Ushaw College Administration: Objects and Museum Records
Administrative History

1. Paintings and Artworks
2. Liturgical Objects
3. Furnishings
4. Museum Collections
5. Printed Auction Catalogues

Reference code: GB-0298-UC/AL
Title: Ushaw College Administration: Objects and Museum Records
Dates of creation: [19th century] - 2007
Extent: 2.5 boxes
Held by: Ushaw College Library
Language: English

Administrative History

The paintings at Ushaw College include some notable originals and copies of famous works, many of which, as the papers indicate, have subsequently been sold on, such as Perugino’s Annunciation, a possible Van Dyke portrait of Reuben’s first wife, a Van de Neer painting, and a German diptych, as well as many others. Of those paintings still remaining at the college, by far the most important is a rare work by Franz von Rohden (Crucifixion). Indeed, the college owns five Rohden paintings which is the largest collection by this Nazarene artist anywhere in Britain. Many paintings were originally purchased by the presidents for the college. Charles Newsham (1837-1863), for example, acquired Rohden's Crucifixion, as well as a number of paintings no longer at the college, including a St Charles Borromeo painting and a portrait of Mary Magdalene.
Ushaw College also possess an impressive collection of liturgical objects that were used in the performances of Mass. This includes a chalice of 17th century Italian origin used during a mass by Pope Gregory XVI. There is also a large 17th century Dutch silver monstrance, church plate designed by Augustus and Edward Pugin and an 18th century silver server and 18th and 19th century pyxes and oil stocks. There are numerous gold and silver chalices associated with various persons attached to Ushaw College. There is a large collection of vestments and vestment accessories showing the change in vestment styles over the centuries. The collection includes 14th century maniple panels and three 15th century vestments including the Westminster vestment which is said to have been used at Westminster Abbey before the reformation. There is also a 17th century white cope and lace surplice and a collection of 18th century French red vestments. Finally there are 19th century Pugin vestments and others of an ornate gothic style and a range of 20th century vestments.
The college contains a large collection of antique furniture dating from the 18th – early 20th century. This includes bookcases, desks and wardrobes used by the professors and students and also some fine pieces of furniture designed by Augustus Pugin including a desk and Edward Pugin dining table. There is also a set of salon chairs and a post box originally used on the H.M.S. Berengaria bought at auction by the college. Added to this is old furniture of a lesser value used around the work rooms and kitchens.
Ushaw College once housed a vast collection of objects displayed in its own museum. Whilst most of it has been sold at auction what remains includes numerous papal medals, a great seal from Queen Victoria, 9th century Northumbrian coins, 13th century coins, and Assingnats from the French Revolution.


Records relating to the Ushaw College objects and museum collections, including paintings and artworks; liturgical objects (vestments and church plate); furnishings, as well as the museum collections. The papers include inventories, correspondence on authenticity and value, as well as correspondence with Sotheby's and Anderson & Garland on the sale of items.
The papers are particularly revealing in providing evidence of ownership for paintings subsequently sold by the college.

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1. Paintings and Artworks
2. Liturgical Objects
3. Furnishings
4. Museum Collections
5. Printed Sale Catalogues


1. Paintings and Artworks
UC/AL1/1   [late 19th century x early 20th century]
Various inventories, some fragmentary or incomplete, of the paintings at Ushaw College, including details of location, title of painting, artist, donor, year of acquisition, and whether the painting is a copy or an original work.
The inventories highlight a number of paintings at the college which were subsequently sold, including Perugino’s Annunciation and a possible Van Dyke portrait of Reuben’s first wife
1 file
UC/AL1/2/1-38   15 February 1892 – 30 August 1979
General correspondence relating to the paintings at Ushaw College:
37 letters
UC/AL1/2/1-3   15 February 1892 – 30 August 1979
Letters from Charles Napier Hemy (Falmouth) to Joseph Corbishley (Ushaw College) offering his opinion on certain paintings at the college, including the authenticity of a Van Dyke portrait of Reuben’s first wife
3 letters
UC/AL1/2/4   4 June 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley offering his opinion on a [?Gainsford] painting of a landscape (situated in the Parlour), the possibility of the college paintings being admitted into the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition, and recommending either Mr Hungerford Pollen, Lord Carlisle, or Charles Eastlake, to offer an expert opinion on the college paintings
1 letter (4f)
UC/AL1/2/5   9 June 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley advising him that the officials at the National Gallery have been obliged to discontinue giving opinions on pictures, criticism of the opinion of experts generally, his view that Ruben’s painting is likely to be a copy, and the possibility of the paintings being exhibited at the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition
1 letter (5f)
UC/AL1/2/6   15 June 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley enclosing a cutting from Building News on the “old masters” at the National Gallery and offering his opinions on art experts
1 letter (3f)
UC/AL1/2/7-8   16 - 17 June 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley enclosing a letter from Charles Eastlake (National Gallery) to Goldie on Eastlake’s inability to offer any opinions on paintings in private hands and recommending Professor Palgrave (Professor of Poetry at Oxford)
2 letters
UC/AL1/2/9   23 June 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley on his conversation with Eastlake who suggests that Corbishley should contact Pollen for an opinion
1 letter (2f)
UC/AL1/2/10-11   6 - 7 July 1893
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley enclosing a letter from J.H. Pollen to Goldie on Pollen’s inability to assist at the moment and recommending Wilfrid Herbert
2 letters
UC/AL1/2/12   14 January 1896
Letter from Charles Goldie to Joseph Corbishley recommending Mr Donat Sampson to assist in cataloguing the Ushaw Library, criticism of Mr Horsley’s judgement of the Ushaw paintings, and Lord Carlisle’s opinion on Ampleforth’s paintings
1 letter (2f)
UC/AL1/2/12a   5 July [1890 x 1899]
Letter from Richard B. Debary to [Bishop Thomas Wilkinson] informing him that a painting of St. Jerome, allegedly by Murillo, is to be sent to Ushaw College
1 letter (2f)
UC/AL1/2/13   22 February 1927
Letter from R. Noel-Morgan to Joseph Broadhead wanting to reclaim a painting (not specified) which his grandfather deposited at Ushaw
1 letter (2f)
UC/AL1/2/14   18 September 1935
Letter from Bernard Stevenson (Curator of the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle) to Mr Lord ((local manager of London Assurance) enclosing a valuation of the paintings at Ushaw College
1 letter (2f)
UC/AL1/2/15   22 September 1936
Letter from W.G. Gustalle (Courtald Institute of Art) to Mr Galloway offering his opinion on the likely origin and value of the Madonna painting at Ushaw College
1 letter (1f)
UC/AL1/2/16-20   19 February – 13 March 1965
Correspondence between Gregory Martin (Assistant Keeper of the National Gallery), B. Morgan (Mawson, Swan & Morgan Ltd) and Ushaw College on opinions about two paintings of Venetian scenes (described by Martin as “a poor imitation of Canaletto”)
3 letters and 2 BW prints
UC/AL1/2/21-25   26 January - 6 February 1968
Correspondence between Ushaw College, Pan-American Airways, and Thomas Cook over the shipment of a painting
3 letters and 2 items
UC/AL1/2/26-28   13 January – 14 February 1970
Correspondence between John Rossi and Fr W.V. Smith (Ushaw College) concerning photographs of the paintings
3 letters
UC/AL1/2/29-30   3 – 15 February 1970
Letter from Gerald Barry to [?Fr W.V. Smith], with a reply, with a list of the most important artworks of the college
2 letters
UC/AL1/2/31-33   23 May – 1 June 1979
Correspondence between Sarah Wimbush (Research Assistant for the National Portrait Gallery) and Mgr Cookson (Ushaw College) on a possible portrait of Cardinal Bourne (not at Ushaw)
3 letters
UC/AL1/2/34-36   18 - 30 August 1979
Correspondence between Frank Robson and Mgr Cookson concerning Robson’s request to have the Dublin Fusiliers painting on permanent loan
3 letters
UC/AL1/2/37-38   30 August 1979
Letter from James C. Holland (Patmos Press) to Mgr Cookson, with a reply from T.A. Myres (vice-president), concerning Holland’s request for permission to use a photograph of the John Lingard painting in a new publication
2 letters
UC/AL1/2/39   11 July 1981
Letter from [?] to Rt Rev A. Harris, bishop of Middlesbrough, thanking him for allowing Ushaw College to display a portrait of Bishop James Smith
1 letter (1f)
UC/AL1/3   6 June 1965 – 2 May 2001
Papers, mostly correspondence between Ushaw College and Sotheby’s concerning the sale of paintings, including valuations and provenance information.
Paintings sold include works by Charles Jones, John Nesbitt and Thomas M. Hemy, a possible Van Dyke and Antonio Rimpatta
1 file
UC/AL1/4   17 July 1977 – 11 November 1997
File of papers relating to the conservation of the paintings at Ushaw College, including correspondence between Ushaw College, the North of England Museums Service, Gateshead Technical College, and Sotheby’s, as well as restoration reports for various paintings. The paintings mentioned include two of the Rohden paintings ( The Holy Family and The Crucifix) and other paintings subsequently sold by the college, including a painting by Van de Neer and a German diptych
1 file
UC/AL1/5   May 2005
Photographs of the removal of the painting of the Triumph of St Gregory by Juan de Roelas from the refectory during its transfer to Valladolid
29 colour prints (1 envelope and 1 file)
2. Liturgical Objects
UC/AL2/1   1924 - December 1987
Papers relating to the church plate at Ushaw College, including printed articles and research enquiries
1 file
UC/AL2/2   11 February 1963 - 10 May 2007
Papers relating to the college vestments, mostly research enquiries as well as a letter from John Gibson to Charles Corbishley concerning the origins of the donation of the Westminster vestment in 1867
Also includes reports on the vestments, notably the Tindall Cope
1 file
UC/AL2/3   24 January 1982 - 16 March 1987
Papers relating to the commissioning of new church plate for Ushaw College, including correspondence with Keswick Industrial Arts, Grant MacDonald, Brian Asquith Associates and Hayes & Finch
1 file
UC/AL2/4/1-298   [1980 x 1989]
Photographs, contact prints and negatives of the church plate
4 colour photographs, 148 contact prints, 146 negatives
3. Furnishings
UC/AL3/1   21 February 1974 - 9 March 1989
Papers, mostly correspondence between Ushaw College, Anderson & Garland and Sotheby's, concerning the sale of the college furnishings, including tables, chests of drawers, bookcases and chairs
1 file
4. Museum Collections
UC/AL4/1/1-2   [19th century] - 28 June 1912
Papers relating to the coin and medal collections, including:
1 manuscript and 1 file
UC/AL4/1/1   [19th century]
Catalogue of the coins and medals at Ushaw College
1 manuscript (p.1-31)
UC/AL4/1/2   1862 - 28 June 1912
Papers relating to the purchase of the college's prize medals, mostly letters and invoices from Allan Wyon, medallist
1 file
UC/AL4/2   1842 - June 1894
Record book of acquisitions to the museum
Includes name of donor and description of items donated
1 notebook
UC/AL4/3/1-4   2 December 1863 - 16 July 1894
Correspondence between Ushaw College and donors to the museum:
4 letters
UC/AL4/3/1-2   2 December 1863
Letters from Rev Robert Hancock to Ushaw College on his collection of shells
2 letters
UC/AL4/3/3   18 April 1882
Letter from John [?Manson] confirming the donation of stuffed birds by Charles Waterton to the college museum
UC/AL4/3/4   16 July 1894
Letter from George Henry Newton to Joseph Broadhead: wishing to donate a collection of Victorian coins to the college
UC/AL4/4a   6 February - 9 April 1877
Newspaper cuttings from the Daily News concerning the work of Ralph Carr-Ellison and the Newcastle Society of Antiquaries on the Codician altar in the Ushaw College museum
4 newspaper cuttings
UC/AL4/4b   1881
Valuation of the Waterton Collection
Also includes register of seminary plays
1 notebook
UC/AL4/4   6 November 1951 - October 1995
Correspondence between Ushaw College and various cultural organisations, including Beamish, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Bede Monastery Museum, and Northumberland Record Office, concerning the lending of museum objects and other items for exhibitions
Includes correspondence between G. Nevin Drinkwater (curator of the Shipley Art Gallery of Gateshead) and Mgr Philip Loftus (Ushaw College) on the loan of the German diptych (Bernhard Strigel’s The Discovery of the Cross) for the Shipley Art Gallery Golden Jubilee Exhibition
1 file
UC/AL4/5   11 July 1952 - 23 July 1986
Papers, mostly correspondence relating to the authentication of the Douai silver
Also includes inventories of the Douai and Lisbon silver
1 file
UC/AL4/6/1-5   [1967 x 1969]
Inventory of museum objects in cases
5 notebooks
UC/AL4/7   1967 - 1969
Papers relating to the administration of the museum, including correspondence, account statements, newspaper cuttings, and rough notes
1 file
UC/AL4/8   21 October 1987 - 11 May 1990
Papers, including correspondence, inventories and statements, relating to the sale of the museum collections, mostly the coins and medals, as well as the scientific instruments
1 file
UC/AL4/9   October 2016
Papers relating to the loan of photographs of Lafcadio Hearn by Ushaw College to the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum in Matsue, Japan
1 file
5. Printed Auction Catalogues
UC/AL5/1   5 October 1977
Sotheby's, Catalogue of Old Master Paintings, London
1 printed item (17p)
UC/AL5/2   28 - 30 August 1984
Anderson & Garland, Catalogue of the Sale by Auction of Georgian, Victorian and Continental Furniture, Pictures, China, Valuable Silver, Horse Drawn Carriages, Motor Cars, Mowden Hall, Newton, Stocksfield on Tyne
1 printed catalogue (110p)
UC/AL5/3   20 - 21, 24 - 25 September 1984
Thomas N. Miller, Catalogue of the Furnishings and Equipment to be Sold by Auction, St Mary's College, Fenham Hall Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne
Instructed by the Society of the Sacred Heart
1 printed catalogue (40p)
UC/AL5/4   3 - 7 June 1985
Anderson & Garland, Catalogue of the Sale by Auction of Georgian, Victorian and Continental Furniture, Library of Books, Collection of Silver and Electroplate Pictures, Jewellery, China, Coins, Brancepeth Castle, Co Durham
1 printed catalogue (162p)
UC/AL5/5   9 May 1988
Sotheby's, Postage Stamps of the World, London
1 printed catalogue (116p)
UC/AL5/6   29 - 30 September & 5 October 1988
Sotheby's Coins and Paper Money, London
1 printed catalogue (134p)
UC/AL5/7   21 - 23 February 1989
Sotheby's, Catalogue of Silver, Silver Plate and Allied Wares, Jewellery, 18th and 19th Century, Victorian, Edwardian and 20th Century Furniture, English and European Ceramics, Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours, Chester
1 printed catalogue (31p)
UC/AL5/8   9 - 10 March 1989
Sotheby's, Historical Medals, Coins and Paper Money, London
1 printed catalogue (143p)
UC/AL5/9   19 April 1989
Sotheby's, Old Master Paintings, London
Includes Francesco d'Antonio's The Madonna and Child with Angels (owned by the Trustees of Ushaw College)
1 printed catalogue (181p)
UC/AL5/10   24 - 26 April 1989
Sotheby's, Rugs, Carpets, Furniture and Works of Art, Chester, 24 - 26 April 1989
1 printed catalogue (95p)
UC/AL5/11   5 May 1989
Sotheby's, Fine Instruments of Science and Technology 1500 - 1900, London
1 printed catalogue (64p)
UC/AL5/12   7 June 1989
Sotheby's, Nineteenth Century European Paintings, London
1 printed catalogue (98p)
UC/AL5/13   30 October 1991
Sotheby's, Old Master Paintings, London
Includes a painting of the Andalusian School, The Vision of Saint Bernard (owned by the Tustees of Ushaw College)
1 printed catalogue (116p)