1895-1897, Auckland St Andrew 1907, Haughton-le-Skerne 1926-1931, Fylands 1905, Ryhope 1914.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1416/2/10   1897-1923, mostly 1908-1923
Gouldsmith's Sermons. 87 sermons on texts from Nehemiah, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, Hebrews.
Preached at Bishopwearmouth 1908-1923, also Watford 1917, Gateshead Venerable Bede 1911, Auckland St Andrew 1905-1907, Sunderland St John 1914, Jesmond 1909, Newcastle St Silas, Auckland St Anne 1907, Hartlepool 1913-1917, Durham St Nicholas 1909, Southchurch 1906, Auckland 1905, Hendon 1907, Gateshead St George 1917, Roker St Andrew 1921, Calcutta 1897.
Paper; bundle.
Add.MS. 1417/1-4   1828
Printers manuscript copy of a pamphlet, The Hiltons, and 2 letters from Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), the Co. Durham antiquary to [John] Sykes the printer in Newcastle concerning the printing of the work (an excerpt from Surtees' The history and antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham ...[vol. 2, p. 36] which was in turn based upon Sharp's A history of Hartlepool).
Bound in a volume that contains the successive proofs of the work, corrected by Sharp.
2f., 1f & 1f. each.
Bound with book (location: XL929.2 SUR).
Book acquired in 2002.
Add.MS. 1418/1-2   1840 & 1907
2 letters in copy of The diaries of Edward Pease, ed. Sir Alfred E. Pease (London, 1907) owned by David Richardson of Newcastle.
Two items.
Bound with book (location: XL920 P4 PEA; inside front cover and after p.66).
Book acquired in 1944.
Add.MS. 1418/1   30 March 1907
Letter from Alfred Pease from Guisborough, probably to David Richardson, thanking him for a note about Dr Johnson's views on Quakerism and references to Richardson family.
Add.MS. 1418/2   25 December 1840
Letter from Joseph Pease from Darlington to R. Phillipson at Newcastle about a business arrangement.
Add.MS. 1419/1-14   1886-1887
The development of the Athenian democracy(London, [1886], by F. B. Jevons, with 13 letters from contemporary classicists loose or tipped in.
Correspondents: J. C. James, Gateshead School; A. H. Sayce, Queen's College, Oxford; W. G. Rutherford, Westminster; P. G. Matheson, New College, Oxford; B. Jowett, Oxford; Henry Maine, London; F. A. Paley, Bournemouth; J. Gow, Nottingham; W. Ridgway, Queen's College, Cork; W. Wayte, London.
13 letters & 1 pamphlet.
Purchased from Miss W. A. Myers, November 1982 (accession Misc.1982:16)
Add.MS. 1420   [mid 19th century]
Ground plan of the buildings and gardens comprising 30-32 Old Elvet, Durham City, showing interior of 32 and some information about surrounding property.
scale: Scale: 1 inch - 8 feet.
Paper (repaired).
Size: 45 x 67 cm.
Source of acquisition not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:20)
Add.MS. 1421/1-5   1950 & 1954
Architect's blueprints showing the existing structure and proposed alterations (for Durham Colleges) of Jevons House, 7 North Bailey, Durham City, by Charles Elgey, architect, of 7A North Bailey.
scale: Scale: various.
Paper.   5 sheets.
Size: various, up to 85 x 64 cm.
Deposited by the Northumberland & Durham Archaeological and Architectural Society; date of acquisition not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:19)
Add.MS. 1422-1424   Later 18th century
Maps of northern waterways.
3 files
Purchased from T. & L. Hannas, 1975; no. 354 in their catalogue Grub Street Journal48 (accession Misc.1975:21, 19 & 20).
Add.MS. 1422/1-5   1795 & ca.1812
Printed map in 2 parts of a proposed canal between Maryport and Newcastle, by William Chapman (1795).
2 sketched maps of the area around Brampton (Cumberland) and a sheet of notes with a section, relating to a planned channel linking Kirkhouse to Coal Burn. 2 sheets are written on fragments of the Northumberland calendar of prisoners for 1812, the other has notes on inns in Northumberland on the back.
scale: Scale: 1 inch to 2 miles, and undetermined
Paper (repaired).   5 sheets.
Size: Map: 2 sheets of 53 x 66 cm. Plans: 40 x 26 cm.
Add.MS. 1423/1-3   [1796?]
Sketch plan of Tynemouth harbour at high water, as projected with the improvements of Robert Dodd, in 1796. Covers the river Tyne from Jarrow Slake to the sea, showing projected docks, mooring chains and pier (north).
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (repaired).   3 sheets.
Size: 70 x 145 cm (in total).
Add.MS. 1424/1-3   [1796?]
Sketch plan of Tynemouth harbour at low water, giving soundings along the main channel in 1787 and "at present" [1796] (connected with the improvements of Robert Dodd, in 1796). Covers the river Tyne from Jarrow Slake to the sea, showing sand banks and main buildings.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (repaired).   3 sheets.
Size: 70 x 145 cm (in total).
Add.MS. 1425/1-8   [18th century]
7 maps relating to coal mines and land boundaries around the Bishop Auckland area of Co. Durham, in part arising from disputes following enclosure and mining encroachment.
7 items.
Purchased from Steedman, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:38)
Add.MS. 1425/1   1758
Coloured plan of Brissilton alias West Thickley Moors [Shildon, Co. Durham], now enclosed, belonging to Richard and Thomas Peirse Esqs. as lessees from the bishop of Durham as they were ridden and perambulated on 17 October 1758. With the signatures or marks of the witnesses (same as those in 1425/2).
Map shows clearly the boundary of the land, main buildings and coal pits within, as well as the main roads and the owners of all surrounding land.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 48 x 38 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/2   1758
Coloured plan of Redworth Moors [Redworth, Co. Durham], now enclosed, belonging to Richard and Thomas Peirse Esqs. as lessees from the bishop of Durham as they were ridden and perambulated on 17 October 1758. With the signatures or marks of the witnesses (same as those in 1425/1).
Map shows clearly the boundary of the land, main buildings and Shackerton windmill within, as well as the main roads and the owners of all surrounding land.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 43 x 37 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/3   [mid 18th century?]
Sketch plan showing the boundary of Eatherly Colliery north of the river Wear [around Hunwick, Co. Durham] showing major buildings and naming some land owners.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 33 x 44 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/4   [mid 18th century?]
Coloured plan of land south of the river Wear at Witton le Wear, Co. Durham relating to a boundary dispute between Railey Fell and Edderley, involving a Mr Cuthberts.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 39 x 32 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/5   May 1758
Coloured plan showing surface details relating to a boundary dispute between Moor Closes (Edderley Colliery) and Green-Field (West Auckland) and the location of coal workings below. Drawn by Richard Richardson, with extensive annotation.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 30 x 38 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/6   May 1758
Plan of the coal workings (detail of those shown in Add. MS. 1425/5) at the disputed boundary between the mine workings of Sir John Eden and George Dixon at West Auckland. Drawn by George Dixon.
scale: Scale: 20 yards : 1 inch.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 29 x 39 cm.
Add.MS. 1425/7   [1758?]
Sketch plan of mine workings of Sir John Eden at West Auckland illustrating various factors in the boundary dispute between Sir John Eden, William Pierse, Ralph Gowland and George Dixon over mining rights.
scale: Scale: not stated.
Paper (linen backed).   1 sheet.
Size: 40 x 26 cm.
Add.MS. 1426   1926
“Report of action in Northumberland August and September 1926”.
9 letters from J. T. Nesbit to William Sanderson giving an account of his actions at Broomhill Colliery, Morpeth, during the 1926 miners strike. Nesbit led a small group of men who mined coal during the strike to keep the boilers supplied to pump the water out of the pit. Typescript with introduction by Sanderson; bound.
1 vol.; 21p.
Purchased from Galloway & Porter, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:33).
Add.MS. 1427   1981
“The University of Durham - some recollections and reflections by Sir Kingsley Dunham, Emeritus Professor of Geology, recorded in January, 1981”
Account of life at Durham, as an undergraduate at Hatfield 1927-30, transferring from chemistry to geology, then taking a Ph.D. in 1932. Teaching at Harvard and then with Geological Survey of Great Britain covered briefly, then return to Durham as Professor in 1950. Developments, especially new buildings at the University and the evolution of the geology department are described in detail.
Three C60 cassettes containing the recording from which the memoir was typed.
56p. and 3 cassettes.
Recorded by Sir Kingsley on tapes supplied and transcribed by the University Library, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:8).
Add.MS. 1428   1960
“Coal nationalisation. What happened?”, by Hubert Tunney (Thornley, Durham). Typescript account of the mining industry in the North East, especially during the period of nationalisation between 1947 and 1955.
1 vol. 1, 144p.
Donated by the author via Sid Chaplin, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:31)
Add.MS. 1429   1896
“On the study and teaching of history”. Lecture by George Body (?), read before Bede College Literary Society, 5 March 1896. With end of letter from George Body stuck on cover (presumably to identify author).
1 vol. notebook. 52 p. of text.
Donated by Dr. C. W. Gibby, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:2)
Add.MS. 1430   [c. 1900]
“Durham: original drawings”, by John Shirley-Fox (artist; 1860-1939). Card-covered album in handmade wrapper bearing Shirley-Fox's bookplate, dated 1914, containing 26 tipped-in charcoal drawings of Durham City (mainly antiquities and architectural details of the castle and cathedral).
1 vol. 26 drawings
Purchased from Henry Bristow, cat. 275, no. 158 (accession Misc.1982:24).
Add.MS. 1431/1-5   [c. 1950]
C. H. Beaglehole, “The life and times of Dr Isaac Basire chaplain to H.M. King Charles I Chaplain to Bishop Cosin Archdeacon of Northumberland”(unpublished typescript). Typescripts “Constitutional episcopacy”and “A neglected page of history”by Beaglehole (notes on the role of the episcopacy, and an essay on the role of the country house retreat in 17th century Anglicanism respectively).
3 vols. (199p.), 1, 10p.; 1, 11p.
Presented by Mrs. Beaglehole, September 1961 (accession Misc.1961:1).
Add.MS. 1432   1843-1912
Annual accounts of the Trustees of Holwick Chapel (Primitive Methodist chapel at Holwick, N. Yorkshire [Teesdale]). Expenditure and income from the building costs of the chapel in 1843 to 1911. With other notes and (from the back of the book) some brief minutes of meetings of the Trustees 1843-1888 & 1911.
1 vol. 151p.
Purchased from A. B. Walker, Whitby, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:20).
Add.MS. 1433   1786-1791 [20th century transcription]
Typescript copy of “Journal of a tour in England, 1786-1791”by Anna Francesca Cradock (wife of Joseph Cradock of Gumley, Leicestershire). Account of a series of journeys including visits to Bristol; Bath; Portsmouth; Isle of Wight; Poole; Salisbury; Wistow; Gumley; Monmouth; London. A good deal of information about travelling especially the accommodation in inns, and Mrs Cradock's social life (including visits to the theatre).
This is presumably another part of the manuscript published in Paris in 1896 as Journal de Madame Cradock. Voyage en France, 1783-1786, traduit d'après le manuscrit original et inédit par Mme O. Delphin Balleyguier.
1 vol. 42p.
From a copy of the text in the possession of Monsieur André Balleyguier, presented by Professor J. Lough 30th March 1957 (accession Misc.1957:2).
Add.MS. 1434   1866-1868
Journal of Henry Brumell Finch of Durham School, (1849-1899, son of Rev. T. Finch, the chaplain to Northumberland Gaol, Morpeth; left Durham School July 1869). Detailed daily account of life at school and home. Also (at back) three tables of marks for each pupil in form for each subject.
1 vol. 112p.
Purchased from H. Bristow Ltd., 1973 (accession Misc.1973:9).
Add.MS. 1435   [mid 19th century]
“Dr. Wilcolkes's & Messrs. Fryer & Sons' system of arithmetic and mental calculations”. A manuscript copy of Doctor Willcolkes's new and much admired system of arithmetic and mental calculations : never before printed, being the result of many years' study : the manuscript copy of which was bequeathed by Dr. Willcolkes to the present publishers of it, Thomas Fryer and son(Derby, 1832) (and many subsequent editions). With a table of contents. The writer is not identified, but the book is a manual of practical mathematics of particular use to a tradesman or shopkeeper.
1 vol. 12, 176 p.
Donated by C. R. Hudleston, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:7)
Add.MS. 1436   [1880s?]
Notebook containing material for William Octavius Blunt's A thousand years of the church in Chester-le-Street(1883). Memoranda and notes collected by the author for the book, bound in the same binding as the published book (many pages blank).
1 vol. 194p. & 4 loose pieces.
Purchased (with a copy of the printed book) from Garsdale, 1975 (accession Misc.1975:3).
Add.MS. 1437   1879-1880; 1883
“Diary from 1842 ad libitum”of Arthur Bootle Wilbraham (1842-1897: JP in Durham and elsewhere, with a residence at Shotley Bridge, Co. Durham) [labelled Diary from 1842-1895, and pages ruled and headed for that period, but only filled for 1879-80, and January - February 1883]. Single line entries for most days recording activities - travel, business, shooting and gardening etc.
1 vol. (only 24p. of text).
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:143)
Add.MS. 1438   1852
“Diary for 1852”. A detailed daily journal (attributed in a much later hand to Mr Thwaites) written by a colliery surveyor working at collieries owned by the Pease family, in the Shildon and Bishop Auckland area of Co. Durham, especially the Adelaide and St Helens Auckland . The author is 20, from Maryport, Cumberland and is a Quaker. In addition to daily accounts (weather, work and social life - the journal contains plenty of information about mining and the activities of local Quakers) he writes a weekly summary which becomes an account of the daily whereabouts of a colleague (he mistrusts several of his colleagues, especially John Graham senior and junior).
1 vol. 266p. (217p. text, 5p. calculations)
Source not recorded, but purchased before 1971 (accession Misc.2001/2002:69).
Add.MS. 1439   [ca.1890-1960]
Language:  German, some later material in English.
“Haushallungs-Buch für Mathilde Elkan”. Recipe book for a wide range of dishes, started in the late 19th century in German (inscription "Maud Elkan Surichstrasse 62"), with later additions and slips of paper in English.
1 vol. 144p., 13 loose pieces.
Donated by Miss J. Elkan, ca. 1970 (accession Misc.1970:14).
Add.MS. 1440   Dated at the beginning, August 1967
Ledger used as a commonplace book containing extracts of miscellaneous local interest from various Durham and Newcastle newspapers, 1780-1940. Compiled by L. A. Leake, with alphabetical index at front and ca. 100 pages of text.
1 vol. (mainly blank)
Donated by Mrs. L. A. Leake, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:17).
Add.MS. 1441   1958-1962
Rough minute book for meetings of the Council of the Durham City Rotary Club, taken by L. A. Leake, October 1958 - September 1962, with other miscellaneous notes.
1 vol. 104p.
Donated by Mrs. L. A. Leake, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:4).
Add.MS. 1442   1912-1913
Overman's journal, 23 November 1912 - 3 May 1913 for Hamsteels Colliery, Co Durham. Lists details of averages and shifts worked (for each coal seam), giving miners' names and pay received.
1 vol. 290p.
Purchased from Dunelme Coins & Medals, list 2, 1982 (accession Misc.1982:13).
Add.MS. 1443   [20th century]
Notebook of Ralph Allen Sampson (1866-1939: Professor of Mathematics [1896-1910] and Astronomy [1908-10] at Durham, Astronomer-Royal of Scotland 1910-37) used to record odd mathematical jottings and notes on Italian renaissance art.
1 vol. 278p.
Source not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2:67).
Add.MS. 1444   1845-1846
Turnpike toll record book (double printed pages completed in manuscript) for two toll bars in Durham City (near the Elvet Colliery and afterwards University science site) . Butterby Lane toll bar, 13 May - 21 September 1845, then Potters Bank toll bar, 22 September 1845-13 May 1846, recording each horse drawn vehicle or animal passing through. Toll keeper Matthew Stephenson, accounts countersigned by John Forster.
With two sheets in a modern hand calculating totals.
1 vol. 28 sheets [1 blank].
Purchased from L. A. Leake, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:10).
Add.MS. 1445   February 1960
“The story of Bishop Middleham”, by Doris I. Chatt, Dorothy Turner and Jessie Wilkinson.
1. A typescript history of the village of Bishop Middleham, Co. Durham and its institutions, illustrated with 35 photographs or postcards of buildings or local events (ca. 1900-1960), and 4 plans. Also includes a programme for the village Women's Institute (1960), service sheet for dedication of war memorial (1949) and 4 paintings by children.
2. Photocopy of the printed edition, printed by Coronation Pressm Trimdon Station, Darlington.
1 ringbinder file. Tables of contents, 37p. & photographs & maps. Paper file of 22p
1 Presented by Bishop Middleham Women's Institute, 1960 (accession Misc.1960:1).
2 Donated by William Wallach, 2017 (
Add.MS. 1446/1-3   1967
2 albums presented to Miss P. M. Derry (d.1982) on her retirement as headmistress of The Acorn School, Durham City (also referred to as The Acorns). Both albums are covered in an acorn motif binding. The first contains photographs of nearly all her pupils and the second details of their schooling and subsequent lives. Some loose material in the photograph volume has been stored in an envelope.
The Acorn School was based in Poole House, part of Durham School, and appears to have been a nursery school or kindergarten. Miss Derry had run it between 1937 and 1966.
2 ringbinders, 88p. & 119p.; 1 envelope of 16 loose items.
Presented by Miss P. M. Derry, through Mrs Ella Wright, 1981. (accession Misc.1981:9)
Add.MS. 1447/1-3   [ca. 1890-1910]
Heyden ( van der) Three notebooks, containing mainly mathematical exercises and notes, and some chemistry and physics notes, compiled by Alexander Frederick van der Heyden, (d. ca. 1954) who graduated B.A. at University of Durham in 1898 and held a University Fellowship 1898-1906.
3 vols. 3, 457p.; 363p.; 185p.
Presented from the estate of A.F. van der Heyden, 1954 (accession Misc.1954:1).
Add.MS. 1448/1-3   [ca.1860-1890]
3 notebooks of Edwin George Sones (1847-89, Baptist Minister). Commonplace book (half filled mixed prose and verse); notebook (theological material, with alphabetical index at front) with fragment of journal (29 August - 28 November 1869) at back; notebook containing lecture notes (also biography of Sones from Baptist Union handbook, 1890).
3 vols. 215p.; 120p.
Donated by the executors of Miss E. J. Sones, 1967 (accession Misc.1967:9).
Add.MS. 1449   1910
“Mayor's relief fund 1910. Particulars of police enquiries”. Report forms, prepared by members of the Middlesbrough Police Force, on the financial and residential status of applicants for aid from the Mayor's relief fund during the 1910 depression, between January and March. The fund resulted from an appeal by the mayor, Colonel T. Gibson Poole, and was distributed in the form of 1 shilling grocery vouchers. A surplus from the fund was used between November and December 1910 during the boiler-makers lockout, when a second batch of forms were completed.
1 vol. Index, 883 forms.
Purchased, 1965 (accession Misc.1965:9)
This file is closed until 2010 and may not be consulted until then.
Add.MS. 1450   1830s
Manuscript anthology of verse compiled by Elizabeth Surtees of Hamsterley (?sister of the novelist; married Rev. Ralph Carr, d.1879?), containing her own compositions and those of her friends, especially Julia Collinson, together with poems of Byron, Moore, Cooper, Mrs Hemans, Shakespeare etc. Dated November 12th 1831 at front.
1 vol. 114p.
Purchased Alex Fotheringham, catalogue 24, no. 108, 1995 (accession Misc.1995/6:9)
Add.MS. 1451   [early 20th century]
Manuscript volume of poems by George Carr, 34 Commercial St, Crook, Co Durham. A large number of occasional or commemorative pieces, acrostics and addresses to friends. Also 5 clippings, 3 of Carr's verse from The Crook Circuit Wesleyan Methodist magazineand two from unidentified local papers, one reviewing Carr's published poem on Coke ovens, the other a poem by J. T. Ellison of Crook on the loss of the Titanic.
1 vol. 268p., 5 pieces.
Deposited on permanent loan by Mr Carr's grandson via Mrs Hilda Guy, 1996. (accession Misc.1995/6:12).
Add.MS. 1452/1-2   31 August 1811 & 13 May 1813
Bolam Town Green Inclosure of 1813, Co. Durham.
(1) Thomas Scarth of Staindrop, agent, on behalf of William Harvey, Earl of Darlington
(1) Master and scholars of the school and almshouses or hospital of Jesus, Guisborough
(2) Gerard Blisson Wharton of the Temple, London
(2) Robert Surtees of Redworth
(2) Margaret Shepherd of Barnard Castle
(2) Thomas Garth of Newcastle
(2) John Goundry of Bolam
(2) Elizabeth White of Bolam
(2) Sarah Rayne of Durham
(2) Anthony Bazin of Staindrop
(2) George Stubbs of Bolam
(2) William Sowerby of Bolam
(2) Jane Sowerby of Bolam
(2) William Garth of Durham
(2) Richard Blythman of Bolam
(2) George Reed of Luttrington

Agreement between the parties to appoint John Dixon of Cockfield as surveyor to partition the above land (7 acres, 2 perches) and ponds in which they possess an interest. Signed and sealed by most parties.
Inclosure award of John Dixon of Cockfield, surveyor, for Bolam Green reciting previous agreement and including plan (scale 1 chain : 1 inch) and apportionment.
Parchment.   2m. & 4m.
Purchased Richard Ford, bookseller,1988 (accession Misc.1988:1)
Chapman, Vera, “The inclosures and village of Bolam”, TAASDN, n.s. 2 (1970), 83-100.
Add.MS. 1453   [1820s]
Book containing several manuscript pieces in a 19th century hand: (pp.2-41) “A Farewell Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Hodnet in the County of Salop - April 1823 by the Revd Reginald Heber D.D.”, (pp. 42-53) prayers, (pp. 54-6) reflections, entitled “Lights and shadows of Scottish life”, on the Scottish burial rite, and (pp. 57-8) reflections on evenings in autumn; remainder of volume blank. Paper watermark 1824.
1 vol.
Unknown. The volume was discovered in Strongroom B at 5 The College, but has no apparent connection with either Durham Diocesan Records, or the Earl Grey Papers, or any other collection then housed there. (accession Misc.2000/2001:7).
Add.MS. 1454   3 March 1819
Certificate admitting Rev. Joseph Hunter (1783-1861) to honorary membership of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, signed by the president Sir John Edward Swinburne of Capheaton.
Parchment   1m.
Seal: Wax seal of the Society in wooden case affixed by ribbon.
Presented by Arthur Freeman (formerly of Quaritch's) via Dr. Arnold Hunt, 2000 (accession Misc.2000/2001:5).
Add.MS. 1455   ca. 1960 transcript of 1833-1834 original
“The diary of Thomas Helsby 1833-1834”, typescript transcript of an account by Thomas Helsby of murders at Port Lewis, Berkley Sound, East Falkland Island, on 26 August 1833, and of how he and other survivors from the settlement managed to exist in the ensuing months until February 1834. Transcribed by R.S. Boumphrey from a manuscript at Government House, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.
1 vol. 24p.
Presented by R.S. Boumphrey, 1963 (accession Misc.2001/2002:102).
Add.MS. 1456   [ca. 1980]
“The Paneth collection of autochromes”, an account [photocopied typescript] by Odette M. Appel-Heyne of use of the autochrome process by Friedrich August (Fritz) Paneth (1887-1958; Professor of Chemistry at Durham), who began to experiment with it from 1908 onwards, and of his resulting collection of autochromes (donated to the Royal Photographic Society in 1979). Pictures are referred to but not included.
Presented by Miss Eva Paneth, 1983 (accession Misc.2001/2002:103).
Add.MS. 1457   [copies of 1911 originals]
Photocopies of 14 letters and cards from Grace Boyd to her parents (living in Beeston, Leeds), May-June 1911, and of a newspaper obituary for her and a photograph of the Boyd family. They describe her preparations to emigrate from Redcar, Yorkshire (from where the first letters are written) to Canada, to marry James H. English, who kept a grocery and confectionary store in North Vancouver, and give a detailed description of her voyage on the S.S. Empress of Britain, train journey across Canada via Winnipeg, arrival in Vancouver, wedding and honeymoon in Seattle and Victoria, Vancouver Island. The obituary reveals that she died only a month after her marriage. She had qualified as a draughtswoman, working in a Middlesbrough shipyard, before emigrating.
Presented via Mrs J.L. Drury, 2001 (accession Misc.2001/2002:104).
Add.MS. 1458/1-2   1999
“William Steven Gilly 1789-1855. Interim bibliographical and reference notes on source material”by H. S. Norwood.
Also photocopy broadside report of the 6th annual meeting of the Society for the Suppression of Mendacity, of which Gilly was president, held in the Durham town hall, 21 January 1834.
16p., 1p.
Presented by Hugh S. Norwood, 1999 (accession Misc.accession Misc.2001/2002:105)
Add.MS. 1459/1-2   1979-1980
“Voices from the green north”(dated September 1979) and “Enrolment night”(dated 1980) about working-class life in Co. Durham, one set in a mining village school and the other in a technical college, by Harry Davison, Durham. Typescript with manuscript corrections and notes, and thanks for use of the Library.
6p., 8p.
Presented by Miss A.M. McAulay?, ca. 1980 (accession Misc.2001/2002:106).
Add.MS. 1460   1820
“Margaret”, manuscript poem on the seduction of an innocent girl and its awful consequences, starting "To flattery then the key to woman's heart" written in a 19th century fair copy hand, and signed at end H.E. 1820 (the date appears to have been altered). The writer is identified in a manuscript note in another 19th century hand as "Hariett Ewing Governess in Lady Denny's family". Paper watermark 1818.
Not known (accession Misc.2001/2002:107).
Add.MS. 1461/1-3   1875-1883
3 sets of manuscript legal notes of J. Mawson, a 19th century Durham lawyer:
Notebook containing notes on Chitty on the law of contracts, 9th ed., with ownership inscription of Jos. Mawson, Durham, 29 May 1875, in the same hand.
File of notes dated 23 Oct. 1876-9 April 1877 of discussions at meetings of a Durham legal society, with an undated covering letter from A. Graham, Hon. Sec., returning them to J. Mawson, Exchequer Bridge, Durham. Graham's letter refers to them as "minutes of the proceedings of the old Law Student Society".
Lecture on mortgages, dated March 1883, written on the back of printed legal forms, annotated "Deliv[ere]d at Law Students Society at D[urha]m 22 M[ar]ch 1883", and with ownership inscription of J. Mawson, Durham.
3 vols. 80p.; 25f.; 27f.
Found by Brian Cheesman, Deputy University Librarian, in the basement of the Law Department, February 1980 (accession Misc.2001/2002:108).
Add.MS. 1462   1940
“Rameau's opera and the critics”, by Evelyn Myra Kisch (1912-45). Typescript copy of a part of this unfinished book/thesis preceded by a brief memoir of Kisch, who was a celebrated flautist and the first full-time lecturer in music at the Durham Colleges division of the University of Durham. Also tipped in are a photograph of her and a letter from her father, Sir Cecil Kisch, to Prof. Arthur Hutchings of Durham.
1 vol. 102p.
Deposited in memory of the author, 1948 (accession Misc.1948:1).
Add.MS. 1463   [ca1834-1835]
Calling card: "Rev. Temple Chevallier., B.D. Cath. Hall, Nominated candidate for the office of Registrary", with ms annotations on the dorse. Chevallier was a Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge. He came to Durham in 1834 and was Registrar of the University, 1835-1865.
1 piece
Presented by Professor David Knight, 2001 (the card was used as a bookmark in the donor's copy of Johnston's Philosophical Transactions) (accession Misc.2001/2002:92).
Add.MS. 1464/1-2   1984 & 1999
Funeral address by Sir Kingsley Dunham for Mrs Pat Slater (died 1984) and funeral address by Alan Piper for Len Slater (1908-1999, Master of University College Durham 1953-1973).
Presented by W.T.W. Morgan, 2000 (accession Misc.2001/2002:109).
Add.MS. 1465   [ca 1980?]
“Horsley on Tyne Methodist Church... a look backwards, in the footsteps of the Revnds John and Charles Wesley at Horsley on Tyne and Nafferton Farm 1742 to 1791”, manuscript notes compiled by Joseph Tait of Choppington.
1 vol. 27 p. of text.
Presented by Rev. Peter Sedgwick, as part of a donation of otherwise printed material he had collected during a course on local church history which he gave at Carter House, Durham, 1988 (accession Misc.2001/2002:110).
Add.MS. 1466   ca 1997
“Professor P.J. Heawood”, recollections of "Pussy" Heawood, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Durham, by five of his ex-students (G.W. Gargett, A.V. Haile, S. Holgate, J. Newsome and A.M. Rowell) who in 1937 formed the first honours class in the School of Mathematics. The notes have attached a covering note from Ian Stewart, Deputy Registrar of the University, May 2000, and a photocopied letter from the organiser of a planned conference (which failed to materialise) to commemorate Heawood's work on the four-colour map theorem.
Presented by Ian Stewart, 2000 (accession Misc.2001/2002:111)
Add.MS. 1467   3 November 1773
Admission to copyhold tenancy, manor of Caldbeck Upton and Underfell (Cumberland) of Jonathan Asbridge to a cottage & garth named Heron Rig for a fine of 5s. and rent of 6d. Printed form completed in manuscript.
Donated by M. Stansfield, 2003 (accession Misc.2003/2004:6).
Add.MS. 1468   1992
Report by Martin Roberts on the building 4 The College, Durham including 3 drawings. With letter of explanation to occupiers (photocopies).
Presented by J. L. Drury, 1992 (accession Misc.2002/2003:42).
Add.MS. 1469/1-2   December 1983 - January 1984
Letter from Arthur Bannister (School of Chemistry, Durham) to Professor G. E. Coates, Wyoming, about his memories of Chemistry at Durham in the 1950s, with Coates' reply.
1f., 4p.
Presented by Dr A. Banister, 1989 (accession Misc.1989:5).
Add.MS. 1470   [mid 19th century]
Letter-book of correspondence addressed to the Victorian actress Miss Herbert (1831-1921; Louisa Ruth Maynard, married Edward Crabb, then John Rochfort). The surviving contents touch frequently on matters related to the contemporary theatre, and include letters from the novelists Ouida, M. E. Braddon, the artist Frederick Sandys who drew Miss Herbert, Dion Boucicault and various actors, actresses, dramatists and journalists. Many pages have biographical notes added.
1 vol.
Presented by Mrs Virginia Surtees (great-granddaughter of Miss Herbert), 1997 (accession Misc.1997/98:7).
Once a substantial volume, many of the letters have been removed or destroyed, but a full list of the original correspondents is written on the rear paste down. 32 items survive intact, and have been numbered within the volume.
Surtees, Virginia, The actress and the brewer's wife: two Victorian vignettes(London, 1997).
Add.MS. 1471   August 2003
“The Durhams in Korea 1952-53”. Print out of the display boards of an exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of service in the Korean war by the 1st Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry. Full account with pictures of their role in the Commonwealth Brigade of the United Nations Force.
Presented via Randall Cross, 2003 (accession Misc.2003/2004:7).
Add.MS. 1472   1845
Travel journal of "M. S." of Farnham and her sister Kate from Canterbury to Edinburgh via London, Peterborough, Lincoln, York, Durham, Alnwick etc. Recounts the friends stayed with and buildings visited on the way; the author is a devotee of the picturesque, and prefers railway travel to the coach.
Includes 18 engravings used as illustrations.
1 vol. 31p.
Purchased from Lesley Aitchison (Bristol bookseller) catalogue 19, no. 222. (accession Misc.1995/96:21).
There are several other travel journals by "M. S." in the bookseller's catalogue, which has been retained with the item. Some describe earlier travels but one is clearly a continuation of this in Scotland.
Add.MS. 1473   1824
“Notes in the north”, by Thomas Henry White M.A. (Rev. Thomas Henry White, [1797/8-1849], author of travel works on Italy and the Rhineland etc.)
Fair copy of a travel journal in the north of England and Scotland, concentrating especially on architectural detail, inscriptions and local tales. Written in a single hand throughout, with some pencil annotations and amendments.
Illustrated with 74 engravings of churches, castles and views, 1 ink sketch, 1 watercolour and 2 pencil drawings.
1 vol. 748p.
Size: 30 x 24 cm.
Purchased from George's booksellers, Bristol, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:6).
Add.MS. 1474   1754-1799
Memoranda book of Thomas Wilkinson (d.1792) including copies of documents relating to his role as chief constable of Chester Ward, Co. Durham, 1747-69, and extracts from Lanchester parish registers (Co. Durham) 1520-1792 (with a few additions in another hand).
Inscribed "Hollenside Hall Thos Wilkinson his book 25 May 1754".
Parchment; paper gathering at front and back (pp.1-16 & )   1 vol.
Size: 31 x 19 cm.
Binding: Contemporary Durham binding by the "insect roll" binder.
Purchased from R. D. Steedman, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:12).
A short treatise on the correct form and materials with which domestic items should be made, starting "And for a hous should be square fourteen yards".
Table of the population of the world and the income in taxation etc. to be derived from them.
Account of Richard Middleton, a soldier, and why he had playing cards in church at Glasgow, taken from a Newcastle newspaper 10 August 1776.
Two copy summonses issued by Wilkinson relating to Chester Ward in 1769.
Land tax accounts for Chester Ward
Blank. A loose fragment on court business inserted here dated 1768.
pp.17-24.   1778
Marriages at Lanchester, 1562-1735.
pp.25-50   1778
Baptisms at Lanchester, from the register, in two sequences 1520-1778; 1561-1759.
Burials at Lanchester, from the register, 1561-1792.
Table of marriages, christenings and burials per year [at Lanchester], 1687-1777.
Plan of the interior of Lanchester church showing the occupants of each pew in the quire, gallery, north and south aisles.
Compendium of facts about England (administration, coinage, officials, salaries, fees etc.).
List of notable houses and their owners in Co. Durham.
Table of distances around the world from London.
List of 18th century baptisms. With 2 loose paper inserts of additional names.
Alphabets in a variety of hands.
The Holy Bible explained.
Coins of the world.
Table of subscriptions paid towards maintaining the clergy of Lanchester, with an inset table on notable buildings of Britain.
Case relating to the coal mines of Lanchester heard in Wilkinson's time. With notes of local creations of peerages at bottom of p. 99.
Regulations for the local militia.
Numbers of militia raised by county in England, and table of notable dates
Chronological table of events.
Proceedings of Chester Ward sessions, 16 January 1746/7 relating to improving the roads.
Copies of warrants issued by Wilkinson.
Copy commissions for visitations, inquiries, tax collecting etc.
On the bishop of Durham's copyholds.
Copy of inclosure bill for Lanchester Fell, 1719
List of subscribers towards the parson's house, Lanchester, 1733.
List of marriages at Lanchester, 1687-1799
Memorandum of the repair of Church Garth wall, Lanchester. Also at foot (last page in original construction) note of the cost of the book and binding, paid to Mr Carr (William Carr of Durham?).
p.1 (numbered from back)
Memorandum of deaths of peers in 18th century. pp.2-6 blank.
p.7-8 (numbered from back)
Table of local rates payments, and of local freeholds.
p.9-16 (numbered from back)
Memoranda to constables and by Wilkinson, arising from the quarter sessions, 1768-69.
Add.MS. 1475   ca. 1800
“Index to the enrolments of crown leases temp. Hen. 8 remaining in the Augmentation Office”. An alphabetical list of places, in regnal year order with brief note of premises and lessee for the period of the reign of Henry VIII.
Made by or for John Caley (d.1834), Clerk of the Augmentation Office from 1787, with his ownership stamp and inscription dated 1801.
1 vol. 370p.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston, 1953 (accession Misc.1953:1).
Pencil note inside front cover "Caley MSS. Cat 2250 No IV".
This volume was subsequently Phillipps MS 6806 (although Phillipps catalogue lists this as 2 volumes).
Add.MS. 1476/1-2   1716-1938
Language:  In Latin until 1733.
Court roll of the manor of the Vicarage of Norton, Co. Durham (includes properties bordering on the High Street, around the vicarage, and fields at the edge of the parish). The first volume covers 1716-1917, with undated table of steward's fees and plans (mainly towards end of volume), and the second 1918-1938 (including manorial extinctions) with several plans.
2 vols. 509p. & 111p. of text, with plans.
Deposited by H. G. Faber of Stockton (who, like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, had been steward of the manor), via the British Records Association, 1949 (accession Misc.2002/2003:7).
Add.MS. 1477   [1730s-1746]
Manuscript volume written by Francis Maire of Hardwick (d.1746) [Hardwick Hall near Castle Eden, Co. Durham] containing two items, separately paginated (with many blank pages between them).
With bookplates of Francis Maire and Lloyd Kenyon.
1 vol. and 1 file (volume paginated in two sequences).
Purchased Christie's 29 June 1994, lot 83. (accession Misc.1994/95:11).
Transcript of Salmon's Chronological historian(2nd edition, 1732), from 1722-1727.
An account of work and alterations done at Hardwick Hall since the Maire family moved to Co. Durham from Cheshire.
Construction done in the seventeenth century, and in greater detail, information about the building work done by his father, Thomas Maire
Latin tags and biblical quotations.
Catalogue of fruit trees planted in the garden in 1733, bought from the nursery of John Carpenter of Brumpton Park.
pp.29-45   1742
Catalogue of Maire's books.
Account of the planting of the gardens and woodland at Hardwick by Maire since 1728.
Inserted loose bifolium in volume
List of additional fruit trees, planted 1743-1744.
Add.MS. 1477a/1-9   1974-1983
Correspondence of Lloyd Kenyon with Mark Girouard and another about the manuscript.
Add.MS. 1478   1874-1888
Account book of Mrs Baker Baker (née Isabel Allgood, wife of Henry John Baker Baker [1822-1871]) at Elemore Hall, near Durham giving monthly expenditure and income.
1 vol. 363p.
Presented in September 2003 by John McKinnell, from the estate of Victor Watts, who had found it at 50 North Bailey (a former location of the Dept. of English Language before 1966) (accession Misc.2003/2004:17).
Baker Baker Papers.
Add.MS. 1479   [20th century copy; originals 1790s]
Xerox copy of communications to the Darlington Society for promoting the study of general and natural history and antiquities by William Hutchinson (1732-1814) and Edward Robson (1763-1813). A report on a Roman fragment found at Greta Bridge, by Hutchinson, and a catalogue of the less common plants of Co. Durham by Robson; preceded in each case by letters from the authors, dated 1793 and 1794.
1 vol. 35p.
Robson's description of Ribes spicatum was published in Transactions of the Linnean Society, vol. 3, 1797; a copy of the printed version is kept with the ms.
Donated by Ada Radford, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:7).
This seems to be a photocopy of most (or perhaps all except the title-leaf) of a manuscript volume entitled “Darlington Natural History Society 1793”, given by Mr. R.J. Mounsey of Blackwell Hill at some date prior to 1919 to the Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists' Field Club. The original ms was still among the Club's records in 1987. See Barry Hetherington, The origin of the Darlington and Teesdale Naturalists' Field Club(New Houses, Arkle Press, 1987).
Add.MS. 1480/1-98   1897-1911
Solicitor's file of notes and documents relating to the probate of the estates of William Thomas Peacock (died 1908) and his father Christopher (died 1897), farmers, of Bearpark Lodge, Bearpark, Co. Durham, and Miss Mary Jane Peacock (died 1897) of Ravenstonedale, Westmorland.
1 file. 98 items.
Purchased from Adab Books, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:16).
Add.MS. 1481/1-167   1891-1907
File of papers relating to the administration of Henry Smith's Charity, Durham. The material primarily relates to the appointment of trustees and negotiations with the Charity Commission as part of a general inquiry by them into Durham City charities in 1896 (press cuttings). The Commission required that funds should not only be used for relief of the poor, but also for the promoting of trade, leading to the establishment of Henry Smith scholarships at the Johnston School, Durham.

For Henry Smith's Charity (founded 1598, endowed with property in the Market Place, Durham, including the town hall, and houses and farmland in Co. Durham), see the report of the Charity Commission to the House of Commons, Endowed charities, administrative County of Durham, and county boroughs of Gateshead and Sunderland(London, 1904), vol. 1, pp.277-280 & 308-310.
Purchased from Adab Books, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:4).
Add.MS. 1482/1-25   [1960s-1970s]
Literary papers of Gordon Derek Brown (1925-2000).
1 file.
Presented by the estate of Gordon D. Brown, via Richard Caddel, August 2000 (accession Misc.2000/2001/22).
Add.MS. 1482/1-4   25 September 1976
Photocopy of a letter from Brown to the editor of the Times Literary Supplement, 1976, in reply to an article on Ezra Pound by Bernard Bergonzi
Add.MS. 1482/5   n.d. [1970s?]
Pencil sketch of Joe Malver
Add.MS. 1482/6   [late 1960s?]
Morden Tower Book Room postcard from Tom Pickard with a photograph of Corso, Ferlinghetti, Bunting, Pickard and Wilson at a Morden Tower poetry reading
Add.MS. 1482/7   [1970s?]
Note to Brown from Bill [Griffiths] and autograph ms poem "Charm" by Griffiths, written on a card reproducing a page from Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience.
Add.MS. 1482/8-17   1967-1969
Draft works by Barry MacSweeney: prose “Tale”[begins "the 3 kings just left me"], June 1968; poems “This is just to say”, “the pupil”and “the man” [on one sheet], “haiku”, “Jealusy [sic] my friend, is bad”and “calling it a day”[on one sheet], “The last bud, resignation”[4 pp., dated May 1967 in typescript, and signed and dated by MacSweeney Feb.69]. With 1 envelope.
Add.MS. 1482/18   [1970s?]
“What is it we want from music”, ms poem headed "Written a long time ago", writer unidentified.
Add.MS. 1482/19-20   [1970s?]
Incomplete ms letter on literary influences, writer unidentified
Add.MS. 1482/21-25   1979
Catalogues of exhibitions on Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Ezra Pound, at the 4th International Ezra Pound Conference, Durham, 1979, and conference programme
Add.MS. 1483/1-166   [1930s?]
Working notes on the early English book-trade up to the 17th century, compiled by Prof. J.E.V. Croft (Winterstoke Professor of English, University of Bristol, 1930s-1941). Includes general studies of printing, letter carrying, extracts from original sources, registers, book lists, inventories etc. and later studies; the provincial book trade.
1 file.
Presented by John H.A. Gavin, who had received them from Roger Brockbank of Stavely, Prof. Croft's nephew, November 2000 (accession Misc.2000/2001:20).
Add.MS. 1484/1-4   1902-1929
Working papers of Thomas Schollick, mining engineer and colliery manager in Co. Durham. , a ledger of wages accounts for Dean & Chapter Colliery, Ferryhill, for pit numbers 1, 2 and 3, 1923-1927, and a file of miscellaneous papers, mainly technical, concerning that colliery, 1914-1929.
4 volumes.
Thomas Schollick was born in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, and educated at Bentham Grammar School near Settle, West Yorkshire, and at mining classes at New Seaham, Co. Durham. He became under-manager at Seaham Harbour Colliery, and then assistant manager and later manager of Dean & Chapter Colliery, Ferryhill, Co. Durham.
Deposited on permanent loan by Mrs Ann Camm (grand-daughter of Thomas Schollick), April 1999 (accession Misc.2000/2001:25).
Add.MS. 1484/1-2   1902-1903
Two exercise books of essays (with remarks of tutor [G. A. Hawes]), answers to exercises and calculations, the first marked "New Seaham Mining Classes. Honours Part I. Session 1902-03".
2 vol. 78p. & 94p. (part blank).
Add.MS. 1484/3   1914-1929
File of manuscript and typescript papers on colliery business, primarily relating to Dean & Chapter Colliery, Ferryhill, Co. Durham, covering topics including equipment, plant, engines, costs, surveys, reports etc. Includes accident report on death of E. Todd, 22 August 1927.
1 file. 98f.
Add.MS. 1484/4   1923-1927
Ledger of fortnightly summary accounts of coal yields, salaries and costs for the 3 pits at the Dean & Chapter Colliery, Ferryhill, Co. Durham.
1 vol.
Add.MS. 1485/1-2   1980
“Roman Coin Hoards in Northern Britain: an unfinished manuscript MA thesis for the University of Durham, September 1980”, by Michael F. Sekulla. Vol.1 contains discussion, maps and diagrams, in both manuscript and typescript; vol.2 has a typescript description of each coin hoard, alphabetically arranged by site.
2 vols. 186p. & 210p.
Presented by the author, 1994 (accession Misc.1996/97:10).
Add.MS. 1486   1844-1859
54 letters, bound in a volume, from Robert Chambers (1802-1871, publisher, geologist) and his brother William Chambers (1800-1883, publisher), mainly from Edinburgh, to Thomas Sopwith (mining engineer, 1803-1879). Subjects include mining, housing, their writings, visits, family news, geology, politics, publishing, the controversy over the Vestiges of the natural history of creation, stratigraphy and raised beaches, contact with Brunel. Also includes a letter from Lady Georgina [Juliet?].
1 vol.
Purchased from Steedman, January 1963 (accession Misc.1963:5).
Bookplate of James Hall (motto "carpe diem"); spine title "Autographs / Sopwith / 2".
Add.MS. 1487   1830s
Album, containing miscellaneous contributions, owned by Miss Ann Jackson [of Durham City] to whom some are addressed. Contents include original and transcribed poems, watercolour and pencil sketches, prints etc.
1 vol. 184p.
Presented by Miss M. Bell, via Dr. Harriss, October 1966.(accession Misc.1966:13).
Add.MS. 1488   1963
“The autobiography of John Hanson 1759-1839”. Copied from the original manuscript in the possession of H. Cecil Smith of Rockfield, formerly of Pilstone House, Monmouthshire by R. S. Boumphrey (typescript with extensive manuscript corrections).
The transcript consists of a summary family history, the journal of John Hanson of Great Bromley Hall, afterwards of Woodford, Essex, an account of his descendants to the mid 19th century, their godparents, memoranda on related families, burial places and memorial inscriptions, 19th century family births and deaths, family letters, auction particulars of Osmanthorp House, near Leeds (1801), auction particulars of Great Bromley Hall, Essex [1822], and copy of letter from Cecil Smith to Boumphrey, 1962. Much of the journal reflects the life and social contacts of a large county family (Hanson served as High Sheriff of Essex), with reflections on the French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars and the Reform Act. There are references throughout to other documents of family history which are not transcribed, the present whereabouts of which is not known.
1 vol. 180p.
Presented by R. S. Boumphrey, May 1963 (accession Misc.1963:9).
Add.MS. 1489/1-2   [ca.1811-1822]
Commonplace book and journal of J. Henryson containing memoranda on military and topographical material, with a few sketches. 1489/1 is mainly concerned with military fortifications and sites in the east Mediterranean. 1489/2 starts with an account of a tour through Wales, and continues with an account of a tour through France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Holland started in September 1821.
2 vols. iv, 317f. & vi, 359f. and 1 loose p.
Purchased from Capt. M. H. Caird, 1962 (bookplates of Henryson Caird) (accession Misc.1962:14).
Add.MS. 1490   1837-1860; 1912
Album compiled originally by Miss Butterfield of Primrose Hill, dated February 1837, and presented by her to Mr Jones. Contains verses, some with attributions and others initialled, and some prose extracts. Some items are dated in the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, with a significant quantity dated June 1852. At the end a poem on the loss of the Titanic has been added (1912).
1 vol. 83f.
Donated by G. B. Hall, via M. Johnson (accession Misc.2001/2002:1).
Add.MS. 1491   1834
Pocket appointments diary of George Ornsby (1809-1886, Durham antiquary): Ruffy's calendar(the Royal Sovereign version) for 1834 with brief notes of visits and expenses.
1 vol. 160p.
Purchased from Jabez Elliott, Ringwood, 1971 (Misc.Acc. 1971:35).
Add.MS. 1492   1835-1850
“Memoranda relative to Copycrook Colliery by John Page Sowerby”. An account of the formation of a company to mine coal at Copycrooks (2 miles south of Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham) from 1835-1850 written and paginated from the front of the volume, breaking at p.89 and resuming pp.90-94 at p.78 of the pagination sequence from back of book. Includes an account of coal mining in the area in 1841
From back of book, paginated 1-152, are the various accounts of the Colliery, including costs of winning the coal and the various partnership accounts, with gaps. Bookplate of JPS.
1 vol. 240p.
Purchased from Sotheby's sale, 3 March 1980, lot 24 (accession Misc.1980:8).
Add.MS. 1493   [18th century]
Language:   French
Manuscript copy of Histoire de la glorieuse rentrée des Vaudois dans leurs valées, (published Cassel, 1710) by Henri Arnaud (1641-1721), an account of the Waldensians, with a few footnotes added by J.H. [J. Henryson]. Preceding the dedication to Queen Anne of Great Britain is an additional one to Prince Eberhard Louis, Duke of Wurtemburg, etc. After Arnaud's text (f.151v onwards) are various extracts of documents and other accounts continuing Arnaud's narrative.
1 vol. i, 163f.
Purchased from Capt. M. H. Caird, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:3).
Add.MS. 1494   1791-1794
Minute-book recording the rules, members, meetings & attendance of the Durham Archers (apparently formed by Durham gentlemen in 1791, and known after 1792 as The Bowmen of Neville's Cross).
1 vol. Mostly blank, 9p. only used.
Purchased from J. McNaughton, 1962 (accession Misc.1962:11).
Add.MS. 1495   March 1850 - January 1851
Minute book of the Bethel Chapel, Sunderland, Juvenile Total Abstinence Society (teetotal group founded March 1850), with list of members and addresses. Meetings were held either in the vestry or at Pan Lane School.
1 vol. Mostly blank, 20p. only used.
Purchased from Adab Books, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:25).
Add.MS. 1496   1 January - 3 August 1871
Language:  English, German & French
Diary of Alice M. Brandreth giving an account of her travels in England, Wales, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany in the company of her parents and others. Her account shows a special interest in art and religion and includes visists to galleries, museums, churches and a meeting with the Pope. Illustrated throughout with dried flowers collected en route and ends with a summary of memorable sights and a list of books.
1 vol. 180p
From Mrs. M. S. Gordon's books, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:4).
Add.MS. 1497   1790-1804
Durham Paving Act: accounts with creditors for interest and tenants for rents etc. Ledger giving the accounts for the various bar gates of Durham City, the interest paid on loans for paving, the costs of paving the city and related items.
1 vol. 88f.
Purchased from L. A. Leake, 1980 (accession Misc.1980:9).
Add.MS. 1498   14 April - 31 August 1838; 1 January 1850 - 4 March 1851; July 1917 - March 1928
Volume containing journal of James F. W. Johnston (ff.3-23), (Reader in Chemistry in the University of Durham) for 1838 and 1850-51. The 1838 section (ff.3-13) contains thoughts on journal writing, accounts of his work at Durham University (performing organic analyses etc.), lecturing in Sheffield and Manchester (with recollections of his childhood there and observations on the inferiority of Lancashire mining to that in Durham), the salt mines at Northwich, alkali works on Tyneside. The second part (ff.14-23) describes a visit to North America, starting with a retrospective of his work since the earlier journal halted including publications and work for the Agricultural Chemistry Association of Scotland, and continuing with his itinerary, lecturing on agricultural science at cities on the east coast of America and Canada and returning from Boston to Liverpool on the steamer Niagaragiving daily observations of the course (with 3 slips containing observations and calculations).
Later used as minute book by the Finance Committee of St. John's Church, Neville's Cross, Durham,1917-28 (ff.25-61) (with extract from parish magazine explaining the Durham Diocesan Finance Scheme, and loose account).
1 vol. xi, 213f., 3 pieces, 4 pieces. Mostly blank.
Deposited on indefinite loan by St. John's Church, Neville's Cross, 1963 (accession Misc.1963:11).
Add.MS. 1499   [early 19th century]
Volume of Durham and Northumberland family history, primarily concerning the Radclyffes, also Blakiston, Salvin, Wren, Mascall, Shafto, Fenwick, Forster, Blackett, Tempest etc. Compiled, partly from material supplied by Robert Surtees and James Raine senior, by William Radclyffe (1770-1828), Rouge Croix herald (who was removed from that office after conviction for forgery in an attempt to prove his descent from the Radclyffes of Derwentwater).
1 vol. 110f. (many blank)
Purchased from Kraus catalogue 157, item 181, 1981 (accession Misc.1980:20).
Formerly Phillipps MS. 9141.
Newcastle upon Tyne City Library: Radcliffe Letters 1798-1825 (ref: L929.2 R125)
Note on Derwentwater
Radclyffe entries from the Crosthwaite parish register, 1566-1752.
Radclyffe entries from the Cockermouth parish register, 1640-1762.
Extracts from wills in the Durham probate registry and various parish registers relating to various families.
ff.37-38   4 September 1807
Letter (bound in) from Mainsforth [from Robert Surtees?] to Radclyffe at the College of Arms with information on Ratcliffe entries in the registry at Durham.
Transcription of contents of the previous letter, with additional information and copy of a letter from James Raine (16 Spetember 1817) with a further will.
Extracts from wills and charters relating to the Forsters of Edderston.
Extracts from wills and charters relating to the Salvins of Croxdale, followed by transcripts of medieval charters relating to the Whalton family etc. with sketches of seals.
Transcripts from parish registers relating to Blackett.
Notes from calendars of state records (Inquisitions post mortem etc.).
Description of Dilston Hall by Radclyffe (inserted).
Notes from Durham Inquisitions post mortem.
Transcript from MS Dodsworth 59 of a Tempest family bond to maintain a priest, 1540. With sketched genealogy.
Extracts from Sedgefield parish register relating mainly to Ord and Wright, 1580-1709.
Extracts from registers relating to the Bakers of Elemore, with genealogy copied from Surtees and transcript from family bible.
Notes on Lady Frevill's lands and Sedgefield estate.
List of Ord and Wright entries in Durham registry, with some Bewick and Baker entries noted, and some transcripts including one inserted.
Notes from Corbridge register.
Pencil sketches (of Dilston Hall?)
Partial genealogy of Radclyffe family.
Transcript of part of a letter in Durham Cathedral Library about local gentry in the region and the number of men at their command.
Add.MSS 1500-1549
Add.MS. 1500   1697-1707
Book of bonds to pay various tithe rents on stock and crops on lands around the west of Co. Durham (Lanchester parish and surrounding area) to John Cooke. With signature or mark of debtor and usually witnessed by Robert Bailiff. Includes various calculations and summaries.
1 vol. 208p.
Binding: Sewn on sawn-in tanned leather strips and bound in tanned leather covers over pasteboard with simple blind fillet decoration and a limp flap.
Purchased, via S. Crowe, at Sotheby's auction, 11 May 1970 (lot 128) (accession Misc.1970:21).
Add.MS. 1501   1720s-1730s
Account book of an unidentified craftsman and trader in the Sedgefield area, Co. Durham. The bulk of the work charged for is harness mending and saddle repairs but there are also transactions for general supplies such as cheese, spices, tobacco, hops and farming tools. Part of an alphabetical index of debtors (F onwards) survives at the front, the rest of the ledger is a tally of items, debts and payments for each person.
1 vol. xii, 176f.
Purchased at auction, Hodgson & Co. 24 March 1966 (lot 518) (accession Misc.1966:44).
Add.MS. 1502   ca.1810
Manuscript copy of John and Gilbert Spearman, An enquiry into the ancient and present state of the county palatine of Durham. Wherein are shewn the oppressions which attend the subjects of this County by the male-administration of the present ministers and officers of the said County Palatine ...(Edinburgh, 1729) (without the postscript), probably made by or for D. Turner.
1 vol. ii, 115p.
Watermark 1808
Presented by Mrs. E. Armstrong, 1967 (accession Misc.1967:10).
Inside front cover, notes of ownership: "D. Turner 11 Dec. 1810"; "C.O.P Gibson, Bywell Castle, Stocksfield, Northumberland. Purchased by me at sale of Matthew Mackey's library being lot 588".
Add.MS. 1503   [later 19th century]
Exercise book containing notes on Oliver Cromwell's establishment of a College at Durham during the Protectorate, compiled by C.J Robinson, W. Hooper and W.C. Boulter (all clergymen, graduates of Durham University in the mid and later 19th century). Contains lists of sources and biographical notes on officers etc. of the College, transcripts, and at the back, printed articles.
The biographical notes consist of pieces of paper pasted in, containing manuscript and printed information. At the back, an annotated copy of “Cromwell's college at Durham”, a printed piece from a 19th century magazine, has been pasted in. Also loose in volume [A1-18] notes and transcripts from Allan's Collectanea Dunelmensia, and [B1-11] notes from Cooper's Annals of Cambridge and Gutch's Annals of Oxford.
1 vol. 29f. [middle blank] 11f. Loose 18f. and 11f.
From the old University Collection (previously 38.B.1.18) (accession Misc.2001/2002:21).
Add.MS. 1504   [1950s?]
Typescript schedule of 17th and 18th century deeds etc. relating to property held by the Wardell family around Fishburn, Co. Durham, with transcripts of some documents, other notes and a handout from an exhibition at North Riding Record Office on the Friarage, Yarm.
Donated by Mrs. J. Wardell, via Lt.-Col. W. Morris, 1969 (accession Misc.1969:11).
Add.MS. 1505-1506
Two legal precedent books associated with John Dixon of Aykley Heads, Durham.
Purchased from R.J. Scott of Darlington, June 1970 (accession Misc.1970:7-8).
Dixon-Johnson Papers
Add.MS. 1505   [mid 18th century]
Copy of the Book of Rates for Co. Durham (ca.1647-80) giving various schedules and payments, and of a schedule of Papist's estates (1722/23) with sums payable by each. Extracts from 17th century records of land-tenure taken from the Durham Registry and legal opinions. Written by John Dixon, of Aykley Heads.
1 vol. 99f. and blank
Add.MS. 1506   [mid 18th century]
Copies of legal documents and opinions concerning places in Co. Durham and proceedings in its courts. Many of these are original opinions, supplied and signed by the lawyer concerned, including John Dixon and Thomas Rudd, in the 1740s and 1750s. Also tables of fines and fees, list of bishops of Durham, notes of manorial boundaries, material copied from the Boldon book. With index, compiled by John Dixon (the owner?).
1 vol. 368p.
Add.MS. 1507   [after 1740]
Manuscript copy of article called Astronomic mythology, originally produced with plates which are noted but not present. A study of the influence of astronomical observation on the origins of certain classical and Egyptian myths using classical authors and maps of the heavens derived from John Senex's celestial globe (described by him in Philosophical transactions in 1738), showing how the constellations would have appeared during their time and arguing that mythology was but an allegorical expression of this knowledge.
1 vol. 24f.
Purchased from Jabez Elliott, 1965 (accession Misc.1965:11).
Add.MS. 1508   1824-1832
Sketch-book of Anne Salvin (née Nesfield, wife of Anthony Salvin senior [1799-1881, architect]). 23 drawings. Pencil (a few with watercolour wash) pictures of places and buildings in Co. Durham, Northumberland and Europe. Several pictures of Brancepeth Church and Castle (one loose of the castle fireplace), copy of portrait of Bishop Cosin, Witton Castle, Old Park, Durham City, Warkworth hermitage and other buildings in Durham and Northumberland; Alpine village scene, incomplete picture of lady drawing. At back of book, a later cruder drawing of a steam beam engine pump.
1 vol. 36f.
Purchased (source not identified), 1956 (accession Misc.1956:13).
Add.MS. 1509   [1850s]
Sketch-book of Emily Marianne Salvin, (née Darley, wife of Anthony Salvin junior [architect]). 26 pencil (a few with watercolour wash) pictures, some initialled, with two dated 1852-1853. Buildings and architectural detail, including Carisbrooke Castle, Brancepeth Rectory, Windsor Castle (loose), landscapes and perspective exercises.
1 vol. 30f.
Purchased from E. Hall, 1956 (accession Misc.1956:12).
Add.MS. 1510   1766-1767
Geometrical, trigonometrical and astronomical precepts and exercises, written by John Coulthard, ca.1766-1767 (from the evidence of inscriptions and dates on ff. 36, 51v, 66, 82, 93, 96, 107 and 114). On ff. 51v and 107 the compiler describes himself as "John Coulthard Philomath.". The exercises concentrate on spherical geometry and trigonometry, the stereographical and orthographical projection of the sphere, a series of astronomical problems, eclipses and other astronomical data, with many diagrams and tables.
1 vol. 114f.
According to John Backhouse, via whom this volume came to the Library, the Weardale nick-stick no.2, p.30 records that the Hurworth mathematician William Emerson (1701-1782) had a farm in Upper Weardale, where he spent time in the summer around the date this volume was compiled. Emerson published a number of manuals for young mathematicians on elements of geometry, trigonometry, etc., and it may be that this volume derived from instruction by him.
Presented by Miss Rhoda Featherstone via Mr John Backhouse, September 2001 (accession Misc.2001/2002:80).
According to tradition in the family of the donor, Coulthard lived at Sixdargue, Weardale, Co. Durham, and the volume remained in the Dale until given to the University Library.
Add.MS. 1511/1-15   1632-1796
2 copy wills and 13 deeds relating to the estates of the Baker family of Elemore, Co Durham.
15 items
Presented by Mrs Joyce Sewell, who had them from her father (an undertaker in Newcastle), February 2003 (accession Misc.2002/2003:31).
Baker Baker Papers
Add.MS. 1511/1   31 January 1632
Conveyance by John Baker to George Woodmas of Whinney House relating to the manor of Bulbeck [later a lead mining site for the Bakers, near Blanchland in Northumberland].
Add.MS. 1511/2   10 July 1711
Copy of the will of Sir Alexander Hall of Elemore Hall, Co. Durham, originally made 5 November 1641.
Original in Durham Probate Records.
Add.MS. 1511/3   29 November 1716
Articles of agreement between George Baker and his uncles Thomas and Francis Baker regarding his father George Baker's will. Relates to the settlement of estates (including leases on Hutton and Benwell Collieries) on George Baker the son by his father and possible interests of the uncles' descendants in this. Releases property in the manor of Eggleston to Francis Baker.
Add.MS. 1511/4   21 April 1732
Indenture of agreement whereby William Atkin and Elizabeth his wife convey to Charles Atkinson her sixteenth part share in a lease of lives of collieries at Ryton from the bishop of Durham.
See Baker Baker Papers, BAK 36/8 for legatees of Sir Alexander Hall relating, amongst others, to this property.
Add.MS. 1511/5   14 December 1739
Agreement between John Cookson (on behalf of William Atkins) and John Airey regarding two-fifths of the estate of Elemore Hall in the possession of Humphrey and Robert Arrowsmith, one-fifth of an estate called Bird Side in the possession of John Wilkinson, and one-sixth of Stella Colliery, leading to sale of these shares.
Add.MS. 1511/6   13 November 1745
Release by John Airey to George Baker of his two-fifths share in the manor of Elemore and some other parts of part shares as part of Baker's purchase of these lands.
Add.MS. 1511/7   13 November 1745
Mortgage by Humphrey, Thomas and Robert Arrowsmith of their shares in the manor of Elemore etc. to Ralph Grey and George Baker.
Add.MS. 1511/8   24 May 1746
Bargain and release by Humphrey Arrowsmith and Elizabeth his wife and William Chaloner and Mary his wife (daughter and sole heir of James Finney) of property in Pittington and Easington to Edward Shipperdson.
Add.MS. 1511/9 & 10   2 June 1746
2 Indentures of fine in the Court of Pleas at Durham whereby Humphrey Arrowsmith and Elizabeth his wife and William Chaloner and Mary his wife grant to Edward Shipperdson one-fifth of one-eighth part of the Elemore estate at Pittington, Co. Durham.
1m. each
Add.MS. 1511/11   4 April 1749
Indenture between George Baker and Joseph Liddell whereby Baker promises to produce deeds (listed) relating to land in Gateshead called Kellsfield.
See Baker Baker Papers BAK 37/49
Add.MS. 1511/12   17 September 1750
Bond for £1,600 of George Baker to repay Thomas Reed of Durham City against the £800 he is borrowing from him.

Add.MS. 1511/13   13 November 1754
Indenture between George Baker and John Airey for purchase by Baker of the manor of Ellimore, Haswell Grange etc.
See Baker Baker Papers BAK 37/50
Add.MS. 1511/14   8 December 1770
Copy of will of George Baker.
Add.MS. 1511/15   12 July 1796
Receipt from Robert Pearson and Thomas Hopper to George Baker for £57.12s.7d.
Add.MS. 1512   13 January 1776
Copy of the articles, institutions and ordinances for the establishment and and running of Heighington Grammar School (Co. Durham) written in 1601. Copied and dated by Crosier Surtees from a copy made 29 December 1731 by Joseph Harrison, school master. Copy marked "For Robt. Surtees Esq. Mainsforth".
1 vol. 16p.
Purchased from Mrs. L. Leake, 1982. (accession Misc.1982:14).
Pencil inscription "H. J. Surtees" on flyleaf.
Add.MS. 1513   1912
Mainsforth Hall Library catalogue (duplicated typescript). The first 2 leaves contain a history of the library from 1837 to 1912. The catalogue has many manuscript additions including the insurance valuation by Messrs Mawson, Swan & Mawson Ltd. Items are listed in alphabetical order, usually by author or title, but with some subject sections within the sequence (e.g. manuscripts and topographical). Books in other rooms are listed at the end.
1 vol. i, 117f.
Binding: Large quarto volume. Half calf binding.
Mainsforth Hall Library consisted of books left by Col. C.F. Surtees of Mainsforth in trust to his son Colonel (later Sir) Herbert Conyers Surtees with the addition of books owned by Herbert Conyers Surtees and his wife. Although the library of Robert Surtees had been in part dispersed at his death in 1834, some of it is included in this catalogue.
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, bookseller of Hexham, March 2004. (accession Misc.2003/2004:26).
Add.MS. 1514-1523   1742-1816
Records of Coxhoe colliery and other business affairs and property of its proprietor, John Burdon of Hardwick, near Sedgefield (d.1792), with some material from his executors.
3 vols. and 2 files
Purchased from Jabez Elliott, antiquarian bookseller, Ringwood, Hants (items 37-40 in his November 1967 catalogue; 1518-1523 not included in catalogue but forwarded as related items), 1967 (accession Misc.1967:1).
Add.MS. 1514   1742-1792
Ledger of John Burdon, referring to a wide variety of his business interests, including Coxhoe, Quarrington, Churton and Ferryhill collieries, interests in the ships Mould, Fortune, Jane and Tynemouth, salt panns, loans by Burdon to the Commercial Bank in Newcastle upon Tyne and to individuals, and sales of ballast at Newcastle. About half of the ledger is blank, then at the end there are detailed accounts for 1777 for his pleasure gardens and kitchen garden (£194.4.0) at Hardwick, near Sedgefield. Blank index pages at front.
1 vol. xiii, 115f., 73f., 2f.
Binding: reversed calf binding
Add.MS. 1515   1754-1792
Summary ledger of payments and disbursements at Coxhoe colliery and Hardwick by Jonathan Walton, Burdon's agent. Account made up and settled 8th May 1794 by Burdon's executor, J.R. Rowntree.
1 vol. 55f. and blank
Binding: reversed calf binding
Add.MS. 1516   1760-1807
Waste-book for Coxhoe Colliery. Ledger covering weekly wage bill [1778-79 missing]. Includes notes on land the colliery owner is entitled to work, valuation of tools in 1778, cost of bore holes, etc.
1 vol. 75 f., 2f. loose
Add.MS. 1517/1-62   December 1815 - November 1816
Bundle of 24 fortnightly pay bill summaries for Coxhoe Colliery. Lists coal wrought each day and all expenses, naming workers, roles, standard and incidental costs. Some vouchers enclosed.
24 items & vouchers
Add.MS. 1518   23 March 1749
Agreement whereby John Burdon of South Shields purchases from Nicholas Lambton of South Biddick his property in Sedgefield and Bishop Middleham, Co Durham for £1,120. Signed and witnessed with various endorsements including presentation of the agreement at the Durham High Court of Chancery in 1753.
Add.MS. 1519   [1789]
Account of sums relating to mining activity between 1785 and 1789 (probably relates to Add.MS. 1520).
1 piece.
Add.MS. 1520   6 November 1792
Letter from John Joplin of Ferryhill to John Burdon at Hardwick requesting settlement of the outstanding account between them (possibly Add.MS. 1519).
Add.MS. 1521/1-3   1792-1793
Copy receipts and receipt for interest payments to John Burdon on various bonds.
2f., 1f. & 1 piece.
Add.MS. 1522   20 June 1793
Copy letter from J.R. Rowntree at Stockton to Nicholas Fairles at South Shields about his legacy from John Burdon.
Add.MS. 1523   22 April 1806
Letter from Octavia Hale from London to J.R. Rowntree at Stockton asking for a remittance of money due.
1f. & wrapper.
Add.MS. 1524-1528   
Records of the Vane family (Dukes of Cleveland) estates in Teesdale, Co Durham.
5 vol.
Purchased from A.B. Walker of Whitby, 1970 ( accession Misc.1970:16, 17, 23, 32-33).
Add.MS. 1524   1803-1827
Accounts ledger for the building and repair of farmhouses on the Raby estates in Teesdale, Co Durham.
1 vol. 95f.
Add.MS. 1525   1858-1864
Field book of the township of Forest & Frith, Co Durham, the property of the Vane family, listing for each farm the fields, crops, acreages, rent and tithes. With index and summary. Refers to plan (not included).
1vol. 60f.
Add.MS. 1526   1847
Statement relating to the apportionment and commutation of tithes in the township of Forest and Frith, Co Durham, almost entirely the property of the Vane family.
1 vol. 10f.
Add.MS. 1527   1850
Copy of the rent roll and accounts, 1849-1850 for the Vane estate in Teesdale, Co Durham.
1 vol. 12f., remainder blank
Add.MS. 1528   1864
Copy of the rent roll and accounts, 1863-1864 for the Vane estate in Teesdale, Co Durham.
1 vol. 16f.
Add.MS. 1529   24-25 July 1957
Manuscript report of a joint team of the Royal University of Malta and the Department of Geography, University of Durham, led by Professor Rev. R. Cirillo, Senior Research Fellow, on the economic and social attitudes of the Maltese farmer, with comments by H. Bowen-Jones.
1 file. 39f.
Transferred from MEDU, original provenance unknown (accession Misc.2004/2005:6).
Add.MS. 1530-1531   1990s
Papers relating to Lady Diana Richmond (1914-1997), wife of Sir John Richmond (1909-1990), former diplomat in the Middle East and lecturer in Modern Near East History at Durham University.
Presented by Mrs Sally Morphet, 1997 (Misc.2004/2005:14)
Add.MS. 1530   1990
Poem by Lady Diana Richmond, entitled "Do you remember...?" from DSWA Magazine, autumn 1990, summarising her life with Sir John Richmond.
Add.MS.1531   1997
Notes for a speech by Sally Morphet, Lady Richmond's daughter, at her mother's funeral, with covering letter to Lesley Forbes.
Add.MS. 1532   [18th century?]
Language:   French
“Procedz criminel faict Messire Louis de Luxembourg, Comte de Sainct Pol, Connestable de France”. 17th or 18th century transcript of the trial proceedings against Louis de Luxemburg at Paris, 27 November - 19 December 1475.
1 vol. iii, 121, ii f.
Binding: Brown mottled calf, worn.
Deposited by Bede School, Sunderland, 1978 (accession Misc.1978:7).
Contains the stamp of the Bibliotheca Lamoniana and the two shelf marks, Q.349 and T.338 (the latter also as spine label).
Add.MS. 1533   ca. 1620
Heraldic visitation of the County Palatine of Durham, by Sir Richard St. George (ca. 1555-1635; Norroy King of Arms) in 1615, covering over one hundred local families. Contemporary copy, rebound interleaved with modern paper and pencil annotations, including list of ten other versions, modern index, and collation of this copy with the original.
1 vol. 57f. original, interleaved and rebound
Purchased from Steedman, 1976 (accession Misc.1976:18).
Purchased by Edward Elmhirst, 25 March 1952 (his reference E.16), at Sotheby's, lot 557, from the collection of Professor Heathcote. Modern binding also includes label of ownership of Joan Corder F.S.A.
College of Arms, MS C. 32.
Printed (from original): Pedigrees recorded at the visitations of the County Palatine of Durham ..., ed. J. Foster (London, 1887).
Add.MS. 1534   1615
“Coates passed by Richard St Georg Norray in the time of his visitation in the bishoprik of Durham 1615”. Autograph notebook of Sir Richard St. George (ca. 1555-1635; Norroy King of Arms) started during his heraldic visitation of County Durham in 1615, sketching coats of arms and containing notes up to 1620 on other grants. A loose sheet inserted gives a Westmorland coat of arms for Layfield. Contemporary index at front.
1 vol. vi, 1 loose, 8, rest blank apart from motto on last verso.
Purchased from Sotheby's auction, 15 June 1971, lot 1641 (accession Misc.1971:40).
Formerly Phillipps MS 13142.
Add.MS. 1535   1840s-1850s
Album into which have been pasted (usually two or three per page, a few tipped in) pencil drawings (a few in ink) of churches and views from Wales and the north of England. Many are architectural details of mouldings and interiors, some with measurements. Subjects include Penmon Priory, the Lake District, Heckington, Worksop, Beverley, Bradfield, Braithwell, Bolton Abbey, Fountains Abbey, Knaresborough, Ripley, Boston, Newark, Ripon, Furness, Selby, Farnham, Coston, Southwell, York, Ecclesfield, Tewkesbury, Rotherham, Hatfield, Bakewell, Tickhill, Howden. Many are dated. An index of places is at the front, and of subjects at the back. The artist is not identified, but there are two mentions of the name Ellis, and Lee and Hardwick (architects or draughtsmen?).
1 vol. 160p.
Bequest of G. N. Greenwell Smith, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:28).
Add.MS. 1536   ca. 1820-1855
Autograph album made up by George Peacock (1791-1858; born near Darlington; tutor at Trinity College 1823-1839; Lowndean Professor of Astronomy 1837-1858; Dean of Ely 1839-1858), by cutting out and mounting address panels from letters. Most are addressed to George Peacock at Trinity College, Cambridge, and are variously dated; a few are addressed to others, primarily James Raine. With a ms index in pocket inside back cover. Includes autographs of many politicians and prominent people in public life of the period.
1 vol. 191f. (f.35-39, 56-59, 74-81 cut out). Index 5f.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston, 1953 (accession Misc.1953:3).
Add.MS. 1537   ca. 1570
Notebook containing fragments of a survey of land and property purchased by John Hall of Greencroft, nr. Lanchester, Co. Durham (died ca.1574) in and around Greencroft, and other related material.
1 vol. 25f. of original (2 blank).
Purchased from Adab Books, cat. no. 520, April 1982 (accession Misc.1982:12).
Rebound and interleaved during the 19th century, some pages in the wrong order or upside-down. Possibly used by George Neasham who collected material on Greencroft.
Add.MS. 1538   ca. 1660s
Language:  English and Latin
“Observations out of naturall philosophy”, a scientific commonplace book compiled by an unidentified author containing transcripts and observations on miscellaneous subjects.
1 vol. 72f., remainder blank.
Bequeathed by Sir E. Collingwood, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:27).
Contains ownership inscriptions of William King, 1738, Robert Lawson and George Avery, and a note about debt repayments dated 24 November 1739 among the blank pages.
Add.MS. 1539   [18th century]
Cookery book, containing recipes for preparing and preserving food and some medical preparations. Many are attributed to specific people and a few mention places (Durham and York). Assembled from different parts and written in several hands. With an index (which has additional recipes added to spaces).
1 vol. 100f.
Bequest of G. N. Greenwell Smith, 1981 (accession Misc.1981:4).
Volume in a fragile condition.
Add.MS. 1540   [18th century]
“A short exposition of the words of the apostle St Paul to the Romans, chapter 2, verse 28”. English translation of Corte verclaringhe ouer die Woorden Pauli, geschreuen tot den Romeynen. Cap. 2. vers. 28 ...(printed 1584) by Hermannus Herberts (minister in Gouda, Holland).
1 vol. i, 18, 278, 2p.
Purchased from J. R. Jessiman, 1974 (accession Misc.1974:13).
Add.MS. 1541   30 April 1842
Copy apportionment of the rent-charge in lieu of tithes for the parish of Whitburn, Co Durham. Confirmed copy of the provisional agreement made 31 January 1840 giving a complete schedule of all lands and the payments made upon them. With later annotations and calculations.
1 vol. 22f. (front cover missing).
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, Durham, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:10).
Add.MS. 1542   [ca. 1840]
Copy apportionment of the rent-charge in lieu of tithes for the township of Westoe, Co Durham within the parish of St Hilda, South Shields. Confirmed copy of the provisional agreement made 27 November 1838 giving a complete schedule of all lands and the payments made upon them. With later annotations and calculations including a loose sheet.
1 vol. 14, 1f.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, Durham, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:9).
Add.MS. 1543   [18th century]
Commonplace book containg verses and other material.
1 vol. 24f., 27p. mostly blank
Purchased at Sotheby's auction, 23 February 1973, lot 287 (accession Misc.1973:21).
“E R May ye 2 1729” on back end paper and faintly on cover.
“Gideon Yarrow Jan ye 9 - Durham - 1800” on cover.
“R. Surtees from Thos Woodness” on cover (two Durham antiquaries).
Account book with faint ruled columns. It appears to have been used from the back first, with contemporary pagination 1-22 [20-21 missing]. Later material has been entered from the front. the content is in several hands, some juvenile, including possibly John Sharp III (f.6-12 and p.25-29).
“A receipt to make punch”, incomplete mock epic poem in couplets (13 lines only), starting “The Gods and the Goddesses lately did feast”.
f.6-12r   ca. 1754
“Dr Tho: Sharp's Remarks on the Marriage Act”, summary of the main points and requirements of the Marriage Act of 1754.
“Facetious history of John Gilpin”, by William Cowper (first 13 stanzas only).
Extract from James Thomson's The seasons( “Summer”).
f.24   2 June 1802
“Fat Dolly the cook”, poem in praise of a cook starting “O! lovely dolly, fat and sleek, when standing by the fire”, signed and dated at the end by G. Yarrow, Durham.
p.1-5 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“Discite virtutem monita”; with Juvenal, vi, 134 as opening tag. Poem in couplets starting “The friendly Muse long since by rage inspir'd”, about the young ladies of Oxford and their affairs (with marginal identification of the main characters).
p.5-6 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“The committee”, poem describing the response of the ladies concerned to the previous poem, starting “A Committee of State of ye Belles of the Town”.
p.6 (numbered from back)   1728
“Verses occasioned at ye sight of a bird upon St Pauls Steeple in 1728”, epigram attacking two bishops, starting “Paul, to preserve thy sacred dome”.
p.7 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“On a young lady that went to visit a sick person and left her lover”, poem starting “Relentless Fair! could you so cruel be?”.
p.7 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“On a young lady”, poem starting “If not convinc'd learn'd Penny, by ye schools”.
p.7 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“Walpole in ye Tower”, epigram starting “That which ye world miscalls a jayl”.
p.8 (numbered from back)   ca. 1730
“On Sr. R_t W_”, poem attacking Sir Robert Walpole's repressive treatment of his critics, starting “When Woolston late his blasphemies profess'd”.
p.9 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“The fan”, poem about a lady's fan, starting “In Loves soft reign, the scepter is a fan”.
p.10 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
English verse translation of Horace, Odes, 1, 37, starting “Now lead the dance, fill round the sparkling wine”, with the line “Victrix causa diis placuit” (Lucan, Pharsalia) translated at the end.
p.11 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“The Whig's most loyall address to his majesty King George 1714”, in verse, starting “We who were never yett at quiet”.
Foxon, W392.
p.12 (numbered from back)   ca. 1725
“Jonathan Wild's thoughts as he went to Tyburn”, poem starting “As in his car great Jonathan survey'd” linking the fates of Wild and the Earl of Macclesfield.
p.12 (numbered from back)   ca. 1725
“A satyrical epigram on Ld. Mac_d Jon: Wild and he being on their tryal”, epigram, starting “As in ye sea Ægypt and Indias boast”, on the fall of Wild and of Macclesfield.
p.13 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
English verse translation of first six stanzas of Horace, Odes, 3, 5, starting “When angry Jove with thunder rends ye skie”.
p.14-18 (numbered from back)   [early 18th century]
“Nabal”, biblical poem starting “Hard by the desart waste of Paran's plain”. With “Marshall” written next to title (attribution?); appears to have been copied in varying script with some corrections.
p.21-22 (numbered from back, no p.19-20)   [early 18th century]
Stanzas 6-13 of a poem that repeats the conceit of a stilt, raising politicians etc. above others. Stanza 6 starts “The tricking statesman, propt by these”, and there are alternative words to those used added in the margins. A folio is missing before this, according to the pagination.
p.23-24 (numbered from back)   1 August 1733
“On half a crown”, poem starting “If you have sense at least a feeling”. Next to title and date is note “school-boy at Abingdon”.
p.25-29 (numbered from back)   1760
“On the first meeting”, poem starting “Wou'd you know what we did” describing the meeting to appoint candidates for the 1760 Durham County election. Names glossed in margin.
Add.MS. 1544   [18th century]
English translation of the 1553 statutes of Durham Cathedral, with some other material.
1 vol. ii, 60, and blank.
Purchased from D. Berry, 1965 (accession Misc.1965:3).
The statutes of the cathedral church of Durham: with other documents, relating to its foundation and endowment by King Henry the Eighth and Queen Mary, ed. A.H. Thompson (Surtees Society 143: Durham, 1929).
English translation of the Statutes of Durham Cathedral (as in The statutes of the cathedral church of Durham ..., p.72-191) including the amendments.
Index to text of stautes.
Language:   Latin
List of the chapter headings for the statutes of 1458 of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Copy of the articles of enquiry for Bishop Nathaniel Crewe's visitation of Durham Cathedral in 1685.
Note of the statute of Mary I (1553) giving her authority to create statutes for cathedral, and of other relevant Acts of Parliament.
Add.MS. 1545   1677
Language:  Latin and English
Notebook of Richard Wharton of Durham, containing legal cases, precedents and forms of documents from the Durham courts of the Restoration period. Includes index (p.184-204). With notes and memoranda on the flyleaves.
1 vol. iii, 213, ii p.
Size: 19 x 13 cm.
Purchased from H. Horsman, Stockton, 1970 (accession Misc.1970:36).
Notes on front and back pastedown “Richard Wharton bought this booke of Brian Borrett who bound the same March ye 10th 1676 pretium 1s 6d”.
Add.MS. 1546   ca.1578
Language:   Latin
Fair copy of epistle from Miles Bodley (ca.1553-1594, brother of Sir Thomas Bodley?) to Thomas Lawson ( “Lausunnus” ) on the latter's leaving Durham School for the University of Cambridge. Letter from master to pupil praising his achievments and encouraging his future efforts.
1 vol. 56p.
Size: 21 x 14 cm.
Purchased from Sotheby's, 27 April 1971, lot 374 (accession Misc.1971:5).
Sold by Sir George Collingwood (initials E C [Edward Collingwood] on front pastedown).
Paper is in a fragile state and damaged by damp.
Add.MS. 1547   1827
“One hundred views in Durham, Yorkshire, Northumberland, and Cumberland”, by W. Brown, Durham. 98 pen and wash drawings of landscapes and buildings in these counties (each ca. 10 x 16 cm) bound in an album, with index at end (W. Brown, drawing master of Durham, produced four aquatints of Durham City in 1809). Ink titles appear to have been erased and added beneath in pencil.
1 vol. i, 98, ii p.
Size: 14 x 23 cm.
Purchased from C. Franklin, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:3).
Signature “Cha. Thorp, Durham” on front pastedown (Charles Thorp, first Warden of Durham University?).
Add.MS. 1548   ca. 1577
Language:   Latin
Survey of the estates held by John Neville (1520-77, 4th Baron Latimer) in Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham, with details of tenants and rents. In spite of this given title, nearly all lands covered are around York (the manor of Nun Monkton, Kirk Hammerton, Beningborough, Newton upon Ouse, Ripon, Kirklevington, Marton, Laburne, York, Green Hammerton, Bolton). Most are former lands of the Benedictine nunnery of Nun Monkton. The final five pages relate to cornage on the Earl of Northumberland's lands in Allerdale. There are comments in the margins of some entries and signs of running totals or other tallies being kept.
1 vol. See below for pagination; 3 loose parts of pages.
Size: 39 x 30 cm.
Purchased from A.G. Thomas, October 1963 (accession Misc.2001/2002:52).
An indeterminable number of pages have been removed from the volume, which has two original numbering sequences. A loose sheet presumably cut from the volume gives the title and the counties covered. The first pagination starts on the second bound leaf, although the previous page is part of the same text, and reaches 106. The following pages are missing from the first sequence: 5-6, 9-10 (top half survives loose), 23-24, 41-42, 61-64 (bottom half of page [blank] survives), 67-68, 73-74, 81-82, 89-90. Then follows some indication of torn out pages and 3 folios of unnumbered text. Second foliation starts at 5 and reaches 21. From this sequence the following are missing: f.11, 14 (torn out), 19 (only lowest quarter remains). Then signs of two removed folios and four unnumbered folios.
Add.MS. 1549   ca. 1814-1823
Commonplace books compiled by John Hogg (1800-69, naturalist and classical scholar, of Norton, Co. Durham). Contains copies of poems by a wide range of authors, historical anecdotes, epitaphs, epigrams. Occasionally topics are dealt with in groups but most items are entered as they attracted the compiler's interest. Most sections have headings, but only infrequent short comments give any opinions of the transcriber on the material. Some current topics appear, such as the Battle of Waterloo and its commemorations, the deaths of Princess Caroline and George III. A great number of poets and authors are represented; the Augustan poets and Byron are particular favourites.
The volumes are numbered on the spines; vol. 1 has pencil note on flyleaf “Begun in 1814 or 15” ; from vol. 4 the date of commencing and completing each volume is noted; vol. 1 and vols. 16-17 have title “Analecta”on inside front wrapper; vol. 17 is largely blank.
17 vol.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Binding: Soft bound, covered with marbled paper.
Purchased at Christie's (South Kensington), 14 December 1984, lot 14. Copy of pages from sale catalogue kept with item.(accession Misc.1984:4).
Further John Hogg material is in Add.MS. 1995 below.
Add.MS. 1549/1   ca. 1814
Add.MS. 1549/2   ca. 1814
Add.MS. 1549/3   ca. 1815 - 17 January 1816
Add.MS. 1549/4   17 January 1816 - 11 June 1816
Add.MS. 1549/5   21 June 1816 - 10 October 1816
Add.MS. 1549/6   17 October 1816 - 25 March 1817
Add.MS. 1549/7   1 April 1817 - 28 August 1817
Add.MS. 1549/8   6 October 1817 - 10 July 1818
Add.MS. 1549/9   11 July 1818 - 16 January 1820
142f. 2 loose pieces.
Add.MS. 1549/10   21 January 1820 - 17 October 1820
142f. 1 loose piece.
Add.MS. 1549/11   18 October 1820 - 23 March 1821
Add.MS. 1549/12   24 March 1821 - 21 September 1821
Add.MS. 1549/13   25 September 1821 - 5 January 1822
Add.MS. 1549/14   6 January 1822 - 5 July 1822
Add.MS. 1549/15   5 July 1822 - 3 June 1823
193f. 1 loose piece.
Add.MS. 1549/16   5 June 1823 - 9 December 1823
Add.MS. 1549/17   10 December 1823 - [December 1823]
5f. (remainder blank)
Add.MSS 1550-1600
Add.MS. 1550   ca. 1900
Notes by J. T. Fowler identifying Durham references in Annie Raine Ellis, Sylvestra, studies of manners in England from 1770 to 1800 (London, 1883).
Bound with book (location: X828.5).
With book, donated to Lowe Memorial Library by Fowler and transferred to DUL, 1957.
Add.MS. 1551   12 July 1469
Language:   Latin
Agreement concerning the dowry of Cecilia [née] Albergati de Raynaldis, wife of Francheschino de Mutonibus, of Treviso, Italy.
With notarial sign of Gaspar, notary.
Parchment   1 roll.
Size: 50 x 22 cm
Bequeathed by Prof. C.E. Whiting, 1953 (accession Misc.2002/2003:4)
No. 465 written on dorse.
Add.MS. 1552   ca. 1760-1860
Guard book album entitled “Autography” containing the autograph collection compiled by James Backhouse of York (1794-1869). Contains some full letters, but predominantly the signatures cut from letters, from members of the Backhouse family, their relations and Quaker friends. This comprises a wide range of people, mainly from the Society of Friends in the north of England, especially the Backhouse family and families related by marriage including the Richardson, Barclay, Sturge, Tuke, Gurney, Fry, Pease, Wheeler families etc., and a silhouette portrait of Ann Alexander (ca.1840?).
1 vol. 36f.
Purchased from S.P.C.K. bookshop, Durham, 1979 (accession Misc.1979:7).
Add.MS. 1553   1744-1770
Minute book of the Trustees of the Boroughbridge to Durham turnpike road, April 1745 - June 1767, in the hand of the clerk to the trustees, James Allan. Bound in at the start of the volume are printed copies of two acts of Parliament relating to the turnpike, 1744 and 1748, a turnpike act 1751, and a table (partly manuscript and partly printed) of all tolls taken at the turnpike gates on the road from May 1745 to May 1770. Printed affidavit of the Commissioners in the case of Rex vs. Robert Richardson (1764-5) for blocking the highway that the latter has not done so (after p. 296). Rough notes inside back cover.
1 vol. 32p, 18p, 8p, viii p, 339p
Binding: Reversed calf
Provenance not recorded (purchased from unidentified catalogue, item no. 2260) (accession Misc.2001/2002:146).
Add.MS. 1554   1771
Language:   Latin
Interleaved copy of George Allan (1736-1800), Collections relating Sherburn hospital in the county palatine of Durham. Shewing the foundation thereof by Hugh Pudsey Bishop of Durham about the year 1181, and what alterations it has since undergone ... and several charters, grants ... thereof, so far as can be collected from registers ...(Darlington, 1771). Pagination of the printed part added in manuscript.
With corrections, additions (listed below) and identification of manuscript sources added to the text in George Allan's hand, and manuscript transcriptions of additional documents.
1 vol. 256p. printed, with interleaved sheets blank or manuscript as described below.
Purchased from County Records, Thornham, Devon, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:45).
In accompanying envelope
Engraving of the memorial to Thomas Leaver (Master of Sherburn Hospital), died 1577 (to be found on p.116 of other copies of this work); 2 press cuttings; 6 notes on scraps of paper.
9 pieces
after p.48
Language:   Latin
Extract from the will of Martin Saint Cross, Master of Sherburn Hospital (d. ca. 1279).
after p.64
Lease by Master and Brethren of Sherburn Hospital to John Boterell of a garden and two crofts in Gateshead, 1 May 1409. Also two short transcripts from the Halmote Court Books.
after p.66
Licence from Bishop Neville to John Marchall, Master of Sherburn Hospital, to purchase houses in North Auckland, 24 May 1451. Also three short transcripts from the Halmote Court Books.
after p.78
Grant by Robert Dykar, Master of Sherburn Hospital of the next advowson of the vicarage of Kelloe to Sir William Bulmer, 21 June 1503.
after p.78
Revocation by Bishop Fox of the appointment of Robert Kent as curator and coadjutor of Alexander Lygh, Master of Sherburn Hospital, 11 November 1500.
after p.82
Engraving of Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham.
after p.112
Title for Thomas Ballande, chaplain of Sherburn Hospital, to be admitted by Bishop Tunstall into holy orders, 28 February 1557.
Institution of Giles Widdowes' clerk to the vicarage of Bishopton, 21 November 1579.
Added on existing page
after p.174
Institution of James Wallace to the vicarage of Grindon on the presentation of Thomas Murray, Master of Sherburn Hospital, 9 July 1618.
after p.174
Institution of William Harrison to the vicarage of Sockburn on the presentation of Thomas Murray, Master of Sherburn Hospital, 18 December 1620.
1p. (same page as previous)
Admonition to David Miles, chaplain of Sherburn Hospital, not to baptize children there, 9 October 1926.
Added on existing page
after p.190   13 September 1676
Language:   English
Original or contemporary copy of allowance of Bishop Crewe that John Machon, Master of Sherburn Hospital need only leave £220 on account of his losses during the late rebellious times.
Paper   1f.
Printed by Allan, Collections relating Sherburn Hospital ..., p.191-2.
after p.192
Grant by Charles II to John Mason of the office of Master of Sherburn Hospital after the death of the current Master, John Machon, 15 January 1672.
after p.192
Exemplification of a fine when the leases of Sherburn Hospital were for lives and not as now for years, 1643 (from the records of Wiliam Davison of Scruton).
Add.MS. 1555
Bound with XL274.2075 SHA
Volume purchased from Anthony Laywood, catalogue 98, no. 156, 1994.
Volume owned by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, and then Thomas Bell (with Bell's bookplate).
Add.MS. 1555/1   July 1753
Original (?) manuscript of Thomas Sharp (1693-1758), The speech made at Farewell-Hall, to the Honourable and Right Reverend Father in God, Richard ... Lord Bishop of Durham, on his Lordship's first arrival in his diocese on Friday, July 6th, 1753.
Paper   6p.
Add.MS. 1555/2   July 1753
Original (?) manuscript of Bishop Trevor's response to the above speech as printed with it.
Paper   2p.
Add.MS. 1556   1850s
List of additional books added to the Durham Mechanic's Institute library after the publication of the Catalogue of the library belonging to the Durham Mechanics' Institute, established May 5th, 1825 (Durham, 1837), a copy of which is bound in at the front. Lists of books sent to be bound, and some loaned out (?).
Paper   1 vol.
Bound with XL018.2 DUR
Acquired with printed material, 1993.
Add.MS. 1557   [mid 18th century]
Miscellany primarily containing Durham material, with spine title “Miscel. Dunelm.”.
1 vol. 268f.
Purchased from Dr. B. Colgrave (date not recorded) (accession Misc.2001/2002:22).
Copy of a list of principal manuscripts in the Bodleian Library relating to Durham Cathedral, by Mr. Bowles (under-keeper) in the hands of Dr Ellison in 1719.
Saint Cuthbert or the histories of his churches at Lindisfarne, Cuncacestre and Dunholme, by R. Hegge, 1625. Apparently copied from a manuscript version, not Baddeley's 1663 printed edition.
Pedigrees of Durham families, copied from “a manuscript which I borrowed of my cosen S. Saunderson”. Notes on the ancestors of 28 landed families.
Copy of the proclamation of the heraldic visitation of the County Palatine of Durham, by Sir Richard St. George (ca. 1555-1635; Norroy King of Arms) in 1615.
List of the knights living in the bishopric of Durham in 1264, from a list found in Lord Conyer's study.
Original is DUL Add.MS. 577
“The humble petition of the baronetts to the King's most excellent majesty”, a treatise on precedence within the lower ranks of the gentry.
The case of the abduction and forced marriage of Mrs Wharton in 1690.
Language:   Latin
“Quaedam epigrammata quadragesimalia”, 25 epigrams on a range of subjects.
List of the bishops of Lindisfarne, Chester-le-Street and Durham.
Add.MS. 1558   1762-1767
Account book of William Hutchinson (1732-1814, antiquary). The last 2 sections are in Hutchinson's hand. Concerns lead-mining, lime kilns, sheep-farming, haymaking, etc. in the Barnard Castle area, and possibly relates to Hutchinson's position as steward of the manor of Barnard Castle.
1 vol. 141f.
Binding: Contemporary vellum binding with wraparound flap.
Purchased from an anonymous vendor via Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:5).
Index (unused).
“Day Book of the cash received, and disbursements made by John Lee, on Account of William Hutchinson which commenced the 13th January 1762”. Ends 4 March 1766.
Account of payments to labourers in 1767.
“Expences attending my making of Bricks”, 1767.
Add.MS. 1559   1752-1759

“Poems on Severall Occasions”, by William Hutchinson (1732-1814, antiquary). Title-page dated 1757. The volume begins in Hutchinson's fair-copy hand, but from f.30 is more roughly written. One poem signed “W.H.”, others without authorship statement. With Hutchinson's printed initials bookplate on front pastedown and signature on end pastedown.
1 vol. [1], 33, [18]f.
Binding: Contemporary calf binding.
Purchased from an anonymous vendor, via Miss W. Myers, 1984 (accession Misc.1984:5).
Pages torn out after f.33, 35, 37, 41, 44.Blank after f.51.
f.1-2   1752
“Education”, poem starting “Hail education! hail thou earliest plan”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 19).
f.3-4   1752
“Religion”, poem starting “From whence this secret principle in man”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 19).
f.5-6   1752
“The wish A song”, poem starting “Give me ye ruling powers above”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 19).
f.7-10   1754
“The knight A tale”, poem starting “Let others try their witty satire”, written at Glascow [sic].
f.11-12   September 1752
“The pantin”, to Mr E_ R_ [Rud?], poem starting “When Luxurys innervate hand had spread”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 19).
f.13-16   1756
“Love An ode”, poem starting “Was Love ever so Fantastick”, written at Durham and set to a “celebrated air of Mr Handel's”.
f.17-20   October 1753
“A Night scene”, poem starting “The midnight bell with melancholy voice”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 20).
f.21-24   ca. 1755
Sequence of poems to a lady with preface that these lead to some invective and that some have been acknowledged by him but others (marked) will not be.
“Vanity of Vanity's all's in Vain”, poem addressed to Miss V_ [Vane?] starting “The Sting of Malice, joy of giving pain”.
“The Answer”, poem starting “From low bredd Dullness, flows th'envenom'd line”, apparently signed “Mirtilea”.
“Reply”, poem starting “No shatter'd muse attends, no pickled pen,”.
“Defence”, poem starting “Let base injustice censure all she can”.
f.24   April 1755
“The Retort”, poem starting “As Envy slanders what she cant attain”.
f.25   1753
“Epigram”, poem starting “As Tom salutes his friend the other day”.
f.26-27   1753
“Cloes Picture”, poem to Miss A_y of Durham, starting “When Cloe for her picture sate”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 20).
f.28-29   1757
“A reflection on dreams A fragment”, poem starting “Strange visitants of midnight hours,”.
f.30-32   [1751]
“A Scotch Song”, poem addressed to Miss Grey Northumberland, starting “Dear Lassy knaw, I love thou weel,”, written at Durham (with note that author was aged 18).
f.33   1752
“The Comparison”, poem addressed to Miss _ of Durham, starting “Whilst thus proud [?] you strutt & bragg,”, written at Durham.
f.34-35   November 1754
“To sleep An ode”, poem starting “Come gentle silent God of Sleep”, written at Durham.
f.36-37   15 August 1755
“The Rake”, poem starting “The Hosts of Warr let others sing”, written at Lincolns Inn, London.
f.38   14 May 1759
“A Song”, poem starting “Beneath the ash, by yonder Rill”, written at Barnard Castle.
f.39   May 1759
“On solitude”, poem addressed to Orestus, starting “Retirement dear! joy to the virtuous mind”, written at Barnard Castle.
Untitled poem starting “Ye shady groves, ye flock cloath'd hills”, written at London.
f.42-44   May 1756
“On the death of Miss Jenny E_ds”, poem starting “See, all the mournful village weeps”, written at Barnard Castle.
“Epistle to Mr Joseph G_y”, poem starting “Quitt the toil of Trade,”.
Add.MS. 1560   1758
Baleazar King of Tyre: a tragedy, by William Hutchinson (1732-1814, antiquary). Hutchinson's autograph manuscript, dated at end Barnard Castle, 11 July 1758. Substantially textually different from the other known extant manuscripts of the play. With note on front flyleaf in a later hand on Hutchinson as a playwright (which identifies this as the work referred to elsewhere as Pygmalion, King of Tyre). With Hutchinson's printed initials bookplate on front pastedown.
1 vol. vi,80f.
Binding: Contemporary panelled calf binding.
Purchased at Sotheby's sale, 16 July 1984, lot 33, via Miss W. Myers (accession Misc.1984:7).
Copy, dated 1788, DUL Add.MS. 571.
Copy, dated 1792, at Bowes Museum
Add.MS. 1561   1757
Volume of poems by William Hutchinson (1732-1814, antiquary). Written in Hutchinson's fair-copy hand. With Hutchinson's printed initials bookplate on front pastedown.
1 vol. v,45,ii,20,iif.
Binding: Contemporary panelled calf binding.
Purchased at Sotheby's sale, 16 July 1984, lot 33, via Miss W. Myers (accession Misc.1984:8).
f.1-45   16 September 1757
Hartlepool, poem starting “Arise my Muse, with gladsome pinions soar”, signed and dated Barnard Castle.
f.1-20 (second foliation)
f.1-10 (second foliation)   1 August 1757
The Parrot and Nightingale A fable, poem starting “In city kept, with dainties fed”, signed and dated Barnard Castle.
f.11-20 (second foliation)   2 September 1757
The Dog of Quality A fable, poem starting “On velvet sopha, lay to rest”, signed and dated Hartlepool.
Add.MS. 1562   [1760?]
An Introduction to the Achievements of Time, by William Hutchinson (1732-1814, antiquary), title page “An Introduction 1760”, date altered by erasure to 1700 (spine title “Time vol. 1” ). Discursive musings and caricature sketches of life in London addressed to “Madam” ; index on final leaf. Written in Hutchinson's fair-copy hand. Without statement of authorship.
1 vol. 150f.
Binding: Contemporary panelled calf binding.
Purchased at Sotheby's sale, 16 July 1984, lot 33, via Miss W. Myers (accession Misc.1984:10).
Add.MS. 1563   1813-1825
Ledger originally used for Customs accounts of the port of Sunderland (imports from various ships named), 1813-1825, now missing pages and damaged. It has been used by Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849, antiquary) as an album into which he has stuck letters to him from J.G. Lambton, first earl of Durham (1792-1840), and others, with some loose, and some printed items. The first five pages of the ledger (part of the index) have been erased and a chronological index of the correspondence stuck into the ledger has been written in.
1 vol. and 224 items.
Purchased from Bowey Books, Guildford, 1971 (accession Misc.1971:15).
Durham County Record Office, ref. D/X 346
A similar volume, compiled by Sharp in another port of Sunderland ledger, containing correspondence to him from the Marquess of Londonderry.
Add.MS. 1563/1-190   1814-1840
Letters to Sir Cuthbert Sharp from John George Lambton, first earl of Durham (1792-1840), collected by him and either stuck into the ledger (most of nos. 1-173) or loose (nos. 174-189 . The correspondence from Lambton is primarily thanking Sharp for books, information and inviting him to dine, his illnesses, a projected study by Sharp of the Lambtons, parliamentary business, trade disputes in the coalfields and the port of Sunderland, the River Wear Commisioners, a work on the Lambton Worm, the progress of Surtees's History and his death, many letters also mention Masonic business (Lambton was Provincial Grand Master and Sharp Deputy Grand Master), including the erasure of two Barnard Castle Lodges in 1838. Mainly sent from Lambton Castle or London; several in 1836 from St Petersburg.
Add.MS. 1563/113   1835
Printed form filled out in manuscript listing subscribers to a benefit amateur theatre performance for the Sunderland Infirmary.
Add.MS. 1563/142   2 November 1838
Printed Masonic dinner ticket (Lambton Arms, Chester-le-Street).
Add.MS. 1563/167   1839
Account of the meeting at the laying of the foundation stone of the Athenaeum, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1563/164-166; 168-173   1840
Masonic letters and printed notices, mainly relating to the funeral of the earl of Durham.
Add.MS. 1563/191
Note on tables and vases presented by the Tsar to Lambton, 1832 & 1836.
Add.MS. 1563/192   9 December 1829
Regulations for the management of the Masonic Provincial Fund.
Add.MS. 1563/193   21 March 1826
Copy letter from Matthew Bell, with reply of Lambton, apologising if he inadvertently prompted Liddell to stand against Lambton in the election for Durham County.
Add.MS. 1563/194   1835
Copy of denial by Mr Trevor of the use of the word "unmanly" in a political speech reported in the Durham Chronicle.
Add.MS. 1563/195   [1839?]
Copy of letter published in Northern Times and reply sent, regarding the visit of the duke of Sussex to Sunderland to lay the foundation stone of the Athenaeum.
Add.MS. 1563/196-197   November 1839
Enquiry by Lambton to the duke of Sussex (Prince Augustus Frederick, duke of Sussex [1773-1843]) about Masonic protocol, and reply.
Add.MS. 1563/198   4 November 1836
Formal letter of thanks from the duke of Sussex to the Provincial Grand Lodge of the County Palatine of Durham for their good wishes in his recent illness.
Add.MS. 1563/199   2 November 1838
Printed minutes of meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge at Free Mason's Hall, Chester-le-Street.
Add.MS. 1563/200   6 January 1823
Letter from Sharp to “Mr Lambton” denying authorship of a politically controversial work.
Add.MS. 1563/201-204   [1820s]
Letter to Lord Stewart (Vane [formerly Stewart], Charles William, third marquess of Londonderry [1778-1854]) from Mr Arbuthnot, a letter to and one about Sharp, and a letter from Lambton to Stewart.
Add.MS. 1563/205   [1820s]
Letter from Peter King, seventh Baron King (1775-1833) about returning a book and identifying a despatch in Locke's hand.
Add.MS. 1563/206-208   1826
3 letters from Richard Griffin, third Baron Braybrooke (1783-1858) thanking Sharp for his book and the loan of a manuscript relating to Griffin's work editing Samuel Pepys.
Add.MS. 1563/209-211   1840-1843
Language:   French
3 letters from Prince Alexander Labanoff (1788-1866) about his study of Mary Stuart.
Add.MS. 1563/212-215   1835-1836
4 letters from Lord Egremont (Wyndham, George O'Brien, third earl of Egremont, 1751-1837) on Thomas, earl of Northumberland.
Add.MS. 1563/216-224   1818-1840
9 letters from William Vane (earl of Darlington; first duke of Cleveland, 1766-1842), about their periods as mayor of Hartlepool, and visits.
Add.MS. 1564/1-2   1935
Programme for 2 short French plays produced by the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, 27-28 March 1935. School exercise book containing script of “Dumont et Dupont” (a French version of Box and Cox), written for this production by two members of the school in which W.A. Campbell took one of the roles.
2 vols. 44f. & 16p.
Presented by Mrs Lavinia Campbell from the library of Dr Alec Campbell (1917-1999) (accession Misc.2004/2005:26).
Add.MS. 1565   1805
“Guillim's Heraldry and Logan's Treatise of Honour, with manuscripts by T.M., Durham”. Volume (missing covers) with elaborate titlepage created by Thomas MacDonald (1782-1830, amateur herald and genealogist of Durham City) reflecting his antiquarian interests. Manuscript derived from Guillim, John, A display of heraldry; to which is added a treatise of honour military and civil, according to the laws and customs of England ; by Capt. John Logan (London, 1724), but greatly augmented with transcripts, illustrations and some engraved portraits and prints on a wide range of themes. These include heraldry, flags, monuments, antiquities, coins and seals etc., many of which are illustrated with pencil, ink or watecolour copies by MacDonald. Particular interest is shown in material about the 1745 Jacobite rising (with many songs from that period), William Shakespeare, and the costumes, armorials and other trappings of the peoples of the world. There are copies of partial genealogies of many gentry families of Durham and Northumberland. Index (partial) at end of volume.
1 vol. 950p.
Size: 32 x 20 cm.
Bought from H. Hill of Newcastle, 1953 (accession Misc.1953:2).
Add.MS. 1566   [19th century]
Incomplete album (front part missing) containing 46 miscellaneous pictures: illustrative plates from printed books, steel engravings, lithographs and a photograph. Includes 2 pencil drawings by Joseph Bouet (Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet, sometimes called Nicolas Bouet, 1791-1856, artist, of Durham City), dated 1822 and 1829, one of St. Thomas (with a pencil sketch of a saint on the back), and the other of the Hon. C. W. Lambton as a boy (copy of portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence) and a lithograph, 1826, of Christ as a child leading a traveller (?). 2 water colour copies of Claude Lorraine paintings by W. Brown. With contemporary pencil annotations noting items of local Durham interest.
1 vol.
Size: 24 x 32 cm.
Purchased from J. R. Wrigley, 1968 (accession Misc.1968:3).
Add.MS. 1567/1-5   [18th century]
Ms. material bound with an interleaved copy of Spearman's An enquiry into the ancient and present state of the county palatine of Durham ... and other works. After Add.MS. 1567/5a-c the remainder of the volume is blank, with a further printed item at the end.
Bound with SC+ 02661
Purchased from Boddy's Bookshop, Middlesbrough, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:19).
A similar annotated volume is in Durham Cathedral Library, Sharp MS. 72. Also cf. Allan MS 17.
Add.MS. 1567/1   [18th century]
Notes on property cases relating to East Burdon, Pallion and Southwick.
Add.MS. 1567/2   [after 1707]
Copy of Act of Parliament 6 Anne Cap:21, An Act for avoiding of doubts and questions touching the Statutes of divers cathedral and collegiate churches ... (1707) with particulars of the proceedings in the House of Commons during the passing of this Act, taken from their printed Journals, vol. 15. With some pencil annotation.
Add.MS. 1567/3   [18th century]
Slip of paper with note of attempt in Parliament to curb the bishop of Durham's rights of nomination.
1 piece
Add.MS. 1567/4   [18th century]
Critical account of the activities of some members of Durham Chapter, ca. 1720s or 1730s.
Add.MS. 1567/5a-c   [18th century]
“A particular of special tenures & services of lands holden of the Lord Bishop of Durham”. Copy (in the hand of Robert Harrison?), loose copy in a different hand and a larger folded sheet (by Harrison?) collating the variations between the two texts.
4p.; 3p.; 1p.
Add.MS. 1568   1970
Volume containing all the printed material (letters, forms, tickets, programmes, publicity etc.) produced for the 1970 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, held at Durham 2-9 September. Compiled by the local Honorary Secretary, Brigadier R.H. Fisher.
1 vol. 200p.
Presented by Brigadier Fisher, 1970 (ADF 148, originally treated as printed book and kept at XLL 506, transferred to Add. MSS. January 2005).
Add.MS. 1569/1-11   [between 1750 and 1810]
Manuscript items in a volume of printed material collected as having associations with George Allan of Blackwell Grange, near Darlington (1736-1800, antiquary and lawyer). The number allocated to the item in the volume is given first in parentheses.
1 vol.
Bound with XLL 942.81 DUR/COU/PEA
Purchased from Ewen Kerr, Kendal [date not recorded] (accession Misc.2001/2002:145).
Bound into a volume owned by John William Pease (d.1901) with spine title “Darlington & Durham from George Allan”.
The printed items in this volume are catalogued indvidually on the OPAC at shelfmark XLL 942.81 DUR/COU/PEA(2)onwards.
Add.MS. 1569/1 (1)   ca.1760
Language:   Latin
Brief historical notes on individuals associated with medieval Durham, by Thomas Randall (d.1775).
Paper.   1 piece.
Add.MS. 1569/2-7 (78), (89), (91), (93), (94), (101)   1793-1794
Notes forming part of a correspondence between George Allan and Robert Marshall Hutchinson in a dispute between them over a parcel of deeds concerning the estate of John Middleton (the printed items bound with them give further information).
Paper   6 pieces
Add.MS. 1569/8 (112a)   27 October 1809
Letter from Thomas Ebdon (1738-1811, Durham Cathedral organist) from Durham to George Allan (1767-1828) at Darlington, enclosing a prospectus for the second volume of his Sacred music ....
Paper.   1f.
Add.MS. 1569/9 (113)   [ca. 1780?]
Draft letter from George Allan to J. Nichols [?] regarding problems with clergy transcripts from parish registers and the provision of a standard form for doing these.
Paper.   4p.
Add.MS. 1569/10 (123)   [ca. 1790?]
“Speedily will be published the last will and testament of G. * P. or Shylock the 2d ... by Martinus Scriblerius”- satirical publisher's advertisement, endorsed “Gentlemen Commissrs.”.
Paper   1 piece
Add.MS. 1569/11 (135)   [ca. 1780s?]
Descriptive notes on some coins of the 16th and 17th century.
Paper   3f.
Add.MS. 1570/1-2   1856 & 1878
2 Edward Bradley letters.
Presented by Katherine Mezzacappa, 2005 (accession Misc.2005/2006:27).
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue.
Add.MS. 1571/1-2   1911-1928
Newspaper cuttings books compiled by A. A. Macfarlane-Grieve (1891-1970).
2 vols.
Presented by Macfarlane-Grieve, 1963 (accession Misc.2001/2002:100).
Two further scrpbooks are: UND/F1/H5.
Add.MS. 1571/1   1911-1918
Newspaper cuttings book compiled by A. A. Macfarlane-Grieve (1891-1970). Subjects include obituaries of W.S. Gilbert; Durham University O.T.C. 1910-11; Coronation Regatta, Durham 1911; rowing and University events, 1911-13; printed roll of service for First World War of University College, Durham.
1 vol. 41p.
Add.MS. 1571/2   1921-1928
Newspaper cuttings book compiled by A. A. Macfarlane-Grieve (1891-1970) about the University of Durham. Subjects include his book A history of Durham rowing, the death of W.D. Lowe, features from The sphere, the building of the Tyne Bridge, etc.
1 vol. 33p.
Add.MS. 1572   ca. 1872-1911
Volume of newspaper cuttings. - Durham Bishopric Halmote Court notices; long sequence on Halmote Court records, charters, local history etc. from a series called “Durham Chat” in the Durham County Advertiser, 1911. Index at front.
1 vol. 42p.
Presented by Mrs Sladden, date not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:98).
Add.MS. 1573/1-3
Presented by Rev. W. C. Boulter, date not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:101).
Add.MS. 1573/1   1852-1861
Volume of newspaper cuttings labelled “University Intelligence etc.etc.”. Cuttings relating to Durham University mainly from the “University Intelligence” column in Durham County Advertiser. Includes a manuscript list of names posted on door of Convocation House “The following have not accepted the honor of a degree ...”.
1 vol. 10p.
Add.MS. 1573/2   Later 19th century
Soft bound volume of cuttings and manuscript notes relating to Durham University and Armstrong College staff (in alphabetical order), especially their publications.
1 vol. 47p.
Add.MS. 1573/3   ca. 1910?
List of books by Durham alumni in the University Library.
Add.MS. 1574   1885-1910
Volume in news cuttings binder, labelled “Theatrical notices 1885-1910 Aubrey White”. Contains playbills, posters (folded), programmes, reviews etc. of amateur productions from Ireland, India, Durham, Chester-le-Street, Newcastle, Sunderland, Amble. Compiled by Captain (later Major) Aubrey White of the Welsh Regiment as a record of productions he appeared in while in the army (Ireland, India in the 1890s) and in the North East (mainly 1900-10).
1 vol. 73p.
Given by B. Colgrave to C.W. Gibby, and by him to the Library, date not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:94).
Add.MS. 1575   ca. 1930s-1960
Newspaper cuttings book, collected by Frank H. Rushford (editor of the Durham County Advertiser, died 1970). Cuttings relating to Durham and connected subjects mainly from local newspapers. Some typescript sheets added, including executions at Durham and some loose miscellaneous correspondence in front. Index at front on loose sheets.
1 vol. 219p. and loose items.
Given by Mrs L.A. Leake, date not recorded but after 1966 (accession Misc.2001/2002:99).
Add.MS. 1576/1-4   1888-1917
Newspaper cuttings books. 1576/1 & 2 are consecutive with similar inlaid bindings. 1576/3 & 4 are consecutive with the same binding.
4 vols.
Note that 1 & 2 were presented by Mrs Jarvis, 11 November 1955, otherwise not recorded (accession Misc.2001/2002:97).
Add.MS. 1576/1   ca.1888-1911
Newspaper cuttings book, mainly of Durham material (obituaries, marriages etc.). Contains the Primrose League certificates of Mary and Jane Bell, 21 Hallgarth Crescent, Durham, 1888.
1 vol. 62p
Add.MS. 1576/2   1914-1917
Continuation of Add.MS. 1576/1, mainly about the First World War.
1 vol. 24p.
Add.MS. 1576/3   ca. 1912-1914
Newspaper cuttings book, a mixture of Durham and national material.
1 vol. 59p.
Add.MS. 1576/4   1914-1915
Continuation of Add.MS. 1576/3, mainly about the First World War.
1 vol. 54p.
Add.MS. 1577/1-4   [20th century]
Papers relating to games of the world, compiled by Mr. R.C. Bell.
4 vol.
Presented by Mr. R.C. Bell, November 2001 as part of a larger collection (the books went to the University Library and the artefacts to the Oriental Museum) (accession Misc.2001/2002:85).
Add.MS. 1577/1   1953
Typescript instruction manual, with illustrations, “How to play Mancala”, by R.C. Bell.
Add.MS. 1577/2   [mid 20th century]
Notebook containing extracts from Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic literature with historical notes on other table games by Williard Fiske (Florence, 1905), “Gambling and cheating in ancient Rome” by Rodolfo Lanciani from he North American Review, (1892), and other sources, with notes by R.C. Bell.
1 vol. 139f.
Add.MS. 1577/3   1972
Language:  English and French
Notebook (mainly empty and re-used) containing xerox copies of extracts from various publications on the games Rithmomachia, Sextett, Saut de renard and Surakarta
1 vol.
Add.MS. 1577/4   ca. 1980s
Album containing 67 postcards or photographs, 1 greeting card and a cover of The New Yorker, all illustrations of games from around the world. Also includes 2 press cuttings.
1 vol.
Add.MS. 1578   [20th century]
Pencil sketch of F.M. Leason in profile, entitled “Fred”, artist unknown.
1 piece
Presented by Mr. Brian Cheeseman (accession Misc.2001/2002:129).
Add.MS. 1579/1-2   1870s
Mining records from County Durham.
2 items.
Presented by W.A. Moyes, May 2004 (accession Misc.2003/2004:30).
Add.MS. 1579/1   17 August 1872
Thornley Colliery cost sheet (office copy). Printed form filled out in ms. detailing costs and yields for the previous fortnight.
1f. in 2 pieces.
Add.MS. 1579/2   1874
Stourmen's datal wages (extracted from Mr Bunning's wage book 1874) listing average wage and hours for each colliery in Co Durham).
Add.MS. 1580   1917
Manuscript recipe book of an army cook (Private William Blades of the 5th Reserve, Durham Light Infantry and then the Agricultural Company). Loose items: 2 cookery class certificates, and 4 forms from his transfer/discharge papers.
1 vol. 113p. & 6 pieces
Purchased Ken Spelman, York, catalogue 48, no. 318, November 2002 (accession Misc.2002/2003:24).
Add.MS. 1581   October 1969 - November 1971
Revisions by Professor F.C. Hood of his book The divine politics of Thomas Hobbes: an interpretation of Leviathan(Oxford, 1964), done for a second edition, which was not published. Consisting of : (1) copy with revisions written in; (2) disbound copy (page proofs from 1963 from 1st ed.) with revisions written in and inserted on extra sheets; (3) manuscript text of revisions; (4) typescript text of revisions; (5) copy of letter from Oxford University Press regretting that they will not be able to produce a new edition.
1 vol., 3 files & 2p.
Presented by Prof. Hood's widow, 1972 (accession Misc.2002/2003:12).
Add.MS. 1582   2004
A history of the Gray family of Durham (University Robemakers etc.) from the late 18th century, compiled by Mrs Jean Morrell (née Gray).
1 vol. 41p.
Presented by the author via Dr W.T.W. Morgan, 2004 (accession Misc.2004/2005:4).
Add.MS. 1583   1832-1868
Account book of the voyages of the sloop "Chance", captain Peter Simpson, of ?Glasgow, Mar 1832 to Jan 1834. Reused as a copy letter book by George C. Coats, customs collector at Borrowstounness (or Bo'ness), 25 May 1858 to 30 Sep 1868, recording letters and accounts.
1 vol.
Presented by Prof. E. Allen, date not recorded (accession Misc.2003/2004:8).
This volume cannot be produced as the front pages are disintegrating due to water damage.
Add.MS. 1584/1-5   1914-1920
The 142nd (Durham) Heavy Battery R.G.A. (T.), compiled by J.L.M. (Sunderland, 1920), (J.L. Marr, later of Aykley Heads House, Durham, died 1927). History of the regiment from 1868, mainly covering the First World War. Also enlarged copy of postcard photograph of J.L.M. and Lt. H.V. Taylor ca. 1916 and letters from his son Leslie Marr giving biographical details.
1 vol. 60p. & 4f.
Presented by Leslie Marr, November 2002 (accession Misc.2002/2003:39).
Add.MS. 1585   2000
Broken Mustang, account by George Pyle (b. 1921) of his experiences while serving as a pilot in the RAF during the Second World War, from June 1944, when he crash landed in Normandy, until his escape from occupied France in August of that year. Photocopy of camera-ready copy, with a foreword by Air Chief Marshal Sir Lewis Hodges, and illustrated with photographs (subsequently published in similar form June 2001. Accompanied by a biographical note by J. Linda Drury about George Pyle (based on her conversations with him in 1999-2000), giving a fuller account of his wartime career, and brief details of his earlier and later life, spent mostly in South Shields, Co. Durham, and Whitley Bay, Northumberland, before retiring to Richmond, Yorkshire.
199p. & 4f.
Presented by George Pyle via J. L. Drury, November 2000 (accession Misc.2001/2002:15).
Printed: George F. Pyle, Broken Mustang(Bedale, 2001).
Add.MS. 1586-1588   1848-1888
Edward Bradley (“Cuthbert Bede”) letters.
8 items
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 1589   25 April 1954
Recording of BBC production of Sophocles' Women of Trachis, translated by Ezra Pound (see OPAC for full details)
1 spool; 2 cassettes.
Presented by Denis Goacher, 1995 (accession Misc.1995/96:7).
Add.MS. 1590   March 2000
“Frederick Arthur Challinor Mus. Doc. 1866-1952”, brief biography of F.C. Challinor, Durham graduate and composer, by Geoff Emery.
Presented by the author, September 2001 (accession Misc.2001/2002:126).
Add.MS. 1591   1986
“Some further recollections of Durham”: cassette recording of speech by Sir Kingsley Dunham at a party given by him and his wife in St Mary's College, Durham, to mark their golden wedding anniversary.
1 cassette.
Presented by Beth Rainey, March 2002 (accession Misc.2001/2002:122).
Add.MS. 1592   21 November 1988
Reminiscences of Durham characters and stories of the supernatural in Durham city, recorded by Dr. C.W. Gibby. Includes anecdotes about Professor “Pussy” Heawood and his wife, Canon Professor T.S. Evans, Archdeacon Watkins, Dean Welldon, Bishop Hensley Henson, Bertram Colgrave and Professor C.C. Abbott.
1 cassette & 9f.
Recording and transcript made by staff of the University Library, 1988 (accession Misc.2001/2002:124).
Add.MS. 1593   13 February 1986
Reminiscences of the University of Durham recorded by Dr. C.W. Gibby. Covers the period from 1926 until the early 1960's, and includes anecdotes about C.F. Herdener (Professor of Modern Languages), E.V. Stocks (University Librarian), P.J. Heawood (Professor of Mathematics), Irvine Masson (Professor of Chemistry), Cyril Alington (Dean of Durham), Henry Ellershaw (Professor of English), C.E. Whiting (Professor of History), Charles Steel Wallis (Principal of St. John's College), Stephen Moulsdale (Principal of St Chad's College), John How How (Professor of Latin), Miss Donaldson (Principal of St. Mary's College), Clifford Leech (Professor of English) and Frank Byron Jevons (Principal of Hatfield College).
1 cassette & 10f.
Recording and transcript made by staff of the University Library, 1988 (accession Misc.2001/2002:125).
Add.MS. 1594/1-2   1895-1930s
Autobiography and recollections of R.W. Morris, pitman, of Pelton Fell (Chester-le-Street, Co Durham) (typescript sections). Includes: history of Pelton Fell and Newfield from 1897 to the closure of the pits; service at Malin Head wireless station at the end of World War I; emigration and working in the USA; return to England and looking for work.
2 vol. Various paginations.
Transferred from the former Department of Adult and Continuing Education, 2004 (accession Misc.2004/2005:13).
Add.MS. 1595   1985
Pedigree of the Pembertons of Stanhope, Aislaby, Bainbridge Holme and Barnes. Typescript pedigree with family tree, compiled by E. Pollard, with 3p. of subsequently added corrections and additions.
Presented by Charles P. Wallace, 1994 (accession Misc.2001/2002:121).
Add.MS. 1596   1950-1980
Papers relating to opposition to the Teesdale Valley and Cleveland Water Bill. Also includes correspondence of Dr. Margaret Bradshaw and others concerned with organising opposition to the bill.
2 boxes & 1 planfile drawer.
Presented by Dr G. A. L. Johnson in 1989 (accession Misc.1989/90:5), and some material probably donated by Dr. Margaret Bradshaw (accession Misc.2000/2002:21).
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 1597   1966-1968
Mark book recording marks given for French and German to pupils between 1966 and 1968 with some additional information. Written on front is “D.S. Wilson”. School not identified but probably (given printed material also received and identification of other named form masters) Ayton School, Great Ayton, a Society of Friends boarding school that closed in 1997.
1 vol. 58p. + 1f. loose.
Presented by the executors of D. S. Wilson in May 2005 (accession Misc.2005/2006:16).
Add.MS. 1598   1936
“Great Washingtonians”, by Frederick Hill (schoolmaster at Biddick School, Washington). Typescript of brief biographies of people with connections with Washington (then in Co. Durham): Joseph Lambton and Dorothy Lawson, William Hilton, Catherine Mompesson, John Brand, James Drummond, James Hann, Lord Durham, George Elliot, Gertrude Bell, Ald. W. N. Smith.
1 vol. 27 p.
Presented by the author's son (accession Misc.2005/2006:49).
Add.MS. 1599   1980s
Survey of source material in for a history of political consciousness in the North-East of England between 1650 and 1750. Series of summary lists with summaries or transcriptions of relevant material and occasional comments on lack thereof, printed out on computer continuous stationery or photocopies. Compiled by Andrew Wrington (?) for a reasearch project supervised by Prof. Anthony Fletcher, University of Durham History Department. The locations and numbers of items may have changed since this survey was carried out.
1 box
Provenance not recorded (accession Misc.2005/2006:50).
Add.MS. 1599/1
Note explaining some printer problems with the material. Summary of J.D. Brearley, “Discipline and local government in the Diocese of Durham, 1660-1672”(Durham M.A. thesis, 1974)
9 p.
Add.MS. 1599/2
Newcastle City Library: notes on volumes of tracts and poems. Newcastle University Library: brief note on lack of material.
8 p.
Add.MS. 1599/3
Northumberland Record Office: Swinburne of Capheaton mss.; Ridley of Blagdon mss.; Blackett of Matfen mss.; Delaval mss.; Allendale mss.; Blackgate deeds; Craster mss.; Hagerston mss.; mss of Silvertop family; Society of Antiquaries mss.; election papers; Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed; Quarter Sessions; Morpeth Borough.
80 p.
Add.MS. 1599/4
Berwick-on-Tweed Record Office: Berwick Guild minute books, 1616-1627;1659-1681; 1702-1716; 1727-1738.
37 p.
Add.MS. 1599/5
Tyne & Wear Archive Services: Quarter Sessions; Chamberlains' accounts; Common Council minutes; court records; Freemens' records; Trinity House records; Guild records etc.
28 p.
Add.MS. 1599/6
Durham County Record Office: Salvin papers; Bowes papers; Strathmore papers; Quarter Sessions.
92 p.
Add.MS. 1599/7
Durham University Library: Cosin letters; Mickleton & Spearman mss.; references to other material.
24 p.
Add.MS. 1599/8
Durham Cathedral Library: Hunter mss.; Sharp mss.
66 p.
Add.MS. 1599/9
Gateshead Public Library [now at Tyne & Wear Archives]: Cotesworth papers; Ellison papers.
113 p.
Add.MS. 1599/10
Calendar of State papers: domestic, extracts copied and annotated, 1660-1700.
261 p.
Add.MS. 1600   15 June 1790
Contemporary copy letter from George Weatherby, at Newcastle, Bailiff of the manor of Tynemouth, to the Admiralty Office in London, in response to a Privy Council letter directed to the Chief Magistrate of the town of Tynemouth requesting help to support the press gang for sailors to serve in the Royal Navy for the war against France. The letter points out the lack of such a person and that the area is a manor belonging to the Duke of Northumberland.
1 f.
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, September 2005 (accession Misc.2005/2006:19).
Add.MSS 1601-1650
Add.MS. 1601   9 September 1617
Letters patent recording the grant by James I to William Wickliffe, Esq., of Wickliffe, Yorkshire, and George Mann and Christopher Bulman, both yeomen of Elvet in or near the city of Durham, of a pardon for alienation of temporalities within the Palatinate of Durham, issued at Durham in the Durham Court of Chancery during a vacancy in the see of Durham. The document recites details of the purchase on 25 May 1608 by the above three parties from Edward Wythes, gent, of Copgrave, Yorkshire, and his son Christopher (without licence from the then bishop of Durham) of the reversion etc. of the manors, vills etc. of Thornton and Ulnaby alias Ulneby in the Palatinate of Durham with all their lands, appurtenances, perquisites etc. for the sum of £1,700. Witnessed by Sir Richard Hutton, temporal chancellor of Durham, and endorsed with a note that the deed had been recorded in the close rolls of the Durham Chancery. Attached is a sede vacante seal of Durham cathedral.
Seal: on a tag, sede vacante bearing the arms of James I on the obverse and the arms of the see of Durham on the reverse
Purchased from J.L.M. & H.G. Gulley, March 2006 (accession Misc.2005/2006:58).
Add.MS. 1602   21 April 2005
“Reparation, re-education, reconciliation - Britain's German POW camps revisited”, J. Anthony Hellen. Text of a public lecture given at University of Newcastle about World War 2 prisoner of war camps, including Harperley and Featherstone Park, with illustrations.
Presented by Dr W. Morgan, April 2006, on behalf of the author (accession Misc.2005/2006:60).
Add.MS. 1603   February 1962
“Saddler Street, Durham. Improvements scheme”. Schedule of improvement proposals and advisory colour scheme, by Donald McIntyre, Owengate House, Durham City (architect, Cordingley & McIntyre). Typescript report on 80 (mainly retail) properties on Saddler Street, Durham City (with some on Elvet Bridge and in the Market Place) with recommendations for a coherent scheme of renovation and decoration. Also recommendations relating to street furniture; with type samples and colour swatch.
1 vol.
From the office library of Hayton, Lee & Braddock, architects (accession Misc.2005/2006:83).
Add.MS. 1604   2005
“The church of St Paul, Hunwick. A short history”, by Rev. Richard Ashby. Typescript citing sources, of text published as The parish church of St Paul, Hunwick. a short history (sources omitted from published version).
Presented by the author, June 2005 (accession Misc.2004/2005:66).
Add.MS. 1605   [mid 20th century]
“Pursuit of liberty: Thomas Pringle - pioneer, journalist and poet”. Typescript of an unpublished biography by Geoffrey Bainbridge (novelist, graduate of the University of Durham) of Thomas Pringle (1789-1834), Scottish poet and journalist, one of the first colonists in a government-sponsored settlement on the eastern frontier of Cape Colony, South Africa, designed to assist unemployed workmen to emigrate.
Presented by the author's widow, September 2001 (accession Misc.2001/2002:135).
Add.MS. 1606-1611
Manuscript material, part of the collection of German literature of the 1st World War purchased from W.P. Bridgewater, Professor of German in the School of Modern Languages, University of Durham. Printed material was added to the Library stock and catalogued in the OPAC.
Purchased from Professor Patrick Bridgewater, 1991 (accession Misc.1990/1991:6-9).
Add.MS. 1606   [ca. 1990]
“German literature of the First World War (Bridgewater Collection)” typescript list of the collection formed by Prof. Patrick Bridgewater, and purchased from him by Durham University Library, 1991
Accession Misc.1990/1991:8
Add.MS. 1607/1-2   [ca. 1980s]
Bibliography of German literature of the First World War, on index cards, compiled by Bridgewater.
2 index card drawers
Accession Misc.1990/1991:6-9
Add.MS. 1608   1914-1919
Language:  German
“Kriegstagebuch”. Autograph diary of an unnamed nurse serving with the German army, 31 July 1914 - 25 July 1919.
1 vol. 1088p.
Accession Misc.1990/1991:7
Add.MS. 1609   [1960s]
Language:  German
Typescript transcript of Add.MS. 1608, with 3 photographs said to be of the author in later life.
2 vol.
Accession Misc.1990/1991:7
Add.MS. 1610   1915-1916
Language:  German
“Tagebuch das Militarkrankenwarters”, Walther S. Baer, 7 February 1915 - 11 June 1916. Autograph diary, with interspersed poems, of Walther S. Baer, a German medical orderly.
1 vol.
Accession Misc.1990/1991:6
Add.MS. 1611   [1960s]
Language:  German
Typescript transcript of Add.MS. 1610.
1 vol.
Accession Misc.1990/1991:6
Add.MS. 1612   4 October 1900
Short note by F.E.Y. (Sir Francis Edward Younghusband, 1863-1942) about his time in Kashgar and the Pamirs.
2p. on 1f.
Found in Whitehead 0506 (accession Misc.2006/7:14)
Add.MS. 1613   March 2006
Yvonne Twomey, “Early nineteenth century therapy at the sulphur springs of Dinsdale and Croft”. University of Durham, MA in history and philosophy of science and medicine, module essay.
Presented by Dr M. Eddy (accession Misc.2006/7:13).
Add.MS. 1614   1984
Susan Hartley, “The artistic patronage and influence of Bishop John Cosin 1595-1672”. MA thesis (University of Leeds) 1984.
1 vol. 166p.
Presented by the author, via Martin Roberts, 2006 (accession Misc.2006/7:16).
Add.MS. 1615   9 October 1960
Letter from Eva [Eveline Saxton], Moor Lane, Liverpool, to Eric [ ], describing her role in the writing of George Chandler, Liverpool under James I (Liverpool, 1960), for which she had done the transcriptions.
4p. on 2f.
Found in copy of Liverpool under James I, acc. no. AVE347.
Add.MS. 1616   1813
John B. Taylor, “Heraldry. An account of some hundreds of bearings omitted in Guillim's Display of Heraldry - published 1679 ”. Manuscript book with printed armorial bookplates and illustrations of armorials cut out from printed books stuck in. Many items have been removed (noted below), including from front free endpaper, and f.2; one loose small printed armorial in mylar sleeve. Some parts of the volume have old paginations. With bookplates of John Brough Taylor (antiquary, FSA, living in Bishopwearmouth in 1810s) and Charles Henry Blair inside front cover.
1 vol. 87f.
Binding: half calf, marbled paper boards, spine title “Heraldry” with gold fleur de lys.
Purchased from Christopher Edward, bookseller, Berkshire, October 2006 (accession Misc.2006/7:18).
f.1r   1813
Title page.
Notes on editions of Guillim's Display of heraldry.
Alphabetical index of names in following ordinary.
Ordinary, blazing 1,050 arms.
Title page “The Second part” (f.39-42 blank).
Ordinary, blazing 149 arms and continuing with pasted in engravings of arms up to no. 342.
Many pasted in pieces have been removed: f.50r & v (1 each); f.51 r & v (all); f.54-56 (all) f.57v (1 remaining); f. 58 r & v (all); f. 61r (all).
“The atchievement of a baron”, drawing of a baron's crest.
“Rules for the dewe quarteringe of arms”, from a Glover manuscript in the College of Arms.
Pages from which all pasted in items have been removed.
“Arms of Durham families granted or assumed”
Pages from which all pasted in items have been removed (except 9 on 72r, 3 on 72v, 1 on 75r).
Facsimile manuscript copy of William Dugdale, A brief discourse touching the office of Lord Chancellor of England. Written by ... John Selden ... together with A true catalogue of Lord Chancellors ... (London, 1671).
f.87v   [ca. 1816]
Printed list [partial] of members of the House of Lords.
Add.MS. 1617   1941
Sister Mary Liguori Mistretta, “The hypognosticon of Lawrence of Durham : A preliminary text with an introduction” (PhD thesis: Fordham University, New York). Photocopy.
1 vol. vi, 328 p.
Presented by Dr A.I. Doyle, April 2006, on behalf of the author (accession Misc.2005/2006:60).
Add.MS. 1618   [1966]
C. F. Turnbull, “Memories of Durham 1896-1899”. Photocopied typescript memoir of undergraduate life at Durham University by a University College classics student.
1 vol. 75 p.
Presented by Dr W. Morgan, April 2006, on behalf of the author (accession Misc.2005/2006:60).
Obituary of Charles Frederick Turnbull (1877-1968), BA 1899, MA 1902, in: Castellum 21 (1968), p.10-11.
Add.MS. 1618/1-7
4 letters from Turnbull to Dr A.I. Doyle, about the composition of his memoir and providing additional information on his contemporaries.
Add.MS. 1618/8 & 8a
Photograph of interior on No.6 Hall Stairs, University College, in 1899 (during Turnbull's occupancy). View towards door. 2 copies.
Add.MS. 1618/9
Photograph of interior on No.6 Hall Stairs, University College, in 1899 (during Turnbull's occupancy). View towards window.
Published: R. Brickstock, Durham Castle Fortress, Palace, College, (Durham 2007), p.76.
ANother copy: MIP PH 5/36.
Add.MS. 1618/10
Photograph of William Robinson, castle porter 1869-1900, in uniform (University beadle?).
Add.MS. 1618/11
Photograph (of Turnbull?).
Add.MS. 1618/12
Group of rowers, with trophies.
Add.MS. 1618/13
College photograph, on Great Hall steps.
Add.MS. 1618/14
Photograph of article on Cuthbert Bede's drawing of the castle cook.
Add.MS. 1618/15
Photograph of postcard of Fulling Mill and Durham cathedral from south west (Valentines series).
Add.MS. 1618/16
Photograph of photograph of the courtyard of Durham Castle, captioned “The wide eye The quadrangle, Durham Castle”.
Add.MS. 1618/17   1966
Photograph of Turnbull with 3 daughters.
Add MS 1619   [early 19th century]
Manuscript catalogue of Dr. Thomas Winterbottom's library, commenced by him after 1813 and subsequently augmented and corrected by several other hands, the last probably after his death, certainly after 1857. At the front is a 2 page description of the distribution of Winterbottom's books around his house. Books are listed in alphabetical order of author, without indications of shelfmarks.
1 vol. 151f. (remainder blank)
Binding: full calf.
Acquired with the bequest of the Winterbottom collection in 19th century (accession Misc.2001/2002:144).
The Winterbottom collection of printed books was, in part, given to Durham University Library and is now a distinct collection within Special Collections.
Some of his medical books were given to Newcastle University Library.
Winterbottom, Thomas Masterman, 1765-1859.
Add.MS. 1620/1-11   2 December 1869 - 18 February 1871
Letters from William Gordon-Cumming (1829-1908) to David Douglas (publisher) regarding the printing of his Wild men & wild beasts: scenes in camp & jungle, by Lt. Col. Gordon Cumming, illustrated by Col. R. Baigrie and others(Edinburgh : Edmonston & Douglas, 1871), and plate of a tiger.
41 p. on 10 sheets, and 1 plate.
Found in copy of this work in Whitehead Collection (shelfmark Whitehead 2303), 2007.
Add.MS. 1621   [2006]
Typescript copy of Margaret Ward Page's journal of 1873 (featuring visits to the Surtees family at Mainsforth), edited with illustrations and biographical notes, by Phillipa Le Hardy.
1 v. [v],13,[xi] p.
Presented by the author, (accession Misc.2006/7:52).
Add.MS. 1622   1954-1955
Britton, Karl (b. 1909) The paragon of knowledge. Inaugural lecture of the Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy delivered at the College on 27 April 1953 (Oxford, 1954), with ownership inscription of Hugh W. Heckstall-Smith.
With cutting from The listener, June 16 1954, “Portrait of a philosopher. Karl Britton on Wittgenstein” and two letters from Britton to Hugh Heckstall-Smith (1896-1973) discussing Wittgenstein and contemporary philosophers they had known.
1 v.
Presented by P. Jackson, (accession Misc.2006/7:57).
Add.MS. 1623   1679 - 2007
A varied collection of some eighteenth and mostly earlier nineteenth century letters with a few other documents, possibly originating from a member of the College of Arms, perhaps William Radcliffe, as he is involved in some of the correspondence. There is a small group of eighteenth century letters of the prominent Newcastle Blackett family, then genealogical research features strongly, especially into the history of the Blackett family, but also the Benyon, Beard, Wright, Altham and Beauvoir families. There is material of the Durham historian Robert Surtees who has drawn up a number of the pedigrees here. Research has also taken place in East Harling in Norfolk. Finally there is part of an autobiography and some lecture notes of the donor's grandfather, the late nineteenth/early twentieth century Co Durham temperance movement speaker, Edward Kirtley.
49 items
1-45 were bought at auction in Ludlow by E. Allan Kirtley on 19 April 2007 as part of his family's research into their Blackett antecedents. Once copied by him for putting on a family history website (http://www.theblacketts.com/fame.php), the documents were given by him to Durham University Library, together with the copy material about his grandfather (46-48), on 28 May 2007, Acc No Misc.2006/7:64.
Add.MS. 1623/1   20 March 1679
Bond of Anthony Isaacson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, esq, and John Lawson of Cramlington, esq, to William Blackett of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bt, in £8000 for the performance by William Blackett and Anthony Isaacson of a bond in £4000 with Elizabeth dowager viscountess Mordant, Sir Thomas Peyton, bt, Sir Paul Whichcot, bt, John Wyse and Thomas Browne of London, gents, for the performance of the covenants of a pair of indentures of the same date between Isaacson and the dowager countess etc.
Witnesses: Anthony Keck; James Gibbons.
Signed by Anthony Isaacson; sealed in the presence of Captain John Lawson.
Endorsed: “Anthony Isaacsons Counter Bond to keep me harmeless from Sir Robert Clayton etc.”
Add.MS. 1623/2   26 March 1696
Letter from Peter ?Nepueu at London to Thomas Brunnell at Sir William Blackett, bt, at Newcastle, referring to his letter of 21 [March] reporting the Victual Office's assurance that he would have his £35 bill paid, but this has not happened, advising him not to take his other bill there, involving also Mr Bar and Mr Bell. With notes of both an answer of 31 March 1696 that Mr Bell considers that the bill would be paid, and to write to Mr Burnett about rent being paid by 4 May and that Thomas Claxton needs not send him any “?sheeting” as he has some already.
Add.MS. 1623/3   29 April 1698
Letter from Thomas Featherston at Duxford to Thomas Brunell at Newcastle reporting that he is likely “to get very little lead in” despite his best efforts, advises him to see what he can do with the bearer Gerrard Fairbridge who says there was 250lb yesterday at the halfway, 60lb is gone from the mine today, there is little done at Derwent as Thomas Lawson was borrowing money from him at Duxford yesterday and saying that he and his partners could do little.
Add.MS. 1623/4   9 March 1761
Letter from Sir Ellis Cunliffe and Charles Pole at Liverpool to John Erasmus Blackett esq asking for his vote in the forthcoming parliamentary election in the borough against Sir William Meredith.
Add.MS. 1623/5   27 July 1761
Letter from E. [Edward] Blackett at Upper Brook Street reporting his efforts with the Board at Chelsea to get Serjeant Thompson his pension, discussing the possible reduction of serjeants and drums in their regiment of eight companies, and reporting that the War Office is likely to keep them where they are, although other militia regiments are marching south.
Add.MS. 1623/6   13 June 1765
Letter from E. [Edward] Blackett at London to John E. Blackett at Newcastle-upon-Tyne asking for £67 drawn on Mr Fritter for his militia expenses arrears, he considers political changes are at an end until the next meeting of parliament, rain is needed, he hopes to see [his brother] soon.
Add.MS. 1623/7   21 March 1766
Letter from E. [Edward] Blackett to his brother John E. Blackett at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pleased that Mr Armstrong has appointed two such good men as trustees to care for the books and papers, he will set out in a fortnight after finishing his affairs in town, agrees with ordering the plantations to be carried on, after many applications he has decided to offer the post of his steward in succession to Mr Armstrong to George Bates, a tenant's son, which was after he had asked Mr Fawcet if he knew of any proper person after Mr Armstrong's accident.
Add.MS. 1623/8   2 March [?1760s]
Letter from E. [Edward] Blackett to John E. Blackett esq at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, glad the cargo has arrived, hopes he will accept Sir Walter's expected nomination of him as a Newcastle alderman, refers to his sister not being better and the increase in his family.
Add.MS. 1623/9   3 February 1810
Letter from William B. Moises at Newcastle-upon-Tyne to William Hargrave esq at Shawdon near Alnwick thanking him for his cheque and saying that he will write to Mr Anderson of Howick, trustee of the late Mrs Sample's will, assuring him that he will send a cheque.
Add.MS. 1623/10   25 October 1810
Letter from R. [Robert] Surtees at Mainsforth to William Radcliffe esq at the College of Arms, London, comprising and commenting on a pedigree of the Blacketts of Woodcroft from Richard Bleckheved d.[1349] up to 1738.
Add.MS. 1623/11   [?1811]
Pedigree of the descendants of William Blackett of Woodcroft (b.1555), including some Surtees connections, [?by Robert Surtees].
Add.MS. 1623/12   [?1811]
Pedigree of the Blacketts from Richard Blackett (d.1350), headed as “Commenced by C. Blackett in 1811,” with a coat of arms.
Add.MS. 1623/13   28 January 1811
Letter from R. [Robert] Surtees at Mainsforth to William Radcliffe esq, Rougecroix, at the College of Arms congratulating him [on becoming Rougecroix], he has been frustrated in his researches at Hamsterley by an absent curate, discusses his researches re Sir William Blackett's pedigree in parish registers, could do more work at Wolsingham but “afraid of raising a host of plebeian Blacketts to drive us from our seats”, details Blackett extracts from the Bishop Auckland registers, also some wills and inquisitions post mortem.
Add.MS. 1623/14   8 March 1811
Letter from W.R. [William Radcliffe], he has been attending the hearing in the House of Lords into the Berkeley peerage, recommends it, with a pedigree of Edward Blackett (d.1627).
Add.MS. 1623/15   [20 March 1811]
Letter from [Robert Surtees] at Mainsforth to William Radcliffe, esq, Rougecroix, at the College of Arms, London, listing and discussing Blackett entries from the Witton-le-Wear registers 1563-1795, with a pedigree of the descendants of anabaptist Henry Blackett (d.1676), he is thinking of coming up to London but he needs to know when the British Museum is shut, and could he find anyone to do some transcribing for him.
Add.MS. 1623/16   21 May 1811
Note [of Robert Surtees] providing a biography of Revd Timothy Byers, recently appointed chaplain of Sherburn hospital, and also discussing the administration of Edward Blackett (d.1767), and other Blackett family members.
Add.MS. 1623/17   2 November 1812
Final concord between William Hargrave plt. and George Morrison Potts with his wife Elizabeth deforc. over 3 twelfth parts of Titlington manor with a messuage, 12 cottages, a coachhouse, 4 barns, 4 stables, a dovehouse, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 500 acres each of land, meadow, pasture and moor, 50 acres of wood, and 500 acres of furze and heath, in Eglingham parish [Northumberland], for £160 given by Hargrave to Potts. 2 copies.
Add.MS. 1623/18   13 February - 7 July 1815
Certificate for the redemption of land tax by William Hargrave on Titlington, late of Jacob Pearson esq, and also two-thirds of the tithes.
7 items each of 1f.
Add.MS. 1623/19   [c.1815]
Copy memorial inscriptions of the Blacketts of Hoppyland Park 1695-1805.
On the back is a note, in French, on learning to speak French, and sketches of oriel windows, floor plans, and two elevations of a double-fronted, two-storey house.
Add.MS. 1623/20   [c.1820]
Note about the Fleetwoods from Bloomfield's History of Norfolk.
Add.MS. 1623/21   [c.1820]
Note from R. [Robert] Surtees about Blackett researches at Wolsingham and Orde wills, the “large American haws” are received, and the hiccory nut is “in course of experiment” at Croxdale
Add.MS. 1623/22   [c.1820]
Note about medieval Blacketts and the succession of Sir Edward Blackett, bt, in 1816.
Add.MS. 1623/23   [c.1820]
Note about seventeenth century Blacketts and Wylam and Hoppyland.
Add.MS. 1623/24   [c.1820]
Pedigree of the Altham family, with notes.
Add.MS. 1623/25   [c.1820]
Notes on the eighteenth century Wrights [from East Harling registers].
Add.MS. 1623/26   [c.1820]
Letter from ?J. Homfree, sending an account (not present), asking for the Parr quarterings, advises writing to Paget about the coat of arms drawings. With a pedigree of the Wright family of Kilverston, taken from Bloomfield, on the back.
Add.MS. 1623/27   [?1821]
Pedigrees of the Beards, Benyons and Wrights.
Add.MS. 1623/28   [?1821]
Brief pedigree of the Beards and Benyons to 1821, and also the Althams, addressed to William Radcliffe at the College of Arms, London.
Add.MS. 1623/29   12 December 1821
Letter from J. Henley Palmer at Kings Arms Yard reporting his researches in East India House on Mr Beard (fruitlessly) and Richard and Bernard Benyon, writers in India in the early 1700s.
On the back are two pencil sketches of house floor plans.
Add.MS. 1623/30   13 December 1821
Letter from C. Blackett at Sheen to William Radcliffe at the College of Arms, London, concerning the Beard and Benyon genealogies and reporting Mrs Benyon's possibly unreliable information, and discussing possible further enquiries.
Add.MS. 1623/31   [?1822]
Pedigree of the descendants of Mary (f.1746), widow of ? Pit, John Beard (d.1708) and Thomas Wright (d.1735), to 1822.
Add.MS. 1623/32   [?1822]
Pedigree of the descendants of Peter de Beauvoir of Grange, Guernsey, and Richard Benyon (d.1774) to 1822.
Add.MS. 1623/33   1 January 1822
Letter from William Sayers at 67 East St, Manchester Square, London, to Montagu Burgoyne esq, Sheen, Mortlake, about the burial of Elizabeth Griffiths in St Marylebone, 26 February 1784.
Add.MS. 1623/34   4 January 1822
Letter from T [Thomas] B [Boston] Wilkinson, curate of East Harling, Norfolk, to Montague Burgoyne at Sheen Lodge, Surrey, discussing and detailing extracts re Wrights and Beards from East Harling parish registers 1716-1735.
Add.MS. 1623/35   9 January 1822
Letter from T. [Thomas] Boston Wilkinson, at East Harling parsonage, Norfolk, to C. Blackett at Sheen Lodge, Surrey, reporting that a missing burials register 1678-1711 was frustrating his researches, suggests he tries the bishops transcripts in Norwich, with details of the Wright entries he has found in the East Harling registers, and also memorial inscriptions and current Wrights in the area.
Add.MS. 1623/36   9 January 1822
Letter from Thomas Hulse at Englefield rectory to Montague Burgoyne esq at Brighton, discussing the relationships of Beards, Benyons, Althams and Beauvoirs, Mr Benyon will look into this further in his papers anon but he is currently more concerned with his Beauvoir antecedents
Add.MS. 1623/37   10 January 1822
Letter from James Graham to Montague Burgoyne at Brighton advising on sources to search at Canterbury for Benyons and Beards, happy to hear of the king's [George IV] health, his family had subscribed to his statue which he hoped would have been completed long ago.
Add.MS. 1623/38   6 February 1822
Letter from Thomas Hulse at Grosvenor Square, [London], to Montague Burgoyne at Sheen Lodge, Mortlake, reporting that Mr Benyon can find nothing in his deeds and papers about “the first Mrs Benyon”, Mr Benyon is recovered and is keen to help more.
Add.MS. 1623/39   18 February 1822
Letter from Thomas Boston Wilkinson at East Harling to C. Blackett at Sheen Lodge, cannot help him further with the Wrights as he is a stranger locally.
Add.MS. 1623/40   [7 May 1822]
Letter from W.R. [William Radcliffe] at the College of Arms, London, to Capt Blackett at Sheen Lodge, Mortlake, reporting that Mr Cox says Mrs Price is in London but not well, so they may “hunt up the quarterings of Lucy” which Mr Burgoyn will become entitled to on her death, no news of any action against him by the deputy Earl Marshal.
Add.MS. 1623/41   5 January 1825
Letter from A.J. Dalrymple at Brighton to Mr C. Blackett at Oakwood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, reporting the information of Mr Francis, a Norwich lawyer, about the Benyons marrying into the Fleetwood family.
Add.MS. 1623/42   8 November 1826
Letter from J.E. Swinburne at Capheaton to C. Blackett jr at Oakwood, Newcastle, detailing and discussing the earls Tankerville and asking for his bond to be paid off or not.
Add.MS. 1623/43   8 August 1842
Letters from E. [Elizabeth] Burgoyne and [her grandson] J. [John] Blackett to his sister Frances Blackett, staying with Sir John Burgoyne, bt, in Ems, Germany, detailing various family movements starting today, involving Oakwood, Buxton and Brighton, and various family members and friends, commenting on her travels in Antwerp and Liege, and reporting his bet with his father.
Add.MS. 1623/44   15 July 1941
Letter from F.W. Fell Clark at Glen Caladah, Tighnaburaich, Argyll, about the family's association with the Inghams.
Add.MS. 1623/45   [c.1950]
Extract of Montague Burgoyne's marriage in St George's Hanover Square 30 October 1780 for Mrs Blackett, with The Society of Genealogists stamp.
Add.MS. 1623/46   [c.1920s]
“Ords and Ends”, “No.2 lecture” of Edward Kirtley, used when addressing temperance meetings in Co. Durham. Typescript. Copy.
Add.MS. 1623/47   [c.1920s]
Autobiography of Edward Kirtley (1863-1935), up to 1879, written to show the effects of drink and gambling, to glorify God, and to show “the effect of faith and untiring labour in the service of God”. Typescript. Copy.
Add.MS. 1623/48   9 August 1935
Newspaper cutting from Stanley News about Edward Kirtley, with a photo of him and his family. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1623/49   [April 2007]
Covers of the [Ludlow auction house] folder for the material.
Add.MS. 1624   c.1923 - 2004, most c.1950s
Translations, notes and lectures on Old and Middle English texts, especially Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, by the Durham University English lecturer Bertram Colgrave. The work may possibly date from his time in the United States after his retirement from Durham. There is also a file of copy correspondence, memorials, obituaries and photographs of Colgrave garnered firstly by C.W. Gibby for his own obituary of him, and then by Leslie Sharples as part of her work on Colgrave.
8 books and 1 file
Bertram Colgrave (1888-1968) was appointed lecturer in English at Durham University in the Durham Colleges in 1920. He was promoted reader in 1930, and made reader emeritus on his retirement from Durham in 1954. He was also dean of the faculty of arts 1933-1935, the first university public orator 1939-1942 and chairman of the library curators. In addition, he was active as an antiquarian and an archaeologist of the Anglo-Saxon period. After Durham, he went on to teach in the United States at the universities of North Carolina, Kansas at Lawrence and Colorado and Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, before finally fully retiring to Coton near Cambridge by 1965.
Given by Mrs Leslie Sharples of Melbourne, Australia, 26 March 2007, Acc No Misc.2006/7:66.
The notebooks were given by Colgrave to Donald Baker [1965] when he was finishing at the University of Colorado and packing up prior to returning to England. They were passed on by Baker to his daughter Leslie Sharples.
Add.MS. 1624/1   [?1950s]
f.1-21 Beowulf lecture notes
f.22-32 Beowulf translation
f.33-34, 38-39 Beowulf lecture notes
f.40-69 Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Prologue translation
f.1-21 Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Pardoner's Tale Prologue translation
f.43-51 Beowulf lecture notes - The Finn problem.
88 leaves, foliated 1-70 and (reversed) 1-57
Add.MS. 1624/2   [?1950s]
f.1-2 List of Irish miracles.
f.2-3 Notes on 20 The Bailey, Durham.
f.4-6 Notes on riddles.
f.7-96 Beowulf, translation with notes, lines 1-2344 (with gaps).
f.97-101 Sermo Lupi translation.
f.102-103 Waldhere translation.
f.104-114 The Battle of Maldon translation.
f.115-119 Gnomic verses translation.
f.120-126 The Wanderer translation.
f.125-128 Review of The Paris Psalter and Boethius, ed G.P. Krapp (1933).
f.119-124 List of manuscripts containing Anglo-Saxon in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
128 leaves, foliated 1-128
Add.MS. 1624/3   [?1950s]
Translations and notes of texts:
f.1- 44, 79-129 Beowulf
f.45-49 Caedmon's Genesis.
f.50-53 Brunnanburh.
f.54-58 Seafarer.
f.58b-62 Riddles.
f.63-65 Gnomic verses.
f.66-71 Dream of the Rood.
f.72-78, 142 Genesis B.
f.131-132 The Fall of the Angels.
f.133-141 Judith.
f.147 Notes on Elga Golubera, “The Saltykor-Stichedrin Library, Leningrad”, The Book Collector, (Vol.4 No.2, 1955), p.99-109.
146 leaves, foliated 1-146
Add.MS. 1624/4   [?1950s]
f.1-132 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight text.
f.135-146 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight lecture.
145 leaves, foliated 1-145
Add.MS. 1624/5   [?1950s]
f.1-35 The Owl and the Nightingale.
f.51-116 A Worcester fragment; the anarchy (Peterborough Chronicle); the Proclamation of Henry III; The Song of Lewes; the Chronicle of Robert of Gloucester - the Battle of Evesham; Layamon's Brut; King Horn; Havelok the Dane; the Proverbs of Alfred; the Ormulum; Ancrene Riwle and Ancrene Wisse; St Margaret; a Kentish Homily; a Lament; Cuckoo Song; Winter comes; Sorrow; Silence is golden; Blow northern wind; De Clerico et Puella; Love in Spring; the Man in the Moon; the Follies of fashion; Stella Maris; the Grave; Ubi sunt qui ante nos; the Crucifixion; Penitence.
116 leaves, foliated 1-116
Add.MS. 1624/6   [?1950s]
Texts and notes of:
f.1-14 Layamon's Brut.
f.14b-24 Juliana Text B.
f.24b-38, 97b, 107-108, 111-128, 130, 132-133, 136, 138-140, 147-148 Ancrene Riwle.
f.38-39b, 44b, 45b Bestiary.
f.40-41, 47b-49, 80-97 Owl and Nightingale.
f.41b-43b, 49b-50 Havelok the Dane.
f.44-45 Proverbs of Alfred.
f.46-47 King Horn.
f.51b-60 Old English Homilies.
f.60b-79b Ormulum.
f.150-137b Lecture on language.
f.137-133b Lecture on elementary phonetics.
f.132b-127b Lecture on dialects of Old English.
f.127b-98 Lecture and notes on changes between Old and Middle English.
150 leaves, foliated 1-150
Add.MS. 1624/7   [?1950s]
f.1 List of books
f.2-12 Wooing of our Lord, text.
f.16-23 A Good Orison of our Lady, text.
f.27-38 Peterborough Chronicle, notes.
f.39 Proverb of Alfred, notes.
f.43-49 Bestiary, notes and text.
f.50-96 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, text with notes.
f.97-100 Ancren Riwle notes.
100 leaves, foliated 1-100
Add.MS. 1624/8   [?1950s]
p.1-9 Notes on Robert Manning of Brunne, Carol Dance, Sir Orfeo.
p.10-16, 174-184 Gest Historiale of the Destruction of Troy.
p.18-66, 220-224 Piers Plowman, notes.
p.68-90 Langland's Piers Plowman, lecture.
p.106-146 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, text.
p.148-172 Unidentified text.
p.186-210 Middle English metre lecture.
p.212-218 The Troilus story and its origin, lecture.
p.265-293 Notes on dialect differences.
French and Norse word-lists.
147 leaves, paginated 1-296
Add.MS. 1624/9   [c.1923]
Print of GIB Pi31, BW photograph of a Durham Colleges group including N.D. Coleman, A.A. MacFarlane-Grieve, B. Colgrave, and others. In 2 parts.
Original: GIB Pi31.
Add.MS. 1624/10   1927
Print of GIB Pi5, a BW photograph showing E.F. Baxter, R.T. Norman, G.S. Conway, B. Colgrave, “The slow-coach club”.
Original: GIB Pi5.
Add.MS. 1624/11   4 November 1957
Photocopy of the public orator's oration on Colgrave's honorary D.Litt., from the University of Durham Gazette.
Add.MS. 1624/12   19 July 1960
Letter from [Bertram] Colgrave at 56 South St, Durham, to C.W. Gibby discussing correspondence sent to him re Durham guild records. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/13   28 February 1964
Letter from Bertram Colgrave at Coton to Don Baker at the University of Colorado about his failing to find out about the editing of the Digby plays by the Early English Text Society, and his progress on the Life of Gregory and Bede, and reminiscing about his happy last summer [in Colorado].
Add.MS. 1624/14   31 October 1965
Letter from Bertram Colgrave at Coton to Don Baker at the University of Colorado reporting his frustrations with Roger Mynors over Bede, the Willand festschrift and a piece for English Language Notes, lamenting colleagues' inability to write letters and his own capacity to write too many, hopes the Oldsmobile is doing well, news of Colorado colleagues including Edie Tatnall, comments on a Ku Klux Klan TV interview.
Add.MS. 1624/15   15 September 1966
Letter from Bertram Colgrave to [Prof D.F.S.] Scott reminiscing about his former colleague Prof Charles F. Herdener, professor of modern languages (d.1930). Photocopy.
Original: Add Ms 1393.
Add.MS. 1624/16   February 1968
Obituary of Colgrave from The Chronicle of the Cross: the parish magazine of St Margaret's, Crossgate, and St John's, Neville's Cross, p.4-5. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/17   [c.1956] - 1968
3 newspaper cuttings from The Durham County Advertiser about Colgrave on his leaving Durham, on his lecturing in Texas, and on his death. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/18   [1968]
4 extracts from letters of appreciation on Colgrave's death. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/19   10 April 1968
Letter from Alexandra Mason at the University of Kansas Libraries to Ian Doyle at Durham University Library reminiscing about helping Colgrave in the Kansas library and attending his evening classes on Early English Civilization. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/20   20 April 1968
Memorial of Colgrave by Bogislav von Lindheim at Heidelberg, recalling their friendship in Durham and beyond from 1935.
Add.MS. 1624/21   [c.1965]
BW photograph of Colgrave standing at the entrance to his home at 36 South St, Durham.
Add.MS. 1624/22   [c.1968]
David Ramage's reminiscences of Colgrave as a member of the Plymouth Brethren. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/23   [c.1965]
BW photograph of Colgrave seated at a table examining a copy of an [English facsimiles] volume. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/24   1968
Obituary of Colgrave from Clare [College] Association Annual, p.69-70.
Add.MS. 1624/25   29 July 1968
Rosemary Cramp's obituary of Colgrave in The University of Durham Gazette, p.5-8.
Add.MS. 1624/26-27   24 November 1969
Letter from R.G. Lunt at King Edward's School, Birmingham, to C.W. Gibby at Durham about Colgrave's career at Camp Hill School 1897-1904, with his address card from there. Photocopies.
Add.MS. 1624/28   2 December 1969
Letter from R.G. Lunt at King Edward's School, Birmingham, to C.W. Gibby at Durham about Camp Hill School being a branch school of King Edward's.
Add.MS. 1624/29   27 November 1969
Letter from C. Brackwell at the University of Birmingham to C.W. Gibby at Durham detailing the subjects taken by Colgrave in his Birmingham University career 1906-1911. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/30   1 December 1969
Letter from D.J. Darley, headmaster of Merchiston Castle School, to C.W. Gibby at Durham reporting Colgrave's career at the school 1916-1918. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/31   [1969]
Obituary of Colgrave, as a Corresponding Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America, by Urban T. Holmes, from Speculum vol.44 No.3, p.526. Online printout.
Add.MS. 1624/32   [1970]
Obituary of Colgrave by C.W. Gibby from the Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, New Series 2, p.109-112. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1624/33   [c.2000]
Draft bibliography of Colgrave's publications [by Ian Doyle].
Add.MS. 1624/34   4 March 2004
Email from John Lumsden at Durham University Library to Leslie Sharples about Colgrave and Mrs [Ella] Wright's memories of him from her time in Durham University Library.
Add.MS. 1624/35   4 March 2004
Email from Michael Stansfield at Durham University Library to Leslie Sharples about Colgrave's Durham career and material on him in the archives.
Add.MS. 1624/36   11 March 2004
Email from Philippa Basset at Birmingham University Library to Leslie Sharples detailing his Birmingham University career.
Add.MS. 1624/37   13 March 2004
Letter from Ian Doyle at Durham University Library to Leslie Sharples about Colgrave's papers at Cambridge University Library, his bibliography of his works, and other Durham contacts who knew him.
Add.MS. 1624/38   26 March 2004
Letter from Ian Doyle at Durham University Library to Leslie Sharples about Colgrave's work on Early English Manuscripts in Facsimile, the Jarrow lectures, and Durham places and colleagues associated with him.
Add.MS. 1624/39   15 March 2004
Email from Philippa Basset at Birmingham University Library to Leslie Sharples about Colgrave's involvement in societies at Birmingham University.
Add.MS. 1624/40   23 March 2004
Letter from Ella Wright at Durham to Leslie Sharples with a memoir of Colgrave's career.
Add.MS. 1624/41   12 April 2004
Email from Donald Baker to Leslie Sharples about his own literary background, his memories of Tolkien, and his memories of Colgrave at Colorado, his cars, his literary stature and his Coton “cottage”.
Add.MS. 1625   1953 - 1959
Correspondence and notes of Dr Ian Doyle and Dr William Mitchell, librarian at King's College, Newcastle, re the books of the former Kepier School Library.
5 items
Transferred from his files by Dr Ian Doyle of Durham University Library, 1 August 2007, Acc No Misc.2006/7:89.
Add.MS. 1625/1   13 January 1953
Letter from William S. Mitchell, librarian at King's College, Newcastle, to Dr A.I. Doyle at Durham University Library responding to his queries about specific Kepier School books presented by George Davenport.
Add.MS. 1625/2   19 January 1953
Letter from William S. Mitchell, librarian at King's College, Newcastle, to Dr A.I. Doyle at Durham University Library discussing the dispersal of the Kepier School books, the absence of Cicero's De oratore (1497), lists of the collection and suggesting a note for Philobiblon.
Add.MS. 1625/3   10 December 1954
Letter from William S. Mitchell, librarian at King's College, Newcastle, to Dr A.I. Doyle at Durham University Library discussing Miss Emmerson's work on the Kepier School books, keen to see the specimen copy of the Innes Review.
Add.MS. 1625/4   [c.1954]
Note by [A.I. Doyle] of R.W. Ramsey's article on Kepier School library.
Add.MS. 1625/5   12 November 1959
Postcard from [William S. Mitchell], librarian at King's College, Newcastle, to Dr A.I. Doyle at Durham University Library discussing the catalogue of the Kepier School library.
Add.MS. 1626-1641
Deeds etc. relating to Co. Durham
Presented by the British Records Association to Durham University Library or Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic on behalf of the owners or custodians of the documents, ca. 1950-1980 (accession Misc.2007/8:27; see Add.MS. 2034 for the rest)
Add.MS. 1626   21 June 1670
(1) Christopher Sanderson of Egleston Co Durham esquire
(1) Cuthbert Sanderson his son and heir
(2) William Fielding of Startforth, Yorkshire esquire
(2) Frances Fielding his eldest daughter
(3) Christopher Musgrave of Carlisle esquire
(3) Basill Fielding of Carlisle gentleman
(3) Francis Sanderson of London, merchant
(3) William Aubone of Newcastle upon Tyne merchant
Marriage settlement of Cuthbert Sanderson and Frances Fielding relating to the Sanderson's property in the manor of Eggleston (of which they were lords of the manor), appointing (3) as trustees; signed and sealed (1) and (2) and endorsed by 8 witnesses.
Size: ca. 50 x 60 cm
BRA number 641
Add.MS.1627   29 August 1747
Indenture tripartite between
(1) John Ord of New Town, parish of Great Aycliffe, yeoman
(2) William Thompson the elder of Long Newton, Co. Durham, gentleman
(3) James Allan of Darlington, gentleman
whereby (1) assigns the debt of (2) to himself settled in the Court of Pleas at Durham 20 July 1846 to (3).
3p on 1f
BRA number 784
ADD.MS. 1628/1-25
Bundle of legal documents relating to the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street East, Sunderland and premises adjoining 38 Lombard Street. After 1900 the property appears to become two distinctive entities, the Union Flag and a house.
Received via the BRA from Messrs Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co, in 1948. BRA number 190
Add.MS. 1628/1   4 June 1784
Further to an agreement of 6 September 1775 between
(1) George Annison
(2) Robert Davison
(3) Christopher Jurdison
(4) Thomas Cook
(5) Grace Carter
(6) James Hewitt of Sunderland clock and watch maker
(7) Joseph Roxby
relating to 2 messuages in Lambtons Lane or Pewterers Lane, Sunderland, with a messuage of Alexander Thompson to the east and one late belonging to Edward Walton but now Thomas Bird gentleman to the east, the High Street to the north and a house and shop of Thomas Wilson and Frances Crake widow to the south late in the possession of Thomas Ranson, John Donkin, James Peagles and William Smith as tenants and now with Grace Carter, William Martins, William Black, Thomas Wilson and James Peagles as tenants.
(1) Joseph William Roxby of Monkwearmouth, gentleman, nephew and heir of Joseph Roxby of Monkwearmouth
(2) Grace Carter of Sunderland widow
(3) Robert Burnet of Sunderland mercer and draper
(4) George Annison
(1) and (2) mortgage the property to (3) for £140.
Signed and sealed (1) (2) and (3), endorsed by witnesses.
Add.MS. 1628/2   3 June 1784
(1) Joseph William Roxby of Monkwearmouth, gentleman, nephew and heir of Joseph Roxby of Monkwearmouth
(1) Grace Carter of Sunderland widow
(2) Robert Burnet of Sunderland mercer and draper
Bargain and sale by (1) to (2) leasing him the property in Lambtons Lane or Pewterers Lane, Sunderland for 1 year for 5s. apiece. Signed and sealed (1).
Add.MS. 1628/3   4 June 1784
(1) Grace Carter of Sunderland widow
(1) John Carter of Sunderland cordwainer
(2) Robert Burnet of Sunderland mercer and draper
Bond of (1) to (2) to secure the £140 raised by Add.MS. 1628/1.
Add.MS. 1628/4   6 November 1800
(1) Robert Burnet of Sunderland, late mercer and draper, now gentleman of Sunderland widow
(2) John Carter of Sunderland shoemaker (eldest son and heir of Grace Carter who has died intestate)
(3) Thomas Palin of Sunderland, master mariner
Lease by (1) and (2) to (3) of the property in Lambtons Lane or Pewterers Lane, Sunderland for 1 year for 1 peppercorn.
Signed and sealed (1) and (2), endorsed by witnesses.
Add.MS. 1628/5   7 November 1800
(1) Robert Burnet of Sunderland, late mercer and draper, now gentleman of Sunderland widow
(2) John Carter of Sunderland shoemaker (eldest son and heir of Grace Carter who has died intestate)
(3) Thomas Palin of Sunderland, master mariner
Release further to Add.MS. 1628/4 by (1) and (2) to (3) of the property in Lambtons Lane or Pewterers Lane, Sunderland to secure mortgage of £140 thereon.
Signed and sealed (1) and (2), endorsed by witnesses and with notes of repayment.
Add.MS. 1628/6   15 July 1844
(1) John Rogers of Sunderland, ironmonger (trustee of the late John Carter)
(1) Thomas Swan of Sunderland, butcher (trustee of the late John Carter)
(2) George Stephenson of Sunderland, fruiterer (trustee of the late Hannah Arson of Sunderland, widow)
(3) George Smith of Sunderland, butcher
(3) Susannah his wife
(4) George Stephenson of Sunderland, fruiterer
(4) Ann his wife
(5) James Coates of Sunderland, tailor
(6) John Speck Smith of Sunderland, joiner
(7) James Coates of Sunderland, tailor
(7) John Speck Smith of Sunderland, joiner
By the will of John Carter (1) are appointed trustees of his properties: 5 freehold messuages in Lombard Street, Sunderland, 3 freehold messuages in Sailor's Alley, Sunderland and his copyhold residence in Lawrence Street Bishopwearmouth, to manage them for the benefit of his sister Hannah Arson, his nieces Ann and Susannah and his nephews (5) and (6). Hannah Arson's will divides her share between her grandchildren Eleanor Hodgson (wife of Joseph Hodgson, lawyer), Jane Arson, Grace Carter Arson and William Arson, in the trusteeship of (2). The property, and remaining personal estate of John Carter is released by all concerned parties and assigned to (7).
Signed and sealed (1) - (7), and endorsed by witnesses
Add.MS. 1628/7   10 January 1845
Extract made for Rowland Scarth from the administration of the goods of Thomas Pearson relating to a thousand year freehold term in the property in Lombard Street recorded in the Durham registry.
Add.MS. 1628/8   14 January 1845
(1) George Stephenson of Sunderland, fruiterer
(1) James Coates of Sunderland, tailor
(1) John Speck Smith of Sunderland, joiner
(2) Rowland Scarth of Bishopwearmouth, gentleman (administrator of the late Thomas Pearson)
(3) Andrew Godfrey Rahn of Bishopwearmouth, merchant
(4) Thomas Thompson of Sunderland, gentleman
Agreement relating to a lease and release of 4-5 June 1736 between
(1) George Annison
(1) Dorothy his wife
(2) Thomas Stephenson
(3) Elizabeth Stamp
(4) Warren Maude
and further transactions relating to property in Lambtons Lane or Pewterers Lane now called Lombard Street whereby (2) assigns the residue to (4).
Signed (1) and (2), endorsed.
Add.MS. 1628/9   7 December 1850
(1) Francis Henry Rahn of Sunderland, merchant
(2) George Stephenson of Sunderland, fruiterer
(3) John Speck Smith of Sunderland, joiner
(4) James Coates of Sunderland, tailor
(5) Joseph Hodgsonof Sunderland, lawyer
(5) Eleanor his wife
(5) William Goodall of Sunderland, mariner
(5) Jane his wife
(5) John Hawkes of Sunderland, pudler
(5) Grace Carter his wife
(5) William Arson of Sunderland, mariner
(6) John Speck Smith
(7) Thomas Thompson of Sunderland, gentleman
Conveyance between the above parties to allow the sale of the Union Flag Inn, 34 Lombard Street, Sunderland to (2)
Signed and sealed (1) - (7), with endorsements.
With attached registry certificate for taking acknowledgment of deeds by married women.
Add.MS. 1628/10   4 January 1855
(1) John Moor of Sunderland, ship owner
(2) John Speck Smith of Sunderland, joiner
(3) Robert Saville of Sunderland, surgeon (executor of Mary Wood of Wolviston, widow)
(3) Henry Shepherd of High Grange near Wolviston, farmer (executor of Mary Wood of Wolviston, widow)
Mortgage by (1) and (2) to (3) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Signed and sealed (1) - (3), with endorsements.
Add.MS. 1628/11   27 September 1860
(1) Thomas Richardson of Sunderland, gentleman
(2) Robert Thomas Greenwell of Sunderland, butcher
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Signed and sealed (1) - (2), with endorsements.
Add.MS. 1628/12   6 May 1890
(1) Robert Thomas Greenwell of Sunderland, gentleman
(2) Benjamin Holt of the Hilda Tavern, South Shields, publican
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/13   27 March 1893
(1) Robert Thomas Greenwell of Sunderland, gentleman
(1) Errington Huntley of Sunderland, gentleman
(2) William McDougle of Newcastle, manager
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/14   16 March 1895
Inland Revenue form no. 6 for succession to real property for Mary Eleanor McDougle, widow of William McDougle.
Add.MS. 1628/15   14 February 1895
Copy declaration of Sarah Bolam of Pelton, widow relating to the children of William McDougle.
Add.MS. 1628/16   15 February 1895
(1) Errington Huntley of Sunderland, solicitor
(1) Robert Thomas Greenwell of Sunderland, gentleman
(2) Sarah Jane Hurst of York, wife of Arthur Hurst (co-heiress of William McDougle)
(2) Mary Eleanor McDougle of London, spinster (co-heiress of William McDougle)
Reconveyance of mortgage by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/17   16 July 1895
(1) Sarah Jane Hurst of York, wife of Arthur Hurst (co-heiress of William McDougle)
(1) Mary Eleanor McDougle of London, spinster (co-heiress of William McDougle)
(2) George Mackay of St Leonard's Brewery, Edinburgh
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/18   31 October 1896
(1) George Mackay of St Leonard's Brewery, Edinburgh
(2) John Vipond of Sunderland, beerhouse keeper
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/19   12 May 1900
(1) George Mackay of St Leonard's Brewery, Edinburgh
(1) John Vipond of the Villiers Hotel, Sunderland, licensed victualler
(2) Laurence Johnston of Newcastle upon Tyne, wine and spirit merchant
(2) Robert Dingwall of Gosforth, wine and spirit merchant
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/20   3 March 1902
(1) George Mackay of St Leonard's Brewery, Edinburgh
(1) Robert Dingwall of Gosforth, commercial traveller
(2) Laurence Johnston of Newcastle upon Tyne, innkeeper
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of his equity in the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/21   13 May 1904
(1) Edith Rosa Wilkinson of Houghton Hall, widow(executor of Edward Abercrombie Wilkinson)
(1) Edward James Wilkinson of Sunderland, chartered accountant (executor of Edward Abercrombie Wilkinson)
(1) Thomas William Thompson of Newcastle upon Tyne, solicitor (executor of Edward Abercrombie Wilkinson)
(2) Laurence Johnston of Newcastle upon Tyne, innkeeper
Reconveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/22   13 August 1906
(1) Laurence Johnston of Newcastle upon Tyne, innkeeper
(2) James Alexander Loggie of Sunderland, innkeeper
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/23   4 March 1907
(1) James Alexander Loggie of Sunderland, innkeeper
(2) Robert John Scott of Brookside Hepscott, Northumberland, tailor
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/24   25 July 1912
(1) Ann Scott of Brookside Hepscott, Northumberland, widow
(2) James Alexander Loggie of Sunderland, innkeeper
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1628/25   29 July 1915
Letter from Estate Duty Office, Somerset House confirming no duty outstanding re. Robert John Scott deceased on the Union Flag Inn, 34 High Street and 38 Lombard Street, Sunderland.
Add.MS. 1629/1-12
Bundle of legal documents relating to the Tram Car Inn, The Green, Southwick.
Received via the BRA from Messrs Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co, in 1948. BRA number 190
Add.MS. 1629/1   2 October 1815
(1) John Stafford of Monkwearmouth, esquire
(2) John Heppell of Monkwearmouth, gentleman
Lease by (1) to (2) for a year of a plot of land at Southwick on the main street 22 yards in depth and 22 feet 6 inches wide.
Add.MS. 1629/2   30 May 1816
(1) John Stafford of Monkwearmouth, esquire
(2) John Heppell of Monkwearmouth, gentleman
Lease by (1) to (2) for a year of a plot of land at Southwick on the main street 22 yards in depth and 22 feet 6 inches wide.
Add.MS. 1629/3   31 May 1816
(1) John Stafford of Monkwearmouth, esquire
(2) Robert Ratcliff of Southwick, builder
(3) John Heppell of Monkwearmouth, gentleman
Release further to Add.MS. 1629/2 by (1) to (2) of a plot of land at Southwick on the main street 22 yards in depth and 22 feet 6 inches wide for building houses on (with strictures on the buildings and their use) subject to an annual ground rent.
Add.MS. 1629/4   18 October 1816
(1) Robert Ratcliff of Southwick, ship builder
(2) George Wilson of Monkwearmouth Shore, joiner
Lease by (1) to (2) for a year of a plot of land at Southwick on the main street 22 yards in depth and 22 feet 6 inches wide.
Add.MS. 1629/5   19 October 1816
(1) Robert Ratcliff of Southwick, ship builder
(1) Lydia Ratcliff his wife
(2) George Wilson of Monkwearmouth Shore, joiner
Release further to Add.MS. 1629/4 by (1) to (2) of a plot of land and buildings at Southwick.
Add.MS. 1629/6   21 October 1816
Extract of Durham court record of agreement between Robert and Lydia Ratcliff and George Wilson, signed J. Hampson.
Add.MS. 1629/7   18 September 1818
(1) John White of Bishopwearmouth, coalfitter (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(1) George Henderson of Newcastle upon Tyne, timber merchant (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(1) James Thompson of Bishopwearmouth, timber merchant (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(1) Robert Ratcliff
(1) George Wilson of Monkwearmouth Shore, joiner
(2) Hannah Eggleston of Southwick, widow
Lease for a year by (1) to (2) of a plot of land and buildings at Southwick.
Add.MS. 1629/8   19 September 1818
(1) John White of Bishopwearmouth, coalfitter (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(1) George Henderson of Newcastle upon Tyne, timber merchant (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(1) James Thompson of Bishopwearmouth, timber merchant (assignee of Robert Ratcliff, bankrupt)
(2) Robert Ratcliff
(3) George Wilson of Monkwearmouth Shore, joiner
(4) Hannah Eggleston of Southwick, widow
Release further to Add.MS.1629/7 by (1)-(3), conveying to (4) of a plot of land and buildings at Southwick.
Add.MS. 1629/9-11   12 February 1868
Certified copies from Monkwearmouth parish register for birth of William Eggleston, marriage of William Herring and Hannah Eggleston and burial of Hannah Herring.
3 pieces
Add.MS. 1629/12   13 February 1868
(1) William Eggleston of Monkwearmouth Shore, ship owner
(2) John Messenger of Monkwearmouth Shore, bread baker
Conveyance by (1) to (2) of a plot of land and buildings at Southwick.
Add.MS. 1630/1-3   1772-1791
Deeds relating to property in Hurworth on Tees (including property called Rockliff)owned by the Patteson family.
BRA number 766. Part of a miscellaneous collection from R. Tyrell, Enfield.
Add.MS. 1630/1   9 June 1772
(1) Cuthbert Stafford of Durham City, gentleman (grandson and devisee of the late Cuthbert Patteson of Sunderland gentleman, the brother and heir of Thomas Patteson, of Rockliff gentleman)
(2) Anthony Tilly of Broomside, gentleman
Indenture between (1) and (2) to convey a house called Rockliff and land in Hurworth on Tees in the form of the lease part of a lease and release.
Add.MS. 1630/2   17 May 1776
(1) Cuthbert Stafford, late of Durham City, now of the Inner Temple, gentleman (devisee of the late Cuthbert Patteson of Sunderland gentleman, the brother and heir of Thomas Patteson, of Sunderland gentleman)
(1) William Lee of Leicester St, Westminster, Register of Durham Chancery Court
(1) William Hopper of Durham City, Deputy Register
(2) George Pearson of Durham City, gentleman
Indenture between (1) and (2) to convey a house called Rockliff and land in Hurworth on Tees in the form of the lease part of a lease and release. Seal has been cut out.
Add.MS. 1630/3   22 February 1791
Printed administration bond of the Prerogative court of York (completed in ms.) of Thomas Gray of Great Driffield, York, gentleman, to administer the goods etc. of his brother Timothy Gray of North Shields, mariner.
Seal: Papered seal of the court.
Add.MS. 1631/1-23   1882-1923
Documents relating to the estate of Margaret Hedley (died 4 February 1920).
BRA number 826. Part of a donation from Messrs. Hyde, Mahon and Pascall, Holborn.
Add.MS. 1631/1-2   27 April 1882
Certified copy marriage certificate of Oswald Dodd Hedley and Margaret Chatto, 29 November 1850, at St Mary, Carlisle.
Add.MS. 1631/3-4   24 May 1882
Certified copy birth certificate of Edward Hedley, 2 February 1851, Sidney St, Tynemouth, and typescript copy.
1f. each
Add.MS. 1631/5-6   24 May 1882
Certified copy birth certificate of John Thomas Hedley, 22 July 1854, Manor St, Chelsea, and typescript copy.
1f. each
Add.MS. 1631/7   28 August 1882
Copy of grant of probate on estate of Oswald Dodd Hedley.
Add.MS. 1631/8   12 October 1882
Copy of grant of double probate on estate of Oswald Dodd Hedley.
Add.MS. 1631/9   13 October 1882
(1) Edward Hedley of Kent
(1) John Thomas Hedley of Kent
(2) George Hedley of Burnhopeside Hall, near Lanchester, Co. Durham
Quitclaim by (1) to (2) of any liabilities relating to Holmside Colliery and South Moor Colliery, Co. Durham.
Add.MS. 1631/10   26 August 1889
(1) Edward Hedley of Kent
(2) George William Hedley of Kent
Typescript copy of deed by (1) securing a loan from (2) on his share of the business Thomas Hedley & Brothers mining at Holmside Colliery, Co. Durham.
Add.MS. 1631/11   2 March 1923
Typescript copy of death certificate of Margaret Ann Hedley, died 4 February 1920.
Add.MS. 1631/12   22 February 1922
Draft typescript appointment of new trustees to the will of Edward Hedley.
Add.MS. 1631/13   April 1923
Draft letter from solicitors to J. T. Hedley explaining the nature of the debts between members of the Hedley faily.
Add.MS. 1631/14   8 May 1923
Printed search request to locate registration of birth of Margaret Ann Chatto (September 1844).
Add.MS. 1631/15   9 May 1923
Printed search request to locate registration of birth of Margaret Ann Hedley (ca. 1844).
Add.MS. 1631/16   18 May 1923
Printed search request to locate registration of birth of Margaret Ann Hedley (17 May 1843).
Add.MS. 1631/17   18 August 1923
Copy grant of letters of administration to the estate of Margaret Ann Hedley (died 4 February 1920).
Add.MS. 1631/18   [1920s]
Typescript schedule of provisions of the will of Oswald Dodd Hedley (died 1 April 1882).
Add.MS. 1631/19-21   17 April - 15 May 1923
Letters from J.T. Hedley to W.H. Brightman relating to the settlement of the estate of Margaret Hedley.
3 pieces
Add.MS. 1631/22-23   [1923]
Letter from R.W. Cooper to W.H. Brightman, and pencil letter, relating to estate of Margaret Hedley.
2 pieces
Add.MS. 1632/1-13   1722-1843
Documents relating to property in East Field, Sunderland.
BRA 118
Add.MS. 1632/1-2   18 September 1722
(1) Dorothy Shipperdson, widow of Robert Shipperdson of Sunderland, coal fitter
(1) Garrett Starkin of Newcastle upon Tyne gentleman
(1) Mary, wife of Starkin and daughter of Dorothy by her first husband Garard Sedgwick of Sunderland, gentleman
(1) George Shedgwick of Sunderland, gentleman, son of Garard Sedgwick
(2) Thomas Robinson of Sunderland, gentleman
Lease by (1) to (2) of property in the High Street, Sunderland.
With indenture of fine from the court at Durham.
1m. each
Add.MS. 1632/3   3 April 1728
(1) Jane Leaper of Sunderland, widow of John Leaper, plate maker and mariner
(2) Abraham Stout of Durham, butcher

Lease in form of a bargain and sale by (1) to (2) of property in Sunderland called East Field.
Add.MS. 1632/4   4 June 1766
(1) Ralph Tatham of Murton House, Co Durham, gentleman
(2) James Dennison of Sunderland, Esq.
Surrender by (1) to (2) at the court of the manor of Houghton le Spring of land called Scurfields Close as a mortgage to secure a £1000 loan.
Add.MS. 1632/5   9 February 1786
(1) William Todd of Lumley Castle, gentleman
(1) Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Ralph Tatham of Sunderland, physician
(2) John Wright of Monkwearmouth Shore, ship builder
Mortgage by (1) to (2) of copyhold land in the East Field, Sunderland, for £200.
Add.MS. 1632/6   21 April 1786
(1) John Wright of Monkwearmouth Shore, ship builder
(2) Joseph Trewick of the parish of Hebron, Northumberland, carpenter
Assignment by (1) to (2) of the mortgage in Add.MS. 1632/5.
Add.MS. 1632/7   27 April 1824
Marriage settlement of Meaburn Tatham of Lincolns Inn, gentleman and Elizabeth Parker of St Catherine's Cloisters near the Tower of London.
Add.MS. 1632/8   30 May 1812
Certificate admitting Meaburn Tatham as an attorney in the Court of the King's Bench.
Add.MS. 1632/9   18 June 1812
Certificate admitting Meaburn Tatham as a solicitor in the Court of Chancery.
Add.MS. 1632/10   21 October 1843
Certificate admitting Meaburn Tatham as an attorney and solicitor in the Court of Bankruptcy.
Add.MS. 1632/11   10 September 1713
Probate registry copy will of Robert Shipperdson of Sunderland, coal fitter, certified by Ralph Trotter, Register.
2p. on 1f.
Add.MS. 1632/12   5 July 1752
Probate registry copy will of Ralph Tatham of Sunderland, physician.
3p. on 1f.
Add.MS. 1632/13   23 March 1842
Printed insurance certificate, completed in ms. on the house near Tatham Street, Bishop Wearmouth, of George Wood.
Add.MS. 1633/1-12   1879-1891
Probate and estate material relating to the heirs of Frances Duberly, née Potts.
From Pattison Wigg & Co, London. BRA 826
Add.MS. 1633/1   22 February 1879
Grant of letters of administration of the estate of Henry Duberly of Wolsingham to his brother George Duberly, issued by the Durham District Registry. With papered seal.
Add.MS. 1633/2   11 May 1879
Inland Revenue form of residuary account on the estate of Henry Duberly of Wolsingham.
Add.MS. 1633/3   28 April 1890
Copy of the marriage settlement between Rev. Charles Duberly of Coundon, Co Durham and Frances Potts of Carr Hill, Heworth, Co Durham (dated 15 February 1847).
Add.MS. 1633/4   30 April 1890
Inland Revenue form of account on the estate of Frances Duberly, relating to her marriage settlement, with schedule.
Add.MS. 1633/5   [1890]
Receipts from legatees of the estate of Frances Duberly.
Add.MS. 1633/6   15 May 1890
Grant of letters of administration of the estate of Arthur Duberly of the Straits Settlement to his brother Herbert Duberly, issued by the Principal Probate Registry. With papered seal.
Add.MS. 1633/7   [ ] 1890
Inland Revenue form of account on the estate of Henry Duberly.
Add.MS. 1633/8   July 1890
Receipts from legatees of the estate of Arthur Duberly.
Add.MS. 1633/9   8 December 1890
Inland Revenue form of residuary account on the estate of Arthur Duberly of Straits Settlement.
Add.MS. 1633/10   January 1891
Account of the heirs of Arthur Duberly with his executor Herbert Duberly.
Add.MS. 1633/11   May 1891
Account of the heirs of Arthur Duberly with his executor Herbert Duberly.
Add.MS. 1633/12   [ca. 1890]
Receipt relating to estate of Arthur Duberly.
Add.MS. 1634/1-12   1822
Documents relating to property at Burtreeford, bought by George, Viscount Barrington for building a church [Heatherycleugh, demolished in early 20th century].
Given by Messrs Rider, Heaton, Meredith & Mills, Lincoln's Inn. BRA 797
Add.MS. 1634/1-2   21 & 22 May 1822
(1) William Bell of Whitestones, Stanhope, yeoman
(1) Anthony Todd of Hawkside, Middleton in Teesdale, gentleman
(1) Rachael Todd his wife (née Sherlock)
(2) George, Viscount Barrington
Lease and release by (1) to (2) of property called Crooked Walls or Crookally and the land adjoining it called North Ealand near Burtreeford Hill, and an allotment from the enclosure of Burtree Fell.
With copies of the following documents made by Messrs Watson of Barnard Castle on behalf of Messrs Griffith of Durham.
1m.& 5m.
Add.MS. 1634/3   [1822]
Abstract of title to property at Burtreeford belonging to William Bell. With sketched map.
Add.MS. 1634/4   1 May 1725
(1) John Harrison of the Hill, yeoman
(2) George Mowbray of Burtreeford, Esquire
Copy conveyance by (1) to (2) of property at Burtreeford called Crouckhold Walls.
Add.MS. 1634/5   28 February 1755
(1) Teasdale Mowbray of Bishop Wearmouth, Esquire
(1) Anne Mowbray, his wife
(2) John Hopper of Shincliffe, gentleman
(3) John Bell of Whitestones, Stanhope, yeoman
Copy indenture (reciting earlier deeds) whereby (1) conveys to (2) property called the Hill at Burtreeford in Weardale.
Add.MS. 1634/6-7   9 & 10 May 1817
(1) William Bell of Whitestones, Stanhope, yeoman
(2) Rachael Sherlock of Middleton in Teesdale, spinster
Copy lease and release of property near Burtreeford Hill.
1p. & 3p.
Add.MS. 1634/8   13 March 1822
Copy will of William Bell of Whitestones from Durham Probate Registry.
Add.MS. 1634/9-10   4 June 1822
Left and right feet of fine in the Court of Pleas, Durham, between George, Viscount Barrington and Anthony and Rachel Todd, whereby they transfer property in the parish of Stanhope to him for 100 marks.
Add.MS. 1634/11   3 August 1822
Letter to Mr Griffith, solicitor, Durham, from W. Coward, curate, reporting baptism of William Bell of Whitestones in 1750 and marriage of Henry and Sarah Bell in 1748 from parish register of Stanhope.
Add.MS. 1634/12   [1820s]
Wrapper for above documents, indicating that it was for a new church.
Add.MS. 1635   18 November 1823
Right foot of fine in the Court of Pleas, Durham, between William Keppel Barrington and James and Margaret Forster, whereby they transfer property in Bishop Auckland to him for 100 marks.
Given by Messrs Rider, Heaton, Meredith & Mills, Lincoln's Inn. BRA 797
Add.MS. 1636/1-7   1832-1851
Legal documents relating to the trustees of the wedding settlement of John and Eliza Orde, settled upon their property near Norham.
7 items
Given by Messrs Rider, Heaton, Meredith & Mills, Lincoln's Inn. BRA 797
Add.MS. 1636/1   25 April 1832
(1) Thomas Barrett Nash
(2) William Martins
(3) John Bertram Orde Esquire
(3) George Frederick Orde Esquire
(4) Robert William Mills of Willington, colonel in the army
(4) Collingwood Foster Fenwick of Bath, clerk
(4) William Burley of Lincoln's Inn
Declaration of trust on mortgage of estates, relating to the mortgage of 1 October 1804 by (3) of estates in Longridge, Co Durham [Norham, now in Northumberland], (4) being trustees of the marriage settlement of John and Eliza Orde dated 10 October 1814.
Consideration: £3000 paid by (4) to (1).
Add.MS. 1636/2   25 April 1832
(1) William Ogle Wallis Ogle of Middlesex Esquire
(1) William Burley of Lincoln's Inn
(2) John Bertram Orde Esquire
(2) George Frederick Orde Esquire
(3) Robert William Mills of Willington, colonel in the army
(3) Collingwood Foster Fenwick of Bath, clerk
(3) John Burley of Lincoln's Inn Esquire
(4) John Grey of Brighthelmstone, colonel in the army
Declaration of trust on mortgage of estates in Longridge, Co Durham [Norham, now in Northumberland].
Consideration: £2000 paid by (3) to (2).
Add.MS. 1636/3   4 March 1833
(1) John Bertram Orde Esquire
(1) George Frederick Orde Esquire
(2) Robert William Mills of Willington, colonel in the army
(2) Collingwood Foster Fenwick of Bath, clerk
(2) John Burley of Lincoln's Inn Esquire
Declaration of trust on mortgage of estates in Longridge, Co Durham [Norham, now in Northumberland].
Consideration: £2000 paid by (2) to (1).
Add.MS. 1636/4   21 November 1833
(1) John Bertram Orde Esquire
(1) George Frederick Orde Esquire
(2) Robert William Mills of Willington, colonel in the army
(2) Collingwood Foster Fenwick of Bath, clerk
(2) John Burley of Lincoln's Inn Esquire
Declaration of trust on mortgage of estates in Longridge, Co Durham [Norham, now in Northumberland].
Consideration: £1016.15.10 paid by (2) to (1).
Add.MS. 1636/5   22 April 1839
(1) Brown Collison of Fleet Street, London, gentleman
(1) Michael Clayton of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman
(2) George Frederick Orde of Longridge House, Esquire
(3) William Mather of Newcastle upon Tyne Esquire
Indenture between (1) (2) and (3) further to sale of the Orde's property in Longridge, Co Durham [Norham, now in Northumberland] to (3) for £16,500 (subject to the previous mortgages) establishing (1) as trustees of the settlement.
Add.MS. 1636/6   22 April 1839
Copy of letter from William Mather to Robert Mills, Collingwood Fenwick and William Burley notifying his purchase of the Longridge estate and his intention to pay them the £8016.15.10. principal of the mortgages, endorsed by John Burley.
Add.MS. 1636/7   15 April 1851
(1) George Frederick Orde formerly of Longridge House, now at Peterborough in Canada, Esquire
(2) William Thomas Carlisle of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman
(3) William Mather of Newcastle upon Tyne Esquire
(4) William Strickland Cookson of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman
(5) Revd Friederick William Portlock Collison of St John's College, Cambridge, clerk
(5) George Brown Collison of Fleet Street, London, gentleman
Further to the death of the two trustees named in Add.MS. 1636/5, appointment by (1) and (3) of (2) and (4) in their places.
Add.MS. 1637/1-4   1867-1868
Documents transferring the Paul family share in Garesfield Colliery (Winlaton, Tyne & Wear) to the Liddells.
4 items
Given by Messrs Rider, Heaton, Meredith & Mills, Lincoln's Inn. BRA 797
Add.MS. 1637/1   2 October 1867
(1) George Robert Paul of Ashdale, Pembroke, Esquire
(2) Eleanor Maria Paul of the Langham Hotel, Langham Place, Marylebone, spinster
(3) Ann Frances Maria Louisa Hare of the Langham Hotel, Langham Place, Marylebone, spinster
(4) Sir Walter Rockcliff Farquhar of St James St, Middlesex, bart
(4) Sir William Hutt of Gibside, Co Durham M.P.
(5) Charles Bankhead of St James St, Piccadilly, Esquire
(6) James Lyon Geaves of Heavitree, Devon, Esquire
(6) Edmund William Paul of Exeter, gentleman
(7) Jane Fitzgerald of Heavitree, Devon, widow
(8) James Turner of Heavitree, Devon, Esquire
(9) Caroline Elizabeth Liddell, of Portman Square, Middlesex, widow
Release of all interests in Garesfield Colliery by (1)-(8), the co-heirs of Dame Francis Paul, the heir of Lady Ann Simpson, being a third share (the Marquis of Bute holding the rest), to (9). The bankruptcy of some parties complicates the title, which is covered at length.
Add.MS. 1637/2   2 October 1867
(1) George Robert Paul of Ashdale, Pembroke, Esquire
(1) Jane Fitzgerald of Heavitree, Devon, widow
(2) Sir Walter Rockcliff Farquhar of St James St, Middlesex, bart
(2) Sir William Hutt of Gibside, Co Durham M.P.
(3) Maria Horatia Bankhead
(4) Caroline Elizabeth Liddell, of Portman Square, Middlesex, widow
Written authority form (1) to (2) on behalf of (3) - now deceased- releasing her interests in Garesfield Colliery to (4).
Add.MS. 1637/3   
(1) Sir Walter Rockcliff Farquhar of St James St, Middlesex, bart
(1) Sir William Hutt of Gibside, Co Durham M.P.
(3) Maria Horatia Bankhead
(4) Caroline Elizabeth Liddell, of Portman Square, Middlesex, widow
Receipt from (1) to (4) for £288.8.11 for (3)'s share in Garesfield Colliery.

Add.MS. 1637/4   25 April 1868
(1) Edmund Waller of Grosvenor Gardens, middlesex, Esquire
(1) Charles Appleyard of Lincoln's inn, solicitor
(2) George John Graham of London
George Robert Paul of Ashdale, Pembroke, Esquire
(2) Eleanor Maria Paul of the Langham Hotel, Langham Place, Marylebone, spinster
(3) Caroline Elizabeth Liddell, of Portman Square, Middlesex, widow
Release by (1) - creditors assignees of Sir John Dean Paul, bart, a bankrupt and (2) official assignee of Sir John Dean Paul, bart, a bankrupt, to (3) of his interest in Garesfield Colliery.
Consideration: £288.8.11 and interest.
3p. on 1p.
Add.MS. 1638   15 June 1559
Language:   Latin
Surrender in the court of William, earl of Pembroke, Lord Herbert of Cardiff, and knight of the Garter, where Edward Bennet received from the steward Robert Grove gent a messuage and a virgate of land called Maskoll and a messuage and half a virgate of land called Parkes in Stockton, formerly held by Thomas Pearson, to be held by him, his sister Mary and John the son of Thomas Pearson for life and the life of the longest lived of them according to the custom of the manor on payment of £132.
Formerly numbered: BRA 363.
Part of a gift of miscellaneous documents to the BRA from Messrs Hodgson and Co of 115 Chancery Lane, London; sent to Durham University Library with BRA 826 on 15 November 1951, and thence immediately transferred to the Dept of Palaeography and Diplomatic in November 1951.
Add.MS. 1639   3 May 1564
Language:   Latin
Surrender from the Newton Cap halmote court held at Auckland before Thomas Layton esq, where William Ord (Awde), son and heir of Robert Ord, received a messuage called Picklehull, next to Birtley, with closes called Thomas' Close 5s, High Close 4s, and Lyng Close 4s 2d near High Close, surrendered by his father Robert Ord with his wife Margaret, pledges Christopher Trotter and John Allenson.
Formerly numbered: BRA 811.
Sent to the BRA as a gift by the librarian at Ilford Central Library, Essex, when found amongst Essex documents; thence sent to Durham University Library by c.1953 and transferred to the Dept of Palaeography and Diplomatic by 1958.
Halmote court register entry is DHC1/I/30 f.145v-146r.
Add.MS. 1640   1590 - 1671
Deed for Yarm and four Co Durham bonds.
Formerly numbered: BRA 833.
Part of the collection of the late A.W. Turner, sent to the BRA as a gift by Messrs Perrys of 56 Preston St, Brighton, and sent by the BRA to the Dept of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1640/1   23 October 1590
Language:   Latin
Grant by Rowland Burdon of Stockton-on-Tees to his son Thomas Burdon of his burgage in Yarm in the eastern part of the vill abutting the high street up to the Tees occupied by James Richeson, rendering annually to the wardens of the bridge 7s at the feast of St Blaise, together with all documents relating to the burgage.
Witnesses: Thomas Puncheron; William Hewthwaite; Ralph Bamtyn; Anthony Harpler; Christopher Fleeham; Giles Parclose.
Endorsed with a record of seisin being given to Thomas Burdon by William Hewthwaite of Ingleby Arncliffe on behalf of Wiliam Burdon.
Witnesses: Thomas Puncheron; Thomas Hudson; James Richeson; John Batten; John Bentley; John Burdon.
Seal: Seal, depicting a ?letter, on a parchment tag
Add.MS. 1640/2   24 January 1622
Language:  Latin and English
Bond in £100 by William Waugh of Chester-le-Street to Richard Clark servant to Lionel Maddison of Newcastle-upon-Tyne alderman, to keep the covenants in a pair of indentures of the same date. Signed.
Witnesses: Richard Clark; Charles Simpson; William Smith nephew of Mr William Smith; George Clark.
Seal: Seal residue on a tongue on the right side
Add.MS. 1640/3   10 January 1623
Language:  Latin and English
Bond in £400 by William Waugh of Chester-le-Street, yeoman, to Ralph Lambton of Tribley, gent, to keep the covenants in a pair of indentures of the same date.
Witnesses: John Hedworth, Thomas Herbert; ?Francis Hedworth.
Add.MS. 1640/4   9 October 1657
Language:   English
Bond in £100 by James Cook of Elwick, weaver, to Robert Cook and Thomas Cook of East Murton, yeomen, to keep the covenants in a pair of indentures of the same date to convey to Ralph Cook, second son of James Cook, a cottage in Elwick on his attaining the age of 21 or within 7 years. Signed.
Witnesses: George Crane; William Thompson; Henry Barnes; William Stobert; William Swalwell; Ralph Lamb.
Add.MS. 1640/5   21 March 1671
Language:  Latin and English
Bond in £280 by Robert Hodgson (Hodshon) of Sedgefield yeoman to Thomas Pearson of Whitehall in Chester-le-Street yeoman, to keep the covenants in a bargain and sale of the same date between John Hodgson, Robert Hodgson, and Jane Hodgson, and Thomas Pearson. Signed.
Witnesses: Matthew Middleton; Robert Allen; Richard Cockerell; William Foster; Thomas Mascall jr; John Harrison.
Seal: Seal fragment on a tongue on the right side
Add.MS. 1641   [c.1605] - [18th century]
Various legal and financial documents, not obviously connected with Co Durham.
Formerly lot 604/5 of the Clayton Mss, ?passed on to Durham UL from Durham CRO as of unidentified place or county.
Add.MS. 1641/1   [c.1605]
Language:  Latin and English
Case of Joan Lanwarne against Brian Newton, John Lanwarne, Joan Brook and James Newton over the lease of a messuage and lands called Hunderton [in Hereford], part of a settlement agreed between Joan's father William Lanwarne and Brian Newton on the proposed marriage of Joan to one of Brian's sons, which had not taken effect before the decease of Joan's parents, involving subsequent disputes over the administration of Joan's parents, the non-marriage of Joan but Brian's claiming of the lease, and various bonds involving Brian, Joan's uncle John Lanwarne, John and Joan (Joan Lanwarne's aunt) Brook, with Brian Newton then surrendering the lease to Gabriel Walwin, the prebend [of Hereford cathedral] of the farm, and getting a new lease in the name of James Newton, and so denying Joan Lanwarne her claimed entitlement, with the recital of the plaintiff's bill setting out the case, and then the responses of James Newton, Brian Newton with Joan Brook widow, and then John Lanwarne, and then supporting referenced statements on behalf of first the plaintiff and then the defendant on particular points.
Add.MS. 1641/2   31 July [1607]
Language:  Latin and English
Depositions in the case of Ethelbert Carwardine, John Carwardine, and Elizabeth Carwardine, children of the late John Carwardine and Mary his wife against Brian Newton gent and Thomas Benson over the lease of Hunderton lands [in Hereford] with the names and references of those providing statements on specified points.
Add.MS. 1641/3   Easter 1636
Language:   English
Reply of Sir Henry Calthorpe, attorney-general of the king's court of wards and liveries, on behalf of George duke of Buckingham against Sir Edward Leech over tithes.
Add.MS. 1641/4   [?1660s]
Language:   English
List of 57 names, headed by Mr William Durham minister (?1610/11-1684; presented to London St Mildred Bread St 1664 by Sir Nicholas Crisp, (John Crisp esq appears on the list)), and amounts [?paid/due], totalled.
Add.MS. 1641/5   [later 17th century]
List of 41 names, headed by Mr Christopher Pierson, with amounts, totalled.
Paper   2f.
Add.MS. 1641/6   [c.1700]
Language:   English
An inventory of fittings - doors, windows, locks, shelves, racks - in itemised rooms in a property - including first warehouse, back warehouse, cellar, washhouse, hall, kitchen, garrett - “whereof mention is made in the deed” to which it was [formerly] attached.
Add.MS. 1641/7   [18th century]
Financial calculations and sketched drawings of a reclining nude and a head.
Paper   1p.
Add.MS.1642/1-15   1990-1991
Correspondence and papers relating to “Cranmer Theological College” (which appears to have had a brief existence in Durham ca. 1912-13) and its principal Rev. Hyma Henry Redgrave. Includes copies of letters from Goulden's daughter, Rene Redgrave, 1990, arguing that the institution was closely connected to St John's College, of which her father was therefore in effect a co-founder, and asking that this should be recognised by St John's, and enclosing relevant photocopies from Crockford's and of some pages from Hyma H. Redgrave, The practical principles of Jesus (London, 1912) from which mentions of Cranmer College had subsequently been removed. Also includes a group photograph of staff and governors of the Bethnal Green Infirmary, ca. 1901-04, among whom are Redgrave and Rev. J.E. Watts Ditchfield, who was instrumental in founding St John's.
Presented via R. Norris, who had received the material partly from Rev. Ian Cundy of St John's College, and partly from Mrs Katherine Beer, local historian (accession Misc.2001/2:120)
Add.MS.1643   [6 August 1823]
Photograph of a pen and ink sketch of the Forge, Ovington. From a piece by James Raine, annotated “The house in which I was born Ao 1791 25 Jan. J. Raine ”
Size: 12 x 16 cm.
Presented by Pat Atkinson, June 2006 (accession Misc.2005/6:80)
Add.MS.1644   1986
Pedigree of the Davenport family, compiled by John L. Marlow, descending from Richard and Alice Davenport of Wigston Magna (died 1623 & 1624) to the author.
Presented by John Marlow, 1986 (accession Misc.2006/7:15)
Add.MS.1645   July 2007
Revd Dr Thomas Sainsbery (1735/6-1787). Biography by M. A. Pinhorn of Sainsbery (vicar of Ponteland 1779-87).
Presented by the author, July 2007 (accession Misc.2006/7:72)
Add.MS.1646   1767
“An account of papists or reputed papists in the parish of Morpeth”. Taken by the curate on the orders of the Bishop of Durham, a list of 86 names, giving occupation, age and place and length of residence. Possibly a stray from the Bishop's records, part of a survey presented to the House of Lords (to whom the originals were sent).
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, September 2007 (accession Misc.2007/8:3)
Printed Returns of papists, 1767. Vol.2, Dioceses of England and Wales, except Chester, transcribed under the direction of E.S. Worrall (London : Catholic Record Society, 1989), p.8.
Add.MS.1647   1924-1925
Letter, 24 January 1925, from R.L. Atkinson of the Public Record Office to Sir Israel [Gollancz] concerning pre-1500 English documents suitable for exhibition on the occasion of a possible visit to the Public Record Office by members of the Early English Text Society, perhaps in connection with the centenary of the society's founder, Dr Furnivall, and re visits in general to the Public Record Office.
Enclosed with the letter is Catalogue of the manuscripts and other objects in the Museum of the Public Record Office with brief description and historical notes by Sir H.C. Maxwell Lyte, K.C.B., deputy keeper of the records (10th edn, illustrated, 1924), annotated to indicate suitable documents in English.
2f. & 1 vol.
Presented by Miss Helen R. Smith, June 2002 (accession Misc.2007/8:3)
Add.MS.1648   [14/15th century]
Rule of St Augustine and other works. Manuscript written in Germany, turn of 14th and 15th century.
i + 48f.
Presented by A. I. Doyle, March 2008, (accession Misc.2007/8:59)
Add.MS.1649   [early 15th century]
Gerlach Peters, Soliloquium, etc. Manuscript probably written in Belgium, early 15th century.
Presented by A. I. Doyle, March 2008, (accession Misc.2007/8:60)
Add.MS.1650   [ca. 1500]
Book of Hours written ca.1500 probably in Rouen for the English market.
Contains: complete calendar with marginal pictures of the seasons and zodiac figures. 14 full page illuminations.
1. The four Evangelists (f.13r).
2. The annunciation (f.25r).
3. The visitation (f.33v).
4. Nativity (f.46r).
5. Annunciation to the shepherds (f.50r).
6. Adoration of the Magi (f.52v).
7. Presentation in the Temple (f.55r).
8. Flight into Egypt (f.57v).
9. Coronation of the Virgin (f.62v).
10. David in prayer (f.67r).
11. Crucifixion (f.81r).
12. Pentecost (f.84r).
13. Funeral (f.87r).
14. Donor with Virgin & child (f.110r).

Binding: gold-tooled 18th century green goatskin, with green silk pastedowns.
Bought at auction at Rosebery's, West Norwood, London ,13th December 2007 (lot 1856) (accession Misc.2007/8:25).
Add.MSS 1651-1699
Add.MS. 1651   [1967?]
“Ponds and reservoirs in County Durham”, by David S. Gibbons & Brian A. Whitton. Typescript article with letter from Whitton to Woodward, 1 November 1967, regarding ponds near Darlington.
1p. & 6p.
Presented by Mr B. Woodward (accession BAK203).
Add.MS. 1652   1987
“Appendix 5: Derwent reservoir nature reserve, draft appendix to Management plan, vascular plants” with corrections and highlighting.
Presented by Mr B. Woodward (accession BAK203).
Add.MS. 1653   [20th century photocopy]
Sedaine, Michel-Jean (1719-1797) Le philosophe sans le savoir. Photocopy of the manuscript (date added, 2 décembre 1765).
From the library of G. E. Rodmell (accession BAL202).
From the Archives de la Comedie Francaise, ms. 248.
Add.MS. 1654   [1958]
“5th Durham City Scout Group. History of the group” [by J. A. Chalmers & D. G. Ramage]. Covers activities from foundation in 1928 (typed as 1938) to 1958.
Presented by Dr A.I. Doyle (accession BAA109).
Add.MS. 1655   1945 & 1997
Photocopies of journal entries of William Higgins jr, an American serviceman at Durham University, with a covering letter from him and his lecture on Winston Churchill.
Paper file
Presented by Dr A.I. Doyle, 23 April 2008, Acc No Misc.2007/8:58.
Add.MS. 1655/1   21 April 1997
Letter from William Higgins at Indianapolis to the warden of Durham Colleges recalling his time at Durham in 1945 as an American serviceman and those who taught him and asking if he might visit some of them on a forthcoming visit to Durham if they were alive still.
Add.MS. 1655/2-23   August 1945
“Tours and Teas”, photocopies of journal entries for 3, 6, 8, 10 August 1945 recording his impressions of tea-time visits to Col and Mrs St Johnston (Co Durham chief constable), Dr and Mrs Hopkins (Geology lecturer), Archdeacon and Mrs Lucas, and David Dunlop bishop of Jarrow.
Photocopies of notes from the lectures of Prof Renwick on English Literature 3 August 1945.
Photocopies of journal entries for 4, 5, 11 and 26 August 1945 describing visits to Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and Glasgow, and Carlisle and Keswick.
Add.MS. 1655/24-45   17 November 1997
“England Remembers (Winston Churchill through World War I)”, a lecture given by William Higgins to the Indianapolis Literary Club.
Add.MS.1656   26 November 1948 - 3 March 1950
Correspondence file of Dr Malcolm P. Applebey (chairman of Durham Colleges Council 1937-1955, d.1957), mostly copy out-letters with some in-letters, covering:
his professional life as a chemist at ICI in Billingham (honours for fellow chemists, obituary of William Hughes (1890-1948), visit to the ICI Prudhoe works, chemistry lectures, conferences (Chemical Society) and publications;
his university life as chairman and especially the social engagements this entailed (disposal of portraits in the Castle Hall, invites to debates, dinners, concerts);
his personal life, (lost parcels and wallets, petrol and coke rations, rents for Mansel Cottage, binding of books, family news).
Paper file
Transferred from Durham Old Shire Hall basement records store by Dr M.M.N. Stansfield 15 May 2008, (accession Misc.2007/8:62).
Add.MS.1657   [c.1980]
Memoir of his time at Durham 1936-1946 by Hedley Sparks (1908-1996), theology lecturer and acting-censor of University and Hatfield colleges, (later Cadbury professor of theology at Birmingham 1946-1952 and Oriel professor of holy scripture at Oxford 1952-1976) featuring his work as a lecturer, methods of teaching, his colleagues on the staff, maintaining discipline amongst the students and staff as censor, the food, climate and accommodation in Durham, his vacations away from Durham, often on locums in parishes, and accommodating his mother (Blanche). It was written sometime after his retirement in 1976.
Photocopy of chapter 5 of a memoir of his life.
Given by his widow, Mrs Margaret Sparks of Canterbury, who holds (in 2008) the complete original memoir, (accession Misc.2008/9:3).
Add.MS.1658/1-4   1995 - 2008
Three word-processed memoirs by the Rev. Hilary W. Jackson, a newspaper item, and copy documents.
Presented by the author, April 2007 (accession Misc.2006/7:48) (Nos.1-4), March 2011 (accession Misc.2010/11:71) (No.5).
Add.MS.1658/1   1995
“Ubique. Wartime travels remembered”, memoir by Rev. Hilary W. Jackson of his service with the Royal Artillery 1940-45 (primarily in Italy), with additional note on the events of his wedding day.
19,[iii], p.
Add.MS.1658/2   June 1999
“Vice-Chancellor Moulsdale and the reform of Durham University 1934-37”, by Rev. Hilary W. Jackson, relating to a dispute between Professor H. J. Hutchens and the Durham College of Medicine at Newcastle.
Add.MS.1658/3   April 2004
“After sixty years. Memories of S. Chad's College, Durham 1936-40”, an account of his undergraduate days by Rev. Hilary W. Jackson.
Add.MS.1658/4   10 March 2007
Printout of online report from The Northern echo, “A leap of faith”, on the celebratory service marking Rev. Hilary W. Jackson's 60 years as a priest.
Add.MS.1658/5   20 October 2008
Postcript by Hilary Jackson to his book on Bolam, about a seaman Mr C.A.A. Bowen, the son of Revd C.T. Bowen, and documents found in the house of the late Mrs Bowen, with photocopies of 11 documents from the house, - letters, photographs, posters, plan of Bolam vicarage with notes on the Bowen family and a family tree - supplied by Dr Tony Nicholson.
Add.MS.1659/1-25   1787-1930
Deeds Relating to the Broad Close, Gilesgate, Durham; the area is marked on the 1856 1st ed. Ordnance Survey map 27.2, to the north of the junction of the now A181 and Sunderland Road. Some of the land was freehold and some leasehold, part of the latter known as False Nichols being owned by the Dean and Chapter of Durham and the rest by the parish of St. Giles. The deeds show how the different tenures and ownership complicated matters when the premises as a whole were mortgaged or sold.
These deeds were found with the records of the Durham City Masons' Company [part of the Durham Guilds collection], but do not appear to have any connection with that body.
Add.MS.1659/1   31 December 1787
(1a) John Pearson, yeoman
(1b) John Robson, alehousekeeper
Both churchwardens of the parish church of St. Giles, Durham.
(1c) George Pringal, gardner
(1d) Hilton Beckworth
Both sidesmen of the said parish church.
(2) Ralph Harrison of Framwelgate, Durham, tanner.
Lease by (1) and (2) of 3 riggs of land in the Broad Close in the manor of Gilligate in or near the City of Durham, adjoining land belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Durham.
Term:21 years
Rent: 4 shillings per annum
Signed and sealed by all parties.
Seal: 5 red wax applied [only vestiges remain].
Add.MS.1659/2a   6 April 1789
(1a) John Burdon of Hardwicke, Co. Durham, Esq.
(1b) Bartholomew Rudd late of Guisbrough and now of Marsh in Cleveland, Yorks, gent
executors of the last will and testament of Mary Chaloner late of the Plantation near Guisbrough, widow, deceased
(2) Ralph Harrison of Framwelgate, Durham, gent.
Lease for a year by (1a) and (1b) to (2) of 6 freehold ridges or parcels of land lying in the Broad Close in or near Gilligate, Durham, and all tithes in respect thereof.
Consideration: 5 shillings
Signed: (1a) and (1b).
Seal: 2 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/2b   7 April 1789
(1) John Burdon and Bartholomew Rudd who with William Hoar of the City of Durham, Esq., are trustees and executors of the last will of Mary Chaloner
(2) Edward Lascelles of Wimpole Street, Middlesex, Esq., and John Hall of the Plantation, Esq., sons in law of Mary Chaloner.
(3) Hendry Hopper of the City of Durham, Esq.
(4) Ralph Harrison.
Release by (1) with the consent of (2) by the direction of (3) to (4) of the premises in No. (2a).
Consideration: £80
Signed: (1), (2), (3).
Seal: 5 red wax applied.
Add.MS.1659/3   20 September 1791
(1) Ralph Harrison of Framwelgate, tanner.
(2) William Child of the parish of St. Giles, Durham, glue-boiler.
Articles of agreement concerning the purchase by (2) of (1)'s freehold and leasehold lands near the head of the street of Gilligate (by estimation 4 acres) for £210 and also concerning the terms for a mortgage of the premises.
Signed: (1) and (2)
Seal: 2 red wax applied.
Add.MS.1659/4a   21 November 1791
(1) Ralph Harrison of Framwelgate, gent.
(2) Thomas Darling of Durham, currier.
Lease for a year by (1) to (2) of 6 freehold ridges in the Broad Close and all tithes in repect thereof.
Consideration: 5 shillings
Signed: (1).
Seal: red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/4b   22 November 1791
(1) Ralph Harrison
(2) William Child of Gilligate, glue-boiler
(3) Thomas Darling
Release by (1) to (3) of the premises described in No. 4a and assignment of lease of the adjacent 4 ridges called False Nichols (leased by the Dean and Chapter of Durham to (1) ) and of remaining term of a lease of the 3 ridges described in deed Add.MS.1659/1 in trust for (1) until the consideration and interest has been discharged and thereafter in trust for (2).
Consideration: £210
Signed by (1) , (2) , (3).
Seal: 3 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/5   22 November 1791
Schedule of deeds relating the title of the freehold and leasehold lands in the Broad Close purchased by William Child and now in mortgage to Ralph Harrison to secure the purchase money (£210) and interest, with promise by Harrison to deliver the deeds to Child on payment of the purchase money and interest.
Add.MS.1659/6a   12 May 1797
(1) William Child of Gilligate, glue-boiler
(2) Thomas Bellorby of Cassop, gent.
Bond from (1) to (2) in £320 for payment of £160 and interest of 5% p.a.
Signed: (1).
Seal: red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/6b   12 May 1797
Attached to 1659/6a: Memorandum that William Child has made his lands in the Broad Close chargeable with the payment of the above £160 and interest and has delivered the deeds to Bellarby.
Signed by Child.
Add.MS.1659/7   24 April 1805
Receipt of Thomas Bellerby for £165.12s from Benjamin Dunn in discharge of principal and interest charged on lands in the Broad Close in Add.MS.1659/6b.
Add.MS.1659/8   12 May 1804
Confirmation by the Dean and Chapter of Durham of assignment by Ralph Harrison of their lease to him of lands in the Broad Close called False Nichols (21 Nov. 1791) to Thomas Darling in trust for William Child (see Add.MS.1659/4b).
Signed by the Dean, James [Cornwallis], Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry.
Seal: Seal of the Dean and Chapter on tag, papered
Add.MS.1659/9   12 May 1805
Confirmation by the Dean and Chapter of assignment dated 19 January 1805 by William Child to Tobias Child, skinner, and Thomas Caldcleugh, currier, of the lease of the land called False Nichols.
Signed by the Dean, James [Cornwallis], Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry.
Seal: Seal of the Dean and Chapter on tag, papered
Add.MS.1659/10   21 June 1805
(1a) George Wheldon, gent.
(1b) Tobias Child, skinner
Both churchwardens
(1c) John Manners, gardener
(1d) Thomas Brown, cheesemonger
Both sidesmen of the parish church of St. Giles, Durham
(2) Thomas Mackford of the parish of St. Giles, gent.
Lease by (1) to (2) of 3 riggs of land in the Broad Close.
Term: 21 years
Rent: 4 shillings per annum
Signed by all parties.
Seal: 5 applied, papered
Add.MS.1659/11   24 October 1805
(1) William Child of Gilligate, skinner
(2a) Tobias Child of Gilligate, skinner
(2b) Thomas Caldcleugh of Durham city, currier
Both assignees of the estate and effects of (1)
(3) Thomas Bellerby of Cassop, gent.
(4) Benjamin Dunn of West Rainton, Esq.
(5) Thomas Hackford of Gilligate, gent.
(6) William Darling of Durham City, currier, eldest son and heir at law of Thomas Darling, deceased.
(7) William Darling of Holmside Lane, Parish of Lanchester, gent., the only surviving executor of Thomas Darling.
(8a) James Barry of Durham City, currier
(8b) John Nelson of Durham City, butcher
Release of the freehold and assignment of the leasehold lands in Broad Close to (8a) and (8b) on trust to raise £160 and 5% interest to pay (4) and subject to that in trust for (2a).
Consideration: £160 and interest paid to (3) by (4) ; £140 paid by (2a) to (2b) and 10 shillings paid to (1) , (2a & b) , (3) , (5) , (6) , (7) by (8a) and (8b).
Signed by all parties except (8a & b).
Seal: 8 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/12   29 August 1814
(1) Thomas Dunn of Durham City, banker
(2) Martin Dunn of Durham City, merchant
(3) John Dunn of High Cocken, County Durham, gent.
All sons and administrators of the personal estate and effects of Benjamin Dunn of West Rainton, deceased.
(4a) James Barry of Durham City, currier
(4b) John Nelson of Durham City, butcher
Assignment by (1) and (2) to (3) of £160 + £48 4s 9d interest due to the administrators of the estate of Benjamin Dunn, deceased, under deed Add.MS.1659/11.
Consideration: 10 shillings paid by (3) to (1) and (2)
Signed by all parties.
Seal: 5 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/13a   30 August 1814
(1) Tobias Child, James Barry and John Nelson
(2) William Williams of the South Bailey, Durham City, gent., and Martin Dunn of Durham City, merchant
Lease for a year by (1) to (2) of 6 freehold ridges in the Broad Close and tithes in respect thereof.
Consideration: 5 shillings paid by (2) to (1).
Signed: (1).
Seal: 3 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/13b   31 August 1814
(1) Tobias Child
(2) John Dunn of High Cocken
(3) James Barry and John Nelson
(4) William Williams and Martin Dunn
Release of the premises in Add.MS.1659/13a and assignment of leaseholds also in the Broad Close to (4) upon trusts by way of Mortgage to secure repayment of £200 principal and interest due from (1) to (2).
Consideration: the above £200 and interest and 10 shillings paid to (1) and (3) by (4).
Signed by all parties.
Seal: 6 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/14   24 October 1805
Schedule of deeds and writings relating to the Broad Close, 1787-1818.Items between 1805 and 1818 have been added by a later hand.
Add.MS.1659/15a   12 May 1823
(1a) Peter Richardson the elder of Tudhoe, County Durham, gent.
(1b) Mark Child of Gilligate, glue manufacturer
(1c) John Walton of Gilligate, gent.
(1d) Tobias Child late of Gilligate but now of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, skinner
All assignees of the estate and effects of Tobias Child (1d)
(2a) Thomas Richardson of Tudhoe, farmer
(2b) Ralph Richardson of Tudhoe, farmer
(2c) Peter Richardson the younger of Tudhoe, farmer
All sons of (1a)
Lease for a year by (1) to (2) of 6 freehold ridges in the Broad Close and tithes in respect thereof.
Consideration: 5 shillings
Signed by all parties to (1).
Seal: 4 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/15b   13 May 1823
(1) Peter Richardson the elder
(2) Mark Child and John Walton
(3) Tobias Child
(4) Thomas Richardson, Ralph Richardson and Peter Richardson the younger
(5) Thomas Scott the younger of Tudhoe, farmer
Release of the freehold premises in Add.MS.1659/15a and assignment of the leasehold lands in the Broad Close to (4).
Consideration: £380 paid by (4) to (1) 10 shillings paid by (4) to (2) and (3)
Signed by (1) , (2) , (3) and (4) . [(5) did not sign nor is he elsewhere mentioned in the deed].
Seal: 8 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/16   19 July 1823
Licence from the Dean and Chapter of Durham to William Williams of the South Bailey, gent., and Martin Dunn of Durham, merchant, to alienate all or part of the premises called False Nicholas in the Broad Close contained in a lease of 21 November 1814 to Thomas, Ralph and Peter Richardson the younger, yeomen, of Tudhoe.
Seal: Seal of the Dean & Chapter on tag, papered
Add.MS.1659/17   21 July 1823
(1) The Dean and Chapter of Durham
(2) Thomas, Ralph and Peter Richardson the younger of Tudhoe, yeomen.
Lease by (1) to (2) of the 4 riggs of land in the Broad Close called False Nicholas.
Term:21 years
Rent:4 shillings p.a.
Seal: Seal of the Dean and Chapter on tag, papered
Add.MS.1659/18a   12 May 1826
(1) John Hines of Durham, gent., and Thomas Shann of Lambton, County Durham, gardener
(2) Peter Richardson of Tudhoe, gent
Lease for a year by (1) to (2) of a freehold allotment (1 acre 2 perches) allotted to John Hines in the Gilesgate Inclosure Award in respect of a freehold messuage or dwelling house belonging to Thomas Shann (plot No. 32 on award plan).
Consideration: 5 shillings
Signed: (1).
Seal: 2 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/18b   13 May 1826
(1) John Hines
(2) Thomas Shann
(3) Peter Richardson
(4) Thomas Scott the younger of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gent.
Release of the premises in Add.MS.1659/18a by (1) and (2) to (3).
Consideration: £148 paid by (3) to (1) and 10 shillings paid by (3) to (2)
Signed: (1) , (2) & (3).
Seal: 4 red wax applied
Add.MS.1659/19   10-15 July 1890
Richardson to Hutchinson: requisitions on title [of the freehold and leasehold lands in the Broad Close (?) ] by Patrick & Son of 39 Silver Street, Durham, the purchaser's solicitor, 10 July 1890, with replies by J. Mawson of Durham, 15 July 1890.
Add.MS.1659/20a   29 April 1903
Copy will of Richard Hutchinson of Glue Garth, Sunderland Road, Gilesgate Moor, carter, made 29 April 1891.
Add.MS.1659/20b   16 March 1903
Receipt of Messrs Graham and Shepherd, Solicitors, Sunderland, for £12 5s from W.F. Turnbull for conveyances of properties in Marshall Terrace, Gilesgate Moor, and in Glue Garth.
Add.MS.1659/21   9 March 1906
Application by G.C. Carr, receiver, for six years' tithe rent charge on lands in the Township of St. Giles due from William Turnbull, joiner, of 94 Gilesgate, Durham, to the Revd. F. Thomas, vicar of St. Giles.
Add.MS.1659/22   30 December 1920
Printed notice of Application for a county court order under the Tithe Act 1891 for recovery of 13s due in respect of tithe rent charge on a field in the Parish of St. Giles from W. Turnbull of 94 Gilesgate, Durham, to the Revd. Francis Thomas.
Attached: notice that the application will be heard by the Court on 14 February 1921.
1f. each
Add.MS.1659/23   11 February 1921
Receipt for 14 shillings in the above case.

Add.MS.1659/24   28 March 1930
Printed notice of application for a county court order under the Tithe Act 1891 for recovery of 13s 4d due to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty for tithe rent charge on lands in the parish of St. Giles, Durham, from W. Turnbull of 94 Gilesgate, Durham.
Attached: notice, 31 March 1930, that the court hearing of the above is fixed for 14 April 1930.
1f. each
Add.MS.1659/25   17 May 1930
Letter from Hugh Swinburne, Solicitor, to W. Turnbull enclosing Plaintiff's solicitor's bill of costs in the tithe suit John Booth Lazenby v. W. Turnbull in the Durham County Court, endorsed with notice of taxation on 20 May 1930.
1f. & 2f.
Add.MS.1660   August 1867-September 1873
Notebook of William Campbell, working for the River Tyne Commissioners, recording the removal of the old Tyne bridge between Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead. Pencil notes record the demolition of the bridge with many diagrams and measurements recording what was removed during two periods of work (10 August - 11 November 1867 and March 1872 - September 1873).
3 loose items in pocket at back, including news cutting, March 1872, about a medal placed in the bridge when it was last rebuilt (1770s).
Size: 10.5 x 18 cm.
Binding: green goat, brass clasp
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, May 2005 (Misc.2004/5:54)
Add.MS.1661   1939
“To Herbert Hensley Henson Bishop of Durham in affectionate gratitude for a great and generous episcopate MCMXX-MCMXXXIX”, a manuscript volume of signatures of members of the Durham cathedral body, the bishop's chaplains, honorary canons, University of Durham college principals, diocesan officials and clergy, presented to Bishop Henson at his retirement, 1939.
Size: 22 x 27 cm
Binding: purple goat, gold stamped with the episcopal arms on front, by Bailes of Durham
Purchased, Ipswich Numismatic Society auction, November 1996 (Misc.1996/97:13)
Add.MS.1662   [1680s]
Richard Thomson, " “A treatise of Kingly and Episcopall Government and of the right of Episcopacy to a Divine Institution”. Dedicated to Sir Henry Brabant, alderman and officer of the Customs House, Newcastle. Letter to the reader dated Newcastle, January 1684. Work ends after accession of James II in February 1685.
[16], 101p.
Size: 21 x 16 cm (text block)
Binding: three-quarter leather box, marbled paper, in imitation of a book
Richard Thomson of Newcastle has entries for 3 editions in ESTC of The loyall subject (1660, 1662), 2 of these editions were printed by Stephen Bulkley in Newcastle
Purchased from Alex Fotheringham, May 2005 (Misc.2004/5:64)
Add.MS.1663/1-20   1912-1996
Photographs and cuttings relating to the University of Durham, and particularly to the undergraduate careers there of Rev. W.V. Walmsley, and his daughter Miss Monica V. Walmsley.
William Vernon Walmsley (Hatfield College. B.A. 1912, M.A. 1916)
Photograph of Rev. W. V. Walmsley, circa 1928, with cutting from the Southport Guardian, 7 January 1928, giving a brief biographical account at the time of his installation as vicar of Crossens.
Photograph of two clerical friends of W.V. Walmsley (unidentified but said by his daughter to be Hatfield men, the seated one Australian), in graduation dress, dated on verso 24/12/[19]12
Photocopies of postcard photographs of A Company, University of Durham O.T.C. leaving Durham for Windsor Royal Review, 3 July 1911, and of W.V. Walmsley and 5 other men in camp with the O.T.C., July 1912 (originals given by Miss Walmsley to the Documentary Photography Archive of the North-West, Greater Manchester County Record Office).
Monica Vernon Walmsley (St. Mary's College. B.Sc. 1942, M.A. 1953)
Letter from Miss Walmsley, [December, 1996], presenting the material and recalling her wartime undergraduate years at St. Mary's, particularly the uses made of student gowns.
Postcard photograph of St Mary's main building (later the Choristers' School) in The College.
5 small photographs of students and staff on a Geology School field trip to Co. Antrim with Professor Arthur Holmes and Dr. Doris Reynolds.
2 newspaper cuttings of photographs of St. Mary's students taking part in the student rag on Palace Green, 1939.
St. Mary's College photograph, June 1940, with manuscript sheet of identifications by Miss Walmsley of staff (Miss D. Sylvester, Miss Hamilton-Thompson, Miss M.B. Fergusson, Miss D. Douie) and some students.
Durham Colleges Student Christian Movement concert programme, 6 February 1940.
1 file
Presented by Miss V.M. Walmsley, December 1996 (Misc.1996/97:11)
Add.MS.1663/21   [13 May] 1940
Group of students sitting in front of railings at Finchale Priory, identifed (with some biographical notes): Tom Barnes (St John's), Ellen Bailey (St Mary's), Margaret Pattinson (St Mary's), Monica V. Walmsley (St Mary's), Alf Blackshaw (St John's), Eric Rees (St John's), John Radford (St John's).
BW print + 1f
Add.MS.1663/22-44   [c.1920] - 1975
Postcards, Christmas cards etc comprising various views of Durham:
22. Dun Cow carving on the cathedral, by F. Frith of Reigate, No.9434A.
23. Durham Cathedral nave interior looking east, by F. Frith of Reigate, No.77667.
24. Durham Cathedral and Castle from Observatory Hill, by F. Frith of Reigate, No.68213, sent to Monica Walmsley by Brenda describing her attendance at a conference in Durham ?1950.
25. Durham Cathedral from SW across the Wear, Fulling Mill and University College boat house in the foreground, No.4742.
26. Durham Cathedral, Castle and Framwellgate Bridge, painting by John Sell Cotman, published by The Friends of Durham Cathedral Series VI.
27. Durham Cathedral from Aykleyheads, painting by C. Burlison 1890, published by The Friends of Durham Cathedral Series IV.
28. 9 The College, as St Mary's College, from N, with flowers
29. St Mary's College new buildings, with blossom, by Judges of Hastings, No.29898.
30. Durham Cathedral interior nave looking E, by Judges, No.C1026, sent to Monica Walmsley by M.I. Simth 1972.
31. Durham Caste Great Hall interior, towards the gallery, by J. Arthur Dixon of Newport, No.Dur.6644.
32. Durham Cathedral, Castle and Framwellgate Bridge, painting by Thomas Girtin, from Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, No.202.
33. Durham Cathedral, Castle and Framwellgate Bridge, from Prebends Bridge, engraving published by G. Andrews.
34. Elvet Bridge east end “old houses”, by Valentine's, No.17682.J.V., sent to Rev & Mrs Walmsley by ?Monica, settling in at Durham.
35. Durham Cathedral interior nave S aisle, by Campbell-Gray of London, with a description on the back.
36. Fisherman on the Wear with Durham Cathedral beyond, ?Bewick
37. Durham Cathedral and Castle from near Prebends Bridge, in snow, painting by L.R. Squirrell
38. Durham Cathedral and Castle from Observatory Hill, photograph by Royston Thomas, University of Durham Christmas card.
39. Durham Cathedral from Palace Green (central tree railed off, railings along churchyard), by Photochrom No.4754.
40. Durham Cathedral interior nave looking E, by Photochrom No.4760.
41. Durham Cathedral interior choir looking E, by Photochrom No.4765.
42. Durham Cathedral interior choir looking E, by Photochrom No.4767.
43. Durham Castle looking E from across the Wear, by Photochrom No.4788.
44. Promotional leaflet for “Durham The great views” published by J. Shotton of 3b Old Elvet, 1975.
BW and colour postcards
Add.MS.1664/1-344   1960s-1993
Thomas Blackburn Papers
Poems, correspondence and other material relating to Thomas Blackburn (1916-1977), poet and critic.
1 box
Presented by B. Bloomfield (Misc.1983.1), Jean Macvean (Misc.1987.1 and Misc.1988.2), and Alex Evans (Misc.1992/3.6 and Misc.1993/4.20).
See separate catalogue
Add.MS.1665   1865
University of Durham certificate for Charles Chisholm Davison of having passed “Examinations appointed for Persons not Members of the University” and of thereby becoming a Literate of the university. Signed by the warden, George Waddington.
Photocopy of a photocopy, with correspondence of 1981 concerning his donation to the vice-chancellor, Sir Fred Holliday.
Paper   4f
Given by L.S. Davison of Farnham to the vice-chancellor January 1981 and transferred from the Warden's general files (W4) in the university records store in the Politics Hut in July 2008 (Misc:2008/9:10).
Add.MS.1666   [1915]
“Notes on the History and Contents of the Thirty Nine Articles, lecturer Rev Dr Dawson Walker, Professor of Biblical Exegesis, Durham University”, inscribed on the inside front cover “Albert Hoyle [Non.Coll. LTh 1916] Durham University 1915”, theology lecture notes.
Paper book
Given by Stephen Loynes of West Lilling, York, 8 September 2008, having probably been loaned by Hoyle to Harold Pickup, whose house in Stacksteads, Lancashire, where the volume was found, was lived in by Pickup's brother, Loynes's wife's uncle, from 1936, (Misc:2008/9:18).
Formerly numbered: BAS028.
Add.MS.1667   19 September 2008
“Taylormade for Time - from John Harrison to the Corpus Clock”, booklet by Sir Arnold Wolfendale in honour of the installation of Dr John C. Taylor's clock at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
Paper booklet, 12p, in paper covers, with 13 colour illustrations
[From the author] via the vice-chancellor and librarian, 10 October 2008, (Misc.2008/9:26).
Add.MS.1668/1-5   1972 & 1974
Typescript letter, signed, from James Kirkup, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, to Louis Allen, 18 July 1972. Thanks Allen for comments on his translation of Paul Valéry [i.e. The Eternal Virgin, a rendering by Kirkup of Valéry's La Jeune Parque, privately published by Kirkup, Tokyo, Orient Editions, 1970; 2nd ed., same imprint and year], and discusses the challenges of rendering Valéry into English. Also thanks Allen for sending him a copy of the latter's translation of Yuji Aida [i.e. Prisoner of the British: a Japanese Soldier's Experiences in Burma, translated from the Japanese of Yuji Aida by Hidé Ishiguro and Louis Allen, London, Cresset Press, 1966], and comments on his own disillusion with modern Japan despite his abiding love for the country and its culture. Encloses a magazine [Modern Poetry in Translation, 12] containing a selection from his translations of poems by Kyozo Takagi, shortly to be published by Carcanet Press. Comments on Takagi “whom I "discovered" in his extreme decrepitude and old age and whom I believe more remarkable than any of the accepted figures of modern Japanese poetry ... It is through such. contacts that my belief in the essential goodness of the Japanese endures”.
With attached, a signed typescript copy of Kirkup's poem “In memory of Kawabata Yasunari”, dated 1 June [19]72.
Modern Poetry in Translation, 12 (Spring 1972). Includes (pp. 6-8) translations from by James Kirkup and Michio Nakana of poems in Japanese by Kyozo Takagi (b. 1903).
Autograph letter from Harry Bradshaw [a friend of James Kirkup], Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Louis Allen, 11 November 1974, sending him “a copy of The Young Miss Park” [i.e. The Eternal Virgin, Tokyo, 1970, Kirkup's privately printed rendering of Paul Valéry's La Jeune Parque]. Bradshaw also refers to his own poetry and that of a former girl friend [not identified]. Included in the letter is a poem, “A Celui Qui Aurait Pu L'Ecrire” which he thinks may be by her.
2 f., 1f., 1v. & 2p. on 1f.
Presented by the Allen family, 2008, (Misc.2008/9:30).
Add.MS.1669   31 December 1782
Bill of exchange (second of three) no. 111 raised at Fort William for £714.15.7 at 2 shillings and 730 days sight drawn on behalf of Lieutenant James Kyd on account of the investment loan of 1782-3 to Captain Alexander Kyd by the East India Company. Printed form completed in ms and signed, with part of signature panel cut away.
Size: 25 x 39 cm
Presented by Sheridan Gilley (part of a group of mainly printed items, probably from a scrapbook, relating to Durham and Northumberland elections of the 1820s) (Misc.2007/8:29)
Add.MS.1670   18 May 1805
“Return of the establishment and four fifths of the corps of volunteers engaged to leave the district in case of invasion”. Table of the numbers of each rank from each corps in Durham and Northumberland with list of dates of acceptance of each corps by the War Office.
Size: 41 x 32 cm
Attached to document stored at NSR Planfile C 20/54
Presented by Sheridan Gilley (part of a group of mainly printed items, probably from a scrapbook, relating to Durham and Northumberland elections of the 1820s) (Misc.2007/8:29)
Add.MS.1671   September - November 1801
Correspondence concerning the salvage of the Prussian Dogger, the Maximilian Frederick, wrecked off the Farne Islands, and the proceeds from the subsequent sale at public auction, involving the owners' attorneys in London, their agent and attorney in Northumberland and the Custom House in Berwick.
12 items
Bought from Ken Spelman Rare Books of 70 Micklegate, York YO1 6LF, (item 15 in catalogue 65 of Rare Books & Manuscripts (Winter 2008)) 10 December 2008, for £160 + VAT (at the time 15%), Misc Acc 2008/9:43.
Add.MS.1671/1   11 September 1801
Letter from Van Dyck Gevers and Co. of London to Mr Robert Thorp junior at Alnwick near North Sunderland about the “Skiff-Ship” Maximilian Frederick, formerly commanded by Capt. Hinke Hendricks, wrecked on the Isle of May on about 20 January 1801, the owners having given him full power re salvage, now handing over the same by means of the enclosed [following] document, with translation, asking him to send the proceeds in due course of the sale of anything saved from the wreck after deduction of his charges, or to recover the loss from the underwriters so that the owners may regain their property.
Add.MS.1671/2   5 June 1801
Language:  German, with some Latin, and an English translation
Declaration before Godfrey Bueren, licentiate at law and judge of the free lordship or barony of Papenborg, by Heinrich Herms Freericke senior merchant, bookkeeper to the Papenborg skiff-ship Maximilian Frederick, for himself and the other joint-owners, all dwelling in the principality of Münster, that as the ship, formerly commanded by Capt. Hinke Hendricks, has been wrecked near the island of May on about 20 January 1801, they have given full power to Messrs Van Dyk, Gevers and Co. of London to claim their property in the ship or its salvage and to pay any expenses incurred.
Signed by Freericke, with the seal of the judge.
Endorsed (on both the original Germand and the English translation) by Van Dyk, Gevers & Co. empowering Mr Robert Thorp junior of Alnwick near North Sunderland to act for them.
Date: London, 11 September 1801.
Witnesses Samuel de Zoete and William Gyzee.
Seal: Applied red seal, legend: +SIGILLVM.DOMINII.PAPENBVRGENSIS.1678
Add.MS.1671/3   9 October 1801
Letter from Ralph Dods at Sunderland near Belford to Mr Robert Thorp, attorney, at Alnwick, reporting that he had travelled twice to the Berwick custom house about the “Prussian Dogger” but he had not resolved the matter, and reciting a letter from him of 21 September 1801 to the Customs Commissioners in London, rehearsing that he had been given power of attorney by the master of the Frederick Maximilan wrecked on the Farn Islands last winter to salvage what he could, and that he had paid fishermen to retrieve rigging and “materials”, sold for £141 which the Berwick customs collector demanded be paid to him and which Ralph Dods now wants back and about which the Berwick customs collector says he wrote to London on 22 June, and which Dods now seeks remittance for so that he can pay the owners, and now suggesting that Thorp himself should write to London.
Add.MS.1671/4   21 October 1801
Letter from Messrs Van Dyk, Gevers and Co of London to Mr Robert Thorp jr at Alnwick, expressing their surprise at not having received any reply to their recited letter to him of 11 September 1801 sending him the power of attorney of the owners, with translation, for the recovery of the wreck of the Maximilian Frederick on the “Isle of Man”.
Add.MS.1671/5   22 October 1801
Letter from Messrs Van Dyk, Gevers and Co of London to Mr Robert Thorp jr at Alnwick, expressing their surprise at his having written to an attorney, Messrs Brays of Russell St, Bloomsbury, re the Maximilian Frederick, although they had given Thorp power of attorney, and reporting that they had applied to the Customs House who had directed the collector at Berwick to pay out to Thorp £141 when he applies for it, and urging him to expedite the matter.
Add.MS.1671/6   26 October 1801
Letter from Samuel Burn at the Custom House Berwick to Mr Ralph Dods of Sunderland Seahouses, desiring him to come to the office as soon as possible to resolve the matter, having now been instructed by the [Customs] Board.
Add.MS.1671/7   28 October 1801
Letter from Samuel Burn at the Custom House, Berwick, to Mr Thorp, attorney at law, at Alnwick, in answer to his letter of the previous day, reporting that, consequent to an order from the Customs House concerning the disposal of the goods from the Maximilan Frederick wreck, they wrote to Ralph Dods of North Sunderland, agent for the masters of the ship, telling him that the Commissioners had ordered the duties to be deducted and the rest to be paid to him for the benefit of the owners, the salvers and himself, and that he could apply for the money as soon as he liked, and that Mr Thorp should hurry if he wished to object or have anyone present when the money was paid.
Add.MS.1671/8   28 October 1801
Letter from Samuel Burn at the Custom House, Berwick, to Mr Ralph Dodds at Sunderland Seahouses, reporting that since he last wrote he had had a letter from Mr Thorp saying that he had a power of attorney to act for the owners in receiving any moneys, and asking him to settle this with Mr Thorp so that he might know to whom he should pay the money.
Add.MS.1671/9   31 October 1801
Letter from Samuel Burn at the Custom House, Berwick, to Mr Thorp, attorney at law, at Alnwick, acknowledging the receipt of two letters from him with authority from Mr Dods to pay Mr Thorp the money, but stating that as he had been instructed by the Commissioners of the Customs to pay the moneys, with duties deducted, to the agent Mr Dods for the benefit of the salvers, the owners and himself, so Mr Dods would have to come to the office to receipt the money and the entries for the duties, and asking Mr Thorp to instruct Mr Dods to do this, then he Mr Thorp can have the money.
Add.MS.1671/10   2 November 1801
Letter from Messrs Van Dyk, Gevers and Co of London to Mr Robert Thorp jr at Alnwick, receipting his letter of 30 [October] with details of £141 12s raised from the proceeds of the wreck, with deductions of £47 4s to Mr Dods as agreed by the captain, and £4 for his own disbursements, leaving £90 to be expected by them from him for the owners; they will also pass on to the owners his accounts and what he says about Mr Dods, and they will report to him the owners' response which they are sure will include remuneration for Mr Dods “adequate for his exertions and care in this unfortunate affair” as they cannot decide this themselves.
Add.MS.1671/11   6 November 1801
Letter from Samuel Burn at Berwick to Mr Thorp, attorney at law, at Alnwick, saying that he has an order on Mr Ralph Annet for £121 10s 2d (account itemised) as the net proceeds from the sale of the hull and materials of the Maximilian Frederick as per parrticulars delivered to Mr Dods.
Paper, 1f
Add.MS.1671/12   November 1801
Label for “Letters &c resepcting wreck of ship Maximilan Frederick (Except vouchers which are put with rects.”.
Paper, 1f
Add.MS.1672   1818 - 1841, mostly 1832
Papers of the executors (Nicholas Oliver and Robert Smeddle of Bamburgh Castle) of Robert Robinson, stonemason of Bamburgh, including bills from his suppliers and for work he was carrying out at the time of his seemingly rather sudden demise, especially work at The Friar's farm in Bamburgh and at the Red Barn's quarry, which his executors had then to see through to completion and/or pay and receipt accordingly; also the executors' subsequent papers for settling his estate, securing payment from his debtors and paying out the residue to his heirs, with all the papers eventually being transferred to Messrs Thorp and Dickson of Alnwick.
126 items
Robert Robinson (d.1832), stonemason of Bamburgh, had surviving sons John and Robert and a daughter Isabella (d.1833).
Bought from Ken Spelman Rare Books of 70 Micklegate, York YO1 6LF, (item 30 in catalogue 65 of Rare Books & Manuscripts (Winter 2008)) 10 December 2008, for £495 + VAT (at the time 15%), Misc Acc 2008/9:43.
The will of Robert Robinson of Bamburgh, mason, dated 29 March 1832 and proved 11 May 1832, is filed in the Durham Probate Records collection, DPRI/1/1832/R15/1-2.
Add.MS.1672/1   26 November 1818
Bill of John Robertson & Co, Berwick Foundery, (W. Wilson) to Robert Robinson for ovens and pots, with an image of the foundery. Settled.
Add.MS.1672/2   11 May 1829
Promissory note of Robert Robinson to pay Jane Smith of Bamburgh Castle £140 with interest. Endorsed as paid by the executors 21 November 1832.
Add.MS.1672/3   27 June 1829
Bill of Mr James Willey to Robert Robinson at Bamburgh for masonry work in setting up a boiler at Fowberry (Fobury). [Settled] 18 July.
Add.MS.1672/4   8 August 1829
Bill of Mr ?Sheill of Belford to D. Gibson for shovels, with many calcuations on the back
Add.MS.1672/5   1830
Estimate for Mr Osten's farm offices at Fleetham and a stack yard wall. Endorsed as paid 2 May 1832 and 24 October [by N. Oliver].
Add.MS.1672/6   25 September 1830
Bill of Robert Robinson for masonry work at William Watson's water mill at Fleetham.
Add.MS.1672/7-11   28 June 1830 - 17 May 1831
Bills of Robert Robinson to Robert Todd for sharpening points and making quarry wedges:
7. 28 June 1830. Settled 30 June.
8. n.d. Settled 1 October 1830.
9. n.d.
10. 1831. Settled 17 May 1831.
11. 1830 & 1831. Settled 17 May 1831.
Add.MS.1672/12   12 October 1831
Bill of Robert Robinson to the trustees of the late Lord Crewe for an extra wall in Mr Osten's stack yard [at Fleetham].
Add.MS.1672/13   14 October 1831
Estimates for the pillars and platform for a threshing machine and walling for a stack yard for Mr Osten at Fleetham. Noted as received 24 October 1832 and 2 May 1831 (sic) by N. Oliver.
Add.MS.1672/14   18 October 1831
Bill of Robert Robinson to the trustees of the late Lord Crewe for half a year weighing meal in Bamburgh Castle market.
Add.MS.1672/15-17   14 June 1828 - 5 November 1831
Bill of various detailed works done by Robert Robinson, mason, at Greenhill farmhouse for Mr Robson. 2 copies, the second copy with some pencilled additions.
Add.MS.1672/18   13 September - 23 December 1831
Bill of Robert Robinson with Robert Todd for sharpening points, making wedges and other ironwork. Settled. Endorsed as “Friar's House & Quarry”.
Add.MS.1672/19   [?1832]
Details by Robert Robinson of quarry tools belonging to [Bamburgh] Castle used by the masons, listing breakages and losses.
Add.MS.1672/20   [?1832]
List of seven bills, including those of [Robert] Todd.
Add.MS.1672/21   3 November 1829 - 2 January 1832
List of four ?quantities.
Add.MS.1672/22   3 January 1832
Promissory note of Robert Robinson and John Robinson at Newcastle to pay Robert Maving £100 for drapery goods late of Miss Maving. Endorsed as received.
Add.MS.1672/23-25   [October 1830] - 13 February 1832
Estimate for a bridge for the road from Fleetham to North Sunderland, including two pen and wash drawings. Paid 21 October 1830. Reused for and overwritten with:
Account of Robert Rutherford's time carting earth away, Robert Robinson labourer, from behind the two cottages 21 October 1830 - 19 January 1831.
Account of carting rubbish out of the Red Barns quarry 12 September 1831 - 13 February 1832, [cart owner] specified for each load.
With (24) a note of Miss Moffitt's carts for Thornton and (25) a wrapper stating “not connected with Mr Robinson's account though kept by him”.
Add.MS.1672/26   4 August 1831 - 5 April 1832
Bill of Robson and Skelly to Mr Robert Robertson's (sic) executors for lime. Settled 4 May 1832, signed John Skelly.
Add.MS.1672/27   11 April 1832
Letter from Thorp and Dickson at Alnwick to Mr R. Robinson at Bamburgh, reporting that they had received £200 from Mr Alder (all he can afford at present), part of £880 due on his bond, which they will pay out if he can bring in the bond to be marked off, and that they had also received a year's interest of £39 12s; they had sent him by Mr Carr advice on how he might proceed; sorry to hear he is so unwell so they do not expect him to come into Alnwick.
Add.MS.1672/28-29   21 January - 21 April 1832
Bill of Robert Todd to the late Robert Robinson for sharpening points, rolling wedges and other smithying. Receipted 3 May with a separate receipt of that date to N. Oliver.
Add.MS.1672/30   25 April 1832
Bill of Jane Smith to Isabella Robinson for ribbon bought. Settled.
Add.MS.1672/31   27 April 1832
Receipt of John Robinson at Newcastle for £50 from his late father's executors Robert Smeddle and Nicholas Oliver.
Endorsed with “W.R. Alder Esq, Horfield Court, Bristol”.
Add.MS.1672/32   27 April 1832
Receipt of Robert Robinson at Bamburgh for £50 from his late father's executors Robert Smeddle and Nicholas Oliver.
Add.MS.1672/33   14 - 28 April 1832
Itemised account of workmen's wages at the Friars and Red Barns quarry.
Add.MS.1672/34   13 August 1831 - 28 April 1832
Itemised account for workmen making a road into the quarry at Red Barns; also for quarrymen pumping water and masonry work on erecting the pump. Endorsed as “extra work at the quarry”.
Add.MS.1672/35   28 April 1832
Letter from Thorp and Dickson at Alnwick to Mr N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle informing him that they had just received his letter with the news of Mr Robinson's death and that, with Mr Smeddle, as his executors they ought to sign receipts for the interest and bond, and that they need to see the endorsement on the bond to satisfy Mr Alder.
Add.MS.1672/36   [?May 1832]
Wrapper for “Old Bills found in Robert Robinson's House all paid”.
Add.MS.1672/37-38   [?May] 1832
Bill of John Embleton, surgeon, of Bamburgh, for attendance on the late Mr Robinson and medicine. Paid, and with a receipt of 22 May 1832 to the executors.
Add.MS.1672/39   2 May 1832
Receipt of Isabella Robinson to Nicholas Oliver for half a year's meal weighing at [Bamburgh] Castle market.
Add.MS.1672/40   9 - 14 May 1832
Bill of Thomas Marsden of Durham to Revd A. Sharp of Bamburgh for expenses in proving the will of Robert Robinson late of Bamburgh, mason.
Add.MS.1672/41   15 May 1832
Estimate of building work to be done at Friar's farmhouse, certified by Robert Wilson and John Henry 17 May 1832.
Add.MS.1672/42   15 May 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Thomas Tait dsicussing the finances for and seeking his instructions over the Friar's House as carts are not available to clear the quarry which is now blocked with rubble stones and rubbish so work has been suspended, and reporting that he cannot find any instructions or contract amongst the late Mr Robinson's papers.
Add.MS.1672/43   15 May 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver at B[amburgh] Castle to Messrs Thorp and Dixon at Alnwick seeking their advice on how to proceed in “Mr Alder's business”, whether they can simply demand payment by letter or is a legal notice required.
Add.MS.1672/44   15 May 1832
Bill of Robert Wilson to the executors of the late Robert Robinson for a pavement at Fleetham and measuring Friar's House. Receipted 16 June.
Add.MS.1672/45-46   7 July 1831 - 16 May 1832
Bill of John Henry to the late Robert Robinson for various stone delivered and for valuing Friar's House.
With John Henry's receipt of 2 June 1832 for the money from Nicholas Oliver.
Add.MS.1672/47   2 - 17 May 1832
Bill of Robert Todd to “the late” Robert Robinson for sharpening points, making wedges and other smithying. Receipted 16 June.
Add.MS.1672/48   19 May 1832
Letter from Thomas Tate at Bilton to Mr N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle objecting to the executors stopping the walls “going on” at the Friars Farm as the trustees will pay, though he is not authorised to fill the situation held by his late father under the trustees. Endorsed with pencil calcuations.
Add.MS.1672/49   22 May 1832
Receipt of Revd A. Sharp, surrogate, for £1 4s received from Nicholas Oliver for proving the will of the late Robert Robinson of Bamburgh.
Add.MS.1672/50   22 May 1832
Numbers of six £5 notes sent to Mr Marsden of Durham for the probate of Robert Robinson's will.
Add.MS.1672/51   29 May 1832
Copy letter from Nicholas Oliver, executor of Robert Robinson's will, of Bamburgh Castle, to W.R. Alder esq of Horncliffe House, Berwick, acknowledging the payment of £200 of Robert Robinson's £880 bond, with interest of £39 12s, and asking for the payment of the residue of £680 with interest on or before 1 September next.
Add.MS.1672/52-53   July 1832
Bill of Robert Todd for grates for the Friar's building. Settled 21 August 1832. With a separate receipt of 21 August to N. Oliver by Robert Todd.
Add.MS.1672/54   2 July 1832
Receipt of Jane Smith to the executors of the late Robert Robinson for a year's interest on £140.
Add.MS.1672/55   25 July 1832
Bill of R[obert] Wilson to the executors of the late Robert Robinson for “Winning of Covers and Soals for Drain” at Friar's house. Receipted 22 August.
Add.MS.1672/56   20 - 27 July 1832
Bill of Samuel Moody to the late Mr Robert Robinson for bricks for Heather House. Settled.
Add.MS.1672/57-59   August 1832
Bill of the executors of the late Robert Robinson to the trustees of the late Lord Crewe for work done at Bamburgh Friars farmhouse and Barns quarry, with measurements, certified by James Shotton, Mr Hamilton, Robert Wilson and Nicholas Oliver; Barns quarry extracts noted as delivered to Mr ?Durel 24 August 1832; receipted by N. Oliver 24 October 1832; with an attached note of the overall sums and R. Robinson's weekly rate (2 copies).
Add.MS.1672/60   [August 1832]
Rough draft of the previous bill.
Add.MS.1672/61   3 August 1832
Copy letter from Robert Smeddle and Nicholas Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to R. Grey esq at Shoreston asking for the repayment of Robert Robinson's loan to him of £160, with interest, as per a promissory note, by 1 October next.
Add.MS.1672/62-63   16 July - 10 August 1832
Bill of Robson & Skelly to Robert Robinson's executors for lime for “Bamburgh Fryars Building”, paid 22 August 1832, with a separate receipt of John Skelly at North Sunderland to Nicholas Oliver of 22 August 1832 for the lime delivered “for Mr Humble's Building Bamburgh Fryars.”
Add.MS.1672/64   14 August 1832
Letter of Robert Grey at Shoreston to Messrs Smeddle & Oliver acknowledging their request to return a promissary note to the late Robert Robinson which he will attend to as requested.
Add.MS.1672/65   16 August 1832
Bill of John Guy to N. Oliver for work at the Friar's, including Robert Beattie pulling down the old houses and John Humble making the garden wall foundations. Receipted 21 August.
Add.MS.1672/66-67   17 May - 18 August 1832
Bill of Robert Todd to John Guy for sharpening points and rolling wedges for the Friar's building. Settled 18 August 1832. With a separate receipt of Robert Todd to N. Oliver of 18 August 1832.
Add.MS.1672/68-77   24 May - 21 August 1832
Accounts of money paid by N. Oliver to John Guy 24 May - 28 July and of John Guy's payment to workmen for the garden wall at Friar's House 6 - 21 August. With 9 receipts for the moneys paid.
Add.MS.1672/78   28 August 1832
Memorandum of leaving with Mr Thorp's clerk (Mr Allen) the probate of [Robert Robinson's] will and the stamp officer letter (returned 7 November 1832) with an abstract of expenditure on the business.
Add.MS.1672/79   29 August 1832
Letter from Edward Allen, clerk to Messrs Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick, to Mr Nicholas Oliver, schoolmaster, at Bamburgh Castle, detailing enclosed legacy accounts and receipts re Robert Robinson to be signed and returned, with his account thereby.
Add.MS.1672/80   1 September 1832
Printed Stamp Office residuary account form, detailing the account of the estate of the late Robert Robinson, extracted from Register 3 1832 f.436, detailing money received, payments, and property comprising the residuary estate, with a declaration by Robert Smeddle and Nicholas Oliver citing three receipts.
Add.MS.1672/81   1 September 1832
Bill of John Tipson to Isabella Robinson for a pair of boots. Receipted 17 May 1833.
Add.MS.1672/82   1 September 1832
Copy letter from R. Smeddle and N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Messrs J. & R. Robinson at Newcastle enclosing legacy receipts for their signature with Mr Allen's letter, offering their interpretation of “undertaking” in his letter, and asking them to return his letter after copying it.
Add.MS.1672/83   7 September 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver, with Mr Smeddle, at Bamburgh Castle, to Messrs Thorp and Dixon at Alnwick, saying that they had heard nothing from Mr Alder since their letter of 29 May about repaying the bond residue, and asking if they had heard from him, and enclosing a note from the late R. Robinson's eldest son desiring an early settlement of this.
Add.MS.1672/84   8 September 1832
Letter from Edward Allen, clerk to Mr Thorp, at Alnwick to Mr N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle, reporting that he had received the legacy accounts and payment for the duty costs, which he would send on with the probate of the late R. Robinson's will.
Add.MS.1672/85   14 September 1832
Copy letter from Robert Smeddle and N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to W.R. Alder esq, reiterating their request of 29 May for the repayment of the bond due to them as executors of the late Robert Robinson, which his two sons need to honour financial business committments in Newcastle.
Add.MS.1672/86   25 October 1832
Receipt of William Hamilton for moneys from N. Oliver for a year's house rent and poor rate for 2 quarters.
Add.MS.1672/87   20 November 1832
Copy letter from Robert Smeddle and Nicholas Oliver, executors of the will of the late Robert Robinson, at Bamburgh Castle, to W.R. Alder at Horfield Court, Bristol, saying that, having written twice already without any reply, if he does not answer this letter with details of how the bond is to be repaid, they “will have recourse to legal measures”.
Add.MS.1672/88   20 November 1832
Letter from N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Miss Robson asking her to expedite the bill that Mr Robson will already have had from him re the affairs of the late Robert Robinson which need settling quickly.
Add.MS.1672/89   22 November 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Mr John Robinson, draper, of Newcastle, reporting on progress with his father's estate: sending legacy receipts and suggesting he and his brother endorse theirs; reporting that they will have to resort to legal measures against Mr Alder; suggesting a letter from him to Alder outlining his impecunious financial situation would help; reporting that he had paid off his aunt; and his sister's legacy needs paying to equalise her with her brothers, if she can decide where she wants it placed; Mr Robson is away but he has written to Miss Robson advising her that payment is expected; Mr Grey has paid part and intends to pay the rest; all his father's work tools are collected and will be sold; the [Crewe] trustees have been most honorable in taking on the quarry work thereby creating a proft when there might have been a greater loss; the Fleetham money is paid; Mr Alder is now in Bristol; this is being sent by coach to avert miscarriage.
Add.MS.1672/90   26 November 1832
Copy letter from W.R. Alder at Horfield Court to Messrs Smeddle and Oliver reporting that on receipt of their letters, he had immediatley contacted Messrs Thorp and Dickson asking them to secure a loan for his debt to them, and assuring them that he had “always had a pleasant transaction with the late Mr Robinson”, and he would pass on the contents of their letter to Messrs Thorp and Dickson when next he writes to them soon.
Add.MS.1672/91   30 November 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver , with Mr Smeddle, at Bamburgh Castle, to Messrs Thorp and Dickson, at Alnwick, enclosing a letter from Mr Alder which gives hopes of a speedy settling of the “very unpleasant situation” they feel in re Mr Robinson, from whom they daily expect a visit.
Add.MS.1672/92   3 December 1832
Letter from Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick to Mr Nicholas Oliver at Bamburgh Castle saying that had received their letter but they do not have anyone who can lend Mr Alder the money to pay his debt to the late Mr Robinson so they hope he has another plan, and they have not heard for a while from Mr Alder whose letter they return.
Add.MS.1672/93   16 December 1832
Copy letter from N. Oliver to Messrs Thorp & Dixon saying that he will be in Alnwick on Tuesday concerning the subject of their letter
Add.MS.1672/94   18 December 1832
Bill of N. Oliver for travel expenses at Alnwick, noted “Mr Thorp said this would probably be paid by Mr Alder”.
Add.MS.1672/95   24 December 1832
Letter from Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick to Mr Nicholas Oliver at Bamburgh Castle asking for his and Mr Smeddle's signature on Mr Alder's deed in the presence of Hamilton, and for the return of the deed.
Add.MS.1672/96   25 December 1832
Letter from I[sabella] Robinson at Newcastle to Messrs Smeddle & Oliver at Bamburgh Castle asking them to give her brother her late father's will as he has to bring up a bill next week.
Add.MS.1672/97-101   27 December 1832
Five receipts of John Robinson at Newcastle to the executors of his late father for sums received for himself, his brother Robert and his sister Isabella.
Add.MS.1672/102   [?1833]
List of “tools put into Isabella Robinsons' house”.
Add.MS.1672/103   [?1833]
List of tools taken from the Red Barns quarry to Fleetham by John Henry.
Add.MS.1672/104   17 January 1833
Copy letter of N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Miss [Isabella] Robinson enclosing Mr Grey's note of £100 asking for her receipt and approbation of her brother's action [at Bamburgh] on her behalf, and hoping her health improves.
Add.MS.1672/105   19 January 1833
Letter from I[sabella] Robinson at Newcastle to Mr Oliver at Bamburgh Castle saying that she had received his letter with Mr Grey's bill, her brother had her approval for what he did, she is sorry that Mr Alder's affairs are in so bad a way, she is confident that he and Mr Smeddle will do her every justice, her health is very precarious with a physician attending, her brothers are well, and she will be over in the spring to settle about the house.
Add.MS.1672/106   28 February 1833
Letter from John Robinson at Newcastle to Mr N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle detailing cloth bought, enclosing a letter from his sister who is declining, asking if Mr Grey's bill will be paid at an Alnwick bank, he would be happy to hear any good news from Messrs Thorp & Co, and he may be at Bamburgh in April to sort out the furniture.
Add.MS.1672/107   6 May 1833
Receipt of Jane Smith to N. Oliver for weighing meal at [Bamburgh] Castle shop for 26 weeks.
Add.MS.1672/108-109   7 May 1833
Sale book of the household furniture of the late Robert Robinson of Bamburgh, detailing lot number (227 in total), articles, price and purchaser, with expenses noted, and an attached bill of the auctioneer John Hunter of 8 May 1833, receipted.
Add.MS.1672/110   1833
Bill of John Embleton to the executors of the late Mr R. Robinson for attendance and medicine on the late Miss Isabella Robinson in 1832. Receipted 16 May 1833.
Add.MS.1672/111   16 May 1833
Receipt of William Hamilton for 1 year's [house] rent and a quarter's poor rate.
Add.MS.1672/112   21 May 1833
Letter from John Robinson at Newcastle to Mr Oliver acknowledging a cheque for £59 to himself and his brother on Sir M.W. Ridley & Co.
Add.MS.1672/113   3 July 1833
Letter from John Robinson at [Newcastle] to Mr Oliver enclosing Mr Alder's answer to his letter saying that “his beautiful estate” will not be worth the mortgage in a few years and asking him to write to Messrs Thorp to see if there is any hope of getting the issue settled.
Add.MS.1672/114   12 July 1833
Letter from Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick to Mr N. Oliver declining to act for him on behalf of Mr Robinson against Mr Alder should that be necessary.
Add.MS.1672/115   19 December 1833
Receipt from John Robinson on behalf of himself and his brother to N. Oliver for the balance on their late father's effects.
Add.MS.1672/116   14 January 1834
Copy letter from N. Oliver at Bamburgh Castle to Messrs Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick, asking if Mr Alder's assignment will affect the Robinsons, he thinks not but they have taken alarm and so he asks the question.
Add.MS.1672/117   16 April 1832 - 15 January 1834
Account of Messrs Smeddle and Oliver for the affairs of the late Robert Robinson, receipts and expenditure 28 April 1832 - 15 January 1834, with an attached receipt of Mr Hotham of 24 October 1832 for a foundry bill for the Friar's House.
Account of workmen's wages at the Friar's house and Barn's quarry, fortnightly accounts detailing for each named workman (John Guy, William Smith, George Sinton, George Carr, Andrew Barclay, Thomas Humble, William Rogers, Thomas Burn, Lancelot Steel, Thomas Robinson, David Johnson, John Craggs, Robert Robinson, Thomas Steel, John Humble): where worked, whether mason, labourer or quarryman, days worked, daily rate and totals, 16 April - 18 August 1832.
Memorandum of Stamp Office legacies for Robert Robinson's three children sent to Newcastle.
Add.MS.1672/118   20 February 1840
Letter from Robert Munro Allan at 54 Dean St to Messrs Thorp & Dickson at Alnwick, enclosing a draft assignment of bond debt to Mr Mather and probate of the late Mr Robinson as requested, with the draft release to Mr Smeddle to follow.
Add.MS.1672/119   24 September 1840
Note at Durham that Mr Smeddle will see from a receipt that Joseph John Wright esq solicitor of Sunderland has the probate of R. Robinson's will and a testamentary document of Isabella Robinson's.
Add.MS.1672/120   30 September 1840
Letter from R. Smeddle at Bamburgh Castle to Messrs Thorp and Dickson at Alnwick sending all his papers regarding the late R. Robinson's will and asking them to act for him in this, also enclosing two letters from a Mr R.M. Allan, solicitor in Newcastle, a copy of his answer, a copy of his letter to Mr Joseph John Wright of Sunderland, with a bill for carriage.
Add.MS.1672/121   30 September 1840
Copy letter from R. Smeddle at Bamburgh Castle to Joseph John Wright at Sunderland, as the only surviving executor of the late Robert Robinson's will, asking him to return the will probate and a testamentary letter of the late Isabella Robinson.
Copy letter from R. Smeddle at Bamburgh Castle to R.M. Allan esq at Newcastle reporting that he has asked Joseph John Wright for the will and testamentary paper and that Messrs Thorp and Dickson are acting on his behalf.
Add.MS.1672/122   4 March 1841
Letter from Robert Munro Allan at 54 Dean St to Messrs Thorp and Dickson of Alnwick enclosing a draft release from the Robinsons to Smeddle.
Add.MS.1672/123   27 April 1841
Letter from Robert Munro Allan at 54 Dean St to Messrs Thorp and Dickson sending him a release and assignment of bond debt for signature and return.
Add.MS.1672/124   27 April 1841
Release by John Robinson of Newcastle, linen and woollen draper, Robert Robinson of the same, linen and woollen draper, to Robert Smeddle, of Bamburgh Castle, surviving executor of the late Robert Robinson, who died on April 1832, having made his will on 29 March 1832, bequeathing all to his three children John, Robert and Isabella with a £100 legacy to Isabella who died in May 1833 having made a testamentary paper on 14 April 1833 leaving all to her brothers, though this was not proved, and reciting that William Rowland Alder of Horncliffe House, Co Durham, made a bond on 14 April 1818 in £880 to Robert Robinson, of which £200 was paid on 14 April 1832, with the residual £680 debt having been assigned to William Mather of Newcastle on this day, and John and Robert Robinson now release Robert Smeddle from any actions re their father's estate. Signed.
Add.MS.1672/125   29 April 1841
Letter from R. Smeddle at Bamburgh Castle to Messrs Thorp and Dickson returning the signed deed and suggesting that the papers remain with them.
Add.MS.1672/126   [?1841]
Bundle label for “vouchers and other papers belonging to Robert Smeddle ...”
Add.MS.1673   1819 - 1932
Holy Island parish vestry meeting minute book.
p.1-5. Select vestry 27 August 1819, set up consequent on the 1819 Sturges Bourne Act for the relief of the poor, as recited. Subsequent meetings made orders for payments. 27 August 1819 to 4 April 1820.
p.7-12. Minutes of annual parish meetings (March, electing constables, highway surveyors, guardians and overseers of the poor) and annual vestry meetings (Easter, electing churchwardens). 6 March 1844 to 22 April 1851.
p.15-207. Minutes of vestry (also called on occasion parish) meetings (some stipulated as for Holy Island township, and some for the parish), including an annual Easter meeting. From 1894 only an annual Easter meeting was generally held, with occasional special meetings at other times. From 1922, the annual vestry meeting was combined with the parochial church council meeting, and occasional additional parochial church council meetings are also recorded. The meetings were generally concerned with electing constables, surveyors, waywardens, sextons, sidesmen, guardians and overseers of the poor, and churchwardens, and also passing annual accounts, noting and making resolutions about finances, and discussing other parish matters. 27 February 1868 to 5 April 1932.
1-6. Bills for church repairs 1910-1914.
7-9. Inland Revenue provisional valuation of a garden in Lewnis Lane, occupied by the churchwardens, February 1913.
10. Churchyard account annual statement Easter 1921.
11-16. Parish annual statements of account at Easter 1922, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1930, 1931.
Paper book, paginated i-viii + 1-324 (208-324 blank), bound in contemporary quarter calf, marbled boards with vellum quarter pieces, and a spine label “HOLY ISLAND SELECT VESTRY BOOK 1819”, + 16f loose
Bought from Ken Spelman Rare Books of 70 Micklegate, York YO1 6LF, (item 22 in catalogue 65 of Rare Books & Manuscripts (Winter 2008)) 10 December 2008, for £650 + VAT (at the time 15%), Misc Acc 2008/9:43.
Further Holy Island parish records are in Northumberland County Record Office in Woodhorn.
Add.MS. 1674/1-19   [c.1870s]
Short stories and pieces about student life at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and occasionally Durham by Edward Bradley (alias Cuthbert Bede) (1827-1889).
Paper bundle   19 items, those with more than 2f sewn together
Bought from Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers, (item 55 in The Museum Miscellany 1655-1977), December 2008, Acc. Misc.2008/9:51.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue for more detailed description
Add.MS. 1675   late 20th century copies of 17th century original
Photocopies of the ms. diary of Christopher Sanderson of Eggleston, ca 1640-1689 (photocopies of pp.i-ix, 78-9 and 166-7 missing)
“The diary of Christopher Sanderson of Eggleston c.1648-1689”, transcribed by Mrs Flora Wells and H.J. Smith. Unpublished and undated printed transcript (assigns numbers 275-299 to photocopies 219-231 above).
Photocopies of brief extracts from [?two further copies] of the diary by F.C. Beazley.
Photocopies of printed extracts from letters written by Sanderson as an informer in the 1660s published in CSP(Domestic).
1 file. Diary x + 231p; transcript 68p; photocopies 11p, 7p.
Presented by H.J. Smith, February 2009 (Acc. Misc.2008/9:72)
The diary ms. was formerly Philipps MS 6823.
Pedigree and brief extracts printed in Six North Country Diaries (Surtees Society, v.118: 1910), 35-41.
Beazley, F.C., “The diary and pedigree of Christopher Sanderson, of Eggleston”, The genealogist, 22 (1906), 17-25 & 73-82.
The ms diary is at Gateshead Central Library.
Add.MS. 1676   [1774]
Photocopy of a photocopy of MS “Plan the 1st of the glebe of Houghton le Spring belonging to The Revd Jno Rotherham taken in 1774 by Jere[miah] Dixon” (source of original not known).
Photocopy on 4 A3 sheets.
Size: Original: 45 x 46 cm.
Presented by Mrs Beckwith and Ms Graham, February 2009 (Acc. Misc.2008/9:74)
Add.MS. 1677   29 December 1925 - 29 August 1927
Job Book for a Durham gas company, possibly City of Durham Gas Co of 18 Claypath, detailing date, [client's] name, address, job, report, and details of meters and apparatus involved as appropriate, with the name of who carried out the work and when, with references to report numbers and ledger folios. The jobs range all over Durham and its environs and concern fixing mainly domestic meters (coins stuck frequently), cookers, lights, fires, radiators and the gas supply.
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 651 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
For further records of the City of Durham Gas Co 1845-1949, see Durham County Record Office D/GDC.
Add.MS. 1678   October 1831 - October 1834
“Account of Highway-Cess” [for Auckland St Andrew] collected by Peter Fair and Thomas Edwards surveyors, detailing names by street (Market Place, Wear Chare, Back Bondgate, Fore Bondgate, High Bondgate, Fenkle Street, Little London), and 7 collections from each, with a total of arrears, and notes on the changes to some properties.
Paper booklet, in thick paper covers, 8f, in a modern buckram sleeve
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 651 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
Inscribed on the front “Colin James Higgins 20th Feb., 2004”.
Add.MS. 1679   7 September 1892 - 18 December 1924
Pickering Nook Board School log book,
from the day the school opened; at the front are listed
- names, positions and dates of staff
- school dimensions
- names of scholarships 1912-1925
- teachers' addresses
inserted (p.204) is lists of students 1912-1920 and numbers of books
Paper book, with a cover lock, 28 + 504p + 4p
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 682 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
Inscribed on the front “Colin James Higgins 6th April, 2002”.
For the school's governors' minutes 1905-1973, see Durham County Record Office DC/Ed 444.
Add.MS. 1680   22 November 1882 - 18 August 1891
Copy damp letter press book of John Willan [JP], of 115 Gilesgate, Durham, also Shincliffe, principally concerning his business interests [Simpson and Willan Durham Mustard] and also as a landlord, a Methodist circuit steward, on the committee of DCFC, and personal interests (removing a son from school and providing references), and including an inserted letter from Anbuhl Loebell yeast manufacturers of Leeds of 13 December 1886 correcting a misunderstanding about a security for a business deal.
Paper book, 52 + 1009f, (only 68f used), + 2f inserted
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 682 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
Add.MS. 1681   9 April 1921 - 9 June 1945
Wages Book for [Fowlers High Class Grocers of Clayport, Durham,] recording for each week the worker's name, gross wages, worker's contribution, nett wages and employer's contribution, with notes of when staff started and left.
Paper book, 52f
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 682 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
Add.MS. 1682   [1771]
Enclosure Act for Elvet Moor (printed) (p.1-32), with (manuscript):
p.33-34. Minutes of the 24 June meeting appointing commissioners etc, and then their three meetings of 29 July, 26 August and 18 November 1771.
p.38-47. List of claims delivered at the first meeting 29 July 1771, listing number (1-116&120), claimant, possessor, where situated, tenure, by whom claimed, bounded by on the east, west, north and south, whether [Elvet] borough or barony, and noted as objected or withdrawn.
p.48-61. List of claims delivered at the second meeting 26 August 1771, listing number (117-268), etc as before.
p.66-67. List of persons who have grounds subject to intercommon by persons within the manor of Crossgate and the borough and barony of Elvet who wish the ground to be freed therefrom, listing number (1-5+), proprietor, tenant or occupier, name of the enclosure, clear yearly rent, tenure, sums offered and received by the commissioners and the person who swore to the value of the ground.
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 796 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
Inscribed on the front flyleaf “Jonathan White Durham” (c.1800) and “Colin James Higgins. 3rd May, 1980”.
Another copy of the act is in Durham County Record Office, D/X 339/7.
Add.MS. 1683   1952 - [2009], most 1955 - 1961
The records mostly concern the education of Bill Oxley at school and especially university in Durham. They feature school notes from his O and particularly A levels at Wallsend Grammar School 1953-1958, and lecture notes from his time as a student of Geology, Mathematics and particularly Physics at Durham University 1958-1961. Also present are his degree certificate and certificates for other academic qualifications, reports from his school education, references from the university and his subsequent early teaching career, some student newspapers from Manchester University and a CV.
Bill Oxley (b1939) was a pupil at Wallsend Grammar School 1950-1958 and then studied Pure Physics at Durham University as a student at Hatfield College 1958-1961, gaining a BSc (Hons.) II.2. He then took a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Division I) at Manchester University 1961-1962 before embarking on a teaching career in secondary schools in Salford and especially Warrington. He also gained an MEd from Liverpool University 1985-1986.
Given by Bill Oxley 21 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:93, and 3 July 2017 Acc No Misc 2016/7:148.
Records containing personal information are closed for the lifetime of the individual under DPA until 2040.
His photos of the Durham Colleges 1st XI and Durham University 1st XI football teams are in the Hatfield College archive.
Add.MS. 1683/1   December 1952 - March 1958
Termly school reports from Wallsend Grammar School detailing academic performance in various subjects, with form masters' overall comments, and (for the sixth form), sporting and other school activities and positions of responsibility held
Add.MS. 1683/2   [June] 1955 - [June] 1958
GCE certificates for O and A levels, with a note from Bill Oxley explaining his resitting his A levels and his not getting into Britannia Royal Naval College.
Add.MS. 1683/2/1   1953 - 1955
O level Physics note books
4 paper exercise books
Add.MS. 1683/2/2   1955 - 1958
A level Physics notes (4), problems (6) and practicals (3)
13 paper exercise books
Add.MS. 1683/2/3   1955 - 1958
A level Geography: Economic notes (4), North America/British Isles (3); Physical notes (2); British Isles (3); Regional essays (2); Physical/Economic essays (1); General georgaphy (1); Industrial Wallsend (1); Practical geography (1); Weather diaries (3)
21 paper exercise books
Add.MS. 1683/2/4   1955 - 1958
A level Mathematics: Algebra (2); Dynamics (3); Staistics (2); Coordinate (1); Geometry (4); Calculus (4); Plane Geometry (1); Solid Geometry (1); Trigonometry (1); revision books (3)
22 paper exercise books
Add.MS. 1683/3   [October] 1958 - [May] 1961
Durham University undergraduate Physics notes.
Some of the folders had previously belonged to Bill Oxley's cousin John Edward Oxley (1923-1943, Sheffield University).
Add.MS. 1683/3/1   October 1958 - June 1959
Year 1 Level I Geology lecture notes for mineralogy, processes of geology and palaeontology, also an exam paper and a sketch of St James Park with a Newcastle Utd/Chelsea result.
Add.MS. 1683/3/2   October - December 1958
Year 1 Level I Geology practical, including coloured drawings of geometrical shapes, fossils and rocks.
Add.MS. 1683/3/3   June 1958 - June 1959
Year 1 Level II Maths notes, pure and applied, including exam papers June 1958 and 1959.
Add.MS. 1683/3/4   Ocotber 1958 - June 1959
Year 1 Level II Maths problems, pure and applied, including collections papers June 1959.
Add.MS. 1683/3/5   Ocotber 1958 - May 1959
Year 1 Level II Physics notes, magnetism and electricity, atomic physics, general physics and optics.
Add.MS. 1683/3/6   October 1958 - May 1959
Year 1 Level II Physics problems, magnetism, electricity, atomic, general, properties of materials, and heat, with collections papers.
Add.MS. 1683/3/7   October 1958 - May 1959
Year 1 Level II Physics practicals.
Add.MS. 1683/3/8   October 1959 - June 1960
Year 2 2H Physics notes, electronics, optics, nuclear, relativity, electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics, kinetic theory, A.C. theory, mechanics, atomic, including exam papers June 1957 - June 1960.
Add.MS. 1683/3/9   [October 1959 - June 1960]
Year 2 2H Physics problems, including exam papers June 1957 - June 1959.
Add.MS. 1683/3/10   October 1959 - June 1960
Year 2 2H Physics practicals.
Add.MS. 1683/3/11   October 1960 - May 1961
Year 3 3H Physics notes 1, nuclear, solid state.
Add.MS. 1683/3/12   October 1960 - May 1961
Year 3 3H Physics notes 2, gas discharge, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, experimental methods, electricity, magnetism, terrestrial and cosmic.
Add.MS. 1683/3/13   [October 1960 - May 1961]
Year 3 3H Physics problems.
Add.MS. 1683/3/14   [October 1960 - May 1961]
Year 3 3H Physics practicals.
Add.MS. 1683/4   [October] 1959
Hatfield College list of members of SCR (detailing degrees/honours and position) and JCR (by year of admission, detailing degree, school/university and subject). Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1683/5   [June] 1960
Hatfield College group photograph, all identified. Photocopy.
Add.MS. 1683/6   July 1961 - March 1987
Degree and other certificates.
Add.MS. 1683/6/1   7 July 1961
Durham University, BSc (Hons.) Physics certificate.
Add.MS. 1683/6/2   10 July 1962
Victoria University of Manchester, Graduate Certificate in Education certificate.
Add.MS. 1683/6/3   10 March 1970
Institute of Physics and the Physical Society, Associate certificate.
Add.MS. 1683/6/4   27 March 1987
University of Liverpool, MEd certificate.
Add.MS. 1683/7   20 October 1961 - 28 July 1969
References from school, university and work.
Add.MS. 1683/8   17 November 1961 - 2 February 1962
Manchester Independent (student newspaper), Vol.2 Nos.3-6 (part only of 6), 17 November 1961, 1 December 1961, 15 December 1961, 2 February 1962.
Add.MS. 1683/9   [2009]
Curriculum vitae
Add.MS. 1684   1820
Award on the division of Gilligate or Gilesgate Moor and Townfield, 4 April 1820. Positive photostats printed from negatives taken by the PRO under UV light. The document was in a plain grey paper wrapper numbered 9 in pencil from the Lord Chancellor's Office. Commissioner: John Fryer.
Text of inclosure award relating to Gilesgate, Durham City with an additional larger photostat copy of the plan and a large photostat of another version of the plan.With typescript description of the original document (1p).
11p, 1p & 2 sheets.
Size: 26 x 42 cm photostats of pages; 40 x 50 & 59 x 74 cm plans
Purchased at some time by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1685
Negatives from which Add.MS. 1684 was printed.
12 negatives
Add.MS. 1686   1983
“Middridge Grange Estate 1820”. Photostat of a plan by D. Wilcock based on DCRO D/EL/8 (Elton Papers) showing the fields and occupation of the 5 properties rented form the estate: New House Farm, Red House Farm, Hawthorne Farm, the Hall Farm and the Water Corn Mill.
Size: 38 x 71 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1687   [n.d. 19th century]
“Old plan of Lumley Royalty (when Houghton Gate Pit was sinking) with remarks showing what coal was wrought”. Photostat of a tracing of an original in private hands.
Size: 58 x 81 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1688   [n.d. 19th century]
Lambton and Bourn Moor Royalty. Photostat of a tracing of an original in private hands.
Size: 47 x 53 cm.
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1689   ca. 1750
“Plan of the lordship of Croxdale in the county of Durham belonging to Bryan Salvin Esqr”. Original scale 4 chains to 1 inch. Photostat of plan then in Salvin estate office.
Size: 2 sheets 51 x 46 cm each
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1690   1771
“Plan of the lordship of Croxdale in the county of Durham belonging to Wm Salvin Esqr”, by J. Hunter. Original scale 4 chains to 1 inch. Photostat of plan then in Salvin estate office.
Size: 2 sheets 51 x 46 cm each
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1691   1769
“A plan of the allotments in the division of Evenwood and West Auckland Comms. being part of a large moor called Railey Fell in the chapelry of St Helen Auckland & county of Durham as divided by and act of Parliament in 1762”. “This plan was drawn by the order of Mrs Rachael Pearse for the use of her son Richard Peirse Esqre by her most obedient servant Richd. Richardson one of the commissioners and the surveyor in the said division June 20th 1769”. Photostat copy.
Size: 82 x 99 cm.
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1692   1824
“Plan of Hetton Estate 1824”. Plan of the estate around Hetton village that has been marked to show the coal interests of Messrs Clutterbuck and Emerson. Photostat copy.
Size: 46 x 57 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1693   1764
“A plan of the estate called Gray Stone Hall in the parish of Gainford and county of Durham”. Surveyed by I. Horn 1764. Photostat copy.
Size: 54 x 54 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1694   1763
“A plan of Middlewood Moor, or Ushaw Moor; as the same is now divided (according to an act of Parliament) by us who hereunto subscribed our names this third day of May 1763 ...”. Plan to accompany inclosure award. Photostat copy.
Size: 55 x 150 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1695   [n.d. 19th century]
“Butterknowle Colliery. Outline map of royalties”. Original scale 1 chain to 1 mile. Photocopy of an unidentified map.
Size: 56 x 66 cm
Source not recorded.
Add.MS. 1696   [1826]
“Plan of Woodland Common in the parish of Cockfield in the county of Durham as set out by me John Machell”. Signed as part of the Woodland award by John Dunn, 2 January 1826. Photocopy of an unidentified original map.
Size: 50 x 75 cm
Source not recorded.
Add.MS. 1697   [1794]
“A plan of Crawcrook open fields in the county palatine of Durham describing the ridges or parcels of land belonging to each proprietor by Mr John Mowbray 1794”. Surveyed by Ralph Burton. Photostat copy of an unidentified original map.
Size: 53 x 66 cm
Source not recorded.
Add.MS. 1698   [1795]
“A plan of Crawcrook open fields in the parish of Ryton in the county palatine of Durham describing the allotments as made by Mr John Mowbray 1795”. Surveyed by Ralph Burton and drawn by Robert Burton. Photostat copy of an unidentified original map.
Size: 55 x 66 cm
Source not recorded.
Add.MS. 1699   [ca. 1950]
“County of Rutland”. Copy of Ordnance Survey 1:63,360 map of Rutland, which has been annotated later in pencil relating to woodland and quarrying.
Size: 57 x 50
Source not recorded.
Add.MSS 1700-1749
Add.MS. 1700   1986
“Norton tithe plan 1842”. Copy of the tithe plan for Norton, drawn by P.R. Hedley and coloured to indicate land holders. Key on separate sheet.
Size: 119 x 227 cm
Acquired by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Add.MS. 1701   1955
Ian Curry, “Hugh de Puiset Bishop of Durham 1153 to 1195 Patron of Architecture: an account of the Life and Works of the Bishop Variously Known as Hugh Pudsey, or Hugh de le Puiset”, King's College Newcastle Diploma in Architecture thesis. Photocopy.
With a note on the inside cover by Ian Curry detailing the background to the thesis and his subsequent career.
Paper file, in a 2 ring binder, 66f of text with 24f of BW plates
Given by Ian Curry to Durham Cathedral Library, with the original thesis, 14 January 2009, and transferred thene to DUL 1 May 2009 (Acc No Mis.2008/9:104).
Original: Durham Cathedral Library, Add Ms 378.
Add.MS. 1702   1749 - 1880
Deeds, including mortgages, for a property on the north side of Claypath in Durham city (No.45) which passed between the families of Smith, Dodshon, Fawsitt, Booth and Hodgson.
25 items
Acquired by the Library from David Watkinson who was given them by Thomas Rare Books of Cornsay Colliery 12 October 1995, Acc No Misc.2009/10:8.
Listed by Emily Douglas, June 2009.
Add.MS.1702/1   19 October 1749
Lease for one year of property on the north side of Claypath by Thomas Dodshon of Wheatley Hill yeoman, Francis Smith of Norton yeoman and Margaret his wife lately Margaret Dodshon daughter of Thomas Dodshon, John Heighington of Durham merchant and Ann his wife, Robert Haswell of Wheatley Hill yeoman and Mary his wife, Hannah Dodshon spinster, James Dodshon and John Dodshon of Rushawford yeomen, all children of Thomas Dodshon of Rushawford, Joseph Smith of Durham whitesmith and Elizabeth his wife lately daughter of James Dodshon, Jonathan Tyzack of Glasshouses near Newcastle administrator of the late Sarah Tyzack, Alexander Richardson of Newcastle merchant and Mary his wife, Eleanor Dodshon, Alice Dodshon, William Dodshon and Ann Dodshon, all children of Ann Dodshon of Shincliffe widow, Nicholas Dodshon of Shincliffe gent executor of John Dodshon late of Shincliffe gent, to Henry Eden of Newcastle merchant.
23 seals and signatures,
Add.MS.1702/2   27 & 28 April 1774
Mortgage by Nicholas Dodshon of Shincliffe gent to John Marshall of New Elvet gent of the property in Claypath for £100 plus interest.
Seal and signature of Nicholas Dodshon.
Add.MS.1702/3   12 & 13 May 1774
Lease and release by John Marshall of New Elvet gent to Edward Cutler of Claypath schoolmaster, with Christopher Hopper of Durham merchant as a third party, of property in Claypath for £85, detailed as on the north side of Claypath with a garden at the front of 6 or 7 yards.
Add.MS.1702/4   13 May 1774
Assignment of a bond and judgement for £200 of 13 December 1765 by John Marshall of New Elvet gent to Edward Cutler of Claypath schoolmaster.
Seal and signature of John Marshall.
Add.MS.1702/5   1 & 2 September 1786
Lease and release by Thomas Bayles of South Shields gent and his wife Jane formerly sister and devisee of the last will of Edward Cutler to Thomas Terry of Darlington gent of property in Claypath.
2 seals and signatures; Mr Bayles and Mrs Bayles.
Add.MS.1702/6   1 November [1786]
Final agreement in the court of pleas at Durham between Thomas Terry plaintiff and Thomas Bayles and Jane his wife deforciants over two messuages and two acres in Durham St Oswald and St Nicholas for 100 marks.
2 copies.
Add.MS.1702/7   20 August 1805
Nine-part indenture between
(1) Richard Stonhewer of Curzon St, Mayfair, Co Middlesex, esq
(2) Revd William Nesfield clerk rector of Brancepeth
(3) Charles Ingoldsby Marquis of Winchester
(4) Frances Andrews of Durham spinster
(5) Catherine Andrews of Durham spinster
(6) John Griffith of Durham gent
(7) Revd John Fawcett of Newton Hall clerk MA
(8) John Joplin jr of Ferryhill yeoman
(9) Thomas Smith of Ferryhill gent
being a release of three freehold closes on the south side of Ferryhill Co Durham, from Mr Stonhewer to Mr Smith for £1200, with a schedule of deeds back to 28 November [1702].
7 seals and signatures: Richard Stonhewer, [Marquis of] Winchester, William Nesfield, Frances Andrews, Catherine Andrews, John Griffith and John Fawcett.
Add.MS.1702/8   27 & 28 March 1806
Six-part indenture between
(1) Thomas Helmer of Romaldkirk, Yorkshire, gent
(2) Elizabeth Bayles of Romaldkirk spinster and sister of Thomas Bayles of South Shields
(3) Henry Bourne of Cotherston, Yorkshire, gent
(4) Anthony Dunn of Darlington gent and Richard Scruton of Durham gent
(5) William Reedhead of Baxter Wood, Co Durham, gent
(6) Matthew Woodifield of The College, Durham, gent and Jonathan Walton of Coxhoe gent
being a lease and release of the mortgage of a house in Claypath by Thomas Helmer to trustees for William Reedhead, according to the testament of Thomas Terry.
6 seals and signatures: Thomas Helmer, Henry Bourne, Elizabeth Bayles, William Reedhead, Anthony Dunn and Richard Scruton.
Add.MS.1702/9   10 & 11 May 1811
Four-part indenture between
(1) William Reedhead of Baxter Wood, Co Durham, gent
(2) Matthew Woodifield of The College, Durham, gent and Jonathan Walton of Coxhoe, gent
(3) Robert Hutchinson of Durham supervisor of excise
(4) Richard Scruton of Durham gent
being a lease and release of a property on the north side of Claypath by William Reedhead to Richard Scruton for £100.
4 seals and signatures: Mr Reedhead, Mr Woodifield, Mr Walton and Mr Hutchinson.
Add.MS.1702/10   4 & 6 November 1815
Four-part indenture between
(1) Richard Scruton of Durham, gent
(2) Robert Hutchinson of Durham, supervisor of excise
(3) John Fawsit of Burnopfield, officer of excise
(4) Joseph Gray of Collierly, viewer
being a lease and release by (1) and (2) to (3) and (4) of property in Claypath for £180.
2 seals and signatures of Scruton and Hutchinson.
Add.MS.1702/11   12 & 13 May 1823
Tripartite indenture between
(1) John Fawsit formerly of Burnopfield and then Ferryhill, now of Corbridge, Northumberland, officer of excise
(2) Edward Fairclough of Claypath joiner
(3) John Graham of Claypath gent
being a lease and release of property on the north side of Claypath by Fawsit to Fairclough for £325.
Seal and signature of Fawsit.
Add.MS.1702/12   12 September 1823
Conveyance by John Hancock of Framwellgate gent to Henry Marshall of Durham attorney at law of a piece of land in Claypath measuring 15 yards and 1 foot for £9 situated on the north side of Claypath.
Seal and signature of John Hancock.
Add.MS.1702/13   31 May 1851
Mortgage by Edward Fairclough of Claypath timber merchant to John Cumming of Langley West House, Co Durham, farmer, of a property on the north side of Claypath for £150 and interest.
2 seals and signatures of Fairclough and Cumming.
Add.MS.1702/14   4 June 1855
Four-part indenture between
(1) John Cumming of Langley West House, Co Durham, farmer
(2) Charles Wetherell of Durham gent, Edward Fairclough jr of Durham, joiner and cabinet maker, James Henry Fairclough of Durham, upholsterer
(3) William Hodgson of Church St, Durham, painter and glazier
(4) George Goundry of Gilesgate, Durham, gent
being the conveyance of a property on the north of Claypath in Durham with a pew in Durham St Nicholas from (2) to (3) for £150, and then a further £235; a total of £385.
Add.MS.1702/15   5 June 1855
Mortgage by William Hodgson of Church St Durham painter to Edward Shafto, Thomas Scawin, James Chambers, John Boyd and Edward Waddingham, trustees of The Durham Victoria Permanent Benefit Building Society, of a freehold property on the north side of Claypath in Durham for 2 shares each of £100 and one half share of £50.
Seal and signature of William Hodgson.
Add.MS.1702/16   30 June 1855
Four-part indenture between
(1) Charles Wetherell of Durham gent, Edward Fairclough of Durham joiner and cabinet maker and James Henry Fairclough of Durham upholsterer
(2) George Goundry of Gilesgate, Durham, gent
(3) James Longstaff of Durham gent
(4) William Brown of Durham gent
being the conveyance of a freehold messuage and garden in Claypath, Durham, by (1) to (4) for £305.
Sealed and signed by all parties.
Add.MS.1702/17   14 July 1855
Mortgage by Edward Fairclough of Durham joiner and cabinet maker and James Henry Fairclough of Durham upholsterer to John Cumming of Langley farmer of a freehold property, No.45 on the north side of Claypath, for £150 with interest.
Seals and signatures of all parties.
Add.MS.1702/18   1 March 1856
Mortgage by Edward Fairclough of Durham joiner and cabinet maker and James Henry Fairclough of Durham upholsterer to John Cumming of Langley farmer of No.45 on the north side of Claypath for a further £50 with interest.
Seals and signatures of all parties.
Add.MS.1702/19   10 March 1857
Tripartite indenture between
(1) John Cumming of Langley farmer
(2) Edward Fairclough of Durham joiner and cabinet maker and James Henry Fairclough of Durham upholsterer
(3) William Marshall of Durham gent
being a mortgage of property at No.45 on the north side of Claypath in Durham for £250 with interest.
Add.MS.1702/20   10 September 1859
Conveyance by Edward Fairclough of Ferryhill joiner to James Henry Fairclough of Durham bread baker of the equity of redemption for a property on the north side of Claypath in Durham for £100.
Seals and signatures of both parties.
Add.MS.1702/21   23 April 1870
Reconveyance by William Marshall of Durham gent to James Henry Fairclough of Durham formerly an upholsterer now a bread baker of freehold property on the north side of Claypath for £250.
Seals and signatures of both parties.
Add.MS.1702/22   27 September 1871
Conveyance by George Robert Booth of Sunderland merchant, John Crozier of Sunderland gent, and William Dixon of Sunderland ship owner, trustees of the Industrial and Provident Benefits Building Society, to William Hodgson of Durham painter of No. 45 Claypath on the north side for £345.
Seals and signatures of all parties.
Add.MS.1702/23   28 September 1871
Mortgage by William Hodgson of Durham gent to Miss Jane Clark of Durham confectioner of a freehold property on the north side of Claypath for £300 with interest.
Seal and signature of Hodgson.
Add.MS.1702/24   25 January 1872
Mortgage by William Hodgson of Durham painter to the trustees of The Durham Victoria Permanent Benefit Building Society of freehold property on the north side of Claypath, for £350 which is repayable in 8 years by monthly instalments.
Seal and signature of Hodgson.
Add.MS.1702/25   26 October 1880
Further charge by William Hodgson of Durham painter to Miss Margaret Holborn of Claypath spinster and Henry John Marshall of Sands House, Durham, gent, on a property on the north side of Claypath of £300 with interest.
Seal and signature of Hodgson.
Add.MS.1703   1985 - 1991
Rowing diaries of Wade Hall-Craggs (Grey 1985-1988, BSc Archaeology). The diaries cover regattas as a shoolboy oarsman in the summer of 1985, rowing at Durham University, president of D.U.B.C. 1987/88, winning the Visitors Challenge Cup at Henley in 1988, and rowing/sculling for the Tideway Scullers and becoming part of the GB squad, including competing at the Goodwill Games in 1990 at Seattle and the 1990 World Championships in Tasmania. He went on to be in the GB Olympic rowing squad in 1992, became GB amateur sculling champion in 1993 and a Commonwealth rowing medallist in 1994 before turning to coaching including the GB winning coxed four at the 2000 World Championships and then becoming rowing coach at Durham University.
4 paper books
Given by Wade Hall-Craggs 29 July 2009, Acc No Misc.2009/10:41.
Photo albums of his time at Durham, which include some rowing images, are MIA 17-20.
Add.MS.1703/1   10 May 1985 - 25 February 1987
Rowing diary, including regattas with Leander summer of 1985, then training and racing with Durham University Boat Club from January 1986, with some training schedules, crew lists, regatta results and correspondence inserted.
Add.MS.1703/2   26 February 1987 - 6 May 1989
Rowing diary, detailing training and racing with Durham University Boat Club, then Leander and from January 1989 the Tideway Scullers, with some training schedules, regatta results, correspondence (especially from Eric Halladay re the training and running of DUBC), newspaper cuttings, speech notes, poster for Tyne River Races 1988, race numbers and invites inserted.
Add.MS.1703/3   6 May 1989 - 12 October 1990
Rowing diary, detailing training and racing with Tideway Scullers and the GB squad, including training programmes, GB World Championships squad briefing, newspaper cuttings on sporting injuries, nutritional and dope testing advice, minutes of the British International Rowing Fund AGM 22 February 1990, regatta results, Tideway Scullers newsletters, profile drawings [of W H-C], race numbers, invites, and newspaper cuttings inserted.
Add.MS.1703/4   12 October 1990 - 8 July 1991
Rowing diary, detailing training and racing with the GB squad, and also some coaching with Lincoln College Oxford, including correspondence, dope testing advice, GB squad training schedules, regatta results, Tideway Scullers newsletters and race numbers inserted.
Add.MS.1704   July 2009
Land at Palace Green, Durham City, County Durham geophysical surveys. Report by Durham University Archaeological Services for Historical Scotland following their survey of Palace Green 12-13 May 2009.
1 vol. 19,vi p.
Presented by the Department, August 2009 (Misc.2009/10:11)
Add.MS.1705   [later 19th century]
Note by Edward Bradley (Cuthbert Bede).
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS.1706   1895 - 1936
University and other certificates of Samuel Allinson Woodhead of Armstrong College, University of Durham, APS 1895, BSc 1896, MSc 1907, DSc 1919.
Add.MS.1706/1   25 June 1895
Certificate of the University of Durham that he was admitted as an Associate in Physical Science.
Parchment, 1m
Add.MS.1706/2   23 June 1896
Certificate of the University of Durham that he was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Science.
Parchment, 1m
Add.MS.1706/3   28 September 1907
Certificate of the University of Durham that he was admitted to the degree of Master of Science.
Parchment, 1m
Add.MS.1706/4   26 June 1919
Certificate from the chairman of the Board of Examiners of the University of Durham that he had passed his exam for Doctor of Science.
Paper, 1p
Add.MS.1706/5   20 September 1919
Certificate of the University of Durham that he was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Science.
Parchment, 1m
Add.MS.1706/6   31 January 1936
Receipt for his subscription for the renewal of his fellowship of the Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland.
Paper, 1p
Add.MS.1706/7   17 June 1936
Certificate from the registrar of the University of Durham that he had gained the Alder Scholarship, for proficiency in Zoology, in 1894.
Paper, 1p
Add.MS.1707   15 December 1914
Photocopied certificate of the University of Durham that William Joseph Chantry of Hatfield Hall was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in litt. ant.
Paper   1p
Add.MS.1708   February 1938 - June 1939
University of Durham exam papers for the B.Com exams taken by Doreen Cradock (Armstrong, B.Com. 1939, also D.Th.P.T. 1940), marked with the questions answered; also a receipt for her fee.
6 items
Given by Catherine Hyde, October 2009, Acc No Misc.2009/10:64.
Add.MS.1708/1   11 February 1938
King's College receipt for the 2nd year B.Com examination fee of £2 10s.
Add.MS.1708/2   June 1938
King's College, Economic History II, Paper B, N103.
Add.MS.1708/3   June 1939
Newcastle Division, Spanish I, Paper A, D241.
Add.MS.1708/4   June 1939
Newcastle Division, Spanish I Paper B, D242, marked “This is a rotten prose!”.
Add.MS.1708/5   June 1939
Newcastle Division, Economics II, Paper A, D279.
Add.MS.1708/6   June 1939
Newcastle Division, Economics II, Paper B, D280.
Add.MS.1709   30 May 1883
Copy photograph of [Edward Bradley]
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS.1710   [1988] - 2002
Family history of the Coats/Coates of Haydon Bridge and later of Australia, by Bill Coates with Audrey Kirby.
Bequeathed by Hazel Keiley January 2010, Acc No Misc:2009/10:86.
Add.MS.1710/1   1988
“The Coat(e)s of Haydon Bridge A Northumberland Family from 1664 with particular reference to the Australian branch from 1885”, by Clavering William (Bill) Coates (of Melbourne, Australia) and Audrey Coates Kirby of South Tynedale. Signed by Audrey Kirby, and including pedigrees, copy maps, iamges of buildings and documents including a Durham Probate will.
Paper file, iii + 41f, in a plastic sleeve
Add.MS.1710/2   [1990]
“Forty Years On Clavering William (Bill) Coates 1910-1950” compiled by his son [David Clavering Coates] and including copy phtoorgaphs.
Paper file, 80p, in a plastic spiral binding
Add.MS.1710/3   April 2001
“The Coat(e)s of Haydon Bridge A Northumberland family from 1664 With particular reference to the Main Branch from 1710 Volume Three”, by Clavering William (Bill) Coates (of Melbourne, Australia) and Audrey Coates Kirby of South Tynedale. Including pedigrees, copy documents and transcripts (none is referenced).
Paper file, 47f, in a plastic spiral binding
Add.MS.1710/4   December 1992 - October 2002
Correspondence, mostly from Clavering William Coates to Hazel (relative, d.2009) and Colin Keiley, mostly re the compilation of the family histories, including a notice of Bill Coates' death on 25 July 2002.
Paper file
Add.MS.1711/1-19   1840s
Pictures by Edward Bradley
Purchased from Bertram Colgrave, 29 March 1957.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS.1712   1966
“A survey of a mining community in Co. Durham (Hetton-le-Hole), with particular reference to some social and educational problems”. Typescript dissertation with illustrations and original photographs, by Jane Kelly (later Tallentire) produced for University of Durham, Department of Education, with their submission form loose at front.
57 p, photos, map
Presented 2009 (Misc.2009/10:92)
Add.MS.1713   [later 18th century]
“A Collection of Papers relating [to] the Rectory of Stanhope”, photocopy
Copies of documents about Stanhope rectory and parish, mostly in one hand, with some material added subsequently, especially notes by Edmund Keene, rector of Stanhope 1740-1771, and Henry Hardinge, rector of Stanhope 1789-1820.
Paper file, 39f
The original was loaned to the Palaeography and Diplomatic Dept in January 1986 for photocopying, Acc No Misc.2009/10:28.
Formerly: Pamphlets Box IA.
Similar in format to act books of Richard Trevor, bishop of Durham 1752-1771, and John Egerton, bishop of Durham 1771-1787, in the Auckland Castle episcopal records (AUC).
f.2-6   9 March 1724
Will of Dr [William] Hartwell [rector of Stanhope].
Codicil to Dr [William] Hartwell's will.
f.7-9   13 May 1641
Clause in the will of Thomas Morgan of Westhaws concerning an almshouse at Frosterley.
f.9-11   11 November 1692, n.d. and 1 October 1752
Nominations of trustees of Westgate School, the first reciting details of the earlier history of the school trusteeship.
f.12   [ 1646 x 1676]
Clause in an Act of Parliament securing the tithe of lead ore in Stanhope and Wolsingham parishes to the rector of Stanhope [tempore Isaac Basire, rector of Stanhope].
f.13    12 August 1667
Dr [Isaac] Basire's account of the success of a legal case concerning the tithe of lead ore.
f.14-15   1746
Accounts of contributions made towards the cost of building Forsterley school-house, and the sums disbursed during its building.
f.16    1742
Accounts for the sale of trees cut down in [Stanhope] churchyard and for the expenditure of sale proceeds on church repairs.
f.17    1743
Accounts of the costs of building a gallery in [Stanhope] church and of the proceeds of the sale of gallery pews.
f.18-19   17 April 1694
Complaint by Dr [William] Hartwell that Stanhope rectory had been overcharged for land tax, and a subsequent order made by the commissioners at the petty sessions held at Auckland, Easter 1694.
f.19-20    1 June 1693
Order relating to land tax charged on Stanhope rectory, directed to the assessors in Stanhope parish and given at Bishop Auckland.
f.20    20 September 1694
Directions recorded in the Stanhope register relating to seats in the church chancel and issued at the visitation of Denis Granville, archdeacon [of Durham], assisted by his official Thomas Craddock.
f.20-21    23 September 1665
Order issued by Jo[hn Cosin], bishop of Durham, recorded in the Stanhope register, concerning an earlier order relating to seats in Stanhope chancel, directed to Mr Featherstonehalgh of Stanhope and given at Auckland Castle.
f.21    21 September 1665
Likewise concerning the provision of seats in Stanhope church, given at Auckland Castle.
f.22   [3] January 1718
Nomination by the inhabitants of St John's Chapel to Dr [William] Hartwell, rector of Stanhope, of William Leek MA Edinburgh as curate of St John's Chapel.
Stanhope glebe terrier, n.d..
f.24   1767
Schedule of heirlooms given to Stanhope parsonage by: Dr [William] Hartwell, n.d.; Dr Jo[seph] Butler, [rector of Stanhope], n.d.; Edm[und Keene], bishop of Chester [and rector of Stanhope], August 1767.
f.25   [c.1728]
St John's Chapel glebe terrier, n.n. [tempore Joseph Dover, curate (occurs 1728, Fordyce Durham I p.674)].
f.26   10 April 1771
Memorandum concerning the front seat in the gallery of Stanhope church made by Edm[und Keene], bishop of Ely.
f.27   c.1771
Notes, n.d. and 1 June 1771, by Edm[und Keene], bishop of Ely, on building and repair work carried out at Stanhope rectory by Dr [William] Hartwell, Dr [Joseph] Butler and Keene himself whilse incumbents of Stanhope.
f.28   1 June 1771
Note by Edm[und Keene], bishop of Ely, concerning the house for a schoolmaster at Stanhope which was given by Dr Hartwell and rebuilt by Keene.
f.29   8 June 1771
Note by Edm[und] Keene, bishop of Ely, concerning school houses at Eastgate and Boltsburn and the income of the schoolmasters of Boltsburn and Frosterley.
Inscription on a Roman monument in the garden of the rector of Stanhope, n.d..
f.30-31   19, 24 February, 5 March 1790
Letters to and from J. Ward, attorney, of Durham, concerning lost parochial charities and arrears of charitable payments at Stanhope.
f.32   5 April 1790
Receipt from the rector, churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Stanhope for payment of a legacy left to the parish under the will of the late George Lowdon, gent, of Elm Court, Middle Temple, London, and a note concerning the legacy's distribution.
f.33   15 April 1801
Note by Henry Hardinge, rector of Stanhope, on the right to appoint the sexton and parish clerk of Stanhope.
f.33   22 October 1792
Certified copy of the 19 May 1766 appointment by Edm[und] Keene bishop of Chester and rector of Stanhope, of John Brown as sexton of Stanhope.
f.34   1 December 1801
Memorandum on the appointment by H[enry] Hardinge, rector of Stanhope, of John Brown as sexton of Stanhope.
f.34   1 December 1801
Memorandum on the appointment by H[enry] Hardinge, rector of Stanhope, of John Clark as curate of St John's Chapel, although a Mr Harris had been the preferred candidate of a majority of the landholders of the chapel.
f.35-36   1 May 1722 and 4 April 1804
Memoranda on the admittance of tenants to a house and garth in Stanhope belonging to Stanhope rectory.
f.35   23 April 1812
Request from Thomas Sanderson to [Henry] Hardinge, rector of Stanhope, to admit Matthew Mawson to [the above property] in Stanhope.
f.37   15 May 1766
Appointment by Edm[und Keene], bishop of Chester and rector of Stanhope, of John Brown as sexton of Stanhope.
f.37   25 August 1786
Memorandum concerning the disposal of a legacy left to the parish of Stanhope in the will of Raph Barrick of Snowhope Close, Stanhope, made 26 May 1689.
f.38-39   7 October 1756 and 18 May 1770
Indenture and receipt relating to a sum of £5 pa payable to the poor of Weardale out of the rent from Wolfcleugh estate.
Add.MS.1714   31 May 1619
Language:  English and Latin
Bond from Thomas Dudley of Yanwath, Westmorland, esq, John Dudley of Dufton, Westmorland, gent, and the noble William Lord Howard of Naworth Castle, Cumberland, to Ambrose Randolph esq in £500 for the payment by the first three to Randolph of £250 in one sum on 28 November 1619 in the chamber of John Davies, esq, in the Inner Temple, Fleet St, London.
Signed by the first three, each witnessed respectively by: John Scatliff and William Leith; William Williams, John Davies and John Scatliff; William Leith and William Williams. [Seals cut off and now missing.]
Parchment, 1m, cancelled by cut marks
Given in 2001 by Dr A.I. Doyle who bought it in 1974, Acc No Misc.2009/10:42.
Add.MS.1715   1895 & 1903
Two letters from Handley Carr Glyn Moule, bishop of Durham 1901-1920, to [Richard] Reader Harris KC (1847-1909), prominent barrister, Methodist minister and founder of the Pentecostal League of Prayer. Photocopies.
Paper, 2f
Given by the owner of the originals June 2007, Acc No Misc.2006/2007:60.
Add.MS.1715/1   19 June 1895
Letter from H.C.G. Moule at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, to Mr Reader Harris
Apologises for not answering sooner Harris's letter of Saturday, but he has been ministering to his ailing wife; he welcomes “the largeness of our agreement ... to our differences” , and looks forward to speaking with him, but he cannot accept the invitation for 18 October, not least as on such a public occasion, he “could not expect personally to feel liberty of spirit ... where on such a subject important differences ... would for certain find expression” .
Paper, 1f
Add.MS.1715/2   16 March 1903
Letter from Handley [Moule bishop of] Durham at Auckland Castle to Mr Reader Harris at 521 Clapham Common North Side, London
Declines his invitation for 6 May as he is busy in the diocese and does not often visit London, but “his best work in the direction of a better understanding will ... be more privately done” , for which he hopes shortly to have “a special opportunity” .
Paper, 1f
Add.MS.1716   [c.1926]
Views of Durham including panoramas and the cathedral, exterior and interior, only one used.
15 BW postcards
Given by Prof Schafer in 2003, Acc No Misc.2003/2004:14.
Add.MS.1716/1   18 June 1926
Frith's Series. Panorama of Durham from above the railway station showing St Godric's church, the castle and cathedral. Sent to Cousin Frances by Helen ?emera, describing their stay in Scotland in Edinburgh and Gleneagles and apologising for sending lots of cards and booklets without always writing.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. View of the Fulling Mill and cathedral from across the Wear.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. View of the Fulling Mill and cathedral from ?Prebend's Bridge.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. View of Prebend's Bridge, reflected in the river, from the south.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. View of the castle and cathedral from Framwellgate Bridge.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. View of the Wear from above Elvet Bridge looking north.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. Vew of the cathedral and Fulling Mill from the path on the west bank of the Wear in the woods, boathouse beyond.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. Bede College exterior, and gardens.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. Cathedral north door exterior.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. Cathedral interior, looking east along the nave.
BW postcard
Frith's Series. Cathedral interior south aisle and Norman door.
BW postcard
Valentine's Series 3713. Cathedral exterior, tower, transept and gravestones from Palace Green.
BW postcard
Auty Series G.H. W.B. 123. Cathedral and castle from Observatory Hill.
BW postcard
Etchette Series. Etching of the cathedral from the north-west from the riverbank.
BW postcard
Etchette Series. Etching of the cathedral from the south-west from the riverbank showing the Fulling Mill and boathouse.
BW postcard
Add.MS.1717   [11 February 1860]
Photostat of the Bond and rules and regulations of The Bollihope Common Association (original dated 11 February 1860) stating the rights and obligations of those permitted rights of common of pasture.
7 p on 12 sheets
Given by Hodshon & Angus, solicitors, 1982 (accession Misc.2009/10:101).
Add.MS.1718   1982
“History and pedigrees of the Vaux family”, compiled by (William) Gordon Laycock. Series of photocopies, extracts and photographs tracing the descent of the Vaux family. Includes J. R. H. Moorman, Lanercost priory (Gilsland, 1976).
71 p
Presented by Mrs Laycock 2002 (accession Misc.2009/10:43).
Add.MS.1719   1666-1904
Windyside Deeds, relating to lands at Windyside in Westgate-in-Weardale, St John's Chapel, Co. Durham.
2 boxes
See separate catalogue
Add.MS.1720   [ca. 1940s]
Reginald of Durham's “Relation of the Miracles of Saint Cuthbert”, manuscript and typescript of an incomplete translation from the Latin by Edward George Pace, containing Chapters 1-121, 124, 128 and 130 (of 141 chapters), together with associated notes and correspondence. Dr. Pace (1881-1953), was Reader in Divinity in the University of Durham and Vice-Master of Hatfield College. The translation was unfinished at the time of his death.
The manuscript translation (294 p), lacks chapter 15, and has two versions of chapter 93, one complete, the other clearly later and more polished, but incomplete. Bound typescript of the translation (includes two versions of chapter 15, one clearly later and more polished, and two of chapter 93, one incomplete, as in the manuscript (377 p in 2 volumes; chapters 1-65, and chapters 66-121, 124, 128, 130). Also notes by Pace on difficult points in the translation of Chapter 15 (3 p), on Reginald of Durham (4 p), and on Durham Cathedral monastery, Saint Cuthbert, and Reginald (headed “Aycliffe - Boys” apparently for a talk to Aycliffe Approved School for young offenders, of which Pace was chairman).
1 box
Presented by Bertram Colgrave, 1962 (accession Misc.1998/99:3).
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library Add Ms 221.
Add.MS.1721   1887
Account book, printed by Christie Malcolm & Co, for the Royal Jubilee Exhibition at Newcastle upon Tyne, 1887. Records for each day all the categories of visitors, their activities and the money taken between 10 May and 29 October 1887. The event commemorated the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria and was held on the Town Moor in the area known from then on as Exhibition Park.
1 vol.
Size: 48 x 33 cm
Provenance unknown (accession Misc.2009/10:104).
Add.MS.1722   [ca. 1240]
Language:   Latin
Charter of William son of Walter of Ludworth, granting to his uncle William all the land in the vill of Ludworth, previously held of Walter, for the two silver marks the nephew had from the uncle “in my great need” and for an annual payment of one pound of pepper on St. Cuthbert's day in September (4th). Witnessed by the sheriff - Reginald de Ganant, Geoffrey son of Richard, William son of Thomas, Jordan Escodland, Roger de Audri, Thomas de Mundevilla, Simon de Hancor, Ranulf de Fillebory, William de Latimer, Radulf de Audri, William de Witewelle, Walter de Cadamo, William son of William de Hessewelle, William son of Wido, et multis alii.
Size: 13 x 19 cm
Seal: on parchment tag; equestrian seal of William on brown wax, G&B 1645
Purchased Bernard Halliday, catalogue 281, no.747, 1961 (accession Misc.1961:8).
See also DCD 2.8.Spec.6 & 7, and Greenwell deeds for charters relating to William.
Add.MS.1723   12 January 1409/10
Language:   Latin
Pardon of alienation granted by Thomas Langley, bishop of Durham, to John of Pytyngton, priest, for having granted to Alice widow of Thomas Mennevyle the manor of Ludworth, Co. Durham. With various later notes on back.
Size: 14 x 33 cm
Seal: on parchment tag; Thomas Langley's great seal in chancery G&B 3149, about half of both sides surviving
Purchased Hodgsons 28 July 1965, lot 837 (accession Misc.1965:7).
Add.MS.1724   24 February 1551
Illuminated grant of arms issued by William Hervye, Norroy King at Arms, and also signed by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux King at Arms, to Thomas Wytton of London, gent., as a descendant of Ralph Wytton of West Auckland, Co Durham, with additional crest. On the back are various notes (17th/18th century) about Witton and Phillips descendants of Witton.
Size: 36 x 55 cm
Seal: 2 red wax on parchment tags in wooden cases (without lids), one almost entirely decayed.
Purchased W. A. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.2009/10:104).
Add.MS.1725   6 November 1798
Indenture issued by Shute Barrington, bishop of Durham, leasing Fawcett's Close at Shotley Bridge to William Oley, sword maker of Shotley Bridge, for 21 years for 4s. p.a.
Parchment   1 m
Seal: fragments of papered seal of bishopric
Purchased from R. V. Sowers, California, cat. 78, item 246, 1968 (accession Misc.1968:1).
Add.MS.1726   5 March 1608
(1) Sir John Watts, alderman of London
(1) Paul Bayning esq. of London
(1) Thomas Alabaster, merchant, of London
(2) Samuel Saunderson, gent, of Brancepeth
Indenture between (1) and (2), granting to (2) lands in the lordship of Brancepeth around Quarrell Hill and giving the descent of title to those lands at length. With endorsements.
Parchment   2 m
Seal: 3 red wax, on parchment tags
Donated by W. Myers, 1972 (accession Misc.1972:2).
Add.MS.1727   1833
Language:   Latin
Patent of invention granted to William Lloyd Wharton of Dryburn, Durham for “Certain Improvements in Steam Engines for Raising or Forcing Water”. Granted at St James's, 11 January 1833, and sealed at Edinburgh, 21 February 1833
Parchment   6p on 2m
Seal: large red wax royal seal on silk tag (16 cm diameter)
Provenance uncertain; perhaps related to the Wharton Papers (accession Misc.2002/3:9).
Add.MS.1728   1 November 1544
Letters patent from Henry VIII granting to John Hilton and Isabella, his wife, land in Cocken known as the Grange formerly belonging to Durham Priory for £179 8s. Dated at Ampthill; signed? “Southwell” and “Cupp” and “coram Ricardo Hochonson auditor”. The large first line of text includes ink drawings of Henry VIII enthroned and his heraldic devices.
Size: 46 x 79 cm
Seal: seal missing, plaited green and white cords survive
Purchased from Maggs, 1973 (accession Misc.1973:10).
Add.MS.1729/1-8   1361-1666
Forcer deeds. Documents relating to property held by the Forcer family in Kelloe and Harberhouse.
Purchased from J. Shotton, 1968 (accession Misc.1968:4).
These documents were lent to the Dept. of Palaeography and Diplomatic by Mr G. Hall in October 1959 (via Prof. Thacker). Their relation to the Forcer documents deposited in DCRO from St Cuthbert's Presbytery, Durham is not clear, although part of that collection had made its way into the Greenwell Collection now at Newcastle Central Library.
DCRO D/Fo Forcer family (catalogue available online)
Add.MS.1729/1   [ ] 1361
Conveyance by John, son and heir of William de Newsome, to John of Barnard Castle, chaplain and Simon de Newton, of land in Durham, with witnesses.
Parchment   1m
Seal: parchment tag only
Add.MS.1729/2   15 November 1384
Letters patent of John Fordham, bishop of Durham, pardoning John Fossour for purchasing from John de Neville, lord of Raby (tenant in chief of the bishop) a third part of Great Kelloe without licence from the bishop.
Size: 9 x 29 cm
Seal: on parchment tag; fragment of both sides of Fordham's great seal in chancery G&B 3142
Add.MS.1729/3   [ca. 1432]
Contemporary copy of the inquisition post mortem on John Fossour senior held at Durham Monday 4 September 1432 before Robert Eure, escheator. He held property in Great Kelloe, Plawsworth and the manor of Broom, near Aldingrange and his heir was his son John, aged 24 and more.
Parchment   1m
Add.MS.1729/4   4 December 1547
Indenture reciting that Thomas Forsour of Kelloe has conveyed all his property in Co Durham (with two exceptions: a water mill in Kelloe and “the house on the hill”) to Thomas Trollop, gent, of Thornley, William Lawson, gent and John Lassellez, merchant, and recording that they have granted it to him for life, and then to John Forsour, his son and heir.
Parchment   1m
Seal: parchment tag only
Add.MS.1729/5   8 December 1577
Indenture of bargain and sale of property in Broom by John Forcer of Harberhouse to Mark Grynwell of Ushaw.
Size: 33 x 40 cm
Seal: fleur de lys in red wax, on parchment tag
Add.MS.1729/6   [ca. 1577]
Copy of inquisition, taken at Durham 16 June 1593, certifying that Thomas Forcer holds property in Harberhouse, Great Kelloe etc. for the term of his life.
Paper   4f
Add.MS.1729/7   [ca. 1620]
Quittance for payment to the Exchequer of £15 by Sir William Constable, rent for property in Great Kelloe and St Helen Auckalnd for the year Michaelmas 1618 - 1619.
Parchment   1m
Add.MS.1729/8   16 August 1666
(1) Sir John Swinburne, bart.
(1) John Kennet, esq.
(1) William Swinburne, esq.
(2) George Forcer, esq.
(2) Isabella, his wife
Indenture of fine made at the Durham Assizes between the querents (1) and deforciants (2) whereby property in Harberhouse and Kelloe is granted by (2) to Sir John Swinburne, John Kennet and Richard Swinburne, and the heirs of Sir John Swinburne.
Parchment   1m
Add.MS.1730   29 June 1886
Certificate for the admission of Joseph Pearce Budgett Wills by the University of Durham to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
With a letter of 21 August 1973 from Major J.P. Robertson, his grandson, sending the certificate to [the registrar].
Parchment, 1m
Seal: attached papered seal
Given in August 1973, (Misc.2009/10:110).
Add.MS.1731   1964-1965
Language:  English; some German and French
Memoirs of Robert Staveley Boumphrey (1916-1991), covering the years 1916-1964.
An account of his family (including a genealogy of his descent from the house of Charlemagne), based in Liverpool, at Pembroke College Oxford (1934-7), holidays in Lake District, visits to Germany, tour of Europe (1937-8) to learn French and German, looking for work, and the build up towards war. Working for the Colonial Service in the Audit Department in Nigeria (November 1939 - May 1943; on leave in England October 1941 - January 1942 via Freetown); visits to Lake District; working in London 1943-47; transfer to the Falkland Islands as Auditor (May 1947 - June 1950); on leave in England (July 1950 - January 1951); Senior Auditor in the Audit Department, Malaya (February 1951 - February 1955); on leave in England (December 1953 - May 1954); Senior Auditor in the Audit Department, Singapore (February 1955 - January 1959); on leave in England (August 1956 - January 1957; July - August 1958); Bursar, Godolphin School, Salisbury January 1959 - May 1960; Finance Officer, University of Durham (May 1960 - October 1963); Finance Officer, University of Lancaster (October 1963 - ).
illustrated throughout with typescript copies of documents, extensive quotations from books read, an article “The Falkland Islands in 1949” by J. M. Thomas with assistance of RSB; “Place-names of the Falkland Islands”, by RSB; “The early history of Postgate Farm”, Glaisdale, by G.R. Stainthorpe.
1,324f, bound in 3v
Presented by the author (Misc.1965:4)
Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House. MSS Brit Emp s 449 (RSB's journals, correspondence etc.).
Add.MS.1732   1968 - 2008
Programmes for concerts and plays in and around Durham collected by John Lumsden, librarian in Durham University Library, member of University College (Castle) Senior Common Room and resident of Durham.
30 leaflets/booklets
Given by John Lumsden 7 April 2010, (Misc.2009/10:141).
Add.MS.1732/1   20 October - 17 November 1968
Programme for the Durham Music Festival, featuring 7 concerts.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/2   6 November 1968
Programme for a Durham Music Festival organ recital in Durham Cathedral by Noel Rawsthorne, performing works by Krebs, Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, Messiaen, Howells and Vierne.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/3   [1969]
Programme for a concert by the Durham Consort of Voices, performing works by Anon, des Prés, Schütz, Blow, Lasso, Ruffo, Vecchi, Cornysh, Aloisi, Dunstable and Dufay.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/4   19 October - 16 November 1969
Programme for the Durham Music Festival, featuring 9 concerts.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/5   24 October 1969
Programme for a Durham Music Festival concert in Durham School Chapel: London Trombone Quartet with Francis Jackson, organ, playing works by Speer, Schein, Jarzebski, J.S. Bach, Premru, Liszt, Elton, Duruflé and Gow.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/6   9 November 1969
Programme for a Durham Music Festival concert in Durham Technical College, Framwellgate Moor: Gina Bachauer, piano, playing works by Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann and Brahms.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/7   25 November 1970
Early English Church Music concert in Durham Cathedral Chapter house, with works by Taverner, Whyte and Tallis.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/8   31 October 1973
Programme for a Durham Music Festival organ recital in Durham Cathedral by George Thalben-Ball performing works by Cook, Couperin, J.B. Bach, J.S. Bach, Peeters, Karg-Elert, Elmore, Thalben-Ball, Yon and Dupré
Paper leaflet, 3f
Add.MS.1732/9   19 October 1974
Programme for a Durham Music Festival concert in Durham Cathedral by the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus, performing Haydn's The Creation.
Paper leaflet, 8f
Add.MS.1732/10   23 October 1974
Programme for a Durham Music Festival organ recital in Durham Cathedral by Lionel Rogg, performing works by Pachelbel, Couperin, J.S. Bach, Franck and Liszt.
Paper leaflet, 3f
Add.MS.1732/11   17 May 1975
Programme for a Church Music concert in Durham School Chapel, with works by Buxtehude, Monteverdi, Bruhns, Rovetta, Rigatti, Obrecht and Michl.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/12   21 June 1975
Programme for Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, by the Durham City and University Choir, in Maiden Castle Hall.
Paper leaflet, 7f
Add.MS.1732/13   29 October 1975
Programme for a Durham Music Festival organ recital in Durham Cathedral by Jennifer Bate, performing works by J.S. Bach, Brahms, Liszt, Roger-Ducasse and Langlais.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/14   7 August 1979
Programme for a concert of music from Singapore, [part of the Oriental Music Festival].
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/15   27 January 1983
Programme for a recording of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/16   [March 1983]
Programme for New College Light Opera Group's Yeoman of the Guard by Gilbert and Sullivan, including photos of those involved and information about the group.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/17   23-29 July [1984]
Programme for Durham City Exchange's production of Noel Coward's Private Lives in the Assembly Rooms.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/18   [1985]
Programme for Bloody Hill Theatre Company's performance of Julian Mitchell's Another Country.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/19   26/29 April 1986
Programme for the performance by The St James's Group of Newcastle of Duruflé's Requiem, with organ and choral works by Howells, Parry and Vierne, conducted by Michael Dutton, in Jesmond St George's church and Cullercoats St George's church.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/20   7 March [?1987]
Programme for an evening of Moody and Sankey hymns at Elvet Methodist Church, accompanied by organ, choir and the Muker Silver Prize Band, conducted by Duncan Bythell, introduced by Reg Ward.
Paper booklet, 16p, in card covers
Add.MS.1732/21   3 July 1987
Programme for the Florrie Wilson Memorial Concert in Neville's Cross Hall, New College, by the Durham Sinfonia, conductor Malcolm Layfield, performing works by Elgar, Mozart and Schubert.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/22   August [1987]
Programme for Durham Theatre Company's The Mysteries, as edited by Laurence Sach, performed in Durham Cathedral.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/23   26 August 1987
Programme for an organ recital in Durham Cathedral by Miles Quick playing works by Mendlessohn, Franck, Hindemith and Elgar.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/24   23 May 1990
Progamme for an organ recital in Durham Cathedral by Michael Holdsworth playing works by Buxtehude, Vivaldi, Franck, Duruflé, Alain and Langlais.
Paper leaflet, 1f
Add.MS.1732/25   [August 1990]
Programme for Durham Theatre Company's The Mysteries, as edited by Laurence Sach, performed in Durham Cathedral.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/26   3-7 March 1998
Programme for City of Durham (New College) Light Opera Group's production of The Sorcerer at Framwellgate Moor Comprehensive School.
Paper leaflet, 12p
Add.MS.1732/27   [?2007]
Programme for a performance of Liszt's Via Crucis, conducted by Rob Howe.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Add.MS.1732/28   30 October 2007
Service paper for The Feast of the Douai Martyrs, led by Rt Rev John Hine, auxiliary bishop of Southwark, at Ushaw College.
Paper leaflet, 6f
Add.MS.1732/29   3 May 2008
Programme for the Durham Singers concert , director Julian Wright, at Ushaw College, singing music by Palestrina, Lassus, Guerrero, Grieg, Bruckner, Vierne, Duruflé, Tallis and Vaughan Williams.
Paper leaflet, 2f
Add.MS.1732/30   17 May 2008
Programme for a Palatinate Voices concert, conducted by Keith Wright with Philip Watson (percussion), at Ushaw College, performing works by Guerrero, Victoria, Tippett and T.C. Harrison, with a catalogue of an exhibition of sculpture by Fenwick Lawson.
Paper leaflet, 10f
Add.MS.1733   1835-1865
Letters of Catherine Temple Pears (1828-1866), the daughter of Temple Chevallier (1794-1873, professor of Astronomy and registrar at Durham University), and the wife of Steuart Adolphus Pears (1815-1875), assistant master at Harrow then headmaster of Repton School from 1854. Most of the letters are to her sister, Alicia Temple Knight (1830-1910), but there are also quantities to her father Temple Chevallier, her mother Catherine Chevallier (d1858) and her eldest son Henry Temple Pears (b1848). The topics mainly cover the weather, their family and social life, holidays, her own health and that of her children (Henry, Steuart (d1854), Katie, Alicia, Hugh and “Baby” [Eleanor]), and their upbringing, education (especially Henry who was sent away early), clothing and visits of and to other members of the Chevallier and Pears families. She does also report on school life (initially Harrow, but mostly Repton), the activities and ailments of the boys, Speech Days, masters (especially Mr Messiter and Mr Latham at Repton), the building of the new school chapel at Repton, her husband's preaching, his indecision over whether or not to apply for the Harrow headmastership, and her own other activities in the village of Repton.
Paper file
Photocopy of a typescript transcript loaned by Mrs Sarah Hall in December 1991 (Misc.2009/10:144).
Memoirs of her younger sister Alicia are Add Ms 1786.
Correspondence of their father Temple Chevallier is Add Ms 837.
f.293   24 January 1835
To her father [Temple Chevallier].
Sorry he is away, she will invite William Parry.
f.293   [6 February 1835]
To her father [Temple Chevallier].
Thank you for the book.
f.294-298   4 January [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Glad to receive her letters and appreciates her efforts to writ; they have had lots of food given them so they have needed help eating it; they had a good visit to Windlesham and did not quarrel with Mr James; they visited Windsor and Eton, and Mr and Mrs Steuart; she discusses the “oddness and lowness of spirits” of Hodder [their nanny] and her fitness to be with children; SAP's possible position at Lichfield and the costs of educating his nephews; the poor health of M. who should go to Bombay; she dreads visiting Mrs Cunningham after the death of her child; she enjoys Alicia's notes which remind her of Durham; she is making slippers for Mrs Wise who is sadly leaving Harrow; the return of the boys and term is hard work; Mr Westcott is married; there are now two services at the New National Schoolroom.
f.298-300   10 January [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
The question of a position at Lichfield for SAP is, though refused, open again after discussions with Mr Cunningham and Dr Vaughan, she outlines the relative merits of Harrow and Lichfield, especially financial; she wishes she would visit (for her teeth), and also their father.
f.301-303   11 January [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister[-in-law] Mary.
Grateful for the offer re Henry as Wilcot suits him, but she needs Mary home; other family new; she asks to borrow a portrait of a little boy as an exemplar for Mrs Cunningham's proposed portrait of her late child, (SAP adds he is in a quandry over the offer of Lichfield Hill, and he discusses children's expenses); she discusses clothes and transport arrangements.
f.303-304   11 January [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Needs Mrs Dwarris's address, and Aunt Keen's, and some signatures for her paper to American ladies about giving up slavery, and some pennies to support Mrs Beecher Stowe, being prosecuted by an American divine; Miss Westfield's drawings will be sold.
f.304-308   19 January 1853
At Harrow, to her sister[-in-law] Minnie.
Sorry to hear of her ill-health and needing to go to Bombay alone; Bellina has neuralgia pains in her neck; her [son] Henry stays at Wilcot as Harrow does not suit him; she discusses her other children Steuart and Catherine, and SAP's refusal of the offer of principal of a projected college at Lichfield which may be offered to him again and which might help him escape the trials of the boys and his health; his grandfather [James Pears] is not well; [Harrow] school reports of [?Minnie's son] Moyle who is not good at writing letters; CTP's birthday present for him of a paint box; reports of the set-up at Windlesham.
f.308-310   29 January [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Discusses Roman Catholics, Esh is “a sad place now” with her father's house there “in the middle of a nest of hornets”; she discusses Alicia's possible visit and the inconvenience of Tollemache being there; she has a higher opinion of Hodder now after hearing of her family background; what to do with a bonnet.
f.310-311   2 February [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Concerned at her health; sad news of Mrs Dwarries not having long to live; she forwards a similarly sad letter from Mrs Howard; she is concerned at Moyle who has been lying and needs his father; SAP has a horse to ride from his brother James,
f.311-312   9 February [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Discusses handkerchiefs; reports their visit to Apsley House and the duke of Wellington's effects; it is good advice to do what you like best; she is going to her District, making night shirts from calico.
f.313-315   21 February [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Grateful for her mother's letters, [her sister] Alicia not so good at writing; she is in bed with a cold; she discusses her children's walking and footwear; many have colds; news of Miss Stewart of Templetrine now at Kinsale, dicusses items for the nursery; settled with Mrs Mannering; reading Charles Meredith; she wants to pass on some muslin gowns; Mrs Wynne admires Alicia.
f.315-316   24 February [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Still ill, grateful for letters from her and Martin, but criticises her writing's letter forms; sorry for Miss Browne; no news of the Dwarris's; sorry to miss their father's lecture; urges her not to work so hard,
f.317-318   26 February [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
News of Uncle Edgcumbe's death; she is looking forward to their father's visit; sorry about the overweight letter; colds; letter from Mr Dwarris; discusses horses being ridden by SAP.
f.318-320   2 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Her letters cured her toothache; discusses Grandpa [James Pear]'s funeral and the sorting of his effects by his daughter Minny Wilson, his executors SAP and his brother Arnold who had been left Windlesham House to be kept by their brother James as a school; her cold is improving; she is making up a basket for the sister of Sir William Newton, a poor decayed gentlewoman.
f.320-322   March [1853]
(First page missing), to her sister [?Alicia].
Did she receive a portrait, discusses the Calvinistic doctrine of perseverance, , wants her there, to read to her and SAP who cannot read by candlelight, reading Stephen's Essays despite her dislike for the man, making night shirts, willl be sorry if Mrs Wynne leaves Harrow as her daughter Lucy has to be away in Bath, the Stewarts are also leaving Harrow for health reasons, Mrs Clayton is going north fo rthe holidays and could travel back with Alicia, graetfuk for their mother's bracelets, Mrs Goodman's Henry is well, some astronomical queries.
f.322-324   3 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Preparations for their father's visit, she is well, discusses her children, Mr Hewlett tot ake a partner, the Stewarts are leaving Harrow, will send books, her son Steuart very apologetic over breaking her finest hyacinth.
f.324-326   4 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister A[licia].
Reports thier father's visit; she now has toothache; grateful for her parcel; their father had a letter form Mr Wilson; she would like her or their mother to look after her; her son Steaurt is looking forward to spending his money from his grandfather at Kitty Page's Emporium.
f.326-327   7 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia (last page missing).
Reports of Mrs Dwarris's death, and fears for Mr Dwarris; the age of Baby Brooksbanks; her health; Mr Palmer's wife; looking after Thomas; arrangements with the new cook.
f.328-329   11 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia (last page missing).
Health and her toothache; discusses her visiting with Mrs Clayton, her confinement and arrangements with Mrs Mannering.
f.329-331   21 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Children's health and the need to watch them at night after leeches on Steuart prescribed by Mr Hewlett; dreamt of Alicia; her son Henry cannot now come home to avoid catching the cold.
f.331-332   22 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Her son Steuart is better; several children dead from bronchitis; preparing for visitors.
f.332-333   24 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Health of her children and herself, and her sleeping; possible visit by Alicia; Mrs T. Pears not now to visit; her hopes for her son Henry's visit; Mr Shields may bring news from Durham.
f.334-337   28 March [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia.
Gives opinions on arrangements for Charles looking after their cousins and their education; Alicia must not visit as their mother needs her more, sympathises with her; reports the visit of Bellina and her children, visits also of Mr Shields and Mrs Goodman; her health.
f.337-338   7 April [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia (last page missing).
Discusses the health of her son Steuart, and her own health; reports on Bellina's visit; now gone to Lady Lees at Ryde with SAP; suggestions for the names of the impending child.
f.338-339   25 October [1853]
At Harrow, to her sister[-in-law] Mary.
SAP concerned about the ship business, the sacks were dispatched; baby's head is distressing to look at.
f.339-340   [December 1853]
To her sister Alicia, part also by SAP.
Sorry to hear of Sophy's suffering; busy distributing blankets in the DIstrict; visits by George Chevallier and Mr Adams; Bellina to be seen off at Southampto;, needs her advice on his study table being made by Ralph Robinson.
f.340-341   13 April 1854
From Henry Temple Pears (CTP's son) at Esh, to his father [SAP].
Reports on his train journey with his mother, had some biscuits, lost his pencil, meal at York, fell asleep, changed trains at Belmont, wanted to go in the omnibus rather than in his grandfather's carriage at Durham, arrival at Esh, missing his brother and sisters.
f.342   28 April 1854
At Durham, to [her son] Steuart Pears.
Sending him a picture of butterflies for his birthday; he is to love his sisters, and Jesus even more.
f.342a-343   16 May [1854]
At Harrow, to her sister Alicia (last page missing).
Dr Whewell wrote The Plurality of Worlds; her son Henry is being naughty in his lesson;, her son Steuart is not well; she goes to her District; she hopes to hear the Cologne Singers in London; wants a bonnet.
f.343   [June or July 1854]
[At Harrow, to her sister Alicia (first page missing).]
A caravan of pedlars called, and Mr Bowen attended to a child of theirs with cholera; will her gowns fit; all well at Mhow; query re hyacinths.
f.344   [1854]
To her sister Alicia.
Will not meet her London as she must take care of her health; Mrs Wynne said only Dr Kidd could sort out her husband, or Dr Watson could help.
f.344-347   29 November [1854]
At Repton, to Mary.
Details the death of her son [Steuart] this morning, despite two physicians, leeches and mustard poultices, and her reaction to it.
f.347-349   4 December [1854]
At Repton, to Mrs Westcott.
Grateful for her kindess and reflects on [her son Steuart's] character, how he bore his illness, and his last moments; he is to be buried tomorrow.
f.350-352   5 December [1854]
At Repton, to her mother [Catherine Chevallier].
Describes [her son Steuart's] funeral; Mr Hutton has been looking after the [school]boys; Mr Bunting is quite distressed by the loss; she is thinking of adopting Mary Queen of Scots's motto re the liquorice tree; Mary Anne's report of his last moments; arrangements for the visit of Mrs Wyatt; is there any more scarlatina?
f.352   18 January 1855
At Nocton, to [her son] Henry.
Letter for his birthday; his Aunt Alicia will give him a present about Christian on his journey which she might read to him, and perhaps teach him to eat with a knife and fork now he is six; she and SAP had a cold journey in the snow.
f.353-355   19 February [1855]
At Repton, to her mother [Catherine Temple].
Thinks the living “seems a desirable little thing” , discusses the financial implications; SAP much improved with “good encouragment regarding future boys”, the chaplain to the bishop of Manchester wants to move his two boys to Repton from Rossall; they are taking on Giles's brother for house and garden work; she now has two masters to feed; Major Pears is coming home but she is not sure if he will take his son Moyl into his car; she cites some sayings of [her son] Henry, including mentioning his late brother Steuart; it was Mr Marshall who travelled with A[licia] alone in the railway carriage from Repton to Durham; considers Mr Knight's prospects in the Church.
f.356   1 April [1855]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She will write to the Nurse whom she has not heard of; she thinks Mr Hewlett should prescribe for her health; Mrs Twigg did well by cod live oil, which can be disguised by meals in cold coffee, as she now gives her children; she is going to Derby; her concert is tomorrow.
f.357   18 July 1855
At Repton, to [her son Henry].
Grateful for his present and glad he is doing well at Nocton; describes activities of animals and his sisters, and the stuffing of birds; Mr and Mrs Messiter are home; they are going to Esh; and getting some ducks.
f.358-359   9 April [1856]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Delighted at the news of her impending child; she must prepare its clothes herself; grateful for her pictures and hopes she might illustrate Major Pears's proposed volume of Indian letters; Eliza Wise won't do; avoid long walks ie too much exercise, and follow her own feelings.
f.359-363   24 July 1856
At Innsbruck, to M.A.G. (part written by SAP and part by CTP)
Describing their travels through North Italy, enjoyed being on the water at Venice but not the smell, then by train to Comgliano and to an inn at Tai di Cadora, over the Ampezzo pass, into Austria to Mittewald but had lost a portmanteau on the way, delighted by the Tyrol and Innsbruck so handsome, then will go on to Cologne where they are hoping for letters, Ostend and home, to an appointment with Mr Rogers, they may stay with Mr Cunnigham, description of Innsbruck, on to Augsburg, found that Arnold [Pears] had been this way; gives instructions for others to see the letter.
f.364-366   14 November [1856]
At Harrow, to [her son] Henry.
Describing a visit to Mr Gimwade's Sheepcote Farm where he makes dried milk for export, describes the process, supplying the army, he now has a patent; she has been revisiting where they used to live; sends love to Miss Martin and family; [Harrow] chapel is beautiful with the aisle still under construction.
f.366-367   [November 1856]
[To SAP] (first page missing).
Plans for the week; tell Henry about his new cousin, probably to be called Alice; talk to Mary and Eliza and sort out their differences; new shaving brush and soap.
f.367-368   30 November [1856]
At Harrow, to SAP.
Mr R[obert] Bickersteth is the new bishop of Ripon; she is not happy with Dr Vaughan's sermon nor the man himself with his “rough corners sticking out”; she is looking forward to seeing him again; Alicia is improving.
f.368-369   [1857]
To [her sister] Al[icia]
She must decide about Mr Rogers but is keen to avoid the journey and expense; discusses her stamps debt; please send H[enry]'s missionary box if she does not come; her stays have come from London; Miss M is going to Paris.
f.369-370   11 November [1857]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia (last page missing).
Bill for sacks of potatoes; she likes the Colonel, he is good with children; she is getting on with Hugh; SAP and his brother Thomas [Townsend Pears] have gone to the tedious annual Audit dinner in the Mitre.
f.371-373   5 April 1858
At Durham, to Revd John Edmunds.
Her mother [Catherine Chevallier] is near to death, probably brought on by the cold of her last visit to Repton to see the children when her sister Alicia and her family came as well, so CTP has now come to Durham to look after their mother with Alicia; she discusses their mother's calm attitude to approaching death.
f.374   [9 April 1858]
To [her son] Henry.
Likes his mats and letter; reports his grandmother [Catherine Chevallier]'s death; she is tired.
f.374-375   13 April 1858
At Durham.
A prayer to the Almighty Father, confessing her faults, seeking foregiveness, asking for His support against sin and for her family.
f.375-376   7 September [1858]
At Repton, to [her son] Henry.
Hopes the parcel has reached Nocton and that it satisfies; she is not sure why he wants his keys; she would like another letter from him; Minny has gone to Collingwood; Aunt Mary's new church at Oare is to be consecrate;, his grandfather has returned to Esh where he will now be lonely; the engraving of his grandfather's picture will take a long tim;, she has to take the children to tea at the National School where two balloons are to be sent up.
f.376-377   1 October [1858]
At Repton, to [her son] Henry.
She has sent his boots containing lots of nails; tell Mrs Wilson that Minny is better; his sisters were pleased with his letter; he must keep working at his writing; she was fascinated by looking at little creatures in a drop of water under the microscope; does he want his Child's Companion numbers; his youngest sister is progressing well; look at the comet.
f.378-380   7 October [1858]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Discusses the colliery [disaster], and she is glad that so many were rescued; his chapter on Isaiah is remarkable; she had been burning old letters including one from a Mrs Brock, whose husband had just now been to see SAP about his boy coming to the school, and also about a former servant who had just now called; she is undecided about going to Callingwood for her godchild Margaret's birthday; describes her youngest daughter's behaviour re nursery rhymes; Hugh “is always a considerate little boy” bringing her a toy in bed; asks him to send on her sister Alicia's letters to him.
f.380-383   9 October [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She enjoyed her long journal; she is expecting Col and Mrs T.T.P. Goodman and Alice; she must visit dowager Lady Crewe at Calke whose two sons in India SAP has commended to his brother Arnold there; sad to be finished weaning her baby; glad Minny is leaving with all her ailments; Miss Somers will look after and teach her children; discusses possible purchases of cloaks; she will send for patterns from Inverness through Mrs Mackenzie; she wants her opinion on degrees of mourning to be worn and when they should change; Col Pears speaks well of Dora Elliott; William King died in India.
f.383-385   13 October 1858
At Repton, to [her son] Henry.
Describes her expedition to Matlock with SAP walking there with the [school]boys, tea there, the boys went scrambling to the caves, SAP read old letters in the evening, sad to be reminded of his late brother Steuart, enjoyed walking in the grounds of Mr Arkwright, then took the train to Rowsley.
f.385-388   14 October [1858]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Describes the expedition of herself, SAP and the [school]boys to Matlock, grand tea, SAP read letters in the evening from 1851 and 1852, staying at the Temple Hotel, Matlock looking lovely, next day visited Chatsworth, gives her opinions of the statuary, conservatory and fountains; they found [her daughter] Catherine poorly when they returned home, hopes it is just rose-rash, but she is now improving.
f.388-389   14 October [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Regrets having left [her daughter] Catherine as she had been ill, might be rose-rash, rather like the dreaded scarlatina, though she seems better now; Mr and Mrs Dykes have called, she is not impressed with them.
f.389-390   15 October [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Fears Catherine may have scarlet fever (in French) though she is a delight to nurse; what do they owe her?
f.390-391   16 October [1858]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Catherine is recovering, but Hugh is not well; Mrs Goodman reports well of Henry at Nocton as a good worker; she hopes he will forward this to [her sister] Alicia; her daughter Alicia wants to know how the dollshouse is progressing.
f.391-392   19 October [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Thanks her for the picture and letter to [her daughter] Catherine; Hugh wants a picture now; she is enjoying reading her old letters; discusses work and funding for the [school] chapel heating which is £1000 short; she hopes Miss Knight's brother Charles will visit; she may send the children to Matlock or Durham.
f.392-394   21 October 1858
At Repton, to [her son] Henry.
Describes her visit to Chatsworth, travelling from Matlock by train to Rowlsey and then by omnibus, details of carvings, sculptures, gardens, conservatory, fountains, use of lots of cuttings in the garden, the [school]boys had been to Haddo;, his sister Catherine is better and grateful for the marker he made for her at Filey; she is grateful to Mr Wilson for the apples.
f.395-396   4 [- 5] November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She is grateful for the pamphlet, and recounts Col. Pears's opinion of it that Mission schools should carry out religious education rather than the government; she sends Mrs G[oodman]'s letter but is surprised at her praise for her work; she is going to Callingwood for MAG's birthday; discusses winter plans, shall have to go to Fanny Pears's wedding and must see Mrs Goodman; they ought to be wearing less crape now, but it will be difficult coping without a linsey when it's dirty.
f.396-397   6 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Asks her to interview two cooks for her, whose applications she encloses, details her requirements of them, and she might be prepared to give them dripping if they are good enough.
f.397-399   8 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Sends a Post Office order; she hopes to see Mr Fenn; discusses Book-hawking societies; describes her work on school accounts; and as treasurer of the Clothing Club in Repton, she hopes to get the [Clothing Club] working party going despite the absence of Mrs Messiter who is not enthusiastic; she went to Callingwood with the Messiter children; she hopes Alicia can find a good cook for her, as Mrs Pears at Windlesham is keen to have her present one and she is short of domestic staff.
f.399-410   10 November 1858
At Repton, to Arnold [Pears, her brother-in-law].
She and SAP wish that he was here, as SAP's brother Thomas and Bellina are at Callingwood and they much value all their company; she is keen on an aquarium since her visit to Filey if one can overcome the problems of the creatures dying, “as Mr John Cunnigham said once of some savages at a missionary meeting at Harrow, "Spend their time in killing one another, and eating one another"”, or eating each other, she might get a glass next time she is in Derby as there should be plenty of specimens in the Old Trent, and she describes her earlier attempts with an aquarium in Filey, and the activities of a hermit crab; she has enjoyed the recently bought microscope, having overcome her resentment at its cost, and despite the eye strain, she describes the creatures viewed in jam, and feathers, petals, flies and wasps; they have also been keeping caterpillars, with Dr [Arthur] Hewgill's advice, which have turned into moths, including a Death's Head moth; they have had problems with rose-rash or scarletina with the children, so once they were recovered, she sent them to their grandfather in Durham with their two nurses; they hope to visit Harrow in January, they also hope to see Mary at Penn, and to go to Windlesha;, she describes a tea service they have chosen in a delightful shop at Ashby[-de-la-Zouch] for Fanny [Pears]'s wedding; the [school] chapel is progressing well and he should not take exception to the buttresses, it will be “a great ornament to the village”; there is little illness in the school; Mr Latham's house is nearly full including the incorrigible Durand and Cunliffe boys, the latter is an especially restless creature; she has lots of book bills to do now there are 130 boys in the school, and also lots of work for the Clothing Club, she is also starting a monthly working party [Sale of Work] for the Church Missionary Society, or perhaps the poor, but she is not much encouraged by the ladies in the place; she asks him to tell her which of her three parcels get to him first, addressed to Bombay, Madras and India respectively; she is sorry about [his daughter] Salome's illnesses; and can she tell her about ferns; they are reading Dr Caldwell's lectures with pleasure; [his son] Arnold's reports go to Mary but he is not doing quite so well.
Extracted in: Repton 1557 to 1957, ed B. Thomas (1957), p.52.
f.410-411   10 November [1858]
At Repton, to [her sister] Al[icia].
She is grateful for her help over a new cook as her present one goes to Mrs Pears at Windlesham; Col. [Thomas] Pears has not yet decided about India, he may go out in 1859 if he cannot get a post in England; she is sorry to hear of her cold and hopes they can meet over Christmas, though SAP has promised they will visit Mr Cunningham; Dr V[aughan] has asked SAP to preach at Harrow which she would like to hear; she now has to go to the chemistry lecture at the schoolroom.
f.411-415   11 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Discusses the cook possibilities as they have decided to reject Sarah Machin and Mrs Pears at Windlesham wants theirs, and it is hard to get good people to work from the village, and it is hard to cope without a scullery maid as well, she is amused at [Alicia's husband] Robert's opinion of the cooks; the children are feeling the cold, she discusses their clothing, annoyed at Mr Jepson over thi;, as Mrs Messiter is away, she has been teaching Gertrude - “an uninteresting little creature” - music; she is sending a long letter to Arnold which she might send to her first; she discusses their winter plans, she is not going to be asked to the marriage at Windlesham, and she must go to Mrs Goodman at Penn leaving not much time for Harrow, would they come [to Repton], with their father perhaps as well, they could help with expenses; she is enjoying her cactus flower; she will send her a portrait of the baby if SAP preaches at Harrow, and also [her nephew] A[rnold] C. P[ears]'s letters.
f.415-418   12 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She is grateful for her service over [the cook appointment] but she has her doubts if the person had been poor as does not want her to alienate other servants, so she is glad that the nurse is away at present as she is too forward with her opinion, has one or two more queries about this possible Mrs Turner, and so the woman at Leamington would not be needed on a month's trial after all; reports Dr Vaughan's opinion on SAP's proposed visit to Harrow which she should accompany, along with Henry, though travelling is expensive and they are horridly poor as the chapel will cost £1000 (includes drawings of it); she is going to buy a tea service at Ashby[-de-la-Zouch]; she hopes Alicia can visit this winter to keep in touch with the children who will not “ever be attractive to strangers”; her son Henry thinks females ought to learn languages as well as parsons; Smith Minor nearly had his arm broken at football, another nearly knocked a tooth out.
f.418-420   16 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Thinks she is now bound to take Mrs Turner [as cook] though it is not right to take a married woman with a husband still living, though Mrs Coe might still be possible, she discusses testimonials, and is grateful to Alicia for seeing so many and writing so much; can she do a sketch for the inscription of the tomb of Mr Dyer's sister put up by Mr Westcott; a cold wind so she has done lots of writing of letters and book bills; outlines the Christmas plans.
f.421   17 November [1858]
At Repton, to her son Henry.
Reminds him of his father's birthday soon when he ought to write a letter; his grandfather seems to be getting on well with “the small people” at Durham; describes the antics of [the horse] Donald; she expects his Uncle Thomas [Pears]; she is busy with her accounts.
f.422   19 [November 1858]
At Repton, to [her sister] Al[icia].
No answer from Mrs Coe so she has written again, and to Mrs Turner forestalling her, and otherwise they are coping with Georgina the kitchenmaid who might well do though not yet 20.
f.422-423   22 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Mrs Turner is not to be the cook, so is the Morning Post cook still available; she has been interrupted; read the birthday letters; Mrs Wynne and Harry have come; Miss Turner is here; she has done her bills.
f.423-424   23 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She now has problems with Mrs Turner claiming that she has been taken on; Mrs Wynne never appeared; she is sorry Uncle Charles is dead though she scarcely knew him, and where will [his widow] Henrietta live; the Clothing Club accounts take up a lot of her time; the many sick boys also take a lot of time; there has been lots of skating on the frozen pond.
f.424-425   25 November [1858]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia.
Grateful for her journal, especially Mr Farrar's lecture, but he is all wrong; please return Minny's opinion on Robertson's sermons; Mr Fenn did not com;, SAP agrees re G. Hills; she longs to see [Alicia's] daughter Alice.
f.426-428   27 November [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Sorry to hear of their friend Mrs Bull's death [at Harrow], she recalls their association, that CTP stood up for her, and laments her passing, leaving young children behind; she gives thanks for her own nurse and laments that she might have helped save her son [Steuart]; she feels very sad.
f.428-429   30 November [1838]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She is grateful for her sympathy in her grief as it is the season of the anniversary of her son [Steuart]'s death; she feared for their head boy Smith major but he has survived, helped by a blister on all night; Mrs Howard's sister Miss Wilkinson has visited; discusses a very good leading article in The Times on St Paul's and other cathedrals.
f.430   2 December [1858]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia.
Mrs Messiter is progressing after 15 leeches and blisters behind the ears, with Mr Birch of Barton approving of Dr Hewgill's actions.
f.430-431   6 December [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She now has a good reference for Mrs Bradley; Mrs Messiter is worse, she has calomel, leeches and blisters repeatedly and she has sent to Bretby for ice; their sick boy Smith has now gone home; Mrs Wynne does have a harassing life; she hopes their father will not ask Henrietta Wheelwright (?his sister-in-law) to stay at Durham.
f.431-432   7 December [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Mrs Messiter has inflammation of the brain and has had her head shaved, the treatment “is nearly as dangerous as the disease”, there is danger but also hope; what does she think of Robertson whom Minny likes; the kitchenmaid is ill.
f.432-433   9 December [1858]
At Repton, to her son Henry.
Mrs Messiter is improving, she is sure he would grieve if George [Messiter] lost his mother, but God does nothing without a reason; would he like to meet them at York en route to Durham; his sister Catherine has scorched her cheek with a candle, which is almost as silly as a boy shutting his nose in a door.
f.433-434   9 December [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Discusses plans over Christmas, going to Durham, and Alicia's possible visit, though she is not to bring Alice as they are not having their own children because of the illness about.
f.435-436   9 December [1858]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Supplementary to her last, she apologises for not being grateful about her generous offer to visit, but they must go to Durham, then later Windlesham, Penn and Harrow over Christmas.
f.436   16 December [1858]
To her sister Alicia.
Discusses when [the new cook] Mrs Bradley may start; she is going to Durham tomorrow; her child Alice is forward; discusses problems with her daughters' feet; there is no sign of diptheria [at Repton].
f.437-439   18 December [1858]
At Durham, to her sister Alicia.
A gold chain was found at Esh; Henry had not met them at York so SAP waited there for him whilst she went on to Durham; she is pleased to see her children again whom she discusses, Baby is a delight, Hugh is keen on his needlework, Katie and Alicia are not too spoiled by the lack of lessons; she and SAP have upset stomachs after buns at Normanton; it is strange not to have their mother around, she feels like she would like to write to her; Henry's clothes and appearance need sorting out.
f.439-440   25 December 1858
At Durham, to her sister Alicia.
She will come and look after her if she is unwell which seems likely from her letter; she has not enjoyed Christmas; she heard SAP preach at Elvet church; the Wilkinsons of Mount Oswald were there but have lost their eldest daughter Sophia; Mrs Lloyd; Miss Beaufort is staying with Mrs Tristram; her children need some disciplining, “Alicia is sharp enough to run through one”; she saw Mrs Browne.
f.440-443   [c.October 1858]
To [?her father Temple Chevallier] (first and last pages missing).
Report from Miss Wood of a friend who slipped on orange peel, hurt her knee and has had to give up her pupils except for two, so she has sent some food and clothes; discusses the working practices of clergy, and the number of services they conduct; Mr King's letter angered her; she copies part of a letter from Mrs Goodman about [her son] Henry; Bellina and some family will visit in the holidays; Miss Wood is ill; she is not to let Signor Puisuti choose her pianoforte, she will help as they got a very good one from Broadwood's; she is not quite sure she understands the equation of time; explains the situation about the stamps involving Moyle and Giles; Martin is much better off at his present school.
f.443-444   [early 1858]
To [her sister Alicia] (first page missing).
She must go out; she has had a beautiful black silk cloak lined and quilted; she is reading Whewell's Bridgewater Treatise for the first time.
f.444   [1858 x 1859]
To [her sister] Alicia (?pages missing).
The Callingwoods have visited; discusses her shortage of domestic staff.
f.445   [?1858 x 1859]
To [her sister Alicia] (first page missing).
Mrs Goodman may join her in the outing; she asks [Alicia] to go and see [Bellina Pears] at Portland Place as she is not well with heart problems and has to be away from the concerns of home; SAP is waiting so she cannot write more, please write.
f.446-447   [c.1858]
To [her father Temple Chevallier] (first page missing).
Reports the rather sudden death of one of the school's tailors, she has sent some black things to his widow, who is much loved by all, to help her with her mourning; Mary Anne King writes of enjoying his visits; do not forget her question about the British Association.
f.448-449   [January 1859]
[To her sister Alicia] (first page and end missing).
Contemplating her possible trip to Harrow and London with [her son] Henr; SAP is to do two sermons at Ludlow for the Irish Church Missions; Mr Evans will give a lecture for the Institute; she reports quotations of her daughter Alicia; Mrs Messiter does not look much changed; she is visiting a sick man who runs the shop having been at Hampton Court Palace previously; Mrs East's mother is dead.
f.449   [January 1859]
To [her sister] Al[icia].
She will decide tomorrow on her visit, but they will bring both girls so a crib will be needed.
f.449-450   14 January [1859]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia.
Nurse is well so she may go; on the servant, it is a long way albeit not 300 miles, so perhaps she had better not write as it is only for a under-servant, but wages would be £6 all found for the first year; baby has had her gums lanced so perhaps there will be peace at nights.
f.450-451   15 January [1859]
To [her sister] Alicia.
Nurse is not well, describes her condition, the doctor is calling again, so she may not go, but discusses travel possibilites for SAP, Henry and Katie who could go to Mrs Bowman.
f.451-452   18 January 1859
At Harrow, to [her son] Henry.
She is tired but keen to wish him happy birthday and hopes he will now not do silly things and “be a wise sensible manly boy”; the little girls are happy spending the day with Mrs Cunningham and sleeping at Uncle [Robert] Knight's; tell Uncle Tom [Pears] that SAP did not receive his letter before he had left for London, so he will do his commission another day.
f.452-453   2 February [1859]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia.
She will try her “invention for the toes” ; apologises for not writing yesterday but the post time has changed to 4.30[pm]; she has survived the journey; she was upset by a fall of soot; discusses her meal arrangements with the children, she will have breakfast with them but dine in hall; she has had disturbing thoughts on household matters so that she cannot go on much longer with E.; the box was not broken open but the nails fastening the lock were drawn out; Mrs Clarke and baby are doing well; she is grateful for the news about Katie and her “poor savage chick” ; this letter has been written with “a very capital steel pen” given her by C. Cun[ningha]m.
f.453-455   4 February [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Asking her to send her shoes which she left at Harrow to Mr Gundry; she sends letters, papers and receipts; discusses Salome's engagement which would be very good for her “if she gets a good husband and becomes fond of him” ; SAP has sent Mr Hewlett one of his sermons; she is sorry the Grays gave up the norse subscription; please will she return the Cambridge Essays as they are not theirs; she still has a cold.
f.455-457   11 February [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Sorry he has not heard recently but she has been busy, with nurse still helpless and baby ill; baby now improving after suffering with teeth and a stye in the eye though they were worried about convulsions; SAP's eyes are troubling him which depresses him but her father is not to allude to this; SAP is cheered by James Wilson's coming as she has to look after the children so much, though they are improving with daily wine and meat twice a day; she is sorry they will be losing the pleasant neighbours Col Pears from Callingwood to Blackheath; she would love to hear from him and she passes on his letters to her sister Alicia, which is reciprocated; she was amused by the account of the “Cumberland Curate” but he is mistaken about the Pastoral Aid Society which only gives money and does not send men “so Mr. Dingle must bear his own blame himself”; please report any more news of his truant “Medicus” ; his old friend Mr Andrews, whose son is doing well at St John's, has congratulated James Wilson; she enquires after Mr Douglas; Mr Sneyd has been dangerously ill.
f.457-459   17 February [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She has talked to nurse which caused an argument and she had to tell her that it was not good for “the children to witness such tempers”, and she also talked to her about the other matter so her conscience is now clear about parting with her if they do; she hopes Alicia is pelased as well that James Wilson has the maths mastership at Rugby; SAP is ill and still shaky; baby was ill with teeth and a stye, and narrowly escaped having a book case fall on her pulled down by a nurse who helps Bessie.
f.459-460   19 February 1859
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Asks him to send her letters on to [her sister] Alicia; SAP is better but they now have measles in the house which baby will probably get though it is a good time of year; Col Shadwell, not seen for 11 years, comes to stay, now married but his wife cannot come; please show an interesting letter to [her sister] Al[icia] about feeling for the Pretender; she intends to go and see that beautiful picture The Light of the World when it is in Derby next week, she saw it at the exhibition in London and thought it very fine and spiritual, though it has apprently been improved since by the artist, and it will probably be engraved now; baby is getting on well, walking and talking.
f.460-461   3 March [1859]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia.
She apologises for not writing but she has 7 boys with measles, letters to write, and visitors, and Col and Mrs P[ears] with May staying; nurse is going, with her temper and deceit; B[essy] goes as well “not clean ways but kind and good tempered with the children”, so she now needs a “nice nurse” .
f.461-462   3 March [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
She has been busy with boys with measles and her nursery still unsettled; all the children are well though “baby can scarcely escape the measles” ; one of the boys was summoned by telegram to see his little brother, 9 years old, recover from measles but he took ill with a cold and died, “a very sweet boy”, “it makes one dread to see these boys getting about again” .
f.462-464   9 March [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier][.
She has written to Mrs Douglas and would like to hear of Mr Douglas, lamenting the death of the father by cancer, having had a report from Mrs King whose boy Arthur is in their house and has measles and whose father stayed with the Douglases; four boys have now been sent home recovering from measles to avert the risk of cold after measles when they go out; the children are well with Katie “romping and playing about much as usual” , both sending their love, and baby doing well; Mrs Brown writes of an interesting meeting at the town hall recently to hear the bishop of Cape Town; Salome Pears is engaged to “a very excellent and highminded” Lieutenant Marter in the Dragoons in India, but not much money.
f.464   11 March [1859]
At Repton, to her son Henry.
Sending him stamps as he is “so very hard up”; Tom must be a very curious individual to sit on spikes rather than chairs; tell Annie that the story in G.G. is “The Pilgrimage of learning” ; SAP has gone to Derby in the rain; Donald is home tomorrow; Aunt Bellina leaves Callingwood next week.
f.464-468   16 March [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She had to pay excess postage for her packet as she often does; discusses her domestic staff, she is getting a replacement nurse who is now making herself very useful, and if the kitchenmaid goes to the nursery she will need a kitchenmaid, and Mrs G threatens problems in the house department because of E's temper, Susan Beck is rough and very provincial but good-tempered and willing, Mrs Bradley is excellent if not very certain in her cooking; they have paid their last visit to Callingwood but she plans to visit them in Blackheath and see the Crystal Palace, Woolwich etc and Bellina also wants Alicia to come over; she is away in April, [her son] Henry should be home on Easter Monday and the [school] chapel should be consecrated in early May when the neighbourhood will be asked, also to a boys' concert though such public days are rather bores; she has a new gown, “flounced black silk” and needs her opinion on a cloak or shawl; she is not surprised that Minny wants to live at Rugby and leave the dullness of home; SAP is not well with his eyes weak and heart fluttering, and worried about the school going to pieces and the chapel to pay for and “singing all flagging unless he does it himself” , though the chapel should cost just one whole year's savings; Mr Messiter also is not well with his heart so SAP has to go in to school for him; she wants to know why Mrs Holte has not been to see them.
f.468-470   22 March [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
This letter is “all about dress and so concerns none but the ladies”; they have been invited to Lichfield by Archdeacon and Mrs Hill, and to meet the Simpkinsons at lunch, but she has nothing to wear; she discusses Alicia's offer to exchange cloaks and skirt alterations; she hopes they can leave off crepe soon and discusses options instead; she hopes to go to Blackheath and that Alicia will also; 1 June is fixed for [the school chapel] consecration by the bishop; she is glad to think of a new carpet; her packet was overweight; Col Pears has a well recommended upholsterer.
f.470-471   28 March [1859]
Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She hopes Alicia will interview a nurse for her at Harrow, she is sorry to lose her present nurse but she “has very troublesome faults”; she had a nice day at Lichfield where they are expending £30,000 in repairing the cathedral, but she was disappointed in the Sleeping Children; she met Mr and Mrs Simpkinson at Archdeacon Hill's, and discusses her dress from material to be bought at Hanketts; “poor little Mrs S” is pregnant.
f.471-472   9 April [1859]
At Repton, to her sister A[licia].
She is looking forward to seeing her at Blackheath, SAP is “poorly and fagged ... not seen him so bad for a long time” ; she needs back her pair of drawers and also the outdoor pinafores used by Alice for baby; she hopes Alicia can interview the nurse for her on Tuesday.
f.472-473   9 April 1859
At Repton, to her son Henry.
She apologises for not writing sooner but other letters had to be written and “he poor little patient man could wait;” she is looking forward to seeing him much improved, with “no tricks, no bitten nails etc”, attentive at church and reading well; his father is not well; they are going to Blackheath when she hopes to persuade SAP to see a good doctor in London as she is worried about him; today is her birthday and she is sorry not to have a letter from him; it is a year since his grandmother died.
f.473-474   [14 April 1859]
To her sister Alicia.
She is grateful to her for finding a nurse, the present one may well go as a matron to a school for training servants; the children are faint with the heat, 70 in the shade; she is suffering with a cold; busy making out bills; she is taking the children out for a drive as they can hardly walk.
f.474-475   10 May [1859]
At Repton, to her son [Henry].
Glad to hear from Cousin Minny that he works so well; father is better and is sorry he could not do anything to make him happy in his holiday; she is looking for a letter from him, perhaps he could write a bit each day; she has been riding Donald who carries her very well.
f.475-476   14 May 1859
To her son Henry.
Pleased by his letter and promise of a journal so she will look forward to Saturdays, though she warns him that he may find it hard on occasion to do this duty; she describes an outing with the rest of the family to the Knolls with Dyer, flowers, rabbits and birds, and the children chattering as “they felt allowed to talk”; did he leave all his house shoes behind?
f.476-477   17 May [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Asking if he has the two volume French History of France in brown covers by Miss Browne, which she would like for Katie to read; there is a cold east wind; please write, she wrote last; she took Katie and Hugh to Derby to see Wombwell's wild beast show including a lion and elephant, but Alicia is not well; Col Pears is to visit, and looking for work; SAP's eyes are better.
f.477-478   1 June [1859]
At Repton, to [her sister] Alicia (end missing).
She hopes Miss Knight can be put off until mid-June after “all our splash is over” as Mr Selwyn, Mr Claughton, the two preachers, Henry, Minny Wilson and perhaps Col Pears will be staying; she will be sorry not to see her.
f.478   [June 1859]
To [her sister] Alicia.
She has been writing letters all day; baby was ill caused by teeth and the east wind upsetting the liver, but is now better though cross; SAP is writing his sermon; she needs Alicia's approval of her dress.
f.478-479   8 June [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She wants a letter, she has been too busy with invitations to write; she is preparing for [the school chapel consecration] tomorrow, the weather is promising and 300 are expected, and there will be 3 services with Dr Claughton bishop of St Helens in the morning, SAP in the afternoon and Mr Selwyn in the evening; Minny Wilson and Henry came yesterday whom they met at the station; her father may come this evening; Miss Knight visits soon; she is not suited by “these bustling times” .
f.480-481   16 June [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
Discusses plans to go with the Henry and SAP with her to the Lakes for a fortnight, leaving the four younger children at Esh [with their grandfather]; Miss Knight has left, whom Minny Wilson helped to feel at home; Mr French “the Agra man” and his 2 sisters called to see the chapel, both he and SAP looked overworked.
f.481-482   17 June 1859
At Repton, to her son Henry.
It has been quiet since he went; his grandfather and Miss Knight have gone, but cousin Minny stays which helps; they went to the Knolls which was full of holiday people with a fiddle and harp playing; they have been invited to Esh by his grandfather which will be quite as good as the seaside, though the month at Filey was good, and she can finish reading him Tom Brown; she hopes to go to the chapel on Sunday for the first time since the opening.
f.482-483   [June 1859]
[To her sister Alicia].
Discusses the poor health of [her daughter Alicia] and the poor attention she receives from Dr Hewgill whose wife is dying, so they may have to go to the seaside though she had hoped for Esh; SAP goes to Oxford to vote against Gladstone.
f.483-485   22 June [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
She was surprised and amused by his news of Mr Simpson['s marriage] though he is not as old as he thinks, and she knows the Darley family at Bossall; lshe is ooking forward to their holiday at Esh at the end of July, though they will need a week [at Repton] after the boys go on the 19th; she is concerned about her daughter Alicia's poor health for which Mr Jepson recommends cream; she is going to have a row on the Trent at a house in Newton [Solney]; Minny Wilson has left; she has good reports of Henry; she hopes Mr Knight and Alicia will get away to the Lakes; Col Pears goes to India on 4th September with hopes of an excellent appointment, his address is Lee in Kent; the first strawberries are in; they hope to cut the hay next week; two village boys attempted to rob two Repton schoolboys.
f.485-487   [23 June 1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She had a vivid dream about Alicia's daughter Alice not being well; she was woken early by a “horrid cuckoo” though initially she thought it might be SAP; sorry she is disappointed about Keswick, they are set for Esh where she hopes Alicia might visit, and SAP says they can provide some money; they had a pleasant outing to Newton [Solney] on the river; Mr Latham does not look well, his house is too much for him; Mrs Wynne comes; Minny Wilson has gone so they are alone; has Boura the dyer sent back her things?
f.487-489   29 June [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She is glad that [her daughter] Alicia has gone to Alicia to be under Mr Hewlett's eye, she looks languid first thing and the cold water bath may not suit, so Alicia should ask if warm or tepid would be better, and her bread needs to “be light and good, not close”; Mrs Wynne goes to Harrow tomorrow; discusses arrangments for [Alicia's] journey which she does not yet know about; she details her routine, some lessons, she needs to see her undressed and so should Mr Hewlett, she is worried about her and anything new in her arrangments, she hopes she does not tease [Alicia's daughter] Alice.
f.489-490   2 July [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia.
She is distressed by Alicia's report of [CTP's daughter Alicia]; she fears that Alicia may “prove a little tyrannical with” Alice; she is satisfied with her arrangements for Alicia's care, and she is quite sure that the cold bath does not help; do not write every day; there is a grand cricket match today, and a cold east wind; an old boy Young and another are staying; [her daughter] Alicia likes lying down with her doll or a book; SAP says they are very grateful to her for looking after Alicia; she may have sent too many frocks, details [Alicia's] Sunday best.
f.490-493   5 July [1859]
At Repton, to her father [Temple Chevallier].
Is he at Esh yet; lovely weather at present, though not last week for the cricket match against the Old Reptonians when she feared the cricketers would be ill as it was so chilly; [her daughter] Alicia is at Harrow under Mr Hewlett's good care but his report is not too good and they may have to go there to take over from Mr Knight and [her sister] Alicia so that they can go on their holiday; Henry is doing well at Nocton and has been in a cricket match; she has been to the school recitations today but is sorry no other women attend; everyone else is out so she is enjoying the quiet; two old boys are staying, Young, developing well, and Marshall; SAP went to Oxford to vote against Gladstone and met old Harrow friends, including “Alicia's toy” , Cooke; their busy time is nigh; Mr Shields comes tomorrow; she is rather overworked.
f.493-494   7 July [1859]
At Repton, to her sister Alicia (end missing).
Discusses Mr Hewlett's report of [her daughter Alicia's] swollen glands and perhaps she can bring [Alicia] to Esh, and her own Alice could be added to [CTP's] nurse's charge to save Alicia having to bring [her nurse] Jane.
f.494-495   [July 1859]
[To her sister Alicia] (first page missing).
Discusses arrangements for [her daughter Alicia's] journey unless Mr Hewlett thinks he should keep her longer in which case she would need to fetch her; she is rather nervous about her “grand vis