E.V. Lucas Papers
E.V. Lucas


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD 887
Title: E.V. Lucas Papers
Dates of creation: 1889-1990
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: E. V. [Edward Verrall] Lucas (1868-1938)
Language: English

E.V. Lucas

A prolific essayist and author of almost one hundred books, E.V. Lucas was also a publisher, who in 1924 became chairman of Methuen & Co. Born of Quaker stock, he was educated at Friends Public School, Saffron Walden, and apprenticed to a Brighton bookseller, before moving into journalism. For many years he contributed more articles than any other writer to Punch, and he also had a long association with the Sunday times, in which his widely read weekly column “A wanderer's notebook” appeared. His publications ranged widely, including travel books, children's books, books on art, reminiscences, belles lettres, and writings on cricket, one of his foremost enthusiasms. He was also responsible for a three volume edition of the letters of Charles Lamb, whom he greatly admired, and it is as an essayist that he may himself be best remembered.


A small collection of short published pieces by the author, publisher, and lover of cricket, Edward Verrall Lucas (1868-1938), letters from him to his sister and nephew, other family papers, pictures of him, recollections, correspondence, articles, extracts and cuttings about him, and lists of publications by him, gathered up by his nephew Colonel Andrew Man (1907-2000).

Accession details

Part of a bequest of publications and other material by and about E.V. Lucas collected by his nephew Col. Andrew Man, and received via Col. Man's executor, Nicholas Man (accession Misc. 2001/2002:114). The bequest was primarily of books by and about EVL. Only books not already held by the University Library were acquired, and these have been incorporated in the Library's printed collections, and are listed in an appendix to the catalogue of the contents of Add.MS 887. Manuscript material found loose in the books has been added to the sequence after 887/35.


One small group of family papers (Add. MS 887/7-14) is closed to consultation until 2021
Books by and about E.V. Lucas received in the bequest of Colonel Andrew Man (these have been incorporated in the Librarys printed collections)
Books with contributions by EVL
The Book of the Queen's Dolls' House, 2 vols (London, 1924), no. 593 of an edition of 1500 sets. Volume 1, ed. A.C. Benson & Sir Lawrence Weaver, with, loose inside, an autograph letter of thanks from Queen Mary to all the contributors, April 1924. Volume 2, “The Book of the Queen's Dolls' House Library ”, ed. by EVL.

Farmiloe, Edith, All the World Over, with verses by E.V. Lucas (London, 1898). Inscribed "Andrew Morrice Man, June 1911, in memory of his dear Uncle Alfred Lucas".

Fenwick, Mrs., The Bad Family and Other Stories, Second Edition, Dumpy books for children, 3 (London, 1900). [The series was ed. by EVL].

Lamb, Charles, The King and Queen of Hearts: an 1805 book for children, illustrated by William Mulready, facsimile edition with introduction by E.V. Lucas, (London, 1902). 2 parts. (EVL's introduction is bound separately, in paper wrappers). The facsimile is entitled The King and Queen of Hearts: with the Rogueries of the Knave who stole the Queen's Pies (London, printed for M.J. Godwin, at the Juvenile Library ...,1809). Imprint inside front cover 'Printed for Thomas Hodgkins Hanway Street Novr 18 1805.'

A Petworth Posie, arranged by Lady Leconfield for the Petworth Park Fete, 5th August, 1918, in aid of the Sussex County Prisoners of War Fund, pp. 29-31 (London, 1918). Includes (pp. 29-31) poem by EVL entitled “A letter to the editor ” and photograph of him. Also includes, loose inside front cover, plea from Lady Leconfield for subscriptions to the fund, and for 'adopters' of friendless prisoners.

Sussex County Cricket Club: Hove 1872-1972 (Hove, 1972). Includes, pp. 12-13, EVL's “County cricket at Hove”. Inscription of A.M. Man, EVL's nephew

Books by, or edited by EVL
Adventures and Misgivings (London, 1938)

Advisory Ben, A Story (London, 1923)

All of a Piece: New Essays (London, 1937).

---- And Such Small Deer (London, 1930).

Anne's Terrible Good Nature and other Stories for Children (London, 1908). Pictorial binding.

As the Bee Sucks: essays by E.V. Lucas , chosen and illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard (London, 1937).

The Barber's Clock, A Conversation Piece (London, 1931). With ms note on half title, identifying "Uncle Dan" on p.39 with Samuel Sceverts Drewett, EVL's uncle.

Bernard Barton and his Friends: A Record of Quiet Lives (London, 1893). With, on a loose leaf inside front cover, an extract copied from EVL's Reading Writing and Remembering (1932), providing background information about this book

A Boswell of Baghdad, with Diversions (London, 1917). Inscription of Beatrice Beaupré Dickson, Buenos Aires, 1918, and stamp of Mitchell's Book Stores, Buenos Aires.

The British School: An Anecdotal guide to the British Painters and Paintings in the National Gallery (London, 1913).

A Cat Book, portraits by H. Officer Smith, characteristics by EVL, Dumpy books for children, 6 (London, 1902).

Character and Comedy (London, 1907). Inscribed "To my dear Dora with love EVL" [Dora was EVL's youngest sister, and the mother of Colonel Andrew Man] and with her ownership inscription 'E.D. Man, the Vicarage, Tenterden'.

Chardin and Vigée-Lebrun (London, 1924).

Cloud and Silver (London, 1926). Ownership inscription of E.D. Man.

Cricket all his Life, Cricket writings in Prose and Verse by E.V. Lucas, ed. by Rupert Hart-Davis (London, 1950). With editor's presentation inscription to Andrew Man, EVL's nephew, 1981

The Debt (London, Methuen, undated). [4 pp]

Down the Sky: An Entertainment (London, 1930).

Encounters and Diversions (London, 1924).

E.V. Lucas's London, Being “A Wanderer in London” and “London Revisited” in one volume, rearranged with new matter and new pictures, with coloured plates by H.M. Livens (London, 1926).

Events and Embroideries , Second Edition (London, 1928).

Forgotten Tales of Long Ago, selected by EVL, with illustration by F.D. Bedford. (London, 1906). Pictorial binding.

Frans Hals (London, 1926). With inscription of A.M. Man.

French Leaves (London, 1931).

The Friendly Town: A Little Book for the Urbane (London, 1905).

Genevra's Money, Fourth and Cheaper Edition (London, 1924).

The Gentlest Art: A Choice of Letters by Entertaining Hands, ed. by EVL (London, 1907).

Giorgione (London, 1926).

Giving and Receiving, Essays and Fantasies (London, 1922).

Good Company: A Rally of Men, ed. by EVL (London, 1909).

The Hambledon Men, being a new edition of John Nyren's “Young Cricketer's Tutor”, together with a collection of other matter drawn from various sources, all bearing upon the great batsmen and bowlers before round-arm came in, ed. by EVL (Oxford, 1952).

Harvest Home , Fourth Edition (London, 1919).

Her Infinite Variety: A Feminine Portrait Gallery , Fifth Edition (London, 1910).

A Hundred Years of Trent Bridge, ed. EVL (Worcester & London, 1938).

Hustled History or, As It Might Have Been, by the Authors of Wisdom While You Wait & Signs of the Times, illustrated by George Morrow (Bath, 1908).

If Dogs could Write, 5th Edition (London, 1930).

Introducing London, Second Edition (London, 1925).

Landmarks (London, 1914). With ms annotation by Andrew Man (EVL's nephew) on page 65, identifying "Uncle Ben" with Samuel Drewett, EVL's uncle. Flyleaf inscription of Sidney Penney, a relation of EVL.

Leonardo da Vinci (London, 1926). Inscribed "Christmas gift from M.B.S., December 15th, 1931".

Listener's Lure: An Oblique Narration, Eighth Edition (London, 1911).

A Little of Everything, Fourth Edition (London, 1913).

Loiterer's Harvest: A Book of Essays (London, 1913).

London Afresh , Second Edition (Illustrated), (London, 1937). Inscribed 'Andrew's from EVL Christmas 1937' in EVL's hand [i.e. gift to his nephew, Andrew Morrice Man], and with EVL inscription also on the title-page.

London Lavender (London, 1912).

Luck of the Year: Essays, Fantasies and Stories (London, 1923).

Masterful Wilhelmine, by Julius Stinde, presented to English Readers by E.V. Lucas, second and Cheaper Edition (London, 1927)

Michael Angelo (London, 1924). Inscribed "To Andrew [M. Man] from Uncle Edward", in EVL's hand.

Mixed Vintages: A Blend of Essays Old and New (London, 1919).

Old Fashioned Tales, selected by EVL, with illustrations by F.D. Bedford (London, undated). Pictorial binding.

Old Lamps for New, New and Cheaper Issue (London, 1915).

One Day and Another, Second Edition (London, 1909).

Only the Other Day: A Volume of Essays (London, 1936).

The Phantom Journal and other Essays and Diversions, Second Edition (London, 1920).

Pleasure Trove (London, 1935).

Post-Bag Diversions, ed. by EVL (London, 1934).

Quoth the Raven: an Unofficial History of the War, by EVL and G.M. With illustrations. (London, 1919).

Rembrandt (London, 1924).

A Rover I would be: Essays and Fantasies, Second Edition (London 1928).

Roving East and Roving West, Second Edition (London, 1921).

Saunterer's Rewards (London, 1933). With ownership inscription of E. Dora Man [EVL's sister] and, loose inside front cover, manuscript note in EVL's hand, later overwritten in another hand after a wetting which has faded the original ink “Corot lived to be 79 & his last words, late at night, Feb. 23 1875 were these 'Look! How lovely! I never saw such exquisite landscapes'. And so he entered Heaven where he is now, I trust, painting them”.

The Second Post: A Companion to "The Gentlest Art", Second Edition (London, 1910).

Signs of the Times; or, The Hustler's Almanack for 1907 , by the authors of Wisdom While You Wait [EVL and C.L.G.], with illustrations (London, 1907).

The Slowcoach (New York, 1930).

Some Friends of Mine (New York, 1909).

Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days and One More, being selections for every morning of the year from the writings of E.V. Lucas (London, 1926).

Traveller's Luck: Essays and Fantasies (London, 1930).

Twelve Songs From Playtime & Company, verses by EVL, music by Herman Finck, with dust jacket illustrations by E.H. Shepard (London, 1926). [Score]

'Twixt Eagle and Dove (London, 1918).

Van Dyck (London, 1926).

Variety Lane (London, 1916).

Velasquez (London, 1926).

Verena in the Midst, A Kind of a Story (London, 1920). Inscription of S. Penney, a relation of EVL.

Vermeer the Magical London, 1929).

The Vermilion Box London, 1916).

Visibility Good: Essays and Excursions, Second Edition (London, 1933).

A Wanderer in Holland , Seventeenth Edition (London, 1920).

A Wanderer in Venice, Sixth Edition (London, 1923).

Windfall' an Entertainment London, 1929).

Wisdom on the Hire System, Being a Supplement to “Wisdom While You Wait”. Containing Full Details of the 'Insidecompletuar Britanniaware' Prize Competition, by EVL and C.L.G. (London, 1903).

Zigzags in France and Various Essays (London, 1925).

Other associated volumes (Audrey Lucas was EVL's daughter)
Lucas, Audrey, E.V. Lucas: A Portrait (London, 1939). With inscription of A.M. Man.

Lucas, Audrey, Old Motley (London, 1938).

Summary catalogue of Additional Manuscripts


Lucas, Audrey, E.V. Lucas: a portrait (London, 1939)
Prance, Claude, E.V. Lucas and his books (West Cornwall, Conn., 1988)


Add. MSS 887/1/1-34
Pieces by EVL, or edited by him

Christmas card from EVL to A. Lucas Jr, containing printed poems ( “December joys! we hear men cry” and “I want to do the best I can” ) by EVL for Christmas and New Year 1889-90.
Four essays by EVL from his weekly series “A wanderer's notebook” published in the Sunday times :
“The guilty knights”, July 1935 (cutting)
“Shadow libraries”, 1934 (cutting)
“Soho Square”, EVL's autograph manuscript, with a letter from Sir Rupert Hart-Davis presenting it to Andrew Man, 1987, and a photocopy of the published version from the Sunday times, 17 August 1930
“Weymouth” (undated cutting)
“Have I Left Anything Out?, being a Traveller's Aid Designed by E.V.L. for his Male Friends and Himself”, printed card, with ms punchline in EVL's hand at end.
“Here in this quaint old sleepy town”, manuscript transcript of poem about Hitchin by EVL, written ca. 1885, with note 'original copy in Hitchin Museum'.
“Jack”, printed poem by EVL headed 'Free verse'.
“What the Sun didn't see - for far too long ”, galley proof of a prose piece by EVL, 23 May 1918. Note on back says the subject was Miss Jessie Kidd's nephew. Jessie was E.D. Man's best friend and godmother of Peter M. Man.
Newspaper clipping, quoting poem on sleep ( “I have lived and I have loved” ) signed L.S. which EVL had published in an article in the Times.
“The new arrival”, typescript transcript of poem by George Washington Cable edited by EVL, London, 1927.
Add. MSS 887/2/1-26
Dates of creation: 1907-1938
Letters from EVL to his sister E. Dora Man, and one to her husband
Family news, affection for his sister and her children.

887/2/1    22 February 1907
Congratulations on the birth of her son [Andrew].
887/2/9-12    23 March 1920
From Japan, commenting on his journey and acquaintances there.
887/2/16-18   4 May 1928
About her son Andrew's early career in the army. Also includes cartoon card “The Birds Preaching to St. Francis”.
887/2/20-21   21 July 1931
About his forthcoming holiday abroad - “High time but a dreary prospect, my Light has gone out”.
Add. MSS 887/3/1-26
Dates of creation: undated and 1918-1935
Letters from EVL to his nephew Andrew Man, and related cards and correspondence kept with these by Andrew Man
Family news, encouragement with hobbies and invitations to shows in the school holidays, interest in his army career. Includes:

[undated], typescript letter partly from Jane Lucas, Andrew's grandmother and EVL's mother ('Uncle Edward is teaching me to type') and partly from EVL himself, with advice on how to learn to swim.
Cartoon cards “Scenes in the Life of Nebuchadnezzar” nos. 1 and 2 and “St. Paul preaching before Felix”, in envelope addressed to Andrew's father, Rev. M. Man, and postmarked 18 Nov. 1924.
887/3/22    4 May 1928
Expressing pleasure that Andrew is to be commissioned.
887/3/23-24   2 October 1928
Enclosing a letter from Lord Byng, giving advice on whether it would be advisable for Andrew to return as an officer to a regiment where he had been in the ranks.
887/3/29    8 February 1924
Letter to EVL from Lord Northbourne, looking forward to meeting his nephews Andrew and Peter.
Add. MSS 887/4
Dates of creation: 1937-1938
EVL's death, 1938

Copy of EVL's will, 23 November 1937.
887/4/8-11    June 1938
Two letters to Andrew Man from his mother Dora, 26 June 1938, telling him of EVL's death, and 29 June 1938, describing EVL's funeral.
Cuttings concerning EVL's final illness, and newspaper obituaries and tributes after his death, including pieces by E.V.Knox, Max Beerbohm, and Desmond MacCarthy.
Add. MSS 887/5/1-14   1897-1935
Miscellaneous family papers and memorabilia
Copy of the will of Jane Lucas (EVL's mother), 31 Oct. 1924. She died 25 May, 1924.
Add. MSS 887/6/1-15
Photographs and caricatures of EVL

887/6/1    1920
Photograph of EVL.
887/6/2    23 April 1938
Photograph, 'Peter's Wedding at Chartham, Kent', includes EVL and his sister Dora; identifications on back.
Caricature of EVL, “Westminster Cartoons ”, no. 65, by Sava, cutting from The Weekly Westminster, 14 February 1925.
Two photocopies of jesting letter from Max [Beerbohm] to EVL. including a caricature of EVL, 27 Nov. 1923.
File of notes and correspondence, compiled by Andrew Man, about “The six club man”, a caricature of EVL by Max Beerbohm, ca. 1920, depicting him in each of the six London clubs (the Garrick, Athenaeum, Savage, Brooks, Burlington Fine Arts, and National Sporting) to which he belonged, in stances appropriate to their differing ambience. The file includes a family tree, showing the descendants of EVL and his sister Dora.
Add. MSS 887/7-15
Recollections of EVL and correspondence about him

Short biography of EVL (12 pp.) written by his youngest sister, E. Dora Man,1975, with, inserted after p. 10, a letter dated September 1932 to her from her husband Morrice Man.
887/8   11 Nov. 1977
Letter to Dora Man from R. Pound, recounting an anecdote about EVL.
887/9   November 1969
E.H. Shepard and EVL: correspondence, concerning an interview ( “The man who drew Pooh” ) with Shepard published in the Sunday times, in which he made comments about EVL to which Andrew Man took exception. Includes a letter from Shepard to Colonel Man, 5 November 1969, and a copy of the offending article.
Correspondence with Andrew Man about the possibility of republishing EVL's travel books and essays and some of his books for children, 1969-1974.
EVL and cricket: file of letters to Andrew Man, 1974-1976, related to his article “E.V. Lucas, C.H. (1868-1938)” published in The journal of the Cricket Society , vol. 7, no. 4 (1976), 11-13. Includes some recollections and anecdotes about EVL.
Cuttings and correspondence related to a 1977 article in The Times, which suggested that EVL had been one of those suspected of being the perpetrator of a spoof poem, purportedly by Kipling, published in The Times in 1918.
19 letters and cards from Sir Rupert Hart-Davis to Col. Andrew Man, 1981-1993, about EVL, his correspondence with Max Beerbohm, Man's collection of EVL's publications, and the possibility that the University of Durham might be a suitable home for this. With a cutting about Sir Rupert.

887/14 Letters to Co. Andrew Man from Prof. J.R. Watson of the University of Durham and the University of Durham, 1987, about the possibility that the university might receive his collection of EVL's publications.
Misc. letters to Andrew Man about EVL, 1983-1990, including letter from Henry M.S. 1983, enclosing a copy, in English, of a talk he had given in German at the Struwwelpeter Museum, Frankfurt, on the Struwwelpeter parody “Swollen-headed William” by EVL, with drawings by Geo. Morrow, published 1914
Add. MSS 887/16-32
Articles, cuttings and extracts about EVL

Cutting about a committee to advise on crown property, one of the committee members to be E.V. Lucas.
Extract from Everybody's book of the Queen's dolls' house, edited by A.C. Benson, C.V.O., and Sir Lawrence Weaver, K.B.E., 1924.
“E.V. Lucas and Luton”, by John Lea, photocopy of an article from Bedfordshire magazine , vol. 5 no 37 (summer 1936), 201-205.
Reviews of E.V. Lucas: a portrait, by his daughter Audrey Lucas (1939) from the Sunday times , and The Cambridge Review.
Who was who biography of EVL.
Extracts from The Life of Sir Edwin Lutyens , by Christopher Hussey (London, 1953), concerning EVL.
Extract transcribed from My memories of six reigns , by Her Highness Princess Marie Louise (Evan Brothers Ltd., 1956), pp. 200-201.
Extract from R.G.G. Price's A history of Punch , by R.G.G. Price, 1957, on EVL.
“E.V. Lucas: bookman and cricket lover”, by James D. Coldham, in The journal of the Cricket Society, vol. 5, no. 3 (autumn 1971), 35-43.
Extract transcribed from The precarious crust , by Lawrence Irving (Chatto & Windus, 1971), pp. 313-315, on EVL.
“Some letters of Lucas”, by Irving Rosenwater, in The journal of the Cricket Society , vol. 6, no. 1 (autumn 1972), 53-56.
“Some further memorials of E.V. Lucas”, by A.C. McKay, in The journal of the Cricket Society , vol. 6, no. 4 (spring 1974), 62-64.
“E.V. Lucas, C.H. (1868-1938)”, by Andrew Man, in The journal of the Cricket Society , vol. 7, no. 4 (spring 1976), 11-13.
“Warming thoughts on a winter walk”, cutting from the Daily Telegraph, ca. Nov./Dec. 1982, with reference to EVL.
“In the footsteps of E.V. Lucas”, cutting from The West Sussex gazette, 17 April 1986.
Cutting about books by E.V.L., from Bookdealer , no. 844, April 1988.
Extracts from A.A. Milne - his Life, by Ann Thwaite (Faber and Faber, 1990), referring to EVL.
Add. MSS 887/33-34
Bibliographical lists

“Brief check list of original material of E.V. Lucas in the library of James Keddie, Jr.” Includes photograph of EVL. and Sir Edwin Lutyens.
List of EVL publications in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwith, with covering letter to Andrew Man, 1987
Loose material found in volumes
Add. MSS 887/35   [after 1932]
Extract from Reading, writing and remembering , p. 120 referring to Bernard Barton and his friends (found in the front of the latter volume).
Add. MSS 887/36   April 1924
Letter from Queen Mary thanking all contributors to The book of the Queen's Dolls' House.