Church Commission Deposit of Durham Bishopric Estate Records: Miscellanea
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Reference code: GB-0033-CCB
Title: Church Commission Deposit of Durham Bishopric Estate Records: Miscellanea
Dates of creation: 1461-1885
Extent: 13 boxes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: miscellaneous documents relating to the administration of Durham Bishopric estates.
Language: English or Latin


This section of the Church Commission Durham Bishopric estates material consists of seven parts:
1. - 4. Miscellaneous material sorted into broad date categories.
5. Undated miscellanea (some of which has now been dated).
6. Miscellaneous files of material.
7. Labels and other material that has come to light in the course of sorting through the collection.

Accession details

Deposited by the Church Commission in February 1956.


Sorted into seven categories. The numbers given in brackets were allocated by the Church Commission.

Related material (internal)

Catalogues The following catalogues are available for this collection:
The first group of handlists contains the material in the 1956 deposit that was removed from the main sequence and organised into generic groups:
Financial and audit records of the Palatinate of Durham to 1649
Financial and audit records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric Estates from 1659-1856
Rentals and surveys among the records of the Palatinate of Durham & Bishopric Estates
Enrolment books of leases and patents of appointment
Patents of appointment
Acts of Parliament and documents relating to Inclosure Awards
Documents relating to legal proceedings
Additional maps and plans, and notitia books
The following (large) list contains about 10,000 items deposited in 1956 but not transferred into any of the above categories:
List of Deeds etc in 1956 deposit of Church Commission Durham Bishopric Estates material
There is a schedule of the 1981 deposit, largely of property related documents.

Related material (elsewhere)

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Church of England Record Centre, London The Church Commissioners for England retain current documents.


Miscellanea 1461-1692
CCB B/210/1  (190315)   1461-1462
Account of ministers of Ralph, Earl of Westmorland in the lordship of Raby.
Parchment    2mm
CCB B/210/2  (189808)   1467-1468
Account of Richard Conyers, Receiver for Richard, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury in his lordships of Topcliff, Craven and Langstruath.
Also account of divers ministers, collectors, reeves etc.
Parchment    2mm
CCB B/210/3  (190316)   1468-1469
Account of Richard Darley, Instaurer of Animals and Sheep of Richard, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury (at Middleham, Sheriff Hutton etc).
Parchment    2mm
CCB B/210/4  (190227)   1532/3
Surveys and Rentals of Thoraldby, Bishopdaille, Burton, Walden, Karperby, Ayskgarth, King's land in Laybourne, Newbiggin, Ballowfield.
Paper    10ff
CCB B/210/5  (190282)   1554-1555
Account of Roger Watson (Prebendary of the Second Stall). Treasurer of the Cathedral Church of Durham.
Paper    8ff
CCB B/210/6  (from 195701)
1556 An inventory of the goods of William Coyte.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/7  (A.13.2)   18th September 1580
Admittance of Agnes Emerson as tenant of Castell Newke in Stanhope Park.
With conditions of tenure (apparently a customary tenement held “by tenant right and border service”).
CCB B/210/8  (220860)   30th July 1584
Copy of the lease of the demesnes of Howden House, Yorkshire plus schedule concerning free-and copy-holders' responsibility for avoiding flooding.
cf. CC 1981 deposit Nos. 304265 - 304266.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/9  (189743)   4th March 1595
Copy Inquisition post Mortem on John Wood.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/10  (221164)   July 1599
Petition to Bishop Toby Mathew by Edward Newcome and Thomas Brommell concerning an amercement at Quarter Sessions.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/11  (221677)
16th century Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem, from Bishop Beaumont to Bishop Hatfield.
Following f. 24 is an index of places which refers to a volume of Inquisitions post Mortem now in the PRO Durh 3/2, calendared Reports ... 45.
Paper    38ff
CCB B/210/12  (221562)   1605
Volume containing notes of leases to be renewed.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/210/13  (221621)   February 1602
Copy of Bishop Toby Mathew's Charter to the City of Durham and King James I's confirmation.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/210/14  (A.18.2)   17th October 1603
Acquittance of Thomas Sandwich for rents at Allerton.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/15  (A.16.2)   24th December 1603
Copy of the letter of James I to the Bishop and Dean and Chapter asking to be given the lease of the demesnes of Allerton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/16  (A.1.1)   1603
Copy of extract by Christopher Conyers of a history of Bishop Walter Skirlaw.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/17  (A.13.1)   14th January 1604
Indenture of lease to King James I by Bishop Toby Mathew of the demesnes of Allerton etc.
Also includes closes near Darlington; closes near Haughton; water mills near Durham; water mill in Haughton; Sadberge demesnes; messuages in Tunstall; messuages near Bishop Auckland and premises in London.
For 80 years.
Paper    File. 5ff
CCB B/210/18  (A.17.2)   26th January 1604
Confirmation by Dean and Chapter of the lease of Allerton demesnes.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/19  (220904)   6th June 1604
Inquisition post Mortem on Robert Saltmerske of Thorganby in Howdenshire.
Paper    File. 6ff
CCB B/210/20  (221691)   14th September 1604
Petition to Bishop by George Whytfealde to be quit of an amercement.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/21  (221219)   4th May 1605
Letter to Mr. Comyn concerning a debt of 50/- to the Archbishop of York.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/22  (A.15.1)   15th January 1606
Particulars of oats at Howden ready to be delivered.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/23  (221228)   10th December 1607
Letter from John Barnes to Timothy Comyn, Auditor.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/24  (A.17.3)   10th September 1609
Draft letter from Bishop James to Sir William Cave and Mr Hunt re the lease of the demesnes.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/25  (221220)   16th May 1610
Warrant from Richard Hutton, Chancellor, to allow searches in the records of Chancery and Exchequer.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/26  (A.16.8)   24th April 1611
Letter from Francis Lascelles to John Richardson.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/27  (221307)   15th March 1612
List of Receiver-General's rolls for Allerton received by John Richardson for the Bishops's use.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/28  (220942)   22nd March 1613
Appointment of Robert Readhead as Bishop's Attorney at Royal Courts. English.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/29  (220940)   22nd March 1613
Above in Latin
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/30  (221612)   1613-1614
Petition of Christopher Daveson of Sedgefield to the Bishop James to remit his amercements.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/31  (220870)   8th March 1614
Letter to Bishop William James announcing death of the clerk of the Bishop's court and suggesting replacement.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/32  (220469)   26th November 1614
Copy of Letters Patent of James I concerning (inter alia) the tithes belonging to the Deanery of St.Andrew Auckland.
Paper    16ff
CCB B/210/33  (221527)   24th November 1617
Memorandum paper.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/34  (221656)   23rd December 1617
Letter to the Greave of Aislaby re a fine and a surrender there.
Paper    1f
CCB B/210/35  (221625)   1st September 1618
Petition of Sir John Dormer and Judith his wife to the King and his Council concerning the tithes of corn, grain etc. in Leake, Yorkshire.
Paper    4ff
CCB B/210/36  (221133)   27th January 1619
List of Bishopric and Palatinate Records.
Printed: T.D. Hardy (Appendix to 16th Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, p.73.
CCB B/210/37  (A.15.9)   30th August 1619
Memorandum to Bishop on Bailiff's Collection of copyhold and freehold rents in Howden and Howdenshire, and the desirability of having more information about his tenants and their tenures.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/38  (221231)   29th November 1619
Letter from John Cradock to Giles Parker at Crake concerning value of rents there.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/39  (220495A)   1620
Abstract of 2 leases in Evenwood Park.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/40  (A.15.3)   28th March 1623
Appointment of John Richardson, Hugh Wright and Timothy Comyn to assist the Stewards of Howden and Howdenshire to collect rents, with admonitions to all those owing suit of court within the manor..
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/41  (221660)   21st January 1628
Letter to George Martin from Thomas Butler and a paper re a plaint.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/42  (220487)   9th June 1628
An inventory of things left in the Manor House of Bishop Auckland by Bishop Neale.
Paper    2ff
Printed: An inventory; James Raine, Auckland Castle (Durham, 1852) pp. 75-78.
CCB B/210/43  (220724A)   1628
Inventory of all goods in Durham Castle left by the late Bishop Neale.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/210/44  (221144)   7th September 1629
Inquisition post Mortem on Richard Booth of Hurworth.
Paper    3ff
CCB B/211/45  (221086)   1629
Instructions from the King in Council concerning orders to the Bishops.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/46  (221697)   1630-1631
Papers, various, relating to leases.
CCB B/211/47  (221303)   9th July 1632
Letter from Bishop Thomas Morton to Hugh Wright and Timothy Comyn concerning searches in the records.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/48  (221137)   8th November 1632
Letter from Bishop Thomas Morton to Hugh Wright and Timothy Comyn not to pay fees until further order.
Paper     2ff
CCB B/211/49  (221266)   17th June 1633
Warrant from Bishop Thomas Morton to the Auditor, Timothy Comyn, not to enrol Hugh Wright's fee for the office of feodary.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/50  (220902)   1st February 1634
Appointment of William Blakeston to enquire in to wastes, spoils and concealments of escheats, wrecks etc. in Howdenshire.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/51  (221344)   1635-1637
Abstracts of warrants etc. given by the Bishop.
Includes warrants relating to copyhold and Halmote Court affairs.
Paper    File. 5ff
CCB B/211/52  (221029)   13th November 1636
Letter to John Richardson from William Moore concerning Norhamshire.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/53  (221221)   13th April 1637
Letter from Sir Richard Hutton to Cuthbert Sisson about his journey to London, and Mr Baddelay.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/54  (221391)   1637
List of names, endorsed "Audit Warrants".
Parchment    1m
CCB B/211/55  (A.17.11)   31st May 1640
Commission from Bishop Morton to Thomas Swinburne, Thomas Layton, William Collingwood and Thomas Lascelles to enquire into, rectify and renew leases in Allerton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/56  (220861)   29th April 1641
Deputation of office of Receiver of Howden and Howdenshire from Sir Philip Monckton to his nephew Philip Broome to be Deputy Receiver.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/57  (221209)   9th November 1641
Warrant from Bishop Morton appointing Commissioners to compound and make compositions with his tenants.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/58  (190327)   1644-1648
Volume containing miscellaneous accounts, reckonings and rentals in Stockton Ward, relting to the Committee for administering sequestered lands.
Paper    70ff
CCB B/211/59  (221309)   7th March 1662
Cancellation of an amercement imposed in error.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/60  (220767)   13th October 1662
Order for officials of the townships of the Borough of Stockton to appear before a Commission appointed by the Bishop to enquire into his revenue.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/61  (221208)   13th October 1662
Summons to officers of townships in Auckland to appear before Commissioners appointed for a survey of revenue.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/62  (221201)   18th March 1663
Engagement of Thomas Holmes to give security for his offices as Exchequer Bailiff and Woodkeeper in Banfieldside and Lanchester.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/63  (221222)   7th August 1663
Letter to Edward Arden from William Moore concerning settling an account.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/64  (221501)   7th December 1663
Warrant of Bishop Cosin to pay Thomas Mascall the deputy Prothonotary his patent fee and allowance for ink etc.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/65  (221214)   11th July 1664
Presentation of Arthur Elliot to the vicarage of Ilderton.
CCB B/211/66  (220483)   24th October 1665
Robert Harrison, Richard Smelt, Christopher Dobson et alii.
Declaration in trust for 6 houses in Bishop Auckland.
Paper. Dilapidated.    1f
CCB B/211/67  (221193)   1665
Copy of Last Will and Testament of Bishop Cosin.
Paper    File. 6ff
CCB B/211/68  (A.13.4)   27th March 1666
Indenture of Lease to Thomas Flower, of land in Wynton Ings, at Brompton, Yorks.
CCB B/211/69  (221026)   18th May 1667
Copy of Lease of Manor of Crake.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/70  (220945A)   10th July 1667
Copy indenture of lease of premises in Great Chilton.
Paper    7ff
CCB B/211/71  (221058)   11th July 1667
Gift of Altar Plate by Bishop Cosin to the chapels of Bishop Auckland and Durham Castle, and enumeration of gifts.
Parchment    2mm
CCB B/211/72  (221060)   1st August 1668
Charter of Bishop Cosin setting up alms houses on Palace Green.
Signature of Bishop on seal tag.
CCB B/211/73  (220471/2)   14th September 1669
Grant from Bishop Cosin of land and property at Bishop Auckland for the foundation of Auckland Hospital.
Parchment    1m
CCB B/211/74  (A.13.5)   1669
Draft lease of demesne lands of Northallerton.
Paper    4ff
CCB B/211/75  (221688)   30th December 1670
Letter from Isabella Simpson to Thomas Norton concerning an annuity.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/76  (221132)   5th July 1671
Last will and Testament of Gawin Johnson of Newcastle.
CCB B/211/77  (221409)   1671-1674
Attachments for contempt in Chancery Courts at Durham.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/78  (220856)   19th June 1672
Grant from Charles II to William Marshall to receive deodands forfeitures etc. in Howden and Howdenshire.
Seal: Royal seal of Charles II
CCB B/211/79  (221619)   21st September 1677
Warrant to Bailiff Itinerant of Durham to summon owners or lords of manors to appear and give evidence in the survey of manors of the County.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/80  (221041)   9th October 1677
Acceptance by Bishop Crewe of the surrender of the lease of Hargill Colliery.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/81  (221059)   15th March 1681
Indenture between Miles Stapylton and Giles Gerrard, and Isaac Basire whereby Miles Stapylton assigns all the leases bonds etc. referring to the personal property of the late Bishop Cosin.
CCB B/211/82  (221085)   16th July 1683
Bond for delivering up a brown bay stoned horse and a mouse coloured gelding with two white feet.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/83  (221406)   1683
Miscellaneous jotting book, largely financial.
Names many inhabitants of the Durham area.
Paper    26ff
CCB B/211/84  (221394)   14th April 1684
Copy of writ of pone per vadios.
CCB B/211/85  (221293)   5th October 1685
Warrant from Bishop Crewe to Benjamin Hilton, Robert Delaval, James Thompson, George Kirkby and Cuthbert Hilton to examine arrear books.
Paper    1f
CCB B/211/86  (221167)   10th March 1686
Letter from Mr. Porrett to Cuthbert Hilton concerning witnesses found for repair liabilities on Yarm Bridge.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/87  (221700E)   1686
Two letters from Benjamin Hilton to Cuthbert Hall concerning Horsegates.
CCB B/211/88  (221090)   April and May, 1688
Report of Vicar and Churchwardens of the parish of Emildon [Embleton] concerning a dispute on pews between Colonel John Salkeld and Henry Wetwang, and report of Isaac Basire as arbitrator.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/211/89  (221199)   1692
Imperfect Articles of agreement between Thomas Rudd and Peter Wilson concerning the Cathedral Grammar School.
Paper    2ff
Miscellanea 1716-1799
CCB B/212/1  (221156)   1716
An Index (Topographical) of Counterparts of leases made since 1660.
Paper of bound in a parchment deed.    16ff
CCB B/212/2  (221279)   4th November 1717
Miscellaneous paper concerning fines and fees on leases.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/3  (221700F)   25th October 1720 - 4th October 1725
Three orders for enrolments of leases in the enrolment books in the Auditor's Office.
CCB B/212/4  (221615)   9th October 1721
List of livings in the Bishop of Durham's gift, with their values and names of present incumbents.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/5  (221215)   4th October 1725 [wrongly endorsed 24 Oct. 1725]
Order of Bishop Talbot to Francis Pewterer, Exchequer Auditor, to make schedules of records in the Auditor's Office.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/6  (A.14.10)   1st September 1726
Letter from N. Duncume to John Dunn re bills for Howden.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/7  (A.14.8)   1728
Two letters from N. Duncume to John Dunn re Howden.
2 items
CCB B/212/8  (220752)   18th August 1732
Surrender of lease from Gilbert Spearman of land in Bishop Middleham.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/9  (220993)   25th November 1732
Surrender of lease of house on Tyne Bridge.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/10  (221158)   1733
An Index (Topographical) of counterparts of leases made since 1670.
Bound in parchment deed of 2nd November 1669.
Paper    Volume, 34ff.
CCB B/212/11  (221274)   11th September 1736
Schedule of goods and chattels of Robert Jobson.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/12  (221700D)   1736-7
Two papers concerning counterparts of lease, and lease enrolment books, to be produced in a law suit.
2 items
CCB B/212/13  (A.14.2)   8th November 1738
Copy of Mr. Turner's letter to Layton Frewen about Winton Ings, Brompton, Yorkshire.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/14  (A.12.1)   27th October 1739
Surrender by Layton Frewen of lands in Winton Ings, Brompton.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/15  (221494)   19th April 1741
Letter from Ralph Trotter to the Bishop, re customs and rights of copyhold and freehold tenants in Redworth and Birtley.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/16  (A.12.2)   23rd September 1742
Surrender by Henry Stevenson of lands in Brompton.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/17  (220490)   13th November 1742
Copy of awards between:
1)Bishop and John Hodgson
2) Bishop and Sir Robert Eden
concerning the payment of copyhold rents in Bondgate-in-Auckland and West Auckland respectively.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/18  (221533)   18th January 1743
Quitclaim by Bishop to John Hodgson of Bishop Auckland of actions, suits and demands in a case at law.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/19  (221497)   22nd March 1743
Quitclaim by Sir Robert Eden to the Bishop of action, suits and demands in a case at law.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/20  (221380)   11th October 1744
Petition of Barbara Harramund to be an almswoman.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/21  (221522)   13th May 1745
Agreement of Edward and Robert Surtees to pay the Bishop copyhold rents claimed by him.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/22  (221042)   27th August 1745
Petition of John Hunter to be an almsman on Palace Green.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/23  (A.13.6)   17th March 1748
Lease for footway on demesne lands at Stockton during the repair of the High road.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/24  (220730A)   4th August 1749
Draft for lease at Shotton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/25  (220994)   January 1750
Petition to Bishop of Mary Fielding and William Wharton for separate leases.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/26  (A.12.3)   18th February 1750
Surrender by James Lumley of lands in Chester-le-Street.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/27  (221570)   28th July 1750
Schedule of furniture and goods at Auckland Castle.
Paper    4ff
CCB B/212/28  (A.14.5)   24th September 1750
Letter from Henry Danby to Mr. Pye re land tax in Allertonshire.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/29  (221572)   10th October 1750
Paper concerning Bishop's goods.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/30  (221576)   1751
Procurations and correspondence about visitations.
File, 5 items
CCB B/212/31  (221571)   14th July 1752
Schedule of goods at Auckland Castle.
Paper    4ff
CCB B/212/32  (221573)   7th August 1752
Letter covering a schedule of goods at Durham Castle.
1 piece
CCB B/212/33  (220728)   1753
Sketches of property at Thorp.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/34  (221187)   1754
Memoranda Book: including notes on lease renewals and on compositions for treecutting on copyhold land.
Paper    24ff
Binding: Bound in parchment
CCB B/212/35  (221046)   14th March 1755
Deed Poll relating to the lease of the tithes of the parish of Stamfordham to Mrs. Aston and Ralph Carr.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/36  (221175)   21st August 1755
Account of wood delivered from Bishop's frankland.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/37  (221661)   20th December 1755
Power of Attorney to Henry Danby from Nicholas Lambton.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/38  (221181)   1755-1757
Account for wood.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/39  (221323)   31st August 1756
Note that a lease was properly entered on - lessee -John Bird.
Parchment    1m
CCB B/212/40  (221177)   25th October 1756
Value of wood at Bedburn Park.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/41  (220725)   2nd November 1756
Power of Attorney to Cuthbert Smith to enter on a lease in Easington, to Cuthbert Bainbridge, John Lamb et al.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/42  (221176)   1756
Account of wood delivered from Bishop's frankland.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/43  (221182)   1757
Account of disbursements for work at Bedburn.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/44  (221178)   1757
Account of cash received by Peter Stephenson for R. Hodgson.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/45  (221179)   1757
Account of Peter Stephenson's attendance at Bedburn wood.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/46  (221180)   1757
Account of cash received by Peter Stephenson on account of Bedburn Wood.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/47  (220536)   30th December 1758
Copy of indenture of lease to Richard Hopper of West Fields in Wolsingham.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/48  (220782)   19th February 1759
Terms for the lease of Stockton demesnes.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/49  (220784)   19th February 1759
Terms for the lease of Stockton demesnes.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/50  (220795)   12th March 1759
Counterpart of lease to David Hobkirk of lands in Stockton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/51  (A.14.4)   October 1759
Two letters re Northallerton.
Jerome Dring in York to Roger Gale in Northallerton.
Robt. Richardson in Northallerton to Edward Pearson.
2 pieces
CCB B/212/52  (221669)   1759-1772
Memorandum Book on leases.
14ff. and schedules
CCB B/212/53  (220796)   12th September 1760
Counterpart of lease to Thomas Rudd and Robert Preston of lands in Stockton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/54  (221229)   14th October 1760
Wine in cellars at Durham, and fodder in stables.
1 piece
CCB B/212/55  (221032)   1760
Table of Allotments at Hamsterley.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/56  (221502)   29th July 1761
Wine at Durham Castle.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/57  (221174)   1761
Cellar Book of Durham Castle.
Paper    22ff. and 1 schedule
CCB B/212/58  (220637)   12th February 1762
Undertaking from Aubone Surtees for Mrs. Hodgson's performance of her agreement for a wayleave in Ryton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/59  (220760)   3rd July 1762
Power of Attorney from John Cuthbert and William John Spearman to John Mowbray to take possession of a lease in Cornforth.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/60  (220674)   1762
Description and Sketches of Mr. Watson's estate at Ryhope.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/61  (220785)   26th January 1763
Terms for the lease of David Hobkirk's farm on Stockton demesnes.
CCB B/212/62  (221287)   1763-1767
Notes of nails etc. bought for use at Durham Castle.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/212/63  (220821)   29th September 1764
Power of Attorney from William Meek to Ralph Robson to take possession of a lease in Northallerton.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/64  (220671)   March 1765
Sketches of property at Ryhope.
CCB B/212/65  (220757)   24th July 1765
Particulars of Mr. Rawling's estate at Bishop Middleham.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/66  (221288)   1765
Timber valuations.
Paper     23ff
CCB B/212/67  (220755)   1765
Surrender of lease from Nicholas Halhead of lands in Bishop Middleham.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/68  (220734)   13th April 1766
Power of Attorney from Edward Walton to Christopher Chrishop to take possession of a lease in Sherburn.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/69  (220571)   27th June 1766
Notice from Bishop to Edward Montague forbidding waggon ways etc. over leased coal seams in Chester-le-Street.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/70  (220572)   27th June 1766
Notice from Bishop to Robert Shafto forbidding waggon ways etc. over the leased coal seams on the Peth Moor.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/71  (220673)   23rd September 1766
Particulars of Ralph Goodchild's estate at Ryhope.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/72  (221526)   19th November 1766
Appointment of proctor by William Gibson on disposal of his mother's estate.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/73  (A.14.7)   16th December 1766
Letter from Thomas Knowles to John Dunn.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/74  (221285)   1766
Timber valuation.
38ff and 2 schedules
CCB B/212/75  (220664)   1766
Rough plan of Mr. Gregson's estate at East Burdon.
Paper    1f
CCB B/212/76  (220677 - 220723)   1766-1774
Papers concerning a whale cast ashore at Seaton Carew.
47 items
CCB B/212/77  (220573)   20th April 1767
Power of Attorney from Susana Henison to John Cole to take possession of a lease in Chester-le-Street.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/212/78  (221543)   1767
Memoranda on leases.
Brompton, Northallerton, Barrowby, Blackwell, Bondgate Darlington.
1 piece
CCB B/213/79  (221266)   1767
Timber valuation.
32ff. and 1 schedule
CCB B/213/80  (220877)   1768-9
Miscellaneous Scrap - names and amoounts, Evenwood etc..
Paper    2ff
CCB B/213/81  (220766A)   1769
Timber Valuation.
Paper    1f
CCB B/213/82  (221051)   1769
Timber Valuation.
Paper    7ff
CCB B/213/83  (221054)   1769
Timber Valuation.
Paper    13ff
CCB B/213/84  (221056)   1769-71
Timber valuation.
Paper    24ff.
CCB B/213/85a  (221524)   1769
Bill of Dr Bowlby to William Hugall, Thomas Hugall's administrator.
Paper    1f
CCB B/213/85b  (221525)   1770
Bill of Dr Bowlby to William Hugall, Thomas Hugall's administrator.
Paper    1f
CCB B/213/86  (221217)   1770
Timber valuation.
Paper    16ff
CCB B/213/87  (221216)   1770
Timber valuation.
Paper    9ff
CCB B/213/88  (221236)   1770-5
An Index of Counterparts of Leases and Appointments.
Index to Register 20, 1771-1776 CC No. 184977.
Paper    15ff
CCB B/213/89  (221053)   1771
Timber valuation.
Paper    20ff
CCB B/213/90  (220575)   24th January 1772
License to Ralph Unthank to alienate a lease of land at Harry's Well Bank, Eighton Banks.
1 piece
CCB B/213/91  (220577)   11th February 1772
Indenture transferring lands on the waste near Harry's Well Bank, Eighton Banks, from Ralph Unthank to William Unthank.
CCB B/213/92  (220513)   15th August 1772
Power of Attorney from Alice Wanley to Thomas Terry and William Jepson to take possession of a lease in Heighington.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/213/93  (220802)   23rd September 1772
Bill for Goods (Sarah Bainbridge's funeral ribbon) bought of Jonathan Hopwood of York.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/213/94  (220889)   9th December 1772
Surrender of lease to make a new one (Manor of Wheelhall).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/95  (220731)   1772
Timber valuation.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/96  (220669)   1772
Expenses of preserving and carrying etc., wreck of the sea at Ryhope.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/97  (220802)   1772
Bills for Goods bought (re Sarah Bainbridge).
File. 4 items
CCB B/213/98  (221165)   1772
List of Masons' work to be done at Durham Castle, headed "Survey made at Durham Castle 1772 ".
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/213/99  (220800)   1772-4
Bills for Goods bought (re Sarah Bainbridge).
File. 5 items
CCB B/213/100  (220670)   9th February 1773
Account of Timber from Ryehope to Washington Colliery.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/101  (220726)   10th June 1773
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands at Easington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/102  (220729)   27th July 1773
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands at Littlethorp).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/103  (220761)   27th July 1773
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands at Cornforth).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/104  (220762)   6th September 1773
Power of Attorney from Joseph Reay and William Gibson to George Robinson, to take possession of a lease in Cornforth.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/105  (221627)   21st October 1773
General account for salvage and wrecked goods sold.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/106  (221246)   6th November 1773.
Acknowledgement of tenancy, Frankland Farm.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/107  (221608)   17th November 1773
Petition of James Taylor to be an almsman on Palace Green.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/108  (220929)   6th December 1773
Surrender of lease to make another. (fishings, ferries etc. in Yorkshire), Ouse and Derwent.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/109  (220531)   11th December 1773
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Burnhope Setts in Weardale).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/110  (221668)   1773-1779
Book of applications for renewals of leases.
Paper    15ff. and schedule
CCB B/213/111  (220810)   28th January 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (pasture in Brompton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/112  (221044)   16th February 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Claypath gates).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/113  (220560)   23rd March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (messuages in Bedlington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/114  (A.14.1)   26th March 1774
Letter to Mr. Robson, from W.S. Lloyd re Tyne Bridge.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/115  (220576)   9th March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (land in Chester-le-Street).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/116  (220738)   31st March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (tenements in Sunderland).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/117  (220538)   17th February 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Wolsingham Park).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/118  (220811)   15th March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Brompton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/119  (220818)   19th March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Northallerton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/120  (220516)   27th January 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Heighington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/121  (220517)   2nd March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Heighington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/122  (220819)   27th March 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Northallerton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/123  (220820)   15th April 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Northallerton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/124  (220539)   14th May 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Hallfields at Wolsingham).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/125  (220930)   23rd May 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Barmby, Howdenshire).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/126  (220733)   4th June 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Cassop).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/127  (A.12.4)   10th August 1774
Surrender by William Hutchinson of lands in Cornforth.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/128  (220518)   17th August 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Heighington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/129  (220519)   17th August 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Heighington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/130  (220739)   1st October 1774
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (tenements in Sunderland, wharves).
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/213/131  (221359)   1774
Timber valuation.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/132  (221402)   1774
Estimate for repairs (re Durham Castle).
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/133  (221438)   1774-5
File of papers re charity to Isabella Thompson (relating to Sarah Bainbridge).
File. 5 items
CCB B/213/134  (221557)   1774-5
4 receipts from Richard Stonhewer for his annuity.
Money which bought the annuity used on Tyne Bridge.
4 items
CCB B/213/135  (220817)   6th February 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Windmill Flatt in Northallerton).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/136  (221565)   15th March 1775
Opinion of Mr. Gyll on the Old Tower in Durham.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/137  (220768)   22nd March 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (land in Sedge field).
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/138  (220574)   17th February 1775
Power of Attorney from Robert Shafto to Thomas Gibson to take possession of a lease in Chester-le-Street.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/139  (220666)   16th April 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (tenement in East Burdon).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/140  (221609)   29th April 1775
Petition of Thomasine Melrose to be an almswoman on Palace Green.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/141  (220845)   3rd May 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (woods in Walkington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/142  (220554)   12th May 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Boldon).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/143  (220532)   20th June 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Eastgate in Weardale).
CCB B/213/144  (220763)   31st July 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Cornforth).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/145  (220540)   31st July 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (demesnes at Wolsingham).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/146  (220520)   1st May 1775
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (lands in Heighington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/147  (221364)   5th August 1775
Note re wood cut on the waste of Mr. Wallis' estate at Westgate.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/148  (211218)   1775
Timber valuation.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/213/149  (220495)   13th February 1776
Power of Attorney from Jane Robson to Rev. John Robson to take possession of a lease in Evenwood Park.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/150  (221030)   26th September 1776
Copy of grant of market and fairs at Norham.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/151  (220561)   9th October 1776
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (messuage in Bedlington).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/152  (220639)   1776
Timber valuation.
Paper    16ff
CCB B/213/153  (A.17.5)   7th June 1777
Power of Attorney from George Lake and Camilla Dixon to take possession of a lease in East Burdon.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/154  (221352)   1777
Timber valuation.
Paper    8ff
CCB B/213/155  (220663)   11th March 1778
Power of Attorney from George Lake and Camilla Dixon to take possession of a lease in East Burdon.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/156  (221242)   12th May 1778
Copy of T. Dixon's agreement with Mr. Collins.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/157  (221361)   1778
Timber valuation.
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/213/158  (221354)   1778
Timber valuation.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/213/159  (221212)   30th June 1779
Order for collecting and impressing seamen.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/160  (221238)   13th November 1778 and 15th October 1779
2 letters:
R Compton to G.W. Brook.
R Croudas to R. Compton.
CCB B/213/161  (220667)   4th August 1779
Surrender of leases to make a new one. (lands in Ryhope: Thomas Bailey).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/162  (221034)   1779
Timber valuation.
Paper    5ff
CCB B/213/163  (221356)   1779
Timber valuation.
Paper    19ff
CCB B/213/164  (221040)   7th November 1780
Copy of presentation of George Dowson to vicarage of Newbiggin in Westmorland.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/165  (220505)   30th December 1780
Draft lease to Ann Allan of lands in Darlington.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/166  (220504)   30th December 1780
Draft lease to James Allan of lands at Nestfield, near Darlington.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/167  (221358)   1780
Timber valuation, the Law near Ebchester.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/213/168  (221250)   1780
Bill for Wine.
CCB B/213/169  (221249)   1780
Wine Bottle Account
CCB B/213/170  (221249)   14th March 1781
Timber valuation.
Paper    6ff
CCB B/213/171  (221252)   15th March 1781
Permit for brandy.
1 piece
CCB B/213/172  (220756)   1781
Timber valuation.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/213/173  (221244)   1781
Glaziers' and Plumbers' work done for the Bishop; (Auckland).
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/174  (221251)   1781
Account of T. Jopling's Taxes.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/175  (221253)   1781
Copy of a bill of Mr. Richardson to the Bishop of Durham for £3. 10. 4.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/176  (221213)   21st June 1782
Order for collecting and impressing seamen.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/177  (221610)   16th August 1782
Order from the Bishop to admit John Simpson as almsman on Palace Green.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/178  (220668)   August 1782
Copy of letter of attorney from Edward Birkett to George Mowbray to take possession of a lease in Ryhope.
Paper    1f
CCB B/213/179  (221240)
Duplicate catalogue entry of item now in Box 157 CC, No. 20.
CCB B/213/180  (221273)   8th December 1782
Memoranda about business to be done, and about fines.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/181  (221294a)   24th December 1782
Timber valuation.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/213/182  (221295)   22nd February 1783
Timber valuation.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/183  (220659)   11th March 1783
Letter from James Agate to Mr. Robinson re collection of rents at Chester-le-Street.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/184  (57357)
Duplicate entry: file already catalogued as Box 191, No. 38. Bill of Costs and Correspondence re Weardale Lead Mines, Bishop v. Beaumont's wife.
CCB B/213/185  (220807)   11th December 1784
Draft licence to demise lands in Stockton, granted to Thomas Reed Ward.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/186  (220515)   5th May 1785
Draft lease of lands in Heighington.
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/213/187  (220534)   8th July 1785
Power of Attorney from John Hewett, John and Gilbert Mitchell, to Peter Sewel.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/188  (220497)   20th August 1785
Draft lease of lands in Middridge to George Mowbray.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/189  (220514)   30th March 1786
Draft licence to alienate to Mary Fogg et al.
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/213/190  (220735)   15th September 1786
Draft surrender of lease to make a new one. (tenements in Sherburn).
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/213/191  (57363)   1786
Correspondence re lease of Stockton Ferry.
File. 15 items
CCB B/213/192  (220537)   1787
Copy indenture of lease to John Burdon of demesne lands in Wolsingham.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/193  (221626)   7th February 1788
Formula for patent: Clerk of Durham County Court.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/194  (A.12.5)   20th August 1788
Surrender by William Burnett at al. of Low Parks in Darlington.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/195  (A.12.6)   6th May 1789
Surrender of a lease to make a new one. (Whiskmore, Northallerton).
CCB B/213/196  (A.12.7)   27th November 1789
Surrender of a lease to make a new one. (West Mill, North Auckland).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/197  (221548)   8th February 1791
Draft J.P's order for payment of costs on conviction of Ralph Harrison.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/198  (A.14.9)   16th August 1791
Letter to Mr. Castle, Auditor, from William Wailes of Northallerton.
CCB B/213/199  (A.17.12)   24th September 1792
Note to prepare a licence of alienation for Skepper Closes, Darlington.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/200  (A.12.8)   29th October 1792
Surrender of lease to make a new one.
(Earl of Strathmore, lands in Evenwood Park and Evenwood Common Inclosure).
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/213/201  (221243)   1792?
Plan for a smith's shop near Oxhill.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/213/202  (A.12.9)   7th November 1799
Surrender of lease to make a new one. (Mansion house in Bedburn Park).
Paper.    2ff
Miscellanea 1800 onwards
CCB B/214/1  (146793)   10th June 1802
Printed Rules and Regulations for the conduct and management of the schools for the education of poor children in the County of Durham.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/214/2  (221202)   1802
List of leases examined.
Paper    12ff
CCB B/214/3  (57354. 1-2)   10th October 1803 and 11th January 1804
Two copies of extracts from Colonel Beaumont's Books concerning lead ore extracted from Weardale Lead Mines, 1786-1801.
CCB B/214/4  (57355. 1-2)   12th October 1803
Two copies of the preceding tables put together and used as an exhibit 14th January 1804 against Colonel Beaumont.
CCB B/214/5  (57352. 1-5)   12th October 1803
Five copies of an account sheet showing the amount of ore mined at Weardale Lead Mines leased to Colonel Beaumont, and the loss to the Bishop by receiving a fixed lease fee. 1791-1801.
CCB B/214/6  (57358)   1803-1808
Correspondence relating to Weardale Lead Mines.
File. 44 items
CCB B/214/7  (57353. 1-5)   14th January 1804
Five copies of an account sheet showing the amount of ore mined at Weardale Lead Mines leased to Colonel Beaumont, and the loss to the Bishop by receiving a fixed lease fee, 1786-1790.
5 items
CCB B/214/8  (57364)   1805-1846
Miscellaneous Correspondence.
File. 18 items
CCB B/214/9  (57366)   1806
Papers relating to the terms of enfranchisement of copyholds under the Act of 46 George III.
5 items
CCB B/214/10  (221043)   22nd October 1810
Summary of history of Greatham Hospital, 1762-1810.
2 items
CCB B/214/11  (220826)   June - August 1812
Certificates from the Vicars and Churchwardens of Kirby Wisk and Northallerton concerning the identity of a life in a lease.
2 items
CCB B/214/12  (221531)   3rd December 1812
Peter Rigg's Account with William Emms.
CCB B/214/13  (A.17.9)   27th September 1814
Certificate of acknowledgement of fine.
CCB B/214/14  (221289)   6th December 1814
Certificate of acknowledgement of fine.
CCB B/214/15  (221345)   11th August 1816
Abstract of records in the Auditor's Office made for a lawsuit, and a letter concerning Birtley manor from 1183 onwards.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/214/16  (221423)   4th March 1823 - 4th June 1825
Schedule of Counterpart Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/214/17  (221630)   15th September 1825
Copy indenture of lease to Viscount Barrington of land on Wharrington Moor.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/214/18  (57337)   1826-27
Lists of persons contracting to buy estates under the Bishop of Durham's Estate Act of 7 & 8 George IV "for vesting certain estates belonging to the See of Durham in trustees for sale and for applying the purchase monies in the purchase of freehold and copyhold estates to be annexed to the said See, and for other purposes."
3 items
CCB B/214/19  (A.18.1)   29th May 1827
4 papers concerning debt of £100 from John Goodchild to Philip Laing.
Descriptions of two impounded sloops.
4 items
CCB B/214/20  (57338)   21st June 1827
Statement re enfranchisements of leasehold estates held of the See of Durham specified in the schedule to the Act of 7 & 8 George IV.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/214/21  (57338.A.1)   1827
Draft agreement for any transaction under the Act.
Paper    7ff
CCB B/214/22  (57338.A.2)   1827
Printed draft agreement as above.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/214/23  (57338.A.3)   1827
Draft conveyance of inheritance in fee simple of hereditaments held by lease and sold under the Act of 7 & 8 George IV.
Paper    11ff
CCB B/214/24  (57338.A.4)   1827
Another copy of above.
Paper    17ff
CCB B/214/25  (57339)   1827
Another copy of above.
Paper    7ff
CCB B/214/26  (57338A.5)   1827
Draft exception applicable to the conveyance of estates under the Act of 7 & 8 George IV.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/214/27  (57341. 1-13)   1827
Papers concerning the Act of 7 & 8 George IV, re estates of the Bishop of Durham.
Paper    13 items
CCB B/214/28  (57340. 1-13)   1827
Papers concerning the Act of 7 & 8 George IV.
Paper    13 items
CCB B/214/29  (57360)   1831
Correspondence relating to the renewal of the lease of Lanchester Colliery.
File. 11 items
CCB B/214/30  (57361)   1834
File containing letters relating to particulars of the liberty of outstroke (wayleave) intended to be granted to the lessees of Black Boy Colliery.
File. 3 items
CCB B/215/31  (221424)   14th July 1838
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/215/32  (221425)   25th April 1840
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/215/33  (57362)   1840-1845
Correspondence relating to E. Midgley's claim to wayleave on land at Medomsley.
File 12 items
CCB B/215/34  (221426)   13th November 1841
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Offices.
Paper.    4ff
CCB B/215/35  (57368)   1842-50
Particulars of property comprised in a lease to Messrs. Robinson and others and apportionment of fine.
Hill End, Linn Head, Holm House, Spring Wells
Whin Syke and allotments and stints on Burnhope Moor and pasture.
File 6 items
CCB B/215/36  (221427)   4th March 1844 - 15th September 1844
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper    6ff
CCB B/215/37  (221428)   12th May 1846
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper    6ff
CCB B/215/38  (221429)   2nd March 1847
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/215/39  (221430)   13th December 1849
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/215/40  (57332)   October 1850
Statement of case and opinions of counsel in a case concerning salmon fishing in the Wear, blocked by a lock at Chester-le-Street.
Paper    8ff. and 5 schedules
CCB B/215/41  (221431)   23rd December 1851
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    3ff
CCB B/215/42  (221432)   17th Jul 1852
Schedule of Counterparts of Leases sent to the Auditor's Office.
Paper.    2ff
CCB B/215/43  (57359)   1852-3
Correspondence and papers relating to the application by E.W. Jackson to be allowed to search for lead ore in the Weardale lead mines.
File. 12 items
CCB B/215/44  (245030B)   20th July 1885
Report on, and extracts from, records in Public Record Office relative to the inclosure of Easington Common.
Paper File
Miscellanea undated Some have subsequently been dated.

CCB B/216/1  (220036)
Miscellaneous paper.
Account - High Forest 1686-1688, probably lead mines of John Hopper.
CCB B/216/2  (from 220203).
Miscellaneous scrap.
CCB B/216/3  (220468)
Draft agreement for lease of Parkhead Farm.
CCB B/216/4  (220491)
File of miscellaneous papers re Halmote Court (list of officers).
2 items
CCB B/216/5  (220497A)
File of miscellaneous papers, re Mrs Johnson's lease in Midridge.
4 items
CCB B/216/6  (220556)
File of miscellaneous papers including articles of instruction for a survey of Bedlington.
CCB B/216/7  (220565A)
2 membranes of parchment containing the boundaries of the bailiwick of Chester-le-Street.
2 membranes
CCB B/216/8  (220567)   1781
Petition of Minister and Congregation of Protestant Dissenters at Chester, to the Bishop, for the grant of a piece of waste to erect a place of worship.
CCB B/216/9  (220652)
Wood valuation and payments to persons in Satley.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/216/10  (220672)
Miscellaneous sketches [Ryhope].
2 items
CCB B/216/11  (220737B)
Miscellaneous sketches of an estate at Shadforth.
CCB B/216/12  (220754)
Miscellaneous papers concerning Bishop Middleham.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/216/13  (220766)
Petition of Ralph Ord of Sedgefield for remission of a fine, temp. Bishop Crewe.
CCB B/216/14  (220770)
Draft of Lease.
CCB B/216/15  (220786)
Agreement for letting Stockton Demesne lands.
Evidence in case of John, Bishop of Durham v. John Lambert, for debt, 1660-1672.
Premises in Stockton: tollbooth, bakehouse and ferryboat.
CCB B/216/16  (220787)
Terms for letting Stockton Demesne lands.
CCB B/216/17  (220788)
Terms for letting Stockton Demesne lands.
CCB B/216/18  (220789)
Agreement for letting Bowes field in Stockton.
CCB B/216/19  (220790)   1762
Petition of Thomas Pattison of Stockton.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/216/20  (220791)
Quantity of land in Stockton demesnes.
2 items
CCB B/216/21  (220792)
Miscellaneous sketches.
Rough plan of Stockton Demesnes and farm at Bowesforth, c.1730.
CCB B/216/22  (220793)
Additional building to the lands on David Hobkirk's farm at Stockton.
cf. Box 212, Section 3, No. 50 above.
CCB B/216/23  (220809)
Wood valuation, Carleton.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/216/24  (220868)
Blank summonses to assizes of bread and ale.
CCB B/216/25  (220875)
Memorandum concerning Allerton.
CCB B/216/26  (220876)
Miscellaneous paper, West Auckland.
CCB B/216/27  (220878)
Miscellaneous paper, ? Howden.
CCB B/216/28  (220879)
List of Vills in Howdenshire and Allertonshire
CCB B/216/29  (220881)
Paper concerning lease of Welton Ings.
CCB B/216/30  (220882)
Memorandum concerning Howden.
CCB B/216/31  (220884)
Copy of letters patent of Bishop Tunstall re pension to John Temple of 20 marks for the Lordship of Howden and confirmation by Dean and Chapter.
CCB B/216/32  (221003)
Old index (draft for No. 184983 Lease register).
CCB B/216/33  (221004)
Old index (draft for No. 184982 Lease register).
CCB B/216/34  (221023)
Plans of Bishop's Meadows at Durham, c. 1755-1759.
CCB B/216/35  (221033)
Notes re Hamsterley and Bedburn.
CCB B/216/36  (221039)
Sketches of encroachments at Greencroft.
CCB B/216/37  (221045)
Plan of Baybridge, Blanchland.
CCB B/216/38  (221047)
Plan of Bishop's Meadows at Durham.
CCB B/216/39  (221052)
File of miscellaneous papers, concerning wood valuation.
Paper    6 items
CCB B/216/40  (221073)
Paper concerning repair of Yarm Bridge.
CCB B/216/41  (221089)
Quittance for annuity of £4 payable to 2 priests for saying Masses for Bishop Langley.
CCB B/216/42  (221091)
Petition of Bishop Tunstall to the King re merchandise on the River Tyne.
CCB B/217/43  (221134)
Miscellaneous paper (re school on Palace Green).
CCB B/217/44  (221151)
Miscellaneous paper - "The condition of a coroner's bond".
CCB B/217/45  (221166)
Notes and draft of a petition from the Bishop to the King, temp. Bishop Cosin, re £880 pension.
CCB B/217/46  (221170)
List of wayleave leases, 1770-1798.
CCB B/217/47  (221183)
Timber valuation.
CCB B/217/48  (221203)
Page of index of a lease book.
CCB B/217/49  (221206)
Extracts of various dates, 1560-1721, from Registers in the Registry of the Dean and Chapter (made in 18th century).
CCB B/217/50  (221223)
Petition to the Bishop [Crewe] of Nicholas Rumford of Pittington Milne.
CCB B/217/51  (221224)
Note of writings concerning law-suits which "Mr. Sedgwicke and I tooke forth of the boxe."
CCB B/217/52  (221230)
Formula Book of institutions, presentations etc, c. 1671-1672.
CCB B/217/53  (221233)
Most have now been merged with fragments in Box 25, No. 190299, as they are parts of the same documents.
3 scraps
CCB B/217/54  (221237)
Plan of Steely area plot.
CCB B/217/55  (221245)
Copies of Bills for surrenders.
Paper    2 items
CCB B/217/56  (221254)
Petition of Stephen Carr of Birtley for discharge from a debt.
CCB B/217/57  (221255)
Miscellaneous paper (relating to Leases on examining Books).
CCB B/217/58  (221258)
Sketches (house plan?).
2 items
CCB B/217/59  (221265)
Request for a case to be tried at York.
CCB B/217/60  (221272)
Letter to William Hugall from Thomas Hugall.
CCB B/217/61  (221275)
Miscellaneous paper (short note re lease and deeds).
CCB B/217/62  (221276)
Miscellaneous paper (re Birkly Rent schedule 1622-1761.
CCB B/217/63  (221278)
Miscellaneous paper (queries re West Auckland Rental).
CCB B/217/64  (221280)
Sketch of land at Killarby.
CCB B/217/65  (221281)
Sketch of land at Castle Eden Dean.
CCB B/217/66  (221282)
CCB B/217/67  (221318)
Memorandum on Bishop's right to wreck of the sea.
Paper    1f
CCB B/217/68  (221322)
Incomplete writ.
CCB B/217/69  (221343)
A note of certain rolls in the Bishop's custody.
CCB B/217/70  (221353)
Timber valuation, Harperley.
1 piece
CCB B/217/71  (221355)
Timber valuation.
1 piece.
CCB B/217/72  (221357)
Timber valuation, Hamsteels.
1 piece.
CCB B/217/73  (221360)
Timber valuation, Houghton.
1 piece.
CCB B/217/74  (221362)
Timber valuation, Oaks Row.
1 piece.
CCB B/217/75  (221379)
File of miscellaneous papers.
16 items
CCB B/217/75/1   1623
A paper noting debts due to the Bishop of Durham ?
The names of Anthony Kirkaye of Chester, Michael Dickson of Newcastle and Anthony Kirkley of Durham are mentioned.
CCB B/217/75/2
Informal notes concerning leases at West Auckland and other places about 1725.
Many names of people are mentioned.
On the other side is a fragment of a letter from C. Whitaker to "your Lordship" (probably the Bishop) concerning Richard Jardism's lease at Harington and the living of Dalton and other matters.
CCB B/217/75/3    n.d. 18th century
Notes of present and former tenants of certain holdings.
Redmine is mentioned and several names of people.
CCB B/217/75/4
List of drapery goods (priced) sold by Robt. Lambton, draper, to Humphrey and Ralph Green of Bitchburn in the years 1626 to 1628.
CCB B/217/75/5
List of drapery goods (priced) sold by Robt. Lambton, draper, to Richard Hutton of Hunwick and Richard Younge [?], 1627- 1628.
CCB B/217/75/6
List of drapery goods (priced) sold by Robt. Lambton, draper, to William Dickson of Walton, 1627.
CCB B/217/75/7
List of drapery goods (priced) sold by Robt. Lambton, draper, to John Greenwell of Cornsay, 1626.
CCB B/217/75/8
Bill for wines etc bought by the Bishop of Durham from Mills & Robson, 1781-1782.
CCB B/217/75/9
Bottle account of the Bishop of Durham, 1776.
CCB B/217/75/10   15 February 1774
Leases sent to Mr Robson by Mr Chapman covering 1773-1774.
This short list gives dates, locations, lessees names and apparently the amounts of fines and rents.
CCB B/217/75/11
List of goods sold by Robt. Lambton, draper, to Thos. Douker of Lamesley, 1625.
CCB B/217/75/12   7 February 1627/8
Bill for iron bought by John Startforth of Throston of Thos. Tunstall, mercer.
CCB B/217/75/13   12 January 1776
Receipt from Newcastle Infirmary for £30 annual subscription received from the Bishop of Durham for the year beginning Easter 1775.
CCB B/217/75/14
Letter to John Robson, Bishop's bailiff concerning the renewal of the lease of Thos. Dennison of West Thickley of the Mill at Bondgate, Auckland.
Mentions 9 years arrears due Martinmas 1781.
Mention also of John Eden's copyhold wood near the Mill.
CCB B/217/75/15
Customary Rent for the park and High Forest of Weardale due to the Bishop at Martinmas 1782.
List of arrears.
CCB B/217/75/16
List of fines (sent to the Bishop of Durham from Stockton) from the Michaelmas and Christmas sessions 1781 and Easter and Michaelmas sessions 1782.
CCB B/217/76  (221387)
Miscellaneous paper (re Arrears 1712-1739.
CCB B/217/77  (221398)
Miscellaneous paper (part of draft release Francis Blakiston to Thos. Hugale).
CCB B/217/78  (221401)
Draft bill for repairs.
CCB B/217/79  (221403)
Paper re holdings in Gainford.
CCB B/217/80  (221410)
Draft of power of attorney.
CCB B/217/81  (221435)
Minutes of award in case of Bishop v. John Hodgson.
CCB B/217/82  (221437)
Petition of Isabel Thompson and others to administer the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
2 items
CCB B/217/83  (221445)
Part of a index.
Headed "Allotments", probably relates to an Inclosure Award.
CCB B/217/84  (221499)
List of incumbents in the Deaneries of Northumberland (Primary Visitation of Bishop Trevor, 1754 ).
CCB B/217/85  (221559)   1778
Petition of Thomas Ayre of Hett to the Bishop.
CCB B/217/86  (221563)   [c. 1750]
Draft of the gift of the 3rd Canonry to Thomas Chapman by the Bishop.
CCB B/217/87  (221564)
Schedule of goods sold to Edward Smith for use of Washington Colliery.
CCB B/217/88  (221566)
Petition of Hannah Boldon, Robert Drysdale and Robert Appleby, to the Bishop.
CCB B/217/89  (221579)
List of leases (1662-1810 ) to be produced in the case between the Freemen and the Corporation of Durham.
CCB B/217/90  (221611)
Petition of John Fewster of Framwelgate to the Bishop to be an almsbrother at the Cathedral.
CCB B/217/91  (221617)
Miscellaneous paper (list of parishes).
CCB B/217/92  (221628)
Bill of Matthew Carr to the Bishop.
CCB B/217/93  (221657)
Sketches near river Ouse.
CCB B/217/94  (221659)
Names of jurors.
CCB B/217/95  (221684)
Part of an old index.
CCB B/217/96  (A.14.1)
Letter from William Cooper.
CCB B/217/97  (A.14.3)
Note concerning fairs and markets at Northallerton.
CCB B/217/98  (A.14.11)
Letter from Thomas Nicholson asking permission to build flood banks at Clack, Yorkshire.
CCB B/217/99  (A.15.2)
List of vills in Howden and Howdenshire.
CCB B/217/100  (A.15.5)
An account of disorders in Howdenshire.
CCB B/217/101  (A.15.7)
Note re Skelton demesnes.
CCB B/217/102  (A.15.8)
List of townships in Howdenshire.
CCB B/217/103  (A.16.3)
List of lands accounted to be demesnes of Allerton.
CCB B/217/104  (A.16.4)
Note re demesne and copyhold lands at Esmonderley.
CCB B/217/105  (A.16.7)
Draft of lease of Allerton demesnes.
CCB B/217/106  (A.17.1)
Petition to Bishop of Lancelot Bainbridge of Wolsingham.
CCB B/217/107  (A.17.10).
Fragment of court order.
CCB B/217/108  (A.18.3)
Petition to Bishop of Thomas Lassells of Allerton.
CCB B/217/109  (A.19)
Fragments and miscellanea.
6 pieces
CCB B/217/109/1   22 July 14 Jas. [I] [1616]
Part of the report of a case in ? Durham Assizes concerning a greyhound. Those concerned are one Bell a cordwainer, John ? Ryie and George Sanders of Hirdhouse, Co. Durham.
Parchment, very faded.
CCB B/217/109/2   1 July 1675
Receipt issued by George Kirkby, junior, to Mr. Baddeley, Coroner of Stockton.
CCB B/217/109/3
Two parts of a writing exercise repeating a sentence which mentions "John by the Grace of God" and Thos. Jones. Probably temp. Bishop John Cosin.
CCB B/217/109/4
Note of 2 receipts for Land Tax issued to John Webster and to John Beilby on 18 August 1738.
CCB B/217/109/5   19 October 1620
Receipt issued by Christopher Hunt, Collector for £3. 10s. 0d. for Bishop Neale for the use of His Majesty charged in the account of Sir Arthur Ingram High Sheriff of Yorkshire.
CCB B/217/109/6
Torn scrap, only one whole word appears "Henry". ? 18th century.
CCB B/217/110
15 miscellaneous scraps, probably temp. Mary.
15 pieces
CCB B/217/110/1
Piece of parchment probably part of the cover of a book. Inside is written £1,259. 7s. 10d. in roman numerals. late 16th, early 17th cent.
CCB B/217/110/2
Part of a list of expenses incurred by William Stodde on a journey of 6 days from Durham to York and back. n.d. 16th cent.
CCB B/217/110/3
Expenses incurred by Robert Marley on a journey to York. n.d. In a later hand is written "1 Mary". The watermark and handwriting support this date approximately.
CCB B/217/110/4   21 June 1556
Receipt issued by Nicholas Thorne at Auckland for £20 received from Christopher Mayre.
CCB B/217/110/5   15 July 1556
Letter from Nicholas Thorne to Christopher Mayre in Durham asking for money for my Lord's house at Auckland.
CCB B/217/110/6   2 September 1556
Letter from Nicholas Thorne to Christopher Mayre still asking for the money.
CCB B/217/110/7   12 March 1556/7
The same to the same about the same.
CCB B/217/110/8   15 December 1 Mary [1553]
Receipt issued by Thos. Thomlynson, deputy to Henry Kirkbey, bailiff of Bedlington, to John Tailfer for rent.
CCB B/217/110/9   20 November 1547
Receipt issued by Robert Hertburne and Will. Cokkey, chaplains of the chantry of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Cuthbert in the Galilee in Durham Cathedral to Bishop Cuthbert [Tunstall] for 40/-.
CCB B/217/110/10   n.d. c. 1554
Calculation of the amount of time spent by someone, possibly the messenger of the exchequer, in fetching in various collectors and also for riding about men that beat the Lady Conyers' servant and for them that rescued them.
CCB B/217/110/11   n.d. c.1554
Another similar item in the same hand. Besides fetching in Collectors the writer has been warning [the collectors of the various] wards and bearing writs etc.
CCB B/217/110/12
Payments for carrying coal to the Castle [Durham] and payments made to Ralph Dalton. n.d. mid 16th century.
CCB B/217/110/13   n.d. [1 Mary 1553-4]
Receipt issued by Wylliam Rydell for the fee due to his master Sir Marmaduke Tunstall, Constable of the Castle.
CCB B/217/110/14   5 December 1 Edward VI [1547]
Receipt issued to Anthony Middilton by Christopher Mayre for cash by the hand of John Tailfer.
CCB B/217/110/15
Paper inscribed, Item John Tailfar horsmet [horse fodder] at 3 tymes 26/- -8/5. n.d. Same hand and water mark as item 3. In a later hand 1 Mary is written on it.
CCB B/217/111  (183760)
Volume containing schedules of documents removed from the Auditor's office at Durham to the Public Record Office.
CCB B/217/112  (245030A)   1887
"General View of the Tenures in the Palatinate of Durham with references to records."
Printed Book. 47pp
Miscellanea filed or sewn together
CCB B/218/1  (220200)   16th century
Miscellanea of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, removed by J. Conway Davis from C.C. 220200, a file of miscellaneous papers concerning recognizances, 17-23 Henry VII. where they were loose insets.
CCB B/218/1/1
Language:   Latin
Note that on 10 December Pont. 1 Bishop Thos. [? Ruthall, 1509] William Wilkynson of Northauckland, walker, leased a fulling mill from the Bishop for three years from the coming Michaelmas. N.D.
CCB B/218/1/1: Dorse
Language:   Latin
The names of officers within the diocese of Durham .
The sheriffs are given as Robert? Chamber and Sir William Bulmer. The rest appear to be foresters.
CCB B/218/1/2
Language:   Latin
Memorandum that Richard Watson of Whickham, chaplain, did, on 6 May in the first year of the Bishop's episcopate, [? Ruthall, 1510] relax his suit against W. Marlay and his son. N.D.
CCB B/218/1/3
Language:   Latin
Note of the conditions on which Richard Hedworth, rector of Whickham, Richard Merlay, William Hedworth and Richard Henryson, all of Whickham, on 26 April 13 Pont Thomas [?Ruthall, 1522] leased a coal mine at Whickham for 5 years from the feast of St. Martin in Winter following, paying £20 for each of two shafts.
CCB B/218/1/4
Language:   Latin
Bonds for good behaviour.
Richard Hawekyll, yeoman, Robert Thompson, walker, John Eden, tanner, Thomas B[u]llock, miller, all of Gateshead, guaranteed on 6 April a o 21 [?Henry VII, 1506], that John Peirson will keep the peace with Stephen Byer of Gateshead, fleshewer.
CCB B/218/1/4: Dorse. (a)
Language:   Latin
Nicholas Garryson of Whickham and Ro … of Whickham, both yeomen, William Colynson, labourer and Will. Turnour, smith, both of Durham, guaranteed, on 22 September, that John Water of Farnacre, chaplain, would keep the Kings peace. N.D.
CCB B/218/1/4: Dorse.(b)
Language:   Latin
W. Bowebanke of Stranton, John Hochenson of D[urham], yeoman, J. Stevynson of the same, yeoman, William Turnour of the same, smith, went surety on 7 April for the good behaviour of Thomas Lot. N.D.
CCB B/218/1/5
Language:   English
Note headed Wilford and Pedwell and Grenhill from Rauff Lowther to ? About the fisheries appurtaining to Norham Castle. N.D.
CCB B/218/1/6
Letter from Giles Burh to his brother-in-law John Bentley, D.D., asking for his co-operation in some business matter and mentioning his "cossyn Bowsse".
[Paper mark and handwriting suggest the late fifteenth century.]
[Bentley may be the man mentioned as "once the excheetor" in 1522 - C.C. 189458.]
Dorse: A continuation of 1/3.
CCB B/218/2  (221434)   1575
File of papers on Holy Island.
2 items
CCB B/218/3  (220474)   1600-1615
File of miscellaneous papers.
2 items
CCB B/218/3/1
Question whether the widow of a copyholder loses her rights by not claiming them in court by the third proclamation, although her son has claimed in his own right.
A case at Bishop Auckland is quoted, 8 March 1600/1.
Note on the back of a lease at Lanchester demised by Geo. Fairhair to Robt. ?Holgod and mention of the names of Thos. Wright and Thos. Smith.
CCB B/218/3/2   1675
List of the names of proprietors of lands at Bondgate in Auckland, together with acreages, which do the Bishops services.
CCB B/218/4  (221689)   1606-1611
Short file of coroners' inquests and related documents from the wards of Stockton and Darlington. There are also a few inventories or other mentions of the goods of the deceased. The deodands are identified and valued.
25 items
CCB B/218/4/1   2 August 1606
William Turbatt, coroner.
Inquest on the death of Christopher Tayler who died a natural death, "the hand of God".
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/2   20 September 1606
Inquest on the death of Janett (Jane) Peverell who died a natural death, "as pleased God".
Evidence is added to suggest that she caught an infection from a sick person whom she visited some fourteen days before her death.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/3   25 February 1606-7
Thomas Tonstall, deputy coroner.
Inquest on the death of Anthony Stelling who was drowned.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/4   25 March 1607
? Hamsterley.
Inquest on the death of Steven Dobison of Saltterbourne, Hamsterley parish, who fell down the shaft of Carter Thorne coal pit.
List of jurors.
(There is also a small corner of a page inscribed "Hamsterley 15 September".)
CCB B/218/4/5   7 April 1607
Thomas Tonstall deputy coroner.
Inquest on the death of Thomas Nawton who died from natural sickness.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/6   2 May 1607
William Turbatt, coroner.
Inquest on the death of Thomas Nawton who died from natural sickness.
CCB B/218/4/7   18 June 1607
Inquest on the death of Robert Parkin(g), aged twelve years, of Lutteringham, Co. Durham, who hanged himself.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/8   23 July 1607
Hurworth, Co. Durham.
Inquest on the death of Ann Kinlysyde, who hanged herself.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/9   23 July 1607
Hurworth, Co. Durham.
William Turbot, coroner.
Inquest on the death of Ann Kinlysyde, who hanged herself.
List of jurors. (This is a fair copy of No. 8.)
CCB B/218/4/10   7 April 1608
Laurence Wilkinson, coroner of Stockton.
Inquest on the death of Thomas Haworth.
CCB B/218/4/11
Coroners inquest on the death of Thomas Haworth, who fell down a mine shaft. (See No. 10.)
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/12   May 1608
Inquest on the death of Ralph Walker of Bishop Auckland, tailor, who died of a rapier wound.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/13   30 January 1608-9
Inquest on the death of George Marshall, who fell off a stile and drowned in a gutter.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/14   9 May 1609
Bishop Auckland.
Inquest on the death of Isabel Hodgshon who was drowned while washing clothes in the river Gaunless.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/15   29 June 1609
Laurence Wilkinson, coroner.
Inquest on the death of Christopher Todd of Hunwick who hanged himself.
List of jurors. Inventory of his goods.
CCB B/218/4/16   Tuesday. 20 February 1609/10
Inquest on the death of Thomas Garnet who died from a rapier wound delivered by Thomas Thwaites in self defence.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/17   20 February 1609/10
List of jurors for the inquest on Thomas Garnet.
CCB B/218/4/18   5 May 1610
William Turbatt, coroner.
Inquest on the death of John Robinson, servant, of Langley, who hanged himself.
List of Jurors.
CCB B/218/4/19   5 May 1610
Inquest on the death of John Robinson of Langley, servant, who hanged himself.
List of Langley jurors.
List of Shotton jurors.
CCB B/218/4/20   21 October 1610
Haughton Mill.
Inquest on the death of Thomas Lambert, miller, who was crushed by a millstone.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/21   27 April 1611
Bishop Auckland.
Inquest on the death of Isabel Robinson who committed suicide.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/22   [14] February 44 James VI - I [1611]
Henry Turbatt, coroner.
Inquest on the death of Henry Brown who was stabbed in the chest.
CCB B/218/4/23   14 February 1610/11
Inquest on the death of Henry Brown who was stabbed in the chest.
List of jurors.
CCB B/218/4/24
Inventory of the goods of Ann Kenear.
No date but looks contemporary with the rest.
CCB B/218/4/25
Part of another contemporary inventory.
CCB B/218/5  (221649)   1611-1829
File of miscellaneous letters and papers.
13 items
CCB B/218/5/1
The second page of a survey of tenants, tenements and dues, covers Home Ayumebell [Coatham Mundeville], Haughton, Whessoe, Cockerton, Blackwell, Heighington, School Aycliffe (Skulackley), Heworth and Middridge.
Copy circa 1600 of a ? fourteenth century survey.
(Hatfield - now page 2 of H.C. M65 - list of free tenants.)
CCB B/218/5/2
The conclusion of a petition to the Sovereign that writs of sub poena be directed to certain men (named) for alleged misdeeds during the late vacancy in the Bishoprick of Durham.
Late sixteenth century.
CCB B/218/5/3   15 January 8 James I [1611]
Writ to the Sheriff of Durham concerning the attachment of Henry Saunderson to answer in Chancery for contempt.
CCB B/218/5/4
A note by Richard Osbaston of certain writings deposited.
Early seventeenth century.
CCB B/218/5/5
"Valuation in the Rentals" - notes of names of people and sums of money for the years 1665-99.
No place names.
CCB B/218/5/6
Paper containing:
CCB B/218/5/6 (1)   20 August 1669
Torn copy of a writ of the sheriff of Durham to George Burne […] and Gilbert Gerard in pursuance of a royal writ to the sheriff.
CCB B/218/5/6(2)
Note that Robert Hall, John Sanders, Richard Thompson and Thomas Gibson all of Lumley were each fined 3s. 4d. for trespassing in the close of George ? Foraer, signed by Richard Neile, under- sheriff.
CCB B/218/5/6 (3)   25 October 1669
Receipt from John Burne of 3s. 4d.
CCB B/218/5/7
Notes possibly of documents to be drawn up, mention of Farrer Wren, John Robinson, Thomas Bowes, Bradley and Milburn.
Mid-eighteenth century. [Farrer Wren 1715-94].
CCB B/218/5/8
Another copy of 5/7.
CCB B/218/5/9   27 April [17]76
Queries numbered 5 and 6 and answers (by T. Rokeby) numbered 1-5 about the validity of certain leases and the Bishops title to lands.
Mention of a Mr Place, the statutes concerning the dissolution of monasteries and chantries and the Bishops rent books.
CCB B/218/5/10   3 December 1783
Letter from Thomas Dixon concerning arrears of rent in Weardale.
CCB B/218/5/11
Memorandum addressed to Mr. John Robson, concerning the livery of seisin in August 1783 to Robert Clarke, attorney of John Lowther and John Lynn, of part of a leasehold property (location unspecified).
CCB B/218/5/12   26 September 1798
Draft of a notice, dated, that arrears of rent due to the Bishop of Durham should be paid the following 18-20 December, George Brooke, auditor.
CCB B/218/5/13   13 July 1829
Patent: appointment by William Van Mildert, Bishop of Durham of John Cross as Solicitor General (draft).
Transferred to C.C. Box 174.
CCB B/218/6  (221027)   1621-1633
File of miscellaneous letters, re Craike, Yorkshire.
2 items
CCB B/218/7  (221143)   1625-1788
Miscellanea c. 1771-88 [except for the first] concerning the felling of timber, renewals of leases, court proceedings, delivery of seeds and Kilhope and Welhope School.
14 items
CCB B/218/7/1
Note that Raiph Robson of Durham, carpenter owes Thos. Butler of Newcastle money for flax supplied in 1625.
CCB B/218/7/2   19 February 1771
Letter from Nicholas Halhead to John Dunn about cutting timber to repair the Clow at Howden Dike.
Dated at Durham.
CCB B/218/7/3   1782
Order of Court, Easter Term 1782, in the case of Sir Hedworth Williamson against Thos. Potts.
CCB B/218/7/4   18 October 1782
Letter from W. Dennison to John Robson about the intention of Elizabeth Colman of Cassop to apply for a renewal of the lease of her farm on its expiry.
Dated at Trimdon.
CCB B/218/7/5
Extract from the lease of Will. Byers of a dwelling house and land at Newbottle. N.D.
CCB B/218/7/6   11 December 1782
Letter from Anthony Wood to John Robson about the misdating of a document concerning Mr. Johnson.
Dated at Newcastle.
On the back is a list, possibly of rents payable by Mr. Johnson.
CCB B/218/7/7   19 January 1783
Letter from Thos. Sowerby to John Robson about trees at Bishop Auckland which Sir John Eden wishes to be felled.
Dated at West Auckland.
CCB B/218/7/8   25 January 1783
Letter from Stephen Barber to John Robson about Sowerby and the felling of some trees; his letter to Mr. Dew; his receipt of the money for beads and his need for more money.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/7/9   1 February 1783
Letter from Thos. Gibson to John Robson making an appointment to see him about the renewal of certain leases.
Dated at Flatts.
CCB B/218/7/10   February 1783
Letter from George Charleton to John Robson about the delivery of seeds.
Dated at Gateshead.
CCB B/218/7/11   19 February 1783
Letter from John Pickering to John Robson about the affairs of a tenant of the Bishop, Young Bambrough, a sailor, soon to go to Hudson's Bay. Pickering wishes to buy some land Bambrough now holds.
Dated at Stockton.
CCB B/218/7/12   3 March 1783
Letter from Caleb Kidd to John Robson asking for his favour in the matter of Kilhope and Welhope School.
Dated at Welhope.
CCB B/218/7/13   3 March 1783
Letter from John Pattinson asking permission to fell trees on the land he occupies which belongs to the Grammar School.
Dated at Norton.
CCB B/218/7/14   8 April 1783
Letter from Mr. Walton to Mr. Robson about a parcel and some documents being sent by the Newcastle Fly.
Dated at Farnacres.
CCB B/218/8  (57370)   1327-1831
A file of miscellaneous papers, 1327-1831, but mainly of the eighteenth century.
53 items
CCB B/218/8/1-3
Documents concerning the Bishoprick estates at the Restoration, 1660.
CCB B/218/8/1   compiled c.1660
List of proposals for the restoration of the finances of the Bishoprick of Durham.
CCB B/218/8/2
Grant of Charles II, making John Barwick Dean of Durham dated 10 October 1660 (copy).
Copy of the appointment of Robert Grey as Prebendary of the Eighth Stall at Durham Cathedral, dated 10 October 1660.
Copy of the mandate of Bishop John Cosin for the installation of Richard Wrench as Prebendary of the Sixth Stall at Durham Cathedral, dated 12 March 1660/1.
(On the back of this paper there are rough notes of the dates of collation and installation of the Prebendaries of Durham at the Restoration.)
CCB B/218/8/3   10 August 1664
A fragile set of notes - "Quoeres to be made about my Revenue Book".
The notes list the state of leases of land, mines, quarries, mills etc. made by the Bishops of Durham for terms of lives and points on which information is needed (notes uncertainties about the Bishops rights).
In Cosin's own hand.
The places mentioned are:-
(One list here with illegible heading)
Sunderland (including sea wracks)
West Boldon
Durham City
Notes on the mines at Gateshead and Whickham and on tolls at Gateshead.

CCB B/218/8/9-12
Documents concerning the Bishoprick estates and the revenue, 1730-1750 (episcopate of Edward Chandler).
CCB B/218/8/4   1730
Calculation made in 1730 of the annual value of the Bishoprick of Durham - the rents and fines etc., together with the Bishop's expenses.
The calculation covers two sides of foolscap paper and is therefore fairly detailed.
CCB B/218/8/5
List endorsed "Grants by Lease made by the late Bishop" (Edward Chandler.)
These are leases made between 1734 and 1749 of waste, quays, wayleave, marle, clay, quarries, tolls, mines, woods and royalties.
CCB B/218/8/6
List of Bishops grieves for the year 1731, together with the names of the places for which each was responsible.
Fragmentary notes on copyholds on the dorse.
CCB B/218/8/7
Copy of a licence granted 27 Febraury 1735/6 by the Bishop's Steward David Hilton to certain tenants of the Bishop to lease to John Humble, hoastman of Newcastle, waggon-ways from any of Humble's coal pits to the River Tyne, for 21 years.
CCB B/218/8/8   1736
List of Bishop's copyholdings and copyholders in West Auckland.
CCB B/218/8/9   1739
Manor of West Auckland - list of rents which ought to be collected - showing in some cases the names of earlier tenants and the amounts paid and due.
There is a separate section on Sir Robert Eden's copyhold rents in West Auckland.
CCB B/218/8/10   1739
List of certain tenants in West Auckland, together with a list of their predecessors, where known or applicable.
CCB B/218/8/11
Petition of Ralph Snaith of Escomb ("pitman" in another hand in the margin) that he may occupy as a copyholder the cottage (and two enclosed acres of ground) which he has erected (apparently as an encroachment) at Black Hill on Railey Fell.
The petition contains a list of signatures of the principal local freehold and copyhold tenants who support his application.
Endorsed as granted in 1751.
CCB B/218/8/12   c.1750
Certificate of local residents that small inclosures lately made on Railey Fell are within the boundaries of the township of Escomb and not in the Barony of Evenwood.
CCB B/218/8/13-15
Documents concerning coal mines at Houghton and Newbottle (1723) and Bedlington (1732) and a lead mine at Blackhall, Northumberland (1742).
CCB B/218/8/13   2 March 1723/4
Copy of an Indenture.
(1) Richard Stonehewer of Durham City
Alderman John Fawcet of Durham City, Esquire
(2) The Earl of Scarborough
Lease for 20 years by the first party to the second of those coal seams, opened and unopened, in and under the wastes, commons, copyholds and leaseholds, belonging to the Bishop of Durham (and now leased to Stonehewer and Fawcet) within the precincts of the townships of Newbottle and Houghton-le- Spring with wayleave and leave to erect the necessary buildings, together with the right to drive and make water-courses and water-gates, engines or fire engines for the more effective mining of the coal.
Leave is given to mine limestone etc. for building the engine house and other buildings, or for burning into lime.
The rent, a payment for each corve, varies according to the year of the lease and from which seam the coal comes.
There are many smaller conditions listed concerning the lateness of rent, the lessors rights to receive reports and to inspect damage and on safety and many other points giving interesting information on the conditions under which mining was carried out during the period.
CCB B/218/8/14   30 July 1732
Bedlington Colliery.
Information on many matters including depth, quantity, value and expenses such as candles, labour of a horse and a woman etc.
CCB B/218/8/15   28 October 1742
Copy of an indenture of lease.
(1) William Archer of Shealehill, Cumberland
(2) Nicholas Emmerson (agent of the Bishop of Durham)
Edmond Keene, Rector of Stanhope
Lease for three years of the Blackhall Lead Mine in Northumberland, rent £4 p.a.., includes provisions for the taking of peat and turf from the common for smelting the ore, damage to the mining gear etc.
There are some marginal notes in a different hand.
CCB B/218/8/16-20
Documents concerning the Clerkship of Peace in Durham City, 1736-49, with precedents.
CCB B/218/8/16
Notes of the Acts of Parliament which deal with the office of Custos Rotulorum or Clerk of the Peace, mid. 18th Century.
CCB B/218/8/17
Notes from Acts of Parliament concerning the appointment of Clerks of the Peace and notes of particular appointments.
CCB B/218/8/18   21 February 1735/6
Letter from John Mann (? Keeper of Durham Gaol) to Will. Younger, Clerk of the Peace, concerning
1. the vesting of debtors' property in the Clerk in trust for the creditors.
2. the placing by the Bishop of a rail along the path from Palace Green to Framwellgate Bridge.

CCB B/218/8/19   30 April 1749
Letter from John Mann to the Bishop of Durham concerning the terms of the patents of appointments as Clerk of the Peace with abstracts of some.
CCB B/218/8/20
Draft of a letter apparently to Dr. Leslie concerning the vacant Clerkship of the Peace and the appointment of a deputy. c. 1749.
CCB B/218/8/21-23
Documents concerning the office of Sheriff of Durham.
CCB B/218/8/21
An account of the fees due to the Sheriff of the County of Durham with an account of the business of the office.
Mid. 18th century.
CCB B/218/8/22
Extracts of a law 4 William and Mary Cap. 5 concerning the recompense to be paid by the sheriff of a county in which a felony was committed to the sheriff of the county in which the felon was convicted - with reference to a particular case.
Mid. 18 century.
CCB B/218/8/23   14 May 1747
Note by Christopher Denton that the New High Sheriff must send notice of his appointment to the Exchequer.
CCB B/218/8/24-34
Documents, 1737-1744, concerning the case of Robert Offley, a non-resident Prebendary of Durham.
CCB B/218/8/24   30 July 1737
A legal opinion by Dr. J. Andrew concerning the collation and installation of Prebendaries.
CCB B/218/8/25   30 April 1739
Copy of notice sent to the Dean and Chapter of Durham that Robert Offley, Prebendary of Durham, resident in Abinger, Surrey, has been granted a conditional dispensation from residence in Durham for two years on account of old age and distance.
A second similar dispensation to Offley dated 4 May 1741.
CCB B/218/8/26   10 October 1727
(Joined to No. 8/25.)
Copy of dispensation granted to Dr. John Montagu, Dean of Durham, from residence there on account of illness.
CCB B/218/8/27   c.1743
Notes of his executor concerning the estate of the late Mr. Offley, Prebendary of Durham.
CCB B/218/8/28   28 April 1744
A list of 10 queries concerning Mr. Offley's case, with answers, by Ben. Filmer.
CCB B/218/8/29   c.1744
List of 6 legal queries to be submitted to Dr. Andrew concerning the actions of the Bishop and the Dean and Chapter of Durham in the dispute over the estate of the late Prebendary Offley.
CCB B/218/8/30   17 May 1744
Dr. Andrew's replies to the 6 queries.
CCB B/218/8/31   22 May 1744
Legal opinion, of Dr. J. Andrew on the effect of a dispensation from residence on the dividend of a Prebendary, with particular reference to the case of Mr. Offley, late Prebendary of the Eighth Stall at Durham Cathedral.
CCB B/218/8/32
Copy of No. 8/31.
CCB B/218/8/33
Another copy of No. 8/31 with the last paragraph omitted.
CCB B/218/8/34
Another recital of the case of Dr. Offley and how his dispensation affected the division of the revenue of the Eighth Stall between his executors and his successor, Mr. Leslie, in the year of his death concluding with an Opinion of D. Ryder, dated 14 July 1744.
CCB B/218/8/35-37
Documents concerning the suppression of riots, 1740.
CCB B/218/8/35   31 May 1740
Letter from Baron Parker of the Exchequer to the Bishop of Durham Chandler concerning the use of troops to put down riots with particular mention of trouble in Staffordshire over high corn prices.
CCB B/218/8/36   4 July 1740
Letter from John Courand, Whitehall, London, to the Bishop of Durham enclosing a report on the subject of the location of the responsibility for giving the order to troops to fire upon rioters.
CCB B/218/8/37   30 July 1740
The report of D. Ryder, Attorney General, stating that both the Justices of the Peace and the Sheriff have the authority and duty to take any effective measures necessary to supress riots, but that the Sheriff is more particularly so encumbered.
CCB B/218/8/38-44
Documents concerning the laxity in the administration of Durham's Yorkshire liberties in the 1740's.
CCB B/218/8/38   July 1745
Copy of a writ directed to the Sheriff of Yorkshire to enter the manors of Hovenden (Howden) and Allerton, although they are liberties of the Bishop of Durham, to levy the King's dues. This Bishop is to have the opportunity of stating his defence.
CCB B/218/8/39   26 August 1745
Letter from T. Crossfield, Bailiff of North Allerton concerning the King's dues from North Allerton.
CCB B/218/8/40   30 August 17[? 45 - letter torn]
Letter from Baron Parker of the Exchequer thanking the Bishop for his favour towards his wife's relation.
On the back is the draft of another letter on the same subject as No. 8/41.
CCB B/218/8/41   30 September 1745
Draft of a letter to the Chief Baron of the Exchequer explaining the position regarding fines in the Yorkshire liberties from Durham's point of view.
CCB B/218/8/42   1 October 1745
Letter from Baron Parker to the Bishop of Durham on the subject of the unrendered accounts for the Yorkshire liberties.
CCB B/218/8/43   3 July 1747
Copy of a writ directed to the Sheriff of Yorkshire, as No. 8/38.
CCB B/218/8/44   1739
Notes on certain tenements at Romanby, North Allerton - names of tenants, field names, the lives in the leases etc.
CCB B/218/8/45-47
Documents concerning the difficulty of obtaining a quorum of Durham Prebendaries, c.1750.
CCB B/218/8/45
Copy of a petition to the King concerning the difficulty in obtaining a quorum of Prebendaries of Durham for transacting the business of the Chapter, due to royal dispensations from residence and requesting a change in the law.
Mid 18th century.
CCB B/218/8/46
Extracts from the law concerning the Canonical quorum with a list of the consequent practical problems at Durham.
CCB B/218/8/47   21 April 1749
Letter from Dr. James Leslie to the Bishop Chandler of Durham about the arrangements and difficulties of assembling certain people (Prebendaries) for a meeting.
CCB B/218/8/48-53
CCB B/218/8/48   15 July 1327
Extract of the Close Roll 1327 - Instruction to Roger Mortimer, Keeper of Barnard Castle to release whatever in the Durham Palatinate had been taken into the King's hand because of the late troubles.
Dated Durham.
CCB B/218/8/49   12 October 1627
Language:   Latin
Patent of Bishop Richard Neile appointing Lyndeus (Lindley) Wren as Constable of Durham Castle (copy).
CCB B/218/8/50
Copy of calculations made in July 1638 concerning the farming out of the duties on coal.
CCB B/218/8/51
List of the sizes of the tapestries in specified rooms in Durham Castle.
CCB B/218/8/52   c.1810
Note by R. Surtees on how Bishop Kellaw's Register passed from Durham to the Bodleian Library in Oxford.
CCB B/218/8/53   25 October 1831
Copy of a convenance made by Sir Robert Eden to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of the site of Etherly Chapel, West Auckland, Co. Durham.
CCB B/218/9  (220866)   1639-1772
File concerning Howden, Ellerker, Brantingham and Walkington in Yorkshire.
11 items
These eleven items have been listed and renumbered in chronological order. They were found in the following order 1,11,9,10,2,3,4,5,6,8,7. The soiling on them shows storage in various ways over the years.
CCB B/218/9/1   10 January 1638/9
Letter from Mr. ? B. Lowther, deputy clerk of Howden Court to Mr. Timothy Cumming (Comyn) the Bishop's Auditor about the Court.
CCB B/218/9/2
Complaint of the Auditor of the Bishop of Durham about the accounting of Dr. Phillip Broome, receiver of Howden, for the years 1660- 1.
CCB B/218/9/3   26 June 1721
Letter from George White, Curate of Walkington, East Yorkshire, to Mr. Dunn in Howden enclosing a petition for the Bishop.
CCB B/218/9/4   15 June 1721
Petition, from prominent men of Walkington to the Bishop, to supplement the existing small endowment of the school at Walkington.
CCB B/218/9/5   8 October 1768
Letter from Mr. J. Dunn at Howden to Mr. Hodgson enclosing £200 and mentioning the making of a general rental of ? Howden (then in process of enclosure) and of Ellerker and Brantingham.
CCB B/218/9/6   23 October 1770
Letter from Mr. J. Dunn at Howden to Mr. Henry Wilkinson in Durham mentioning William Andrew of Brantingham, the building of new clows (water sluices) from brick, stone or wood - and also the filbert crop.
CCB B/218/9/7   25 May 1771
Letter from John Dunn to Nicholas Halhead about oak trees recently felled at Howden and the uses for the timber and bark - clows, stoops, staithes etc. - mention of the inclosure of Howden Common.
CCB B/218/9/8   29 May 1771
Letter from Nicholas Halhead to John Dunn in reply to the previous letter, giving his opinion that perquisites of timber should not be allowed and mentioning the division of Howden Common.
CCB B/218/9/9   25 July 1771
Letter from Nicholas Halhead to John Dunn instructing him to pay the balance of his years account.
CCB B/218/9/10   9 March 1772
Letter from John Dunn to Mr. Robson enclosing a letter from the grieve of Ellerker and mentioning the old rents of Howden and his own copyhold rental.
CCB B/218/9/11   4 May 1772
Copy of a letter from John Dunn to Nicholas Halhead about his account for 1770, mentions the people of Ellerker need respite, etc.
CCB B/218/10  (220732)   1663-1772
File of miscellaneous papers, re license to build Rectory House at Houghton-le-Spring.
5 items
CCB B/218/11  (221444)   1670 and undated
File of miscellaneous papers.
5 items
CCB B/218/11/1
A small paper sheet of various numbers set against dates in January and February.
N.D., probably 18th century.
CCB B/218/11/2
Draft of a letter from "J. U." to "your Lordship" (i.e. the Bishop of Durham) about the practical difficulties of the press gang and the effect of impressment on the coal trade.
Dated 13 August (The year must be either 1719, 1721, 1724, 1730 or 1732, being the only years in the eighteenth century when 24th August was a Thursday. After 1732 this did not happen again until 1871. The paper mark agrees with this dating. See also C.C. Box 218 No. 221211.
CCB B/218/11/3   16 August 1670
Part of a letter, writer and addressee unknown but probably agents of the Bishop, concerning the payment of wages and other money to Ralph Norton, George Rowell and Anthony Vasey.
Dated London.
CCB B/218/11/4
Part of a ?Bill in Chancery mentioning the preservation of the Bishoprick revenues in a vacancy and requesting "your honorable good Lordshipps" to grant to the orator (plaintiff), Thomas Clerkeson, a writ of injunction.
Probably late 17th century.
CCB B/218/11/5
Letter to Timothy Comyn from William Gibson concerning the amercement of a copyholder at Cornforth for sub-letting his tenement ("keeping of an undersettle").
N.D. (Timothy Cumming was the Bishop's Auditor in the 1630's. The paper mark is mid-seventeenth century.)
CCB B/218/12  (220564)   1685-1784
Iron-stone on Pelton Fell, Chester Moor and the right of parishioners on the moor.
8 items
CCB B/218/12/1   16 January 1685/6
Petition signed by eight men, freeholders of Pelton, Chester-le-Street parish, to the Bishop of Durham Crewe asking him to safeguard their rights on Pelton Fell.
CCB B/218/12/2   1771
Amounts of Iron stone mined in Chester Manor with relevant financial calculations.
CCB B/218/12/3   24 September 1782
Letter from George Smith to John Robson enclosing an account of the iron stone mined in Chester Manor, 1780-1.
Dated at Whithill furnaces.
CCB B/218/12/4
Amounts of iron stone mined upon Pelton Fell, Chester Manor, with relevant financial calculations, 1779-80.
CCB B/218/12/5
The same for 1778 - this briefer list of amounts is written on what appears to be part of a rental for Norton and mentions William Banks as being coroner.
CCB B/218/12/6
Solicitors calculation of the amount of royalty and rent due from the iron stone workings.
CCB B/218/12/7
Amount of iron stone from Chester Manor smelted, 1772- 3.
Amount of iron stone from Chester Manor mined, 1772- 3.
CCB B/218/12/8
Letter from Stephenson Fenwick [for Messrs. Cookson and Hodgson] enclosing the account of the iron stone workings in Chester Manor for 1771-2. N.D.
CCB B/218/13  (220900)   1689-1771
File of miscellaneous papers, re Yorkshire.
3 items
CCB B/218/14  (221687)   1696-1702
File of papers concerning sheriff and his functions, concerning the liberation, transportation, etc., of certain prisoners in Durham Gaol.
8 items
CCB B/218/14/1   14 August 1696
Copy of an order to the Sheriff of Durham for the reprieve of execution of Ralph Hall under sentence of death for coin clipping signed by Sir Edward Ward the Land Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/14/2   6 September 1698
Copy of an order to the Undersheriff of Durham to set free, on surety, John Faucet, who had paid the penalties for passing on forged money.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/14/3   30 June 1698
Dated at York.
Letter from Thos. Thomson to John Spearman about a recent pardon.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/14/4   26 September 169[8] (torn).
Letter from [? James Cooke] to John Spearman, the Undersheriff, about sending quickly any prisoners for transportation to Barbados.
CCB B/218/14/5   29 September 1698
Copy of the order from Chas. Mountague, Sheriff, to his bailiffs to take two prisoners to Stockton to Jas. Cooke to be transported to America.
At the foot is Cook's acknowledgement of their arrival.
CCB B/218/14/6   21 August 1699
Letter from George Moriand to John Spearman directing him to suspend the execution of one Bainbrigg till the Justices come to the Chancery sitting in Durham.
CCB B/218/14/7   1 September 1699 [II William III]
Copy of a respite granted to Charles Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/14/8   7 September 1702
Order signed by Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, directed to Chas. Montagu, Sheriff of Durham, ordering the remission of the fines imposed on Jonathan Smithson for passing counterfeit money and for his liberation.
CCB B/218/15  (220565)   1716-1779
File of miscellaneous papers, re Chester.
3 items
CCB B/218/15/1   25 March 1779
Paper book, made partly from the outer cover of a letter addressed to the Bishop of Durham, being calculations on the value of William Joliffe or Jolep's wood at Chester made when it was cut.
CCB B/218/15/2   5 February 1779
Valuation of a wood at Chester on copyhold land held by Mr. Joliffe.
W. Salkeld.
CCB B/218/15/3
Extract from the proceedings of the Halmote Court held at Chester 23 October 1716.
On the back are financial calculations dated 1753.
CCB B/218/16  (57334)   1720-1806
A file mainly of legal opinions, mainly unrelated to each other but concerning the administration of the Bishopric estates in the eighteenth century. Some of these documents concern matters in 57370. The existing numbers on the documents have been preserved.
24 items
CCB B/218/16/1
Draft of a letter asking the Bishop about the admissability as evidence in Court of Parliamentary surveys of Bishopric manors. Mention is made of which manors were surveyed, crown lands surveys and a suitable place for storage.
18th century.
CCB B/218/16/2   Temp. Bishop Talbot 1721-30
Part of some notes on the appointment of the Custos Rotulorum of the County Palatine of Durham.
CCB B/218/16/3   21 April 1733
Opinion of Dr. William Strahan, concerning a case about tithes, initiated in Durham Consistory Court and carried into Chancery.
CCB B/218/16/4   17 June 1738
Letter from Henry Gally to the Bishop of Durham Chandler quoting an Opinion of Edward Edlin dated 1 July 1725, about the consent to leases of members of a corporation.
CCB B/218/16/5
Summary of the argument of the Master of the Rolls, concerning the relationship between Principal and Deputy, in a hearing in the case of Wheeler v. Trotter, 1735. [Diocesan Registrars]
CCB B/218/16/6   23 November 1721
List of questions and answers by Dr. Phipps concerning the election of a lecturer at Burton Church in accordance with an ancient bequest - and the Bishop Talbot's rights in the matter.
CCB B/218/16/6a   14 December 1721
Letter of W. Phipps on the same subject.
CCB B/218/16/7   11 July 1720
The Case of the Dean of Gloucester as to whether a presentation be necessary for a Dean from the Crown.
CCB B/218/16/8   Temp. Bishop Chandler, 1730-50
Opinion of Thomas Gyll on the Bishop's rights in one of his copyholdings where the present tenant, Sir Robert Eden, is a minor and the rent has not been collected for years.
CCB B/218/16/9   14 December 1733
Opinion of N. Fazakerly on the previous case.
CCB B/218/16/10   18 August 1739
Opinion of T. Bootle on the same case.
CCB B/218/16/11   6 May 1747
Opinions of T. Bootle on the payment of fines by copyholders to obtain licence to lease wayleaves to colliers over their holdings.
CCB B/218/16/12   17 January 1733/4
An opinion of Dr. J. Andrew on the case in 16/3.
CCB B/218/16/13
Copy of 16/11.
CCB B/218/16/14   2 August 1734
Letter from Mr. C. Whitaker to the Bishop Chandler of Durham concerning the opinion of Judge Reeve on the taxation of the Bishop's fines, the death of the vicar of Whelpington, the killing of a man at Newbottle Colliery.
CCB B/218/16/15   28 September 1722
Opinion of P. Yorke on the profits of a Deanery during vacancy.
CCB B/218/16/16   3 October 1749
Opinion of D. Ryder on the spread of the coal mines on Railey Fell (or Carterthorne) and in Evenwood Park leased out by the Bishop in 1714 and 1744.
CCB B/218/16/17   5 April 1745
Opinion of Mr. J. Browning as to how far Rental Books may be taken as evidence of the non-payment of some of the Bishop's rents for many years, since now the officials concerned have died. Opinion also on the case, depending in the Exchequer, of rents at Redworth, part of the manor of Bishop Auckland.
CCB B/218/16/18   24 May 1750
Opinion of T. Bootle concerning the Bishop's right to fine for contempt of his Allerton courts and to amerce suitors for non-attendance of them.
CCB B/218/16/19   28 November 1746
Opinion of D. Ryder, attorney general, on two leases, from Bishop of Durham, apparently of the same coal mines on the waste or common of West Auckland, neither of which had been confirmed by the Dean and Chapter.
CCB B/218/16/19a   14 December 1746
Covering letter from Ralph Hodgson at Auckland Castle.
CCB B/218/16/20   21 June 1748
Opinion of T. Bootle on the enclosure of and brick-making upon the Bishop's waste in the manor of North Allerton, done ostensibly for the repair of the Boroughbridge to Darlington Road. The Bishop of Durham's officer had previously been permitted to make bricks there.
CCB B/218/16/21   26 April 1748
Opinion of T. Crosfield on the case above, together with a covering letter from Henry Danby mentioning the Bishop's illness.
CCB B/218/16/22   27 December 1806
Opinion of William Morgan on the number of years purchase to be charged on quit rents, the allowance for timber, damages, etc., concerning the enfranchisement of the Bishop's copyholds according to the Durham Estates Act.
CCB B/218/16/23   7 November 1749
Letter from William Peirse to D. Ryder expressing his worry about the extension of coal mining at Carterthorne in the towhship of Evenwood, by various individuals and how this might affect his own interests.
CCB B/218/16/24
Paper about the office of Custos Rotulorum of the County Palatine of Durham and objections to its tenure by the Bishop himself.
Early - mid. 18th century.
CCB B/218/17  (221239)   1724-1788
File of miscellaneous papers.
4 items
CCB B/218/17/1   1783
A page of odd notes and calculations.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/17/2   13 May 1780
Promissory note from William Middleton to John Robson for 10/6d.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/17/3   1780
Notes on the inside of a letter cover, of money paid to Mr. Middleton for examining leases, mention also of Will. White of Whickam.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/18  (221211)   1734-1738
File of miscellaneous papers, re impression of seamen.
3 items
CCB B/218/18/1   11 July 1734
Instruction from the Privy Council to the Bishop of Durham as Custos Rotulorum for Durham County to forbear, for the meantime, from impressing more seamen.
CCB B/218/18/2
Another of the same.
CCB B/218/18/3   31 July 1738
Instruction from the Privy Council to the Bishop of Durham as Custos Rotulorum for the County to impress seamen for the Royal Navy - with details of assembly and payment.
Signatures of:
Hardwicke - (Philip Yorke, 1st Lord Hardwicke, Chancellor).
Wilmington (Spencer Compton, 1st Lord Wilmington, Lord President of the Council).
Godolphin (Francis Godolphin, 2nd Earl of Godolphin Keeper of the Privy Seal).
Abercorn (James Abercorn, 7th Earl of Abercorn, Member of the Privy Council since 20 July 1738).
William Younger (Sir William Younger of Colynton, Devon, Secretary at War).
Cholmondeley (George Cholmondeley, 3 Earl of Cholmondeley, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster).

CCB B/218/19  (221546)   1736-1768
File of miscellaneous items, four, nos.3-6, concern the Inclosure of Ellerker and Brantingham. See DCD/E/CA/5 and DCD/E/CA/6 for original awards and notes.
6 items
CCB B/218/19/1   7 November 1736
Letter from Ralph Gowland to Francis Pewterer in Bishop Auckland enclosing a letter (not extant here) from Dr. Sayer. Arrangements must be made to send certain counterpart leases and enrollment books to London for the hearing of a case.
CCB B/218/19/2
Draft letter, writer and addressee unspecified, concerning the wording of a Bill of Inclosure of an unspecified place, possibly near Durham as Pudsey's charter to the burgesses is mentioned.
CCB B/218/19/3   19 December 1767
Letter from Ralph Goforth to John Dunn in Howden concerning the unsatisfactory award (Ellerker and Brantingham, see C.C. Box 218 220854 ).
Dated at Hull.
CCB B/218/19/4   30 December 1767
Letter from Isaac Broadley to John Dunn in Howden concerning the Ellerker and Brantingham awards.
Dated at Hull.
CCB B/218/19/5   6 January 1768
Letter from John Dunn in Howden to (Nicholas) Halhead replying to his letter of 21 December 1767, concerning the plan of Howdendike, Watson Stickrey's lease, the anchor found in the Ouse and claims arising from the Ellerker and Brantingham Awards.
Dated at Howden.
CCB B/218/19/6
A composite document being basically:
CCB B/218/19/6 (a)   17 January 1768
A letter from Ralph Goforth to John Dunn telling him that his information had been communicated to the Courts and enclosing a copy of the Court's reply.
Dated at Hull.
CCB B/218/19/6 (b)
The Court's reply to Dunn's information commenting on the layout of commons, ditches and fields in the Ellerker and Brantingham area and expressing the willingness of the Commissioners to co-operate with the Bishop.
CCB B/218/19/6 (c)   18 January 1768
A letter written on the blank paper at the end of Goforth's letter by John Dunn to ?(Nicholas Halhead) concerning the inclosure, (of Ellerker and Brantingham) a plan of Howden dyke, the recovery of encroachments and the death of a Mr. Pearson.
CCB B/218/19/ 6 (d)
Following this letter is a copy of the information which Dunn had sent to Goforth, before receiving 19/6(a) and now sends to Halhead. It concerns irregularities in the allotments of land under the Inclosure.
CCB B/218/20  (220489)   1740-1745
File of miscellaneous papers and letters, re West Auckland.
5 items
CCB B/218/20/1   12 January 1741/2
Dated at West Auckland.
Letter from Ralph Furbank to William Pye asking a question about a lease in the 1740 rental.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/20/2   9 [?] December 1741
Dated at West Auckland.
Letter from Ralph Furbank to William Pye about Mr Ward's rent.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/20/3
Note of Edward Surtees rent for the Intack at West Auckland. N.D.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/20/4
Draft of a patent granted by the Bishop of Durham to John Walters, to take tolls from coal carriers at Woodhouses and West Auckland, in 1762, made from a similar grant made to William Gowland about 1745.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/20/5
Short list of certain tenants at West Auckland noting predecessors in some cases.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/21  (221377)   1742-1783
File of miscellaneous papers and letters: correspondence of Bishop's Agents concerning leases.
27 items
CCB B/218/21/1   31 August 1742
Letter from J. Richmond to Mr Whitaker at Durham Castle re rents and land tax.
CCB B/218/21/2   Thursday - 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall to his brother William in Durham, mentioning the presentation of a Bill and the Bishop's illness.
CCB B/218/21/3   1 March 1776
Letter from Jasper Gibson of Hexham to Mr Robson the Bishop's agent in Durham, concerning the value of timber at Stella and Chester.
CCB B/218/21/4   13 September 1782
Letter from M. Nesham to Mr Robson the Bishop's Agent, requesting advice on the renewal of a lease of an estate at Newbottle.
CCB B/218/21/5   21 September 1782
Letter from Richard Wharton to John Robson, agent of the Bishop, concerning compensation for damage done by coal mining at Bedlington.
CCB B/218/21/6   4 December 1782
Letter from I. or J. White of Elvet to John Robson, agent of the Bishop, concerning a lease.
CCB B/218/21/7   20 December 1782
Letter from Stephen Barber of Auckland to John Robson, concerning the West Mill at Auckland.
CCB B/218/21/8    [about Christmas time, n.d.]
Letter from Mr Bradshaw to John Robson, concerning the lease of Mr Smyt[he].
CCB B/218/21/9   10 February 1783
Letter from John Makepeace to John Robson: apology and request to remain a tenant.
CCB B/218/21/10   17 January 1783
Letter from Stephen Barber of Auckland to John Robson, concerning valuation of Sir John's Wood and requesting the fine put on it.
CCB B/218/21/11   13 February 1783
Letter from Blencow Dunn to John Robson: his friend will call for his Patent.
CCB B/218/21/12   14 February 1783
Letter from John Blackett of Newcastle to John Robson, concerning the seisin of leaseholds in Weardale (leadmines).
CCB B/218/21/13   18 February 1783
Letter from Cuthbert Peart Mr Blackett's agent to John Robson, concerning Weardale leadmines.
CCB B/218/21/14   19 February 1783
Letter from Cuthbert Peart to John Robson, concerning a meeting.
CCB B/218/21/15   10 March 1783
Letter from John Nicholson of Ebchester to John Robson concerning the valuation of the wood at Shotley Bridge.
CCB B/218/21/16   28 April 1783
Letter from Thos. Leighton of Elvet to John Robson, concerning renewal of a leasehold at Thorp.
CCB B/218/21/17   5 May 1783
Letter from Thos. Leighton to John Robson, concerning the renewal of a lease.
CCB B/218/21/18   16 May 1783
Letter from Mr Leighton to John Robson concerning the renewal of his lease at Thorp.
CCB B/218/21/19   30 May 1783
Letter from Mr Ridsdale of Sunderland to John Robson, enclosing Mr G. Robinson's counterpart lease.
CCB B/218/21/20   7 June 1783
Letter from Thos. Gibson [to John Robson], concerning mining and draining of Pelton Common.
CCB B/218/21/21    23 June -
Letter from W. Sharpe to Henry Wilkinson Esq. complaining about a tree on Bishop's leasehold ground.
CCB B/218/21/22    Friday 4 July -
Letter from John William Egerton to ?
A Mr Howell may visit Durham Castle.
CCB B/218/21/23   6 July 1783
Letter from Robert Rayne of Newcastle to John Robson.
Mentions Mr Baker's leases and a dispute between Mr Bowes of Gibside and Lord Mountstuart.
CCB B/218/21/24   11 August 1783
Letter from [?] Bowlby to John Robson, concerning the lease of Haycock Lands at Ebchester and money from Sherburn Hospital.
CCB B/218/21/25   23 August 1783
Letter from Robert Rayne of Newcastle to John Robson.
Acknowledgement of Mr Bowlby's leases.
CCB B/218/21/26   28 August 1783
Letter from R. Bassett at Lumley Castle (Lord Scarbrough's agent) concerning Lord Scarbrough's lease of a cavil of land [at Chester-le-Street].
CCB B/218/21/27   12 September 1783
Letter from John Wren to John Robson concerning his lease.
CCB B/218/22  (220475)   1751-1778
Miscellanea, 1751-99, concerning a Confirmation, the Bishop's interests in Yorkshire, tree felling at Bishop Auckland, poaching at Byers Green and leases made in 1782.
9 items
CCB B/218/22/1   26 August 1751
Draft of a letter from the Bishop Butler of Durham giving notification of his intention to hold a Confirmation in the parish church of St. Andrew, Auckland on 16 October 1751.
Dated Auckland Castle.
CCB B/218/22/2   29 November 1767
Draft of a reply [of Nicholas Halhead] sent to John Dunn [the Bishop's agent in Howden] to his letter of 21 November 1767, mentioning the lease of Ellerker Mill, the affair of the anchor found in the Ouse, the repair of the Great Staithe at Howden, a plan of waste ground at Howden, the allotments in compensation for loss of rights of common on the Bishop's demesne lands and the quality of the Award Plan of the Division of Ellerker and Brantingham.
Dated Durham.
[See C.C. Box 218 220854 and 220866.]
CCB B/218/22/3   3 March 1778
Letter from Richard Bowser to Mr. John Robson denying that he had cut down trees without the Bishop's licence.
Dated Auckland.
CCB B/218/22/3a   8 March 1778
Draft reply to the previous item.
CCB B/218/22/4   20 March 1778
Letter from Richard Bowser to John Robson about arrangements for felling certain trees.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/22/5   14 October 1778
Letter from the same to the same about the composition for and the exact situation of certain trees valued for felling.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/22/6   28 February 1783
Letter from Edward Fairlees to George Brook about a poacher at Byersgreen named Pattison.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/22/7   19 February 1799
Letter from William Emm to Mr. Shaftoe, Attorney at Law, asking for the counterparts of two leases of 4 May 1782 of coal mines at North Thorn and Tanfield Luth.
Dated at Auckland Castle.
CCB B/218/22/8   N.D. [1778 see letter 5]
Letter of Richard Bowser to John Robson about the recent felling of trees and the composition money.
CCB B/218/22/9   N.D. [1778]
List sent by Richard Bowser to John Robson of the fields where trees were valued by the Bishop's woodman.
CCB B/218/23  (220633)   1755-1780
File concerning encroachments on divison of common land at Eighton Banks, Lamesley, Co. Durham.
3 items
CCB B/218/23/1   1755
List of the names of encroachers, dates of building, value of the tenement and actual rent paid, etc.
CCB B/218/23/2   1780
Longer list of the cottages built on the waste at Eighton Banks.
CCB B/218/23/3   5 September 1777
Copy of an agreement made among the copyholders of Eighton Banks who hold common rights on Eighton Banks Moor to apply to the Bishop for a division of the moor.
There is an unheaded list of names written (contemporarily) on the outside.
CCB B/218/24  (221439)   1756-1776
File of miscellaneous papers and letters: papers of Cuthbert and Sarah Bainbridge.
13 items
CCB B/218/24/1
Fragment of an account for a tankard, spoons, a punch ladle etc (mid 18th century).
CCB B/218/24/2   20 April 1756
I.O.U. from Phillip Pickering to Cuthbert Bainbridge for 6s.
CCB B/218/24/3   17 March 1758
Account for £2. 9. 7d. presented by Patrick Sanderson Bookseller, Market Place, Durham to Mr Cuthbert Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/24/4   8 July 1757
I.O.U. from John Cawood to Cuthbert Bainbridge for £5. 8s.
CCB B/218/24/5   4 May 1760
I.O.U. from George Vollars to Sarah Bainbridge for £3. 3s.
CCB B/218/24/6   7 April 1771
Receipt of Timothy Bulmer for James Hutchinson's promissory note of £40 from Mrs Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/24/7   2 April 1771
Letter from Mr Priswick of Whitby to Mrs Banbridge of Stockton concerning J. Hutchinson's promissory note.
CCB B/218/24/8. and 9   6 April 1773
Inventory of the goods of Mrs Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/24/10   17 August 1773
Letter from Mr Priswick of Whitby to Christopher Christop of Durham, concerning Mrs Bainbridge of Stockton.
CCB B/218/24/11   2 March 1775
Letter from Isabel Thompson of Lartington to Mr John Robson, concerning the estate of her late sister Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/24/12   13 August 1776
Letter from W. Hutchinson of Barnard Castle to John Robson, written on behalf of Mrs Isabel Thompson.
CCB B/218/24/13   22 October 1776
Agreement between Bridget Thompson and William Hall concerning the division of money and goods (probably Sarah Bainbridge's estate).
CCB B/218/25  (220665)   1758-1770
File of miscellaneous papers: Thos. Huntley's estate at East Burdon.
4 items
CCB B/218/25/1   30 December 1758
Note of a new lease to be made, for three lives, following the death of Thos. Huntley senior of East Burdon on 1758. He was both lessee and one of the lives.
CCB B/218/25/2   30 December 1758
Part of a letter to John Robson (sender unknown) containing the information in the previous item and questioning the names of the other two lives.
CCB B/218/25/3
Part of a letter directed to John Robson containing a rough extract of the lease in question and a sketch map of the area of East Burdon. N.D.
CCB B/218/25/4   April 1770
A plan of the leasehold grounds at East Burdon belonging to Thos. Huntley.
CCB B/218/26  (220794)   1760-1792
Letters from John Appleton, Bishop's agent in Stockton, to John Robson in Durham about administrative matters, 1761-75 - there is a receipt for £200 from the Bishop of Durham towards a bridge over the Tees near Stockton - two stray letters from William and Rowland Webster in Stockton to Henry Wilkinson in Durham, 1770.
10 items
CCB B/218/26/1   10 January 1761
Letter from John Appleton to Mr. Robson about 2 closes of land (of which one of the old tenants is William Houbick) which Appleton thinks is set at too high a rent.
Dated at Thornaby.
CCB B/218/26/2   15 December 1760
Letter from John Appleton to John Robson about the land of which William Houbick and Herey Elder are the principal tenants and a Mr. Crone is bound to them.
Dated at Thornaby.
CCB B/218/26/4   16 November 1767
Letter from John Appleton to John Robson about Will. Allison and Richard Stoarey who are about to lease land from the Bishop; mention also of Francis Foster.
Dated Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/5   April 1767
Draft receipt for £200 paid by the Bishop Trevor of Durham towards a bridge over the Tees near Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/6   26 August 1770
Letter from John Appleton and John Robson about rent collection at Stockton.
Dated Thornaby.
CCB B/218/26/7   16 February 1771
Letter from John Appleton to John Robson about rent collection at Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/8   20 September 1775
Letter from John Appleton to John Robson listing tenants together with their holdings and rents.
Dated Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/9   13 April 1792
Letter [from John Appleton] to George Weldon asking him to pay the charges for a field at Norton, by Stockton, which belonged to Robert Henderson.
Dated Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/10   16 November 1770
Letter from Will. Webster to Henry Wilkinson sent with a hogshead of madeira.
Dated at Stockton.
CCB B/218/26/11   14 December 1770
Letter from Rowland Webster to Henry Wilkinson telling of the death of his father and enclosing something found in his desk.
Dated at Stockton.
CCB B/218/27  (220640)   1763-1779
Concerning the felling to timber on the Bishop's lands at Ryton, 1771-9, and also a lease of Kyo Riggs, Ryton made in 1763.
13 items
CCB B/218/27/1   N.D. [1772]
Part of a letter noting the composition money for felling 2,952 oak and ash trees at Widdrington, Ryton parish.
CCB B/218/27/2   N.D. [1772]
Four slips of paper noting oak and ash wood felled in Mr, Humble's wood, Mr. Newton's wood, and John Jopling's wood, all at Ryton, and Mr. Lamb's wood near Bradley Hall.
CCB B/218/27/3   1772
Mr. Clark's charge for tops and bark of trees felled in Mr. Lamb's wood near Bradley Hall, Mr. Thompson's wood at Church Dean, Messrs. Newton, Humble and Jopling's woods and Lord Widdrington's wood at Ryton.
CCB B/218/27/4   1772
Valuation of the wood felled in the previous item.
CCB B/218/27/5
Note of a lease, made on 29 March 1763, by Bishop Trevor of Durham to Abraham Dixon of Belford, Northumberland of Kyo Riggs or Kyo Walls, part of a moor in Ryton parish, for three lives.
There are three sketches of the location of the land in relation to neighbouring plots, with copyhold and leasehold markings.
N.D., probably copied contemporaneously.
CCB B/218/27/6   20 December 1771
Letter from Anthony Humble to John Robson about the composition money for felling trees on his copyhold land in the parish of Ryton and about a payment expected by one of the men concerned.
Dated at Prudhoe.
CCB B/218/27/7   17 March 1772
Letter from John Thompson junior to John Robson about the inspection of a wood at Church Dean, Ryton, which is to be felled.
Dated at South Shields.
CCB B/218/27/8   11 December 1772
Letter from Samuel Leybourn to John Robson about Mr. Jopling's ash wood at Ryton, the timber from which would be of little value.
Dated at Newhouse.
CCB B/218/27/9   23 February 1773
Valuation by Samuel Leybourn of John Hutchinson's wood at Ryton.
CCB B/218/27/10   23 February 1773
Valuation by Samuel Leybourn of Mr. Saunders' and John Newton's woods at Ryton.
Dated at Ryton.
CCB B/218/27/11   17 November 1778
Letter from Samuel Leybourn to John Robson giving a valuation of timber belonging to Mr. Wetherby of Crawcrook and hinting about payment for other valuations.
Dated at Ryton Woodside.
CCB B/218/27/12   18 December 1778
Letter from Samuel Leybourn to John Robson listing the valuations for which he has not yet been paid and about work at Chopwell Wood.
Dated at Ryton Woodside.
CCB B/218/27/13   20 January 1779
Letter from Samuel Leybourn to John Robson about repairs at Chopwell, the valuation of a wood at Ryton belonging to Capt. Crozier Surtees and his own payment.
Dated at Ryton Woodside.
CCB B/218/28  (220631)   1765-1795
File of miscellaneous papers.
9 items
CCB B/218/28/1   17 December 1781
A list of names and amounts, possibly rents, for Collierly, Harperley and Bradley, 1779-1781.
CCB B/218/28/2   29 December 1781
Attached to 28/1.
Account of Weed Park or Collierly Allotment on Lanchester Fell, 1778- 1781.
CCB B/218/28/3   14 September 1765
List of those who will not pay (? fines) for encroachment at named locations within the manor of Lanchester.
CCB B/218/28/4   12 May 1778
A list of the encroachments upon the Lord's waste in the manor of Lanchester.
CCB B/218/28/5   [1795]
Receipt of the Auditor at the Exchequer of Durham given to Samuel Castle, Collector of New Rents, at Lanchester for his receipt for the year ending Martinmas 1795.
CCB B/218/28/6
List of arrears of rents (c. 1666 ) for land, waste, etc. at Houghton-le-Spring, Newbottle, Bishop Wearmouth, Hartburn, Norton (the green), Stockton, Sedgefield and Bishop Middleham.
On the back in a later hand is written "Coalmines in Lanchester Parish sometimes called Clewburn and Knitsley" - but not apparently relevant.
CCB B/218/28/7
Notes of evidences put forward in the case of the dispute over the rights of the Bishop of Durham on Lanchester Fell, 1754.
CCB B/218/28/8
Memorandum of a copyhold admission and a surrender at Lanchester (no date).
CCB B/218/28/9   9 May 1783
Letter to John Robson, the Bishop's Bailiff, from Jasper Harrison.
Dated Newcastle.
Concerns premises on the Tyne Bridge and plots of land at Anfield and Lanchester Moor.
CCB B/218/29  (220854)   1767-1769
File of miscellaneous letters concerning Yorkshire (Ellerker and Brantingham).
4 items
CCB B/218/29/1   October 1767
Draft of a letter from the Auditor's Office in Durham to Mr. Gosforth complaining that the duplicate plans of the Ellerker and Brantingham Awards do not accord with the Act of Parliament.
CCB B/218/29/2   21 November 1767
Letter from John Dunn in Howden to Nicholas Halhead concerning the lease of Ellerker Mill and Silverpitt, and ship's anchor found in the Ouse, the great staithe at Howden Dike and the Chancery case over the waste at Howden Dike.
See C.C. Box 218 220475.
CCB B/218/29/3   5 December 1767
Letter from John Dunn to ? Nicholas Halhead concerning the lease of Ellerker Mill, the anchor from the Ouse and the plan of the Ellerker and Brantingham Award.
CCB B/218/29/4   16 December 1769
Letter from John Dunn to Nicholas Halhead concerning the plan of the Ellerker and Brantingham Award and requesting a plan of Howden Dike.
CCB B/218/30  (220855)   1767-1772
File of miscellaneous papers and letters re Ellerker and Brantingham.
5 items
CCB B/218/31  (221055)   1767-1773
File of miscellaneous papers: valuation of wood - Byers Green and Wolsingham.
7 items
CCB B/218/32  (221700H)   1768-1771
Concerning rents, tree felling, leases, land tax, the Tyne Bridge
10 items
CCB B/218/32/1   27 March 1768
Certificate of John Horseman, curate of Houghton le Spring, that Richard Hubberthorne of Hetton le Hole is alive.
CCB B/218/32/2   26 March 1768
Certificate of Anthony Postlethwaite, vicar of Easby, Richmond, Yorks, that Elizabeth Barwick of St. Trinians is alive.
CCB B/218/32/3   16 February 1769
Letter from John Inne to John Robson asking to whom he should pay the rent of a house at Eighton Banks he acquired recently.
Dated at Newcastle.
CCB B/218/32/4   20 December 1769
Letter from John Feetham to John Robson, about amounts of rents and variations in the names of tenants.
Dated at Haughton.
CCB B/218/32/5   3 January 1770
Letter from George Allan to John Robson about leasehold, freehold, and copyhold rents and allowances for land tax - possibly in Darlington and Blackwell.
CCB B/218/32/6   8 January 1771
Letter from John Sanderson, collector, to John Robson intimating he will bring the rent money after Candlemas.
Dated at Bishopley.
CCB B/218/32/7   15 April 1771
Letter from John Rudd to John Robson enclosing a recipe for Bitters [not extant here] and commenting on the bad weather.
Dated at Stockton.
CCB B/218/32/8   26 April 1771
Letter from John All[ison ?] (torn) to John Robson about tree felling near Bedburn.
Dated at Hamsterley.
CCB B/218/32/9
List of timber for the Tyne Bridge, to be left at Mr. Anderson's Lime Kiln. N.D.
CCB B/218/32/10   N.D., circa 1740
List sent to Francis Pewterer of counterpart leases of property at Aydon Close, alias Hollingbush, Ryton and New Bridge field, between 1599 and 1668.
CCB B/218/33  (220832)   1768-1814
File of miscellaneous letters.
3 items
CCB B/218/33/1   11 March [16]68
Letter from G. W. Wilson to Myles Stapylton [Bishop Cousin's secretary/steward] enclosing £20.
Dated at North Allerton.
CCB B/218/33/2   4 December 1812
Letter from William Emm to Mr. Donkin, solicitor, Durham, intimating that Mr. Rigg, the Receiver of Allertonshire has paid the balance due and enclosing 32 counterparts.
Dated at Auckland Castle.
CCB B/218/33/3   9 December 1814
Letter from Peter Rigg to Henry Donkin, enclosing the 1811 Transumpt Book for Allertonshire and mentioning the 1812 and 1813 Transumpt Books, the latter of which has been altered due to the enfranchisement of copyholds.
Dated at North Allerton.
CCB B/218/34  (221436)   1769-1773
File of miscellaneous papers, bills for goods bought, re Sarah Bainbridge.
13 items
CCB B/218/34/1   c.1776
Bill of Thomas Raisbeck for goods bought by Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/34/2
Another similar: items include candles, tea, sugar, snuff, worsted, handkerchiefs, ribbon and braid.
CCB B/218/34/3
A list of items and prices, including sugar, nutmeg, blueing and soap.
Headed "Mebren" [Mrs Melbourn].
On the other side is a similar list headed "William Robson".
CCB B/218/34/4
Mrs Melbon's bill.
Includes sugar, nutmeg, tea, needles, binding braid, tape, soap, starch, blueing, worsted and rice.
CCB B/218/34/5
A paper inscribed "Mrs Reaher Bell -5-5⅓ Ramans Dou".
CCB B/218/34/6
Bill of Mrs Alice Snowden for cloth.
CCB B/218/34/7
Bill of Catherine Anderson for sugar and snuff.
CCB B/218/34/8
Bill of Dorothy Black for cloth.
CCB B/218/34/9   1769
Bill of Elenore Jonson for cloth.
CCB B/218/34/10
Bill of Mary Wheatley for handkerchiefs etc.
CCB B/218/34/11
Bill of Sarah Campbell for a hat, ribbons, etc.
CCB B/218/34/12
Bill for food and drapery on a paper postmarked Whitby.
CCB B/218/34/13
Paper concerning the administration of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge of Stockton (died January 1773 ).
CCB B/218/35  (221545)   1771-1774
File of miscellaneous letters from Thomas to William Hugall.
This bundle of letters should be considered along with the next one. The last letter, No. 9, concerns the business of John Robson, the Bishop's Agent.
9 items
CCB B/218/35/1   17 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall, at Ferrybridge on his way to London, to his brother William in Durham mentioning his intention of visiting "his Lordship" at Badsworth. ( i.e. The Bishop of Durham Richard Trevor).
CCB B/218/35/2   20 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to his brother William in Durham mentioning the early stages of two Bills, one of which concerned Elvet.
CCB B/218/35/3   25 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to his brother William in Durham mentioning a petition against the Bill and a trial at York casting a slur upon the County of Durham.
CCB B/218/35/4   28 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to his brother William in Durham concerning the imminent second reading of the Bill in Parliament and the anticipated opposition. Mention also of the holding of Courts Leet in Durham and the Plea in the Chester Cause.
CCB B/218/35/5   2 April 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to his brother William in Durham on numerous subjects mentioning briefly the Bishop's illness, and Messrs. Vane, Shafto, Pearson, Lindsley, Ladler, Appleby, Smith, Perkins, Fawcett, Dunn, Powell, Wharton, Gagnier, Henriques and Carter.
CCB B/218/35/6   5 April 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to his brother William in Durham mentioning Lord Ravensworth, the opposition to the Bill and the Second Reading of the Elvett Bill.
CCB B/218/35/7   8 April 1771
The same to the same, enclosing letters to be delivered to certain proprietors. He mentions the Bishop's illness.
CCB B/218/35/8   11 April 1771
The same to the same, advising that the Bill should be pressed no further in this session of Parliament, lest advantages already gained be lost. He mentions the cases of Wharton v. Gagnier, that of Maddison and Peareth, also Mr. Swinburne's matter, the Bishop's illness and his own return to the north.
CCB B/218/35/9   7 May 1774
Letter from Joseph Lamb in Newcastle to Mr. John Robson, Durham Castle, concerning a mistake in a licence for wood, by which Lamb will be the loser.
CCB B/218/36  (221291)   1771 and undated
Papers, mainly letters from Thomas Hugall staying in London, concerning the first presentation in 1771 of the Bill which eventually in 1801 became the Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert Inclosure Award. There is mention also of current events in Durham and London and of the Elvet Inclosure Bill. The previous file is another part of this series of letters.
6 items
CCB B/218/36/1
Paper noting the first presentation and withdrawal, by Lord Frederick Campbell, of a Bill to divide and inclose certain moors, wastes or commons, and two parcels of ground called Intack or Cow Pasture and Shaw Wood in the County Palatine of Durham. N.D.
CCB B/218/36/2   18 March 1771
Letter, from Thos. Hugall, at Colesworth on his way to London, to his brother William mentioning that "My Lord" (i.e. the Bishop Rich. Trevor of Durham) would give his approval to the Bill.
CCB B/218/36/3   23 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall and "M. Hugall" (? his wife) to William Hugall about their London business.
CCB B/218/36/4   27 March 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to William Hugall mentioning that he has not yet obtained a copy of the Petition because of the preoccupation of the House with the London magistrates - unrest in London - assault on Lord North, etc.
CCB B/218/36/5   7 April 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall in London to Will. Hugall - Mr. Hartley agrees with William's answer to Sir Thos.
CCB B/218/36/6   9 April 1771
Letter from Thos. Hugall to William Hugall concerning the opposition to and other matters concerning the Bill, also the Bishop's failing health. [He died 9 June 1771].
CCB B/218/37  (220803)   1773-1774
Further documents concerning the administration of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
6 items
CCB B/218/37/1   29 June 1773
Receipt from Christopher Chrishope to Mr. Robson for 3 gns. for attending the sale of the effects of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/37/2   15 May 1773
Bill from the Black Lion at Stockton.
CCB B/218/37/3
Paper noting expenses at Stockton for collecting debts and selling goods, 1773 and 1774.
CCB B/218/37/4
Bill from John Hutchinson to Mr. Robson for the carriage of Mrs. Bainbridge's furniture to Durham.
Note of receipt of the money signed by Andrew Clark, 30 September 1773.
CCB B/218/37/5a
Outer cover of a letter to John Robson addressed to Crossgate, Durham.
CCB B/218/37/5b   14 May 1773
The letter itself, being a bill from Chris. Perkins for packing up goods for Stockton.
CCB B/218/37/6   18 October 1773
Letter from Jona Hopwood to John Robson about the debts of Mrs. Bainbridge to himself and Seth Agar.
Dated at York.
CCB B/218/37/7
Bill from F. Hunt for moving the goods of Mrs. Bainbridge. Note of the receipt of the money signed by Hunt, 18 January 1773.
CCB B/218/38  (220804)   1773-1774
Six items concerning the administration by John Robson of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge - mainly receipted bills.
6 items
CCB B/218/38/1   April 1773
Bill for legal charges incurred during the administation of the will of Sarah Bainbridge, paid by John Robson.
CCB B/218/38/2
Three receipted bills for services at the sale of certain effects of Sarah Bainbridge on 14 May 1773.
CCB B/218/38/3
Receipted apothecaries bill for medicine supplied to Sarah Bainbridge, 1771-3.
CCB B/218/38/4
Goods bought at the sale (of effects of Sarah Bainbridge).
CCB B/218/38/5
Receipted bill for the expenses of the funeral of Sarah Bainbridge on 14 January 1773.
This was attached to No. 4.
CCB B/218/38/6
Account of cash paid for refreshment, etc., at the funeral of Sarah Bainbridge and of cash found in her house, 1773.
CCB B/218/39  (220805)   1773-1775
Further claims on the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
7 items
CCB B/218/39/1   23 February 1774
Receipt given by Robert Bollard (for Messrs. Armstrong and Short) to John Robson for 5s. 0d. paid for the removal of Mr. Bainbridge's goods.
CCB B/218/39/2   1773
Bill from the New Inn, Durham.
At the foot is noted the payment of fees of administration on 28 June.
CCB B/218/39/3   6 January 1775
Receipt given by "Oglewallis" (for Mary Bowman) to John Robson, administrator for the late Mrs. Sarah Bainbridge of Stockton, £10, petitioners fee.
CCB B/218/39/4   24 February 1774
Receipt from Robert Boland and John Robson for 10s. 6d. paid him for making a schedule of the goods of the late Mrs. Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/39/5   23 February 1774
Bill submitted by J. Morton, apothecary to Mrs. Bainbridge, for goods supplied in 1773, subscribed with a receipt for 17s. 6d. paid by John Robson.
CCB B/218/39/6   4 January 1775
Receipt from Alice Taylor, to John Robson, executor in trust of Mrs. S. Bainbridge, £10.
CCB B/218/39/7   28 June 1774
Letter from Ralph Whitfield to Mr. Christopher Chrishop about Mrs. Bainbridges bill owed to Dr. Chas. Wharton and other financial matters.
Dated Stockton.
CCB B/218/40  (220806)   1773-1779
Receipts of further creditors of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge, 1774- 9.
8 items
CCB B/218/40/1   31 December 1774
Receipt from William Hall (for Isabella Thompson) for £10 from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/40/2   February 1777
Receipt from John Stevenson for 4s. 8d. from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/40/3   23 October 1776
Receipt from William Hall (for Isabella Thompson) for 16s. 0d. from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/40/4   23 October 1776
Receipt from William Hall for £4. 5s. 5d., expenses, from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/40/5   23 October 1776
Receipt from Isabella Thompson for £3. 3s. 0d. from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/218/40/6   4 January 1779
Receipt from Alice Taylor for £3. 18s. 9½d. from John Robson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Bainbridge, being the balance or one third part of that estate which escheated to the Bishop of Durham, John Egerton.
CCB B/218/40/7   14 January 1779
Receipt from Oglewallis for the same.
CCB B/218/40/8   29 August 1778
Receipt from John Hutchinson for the same.
CCB B/218/41  (220484)   1776-1778
File of miscellaneous papers re Bowson's Wood at Bishop Auckland.
4 items
CCB B/218/42  (221038)   1776-1783
Many of these items are written on the covers of letters addressed to the Bishop of Durham or to John Robson. They concern coal from Findon Hill used at Durham Castle.
6 items
CCB B/218/42/1
List of coal delivered to the Bishop between 1776 and 1782.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/42/2   1782
Note about the fulfilment of the provisions (mainly delivery of coal to the Bishop) of the Findon Hill Colliery lease made in 1780 to John Lambton, Esq.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/42/3
Further calculations about coal delivered from Findon Hill Colliery to Durham Castle, 1775-1782.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/42/4
Note of lead, oats, coal, and straw delivered to Durham Castle in 1782.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/42/5
Coal delivered to Durham Castle from Findon Hill, 1776-1783.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/42/6
Another of the same, with a note about Robert Grievson.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/43  (220634)   1776-1831
Papers concerning Birtley Fell and Eighton Banks Moor.
3 items
CCB B/218/43/1
Note of three leases of Lord Ravensworth delivered to Mr. Faber, 26 February 1831.
These are coal mines on Birtley Fell, the lease of the liberty of a watercourse through this colliery and the lease of a house and ground at Eighton Banks.
CCB B/218/43/2   8 October 1780
Letter from Nicholas Walton to John Robson about the copyholders and cottagers of Eighton Banks and recommending them to the Bishop's special consideration in the division of Eighton Banks Common.
Dated at Ravensworth Castle.
CCB B/218/43/3   24 September 1776
Copy of a Petition from the copyholders of Eighton Banks, being holders of Common Rights on the moor, asking for redress against the denial of their rights by individuals who have been more recently granted leases on the moor by the Bishop.
CCB B/218/44  (220635)   1776 and undated
File of miscellaneous papers concerning Eighton Banks.
4 items
CCB B/218/44/1
Letter from John Gowland at Eighton Banks to John Robson about the physical opposition to the making of a plan of Eighton Banks Fell and the encroachments on it. N.D.
CCB B/218/44/2
Unheaded list of names, N.D., but probably cottagers on Eighton Banks Waste about 1780 - cf. No. 220633, item 2 .
On the back is a sketch map of an unnamed piece of ground.
CCB B/218/44/3   N.D., circa 1776
Account of the acreage of Eighton Banks Fell by Robt. Candlish, signed also by the Eighton Banks copyholders.
CCB B/218/44/4   1 July 1776
Agreement between William Spaark and Andrew Aughton, yeomen of Eighton Banks to submit their dispute over the boundaries of land leased from the Bishop, to John Robson of Durham, the Reverend Wilson of Washington and Will. Watson of Dunkirke.
CCB B/218/45  (221296)   1776-1800
File of miscellaneous letters.
2 items
CCB B/218/45/1   7 October 1800
Letter from Will. Charleton to Mr. Shaftoe, Attorney at Law in Durham, about the maintenance by Mr. Patrick of the bastard child of Trenholm; mention is made also of Mr. Jackson, Harding and a Mrs. Bennison.
Dated at Sunderland.
CCB B/218/45/2   September 1776
Letter from E. Wilson, apparently a clergyman, to John Robson about money matters, but mainly about the trouble between the copyholders and leaseholders at Eighton Banks, the dispute there between Messrs. Spark and Oughton and recommending to Robson, the bearer of the letter, Kennedy, whose lease was not signed owing to the Bishop's death. Dated at Sunderland.
CCB B/218/46  (221247)   1777-1779
File of miscellaneous papers concerning wine - bills of the Bishop.
4 items
CCB B/218/47  (221363)   1778-1779
File of miscellaneous papers and letters.
5 items
CCB B/218/48  (221241)   1780-81
File of miscellaneous papers - Denton and Trimdon curacies.
3 items
CCB B/218/48/1
Part of the draft licence by the bishop of Durham of an unnamed [perpetual] curate of the Chapel of Denton, parish of Gainford, following the death of Joseph Cradock the last curate nominated by the patron Tobias Heyrick, vicar of Gainford.
(Heyrick held Gainford vicarage 1754-82 (Fordyce II 130). Is the curate possibly Thomas Peacock appointed 20 June 1780 (Fordyce I 537) ?N.D. - See papers re J. Cradock with DDR. Stipendary Curates correspondence 1747. Cradock was ordained d 1736 and p 1737 Chester. Fordyce I 537 says Cradock became curate of Denton 20 April 1740. He suscribed for cure March 1744/5.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/48/2   1780
Draft appointment by J[ohn Egerton], bishop of Durham, of T[homas] L[ancaster] clerk [see item 3 below] as c[urate] of the chapelry of T[rimdon] , 1780, the curacy being vacant through the death of B[enjamin] B[arwise]. The draft is endorsed with a draft declaration of conformity which was to be made by T[homas] L[ancaster] and notes re the papers he required etc.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/48/3   1780
Draft nomination to the Bishop of Durham by the patrons of Trimdon, August 1780, of Thomas Lancaster as curate of the chapelry of Trimdon on the death of Benjamin Barwise.
Paper    1f
CCB B/218/49  (220632)   1781 and undated
File of miscellaneous papers concerning leases at Eighton Banks.
4 items
CCB B/218/49/1   1781
List of leaseholders at Eighton Banks, together with cash amounts, probably fines, fees and rents.
CCB B/218/49/2   1781-2
List of money received for the renewal of leases at Eighton Banks.
CCB B/218/49/3
List of Eighton Banks leases renewed, 1780.
CCB B/218/49/4
List of Eighton Banks leases unrenewed, together with the dates when they were made, 1781.
CCB B/218/50  (221259)   1782-1783
Two court orders to the Bishop of Durham, 1781-2, and notes on Middridge leases and Cassop Smithy.
3 items
CCB B/218/50/1   N.D. circa 1788
Part of the estimate for building a barn and stable at Cassop Smithy.
On the back are notes of new lives to be put into leases, offenders at Middridge and some calculations.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/50/2   26 November 1781
Order of Court to John, Bishop of Durham, to produce the defendent in Court.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/50/3   18 June 1782
Order of Court to John, Bishop of Durham, to return a writ.
Paper.    1f
CCB B/218/51  (221256)   1782-1786
Administrative miscellanea, eighteenth century, including accounts of wine, malt and seeds for use at Durham Castle.
11 items
CCB B/218/51/1
Note of malt bought for the Bishop of Durham and for John Robson from Mr. Byers in 1780 and 1781.
On the back are rough notes mentioning Stobboloe Allotment and Mr. Lambton's boundary.
CCB B/218/51/2
Notes of payments of money, purpose unspecified, over £1,400 in all, made on the outer cover of a letter addressed to John Robson.
CCB B/218/51/3   1752
Draft or manuscript copy, made inside the cover of a letter to John Robson, of the Exchequer Bailiff's notice to a tenant, that goods have been distrained to the value of the rent owed and unless redeemed in 5 days will be sold.
CCB B/218/51/4
Printed copy of the above. N.D. eighteenth century.
CCB B/218/51/5
A paper listing references to certain of the Bishop's rights at various periods, to be found in other sources.
CCB B/218/51/6   30 July 1785
Certificate of W. Coulston, minister of South Shields that William Thompson is alive and well.
Dated at South Shields.
CCB B/218/51/7   16 [August] 1785
Letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Ruddock but commencing "Dear Sister" from Thomas Ruddock in London, reporting his good health.
CCB B/218/51/8
Paper noting the rental of the claim of Raw, Todd and Rippon and noting the area of more improvable allotments, location unspecified. N.D. mid eighteenth century.
CCB B/218/51/9
"Balance of Bottles due to Mills and Robson". N.D. later eighteenth century.
CCB B/218/51/10
Account of the number of bottles [? of wine] received and used by the Bishop of Durham in 1780-1781. N.D. later eighteenth century.
CCB B/218/51/11   1782
List of garden seeds for Durham Castle, vegetables and herbs.
CCB B/218/52  (221210)   1784-1786
File of miscellaneous letters, enclosing copies of Acts of Parliament relevant to the Palatinate.
7 items
CCB B/218/53  (221196)   1784-1785
Administrative miscellanea, mainly late eighteenth century, concerning the Bishop's property at Easington, Heighington, Sunderland, Stockton, Whickham, Sedgefield and Cornforth.
19 items
CCB B/218/53/1   18 May 1785
Letter from Daniel Dew to Mr. Castle about the making of a lease and the execution of a surrender by a Mrs. Yeoman.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/53/2   N.D. [1785]
Letter from John Thornhill to Daniel Dew about the transfer of a lease to himself from Robert Tinker - mention also of cider and baskets.
CCB B/218/53/3
Instruction to Mr. Castle (from whom is not stated) to keep an account of certain dates, parties to transactions, etc.
CCB B/218/53/4   31 December 1784
Letter from Francis Wardale to Martin Wilkinson, Attorney at Law in Durham, about the renewal of the lease for 3 lives of the Yeomans' land at Easington.
Dated at Whitby.
CCB B/218/53/5   2 April 1785
Letter from Thos. Maltby about the renewal of a lease of premises at Heighington which had been made to trustees for the three daughters of George Wanley Bowes, addressee unnamed.
Dated at Brompton.
CCB B/218/53/6   11 April 1785
Letter from George Allan to John … in Durham about John Harman's new lease.
Dated at Darlington.
CCB B/218/53/7   20 April 1785
Letter from Thomas Maltby to Daniel Dew about the residence of the Reverend Mr. John Thoroton and mentioning a lease.
Dated at Brompton.
CCB B/218/53/8   28 April 1785
Letter from Thos. Maltby to Mr. Samuel Castle giving the correct style of Lieut. Col. Thos. Thoroton.
Dated at Brompton.
CCB B/218/53/9   23 May 1785
Certificate that Thos. Hutchinson, clerk, B.D., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, is alive and well.
CCB B/218/53/10   8 March 1785
Letter from Will. Ettrick giving notice that the lease of the Ferry Boat Tolls in Sunderland is in need of renewal, addressee unnamed.
Dated at High Barnes.
CCB B/218/53/11   13 May 1785
Certificate that Henry Hutchinson of Bishopton is alive and well. Richard Tinker, vicar.
CCB B/218/53/12   29 December 1784
Letter from George Allan to Mr. Castle, attorney at law, requesting that the Bishop's licence may be granted to two of his leasehold tenants (who are in fact trustees) to assign to Allan their tenement in order that the beneficiary of the trust may raise a mortgage on the land.
Dated at Darlington.
Abstract of an indenture of lease for three lives, made 17 July 1783, between John Egerton, Bishop of Durham, on one part and Thos. Reed Ward of Over Dinsdale, Yorkshire, and Leonard Robinson of Stockton on the other of demesne land at Stockton.
Copy of licence granted by the Bishop for Ward and Robinson to assign part of the land to Jas. and Geo. Allan of Darlington.
CCB B/218/53/13   23 November 1784
Note from Mr. Burke to Mr. Castle about the rent of Mr. Simpson's Estate at Easington.
CCB B/218/53/14   13 October 1784
Note that a new lease for three lives should be made out in the names of John Challoner of Battersea and Jas. Fenwick of Morpeth, the premises are not mentioned. The instruction that the case be executed is signed by Daniel Dew.
Dated at Auckland.
CCB B/218/53/15
Names of individuals to be named as "lives" for the duration of leases:-
John, son of Ralph Goodchild, of Ryhope
Thos., son of Thos. Hornsby, of Durham
Geo., son of Teasdale Mowbray, of Bp. Wearmouth
Robinson, son of Robt. Thomas, of Ryhope.
CCB B/218/53/16
Rough note of a £100 fine at Whickham and other expenses for fees and postage. N.D.
CCB B/218/53/17   Circa 1784
List of fees and fines paid by various tenants to Messrs. Dew, Brooks, and Castle.
CCB B/218/53/18
Copy of the main paragraph of 53/4.
CCB B/218/53/19
Application for the renewal of a lease dated 6 October 1777, made to Thos. Tiplady of Ferryhill, premises at Sedgefield.
Application for renewal of a lease dated 3 December 1756, from Richard Trevor, Bishop of Durham to John Ward, Humphrey Robinson and Thos. Wodifield, premises at Cornforth.
CCB B/218/54  (220899)   1807-1809
Letters concerning the administration of Howdenshire.
3 items
CCB B/218/54/1   28 September 1808
Letter from W.S. [W. Shaftoe] to Mr. Turner questioning Mr. Dunns allowance for Property Tax in 1807.
CCB B/218/54/2   1 October 1808
Letter from D. Turner to Mr. Shaftoe, solicitor, explaining Mr. Dunn's allowance for Property Tax.
Dated at Auckland Castle.
CCB B/218/54/3   1 September 1809
Letter from D. Turner to Mr. William Shaftoe notifying him that Mr. Dunn has accounted, and mentioning Robert Surtees' timber.
Dated at Auckland Castle.
Labels and strays
Old labels removed by J. Conway Davies.
There are three unnumbered boxes of old labels removed by A.J. Piper in the 1970's (Box 219)

CCB B/220/1  (359962 1/2)   31 December 1927
Agreement between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the General Refractories Co. Ltd. for letting ganister and sand at Knitsley Fell, [par. Wolsingham, Co. Durham].
Deposited 1977.
CCB B/220/2   28 December 1576
Photostat of a grant to Appleby School of a rent charge of £20 p.a. at Newton Garths. Co. Durham.
The original of this (no number) was deposited and then withdrawn by Church Commissioners.
CCB B/220/3   1755-95
Package of counterpart leases (5) of premises at Brompton, Northallerton, Yorkshire, with no Church Commission numbers on them.
Five later counterpart leases for this property, covering the years 1801-31, have already been deposited by the Church Commissioners. The reference is CC bundle 491 nos. 187989-187993.
The label on the documents reads "Ecclesiastical Commissioners' Documents".
Deposited 1978.
CCB B/220/3/1   7 October 1755
(1) Richard [Trevor] Bishop of Durham
(2) Jane Swaiels of Brompton, Northallerton, Yorks.
Counterpart lease by (1) to (2) of a cottage sometime since encroached by Thomas Swaiels deceased on waste in Brompton township, now in possession of Jane Swaiels, with contiguous garth.
The neighbours were Marmaduke Sidgswick's land to the east, the high road to Brompton to Loveson Hill on the west. the waste to the north and south.
Term 21 years.
Consideration 6d per annum.
Signature and seal of Jane Swaiels.
Parchment    1m
CCB B/220/3/2   7 June 1770
(1) Richard [Trevor] Bishop of Durham
(2) William Swales of Bishopton, Rippon parish, Yorks. carrier
Counterpart lease by (1) to (2) of the property as in 3/1.
Term 21 years.
Consideration 6d per annum.
Signature and seal of William Swales.
Parchment    1m
CCB B/220/3/3   7 June 1777
(1) John [Egerton] Bishop of Durham
(2) William Swales
Counterpart lease by (1) to (2) of the property as in 3/1.
Term 21 years
Consideration 6d per annum.
Signature and seal of William Swales.
Parchment    1m
CCB B/220/3/4   7 September 1785
(1) John [Egerton] Bishop of Durham
(2) Robert Stainsby of Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, yeoman
Counterpart lease of the premises as in 3/1., heretofore in possession of Jane Swales later William Swales or his assigns.
Term 21 years.
Consideration 6d per annum.
Signature and seal of Robert Stainsby.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/220/3/5   7 September 1793
(1) Shute [Barrington] Bishop of Durham
(2) George Hartley
Counterpart lease of the premises as in 3/4, heretofore in possession of Robert Stainsby or his assigns.
Term 21 years.
Consideration 6d per annum.
Mark and seal of George Hartley.
Paper    2ff
CCB B/221/1  (675522)   n.d. c.1720
Paper book of evidences c 635 A.D. to c.1720, showing the exercise of Jura Regalia by the Bishops of Durham.
Deposited 1995.
Miscellanea Attention fell on this anonymous box in 1996 while planning new shelving schemes prior to the move from 5 The College to Palace Green in 1997 and the number 222 was assigned in 1996. The chalk no.378 on the box was part of the numeration system in 1981 when Palaeography moved from South Road to 5 The College. The "CC" on the box, coming from South Road, meant Church Commission Durham Bishopric estate material.
What the contents of the box (15 items and 2 or 3 fragments) have in common most obviously is very bad condition. They, both paper and parchment, have been interleaved with paper. Another thing these items have in common is that not all, but eleven of them, have 6 digit CC numbers (some have no numbers). None of these 6 digit numbers appear in the card indices showing which numbers appear in the 1956 and l981 schedules nor are these items identified in the numbers or descriptions in the schedules of the small deposits of 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978 and 1995.
Some items have a matching pattern of small holes like worm holes showing they were, if not adhering to each other, then wadded together. Maybe all these documents were in two or three stuck-together bundles with numbers concealed. What subject matter was legible on the outside, must have been enough to identify them as relating to Durham Bishopric estates, as indeed they do. Had the numbers been visible they would have been included in a schedule. The items were at South Road therefore we would not have expected to find them in the CC 1981 schedule of items which were deposited after the move to 5 The College. These items then are most likely to have arrived in the large deposit in 1956 as Church Commission miscellanea and indeed these items include vouchers (220799) and letters of administration relating to the estate of Sarah Bainbridge, inherited by the Bishop of Durham in 1773 following her heirless death. More such vouchers and other papers concerning the estate of Sarah Bainbridge occur earleir in this list (Boxes 213 and 218, items 220800-220806 and 221436-7) (also PRO Durh 20/129/3).
It is not worth listing these items in detail: they ought not, anyway, to be handled unnecessarily in their present bad condition, because reading them with or without ultraviolet light will be faster after repair has been completed.

CCB B/222/220029
A blank paper perhaps 16th century, with it is a paper page l6th-17th century, mentioning the Bishops forester of Roughside, Ralph Trotter [bailiff of Stanhope] and Mr. Featherstonhalgh.
CCB B/222/220736   167-
Deed mentioning Sherburn Hospital.
CCB B/222/220747
Wrapper marked Sunderland, paper ? 17th century.
CCB B/222/220797   1768
Stockton demesne, lease to George Hoar.
CCB B/222/220799   1773
Stockton, 6 vouchers re estate of Sarah Bainbridge etc.
CCB B/222/[220799A]   1773
Stockton, letters of administration re estate of Sarah Bainbridge.
CCB B/222/220812   1774
Lease Brompton [Allertonshire] to John Ovington of Hart etc.
CCB B/222/220813
Allerton burgh rents lease to Francis Lascelles, (164- or 16-4).
CCB B/222/220814
Allerton burgh rents lease to Francis Lascelles, ?C17.
Parchment in two pieces.
CCB B/222/220815
Allerton [burgh rents], ?C16.
CCB B/222/220944   c.1700
Articles of agreement involving James Dunn of Great Chi1ton.
Parchment    2mm
CCB B/222/220995
Leadmines leased by Mr. Blackett, letter from Cuthbert Peart, paper 1783.
(endorsed, bundle 213, not a ref. to the CC Bpric. 1956 schedule).
CCB B/222/302901 9/2
Boards off the Halmote Court Book for Bishopwearmouth Rectory 1579-1783, leather with remains of clasps removed when rebound by Bailes and removed from this CC Bpric. box in October 1996 and put with the Halmote Court records in the box with Bishopwearmouth original surrenders 1764-1799.
Unnumbered items
CCB B/222/(a)
Page of arrears, temp. Bp. Pilkington 1561-1576.
CCB B/222/(b)
Page now with 220029 above.
CCB B/222/(c)
Sarah Bainbridge admon. 1773 now with 220799 above.
CCB B/222/(d)   1735
Thos. Walker's surrender of Allerton lease.
CCB B/222/(e) & (f)
Fragments in same layer as 220995: one C17 and one C18.
CCB B/222/(g)   1668
Deed of Bishop John Cosin, the Right Hon. Lord Charles … and a baronet who was sheriff of Durham and Nicholas Cole of Kepier, Durham City re scholarships etc. at Caius and Gonvill Colleges [Cambridge University].
Parchment    3mm
Seal: Wrapped seal.