Small Gifts and Deposits


Reference code: GB-0033-SGD
Title: Small Gifts and Deposits
Dates of creation: 13th-20th century
Extent: 5 metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: a series of miscellaneous small accessions, including some photographs, plans and printed items.
Language: English


Individual items and groups in this series have been donated or deposited with the University of Durham since shortly after 1948. Regular accessions to the series continue to be received.
This series was created by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic of the University of Durham in February 1965 in order to deal with:
1. the various small miscellaneous accessions which had been received by the Department since its foundation in 1948 but which had not previously been classified or listed.
2. future accessions of similar miscellaneous items or groups received by the Department.
Accessions to this series continued to accrue under the auspices of the Department of Palaeography until 1990. Since the formation of Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections department (incorporating the former Department of Palaeography) in that year the series has been maintained in order to deal with similar miscellaneous accessions received at Archives and Special Collections' 5 The College building, which in 1997 joined with the section at Palace Green in that building.
Some SGD accessions comprise several boxes of documents but the majority consist of either individual documents or just a few items. The documents have been boxed in order of accession, with separate series for outsize items and for rolled plans etc.
The contents of the collection are very miscellaneous but, in addition to many deeds, include, for instance, some examples of the following types of records:
manorial records, account rolls, business papers, legal papers, papers concerning the Durham City Guilds, including the Durham City Goldsmiths' Company, University of Durham records, personal papers, correspondence, pedigrees, photographs, plans and printed items.
Most accessions concern Co. Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire but there are also odd items relating to Kent and Scotland and to Africa, Canada, China, Corfu, France and the United States of America, as well as a document written in Dutch or Flemish.

Accession details

Small Gifts and Deposits nos.1-13, part of 14, 27-28 and possibly 31 were received by the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic of the University of Durham between 1948, when the department was founded, and 1957, the year in which the systematic recording of details of the department's accessions began; information about the acquisition of these items or groups, and in particular details of their date of accession, is generally sketchy.


The summary list of SGD nos.1-105, with draft entries for some subsequent accessions is very roughly in chronological order of acquisition. The most recent accessions have not yet been added to this list. The summary list gives a brief general description and a date or covering dates for each SGD accession.
Manuscript card-indexes of persons, places and subjects occurring in the entries for SGD nos.1-94 in the summary list are available for consultation in the Search Room.
Plans from the collection are also included in the manuscript card-index of maps and plans in the Search Room.
Certain SGD accessions have also been listed in more detail. In cases where such detailed lists exist these have been entered under the appropriate entry in the summary list, or in the case of a few larger collections, listed separately.


Small gifts and deposits
SGD.1   3 August 3 Geo. I [1716]
Exemplification by letters patent of George I of letters patent of 24 September 4 Charles I [1628], granting the lordships of Raby, Brancepeth and Barnard Castle, County Durham, to certain citizens of London.
[Large document, kept in a separate box]
SGD.2   1686, with later additions
Index to court rolls of Chester Deanery from 1560 to 1790.
Parchment cover: fragment from a 15th century liturgical manuscript, part of the Order of Baptism (?).
Kept with B.R.A. 1272, Chester Deanery documents.
Digitised material for Index to court rolls of Chester Deanery 1560-1790 - SGD.2
Index terms
Chester Deanery Manor (Chester-le-Street, England). Manorial Court
Manorial courts -- England -- Chester-le-Street
Records and briefs
SGD.3   16 July 1929 and 19 July 1929
Grant of Lambeth degree of Doctor of Music to William Ellis, organist and choirmaster of Newcastle Cathedral; with ratification by letters patent under the great seal.
Faculty seal of archbishop of Canterbury.
Great seal of King George V.
SGD.4   9 September 1616
Trust deed concerning properties in Baldersdale and elsewhere in the parish of Romaldkirk, Yorkshire.
SGD.5   [c. 1832]
Draft solicitor's account to Christopher Brown, New Elvet, Durham City, for professional services, 1824-1832 (written on backs of copies of printed address of Hedworth Williamson to the electors of the Northern Division of the County of Durham, 19 December 1832).
SGD.6  SGD.(176094)   14 March 1876
Duplicate deed of enfranchisement, Earl of Ravensworth and Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Sir Henry Augustus Clavering and others; copyhold property in Dunston, County Durham.
Reference in brackets is Church Commission number.
Eight deeds concerning Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire
SGD.7/1   Late 13th century
Richard le Gauntier of Morpeth to Thomas de Norma Villa, chaplain;
burgage in Morpeth, Northumberland, with a messuage on “la Law” in Morpeth as warranty.
SGD.7/2   6 Kal. April [27 March] 1331
Foundation by Walter, abbot of Newminster, Northumberland, of a chantry and anniversary for the benefit of Roger de Somerville and his wife Agnes, in consideration of Roger's gift to the abbey of the advowson of the church of Stannington, Northumberland.
SGD.7/3   Wednesday after St Nicholas [10 December 1376]
Quitclaim by Matilda, formerly wife of Nicholas Gower of Scotherskelfe in Cleveland, to Roger de Fulthorpe, knight of all claim in the manor of Thorpe Thewles, County Durham.
SGD.7/4   12 June 2 Hen.IV [1401]
Contract for building of a house near the church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle for John de Ivelyth, clerk, by Simon Wright, burgess of Newcastle.
SGD.7/5   1426
Copy will of Robert Playce, bequeathing properties in North Riding of Yorkshire.
SGD.7/6   13 August 1513
Copy [c. 1513] of acknowledgement by William Dent, merchant, of Newcastle, that he received certain sums to the use of Alice Hudswell; with letter to Alice Hudswell from her brother-in-law concerning rents due to her, her daughter's marriage, her son, and “that gossipe that ye kepe with you”.
SGD.7/7   2 March 10 Hen. VIII [1519]
Thomas Lasenby of Scorton, Richmondshire, to Margery Surtees, widow of Thomas Surtees;
a messuage and two oxgangs in Over Dinsdale, Yorkshire, for six years at 18s. p.a.
SGD.7/8   8 May 30 Hen. VIII [1538]
Receipt for payment of the relief of Bernard Place, Esq., deceased, by his brother Roland Place, Esq., for two parts of the manor of Dinsdale held of the King of the lordship of Barnard Castle, the third part being in the possession of Margery Surtees for the term of her life.
Signatures of Robert Bowes, Esq., and Ambrose Middleton.
[cf. Turton Papers]
Miscellaneous papers
Reference: SGD.8
SGD.8/1   1769
Printed Act for the inclosure of Crossgate Moor, Durham.
SGD.8/2   2. 10 June 1797
Passport issued by state of South Carolina to Robert Lindsay, merchant and freeholder of South Carolina.
SGD.8/3   1798
Three loose leaves (pp. 185-190) from the Asylum for Fugitive [Pieces], vol. IV, 1798, containing satirical epigrams on the translation of Shute Barrington to the see of Durham [in 1791].
SGD.8/4   1 August 1820
London Gazette for 1 August 1820.
SGD.9   14 October 4 Chas.I [1628]
Copy of court roll, Wolsingham, County Durham; admittance of George and Eleanor [?Viccars] to property at Dobbison Green, Lynesack.
SGD.10   21 May 5 Jas. I [1607]
William Killinghall to Thomas Pearson; property in Over Dinsdale, Yorkshire.
[cf. Turton papers]
SGD.11   19 August 27 Chas. II [1675]
Bargain and sale.
John Hedworth of Harraton, County Durham, to Richard Robinson of Middle Herrington, County Durham;
property in Sunderland and Bishopwearmouth, County Durham.
SGD.12   1 July 1492
Document in Dutch or Flemish recording a sale of land in Montenaken.
Three seals.
Count Joseph Boruwlaski
Reference: SGD.13
Dates of creation: 1837-1838
Seventeen items consisting of:
(items S.G.D. 13/1-16) correspondence, accounts, etc. concerning the administration of the estate of Count Joseph Boruwlaski by the Misses Ebdon of Banks Cottage, Durham City:
(item S.G.D. 13/17) a photograph, made from a lantern-slide in 1984 by Dr,. C.W. Gibby, of a sketch of Count Boruwlaski's residence [in Durham City] by J. Ewbank, 18[4-].

Packe deeds
Reference: SGD.14 Accession details In 1958 Mr A.H. Packe of Burnham, Bucks. presented one Recovery Durham Court of Pleas 1687 re. rents in Co. Durham. This was made SGD 14. However in 1952 Mr Packe had given a box of deeds, (mainly Durham) which had been kept in St Helens. In 1994 the listing was being reviewed and the two deposits connected as SGD 14.

SGD.14/A   c. 1546- c. 1784
Bundle of deeds re land and tithes at Shipley, South Bedburn, Hamsterley Co. Durham and at Billy Row, Barancepeth in the same ownership.
SGD.14/B   1725-74
Bundle of deeds re premises at Seaton Carew, Co. Durham.
Folder of paper bonds etc. including one deed Greatham, Co. Durham.
SGD.14/D   1687
Co. Durham deeds:
Recoveries Durham Court of Pleas.
Auckland North; Dalton Piercy; Darwentcote and Colt Park [Medomsley]; Ebchester; Arminside [Ryton].
Including (the recovery deposited in 1958).
20 April 3 Jas.II [1687] Exemplification of recovery in the Court of Pleas at Durham.
Samuel Dashwood and Francis Dashwood, plaintiffs
Edward Noell and George Skanlake, defendants
property in County Durham.
Seal of county palatine of Durham.
6 items. 
Yorkshire, North Riding, including Crayke:
Crayke; Carlinghome [Croft]; Dunsley parish Whitby; Newsham [parish Kirby Ravensworth alias Kirby Hill]; East Cowton (Kirby Hill Hospital had Cowton property).
5 items. 
SGD.15   1700-1817
Thirteen deeds (copy wills etc.) concerning property in Cleatlam, County Durham.
SGD.16   27 June 1681
Fragment of receipt for rent of property in Thorpe Bulmer, County Durham, paid by Matthew Smith, tenant, under an agreement with Edward Smaithwaite, vicar of Hart, County Durham.
Seven deeds concerning a tenement in New Elvet, Durham City.
Reference: SGD.17
Dates of creation: 1579-1647
Five deeds (copy wills etc.) concerning property and persons in County Durham.
Reference: SGD.18
Dates of creation: 1704-1815
Two deeds concerning the estate of Thomas Barker of Edmondbyers, County Durham
Reference: SGD.19
Dates of creation: 1819 and 1882
Two documents concerning the Bacon family
Reference: SGD.20
SGD.20/1   1743
Attested copy will of William Bacon of Newton Cap, County Durham.
Another copy: DUL BRA 1260/213.
SGD.20/2   1838
Schedule of deeds belonging to Charles Bacon Grey, Esq.
[cf. BRA 1260]
DUL BRA 1260/265.
SGD.21   5 February 6 Geo.II [1733]
Indenture of fine in the Court of Pleas at Durham.
George Robinson, plaintiff.
Robert Smith, mayor of Durham City, and Margery his wife, Robert Bawling and Sybil his wife, and Ann Robinson, deforciants.
Property in Easington parish, County Durham.
SGD.22   14 November 1827
Printed notice to tenants of Lord Barrington to attend to pay rents at Eighton Banks, County Durham.
SGD.23   22 January 1865
Incomplete letter written from the U.S.A. about the American civil war.
The writer and recipient are not named.
SGD.24   1878-1893
Book of rents paid to the University of Durham from order in council estate.
Deeds, ordination papers, etc. relating to property in County Durham and the family of Raine.
Reference: SGD.25
Dates of creation: 1671-1786
Extent: 19 items.
Two exemplifications of recoveries in the Court of Pleas at Durham.
Reference: SGD.26
SGD.26/1   18 August 18 Chas II [1666]
Robert Shaftoe senior and Robert Shaftoe junior, plaintiffs.
James Clavering, Bart., defendant.
Property in Whitehouse, Winlaton and parish of Ryton, County Durham.
Seal of county palatine of Durham.
SGD.26/2   27 June 26 Chas. II [1675]
Richard Ellis plaintiff.
Lancelot Hodshon defendant.
Property in Winlaton.
Seal of county palatine of Durham.
Two account rolls of the bishopric of Durham
Reference: SGD.27
SGD.27/1   9-10 Ric. II 4-5 Bishop Fordham [1385-1386]
Account of William de Elmeden, constable of the castle of Durham.
Digitised material for Account of William de Elmeden, constable of Durham Castle, 1385-86 - SGD.27/1
SGD.27/2   1-2 Bishop Morton 8-9 Chas. I [1632-1633]
Account of [Richard Hutton, chancellor] and receiver-general of Durham.
[cf. S.G.D. 74/1]
[cf. also Church Commission Durham bishopric estates deposit]
Three coloured prints
Reference: SGD.28
Dates of creation: [no dates]
Vue perspective d'un Embarquement au Port de Brest.
(J. Cheveau, Paris).
Vue d'Optique d'un Arc de Triomphe très elevé en la ville de Canton en la Chine.
(J. Cheveau, Paris).
Vaisseaux en pleine Mer.
(Daumont, Paris).
SGD.29/1   12 January, 16 February and 24 February 1585/6
Inventory of goods and chattels and of debts of Thomas Brickwell of Berwick, Esq.
SGD.29/2   25 July, 3 Jas. II [1687]
Exemplification of fine relating to property in Sunderland Bridge, Hett, Hurworth-on-the-Moor, Trimdon, Tudhoe, Walkerfield and Hilton, County Durham.
William Nichol
Reference: SGD.30
SGD.30/1   1797-1844
File of copies of fifteen items concerning the life of William Nichol, soldier and wheelwright, who travelled to Canada, Africa and Corfu.
[See MS. list with the copies]
SGD.30/2   1830s-1840s
Copies of freemasonry certificates concerning William Nichol.
SGD.31   11 July 1814
Bill of sale of a 4th part of the brig Penelope: George Harrison to John Powell of Bishopwearmouth, County Durham, coal fitter.
SGD.32   [c. 1833-1871]
A cause paper and accounts concerning Durham University.
[Kept with the box of documents from Mawsons' premises deposited September 1971. These documents are also 19th century University papers]
SGD.33   1 January 1693/4
Bond of John Raw of Durham City with William Coulson of South Shields, County Durham, for £3,300 for the performance of covenants contained in deed of the same date.
Copies of three items in Durham University Library
Reference: SGD.34
SGD.34/1   1677
Fine concerning land etc. at Barnard Castle, County Durham.
SGD.34/2   1744
Agreement concerning Harmire, Barnard Castle.
SGD.34/3   1776
Agreement concerning common land at Egglestone, County Durham.
Deeds and wills
Reference: SGD.35
Dates of creation: 1614-1814
Contents The Collection consists of 23 items, most of which are deeds and wills dating from the early seventeenth century to the late eighteenth century and mainly concerning properties in County Durham, in particular estates in Shipley and Bedburn in Hamsterley and Willton-le-Wear chapelries, Crook and Billy Row, [Holbeck] in Wolsingham parish, Blackhall in Ryton parish, Pelton in Chester-le-Street parish and Bedlington in North Durham. Items 11-14 concern the will of Joseph Butler, bishop of Durham from 1750 until he died in 1752, and item 23 contains two letters of 1813 and 1814 concerning the 1814 "Curates' Bill". The documents have been arranged and listed in chronological order.
Accession details This collection was deposited in the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic, University of Durham in October 1974 by Mrs. Adamson of 10 South Bailey, Durham.

Deeds and Wills
SGD.35/1   13 October 12 James 1 [1614]
(1) George Blackett, yeoman, of Shipley [in Hamsterley chapelry], Co. Durham.
(2) Christofer Hodgeshon, yeoman, of Woalse Feelde [?Woodifield in North Bedburn township and Witton-le-Wear parish], Co. Durham.
Lease by (1) to (2) of two closes called Blackbancke Closes with their appurtenances, part of (1)'s tenement at Shipley now in the occupation of (2) or his assigns.
Term: 2,000 years.
Consideration: £15 initial payment from (2) to (1).
Rent: 3s. 4d. p.a. from (2) to (1).
a) If (2) dies without lawful issue, (1) or his heirs or assigns can within one year of (2)'s death nullify the above lease on payment to (2)'s executors of the amount of “the intereste of the premises as shal be sett downe by fower indyfferent men”.
b) If the fourth part of the above tenement is "recovered" against (1), (1) shall repay to (2) a quarter of the £15 initial payment.
Mark of (2).
Seal missing; tag remains.
Witnesses: Henrye Follansby, Will[ia]m Hodgshon and Stephen [?Cowpllad].
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/2   1 Charles I, 1625
Language:  Latin and English
(1) Sir Thomas Blakiston of Blakiston [in Norton parish], C. Durham.
(2) William Atkinson, joiner, of Bracken Hill [?Breckon Hill in Hamsterley chapelry], Co. Durham.
Bond of (1) to (2) in £40.
Condition: If (1) upholds the terms of a pair of indentures of the same date as the bond, made between (1), John Witham, Thomas Laton and Luke Fenweke and Anna his wife on the one part and (2) on the other part “for the peaceable and quiet Enioying” of one close called South [Bedburn] or Blackbanke, [Co. Durham], the obligation is to be void.
Signed by (1).
Seal missing; tongue remains.
Witnesses: Willia[m] Blakeston, John [?Dickson] and William Wa[lt]one.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/3   15 October 1633
(1a) Thomas Iley, yeoman, of Crook, Co. Durham
(1b) Jane, wife of (1a).
(2) Hugh Stott, tanner, of Durham City.
Assignment by (1) to (2) of a tenement with its appurtenances in Crook (as described in leases of 24 February 18 James I [1621] and 15 March 22 James I [1625] which are recited in this assignment).
Term: Remainder of a term of 90 years or 3 lives as stipulated in the above-mentioned leases.
(The lives are those of Thomas Trotter, son of John Trotter of "Ayes Raw", Cuthbert Commyn, son of Symond Commyn of Billy R[o]w, [Co. Durham], and Cuthbert Atkinson yeoman, of Maud [or Mawn] Meadows [in Crook and Billy Row], Co. Durham.)
Consideration: A competent sum of money from (2) to (1).
Rent: 22s. 2d. p.a. from (2) to the King's receiver or bailiff.
Proviso: (1a) and (1b) are to keep possesion of the tenement for their lives on payment of 11s. 1d. p.a. to the King's receiver or bailiff at the feasts of St. Michael the Archangel and the Annunciation "by even and equall porc[i]ones". If all the 3 lives named in the lease die before either (1a) or (1b), (2) is to provide (1a) and (1b) with "other sufficient estate of the said p[re]mises".
Signed by (1a) and (1b).
[2] seals missing; tags remain.
Witnesses: Martin Nicholson, Thomas Johnsoun, John Hodshon, Cuthbart Atkinsoun and Stephen [Cockey].
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/4   4 August 1684
Attested copy of the will of Hugh Stott, tanner, of Framwellgate, Durham City.
Witnesses: John Stott, Henry Wrangham and Hen[ry] Rutledge.
Copy attested by Ro: Hilton, registrar, n.d. [Robert Hilton was Durham diocesan registrar, ?1705-?].
Annotation in a different hand: "Mr Sp-n desired to see this Will and kept it 3 or 4 dayes but refused ever to look upon y e Deeds tendered or the draught thereof".
Paper   1f.
SGD.35/5   23 June 1690
(1) Thomas Blackett, gent., of Hemlington Hall, Co. Durham.
(2) George Walton, yeoman, of the Soure Close house in Hamsterley chapelry, Co. Durham.
Bargain and sale by (1) to (2) of a moiety of the tithes with their appurtenances of Soure Close house, now in the occupation of (2) or his assigns.
Consideration: 27s 6d. from (2) to (1).
Signed by (1).
Seal: 1 red wax applied seal, bearing three arrows points downward in pale.
Witnesses: Ferdinando Aisley, Christopher Sidgwick and [?Jo.] Blackett.
Endorsements in two different hands:
a) "23rd June 1690 Thos: Blackett to Geo: Walton. Grant of a Moiety of the Tithes of Bracken Hill or Soure Close etc."
b) "Anoth[e]r 3d [pt.] of the Tithes Excepting Corne from Hen Blackett of Witton Castle yeom[an] to G. Walton".
Paper   1f.
SGD.35/6   March 1698 [/9]
Probate (in the Consistory Court of Durham) of the will of John Taylor, gent., of North Bailey, Durham city, with a copy of his will, made 22 November 1698, included.
Signed by [John Brookbank, vicar general and official principal of the bishop of Durham, and Gab[riel] Newhouse, [Durham diocesan] registrar.
Seal missing; tag remains.
Will witnessed by Abraham Yapp, clerk, of South Bailey, [Durham City], John Harrison, Margaret Ellis and Thomas Taylorson.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/7   10 November 1716
Probate (in the Consistory Court of Durham) of the will of Thomas Craggs, gent., of Seaton, Co. Durham, with a copy of his will, made 11 October 1716, annexed.
Signed by Post[humous] Smith, sur[rogate] and Ro[bert] Hilton, [Durham diocesan] registrar.
Seal missing; tag remains.
Will witnessed by Henry [Ellary], Alice Robinson and R. Rayne.
a) Note that this document was produced in a Durham chancery case between Sir Fletcher Norton, attorney general to the bishop of Durham and Robert Preston, gent., 7 November 1768.
b) Note that this document was produced in a case at the Exchequer court, Westminster between Thomas Wharton, Esq. and John Gagnier, clerk and others, 23 April 1771.
c) "No. 3. G. HW.".
d) "No (4.)"
Parchment   2mm.
SGD.35/8   2 October 1719
(1) Susanna Powell of Durham City, widow and executrix of the will of the late John Powell, clerk, of Durham City.
(2) Daniel Richardson, apothecary, of Durham city.
Assignment by (1) to (2) of messuages with their appurtenances known as Shipley in Bedburn township in Hamsterley parish, Co. Durham, worth £30. 5s. 0d. p.a. in 1698 and now in the occupation of Nicholas Teasdale and Thomas Teasdale.
Term: Remainder of a term of 60 years or the life of Isabel Durant, (widow of John Durant, distiller, of Newcastle upon Tyne and owner of the above property), as stipulated in a lease of 1 September 1712, recited in this assignment.
Consideration: £208. 15s. 0d. from (2) (the heir to the above property) to (1).
Signed by (1).
Seal: Remains of 1 red wax seal applied on tape and bearing arms.
Witnesses: J. Fawcett and Tho[mas] Teasdale.
Endorsement: "no. 10."
SGD.35/9   30 April 1725
(1a) Jane Swalwell, widow, of Framwellgate, Durham City.
(1b) Edward Miller, chapman, of Framwellgate, eldest son and heir of the late Mary Miller, widow of the late Andrew Miller and one of the sisters and co-heirs of the late John Wells of Framwellgate (who was son-in-law of the late Hugh Stott, tanner, of Framwellgate).
(1c) John Miller, brother of (1b).
(2) Francis Forster, yeoman, of Consett, Co. Durham.
Release (subsequent to a lease for a year of 29 April 1725) by (1) to (2) of a messuage with its appurtenances in Crook and Billy R[o]w, Co. Durham, now in the occupation of William Taylor, undertenant, of the ancient rent of 13s. 1d. p.a., bordering on the lands late of Thomas Johnson to the South, Maud [or Mawn] Meadows to the West, and Crook Green to the East; another messuage with its appurtenances in Crook and Billy R[o]w, now in the occupation of William Taylor, undertenant, of the ancient rent of 11s. 1d. p.a., bordering on Carlisle Hill close to the North West, the land late of John Hodshon to the North, and Crook Green to the East; and all other messuages etc. belonging to (1) in Crook and Billy R[o]w which were the estate of the late John Wells or of his son, the late Richard Wells.
Consideration: £500 from (2) to (1).
Signed by (1a) and (1c), mark of (1b).
Seals: 3 red wax seals applied on tapes, each seal bearing a man's head.
Witnesses: Hend. Hopper, Will[ia]m Hutchinson and John [?Sewell].
Endorsements: Receipts from (1) to (2) for £400 plus £100 "secured to be paid", 30 April 1725, and for £50, 4 December 1725. The latter sum arose from articles of agreement made between (1) and (2), 7 November 11 George I [1724].
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/10   30 April 1725
(1) William Weir, barber, of Durham City.
(2a) Jane Swallwell, widow of Framwellgate, Durham City.
(2b) Edward Miller, chapman, of Framwellgate, eldest son and heir of the late Mary Miller, widow of the late Andrew Miller and one of the sisters of whole blood to the late John Wells of Framwellgate.
(2c) John Miller, chapman, of Framwellgate, brother of (2b).
(3a) Emanuell Walton, gent., of [Twizell in Chester-le-Street parish], Co. Durham.
(3b) Francis Forster, yeoman, of Consett, Co. Durham.
Assignment of a term of years by (1) at the request of (2) to (3a) in trust for (3b) to attend (3b)'s inheritance of property as described in 35/9 above.
Term: Remainder of a term of 999 years stipulated in a mortgate of the above property of 3 June 8 Anne [1709] which is recited in this assignment.
Consideration: £228. 12s. 0d. from (3b) to (1) at the request of (2), being the amount of the principal and interest due under the abovementioned mortgage and part of the £500 consideration mentioned in a release of 30 April 1725 (see 35/9 above); and 5s. from (3a) to (1).
Signed by (1), (2a) and (2c), mark of (2b).
Seals: 4 red wax seals applied on tapes, each seal bearing a man's head.
Witnesses: Hend. Hopper, Will[ia]m Hutchinson and John [?Sewell].
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/11   8 July 1752
Probate (in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury) of the will of Joseph Butler, bishop of Durham, who died at Bath.
Annexed are:
a) a copy of his will, made 22 April 1752 and codicil, made 25 April 1752.
b) an affidavit as to the authenticity of the codicil, 3 July 1752.
Signed by W[illia]m Legard, Pet. St. [Eloy] and Hen[ry] Stevens, [Canterbury] deputy [diocesan] registrars.
Seal missing; tag remains.
Will witnessed by Tho[mas] Norwich, Langhorn Warren and Richard Gill.
Copy of will attested by Hen[ry] Stevens.
Endorsement: "Reg. 21".
Parchment   2mm.
SGD.35/12    N.d. [post 16 June 1752]
Copy of the will and codicil of Joseph Butler, bishop of Durham, made 22 and 25 April 1752.
Annotation in a different hand: "The Bp Durham dyed at Bath 16 June 1752 between the hours of 10 and 11 in the fore noon Aged 60 being born 18 May 1692".
Paper   2ff.
SGD.35/13   1 October 1753
(1a) Thomas Randolph, D.D., president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
(1b) The scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
(2) The Revd. Nathanael Forster, D.D., executor of the will of the late Joseph [Butler], bishop of Durham.
Licence from (1) to (2) to alienate or assign a lease of property in West Hendre[d], Berkshire, which was granted by (1) to Joseph [Butler], bishop of Durham on 16 October 1750, for twenty years.
Seal: The common seal of Corpus Christi College, a round red wax seal (damaged) on a tag and in a metal case.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/14   21 November 1757
Letters of administration granted by the Prerogative court of Canterbury to Joseph Butler, clerk, in respect of the property of his uncle, the late Joseph Butler, bishop of Durham. Annexed are copies of a will, codicil and affidavit as described in 35/11.
Signatures and witnesses as in 35/11.
Seal: The seal of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, an oval red wax seal, papered, formerly on a tag. The tag remains but the seal is loose and damaged.
Will annotated: "By Decree".
Parchment   2mm.
SGD.35/15   17 January 1761
Opinion of Tho[mas] Rudd, concerning the inheritance of Calf Close, Blackhall [in Chopwell township and Ryton parish], Co. Durham and other matters raised by the will of the late Robert Surtees, gent., of [Colt] Park, [in Medomsley chapelry and Lanchester parish], Co. Durham. With the opinion are copies [in a different hand] of Robert Surtees' will, made 11 May 1758, and of the grant of probate of this will in the Consistory Court of Durham, made 1 December 1760. The copies of the will and grant of probate were originally extracted by but are not in the hand of Ralph Trotter, [Durham diocesan] registrar.
Will witnessed by Tho[ma]s Forster, Tho[ma]s Charleton and Jacob Grieve.
Paper   22pp.
SGD.35/16   17 May 1764
Opinion of Chr[istopher] Fawcett, concerning the payment of debts, legacies and funeral expenses under the will of the above Robert Surtees. With the opinion is a copy [in a different hand] of the will as described in 35/15.
Endorsement: Request for Mr. Fawcett's opinion signed by … Aiskell.
The opinion has been backed with part of a parchment deed concerning the estate of William and Ann Graham.
Paper and parchment   20pp., 1m.
SGD.35/17   23 July 1764
Will of George Surtees, gent., of Colt Park, Co. Durham.
Signed by George Surtees.
Seal: 1 red wax applied seal bearing a man's head.
Witnesses: Henr[y] Aiskell, Christopher Greener and Alice Greener.
Endorsement: "23 d July 1764 - Mr. George Surtee's Will the probate of which is a true copy, the latter dated August [21st] 1764 ".
N.B. There is an identical copy of this will among the Durham Probate Records.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.35/18   27 July 1767
(1) William Blackett, gent., of Helmedon Hall, Co. Durham
(2) The Rev. Henry Bland, D.D., of the College, Durham, a prebendary of Durham Cathedral.
Mortgage by demise by (1) to (2) of the manor of East or High Shipley, [Co. Durham] with its appurtenances; the farm, village or capital messuage of East or High Shipley with its appurtenances; the capital messuage, mansion house and tenement of West or Low Shipley with their appurtenances; plots in Hamsterley and Witton-le-Wear; [Co. Durham] allotted to (1) in respect of his properties of East and West Shipley during the division of moors and commons in Hamsterley chapelry; and the tithes etc. on the above properties.
Term: 1,000 years.
Consideration: £650 from (2) to (1).
a) If (1) pays £650 and 5% interest to (2) by 27 January [1768] the above demise is to be void.
b) If (1) does not pay £650 to (2) by 27 January [1768] but if the interest on the sum is paid on that date and regularly every six months thereafter within three months of being due (2) will accept interest at 4% rather than 5%.
Signed by (1).
Seal: 1 red wax seal (damaged) applied on a tape and bearing traces of markings.
Witnesses: Tho: Hogg, John Carter and Jn o Wilkinson.
Endorsement: "35".
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/19   11 May 1769
Probate (in the Consistory Court of Durham) of the will of William Atkinson, gent., of Greenhead, Co. Durham.
Annexed are:
a) a copy of his will, made 14 September 1727. b) a receipt from Tho[mas] Atkinson to his brother, William Atkinson, sons of the above William Atkinson, for £60, being the amount due to the former as a legacy under the above will, 3 December 1730.
Signed by Thomas Gyll, surr[ogate] and Ralph Trotter, [Durham Diocesan] registrar.
Seal: 1 red wax seal, papered, on a tag.
Will Witnessed by Chris[topher] Raine, John Graham and Chris[topher] Raine jun[ior].
Endorsement: [? "3"].
Parchment and paper   2mm, 1f.
SGD.35/20   21 November 1770
(1) Joshua Gibson, yeoman, of Glassholme in Lune, Yorkshire.
(2) John Bowes, gent., of Holehouse or Holebeck [Holbeck] in Wolsingham parish, Co. Durham, nephew and heir at law of the late Thomas Wilson, gent., of Holehouse, who was son and heir of the late Matthew Wilson, gent.
(3) Thomas Freake, grocer, of St. John, Wapping, Middlesex.
(4) Samuel Freake, farmer, of Shaft[e]sbury, Dorset.
Assignment by (1) to (4) at the nomination of and in trust for (3) of a King's Bench judgement obtained in the Easter Term 1752 by (1) against (2) for £100 debt and costs of suit. The assignment is to protect from encumbrances an estate in Holehouse purchased by (3) from (2).
Consideration: £105 from (3) to (1) at the request of (2) and 5s. from (4) to (1).
Signed by (1) and (2).
Seals: 2 red wax applied seals, each bearing the initials, "G R".
Witnesses: Geo[rge] Ridsdale and Martin Wilkinson.
Endorsement: "29".
Paper   2ff.
SGD.35/21   10 October 1776
(1) John [Egerton], bishop of Durham
(2) George Potts, gent., of Netherton, [North] Durham.
Lease by (1) to (2) of a messuage with its appurtenances in Bedlington, [North] Durham, now or late in the possession of John Carlton and Co., bordering on the river Blyth to the South, the lands of John Baker, Esq. to the East and a lane from Bedlington to Bedlington Staith to the North or North West; and 2 closes with their appurtenances at Bedlington, the one called Robinson's Close bordering on Bedlington Town Street to the South and lands of (2) to the North East and West, and the one called Half Close bordering on Bedlington Town Street to the North, lands of Thomas Watson, Matthew Ridley, Esq. and others to the East, lands of James [?Dand] to the South, and lands of Richard Wharton, Matthew Ridley and others to the West.
Woods, mines and quarries are reserved to (1).
Term: 3 lives (the lives being those of Thomas Martindale, schoolmaster, of Corbridge, Northumberland, aged about 59, Edward Jackson, son of Edward Jackson, yeoman, of Collierley in Lanchester parish, Co. Durham, aged about 39, and (2) aged about 33).
Consideration: The surrender of a lease for 3 lives of the above property made by Richard [Trevor], bishop of Durham on 7 August 1765 and the payment from (2) to (1) of a competent sum of money as a fine.
Rent: 12s. 9d. p.a. from (2) to (1).
Signed by (1).
Seal: The seal of John [Egerton], bishop of Burham, a round wax seal, papered, on a tag.
Witnesses: Rich[ar]d Fawcett, Geo[rge] Brooks, Tho[ma]s [Mi]tchinson and Tho[ma]s Johnson.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.35/22   1 November 1784
(1) John Lowes, Esq., of Ridley Hall, Northumberland, eldest son and heir at law of the late William Lowes, Esq. of Ridley Hall and of the late Margaret Lowes, his wife, who was the only child and heir at law of the late Thomas Marley, gent., of Pelton, Co. Durham.
(2) Christopher Fawcett, Esq., of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Attested copy of a lease for a year by (1) to (2) of the estate of the late Thomas Marley in Pelton in Chester-le-Street parish, Co. Durham, now occupied by the executors of the late William Storey, William Bell and others;
all other messuages etc. belonging to (1) in Pelton;
a messuage known as Low or Middle Shipley with its appurtenances in Bedburn township in St. Andrew, Auckland parish, Co. Durham, now occupied by John [S]iddall as tenant;
all other messuages etc. belonging to (1) in Bedburn which were part of the estate of the late Thomas Marley;
East Farm with its appurtenances in Billy R[o]w township in Brancepeth parish, Co. Durham, which was part of the estate of the late Thomas Marley and is now in the occupation of Thomas Lax;
a moiety of a messuage in Billy R[o]w of 5s 0¼d. ancient yearly rent and Gateway field in Billy R[o]w of 7s 1d. ancient yearly rent with their appurtenances which were purchased by the late Thomas Marley from Cuthbert Jackson and Francis Jackson and are now in the occupation of Thomas Lax; and all other messuages etc. belonging to (1) in Billy R[o]w which were part of the estate of the late Thomas Marley.
Consideration: 5s. from (2) to (1).
Rent: 1 peppercorn p.a. from (2) to (1).
Witnesses: Jno. Davidson and Tho[ma]s Davidson.
Copy attested by R. [Gills] and Step. Wright Harrison, clerks to Mr. Adamson, sol[icitor] of Newcastle upon Tyne, 26 May 1819.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.35/23a   29 December 1813
Letter from Rob[er]t Butler to his nephew, the Rev. Jo[seph] Butler at Kirby House near Newbury, Berkshire, concerning the difficulty Ro[ber]t Butler would have in employing a Mr. D'Avenant as curate of [?Kirby House] after the Curates' Bill became law on 20 January [1814] because the latter was not licensed and the possibility that after that date Mr. D'Avenant might be able to assist Jo[seph] Butler who had been nominated by Rob[er]t Butler to be the next curate of [?Kirby House].
Address: Oxford.
Paper   1f.
SGD.35/23b   1 January 1814
Copy letter from Jos[eph Butler] to [Robert Butler], stating that the former would take over the curacy of [? Kirby House] after 20 January [1814] if it was absolutely vacant at that date and if he could "prevail on some friend at Oxford to take Ardington till Lady-Day".
Address: Kirby House.
Seal: 1 black wax applied seal, (damaged).
Paper   1f.
Louis Robinson, M.D.
Reference: SGD.36
Dates of creation: 1883-1891
The collection contains 8 items. These comprise certificates of medical qualifications, degree certificates and related material concerning Louis Robinson, M.D. who gained his qualifications in the 1880's and 1890's. Details of his career will be found in the Medical Directory for 1894 and The Medical Register for 1925, both of which are available in the search room.
Accession details This collection was presented to the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic, University of Durham in 1974 by Dr. C. W. Gibby of Prebends Gate, Quarry Heads Lane, Durham.

SGD.1   23 August 1883
Certificate granted by the Court of Examiners of the Society of the Art and Mystery of Apothecaries of the City of London, stating that Louis Robinson had qualified to practise as an apothecary.
Signed by John Randall, chairman, Thomas R. Wheeler, secretary, and 8 other examiners.
Seal: 1 papered applied seal.
Paper   1f.
SGD.2   24 August 1883
Certified copy of the entry in the Medical Register recording the qualification granted by the Society of Apothecaries to Louis Robinson of 36 Tyrwhitt Road, [?Buckley], London S.E. in 1883.
Signed by W[illiam] J[ohn] C[larke] Miller, registrar.
Certificate number: 26204.
Paper   1f.
SGD.3   15 November 1883
Certificate granted by the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, stating that Louis Robinson of Tyrwhitt Road, [London] S.E. had been admitted as a member of the College.
Signed by J. Cooper Forster and W[illia]m S. Savory, vice-presidents, 8 other examiners and Edwards Trimmer, secretary.
Seal: Embossed impression of the common seal of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
Enrolment number: 16,480.
Paper   1f.
SGD.4   19 November 1883
Certificate stating that the grant of membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England to Louis Robinson in 1883 had been registered in the Medical Register as an additional qualification for Robinson.
Signed by W[illiam] J[ohn] C[larke] Miller, registrar.
Certificate number: 8718.
Paper   1f.
SGD.5   21 June 1887
Certificate granted by the Warden, masters and Scholars of the University of Durham, stating that Louis Robinson had been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine.
Signed by W[alter] K[ercheval] Hilton, registrar.
Seal: The seal of the University of Durham, a round red wax seal, papered, on a tag. The seal is damaged.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.6   15 March 1889
Certificate stating that the grant of the degree of Bachelor of Medicine of the University of Durham to Louis Robinson in 1887 had been registered in the Medical Register as an additional medical qualification for Robinson.
Signed by W[illiam] J[ohn] C[larke] Miller, registrar and H. E. Allen, chief clerk.
Seal: The seal of the Medical Council, a round red coated-paper applied seal.
Certificate number 11636.
Paper   1f.
SGD.7   2[8] April 1891
Certificate granted by the Warden, Masters and Scholars of the University of Durham, stating that Louis Robinson had been admitted to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
Signed by W[alter] K[ercheval] Hilton, registrar.
Seal: The seal of the University of Durham, a round red coated-paper applied seal.
Parchment,   1f.
SGD.8   8 May 1891
Certificate stating that the grant of the degree of Doctor of Medicine of the University of Durham to Louis Robinson in 1891 had been registered in the Medical Register as an additional medical qualification for Robinson.
Signed by W[illiam] J[ohn] C[larke] Miller, registrar and H. E. Allen chief clerk.
Seal: The seal fo the Medical Council, a round red coated-paper applied seal.
Certificate number: 12761.
Paper   1f.
SGD.37   Abstract made 1868
Printed abstract of the will, made 11 September 1861, and codicil, made 9 August 1866, of John Pease of east Mount in the parish of Darlington, County Durham.
The will was proved at Durham 17 August 1868.
SGD.38   [c. 1897-1911]
MS. and printed profit and loss accounts, income tax returns etc. of County Durham companies (e.g. collieries), businesses and institutions (e.g. Durham, St. Oswald burial board and Durham Poor Law Union).
SGD.39   20 April 1833
Contemporary reprint from the Figaro of 20 April 1833 of a lampoon, “Political Murder”, concerning the trial and execution of Charles Grey, Henry Brougham and [John Charles Spencer, viscount] Althorp by Daniel O'Connell, executioner, for murdering reform.
Papers of H.C. Ferens, Durham diocesan registrar and legal secretary to the bishop of Durham (d. 1975)
Reference: SGD.40 See separate handlist
Papers concerning the Reverend Joseph Stevenson, 1806-1895
Reference: SGD.41 For whom, see DNB

SGD.41/1   23 April 1937
Letter from “Uncle [Alec]” to Elsie … concerning “Uncle Joseph” [the Revd. Joseph Stevenson].
Address: 7 Ravensdowne, Berwick-upon-Tweed.
SGD.41/2   N.d. [1937]
Enclosed with letter above.
MS. biographical notes concerning the Revd. Joseph Stevenson.
SGD.42   [Mainly 19th century]
Envelope containing negative copies of various documents, mainly 19th century in date, from the Durham, St. Mary-le-Bow parish records.
[A mirror is needed to read these copies]
Map of the county palatine of Durham
Reference: SGD.43
Dates of creation: 1840
[Published] by William Colling Hobson and engraved by J. and C. Walker.
[2nd edition]
Size: approximately 2ft. x 3ft. 6in.
Paper, backed with cloth.
The map has been repaired. Some sections of the edge are missing.

SGD.44   1873
Plan showing building sites for sale along a proposed new street to be called The Avenue, situated on land between Crossgate Head and Neville's Cross, Durham City, belonging to Messrs. Chapman and Forster.
Scale: 1½in. to 100ft.
Size: 3ft. 5in. x 2ft. 3in.
Paper, backed with cloth.
The plan has been repaired and is in good condition.
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records collection as DCF 2/8 and 4/3, 26 February 2014.
SGD.46    N.d. [20th cent.]
Mounted photograph of the interior of the church of Haswell, St. Paul, County Durham.
[The photograph was described by the depositor as being “quite old” in April 1976]
SGD.47   April 1976
Typescript copy of a letter of 30 April 1856, from Ralph Ward Jackson to the editor of the Stockton and Hartlepool Mercury concerning disputes over the foundation of the church of West Hartlepool, Christ Church.
SGD.48   31 January 1888
Printed order by the Board of Charity Commissioners relating to the church estate in the parish of Durham, St. Margaret and the extension of the churchyard.
Ancient courts
Reference: SGD.49
SGD.49/1   1976
Correspondence, press cuttings and miscellaneous papers concerning ancient courts, which were collected in 1976 by Dr. C.W. Gibby.
The papers include a copy of the Law Commission report (Law Com. no. 72) on the Jurisdiction of Certain Ancient Courts (Command Papers no. 6385, H.M.S.O. 1976).
SGD.49/2   1976-1977
Similar material collected by Dr. Gibby in 1976 and 1977.
SGD.50    n.d. [Cards purchased 1976]
Two postcards of the church of Crayke, St. Cuthbert, Yorkshire, one showing the exterior and the other the interior of the church.
Ferens papers (part II)
Reference: SGD.51 See separate handlist
Nine deeds relating to Escomb, Crook and Billy Row, and White Lee in Brancepeth parish, all in County Durham
Reference: SGD.52
Dates of creation: 1688-1878 Accession details List of documents received in spring 1977 from Mrs. E. Appleton through Dr. J. D. Thomas for examination and possible deposit in the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic, University of Durham. These documents were later deposited in the Department by Mrs. Appleton (cf. her letter dated 27 November 1977).

SGD.52/1   21 April 1688
(1) John Rickarbey of Bishop Auckland, cordwainer.
(2) John and Michael Brown of [Escomb] Woodside, weavers.
Bargain and sale for £17. 5s. 0d. by (1) to (2) of all the tithes due from a messuage, garth, garden, Woodside close, the Ryland, the Lowfield and one beastgate in the town pasture [Escomb Carr] all in Escomb township, property being in the tenure of (2), the tithes of which once belonged to Alice Thompson, mother of (1).
Alice had bought the tithes of two closes at Escomb, the Westfield and Woodside from Bryan Atkinson, Thomas Todd, George Moore and Bryan Pearson and their heirs and assigns, all of Escomb on 2 February 1665. These four had bought the tithes of all land in the township of Escomb not held by Robert Shafto of Newcastle, from Anthony Byerley of Midridge Grange and Cuthbert Carr of Auckland St. Helens. Shafto had bought on 8 October 1663, from Byerley and Carr, the tithes of all the land he held in Escomb township, all or most of which was described as “all and every the Fine Lands or Farms and an half Lande or Farme in Escombe”. There are the usual provisions for safeguarding the title, particularly against the claims of John Rickarbey's father, Thomas.
Mark of John Rickarbey.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.52/1a   21 April 1688
Rickarbey's receipt for the £17. 5s. 0d.
Signatures of six witnesses.
SGD.52/2   17 October 1704
(1) Michael Brown of Woodside, weaver.
(2) Margaret Brown of Woodside, widow.
(3) Peter Brown of Cockerton, weaver.
Bargain and sale for 5/- by (1) to (2) and (3) of all the tithes on a messuage and on half the appurtenances at Woodside, in possession of Margaret Brown widow and formerly of her late husband John.
The property comprised the messuage, a garden, orchard, oxhouse, barn, stable, Woodside close, the Rylands, Lowfield and pasture for one cow in Escomb town pasture.
Margaret is to enjoy the tithes of the moiety in her life and Peter Brown is to have them on her death.
Seal and signature of Michael Brown.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.52/3   1 May 1744
Two surrenders from Isabel Lodge, widow to Peter Brown, for certain uses.
(a) One house, one oxhouse, one barn, and the north stable, half of the Helme with the calf house, half the garden and orchard, late in possession of Margaret Brown, widow, plus half of Woodside close and half the pasturage for one cow in [Escomb] town pasture.
(b) One house called the Newhouse with shop adjoining, the stable on the south, half the Helme, half the Woodside close and pasturage for one cow in [Escomb] township.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.52/4   21 March 1772
Two admittances from the Halmote Court Roll [of the Bishop of Durham].
(a) Peter Brown of Escomb Woodside, yeoman, great nephew and heir of John Brown formerly of Escomb deceased and also nephew and heir of John Brown late of Witton le Wear, schoolmaster, who was son and heir of the said John Brown, came before Henry Wilkinson, Deputy Steward and took of the Lord [Bishop of Durham] about two acres of enclosed land at Escomb, which John the great uncle had in his lifetime. The neighbours are given.
(b) William Brown of Escomb Woodside, yeoman, brother and heir of John son of Anthony Brown, came before Wilkinson and took one close of exchequer land in Escomb with the recently erected buildings on it and one coal house and garden which John the brother had in his lifetime.
Parchment   1f.
SGD.52/5   30 June 1857
(1) Joseph Pease of Darlington esquire.
(2) Henry William Ferdinand Bolckow and John Vaughan, both of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, ironfounders.
Surrender of a lease.
On 24 September 1846 Pease leased for 31 years for £90 p.a. from John Oliver Surtees, a strip of land in the township of Crook and Billy Row with permission to continue building a railway and necessary buildings and sidings on it for mineral or passenger traffic and to extend it to the Auckland and Weardale Extension Railway with necessary junction lines and space to store coal to be carried. Since 1846 the reversion in fee of the land under the railway had been conveyed to Bolckow and Vaughan. Pease transfers his remaining rights to Bolckow and Vaughan to merge with their freehold on condition they made him another lease at a reduced rent.
Signature of Joseph Pease.
Paper   2ff.
Copy of SGD.52/5.
Paper   5ff.
SGD.52/7   2 July 1857
(1) H. W. F. Bolckow and John Vaughan of Middlesbrough.
(2) Joseph Pease of Darlington.
Counterpart lease for 30 years at £45 p.a. from (1) to (2) of a strip of land in the township of Crook and Billy Row [in White Lee Estate] with permission to continue building a railway and necessary buildings etc. and to expand it to the Wear Valley Railway formerly called the Weardale Extension Railway [as in 1846] Bolckow and Vaughan reserve the right to tunnel under the bridge over this railway. Pease is to renew, maintain and fence the railway. The conditions of use etc. are given with procedure in case of disagreements.
Plan in margin.
Signature of Joseph Pease.
Parchment   3ff.
SGD.52/8   8 July 1878
An award made by William Armstrong of Pelaw House concerning wayleave at White Lee, after a difference between Mr. Douglas representing Messrs. Pease and Co. and Mr. Robert Robinson representing Bolckow and Vaughan and Co.
Signature of William Armstrong.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.52/9   29 August 1878
Memorandum of terms for an agreement between Messrs. Bolckow and Vaughan and Pease and partners, concerning a cart road near White Lee [Brancepeth parish].
Signature of Thomas Douglas.
Paper    2ff. plus plan affixed.
SGD.53   1793
Printed pamphlet Authentic Copy of a Petition praying for a Reform in Parliament, presented to the House of Commons by Charles Grey, Esq.
Leybourne deeds
Reference: SGD.54
Dates of creation: 13th - 19th century See separate catalogue
Carpenters' papers I
Reference: SGD.55
Dates of creation: 19th-20th century
Miscellaneous papers from the office of Carpenters, solicitors, at 3 North Bailey, Durham City. This office had earlier been occupied by the firm of Marshalls, solicitors.
[cf. S.G.D. 61 ]

SGD.56   1930
Nine printed items.
Accession details Presented by Dr. J. Fewster, October 1979.
SGD.1   May 9, 1930
The Architect & Building News
Contents as listed
The Architect Portfolio - No. LXXI: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: A Pair of Gates and a Balconette.
Fifty Years Ago
The News of the Week
Charing Cross Bridge: Lambeth Borough Council Counter-proposals (Illustrated)
The Royal Academy (Illustrated Review)
Leading Article: Charing Cross Scheme and After
Creating Spaciousness: Messrs. Jaeger's Oxford Street Showrooms (Illustrated)
Changing Types: Developments of the Parisian Shop-front. By Howard Robertson and F.R. Yerbury
Charing Cross Bridge: Proceedings in Commons Committee
Essays in Little. No. III - The Confidence
Building News in Parliament
Lectures on Contract, by W.E. Watson. Lecture No. VI, Part II - Legal Maxims
Building News
Current Market Prices
Current Measured Rates
and advertisements.

SGD.56/2   May 17, 1930
Country Life
Contents as listed:-
Our frontespiece - Lady Anne Wellesley
Estates and Taxation
Country Notes (missing)
The Bee (missing)
The Promise to Love (missing)
Mediaeval Craftsmanship in Wood
In a flat (poetry)
The Invaders (golf)
At the Theatre
Trees in Bloom
The Races for the "Guineas"
The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford I
Members of a Great Family (terriers)
More Obiter Dicta and reviews (missing)
Stocking the River
Calvin House, Newmarket
The Royal Exchange Assurance
The Estate Market
Lady Fitzgerald's Collection of Furniture [Louis XV and XVII]
Sporting pictures and prints
A Satinwood Secretaire
Velvet in the Furnishing Scheme
The Fires of 1929
The Automobile World (Rover Meteor etc.; India tyre works at Inchannan)
The Traveller (Harrogate, Yks. dales, Bayreuth)
Partidges or Pheasants
The Modern Freesia
Wrought Ironwork for Gardens
The Ladies' Field (fashion)

SGD.56/3   May 24, 1930
Country Life
Contents as listed:-
Frontispiece (yachting)
The Government and Agriculture
Country Notes
The Dead Shepherd (poetry)
Return (poetry)
Rhododendrons at Howth Castle
Off the Beaten Track (wild pigs in Udaipur, India)
American Triumph
The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the Sheldonian Theatre II
Show Jumping 1930
At the Theatre, "The Ugly Duchess"
English Mediaeval Embroidery (Ecclesiastical vestments)
The Ladies' Kennel Show 1930
The Chester Cup and Jubilee Handicap
The Estate Market
The Scott Letter - books and other reviews (Sir Walter Scott)
Country House Cinematography
Modern Domestic Architecture (dairy)
An Epstein Exhibition
The Automobile World
The Traveller (North Wales etc.)
A Shot-gun compensator
Impressions of Chelsea
Tulips in the London Parks
The Ladies' Field (fashion)
The Judicious Epicure (cookery)

SGD.56/4    August 2, 1930
Country Life
Contents as listed:-
Frontespiece - Lady Brigid Guiness
The Improvement of Grassland
Country Notes
The Sailing Ship (poetry)
Asleep on a Bench (poetry)
Antarctic life seen on the Mawson expedition
Sir Gomer Berry's shorthorns
West Country Otter-hunting
Cowes Week 1930, The Solent Scheme
Nine months of steel (golf)
Riding along the Sussex Downs
Modern Sculpture - other reviews
At the Theatre (Lyceum)
Three Days at Liverpool (horse-racing)
The Estate Market
The Public House Improved (architecture)
A Pair of Peir Tables (antique furniture)
The Automobile World (touring etc.)
The Traveller (Riviera etc.)
Grouse Prospects
Insect Pests of Garden Plants
The Ladies' Field (fashion)
The Judicious Epicure (cookery)

SGD.56/5   August 16, 1930
Country Life Contents as listed:-
Frontespiece - T.R.H. The Duchess of York and Princess Elizabeth
The Agricultural Returns
Country notes
The Withy Tree (poetry)
Summer (poetry)
Plant Hunting on the Edge of the World (Himalayas)
The Ptarmigan
Two Elizabethan Ollendorfs - other reviews (French phrase books etc)
High Mettled Racer (horse-racing)
Country Home: Erthig I (Wales)
Right and Wrong Swingers (golf)
At the Theatre: Some Holiday Musings
Another Stag-hunting Season
The State of the Bloodstock Market today
The Dublin Horse Show
The Estate Market
A Mahogany Clothes Press at the V. & A. Museum
Motoring and Aviation (the Silver Crossley etc)
The Traveller (East Africa etc)
August Shooting
The Garden (annuals, sweet peas)
The Ladies' Field (fashion)
The Judicious Epicure (cookery)

SGD.56/6   October 4, 1930
Country Life Contents as listed:-
Frontespiece - Domini Margaret, daughter of Viscountess Hailsham
Walking up Pheasants
Country notes
The Grace for Strength (poetry)
My Garden (poetry)
The Garden in Autumn
A Great Kennel of Gundogs
At the Theatre, Mr. Coward's newest play (Private Lives)
Country Home: Woodfalls, Melchet Park
Winged Seeds (poetry)
Burmese Wood carving (monasteries of Mandalay)
The News of the World Tournament (golf)
“But 'Twas a Famous Victory,” - other reviews (Blenheim)
Racing at York and Newbury
The Estate Market
A Bureau on a Stand
The Automobile World (Sunbeams etc.)
The Traveller (Egypt in Winter etc)
The Early Birds (shooting)
Cartridge Questions
The Garden (shrubs)
The Handsome Lilium Regale
The Ladies' Field (fashion)

SGD.56/7   April 5, 1930
The Graphic Two folia are missing from the beginning and the end.
The main items; Heaven on the stage; Ghandi on the march; Ourselves and the Jews; Around the news; early motoring and flying; The Drug menace in China; The Third Degree; Grog Barrel Joe, a naval legend; Sea Shapes, of ships; Mercury and the Motor-car; The wheels of Spring; a Louis Golding story; Americana, The London Stage; adventuring with a first car; recent books; Burmese figurines in the British Museum; Antonio Moro's portrait of a nobleman; England's great air-port at Croydon; private flying; advertisements.
SGD.56/8   August 16, 1930
The Illustrated London News The main items:- Glamis Castle, Scotland; raids on the Indian frontier near Peshawar; the German Flying-boat, D.O.X.; photographs of recent events including demolition in London City and West End; folk tales of the Gold Coast; boxing in Siam; the Kalahari Desert wildlife; Roman excavations near Ostia; the raising of the cruiser Hindenburg ; books including one on the Bonaparte house in Corsica; Persian art exhibition; South African architecture; Meteors and meteoric dust; the cinema, Civil War in China; the flight of bats; a Canadian "stampede"; a contrast between England 1893-1910 and 1930; photographs of new inventions; Battersea enamels; multi cylinder motor-cars; chess; marine caravanning; advertisements.
SGD.56/9   August 23, 1930
The Illustrated London News
Outer cover only - 2 folia.
SGD.57   20th century [before late 1960s]
Two photographs of the interior of the church of Durham, St. Mary-le-Bow, taken before the removal of the pews from the church [in the late 1960s].
Photographer: Dr. C.W. Gibby.
SGD.58   [c. late 1966]
Two photographs of the exterior of the Pace extension to Durham University Library, showing the unauthorized extra storey on the North Tower of the extension which later had to be removed.
Photographer: Dr. C.W. Gibby.
SGD.59   December 1940
Printed pamphlet After the Raid, containing advice issued by the Ministry of Home Security.
Correspondence and papers of Dr. C.W. Gibby concerning the charter of the Durham goldsmiths' company.
Reference: SGD.60
Dates of creation: 1929-1980
SGD.60/1   31 January 1980
Dr Gibby's conditions of deposit and own comments.
SGD.60/2   30 October 1929
Copy letter from C. Newby to Parker Brewis.
SGD.60/3   2 November 1929
Letter from Parker Brewis to Christopher Dixon Newby.
SGD.60/4   19 July 1960
Letter from B[ertram] Colgrave to [Dr C.W.] Gibby, probably enclosing 2 and 3 above.
SGD.60/5   31 January 1962
Copy letter from Dr C.W. Gibby to Dr Hunter Blair.
SGD.60/6   1 February 1962
Letter from Dr Hunter Blair to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/7   9 February 1962
Letter from J[ohn] Philipson (editor of Archaeologia Aeliana) to Dr C.W. Gibby.
SGD.60/8   12 February 1962
Letter from Hugh A. Taylor, Librarian of the Society of Antiquaries to Dr C.W. Gibby.
SGD.60/9   26 February 1962
Letter of J.E. Fagg Reader in Palaeography and Diplomatic, University of Durham, to Dr C.W. Gibby.
SGD.60/10   1 July 1962
Copy letter from Dr Gibby to [J.W.] Steedman, (Bookseller, Newcastle-upon-Tyne).
SGD.60/11   1 July 1962
Copy letter from Dr Gibby to the British Museum.
SGD.60/12   3 July 1962
Letter from J.W. Steedman to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/13   5 July 1962
Letter from Paul D.A. Harvey, Assistant Keeper in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum.
SGD.60/14   7 July 1962
Letter from W.W. Gibson, Solicitor, Grey St, Newcastle to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/15   18 July 1962
Letter from Sotheby & Co (Auctioneers) New Bond St, London to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/16   25 July 1962
Letter from P.R.T. Wright, Librarian of the Society of Antiquaries of London to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/17   29 July 1962
Letter from F.J.E. Raby, Jesus College, Cambridge to Dr Gibby.
SGD.60/18   [c. 1943]
A page of notes in C.W. Gibby's hand about the whereabouts of certain records of Durham Companies.
Carpenters' papers II
Reference: SGD.61
Dates of creation: 1857-1899
Contents They relate mainly to routine lawyer's business, the administration of property and the estates of deceased clients and include Frederick Marshall's certificate of enrollment as a solicitor of the Supreme Court in 1891. The outside dates of the papers are 1857-1899 but most are of 1890.
[cf. S.G.D. 55 ].
Accession details These papers were deposited with the Department of Palaeography by Mr. Willis, University Clerk of Works in April 1980. They were found among rubbish left in 3 North Bailey, when the solicitors, Carpenters, earlier Marshalls, had moved away.
Items 28 - 30 were deposited from the same source in November 1980.

SGD.61/1   6 February 1899
Telegram from Edward Fryer at West Hartlepool, to Marshall concerning Dodgson.
SGD.61/2   6 October 1891
Letter from John Haddick of Pittington to Marshall concerning the deeds of his father's house.
SGD.61/3   17 December 1891
Printed form the Weardale & Shildon District Waterworks Co. to Marshall concerning transfer certificates.
SGD.61/4   8 February 1899
Telegram from Rochester in Sunderland to Marshall concerning Laidler & Rochester & Co.
SGD.61/5   4 June 1890
Letter from Smiths & Gore, land agents, London to Messrs Donald & Richie about a farm in Newbottle leased to Sir W. Maxwell.
SGD.61/6   4 February 1890
Letter from John Rogerson & Co. Ltd. (Wolsingham steelworks) to F. Marshall about Mr. Martindale's land by the Wear.
SGD.61/7   July 1891
Printed form from C. Rowlandson of the College Durham to H. Greenwell's executors about the Elvet Tithe rent charge due from Captain Apperley and Mrs Palmer.
SGD.61/8   1 February 1899
Letter from J. C. Rollin, chemist, Durham to F. Marshall about his rents.
SGD.61/9   29 January 1890
Letter from James Todd, City Brewery, New Elvet, Durham to F. Marshall about the “Londonderry Arms”, Sherburn Hill & Matthew Crosby.
SGD.61/10   7 and 15 October 1891
Two letters from J. Sewell of Browney to F. Marshall about rents of Mrs Leybourne's estate.
SGD.61/11   27 January 1890
Printed form from the Great Western Railway to F. Marshall about Thos. Sheldon's will.
SGD.61/12   29 January 1890
Letter from the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway to F. Marshall about Thos. Sheldon's will.
SGD.61/13   29 January 1890
Printed form from the Great Western Railway to F. Marshall about Thos. Sheldon's will.
SGD.61/14   31 January 1890
Printed form from Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway to F. Marshall about Thos. Sheldon's will.
SGD.61/15   3 June 1890
Printed form from W.W. Kerslake of the Legacy & Succession Duty Office to F. Marshall about M. Donnahey, deceased.
SGD.61/16   4 June 1890
Printed form from W.W. Kerslake of the Legacy & Succession Duty Office to Mr James Donnahey administrator of John Donnahey deceased.
SGD.61/17   25 January 1890
Letter from W.W. Kerslake of the Legacy & Succession Duty Office to F. Marshall about the wills of Thomas & John Chapman.
SGD.61/18   4 June 1890
Printed form from the same to the same about Mary. A. Hobkirk deceased.
SGD.61/19   13 February 1899
Printed form from the Savings Bank Department to F. Marshall about Joseph Dawson deceased.
SGD.61/20   5 February 1890
Printed bill from Waterlow Bros. & Layton Ltd. to F. Marshall for Ernshaw's business.
SGD.61/21   17 July 1891
Printed form from the London and North Western Railway to F. Marshall about W. Robson, deceased.
SGD.61/22   28 October 1885
Copy receipt for payment from the North Brancepeth Coal Co. Ltd. to John Reynolds for house damage [?subsidence].
SGD.61/23   3 July 1857
Receipt for payment from A. Woodifield to Alexander Scott, boot & shoe maker, Edinburgh.
SGD.61/24    n.d.
Balance of ?Mr Fletcher's account with the Onward Building Society, Darlington.
SGD.61/25   22 January 1890
Letter from Henry de Jersey to F. Marshall, about his company's funds for investment in the property buiness.
SGD.61/26   7 [Feb]ruary 1890
Press cutting from the Newc[astle] … about a legal case concerning the position of shareholders in insolvent building societies.
SGD.61/27   16 November 1891
Certificate of the Registrar of the Law Society of the United Kingdom that Frederick Marshall of Durham is duly enrolled as a solicitor of the Supreme Court.
SGD.61/28   [1867]
Probate copy of the will of Jonathan Willis of Durham City, yeoman, dated 21 November 1836, with letters of administration, dated 6 April 1867, granted to Elizabeth Willis, spinster, his daughter attached.
SGD.61/29    n.d.
Case for the opinion of Mr Meynell, concerning the estate of the late Jonathan Willis of Durham City.
Watermark 1866.
SGD.61/30   20 April 1867
Residuary Account - Inland Revenue, form of account of the personal estate of Mary Willis late of Gilesgate, Durham City, widow, deceased, signed by Elizabeth Willis.
SGD.61/62    [c. 1960s]
Black and white photograph of a portrait of Dr. Richard Trevor, bishop of Durham, now at Glynde Place near Lewes, Sussex.
SGD.61/63    Phototstats made December 1979
Negative and enlarged positive photostats of a photograph of an [early eighteenth-century] wooden panel depicting Durham Castle.
The panel was found behind the plaster above a door in Rectory, Hatfield College, Durham [in the late 1950s].
Folder containing:
SGD.64/1   [c. 1964]
Duplicated typescript minutes and papers of the “Come to Durham committee” civic pride sub-committee, including a plan of roads in Durham city centre.
SGD.64/2   1966
Duplicated typescript minutes and papers concerning the Durham City environmental study, including a copy of an undated Ordnance Survey plan indicating the area covered by the survey.
SGD.64/3   1966-1969
Printed and duplicated typescript bulletins and circulars concerning the City of Durham Preservation Society, later known as the City of Durham Trust.
SGD.64/4   September 1967
Duplicated typescript proposals by Francis F. Johnson, architect, of Bridlington, Yorkshire, for repairs and amendments to be carried out in order to convert the church of Durham, St. Mary-le-Bow into a chapel for St. Chad's College, Durham.
Deeds of 24 North Bailey, Durham City.
Reference: SGD.65
Dates of creation: 1697-1806
Extent: About 22 items.
These had been retained by Mrs. Darwin (née Wharton, the only child of the man who gave Wharton Park to Durham City and built the nearby obelisk) when she sold the property to Durham University in 1943 but she later gave them to Dr. C.W. Gibby.
[See C.R. Hudleston's notes on the history of the properties on this site].

SGD.66    Copy 1980
Copy of a photostat copy of a lease of premises in Pipewellgate, Gateshead, County Durham, made by Nicholas Andrew to Martin Brown 12 August 1778, for one year.
Miscellaneous items mainly concerning the Jackson family
Reference: SGD.67
SGD.67/1   1792
Two photocopies of the will of Philip Jackson of West Rainton, County Durham.
(Reference: P.R.O. PROB. 11/1225)
SGD.67/2   1792
Two photocopies of the will of William Elford Ilvert of Quay House, Devon.
(Reference: P.R.O. PROB. 11/1225)
SGD.67/3   1866
Photocopy of the will of James Jackson, formerly of Trungle, Cornwall but late of Newport, Devon.
(Reference: Exeter Probate Reg.)
SGD.67/4   [c. October 1980]
Notes by Mr. R. McLeod concerning James Jackson and his parents.
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records collection as DCF 2/8 and 4/3, 26 February 2014.
SGD.69    n.d.
Photocopy of a typescript list of public houses and managers in Durham City in 1899, compiled from printed Directories.
[Compiler not known].
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records collection as DCF 2/8 and 4/3-4, 26 February 2014.
Aird papers
Reference: SGD.71
Dates of creation: 1574-1862
Twelve deeds and miscellaneous items. These concern Blaydon, County Durham, Bradley Hall in Wolsingham parish, County Durham, Durham City, and Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham.
Many relate to the Bowes and Hutton families.
Accession details Deposited by Mr. George Aird of Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, May-June 1981, and therefore known as the Aird Papers
copies have been made on microfilm.

SGD.71/1   6 May 16 Elizabeth [1574]
(a) George Bowes of Streatlam, knight.
(b) Henry Kent of Durham City, gentleman.
Bargain of sale by (a) to (b) of:
A. his burgage and garth in the South Bailey, Durham City, in possession of John Oliver, containing in length from the common street on the west to the town wall on the east, 48 yards and in breadth between two Dean and Chapter messuages on the north and south (the street side or front,) 12 yards and at the town wall, [the back] 16 yards.
B. a parcel of ground near the west gate in the South Bailey in possession of John Oliver, in length 55 yards, and in breadth 25 yards, abutting on the common street on the north-west, the town wall on the south-west and upon the glebe of the Rectory of South Bailey on the north and east.
Damaged seal, no signatures.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.71/2   27 September 1659
(a) William Hodgshon of Winlaton, Co. Durham, esq.
(b) John Jackson of Winlaton, Co. Durham, gentleman.
Bargain and sale by (a) to (b) for ever, with reserved rent if demanded of:
a messuage with adjoining close, lately in possession of John Stephenson deceased and now of Elianor Gillery, widow, in the territories of Blaydon in Winlaton lordship, Co. Durham with appurtenances including mines, quarries and deeds.
Certified copy, 11 February 1670/1, of an original in the hands of Mr. William Carr.
Damaged right hand edge, signatures of George Pinckney and Robert Bulman, public notary.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.71/3   3 February 1675 [1676]
Printed receipt for Hearth Tax. Thomas Carnaby, collector received 6/- from Ralph Bowes, esq., for a half year's tax for 6 hearths in his house, Braidley Hall.
Signature of Thomas Carnaby.
Paper,   1f.
SGD.71/4   10 November 1681
(a) Robert Hutton of Houghton-le-Spring, gentleman.
(b) John Varey the younger of Newcastle upon Tyne, gentleman.
Agreement to set up a trust to provide income for Robert Hutton, his intended wife Jane Gastell, and their children and relations, from Hutton's copyhold lands in Houghton-le-Spring.
Seals and signatures of (a) and (b) and signatures of witnesses, James Mickleton, John Hindmarch, Thomas Shadfoorth, William Paxton and Ralph Gowland.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.71/5   1686/7
Inventory of Mr. Robert Hutton of Houghton-le-Spring deceased.
Paper book   22ff (15ff. blank).
SGD.71/6   15 August 1712
Commission from Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, Lord Lieutenant of the County to Ralph Hutton, Esq., as Cornett of Horse.
Label attached.
Signature of Crewe.
Stamped parchment   1m, card label, 1 piece.
SGD.71/7   12 July 1723
(a) Margaret Bowes of Bradely Hall, Co. Durham, spinster, one of the daughters of George Bowes, esq.
(b) Thomas Bowes of Bradely Hall, esq., (Margaret's brother).
Quitclaim concerning the income of (a).
Seal and signature of Margaret Bowes and signature of Francis Raine, witness.
Stamped paper   2ff.
SGD.71/8   27 November 3 George II [1729]
Language:  Latin and English
Copy of Court Roll - [Bishop of Durham's] Halmote Court for Houghton-le-Spring Manor, surrender by which John Watson, senior, of Hetton, took a cottage and garden in Houghton (quitclaimed by Anthony Carr) in trust.
Signature of John Mowbray, Clerk of the Halmote.
Stamped parchment   1m.
SGD.71/9   10 March 1729/30
Copy (contemporary) of the will of Elizabeth Bowes of Wolsingham, Co. Durham.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.71/10   n.d. [18th century]
Coat of arms marked "Shadford" a hand grasping a chain surmounted by a crowned black eagle.
Paper, printed and hand coloured,   1f.
SGD.71/11   17 June 1825
Copy of Court Roll - [Bishop of Durham's] Halmote Court for Houghton-le-Spring Manor, surrender by which George Livingstone of Houghton, inn keeper, took land at Houghton, part of the Stocks field, measuring about 100 yards from east to west, neighbours stated, (quitclaimed by Rev. John Hutton and William Rawes,) in trust.
Signature of John Griffith, Deputy Clerk of the Halmote.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.71/12   14 April 1862
(a) John Anderson of Houghton-le-Spring, gentleman.
(b) John Hutton Hill Hutton of the Isle of Wight.
Articles of agreement concerning the sale by (a) to (b) of the mansion house Houghton Hall, being copyhold property.
Signatures of J.H. Hutton and Hutton Hutton, a witness.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.72   13 December 1805
Faculty granted by Shute [Barrington], bishop of Durham, to the church wardens of Pittington, County Durham, authorizing them to put a new roof on the church and cover it with Westmorland slates, and to re-pew the church and allot the pews.
Seal of consistory court of Durham.
SGD.73   [17th century - c. 1726]
Precedent book relating to Durham courts.
SGD.74/1   1639-1640
Annual account [complete] of Richard Dyott, knight, chancellor and receiver-general of the bishop of Durham.
[cf. S.G.D. 27/2 ]
Parchment   4mm.
SGD.74/2   16 March 26 Elizabeth [1583/4]
Copies, certified as correct by the President and other members of the Council in the North 16 March 26 Elizabeth [1583/4], of interrogatories and depositions produced on behalf of the defendants in the case held at York of William, Lord Eurye or Ewrye [Eure] against Christopher Athie, gentleman, Thomas Cragges, John Hopper, Richard Brisckoe or Brisco and others, 21 February 25 Elizabeth [1582/3].
Seal missing.
Parchment roll,   11mm.
Five packets of Davison family deeds relating to properties in County Durham and Kent
Reference: SGD.75
SGD.75/1   17 May 1614 - 15 June 1798
Packet labelled “Davison's copyholds (Tempest purchase)” and containing 41 deeds etc. relating to copyhold tenements at Carlton in Stockton manor, County Durham.
SGD.75/2   4 May 1663 - 24 June 1814
Packet containing: one lease of a messuage with its appurtenances in Bishopton, County Durham for a term of 1,000 years, 4 May 1663 ; and five deeds relating to Carlton, 20 May 1802-24 June 1814 and labelled “Davison's copyholds. (Purchases from Logan and Oliver's mortgagee.) Included in admittance of 23rd February 1883 ”.
SGD.75/3   3 January 1772 - September 1881
Packet containing 42 deeds etc. relating to copyhold tenements at Carlton purchased from William Agar and others and from Thomas Hixon and Sarah Lomas.
Included in this packet are:
“A plan of Messrs. Harrison's and Mowbray's lan[ds] at Carlton 1807 ”, surveyed by W. Tate, 25 April 1807 ;
a schedule accompanying the above plan, signed by Robert Coates, tenant, n.d. [ 1807 ];
a copy extract from the above plan, n.d. [1865].
SGD.75/4   20 and 22 February 1883
“Carlton. Copy declarations as to identity and possession of lands belonging to the trustees of J.R. Davison, dece[ase]d”, with annexed plan and schedule of these lands.
SGD.75/5   22 February 1860 - 17 June 1867
Packet containing two deeds relating to the Under-river estate in the parishes of Seal, Wrotham, Shipbourne and Tunbridge, all in Kent.
SGD.76   19th century
Formulary book of clerks to the Durham diocesan registrars and clerks to [consistory court] proctors, with details of the appointments and careers of clerks.
Had belonged to a former clerk within the Durham probate registry
Digitised material for Formulary book of clerks to the Durham diocesan registry (19th century) - SGD.76
SGD.77    Photocopy [c. 1982]
Photocopy of plan of Bishop Middleham, County Durham, drawn from recollection by John Pa[---], October 1831.
[The original of this plan is in Manchester Public Library, reference M16 5/39].
SGD.78   Easter 1982
Photograph of Dr. C.W. Gibby.
SGD.79    Abstract n.d. [?18th century]
Abstract, signed by Thomas Raymond, of a deed of settlement of 27 and 28 February 23 Charles II [1670/1], under which the manors of Seaton Delaval and Hartley, Horton, and Black Callerton, Northumberland, and a moiety of the rectory and tithes of Tynemouth, Northumberland, were conveyed to trustees for the use of Sir Ralph Delaval, Bart., and Lady Anne his wife, Robert Delaval and Lady Elizabeth his wife and Barbary Delaval, mother of Sir Ralph.
SGD.80   1912
Photograph of a picnic party held at Butterby, County Durham, in 1912 and including members of the Apperley, Fogg-Elliot, Hutchinson, Salvin, Stevens and Stobart families. [c. 1983]
With the photograph are notes in the hand of Dr. C.W. Gibby, drawn up [c. 1983] and giving details of most of the people in the photograph as they were identified by Mrs. Sadie Wilsdon (née Apperley) and Miss Isabel Rowlandson.
SGD.81   [c.1951-1953]
Photograph of the following five canons of Durham Cathedral standing in the Durham Light Infantry Memorial Garden in The College, Durham:
Alan Richardson, canon of Durham 1943-1953;
Henry Ernest William Turner, canon of Durham 1951-1973, Lightfoot professor of Divinity in the University of Durham 1951-1958 and Van Mildert professor of Divinity in the University of Durham 1950-58;
John Alexander Ramsbotham, bishop of Jarrow, archdeacon of Auckland and canon of Durham 1950-58 and subsequently bishop of Wakefield 1958-67;
Egbert de Grey Lucas, archdeacon of Durham and canon of Durham 1939-1953.
SGD.82   8 October 1982
Printed programme for the presentation of the perpetual right to process the civic sword of the city of Durham to the University of Durham in celebration of its 150th anniversary, and for the inaugural annual Anniversary Lecture given by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Durham, Professor F.G.T. Holliday.
SGD.83   1983
Copy, made in 1983, of a photograph of the bride and bridegroom with family and guests at the wedding of Bobby Shafto of Beamish, County Durham and Rosa Shafto of Whitworth, County Durham, 3 September 1911.
Included in the photograph is Henry William Watkins, archdeacon of Northumberland 1880-June 1882, archdeacon of Auckland June-November 1882, archdeacon of Durham November 1882-1922 and canon of Durham 1880-1922.
Copy, made in 1983, of a photograph of guests at the above wedding, 3 September 1911.
Notes in the hand of Dr. C.W. Gibby identifying most of the people in the above two photographs.
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records, as DCF 3/10, 26 February 2014.
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records, as DCF 6, 26 February 2014.
SGD.86   20 February 1968
Photocopy of a typescript account by Sir Anthony Highmore King entitled “Blacketts and Maynards with some notes on Hillyards and Nourses” (50 pp.), with photocopies of two accompanying pedigrees of the Maynard family.
SGD.87   Photocopy 1984
Photocopy of a letter of 7 September 17[1]4 from the Revd. John Laurence at Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire, to his brother, the Revd. Charles Laurence ([1677]-1766), concerning: the birth of the writer's fifth daughter, Eleanor; social visits paid by the writer as a result of fame achieved by his book on gardening; Bourignianism; a possible wife for Charles Laurence; and a “trial for longitude” made by “Ned” (? their brother Edward Laurence, d. 1740/2, land surveyor and author).
Endorsement in the hand of a descendant of John Laurence.
The Revd. John Laurence, [1688]-1732, was rector of Yelvertoft 1700-1721, canon of Salisbury 1720-32 and rector of Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, 1722-32. A theological and agricultural author, whose works included The clergyman's recreation, shewing the pleasure and profit of the art of gardening (1714) - see DNB, Venn, and Fordyce.
SGD.88   13-20 October 1388
Record of visitation of churches in the peculiar of Howden and Howdenshire by Robert Blacklaw, monk of Durham, commissary of Robert [Walworth], prior of Durham.
Parchment roll,   3mm.
Accession details From the archives of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral, London; on deposit from the Guildhall Library MSS. Department, London.
Three unused printed legal writs
Reference: SGD.89
SGD.89/1   185-
Writ of summons issued at Durham, ordering an appearance to be entered in the Durham court of pleas.
SGD.89/2   186-
Writ of summons issued at Westminster, ordering an appearance to be entered in an unspecified court (to be used “where the defendant resides within the jurisdiction”).
SGD.89/3    Temp. Victoria [1837-1901]
Writ issued at Westminster, ordering a witness to attend a case at the assizes.
SGD.90    Copied 1983
Photocopy of a letter of 30 June 1971 from B.[R.] Shorter at Washington, County Durham, to the Revd. Mr. Waite at Brayton near Cockermouth, Cumberland, concerning the Lawson family of Little Usworth, County Durham, and the Cockburn family.
[The original letter is in the Cumbria Record Office. Reference: D/Law/3/18]
SGD.91   8 May 1817
Certificate of discharge from bankruptcy of John Goodchild senior, confirmed 8 May 1817, with numerous signatories.
[cf. Fenwick of Hylton papers which include other documents relating to John Goodchild]
Parchment   2mm.
Relocated to Durham City Freemen's Records collection as DCF 3/12, 26 February 2014.
Accession details Two vouchers donated 26 May 1987 by Dr. J.P. Hurley of Crow Hall, Felling, Tyne and Wear, who had purchased them from a York bookseller who had herself bought them from another dealer and had no other similar items.
SGD.93/1   4 March 1796 - 6 May 1796
Voucher from Robert Welford, ironmonger, to [Shute Barrington], bishop of Durham, for £4. 3s. 7d. in respect of goods supplied and repairs carried out for work done by carpenters and masons and in the brewery and gardens [at Auckland Castle, County Durham].
Modern pencil endorsement: “MR/79/E-”.
SGD.93/2   25 November 1796 - 29 May 1797
Voucher from Thomas Walton, plumber, to [Shute Barrington], bishop of Durham, for £102. 14s. 5½d. for goods supplied and work carried out at Park Head, [Bishop Auckland, County Durham], and on various parts of [Auckland Castle], including the chapel, brew-house, “New End”, small drawing-room, scullery, store-room, lodge, garden and hot-house.
An allowance of £105 13s. 2d. for “old lead received” was made against this bill.
[cf. Auckland Castle Episcopal Records: series of Bedlingtonshire vouchers]
SGD.94   9 August 1832
Lease by the mayor and twelve aldermen of Durham City, as “governors of the charitable stock” of the city, to John Henderson, carpet manufacturer, of Back Lane, Durham City, of premises in the aforesaid Back Lane for use as a manufactory of “woollen linen and cotton” for a term of fourteen years from 13 May 1832 and at a rent of £35 p.a.
Parchment   2mm.
SGD.95   16 April 1954
Letter from Arthur Ransome at 40 Hurlington Court, London S.W.6 to [Sir James Fitzjames] Duff, [warden of the Durham Colleges of Durham University], concerning Gil Buhet's The Honey Siege and the writer's health.
[cf. Duff Papers]
SGD.96   1939 and 1941
Two mounted group photographs of members of University College, Durham.
[cf. similar photographs of different dates in 1982 deposit of University College, Durham Records]
Clerical bonds
Reference: SGD.97
Dates of creation: 1578-1586
Three institution indemnity bonds, 11 April 1578-13 July 1578.
Two bonds from clergy agreeing not to serve outside the diocese of Durham without a licence from the bishop of Durham, 8 October [?1578] and 14 October [?1578].
Consistory court repayment bond, 27 July 1583.
Two marriage bonds, 6 August 1583 and 14 October 1586.
Administration bond, 31 August 1583.

Three admittances relating to property in Chester-le-Street, County Durham
Reference: SGD.98
SGD.98/1   16 May 9 Anne [1710]
Admittance of William Brown to the south part of a messuage, and a byre to the north, surrendered by Thomas Shaklak.
SGD.98/2   9 May 7 George I [1721]
Admittance of Gideon Greeve to the above property, surrendered by William Brown.
SGD.98/3   2 May 10 George I [1724]
Admittance of Peter Smithwhite and Anne his wife to the above property, surrendered by Gideon Greeve and now described as a house and garden occupied by Anthony Blakeston, bordering on Chester Town street to the east, a street called the Bullion Loaning to the west, property of John Clark to the north, and property of Sarah Gibson to the south.
Two plans of St. Kilda or Hirta and adjacent islands and stacks, Inverness-shire, Scotland
Reference: SGD.99
SGD.99/1   1928
Ordnance Survey plan, surveyed by John Nathieson and A.M. Cockburn and showing contours.
Copyright 1963.
scale: 1:10560
Mounted die-line copy of a similar plan to the above, surveyed at same scale but not showing contours.
SGD.100   1989
Five colour photographs of the exterior and interior of the shop premises in Saddler Street, Durham City recently vacated by the firm of William Gray & Son, gown and robe-makers to Durham University.
Photographer: Mrs. J.L. Drury of Durham University.
Embleton, St. Mary Chapel, County Durham
Reference: SGD.101
Dates of creation: February 1990
Nine colour photographs and an accompanying note relating to Embleton, St. Mary chapel, County Durham, which was built in 1860 on the site of a mediaeval church and where services ceased to be held in the 1960s, and to the chapelyard and glebe, and copy of invitation.
Accession details Photographer: Mr. Harold Boland, formerly a farmer in Embleton but by 1990 living in Sedgefield, County Durham.
[cf. folder of copies of documents and notes relating to Embleton obtained from Mr. Harold Boland and kept in Departmental Library pamphlets box IA].

Photograph of the west and south fronts of the chapel.
Photograph of the west and south fronts of the chapel.
Photograph of the east front of the chapel.
Photograph of the old access-road which ran alongside a ruined coal-house to the chapelyard gate and to the south entrance of the chapel and which was fenced off by a local farmer c. 1988.
Photograph of the old access-road to the chapel and the ruined coal-house. (2 copies).
Photograph of the new access-road to the chapel and the ruined coal-house.
SGD.101/7   20 February 1990
Note signed by Harold Boland and concerning the route of the old access-road to the chapel [see items 4-6 above].
Photograph of the tombstone of George Boland, an ancestor of the photographer, in the chapelyard.
Photograph of the chapelyard looking towards the entrance gate.
Photograph of the old pear-tree on Embleton glebe-land near to which was the site of the old school.
Photocopy of a printed invitation card to a private “pic-nic” to be held at Embleton on Saturday 24 June 1899 by permission of Mr. Ramsay.
SGD.102   Photographs taken 1990
Three black and white photographs, taken in 1990, of a seal stamp, [probably 18th century], and of the two ends of the stamp, one of which is hatched and the other of which bears an inscription reading “COURT SADBERGE NO. 65[?-]”.
The wapentake of Sadberge was in the county palatine of Durham and Sadberge but the court to which this stamp belonged has not been identified.
Two items found inside The Canon Law of the Church of England. Being the Report of the Archbishops' Commission on Canon Law ... (London 1947), which was transferred to the Departmental Library from Durham Cathedral Library in April 1990.
SGD.103/1   N.d. [1947]
Newspaper cutting containg a review article concerning the above Report.
SGD.103/2    N.d.[20th century]
Sheet of rough notes containing headings relating to ecclesiastical topics, especially episcopacy, perhaps drawn up for a lecture or paper, and also mentioning Chester-le-Street and Sunderland, County Durham. This sheet was found between pages 210 and 211 of the above Report.
Pedigree and arms of the Bordley and related families
Reference: SGD.104
SGD.104/1-2   1990
Two printed copies of a typescript and manuscript Bordley pedigree, compiled by Bryden Bordley Hyde of Gibson Island, Maryland, United States of America, 1990 and tracing his Bordley ancestry in England back to King Edward I.
The pedigree is illustrated in black and white chiefly with coats of arms of families featured in it.
SGD.104/3   1990
Colour xerox copy of the section of the above pedigree containing the coats of arms, which have been painted in their heraldic colours by Bryden Bordley Hyde.
Deeds and papers relating to Wolsingham, County Durham and in particular to the Bradley Hall estate in Wolsingham
Reference: SGD.105
SGD.105/1-26   1681-1823
26 deeds (one of them in two parts) of property in Wolsingham.
SGD.105/27    N.d. [19th-20th centuries]
Cloth-backed printed scale plan, with MS. annotations, of the Bradley Hall estate.
Scale: 6 inches to 1 mile.
SGD.105/28   24 February 1991
Copy of a letter from Miss Mary Keenleyside of Oxford describing her childhood memories of Bradley Hall farm in the 1920s and 1930s.
SGD.106   Photocopies 1991
Photocopies of copy of will of Christopher Mickleton, gent. of Durham City, made May 1669 and proved at [York, 1669].
Durham Bus station
Reference: SGD.107
Dates of creation: [c. 1974-1975]
Colour slide showing the frontage and roof of the old “OMNIBUS STATION”.
Slide of a black and white photograph of the excavations made following the demolition of the old bus station and preparatory to the building of the new bus station on the same site, revealing the remains of building buried in the foundations of North Road.
Slide of a black and white photograph of the site of the new bus station prior to the building of its frontage.
SGD.108    1970's
Bound photocopy of a 56ff. typescript transcript made by Ted (Edward) Prince, while on the staff of Bede College, Durham, of a commonplace book, “The secretes of the Reverende Maister Alexis of piemonte the fift Booke”, chiefly containing details of treatments and remedies for animal and human maladies, together with some notes relating to dyes, craft-work etc, and dating from the first half of the seventeenth century, with the odd later addition. At f.[57r] is a photocopy of a page of the original book.
Notes by Mrs J.L. Drury of Durham University on the physical makeup of the original commonplace book and people mentioned therein.
Paper   2ff.
Accession details Deposited by Mr M.R. Richardson of Gilesgate, Durham City on 21 April 1992.
SGD.109/1   June 1906 - July 1925
Foolscap hard-backed notebook, “Hatfield College Journal” [University of Durham] - a college account book with some vouchers inserted.
SGD.109/2   1924; 1938-9
Lined paper folder “Sundries re ARP”.
An account on loose papers of expenditure on air raid precautions at Durham university Science Department.
With note of appointments in 1924 of T. Aves as caretaker and A. Beecroft as lab attendant and instrument maker.
17ff. foolscap and smaller. 
Papers relating to Canon Edgar Jackson L.Th. (d. 1951)
Reference: SGD.110
Six sets of papers.
[cf. SGD 116 below].

SGD.110/1   21 December 1901
Letters of orders concerning his ordination as deacon by the Bishop of Durham.
SGD.110/2   21 December 1902
Letters of orders concerning his ordination as priest by the Bishop of Durham.
SGD.110/3   10 November 1914
Appointment as perpetual curate of Sunderland, St John, Co. Durham.
SGD.110/4   5 June 1936
Appointment as Honorary canon of Durham Cathedral.
SGD.110/5   28 January 1937
Appointment as rector of Whitburn, Co. Durham.
SGD.110/6   7 June 1949
Appointment as vicar of Frosterley, Co. Durham.
Six xerox copies from the PRO of Durh 3/202, 34-39, a Durham Chancery Court file about an Inquisition into the dues from tenants in Urpeth vill to the Bishop of Durham's forester in Chester Ward, 1364-5.
With descriptions and translations.
Accession details Gift of Beamish Museum, via Mr A. Guy.
Accession details P.R.O. negative copies, two sheets, presented by C.R. Hudleston 17 December 1964 of P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26 and 27.
SGD.Sheet 1
Inquisition post mortem held in Bedlington 28 July [1495] for Robert Lord Ogle. His heir is Ralph Ogle. Holdings at Netherton, Cambois & Choppington, North'd.
DK 44.479 and P.R.O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for William Ogle. His son Gawin is his heir. Land at Choppington.
DK 44.479. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Henry Brotherwik. His son Henry aged 60 is his heir. Land at Choppington.
DK 44.325. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Richard Spettell. His son John is his heir. Land at Bedlington & [East Sleekburn].
DK 44.499. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Robert Killerby. His son William aged 70 is his heir. Land at East Sleekburn.
DK 44.443. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/27.
SGD.Sheet 2
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Robert Davy. His son Robert is his heir. Land at East Sleekburn.
DK 44.371. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Robert Netherton. His son Robert is his heir. Land at East Sleekburn.
DK 44.476. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition post mortem for Thomas Anderson. His son John is his heir. Lands at Choppington & Cambois.
DK 44.312. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition for Henry Bewyk. He had enfeoffed John Spettell. Lands, Orchard Lands etc. at Bedlington.
DK 44.325. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7
[Same day & place]. Inquisition for John Nikson. He had enfeoffed John Spettell . [Land &] a weir at Bedlington.
DK 44. 476. P. R. O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition for John Spittell. He had encroached on the Bishop's land at Erynslee.
DK 44. 499. P. R. O. Durh 3/169/27.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition for James Batts. He had encroached on the Bishop's land at Kirkley to the amount of nine rigs.
DK 44.325. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26.
[Same day & place]. Inquisition on Ralf, Earl of Westmorland. He demised land at Cambois to Edward Hareson and William Hunter. He held other land there once of William ?Faulks and Will. Killerby.
DK 44.529. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7.
[Same day & place]. Bedlington manor. Choppington wood. Inquisition about woodcutting there.
DK 44.371. P.R.O. Durh 3/169/26-7.
SGD.113/1-2   1920's and 1930's
Photocopies of student photos etc (Armstrong College, University of Durham).
Copies of incomplete account of Seaham Iron Works of Robert Wight & Son, founded 1843.
Presented by Dr J.M. Fewster.
Documents regarding career of Canon George Beckwith (1910-1982)
Reference: SGD.115
Jackson papers
Reference: SGD.116
Documents and papers re Revd. Albert Jackson (1868-1949), Canon F.H. Jackson (1870-1960) and Canon E. Jackson (1876-1951) - for whom see also SGD 110.

Photocopy of confirmation by Dean and Chapter of Durham, 10 March 1553/4, of appointment by Cuthbert Tunstall, bishop of Durham, 27 March in the 23rd year since his translation [?1532], of Henry Duckett as bailiff of Crayke, and keeper of the castle or manor and park of Crayke.
SGD.118   1982
Two mounted printed architect's drawings, showing conversion and restoration work carried out at 5 The College, Durham by the Bernard Taylor Partnership, Manchester, January 1980 - December 1981, in order to provide accommodation for archives storage, document repair, administration and teaching for Durham University Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Elevation, annotated with details of the architect's brief, the archive, the internal and external restoration work, the names of the consultants and contractors involved in the work and a brief history of the building.
Drawing including site and floor plans indicating 1980-81 alterations, and details of the dado, skirtings, cornices and window/door architraves.
SGD.119   1 October 1782
(1) Dean and Chapter of Durham
(2) Ann Williamson, spinster, of Whickham, Co. Durham.
(3) Richard Garmon[d]sway, gent., of [Great] Burdon and Haughton-le-Skerne, Co. Durham
Licence from (1) to (2) to assign to (3) a 21 year lease, dated 28 September 1782, of a third of two tenements in Great Burdon with the appurtenances late in the occupation of Ann Wilson or her assigns and a toft at the east end of Barmpton (Barmton), Co. Durham.
Rent: £2. 15s. 4d. p.a.
Proviso: mineral rights reserved to the Dean and Chapter of Durham.
Signed by William Digby, Dean of Durham.
Seal: remains of green wax chapter seal, damaged.
Endorsed with description of property boundaries.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.120   c. 1993
Four colour photographs of two carved stone figures which support roof beams in the chapel of Hatfield College, University of Durham; built c. 1853.
Photographed by Mr W.A. Moyes, Director of the Hatfield Trust.
/1-2. Two photographs of the figure of William Van Mildert, bishop of Durham, 1826-1836
/3-4. Two photographs of the second figure, which probably depicts Charles Thorp, Archdeacon of Durham 1831-1862 and first Warden of the University of Durham, 1833-1862

Houghton-le-Spring/Fisher deposit
Reference: SGD.121
Contents Some 27 documents relating to the workings of the Bishop of Durham's Halmote Court 1548-1710 plus 9 parchment deeds relating to property in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Co. Durham 1367-1703 in English, French and Latin with seals.
The first part of this deposit, subsidiary documents relating to Durham Bishopric Halmote Court, throws light on its workings, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in aspects of the Court's activities behind the scenes, not illustrated in the contemporary court books already held here. Mr. Smith's collection was formed before 1959, as the newspaper article with them (no.26) shows. This article mentions a "sale of old Durham letters in London". The Halmote Court office in Durham in the North Bailey was closed in 1952, but it was not until 1953 that the records were removed to safekeeping to the Prior's Kitchen at Durham Cathedral (with the University Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic) since when access to them has been supervised. Many of the items in Mr Smith's collection have come out of various series of documents which were in the Halmote office and are now in the care of Archives and Special Collections (Palaeography and Diplomatic's successor). Perhaps they strayed in 1952-3. Many relate to Newbottle and Houghton, the collector's home area. (A few relate to Haughton [le-Skerne] not Houghton [le-Spring] and were perhaps acquired by mistake). Most were loose sheets but one was a numbered folio relating to Houghton in 1585, removed at some time from the still-existing Halmote Court Book.
The items which relate to business done by the Halmote Court, but not enrolled in the series of Halmote Court Books in Archives and Special Collections, are of particular academic interest. The note of a plea of trespass in Wolsingham Halmote Court in 1596 (no.3), a case between two tenants over cattle in an oat crop, shows a case could come to court and a substantial fine be imposed, without enrollment in the court book. At the same court presentments made by the jury and the fines imposed for these, were enrolled, the difference being that the cattle case was brought by a tenant, not the jury. One might have suspected that an unenrolled case might have been dismissed by the steward and not have come to court, but that is not the case on this occasion.
The bond in 1661 (no.6) by the inhabitants of Shotton to the grieve of that township to abide by their mutual agreement to control the grazing of large poultry (turkeys etc.), must have been the result of previous complaints not recorded in the court book, nor do the next following entries in the Court Books contain reference to the working of the agreement. The bond shows an aspect of the work of a grieve not illustrated in the court book. The organisation needed to meet, agree and produce this bond shows the existence of meetings of neighbours for local business on less formal occasions than the Halmote Court. Such meetings were termed burlaw or byelaw meetings in some places.
The consent attested by the neighbours in Houghton in 1668 (no.7) to a grant of waste land where the old butts stood, shows, not only that archery practice there had ceased, but also that the area of waste had certain common rights over it, upon which the neighbours would have opinions (even if not all had rights) which were being respected, in a democratic manner before the admittance was made and recorded in the court book.
The enrolling of presentments does not seem consistent. The Boldon presentments dated 15 "Jun" 167?1 are on a cropped page (no.8). They (with four more) are enrolled on 29 March 23 Chas II, 1671 (HC I 85.f.1435). The date on the presentments must therefore be read as Jan[uary] not Jun[e] as enrollment was later than the date presentments were first made. The uncertain last figure of the date, a curved 1, as 0, again suggestive of the Scottish system in the writer's mind. At this period 15 January 1671 in Scotland was the same day at 15 January 1670 in England. Since 1600 Scotland began the year on 1 January. In England the year began on 25 March till 1752. The word "intratur", let it be entered, does not appear on these presentments, yet it is written on the Bishopwearmouth presentments of 2 October 1675, not enrolled at the court held later that month nor the one the next May.
The deputation to agents in London (no.13) by the Steward of the Halmote Court shows how the court was used to doing business with non-local tenants.
The difference in dates between the presentments being made and being enrolled (e.g. no.21) is a reminder that offences enrolled could have been committed any time since the last court months before. Sometimes too, presentments are dated so soon after one court that one suspects something was said at that court about offences noticed by the neighbours or steward but not presented by the jury.
So many presentments in this deposit are not enrolled at all. There are several possible reasons. One is that the steward dismissed certain cases which therefore never came to court, but this is unlikely to apply to all cases in one list of presentments. Another is that he agreed a case merited a fine but forgave it (respited) possibly with a caution. Another reason is uncertainty on the part of the enrolling clerks and their supervisors, continuing over many years, as to whether the court books were to be reserved for matters concerning tenements only, with presentments and their fines (estreats) and inter-tenant cases, recorded separately. The alphabet books index only most of the names of tenants admitted and surrendering in the court books, not the other names. This policy of separation and enrollment in different places was employed long before on the estates of Durham Priory. Certainly there are inconsistencies to be seen in enrolling presentments in the Durham Bishopric Halmote Court Books at this time, not only between one half-yearly circuit and another, but among townships at one head court sitting. Analysis of the contents of the other series of Durham Bishopric Halmote Court Books in the Public Record Office, London, for the Tudor/Stuart period when they overlap, would be interesting (PRO Durh 3/21-283.
After the Halmote Court papers, nos. 1-27, in the first part of this deposit, the rest, nos. 28-36 are property deeds, 1367-1710 in latin, french and english with seals. Nos. 28-33 concern premises at Hasseley, Manchester, Salford, Moston, Crumshall and elsewhere in Lancashire 1367-1616. No. 34 concerns Bowes property at Nunthorpe, Great Ayton, Ryalhill, Marton, Newby, Battersby, Ingleby and Yarm in Yorkshire in 1600, while nos. 35-6 concern a site built with commercial premises in Sunderland, Co. Durham, between its quay on the Wear estuary and Sunderland High Street in 1703. The very existence of the first part of this collection is an indication of the poor quality of certain record custody in Durham until relatively recently. The market for non-parchment administrative documents is not of long standing and appreciation of them and presumably the demand for them, only local.
Accession details Deposited by the 28 February 1994 by the Reverend Peter Timothy Fisher, rector of Houghton-le-Spring since 1983. The papers had been presented to him or his predecessor by Mr. C.A. Smith of Sunderland, an antiquarian and collector.
With them was material on Kepier Grammar School and almshouse at Houghton which was transferred to Durham County Record Office on 18 March 1994 as having been amassed by previous rectors ex officio, for placement with the parish records. All or most of this material had earlier been deposited temporarily by Mr. Fisher with the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic at 5 The College and at the Prior's Kitchen in 1986-7 for the use of Ian Hall and staff of Northumbria Christian Heritage who scheduled it (71 items). A copy of this schedule is kept in the box with S.G.D. 121. John Vickerstaffe, working on education, used the papers also and Martin Snape listed those papers relating to Kepier School and almshouse. Copies of some of these papers were made then. These copies, with M. Snape's list, are kept in a box in the search room. The material not sent on to the County Record Office, which related mainly to Co. Durham, was that collected by and presented to Mr. Fisher or his predecessor by C.A. Smith of Sunderland whose name appears in this collection (items 6 and 269. Mr. Smith retired several years before 1986. He had taught at Bede School Sunderland and elsewhere. He was a classicist and a great collector of stamps and bought up job lots of papers at auctions. At Houghton Feast each autumn he used to put on a display at the church of documents from Houghton-le-Spring rector's records, which included the Kepier school items together with others from his own collection, now deposited here in Archives and Special Collections
Arrangement At present they are kept in the cellophane fronted envelopes in which they were exhibited each year at Houghton Feast. With this deposit were papers relating to Kepier Grammar School and almshouse which were transferred to Durham County Record Office. Those retained have been divided into two groups:-
Nos. 1-27 papers relating to the Halmote Court of the Bishop of Durham. 1548-1710.
Nos. 28-36 deeds relating to Lancashire, Yorkshire and Co. Durham 1367-1703.
These items were received in the uniform cellophane-fronted envelopes, possibly bought from a stamp collectors' shop in which they were placed by their collector Mr. C.A. Smith of Sunderland probably in the 1950s, before he presented them to the Rector of Houghton-le-Spring, the depositor. Also in the envelopes are sheets or slips of paper, on which the manuscripts are often mounted with adhesive, which sheets give some information, not always accurate, about each item. There are some modern pencil and other annotations on the documents. The acidity of the cellophane (viscose) cannot easily be checked. The adhesive has made marks on the documents mainly at the edges. The acidity of the backs of the envelopes and of the mounts is not ideal, as was shown by testing with an acid-sensitive pen. However, the items are not in bad condition after several decades in these envelopes. They appear very similar in condition to those parallel documents in the series already held in Archives and Special Collections among the Halmote Court Records from which these strayed. It was decided to leave these items in their envelopes for the time being as an illustration of contemporary interest in and treatment of, historical manuscripts by concerned non-archivists. There is in any case not much chance for some time of finding time in the repair/conservation time-table for these documents, which would need intricate, slow work to remove the adhesives.

SGD.121/1   3 May 1548
Copy of court roll, Halmote court held at Darlington 3 May 19 Tunstall [1548] before Robert Meynell Esq., Steward, for Haughton[-le-Skerne], demise to Anthony Tunstall, of 3 messuages and 3 bovates there by licence, from Adam Herryson, for 12 years, dorse blank.
Enrolled HC I 19 f.4v.
Stitch-marked parchment   1m.
SGD.121/2   11 September 2 & 3 Philip and Mary [1555]
Original surrender signed by Robert Meynell, Steward, Edward Ferrard, Robert Maison and six others, out of court, when Ralph [Rad] Mayson [sic] took lands in Sedgefield formerly held by Edward Ferro[ur] [sic] of London brother and heir of Thomas Ferro[ur], no contemporary endorsement.
Enrolled HC I 23 f.29 12 November 26 Tunstall 1555.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/2A   1585
Houghton-le-Spring, list of jury with presentments and fines, marked as audited 1585.
This single paper folio bears the number 91 and is the folio missing from H.C. I 39, the relevant Halmote Court Book, where it has been replaced. The paper on which it was mounted remains as SGD 121 no. 2A.
SGD.121/3   18 May 1596
Note of a plea of trespass in Wolsingham Halmote Court.
Thos. Trotter v. Will. Stobbes the executor of Adam Symson, for trespass of cattle into oats at Baxton Bank, note of 6s 8d fine imposed, endorsed.
HC I 41 f.20 Wols. 18 May 1596 has enrolled only the jury's presentments and their fines, not the inter-tenant cases.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/4   8 November 1651
Original surrender signed by George Barkas when Percival and Ann Barkas took of the Bishop a moiety of a messuage and close of 13 acres called Halliwell March, ajoining Broad Meadows etc. etc. in Houghton-le-Spring, quitclaimed by George Barkas for Percival his son, dorse inaccessible.
Enrolled HC I 81 f.254 14 May 1652.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/5   20 March 1651/52
Original surrender signed by George Kirkby, Deputy Steward, Parcevell Barkas [sic] with Ann Barkas' mark, out of court, when Ann Barcas wife of Percival, willingly and by licence of court, demised to George Barcas, Percival's father and his wife Jane for their lives, a moiety of a messuage etc. etc. in Houghton-le-Spring, apparently unendorsed.
Demise of moiety HC I 81 f..254 14 May 1652.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/6   27 December 1661
Bond of the inhabitants of Shotton, parish of Easington, to the grieve of Shotton township of £2 each that they will abide by their agreement to prohibit geese, turkeys and ducks by a certain date on pain of 20s.
If any are kept longer and trespass in the grain, fallow or pastures, then 6d payable for every default.
Signatures with 5 marks and seals of 12 men, dorse blank where visible.
There is no reference to this business in either the two Shotton courts before this date or the two after, May and October 1661 and April and October 1662 HC I 83 ff.58, 165v, 262v and 366.
Paper   1f.
Photographs black and white print with negative, of the bond reduced in size being the illustration in the newspaper article in the Sunderland Echo30 December 1959, for which see item 26.
SGD.121/7   10 June 1668
Consent of the neighbours at Houghton-le-Spring to a grant of waste land, where the old butts stood, to John Watson for a house or other occasion, nine signatures dorse apparently blank.
See HC. I 84 f.1114, 10 December 1668, Watson admitted to this land on payment of 3s. 4d. fine.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/8   15 "dun" (1670 or) 1671 [15 January 1670/1]
Presentments of the grieve and jurors of East and West Boldon, endorsement doodles only.
Enrolled HC I 85 f-1435 29 March 1671.
Paper cropped   2ff.
SGD.121/9   2 October 1675
Presentments of the jury of Bishopwearmouth, 5 signatures, dorse apparently blank. See HC I 86 f.114 Halmote for Bishopwearmouth etc, held at Houghton on 18 October 1675, where no presentments for any of the townships are enrolled, nor are any at the court held the following May.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/10   26 September 1681
Presentments of the grieve of Haughton[-le-Skerne].
3 signatures or marks, dorse blank.
Enrolled HC I 88 f.618v 12 October 33 Chas II 1681 Haughton-le-Skerne, not Houghton-le-Spring.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/11   25 March 34 Chas II [1682]
Original surrender numbered 4, signed by John Jefferson Deputy Steward and Humphrey Stephenson, out of court, when Thomas Hornesby took premises at Houghton-le-Spring quitclaimed by Humphrey Stephenson, dorse blank where visible.
Enrolled HC I 88 f.709 24 April 1682 where it is the sixth piece of business enrolled.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/12   14 & 15 April 34 Chas II [1682]
Original surrenders, numbered 3-7, each signed by each of the following, John Jefferson Deputy Steward, Thos. Fetherstonhalgh, Nic[olas] Conyers and Jo[hn] Morland, out of court when Ranold Grahme Esq., took various properties in Stanhope township, quitclaimed by Fetherstonhalgh, Conyers and Morland, f.2 endorsement deleted.
Enrolled HC I 88 ff.202-3 where they form nos. 3-7 of the land transactions there.
Paper   2ff.
SGD.121/13   21 April 1683
Deputation by Nicolas Cole Steward of the Halmote Courts of the Palatinate of Durham, of William Field and John Pye of London and Ralph Gowland of Durham, to take the surrender below, signed by John Hutchinson and William Gill, dorse blank.
Seal brown wax.
Paper   1f.
Positive black and white print of item 13, reduced in size.
SGD.121/14   14 May 1683
Original surrender numbered 5, signed by Ralph Gowland Deputy Steward and Chris[topher] Musgrave, out of court, when Robert Hilton took a moiety of the vill of Warden Law, Houghton-le-Spring, which Musgrave quitclaimed, dorse apparently blank.
Enrolled HC I 89 f-842v, 3 October 1683, demise fine 30s.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/15   [Autumn 1683]
Presentment, or rather a pain, of the grieve and jury of Houghton-le-Spring for this last half year 1685, 3 signatures, dorse blank where visible. Not enrolled HC I 89, ff.838v-9, 10 October 1683, nor at f.881 11 April 1684, where the jury for presentments is listed, two cases (inter-tenant) noted and a space left to enter other business.
SGD.121/16   [Spring] 1684
Presentments by the grieve and jury of Newbottle “for this yeare 1684”, signed by William Wilson, grieve and 5 others: endorsed with names of Newbottle tenants, copyholders and ? cottagers, in the hand of John Hutchinson clerk/deputy steward of the Halmote Court.
William Wilson was grieve (after George Wilson) for the usual year at a time, at the April and October courts in 1683, HC I 89 ff.798 and 837. He would remain in office till 11 April 1684 when Robt. Chilton took over, ibid. f.879. The five signatories here after Wilson the grieve are Robert Chilton, the new grieve designate, plus the 4 jurymen who had worked with Wilson in the 1683 courts. These presentments would be a version for the April court 1684. Will Ranson, presented here with a suggested fine of 20s, is the only presentment enrolled in the Court Book that 11 April, where his fine was increased to £1. 19s. 11d. He was presented twice more (see next items).
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/17   10 April 1684
Presentment of the grieve and jury of Newbottle, same grieve William Wilson and same 5 as above, presenting Will. Ranson, at a fine of £1. 19s. 11d. but marked, “respited”.
Enrolled HC I 89 f.879 11 April 1684, with the fine £1. 19s. 11d, despite this being mark.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/18   [Autumn] 1684
Presentments of the grieve and jury of Newbottle “for this year 1684” signed by Robert Chilton, grieve and jurors, dorse blank where visible.
Robt. Chilton became grieve on 11 April 1684, HC I 89 f.879 and Michael Watson on 16 April 1685, HC I 89 f.949, so these presentments would be for the court of 26 September 1684, HC I 98 f.920, where none of them is enrolled. W. Ranson is here presented for highway encroachment yet again, proposed fine 10s.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/19   11 October 1684
Certificate of subscribers in Newbottle that repairs have been made and therefore the pain laid on George Watson should be remitted, dorse blank where visible, 5 signatures.
The words “Juriers ” and “Greive ”, have been added to the signatures, while above they are described carefully as “names-- subscribed”, not as grieve and jury. William Wilson was not grieve in October 1684, he had been a juror at the September 1684 court, HC I 89 f.920 when this pain was probably placed, though not enrolled. When Will. Wilson was grieve in 1683, when possibly this pain might have been laid, his jurors were not quite these four.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/20   11 October 1687
Presentments by the grieve and jury of Houghton-le-Spring, signed Robt. Chilton, grieve and 4 jurors, endorsed, Houghton-le-Spring.
Dated after the court of 23 September 1687, HC I 89 f.1103v where 3 of these 4 jurors were named as the “homage”. Robt. Chilton became grieve on 29 April 1687, HC I 89 f.1073v. The next court was 23 April 1688, HC I 90 f.1139 when Thos. Robinson became grieve and this presentment, if repeated then, was not enrolled.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/21   22 June 1688
Presentment by the grieve and jury of Houghton-le-Spring, signed by Thos. Robinson grieve and four jurors: dorse blank where visible.
This was made after the 23 April 1688 court, HC I 90 f.1139 but the same jury was in office at the next court 28 September 1688, HC I 90 f.1171v however, this "true presentment" was not there enrolled.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/22   29 October [16]96
Letter from Wa[lter] Ettricke in Sunderland to the [Steward of the Halmote Court] objecting to a fine for non-appearance imposed on the tenant of Blew Hall [Blue House, West Rainton, Houghton-le-Spring] signed by Wa[lter] Ettricke, dorse blank where visible.
The previous court for Houghton was 15 October 1696, HC I 91 where only proclamations and admittances are enrolled, not presentments or fines for non-suit.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/23   11 June [16]97
Presentments by the grieve George Rutter and jury of Houghton-le-Spring, five signatures. Some figures on dorse, not all accessible.
The Houghton courts for 1697, 20 May and 22 October, have the same grieve and jury as these presentments, but none were enrolled HC I 91 ff.1652 and 1675.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/24   17 June 1698
Consent of the neighbours at Houghton-le-Spring to an extension being made to a parcel of ground granted to Thomas Robinson, for a house and shop, six signatures, dorse inaccessible.
The expected presentment or admittance is not to be found enrolled at the relevant courts, 19 May 1698, HC I 91 f.1704, 21 October 1698, ibid. f.1727; 23 May 1699, ibid. f.1766 or 13 October 1699, ibid. f.1790.
Paper   1f.
SGD.121/25   7 June 1710
Consent of the copyholders at Houghton-le-Spring to a grant to Thomas Robinson of land ajoining his house. Ten signatures, folded, dorse blank.
Enrolled HC I 94 f.410. 31 October 1710.
SGD.121/26   30 December 1959
Sunderland Echo newspaper, pages 5, 6, 11 and 12. Page 6 contains an article by C.A. Smith concerning some of the above items.
Paper   2ff
SGD.121/27    n.d. [1950's]
File card 4" x 6" entitled in typescript, The Manor of Houghton in the Spring, being the card introducing the exhibition of the above documents when put on display in Houghton-le-Spring.
Card   1f.
SGD.121/28   Sunday after St. Mark the Evangelist 41 Edward III [Sunday 25 Apri1 1367]
Language:   Latin
Quitclaim by Robert de Trafford, son of Alice ?Voterinde to John, son of Robert Rudde and Cicily his wife and their heirs, of 2 acres of land at Hasseley in the vill of Manchester, dated at Manchester.
1 seal, pendant, brown wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/29   Saturday after the feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross 15 Richard II [Saturday 4 May 1392]
Language:   Latin
Indenture confirming the grant by William son of Robert le Corker to John Rudde of Manchester and Margery his wife and their heirs of all burgages, lands, tenements, buildings and appurtenances which William had received from the said Margery once the wife of Roger de Ese in the same vill, to be held of the chief lord of the fee for the usual dues.
Witnesses Nicholas de Pylkyngton, William de Oldom, John de Chalon and others, dated at Manchester.
1 seal, pendant, red wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/30   Last day of September 15 Henry VI [30 September 1436]
Language:   French
Indenture and marriage settlement made between Richard Cay and Richard le Glovere on one part and Robert Rudde and Thomas de Oulgrene on the other.
John Rudde son and heir of Robert Rudde is to marry Isabell daughter of Richard Cay. Richard Cay is to pay John 20 marks of silver within 4 years after the marriage and keep John and Isabel and any children for the 4 years in fit state to their degree.
Robert Rudde is to settle on the couple (using chaplains James le Fissher and Richard Cannok) unencumbered burgages etc. in Manchester, Salford and Lancashire, keeping a life interest.
Richard Cay agrees that Thomas Cay [? his son] will marry Marjory daughter of Robert Rudde. Robert Rudde is to pay Thomas 20 marks is silver within 2 years of the marriage and keep the couple similarly.
Two seals, pendant, red wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/31   20 July 2 and 4 Philip and Mary [20 July 1556]
Language:   Latin
Quitclaim by John Reddiche of Reddiche, Lancashire, esquire, to John Strete, of 46 acres of land in Moston Manor Lancashire, (which Reddich had acquired from Henry Earl of Sussex), according to Reddiche's undertaking to Strete dated 8 November 1 Edward VI, 1547.
The 46 acres comprise:
(a) a close called the "highe heyde" ajoining land belonging to the late Sir Alexander Radclyff on the south;
(b) three closes called the "blacke Fields" ajoining land of Sir John Byronn on the west;
(c) Clughe Wood ajoining the said John Bironn's land on the north and west.
1 seal, pendant, red wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/32   8 November 1 Edward VI [8 November 1547]
Indenture between John Redyche of Rediche, Lancs., esquire and William Strete.
Redyche has acquired the manors of Moston and Crumshall from Henry Earl of Sussex. Strete has paid Redyche £60 for sale to him of 46 acres of Moston and dower rights of Clemens wife of Redyche. Redyche is to make Strete any other required legal assurance of the property without travel beyond Lancashire, endorsed.
Signed: John Redyche.
1 seal, pendant, red wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/33   29 July 14 and 50 James I [29 July 1616]
Grant by William Street[e] of Moston, Lancs., yeoman to Henrie Shepheard of Cromsall, Lancs., yeoman and John Ramsden of Failworth, Lancs., yeoman for the purposes of an indenture of even date, of all his property in Moston and elsewhere in Lancashire, naming a mansion house and the barnefield among the premises, endorsements.
Mark of William Street.
1 seal, pendant, red wax.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/34   4 May 42 Elizabeth [4 May 1600]
Indenture between Raphe Bowes of Barnes, Bishopric of Durham, Esq., and Joan his wife on one part and William Marwood of Weddington, Warwickshire, gent., on the other.
Marwood has surrendered an earlier lease and pays Bowes £200. The Bowes lease to him for £40 pa for the term of their lives, the manor of Nunthorpe and all their property there and at Great Ayton, Ryalhill, Marton, Newby, Battersby, Ingleby and Yarm in Yorkshire.
The Bowes to pay tithes, church dues and any incumbrances on the premises placed by them or Joan's father William Headlam Esq., certain ancient reserved rents excepted. Marwood has power to alter, remove or erect buildings and fences. After the Bowes' deaths an indenture and fine with Sir Will. Bowes to take effect, other conditions.
Numbered 5, endorsed, typescript label glued on.
Signed: Raphe and Joan Bowes.
2 seals, pendant, red wax (with sticky tapes).
Parchment   1m.
Black and white photograph of the above, much reduced.
SGD.121/35   13 October 1703
Indenture between James Martin of Seaham, Co. Durham, gentleman: Thomas Huntley of East Burdon Co. Durham, gentleman and Dorothy Scarb[r]ough of Sunderland, Co. Durham widow on one part and Ralph Robinson the younger of Sunderland, gentleman, on the other.
Lease for one year of burgages, shops, a curtain (courtyard), a cottage and other premises in Sunderland, occupiers named, all bounded by the Coble Landing Lane on the east, William Cuming's house on the west, the Low Street of Sunderland on the north and John Scarbrough's house and the High Street on the south.
A release of the premises is to follow, endorsed.
Signed: James Martin, Thomas Huntley, Dorothy Scarbough [sic].
3 seals red wax applied to paper
Parchment   1m.
SGD.121/36   4 February 1702, 1 Anne [4 February 1703]
Indenture of release and mortgage between William Scarbrough of Sunderland, ship carpenter on one part and Richard Robinson of Sunderland, gentleman on the other.
An indenture of 18 November 1702 between Scarbrough and Thomas Middleton of North Seaton [Northd.] gentleman on one part and Robinson on the other is cited.
Robinson had paid Scarbrough £86 and Scarbrough releases to him in return a messuage in Sunderland with a coble quay on its north side and buildings and shops at the same site, bounded by a passage called Mr. Dent's Lane on the east, Mary Hull's and Timothy Shell's houses on the west, the low water mark of the river Wear (at the coble quay) on the north and the High Street on the south.
If Scarbrough fullfils the indenture of 18 November 1702 and repays the £86, this release to be void.
Endorsed, numbered 12.
Signed: William Scarbrough.
l seal, red wax applied to paper.
Parchment   1m.
SGD.124   c. 1747
A draft "Act for repairing the High Road leading from the City of Durham in the same County of Durham to Tyne Bridge in the same County".
It is very similar to the draft Act to repair the road from Stockton to Darlington and thence through Winston to Barnard Castle in 1747 (see Halmote Court List IV.17)
23 pages, badly decayed 
Accession details Given with letter dated 28 September 1994 by Mr. W.M. Sheard, Managing Director of Percheron Properties Ltd., Sunderland. It was found in a property in Bishop Auckland being renovated by his company.
Xerox copy made of a letter patent of Edward III dated at Woodstock 12 May 4 Ed. III [1330] in favour of the Prioress and nuns of Neasham Priory Co. Durham (Benedictines).
Attached is a good example of the second seal of Edward II not visible in the xerox copy.
William de Clifford, former parson of Washington, Robert [of Holy Island or Stichil], former Bishop of Durham and Richard [de Hoton] former Prior of Durham, are mentioned.
Accession details The document is in the possession of a Mr and Mrs Swan of Newcastle.
SGD.127   1917-1919
Documents relating to clerical and academic career of Frank Hilton Jackson, including his degree with Cambridge University as Doctor of Science (1917), instutution to Chester-le-Street rectory (1919) and appointment as surrogate (1919)
SGD.129   1946-1993
Documents relating to the clerical career of Hilary W. Jackson, from his ordination as deacon by the Bishop of Selby (1946) to permission to officiate within Ripon diocese (1993)
Set of eleven photographs taken in May 1993 by R.L. Newall of graffiti, of various dates, on the Neville Screen c.1380 in Durham Cathedral, with notes.
Typescript memoir with obituary for Revd Herbert Langford (1919-1992), a Jewish refugee who had been born in Leipzig, came to the UK on a refugee work permit in 1939, served in the Royal Navy, was later ordained in the Church of England and served in Blaydon and elsewhere, before becoming vice-principal of St Chad's College.
Heighington parish church documents
Reference: SGD.132 Copies, photographs etc assembled by the Revd. H.W. Jackson, a former vicar of Heighington, in the course of his research into the history of the parish, which resulted in several publications.
The list was compiled by the donor: the documents are all kept in an A3 wallet, with some material collected in envelopes as follows:
Envelope A, contains 30-33.
Envelope B, contents 35-46.
Envelope contents 47-56.

Xerox copies of Heighington vicars.
Chevallier 1869 ; Stephens 1884 ; Dyson 1895.
Xerox of window in Heighington parish church.
Vicar Stephens, wife & child, 1907 ?
Xerox of vicars Jackson 1906 ; Meek 1948, Rowlands 1962.
Originals left with Heighington parish church but since lost.
Xerox of picture of Heighington parish church, original in Heighington parish church vestry.
Xerox of pic of interior of Heighington parish church 1869, prior to restoration. In vestry.
Said to have been photographed by vicar Chevallier.
Mounted photograph of picture described in 132/5a above, with photograph of Heighington church interior 1975, and copy plan of Heighington village, n.d.
As 132/5a above.
Xerox of picture of interior of Heighington parish church 1874 after restoration.
In possession of Mr. E. Wilkinson, West Green Heighington.
Xerox of plan of Heighington parish church 1912 ? by Robt Witten.
In Heighington Vestry.
SGD.132/9   1981 ?
Colour photograph of interior of Heighington parish church, looking East.
SGD.132/10   1985
Photograph of interior of Heighington parish church looking West.
Xerox of engraving of Heighington Chancel arch, ex Billings, Architectural Antiquities.
Xerox of Font.
Xerox of possible earlier Font, found when widening Redworth rd. 1926. Now in Darlington Museum. cf. Records of Heighington p 56.
Possible even earlier Font, as above.
Photograph of Heighington Patten 1744, Chalice & Flagon 1818.
Xerox of Inscription on Heighington Flagon.
Xerox of Heighington Flagon 1818 & silver plate matching tray 1975.
Photograph of Altar plate.
Photographs, mounted, of Crosier memorial & Chevallier Memorial window.
Photographs, mounted, of Jenison hatchment & Byerley brass.
Xerox of line drawing of Byerley brass.
Xerox of memorial to Captain Cumby R.N., C.B.
Xerox of 8 windows in Heighington parish church.
Colour print of Surtees Memorial window.
Xerox of 7 windows & memorials in Heighington parish church.
Xerox of 8 pictures of furnishings in Heighington parish church.
Xerox of 8 furniture & carvings in Heighington parish church.
Xerox of 8 furniture, carvings & poppy heads in Heighington parish church.
Xerox of 8 pictures of monuments, pulpit & lectern in Heighington parish church.
6 pictures of stone carvings in Heighington parish church.
Colour photograph of Fragments of Wool Merchant's grave cover in porch.
Many of 132/30a-s reproduced on sheets 132/22 - 132/29.
SGD.132/30 c, d, e & f
Colour and black and white photographs of King & Bishop carving over SW door.
Two colour photographs of Heraldic door curtains (see 132/64).
Colour photograph of interior of Heighington parish church.
Photograph of corbel.
Photograph of pulpit.
Photograph of pulpit & Crosier memorial.
Colour photograph of Crosier memorial.
SGD.132/30n & o
Cumby memorial.
Chair, said to be made from timbers of HMS Bellerophon. (see 132/60 below)
Photograph of Pricket.
SGD.132/30r &s
Grave covers in tower.
Negatives, unidentified.
Casts from "Mary" bell.
Envelope of negatives & contact prints of Heighington parish church etc.
Photograph of chancel door.
Tower from NE.
Envelope of unclassified negatives.
2 Post cards of Heighington parish church from South.
SGD.132/36a & b
Heighington parish church.
Photograph of Heighington parish church, Old Grammar School & extension.
Photograph of tower from South West.
Aerial photograph of Heighington parish church & churchyard.
Colour photograph of trench to expose tower foundations & South aisle foundations overlapping nave foundations.
Colour photograph of chancel & South aisle from South East.
Photograph of Heighington parish church from South East.
Colour photograph of East end of South aisle.
Colour photograph showing trench exposing continuity of chancel & nave.
Sketch of Heighington parish church 1962, parish magazine.
Sketch of Heighington parish church 1970, parish magazine.
SGD.132/47   1980
Mounted 4 colour photographs of tower.
4 colour photographs of tower foundations.
5 colour photographs of chancel foundations.
4 colour photographs of sanctuary exterior.
SGD.132/51   1981
4 colour photographs of stripping roof of South aisle.
4 colour photographs of work on roof of S. aisle.
4 colour photographs of work on roof of S. aisle.
4 col pho of laying new roof.
4 col pho of laying new roof.
SGD.132/56   September 1981
4 colour photographs of finishing off new South aisle roof.
Report by Brian Gill, re proposed archaeological excavations 1981.
Report by Peter G. Clack on excavations 1981.
Report on Dowsing the church site by Dennis H Briggs.
Letter re chairs, (see item 132/30).
Letter from Bowes Museum re chairs.
SGD.132/62   1972
Leaflet re organ.
SGD.132/63   1974
Leaflet re organ.
Press cutting re heraldic curtains, item 30g.
Documents re the restoration of Heighington parish church 1869-84.
A4 wallet containing items 65-80, items 65-78 copied from documents in Heighington Vicarage.

SGD.132/65   1870
Report of Architect.
SGD.132/66   1873
Report & estimates of Architect.
SGD.132/67   1873
Extracts from Minute Book of Restoration Committee.
Letters from Longstaffe re Pulpit inscription.
SGD.132/69   July 1877
Poster re sale of work.
SGD.132/70   August 1877
Restoration Accounts.
SGD.132/71   1880 [recte 1881?]
Mss report of Parish Meeting re bells.
SGD.132/72   1882
Handbill advert Living Chess.
Postal Booking Folder, Living Chess.
Xerox of Illustrated London News picture & report of Living Chess.
Picture of Living Chess with chess players technical comments.
Letter re Living Chess.
Letters of protest from Col. Hall re bells.
SGD.132/78   1883
Handbill re dedication of bells.
Reprint of Press article re bells, Marshall 1924.
Report by Surveyor of Bells, Mr. Elphick.
Xerox of draft appeal letter re bells, n.d. [c. 1881 ?]
Xerox of letter re repainting etc. Heighington church clock, 1 June 1883.
Xerox of service sheet re dedication of bells, 19 June 1883.
Xerox of newspaper cutting re bells dedication service, n.d. [June 1883].
Xerox of handbill re Heighington Harvest Thanksgiving service, 4 November 1883.
Xerox of printed subscription list etc. for Aycliffe [sic] church restoration fund, March 1882.
Xerox of printed statement of account re Heighington bells and surplices and cassocks fund, 1883.
Envelope C 81 - 95: Documents re Revd. C.C. Chevallier
Xerox copy of Baptism Certificate of C.C. Chevallier, 1834.
Xerox copy of Graduation Certificate Hatfield Hall, Durham 1855/6.
Xerox copy of Cert. of L. Th. Durham 1856.
Xerox copy of Notice Si Quis prior to ordination 1858.
Xerox copy of Certificate of calling Si Quis, 1858.
Xerox copy of Nomination to title for curacy, 1858.
Xerox copy of Covering letters from C.C. Chevallier, enclosing a/m papers prior to ordination.
Xerox copy of Licence to Curacy of Ash & Marsh Chapel, Kent, 1858.
Xerox copy of Memorial Card for C.C. Chevallier, 1884.
Xerox copy of Press report of funeral of C.C. Chevallier, 1884, Darlington & Stockton Times.
Xerox copy of photo of C.C. Chevallier.
Xerox copy of Obituary notice Diocesan Directory1885.
Mss notes re C.C. Chevallier & Temple Chevallier.
Mss notes re education & career of C.C. Chevallier.
Xerox copy of sundry genealogies and directory entries re Chevalliers.
Documents regarding St Andrew's church, Bolam
Xerox of Transfer of Land for site, 1866.
Xerox of Plan of proposed improvements, 1895.
Xerox of proposed improvements, & notes, 1899.
Letter from Church Commissioners 1968.
Letter from same, 1969.
Letters & memoir re Revd. J.B. Barraclough, curate of Bolam, 1867-9, priest in charge of Evenwood 1869-75.
Envelope containing photos of Bolam church
From South East.
From East.
From South.
From West.
Interior looking East.
SGD.133   1829-1946
Documents relating to the family history of three clerical brothers in the diocese of Durham (as printed account at PamSC+ 00367), chiefly certificates of birth, marriage and death