Ushaw College Administration: Management Records
Administrative History
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1. Governance
(a) Committees and Groups
(i) Inter Diocesan Seminaries Committee
(ii) Seminary Rectors’ Meetings
(iii) Governors' Committees
(iv) Senior Management Meetings
(v) Staff Meetings
(vi) Selection Advisory Committee
(vii) Development Working Group
(viii) Divines' Committees
(ix) Review of Formation Working Party
(x) Commission for Priestly Formation
(xi) Seminary Life
(xii) Facilities Management Group
(xiii) Northern Marriage and Family Life Group
(xiv) External Committees and Organisations
(b) Strategic Planning
2. Management of the Junior Seminary
(a) Amalgamation of the Junior Seminary
(b) Other Papers
3. University of Durham Papers
(a) Collegiate Papers
(b) Degree Administration
4. Registers
(a) College diaries
(b) Roll Books
(c) Class Lists
(d) Junior House Registers
(e) Other Registers
5. Ordination Records
6. Officers' Records
(a) Presidents' Records
(b) Vice-Presidents' Records
(c) Prefect-Generals' Records
(d) Junior House Rectors' Records
(e) Director of Studies' Records
(f) Infirmarians' Records
(g) Clerk of Works' Records
(g) Other Officers' Records
7. Staff and Student Administration
(a) Staff Administration
(b) Student Administration
8. Publicity and Outreach
9. Other Administrative Papers

Reference code: GB-0298-UC/AA
Title: Ushaw College Administration: Management Records
Dates of creation: [?early 19th century] - 2010
Extent: 35 boxes
Held by: Ushaw College Library
Language: English

Administrative History

The organisation and management of Ushaw College was influenced, like other aspects of the college, by the former English College in Douai. This is noticeably evident in the titles of certain officers (president, professor, prefect of studies etc) but it permeated throughout the organisational structure of the college. The Douai origins of the college certainly influenced its autonomy to manage its own affairs in the early days. However, following the controversy surrounding the Sherburne-Heatley case, in which it was alleged that college funds had been misappropriated, greater control of funds and the management of the college generally were ceded to the diocesan bishops who, through the board of bishops, played a greater role in college affairs from the 1860s onwards.
In a similar way to other corporate bodies, the organisational structure of the college, while retaining certain core functions, has not remained static throughout its history and has changed over time in response to differing requirements. The management of the board of bishops was assisted by various standing committees, which in turn spawned sub-committees, working parties and ad hoc committees. The Junior Seminary, from its establishment in 1856 to its closure in 1972, always remained centrally managed, although it was ostensibly run by a rector. The management of student records, notably through rolls and registers, has also been diligently undertaken throughout the history of the college.
As a business, the college has attempted to attract students through various publicity and outreach initiatives, as well as forging links with other institutions, notably the University of Durham (the college became a licensed hall of residence of the university in 1968 and had connections with validated degree programmes).


Papers relating to the overall management of Ushaw College and its various strategic initiatives, including records of various committees and management groups, the management of the Junior Seminary (including attempts to amalgamate the Junior Seminary with other institutions in the early 1970s); the setting up of Ushaw College as a hall of residence and co-operation relating to validated degree programmes with the University of Durham; registers and rolls; ordination records (mostly registers); other staff and student administrative papers; publicity and outreach initiatives attempted by the college; and other administrative papers.

Accession details

The records have been transferred to the archives when no longer in use.

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1. Governance
2. Management of the Junior Seminary
3. University of Durham Papers
4. Registers
5. Ordination Records
6. Officers' Records
7. Staff and Student Administration
8. Publicity and Outreach
9. Other Administrative Papers

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Milburn, David, A history of Ushaw College: a study of the origin, foundation and development of an English Catholic seminary with an epilogue 1908-1962 (Ushaw College: Durham, 1964)


1. Governance
Reference: UC/AA1
(a) Committees and Groups
Reference: UC/AA1/1
(i) Inter Diocesan Seminaries Committee
UC/AA1/1/1   10 June 1968 – 31 January 1981
Papers, mostly minutes of meetings and correspondence, of the Inter Diocesan Seminaries Commission
1 file 
(ii) Seminary Rectors’ Meetings
UC/AA1/1/2   9 March 1948 – 6 February 1982
Papers relating to the conferences of seminary rectors, including programmes, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and notes:
UC/AA1/1/2a: 9 March 1948 - 22 September 1969
UC/AA1/1/2b: 11 April 1970 - 3 September 1977
UC/AA1/1/2c: 19 January 1978 - 6 February 1982
3 files 
(iii) Governors' Committees The various committees in overall control of Ushaw have changed names several times over the years although they have essentially performed the same function. The Board of Bishops was established in 1865 to oversee the management of Ushaw College following the misappropriation of college funds in the Sherburne-Heatley case. In 1993, the Standing Committee of the Governing Body of Ushaw College was formed (later the Governing Body of Ushaw College). Between 1975 and 1993, a governors' committee must have existed in some form, although the only records that survive are the reports by the Director of Studies to this body.

UC/AA1/1/3/1   12 September 1865 – 2 March 1978
Papers of the Board of Bishops' meetings:
5 volumes/4 files 
UC/AA1/1/3/1a   12 September 1865 - 27 September 1910
Board of Bishops' minute book
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/3/1b   13 September 1865 - 5 October 1897
Copy book of resolutions agreed upon at Board of Bishops' meetings to be communicated to the president of St Cuthbert's College (Ushaw College)
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/3/1c   3 October 1911 - 6 October 1970
Board of Bishops' minute book
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/3/1d   3 October 1911 - 2 March 1978
Board of Bishops' minute book
Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle's copy
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/3/1e   3 October 1911 - 1960
Copy book of resolutions agreed upon at Board of Bishops' meetings to be communicated to the president of St Cuthbert's College (Ushaw College)
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/3/1f   1949 - 1971
Lists of attendees at Board of Bishops' meetings
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/1g   7 October 1966 - 17 November 1969
Board of Bishops' minutes and associated papers
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/1h   23 February 1970 - 1 March 1972
Board of Bishops' minutes and associated papers
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/1i   27 February 1973 - 2 March 1977
Board of Bishops' minutes and associated papers
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/2   7 November 1959 - 8 September 1966
Papers of the Northern Bishops' Sub-Commitee on the provision of extra places for seminarians at Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/3   1976 – 1992
Reports by the Director of Studies to the Governing Body of Ushaw College
These reports were originally papers attached to minutes of the meetings of the Standing Committee and Governing Body of Ushaw but have subsequently been separated
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/3/4   1992/93 - 2002/03
Minutes of the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Governing Body of Ushaw College, with associated papers, accounts and reports from various bodies and office holders, including the President, Development Officer, Director of Studies, Procurator, and the Pastoral Department:
UC/AA1/1/3/4a: 1992/93 - 1994/95
UC/AA1/1/3/4b: 1995/96 - 1997/98
UC/AA1/1/3/4c: 1998/99 - 1999/2000
UC/AA1/1/3/4d: 2000/01
UC/AA1/1/3/4e: 2001/02
UC/AA1/1/3/4f: 2002/03
6 files 
UC/AA1/1/3/5   15 October 2009
Report to the Trustees of Ushaw College with a draft Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association to enable the college to become a registered charity
1 report 
UC/AA1/1/3/6   20 October 2009 - 9 June 2011
Papers relating to meetings of the Trustees of Ushaw College, including minutes and associated papers
1 file 
(iv) Senior Management Meetings
UC/AA1/1/4/1   1998/99; 2006/07 - 2010-11
Minutes of the meetings of the Senior Management Committee/Team:
UC/AA1/1/4/1a: 1998/99
UC/AA1/1/4/1b: 2006/07
UC/AA1/1/4/1c: 2007/08
UC/AA1/1/4/1d: 2008/09
UC/AA1/1/4/1e: 2009/10
UC/AA1/1/4/1f: 2010/11
6 files 
UC/AA1/1/4/2   2008/09 - 2010/11
Minutes of the meetings of the Seminary Advisory Group:
1 file 
(v) Staff Meetings
UC/AA1/1/5   1964/65 – 1999/2000, 2001/02
Papers of Ushaw College ordinary and extraordinary staff meetings:
UC/AA1/1/5a: 1964/65 - 1970/71
UC/AA1/1/5b: 1971/72 - 1972/73
UC/AA1/1/5c: 1973/74 - 1974/75
UC/AA1/1/5d: 1975/76 - 1976/77
UC/AA1/1/5e: 1977/78 - 1978/79
UC/AA1/1/5f: 1979/80 - 1981/82
UC/AA1/1/5g: 1982/83 - 1986/87
UC/AA1/1/5h: 1987/88 - 1989/90
UC/AA1/1/5i: 1990/91 - 1994/95
UC/AA1/1/5j: 1995/96
UC/AA1/1/5k: 1996/97
UC/AA1/1/5l: 1997/98
UC/AA1/1/5m: 1998/99
UC/AA1/1/5n: 1999/2000
UC/AA1/1/5o: 2000/01
UC/AA1/1/5p: 2001/02
15 files 
(vi) Selection Advisory Committee
Reference: UC/AA1/1/6
UC/AA1/1/6/1   1945 – [1980]
Printed material, including official publications and journal articles, on psychological testing
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/6/2   14 January 1969 – 3 October 1983
Papers and correspondence by the Selection Advisory Committee relating to the planning of its conferences
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/6/3   1977 – 1996
Programmes, assessment guidelines, and other papers from the Selection Advisory Committee conferences
1 file 
(vii) Development Working Group
Reference: UC/AA1/1/7
UC/AA1/1/7/1   10 November 1995 – 11 November 1998
Papers of the Development Working Group’s “Future of Ushaw College” initiative, including reports and correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/7/2   September 1995 – 21 September 2010
Other papers of the Development Working Group, including training session reports, course material, and miscellaneous correspondence
3 files 
UC/AA1/1/7/3   1998
Papers of the Development Working Group’s “Institute for Mission” initiative, including correspondence and PowerPoint slides
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/7/4   1998 - 2002
Minutes of the meetings of the Development Working Group, with associated papers:
UC/AA1/1/7/4a: 1998/99
UC/AA1/1/7/4b: 1999/2000
UC/AA1/1/7/4c: 2000/01
UC/AA1/1/7/4d: 2001/02
4 files 
UC/AA1/1/7/5   19 February 1999 – 28 September 2000
Papers, mostly minutes of meetings and correspondence, of various sub-groups of the Development Working Group, including the Syllabus Review Group, Clergy Conditions of Service, and the Distance Learning Working Group
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/7/6   6 May 1999 – 3 February 2000
Notes of meetings between Michael McCann (Development Officer) and various representatives of the dioceses and other religious organisations
1 file 
(viii) Divines' Committees
Reference: UC/AA1/1/8
UC/AA1/1/8/1   11 May 1932 - January 1961
Diaries of the Divines' Secretary, mostly brief descriptions of daily appointments and duties:
UC/AA1/1/8/1a: 11 May 1932 - March 1939
UC/AA1/1/8/1b: 15 September 1950 - 26 February 1952
UC/AA1/1/8/1c: 3 January 1958 - 26 July 1961
3 volumes 
UC/AA1/1/8/2   1966 - 1973
Divines' Committee minute book
1 volume 
UC/AA1/1/8/3   1 December 1969 – 9 October 1973
Minutes of the staff meetings of the Divines’ Professors, with associated papers and reports:
UC/AA1/1/8/3a: 1 December 1969 - 19 October 1971
UC/AA1/1/8/3b: 1 February 1972 - 9 October 1973
2 files 
UC/AA1/1/8/4   1877 - 1936
Divines' Committee account book
1 volume 
(ix) Review of Formation Working Party
UC/AA1/1/9   21 January 1997 – 22 December 1998
Papers of the Review of Formation Working Party, including terms of reference, reports, and correspondence
1 file 
(x) Commission for Priestly Formation
Reference: UC/AA1/1/10
UC/AA1/1/10/1   1968 – 7 June 1984
Correspondence concerning the management of the Commission for Priestly Formation
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/2   23 September 1969 – September 1983
Minutes of the meetings of the Commission for Priestly Formation, with associated papers and reports:
UC/AA1/1/10/2a: 23 September 1969 - 3 October 1974
UC/AA1/1/10/2b: 10 September 1975 - 12 October 1977
UC/AA1/1/10/2c: 15 February - 9 November 1978
UC/AA1/1/10/2d: 13 February 1979 - 10 September 1980
UC/AA1/1/10/2e: 3 February - 23 September 1981
UC/AA1/1/10/2f: 16 February - 23 August 1982
UC/AA1/1/10/2g: 8 February - September 1983
7 files 
UC/AA1/1/10/3   [1969 – 1970]
Papers relating to the Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, mostly complete drafts and draft chapters, as well as the printed report
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/4   [1971]
Papers from the commission for the preparation of the Ratio Nationalis, including a draft report
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/5   19 March 1979 – 11 March 1981
Papers concerning the commission’s publication The Cherwell Report, including draft and printed copies of the report, correspondence, comments and suggestions, and guidelines
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/6   20 February 1980 – 26 May 1981
Papers concerning the commission’s response to a Roman document entitled “The Study of Philosophy in Seminaries”
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/7   13 October 1981 – 24 February 1982
Papers relating to the Working Party on Vocations, including correspondence and reports
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/10/8   1982 – 1983
Commission for Priestly Formation budget and balance sheet
1 file 
(xi) Seminary Life
UC/AA1/1/11   2001/02 - 2009/10
Minutes of Seminary Life meetings
1 file 
(xii) Facilities Management Group
UC/AA1/1/11A   October 2007
Minutes and agenda of the Facilities Management Group
1 file 
(xiii) Northern Marriage and Family Life Group
UC/AA1/1/12   April 1996 – 22 November 1999
Papers of the Northern Marriage and Family Life Group including correspondence, reports, and minutes of meetings
1 file 
(xiv) External Committees and Organisations
Reference: UC/AA1/1/13
UC/AA1/1/13/1   10 September 1949 – 16 July 1973
Papers of the Catholic Education Council, including correspondence with Ushaw College on school inspections and the designation of the college as an effective school, as well as inspection forms and statistics
2 files 
UC/AA1/1/13/2   21 December 1964 – October 1967
Papers relating to the University and Church Students Seminar held in Allen Hall, including correspondence between Ushaw College and the archbishop of Liverpool, Upholland College, and other universities
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/13/3   19 July 1975 – May 1976
Papers of the Bishops Working Party on Adult Education, including correspondence, reports, and printed information leaflets
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/13/4   28 May 1977 – 19 March 1979
Papers of the Catholic Teachers’ Federation of England and Wales, mostly correspondence between Mrs Winifred Wood and Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA1/1/13/5   November 1994 - November 1995
Papers of the Seminary Staff Association, mostly minutes of Annual General Meetings and notes from conferences
1 fie 
UC/AA1/1/13/6   March 1999
Papers relating to the Catholic Partnership of Lifelong Learning and its report on the audit of the Catholic Church’s provision of adult education and formation, including a copy of the report, and audit date for all Catholic educational organisations in England
1 file 
(b) Strategic Planning
Reference: UC/AA1/2
UC/AA1/2/1   [?late 19th century] - October 1996
Constitutions of Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA1/2/2   September 1995
“Apostolic Visitation of St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw by the Right Reverend Vincent Logan”
1 report 
UC/AA1/2/2   September 1957 – 25 May 1999
Papers on proposals and initiatives introduced at the college to improve the quality of seminary training offered at Ushaw, including copies of papal documents, conference papers, reports, notes, memoranda, and correspondence
4 files 
UC/AA1/2/3   January 1973 – 16 December 1982
Papers and general correspondence relating to the expansion project and proposals from various organisations, religious societies, and other groups, including Castle Head Field Centre, the Claretians, Underlay tenants, St Leonard’s Catholic Comprehensive School in Durham, Redemptorists, the Human Rights Society, Gateshead Social Services, Calced Carmelites, the Cheshire Foundation, and Manpower Services
2 files 
UC/AA1/2/4   20 March 2000
Strategic plan reports for 2000-2003
2 reports 
2. Management of the Junior Seminary
Reference: UC/AA2
(a) Amalgamation of the Junior Seminary
UC/AA2/1/1   11 April 1969 – 16 December 1970
Minutes of the meetings of the Junior Seminary Committee
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/2   October 1969 – March 1972
Reports compiled by the Junior Seminary Committee
3 files 
UC/AA2/1/3   11 April 1969 – 27 November 1971
Papers, mostly correspondence and memoranda, concerning the work of the Junior Seminary Committee and the proposed amalgamation of junior seminaries
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/4   1970 – 13 March 1975
Financial papers relating to the proposed amalgamation of the Junior Seminary with Upholland
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/5   1 July 1970 – 11 April 1973
Papers of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Junior Seminary, including correspondence, forms, and prospectuses
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/6   March 1971 - 1974
Papers of the Committee on Priestly Training/Committee of the Northern Province on Priestly Training, mostly minutes of meetings and reports, on the amalgamation of the Junior Seminary with Upholland:
UC/AA2/1/6a:1 November - 31 December 1971
UC/AA2/1/6b: 7 January - 26 June 1972
UC/AA2/1/6c: 5 July - 27 December 1972
UC/AA2/1/6d: 7 January - 6 June 1973
UC/AA2/1/6e: 6 July - 5 December 1973
UC/AA2/1/6f: 4 January - 20 June 1974
6 files 
UC/AA2/1/7   March 1972 – April 1975
Papers relating to the use of the vacated Junior House for the Lisbon Archive, including Lisbonian Society reports, as well as architects and engineers reports
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/8   May 1972
Inventory of the Junior House, including lists of items (furniture etc.) in each room
1 notebook 
UC/AA2/1/9   1973 - 1975
Papers, including minutes of meetings and reports, of the Academic Working Party overseeing academic issues in the amalgamated seminary
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/10   September 1974 – 15 February 1975
Papers of the Pastoral Working Group overseeing the amalgamation of the pastoral programmes of the Upholland and Ushaw seminary
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/11   14 September 1972 – 20 May 1979
Papers relating to the establishment of the Upholland Theological Institute, including consultation reports, position papers, minutes of meetings, and correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA2/1/12   October 1974 – 21 January 1975
Papers, including minutes of meetings and memoranda, from the Spirituality and Life-Style Working Party
1 file 
(b) Other Papers
UC/AA2/2/1   13 October 1952 – 9 September 1973
Circular letters and papers from Ushaw College to the parents of junior seminarians concerning parents’ day and other matters
1 file 
UC/AA2/2/2   3 April 1955 – 10 November 1959
Papers, mostly notes and reports on proposals for a new Junior House at Cornsay
1 file 
UC/AA2/2/3   1964 – 1973
Papers relating to the day-to-day administration of the Junior Seminary covering a variety of topics, including rules and regulations, timetables, the ‘School-Professor’ system, lists of prefects, and other matters
1 file 
3. University of Durham Papers
Reference: UC/AA3
(a) Collegiate Papers
Reference: UC/AA3/1
UC/AA3/1/1   8 May 1967 – 6 October 1971
Reports and minutes of meetings relating to the establishment of Ushaw College as an affiliated college of the University of Durham
1 file 
UC/AA3/1/2   28 February 1977 – 20 April 1979
Correspondence, mostly between Ushaw College and the University of Durham, relating to the merging of the colleges of St Hild and St Bede and the establishment of an Institute for Christian Education
1 file 
(b) Degree Administration
Reference: UC/AA3/2
UC/AA3/2/1   23 November 1951 – 30 July 1968
Papers, including reports and correspondence between Ushaw College and the Warden of the University of Durham mostly concerning the question of sending Ushaw students to the University for degree courses
Includes a typescript handlist of correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/2   30 May 1972 – October 1978
Papers relating to negotiations between Ushaw College and the University of Durham concerning a proposed Licentiate in Theology/CNAA/Certificate of Theology
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/3   23 June 1986 – 25 June 1993
Minutes of meetings of the Committee for the Certificate in Theology, with associated papers
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/4   7 May 1987 – 1 June 1990
Papers and correspondence between Ushaw College and the University of Leeds concerning validation for a new BA degree in Theology and Ministry
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/5   2 February 1989 – 27 March 1990
Papers relating to negotiations between Ushaw College and the University of Durham towards a new BA degree in Theology and Ministry
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/6   1993 – 1999; 2003 – 2005
Documents collected for periodic reviews of degree courses
These are mostly copies of papers located elsewhere in this section
3 files 
UC/AA3/2/7   1 March 1993 – 5 February 1999
Minutes of meetings of the Theology and Ministry Consultative Committee
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/8   1995 – 2001; 2007 - 2011
Papers and correspondence between Ushaw College, St John’s College and the Wesley Study Centre, mostly concerning the administration of the BA and MA in Theology and Ministry, as well as the revalidation of the BA course
3 files 
UC/AA3/2/9   25 November 1998 – September 2010
Papers of the Theology and Ministry Joint Working Group, including assessment criteria, module information, dissertation proposals, and notes
2 files 
UC/AA3/2/10   1998/99 - 2010/11
Minutes of meetings, with appendices and associated papers, of the Theology and Ministry Joint Working Group:
UC/AA3/2/10a: 1998/99 - 2004/05
UC/AA3/2/10b: 2005/06 - 2008/09
UC/AA3/2/10c: 2009/10 - 2010/11
3 files 
UC/AA3/2/11   21 February 1989 – 20 August 1997
Minutes of meetings, with appendices and associated papers, of the Theology and Ministry Management Committee
1 file 
UC/AA3/2/12   1994 - 2011
Minutes of meetings, with appendices and associated papers, of the Theology and Ministry Joint Management Committee:
UC/AA3/2/12a: 1993/94 - 1996/97
UC/AA3/2/12b: 1997/98 - 2000/01
UC/AA3/2/12c: 2001/02
UC/AA3/2/12d: 2002/03
UC/AA3/2/12e: 2003/04
UC/AA3/2/12f: 2004/05
UC/AA3/2/12g: 2005/06
UC/AA3/2/12h: 2006/07
UC/AA3/2/12i: 2007/08
UC/AA3/2/12j: 2008/09
UC/AA3/2/12k: 2009/10 - 2010/11
11 files 
4. Registers
Reference: UC/AA4
(a) College diaries
Reference: UC/AA4/1
Lists of professors and seminarians by form (class), including enrollment number and name. Where known, the place of origin is included and, for those training for the priesthood, positions of responsibility (sacriston, infirmarian, curator of the museum etc.) and current degree of ordination. The date of ordination to the priesthood is only given if the seminarian completed his course at Ushaw and no distinction was made between lay and clerical students until 1878.
For a complete list of seminarians and their respective dates at Ushaw (including whether they were ordained) see the Ushaw Roll Books.

UC/AA4/1/1-2   1794 – 1887; 1794 – 1921
Indices to college diaries
2 volumes 
UC/AA4/1/3-5   1794 – 1863
Ushaw College diary (No. 1) and two draft manuscript volumes
Includes entries for Crook Hall
4 volumes 
UC/AA4/1/6-7   1863 – 1884
Ushaw College diary (No. 2) and draft manuscript volume
2 volumes 
UC/AA4/1/8   1882 – 1921
Ushaw College diary (No. 3)
1 volume 
UC/AA4/1/9   1921 – 1958
Ushaw College diary (No. 4)
1 volume 
UC/AA4/1/10   1959 – 2011
Ushaw College diary
1 volume 
(b) Roll Books
Reference: UC/AA4/2 See also College Diaries

UC/AA4/2/1-3   1794 – 1903; 1903 – 1969; 1969 - 1974
Ushaw rolls (vols I - III)
Volume I includes Crook Hall
Lists of students, compiled retrospectively, of seminarians including roll number, name, diocese, years at Ushaw, and ordination date (if applicable)
3 volumes 
UC/AA4/2/4   1794 – 1966
Ushaw priest rolls
Lists of priests who were ordained at Ushaw College, or spent some part of their seminary training there, including roll number, name, diocese, years at Ushaw, date and place of ordination, and date of death (where applicable)
1 volume 
UC/AA4/2/5   [early 20th century]
Admission register
Includes list of students and roll number
1 volume 
UC/AA4/2/6   19 November 1868
List of staff and students (in number order)
With manuscript additions
Printed by “The College Press”
1 printed item 
Donated by Anthony H. Greenwood, 22 August 2021
(c) Class Lists
Reference: UC/AA4/3
UC/AA4/3/1   1826 – 1849
Ushaw College class lists, including class and names of students arranged by year
1 volume 
UC/AA4/3/2   1868 – 1946
Lists of professors and students and their respective classes (arranged by year)
1 file 
UC/AA4/3/3   1891 – 1994
Miscellaneous extracts from class lists
1 file 
(d) Junior House Registers
Reference: UC/AA4/4
UC/AA4/4/1-2   1858 – 1872; 1872 - 1882
Class lists, including forms and names of students (arranged by year)
2 volumes 
UC/AA4/4/3-6   1861 - 1872; 1872 - 1882; 1903 - 1934; 1944 – 1965
Junior House enrollment registers, including name, place of origin, date of arrival, and age on next birthday
4 volumes 
(e) Other Registers
Reference: UC/AA4/5
UC/AA4/5/1   1828 – 1845
Register of burials in the cemetery at Ushaw College, arranged by year, including date of death, date of burial, and officiating minister
1 volume 
UC/AA4/5/2-6   [1910 x 1940]
Name and addresses of seminarians
5 volumes 
UC/AA4/5/7   14 September 1956 – 6 May 1966
Alphabetical index of students
1 volume 
UC/AA4/5/8   1973 – 1986
Annual statistics of staff and student numbers at Ushaw College, broken down by diocese, religious order, year of study, postgraduate, and teaching/non-teaching staff
1 file 
UC/AA4/5/9   1969 – 1996
Admission book of Ushaw students transferring to the University of Durham colleges
1 volume 
5. Ordination Records
Reference: UC/AA5
UC/AA5/1   1793 – 1842
Ordination register, including date of ordination and list of ordinands arranged by degree
1 volume 
UC/AA5/2   1856 - 1979
Volume entitled “Liber Confirmatorum”
Register of confirmations at Ushaw College, including date of confirmation, name of candidate, religious name, and patron
1 volume 
UC/AA5/3   1906 – 1986
Volume entitled “Liber Ordinum”
Register of ordinations at Ushaw College, including date of ordination, officiating minister, and list of ordinands arranged by degree
1 volume 
UC/AA5/3a   1910 - 2011
Register of the names of ordinands undertaking the Profession fidei (Profession of faith)
Includes copies of the profession to be recited
1 volume 
UC/AA5/4-6   1890 – 1909
Ordination licences, including name of candidate, parents names, diocese, degree of ordination, date, and names of officiating minister and bishop
3 volumes 
UC/AA5/7   July 1910
“List of names of those students who have resolved not to touch spirits for five years after the day of their ordination”
1 notebook 
UC/AA5/8   1950/51 – 1980/81
Ordination papers, arranged by academic year, including litterae dimissoriales and notes of Ushaw students ordained to the deaconate and priesthood
2.5 boxes 
UC/AA5/9   [1953] - 1994
petition formulae
1 file 
UC/AA5/10   1963 - 1977
Rough notes and statistics relating to ordinations at Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA5/11   23 October 1976 – 21 February 1980
Correspondence, mostly between the presidents of Ushaw College, and the diocesan bishops, on arrangements for particular students to be ordained
1 file 
UC/AA5/12   1971 - 1977
Papers, including notes and canonical documents, relating to practices and procedures for student ordinations and ceremonies
1 file 
6. Officers' Records
Reference: UC/AA6
(a) Presidents' Records
UC/AA6/1/1-10   1951 – 1982
Presidents' notebooks and diaries, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties:
10 volumes 
UC/AA6/1/1   25 November 1951 - 24 March 1953
Nov 25th, Sunday. Refers positively to Mgr Mcreavy (LLMcR) broadcast, but G. Benson nervous; “refused him last hour off”.
Nov. 26th, Monday. Letters received about broadcast, possibility of more frequent broadcasts from Ushaw. YCW visitors becoming too frequent. Visited RG in Shotley Bridge hospital.
Nov. 27th, Tuesday. Refers to average marks in mid-term exams. Philosophers were given the middle hour off. Canon Mahoney advised that he knew of no law prohibiting non-tonsured students attending University. Fr. Fitzpatrick staying overnight.
Nov. 28th, Wednesday. Philosophers’ Feast Day - given bus tour of Barnard Castle and Alston as treat. LLMcR brought BBC cheque for £16-16-00; gave him £6-6-0 Preachers honorarium and said that future broadcast honorariums would go to College in its entirety. Attended feast and entertainment; parody not in best taste.
Nov. 29th, Thursday. Philosophers are given morning off. James Colling reported for sleeping in for meditation, told to leave Ushaw on Saturday. Visited hospital with VP, RG up and dressed.
Nov. 30th, Friday. Refers to doctor's advice not to call ambulance unless patient cannot travel on bus. Mr Benson was advised that parodies should be omitted from Feast concerts in future.
Dec. 1st, Saturday. Sympathetic letter received from Warden of Durham Uni, suggesting meeting. Bequest £400 received in memory of former student to help educate son of Officer or war widow. RG’s tumor “innocent”. Bishop requested prayers for Fr V. McClean who had peritonitis.
Dec. 2nd, Sunday. Attended Junior Sem play Puss in Boots.
Dec. 3rd, Monday. Notes visitors from Carlisle. Fr O’Connor gave address to Divines on his classes for Converts. R. Morrisey asked about leaving; advised to wait until Christmas.
Dec. 4th, Tuesday. Attended “very enjoyable function” for Chaplain of Provost at the Cathedral in Newcastle. Daniel Lyonnette wants to leave; told to return in a few days for discussion.
Dec. 5th, Wednesday. Profs. complaining about food in the Ref. being repetitive and limited in variety.
Dec. 7th, Thursday. RG discharged from hospital and installed in the Infirmary. D Lyonnette advised to stay a while.
Dec. 8th, Friday. Feast of the Immaculate Conception, procession and Benediction.
Dec. 9th, Saturday. Prayers for His Majesty’s recovery. Gave suggestions for varied diet based on monthly non repetitive menu.
Dec. 11th, Tuesday. Students given morning off, bonfire that evening. Bitterly cold.
Dec. 14th, Friday. Suspicions of “unseemly conduct” of some Syntax boys in the dormitory; not healthy.
Dec. 17th, Monday. Meeting with University – no objection on principle of Ushaw students studying there but difficulties in the detail.
Dec. 18th, Tuesday. A Williamson told President he has no vocation; agreed without question. R. Morrisey still unsettled and wants to leave.
Dec. 19th, Wednesday. J. Dunne being sent away because of bad conduct, “asked if I would consider letting him come back until midsummer as a church student! Told him writing to his father.”.
Dec. 21st, Friday. Divines finished exams and given time off until 6pm. Worry over RG’s double vision; still in infirmary. M. Hoban reported for insolence in dormitory; he was told that if there were any further complaint he would be relieved from his position as Sacristan.
Dec. 23rd, Sunday. Reading up at 12.00 House given time off until 6.55pm when Choir practice was held.
Dec. 24th, Monday. Syntax concert. Difficulties in getting flowers for the altar; made do with holly and a few flowers from the greenhouse.
Dec. 25th, Tuesday. Said two Masses around midnight (Deacon put back empty ciborium into tabernacle). At breakfast had to speak to A. Goundry re his refusal to follow request of RS. House dinner included turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, fruit and wine. Forty farm turkeys were cooked previously. Concert in Hall very good.
Dec. 26th. Busses departed to take students home from 7.45am. Trouble with Parlour Staff according to PO, but Kate then gave him her side of the story! House beautifully quiet.
Dec. 29th, Saturday. Saw Sister Hilary about Benediction but said no girls to sing!
Jan. 8th, Tuesday. Joseph Dunn to take up offer to return until midsummer. Servants Christmas Party. Meal 6pm, slow service of soup and main course. Beer and cordials, Ginger wine to hot for Ladies. Vote of thanks for speech made by G. Dixon seconded by P. Seed. Entertainment started 8pm. Dances not so popular (records poor and need careful planning in future) Games popular: husband and wives musical chairs, parcels with balloons, blindfold men feeding one another (very amusing), songs by girls and self. Auld Lang Syne 11.15pm last dance 11.45pm.
Jan. 11th, Friday. Presidents 49th Birthday. Professors returning today. Complied list of those who have abandoned studies. Rev P Dirven, Mill Hill, came from Burn Hall to start teaching practice. Surprised and sorry to see that M. Cunliffe has returned. New Divine, Patrick Desmond, Salford.
Jan. 12th, Saturday. Saw M. Cunliffe, told him of Bishops decision to drop him and tried to explain why. Advised him to think of religious life instead of priesthood. Took it exceedingly well.
Jan. 14th, Monday. Divines asked for an Examination half day: granted. Rev. E. Carson had interview in Durham re Diploma of Education course; seemed happy with how it went but could not say yet whether they can take him. Further discussion regarding Durham course.
Jan. 15th, Tuesday. M. Mallinder decided to leave on advice of confessor, did not press to stay. M. Leigh having seen Doctor, able to lead normal life, but not burn the midnight oil. Saw Leigh and arranged for him to have a week to get back on his feet, also to have milk in mid-mornings.
Jan. 16th, Wednesday. Letter from Bishop approving Durham course. Frank Sharratt taken to Dryburn Hospital, appendicitis diagnosed, transferred to Minories for operation the following morning. Cunliffe leaving on Saturday for trial with the Oratovians. “Felt very sorry for him: so earnest and grateful yet odd.”
Jan. 23rd, Wednesday. Saw Michael Courtney: arranged for him to go on Saturday.: informed Bishop. Frosty but ice unfit for skating. Chef strongly objecting to extra work: had meeting with him and Lister; no satisfactory arrangement. Saw J. McCabe and D. Velande about reports.
Jan. 24th, Thurs. Visitors for lunch and to see the Sisters. Sr. G cannot manage maids under her. J O’Connor had words with chef. Sem on pond until 4pm.
Jan. 25th, Friday. Snow from 7am ‘til 11 am. PO trying to smooth out troubles with maids and bakers! Philosophers sweeping pond at 12noon. Sem and Grammar on pond and studies off until 4pm. Syntax told no private skating until House on the pond.
Jan. 27th, Sunday. Heavy frost. Middle hour given off as another perfect day. On pond in afternoon: trains. PO finally made arrangement with chefs for them to do sweets on two more days.
Jan. 28th, Monday. Greek Playday. Aristotle. Mr A.W. Godfrey visited, told of approach to Durham, he showed great interest. Snow fairly thick. On pond in the afternoon: frequent sledging required but ice unimpaired.
Jan 29th, Tuesday. PO saw me about men’s wages: rates of builders going up 3d per hour and that taken by RG as basis for others; yet some workmen do not deserve even what they are getting. Told him to talk it over with P. Seed and if any doubt wait until RG returns. PO satisfied with talk with PS.
Jan. 30th, Wednesday. PO told me Geo R. acting suspiciously in Playroom yeaterday: saw him but no admissions. Decided to dismiss him. Gave middle hour off for skating. Turned bleak by 5pm gale and fog.
Jan. 31st, Thursday. Snow overnight with drifting. Top road blocked. Katie Meaghan died this morning at Little Sisters Sunderland. PO phoned them to assur..e Ushaw would guarantee expenses for her funeral and to arrange Mass.
Feb. 6th, Wednesday. Learnt from PS of announcement of sudden death, during his sleep, of His Majesty King George VI. Flag at half-mast. Saw LLMcR who told me cannot have public prayers or mass unless directed by the Bishop. Attended Rhetoric’s speaking day.
Feb. 7th, Thursday. Total wages for the year £17934 (apart from £3588 from farm) Total income from pensions £45,289.
Feb. 8th, Friday. Bust of (Lincolus) commissioned, advised to take insurance against incompletion. Bp. Gave directions for Benediction and prayers for the Royal family and the new Queen Elizabeth. Told F. Sharrat he may go home tomorrow for a fortnight.
Feb. 10th, Sunday. Visit of Sir George J. Lynskey.
Feb. 12th, Tuesday. Accepted invitation to Catenian dinner. Met with RG and PO to inform RG of decisions made in his absence; he readily agreed with them. Had a heavy fall while skating.
Feb. 13th, Wednesday. Stiff and sore after fall. RPR received word that his father had died in his sleep; very upset, left on the 9.15 train. RG told him G Rowntree had been to see him, swearing never took anything: RG standing by PO’s decision.
Feb. 15th, Friday. Students requested time off for funeral of the late King: refused. Went to Chapel at 1.50pm, had Rosary for bereaved Royal Family and new Queen, 2 mins silent prayers followed by De Profundis for the Holy Souls.
Feb. 18th, Monday. Letter from Prof. Eaglesham regretting that cannot get grant for Rev. E. Carson for Teaching Diploma Course. Replied that will take it nevertheless. RG told be that Mgr. Cogan had asked that G. Rowntree be given another chance, but had explained the circumstances to him. RG thinks will have to engage someone in his place; I advised seeing if we can do without for the time being to save expense.
Feb. 19th, Tuesday. HMI arrived to attend Rev. P. Diven’s classes. Attended Catenians Dinner at Garden House, Durham with LH, driven by JB. Afterwards sang two songs and replied to Bro President’s speech. Very enjoyable.
Feb. 21st, Thursday. Philosophers mid-term examinations; fairly good results.
Feb 22nd, Friday. PR asked if could use influence with Bailiff to secure Cricket ground across the road, with permanent pitch; told him Bailiff unlikely to sacrifice grazing ground but would see RG.
Feb. 25th, Monday. Cock Vacation. Perfect day for football. Bp. Sent instructions re teaching of Scripture also had letter from Cardinal asking students to join in Novena to Bl. Cuthbert Mayne for a St. Edmund’s student with TB. Saw LS about PR’s suggestion re cricket ground; he went over to examine ground and feels it would be difficult to level. Visitors for dinner followed by performance of HMS Pinafore: good but soloists not what they were in 1922!
Feb. 26th, Tuesday.Visitors arriving from 5pm included the Bishop with P. Cronin and Mgr. Cunningham. Spoke to Bishop of staff difficulties; Bp. said would have to drop doubtful students more quickly.
Feb. 27th, Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. Bishop distributed ashes. Bishop read through rough copy of Relatio. 3 Big Lads refused permission to go to Durham to see a French play with JG.
Feb. 29th, Friday. Tl came to see me about his future. Is very happy here but Prior OSB has suggested he go to India to direct Theological Studies of native students in new priory opened there. Asked him to let me know what he is doing by Easter. JG unwell advised him to see Doctor on Tuesday.
March 2nd, Sunday. Quarant Ore begun. High Mass 10.00, Bl. Sacrament removed. Gave middle hour off. Fair number making visits in free time. ET came to tell me cannot agree to give information through student that advised to leave; would endanger the seal: had seen other confessors and they agree with him. Tried to argue with him as sure some misunderstanding but he is sure I am seeking the unattainable and not facing facts. Somewhat heated on both sides before the end.
March 4th, Thursday. Information received from Catholic Councillor in Brandon that Ministry of Works intend to use land from Whitehouse Lane to Bushy Hill for opencast coal site. Very concerning!
March 5th, Friday. OTW phoned, position not as bad as thought yesterday: letter to council not saying that going to work the land but prospect there for opencast coal. Phoned Bp. Re developments.
March 8th, Saturday. Bishop Beck requested information re grants for students from LEA . RF brought copy of Times Weekly Review requesting that Big Lads be able to read it; newspapers forbidden in seminaries, he suggested that LLMcR should try to get around the law. Do not want to do this as once one allowed the principle is gone. WM mentioned at dinner in Ref that thinks things going well in College but Sem. not showing good order and discipline: Profs do not seem to be connecting as they should.
March 10th, Monday. P. Driven went by car to Durham to meet Mr. Hunt of Cambridge Education Faculty who is coming to attend his classes. Called Mr Colgrave to see if anything being done about approach to Durham.
March 13th, Thursday. Nuns at Dipton requested a visit to pray at the relics of Pius X. Refused but piece of a collar of his shirt to be sent after verified by Bp. Spoke to LS of WM’s feeling that Profs in Refectory not keeping boys in check nor perfecting order or manners. He not surprised: WM and PR still feel it a great imposition and advised seeing them. Visit by two Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries.
March 17th, Monday. Went to wish Rev. Mother and Srs. A happy feast. Arranged meeting re Refectory. Difficulties between “damagers” and RC, Green room in terrible condition with things missing. Used to be no antipathy, perhaps faults on both sides.
March 19th, Wednesday. Monthly Holy Hour to be held on 3rd Wednesday of every month. Went to Grammar School for St. Cuthbert’s Dinner.
March 20th, Thursday. St Cuthbert’s Feast. Mass said by Bishop. Refused Middle House time off. Meeting with NCB regarding pond. Mr Collins suggested laying out as landscape garden – ET told him to think again! They stated that not obliged by law to restore if amenity. Collins asked for a month to look into it and make recommendations.
March 21st, Friday. St Cuthbert’s playday. Letter from Sir James Duff saying that he consulted Classical Professors who regret they can not make more allowance than one paper in ten for Scholastic Philosophy. Seems to be an end to our scheme. Very disappointing.
March 22nd, Saturday. Peter Ward is to leave the college on the advice of his confessor. Cat commenced in college.
March 23rd, Sunday. High Mass. Ordinands completed forms; signed in President’s presence.
March 24th, Monday. Met with Profs. who dine in the Refectory. Considered reasonable that they have a day or two off but must arrange replacements themselves. Other practical suggestions: plates for gravy jugs, light 1st course with heavier 2nd and serviettes in boxes on tables.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/2   1 March 1953 - 21 June 1954
Mar 5th: A series of notes found by J.G. showed that two Grammarians had been “having gay time in a dormitory”, and he was told to see them.
March 12th. J.G. satisfied that “they were innocent of the real evil involved”. He was convinced that they “should all have individual instruction on these matters”, and was asked to see to it, spreading it over the course of a year.
March 13th. Whole house present for a showing of the film Behold The Man, Westminster Players’ Passion Play, inclusive cost £5.5s.
March 17th. Lecture by Prof. (Miss) Toynbee, who “started immediately without introduction: lasted 1. 20 mins until 9.20”. [probably Jocelyn Toynbee 1897-1985, Professor of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge and co-author in 1956 of The Shrine of St. Peter and the Vatican Excavations]
March 24th. “Very warm day, like summer. Cat in full swing”.
March 25th (Palm Sunday). Ceremony at 9.15: finished at 11.50. “Mr. Perry[?] sang his Gospel beautifully. Choir responses in Passion seemed to me much too slow & to have missed the spirit of the composer. Bishop departed 3.10 pm”.
March 30th. “Retreat going well. Had to tell Mgr. that we at the back missing much of what he says: fortunately he is a humble man!”.
April 1st. “Mgr. V. Johnson finished retreat at midday & went off on 1.14 train to London (car took him down). A very earnest, charming, humble man”.
April 7th. “Took…. copy of Attempt to recover St. Cuthbert’s Body in 1957 for typing”.
April 8th. “Rise at normal time (6.15). Weather perfect again. Correspondence all morning… Resisted temptation to play Cat!”.
April 9th. “Fine morning but chill in the breeze. Feeling very much on edge. Correspondence keeps coming in…. In afternoon, looking for work, took rake onto terrace to rake over the gravel”.
April 10th. visit in the afternoon from four Verona fathers. “Left at 4.50, very impressed and grateful”. “News of Rev. F. Sole’s death. R.I.P: a great lover of Ushaw!”.
April 11th. “Got copies of Attempt on St. Cuthbert’s Body from office & stapled them… Raked again on the terrace in a strong gale: students passing seemed impressed & amused!”.
April 13th. In car to Leeds for Rev. Sole’s funeral: arrived at Sacred Heart Church at 10.50. “Large attendance of clergy… Bishop Petit preached the panegyric, a very moving personal tribute to Frank Sole’s innocent loveable priestly character”. Left at 3.15 after lunch, “Beautiful night for drive back, here at 5.40”.
April 14th. sudden death at Ushaw of Canon Edward Towers, the college’s Spiritual Director.
April 15th. “Tried to get going on panegyric...”. “Got a little further with the p. in afternoon but felt it was very poor stuff. Almost in despair took to V.P. at night who thought it grand!! Feeling dead beat but had to keep going”.
April 18th. Funeral of Edward Towers. Following day “Felt reaction very strongly: quite dull witted and depressed all day”.
April 21st-22nd. Negotiations to resolve objections raised to the use by R.G. of choir-men for an opera. Though voices were primarily for the choir, that was not their exclusive purpose, and opera rehearsals were to carry on.
April 23rd. Went to Scorton to ask Mgr. Tindall to be the new Spiritual Director. Diffident as to his qualification for the post, he was left to consider the matter. Returned to Ushaw, Informal concert by orchestra after supper: “quite good”.
April 24th. Further objections to R.G’s opera, in this case regarding the participation of younger boys. Though it was better not to use Little Lads, individuals could take part if it was thought they would take no harm.
April 25th. News of death of Rev. Hugh Dowd.
April 27th-29th. discussion by letter with the bishop as to whether appointment of the new Spiritual Director should be by the diocesan bishop and college president, or by the bishops generally.
May 1st (Friday). “Philosophers Playday as Custodians of the Games”. “Heard that High Figures showing no interest in Cat: went over to watch them & indeed they were poor”. Failure of Bainbridges to turn up and install a TV, “to the disappointment of the enthusiasts”.
May 2nd. Considering installation of an internal telephone system with automatic switchboard: would cost £1000, but a second-hand system if it could be found might be installed for £400-£500. New TV could not be made to work satisfactorily and was taken away: “Cup-final on wireless”.
May 4th. TV set installed at 5.0 from Durham and “more-or-less satisfactory”.
May 6th. Divines Feast. “One bus going to Fountains Abbey, two to Brancepeth”.
May 11th. Greek Playday. Philosophers and Big Lads game, a close finish 14-13.
May 12th. “Kitchen garden needs organising: much more money going in than value coming out… Menus getting too stable”.
May 13th. Oak blocks from old smokeroom being relayed on floor of new classroom, in converted bootplace.
May 14th-15th. Visit from Picture Post journalist and photographer, to document stick-making and a Little Lads game that was stopped and held as required for photos.
May 16th. Coronation preparations: “Work proceeding on bonfire, but still a long way to go… phoning all around country for fireworks, but seems none to be had”.
May 20th. Shown plans for extensive restoration work on the pond, at a cost of £8000.
May 25th. Whit Monday. “Twelve large bus loads of visitors”. Severe thunderstorm in the afternoon: St. Thomas’ chapel flooded, visitors detained, all lights fused. Trial by Jury and Cox & Box performed by candlelight in the evening.
May 26th. A further performance of the operas: “lighting improved them considerably”.
May 29th. more work on the Coronation bonfire, “reaching climax: now about 50’ high”, with some concern as to its stability. Bishop’s commitments too heavy for him to come to light it.
June 1st. concerned to hear of “growls” by Divines during dinner, partly at mention of the President’s name – apparently in response to disappointment at denial of a playday and at not being consulted on the Coronation celebrations.. Concert in Hall at 8.0, with entertainment provided by all parts of House excepting the Juniors. Afterwards investigating the refectory incident and certain Professors’ complaints: “mostly little things… magnified and multiplied by too much talk. To bed at 12.30, but no sleep.”
June 2nd. Coronation Day. “Profs. all full of the magnificent TV programme… Arranged for broadcast of Queen’s speech to hall”. Constant rain diminished by the evening. Torchlight parade down drive at 9.30, Divines set off the fireworks, bonfire lit electrically at 10.15. “The whole 60’ soon a terrifying mass of flame, a most wonderful sight”. Auld Lang Syne and God Save the Queen sung at 11.0 before march back to house.
June 4th. Corpus Christi. To Otterburn in the afternoon for opening of new church.
June 6th. “Had a good talk with R.G. How loyal he is! Thank God for one rock in a sea of uncertain friends!” (Profs’. grievances a continuing concern).
June 8th. Admonished Divines on the refectory protest, and received an apology in the evening, “the Divines clearly surprised that the matter is taken so seriously”.
June 15th -17th. Excursion to Harrogate for celebration of 18 of the Old Schools’ Silver Jubilee in priesthood.
June 23rd. To Liverpool for the funeral of Archbishop Downey.
June 30th-July 1st. Scythe in need of grinding, so sent to joiners (much scything lately and into July). Several tractor lessons on the farm road at various times of day.
July 7th. Film Elizabeth is Queen shown in hall at 8 p.m., and afterwards to the maids.
July 16th. Archbishop Simonds [?] met at Durham and driven to the college in Daimler for a visit. Atri Brown brought his completed bronze bust of Lincoln, “set up…temporarily at far end of museum. Is a real work of art…”.
July 17th. Divines Reading Up: “spoke on need to husband their time; silence; waste espec. of electricity”.
July 20th. Grand Week begins, visitors arriving from soon after lunch. Trial by Jury and Cox & Box performed in the evening.
July 21st. “Fine morning. Nearly 120 masses at 30 altars”. Cat game at 10.30, cricket stopped by shower, concert at 8 pm.
July 23rd. Many visitors and Profs. departing in the morning, after previous day’s prizegiving etc..
July 24th. Catching up with correspondence, including sending the Apostolic Delegate the “rather conflicting” available evidence as to Cardinal Merry del Val’s Tonsure and Minor Orders.
July 27th. Cutting the Bounds with farm’s tractor in the afternoon, then bishop and around 50 clergy arrived to begin retreat.
July 31st. “Retreat ended, & clergy departed with amazing alacrity after dinner. Got the tractor & cut the Sem. bounds”.
Aug. 1st. “Delightfully quiet and peaceful”. Considering a suggestion that “our chapel problem” might be solved by making a crypt under St. Cuthbert’s, but examination had showed the foundations to be solid up to floor level.
Aug. 3rd:. Bishop Grimshaw arriving with clergy for second retreat.
Aug. 5th. Departed for Lourdes via Durham (“Large crowd to see pilgrimage off”), Folkestone and Boulogne.
Aug 6th-13th. At Lourdes. On the 8th “Ushaw scouts joined the pilgrimage (Divines) on duty with flasks of water for those who felt faint”. Daily Masses in Grotto, upper and Rosary Basilicas. Stay protracted by a rail strike: “everyone quite happy” to spend longer at Lourdes apart from some concerned about growing sort of cash. Departed by bus on the 14th as trains still not running: back at Ushaw on evening of the 16th.
Aug. 26th. Left for home after days largely of recuperation and gardening.
Sept. 7th. Back at Ushaw. Wimpey’s work on the pond is well under way.
Sept. 10th. Heavy and distracting work on the pond – bulldozer hired to level out the cricket crease so that removed clay could be tipped further away.
Sept. 11th. “Very satisfactory” auditor’s report for the year. Took photographs of the pond works for the magazine.
Sept. 17th-18th. Return of remaining students. Mgr. Tindall arrived to take up residence as Spiritual Director.
Sept. 24th-25th. Bishop of Leeds suggests Divines should receive catechetical training then be sent to local schools to practise. Visit on afternoon of 25th to Mgr. Cogan at Esh, who saw the suggestion as daft.
Sept. 26th. Tonsure in St. Cuthbert’s at 8.15: formerly only a few attended and “ceremony almost a farce”, but in the last few years it has become popular, first at St. Joseph’s then transferred to St. Cuthbert’s because of numbers. “About half the house attend and sing the psalms”.
Sept. 28th-29th. Several bishops present for meeting. Discussions about men leaving when well into their studies, “tempted by opportunities”, and on the risk posed by postgraduate study to vocations.
Sept. 30th. Met with Ushaw’s new Durham students, and advised them of their greater need there of spiritual safeguards.
Oct. 2nd. Pond being grouted: told Wimpeys engineer “our only concern whether ultimately will hold water”. £360 profit from bookshops shared out between nine college libraries and reading rooms.
Oct. 20th. To Birkdale for Ushaw Dinner.
Oct. 22nd. Scything almost daily. Agreed to take a student who had been discharged from Croft, but to be warned that he “must toe the line”.
Oct. 23rd. Afternoon visit to Mgr. Cogan of Esh, who in the morning had sent down relics of four saints.
Oct. 28th. To Shotley Bridge for Rev. J. Kelly’s Silver Jubilee celebration.
Oct. 30th. Feast of Douai Martyrs. “Discussed new and welcome ideas for two chapels in corner between the Holy Family and St. Michael’s”.
Nov. 4th-5th. To Birkenhead for funeral of Fr. Bob Bleasdale.
Nov. 8th. Met and showed around a journalist and photographer, proposing to visit many times to prepare an article “for an illustrated paper” on the production of a priest. To City Hall in the evening for a meeting to protest against the persecution of the Church, in particular in Poland.
Nov. 10th. “36 recalled to Durham for new X-ray, 4 priests, 22 students, 2 workmen, 8 maids… must be technical faults”.
Nov. 16th-18th. Requests for playdays refused, causing some disappointment and “caustic cheers from below” – but the expectation of days off about every fortnight needed to be broken.
Nov. 20th. New X-ray results in, one with opacities suggesting TB and another with a doubtful shadow.
Nov. 21st. Work still continuing on the pond. A machine for blocking the clay had been delivered and taken a week to assemble, but was only producing “a soft amorphous mass”.
Nov. 30th. Further unrest about lack of time off for Divines, including an “unexpected and annoying” request shouted across the lunch table.
Dec. 3rd. Proposal to install telescope at bottom of Bounds.
Dec.7th. To Birmingham to attend requiem for Archbishop Masterson.
Dec. 10th-14th. Intensified work on the pond, 24 workmen counted and 3 dumpers. Completion of clay lining expected in 3 weeks, stone walls in 6.
Dec.15th. Drove to see tailor’s house and shop. Condition too bad to be used as a place for Divines, so to be demolished.
Dec. 17th. To Langley Moor to collect a marble bust of Our Lady offered by Fr. McShane: “very beautiful and suitable for Seniors’ oratory”.
Dec. 23rd. Christmas post nearly complete. Doctor attended to see two students, “both poor propositions as both nervous and unlikely to stand up to future strain”.
Dec. 24th. Ordered St. Joseph’s to be decorated. St. Cuthbert’s already nicely done, but lacking holly chains as little holly remained after cutting down of many trees.
Dec. 25th, Christmas Day. Long High Mass at 10.30, singing excellent. Listened to Queen’s Speech between visits to nuns and to kitchens. Dinner at 5.30 “Turkey a little underdone, nuts ancient, otherwise good”: concert in hall at 8 pm.
Dec. 26th. Departure of students, with buses allowed to leave after 8.30 am. Largely quiet days thereafter.
Jan. 7th. Servants’ party in the evening, “about 130 for dinner; good meal but service painfully slow”. “Music superb”, prizegiving, “Last dance just after 11.0. But our own girls still going strong at 12.15!”.
Jan. 13th. Schools resumed.
Jan. 15th. Examined the college’s two relics of St. Thomas of Canterbury in response to a request received for one suitable for the altar stone of the altar of English Martyrs in the Basilica of Lisieux, but both were too small. Agreed to a request to provide singing for a BBC documentary on Holy Week ceremonies, provided it could be pre-recorded. Gale force winds: window of the Seminary’s Lady Chapel blown in.
Jan. 18th. Visit to Bishop Auckland for a meeting to settle the boundaries of the new parish of St. Philomena’s, St. Helen’s Auckland.
Jan. 28th. in Liverpool for enthronement.
Feb. 1st. “A perfect winter’s day”. Still no water in the pond: discussed letting baths water in to facilitate skating, but decided there would not be enough for a covering. “After lunch went down to see sledgers and could not resist one run with Juniors and then one with College”. One sledger with badly fractured leg was kept at County Hospital, two more with broken bones were at the infirmary.
Feb. 9th. Directed Prefects that sledging was to stop for present, as by now there were nine students with fractures (one leg with triple fracture, other leg fractures, two ankles, shoulder etc.), two of them detained in hospital.
Feb. 11th. Rough plans seen for two new chapels, Douai Martyrs and St. Pius X.
Feb. 19th. Visit by Mgr. Smith to hear choir and make selection of pieces to be broadcast.
Feb. 20th. Bottom of pond is at last well covered – “looks wonderful to see the unbroken stretch of water again, and the reflection of the whole front in the water”.
Feb. 25th-26th. Plans proceeding for the college to be represented by a stall at the Religious Vocations Exhibition.
Feb. 27th. agreed to the case of Miss W.D., “as bad as can be”, being made the object of a novena for cure to forward the cause of Cardinal Merry del Val. On March 3rd, notices posted in all playrooms and leaflets given out at dinner.
March 2nd. Bright sun, hard frost: Seniors and Little Lads skating on pond in the morning. Big Lads presented a play, Peace in Our Time, after dinner.
March 15th-16th. Disappointment that water appears to be leaking from the pond, where work continues. Meeting with representatives of Wimpeys and the NCB on 22nd: anxious to sure the leakage, but no idea of how.
March 24th. BBC officials to lunch, choir recorded in St. Cuthbert’s in the afternoon (see Jan. 15th).
March 25th. Evening production of Our Lady’s Tumbler by the Philosophers.
March 31st. Preparation for Vocations Exhibition stall, viewing models and looking around the college with the artist for fit subjects for painting.
April 4th. Passion Sunday, set apart by instruction of the Bishop and the Council of the Holy Father for prayers for Catholics in countries where the Church suffers persecution.
April 5th. Attended opening of new church at Backworth.
April 7th. BBC’s Holy Week documentary broadcast at 4 p.m., bringing several telegrams and subsequent letters of appreciation.
April 10th. discussion re. Vocations Exhibition, planning to prepare around 100,000 copies of Ushaw’s handout.
April 19th. Easter Monday. Most Profs. leaving by breakfast time, large crowds of visitors to see students from 9 a.m. onwards.
April 29th-May 1st. visit to Dorchester (Old Brotherhood meeting – appointed auditor) and Epsom.
May 5th. Divines Feast. Several sets taking coaches to Brancepeth and Durham golf courses, others to spots from which to walk.
May 11th. To Palace Hotel, Birkdale, for Ushaw Dinner, attended by 90-100.
May 12th-14th. Lay Scholarship not to be awarded this year, as none of the three candidates had reached the required level.
May 17th. Wrote attempting to reassure Bishop concerning Divines who were taking jobs during vacations, a custom since the early war years; “motives good, can see no harm, provided job suitable & requisite safeguards”.
May 22nd. To Vocations Exhibition in the cab of a lorry, eight Divines in the back with College model.
May 23rd. Ten buses taking all to the Exhibition, in grounds of Good Shepherd convent, followed by an eleventh with the maids. Queue four deep and over a mile long at times.
May 30th. Final day of Exhibition, which had recovered from heavy flooding on the 28th; 20 Divines selected by lot to travel there by coach and man the stall.
June 8th. First diocesan rally of the Catholic Nurses’ Guild held at Ushaw, with about 200 attending.
June 17th. Rejects proposal to arrange a pilgrimage to Lourdes for boys the following year, on grounds that it would set too costly a standard for holidays and that if parents can spare the money it should go towards the boys’ education.
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UC/AA6/1/3   22 June 1954 - 31 December 1955
June 23rd-29th: Compiling lists of new students, and revising timetables for the new year. Visit from school party including possible vocations.
July 1st. Visit to see infiltration plant of swimming bath at St. Bede’s, Bradford. Stopped on way back to look at Darlington public bath: same system, using 40 tons of coal a week.
July 3rd. High mass at Sacred Heart Convent, Fenham, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of their arrival in Newcastle.
July 4th-13th. Mostly confined to bed with painful lumbago, slowly easing.
July 16th. Divines’ Reading-Up. Rest of day off for them after a talk returning to the issue of their conduct in the refectory.
July 19th-22nd. Grand Week. Big Lads’ play on 19th, sports, entertainment in hall by Philosophers on 20th (“thought it poor, but the visitors seemed to enjoy it”), prizegiving and dinner on 21st, buses leaving on morning of 22nd.
July 26th-30th. 45 priests staying for a clergy retreat led by Fr. Benignus of Minsteracres.
Aug 2nd. Discussions of the kitchen garden (“getting out of hand and not worth the money going into it”) and of a request from the maids for a board allowance during holidays – “seems unreasonable”. Start of a smaller retreat led by Canon J. Cartmell.
Aug 5th-12th. Pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Aug 31st-Sept. 6th visit home.
Sept. 7th. Death of Miss Winifred Dixon. Funeral at Esh Church on the 10th, with burial in Langley Park.
Sept. 13th. Work begun by Clarkson’s on the Seminary ballplaces.
Sept. 17th. Professors and students returning, number now 390.
Sept. 19th-23rd. House retreat, led by a substitute as Mgr. Gilbey, who was to give it, fell ill on the first evening.
Sept. 26th. Ordinations in the morning. 26 for I and II, 26 for III and IV Minors, one subdeacon, 19 deacons. Refused Divines the last hour off as the playroom floor was littered with ash and cigarette ends from their smoking before the ceremony, gave playday for the next day once they had cleaned the room.
Sept. 28th. Meeting of bishops at Ushaw. Agreed that students wishing to work in vacations would receive permission from their Bishop through the President. New maximum for Profs’ salaries, of £90 after 12 years from ordination. Archbishop Godfrey remained until the 30th, “seeing everyone and everything” and clarifying his intentions for his fund, a fifth of the proceeds of which after his death were to benefit the college.
Oct. 4th. afternoon visits to Clare Abbey and Scorton.
Oct. 6th-9th. To London – New Southgate, St. John’s Wood, Muswell Hill church, Dorchester.
Oct. 11th. Received letter denying a request for a fifth Sister to share duties.
Oct. 12th-13th. Had to talk to two students about their seeing too much of one another. Wrote to Rev. M. Sweeney rejecting his suggestion that, in view of the difficulty of reaching good standards at grammar schools, “O” level Latin should be acceptable for boys entering Philosophy.
Oct. 21st. Accepted suggestion that some Philosophers be allowed to help with the harvest, and 12 of them were released at 10.15 to collect sheaves of oats for stacking. Went to see them in the afternoon and joined in for an hour.
Oct. 25th-26th. To Liverpool for People’s Eucharistic League meeting.
Oct. 29th-Nov. 9th. Numerous sicknesses, and several interviews with students wishing to leave. Bishop “not at all upset” and counsels against pressing any of them to stay. Much inclement weather, but Philosophers starting to help with potato picking when it was good enough.
Nov. 4th. visit by Mass Radiography Unit. Only five recalled later for second X-ray.
Nov. 21st. to Newcastle City Hall for a lecture by Bishop Heenan on Catholics and Our Lady.
Nov. 22nd. saw D.M. about his proposal to write a history of the college for his degree thesis, for publication in 1958.
Nov. 23rd. visit from Bishop Heenan, who was not in good health and proved too unwell to attend the evening’s celebratory dinner.
Nov. 25th. Cases of ‘flu increasing daily, around 30 now in the infirmary with few further beds available.
Nov. 28th. 90 in bed with ‘flu, but no staff members so far. Room for worst cases only in infirmary, others filling east dormitory.
Nov. 30th. still more ‘flu cases. Epidemic at peak with 145-150 now in bed, filling Infirmary, East Dormitory, Paradise and Sem. Dormitory. Numerous Divines and others appointed to help sisters care for them all. “All the staff still on their feet, & students most anxious to see some go down!”.
Dec. 8th. 'Flu largely over. Day off for college and special evening devotions in celebration of Centenary of Definition of Dogma of the immaculate Conception and to mark the close of Our Lady’s Year.
Dec. 16th. Special refectory dinner given to the 19 Divines who had helped care for students during the ‘flu outbreak.
Dec. 25th. Christmas Day. To bed at 2.30 after masses and Lauds in Rood Screen, visits through the day. “Listened to Queen’s Speech, excellent & Christian”.
Dec. 26th. Concert in Hall at 5.15, singing good but let down by Divines’ contribution – “two futile & inaudible sketches… just buffooning & getting cheap laughs”.
Jan. 4th 1955. Servants’ Party with good dinner in refectory – chandeliers bedecked with balloons – dancing and a variety of games with prizes.
Jan. 13th. Perfect conditions on the pond after several days of heavy frost - around 130 skating there by 3 p.m.
Jan. 16th. “A grand big crowd” of Divines, Philosophers and Big Lads at work in the early evening clearing 6-8” of fresh snow from the pond. Next day “could not resist the temptation to give a skating playday”, though with some remedial brush and shovel work still required.
Jan. 18th. Discussion of the way train formation on the pond was improving now, after years in which only restricted stretches have been available for skating.
Jan. 19th. Helped Philosophers to level off some rough patches on the pond, on a day when ice was softening. Expressed concern to the choirmaster about changes he had introduced in the Christmas and New Year music, and agreed on returning generally to the old forms of responses.
Jan. 24th. Funeral at Esh of Mgr. Hugh Cogan of Esh Laude.
Jan. 27th. Plans begin to produce a leaflet on Cardinal Merry del Val to mark the 25th anniversary of his death, on February 26th.
Feb. 2nd. Many staff off to Sunderland for cup replay. Too unwell from a chill to go despite receiving two tickets as a surprise gift.
Feb. 7th. Received a pile of letters sent to one of the students by a maid with whom he had been “in close intimacy”. The student, “very open & ashamed”, was told to leave in two days, the maid was to be sent away.
Feb. 9th. Replacement oak confessional installed in Oratory. Discussions on possible expansion of the college, by way of a new building “some distance away” for juniors, with the capital reserve and bishops’ contributions going toward funding it.
Feb. 10th. Placed an order for 10,000 copies of the Cardinal Merry del Val leaflet.
Feb. 12th-13th. legal difficulties arising re. the college’s notice to quit to Hankeys of Cornsay House Farm.
Feb. 17th. Philosophers reminded that they were not allowed to visit local houses for tea.
Feb. 18th. Helped Philosophers to clear snow from the pond. Fr. M. O’Connor visited to give a talk to staff and senior students on the Catholic Enquiry Centre and the work it hoped to do in the diocese.
Feb. 20th-22nd. Further work and play on the pond. Big Lads presented the play Dial M for Murder on evening of 21st, “well spoken tho acting dead”.
Feb. 24th. Cardinal Merry del Val leaflets sent with accompanying letter to 720 Ushaw priests, and given to the House, Professors, maids and nuns.
Feb. 26th. 21st anniversary of Cardinal Merry del Val’s death, and the first day of the novena, seeking success for his cause and, through the favour of his intercession, for the diocesan drive for conversions beginning on March 6th.
March 4th. Took some leaflets to Esh Convent. Trying to establish when the college took St. Cuthbert as patron – narrowed down to between 1837 and 1840 – which raised the further question of when and by whom the college crest was designed.
March 7th. Divines’ playday, pond unfit for use hence permission was requested to go to Durham Ice Rink; refused, even if a private session were available. Breakages in the Refectory taking such a toll as to prompt consideration of plastic crockery.
March 22nd-25th. discussions with and about G. C., responsible for a Church History course, who had been approached by Notre Dame University, USA, to teach there – a good teacher and would be hard to replace, though he had never properly settled in at Ushaw and was a doubtful influence on younger Profs. and students.
March 30th. Estimate received that £100,000 would be ample for the new building for juniors. Wrote to Bishop of Lancaster in annoyance at his recommendation of Fr. B. Monaghan for Thistleton after the college had spent over £1000 on his course at Cambridge.
April 2nd. bishop replied allowing Ushaw to have him.
April 9th. Revised figure of £130,000 - £150,000 received for the new Junior House - bishop considered this much too low and suggested £300,000.
April 11th. Easter Monday. “Professors moving off early. Visitors arriving equally early” – buses from Preston, West Timperley, Halifax, Dunston etc.
April 23rd. Returned from three days visiting London, Dorchester and Manchester, to concerns about Big Lads’ discipline and some communications between Philosophers and maids.
May 2nd. to Wallsend, to assist in resolving a dispute as to the boundary between St. Columba’s and St. Aidan’s – map examined, site visited and a report drawn up after return to Ushaw.
May 4th. Divines’ Feastday. Some on coach to Warkworth etc., some going to Brancepeth or Durham for golf, some taking bus for a long walk, before feast at 4PM.
May 10th. To Harrogate for the School Dinner, where those present included one J. Wilson “making his first appearance since left us in Low Figures in 1917”.
May 17th. Visit from Rev. Frowin Oslender (?), monk of Maria Laack, OSB, who was travelling to photograph miniatures in liturgical books of the first millennium. Fr. Frowin demonstrated some of the photos to Divines in a talk on the 19th.
May 21st. To Grammar School, Newcastle to interview prospective church students. 30 attended, 18 were accepted – “some grounds for turning down lads seemed almost unfair… there seemed to be the impression that as we have so many applicants we can afford to reject more”.
May 24th. NCB geologist had tried and failed to find a nearby spring that might be used to feed into the pond. The only hope for such a project would be to bore below the mine workings, at a cost around £3000 and with no certainty of success.
May 27th. Group Captain Leonard Cheshire arrived at the college, “immediately making deep impression on everyone” and visiting chapels and infirmary after dinner. Spoke to House in Hall the following day, “a modest but most impressive account of how he got the faith and subsequent development of his famous homes”.
May 30th. Whit Monday, large numbers of visitors all day. Play, The White Sheep of the Family, presented by Philosophers at 8 pm.
May 31st. Departure of Captain Cheshire.
June 2nd-19th. Correspondence and discussions with bishop over students wishing to work during vacation, with assessment of individual cases - two refused.
June 3rd. Visitor from BBC. President expressed reservations about broadcasting from Ushaw - should not be frequent, and should avoid the big feasts.
June 22nd. visit to Vocations Exhibition in Leeds.
June 23rd. new student numbers now in from every diocese but Liverpool, and down on last year’s intake in every diocese but Leeds.
July 5th. Mr. F. Wrangham and daughter Eva left the Lodge ending a 56 year tenancy.
July 18th. Monday of Grand Week. Visitors arrived shortly after lunch, three bishops present at dinner in refectory. Entertainment in Hall at 8.00 “excellent fare, choir, instrumentalists, soloists, short plays”.
July 19th. Council meeting in morning. J. Linnell accepted as new treasurer, but an objection was raised to the president’s proposed new auditor to take his place, and an alternative candidate elected – “in my experience the first time the Council have voted against the express wish of the President”. 147th birthday of the college, with the Philosophers’ play The White Sheep of the Family presented at 8 pm.
July 29th. Visit to Holy Island, going on to Lowick (“amazed by the renovations there”) and calling at Whittingham on the way back.
Aug. 4th. Departure for Lourdes, on 11.30 train from Durham (“Large crowd at station to see pilgrimage off”). Nearly 500 in party including 63 sick. At Lourdes evening of 5th until morning of 11th.
Aug. 15th-23rd. stay at Buntingford with several visits to convent.
Aug. 24th. to Chirton to deliver sermon at opening of new church. “Extremely fine church… Excellent. But reproduction of Our Lady of Help, tho’ best I have seen, far short of the original”.
Sept. 16th. Reopening of college, professors returning. Floor of Divines playroom newly polished, and a new wall there replastered just in time.
Sept. 20th. Circulation to bishops of proposal for a new Junior House, with its current cost estimate of £160,000, plus £30,000 if a swimming bath and covered playground were included.
Sept. 27th. meeting of bishops. Proposal for new Junior House to be deferred – vocation numbers in flux, Upholland not full, financial difficulties – if the matter were raised again, the possibility of using some existing building should be considered. President “not particularly anxious” at the deferral, but felt that some move should be made in good time to provide the greater number of priests who would be needed in ten years or so.
Oct. 13th. attended opening of new Oriental School at Elvet Hill. Met Atri Brown off train at Durham, who after dinner and prayers showed a model of the reredos for the Douai Martyrs chapel.
Oct. 19th. Electricity failure due to storms – House meditated in dark, extra candles used for Mass, carried on normally thereafter with power restored around noon. Working daily on paths around pond when weather permits.
Oct. 24th. Meetings on parish boundaries in Bishop Auckland and Darlington. Church visits including new church currently being built at Woodclose.
Oct. 31st. Tuberculosis skin test given to whole college – faster than expected using new multiple puncture method, 350 in first hour and all finished by noon. Cornsay House Farm case hearing in Durham in the afternoon - decision later.
Nov. 5th. Doctor read responses to BCG test – “surprised at number of negatives, 176 among students”.
Nov. 6th. To Newcastle City Hall in the evening to hear a short address by Bishop Heenan on the Love of God.
Nov. 7th. Old Boys’ Dinner at the County Hotel in Durham. “About 60 there: poor meal, good speeches”.
Nov. 9th. Visit of miniature radiography unit. All students and maids seen, but few staff.
Nov. 12th. “Life pleasantly quiet at present, no external engagements, no heavy pressure of work, no great anxieties. Calm before storm?”.
Nov. 13th. LLM’R attended SCM Brains Trust at Neville’s Cross College by invitation to give Catholic standpoint. Attacked by Prof. Kenton Davies, a Baptist, on grounds of only being there to put forward propaganda. Two letters of apology later received.
Nov. 14th. Concern about expressions of greed in Refectory, including old habit returning of “sending out for more flakes before used what had”. Saw three students after supper, one given last chance to see someone about his vocation, a second told that he was on final trial, and a third about his interest in jazz.
Nov. 16th. BBC engineers arrived in the morning for radio broadcast from the college at 4 PM.
Nov. 23rd. Philosophers’ Feast. Party went in bus to Hexham and Alnwick, back for feast at 4 PM. “Professors enjoyed some of remnants”.
Nov. 24th. Squally showery day. Philosophers given morning off, but a party of them then reprimanded for spending it together with radio blaring. Question raised about whether keeping Little Lads from football on their half-playday was an acceptable use of their powers.
Nov. 25th. Requiem and funeral of Bishop Shine in Middlesbrough.
Nov. 29th. “[F]our unbroken weeks of study (except for afternoon of broadcast) and yet no request for studies-off today: reason prevailing?”.
Nov. 30th-Dec. 7th. Working almost every day in the Bounds, sometimes with assistance, whenever weather (mild but sometimes wet) allowed.
Dec. 8th. Consultation with solicitors about Cornsay House Farm. Tenants told that the college intends to plough a field there on the 14th, and will apply for a writ if refused access.
Dec. 9th. Fire in a Top Gallery room, probably started by a maid’s use of electrical appliances. Some damage to books, and more use of water than was needed by Profs. “who lost their heads”, but damage was successfully limited and the fire extinguished by when fire brigade arrived.
Dec. 10th. Sole clerical attendee at a Durham University conference to discuss schools’ problems in preparing 16 year olds for jobs in industry.
Dec. 12th. Water rationing introduced in the surrounding area, with two or three stand pipes in each village and house supplies cut off. College not directly affected, but has stopped baths and urged economy.
Dec. 17th. opening of new church, St. Robert’s, Fenham. “Very pleasing church” but “very unceremonious ceremony”.
Dec. 20th. most Christmas cards despatched. Snow several inches deep. Advised against having Holy Hour the next night as “many Profs. in ugly mood, mainly it seems because of shortage in studies-off since beginning of November”.
Dec. 23rd. Middle hour off for Divines, afternoon off for House. Divines warned against any repetition of singing carols in the refectory.
Dec. 24th. Reading-up at noon, last cards sent off. Concert given by Grammar in hall before dinner, and a play by Syntax there afterwards. Two Masses in Oratory at midnight.
Dec. 26th. “Buses from 8.30. All soon away” and a quiet end to the year.
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UC/AA6/1/4   1 January 1956 - 17 September 1957
Jan. 27th. Having staff discussions about housekeeping arrangements. Too few nuns.
April 4th. Wednesday: Mr Atri Brown visited and Percy Brunsgrove. Stayed to dinner.
Apr 7th. Saturday: Report of death of Ushaw Moor priest (Fr OTW?) Fr Oswald Whitaker.
Apr. 9th, Monday: Procurators from Wonersh and Upholland arrived for meeting.
Apr. 25th. Wednesday: Report of visit to final of Police Association Championships. Durham Police beat Staffordshire Police 1.0. One of the visiting inspectors collapsed and died during the match. Tea laced with rum at half-time. An Inspector Scott is mentioned.
May 31st. Thursday: Corpus Christi General and Lady Festing at diaconate ceremony as guests of bishop.
Sept. 3rd. Monday: Returned from vacation. Auditors in College.
Sept. 7th. Friday: Mr Ferguson explained the balance sheet to me £5,000 down on year due to increases in price of food, wages and farm losses.
Sept. 10th. Monday: Total students 372 + 31 staff.
Oct. 11th. Thursday: N.C.B. Opencast officials to look at damage to buildings in view of suggestion of opencast working on four of our fields.
Nov. 8th. Thursday: Mass Radiography Unit here. Driver ran van into plantation beyond arch of drying grounds and took all college workmen and Spillers lorry to drag out.
Nov. 23rd. Got report on miniature X-ray: all clear 30th RPR did stencil of Latin & English forms of petition for Introduction of cause for Cardinal Merry del Val December 19th Sent off second lot of petitions for introduction of cause of Cardinal Merry del Val to Rome. A large box from Atri Brown containing a beer mug (wonderfully packed) bearing my name & college crest & date: like wise a coloured photo of his Lady of Sorrow for A.Ps church in Liverpool.
Jan 14th. During absolutions Bp given note that four priests on way to Requiem in accident. Fr Geaney killed Frs Higham Walsh & Conway hurt.
Jan. 16th. Letter from Mother General that Sisters to be withdrawn in six months when students go home in July.
Jan. 21st. Completed draft of appeal for fund for installing running water in rooms to mark 150 years in 1958.
Jan. 24th. Leter from Superior General of S Hearts of Jesus & Mary regretting have not the nuns to spare for a community here.
Jan. 25th. Wrote to Mother General of Sister’s of Charity of St Paul.
Jan. 28th. Letter from Sec General of Sisters of Charity of St Paul. Mother General on way back from Africa, not holding out much hope but sympathetic. Wrote to Sisters of the Temple, Holland Park.
Jan. 31st. Encouraging sympathetic letter from Rev M of Sisters of the Temple: but my letter passed to M General on France.
Feb. 4th. Letter of regret from Mother General 0f Sisters of the Temple – shortage of of Sisters & vocations – closing down houses of their own.
Feb. 5th. Bp promised to write to Apostolic Delegate to see if any suggestions for nuns.
Feb. 8th. Received in vitiation card for enthronement of Archbishop Godfrey at Westminster on Monday.
Feb. 11th. Ceremony of Enthronement from pre-reformation use at Canterbury.
Feb. 15th. Sent out more enquiries to convents. Bp sent me two addresses from Apostolic Delegate one in Canada.
Feb. 18th. Spoke to Divines at 11.15 on spirit of obedience & silence in refectory.
Feb. 22nd. Letter from Mill Hill Sisters to L.S. (whose Sister is in Order) giving some hope of being able to send sisters.
March 13th. Prepared materials for sending out the appeal for the fund for 1958.
March 15th. No direct word from Mill Hill Sisters L.S understands that though would hope we got someone else would reconsider if we couldn’t.
March 21st. Began working though Directory of Religious and writing to all possible congregations to see if willing to come here.
March 22nd. Meeting of 1958 Celebrations Committee at 8.00 “did not make much progress”.
March 24th. Saw L.H about LL McR. Suggestion of a “Sonne et Lumiere” production for 1958. Talked over possibilities, sounds promising.
April 8th. Letter forms Superior at Beulah Hill: Poor Sisters of ST Catherine of Sienna : anxious to accett offer to come but must consult M.General.
April 17th. Leter from Bro Superior at Beulah Hill’ the Itallian Sisters should be good at what they have to do themselves (tho’ unskilled) but no use for supervising!
April 19th. Good Friday. House rise at 7.00 Devotions 7.30 Breakfast 8.00 Matins & Lauds 9.15 over 10.55 Had practices at 11.00 for afternoon ceremony Rosary 12.00; lunch (house dinner) 12.15 Ceremony at 3.00 over 4,45 Tea immediately Dinner 6,30 Kissing of relic of True Cross 9.15.
April 24th. Srs expressed willingness to come if can wait until summer 1958 tho had been some suggestion of two or three coming immediately.
April 25th. Wrote to Bp asking if he would write to M, General Wexford asking her to leave nuns here for another year.
May 13th. Had P.O. & R.G. in my room to talk over water works scheme: suggested getting going immediately using some reserve capital to build baths and showers. Suggestions that might have a second architect under Burke who would be more on the job. P.O & R.G thought it impracticable. R.G undertook to tell Burke that we have not been satisfied with his attention to chapels before broaching the extension of the scheme.
May 25th. Group Captain Cheshire here, has come for the weekend. Came before lunch with Squadron Leader Rush.
May 26th. Cheshire at all the spiritual duties of the day. Between times chatting with the various Profs always to some purpose. Took him over to Seminary ball place at 8.45 for chat with youngsters. Took procession at 8.30.
May 27th. Gave play day in Cheshire’s honour at 9.15 (after litanies this morning). Cheshire attended “ringing out” and said a few apposite and witty words. He left at 10.00: most of the house at gate to cheer him off.
May 31st. V.P good news that Rev M at South Shields would like to send 2 sisters but must consult with M.General (Dengel) and Council.
June 9th V.P. went through after lunch to South Shields and brought Sr Anne (Superior) and Sr Pauline( Sister General of Novices). We showed them round before Vespers and after. Talked to the two sisters of our difficulties for next year. They were inclined to welcome our suggestion that if they sent two sisters they should keep a general eye on things besides looking after the sick : to take mater to M.General.
June 18th. Letter from Mother Dengel trying to send us two nursing sisters for a year.
June 24th. Rev. M. phoned to say M.Genral had written asking when the nuns going; that M ??? had said on August 12th and had rebooked them for then. I told her I agreed with what ever they had planned.
July 5th. Erection of reredos in Douai Martyrs chapel. Mr Dunlop and his men under the Mr. Brown’s direction.
June 17th. Good news from Wexford, Srs Imel & Joseph to come back next year and help during the year as long as we need them.
June 19th. R.H to go to see Son & Lumiere at Greenwich. Today the College 149 years old. 21st Grand Week Sunday. Bp agreed to jubilee celebrations for our people, though Sunday July 20th the best.
July 22nd. Grand Week Monday. Concert in Hall 8.00 to 9.25.
July 25th. Thursday Said Community Mass at 6.30. Saw the buses off (they all turned up in spite of the strike and several students took cat sticks in case stopped by pickets!).
July 29th First pries retreat commenced. About 50 here.
July 31st. All ready by 6 pm when setting off for Newcastle with R.G. & T.C in car for the Car Ferry Train en route for the continent & Rome.
Aug. 29th. Return a day later than we should have done having mistaken date of reservations on boat and train.
Sept. 12th. Mr Burke about new chapels and N.T.O installation. Did not get much further.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/5   18 September 1957 - 10 May 1959
Sept. 22nd. Sister Catherine got news that to go as superior in South Shields on October 15.
Oct. 5th. VP took Srs Josephine & Sister Catherine to South Shields.
Oct. 7th. To Wallsend for opening of new church at 7.30.Large attendance of clergy. Church impressive.
Oct. 11th. First results of S.C.S. circular for Jubilee Fund coming in. L.H seeing Mr G.Taylor about possibility of Son et Lumiere.
Oct. 16th. News of the date of consecration of Auxillary Bp. Cunningham fixed for Nov.12.
Oct. 18th. Jubilee fund reached £7,000.
Oct. 21st. In afternoon took Rev E.S to Newcastle to see V.G. then on to ??? to see PB. (who I thought looked very poorly. ???said someone will have to tell him that will not be fit to carry on with his work). Bp confirmed that wants DP. Cunningham to stay here temporarily.
Oct. 27th. Had meeting after tea of Celebrations Committee. Gave them outline of programme which they approved.
Nov. 14th Mass radiography unit here today.
Nov. 19th. Saw Mr Burke also about altar for Celebrations Rally, furnishings for Douai Martyrs altar.
Nov. 20th. John Rossi here in afternoon taking more photos including myself and Bp in robes. Broadcast of Vespers of St Cecilia at 4.00pm excellent transmission. Bp. pulling LL McR’s leg about broadcast (in which he acted as celebrant).
Dec. 14th. Sr Katherine left us at 11.15 to become Superior at South Shields. V.P. took her through.
Dec. 29th. All four nuns off to S Shields at 10.30. S Brennan took them through & brought them back ?? here at 9.00pm.
Jan. 22nd. BP. Cunningham phoned to tell me to go ahead with invitations for the celebrations.
Jan. 31st. Letter from Archbp., Liverpool. Too complicated to have Westminster, Liverpool & Delegate at same ceremony. Hence should not ask all hierarchy & Westminster and Ap Del to be invited to separate functions.
Feb. 1st. Wrote to Westminster about Rally & Grand Week asking about Delegate.
Feb. 6th. News of sudden death of Mr Robert Burke our architect.
Feb. 7th. Letter from Westminster suggesting invite Delegate for Rally and he to come on Tuesday of Grand Week and pontificate on Wednesday.
Feb. 17th. Letter from Apostolic Delegate agreeing to sing High Mass on July 20th
March 5th. Bp McCormack’s funeral at cathedral. Interment in Ushaw cemetery.
March 15th. Completd Grand Week lists :480 in total.
March 24th. First batch of Grand Week acceptances April 14th All Grand Week acceptances should be in by today - 268 so far. Mr Passmore & Mr Age from Thornes Electric to discuss Son & Lumiere 28th Fund reached £20,000 today.
June 2nd. Mr Atree Brown had arrived with the carvings for Pius X chapel. Fund reached £25,000 3rd Mr A Brown & D Brown men from White’s supervising erections of carving in Pius X chapel 4th Mr A Brown early at work. White’s men came at 11.00 but Mr D Brown did not show up. White’s brought only the outer frame for door of the casket. The carvings all in place by lunch, looking really well.
June 5th. Phone Bp about the dedication of Douai Martyrs chapel. L.H. had scruple when getting into bed last night that not allowed to dedicate altar to Beatr???? without indult. LL Mir ?? confirmed it. J.Lily suggested happy solution of introducing St George as patron of Douai. Unfortunately the relics sealed. Bp accepted change will reopen relics. S.H. made out new parchment.
June 6th. Consecration of Douai Martys & Pius X chapels at 9.0
July 19th. Saturday 150th birthday of the College. Bp came early and sang mass at 7.45. Son & Lumiere at 10.30.
July 20th. Bp 6 for Pont Mass at 8.00. Procession of clergy at 3.30. Mass started punctually at 4.0. Son & Lumiere at 10.30. Grand send off for the Delegate at 8.30 21st Dinner in refectory at 6.30 sitting 400. Light entertainment in the marquee at 8.30. Son & Lumiere at 10.30. Considerable numbers from outside, directed by Phils to far side of pond.
July 22nd. Mass at 6.15 Three rounds of 35 for visitors, Commemorative meeting in marquee at 8.30. Archbishop Mathew on first 100 years, Canon R W Meaghan on last 50 years. L.L. Mir on the present. B. Mountgomery the layman’s view (with special reference to the fund!), Mgr Scott on the Spirit of Ushaw, Archbp Godfrey on the future. Son & Lumiere commenced after the meeting. Large crowds on far side of the pond from outside. Finished 11.55 then to Bounds for fireworks.
July 23rd. Pontifical High Mass by Archbp Westminster 10.30 (Bp Parker sang Pont Mass in St Aloysius) thus giving much more room for visitors in St Cuthberts. Son & Lumiere at 10.30.
July 24th. Off to Lourdes
Sept. 23rd:.On to cathedral to chapter mass & meeting where Bp Cunningham presented his bull of appointment o the diocese. News had come from Dryburn that Dr. C had found R.G had typhoid and must go to isolation hospital at Chester-le-Street. Dr Ludkin the medical officer arrived, saw P.D 7 me in my room. More anxious about the open drain than R.G. Saw R.G then went on to see the ???. R.G. despondent about having to go back to hospital but D.L saw no alternative.
Sept. 25th. Got P.O to phone Addison the estate agent to tell him of letter from Lanchester pressing for immediate decision on sewage.
Sept. 30th. Meeting with Archbishop - Delegation of powers to permit permission to read prohibited books.
Oct. 8th. Had the profs in my room at 11.15 to take anti-modernist oath. Then told them of the delegation to me of the power to permit students to read prohibited books. Insisted that only change in the position is that application to be made to me instead of to the bishop. Individual students must bring signed note from the Prof naming the book to be read and I must presume that Prof thinks it advisable that he should read the book and that is sufficiently formed not to take harm from reading it.
Nov. 4th. Allowed house to watch the coronation ceremony of His Holines John XX111 from 9.15 – 11.00
Nov. 7th. Fr McGrath spoke in Hall after supper on his experiences in China where was in solitary confinement for nearly 3 years.
Nov. 12th. Mass radiography here, got slow start about 10.125 but moved fairly quickly.
Dec. 9th. Agreed that we accept Siemens estimate for internal telephone system.
Dec. 24th. Mother Provincial arrived for Christmas.
Dec. 25th. Christmas day. Said two masses in the oratory. Rose at 9.30 .High mass 10.45 House dinner at 1.00.
Dec. 26th. Boxing day House rose at 7.0 Mass 7.30 Doors opened at 8.30. Some of the Divines had objected to the late start!
Jan. 12th 1959. Letter from Archbp Liverpool that has asked Mgr Breen to invite me and some of the Profs to Upholland to see what suggestions can be made for helping one another e.g. exchange of lectures, common examinations.
Jan. 15th. Hard frost and perfect winter’s morning. House on pond. Had an hour on the pond.
Jan. 16th. Dr Ludlam with Miss B??? here before 9.00 am for poliomyelitis infections, in Infirmary.
Jan. 19th. Installation of internal telephone system began.
Jan. 22nd: Dr Marshall neurologist arrived from London 7.00am. Dr Marshall spoke to Divines at 11.15. In afternoon to Durham to address Plumtree Soc at 5.9 back for dinner. Spoke again to Divines after supper.
Jan. 23rd. Dr Marshall left after breakfast.
Jan. 26th. Had a couple of hours on the pond this pm & after loosening up led trains one after another. Letter from Rev ??? suggesting should let him organise raising fund for redecoration of St.Cuthebrt’s. After consulting R.G. wrote to suggest leaving it as an objective for the Douai 4th Centenary in 1968. To begin collecting in 1963.
Jan. 27th. Mr Burke the architect here, saws him first about the wall in wash place in M.W then he came to my room and discussed the Crucifix for St Pius’ Chapel and the lights there and hangers for the cassock. After lunch took him to see the kitchen to get his ideas on that matter. Unfortunately forgot to rasie question of painting St.Cuthbert’s.
Feb. 5th. News of Mrs Brown’s death R.I.P.
Feb. 6th. Dr Ludkins and staff came at 9.0 for second Polio injection. February 7th said Requiem at 8.15, to cemetery where took burial.
Feb. 10th. Mr Brown here seeing about wastes for H & G. Brought hangers and stand for St Pius cassock but we could not get the casket door open - wood swollen.
Feb. 13th. Seems as if we are in for an influenza epidemic: started this morning with 10 9n bed. Dr C here in afternoon, thinks nothing to worry about.
Feb. 14th. Number in bed reached 26 this morning 16th Bp Leeds brought Pb Plymouth on first visit.
Feb. 19th. Fr McCarthy wished to see me about asking Bp Van Lierde to visit England & Ushaw. Told him would be welcome any time here & glad if he would give a talk on Cardinal Merry del Val.
Feb. 20th. Advised Srs against their inclination to inform Mother Provincial of accident to Sister Bridget: she bravely up and about tho obviously in pain.
March 5th. Still a few going into Infirmary from Seminary and temperatures high but not alarming. Saw P.O about maids from Ireland.
March 9th. Letter from Prior McCarthy of Austin Friars, Carlisle asking me to write to Bp Van Lierde about him coming to Ushaw and give talk on Cardinal merry del Val to students. With this invitation he might be able to persuade the Holy father to allow him to come to England for a few days.
March 10th. Leter from Mother Provincial of Medical Missionaries agreeing to provide nursing Sister and companion next year.
March 22nd. Rev R ?? to Dryburn as has viral pneumonia.
March 26th. Holy Thursday. House rise 7.0 Morning prayers and devotions 7.25. Breakfast 8.0. Matins & lauds 9.15.
March 28th. Holy Saturday. Quite a few in the infirmary with flu.
March 29th. Professor’s mass at 8.45 House mass 9.00 High mass 10.45. Went round the sisters with Happy Easter. Vespers at 4.00
March 31st. Most of the patients doing well. Said mass in Infirmary at 7.30. Dr C came at 11.30. Three can go home tomorrow but fear Paul Taylor may be sickening for something else.
April 1st. Mass in Infrimary. Dr C. here at 11.00, al can go home but Paul Taylor.
April 2nd. Phoned Mrs Taylor who prefers to come for Paul tomorrow.
April 7th. After mass heard the sad news of the sudden death of George Dixon our farm bailiff. God rest him. Has been in charge of farm for 41 years aged 65.
April 12th. Conducted Holy Mass for Sisters in their oratory 2.45 – 3.45.
April 21st. Heard that Frank Thompson dies at 3.30 this morning RIP. Left at 8.30 with RG & PO (in his car) for Upholland. Arrived 1.5 warmly welcomed by Mgr ??? and staff. After dinner shown round, tea another tour. Attended compline. Staff went for a ? at 9.45 and question of contacts between seminaries discussed. Agree that interchange of Professors not to be recommended. Suggestions to be made of interchange of Profas for oral exams, meetings of Profs of same subject; examinations of chosen few for diploma with views of recommending for Catholic Institute. Broke up ay 11.30. Housed on Archbishop’s suite.
April 22nd. After breakfast, Dr B. Forshaw took RG to see Canon Stephens at Providence Hospital
April 30th. Profs to see me to discuss statement of their occupations following results of the Upholland meeting.
May 3rd. Profs of Th & Ph getting worked up at having to give statements of their occupations.
May 4th. Saw PO and put a number of points to him 1. Arrangements for teachers meeting next Saturday, tea to be provided. 2. Grand week invitation cards. 3. Told of LH suggestions for offering some hospitality to outside visitors to Son & Lumiere. He approved my suggestion that we limit it to Sat & Sun nights and that we do the inviting. The Atlas people may bring their friends to see the performances and those they introduce to us we shall ask in for a drink. 4. Asked him to arrange for painting of the ante-chapel at end of May and front entrance before GW. 5. H.G should be finished by mid June urged him to get firm straight in after to do flooring on pallister and stairs. 6. A new carpet for the Parlour. 7. Sanctuary spotlights for St Aloysius chapel. 8. Told him to see about getting a firm to do Profs rooms that need redecorating during the holidays. He agreeable to all points. At 11.15 saw Profs of Theol & Phil. Spoke of what happened at Upholland and named three suggestions. 1. inviting visiting Prof for oral exams. 2. Profs of same subject to have meeting in one of the seminaries & discuss methods & problems. 3. A few of the bright students to sit special (?diploma) exam and end of theology and be trained for the Catholic Institute.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/6   11 May 1959 - 1 January 1961
May 14th. Diamond Jubilee celebration for Canon Burlee (?) in Darlington.
May 15th. Grand Week invitations written and addressed by Philosophers: 224 in all, with an explanation of why some would have to be accommodated outside.
May 21st: In morning to Harrogate for funeral of Mgr. J’s brother, killed in a car crash. Divines presented a play, The Caine Mutiny Trial, at 8PM.
May 23rd. A full day of interviews at grammar school, seeing 47 new candidates: 29 accepted absolutely, 6 more pending results of further enquiries. President “erred perhaps a little in favour of accepting”, in view of the need somehow to get more vocations and priests. Bishop very much in agreement on that.
June 3rd. School Dinner at Harrogate, then a meeting with Bishop Dominic Ecandem, Auxiliary of Calabar and the first native Nigerian bishop – “very charming man”.
June 14th. Appealers raising funds at five Benedictine parishes, Cleator, Workington, Whitehaven, Maryport and Frizington (May 28th entry) – returned at 11.45 PM, about £400 raised.
June 15th. “Numbers for next year becoming rather frightening”.
June 17th. BBC personnel arrived at 10AM for broadcast of Vespers at 4. List of nine prospective students received from Shrewsbury: further reports requested on seven from grammar schools, two from secondary moderns had no Latin and bishop was informed they could not be placed.
June 20th. “Great excitement on the front” for visit of Rev. Mother Assistant General and Mother Provincial, showed around next day: stayed until 26th.
June 21st. St. Aloysius’ Feast – lay-out in refectory “looked splendid: most colourful”, chef and kitchen maids had been up all night preparing.
June 29th. Procurating Officer told, after stresses and conversations over a period with interested parties, that arrangements had been made to replace him: seemed relieved and pleased.
July 5th. Stencils typed of a letter to lay students’ parents, raising their fees by £30.
July 6th. Urgent meeting called to register discontent over slow progress on new washroom floors and the quality of the work. A representative of the Durastic Co. undertook that bad work would be redone and the job finished in ten days.
July 9th-10th. Much renovation work – “miles of cables laid out inside and outside of house. Two loads of granite chips spread on terrace in afternoon to cover up the work of the new drain… Work begun on lino for Grand Staircase”.
July 15th . Went out after 11PM despite rain, to see the new lighting in the grounds and around the pond: “some remarkable effects”.
July 17th. Proposal made at meeting with Divines and Profs. that those in major orders should be released from fixed hours of work, so that they could learn to map out their days. President disagreed completely – “the need is to train them to do the things they don’t want to, regularly and as a duty”.
July 18th. Son et Lumiere show in front of the college at 10.30 PM, with visitors including a bus of La Sagesse nuns. Fountains in pond, “very smooth show: attentive audience… Much more extensive lighting than last year”. Further show the next evening “after engineers trying out all sorts of things all day” – “Clear sky, almost full moon, yet seemed to add to the beauty of the colouring” – and nightly performances until the 22nd.
July 20th. Monday of Grand Week, with visitors arriving from just after lunch. President “went in pursuit of two Big Lads who… were up to some mischief at end of museum” (where meals were being served through Grand Week) – “They ran up stairs and along Paradise, so I doubled back along the museum. But they spied me and ran along Hell, I after them bidding them come back. They fled on, but later came humbly to apologize for running away!”.
July 22nd. Final Son et Lumiere display, “as thrilling as ever”. “[L]ast wander round to see the old favourite views: a long last series of changes by Mr. Passmore on the front: and I was invited slowly to turn off the whole lighting from the dimmer board. A sad moment. 3.0 AM!”. Students mostly left the next morning, and a pantechnicon came to remove the lighting equipment after dismantling.
July 29th. To Woolton for funeral of Canon Stephens, who bequeathed his books and bookcase, cloth of gold vestments and silver chalice to Ushaw.
Aug. 13th. Cancelled Lourdes visit because of serious illness of Peter (very close relative?).
Sept. 10th. Death of Peter, “a wonderful peaceful, holy death”.
Sept. 20th – 22nd.. Included discussion and drafting of a plan to put to bishops for a possible new Junior House to increase accommodation.
Sept. 25th. Met with new Philosophers in middle hour, new Big and Little Lads after supper, and distributed cards to all to send home for approval of anti-polio vaccinations.
Sept. 27th. Ordinations: 20 for I and II Minors, 19 for III and IV, 4 for Subdiaconate, 15 for Diaconate. Sept. 29th. Meeting with bishops, who were adamant that priests should now be ordained at Trinity then stay on as students until midsummer. The President was reluctant to lose the tradition whereby priesthood marked the end of students’ time at Ushaw. The question of a new Junior House was deferred to a further meeting.
Oct. 2nd. Proposals discussed for work on swimming baths, perhaps to include Seminary central heating, and for modernising the kitchens.
Oct. 21st. Ushaw Dinner at Knight’s Club, London, presided over by the Cardinal with attendees including the Archbishop of Karachi and Mgr. Worlock.
Oct. 22nd. Visit in seven buses and many cars of Catholic Nurses’ Guild, who were holding their annual meeting at Whitley Bay: given a short welcome and a sketch of Ushaw’s history, then shown round by Divines.
Oct. 28th. Decided to make Douay Martyrs’ Feast a full playday and the beginning of a three-day mid-term break.
Nov. 1st. Bishop shown the Cornsay House Farm site proposed for a new Junior House: asked for figures, and for consideration of optimum student numbers and whether Ushaw might eventually be a major seminary only. Attended play by Syntax before supper and another by Grammar after – “some strong language used + many silences thro’ parts forgotten”.
Nov. 2nd. All Saints no longer a day off.
Nov. 9th. “Strong reaction in Parlour” to letters received from the Archbishop of Liverpool, the first relating the decision of a meeting of bishops on the 6th confirming intent to build a new Junior House at Cornsay, sharing maintenance staffs and some professors with Ushaw – the museum to become classrooms, and the Junior Chapel would not be required – and with further stipulations on how Ushaw should be run: the second questioning whether the seminary’s course was in touch with modern pastoral needs, and proposing a visit by bishops in the New Year to interview professors about it. General feeling at Ushaw was that the college should be left alone, or at least granted more consultation.
Nov. 12th-13th. Drafting reply to Archbishop, a forthright statement of Ushaw’s view of the proposed changes and restructuring.
Nov. 15th-19th. Continuing to talk over suggestions on how to respond to the bishops’ decisions, and to rewrite the letter accordingly: wrote to Cardinal requesting an interview for advice.
Nov. 22nd. Choir at Durham Cathedral for High Mass televised by Tyne Tees. “Programme well produced for first effort… but music not nearly as good or faithful in tone as BBC sound broadcast”.
Nov. 25th. Philosophers’ Feast, marred by “some rather vulgar singing” early on in the playroom and in coaches before they left. Letter received from Cardinal suggesting a visit to him on the 30th to discuss the bishops’ plans.
Nov. 30th. Consultation with the Cardinal at Westminster before and after dinner concerning the bishops’ proposals. Both agreed that the President should put Ushaw’s view to the bishops, suggesting that they build a new minor and major seminary to meet their requirements and leave Ushaw alone. If they were unwilling, the case should be made for whatever solution would do Ushaw least harm.
Dec. 4th. Concern that rain was not filling the pond as it should – apparently leaking. Several visitors from Durham for an evening lecture on “The Temple of Jerusalem, its Archaeology, History and Significance” by Fr. Roland de Vaux.
Dec. 7th. Reverend Mother seen, to express concerns about Sisters visiting students’ rooms and becoming familiar with them.
Dec. 9th-14th. Several meetings of professors to discuss possible responses, some initially extreme, to the bishops’ plans.
Dec. 11th. Visit from Dr. Grant of Gateshead, to address Divines on mental health issues.
Dec. 18th. President troubled by the resolutions from the recent series of meetings of professors –“an attempt to change much at Ushaw,” relaxing rules for senior students and introducing democracy into matters traditionally determined by the President alone. Dec. 25th. “Chefs carried in decorated turkey & flaming puddings: much gaiety & noise, carols”.
Jan. 5th. 1960. Return from New Year at home. Ushaw Servants’ Party.
Jan. 6th. To Shields for the Centenary High Mass of the Convent of Mercy.
Jan. 29th. Bishops at Ushaw for a meeting on its future: shown dormitories, which could not be turned into study cubicles as proposed other than by expensive alterations and reduction of student numbers. Theology and Philosophy professors seen one by one by bishops in the afternoon.
Jan. 30th. College’s own generator used for emergency electricity provision as local supply was off all day. Departure of bishops after seeing further teaching staff. Some private assurances forthcoming that the bishops had been impressed by their visit and that any recommendations for changes would not be fundamental.
Feb. 3rd. Visit to Kenton for opening of new Church of St. Cuthbert.
Feb. 5th. To Newcastle to see heart specialist after chest pains: signs of arterial sclerosis and angina, changed diet and medication prescribed.
Feb. 16th. Cold weather had been sustained enough to allow skating on the pond.
Feb. 19th. News of birth of royal prince – in response “quite an attractive dinner, with Madeira and coffee afterwards!”.
Feb. 26th. Distributed leaflets re. Cardinal Merry del Val and asked all to begin a novena for his cause.
Feb. 29th. Student required to pack and leave immediately, after admitting visiting a maid in the maids’ dormitory: he had worked out the way to get there through the Infirmary by studying the college model. Big Lads presented Twelfth Night at 8 PM, “very well done, tho’ actors a little timid”.
March 2nd-5th. Two students were sent away in response to letters received from their bishops, and one asked permission to leave when challenged over an afternoon spent with a young lady in Durham.
March 14th-18th. Extensive cleaning around the college, plus levelling and chipping of the line of a new drain across the front, in readiness for the Cardinal’s visit on the 20th.
March 20th. Met Cardinal and his secretary Mgr. Worlock at bishop’s house: arrived at Ushaw with them at 12.05, to a welcoming ovation at the college front with an ITV photographer on hand. Cardinal shown one of the new washrooms, given lunch, shown Cat, then visited seminary and allowed all to kiss his ring. Divines’ play Any Other Business performed in the evening.
March 21st. Pontifical High Mass, after which Cardinal shown more of the college with many further introductions to staff and students. “After dinner he gave a short but most impressive address: that they were engaged in their apostolate now”.
March 22nd. “End of a very happy & successful visit… House felt rather empty for rest of day”.
Apr. 2nd – 3rd. President and others “very upset” by the contents of memorandum from latest meeting of bishops.
Apr. 9th. Announced bishops’ decision to go ahead with the scheme for a school at Cornsay, and that Ushaw’s daily Rosary and monthly Holy Hour were to be discontinued.
April 10th. Palm Sunday. Rain cleared in time to allow outside procession: “Choir inaudible at times… because of placing & strong wind. Otherwise all well done”.
Apr. 18th. Final preparation of letters in response to bishops’ memorandum.
Apr. 19th. Start of a fortnight’s work to lay a new floor in the carving hall.
May 2nd. Put up new timetable, with an announcement of the end of public Rosaries except on Sunday nights, but daily spiritual readings at 12.45.
May 4th. Divines’ Feast. Perfect summer’s day, many to Brancepeth for golf before dinner at 4.
May 6th. Playday for the wedding of Princess Margaret.
May 10th. To Liverpool for Ushaw Dinner at the Constitutional Club. Fr. Coia proposed Alma Mater expressing the hope that “nothing would be done to change the spirit of the place”, repeated by the President in his reply.
May 12th. To Gosforth in the evening with three of the nuns, to see a production of Pinocchio by La Sagesse Juniors on behalf of refugee fund.
May 13th. Visit of candidates for Ushaw entrance examination, 42 from Hexham diocese, 6 from Middlesbrough.
May 15th. Timetable for Sunday mornings remodelled: Spiritual reading 9.00-9.30, 9.40 procession into chapel, Prone followed immediately by High Mass to end by 10.45.
May 16th. Rev. V. Whelan invited to become Spiritual Director for a limited period, “perhaps five years”. Request received from Provincial of Salvatorians to send their students to Ushaw for philosophy and theology.
May 17th. School Dinner at Harrogate. “Homely gathering, more subdued” and thinly attended, only 15: messages read from absent brethren, and an appeal made to all to turn up and keep the event going.
May 21st. Interviews at Grammar School for prospective candidates for Ushaw. 30 of 44 were accepted, two or three more doubtful, two no longer wished to be priests. Salvatorians’ request put to bishop, who was “dead against, mainly lest they begin questing for vocations in diocese”.
May 22nd. Visit lasting three nights by a publisher, Mr. Goold, in contact with several professors re. projected publications.
June 5th. Whit Sunday. “Many visitors in afternoon especially to see the shrubs on the front: a wonderful, best ever riot of colour”.
June 8th. To Archbishop’s House for a meeting re. the bishops’ memorandum. Reassurance received that the document had not been intended as final, that the President’s views were welcomed, and that there was no intention to do anything that would seriously affect Ushaw’s traditional way of life. Archbishop would try to arrange for the bishops to spend an extra day at their September gathering, “to thrash the whole matter out”.
June 19th. Very hot summer weather continuing. Pond largely dry except for one section, “where the fish struggle for existence”.
June 28th. Last night of novena for canonization of 40 martyrs. relics had been exposed nightly on the Douai Martyrs altar.
July 3rd. Mr. Castiglione (old student in Mgr. C. Corbishley’s school) arrived at 2.45. “Had not been here since 1901 yet knew his way around”.
July 12th. Accepted, after medical advice, an invitation from Mgr. Scott to the opening of his new church in San Pedro, USA on August 28th, with round-trip ticket paid for.
July 20th. By car to Edinburgh to get a visa for the USA trip from the American Consulate, with a flight to Los Angeles booked for August 23rd.
July 22nd. Divines’ Reading-up in Reading Room at 9.18. “spoke of punctuality at study, wearing loud-coloured dress at golf, low taste in music on playroom wireless”.
July 24th: Fleet of buses made two trips to St. Leonard’s School, Durham, to take all students to Martyrs Rally. Attendance there 2-3000, Ushaw relics taken round by five staff to be kissed.
July 25th. Grand Week Monday, visitors arriving just after lunch. Bar run without licence – no fixed charges, but a box provided with a list of what the drinks would cost in a hotel. Church floodlit from 10.15 with recorded music.
July 26th. Grand Week Tuesday. Cat game in the morning with ITV man taking photographs. Evening entertainment in Hall followed again by floodlighting and recordings.
Aug. 3rd. Departure of Lourdes pilgrimage, 64 travelling from Durham.
Aug. 7th. Conducted Holy Hour in the Rosary Basilica, 400-500 present, then midnight mass.
Aug. 10th. Early departure from Lourdes, with return to Ushaw the following afternoon “after a very happy pilgrimage”.
Aug. 23rd. Excursion to Los Angeles began, recorded in a separate diary. Return on Sept. 9th, initially to Ushaw then immediately a short stay at home.
Sept. 12th. Return to Ushaw. Great progress made on the kitchen alterations, but some doubt as to whether they would be complete by the 23rd as intended.
Sept. 20th. Checked the new college lists, 394 students and 32 professors. Sept. 23rd. Work continuing on the kitchen after joiners stayed for a second night (“48 hour shift!!”), with students and profs. returning. “Profs’ dinner cooked in infirmary & brought across quadrangle & passed through Parlour window”. Illustrated article about Ushaw in the day’s Newcastle Journal.
Sept. 24th. Summary of new men joining the college. 2 in Philosophy, 1 Poetry, 8 Syntax (including special stream of those with little Latin), 3 Grammar, 14 in all.
Sept. 28th. Ushaw discussion to prepare for bishops’ meeting, with cost estimates for the three possible new building schemes. Consensus that Ushaw would be best left alone and a new seminary started somewhere else.
Oct. 4th. Bishops’ meeting re. the future of Ushaw. New accommodation block planned, other required changes not as far-reaching as had been proposed in memorandum. Firm rules to be followed as to who should be contacted in the case of boys leaving or being dropped, and any deciding they no longer wish to be priests to leave immediately, not to stay for exams.
Oct. 8th-10th: General shock at the sudden death from acute heart failure of a student, Bernard Bridgehouse, on his return from a cross country run.
Oct. 12th. Requiem for Bernard Bridgehouse, and his burial in the college cemetery.
Oct. 18th. Consultation with doctor as to the safety of cross-country running. He recommended at least an hour’s rest after a meal before such heavy exercise.
Oct. 23rd. To Newcastle City Hall for a CSG lecture on “Sin & Starvation” by Prof. M. Fogarty and Rev. John Bebb.
Oct. 25th-26th. To Upholland for requiem and funeral of Mgr. Dean, then to Manchester for requiem and funeral of Canon Fred Kershaw.
Oct. 31st. Second day of mid-term break, with several of the staff gone away. Marx Brothers film The Great Store [sic. The Big Store?] shown to House at 8 PM. “slapstick, but some scenes hardly suitable”.
Nov. 2nd. Divines and Philosophers addressed after dinner by Fr. Austin Smith on Ven. Dominic Barberi.
Nov. 16th. Tyne Tees TV men “come & go these days almost as members of the family”, with High Mass broadcast scheduled on the 20th and a documentary planned for later. Letter received from the Archbishop with the final version of the northern bishops’ decisions and wishes following their meetings. Emphasis was to be placed on spiritual training, with the appointment of a Prefect of Studies for philosophy and theology, and Philosophy and Divinity students to talk once or twice a term with a professor of their choice.
Nov. 19th. Culmination of rehearsals and preparations for the following day’s televised High Mass. about 25 men involved with setting up lamps, cameras, cables etc..
Nov. 20th. Broadcast from Ushaw at 11 AM, “all ready in good time… devotionally without much distraction or apparent strain”. The High Mass recording and other films shown in the afternoon on TV sets in Hall.
Nov. 21st-22nd. Public work. Divines organising parties of Little Lads to work on the paths and Big Lads to turn over beds at the front, while other Divines worked in the kitchen garden.
Nov. 23rd. Philosophers’ Feastday, with a bus excursion to Ripon.
Nov. 28th-30th. More public works in progress. Philosophers sweeping walls in North Ambulacrum, Divines starting on the lately neglected yew trees on the drive.
Dec. 9th. Sickness affecting several staff, perhaps caused by a gift of oysters eaten on last two evenings – three staff in bed, others just able to keep going.
Dec. 22nd. To Liverpool for meeting with archbishop about plans for the new block – discussion over in ten minutes with an instruction to go ahead, at the estimated cost of £125,000.
Dec. 25th. Christmas Day. Said two Masses in Oratory, assisted with communions at H. Mass, Lauds in rood screen. Wonderful spread for early breakfast. To bed at 3.30. House dinner at 1 PM, with chefs carrying in turkey and lighted puddings.
Dec. 23rd – 27th. Concern over J. McH.’s extreme reaction to a jammed thumb, which required a visit to Durham to have the nail removed. President sat with him in the infirmary through the night of the 26th after he had gone almost into convulsions from nervous strain.
Jan. 1st. 1961. Departure for home.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/7   5 January 1961 - 5 July 1962
Jan. 5th 1961. Return to Ushaw. Servants’ Party: 138 attending, fewer young girls this year and more older women (part-timers) and husbands.
Jan. 16th. Archbishop of Liverpool met at Durham station. He addressed all staff in the Parlour on direction of church students and decisions about vocations, then delivered a radio talk the following morning before leaving.
Jan. 31st-Feb. 1st. Discussion of plans for the new block – provision of rooms, whether facing should be stone or brick, etc.
Feb. 1st. Meeting on matters arising from the Archbishop’s talk. Decided that in the matter of “act with accomplice” the decision on whether a student must not become a priest must rest wholly with his confessor. Students were to be told that they might go to any priest at any time for confession, and were to be divided between the Philosophy and Divinity profs. to be seen privately and encouraged into confidence.
Feb. 9th-11th. Read script for forthcoming TV documentary: “thought it scrappy”, discussed it with Tyne Tees personnel and submitted questions and suggestions.
Feb. 22nd -23rd. Intensive preparations for, then filming of, Tyne Tees documentary on Ushaw, including interviews.
Feb. 25th. Completion of documentary shooting in Library, schoolroom, study place and refectory, then dismantling of equipment. Request made to borrow the Douai silver for studio filming, as sequences featuring it that had been shot in the front ambulacrum were unsatisfactory.
Feb. 28th-March 15th: President unwell, feverish and lacking appetite then very fatigued with night sweats. A few days in bed, then about a week of working half time as ordered by doctor, returning to normal routine on March 14th.
March 15th. “Prof. Hutchings to dinner: most interesting about views expressed today at Durham that we catch our good men, put them in orders, & then have them on staff at £60 a year!”.
March 17th. Attended opening of new church of St. Patrick at Owton Manor, West Hartlepool, followed by lunch at West Hartlepool Grand Hotel.
March 21st. Bishop of Shrewsbury gave his views on his students working in vacations: that they might if they wished work for International Building Order, with no financial or other burden, but should not take work for money.
March 23rd. Student detained at Sunderland Eye Hospital after being hit in the eye by the cat ball. “Two days later no decisive news yet… waiting for swelling to go down”.
March 26th. Palm Sunday: “Gale blowing which drowned singing between St. Aloysius and St. Cuthbert’s, but otherwise a pleasing ceremony”.
April 2nd. Easter Sunday. “Boys in wonderful form”, then watched TV showing of the Holy Father’s Urbi et orbi blessing.
April 5th. With the college on vacation, 80 members of the Conference of Catholic Colleges arrived in the early evening.
April 6th. Main day of the conference. Morning paper by Fr. Price OSB of Ampleforth on Science for the Arts Students, afternoon paper by Bro. Foley on Transition from 6th Form to University.
April 7th. Morning departure of the conference delegates. “The whole affair passed off most pleasantly & successfully, & much appreciation expressed for the hospitality”.
April 17th – 18th. To Doncaster to sing the Mass at the funeral of Rev. Frank Manogue.
April 23rd. Bishop present for ordination of five Deacons, thirteen Subdeacons.
April 26th. Viewing at Tyne Tees Studios of the largely finished documentary, The Path to the Priesthood: “quite good, too much packed into the time”; afterwards shown round, including a visit to the control room.
May 1st. Discussion of the considerable number of students leaving lately, especially Divines: suggestion that they were finding their study programme heavy going.
May 3rd. Divines Feast: all were off early on an excellent day, some for a tour, some for golf, others fishing. President to Newcastle City Hall in the evening for Pageant of Forty Martyrs, “very well done”.
May 5th. Visit from Fr. Voillaume, founder and superior of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of Jesus. He read a talk to Divines, Philosophers and Big Lads, with numerous staff attending, then presented a series of lantern slides.
May 7th. Five new TV sets installed around the college in time for students to watch the Path to the Priesthood documentary.
May 9th. By car to Liverpool for the Ushaw Dinner: 144 present, Bishop of Shrewsbury guest of honour. Night at St. Christopher’s. Speke.
May 10th. Touring including Gt. Crosby and motorboating on Lake Windermere before return to Ushaw.
May 14th. Received a package from Nellie Storey, just informed of heart trouble, and promised. “to hold it for her in case she should ever need part of it, & then to use it for some good purpose. How these old servants are devoted to the place!”
May 16th. 18 present for School Dinner at Prospect Hotel, Harrogate.
May 19th. A full day of interviews at the Grammar School. 45 boys, 25 taken and 6 more probable.
May 22nd. Whit Monday. Several parties of visitors in afternoon: students permitted to go round the college with parents but not to go out with them.
May 25th. Still adjusting to the departure of one student who felt he could not continue, when another, ordained subdeacon a month ago, revealed that he had been advised to leave, and three more were also wanting to go.
May 27th. Bishop present for ordinations. President expressed disquiet to him about the way numerous students had recently left for undisclosed reasons: bishop expressed appreciation of the difficulty, but the reasons were usually confessional matter and could not be discussed. Agreed that in such serious instances confessors might seek a further opinion, where possible from an external forum.
May 29th. Spoke to Divines and Philosophers in St. Cuthbert’s, counselling more confidence and generosity and not to be panicked by so many departures.
May 31st. New priests asked to be meticulous in observing the rule regarding their punctual return to college, as the first call the bishops have made on their obedience: some had come back not much before 10PM the previous night.
June 7th. News that another subdeacon no longer wished to proceed to priesthood: “another shock for the House”.
June 8th. Discussion on the new block, whose projected cost if faced in stone now stood at £170,000.
June 9th. Meeting with confessors about the recent departures. All present were agreed that consultation over reasons was advisable in principle, with any necessary exceptions and safeguards.
June 10th. To Liverpool, where the Archbishop saw and readily accepted the plans and estimate for the new block, and talked of the likelihood of a new national seminary.
June 14th. With Sisters to St. Charles Hall, Gosforth, to see production of Peter Pan by Juniors of La Sagesse.
June 17th. Continuing seeming dissent from one staff member (V.W.) as to the appropriateness of confessors seeking second opinions in regard of students wishing to leave.
June 22nd. Work progressing on foundations for the new laboratory and in the swimming baths. An hour and a half with V.W. re. the confessors’ meeting: he still not disposed to accept its outcome, and wants the matter of whether confessors should seek a further opinion referred to the bishops.
June 28th. At work all day on panegyric for Rev. A. Sheedy, for funeral at Ashington on the 30th. Quantity of stone stolen from Ushaw’s quarry.
July 10th. Play A Man for All Seasons at 7.30, continued until 10.25: decided to split it for performance in Grand Week.
July 14th. Visit from three New Zealand Marist priests, given lunch and shown round.
July 15th. Two and a half inches of rain overnight, requiring much work attending to leaks.
July 17th. A day of examinations, while erection of the Medway prefabricated laboratory began.
July 21st. Divines’ Reading-up: President spoke of the effort and sacrifice required of each to fit himself for priesthood.
July 23rd. Students conveyed by bus to St. Leonard’s School for Martyrs Rally in the afternoon. President said prayers there, Bishop gave benediction, four Ushaw reliquaries of martyrs taken there for the day.
July 24th. Monday of Grand Week, with the first half of A Man for All Seasons presented after dinner, second half the following day.
July 27th. Departure in morning of the last of the Grand Week visitors.
Aug. 2nd. Departure for Lourdes by train from Newcastle, after mass for pilgrims at the Cathedral: bishop’s party flew from Newcastle Airport.
Aug. 3rd – 9th: At Lourdes. Said Mass at the Grotto on morning of the 6th, “thrilling experience, & dialogued thru’out”: voice “faltering” by evening of the 7th.
Aug. 9th-10th: return to Ushaw.
Aug. 13th-22nd. Holiday at Coldstream as a guest of the La Sagesse sisters.
Aug. 28th. Two German priests and a student arrived around 8 PM asking for beds: put in visitors’ room for the night.
Sept. 11th. Requiem and funeral of V. Rev. Canon Laurence Burke at Hartlepool.
Sept. 18th-20th. Much work on swimming baths and boiler house.
Sept. 22nd. Swimming baths “now look a picture, blue water, steam now on. But cubicles still to be finished”. Many parents returning students to college: “like Grand Week”.
Sept. 23rd. Student numbers down on the year before, from 394 to 378, but Junior House numbers strong at 135, of whom 13 were sleeping in the old maids’ quarters and 14 in the infirmary. President had been informed by an external priest of the use by a staff member of corporal punishment: asked that the practice stop.
Sept. 29th. Saw the new Philosophers during middle hour. One had already left Ushaw saying that he could not settle.
Oct. 1st. Fr. John Bebb left after giving a retreat, which the President had asked should be an encouraging one: “seems to have been very effective”. Swimming baths in full use for first time.
Oct. 4th-6th. President led conferences in St. Joseph’s for Syntax and new Philosophers on Meditation.
Oct. 10th. President “frustrated and dissatisfied” with bishops’ meeting which put recent student departures (50 last year) down to a single cause, which on evidence from most confessors he “absolutely denied”. Bishops approved the plans for the new block without examining them.
Oct. 12th. Fr. De Vause gave an evening lecture to Divines, Philosophers and Big Lads on how archaeological findings can illustrate the theology of the Bible.
Oct. 28th. President joined in, and won, billiards tournament in Big Lads playroom.
Oct. 29th. Discussion about use of the Divines’ Playroom radio: advised that it should be limited to after supper, and after tea on Sundays, playdays and half playdays.
Nov. 3rd. Notices put up regarding prayers for the Holy Father’s 80th birthday, and about the new regular availability of an external confessor, at 11.30 each Saturday morning.
Nov. 5th. Dr. Faustus performed after supper by Grammar in Hall.
Nov. 9th. Attended requiem and funeral of Bishop of Lancaster, Thomas Edward Flynn. Large attendance including 13 bishops, met many Ushaw priests.
Nov. 11th-13th: No hot water or heating after boiler blower failure.
Nov. 17th. Extended discussion with V.W., main or only dissenter among confessors from the President’s views as expressed to bishops (see June 17th, 22nd above). He felt that he would have to leave Ushaw at the end of the current year, and agreed to abide by President’s and bishops’ wishes that he should desist from academic work in the meantime.
Nov. 26th. Agreed that for a trial period of a year the college would pay travelling expenses for Professors attending conferences in this country, so long as Prefect of Studies considered attendance would benefit the Professor’s work at Ushaw.
Nov. 30th. Evening visit to Broadcasting House, Newcastle, to take part in a celebration of 25 years of television.
Dec. 1st. Objection raised that a staff member had taken some girl undergraduates to the library and left them to study there: Librarian or President should always be asked. Issues with students: “some bad bed-wetters and two lads found stealing things”.
Dec. 3rd. Declined request from chaplain to Hatfield and University Colleges that someone from Ushaw might preach there as part of a course of sermons on the Creed: bishop thought that this would be inexpedient.
Dec. 22nd. Opening of tenders for the new buildings. 22 firms had been invited to tender, 12 did, at costs from £173,000 to £220,000. Lowest tender conditionally accepted, after discussion of possible economies, and the Archbishop was to be informed by letter.
Dec. 23rd. “Had peep at huge Xmas cake”, took delivery of a barrel of oysters. “Busy all available time on [Christmas] post”.
Dec. 24th: President estimated that he had sent 320 Christmas cards by last collection today (4 PM Sunday).
Dec. 25th. Tyne Tees Television’s Mr. Jelly [?] a guest at Midnight Mass with his wife and two children, bringing a presentation copy of the Path to the Priesthood film. To bed at 3.45 AM, rose at 9.15 for day of services and social visits. Pond in use for skating.
Dec. 28th-29th. Contact from Bell and Ridley, builders who had submitted the winning tender for the new block, to the effect that an additional £6,260 would be needed. Archbishop not surprised by the higher than expected tenders.
Dec. 31st. Heavy recent snow blocking many local roads. President contacted doctor after a week of ill health: advised that it was probably jaundice, infectious and dangerous to children, and that he should forego New Year visit home.
Jan. 6th. Staff party, with dinner cooked by kitchen staff and served by local women and girls.
Jan. 13th. Seven boys in Seminary not returning, and one from Syntax. so Junior House accommodation was now eased with only five still sleeping in the infirmary.
Jan. 17th. Canon Avery at Ushaw, crashed car into cable standard at Bearpark after leaving. Broken arm and dislocated hip, visited many times at County Hospital by President over subsequent weeks.
Jan. 22nd. Meeting of Philosophy and Divinity Profs. to discuss moral tutorage at Ushaw in response to bishops’ requests. Profs. to explain the intended scheme to students in groups, with each student thereafter visiting a professor once or twice a term to discuss any questions or problems in confidence.
Jan. 31st. Made list of six more students leaving in past week, for various reasons.
Feb. 7th. Visit by paint representatives to see St. Cuthbert’s and make recommendations for repainting. Suggested stencils on roof were too ornate, and panels should be painted in a self colour leaving ornamentation of ribs and sides.
Feb. 8th. Long discussion as to possible economies in plans for the new block.
Feb. 13th-14th. Trees being felled to clear site for the new building, quarried stone being sorted for thickness.
Feb. 20th. To London for meeting of trustees to determine value and method of allocation of Stanley Burses.
Feb. 21st-22nd. Difficulties attending finding suitable psychiatric care for V.W. close to nervous collapse, avoiding “stigma of mental home” and if possible keeping the illness from his sister. Arranged for a room at Minories with a Catholic doctor to attend him. Final arrangements for starting construction of the new building.
Feb. 27th. “[M]uch comment” on news of the Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia, requiring seminaries to teach theology in Latin.
March 4th. Heavy frost and snow showers. Two youngsters hurt while sledging, after colliding with wall between fields. Sledging banned until a safety area could be roped off.
March 13th. View of J. Mc H. on Latin lectures, that “they will reduce understanding of theology by at least 50%. He would find no difficulty in talking Latin but the language does not lend itself to width of expression”.
March 20th. Visit from bishop, for Pontifical High Mass. Some discussion with him about Latin lectures: he urged measures to make students practise speaking Latin. Work on new building begun in earnest by Bell & Ridley.
March 23rd-26th. Bro. Clement of Society of St. Paul at Ushaw to take photos for a new film strip on Vocations. Proposed filming Mass in St. Cuthbert’s during vacation: would need about a week and help of one priest & five students. Matter left for consideration.
March 26th. Invitation to Westminster for April 9th, for lunch and to receive the gift of a newly made chalice from the Cardinal.
April 7th. Afternoon visit to the library by a party of 39 librarians, in Durham for a conference.
April 9th. Visit to London deferred for a week, as Cardinal had been unexpectedly called away.
April 13th. Train to Manchester for meeting with Bishop Bede, putting the case that V.W.’s opposition to seeking second opinions when students wished to leave was an isolated stance at odds with all other Profs. and confessors, not a personal dispute with the President.
April 13th-14th. Visit from Ethiopian priest Abba Hagos, saying Mass in their rite in the morning after an overnight stay. Short talk about the Ethiopian rite given after evening Benediction and a commentary during the Mass.
April 16th. To London to receive the gift of a chalice from the Cardinal at Archbishop’s House, “with many expressions of affection and devotion to Ushaw”.
April 21, Holy Saturday. Visit of Mother General of La Sagesse to attend Vigil Ceremony. Recommended a larger community, to be responsible for the whole college.
May 5th. Return of Profs. and students, only about half of staff back fir dinner.
May 8th. Ushaw Dinner at Liverpool Constitutional Club, 84 attending.
May 11th. 46 candidates at Ushaw for entrance examination, 2 older candidates seen by President.
May 16th-17th. Request from Bishop of Leeds for information as to how many of 53 new applicants Ushaw could take. Told that 15 to 20 was probably the maximum possible.
May 19th. Interviewing at Grammar School. 33 of 48 boys accepted, two more for further enquiries. Discussion with Bishop in evening regarding Veterum Sapientia: college could expect direction from Cardinal as to the gradual introduction of its requirements.
May 21st. Sent telegram (in Latin) for Bishop’s Jubilee.
May 22nd. Gave day off studies for Bishop’s Jubilee, 17 staff attended celebratory Pontifical High Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral attended by around 300 clergy.
May 28th. Meeting of Philosophy and Divinity Profs. about Veterum Sapientia: told by President that direction would come from bishops as to its implementation, and that they must be prepared to give Latin summaries at the start of lectures from September. Some proposed sending contrary views to bishops before any direction was received, with one (J.L.) saying that he could not in conscience follow any such direction.
May 29th. To Jarrow for celebration of the centenary of St. Bede’s parish, High Mass followed by lunch in Civic Hall with 400 attending including 100 priests.
June 4th. Student Robert Mulkerrin hit himself on nose with his own tennis racket: bleeding badly, taken to Dryburn and anointed, “doped and looking very pale”, later transferred to Sunderland Royal Infirmary.
June 12th. Whit Tuesday. Little Lads to Holy Island in two buses.
June 18th. Bishop expressed wish that no further students be sent to Durham University, and that one present accepted place be cancelled, in view of another in a series of defections.
June 20th. Archbishop invited information of any urgent matters for a bishops’ meeting at Liverpool in July. Was asked to appoint a new Spiritual Director for Ushaw, and given a summary of Professors’ views on Veterum Sapientia
June 27th. To Shrewsbury for bishop’s consecration. June 29th. Archbishop suggests sending a copy of Ushaw comments on Veterum Sapientia to all bishops: agrees with sentiments “but feels must carry out Constitution”.
July 4th. Lists of new students delayed, with only Shrewsbury’s received so far. A. Barrass asked to be new Rector of Seminary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/8   6 July 1962 - 7 February 1964
President's diary, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/9   8 February 1964 - 4 October 1965
Feb 12th. Went down with A.S. taking colour plan of Lady Chapel from Mrs Coalinsley to study it in situ. Agreed that it is happy suggestion. Left it for others to see.
Feb. 24th. Dr M had word from Christies: they agree that JC should have treatment locally if possible, suggests RVI and will be able to return and carry on here tho’ will eventually deteriorate too much.
Feb. 26th. Dr M phoned to say that John Coney to go for examination at RVI on Friday but later phoned that Dr Ross coming here instead tonight at 7.30. Dr Ross did not arrive until 8.35pm.Took him to infirmary where has a cup of eta while awaiting D R Atkinson. After examining John said could treat him with tablets and hope to get him back on his feet. But the more remote prospect had perhaps a year.
Mar. 5th. Received invitation to enthronement at Liverpool and consecration at Middlesbrough. DR ross and Dr M here at 6.30pm to see JC: reasonably satisfied with pattern of improvement with will review next Thursday. J.C.s temperature on a downward trend.
Mar. 9th. Dr M here : he is not happy about J.C. but prepared to await outcome of treatment.
Mar. 11th. Mr Benson for play day for new born prince and enthronement. Refused. Off at 12.40. Liverpool Lime street arrived 5.41
Mar. 12th. After 11.30 when enthronement ceremony commenced in the Crypt. Not a good setting for such a setting. Over 1.20!
Mar. 13th. A.S told me that Dr Ross had been satisfied with J.C and he and Dr M approved having his parents through.
Mar. 19th. Left at 9.45 with VP for Middlesbrough and consecration of Bp Wheeler. Ceremony at 11.30 done by Apostolic Delegate with Bps Brunner & Craven assisting.
Mar. 26th. Bp phoned about an article which PL has sent him by the Divines on baptising of convert for publication. He does not approve of students publishing articles and wil not allow his students to do so.
Apr. 16th. Dr Ross & Dr M here at 6.30pm saw them both. They were satisfied with JCs condition.
Apr. 17th. No dimissorials had arrived from Salford; Phoned Bps house. Rev L made enquiries and phoned later to say the dimissorials should come directly to me from Delegation. Phoned Delegation and Rev L.B told me were sent on Wed to Mgr McNulty. Phoned Salford Curia : Fr Cunningham out; Phoned again at 12.30 Dimissorials had arrived: asked they be sent immediately. Phoned Bpd to find hid attitude if did not arrive: got him at second attempt: ready to act if Mgr McR and PL agreeable. Prepared the list of ordinands. Bp phoned again not sure whether should ordain the Salford men if the dimissorials do not arrive; says he will never do again. Mgr McReavey back from Cambridge both he and PL satisfied that BP can ordain: I gave him that assurance.
Apr. 18th. Salford dimissorilas from Delegation arrived. Bp arrived at 10.35 and asked to see dimissorials. In going thro indicated that those for Leeds only for minor ordin no mention of tonsure. He said he could not ordain them. Questioned also whether should ordain the Leeds men to he subdiconate as no reference to their title in the dimissorials. I told the Leeds men that could not get orders. Went to Parlour and found him discussing it with MrR and PL both of whom said he could. PL went to look for evidence. Bp then attacked RG because as yet no typewriter or instruction on book keeping provided for his men : said that if they could not type letters by July would have to return here is September. PL provided evidence in Cappello that he could give tonsure etc to Leeds men. I rushed out as bell going and chased them into chapel at 11.15am. Bp stayed for lunch and saw his students in Theology separately. Went at 3.00pm.
Apr. 19th. Bp here 8.45 still harping on dimissorials, titles etc. Ceremony 9.15 – 11.15. 13 for I and II, 17 for III and IV and 17 for subdicaonate. Sat with him at breakfast. Asked him what he wanted done about typewriters. He much more calm and casual: put a few typewriters in for them to practice on so that can type letters. Off at 12.45.
Apr. 20th. Feel flattened after last two days.
May 10th. Wrote to JC's parents to see if agreeable to sending him to Lourdes.
May 23rd. Ordination at 9.30 of Rev P Martin & E Lavender, over at 11.18. Bp late in returning to rom. He asked were we letting new priests say community mass, give benediction etc : told him “no” as professors got few enough ????.: he emphatic should do so, it will be raised at Bps meeting etc. Afterwards told VP did not mean community mass.
May 31st. A.S. told me would like Divines to move into new building next Sunday. Agreed.
June 6th. A.S. disappointed that workmen not here today in new building which must delay occupation until Monday. New priests began taking turns at mid week benediction.
June 8th. The history of Ushaw by David Millburn arrived toady very well produced. Move into new building after tea by Divines, ground floor and basement not yet ready but three floors of living rooms taken over.
June 11th. Bp Leeds here 12.15 gave him gist of P.S. affair and he opened up on his troubles. V.P. met Bp Shrewsbury 12,48 and brought him into lunch. Bps L & S seeing students this afternoon. Archbishop arrived met by VP at 7.24 pm and had dinner later.
June 12th. Took notes to Archbp. Archbp asked whether I wished to give a report or should deal with the points I had written about. Asked him to do the latter. On salaries after ???? agreed that start on £150 and the yearly increments of £5 to maximum of £170 + £10 book allowance and all books provided. So as not to make the difference between us and the parochial clergy to marked £50 of this to be called a holiday allowance. Agreed that application for major orders to be made in English. Notices of banns to be sent still by President : if no reply a reminder to PP. Noted the intended improvement in Junior House and space accommodation higher up and stream in Grammar of which they highly approved. No one could satisfy my request for a priest trained in science may eventually have to have a lay master. Asked what we intend to do about liturgy. Told them there had been a one year course but hoped to send G Walsh for training in liturgy & mora. BP Leeds liturgy and catechetics would be better. I asked for discretion in providing money fro library especially divines library. Much discussion, gist that would support giving as much as possible provided it doesn’t mean increase of pension! Procs called in. R.G. gave usual masterly ???AS spoke on new building and noted that overall cost of £230,000 a remarkably modest total for what we had got. I was very ?? that they were so in their expression of appreciation and thanks to AS. WE left them at 12.50. Leeds, Shrewsbury, Liverpool seeing students in the afternoon. Bps Middlesbro and Hexham off early,
June 29th. Typed list of new students up to date, promises to be a record low.
July 3rd. Saw DM and lent him a copy of History of Ushaw. (Sr C had suggested I should present him with a copy!).
July 19th. Bishop arrived 8.40a am: ordination of one LB and 16 deacons at 9.15. Saw him about 10 students. M.Fairlie & J Hambleton & 8 of them to be dropped or allowed to go: he to write to the parents of those dropped, we to those leaving.
July 21st. Council meeting at 10.00 several members missing. Sec proposed launching fund for library to be organised by SCS for 4th centenary of opening of Douai in 1968.
Aug. 7th. Left at 9.15am for Med Missionaries where saw Sr Denfel about providing us again with a nursing sister and companion. She very understanding and to agreed to help much to my relief.
Sept. 7th. Med Missionaries had been though for St Nicholas to see the set up and had just gone.
Sept. 10th. Meeting of Mgr, R G, Mr Ferguson 7 myself to discuss the financial position. Large deficit of £5,500 and big drop in students – at present 26. Some means must be found by Bps to remedy loss. C suggested that besides the balance sheet ? should draw up a simple statement of position and suggest pension should meet current running costs. ? F thinks that investments as sound & profitable as we can hope for. 50% of funds are now college money but much of it being used to subsidise pension £30 per head. Need for Bps to send lists earlier so that we can see whether can fill up with lay students. At 5.15 had solemn cutting of tape opening new wing and presentation (symbolic) of trowel. 14th Medical Missionary Srs expected but delayed arrival until Wednesday.
Sept. 19th. Starting year with 30 less students than last year 355. Junior house at 103.
Sept. 27th. P.McSwaine ( who with John Singeleton had presented copy of our history to Holy Father at audience) came to tell me that Mgr Alston had given them warm welcome at Villa.
Oct. 10th. Put up notice for prayers for JC.
Oct. 13th. Saw Sister of Ward 4 at Christie’s – no hope.
Oct. 15th. Election day – polling booth at front door.
Oct. 16th. RG told me before mass of Peter Seed’s death late last night
Nov. 13th. VP brought me suggested from for low mass according to new rubics and Instruction with permitted vernacular.
Nov. 21st. Present session of Vatican Council finished today. Our Lady declared Protector of the Church and Eucharistic fast reduced to one hour.
Nov. 22nd. Last Sunday of old liturgy!
Nov. 27th. VP took house at 13.45 yesterday and today for practice of vernacular and other changes in the mass (has taken several other practices previously). Saw AB suggested that should do on Sun what is to be done over here viz first week English every day, then 3 days of Latin Mass in week.
Nov. 29th. Vernacular used in Community Mass. Side altars in Latin but certain changes in rubics. H Mass many changes tho all said in Latin.
Dec. 1st. Rood screen removed
Dec. 25th. Christmas day. Said two masses on S Heart altar. Assisted at H Mass. Back at 1.30 went into Ref to see all going well and to see Stephen Crayford in Infirmary.
Jan. 21st. Bp phoned at length and got on to question of college finances and prospect of raising fees: said he would only be able to do so by reducing number of students: not sending them so young. Told him that would not solve the problem as overheads more or less the same. Saw RY and AS about it : seems to be prospect of real financial crisis. Disturbed night.
Jan. 24th. News of Death of Sir Winston Churchill.
Jan. 25th. Northern Echo phoned before lunch to tell me that Archbishop Heenan is to receive the Red Hat. Saw JT about photo of him here as a boy. Northern Echo man came for it and for my brief comment on the occasion.
Feb. 4th. RG told me had called on GC at Shotley and news bad. GC phoned me up at 7.20 after dinner has bronchogenic cancer, inoperable. Going to hospital tomorrow for radiotherapy.
Feb. 5th. Typed out the petitions for orders in English for duplication. Meeting with PL,DM,HB in L.??? room to see what can be done immediately to provide church history for Philosophers. DM willing to provide course. HB & LH will relieve him as much as possible. BW to take H. B Christian doctrine.
Feb. 6th. Asked EC to join confessors and put notice to that effect. Mothers assistant(Marie Therese?) brought by Rev MB at 12.15.
Feb. 7th. Left at 11.40 with VP for St Vincent’s Home ,Tudhoe. Sr Superior (Genevieve) asked if we could help them by sending senior students on Sat & Sun to look after group of boys. She showed us round and evidence everywhere of ned for help in looking after boys
Feb. 9th. Had talk with LH on possible weans of providing for teaching od history and church history next year. Went over to Tudhoe at 2.30 and brought Srs Genevieve and Brendan here. Talked to them about arrangements for third years goping at weekends then showed them round.
Feb. 11th. HB suggested after lunch that I should try to get Rev D Anderson to cover history for 3 years. Told him could not expect Bp to agree and that would be too tough on Darlington. To ask for him. M J Park in infirmary. Sr a little anxious.
Feb. 12th. J. Park had a bad night. Dr M here at 7.00am but no diagnosis. Went over to see about which room for GC when returns. Phoned General and arranged to see Dr Ross this afternoon there.Bp phoned going to ask DM to become leader of Lourdes Pilgrimage.. Called to Infirmary at 11.15 DR M decided to send Jim Park into Dryburn for observation. At 10.30 just after I had got to bed call from Sr Slavin that GC much worse and agreed we go through,. He died quietly at 11.35. 13th Letter in post from Bp Leeds. With financial difficulties suggest we become a sixth from college! All house assembled in antechapel at 3.30. Profs and divines outside west door: carried body (JC) in and laid before sacred Heart altar.
Feb. 14th. Had forgotten poor J. Park in Dryburn but still under observation. Saw Prefect about planning seating in St Cuthbert’s for Tuesday gave him rough plan based on Canon Towers of which we have Advertisers photo. Choice to move down a bay: all spaces above then for Pros and priest visitors. At 2.50 Steve Culkin and wife Maria, Mike & Marie Culkin arrived. Had them up here until about 3.40 telling them all about Friday. Then took then down to see body on S Heart altar. They knew nothing of a will : we all went to his room in search but no success.
Feb. 15th. Arranged for rooms for 8 priests coming overnight. House had full practice for seating and surprised at how many can be packed in tho’ overflow into antechapel. Had to warn Profs that Rood screen would be full of relatives, friends, VIPs etc.
Feb. 16th. Asked AS to see that Tom Seed and Joyce in Rood Screen and come to lunch and meet family. Arranged for family to have Holy Communion at Douai Martyrs altar. Mr Turbit refused our nuns entrance to rood screen much to their indignation! Mass commenced almost punctually.
Feb. 17th. Hoped it would be a fine day to celebrate Cardinal Heenan’s election.
Feb. 21st. Wrote a draft letter for reply to Bp Leeds to his suggestion that we should turn the junior seminary into a V! form college for church students.
Feb. 22nd. Gave play day for Card Heenan.
March 1st. Trip to London. Various rooms for vesting, marshalled at 6.0 for procession into Cathedral for reception of Cardinal Heenan.
March 2nd. Requiem for Bp McCormack at 11.00.
March 8th. Saw DM about Kevin Murphy outlook not good: haemolytic anaemia to be treated at present with cortisone but will later need transfusions and will eventually be reactions and progressive anaemia: would not advise going on for priesthood.
March 10th. Word from Cannon Phillips that at Bps request their financial secretaries had held meeting at Leeds on ways to meet the proposed increases in fees at Ushaw. They wish to meet Procurator Ferguson here on March 23rd.
March 13th. RG received from Cannon Philips list of questions re finances as basis for talks with financial secs on March 23rd.
March 23rd. Financial secretaries arriving for meeting at 11.00 on college finances agreed to raise pensions. FW had begun with discourteous attack on Mr Ferguson his purpose throughout the day to limit fees to running costs and oblige us to ask Bps separately for any capital outlay. He the only one unpleasant the others wanted information but understanding and sympathetic. They continued until 1.15 then lunch then back at 2.0 until 4.0. All away by 5.15 AS gave me full account. Financial Secs to meet again to draw up report on April 5 before Bps come here on 8th.
April 8th. VP collected Archbishop Beck and Mgr Barry at Durham at 7.21.
April 9th. Said mas at ordinary time. Bishops meeting at 10.00. They met alone at first. Called down at 10.30 with Prof’s. RG and AS gave masterly statement of position, they went through the recommendations of the financial secretaries. Eventually was agreed that fees should be £310 for Phils & Divines,£265 fir those below, then RG & AS departed and JC went with 12.30. Turned to other matters. Question of when to take other students. No agreement. Bp Leeds wondered whether Junior Seminaries have not served their purpose etc., more common feeling that should not send to seminary until 13-14. I said nothing as not asked opinion.. Bp Leeds said Phils should be given greater freedom not under bounds with Divines. I said had been tradition of prospective freedom, if linked with Divines nothing to look forward to, Have position of responsibility at head of hous,. gave support on integrating Philosophy and Theology. Put before them difficulties with staffing, sympathy offered but no concrete help. Then finished, understood they would meet again after lunch for provincial meeting. Lunch at 1.30. Went in for coffee after but when meeting to start found Profs coming in.VP had been asked to bring Profs of Phils and Divines without mentioned to me. Archbishop said wanted word with then first on proposal to integrate Phils and Divines, Bp Leeds asked about relations of Phils and Divines suggested that they be brought closer together and of course Profs fell for it and agreed. A most humiliating experience! Broke up shortly after 3.00 and most of Bishops went off. Gave then copies of proposals to integrate studies.
April 13th. Phoned Bp Wheeler and arranged for him to officiate at the ceremony. VP to see about lessons read in English at Tenebrae. I regretted the change but agreed. 14th Asked Bishop to take the Holy Hour tonight. VP suggested having ceremony of the Word instead of Tenebrae one morning and I nearly blew up.
April 16th. Good Friday. Morning as yesterday. Matins over 10.25. At 12.00 attended practice for ceremony. 12.45 Bp Wheeler arrived with F Blasé and 3 brothers,Greyfriars from Westminster. Had them up here for drink then lunch. Ceremony at 3.00, Bp officiating at throne. Lessons and gospels read (Gospels by 3 deacons): not impressed. Over 4.50..Bp officiated at blessing of relic.
April 18th. Easter Sunday. House rose 9.00. Profs mass 8.45. Two 111 years from Tudhoe attended. High mass at 10.45: singing magnificent. Epistle and gospel sung in Latin.
May 1st. Profs calling on Bp Lancaster were told that at Low week meeting Bps had decided that Philosophers should be united with Divines immediately and put into cassocks. But no word from Liverpool to that effect.
May 4th. From today hot supper self service on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30 instead of formal dinner. Difficulty of getting male waiters is primary reason.
May 5th. Arranged detail for Sunday’s ordination all in Latin and no homily. 6th Workmen coming in and out of room all day installing central heating in my bedroom and that above.
May 7th. As no Salford dimissorials arrived phoned Bps house and VL undertakes to see about it.Candidates of dioceses for September arrived for examination on 28 on list and only 25 here. May 8th. Bp here 10.45 and went through dimissorials (Salford arrived this am). Ceremony of tonsure 11.15 finished 11.50.Stations in St Joseph at 3.00 then gave conference there at 4.00. Fr Dreary and Bro Gregory O’Connor (Austin Friars) arrived 5.30.
May 10th. Letter from Archbishop that Bps ahd decided at Low week meeting that Philosophers to go into bounds with Divines and to be put into cassocks.
May 18th. Went with AS to see progress on work in Seminary of putting new wash basins over old kitchens. Tiling about finished.
May 19th. Letter from Brentwood to see whether can take some boys especially secondary modern types.
May 23rd. In evening prepared notes for integration of Philosophers and Divines.
May 24th. Meeting with VP, RG, PL, AS and Pref. Put my ideas for discussion re merging of Philosophers and Divines. A number of areas of discussion are noted in the diary.
May 25th. Letter from Archbishop. Bps did not intend Philosophers to wear clerical dress outside and whether some should do before major orders.
May 26th. Letter from Fr Buckley suggesting L Jackson for Vallodolid and M. Malady for Lisbon. Further notes in the diary regarding the reorganisation following merging of Philosophers and Divines.
May 29th. Off at 10.15 with LH and AB to SC grammar school for interviews with candidates for next year. 28 in all seemed good quality. Bp said must see what money available before making final selection! According to my list 18 accepted only 4 unlikely others need further enquiries.
June 7th. Coneys party from Castleton arrived at 2.45 Took the family around to cemetery and said prayers together.: round front then to guest room.
June 9th. Grand week invitations.
June 12th. Ordination to priesthood of J McGuiness, McCabe, J Park. Mass in English and new from of concelebration. Letter from British Council of Churches asking for delegates from students to attend conference of students of all denominations next January.
June 15th. Had meeting at 11.15 re union of Philosophers and Divines. General agreement until I referred to suggestion of JMcH and WS that should be less formal rule and more left to responsibility of individual students.
June 19th. Went by car to cathedral. Saw Bp and told him of pressure to relieve Divines of set hours or work and to make meditation a matter of choice as to when done. He thought both to be matters for discussion at Bps meeting.
June 26th. Letter from Arch Beck giving list of questions he would like to discuss with staff on visit.: how we are tacking new liturgy, relations of House to Divines, how people trained to say office, discipline for Divines.
June 30th. Meeting re integration Of Philosophers and Divines.
July 3rd. Began drawing up statement of changes associated with new integration of Phil & Divines. And formation of new house.
July 12th. J McH to report of the conference at Upholland.??? Told me that had talk with ArchBp on his visit on Wednesday. Had arrived at his views on curtailing rules and discipline. Had VP type out ArchBps points for circulation to the profs. Feeling tired and anxious, conscious of tensions behind the scenes.
July 13th. Evidence of much talk, meetings etc going on in cliques. WS has been going round lobbying names for their viewpoint. Arranged with VP and AS to go for ArchBp tomorrow.. Prepared all my papers, notes, typed copies of new regulations.
July 14th. Asked WS at breakfast what the score was; JMcH to say WS very upset! ArchBp arrived at airport at 11.25. Gave him copy of new regulations. He came to my room at 2.30. Told him of two schools of opnion, of ny convictions, of the direction I had from Bp Cunningham (which he totally agreed) and of my readiness to do whatever Bps directed. To FP at 3.30 for meeting with Profs of School,ArchBp presiding. Diary notes outlines points that were discussed. Ran on to 4.55 Started again 5.15 with Profs of Major Seminary. Different atmosphere immediately evident. Attack on system,rules individual discretion advocated. Diary notes cover points discussed Included council of students for at least consultation.After coffee ArchBP in my room, summed up the results. No major changes until directed by Bishops, approved my notes of changes.
July 16th. VP took round notes of regulations to Profs.
July 19th. Colleges 157 birthday. Made out lists for top table and parlour.
July 20th. Long discussion of the new Douai Library Fund.
July 21st. Pontifical high mass. Meeting of SCS when the Douai Fund scheme approved.
July 29th. Arrived Lourdes 5.45.
July 31st. Pontifical mass in upper Basilica at 8.30.
Aug. 4th. Left Lourdes at 8.30 5th Newactle at 2.40.
Aug. 6th. Mr Patter here to take me to Seahouses for restful holiday.
Sept. 9th. Checked list of numbers for coming year. 78 students so far.
Sept. 14th. Pond has been treated again with poison for weed but little effect.
Sept. 16th. Swimming bath not full – spare parts for pump promised weeks ago and not year arrived.
Sept. 18th. Started year with 358 students including 79 new.
Sept. 22nd. Rev F Gillett in answer to my enquiry about Ushaw Golf Cups. Cup and bowl were donated to Old Ashavian Golf Society: when that defunct cup and bowl deposited at Ushaw in case OAGS revived.
Oct. 3rd. News that burglars forced back shed last night but police called and dogs brought from Darlington and caught one of men in a ditch by the tennis courts and bag of copper wire found close by.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/10   6 October 1965 - 24 October 1967
Oct. 6 Meeting of House Profs. Agreed in principle to suggestions of more outside games, newspapers, occasional separate Mass for Grammar and Syntax, Compline in English and educational outings: refused request for House Prefects to have their own room with a fire and coffee etc.
Oct. 8 Alterations progressing in Seminary washroom. Unexpected evidence found of a flue and an old doorway.
Oct. 9 Priests’ meeting and General Assembly at Ushaw. Spoke on the need to impress on parents the requirement of discipline for boys who are to train for the priesthood.
Oct. 13 Supper with Dean and Mrs. Wild in Durham, then to the Cathedral for Benjamin Britten’s Curlew River.
Oct. 20 Ushaw Dinner in London.
Oct. 23 Discussion of the appropriateness of V.P. patrolling the new building at 6.15 AM to check that Divines were up: useful to help those who found difficulty in keeping rules, or based unacceptably on empirical knowledge of human nature.
Oct. 25 Student sent home when discovered to have gone out several times with one of the maids.
Oct. 27 Discussion of games with outside teams: Divines to make their own decisions, games for House must be only occasional. Various Ushaw matters raised about which staff had deep concern – lack of a music master, students staying for Christmas, etc… President wished instead for a greater willingness among staff to do as they were asked.
Nov. 4th, 12th. Initial talk re. the possible establishment of a Divines’ Council or students’ committee.
Nov. 10 Flu outbreak developing, with 31 in infirmary and arrangements being made for overflow.
Nov. 11 Divines Profs. aggrieved that House but not Divines were provided with TV: President responded that the House set was only for educational purposes.
Nov. 14-15 Around 70 now down with flu, almost filling the east dormitory. Incoming visits postponed because of the epidemic.
Nov. 26 President had written to Archbishop Beck concerning rumours of possible amalgamation with Upholland: Archbishop replied “stating definitely that no amalgamation of seminaries or association with university courses contemplated”.
Nov. 27 Days of heavy snow and difficult roads. Grammar spent an hour shovelling snow off the pond, to little effect.
Nov. 28 With flu epidemic over, 16 Divines who helped with patients were to get the next day off studies.
Dec. 1 Further heavy snow, with council workmen and Divines trying to clear roads. College boiler failed through lack of oil, and a delivery attempt was abandoned as no sufficiently long hose was brought to carry oil from the nearest point reachable by the tanker. Heating restored next day after road cleared by bulldozer.
Dec. 5 Thaw in progress, and oil reserve boosted by arrival of a further 3000 gallons.
Dec. 14 After staff consultations, notes on a constitution for the intended Divines’ Committee sent to Archbishop Beck.
Dec. 23 President recovering after several days largely confined to bed with a chill. Christmas oysters found to be inedible. Divines presented the play Arsenic and Old Lace in the evening.
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve. New style of Reading-up of class positions, dropping the standing until named.
Dec. 25 To bed at 3 AM after midnight Mass and breakfast. President’s usual Christmas visits including the college kitchens.
Dec. 26 Students departing in the morning, including two who would not return as considered unsuitable.
Jan. 14 With numerous staff out supplying cover for priests who were sick or on post-Christmas leave.
Jan. 19 Pond bearing: used by Sem., Grammar and Syntax at 9 AM, House at 11, and first year Divines directed its sweeping from 3 PM.
Jan. 20 Mass said for first time on temporary altar facing down the church from a position on the door side of the lectern. “Seems to be a gimmick when the whole chapel built to centre on the High Altar – but we must move with the times!”.
Jan. 22 Visit from Prof. Rex, who talked after dinner to Divines about Rhodesia and UDI.
Jan. 26 Invited Apostolic Delegate to Ushaw for Whit Sunday, to be principal celebrant and to give a homily.
Jan. 28 Denied request that Divines going to Manchester to see the Dead Sea Scrolls might charter a plane. First act (at least) of HMS Pinafore performed by High Figures for Sem., Grammar and Syntax.
Jan. 29 Rev. William M’Cormack of Mill Hill addressed Divines on population problems.
Feb. 1 To Newcastle for Chapter Mass and meeting at the Cathedral, then lunch. Discussion on concelebration: “not many can see the point of it”.
Feb. 3, 7, 10. Plans for reforming theology course, with reservations as to whether the pastoral experience of staff was sufficient to equip them to undertake a thorough revision.
Feb. 8 Archbishop gave his general approval to the draft constitution of a Divines’ Committee, suggesting that the Divines might be given additional scope for self-discipline.
Feb. 11-15 Consultation re. proposed Divines’ Committee: welcomed as means of organising activities and enabling communication with superiors, but felt not to be suited, at least yet, to a disciplinary role. “I and II years distrustful of older men & resentful towards authority”. Constitution redrafted to general agreement.
Feb. 16 Profs. meeting. General reports, Profs. informed of Divines’ Committee constitution, question of concelebration in St. Joseph’s. President made aware after the meeting of intentions to propose a Profs’ Committee.
Feb. 21 Cock Vacation: parties of Divines went to Manchester by train and coach to see Dead Sea Scrolls on exhibition, but in spite of prior booking they had to take places in long queue and did not get in.
Feb. 22 Cock Vacation: Barbecue in quarry for Grammar in the afternoon, VI year Underlow taken for tea at Burnopfield Hotel. Film Operation Amsterdam in Hall at 8 PM. Feb. 24 Reactions of Divines to proposed Committee – should only be for communications and not to organise activities, and Divines should have been consulted about its composition. President disappointed by Divines’ suspicions, resistance to rules and “fear of police state”.
Feb. 25 Meetings with Profs., and further signs of dissent particularly from younger Profs. and Divines. Divines had “lost trust in present system of discipline”, [President’s] “attitude to new liturgy etc. giving scandal”. Profs’ committee said to be needed to address a wide range of matters from social activities to the lack of ecumenical initiatives. President felt an attempt was being made to convince him that he was “not suited to be President of Ushaw in these post-Vatican II days”. March 7th – 9 To Oscott for meetings. Some discussion of seminaries’ issues with discipline – “apparently no trouble in smaller places where staff united. Upholland having troubles like ours”. New Ushaw smokeroom opened with drinks at 6 PM on the 9th after President’s return.
March 15 Requiem for Kate McQuillan at Ushaw Moor. Divines addressed by Prof. Kaim-Caudle.
March 21 St. Cuthbert’s Feast, bishop attending. “Nineteen concelebrants. Certainly a spectacle but little room for movement on the small temporary altar facing down church”.
March 23 Collapse of moral tutor system deplored by some Profs. at meeting. “Profs. still know little of students” . Several suggestions made for improving contact, but none received general approval.
March 24-25 Several issues arising re. discipline (trouble in East Dormitory) and the stability or mental well-being of two or three students.
March 30 With intended visit by Archbishop cancelled through illness, President reluctantly agreed to a run out by car: over moors to Whitby, to Scarborough for lunch at Grand Hotel, back via Pickering, Helmsley and Thirsk.
March 31 General Election polling day, with booth at the front door from 7 AM.
April 1 One student to be sent home following diagnosis of probable mild schizophrenia. Toad of Toad Hall presented “excellently” by Underlow.
April 7 Holy Thursday. Matins at 9.15, “in English and responses monotonal. Deadly!”.
April 9 Holy Saturday. Evening entertainment from House Folk Group in Hall.
April 10, Easter Sunday. Ceremony 10.45. “Singing gave the first thrill of the week: boys superb”.
April 19 At Fenham, presentation “Vatican II: Priest and Parishioner” by Rev. S. Dickinson – “excellent and provocative & not enough time for discussion”.
May 1 Bishop at Ushaw for general ordination. 8 for I and II Minors, 13 for III and IV, 8 subdeacons, 1 deacon.
May 6 Medical exams for new applicants. Meeting with Divines’ Committee. Divines requested greater freedom and that fixed playdays should include the whole day, President would be more prepared to consider their requests were their general observation of rules to improve.
May 9 Greek Playday. Coach of Divines to Seaton Sluice to play golf, party of Grammar to Wolsingham for a hike on the moors.
May 10 Ushaw Dinner in Great Crosby. Attendance around 125 including the Archbishop, chief guest Bishop Holland, Canon J. Welch in chair.
11/5 Return to Ushaw. Rev. J. Reynolds and Sir Geoffrey Halton, Assistant Scout Commissioner, had arrived and stayed overnight, and Rev. Reynolds had addressed Divines about scouting in the morning. Frs Marin Haigh and Bruno Webb visiting from Ampleforth to deliver a lantern lecture on climbing Everest.
May 12 Visit to Drygrange and Melrose Abbey, returning by Kielder Forest.
May 14 Refused request for House to watch televised Cup Final. Notices posted re. Parents’ Days for Divines, House, Sem..
May 17 To Westminster for celebration of the publication of the Catholic RSV Bible.
May 21 40 Grammar School candidates interviewed in the course of five hours. Bishop said the diocese could not afford to send them all to Ushaw.
May 22 Parents’ Days preparation: students to be asked to invite their own parents, rather than the college sending invitations, but would be provided with duplicated slips giving times etc.
May 23 John Day elected as new Divines’ Secretary.
May 24 Rev. Cormac Burke, Counsellor to Opus Dei, arrived and spoke to Divines after supper.
May 25 To St. Leonard’s School in the evening for reception of Apostolic Delegate.
May 26 Archbishop Beck at Ushaw for meeting with Divines staff. Discussion of their studies, pastoral work, the Divines’ Committee and issues of discipline, with several staff members of the view that Divines had lost confidence in the present system and a fresh start was necessary.
May 27 To Newcastle for Delegate’s clergy reception, followed by lunch at Bishop’s house with Delegate and Chapter. Request from L.J. to leave Ushaw for Loretto: told that the college would rather he stayed, and that were he to go there would be a need for a suitably qualified replacement.
May 28 Assembly on Ushaw’s terrace at 5.50 to welcome the Apostolic Delegate, to stay until the morning of the 30
May 29 Apostolic Delegate principal celebrant at Pontifical High Mass. Introduced to the several classes of students throughout the day ending with meeting Divines in the evening.
May 30, Whit Monday. Delegate shown new block after breakfast, then left: “A very pleasant guest & happy visit”.
May 31 Whit Tuesday. Excursion to Holy Island for Syntax and most of Grammar.
June 3 Saw Divines’ Secretary, and confirmed that any relaxation of rules would require evidence that the rules in question were being observed. L.J. was told of obstacles in the way of his going to Loretto. In view of his intemperate response, President decided there was no point in trying to keep him at Ushaw and the matter should be left for the bishop to decide.
June 4 Many morning visitors for the ordination of three priests. Juniors’ Parents’ Day in the afternoon, well attended: exhibitions of art, photos and handicrafts put on, and a swimming gala.
June 9 Corpus Christi: visit from young La Sagesse sisters and Medical Missionaries. Morning ceremony, later swim.
June 11 Celebrant at requiem for Rev. J. Kelly, buried at Dipton. College Parents’ Day in the afternoon, with game of Cat, guitar groups, choir music on front, swimming gala. Art, photographic and mountaineering exhibitions in the Museum.
June 12 Film of Hamlet shown in the evening.
June 14 Stanley Burse exam to be a Latin paper of ‘A’ level standard and a two hour General Paper. Meeting with Divines’ Committee in the evening: President mostly seeking to discover Divines’ present attitude and the meaning of the claim that they had lost confidence in Ushaw’s system of discipline.
June 16 Further meeting with Divines’ Committee, mostly on whether such observances as punctual rising were better enforced by rules or left to individual responsibility.
June 19 Another meeting with Divines’ Committee: “lack of confidence not in obedience or in system generally but in individual rules”.
June 21 Bishop passed on request from Beda for Rev. M. Sharratt for Philosophy: decision left to President. L.J. sent to bed for some days with exhaustion.
June 22 Sem. Playday, most taken out in hiking parties with packed food as coach hire had not been available.
June 23 Nineteen ministers of the Stockton Fraternal shown around in the afternoon.
June 25 Divines’ dress rehearsal of Pirates in the afternoon: two staff members “declared it quite unfit to be put on for the House”.
June 27 To Leeds in the morning for enthronement of Bishop Wheeler, and Newcastle in evening for Mill Hill centenary celebration.
July 6 Canon Flayelle of Douai visiting, “enthusiastic about all he is seeing of the college”.
July 7 Fine warm day: Low Figures presented The Makers of Violence on baths lawn, “very well done”.
July 8 Elections for the Divines’ Committee arranged for before the holidays: Div. Sec. requested that membership should cease on sixth year ordination.
July 9 Grand Week list made up, 107 acceptances but 14 not requiring rooms. Divines’ Parents’ Day in the afternoon, in perfect weather.
July 11th. New priests calling to say goodbye. Divines’ Committee meeting, producing suggestion that President should address Divines as a whole to explain the purpose and importance of rules.
July 17 Ordination of deacons, only 8. Folksong concert in Hall after supper.
July 18th, Monday of Grand Week with 109 visitors of whom 12 going home at night, no entertainment provided.
July 19 Folk song concert in the evening.
July 20 Ten concelebrated Pontifical High Mass with the Bishop of Northampton, who later gave out prizes, and left the next morning.
July 24 Short visit from Atri Brown.
July 27 To Cathedral for Pilgrimage Mass, then departure for Lourdes by train and ferry.
Aug. 4 Back at Ushaw in the afternoon, left for Shoreston the following day.
Aug. 18 return from Shoreston.
Aug. 22 Rev. R. Richmond for early Mass, camping with a party of Sea Scouts in a corner of the golf course.
Aug. 23 Issues with Divines’ discipline put to the Bishop. Suggestions for changes must be put in a statement to the bishops, but rules must be retained.
Sept. 8 Meeting with Procurators: with the help of creditable economies the college was just paying its way. Ceremonial opening of new smokeroom, and dinner to celebrate R.G.’s 25 years as Procurator.
Sept. 17 Arrival of students, mostly in early evening. President met parents of new boys.
Sept. 18th (Sunday). Beginning of retreats for Divines and House. Many staff absent as supply priests in parishes.
Sept. 20 President attended opening of St. James Church in Hebburn.
Sept. 21 President woken at 10.40 PM by phone call alerting him to John McLaughlin in a distressed state in a Lanchester bus shelter. Brought him back to college, discovered the cause of his condition and put him to bed with sedatives.
Sept. 23 Doctor advised strong sedatives and privacy for J. McLaughlin, and his return home with psychiatric treatment.
Sept. 24 Brief visit by bishop to give tonsure to eight.
Sept. 25 Return of bishop for ordinations: 8 for I and II Minors, 10 for III and IV.
Sept. 26 President to Liverpool in car taking J. McLaughlin home to his parents. Stayed at Speke for dinner and overnight.
Sept. 27 PEL meeting and visits to Liverpool chaplaincy and the new cathedral there, “vast and fascinating”. Return by train to Durham.
Sept. 30 President received copies of Memorandum on Pastoral Work, result of a meeting of Divines Profs.: “Suggestions seem to be making it a major part of training”.
Oct. 5 Material collated for coming bishops’ meeting: each bishop to receive a folder containing agenda, a Report on Discipline, Memorandum on Staffing, Memorandum on New Scheme of Studies and another on Pastoral Work.
Oct. 7 Bishops’ meeting. On discipline, existing rules must be observed and enforced, but an exploratory committee would be set up to consider possible changes. Composition of the committee resolved. Pastoral work approved in principle but should be limited in early years and concentrated on deacons. Suggestion that the college should have two trained Spiritual Directors accepted if the priests could be found. President at end offered to vacate his position as soon as the bishops want him to go. Afterwards in smokeroom those who were at the meeting met young Profs. who expressed dissent: “urgency for drastic change” and outspoken dissatisfaction with the proposed committee. Bishops were forthright in response, with a call being made for humility and for recognition of their experience and good will.
Oct. 8 Bishops departing, some now feeling that with such divided opinions among staff it would be difficult to have on the discipline committee the proposed student representative, who might broadcast details of the dissent.
Oct. 8-10 To Victoria Hotel, New Brighton for conference.
Oct. 11 Divines thinking of inviting Profs. to their playroom on Saturday and Sunday evenings: President pointed out the sacrifice of privacy and that such an invitation once made could not be revoked. Prefect reported that six Syntax boys had broken into the Parlour at night.
Oct. 12 St. Wilfrid’s playday. Coachload of Divines – football team, others by seniority, three Professors - to Drygrange: others on hikes etc.
Oct. 13 Divines’ Secretary reacted strongly to mention of the late return of their coach (9.13 PM), objecting to such rules and claiming the support of Profs. President to Lourdes Committee meeting in Washington.
Oct. 14 Divines’ professors took anti-Modernist oath “under some duress!”. Divines’ Secretary apologised for his attitude to President the day before.
Oct. 18–19 To Haslemere by train, overnight stay, taken for drive around Surrey and Sussex then train to Waterloo for Ushaw Dinner.
Oct. 20 Officers’ Meeting in Dorchester, then to St. Edmund’s, Ware.
Oct. 21 Meeting at St. Edmund’s, discussing the possibility of a central examination body to award degrees in Theology to seminary students. Resolved to have Prefects of Studies meet at Upholland, to consider whether a sufficient uniformity could be established for ready exchanges of students and Profs. and the use of common degree exams.
Oct. 22 By coach to Cambridge for a hospital visit, then back to Durham by train.
Oct. 23 President wrote to thank his several hosts on the trip, and received a report on three Grammar boys who had been sharing unsuitable magazines.
Oct. 24 Divines’ Secretary told of the rules for the coming free day. No departures before 8.30 AM, all must be back by 8.45 PM, and any who were late back for any reason would forfeit the next day out.
Oct. 25 President saw the three Grammarians found to be showing magazines around. Two of them wanted to leave and were to be allowed to do so, but their parents would be seen about the reason for their departure: one begged to stay and, after consultation with his bishop, was to be given another chance and allowed to stay at least until Christmas.
Oct. 27 Grammar addressed after Mass re. their attitude to indecent conduct etc., and the two boys were sent home. Visit in the afternoon by 90 members of the Catholic Nurses’ Guild, from their annual meeting at Whitley Bay.
Oct. 28 Meeting with Profs. re. the exploratory committee on rules. Agreed that the Divines’ representative there would receive an agenda beforehand, and be given the chance to express Divines’ views and wants, but that the committee would then hold its discussions without him.
Oct. 30 Feast of Christ the King, and first day of mid-term break, with many staff out supplying or gone for two nights. Film The Mountain shown to House at 8PM.
Oct. 31 Full playday, and first full day out (8.30AM – 8.45PM) for Divines. Many of Grammar taken for a ramble. President to Durham for opening of Catholic Chaplaincy at 5.30.
Nov. 1 All Saints’. High Mass at 9.45 with 10 concelebrating.
Nov. 2 Meeting of committee on rules. President was uneasy about informing Divines’ Secretary of its report before the bishops see it, in case they turn down the committee’s recommendations: but most felt that the risk should be taken, and Divines must accept whatever the bishops decide.
Nov. 3 Eight Little Sisters of the Poor from Newcastle shown around in the afternoon.
Nov. 11 Death of Mrs. Lamb. President a frequent visitor to support her husband Frank through subsequent months.
Nov. 13 President visited by Divines’ Committee delegation after tea. Discusssed allowing Divines to smoke in their music room – President not in favour – and the possibility of a football game with Ushaw Moor Mens’ Club.
Nov. 16 First half day of recollection for Divines. Rev. H. Lavery gave conference on “The Loneliness of the Priest”.
Nov. 17 Rumour reached President from Divines that many of Syntax had visited the Railway Hotel in Witton Gilbert on the Monday of the mid-term break.
Nov. 18 Talk on Chesterton given to Divines by Fr. K. Scannell.
Nov. 20 Visit from four teams from St. Cuthbert’s Grammar School, three of boys and one of staff.
Nov. 24 Gateshead Art Gallery enquired about possible loan of embroideries. Team of Divines at Newcastle playing a University Catholic team. President informed Divines’ Secretary that smoking in the Music Room will not be allowed.
Nov. 25 President received list from prefect of those in Rhetoric who had been stealing or visiting the Langley Park Station Hotel. Director alleged to have said that there was nothing wrong in visits to the Station Hotel so long as students kept to beer.
Nov. 26 Letter received from Cardinal, calling for a meeting at Upholland on Jan. 4th regarding the future direction of seminaries – “seminaries can no longer remain in isolation, nor young men remain thro’out in same buildings etc” – “the whole assumption behind the letter most annoying”. Notice put up asking all to commence a novena for John Shryane’s recovery.
Nov. 29 President told of bishops’ responses to Nov. 2 meeting of Ushaw committee on rules. All but one of the bishops agreed with the President that Divines’ Secretary should not see meeting recommendations before bishops approved them.
Nov. 29th-30 By train to Cardross for college opening.
Dec. 2 Concern about mould on books in the Library. Death of Fr. C. Maguire.
Dec. 6 In Liverpool for funeral of Fr. Maguire.
Dec. 7 President told of the hospitable reception given a party of ten Divines who had visited St. Chad’s College, Durham the day before. College given BCG vaccinations.
Dec. 9 Received report of meeting of Prefects of Studies at Upholland – strong support for contacts with local universities, but for seminaries to preserve their individuality.
Dec. 14 Divines’ Committee meeting. Suggestions for discussion of separation of minor and major seminaries had been rejected as outside the committee’s primary scope. “Divines full of assurance that they could handle [discipline] best for themselves… nothing piecemeal wanted: thorough rethinking etc. – a very practical proof of their immaturity”.
Dec. 15 To Durham in the afternoon to attend the enthronement of Bishop Ramsay.
Dec. 16 Staff meeting to discuss implications of the Cardinal’s letter on seminaries. Felt that some scope existed for transfers of students to broaden their experience and for increased contact with local universities, with a view to offering degree courses in theology, but that the individuality of seminaries should not be suppressed by imposed uniformity.
Dec. 18 Agreed to Divines’ proposal to welcome Profs. to their playroom at all times. President informed Mrs. Seed that the college had won £25 on a Premium Bond given by herself and Peter in 1962.
Dec. 20 Evening visit to Coxhoe for church opening.
Dec. 23 Exams completed, so college was given the afternoon off. Committee meeting to prepare for meeting at Christ’s College on January 4 Divines presented Pirates of Penzance in Hall in the evening.
Dec. 24 Reading-up at 12 noon, and oysters before lunch.
Dec. 25 Midnight Mass, then two Masses in Oratory, coffee in Front Parlour, back to say Lauds, then breakfast, and the smoke room until 2.50 AM.
Dec. 29 President home after quieter post-Christmas days.
Jan. 3rd, Straight from home to Stalybridge and a taxi to Christ’s College for meeting on the seminaries.
Jan. 4 Meeting of seminary rectors and bishops. Each seminary to contact local bishop or bishops to discuss the prospects for cooperating with nearby universities on degree, diploma and/or extra-mural theology courses. No conclusions reached re. measures for staff and student interchange between seminaries. Regarding discipline, Upholland and Oscott had already introduced more liberal systems, a development welcomed by some and considered unavoidable by others.
Jan. 16 E. Armstrong MP among visitors to take part in an Abortion Bill discussion in Hall, opened to the audience (Divines and Rhetoric) after all had spoken.
Jan. 19 To Durham for Unity Week Service with Divines and Rhetoric, and Anglican students of St. John’s and St. Chad’s.
Jan. 20 Letters now received from the bishops who were asked about exploring possibilities for Ushaw to work with Durham University: all in approval.
Jan. 25 Committee meeting. President reluctantly agreed to a trial period with one Sunday Mass rather than two, “as a concession to weakness of modern generation”. Discussion afterwards of how Durham and Ushaw teaching might be integrated in degree courses.
Jan. 27 Concerns raised as to whether approval will be gained from bishops and from Rome for Ushaw men to take courses given by non-Catholic lecturers and tutors at Durham. Archbishop and bishops canvassed by letter after discussions among staff.
Jan. 31 Meeting of seminary rectors at Ushaw. All “incensed” at a letter from Bishop Wheeler saying that non-Catholics should be allowed to attend the Convention of Clerical Students: Cardinal to be informed of their annoyance. Agreed that rectors would inform bishops that they could not recommend students taking theology courses from non-Catholic lecturers. Discussion of the liberalisation of seminary discipline, whether a consequence of changed views of rectors themselves, and of the results so far of more liberal schemes.
Feb. 2 Chasubles taken to be exhibited at Shipley Art Gallery. Divines’ request for separate sittings at mealtimes considered.
Feb. 6 Cock Vac. Monday. Importance of Being Earnest performed from 8 PM in Hall.
Feb. 7 Cock Vac., Divines’ free day – off after 8.15 breakfast, to be back by 8.45 PM. Two visiting teams from Underley, accompanied by priests and sisters. Guests to dinner, but no entertainment provided.
Feb. 8 Ash Wednesday: blessings of Ashes in English. Committee meeting, with Divines’ Secretary attempting to negotiate separate meal sittings in return for work in the Refectory. Little progress made, and President noted that the Committee had not begun to fulfil its intended purpose, of reviewing Divines’ discipline.
Feb. 10 To St. Mary’s, Jarrow for the requiem and funeral of Fr. Eric Connell.
Feb. 11 President “rather stunned” by interview with bishop, in which he was reminded of his offer in October to resign if the bishops wanted a younger man at Ushaw. They would indeed like a younger man, “someone more adaptable to the great changes of the times against which there was no resistance possible”. President reiterated that he did not want to resign, but was willing to go if it were thought that he should. Bishop felt that the college might be harmed if it appeared that he had been forced out. Discussion of possible arrangements, and whether he should be given a parish immediately on leaving Ushaw or, as he thought more appropriate, spend an initial six months learning the ropes.
Feb. 12 First experiment in sung vernacular liturgy up to offertory.
Feb. 13 Committee meeting. President contended that the logical outcome of the principle that Divines were being trained to stand on their own feet and make personal decisions, would be that all rules would be replaced by counsels of good practice: he could not agree with this. Further discussion of how students could be controlled and directed, and how to achieve uniformity of standards, a problem if groups of students were to be assigned to individual Profs.
Feb. 22 Committee meeting. Decided on special treatment of Divines in Major Orders, with increased freedoms under direction of tutors. President let it be known that he was not prepared to introduce change to Mass as coming from himself, and the matter was left until referral to the bishops.
Feb. 24 To Middlesbrough for consecration of Bishop Gerard McClean.
Feb. 25 Suggestion to reduce retreats to one annually, in the last three days of Holy Week. President thought this would be a pity, but if wished for it could be put to the bishops as a committee recommendation.
Feb. 26 Catholic undergraduates from Durham at Ushaw for High Mass followed by discussions with Divines. President shown J. Mc H.’s article on seminary reform, written for a symposium and now rewritten for Clergy Review: President observed that many seminaries have already gone much further than the article suggested.
Feb. 27 Reply from Bishop Wheeler to seminary rectors’ resolution (Jan. 31st). Divines addressed by Canon Hickenbotham on Evangelical Anglicanism.
March 1 Special requirements of younger Divines considered. Shortage of staff would make assignment of moral tutors difficult. Most in favour of a special novice master for first year Divines, to lay down positive counsels which all should follow.
March 6 Committee: Divines’ Secretary resistant to any distinct gradations in the treatment of Divines according to seniority: and wanted Divines to be given opportunities to approve or criticise recommendations in advance of their being sent to bishops.
March 7 Meeting with bishop, who looked agreeably on President’s suggestions of going to St. Joseph’s, Chirton or becoming Chaplain to the Little Sisters on leaving Ushaw. President to write to Archbishop asking to be released in July.
March 11 Archbishop replied, agreeing that the bishops would like to see a younger man at Ushaw, and that the President’s impending departure should be announced to staff.
March 12 Meeting called for President to inform staff of the course of events leading up to his resignation. Staff asked to give full support and loyalty to the next President, whoever he might be, who would be in place for the third quarter, and asked not to divulge news of the President’s departure straight away.
March 16 Prepared a memorandum to bishops regarding the selection of the new President. “[A] fair and comforting flow of letters, the older men feeling that this is the end of the Ushaw they loved: the younger ones rather more violent in their views”.
March 19 Palm Sunday. “Passion read in English by three deacons: sounded artificial. All the grand old music now departed!”.
March 21 Archbishop invited views of staff on the election of the new President.
March 23 Holy Thursday. End of “very successful” retreats. President dismayed by the revised form of Matins: “Psalms more intelligible but whole ceremony colourless, something to be got through”.
March 28 To Liverpool to discuss with the Archbishop the President’s memorandum on the election of his successor.
April 5–6 To London: Golden Jubilee celebration of the Diocese of Brentwood.
April 13 To Dorchester for Officers’ Meeting. President passed out after dinner, rested before returning next day as intended. Appointment confirmed of Philip Loftus as next President of Ushaw.
April 14 Announcement before dinner of the newly appointed president, first to staff and then to the House.
April 15 Psychologist Dr. Dickson (?) at Ushaw for the weekend to give several talks to Divines.
April 16 Bishop at Ushaw for ordination of 12 subdeacons: also consecrated the Scott Chalice.
April 17 President at home for the day, suffering tiredness. College given playday in celebration of the new President’s appointment.
18/4-5/5 Largely a time of rest, recovering from extreme tiredness and from a chill which developed on the 24 Grateful for the care of others in ministering to him and taking over duties as far as possible. Persuaded that a spell in Wexford would be good for recuperation.
May 5 Flight to Dublin, thence to Ely House, Wexford for a restful stay.
June 14 Return flight to Newcastle, advised still to take it easy.
June 22 President informed that he and Mgr. Cunningham had been made Protonotaries Apostolic ad instar participantium by the Holy Father.
June 23 Playday given in honour of the President’s new dignity.
June 24 Visited Little Sisters in Newcastle, welcomed and shown round some of the rooms including his own future quarters.
July 1 Parents’ Day for juniors. President addressed parents in St. Cuthbert’s before 6PM benediction.
July 3 Archbishop at Ushaw to meet with Philip Loftus and staff.
July 5 President and his successor at Upholland for Rectors’ Meeting.
July 6 President to Liverpool to see new cathedral, then to Swinton for a dinner given in his honour by local Serra Clubs. Presented with an illuminated papal blessing.
July 9 Bishop at Ushaw for ordinations, after a concelebratory Mass with all the new priests.
July 10 Bishop back for Junior House confirmations and the President’s investiture as Protonotary Apostolic.
July 13 To Gosforth for Mgr. Cunningham’s investiture.
July 14 President presented by college staff with a cheque for £160 to cover a first class flight to Palestine at his convenience.
July 15 Resignation of L.H. as Prefect of Studies received and accepted by Philip Loftus.
July 17 Grand Week Monday, 109 visitors expected from 3PM. July 18th, Tuesday of Grand Week. Council meeting in the morning, bed made up in infirmary to allow President an afternoon sleep. Oliver performed by High Figures in the hall at 8PM, with the House Song sung in the interval.
July 19 Grand Week Wednesday. Bishop present for prize-giving, and spoke at length of the departing President and other staff members who were leaving. House rose to give an acclamation, President replied controlling emotion as far as he could. General Meeting of St. Cuthbert’s Society followed, where President was elected Vice-President of the Society. At the end of dinner he was presented with a cheque for £1000, and assured that whatever was required to furnish his rooms at the Little Sisters would also be forthcoming. Also presented by the Society with an onyx and gold lighter bearing the Ushaw crest, and by Divines with a leather stationery wallet and pen.
July 20 Start of vacation, with President wished goodbye by dozens of lads at the college front. President photographed in pontificals outside the west door of the church, then set to clearing out cupboards. (Final diary entry by Mgr. Grant).
Sept. 25 Ten days into the new Presidency. Mgr. Grant left the College towards the end of the summer vacation, and was about to take up his new appointment at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Newcastle. The governing board of bishops had held their annual meeting on September 18th and 19 The proposed link with Durham University was discussed first with Ushaw’s President and Prefect of Studies, then with the University’s Vice-Chancellor and two Theology Department professors. A decision from the bishops was promised by December. Also discussed was the exploratory committee’s memorandum on seminary training, accepted apart from proposals for the geographical separation of major and minor seminaries and for Divines to be allowed to enter, but not frequent, licensed premises. The President presented “disquieting information” on the incidence of psychiatric disorders among students, and asked that students might be allowed a mid-term week at home, to be made up for at other times. Decision on this was deferred, but it was decided that students should be able to begin the Christmas vacation before Christmas Day. The procurators’ Financial Report showed a current expenditure deficit of £5000, manageable for now but likely to require adjustments in future especially in view of the likely impact of the Durham University connection were it to come about. The bishops raised no objection to the President’s proposal to recruit lay masters to the staff, and welcomed his plea for two fully trained Spiritual Directors, but made no move toward providing the men.
Sept. 28 President viewed a house in Langley Moor left to the college by a Miss Selkeld (?), who had also bequeathed a sum, perhaps £3000, from the residue of her estate.
Sept. 30 Annoyance that a Rhetorician in the infirmary had been allowed liberty to smoke there by the doctor, endangering general discipline as to their smoking.
Oct. 3 Visit of 3 Professors and 47 students from Drygrange. The Archbishop of Liverpool forwarded a memorandum he proposed to send to the Congregation of Seminaries and Universities on the subject of university cooperation, with an offer to visit Rome himself to discuss the project.
Oct. 4 Visit to Newcastle C.M.A.C. to arrange for a series of talks on counselling to be provided for those Professors who would act as Directors of Divines.
Oct. 8 Visit, at instance of Bishop of Leeds, by Fr. Peter Bentley, studying Jungian psychology in Zurich. Suggested that he might help Ushaw in screening candidates and could provide a course.
Oct. 9th-11th. Several meetings with Directors of Divines to establish guiding points for their work.
Oct. 11th. Prefect reported several thefts of significant sums of money, with evidence pointing to one student but thus far not enough on which to act. Head of St. Chad’s College and two other Durham college clerics were dinner guests.
Oct. 13 Mgr. Carlomagno of the Apostolic Delegation arrived to pay a weekend visit. Archbishop forwarded a copy of a letter in which he proposed to visit Rome to discuss the proposed link with Durham University.
Oct. 14 Request from BBC to visit Ushaw to view any “relics” of Francis Thompson, as they were to prepare a programme on the poet.
Oct. 17 Mixed responses to copies of the Oscott pattern of seminary training sent by Archbishop of Liverpool, President considering it sound as far as it goes, some Professors less favourable.
Oct. 18 London dinner of St. Cuthbert’s Society. President spoke in appreciation of Mgr. Grant, the outlined this year’s changes at Ushaw.
Oct. 19 Visit from Fr. Buckley of Wood Hall hoping for guest lecturers from Ushaw. Possibilities limited especially if the University link went through and some staff became part time lecturers at Durham.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/11   7 May 1980 - 1 October 1982
President's diary, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties
1 volume 
UC/AA6/1/12   14 July 2005 - 9 January 2007
Papers of Terence Drainey, Rector of Ushaw College, mostly correspondence on the management of the college
1 file 
(b) Vice-Presidents' Records
UC/AA6/2/1-5   1936 – 1951
Vice-Presidents' notesbooks and diaries, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties:
5 volumes 
UC/AA6/2/1   6 April 1936 - 21 July 1938; 9 December 1941 - 7 February 1945
Start of volume: 8 pages of notes on weather from 22/5/36 to 4/7/36. Forecasts for each day compared with the actual weather at Ushaw, frequently accompanied by press clippings of weather reports. 3 pages of diagrams of numbered rooms (?) with names accompanied by short strings of crosses, purpose unclear.
Apr. 6th. Monday in Holy Week. Death of Vice-President.
Apr. 9th. Rev. R. W. Meagher chosen to be Vice-President.
May 6th. Divines Feast. Some to Brancepeth golf links: a few taken to York by Stan Watson without having asked permission.
May 8th. Mr. Knowles elected Div. Sec..
May 9th. Notice put on St. Joseph’s door re. leaving the chapel free for use of maids from 12–1 p.m. and 6–7.30 p.m. President had no objection to use of buses to and from Durham.
May 29th. Mr. Coulthard appointed Bounds Master. A few notes on discipline: talking after night prayers, lateness for Meditation.
Offices and responsibilities for minors etc.: 1936-7 Div. Sec. Jas. Knowles Head Carver and N. Dorm. Jas. Hughes W. Dorm. and Book-man T. McGoldrick East Dorm. M. Sweeney Study Place R. Crumbley Tobacco J. Knowles CTS & Big Lads J. Coulthard Stationer C. Toner Elocution and Diary L. Sharratt Infirmary P. Cleary Divs. Library D. Bannon College Minors R. Fox (Poetry), F. Lea (Grammar), G. Farrell (Maths). Sem. Minors E. McCartan, J. Hardy, L. Heston, G. McClean. 1937-8 Div. Sec. O. Carnaffan Head Carver and N. Dorm. L. Sharratt W. Dorm. and Bookman T. McGoldrick E. Dorm. M. Sweeney Study Place R. Crumbley Tobacco C. Johnson CTS and Big Lads W. Kelly Stationer C. Toner Diary L. Sharratt Infirmary P. Cleary Divines Library V. McClean.
Further notes on discipline: Oct. 20th – 25th 1937(?), nine instances of lights on after 10.30, including T. Maudsley four times.
July 1st. B. Costello, impertinence by shouting when reproved.
July 21st. Old Minors and Bounds Masters have permission in future to stay out until 3.45 on full study days. Nine students graded for conduct in 1938: four C, four D, one E. Permission for Divines to go alone to Pearsons if they could not find a partner had apparently been granted by J. Adamson, and was revoked by Vice-President.
Dec. 9th. Six students reported for talking in Refectory told, with President’s approval, that they would not proceed to subdiaconate if they repeated the offence. Two more warned but without the ultimatum.
Apr. 21st. Card Rule: Cards may only be played after tea until 7 p.m. on public and private playdays, and at any time in the Easter holidays.
July 25th: Rules for retreats for priesthood. All packing to be done before the retreat: no retreatant to talk to anyone else unless in necessity; and listening to war news in the playroom was forbidden. Recommendation to give retreatants an early breakfast. Notes on food caches and the rooms in which they were kept. Notes on discipline: more warnings given re. talking in refectory, and Divines and choir members found to be leaving Hall early to chat and smoke in playroom before supper.
Feb. 14th. First year Divine solemnly warned after being apprehended with a Philosopher in his room between 6 and 7 p.m.: gave faithful promise to amend his ways. Note on suspicion that Philip Loftus “may be overworking” and headed for mental breakdown.
Sept. 1943: Diary adopted by Vice-President Paul Grant.
Sept. 27th. President approved revised version of Divines’ rules. Several disciplinary matters: sleeping in, lights still on at 10.30, a visit to another’s room after night prayers.
Sept. 29th. Explained and commented on the new regulations to the Divines.
Sept. 30th. Those in major orders, and no others, allowed to walk out between 2 and 3 p.m. on study days. (Rule made by President some years earlier).
Oct. 4th. Explained full right of choir master to pick schola and direct choir and schola: nobody to leave choir or schola without permission.
Oct. 7th. Minor professors allowed to receive parcels of food, so long as it was used in the Parlour and none of it was passed to College.
Oct. 9th. Discussed breakfasts with President, after visit to him by Div. Sec. who complained that breakfasts were inadequate and amounted to daily fasting. President was concerned, and inclined to allow Divines to take jam in to breakfast.
Oct. 10th. Saw Rev. Mother, who thought that breakfasts were adequate, “considering the times very good”, and that no more could be provided at present.
Oct. 11th–13th. Continuing dispute over jam rations and whether Divines had received their entitlement. President “expressed his view strongly” after Rev. Mother’s report that Divines had been receiving nearly twice their monthly ration of 1 lb., and Div. Sec.’s admission to having jam four times at supper.
Oct. 18th. Div. Sec. told that Deacons should not say office during First Prayers or the Spiritual Reading time which follows.
Oct. 19th. Div. Sec. asked to take Big Lads to Biggin.
Oct. 20th. Yearly contribution of £35. 18s. sent to APF, delayed by waiting to see whether there would be a contribution from the maids.
Oct. 21st. President spoke to Divines about their “bad spirit” in expressing dissatisfaction with food and in feeling that the authorities did not care whether it was adequate or not. Mr. Minihan visited him afterwards, admitting to being one who had complained, but repeating that he found the food at breakfast insufficient.
Oct. 22nd. Declined to grant Mr. R. Carson exemption from First Prayers, on grounds that exemption from spiritual duties could only be given on grounds of necessity, not of convenience.
Oct. 24th. Divines amused at the subject of Mr. Minihan’s prone, the heroism of the Douay Martyrs, after he had apparently told some of them of his complaint to the President about Ushaw food.
Oct. 29th. Confessions of a Young Man found in Divines playroom by Dr. McReavy.
Oct. 31st. Messrs. M’Gough, Galletly and Doyle reported for repeated talking and laughing in Refectory: all warned that action would follow if they continued.
Nov. 4th-6th. Further cases of lights on after 10.30 and unauthorised visits to others’ rooms.
Nov. 10th. Rhetoricians told to desist from singing “some parody for Mr. Bonney’s benefit as he goes to hall each morning”.
Nov. 12th-18th. Numbers of Divines, up to 35, found with jam on their plates at breakfast. On 18th removed all contraband from Divines’ playroom.
Nov. 19th. 38 Divines visited individually in their rooms re. taking jam etc. into Refectory: all but five admitted the offence. All told to bring their contraband to Vice-President’s room after supper. Allowed fourth year Divines to speak about the jam question, and was “astounded & shocked by their spirit and outlook and bitterness”, showing no appreciation of the nuns’ best efforts or of the sacrifices parents would have to make to send jam. Around 30 pots of jam received and conveyed to kitchen.
Nov. 20th. Much sympathy for Divines among younger professors, arising from the Parlour’s far richer provisions. President shocked at the Divines’ attitudes, but still moved to suggest that relaxation of rules would be necessary if the Procurator could do nothing to improve their breakfasts.
Nov. 21st, R.G. “saw danger immediately” were rules to be revoked. Suggestions to be considered instead for redirecting expenditure from Parlour to divines.
Nov. 26th. Flu outbreak taking hold among Divines: twelve ill, including the Infirmarian. Rev. Mother and Sr. Aquinas agreed to a plan for providing improved breakfasts and suppers to Divines at the expense of the Parlour.
Nov. 30th. Infirmary full of ‘flu cases, mainly Divines and Sem.
Dec. 1st. Philosophers’ Feast. “Found that Phils. have practice of holding up house at all sorts of times on plea of secret happenings going on”.
Dec. 3rd. Flu beginning to abate, but two Sisters down with it. Infirmary free of contraband, on the one morning of the week when only porridge, milk, and bread and butter were provided.
Dec. 6th. Complaint received from police about violations of blackout. Warden to make full round of the college every night and to report defaulters.
Dec. 7th. Police found blackout well observed. Divs. Sec. told that a fine of one shilling would be imposed for every default: Divs. Sec. then placed notice in playroom “only meant …. to be funny” to the effect that the police had threatened a £50 fine.
Dec. 9th-19th. Several one shilling fines imposed for blackout violations, and collected from those who had the money to pay them.
Dec. 10th. M. McGee told by President that he was to be dropped at Christmas.
Dec. 19th. Concert in Hall after supper, and short play by Big Lads.
Dec. 20th. Students left for Christmas, three days early in view of limited LNER places.
Dec. 23rd. Left for home.
Jan. 10th. Returned to Ushaw.
Jan. 14th. Mr. Kilmartin appointed as new Stationer. Minors told they must not keep jam from supper to use at next day’s breakfast.
Jan. 17th. Mr. Loftus appointed to be new Schola-leader at Mr. Hollis’ request. Schola-leader’s privilege in recent years of being allowed to stay up until 10.30 was withdrawn.
Jan. 19th. Disciplinary matters: lights on too late, lateness for Meditation, student caught smoking in own room.
Jan. 20th. Arrangements for CTS profits: £3 annually to go to whoever is in charge of the Spiritual Reading Library, the remainder to the Prefect for the public purse. Fr. Owen Dudley arrived to speak to Divines about the Church Missionary Society.
Jan. 23rd. Discovered that, in spite of instructions to the contrary, the Philosophers had decided to entertain Divines in their playroom on their Feast morning, with scouts sent out to protect them.
Jan. 24th. Began elocution classes for Little Lads.
Jan. 25th-26th. Philosophers’ gas masks tested, and Sisters shown how to put the masks on.
Jan. 29th-Feb. 5th. Several admonitions for lateness to Meditation.
Feb. 6th. Rosary tickets. Passed on request from police that students out in the country should not walk in the middle of the road.
Feb. 8th. Denied Mr. Nicholson’s request for a change of room to ease his eye strain, and required two students to remove arrangements of screws and string that had been used to move ceiling lamps to over their writing tables.
Feb. 11th. Deferment recommended for Mr. Fox, who was improved but not yet decisively so, and Mr. Sweeney as he had missed much study time.
Feb. 13th. Deacon and subdeacon alerted to several errors during High Mass and Benediction. Several students found in others’ rooms at 7 p.m., or otherwise missing from their own.
Feb. 18th. Divs. Sec. told of excessive talking among Divines in several places, and of their lingering in the stationers’ room on Saturday afternoons. Mr. Hollis asked what to do if a Divine wished to leave the choir or schola, and was told to refer any case to the Vice-President together with his own view on the request.
Feb. 20th. First night of presiding at dinner and giving blessing at night prayers, as President was staying overnight with Bishop.
Feb. 21st. First day of Cock Vac., and President returned before lunch with Apostolic Delegate and Bishop. Scenes from Henry IV performed after dinner, “Very good indeed”.
Feb. 22nd. Play Never Say Die, a new version of Tons of Money, “generally enjoyed”.
Feb. 23rd. Election of new Div. Sec., Mr. J. McCormack. Vice-President had asked to be informed of the election result in case a veto was necessary, and to be given reasons were the elected man to refuse the office.
Feb. 24th. Consulted with President and L.L.McR. on the permissibility of papers and periodicals for Divines. President’s view was that these should be allowed if of an educational nature, and on such grounds Mr. Boyle’s request to receive monthly copies of The Studio was granted.
Feb. 28th. Changed arrangement for clearing snow from roads when necessary. Procurator had obtained studies-off for Divines to do the work, with Philosophers expected to help in their own time. Now, Procurator would inform Prefect when help was needed, and leave to him the decision on the personnel.
Feb. 29th. Agreed new rule with President: “No Minor Professor nor Divine may speak to the nuns except when domestic business makes it necessary”.
Feb. 29th-March 3rd. Questions put regarding “special friendship” apparently sought by Mr. Fox with Mr. Hawksworth. Fox told that his subdeaconship would be postponed while his readiness to treat Hawksworth like any other member of his school was tested.
March 5th. Rosary tickets. Spoke on servers standing during Credo as expression of faith in accordance with old English custom dating from times of persecution. Obtained agreement from President that Divines could receive Easter Week parcels and might leave jam etc. in the refectory for the week, to discourage them from seeking teas in the countryside.
March 7th. Mr. Thomson told that his Easter parcel of secular newspapers was not allowed.
March 11th. Mr. O’Mahoney asked to be relieved of the post of Big Lads’ bounds-master.
March 15th. Mr. F. Smith appointed Infirmarian. Told that his responsibility was for discipline – any missing medicines were Sister’s concern – and that his own behaviour must reflect standards of discipline, especially with regard to only smoking at the usual times and only in his own room.
March 17th. Interviewed all 11 students who had been reported by the Prefect for recent talking etc. in the refectory.
March 18th. Mr. John O’Brien appointed Big Lads’ bounds master and Head Carver.
March 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Bishop and secretary had stayed overnight. Profs. drew 2-2 with Little Lads at football, play Abraham Lincoln given at night.
March 22nd. President received anonymous letter regarding students to be ordained in June visiting Bishop Auckland relatives and boasting of how they could escape punishments.
March 24th. Could find no evidence in fourth year students’ rooms of anyone with relatives in Bishop Auckland.
March 29th. President told of Frank W. hearing from three Professors a rumour that he was likely to be replaced and turned out of the Lodge in the summer.
Apr. 1st. Fr. Hall, Salesian, Rector of Shrigley, arrived to give retreat.
Apr. 2nd. Bishop informed President that he too had received an anonymous letter, naming Mr. Minihan as the visitor to Bishop Auckland along with Mr. Galletly.
Apr. 4th. Discussed Mr. E. Fox’s position with him, now that Bishop of Leeds had turned him down and acceptance by another bishop would be difficult to win.
Apr. 7th. Good Friday. Present custom was for all to rise at 6.30, with Meditation 7 to 7.30, breakfast 7.45, ceremony 10 – 12.10. Searching Divines’ parcels for contraband 1.15 to 3 p.m. and from 7 to 8.30.
Apr. 8th. Holy Saturday. Rise 6.30, Devotions 7 to 7.30, ceremony 9.30 to 11.58. Further Divines’ parcels examined, and contraband including sugar removed. Next year to state exactly which items were allowable in parcels, rather than as this year giving a list of what was not. Gave ruling limiting Divines’ smoking time after breakfast to half an hour.
Apr. 11th. President left for short holiday. Departure of Mr. Fox.
Apr. 12th. Saw Mr. Horkin about his being seen talking with Sr. Benedict.
Apr. 15th. Last of Easter jam etc. cleared from refectory after supper.
Apr. 17th. Canon Prescott and Fr. Grogan arrived with President’s portrait. Apr. 22nd. “Refused absolutely” request from Div. Sec. that ordinands might smoke in playroom before their ordination. Saw Mr. McDonald, who admitted visiting the Housekeeper’s room at Mother Malachy’s invitation and having tea there with nuns, but denied another report of his going down the drive in company with Irish priests from Sunderland and a Sem. boy.
Apr. 23rd. B. Hawksworth told to keep to a minimum his correspondence with former student E. Fox, who had sent him four letters in a week.
May 3rd. Divines’ Feast. Many left for country before 9 a.m., several not back in time for dinner at 3.
May 9th. Div. Sec. told that Divines must not leave earlier than 9 a.m. on playdays, and that “the [c]ustom of 4th years making ridiculous exhibition of themselves in a Cat game [was] to cease”. Mr. Scott agreed to take over as Bounds Master for Grammar.
May 11th. A number of Divines interviewed after being seen in Durham cafes. “All professed ignorance of scandal caused, all promised to obey rule in future”. All seen together by Vice-President on the 15th, and leave-out stopped for a fortnight.
May 19th. Mr. Thompson, after several warnings about lateness for Meditation, “about last in looking very dishevelled & unwashed”. May 26th. Messrs. M’Gowan and Pennington left for ordination on Sunday: Messrs. Rout and Doyle for ordination retreat at Ilkley.
May 27th. Letter received from Bishop of Nottingham, saying that he had decided to dispense with Mr. Thompson’s services.
May 29th. President saw Mr. Thompson re. his Bishop’s dismissal. Divines performed Ballad of White Horse after supper.
May 30th. Canons Pippet and Wilkinson and Frs. J. Thompson and E. Flynn up to see House game, which Divines lost 19-12. Div. Sec. spoke privately to Vice-President about rumours that he and others had been speaking of the Divines as degenerate, lazy, etc.: Vice-President had no general complaint beyond being worried at their not participating in games.
June 2nd. Mr. Thompson left, “depressed but bearing no ill will”. About a dozen Divines cleared from their playroom at 9.25 a.m.
June 5th. Playday given for the capture of Rome. Divines’ request for a radio in their playroom, rather than the existing relay arrangement, not liked by Vice-President but referred to President.
June 12th. Divines playing cricket told to seek exchange arrangements if possible rather than being excused from garden duty.
June 9th-30th. Ongoing notes on lateness to Meditation, with repeat offenders spoken to July 13th. Mr. McDonald dropped by Bishop Marshall after reports from Ushaw on his conduct.
July 15th. President “seemed keen” on proposal to move High Figures into College next year. Vice-President to discuss possibilities with Prefect.
July 21st. Divines Reading-up in Front Parlour.
July 23rd. Ordination of four priests.
July 24th. Council meeting after dinner, followed by impromptu concert in Hall.
July 27th. Arrival of a party of Polish visitors.
July 29th. Vice-President left for J. Scott’s ordination at Darlington, and then went home.
Sept. 15th. Returned to Ushaw. “College seems full”: High Figures back with Little Lads. Many students late to return as trains delayed.
Sept. 16th. Mr. Pepper appointed as Grammar Bounds Master, and Mr. Higgins transferred to High Figures. Reintroduced Little Hours into Divines’ retreat. Arrival of Fr. Aelred Graham OSB to give the retreat.
Sept. 17th. Relaxation of blackout: only curtains drawn on room windows, shades left open in St. Cuthbert’s.
Sept. 18th. President saw Mr. Donnelly to break news that Bishop was probably deferring his taking orders.
Sept. 19th. Fr. Tom Cain (Sem.) and Fr. G. Banks arrived to take retreats. Blackout further reduced, and lights examined by police and declared well within regulations.
Sept. 21st. President received letter from Bishop deferring orders for Mr. Donnelly and Mr. McArdle. C.M. appointed College confessor by President.
Sept. 24th. Retreat ended. Ordinations to Minor Orders and Diaconate.
Sept. 25th. Arrival of Bishops for meeting, with two secretaries and Canon Wilkinson. Oct. 1st. Mr. Hollis told to try out D. Milburn as organist, and drop him if not competent. Oct. 2nd. Start of gardening. President absent from dinner, visiting German prisoners. Oct. 3rd. New enthusiasm for football among Divines, with 40 playing in study-day leagues and the full number on half-playdays. Oct. 4th. Many new boys sick in Infirmary, with food suspected as the cause. Oct. 12th. President consulted re. celebration of 150th anniversary of arrival at Crook Hall on the 15th: his plan was Grand High Mass with Te Deum, Vespers Coram, and studies off on Sunday. Oct. 16th. Playday following celebration of the Crook Hall anniversary. Frs. Hugh Pope and V. O’Shaughnessy arrived on visit. Oct. 23rd. Vespers recorded for broadcast on Sunday 29th. Oct. 24th. President left for funeral of Fr. R. Bilsborrow. Oct. 30th. Arrival of Albert Moriarty, new Philosopher, from Salford.
Nov. 1st. Divines refused leave out before dinner. 74 Divines in St. Cuthbert’s at High Mass, 75 at Vespers.
Nov. 7th. Mgr. Cogan and Bishop’s Secretary to dinner. Mgr. Cogan announced at end that President and Vice-President had been elected that day as Honorary Canons of the Diocese by the Bishop, welcomed with acclamation by the Chapter. President spoke on behalf of both, Vice-President “had no previous intimation and was absolutely dumbfounded… Lay awake until the small hours”.
Nov. 8th. Playday for the new Canons, and evening celebration: Canon’s robes presented by P. Taylerson.
Nov. 11th. Agreed with President that Mr. Dolan, appointed Gym Instructor, should have privilege of tea in Sem. parlour on gym days.
Nov. 12th. Solemn Requiem for those killed in war.
Nov. 16th. Football on very wet morning against army team from Brancepeth, who won 6-4.
Nov. 23rd. Vice-President and two Phils. took knives for an attempt to clear weeds from the Pond, where they were sticking up above the water. Dec. 1st. Room inspection. Decided after consultation not to allow Divines to receive food parcels at Christmas.
Dec. 5th. President and Vice-Pres. installed as Canons at St. Mary’s Cathedral. “Great welcome from Chapter”, Canon O’Donoghue acted as Provost.
Dec. 13th. Had to come out of night prayers because of acute burning pain. Prescription “working wonders” next day, but X-ray recommended should there be a further acute attack.
Dec. 25th. Midnight Mass ended 1.20-1.25, bell for bed at 2.20. Reading-up (“very slow”) 12.10-12.55. “House restive, cheered youngster who showed anxiety at not being read out”. Long account of talk with W.C., Pref. Sac., after prayers: he thought Vice-President had shown personal feelings against him and was making his position intolerable. Vice President, when asked outright if he would like there to be a change of Spiritual Director, said that he would: W.C. then said he would tender his resignation as Pref. Sac., and “take own counsel!” about Spiritual Director. “Left at 11.15. In consequence VP spent very restless night”.
Dec. 27th. Left for home.
Jan. 12th. Returned to Ushaw. Visited by W.C., who had taken counsel with others during the holiday, apologised for things said on Christmas night, and had decided against resigning. President informed. J. Gaskell appointed Sacristan to replace F. Hodson.
Jan. 13th. J. Russell appointed Sacristan, rather than J. Marmion whose work, it was felt, would have suffered from the duty.
Jan. 15th-20th. Usual disciplinary issues: lateness for Meditation, smoking outside hours, talking in refectory.
Jan. 20th. 14 degrees of frost at night, Sem. and Little Lads on the pond.
Jan. 21st. Div. Sec. requested that Divines might use the pond in other than clerical attire. Request refused, to “maintain the dignity & traditional formality of pond”. Mr. B. Smith appealed on grounds of lack of black clothes, cost to parents etc.: said rule was “hidebound and ridiculous”. Much skating and work on the pond in subsequent days.
Jan. 28th. Saw President to suggest sending a man to Oxford for a course including economics, who could then teach sociology and another subject at Ushaw.
Jan. 30th. Heavy snow and thaw. No more skating, and Divines, Phils. and Little Lads were all out clearing roads.
Feb. 5th. President’s Feast.
Feb. 7th. Further smoking outside hours in Divines’ playroom: Div. Sec. warned that if the rule continued to be broken there would be a complete ban on smoking in the mornings. Last entry in diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/2/2   8 February 1945 - 28 December 1946
Feb. 12th. Play Toad of Toad Hall, “enjoyment spoiled by House's absurd cheering”. Many complaints among Profs.
Feb. 13th. Saw Div. Sec. after breakfast and asked the Divine's refrain from cheering. Evening play: less cheering but still noticeable.
Feb. 22nd. Discussion with Prefect about students coming out of supper early.
Feb. 23rd. Gave note to Div. Sec. on conduct of Divines.
March 2nd. Young brother of P. Harrison receiving flirtling letters from some young lady.
March 4th. Ordered that all “borstal” cheering must stop at entertainments. Talkie picture: Three Smart Girls: uncomfortable about the content of the picture (night clubs, dancing etc). Spiritual Director and Lawrence McReavy both condemned it Rest of the picture after supper - apparently harmless.
March 5th Divines' thought picture unsuitable.
March 6th. Spoke to Prefect about talkie and suggested that they have little educational value and not worth the expense. Prefect strongly disagreed.
March 8th. Th. Hawkworth and Gunning reported for persistant talking in refectory.
March 10th. Div. Sec. requesting food parcels be allowed for Easter.
March 13th. Mr Burke to lunch, suggested new cabinet for Douai plate and Lingard china.
March 14th. List of items allowed in Easter parcels given to Div Sec.
March 16th. Questioned Mr Hignett. about cigarette case with various papers mentioning girls names. Told Div. Sec. that we cannot allow margarine in the Easter parcels as it would be expecting too much for people at home to send it.
March 30th. Examined parcels and confiscated some items.
March 31th. Examining parcels again.
April 3rd. (Easter Monday). Many visitors to boys in the college - shoud not be allowed visitors.
April 4th. Workmen tidying paths in preparation for Hierarchy's visit and R.G. requested that Divines' vacate their roooms for the visit.
April 6th. Donnelly refused tea in Durham and Bryce's wish to have his father and others as visitors rejected.
April 8th. Ordination of eighteen Subdeacons and three First Minors.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/2/3   13 January 1947 - 31 March 1949
Vice-President's notesbook and diary, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties
1 volume 
UC/AA6/2/4   1 April 1949 - 28 September 1950
April 3rd 1949. Mass Pro Remissione Peccatorium as asked by the Pope to mark the Golden Jubilee of his priesthood. Plautus’ Captivi performed in Latin by Big Lads.
April 7th. Divines informed by a note posted in Playroom that Easter parcels could only contain cakes, jam, fresh fruit and sweets.
April 8th. Several visitors including missionaries, among them Franciscans from Ushaw Moor. Departure from Ushaw of Mr. Dillon, to work with an order of brothers engaged in spreading the Gospel through writing, cinema, radio etc.
April 9th. Bishop commented that President was in good form, but more active than his doctor had recommended.
April 14th. Holy Thursday. Changes to ceremony, reducing its length by about ten minutes to 2 hours 13 minutes. Last candle at Tenebrae not put out but restored to its stand, “causing some heartburn amongst the old conservatives”.
April 15th. Good Friday. Bishop taken for walk around garden by VP, then officiated at kissing of Cross.
April 17th, Easter Sunday. High Mass at 10.15, reading-up at noon, then the Blessed Sacrament exposed form 1.30 until Vespers, that all could make their hour of Adoration privately – never fewer than 40 present.
April 20th. Many visitors, led to their rooms and shown around the college by Divines. Latin play in the evening followed by light refreshments.
April 21st. Again many visitors – President announced Cat game, Edward Towers showed relic of St Cuthbert, book shop open after dinner. Paper given by Sir Henry Digby-Beste, “man over 60 in Scouts uniform with beard”. Paper by D. Fahy on Catholic education in a Pagan world. Agreed to give a prize of £5 for best performance in Rhetoric.
April 24th. Ordinations of 3 Deacons, 14 Sub-deacons.
April 26th. Meeting at Fenham, then seminary Procurators (Upholland, Oscott, Ware and Wonersh) arriving for meeting next day at Ushaw.
May 2nd. Custodian’s Playday for Philosophers, spent by most on golf course.
May 4th. Divines’ Feastday, some to Newcastle, a party to Brancepeth for golf. May 5th. Comments on two students habitually late for meditation.
May 8th. Meeting with President to discuss building plans. Several large classrooms were needed and present plans would only add two. VP urged that money should be saved from luxuries, such as a proposed Professors’ smokeroom, for developments that were more necessary. An inspection was possible at any time and was bound when it came to require a large increase in WCs, baths, showers etc..
May 10th. To Harrogate for School Dinner. Proposed and agreed that in four years the 25th anniversary should be marked by High Mass and celebrations at Cleveleys. May 12th. Play Badgers Green given by Big Lads, 8.15 – 10.30. A late supper had been requested for those involved, but could not be provided so they were given a good supper before the play instead.
May 13th. President acknowledged the pressing need for schoolrooms, and suggested a meeting of Professors to discuss its fulfilment. He hoped that new chapels might be paid for by subscriptions.
May 16th. Divines’ Library given parcels of old Ushaw Magazines to make up their set. Meeting about building requirements held in President’s room. The President favoured adapting the Museum to provide classrooms, Edward Towers spoke against. An early Ministry of Education inspection would be helpful, to establish the extent of the need for increased sanitary facilities, and the President would request one as soon as possible.
May 18th. Serious teaching staff shortages, with VP asked to teach I Morals in spite of considering himself unqualified.
May 20th. VP began scything cemetery graves. President informed him of intention to have a scholarship exam, which could also serve as an entrance exam for lay students. VP questioned whether there would be any room for lay students next year, but the intention was to go ahead as the money was needed.
May 21st. Another student reported for having fallen back to sleep after being called to meditation. The VP’s search of several Divines’ rooms for a missing breviary failed to find the breviary but unearthed a variety of prohibited items: an air pistol, radio equipment, sports papers, sugar, jam and signs of smoking.
May 22nd. Concern reported about the attitude of younger Professors, staying out late, smoking in the parlour, and lax towards work and responsibilities.
May 24th. Three busloads of visitors from Cleveleys, given a tour and shown the sacristy and relics. Conflict between Ushaw staff and Reverend Mother.
May 30th. President persuaded to reduce next year’s intake of lay students to two or three on grounds of lack of space. General view of Professors and Prefect was that they were not a good influence.
June 4th, Whit Monday. Large complement of visitors, Arsenic & Old Lace performed in the evening.
June 8th. To Shrewsbury to represent Ushaw at the funeral of Bishop Moriarty.
June 12th. Assessment of domestic situation, now grown intolerable. Reverend Mother and one of the sisters “should go as… evidently dissatisfied and have rowed with too many for peace”.
June 15th. Bishop approached regarding domestic conflicts, but suggested patching up and carrying on.
June 27th. C. Maguire seen off by Professors on steps, leaving to be parish priest of St. Helens, Great Crosby.
June 28th. J. Corrigan’s illuminated list of spiritual offerings to the Holy Father put on display in the front ambulacrum. Much garden produce was being wasted as the kitchen staff would not use it.
June 30th. Student asking to be allowed to rise late on grounds of a cold rebuked for having spent two days in hatless umpiring.
July 9th. American Consul in Newcastle shown round.
July 13th. Informal preliminary visit by Durham County Inspector of Schools.
July 25th. Monday of Grand Week, Apostolic Delegate arrived in the evening. Play A Murder Has Been Arranged.
July 26th. Grand Week Tuesday, college teams playing visitors at cat and cricket. Concert in hall at 8PM featuring choruses, songs and piano duets.
July 29th. Last of staff leaving for holidays. “Ghastly interview” with Reverend Mother, “terribly embittered against Ushaw”.
Sept. 19th. Returned to college and dealing with President’s correspondence, as President had entered Minories on the 17th suffering heart trouble.
Sept. 23rd – 25th. More staff and students returning, including new Divines. President remaining at Minories and not improving.
Sept. 26th. Beginning of retreats. President woken to receive Last Sacraments from bishop.
Oct. 2nd. Bishop approached about shortage of qualified teaching staff and of funds for their recruitment. He asked to be provided with a plan of the next five years’ requirements, for consideration by the bishops.
Oct. 3rd. Informed that some of Rhetoric were singing “unbecoming songs” in their playroom, and urging younger and new students to join in. Arrival of bishops and Archbishop Downey for meeting. President’s health improving but outlook still uncertain.
Oct. 4th. Vice-President’s notes on the staffing position and scheme for the next five years passed nem. con. by the meeting of bishops. Archbishop called attention to a new instruction from Rome on Sacred Music: Ushaw was already fulfilling its teaching requirements, so the only change required would be the introduction of an exam for all students.
Oct. 7th. BBC staff fixing wires and making plans for a broadcast from Ushaw on November 13th.
Oct. 15th. Bishop told that doctor does not expect President to regain sufficient health to resume his duties.
Oct. 16th. Denied request for a film projector with sound, “only for serious scientific and historical films” – money too short at present, previous year’s balance was £320 and as much as possible this year was to be put into improving the refectory.
Oct. 23rd. List of suggestions prepared for Divines regarding their conduct in the refectory, including table manners and the condition in which they left the tables. Attempt to be made to recruit a chef who would be a competent dietician.
Oct. 25th. Arrival of team of four inspectors, shown around the college facilities and told of the intended gradual replacement of teaching staff by men with degrees.
Oct. 26th. Second day of inspection.
Oct. 27th. Third and last day of inspection. Vice-President asked to define the purpose of Ushaw, and presented at a later meeting with the inspectors’ conclusions on all aspects of accommodation, staff and teaching – his typed copy of “Substance of Inspectors’ Report” included. Bishop “delighted” with the report and advised immediate application for recognition as an efficient school.
Oct. 29th. Reported to President re. the inspection.
Oct. 31st, Nov. 4th. Further criticism of Divines’ ways in the refectory.
Nov. 8th. Gramophone recordings of parts of Compline in St. Cuthbert’s, made by Mr. Gascoigne of Durham, played in hall after supper.
Nov. 9th. Divines informed that private use of a gramophone would only be permitted once a week, and that all privately owned records would be censored.
Nov. 10th. Visit by two Italian priests, Sons of Sacred Heart (Verona Fathers).
Nov. 13th. Fr. Agnellus Andrew and BBC engineers at Ushaw for broadcast of Compline.
Nov. 17th. Party of Esh Winning schoolchildren shown around Ushaw. Two Sem. boys were returned from Darlington, having reached there on foot after leaving Ushaw the night before and sleeping in a barn in Langley Moor.
Nov. 19th – 20th. After reports, the two runaway boys were to be sent home, as was a third who had cooperated with them and then refused a flogging.
Nov. 22nd. J. Groarke protested at the different standards of food provided for students and Professors, and asked to be allowed to eat with the students.
Nov. 25th. J. Groarke maintaining a “hunger strike” in protest at the quality of students’ meals. President reported to be “much worse” and in immediate danger. Dec. 6th. Proposed scheme for Ushaw’s restaffing sent to the bishop. “Very exciting” House game, ending 6-6, but a request for the last hour off studies because of it was refused.
Dec. 8th. Bishop approved restaffing scheme, so details circulated to the other interested bishops. Further data supplied to Ministry of Education in support of Ushaw’s application for recognition.
Dec. 10th. President’s health remarkably improved.
Dec. 11th. Visit from Fr. Hughes to report on arrangements for Lingard’s centenary. A “wonderful series of letters” held at Ushaw should be edited and published in book form, and there should be a volume on John Lingard covering his life and his writings as controversialist, translator of the Gospels and historian.
Dec. 20th. Three Ushaw staff took part in a priests’ team playing Durham Police, beaten 3-2. Request from Big Lads for a fancy ball was turned down, with strong criticism of their attitude to life, their playroom talk and taking all they can.
Dec. 25th. High Mass 10.30, then Reading-up: evening concert with carols in Hall, compered by Mr. Occleston dressed as Father Christmas.
Dec. 30th. Departure for home after quiet post-Christmas days.
Jan. 6th, 1950. Back for a single day, to meet one of His Majesty’s Inspectors about points in Ushaw’s application for recognition. Matter of accommodating two VI form boys per room raised again (Oct. 27th entry related that one or three to a room was more usual).
Jan. 9th. Returned to Ushaw to stay.
Jan. 11th. Return of remaining Professors and most students.
Jan. 12th. Refused permission for the innovation of allowing Rhetoric students to go to Durham to see a Shakespeare film.
Jan. 16th. Small fire in Divines’ playroom, started by a cigarette end in a wastepaper bin, soon put out.
Jan. 23rd. More questions re. the Ministry application, on lab. room, provision for art and woodwork etc.
Jan. 24th. Agreement received from Salford to return of Philip Loftus to Ushaw.
Jan. 27th. Greek Playday. Snow on ground but football still played, Vice President joined in with sledging.
Jan. 28th. Visited President who continued to recover health. Proposal received to contact all those passing through Rhetoric in last 14 years with questionnaires to evaluate intelligence test results: Vice President replied putting the case against.
Feb. 2nd. Leeds Divines to go to Scorton on March 8th, to sing Mass on the fourth centenary of St. John of God.
Feb. 3rd-4th. Bishop to be asked about the President’s future, as Mother Leonard at Minories was of the opinion that his health was unlikely to improve further and that the home was not the place for a permanent invalid.
Feb. 5th-7th. Issues with J.G., missing meditation and breakfast and in and out of trance-like conditions considered by himself to be the prayer of Quiet as described by St. Teresa. On the 7th apologetic and thinking he has been deluded about his experiences. Counselled to keep to a normal and active routine and be guided by his confessor.
Feb. 8th. Informed by Ministry of Education that Ushaw had been recognised as efficient.
Feb. 13th. Dinner to celebrate the Min. of Ed. Recognition. Bishop attended, then gave Last Sacraments to Canon Dunne whose heart was causing serious concern.
Feb. 20th. Numerous visitors to dinner, then Pirates of Penzance performed.
Feb. 21st. Further visitors and another performance of the opera – stamping and slow clapping noted by some of House.
Feb. 23rd. General Election, and for the first time Ushaw had a polling booth.
Feb. 23rd-24th. Vice President to Leeds, staying overnight at Good Shepherd convent, to attend the funeral of Bp. Poskitt.
March 1st. Divines informed by a notice in the Playroom that food parcels would no longer be allowed at Easter, as jam etc. was now provided in the Refectory.
March 4th. Visit to President, but found him “in very poor form”. Question raised of who at Ushaw was able to grant permission to read books on index – currently only Canon Dunne and probably Edward Towers.
March 5th. Visit from prospective new Ushaw chef, of high repute but “a rather exacting visitor” who was seeking a salary of £1000.
March 6th-7th. Sisters unhappy at the intended introduction of a chef and restriction of their authority. The chef indicated his willingness to come to Ushaw, so long as he could have a room to change in and could stay overnight as required. Vice President amenable to this so long as his wage demand could be reduced to something reasonable.
March 8th. Vice President asked bishop that he and LL McR could be enabled to grant students permission to read prohibited books.
March 12th. Report on consultation with Mother Provincial on the question of appointing a chef. Impression received that to Mother General the nuns could not stay if there were a chef. Vice President uncertain whether to force the issue, and about how well Ushaw might manage without the nuns.
March 25th. Notice put up in response to Holy Father’s petition that the 26th be a day of prayer for restoration of morals and peace. President’s condition and outlook remaining poor.
March 29th. Death at Ushaw of Canon William Dunne. Passing bell rung at 8.55 PM, then De Profundis in St. Cuthbert’s. Funeral arrangements begun.
April 1st. Funeral of Canon Dunne at Ushaw, attended by around 100 priests.
April 8th. Holy Saturday: some criticism of the performance of the ceremony. Visited President at Minories, very weak and said by Mother Leonard to be “dying by inches”.
April 10th, Easter Monday. Most staff away, many visitors in spite of very wet weather.
April 11th. Very wet again, Grammar boys returned soaked from an outing to Brancepeth.
April 13th. Edward Towers agreed to become Spiritual Director from next year and, with reluctance, to give up working actively as Procurator. Four Divines went with a staff member to Bellingham, to collect ash wood to supplement Ushaw’s stock of wood for making Cat sticks.
April 15th. Bishop at Ushaw, agreed to the phased handover of Edward Towers’ procuratorial work. Bishop expressed a wish for all surgical operations to be done at Minories, in view of the unsuitability of many hospital nurses for contact with church students.
April 18th. To Fenham with three staff members for a meeting, including a paper on “The Selecting of Church Students; the Priest’s Part”.
April 25th. Helped fashion a carrier for the Atco mower from a pram base.
April 26th. Intervened to bar the acquisition of the film Henry V for showing to the House, reluctant that Professors should be set such a precedent.
April 27th. Rev. A. Gordon SJ, head of C.S.G., visited and spoke to Divines. April 30th. Called out of Vespers by Edward Towers, with news that the President was suffering a violent heart attack. Driven to Minories, anointed him and said prayers for the dying.
May 2nd. Agreed to the President being transferred to General Hospital as recommended by a bladder specialist.
May 3rd. Divines’ Feastday, all away before 9.30 AM. Notice received of a bequest to the college of £1000 from E. Calvert of Whitby.
May 5th. President suffered stroke leaving him paralysed on right side, and was transferred by ambulance back to Minories.
May 9th. To Harrogate for Ushaw Dinner. Returned at 7.30 in time to see the play The Sport of Kings presented by Big Lads in the evening, “excellent fun”.
May 14th. Arrangements to reduce time lost by lads waiting to see a doctor, and to provide refreshments for visitors on ordination days.
May 16th. Some of the residue of Canon Dunne’s books not taken by Rev. Frank Dunne were removed to the Divines’ Library, others made available for Professors to take any they wanted.
May 23rd. Did not go to Ushaw Dinner as President was unconscious and thought close to death. News of his death received at 6.10 in the evening.
May 24th. Return of President’s body to Ushaw in the evening, with all House in attendance in the front ambulacrum. The first plan for the location of his grave, next to Mgr. Jos. Corbishley, had to be abandoned on finding that a vault there would only allow digging to a length of five feet.
May 25th. Dirge for President, in procession to reception room then to church, with bishop presiding.
May 26th. Funeral of President, with panegyric given by bishop, attended by over 200 priests. “Many appreciations of panegyric & singing… Everything has gone splendidly, but feeling very tired”.
May 27th. To Newcastle for interviews with prospective students.
May 29th. Whit Monday. Four busloads of visitors from Preston, Sheffield and Hull.
May 30th. Whit Tuesday. Gave studies-off, and produced a duplicated note of thanks for all who had sent messages of sympathy on the President’s death. More visitors by bus, from Keighley, Manchester and Cudworth.
May 31st. Visit from dietician Miss Wansbrough to give counsel.
June 1st. Little Lads Cat game, Syntax 14 – Grammar 11. Divines forbidden to smoke in their playroom for the next three days after its floor was found littered with cigarette ends.
June 7th. Bishop McCormack gravely ill, had been given Last Sacraments and operated on the night before.
June 13th. Morning off given: two buses of Big Lads to visit Roman Wall.
June 14th. Advised bishop’s secretary to seek a dispensation from the Delegate to ordain E. Wilkinson three days before he turned 24.
June 16th. Photo of the college supplied for Bishop Beck’s book on Centenary of Hierarchy.
June 20th. Two coaches of Little Lads on historical outing to Rivers.
June 21st. Eight Philosophers set to addressing Grand Week invitation cards and envelopes. Sickness and diarrhoea affecting several Profs. and some students.
June 22nd. Student with acute appendicitis sent to Minories and operated on immediately.
June 26th. Further operation on the Bishop at Minories, thought successful.
June 30th. Another operation on Bishop, as he could not retain food.
July 1st. Student spoken to for “wearing his hat at rakish angle”.
July 5th. Three short Latin plays presented by Grammar in Hall.
July 8th. End of Divines’ exams: afternoon off refused.
July 8th – 10th. Visit of Apostolic Delegate, who was shown around college, cemetery and fields by Vice President. Delegate agreed with VP on accepting confessors’ decisions regarding vocations, and was given a copy of the Inspectors’ Report and scheme for restaffing. “Expressed most warmly… his love and devotion to Ushaw”.
July 11th. St. Cuthbert’s Society financial report disturbing to Edward Towers. Cricket games began. Divines v. House and Low Figures v. Underlow.
July 12th. Proposed limiting length of Grand Week plays to under two hours.
July 13th. Problems with submitting details of present Ushaw meals to dietician for a report. So far only a list of foods was available, with no information as to the amounts used.
July 15th. Visited Bishop McCormack in Minories, “looking pinched & weak, but in grand spirits”.
July 16th. Ordinations of Rev. E. Wilkinson and J. Connolly. Reading-up at noon.
July 17th. Grand Week Monday. Catering by Bainbridge, “good meal but service terribly slow”. Play Sport of Kings performed by Big Lads at 8. July 18th. Council meeting in Front Parlour. Society “financially embarrassed”, so agreed to drop £100 allowance for university expenses as bishops’ assistance was now generous. Pirates of Penzance performed at 8 PM.
July 19th. Wednesday of Grand Week. Prizegiving, then St. Cuthbert’s Society General Meeting, and Dinner attended by 170.
July 25th. Arrival of Rev. J. Heenan to give priests’ retreat.
July 26th. Fire discovered in Sem. by night watchman at 10 PM, started by thurible placed on chest of drawers with charcoal still burning. Soon dealt with.
July 28th. Left for home.
Sept. 7th. Returned to Ushaw, with Bishop Mc Cormack who was to stay for a week as part of his convalescence. Accountants and auditors visiting.
Sept. 10th. College financial position £3000 down on the year. Edward Towers proposed a memorandum to bishops asking for a £15 rise in pension and £5000 withdrawal from capital reserves for current spending.
Sept. 12th. Bishop McCormack largely keeping to his room, suffering swollen ankles after much walking early in his stay.
Sept. 14th. Next meeting of bishops set for October 31st. Decoration and furnishing of Divines’ playroom completed.
Sept. 15th. Arrival back of most Professors and students.
Sept. 24th. Ordinations: 15 deacons, 1 subdeacon, 20 III and IV Minors, 19 I and II Minors.
Sept. 27th. R.G. to London to represent the college at Hierarchy Centenary Celebrations. Notice posted that R.G. would attend to future matters relating to students’ fees etc. as Edward Towers was now Spiritual Director. Bookshop profit of £350 for the year, to be divided between nine Ushaw libraries and reading rooms. Legacy of £1400 to be received from a Whitby man, with stipulation that some Masses be said: agreed that there would be 100.
Sept. 28th. G.C. to London to give paper on the Seminaries at the Hierarchy Congress. Mooted that a voice recording machine should be bought with part of the Whitby legacy.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/2/5   29 September 1950 - 24 November 1951
Vice-President's notesbook and diary, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties
1 volume 
(c) Prefect-Generals' Records
UC/AA6/3/1   [early 19th century]
College rules for the Prefect-General
1 item 
UC/AA6/3/2-6   1868 – 1896
Prefect General’s general conduct books:
5 volumes 
UC/AA6/3/2-3   1880 - 1896
Prefect General’s general conduct book
2 volumes 
UC/AA6/3/4   1880 - 1896
Prefect General’s conduct book of students from the Middlesbrough diocese
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/5   1880 - 1896
Prefect General’s conduct book of students from the Liverpool diocese
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/6   1883 - 1896
Prefect General’s conduct book of student from the Hexham & Newcastle diocese
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/7   1883 - 1907
Prefect Generals’ public purse book
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/8   1921 - 1931
Prefect Generals' cash ledger
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/9   1931 - 1940
Prefect Generals' cash book
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/10-13   1887 - 1953
Prefect Generals' diaries, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties:
4 volumes 
UC/AA6/3/10   12 January - 29 December 1887
Jan. 12th. President’s Feast. Dinner at 2 PM, menu included veal, goose, apple sauce and Sunday pudding. “All well satisfied… even the Divines who had only two turkeys”. “Ornamental tea” served at 7 PM, mostly supplied by Greenwells of Durham, but very little eaten, and juniors had their jam the next morning instead. Syntaxians were denied permission to go out, as punishment for their card-playing.
Jan. 13th. Big Lads refused leave to go out, as punishment for having stood up in the Refectory to drink each other’s health at the President’s Feast. (Note on previous day – “Forbid all health drinking next year”).
Jan. 17th. A skating day, though stormy. Fr. Buckley “surprised the house on the pond by riding into their midst on a tricycle”, staying to dine and sleep after a 2½ hour ride from Bishop Auckland.
Jan. 22nd – 24th. Visit of Sir John Day, judge, and his marshall, a doctor from Redcar. The judge “pressed the president very hard for a playday”, but none was given in view of the coming Greek playday. He gave the prefect a sovereign for the Philosophers’ games.
Jan. 28th. Greek playday. Syntaxians given leave to go out in parties, but required to return by 12.45 for dinner and by 5.30 in the evening.
Feb. 1st. Syntax, Grammar and High Figures making Cat balls.
Feb. 3rd. The Higher Bounds made Cat balls.
Feb. 14th. “The prefect, having had the audacity to ask for a playday for himself, went to Newcastle-on-Tyne for the first time in his life”.
Feb. 21st. Cock Vacation, leave given from 8AM, but many returned late and lost their afternoon leave to go out. Aladdin performed by the junior college in the evening.
Feb. 22nd. “Several Big Lads attempted Consett & came in very late”. Aladdin repeated.
Feb. 24th. A first case of measles diagnosed and sent to the Infirmary.
Feb. 27th-28th: Measles outbreak developing: four cases on Sunday 27th, six on Monday 28th. The 28th a playday, but games of Cat were forbidden on account of measles. Start of a recurring pleasantry as students were found “guilty” or “not guilty” of having measles.
March 4th. After a misunderstanding re. permission for Cat, prefect was required by the president to put on record that Cat was never in any year to be struck out, or bathing commenced, without the sanction of the vice-president and procurator.
March 7th. Several who had been suspected of Measles, were found guilty of Nettlerash.
March 14th. News of the new Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle expected every minute.
March 18th-19th. A further spate of diagnoses of measles, Fr. Thornton and seven more students “pronounced guilty”.
March 21st: 1200th anniversary of the death of St. Cuthbert. High Mass at 10 AM, Gounod’s Messe Solennelle. Fr. Corbishley read a short account of St. Cuthbert, and St. Cuthbert’s ring was offered for the veneration of all. Morning service ended at 12.30: “The students had Coffee & buns for breakfast to their surprise & delight”. Accounts of Ushaw’s Centenary Celebrations appeared in the Tablet and Weekly Register for March 26th and the Catholic Times of March 25th.
March 28th. Another visit by Fr. Buckley by tricycle from Bishop Auckland.
April 1st. Examinations in classics this quarter were to be written, because of the illness of prefect of studies Fr. Laing.
April 3rd. Beginning of retreats in senior and junior colleges. Senior college retreat led by Fr. Phillipson of Birtley: “fluent & unctuous: but difficult to catch all he says”.
April 9th, Easter Eve. Includes diagram of a suggested rearrangement for the blessing of the fire in the antechapel.
April 10th, Easter Sunday. All rose at 6, Matins and Lauds 6.30-7.40, Mass 7.45-8.20. breakfast 8.30. Extra eggs given to 2 president’s servers, 2 organ-blowers, 1 prefect’s server, 3 sacristans.
April 11th. Easter Monday. Leave out not given until after 9AM. Dr. Preston, Rev. Thornton and one other went to Lanchester Workhouse.
April 13th. Prefect’s playday. Syntaxians given leave to be out in parties morning and afternoon. Divines’ Feast – breakfast of savoury victuals at 8.15, “dined sumptuously” at 3.30, “stretched their legs” at 4.45. “Dessert & eloquent toasts” 5 to 5.40, prayers at 7, coffee in refectory 7.30.
April 14th. Chapter meeting at Newcastle, to select for a second time names to be forwarded to Rome as candidates for the vacant bishopric.
April 15th. Singer’s Playday. Again no leave until 9AM because of late arrivals at Cock Vacation.
April 20th. Half playday given to Syntaxians. One caught smoking in the quarry at Hill Top.
April 23rd. Feast of St. George observed with choral Te Deum, Faith of Our Fathers.
April 28th-30th. Loosely inserted note dated 5th October 1886, headed “Prefect’s Public purse”, referring to the handing over by Robert Thornton to the Rev. C. Rothwell £4. 10s. 3½d in cash together with various stock in trade – soap, worsted, wax, glue, “a large & valuable assortment of Xmas and New Year cards” etc.).
May 14th. Dr. Lemon and Mgr. Gillow set off to attend funeral of Canon Henry Bennett in Little Crosby.
May 16th. Fr. Wilfrid Dallow visited for six days.
May 30th. Whit Monday. Several professors to Larkington (?) for two days.
June 1st. Return of professors. Senior College prefect on vacation until July 4th, with several temporary appointees serving in his absence.
June 13th. Matriculation Examination commenced. Presiding examiner Mr. Wigner from London.
June 20th. Playday for Jubilee of Queen Victoria.
June 21st. Jubilee festivities. “Full and gushing” account of these appeared in June 25th’s Tablet, written by Rev. J. Flint with the approval of Dr. Lemon.
June 22nd. Further full playday for the Jubilee.
July 4th. Return of prefect.
July 7th. Esh-day for professors.
July 12th. Rev. Fr. Buckley on tricycle from Hartlepool, staying overnight.
July 14th. Leave out in parties for Syntax. Syntax v. Grammar cricket match – Grammar won by 10 wickets.
July 17th. Matriculation honours list arrived, including five Ushaw men.
July 19th. Commencement of oral examinations in theology. Examiner Dr. Prior.
July 21st. Death of Provost Consitt.
July 25th. Funeral of Provost Consitt. Death of Joseph McGlove.
July 28th. 5.45 Alarm, 6.0 Breakfast, 6.30 Mass, 6.50 Doors open – six cabs provided for Juniors, Senior College all walked either to Aldin Grange or to Durham.
July 30th. Arrival of Fr. Eyre SJ, “after travelling in luggage & guards’ vans, on a/c of excessive traffic”.
Aug. 7th. High Mass, celebrant the prefect. No study.
Aug. 8th. Cornsay day for Divines.
Aug. 9th. Cornsay day for Philosophers and Big Lads. Prefect went to Newcastle with Fr. Mc.Cabe, hired a safety bicycle and visited the Exhibition.
Aug. 10th. Cornsay day for Little Lads.
Aug. 11th. Juniors’ Cornsay day. 23 Ushaw students went on a day pilgrimage to Holy Island, including 10 Divines: “enjoyed it very much, & gave great edification to other pilgrims”.
Aug. 13th. Study 8-9AM, 10.30-12 and 6-7. Attempt to establish the appropriate amount and timing of study in the morning: “the most recent record I could afterwards find was in Diary 1881, where Fr. Thornton speaks frequently of 2nd hour’s study”.
Aug. 16th. Party of seven to Seaton Carew. Dr. Lemon given £4. 6s. 8½ d. from poor box for Poor Schools Collection.
Aug. 19th. Visit of Fr. Gregson from English Martyrs, Preston.
Aug. 21st. Fr. Gregson fainted at Benediction. “Solemnly carried out by the Deacon and Subdeacon”.
Aug. 23rd. Fr. Simmons received a tricycle. Fr. Frank Daniel of Salford arrived on a visit.
Aug. 26th. Reported that Divines from Leeds diocese were to attend Leeds seminary for their theological studies.
Sept. 4th. “Tea for all at 5 – Translation of Relics of St. Cuthbert”.
Sept. 9th. Prefect left for a few days in London and Manchester.
Sept. 12th. Death of Canon Scruton.
Sept. 15th. Funeral of Canon Scruton. Return of the Prefect.
Sept. 16th. Visit from League of Cross delegates.
Sept. 17th. End of vacation. Six Divines not returning, including two transferred to Leeds Seminary. Sunday morning student count 216.
Sept. 19th. News of the appointment of Dr. O’Callaghan to the See of Hexham and Newcastle. “As the appointment was expected there was no surprise, & there was no enthusiasm”. List provided of 26 new Ushaw students.
Sept. 23rd. Arrival of Fr. Bridgett, Redemptorist, to give retreat. Private playday given to the four who passed 1st BA in July.
Sept. 24th. Divines’ playday, followed by beginning of their retreat.
Sept. 27th. Arrival of Fr. Thos. Shea CSSR from Perth to give juniors’ retreat.
Oct. 1st. Received first copies of new paper The Catholic Press. Departure of Fr. Bridgett immediately after retreat. Arrival of Dr. Lacy, Bishop of Middlesbrough, for ordinations the next day.
Oct. 4th. Mgr. Chas.Gillow left to attend funeral of Canon Dunderdale in Great Harwood.
Oct. 7th. High Mass at 7.30AM pro valetudine collegii.
Oct. 16th. New organ at Esh. Rev. Gillow and Rev. Corbishley there to preach.
Oct. 23rd. Meditation began for Syntaxians.
Oct. 27th. Prefect Rev. C. Rothwell left for mission, succeeded by Rev. J. Preston.
Oct.28th. Afternoon playday for new prefect.
Oct. 31st. Regulation for butter at breakfast: “All are to have it except those who fast”.
Nov. 19th. To Durham for skates, after several frosty days.
Nov. 21st. Photographer taking views of Ushaw for an album to be presented to the Pope. Left on 22nd, but back 24th – 25th.
Nov. 23rd. Philosophers’ Feast: “everything very satisfactory”.
Dec. 8th. News received that Dr. O’Callaghan was too ill to be consecrated.
Dec. 12th. First skating playday of the winter.
Dec. 22nd-23rd. First few departures for vacation.
Dec. 26th. Play Fish out of Water given at 8PM, repeated on 27th.
Dec. 28th. Thaw, so no studies off. Operetta Cox & Box performed at 8, repeated on 30th.
Dec. 29th. Magic lantern show.
(End of volume – cash accounts showing many various expenditures).
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/11   1 January - 24 December 1897
Jan. 1st. Leave out for all: hunt at Hill Top.
Jan. 3rd (Sunday). Recitation and reading by Mr. J. Murphy, “A tremendous success”. List given of the programme items.
Jan. 6th. Pontifical High Mass. Repetition of House play The Lyons Mail.
Jan. 8th. Mr. Murphy gave recitation The Merchant of Venice.
Jan. 13th. President’s Feast. Dinner 2.10 – 4.30.
Jan. 19th. Bishop at Ushaw for financial meeting.
Jan. 23rd. Philosophers given studies-off from 11 to clean the pond.
Jan. 25th. Skating for many, with snow continuing. Prefect went to Framwellgate Moor with Big Lads on leave out.
Jan. 29th. Bishop “had a nasty fall” – on the pond?
Feb. 11th. Dentist attending.
Feb. 13th. Change in weather ending a spell that had seen numerous skating playdays.
Feb. 17th. Hunting for lignum vitae in Durham and around Ushaw.
Feb. 18th. Making cat balls. ( “Catte” throughout this diary).
Feb. 19th. Cycled to Ferryhill.
Feb. 24th. Durham station porters on strike.
Mar. 2nd. Opened new guest room.
Mar. 3rd. Ash Wednesday – morning as a Sunday, study 12 to 1, half-playday in afternoon.
Mar. 8th. Schedule given of meals, services and study for the day: morning schedule from 1909 written in showing changes.
Mar. 20th. Feast of St. Cuthbert. High Mass 8.30, cat at 11.
Mar. 24th-25th. Visit by Peter Paul Pugin.
Apr. 3rd. Rev. G. Knuckey ordained and assumed position of Prefect.
Apr. 6th. “House Clock behaving abominably”.
Apr. 8th. Novena commenced for Mrs. Ed. Leadbitter Smith.
Apr. 11th. Palm Sunday. Retreat began 6.30 PM.
Apr. 13th. Picture given by Bishop Carroll brought to Ushaw by Fr. Dallow and hung in ambulacrum.
Apr. 20th. Easter Tuesday. Studies off: half a dozen parties of Little Lads given permission by the Bishop to go to Durham. Philosophers denied permission to go to Pearsons during Easter week.
Apr. 23rd. St. George’s Day. Feast deferred – no High Mass and no playday.
Apr. 30th. Delayed playday for St. George.
May 3rd. “Made Raid: discovered many Catapults”.
May 22nd. Return of Bishop and G. Pippet from Bath.
June 5th. Entry is from corresponding Saturday, June 2nd, in 1906, on the course of the day. “No study in the college until 10, as it is useless for the boys to go to study place for a quarter of an hour”.
Sept. 11th. Ordered materials for ball making.
Sept. 18th. Return of students after vacation.
Sept. 23rd. Sent for footballs.
Sept. 25th. Arrival of Fr. Proctor to give retreat.
Sept. 27th. With notes from Sept. 27th 1903 ( “Ordination Sunday . Tonsure given on Saturday morning…”) and Oct. 7th 1906.
Sept. 28th. Retreat led by Fr. Proctor commenced. Note added from 1903 – playday for F. Maturin, Dr. Cassartelli here for first time as Bishop.
Oct. 4th. Playday for Queen, arrival of bishops.
Oct. 6th. Playday requested for first visit of Bishop Allen, refused mainly because of bad weather.
Oct. 12th. Note from 1903 on discussion re. a St. Wilfrid’s aristote.
Nov. 1st. All Souls’ Day morning schedule.
Dec. 7th. Note from 1905 on timing of confessions.
Dec. 23rd-24th. Notes from 1904 and 1905 on Christmas holidays and observance.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/12   1923
Prefect Generals' diary, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/13   1953
Guidance book on various aspects of the Prefect-General's role, including instructions on making cat balls and cat sticks; Holy Week timetables; arrangements for cricket; railway tickets; arrangements for new starters; gym arrangements; and Biggin Day
1 volume 
UC/AA6/3/14-25   1889/90 – 1904/05
Prefect-Generals’ pocket books with lists of Ushaw students and staff:
UC/AA6/3/14: 1889/90
UC/AA6/3/15: 1890/91
UC/AA6/3/16: 1891/92
UC/AA6/3/17: 1892/93
UC/AA6/3/18: 1893/94
UC/AA6/3/19: 1894/95
UC/AA6/3/20: 1895/96
UC/AA6/3/21: 1896/97
UC/AA6/3/22: [?1900]
UC/AA6/3/23: 1902/03
UC/AA6/3/24: 1903/04
UC/AA6/3/25: 1904/05
12 volumes 
UC/AA6/3/26   July 1972
Guide by J. McHugh to the files in the keeping of the Prefect of Studies
1 volume 
(d) Junior House Rectors' Records
UC/AA6/4/1-47   1887 – 1948
Junior House rectors’ diaries, mostly brief descriptions of daily duties:
47 volumes 
UC/AA6/4/1   6 January 1887 - 1 January 1888
General note: many notes on appointments made, daily timetables, orders of service and miscellaneous events from 1886. Those remaining in college through the vacation following Grand Week 1886 were obliged to occupy the Junior College dormitory for an estimated three weeks, as the East Dormitory was being cleaned. The annual meeting of bishops, on October 4th, passed resolutions requiring juniors to use the college refectory and abolishing the separate post of master for Third Class, which at the time held only four boys.
The following is a selected summary of the main events described in the Junior Rector's diary:
Jan. 6th. Those in minor orders given leave by President to continue having tea in their own parlour, but required to take other meals in college, and, after their own dinner, to sit one at each end of boys’ tables during their dinner, “to help them, and hinder rude behaviour”.
Jan. 7th. Juniors began going to the college refectory for meals.
Jan. 17th. Staff adjustments to improve teaching of English parsing to Third Class, as their exam performance at Christmas had been poor.
Jan. 25th. Warned by President not to allow boys to go to Quebec, which was suffering a measles outbreak.
Jan. 28th. Mr. Stanley to take Second Class for Ciphering on Wednesday afternoons, relieving the Master of Second Class for one full afternoon a week.
Jan. 30th. Ciphering examination given to First Class, who had failed the subject at Christmas.
Feb. 9th. Single case of measles diagnosed (Edward Robinson, a Grammarian).
Feb. 15th. Morning rehearsal in Hall for the play Aladdin.
Feb. 18th. Play performed for Junior College only, plus professors, in the Hall. Night prayers and supper for actors scheduled before those for the others.
Feb. 19th. Edward Robinson back from Infirmary after measles.
Feb, 21st/22nd. Play Aladdin repeated in Hall.
Feb. 25th – 26th. Four new cases of measles, from High Figures and Syntax, sent to Infirmary.
Feb. 27th. Several further measles cases, still all in main college. Brothers of Junior College boys forbidden to visit them.
Mar. 2nd. Dentist’s visit. Alphonsus Morgan’s father to be informed of his refusal to have a stump removed.
Mar. 8th. Special plan of study for two boys from High Figures to prepare them for the Preliminary Examination for Medicine in 1888.
Mar. 12th. All boys with measles left the Infirmary.
Mar. 13th. New case of measles, the first in the Junior College.
Mar. 14th. Prize Essay subject set for Philosophers – “The immateriality of Man’s soul shown from the operations of the intellect and will”. Meditations on the Passion from Chaloner begun at night prayers.
Mar. 15th. Studies off for skating in morning, but ice broke after about 20 minutes – “several people in”.
Mar. 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Meditation on St. Patrick read, against the will of the Junior Rector who considered the meditation should have been one of those on the Passion.
Mar. 18th – 20th. Several new cases of measles, including Rev. R. Thornton who was put in the Professors’ Reading Room.
Mar. 20th. 12th Centenary of St. Cuthbert celebrated at High Mass. Short life of St. Cuthbert read after Gospel, “with an addition about St. Cuthbert’s ring; after which all went up to the altar to kiss the ring”.
Mar. 27th. Catechism Examination Paper. To be used if required to separate prize candidates equal after the Viva Voce.
Mar. 28th – Apr. 2nd. Daily notes on exams.
Mar. 29th. Juniors recovered from measles taken out for a country walk.
Apr. 3rd. More new measles cases. Beginning of retreat, led by Rev. Henry Gillow.
Apr. 7th. Maundy Thursday, morning timetable given.
Apr. 10th. At President’s request, Third Class did not stand out at Reading Up – this had been the occasion of “frequent laughing” according to 1886 note. “The Commercials (College & Juniors) stood out together”.
Apr. 15th. Singers’ Playday. Leave out in country stopped for the afternoon because of recent misbehaviour and noise, except for those just released from the Infirmary.
Apr. 16th. Last case of measles left the Infirmary.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius. Relics exposed during Mass at the altar, and in the evening after First Prayers.
May 17th. St. Aloysius’ Chapel given a statue of St. Tarcisius by Rev. W. Dallow, who promised to provide a further statue if desired. Statue to be placed on a bracket against the pillar of the Lady Chapel arch, nearest the statue of St. Aloysius.
May 28th. Juniors, except eight singers, stayed away from Matins and Lauds, with President’s consent after Junior Rector represented to him their difficulty in following the Office.
June 8th. Vigil of Corpus Christi: juniors again absent from Matins and Lauds.
June 11th. Photograph taken of the whole college in one group. Studies off until 4pm.
June 20th. Playday from 9am for Queen’s Jubilee.
June 21st. Studies off all day for Queen’s Jubilee. God Save The Queen sung in the front at 9.30, “with pieces from the band, which afterwards marched playing to the cricket field”.
June 22nd. Further playday for Queen’s Jubilee.
June 24th. St. Aloysius’ Playday for juniors, 8am to 7pm.
July 2nd. Special examination paper given simultaneously to all schools: first a dictation, then “Write a letter to your Uncle John Forester (living in London at 34 Wimpole Street,) telling him how the Queen’s Jubilee was kept here”.
July 9th. Ciphering paper for special examination given to all schools.
July 11th. Latin paper for special exam.
July 22nd. Playday for junior schools, stopped in morning for twelve boys who had failed various exams and were given work in the library. Spoken examinations in Latin conducted by Dr. Coulston and the Junior Rector.
July 25th. (Monday): Funeral in Durham of Provost Consitt. “Wonderful Procession through the town to the Cemetery… Immense crowd most respectful in behaviour”. Grand Week given up because of the illness of Joseph McGlone, but many visitors still arrived as notification had been late. Death of Joseph McGlone at 11.45 PM. July 26th. Prizes distributed by President, but with no closing speech. Dirge for J. McGlone.
July 27th. Requiem and funeral of J. McGlone. St. Cuthbert’s Society meeting and dinner.
July 28th. Going home day. Six cabs had been ordered for the boys, two cabs and two breaks arrived instead.
July 29th. Treats bought from Pearsons for the boys still at college, served in Junior Refectory: two penny buns each, with strawberries and gooseberries.
(July 31st. Last entry until Sept. 16th).
Sept. 16th. Junior Rector back at Ushaw.
Sept. 17th. Return of students. 13 new boys in Junior House.
Sept. 18th. All boys to study place at noon to write letters – “This has been done for some years”. 53 boys back, 10 still to return. Adjustment of college duties, with Mr. Thornton taking responsibility “for all extras in the Refectory”, while Junior Rector resumed charge of the Library and Sacristy.
Sept. 19th. Natural Philosophy teaching cancelled for the year, as the school had only seven students four of whom would be studying for B.A.: so both classes of Philosophers would study Moral Philosophy.
Sept. 24th. Start of Divines’ retreat.
Sept. 27th. Junior Rector put to Dr. Lennon the case for Minors to be excused sitting with the boys at dinner and to be allowed to have supper in their parlour. Both requests refused, but thought would be given as to possible concessions for those who helped at dinner.
Oct. 1st. As in previous years, there was to be Benediction each night in October.
Oct. 2nd. Retreat closed. High Mass and General Ordination by Bishop of Middlesbrough.
Oct. 7th. Five boys in Second Class selected for extra Latin tuition with a view to their entry to I Class at Christmas, dropping Ciphering for the quarter as their standard was already adequate for I Class.
Oct. 13th. Addition of study of the Catechism by all classes at 8.45 on Saturdays.
Oct. 16th. The distinct Commercial Class was broken up, and the boys in it distributed to their several classes.
Oct. 27th. Revised appointments: Mr. Jos. Preston as Prefect in the College, Mr. Thornton in the Junior House. Mr. Thornton retained the Procuratorship for most matters, but care of medicines was given to the Junior Rector for now.
Nov. 1st : All Saints’ Day. Benediction with Rosary and Litany at 8.30 in St. Aloysius’.
Nov. 2nd. Evening Benediction in St. Aloysius’ to close the October Devotions.
Nov. 6th. Relics exposed during Mass to enable boys to visit them afterwards, marking All Saints’ Day in a way that had not been thought of in time for the day itself.
Nov. 20th. Junior Rector began giving a course of instructions on Religious Duties during Spiritual Reading time. First instruction, on the Necessity of Prayer, and of praying well.
Nov. 27th. Second instruction, on Holy Communion.
Nov. 29th. Novena commenced preparatory to consecration of Mgr. O’Callaghan as Bishop.
Dec. 9th. News in press that illness had prevented the Bishop’s consecration.
Dec. 11th. Third instruction, on preparation for Holy Communion.
Dec. 12th. Skating Playday given, morning only.
Dec. 15th. Viva voce Catechism Exam for I and II Class.
Dec. 18th. Fourth instruction, on Thanksgiving after Communion.
Dec. 19th. Examinations for Low Figures (Classics), I Class (French) and Philosophers (Church History paper). Student sent to infirmary and later (Dec. 23rd or 24th) to Esh after diagnosis of scarletina.
Dec. 20th. Exams continuing. Boys forbidden to bring in holly etc. as decoration, but they could have such small pieces as were left over from decorating the Chapel.
Dec. 21st. Further exams. Following precedent, those who had finished all their exams were to be allowed to use their study time working quietly at making decorations for the chapel.
Dec. 22nd. Exams continuing. Confession at 7 for the boys who were going home the next day.
Dec. 23rd. Philosophers’ exam in morning, 2 of 18 absent. President announced leave to say three consecutive Masses on Christmas night.
Dec. 24th. Timetable given for day, with various times appointed for confessions. Boys mistakenly sent to Library rather than to school at 10.30, by Minors engaged in Christmas decoration – “must not occur again”.
Dec. 25th. The three Masses said at midnight. High Mass at 10.30. Reading Up for Third and Second Class.
Dec. 26th. Revised order of study for Christmas vacation.
Jan. 1st 1888: Jubilee Day of Pope Leo XIII. High Mass followed by Procession of the Blessed Sacrament. (Last entry in the diary)
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/2   5 January - 29 December 1888
Jan. 5th. First entry. Juniors’ Confessions as for Christmas Eve.
Jan. 9th. Playday for the Pope’s Jubilee. Also studies-off on the 10th.
Jan. 11th. President’s Feast. Also Christmas procession, celebrations and prizes, with tree put up in the Refectory.
Jan. 12th. President consented to Juniors’ play. Morning studies-off for Pope’s Jubilee.
Jan. 19th. Case of scarletina diagnosed and sent to Esh
Jan. 25th. Figures removed from Nativity crib.
Feb. 2nd. Purification. Boys rose at 6.15, Mass at high altar began 6.15 – 6.20.
Feb. 9th. Morning rehearsal for play, Whittington and his Cat.
Feb. 10th. Play performed in the Hall. Juniors only, President not attending.
Feb. 13th-14th Further performances of the play.
Feb. 15th. Ash Wednesday. Instruction on the Ceremony of the Ashes, penance, and the nearness of death given during Spiritual Reading.
Feb. 16th. Juniors given studies-off for the play, and allowed to skate. Brother of scarletina patient also found to have the disease, probably through visiting, and also sent to Esh.
Feb. 19th-21st. Observation of the Forty Hours, with exposition in St. Aloysius’ on the 20th.
Feb. 24th. Third scarletina case sent to Esh.
Mar. 2nd. President decided that there should be just one set of first and second prizes for Philosophers’ essays, not a set each for High and Low, as there were currently only three Low Philosophers.
Mar. 3rd. Philosophers given their prize essay subject, “Immortality of the Soul”.
Mar. 5th. Morning studies-off for Philosophers to reward them for cleaning the pond.
Mar. 11th. Morning instruction on Mortal Sin – its audacity and folly. Band playing in ambulacrum after dinner.
Mar. 17th. Eve of Passion Sunday. Decided that the Stations of the Cross need not be covered.
Mar. 18th. Morning instruction, History of the Passion. Catechism paper to all schools.
Mar. 19th- 24th Exams on several days.
Mar. 23rd. Removed purple antependium, leaving uncovered the small figures on the front of the altar: thought more in harmony with rubrics.
Mar. 25th. Beginning of retreats. Junior retreat led by Dr. Preston, College retreat by Mr. Earnshaw.
Mar. 27th. Overnight stay by Fr. Francis de Zulueta, on his way from Berwick to Skipton.
Mar. 29th. Maundy Thursday, Morning schedule given. Bishop sang High Mass at 9, and visited the College before supper and the Junior College boys after.
Mar. 30th, Good Friday. Relic of the True Cross brought from Oratory for the Junior College Stations and exposed on the altar.
Apr. 1st. Easter Day. Relics exposed during and after Community Mass.
Apr. 4th. Divines’ Feast. Junior boys taken out by Philosophers as last year.
Apr. 6th. Singers’ Feast as last year.
Apr. 8th. Special exam announced as last year, with a whole playday to be given to schools performing well, but not to any student who failed any of the ordinary exams.
Apr. 9th. Playday for the new bishop, 8am to 7pm.
Apr. 11th. Six of Low Figures whose catechism papers were bad, told that they must say catechism to Junior Rector before playday.
Apr. 13th. Junior Rector began teaching Cosmology in school.
Apr. 19th (approx.). – first two scarletina patients (Jan. 19th, Feb. 16th) sent home from Esh.
Apr. 26th. Obtained consent from Dr. Lennon to say the Mass of Sts. Bassus and Fabius in St. Aloysius’ on their feast day.
Apr. 28th. Playday given on account of prolonged bad weather.
May 1st. Beginning of Triduum honouring the English Martyrs, marking their first festival since their beatification.
May 4th. First festival of the English Martyrs. Playday rung out at 8. Resolved that on a trial basis, in response to the hardship felt by Minors having to supervise boys’ tables in the Refectory, Minors would now have this duty only on alternate weeks, with one sitting at each table rather than one at each end as before. The President was not asked, as there was no change of principle and Minors were still managing the tables.
May 9th. Bishop of Leeds responded to a query, saying that the word “ecclesia” found in some decrees regarding the celebration of festivals should not in his opinion be strictly interpreted, and so would not hinder the keeping of the festival of Sts. Bassus and Fabius in St. Aloysius’.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius kept in St. Aloysius’ Chapel: gold vestments used, and their relics exposed during and after Mass.
May 13th. Morning instruction, On praying for Conversion of England.
May 15th. Mass and Office of St. Pius V in St. Aloysius’.
May 21st. Juniors given leave to watch Philosophers’ and Big Lads’ party game (Cat), which ended equal.
May 24th. Low Figures and I Class party game. Finished 18 all, though dissenting unofficial markers had given I Class an extra cross and hence the win.
June 20th. Vigil of St. Aloysius. Refused leave to Minors to stay out of supper to work on decorations.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Boys rose at 6, Mass and Communion at 6.25, High Mass at 7.30, sung by Junior Rector as President was feeling unwell.
June 22nd. St. Aloysius’ playday. Weather was unpromising, so Mr. Thornton allowed the boys to vote on whether to defer the playday. A large majority voted to take it regardless. “Day continued raw & misty, but without rain”.
June 30th. St. Lucina’s Day. Relics exposed during and after Mass, but no change in Mass or Office. English paper for Special Exam: a dictation, then a letter describing the first bathe of the summer.
July 3rd. Theses sent to Andrews for printing, 140 copies ordered in all.
July 7th. Playday given after prolonged bad weather.
July 8th. Feast of the Relics. Preached briefly on Devotion to Holy Relics.
July 13th. Special Exam Latin paper for all schools.
July 19th. Catechism exam, viva voce. Considering making passing the Catechism exam a condition for next year’s special playday.
July 20th – 24th Exams continuing daily.
July 25th. Consecration of Bishop Wilkinson. Function 11 to 1.30, lunch for guests in Refectory around 2. Benediction given by Bishop Wilkinson at 9.15.
July 26th. Studies off for the new bishop, who gave a speech in Refectory during dinner.
July 27th. Playday from 8 to 7 for new bishop.
July 28th. Special playday for all three schools, 9 to 7. Morning stopped for those who had failed in any exam paper (attained marks below a third, or half in English), unless reinstated by master for extraordinary diligence. Some details of those losing the morning and of three reinstatements.
July 29th. Morning instruction on spending vacation right.
July 30th. Distribution of special prizes, and all told that they must be back at the college by 8.30 on September 22nd. Philosophy defensions in the afternoon.
July 31st. Theology defensions in the morning. Dinner provided for visitors, and the play Whittington and his cat performed.
Aug. 1st. Breakfast for visitors followed by the play Richelieu. Prizes given, and a meeting of St. Cuthbert’s Society in the afternoon.
Aug. 2nd. Breaking up.
Aug. 3rd. “Biggin Day” for Juniors still in college, “with usual treat” at afternoon tea – two penny buns each with jam, strawberries and cherries.
Sept. 21st. President agreed that Minors would be completely relieved from the duty of sitting at boys’ tables during dinner. Philosophers to be responsible instead, and to withdraw as soon as the first course was served.
Sept. 22nd (Saturday) – General return day. Three new Juniors, in addition to five who started during Grand Week or the vacation. List of the teaching responsibilities of six in minor orders.
Sept. 23rd. Letter-writing for all in Study Place at noon.
Sept. 24th. Feast of Our Lady of Ransom, celebrated with the ciborium.
Sept. 25th. Juniors’ request for a playday for new Junior Prefect, Mr. Blackoe, at first refused by President, then promised for a suitable future day after the President was assured that previous new Junior Prefects had been honoured thus.
Sept. 27th. Requiem for Dr. Wilkinson.
Sept. 29th. Junior Rector took back responsibility for giving leave for extras in Refectory, as it was feared that the new Junior Prefect might be too accommodating.
Sept. 30th. Requiem Masses everywhere, marking the close of the Pope’s Jubilee.
Oct. 1st. Juniors’ playday, 8 till 7, for Mr. Blackoe. Beginning of October Benediction: bell rung at 8.25 so that intentions for prayers might be explained.
Oct. 2nd. Beginning of College Retreat under Fr. Bridgett.
Oct. 3rd. Text books for teaching. Low Figures to use Gill’s Geography, I and II Class Royal School Series geography rather than Christian Brothers’, II Class to use Cornwell’s English Grammar.
Oct. 4th. Juniors’ Retreat began, led by Fr. Bennett CSSR.
Oct. 8th. Confirmations, and close of Junior Retreat. Playday given. Arrival of bishops for their meeting.
Oct. 10th. Benediction by Bishop Wilkinson in St. Aloysius’, with additional candles paid for by Junior Rector.
Oct. 11th. Mgr. Gillow announced resignation from procuratorship of the farms, all of which were now to be let. Mr. Tatlock to undertake full office of Vice President, Mr. Lonsdale to be Procurator and subject to his supervision. Mr. John Chapman leaving the Cathedral to become Professor of Moral Theology.
Oct. 12th. St. Wilfrid’s playday, rung out an hour early in honour of the bishops.
Oct. 13th. Details of new plan for learning Catechism, formed by Junior Rector and discussed with Vice President.
Oct. 16th. High Mass for Health of College. Times drawn up for practising music: each boy required to practice on four half-hours per week, and each to have the best piano once a week.
Oct. 18th. Public ordinations: two priests, four deacons, two Minors, four tonsured.
Oct. 22nd. Serious misbehaviour reported at the Visit after dinner. Sub-prefect henceforth to be charged with reading at the Visit, walking with the front boys and going at once into the Chapel.
Oct. 22nd – 25th Second BA exam.
Oct. 27th. To Chester-le-Street, to sing High Mass at opening of school chapel.
Oct. 30th. Exchange of duties between Mr. Stanley and Mr. Kay, with the former now to teach I Class and the latter Ciphering. Criticism of Mr. Kay for failing to exercise authority as a schoolmaster – “Has boys in numbers in his rooms playing games puzzles etc. Reads a great deal too much in school. Has them round him a great deal in ambulacrum. Seems to coax rather than train to real obedience”.
Oct. 31st. Arrival of Mr. Chapman to be Professor of Morals.
Nov. 1st. All Saints’ Day. Relics exposed during and after Mass. Around 15 boys, mostly Low Figures, taken to see relics in the Oratory after Vespers.
Nov. 2nd. All Souls’ Day. Evening Benediction and Rosary concluding October Devotions.
Nov. 9th. Bishop Wilkinson at Ushaw. Permission sought and obtained from him to keep the Feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius in St. Aloysius’, and to transfer the Feast of St. Pius V to the first free day. He did not think that the Church meant to be strict in such matters.
Nov. 11th. Showed Bishop Wilkinson the relics in St. Aloysius’. Called his attention to a picture showing St. Innocent: he saw no objection to the representation.
Nov. 17th – 19th. To Thistleflat House, Crook, to spend Sunday with the bishop, “who is alone, & out of sorts”.
Nov. 21st. Student “threatened with consumption” taken to Belgium by his mother, to return in spring if well enough.
Nov. 28th. Philosophers’ Feast: taken to Durham by Mr. Corbishley, with lunch at Fr. Jones’.
Dec. 1st. Denis Velasco, in II Class, forbidden his own school’s playroom and ordered to join I Class for play and country outings. “Must be put with some more able to cope with him physically”, to curb his persistent bullying of smaller boys.
Dec. 2nd. Instruction in Spiritual reading time: “Sins of the tongue – Lies”.
Dec. 7th. Playday. Walter Calder taken to dentist “and came back with nothing done; having resisted all the dentist’s attempts”.
Dec. 8th. Grand Benediction, with extra candles paid out of subscription money and at Junior Rector’s expense. Walter Calder flogged for his “outrageous & passionate misbehaviour to Dentist”.
Dec. 12th. Dentist at Ushaw. Walter Calder “still unmanageable” through fear, and tooth extraction deemed impossible given his resistance and the resulting risk of a broken jaw.
Dec. 13th. Catechism exams for I, II and III Class. “Great improvement in knowledge of it”.
Dec. 16th. Low Figures’ catechism exam. “Very well known”.
Dec. 18th – 22nd. Exams for most students. President agreed to there being no Christmas exam for Philosophers, who were set an essay to occupy their time.
Dec. 24th. Most Minors freed to work on Christmas decorations. Junior college order: bread at 4.15pm, night prayers, blessing, hymn and to bed in silence at 5, rising at 9pm for supper before Matins at 10 and midnight Mass.
Dec. 25th. High Mass at 10.20, then Reading-up. Low Figures found to have put up a painted proscenium, without permission but apparently with assistance from their master, directly against a gas chandelier. The proscenium was allowed to stay and the gas taken down, but boys were told that there should be no repetition another year.
Dec. 26th. Schedule given for vacation days when there is study.
Dec. 28th. First Christmas entertainment: operettas, Diamond cut Diamond and “Paddy Blake”.
Dec. 29th. Studies off: confessions heard. Last entry for the year.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/3   1 January 1889 - 8 January 1890
Jan. 1st. Paddy Blake (operetta?) performed again.
Jan. 3rd. Bought Christmas tree prizes in Sunderland – preserves, purses, knives etc.
Jan. 4th. Christmas celebration in Low Figures playroom. No tree: prizes in front of Father Christmas’ throne. Address given, songs, a “wonderful production of serpents”.
Jan. 6th. Philosophers’ play presented in evening.
Jan. 9th. President’s Feast. Christy Minstrels performance before dinner, chiefly by Low Figures.
Jan. 14th – 15th. Three cases of scarletina, one from each of High Figures, Poetry and Syntax.
Jan. 16th. Resolved to have Sisters of Mercy from Newcastle nurse the fever patients.
Jan. 17th. Novena begun for the sick. Sisters of Mercy could not come to Ushaw, but sent a trained nurse.
Jan. 19th. Scarletina patient William Guinan (High Figures) died. Funeral on the 21st.
Feb. 3rd. Instruction during Spiritual Reading, on the example set by Our Lady’s submission to Law of Purification, the right mode of looking at little rules and their importance.
Feb. 24th. First scarletina case among Juniors, “very mild”.
Feb. 27th. Juniors’ play Count Ernest presented in Hall.
Mar. 4th. Cock Vacation. Morning skating, play Count Ernest in Hall in bishop’s presence. Play repeated on the 5th.
Mar. 12th – 13th. Three further scarletina cases, and many more suspected.
Mar. 16th. Outbreak of scarletina continuing, with new cases diagnosed most days. Some boys beginning to be summoned home to avoid their contracting it. Junior Rector regularly informing parents of their sons’ health by letter and telegraph.
Mar. 19th. Death of Mr. Preston, while at Lancaster. His body returned to Ushaw on the 21st , funeral on the 22nd.
Mar.25th. Essay “Creation only possible origin of world” set for High Philosophers only.
Apr. 14th. Retreats beginning. Juniors led by Rev. Fortin, Seniors by Mgr. Weld.
Apr. 19th. Good Friday. Relic of True Cross exposed during Stations, details given of ceremony.
Apr. 21st. Bishop Wilkinson shown the papers relating to relics of Sts. Bassus and Fabius. He approved of the observance of their feast in St. Aloysius’, saying that it ought to be kept there even if not observed in the senior college.
Apr. 24th. Divines’ Feast. Exhibition of Low Figures’ fretwork, with other schools also allowed to see it.
Apr.29th. New Prefect’s playday. Scarletina outbreak appeared stopped, with no new cases for more than a fortnight.
May 4th. Feast of English Martyrs, with playday as requested by bishop.
May 7th. President told of bishop’s recommendation for the feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius to be kept by the whole college, but in St. Aloysius’ at least.
May 9th. Exam playday for I Class, aside from two boys who had failed in Latin, French and Ciphering.
May 10th – 11th. Eve and Feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius, celebrated with exposition of relics.
Jun. 4th. Beginning of bathing, but forbidden by doctor for those who had suffered fever. (Loose sheet here inserted giving summary of the fifteen juniors who had contracted scarletina, with dates of their entering and leaving the infirmary. Average duration of stay around two months: final patient released on June 14th).
Jun. 8th. Preached at Esh on the Coming of the Holy Spirit.
June 18th. Low Figures outing to Biggin – each school to visit once in the quarter. Going to the river allowed, but no wading unless with special permission.
June 19th. Eve of Corpus Christi. “Great annoyance” caused by all the flowers growing at the front being taken by Minors to decorate St. Aloysius’, leaving none for the College.
June 21st. St. Aloysius. Detailed schedule: Mass sung by Bishop Wilkinson, relics exposed. Play allowed later in the morning and in late afternoon.
June 27th. Dr. Lennon returned from recuperative stay after his illness.
June 28th. English Special paper for all schools: dictation, then a letter describing their day at Biggin.
June 30th. Feast of Sacred Heart and of St. Lucina observed.
July 2nd. Biggin day for Junior Sacristans.
July 4th. Divines to Biggin, and the three Philosophers who sat at boys’ tables in the refectory took out Juniors.
July 13th. Special Latin paper for all classes. Incensation of relics at night, on eve of Feast of the Relics.
July 16th. To Bainbridge’s of Newcastle to be measured and to order new clothes: trousers, waistcoat, cassock and top coat.
July 17th. Two hour paper with five questions given to all Philosophers. Those “showing ignorance of the work” would be excluded from the essay prize.
July 18th- 26th. Exams continuing for all classes.
July 26th. Closing philosophy exams. Special exam playday for many, with morning withheld from those who had performed badly in exams.
July 28th. Instruction for the vacation given in Spiritual Reading time.
July 29th. Special Exam prizes distributed, with Reading-up. All boys to return from vacation by 8.30pm on Saturday Sept. 21st. Studies off given, with concert following night prayers.
July 30th. Theology Defensions in morning, with studies off after. Count Ernest performed after night prayers.
July 31st. Exhibition day. High Mass sung by Bishop Wilkinson, Hamlet performed after breakfast, then prizegiving. St. Cuthbert’s Society meeting.
Aug. 1st. Beginning of vacation for most.
Aug. 2nd. Treats for remaining Juniors in Junior Refectory: buns, cheese cakes, preserves, honey, gooseberries and potted salmon.
Aug. 5th. Clergy retreat began in St. Aloysius’, led by Fr. Humphrey.
Sept. 19th. List of class responsibilities for Minors for the new college year.
Sept. 20th. Junior Rector returned from vacation.
Sept. 21st. Return day.
Sept. 22nd. All to study place at 12 to write letters.
Sept. 26th. Examined 16 new boys to determine their classes.
Oct. 1st. High Mass for health of college: studies off all morning. Beginning of college retreat, led by Fr. Krebs CSSR.
Oct. 2nd. Start of Juniors’ retreat, given by Fr. Somers CSSR.
Oct. 4th. Encyclical from Pope requiring prayer to St. Joseph to be added to the Rosary in October: read in College and St. Aloysius’.
Oct. 6th. Close of retreats. Ordinations 9 AM until 12.45: “almost too long for the little boys. Perhaps another time to keep them out until the Minor Orders are finished?”.
Oct. 7th. Arrival of bishops for meeting.
Oct. 15th. Changes to prayers at the Visit after dinner.
Oct. 24th. Biggin Day for Divines.
Nov. 3rd. Relic of B. Cuthbert Magne exposed on the Lady Altar in St. Aloysius, as requested by the boys.
Dec. 4th. Arranged with President that the viva voce element of Philosophers’ Christmas examination would be deferred to the second week in Lent, to divide their work better. Written paper still to be taken at Christmas.
Dec. 18th – 23rd: Exams for all schools. Low Figures so bad in ciphering and French that their playdays were suspended until they were examined again.
Dec. 25th. Christmas Day order unchanged from last year. Final entry for 1889.
Jan. 1890. Christmas vacation plays held in the Junior Refectory because the Hall was not in a fit condition.
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast. Christmas tree prizes bought at Sunderland. Prologue and songs in Refectory.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/4   10 January - 31 December 1890
Jan. 10th. First study day after vacation.
Jan. 17th. Mr. Chapman began Ethics with all Philosophers. Leave obtained from Dr. Lennon for play Blue Beard in Cock Vacation.
Jan. 29th. Two boys flogged for a fight, and made to ask the school’s pardon for the bad example. Others blamed for not hindering, and in some cases encouraging, the fighting.
Feb. 3rd. Purification: Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’. Playday for football.
Feb. 4th. Low Figures examined again in French after bad results at Christmas. Five failed again and would continue to lose playday.
Feb. 5th. Low Figures examined again in ciphering, much better than at Christmas.
Feb. 6th. Entertainment by Mr. Spurr after supper.
Feb. 14th. Play Blue Beard for Juniors only – Minors and Professors present.
Feb. 17th – 18th. Further performances of Blue Beard.
Feb. 17th. Declaration by Bishop that laws of fasting and abstinence were suspended in the diocese because of the prevalence of influenza.
Feb. 18th. Bishop’s enthronement at Newcastle.
Feb. 20th. Studies off for Playday suspended as weather cold and uncertain.
Feb. 22nd. First Latin Defension of the year.
Feb. 24th. First signs of ‘flu outbreak, six cases by nightfall.
Feb. 26th. Influenza outbreak in both houses, but cases among juniors generally mild. Infirmary full, two College classrooms filled with sufferers. Dinner soup and rice – no beer – and bed at 5 for patients, after supper at 4 and night prayers.
Feb. 27th. Influenza spreading, but cases among juniors continuing to be very light. Small dormitory above Refectory used as an infirmary for those needing to spend the day in bed.
March 1st. ‘Flu spreading, with more severe cases still in College. Dinners taken up to sick boys by Minors and Divines.
March 2nd. More ‘flu. Studies off until further notice.
March 4th. Junior Rector to bed with ‘flu soon after breakfast. William Howell declared “an alarming case” and sent to Infirmary.
March 7th. Last Sacrament given to W. Howell.
March 11th. Death of W. Howell. Funeral on the 13th: boys did not go to cemetery as standing in the open air was thought dangerous.
March 17th. Study recommenced as influenza was abating.
March 18th. Studies off for play.
March 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Pontifical High Mass, and St. Cuthbert’s ring kissed afterwards by all students, in hope of bringing influenza to an end.
March 21st. St. Cuthbert’s playday.
March 27th. Easter exams cancelled, in view of the interruption to work by influenza.
March 30th. Retreats, led by Rev. H. Berry (Juniors), Fr. Peach O.P. (College).
Apr. 3rd: Thursday before Easter. Meditation given by Dr. Preston, as Fr. Berry had been obliged to leave.
Apr. 4th. No Passion Sermon: Tenebrae at 4. Relic of the True Cross and Thorns exposed as last year during Stations.
Apr. 10th. Prefect Mr. Blackoe called away as his mother was dangerously ill.
Apr. 13th. Prefectship taken by Dr. Preston.
Apr. 15th. Twice weekly lectures by Mr. Ward started in Junior Refectory. Audience comprised of Divines and High Philosophers: “Mr. Ward himself thought there might be some danger to the Low Philosophers”.
Apr. 16th. Set lecture for High Philosophers, to be handed in by May 6th. Subject “Man no mere developement of a lower form”.
Apr. 23rd. St. George’s – benediction with torches etc.
May 4th. Feast of the English Martyrs: exposition, and Dr. Preston preached.
May 9th. Greek Playday. Offered Resignation (? – not mentioned further).
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus and Fabius. Entry includes detailed order of the evening function, led by the Bishop.
May 27th. Relics of St. Philip Neri exposed after Mass and after First Prayers.
June 1st. Trinity Sunday. Preached on the Sacred Heart.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Mass sung at throne by Bishop, some further details.
June 26th – 27th. Benedictions in St. Aloysius’ with President’s approval, as there was none in College chapel where the altar was displaced while new sanctuary steps were installed.
June 29th: Sts. Peter and Paul. High Mass in St. Aloysius’, but not in College because of the steps.
Jun. 30th. Relics of St. Lucina exposed during Mass. Thesis sent to Andrews for printing. Special English paper given to all schools.
July 4th. Proofs received from Andrews and copies ordered.
July 9th. Theses delivered from Andrews.
July 12th. Special Latin paper for the three schools.
July 13th. Feast of Relics, with details of ceremony.
July 16th – 23rd: Exams for all classes.
July 25th. President consented to a few “turnbacks” (retention in present classes for boys with particular academic difficulties). Special playday for Juniors, aside from those who had failed badly, who were set to work on the subjects they had failed in.
July 28th. Distribution of special prizes in Study Place. All told to return from vacation by 8.30 on Sept. 20th.
July 29th. Divines’ defensions. Evening play Blue Beard.
July 30th. New High Altar opened: High Mass at 9.30.
July 31st. Going home day. Breaks did not arrive, through some mistake, so all had to walk to Aldin Grange to catch trains. Fifteen Juniors currently staying up.
Aug. 1st. Treat as was customary for Juniors still in college on first day of vacation. Blind Man’s Buff, Rector read Spectre Barber etc. to them, special tea in Refectory with sweets.
Sept. 18th. Rector returned.
Sept. 19th. Chapel and most ambulacra repainted.
Sept. 20th. Return of Juniors.
Sept. 21st. Some time off studies given. All, including new boys, made to write letters in Library.
Sept. 22nd. Playday for new Bishop of Leeds.
Sept. 26th. Playday 8 to 7. Bishop acting as President.
Sept. 27th. New boys divided between three Confessors. No boys assigned to Rector, but with Bishop’s approval he would continue to hear any who wished to go to him.
Sept. 30th. Beginning of College Retreat: Fr. Stevens CSSR.
Oct. 1st. Junior Retreat began, led by Fr. Ryder CSSR, who explained the intended pattern of October Devotions (some details in Diary) in his opening discourse.
Oct. 5th. End of retreat.
Oct. 6th. Playday for ordinations. Bishops of Salford, Liverpool, Shrewsbury and Leeds arrived at Ushaw for meeting, Bishop of Middlesbrough to arrive next day.
Oct. 8th. Bishop yielded to unanimous request of the meeting that he should assume the Presidency of Ushaw for at least one year. Mr. Corbishley to serve as Vice President. Some notes of bishops’ verdicts on their students.
Oct. 9th – 10th. Some staff duties for the year ahead.
Oct. 13th. St. Wilfrid’s Playday, this year from 8 to 7 “in an attempt to revive the old squashing at the ringing out” .
Oct. 13th – 14th. Further apportioning of staff responsibilities.
Oct. 16th. Boys entering chapel asked to offer up prayers and Mass for cure of William Gray’s deafness, which was obliging him to leave Ushaw. Further prayer request for the same cause made by Dr. Preston on the 19th.
Oct. 20th. Breakfast bell in college now to be rung five minutes earlier, at 7.35. Dormitory bell at 6.25 suggested to Minors as a signal to start meditation. William Gray taken to doctor, who found a very remarkable improvement in his hearing “for which he could not account”.
Oct. 24th. Bishop of Liverpool told about improvement in William Gray’s hearing, and left it to Rector and Bishop Wilkinson to decide how long to keep him at Ushaw while hoping for a sufficient cure.
Oct. 25th- 27th. Meditations and instructions given to the seven about to be ordained.
Oct. 28th. Public ordination.
Oct. 31st. Drilling cancelled for General Confessions, though the Drill Serjeant had come to Ushaw.
Nov. 17th. W. Gray left, as there was little hope for cure of his deafness.
Nov. 26th: Philosophers’ Feast. Taken to Finchale by Junior Rector.
Nov. 27th. Entertainment provided by Mr. Spurr after supper: “a great deal too much about love etc.”. Beginning of instructions for Confirmation: Dr. Preston on the Sacrament, Junior Rector on more general subjects, Bishop intending to take the boys twice himself.
Nov. 29th. First feast of B. Cuthbert Maine.
Dec. 1st. Case of typhoid declared (R. Dunderdale).
Dec. 3rd. Community Mass to be offered up for those buried in Ushaw’s cemetery on the first Wednesday of every month. Announced to the boys after sanction had been obtained from Bishop.
Dec. 4th. Fr. Morris gave a first lecture on the English Martyrs, their history and the methods of beatification and canonisation, with juniors excluded at his wish.
Dec. 5th. Beginning of retreat for those to be confirmed.
Dec. 7th. Confirmation following Community Mass. List enclosed of the 21 who were confirmed in St. Aloysius’ Chapel.
Dec. 16th. Second case of typhoid.
Dec. 17th. Third case of typhoid, and one of measles. Exams began with Classics for Low Figures.
Dec. 18th. Studies off for skating: fresh air recommended by doctor as helping prevent typhoid. Catechism exam deferred. Michael Welch drowned in pond while skating near Bathing Place.
Dec. 19th. Exams resumed, with studies off periods for skating.
Dec. 20th. Requiem Mass and Funeral of M. Welch. Boys kept from the cemetery as too cold. Inquest held in the Sacristy.
Dec. 21st – 22nd. Exams and skating continuing.
Dec 23rd. Going home day. Return fixed by Bishop as Jan. 8th.
Dec. 24th. Customary Christmas schedule for Juniors: to bed in silence after night prayers and blessing at 5 PM, rising at 9 for supper followed by Matins and three Masses, with Bishop singing Midnight Mass.
Dec. 25th. Rising at 8.30, short morning prayers at crib before breakfast at 10. Dec. 26th. Order of mornings for the vacation.
Dec. 30th. Christmas tree items bought in Sunderland, and boxes of preserved fruit and figs for Minors.
Dec. 31st. Benediction and Te Deum for close of year, with a reading in Hall at 8. Last entry in the diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/5   1 January - 28 December 1891
Jan. 1st. Minors given their preserved fruit and figs for tea.
Jan. 2nd – 3rd. Bishop provided with character papers, and with marks obtained by church students from every diocese.
Jan 7th. President’s Feast: Bishop and several Profs. present, celebration included songs, an address to Father Christmas, prizes for the boys and a tombola (three prizes, the chief one a box of fruit).
Jan. 8th. Day fixed by the bishop for general return of students.
Jan. 9th – 10th. Both skating playdays, with several more to follow during January. Two cases of scarletina, one of them thought by Dr. Sinclair to have brought both scarletina and measles to Ushaw when arriving from Bullingham Convent on Dec. 15th.
Jan. 16th. Studies off in morning for Philosophers, to clean the pond after heavy snow.
Jan. 20th. The two scarletina patients conveyed to Esh Hall in the Bishop’s carriage, brought “most kindly” from Crook at the Bishop’s orders as no other conveyance was available. Relief that there had been no further cases.
Jan. 23rd. Start of writing lessons by Mr. John Roche, to be given on a trial basis to all three schools together from 6.30 to 7 on every weekday evening.
Jan. 26th. Private playday given to Philosophers, thought to be for their having cleaned the pond during their skating time.
Jan.27th. Play Julius Caesar, from 7.45 to circa 10pm. Repeated on the 28th.
Jan. 30th. Temporary arrangement made for Mr. Poock to take I Class in Elocution for an extra 45 minutes every Saturday, as their standard was very low.
Feb. 6th. Play Robin Hood performed in Hall for Juniors only. Repeated on 9th and 10th for different Ushaw audiences. and on the afternoon of the 10th for a number of the Bishop’s relatives “who were much delighted”.
Feb. 15th. Details of four petitions sent by the Bishop’s directions to Dr. Giles in Rome.
Feb. 16th. Order of commemorative service in St.Aloysius’.
Feb. 18th. Juniors’ Playday for the Play, including a paper chase.
Feb. 19th. Return of scarletina patients from Esh.
Feb. 20th. Pope’s election day. Benedictions in both chapels to pray for restoration of the temporal power, by wish of the Bishop.
Feb. 21st. Case of measles diagnosed.
Feb. 22nd. Second Sunday in Lent. Instruction on Death given by the Junior Rector.
Feb. 25th (Wednesday). First number of the Ushaw Magazine distributed in the house. Stations of the Cross now to be on the Wednesdays in Lent rather than the Fridays, when in accordance with the Bishop’s wish there would be Benedictions in both chapels.
March 2nd. High Philosophers given their essay subject, “The Scholastic doctrine as to the constituent principles of bodies”.
March 3rd. Coronation of the Pope. Benedictions in both chapels, litany said in English with prayer for the Pope.
March 4th. Spoken and written exams for Philosophers.
March 5th. Ralph Chapman baptised at Esh by his brother, with Junior Rector as godfather.
March 8th. Instruction by Junior Rector on fidelity to small rules and duties.
March 12th. Viva voce Catechism exam for I and II Class, deferred from Christmas because of skating. Catechism not known well enough.
March 13th – 19th. Exams continuing, involving all.
March 20th. St. Cuthbert’s: High Mass at 8.30 sung by Bishop. Bishop announced establishment of the Association of Prayer for Conversion of England: members to say one Hail Mary daily.
March 22nd. Palm Sunday. Masters explained Holy Week’s ceremonies at Spiritual Reading. Retreats began: College led by Fr. Wilberforce OP, Seminary by Fr. Albert Buckler OP: “honorarium for latter paid by Dr. Coulston to get off giving the Retreat himself” .
March 26th. Maundy Thursday, with order for the morning.
March 27th. Good Friday, with ceremonial detail: Relic of True Cross exposed. Cat struck out.
March 30th. Easter Monday. Community Mass said by Bishop in St. Aloysius’, then five boys confirmed.
April 5th. Pontifical Mass sung by the Bishop on his birthday. Studies off for an hour from noon.
April 6th. Bishop gone away, for about three weeks.
April 22nd. I Class exam playday: several who failed exams admonished, only one denied the playday.
April 23rd. St. George’s: studies off all day, Biggin day for I Class.
May 1st. New case of scarletina, sent directly to Esh. Bishop returned from Bath.
May 6th. Playday given for visit by Bishop of Aberdeen.
May 10th – 11th. Details as to ceremonies for Sts. Bassus and Fabius, in both College and Seminary by order of the bishop. Inserted small printed sheet of orders for the week, in Latin.
May 15th. Feast of St. Pius V kept in whole college.
May 18th. Professors to Lartington for three days.
May 20th. Playday for Bishop of Birmingham.
May 21st – 22nd. Leave given for fires in classrooms and in Minors’ rooms
May 26th. St. Augustine of England. Boys asked to offer up Mass for the conversion of England.
May 31st. Short instruction on Perseverance and Devotion to the Sacred Heart substituted for meditation at night prayers.
June 15th. Details of adjustments to writing lesson times and responsibilities, made at request of staff.
June 18th. Start of bathing.
June 21st – 23rd. Details of celebrations of the Tercentenary of St. Aloysius, with Papal permission for a Triduum of Masses to begin on or after the feast day (which was the 21st).
June 25th. Junior Rector heard that the two Cantors had been asked to tea with Minors on the 22nd, “on the plea of having taken part in the High Mass” and in accordance with a claimed tradition. He made it known that he had not heard of this, and considered it to lack any sanction from the authorities.
June 27th. Additional St. Aloysius’ playday for Juniors. Benediction for Feast of B. John Fisher by Bishop’s order.
June 29th. Sts. Peter and Paul: High Mass sung by Bishop. Juniors taken by their masters to watch Philosophers vs. Big Lads cricket match.
June 30th. Feast of St. Lucina. Notes on some teaching appointments for next year.
July 1st. Special English paper for all schools.
July 2nd. Bishop said that Cuthbert Pippet, after exam failures, had better not return to Ushaw after the vacation.
July 4th. Junior Rector authorised by Bishop to give home leave at his own discretion, only writing to him if in doubt about a particular church student. Previously the Bishop had always been consulted.
July 11th. Proof of thesis sent back to Andrews, with an order for 140 copies.
July 13th. Last school with Philosophers before exams: notes of subjects that were not reached this year.
July 15th – 23rd: Exams for all classes but the 17th kept clear as a playday (Judges’ Day and Grantham).
July 24th. Special playday, stopped in morning for I Class and for several of II Class and Low Figures on account of poor results. Bishop’s approval obtained for turning back a number of students from all three classes.
July 25th. Bishop’s consecration day. Pontifical Mass then playday.
July 26th. Grand Week begins.
July 27th. Philosophers’ Defensions in morning. Operetta (unnamed) at 8pm.
July 28th. Single Theology Defension. Seminary play Robin Hood at 8. Special prizes distributed in Study Place, and boys told to return by 8.30 on September 19th.
July 29th. Grand Week continuing. Julius Caesar performed at 10, followed by boys’ dinner and prizes: visitors’ dinner at 3.30, Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’ at 8.30.
July 30th. Vacation morning. As many boys sent home as could be, with hardly any Divines staying.
July 31st. Usual treat in Seminary Refectory – penny buns, jam and fruit - for the Juniors still in college, only 14 this year.
Aug. 9th. Wet day: Juniors allowed to play in ambulacrum after Benediction, and given jam with their bread at 5.
Sept. 17th. Junior Rector returned from vacation. Details of Minors’ responsibilities for the year.
Sept. 19th. Return day: 46 old boys returned, 5 more still to come, and 20 new boys in house with at least 4 more expected.
Sept. 20th. All to spiritual reading, and all wrote letters in Study Place at noon.
Sept. 21st. Playday given for Archbishop Stonor’s visit during vacation. Bishop acquiesced in the need this year for a 3rd Class.
Sept. 22nd – 24th. All but two of the new boys examined.
Sept. 25th. The five 3rd Class boys to be with 2nd Class for now. Old yew tree cut down.
Sept. 28th. 72 boys now in house.
Sept. 29th. Start of College Retreat, led by Fr. O’Laverty CSSR. Definite sanction from Bishop for a separate master for 3rd Class.
Sept. 30th. Retreat in St. Aloysius’ began, led by Fr. Boylan CSSR. Ignatius Saxton appointed as Third Class master.
Oct. 2nd. Feast of Angel Guardians. Angel Guardian statue on table in sanctuary, with candles lighted there during Mass.
Oct. 3rd. Both Retreat Fathers left for Nottingham at 10pm.
Oct. 4th. Close of retreats, and ordinations.
Oct. 5th. Ordination playday, and arrival of bishops for their meeting.
Oct. 6th – 8th. Masses said daily by Bishops of Leeds and Middlesbrough.
Oct. 7th. Playday given for the Bishop’s acceptance of the permanent position of Ushaw’s President.
Oct. 8th. Most visiting Bishops departed after breakfast. Bishop spoke after dinner on matters including the study of plain chant by Divines and their practice in catechising.
Oct. 13th. Bishop consulted on the condition of dormitory windows, and on heating arrangements for Refectory and top rooms.
Oct. 21st. Case of whooping cough declared after more than a week in infirmary.
Oct. 23rd-25th. Two more suspected cases of whooping cough sent to infirmary.
Oct. 28th. Notes on new heating system: dormitory hot water pipes fully charged for the first time and found very effective. Chapel heating slight but thought sufficient. Oct. 30th. Second playday for Bishop’s Presidency.
Nov. 13th. Walked back from Sacriston after preaching there previous night and in morning,
Nov. 23rd. Confirmation instruction begun. 15 boys to be confirmed.
Nov. 25th. Philosophers’ Feast: taken to Durham by Mr. Corbishley to see excavations under the Galilee. Serious misbehaviour by some at the Feast.
Nov. 29th. Bishop to Philosophers at noon: “abolished the objectionable fine”, and required surrender of all fine books which were burnt by the Prefect in his presence. Future fine books to be destroyed at end of each year.
Nov. 30th. Two Minors to infirmary with whooping cough. Bishop went to London for meeting of bishops concerning education.
Dec. 4th. Start of retreat for those to be confirmed.
Dec. 6th. Confirmation of 15 boys. List of their names loosely inserted.
Dec. 15th-21st: Exams for all classes. Further occasional cases of whooping cough.
Dec.20th. Notes on dormitory temperatures at 9am: 42 degrees near west door, 38 in upper dorm. over refectory.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day for those with leave. Return date fixed as January 7th.
Dec. 24th. Usual Christmas Eve: boys to bed in silence after night prayers at 5PM, rising at 9 for supper, Matins and three Masses.
Dec. 25th. High Mass at 10.30, reading-up, skating in the afternoon. Studies off for remainder of year.
Dec.28th. Play Make your Wills performed by Little Lads, after a selection of songs: repeated on the 29th without songs.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/6   1 January - 31 December 1892
Jan. 1st – 2nd. Exhibition (no details) in museum, for College only on the 1st and Juniors on 2nd,
Jan. 4th. To Sunderland to buy Christmas tree presents, mostly from “Italian Warehouse”.
Jan. 6th – 7th. Illustrious Stranger performed at 8pm.
Jan. 11th. First of a series of lectures on biology given by Dr. Klein to Philosophers and Divines.
Jan. 13th. President’s Feast. Christmas tree 4.30-5.15: three songs, a violin piece, and draw for prizes. Bishop, professors and visitors were all included, and each chose his prize when his name was drawn.
Jan. 14th. Neville Damian, sent to infirmary on 8th, diagnosed as suffering galloping consumption.
Jan. 17th. Panegyric of Cardinal Manning delivered by Dr. Klein after High Mass. Bishop declared to have influenza.
Jan. 20th. Case of measles noted.
Jan. 21st – Feb. 24th. These pages missing from diary, apparently torn out. Loosely inserted sheet lists 25 cases of measles with dates of diagnosis and discharge,
Jan. 20th – March 21st. Feb. 29th. Eight discharged from infirmary, three more on March 2nd, as measles outbreak ends.
Cock Vacation: operetta Gamester of Metz performed at 7.30, repeated March 1st.
March 14th. Philosophers examined, two or three at a time, on Ontology, Cosmology and parts of Ethics, by a panel of four. Also in Natural Philosophy on the 16th.
March 20th. St. Cuthbert: Pontifical High Mass, and operetta repeated in evening.
March 22nd. Divines vs. House at football. Juniors taken to watch, but very cold, and three developed bad sore throats.
Apr. 1st. Playday given for the new Archbishop.
Apr. 3rd – 9th. Exams for all classes. Greek and French grammar exam for Low Figures postponed from 5th to 7th to gain time to write an answering letter to the Tablet.
Apr. 11th. Will. Mooney diagnosed with scarletina and removed to Esh.
Apr. 14th. Order given for Maundy Thursday. Five first communicants named.
Apr. 18th. Will. Mooney recovering: sent books to read, which could be burnt afterwards. Returned to Ushaw on May 28th.
Apr. 27th. Meeting to discuss funds for new swimming bath. Need to secure £450 before work began: Bishop guaranteed £100, Junior Rector £50, other professors the remainder, all in the event of the full amount not being raised through donations.
Apr. 30th. Transferred celebration of St. George’s Day.
May 3rd – 20th. Series of lectures by Mr. Devas on Political Economy.
May 9th. Bishop to London for bishops’ meeting.
May 10th. Rescripts received from Rome in answer to Bishop’s four petitions of February 1891. All petitions granted: 1) Proper antiphon for St. Cuthbert, 2) Office for diocese of BB Thomas Plumtree, Luke Kirby, Rich. Kirkman and Rich. Thirkill, 3) Feast for College of Douai Martyrs on second Sunday after Easter, 4) Proper Lessons for Sts. Bassus and Fabius and St. Lucina.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Order of Ceremony given.
May 23rd. Playday for Mr. Devas, “who asked so urgently for it that there was no refusing. He left this morning after witnessing the ringing out”.
May 24th. To Durham with Dr. Preston to see Wessington’s Manuscript. Returned June 7th to see it again.
May 30th. Concert given by William Catterall, boy violinist, with Fr. Dallow at piano.
June 14th. Rehearsal for play Puss in Boots. Resolved to try to avoid in future having plays in the third quarter, as interference with study was severe.
June 19th, 22nd, 23rd. Play Puss in Boots performed.
June 21st, St. Aloysius’ Feast: Pontifical High Mass. Lamp set before new picture of St. Aloysius in ambulacrum.
June 24th, 25th: Playdays for St. Aloysius.
July 2nd. English Special Paper: all schools required to write a letter describing a Biggin Day this year.
July 7th. Sacristan’s Biggin Day.
July 8th, 9th, 11th: Special papers in French, Latin and Ciphering.
July 12th. Books obtained for use as Special Prizes: Wood’s Birds for Low Figures, Tissandier’s Scientific Recreations for 1st Class, Life of St. Aloysius for 2nd Class, Mrs. Hope’s Conversion of the Teutonic Race for 3rd Class.
July 14th-17th. 19th-22nd: Exams for all classes.
July 18th. Playday for visit of Judges Day and Grantham.
July 22nd. Special playday for Juniors’ exam. Not stopped for Low Figures despite only five achieving passes in Ciphering – “lost heads at paper… Better not discourage them”.
July 27th. Pontifical Mass, and distribution of prizes at noon.
July 28th. Going home day. Conveyances very crowded, “some boys obliged to lie on top of omnibus”. 15 boys remaining.
July 29th. Customary treat provided in Seminary Refectory – penny buns, jam, sweets and strawberries – for the boys staying at Ushaw.
Sept. 15th. List of Minors’ class responsibilities for 1892-3.
Sept. 17th: Return day. Total of 59 old boys and 22 new, with a number of them yet to arrive.
Sept. 27th. College retreat began, led by Rev. Croke Robinson.
Sept. 28th. Start of Junior retreat, given by Fr. Morris of the Oratory.
Oct. 1st. With October Benedictions a permanent part of St. Aloysius’ year, the candles required were now to be at the college’s expense rather than charged to the Junior Rector. Change approved by the Bishop.
Oct. 2nd. Close of retreat.
Oct. 3rd. Ordination playday: bishops arrived for their meeting. J. Dixon, “bumptious” 17 year old, advanced to College with Bishop’s approval, to avoid his having undue influence on the Juniors and to free a room.
Oct. 5th. Feast of Angel Guardians. Playday for new Bishop of Salford, who gave a sermon before Benediction.
Nov. 4th. First case of chicken pox: six more diagnosed on Sunday 6th.
Nov.14th. Started Cosmology with BA candidates and two others.
Nov. 21st. Start of daily instruction for those to be confirmed on Dec. 4th: Junior Rector alternating with Dr. Preston, except when the Bishop took them.
Nov. 23rd. Philosophers’ Feast. They walked to Whitworth to have lunch with Mr. Edward Wilkinson: Bishop attended, driving there with Mr. Corbishley.
Nov. 30th. Ordination of Mr. Beech in St. Aloysius’.
Dec. 2nd. Confirmation Retreat began in the evening.
Dec. 4th. 15 boys confirmed in St. Aloysius’; “6 more deferred as too young or too childish”. List of names of those confirmed and of the deferrals loosely inserted.
Dec. 5th. First skating playday of the winter. Further skating each day of the week, and on most days through December.
Dec. 9th. Conjuring exhibition given at 7.30.
Dec. 15th – 23rd: Exams for all classes.
Dec. 19th – 23rd. E. O’Kelly, J. Coggans and B. Daly flogged, at least two of them for bad exam performance.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day for those with leave.
Dec. 24th. Lastl year of the triennial permission for three Masses at night. As in previous years, Juniors to bed after night prayers at 5 PM, rising at 9 PM for supper and Matins.
Dec. 25th. Christmas boxes in the Refectory. Reading-up postponed to the Sunday after Epiphany as so many boys were absent.
Dec. 26th. Arranged with Bishop to rule that there should always be at least four Minors at Ushaw: those wishing to go away must relieve one another.
Dec. 27th. Divines and Minors all at Whitworth as guests of Edward Wilkinson. Divines returned later than expected at 6.30, leaving boys unsupervised at dinner.
Dec. 28th. Bishop’s Translation day. Benediction in St. Aloysius’ by Bishop’s request. Play performed at 8, repeated on 29th.
Dec. 30th. Reading (Mr. Chapman) and songs at 8 PM.
Dec. 31st. Benediction in both chapels for close of year. Final entry in the Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/7   1 January 1893 - 15 January 1894
Jan. 1st. Christy Minstrels performance by Big Lads.
Jan. 7th. Return day for those gone home.
Jan. 8th. Deferred Reading-up. Third Class not required to stand out: Bishop thought it better to delay this until Easter, and meanwhile for schools to be spoken to about laughing at them.
Jan. 9th. First study day after Christmas.
Jan. 10th. Further Christy Minstrels performance.
Jan. 11th. President’s Feast. Christmas tree deferred to next day, as no available piano was sufficiently in tune.
Jan. 13th. Last Christmas decorations taken down, but crib still in place.
Jan. 15th. Spoke about “Sodality of serving boys” , and admitted to it all of Low Figures and I Class.
Jan. 20th. Playday for Cardinal Vaughan.
Jan. 26th. Richard III performed at 8pm.
Feb. 3rd. First of a series of weekly Benedictions on Fridays until Easter.
Feb. 4th. J. Brunlees diagnosed as having pneumonia, after several days in bed. Declared “humanly speaking out of danger” on the 8th.
Feb. 5th. Beginning of novena in honour of B. Thomas Plumtree.
Feb. 13th, 14th. Concerts presented at 8 by Mr. Harding.
Feb. 14th. First celebration of Feast of B. Thomas Plumtree.
Feb. 20th. Quarant Ore. Exposition in St. Aloysius’.
Feb. 24th. Playday for Pope at request of Ushaw Pilgrims. Centre relic case at St. Innocent’s Altar opened with Bishop’s permission, to examine the skulls. Papers had been found inside the skull of St. Lucina: none were found here, but Dr. Preston “detected evident contusions on each side of skull of St. Bassus – crack on one side extending to eye... a most satisfactory confirmation of the Acts”.
March 3rd – 4th. Philosophers’ examinations.
March 6th. Playday for Pope’s Jubilee.
March 7th. Dr. Preston gave Philosophers their essay subject: “The Imagination; its nature, & its function with reference to the Intellect”.
March 9th. Concert in Hall, with Mr. Tate (brother of a Divine) singing.
March 12th. Death early in morning of William Darnell, no cause stated: boys went to see the body. Funeral on 16th.
March 16th: Death in early morning of George Quinn, suddenly taken ill. Funeral on 18th.
March 17th – 21st. Exams for all classes.
March 21st. Death of Camille Everart. Post-mortem next day pronounced cause of death as pericarditis. Requiem and funeral on 24th.
March 25th J. Scully broke right fibula jumping over hedge. Still in infirmary Apr. 27th.
March 26th. Palm Sunday. Retreats to start next day. “Much play and no silence to be allowed”.
March 27th. Retreats: Fr. Albert Buckler OP in St. Cuthbert’s, Fr. B. Wilberforce OP in St. Aloysius’.
March 30th, 31st. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: orders given.
Apr. 1st. Easter Sunday. Reading-up postponed as so many boys were absent, with a number having been taken home.
Apr. 8th. Sanitary inspection carried out. Several boys returned.
Apr. 13th. Fr. Frank’s Spiritual Reflexions sent for typing. (Loosely inserted sheet: Proposed Order of Day for Juniors, dated November 1886).
Apr. 16th. First celebration of Feast of Douai Martyrs. Sermon by Dr. Preston at High Mass. Reading-up, with 3rd Class not standing out.
Apr. 28th. Thomas Carroll “very critical” in infirmary with lung condition, “terribly alarmed” and calmed with difficulty.
May 4th. Feast of English Martyrs. Thomas Carroll died. Funeral May 6th, Bishop officiating.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina celebrated. Printed Hymn for Martyrs loosely inserted, with handwritten amendment to two lines.
May 22nd. Bishop and most Profs. to Lartington.
May 23rd. E. Howard appointed Sacristan.
May 24th. Playday given for Mr. Leadbitter, Sheriff of Northumberland.
June 1st. Began Month of Sacred Heart, at Night Prayers in St. Aloysius’.
June 5th. First Prayers readings: History of Relics, to be followed by Life of St. Lucina, then lives of Sts. Bassus and Fabius.
June 9th. Retreat began for three boys, in preparation for their First Communion on Sunday 11th.
June 17th. New bath blessed by the Bishop in evening, and brought into use the following day.
June 19th. Playday given for new bath. Lives of Sts. Bassus and Fabius completed at First Prayers.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with details of the day.
June 27th. Bishop to London for the Dedication of England to Our Lady and St. Peter on Thursday 29th (Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul). “Leave home” to be given, by order of the Bishop, to all lay students who apply. Junior Rector given discretion regarding applications from church students, but his preference was to submit them to the Bishop.
July 1st. English Special Paper given to all schools: an hour in which to write a letter, “The new Bath, and your first bathe in it”.
July 2nd. Order of service for dedication of England to Our Lady and St. Peter. Procession hindered from going outside by thunderstorm.
July 5th. Play Aladdin performed to Juniors. Severe delays caused by trouble with scenery, so did not finish until 10.40.
July 6th. Marriage of Duke of York. Flags raised on college, God Save the Queen sung in the front at 12.30, studies off all day. B. Daly ran away to escape flogging: brought back from Durham station, kept in Infirmary, and sent to Lancaster on the 8th by order of the Bishop of Liverpool.
July 9th. Feast of the Relics, with order for the day.
July 10th. Play Aladdin in Hall, again continuing until 10.40. Noted that plays must never again be put off until so late in the year: this year’s circumstances, including Mr. Gillow’s going to Rome and the several deaths, had been very harmful to study.
July 13th – 20th: Exams for all classes.
July 21st. Exam playday won by all schools, denied only to a few individuals for specific failures.
July 22nd. Playday for Mgr. Giles.
July 24th. Junior play Aladdin performed again, and again long (8 to 10.45).
July 25th. Science Demonstrations. Special Prizes given after dinner, Richard III performed at 8.
July 26th. Responsibilities allocated: dormitory, sacristan, subprefect, stationery.
July 27th. Going home: departure at 7am after breakfast and Mass. 15 Juniors staying on.
July 28th. Customary treat of penny buns, fruit etc. for the Juniors staying at Ushaw.
Sept. 14th. Class responsibilities of Minors for the year 1893-4. New Matron, Mrs. Johnson, given an explanation of her duties.
Sept. 16th. Return day. Juniors now numbering 84: 19 new, 58 returning, 7 not yet arrived back.
Sept. 18th. Playday for Mgr. M. del Val.
Sept. 20th – 23rd. Playdays or studies-off, as floors were up in several class rooms for installation of the new heating system.
Sept. 25th. First day of school.
Sept. 26th. Retreats began: College led by Fr. Luke Rivington, Juniors by Fr. George Richardson.
Sept. 30th. Confirmations, with order for the day. Eight confirmed, seven more deferred (“too childish etc.”). Close of Junior Retreat.
Oct. 1st. Close of College Retreat.
Oct. 2nd. Feast of Guardian Angels. Duties exchanged between Subprefect G. Knuckey and Dormitory Master D. O’Shea, as the latter had found he could not get to sleep in the dormitory.
Oct. 4th – 6th. Four boys declared to have scarletina, and sent to Esh.
Oct. 10th. Bishops arrived for their annual meeting, excepting the Bishop of Liverpool who was ill, and was represented by Mgr. Carroll as secretary.
Oct. 12th.Mr. Ryan, Divine, declared to have scarletina: the first boy diagnosed in the present outbreak had practised piano in his room. The piano was removed to Esh and another sent for. Oct. 16th. Visited Sunderland for Convent Jubilee. Dentist at Ushaw.
Oct. 17th onwards: Concerns over health of Alex. Swarbreck. Doctor strongly of opinion school “no fit place for boy with heart affected as Alick’s is”.
Oct. 30th. Playday “for health”.
Nov. 1st – 2nd. All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day celebrated.
Nov. 4th. Three further cases of scarletina.
Nov. 5th. Separation arranged between College and Sem. boys, as no Juniors had yet been diagnosed with scarletina in the current outbreak. Sheet loosely inserted giving details of the arrangement while it lasted.
Nov. 7th. Start of a series of lectures by Fr. Billington.
Nov. 9th. Two new scarletina cases, including the first among Juniors. Loosely inserted list of dates for the scarletina cases in 1893: 21 in all, from first declaration on Oct. 4th to last on Dec. 14th, including one unnamed maid servant.
Nov. 10th. Influenza diagnosed, the first case of a minor outbreak.
Nov. 11th. Studies-off in morning for fumigation of the college. Junior dormitory fumigated in the afternoon.
Nov. 13th. Return to usual order in both houses, as separation of Juniors was inconvenient and had failed to contain the scarletina outbreak.
Nov. 24th. Music master told that, contrary to his recent practice, weekly lessons for boys taking them must last a full hour.
Nov. 29th. Philosophers’ Feast. Taken to Brancepeth by Mr. Corbishley.
Dec. 3rd. Case of typhoid diagnosed.
Dec. 14th. Visited Middlesbrough for opening of High Altar. New gymnasium finished at Ushaw: half an hour’s turn given to each school.
Dec. 15th – 20th. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 21st. Going home day for those with leave.
Dec. 24th. Usual order for Christmas Eve. Permission for three Masses at midnight renewed for three more years.
Dec. 25th. Boys were to rise at 9, as Minors had objected to the noise they made at 8.30 in previous years. Standing out omitted for Juniors’ Reading-up, as 28 of the 85 were absent (22 gone home, 1 in Infirmary and 5 at Esh from scarletina).
Dec. 26th. Collection from Christmas boxes made for Newcastle Orphanage.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury: Pontifical High Mass.
Jan. 4th. Play, Ticket of Leave Man. Repeated once, on the 9th.
Jan. 5th. Set day for return.
Jan. 6th. Vespers by candlelight, as a gas pipe had frozen.
Jan. 10th. President’s Feast. No going out, as ice was thawing.
Jan. 15th. Chapel decorations taken down: final entry in 1893 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/8   26 January - 31 December 1894
Jan. 16th. 1894 Diary begins.
Jan. 26th. Feast of Agony in Garden.
Feb. 5th. Play Cloches de Comville.
Feb. 7th. “[F]earful gale” , and weathercock blown off steeple.
Feb. 12th. Detailed order for Quarant Ore.
Feb. 14th. B.B. Thomas Plumtree and Comp. :Pontifical High Mass. Mayor of Newcastle in Sanctuary, playday given.
Feb. 19th. Philosophy exam, viva voce.
Feb. 26th. Essay subject given, “Origin and Characteristics of Civil Authority”.
Mar. 8th. Catechism exam given to I, II and III Class: six questions asked of each. Low Figures on 11th.
Mar. 12th – 16th: Exams for all classes.
Mar. 18th: Palm Sunday. Beginning of retreats: College led by Fr. Gurdon, Juniors by Rev. J. Earnshaw.
Mar. 22nd. Maundy Thursday, with order of morning.
Mar. 23rd. Good Friday. Relic of True Cross brought from Oratory to be exposed and kissed.
Mar. 27th. Biggin Day for Divines. Studies off for all, with schools taken out by Philosophers.
Apr. 2nd. Playday given for award of Lord Bray’s prize, to E. Murphy. Bishop gone to London for meeting.
Apr. 5th. Studies off from 9 to 7 for Bishop’s birthday.
Apr. 8th. Feast of Douai Martyrs observed.
Apr. 15th. Order for Patronage of St. Joseph.
Apr. 17th. Beginning of a course in gymnastics given by Mr. Leblique. Six lessons, alternately in study time and playtime, to be given before the vacation, for a fee of £5 paid by the Bishop.
May 1st. Mr. Kay’s first Mass, with details. 1894’s first case of scarletina, “extremely mild”.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina, with much ceremonial detail.
June 1st. Boys reminded before Mass of the Month of Sacred Heart beginning.
June 3rd. Order for Feast of Sacred Heart.
June 7th. Transferred feast of Our Lady Help of Christians. G. Cummings appointed Sacristan for next year, a second boy from I Class in view of the frequent difficulty of selecting one from II Class. Third sacristan, who will be from II Class, to be appointed later.
June 11th. Death of Charlie Wright: funeral on the 13th. Departure of Mr. Poock.
June 15th. Playday for Bishop of Southwark.
June 18th. Community Mass said by Bishop of Southwark (Black mass for C. Wright). D. O’Shea given a fortnight’s home leave on account of insomnia and a “mild nervous state”, wanting to give up teaching.
June 20th. Eve of St. Aloysius. “Great many flowers” brought from home by some of the boys.
June 21st. Order of Feast of St. Aloysius.
June 30th. New rules for changing in and out of flannels: times when dormitory would be open for a quarter of an hour for the purpose, with dormitory master in attendance.
July 1st. Rededication of England to St. Peter. Rules for flannels announced, and boys told to write asking for 5/- more than their railway fare before vacation.
July 5th. Proof of thesis returned by post to Andrews, 140 copies to be printed.
July 7th. English Special Paper given to all schools.
July 8th. Feast of the Relics, with order.
July 11th. Book prizes sent for: Low Figures – Wood’s Illustrated Natural History of Birds, 1st Class Tissandier’s Scientific Recreations, 2nd. Class Cepari & Goldie’s Illustrated Life of St. Aloysius, 3rd. Class Mrs. Hope’s Conversion of Teutonic Race.
July 14th. Latin Special Paper for all schools.
July 16th – 17th. Special Papers in Ciphering and French.
July 20th – 26th: Exams in all classes. Extra questions set when needed to separate prize candidates.
July 27th. Philosophers’ exam. Special exam playday, stopped for 25 boys set to work in a classroom on grounds of poor results.
July 30th: Philosophy Defensions. Operetta performed at night.
July 31st. Exhibition of Gymnastics in the afternoon, under Mr. Leblique’s direction: “visitors very much pleased” . Reading-up and distribution of special prizes.
Aug. 1st. Allocation of rooms for next year.
Aug. 2nd. Going home day.
Aug. 3rd. Usual treat for the Juniors still at Ushaw: tea in the Library. Too much of everything had been obtained, so the feast was repeated the next day.
Sept. 20th. New year’s class and teaching responsibilities for Minors.
Sept. 22nd. Return Day. 28 new Juniors, with 4 more to come: 49 returned, with 6 more not yet back.
Sept. 24th. Playday for new Bishop of Liverpool.
Sept. 26th. 2nd and 3rd Class boys split into two equal divisions. The six 3rd Class, three in each division, would work with the 2nd Class, learn Latin etc., and be assessed at the end of the year as to whether they could continue.
Sept. 28th. 23 boys to be confirmed: 4 others deferred, “too childish etc.”.
Oct. 2nd. Feast of Angel Guardians. Beginning of retreats for both houses. College led by Fr. Vassal, Rector of Limerick: Juniors by Fr. Stebbing, Rector of Perth.
Oct. 6th. Close of Juniors’ retreat, and Confirmation of 20 boys.
Oct. 7th. Rosary Sunday. 10 Deacons and 8 Subdeacons ordained. Suggested to boys to offer Mass for Church, for England, for selves beginning the new year, and for the ordinandi.
Oct. 9th. Rearrangement of Minors’ responsibilities.
Oct. 10th. Mr. Bulger promised a room to sleep in when required once the new wing was complete. Bishops arrived for their meeting – Bishop of Leeds on 11th.
Oct. 11th. A first drawing lesson given, to four pupils. (Loosely inserted sheet of teaching responsibilities for the third quarter of 1894).
Oct. 13th. Playday given to mark the beginning of Crook Centenary celebrations. General Confessions in morning to gain special Plenary Indulgence granted by the Pope. Arrival of Cardinal and of the Duke of Norfolk.
Oct. 14th. Crook Centenary day, Bishops of Leeds, Salford and Middlesbrough celebrating: Cardinal preached at High Mass. Concert given in afternoon, further concert and speeches in evening.
Oct. 15th. Further Masses of the three Bishops, and first Mass of Mr. B. Kelly, at St. Aloysius’ Lady Altar. Duke of Norfolk and Cardinal visited gymnasium. President’s Feast dinner for students in the afternoon. Benediction, and consecration of college to Our Lady. Evening concert and recitation.
Oct. 17th. Playday for the Cardinal.
Oct. 28th. Began series of instructions on Religious Duties. Juniors given studies off for Rector’s Silver Jubilee.
Nov. 3rd. Four boys to be prepared to advance to I Class at Christmas, with their ciphering study time to be given to Latin.
Nov. 14th. Aristote and Playday for the centenary of Carmel House, by request of the nuns. Grand dinner given to the boys at the nuns’ expense.
Nov. 28th. Philosophers’ Feast: taken to Finchale by Dr. Hinsley.
Dec. 2nd. First Sunday of Advent. All admitted into Bishop’s Association for Conversion of England, and Low Figures and I Class into the Altar Servers’ Sodality.
Dec. 6th. Henry Gillett appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 12th. Note on the appointment of monitors, to be responsible for conduct in the Gymnasium when no Minors available to supervise.
Dec. 13th. Catechism exam. “Not as well known as ought to be”.
Dec. 15th – 21st. Exams in all subjects. II Class Latin and Arithmetic very bad.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day for most: all to be back on January 5th. “Awful gale”, weathercock blown down again.
Dec. 24th. Usual Christmas Eve: to bed immediately after night prayers at 5 PM, rising at 9 for supper before Matins at 10.
Dec. 26th. Showing of magic lantern views of Westminster Abbey.
Dec. 27th. Concert and play No.1 Round the Corner, repeated on 30th.
Dec. 28th. Magic lantern views of the Holy Land.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury: Pontifical High Mass.
Dec. 31st. Benediction in both chapels. Last entry in the 1894 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/9   3 January - 31 December 1895
Jan. 3rd. First entry. Christmas tree prizes ordered.
Jan. 5th. General return day.
Jan. 7th. Full skating playday. Three to infirmary with influenza.
Jan. 10th. Christmas tree celebration with chorus song and solos. Jan. 15th. Chapel Christmas decorations, but not the crib, taken down.
Jan. 21st. Play Knights of the Round Table at 7.30.
Jan. 25th. Crib removed: it had been left longer than usual so that Mr. Thompson could sketch it.
Jan. 29th. Aristote, as Study Place was too cold after heating system boiler had burst.
Jan. 30th. Playday for Mayor of Lancaster.
Feb. 24th. First entry since Feb. 2nd. Rector said mass in his own room, for first time while recovering from rheumatic fever.
March 4th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’, with candles at Rector’s cost. First visit to chapel after illness.
March 7th. Litany for St. Thomas Aquinas.
March 13th. Novena of Benedictions begun in both chapels, against influenza (not prevalent yet this year). Philosophers given private playday for cleaning the pond.
March 17th. Third Sunday of Lent. Gave instruction on image of the Holy Infant, which was placed on St. Innocent’s altar.
March 25th – April 6th. Rector at Keighley and Middlesbrough for health.
April 7th. Palm Sunday. Retreats began: College given by Fr. Adam Hamilton OSB (Buckfast), Juniors Fr. Vassall CSSR.
April 8th – 10th. Details daily of hymns and services during retreats.
Aprl 11th, 12th. Orders of service for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
April 17th. Influenza cases mounting daily. 6 Divines, 5 Little Lads, 1 Philosopher and 5 Juniors now in infirmary.
April 20th. Junior Rector also suffering influenza.
April 29th. Death of G. Lanested (?). Funeral May 1st.
May 4th. BB English Martyrs: Pontifical High Mass, full playday.
May 5th. Instruction by Rector on Devotion to Our Lady. Procession and benediction at night in St. Aloysius’.
May 10th – 11th. Orders for celebrations of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina.
May 20th. Thomas Manley returned to 3rd Class.
May 24th. Commencement of Special Devotions to Holy Ghost, for nine days before Pentecost, by order of Holy Father, to obtain “Unity of all Christians in faith and works of piety”.
May 26th. Vigil of tercentenary of St. Philip Neri.
May 27th. Tercentenary of St. Philip Neri, observed with exposure of relics. Low Figures given studies off for tercentenary of their Patron.
June 2nd. Whit Sunday, with order of service. Opening of Month of Sacred Heart.
June 9th. High Mass, with reading of Pope’s Letter to the English People.
June 21st. Order for Feast of St. Aloysius.
June 23rd. Order for Feast of the Sacred Heart. Most boys enrolled in the Apostleship of Prayer. (Loosely inserted account of the cost of chapel candles for July, totalling £1. 12s. 8d.)
June 30th. Last day of June: Devotions to Sacred Heart at night prayers as on the feast day.
July 4th, Biggin day for sacristans.
July 6th. English Special Paper for all schools.
July 7th. Procession around the college front, followed by Benediction and Consecration of England to St. Peter.
July 8th. Details of Minors’ class responsibilities for the year ahead.
July 13th. Latin Special Paper in all schools. Mr. Leblique allowed to take an extra hour of gym practice in preparation for Grand Week.
July 14th. Feast of the Relics, with order of service.
July 15th – 25th. Exams for all classes.
July 24th. Evening operetta The Pied Piper.
July 25th. Bishop’s Consecration day: Pontifical High Mass.
July 26th. Special exam playday, though very wet. Stopped in the morning for 26 boys, plus some more who had made a mess in the Study Place. Philosophers’ exam given by Dr Preston, Dr. Hinsley and Junior Rector.
July 29th. Philosophers’ Defensions, brought forward from next day “simply because of Dr. Hinsley’s fear that they were not good enough for visitors. Great pity. Did very well.”.
July 30th. Special prizes in Study Place at 10. Extra prize of Miss Hope’s Teutonic Race given to C. Tindall as only three marks behind winner. Boys told to be back by 8.30 on Sept. 21st, and not to bring “contraband” jam.
Aug. 1st. Going home day.
Aug. 2nd. Customary treat for the Juniors and Little Lads still at Ushaw, 16 in all. Loosely inserted summary of expenditure on buns, jam, fruit etc., total 12s. 6d. Aug. 9th. Relics exposed before Mass for clergy.
Sept. 19th. Rector returned from vacation.
Sept. 21st. General return day. 57 old boys returned, 4 still due, 14 new boys, total 75.
Sept. 23rd. Playday for Archbishop of San Francisco.
Sept. 24th. Clement Gibson appointed sacristan. John Manly held back in 2nd Class as weak in ciphering.
Oct. 1st. Beginning of retreats: Fr. Vassall in College, Fr. Lassiter in St. Aloysius’.
Oct. 5th. Close of Junior Retreat. Nine boys confirmed.
Oct. 6th. Rosary Sunday. Benediction, with repetition of Dedication of England to Our Lady.
Oct. 7th. Arrival of bishops for meeting: only Bishop of Shrewsbury absent.
Oct. 8th. Community Mass said by Bishop of Liverpool: Bishop of Middlesbrough at Lady Altar.
Oct. 11th. St.Wilfrid’s playday.
Oct. 13th. Ordination of two priests.
Nov. 27th. Philosophers’ Feast. Taken to Finchale by Dr. Hinsley.
Nov. 29th. B. Cuthbert Maine. Pontifical High Mass.
Nov. 30th. Cyril Swarbreck, in infirmary, diagnosed with scarletina. Sent to Esh next day.
Dec. 2nd. Second scarletina case sent to Esh, and whole House fumigated.
Dec. 8th. Feast of Immaculate Conception, with brief order. Dec. 11th. Two further boys sent to Esh with suspected scarletina. Both proved negative.
Dec. 12th. Commencement of Triduum of Benedictions for silver jubilee of St. Joseph’s Patronage of Universal Church.
Dec. 16th – 23rd: Exams for all classes. Six named boys threatened with punishment unless improvement was speedy after Christmas, and exam playday would be denied to those failing in both Latin and Arithmetic.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day.
Dec. 31st. Benediction in both chapels for last day of the year. Final entry of 1895 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/10   2 January - 29 December 1896
Jan. 2nd. Bishop and Mr. Corbishley to London for meeting at Cardinal’s. Attempted removal from Ushaw of Edward Mahoney, by Mrs. Mahoney and an unnamed man accompanying her, in defiance of his father’s instructions.
Jan. 7th. Scarletina – one patient sent to Esh, another suspected. (A few already at Esh from late last year). Christmas tree celebration in the Gymnasium: no visitors invited this year as little had been prepared by way of entertainment.
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast.
Jan. 9th. Return day for students.
Jan. 18th. Feast of Holy Name, with note on its observance.
Jan. 20th. Three Minors without other offices given responsibility of taking the boys to and from the Refectory daily for meals: Mr. Cattermole for breakfast, Mr. Henshaw dinner, Mr. Jones supper.
Jan. 27th. Benediction – St. John Chrysostome.
Jan. 29th. Playday for President of Blairs.
Feb. 7th. Feast of Agony in Garden, with brief note.
Feb. 14th. B. Thomas Plumtree. Pontifical High Mass, studies off. Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’.
Feb. 20th. New scarletina case, Cecil Moody of 1st Class, too ill to be taken to Esh. Trained nurse summoned following day when thought to be in danger.
Feb. 23rd. First Sunday in Lent.
Feb. 24th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’. Order given for the day.
March 5th. Bishop’s sanction given for preparing boys for Oxford Local Exams: Preliminary for 1st Class, Junior for Low Figures. Schools told.
March 7th. Assent obtained for dropping Greek grammar for Low Figures this year, as time was short after the late start to Oxford Exam preparation.
March 9th. Latin and English by heart also to be dropped for now with Low Figures and 1st Class.
March 11th. Mr. Woods now to be responsible for all Arithmetic teaching, freeing Mr. Henshaw for extra French with 1st Class.
March 19th. St. Joseph’s, Grand Benediction. Catechism exam for I and II Class: II Class disappointing.
March 22nd. Passion Sunday. Instruction on the Passion by Junior Rector. Stations of the Cross at night.
March 23rd – 29th: Exams for all classes.
March 27th. II Class Latin exam, abandoned before all boys had been examined as results were so poor. Resolved to examine again three weeks after Easter.
March 29th. Palm Sunday, and beginning of retreats: College retreat led by Fr. Chapman.
Apr. 1st. Three boys confirmed, in St. Charles’.
Apr. 2nd. Maundy Thursday, with order for the day.
Apr. 3rd. Good Friday, with order. Relic of Cross brought in procession from Oratory after sermon.
Apr. 5th. Easter Sunday. Bishop’s 71st birthday.
Apr. 12th. Low Sunday. Announcement of special prizes and playdays to reward exam successes.
Apr. 15th. II Class Latin exam repeated. Performance better, rewarded with a playday for the afternoon.
Apr. 19th. Feast of Douai Martyrs, with relics exposed during Mass.
Apr. 23rd. St. George’s Day. High Mass, then studies off all day, Grand Benediction.
Apr. 26th. Patronage of St. Joseph. Devotions to St. Joseph at night prayers.
May 3rd. Instruction by Dr. Preston on Our Lady. Procession at night and short Benediction. Image broken while descending steps near chapel.
May 4th. Feast of English Martyrs. Pontifical High Mass, then playday. Boys allowed to watch party game between High Figures and Grammar.
May 5th. Test papers in all subjects preparatory to Oxford Lower given this week to Low Figures and I Class.
May 9th. Bishop received approved Mass and Office of B. Thomas Percy from Rome.
May 10th. Eve of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina, with order. Bishop has made permanent the leave for Benediction in St. Aloysius’ on this feast.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Order of services, continued for the evening on loosely inserted sheet.
May 16th. Oxford Local exam entry forms sent: 16 Junior, 32 Preliminary, with intention to withdraw some boys later if thought necessary. 4 Low Figures and 4 1st Class boys not put up for the exams as thought hopeless.
May 17th. Cheque for £32. 16s. sent in payment of Oxford Locals entry fees.
May 24th. Whit Sunday. Philip and Hugh Sowerby confirmed in St. Charles’ Chapel. Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’ at night.
May 28th. Return of Cecil Moody after severe scarletina in February.
May 30th. To Edinburgh with the Bishop for the opening of St. Cuthbert’s on the 31st. Returned June 2nd.
June 7th. Devotions to Sacred Heart in evening.
June 14th. Feast of the Sacred Heart. Loosely inserted sheets including order of service, dated 1894, and the text of a Prayer to be said before a Picture of the Sacred Heart.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with order.
June 27th. B. John Fisher: Pontifical High Mass.
June 28th. Began Novena for “Our special studies and exams” .
July 1st. Petition for the extension of St. Bede’s feast, as a Doctor to the whole church, sent to Mgr. del Val.
July 11th. Class responsibilities of Minors for the coming year.
July 12th. Feast of the Relics, with order. After High Mass, explanation for their omission given to the seven boys left off list of candidates for the Oxford Locals. “Kinder not to send them up this first time merely to be plucked. All took it extremely well””.
July 13th. Start of the Oxford Local exams. Visiting examiner Mr. Cooper, to sleep at Ushaw on 13th and 14th.
July 15th. Public rehearsal of play Jim the Penman.
July 16th – 23rd. Ushaw exams for all classes: last of the Oxford Locals on 17th.
July 24th. Special playday, reduced to half an hour’s play for those who performed badly in exams. Several boys turned back: 3 Low Figures, 1 I Class 1st Div., 3 I Class 2nd Div., 3 II Class.
July 27th. Awarding of Special Prizes in Study Place, at end of Ushaw year. Oxford Locals candidates to be informed of their results by postcard.
July 30th. Going home day. Few staying this year: 4 Juniors, 3 Little Lads, 2 Big lads and Phil., 3 Divines and 2 Minors. Remaining boys given a treat of buns, fruit, chocolate etc. the same afternoon: costed list loosely inserted, total 12s. 10d. (Loosely inserted here a duplicated timetable for Confirmation Retreat, Dec. 2nd – 4th 1892).
Sept. 19th. Return day. 56 boys returned, 8 still absent, 18 new boys, total 82.
Sept. 21st. Playday for “Condemnation of Protestant Orders”.
Sept. 23rd. Aristote owing to gas shortage.
Sept. 29th. Retreats began, led by Bishop of Newport (College), Fr. Davenport CSSR (St. Aloysius’).
Sept. 30th. Continuing retreats and confirmation classes.
Oct. 3rd. End of Juniors’ retreat. Ten boys confirmed, with list of their names.
Oct. 4th. Rosary Sunday.
Oct. 5th. New arrival John Tiernan sent home to Ireland, as Ushaw had no class suitable for a 15 year old boy with hardly any knowledge of Latin. Bishops arrived for meeting, excepting the Bishop of Shrewsbury who was too ill.
Oct. 6th – 8th. Daily Masses by Bishop of Liverpool in St. Aloysius’ and Bishop of Middlesbrough at Lady Altar.
Oct. 8th. Approval given by Bishops for withdrawing from London Examinations in favour of the Oxford Local and Higher Certificate exams. History lessons for I Class to cover if possible the whole of English History in one year.
Oct. 14th, 18th. Certificates for the Oxford exams arrived and were given out by the Bishop.
Oct. 19th. Bishop’s circular petition on St. Bede sent out to all English and Scottish Bishops and to named Abbots, Provincials and Priors. Also some adjustments to staff duties, with Tuesdays and Thursdays kept free for some Philosophers to go to Durham for special training in Classics etc.
Oct. 20th. Mr. Knuckey spending three days weekly in Newcastle until the end of the year, receiving training in pedagoguery etc.
Nov. 2nd. Requested “Detailed Report” of Oxford Locals results, sending own cheque for £8.
Nov. 4th. “Detailed Report” received, and used to determine allocation of prizes. Lists of general order of merit and of 1st and 2nd in each subject given to High Figures. “Detailed Report” of Preliminaries read up at catechism on the 8th. Nov. 12th. Beginning of Triduum of Benedictions in honour of B.Thomas Percy, leading up to first Feast on the 14th. Brief orders for each day.
Nov. 24th. Adhesions of the Bishops, Abbots, Heads of Orders etc. to the Bishop’s petition regarding the Venerable Bede sent to Mgr. Merry del Val.
Nov. 25th. William Meagher appointed sacristan.
Dec. 7th. Hugh Sowerby found “very feverish”, pronounced to be suffering blood poisoning from a festered chilblain. Given Viaticum and Extreme Unction.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Procession in St. Aloysius’.
Dec. 16th – 23rd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 16th. Oxford Locals prizes promised to the first in each division of Low Figures in Scripture and in Shakespeare.
Dec. 21st. Prizes to be promised later to every boy achieving Distinction or Honour in Oxford exams.
Dec. 22nd. Going away day. Stations taken down by Raab, to be varnished and cleaned. Four statues removed to be painted, and the five other pictures in Chapel to be restored.
Dec. 24th. Brief skating after breakfast, stopped by rain and thaw. Two Masses at midnight, with a third at 8.30 on Christmas morning. Reading-up at noon on Christmas Day.
Dec. 29th. Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury, with Pontifical Mass. Final entry in the Diary for 1896.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/11   3 January - 24 December 1897
Jan. 3rd. First entry for the year. Octave of St. John. Jan. 5th. Repeat performance of Courier of Lyons.
Jan. 8th. Christmas Tree and Minstrels in gymnasium in afternoon. Images and crucifixes, sweets and games: “extremely good” minstrel performance by Minors and Mr. Harrison. Merchant of Venice read by Mr. Murphy after supper.
Jan. 9th. Return day.
Jan. 11th. Playday for Mgr. Corbishley.
Jan. 13th. President’s Feast.
Jan.17th. Feast of Holy Name: Feast of Holy Infant of Prague, with order.
Jan. 27th. Restored Stations and statues returned by Oscar Raab. All put back in their places in St. Aloysius’ by the 30th, and £20 payment made for the work.
Feb. 9th. The two Sheridan brothers returned late to Ushaw, as their mother had been ill.
Feb. 12th. Circulars re. the Bishop’s petition for the extension of St. Bede’s Feast sent to 56 Cardinals and a number of Archbishops.
Feb. 14th. Circulars sent to the Irish bishops. Also to 52 Archbishops and Bishops on the 15th, and 46 further circulars sent on the 18th. Feb.
15th. Feast of B. Thomas Plumtree.
March 3rd. Ash Wednesday: Stations of Cross at night.
March 7th. First Sunday in Lent: instruction by Rector on Quarant Ore.
March 8th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’ with order for the day.
March 12th. St. Gregory’s.
March 13th. Transferred Feast of Lance and Nails.
March 16th. Making of Cat balls in Seminary.
March 17th. Benediction for Triduum of St. Cuthbert. Three cases of chicken pox, the beginning of a small outbreak with several further cases in March and April.
March 20th. Feast of St. Cuthbert. Bishop not well enough to pontificate.
March 22nd. Began teaching Philosophers on Anglican Orders. Physiography to be a voluntary subject, for study chiefly during playtimes by those willing.
March 26th. Accepted Hardmans’ tender for renewal of St. Aloysius’ window, by Sept. 15th if possible, and filling the tracery of the two small windows in the Lady Chapel with stained glass. Full cost £150.
April 3rd. G. Knuckey ordained priest, and appointed by Bishop to be Prefect in College until midsummer 1898, after which he would teach Juniors and train Minors. Playday given for the new Prefect.
April 4th – 10th Exams for all classes.
April 11th. Retreats began. Senior led by Fr. Camm OSB, Junior by Rev. W. Dallow. Visit to Relics in afternoon.
April 15th – 16th. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday orders.
April 19th. Home leave at Easter refused to all by Bishop.
April 22nd. Bernard Jefferys began teaching Ciphering to 2nd Class.
April 24th. Boys reminded at end of Mass that studies off were no reason for omitting to go to Confession. Elocution lessons began for 2nd Class, to be given daily by C. Heyes: those with worst pronunciation to attend most often.
April 30th. Playday on transferred Feast of St. George.
May 2nd. Order for Feast of Douai Martyrs. Special midsummer exam prizes promised for Low Figures and I Class.
May 7th. Details sent to Oxford of this year’s exam entrants, 37 Juniors and 24 Preliminaries. 16 Juniors taking Physiography as an extra subject, and 4 Drawing.
May 11th. Order for Feast of Sts Bassus, Fabius and Lucina.
May 18th. T. Taylor appointed Sacristan.
May 22nd. Bishop returned from visiting Bath and London.
May 24th. Playday given for 13th Centenary of mission of St. Augustine of Canterbury.
May 27th. Rector gave instruction on the Ascension and the Canonization of St. Antony Zaccaria and St. Peter Fourier. Night Procession in honour of Our Lady.
May 28th. Beginning of novena to the Holy Ghost as ordered by Holy Father.
June 6th. Devotions to Sacred Heart. Order or service both written in diary and on loosely inserted sheet.
June 15th. Central reliquary of St. Innocent’s altar opened, that particles from the heads of Sts. Bassus and Fabius might be taken out for placement in St. Cuthbert’s altar stone.
June 19th. Consecration of St. Cuthbert’s.
June 20th. Bishop sang Mass on Queen’s Jubilee.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, and Jubilee Playday for the College.
June 22nd. Bonfire lit at night on the cricket field in celebration of the Jubilee, with all boys present.
June 27th. Feast of the Sacred Heart. Novena announced for “blessing on our studies and exams”.
July 2nd. Hardman’s sketch for St. Aloysius’ window received, and returned with suggestions.
July 11th. Feast of the Relics, with order.
July 12th. Oxford Locals began, again with Mr. Cooper as visiting examiner.
July 17th – 22nd. Ushaw exams for all classes.
July 24th. Three or four boys to be turned back after exam results.
July 26th. Bernard Jefferys appointed Sacristan.
July 27th. Awarding of Special Prizes in Study Place.
July 29th. Going home day. Customary treat on the 30th for the boys remaining at Ushaw. Sept. 18th. Return day, with 12 new Juniors.
Sept. 23rd. Study adjustments: Low Figures to give up Geography allowing more time for French. Euclid and Algebra to be studied in Ciphering, deferring higher Arithmetic to College.
Sept. 24th. Mr. Corcoran, divine, appointed Master of 3rd Class for the year, to return to his studies the following year if not needed for 3rd Class.
Sept. 28th. Retreats began, led by Fr. Proctor OP in St. Cuthbert’s, Fr. Moss OP in St. Aloysius’.
Oct. 2nd. Close of Junior Retreat: Feast of Angel Guardians. Four boys confirmed, four others still unconfirmed as too young.
Oct. 3rd. Ordinations, and Dedication of England to Our Lady.
Oct. 4th. Fourth of six Playdays promised for the Queen’s Jubilee. Bishops arrived for their annual meeting.
Oct. 8th. Mr. Kinleside appointed Gymnasium master.
Oct. 19th. Certificates for the Oxford Locals arrived and were distributed.
Oct. 28th. Three students to learn Book-keeping under Mr. Henshaw, in place of Latin and/or Mathematics.
Nov. 2nd. Mr. D. McGrath appointed Study Place master for this year only.
Nov. 14th. Feast of B. Thomas Percy. His manuscript Prayer Book quoted and shown at High Mass.
Nov. 28th. Ordination of Rev. G. Wheatley.
Dec. 8th. Feast of Immaculate Conception. Procession in St. Aloysius’ at night, with Bishop officiating.
Dec. 12th. Low Figures promised a prize at midsummer for best performance in Scripture papers.
Dec. 17th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 23rd. Going away day. Studies off for Archbishop of St. Andrews and Bishop of Aberdeen.
Dec. 24th. Bread given out at 4.30 PM, night prayers at 5 then to bed, rising at 9. Two Masses at midnight, with a third on Christmas Day morning.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/12   6 January 1898 - 7 January 1899
Jan. 6th. Play in Gymnasium, with actors from all Junior classes.
Jan. 7th. Afternoon Christmas Tree celebration. “Done very quickly without Bishop or visitors - very few lines of address from Fr. Christmas – attended by John Bull, Scotland & Ireland & a negro. ”Macbeth performed in the evening.
Jan. 8th. Return day, with four students expected a few days late. 1897 diary entries end on Jan. 9th.
Jan. 12th. President’s Feast.
Jan. 16th. Feast of Holy Name, with order.
Feb. 14th. Feast of B. Thomas Plumtree: Grand Benediction.
Feb. 28th. Quarant Ore exposition in St. Aloysius’. March 1st. New prizes for Low Figures to replace the former special prizes. One for first in a Latin Distinction paper, one for first in an ordinary Latin paper set at the same time to those not aiming at Distinction, one for highest results in New Testament papers.
March 2nd. Delayed arrival from Hardman’s of the new window for St. Aloysius’.
March 7th. Installation of tracery of St. Aloysius’ window began. New prizes promised for 1st Class, replacing the “Special”: 1st and 2nd in a Latin paper taken around the end of May.
March 11th. St. Aloysius’ new window completely put in, with only some pointing etc. still to be done.
March 14th. Dedication of St. Cuthbert’s, with High Mass and Benediction.
March 17th. Cat ball making in College, with studies off given throughout College at 6. Juniors told not to expect studies off for their own ball making.
March 20th. Feast of St. Cuthbert, with Pontifical High Mass. The Association of Our Lady of Compassion, for the conversion of England, established in the College with the enrolment of the whole house.
March 21st. First day for Cat in Junior House: College delayed until balls are ready.
March 26th – April 1st. Exams in all classes.
April 3rd. Palm Sunday, and beginning of retreats. Junior led by Rev. John Seed, Senior by Fr. Wilson OSB, of Ampleforth. Order for junior retreat over coming days.
April 6th. Confirmation of J. Dunne, T. Meagher, W. Harcus and G. Holliday. Five more boys named as those still unconfirmed. April 13th. Divines’ Feast in the Refectory.
May 1st. Procession and Benediction, with order of service.
May 5th. New desks being installed in Study Place. Gymnasium serving as temporary study place.
May 7th. Order for weekly Visit to Blessed Sacrament, on Saturday nights until the vacation. Marginal note states that the given order was not put in practice until June.
May 11th. Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Duplicated sheet included covering devotions during April and May, including this day.
May 12th. First use of the new Study Place desks.
May 13th. Completed entry forms for Oxford Locals sent with cheque. 22 Junior candidates (all of Low Figures), 18 Preliminaries, further details.
May 16th. Hugh Sowerby appointed Sacristan, D. McGrath and B. Jefferys appointed cricket instructors for the summer.
May 20th. Began Novena to the Holy Ghost. Chaplet of the Holy Ghost nightly at Benediction.
May 31st. Midsummer compositions for Low Figures and I Class to be brought forward this year, to avoid interference with preparation for the Oxford Locals.
June 1st. Order of devotions to Sacred Heart.
June 5th. Rev. A. Morissey ordained at High Mass.
June 15th. I Class given their Latin Composition, results to be used also for I Class Special Prizes.
June 17th. Details of Low Figures’ Latin special Paper.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Pontifical High Mass and Benediction, then studies off, with the 22nd. a full playday for St. Aloysius.
July 1st. Boys ordered to get their books from the chapel before putting on cassocks, and to take off their cassocks before returning the books. This to end their entering the chapel wearing unbuttoned cassocks.
July 2nd. Began Novena for blessing on studies and exams.
July 10th. Feast of the Relics observed.
July 13th. II Class Special English paper given: dictation, and a letter about college life.
July 14th. Catechism exams for all schools. July 15th. Low Figures and I Class addressed on their failure to show deference, and ordered from now to keep the college rule requiring them to remove their caps to any superior or Master entering a playroom.
July 17th. Ordination of four priests. Studies off for presence of judges at Ushaw. July 18th. Beginning of Oxford Locals, held in Study Place with Mr. Cooper as examiner.
July 26th. Special Prizes given out in Study Place, including a III Class prize for G. Holliday, “first in nearly everything, but only in the school since Easter”. John Lyons told to remain in Junior House, as not ready academically for High Figures.
July 28th. Going home day. Minors’ appointments for next college year, almost all to be unchanged.
July 29th. Usual treat provided for those staying at Ushaw in the vacation, this year only four Juniors, three Divines, one Poet.
Sept. 17th. Return day. 31 new Juniors arrived, 5 more expected, 39 students returned.
Sept. 18th. Study place at noon to write letters. Boys told that outings to the country must be in parties of at least four, and that visits to any house other than Pearson’s were forbidden.
Sept. 19th. W. Craigen appointed Sacristan replacing John Cuddon.
Sept. 20th. Revisions to curriculum. Low Figures and I Class to begin Greek Grammar immediately, with a view to Low Figures being able to take Greek in the Oxford Junior. Latin classes: Distinction candidates to be prepared by Mr. Knuckey in Virgil and Caesar, others to study Sallust and Cicero. Bishop highly approving of the new plans.
Sept. 23rd. First school day for Juniors. Jos. Earnshaw ran away in the morning.
Sept. 26th. Philosophers given playday for their new Professor, Dr. Kane.
Sept. 27th. Beginning of retreats, led by Fr. Wilberforce OP in St. Cuthbert’s, Fr. B. Tickell OP in St. Aloysius’.
Sept. 30th. Some omissions made from the order for October Benedictions, as the service had seemed too long for the boys.
Oct. 1st. Close of junior retreat. Confirmation of six boys, leaving eight still unconfirmed.
Oct. 2nd. General ordination: 15 Deacons, 13 Subdeacons, about 12 Minor Orders and about 12 Tonsured. Low Mass, as many of the choir were being ordained.
Oct. 3rd – 5th. Bishops at Ushaw for their Annual Meeting.
Oct. 11th. T. Wright to take over the teaching of elocution from C. Hayes, taking boys in batches during each day’s first hour of study as before.
Oct. 16th. Junior and Preliminary Oxford certificates given out to High and Low Figures.
Oct. 24th – 28th. John Miller, in heavy pain after a fall, diagnosed as suffering inflammation of the hip joint. Nov. 3rd. Studies off for Lord Ralph and Lady Anne Kerr.
Nov. 9th. Order of Benediction for the Souls in Purgatory, repeated on each Wednesday in November. Newman’s Hymn for Souls in Purgatory sung in English, as pronounced lawful at Benediction by Bishop Hedley.
Nov. 14th. Feast of B. Thomas Percy observed. R. Nedham declared suffering from jaundice.
Nov. 29th. B. Cuthbert Mayne – Grand Benediction.
Dec. 3rd. John Miller (see Oct. 24th-28th) left the Infirmary.
Dec. 8th. Order for Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Dec. 15th – 21st. Exams for all classes, earlier this year in view of the Bishop’s coming Jubilee.
Dec. 17th. Seven subdeacons ordained at the Community Mass in St.Cuthbert’s.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day for lay students.
Dec. 23rd. Jubilee of the Bishop’s ordination as priest. Pontifical High Mass, no study, evening Benediction.
Dec. 25th. Play Babes in the Wood by II Class in the Gymnasium. Repeated on the 27th with Bishop attending.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury, and further celebration of the Bishop’s sacerdotal Jubilee. Play at 8PM.
(Loosely inserted sheet detailing Mr. Knuckey’s 1898 Christmas Tree expenses – items, mostly games, bought in Newcastle).
Jan. 3rd. Christmas Tree celebration in the afternoon – 60 boys, about 10 Minors, no Profs. invited.
Jan. 7th. Return day. (Last entry in 1898 diary).
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/13   5 January - 31 December 1899
Jan. 7th. Return day. I Class presented play in Gymnasium, prepared by Mr. B. Jefferys. Visitors not invited.
Jan. 10th. Low Figures play in afternoon, operetta repeated at night.
Jan. 11th. President’s Feast: College festivity for the Bishop’s Jubilee. Bishop and Profs. dined in Refectory, Dr. McKay the only visitor.
Jan. 15th. Feast of the Holy Name and of the Holy Infant of Prague, with order for night prayers.
Jan. 17th. Five boys sent to bed suffering tonsillitis. Apostolic Union meeting at Gateshead. Junior Rector to address the next meeting, on April 18th, presenting a paper Indulgence of a Privileged Altar.
Jan. 27th. Greek Playday, and first skating day of the year.
Feb. 2nd. Studies off given to all from 6 for the making of college cat balls. Juniors told not to expect the same when their cat balls are made.
Feb. 15th. Ash Wednesday. Sermon on death and penance given by Dr. Preston.
Feb. 20th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’, with order. Prayers asked for the Pope on his election day.
Feb. 28th. Saw Richard Pope at Manchester, who was shortly to sail for India. Financial arrangements, including legal power of attorney for his son-in-law Basil Spence in the case of his demise.
March 14th. Consecration of S. Cuthbert’s. Cat in the afternoon.
March 17th-24th. Exams for all classes. March 20th. St. Joseph’s Feast observed, taking precedence over St. Cuthbert’s playday.
March 24th. Five Divines and Philosophers with influenza, also the first case of an outbreak among Juniors. (Sheet loosely inserted at April 6th names 23 cases diagnosed from March 24th – April 10th).
March 26th. Palm Sunday. Retreats began, given by Fr. Conway OP (Senior) and Rev. J. Earnshaw (Junior).
March 27th. Order of Visit to Relics.
March 30th. Maundy Thursday, with order. Blessing of the Oils omitted as the Bishop was ill.
March 31st. Good Friday, with order. April 4th. Mr. T. Roberts given Prefectship as Mr. Knuckey had influenza.
April 5th. Bishop’s birthday, and Divines’ Feast. Minors at their own suggestion looked after their schools in the morning, and there were no outings to the country.
April 10th. John Smith gone home to have “very bad” teeth seen to. Bishop had refused leave until after Easter week.
April 12th. Last of three playdays given for the Bishop’s Jubilee.
April 16th. Feast of Douai Martyrs. Richard Bilsborrow appointed to teach I Class after the vacation.
April 22nd. Four more desks put into Study Place, making a total of 82: one for every boy and one more near the Prefect’s desk.
April 24th. William Gillow returned after being absent for health since before Christmas. Moved down to 3rd Class as had not studied while away. 3rd Class now numbered 14 boys.
April 25th. John Smith returned after having eight teeth extracted.
April 26th. Vincent Leach appointed Sacristan.
April 28th. Results of their Christmas paper on St. Bede read up to Philosophers. Their midsummer paper to be “From the Synod of Whitby to the end of the History”, with Plummer’s Venerable Bede (2 vols.) promised as prize.
April 29th. Gold vestments – the “Oak leaf” chasuble and Grosse’s gold High Mass set – sent to Southam to be examined, also the Moore Vestments in the same box to be looked at by the nuns. Mr. Brown to write about the Moore vestments.
April 30th. Instruction on Devotion to Our Lady in preparation for May, followed by Procession of Benediction in St. Aloysius’.
May 2nd. Rule to be enforced that any boys choosing not to go with their school to Biggin must go to study from 6 PM. Five boys staying at Ushaw this afternoon to watch Grammar – High Figures party game excused study, but not to expect the same in future.
May 6th. Order for Saturday evening Visit, directly after supper.
May 11th. Order for Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. May 22nd. Order for Confirmation of four boys in St. Aloysius’. Also named are the 14 boys still unconfirmed.
May 29th. Night procession in St. Aloysius’ in honour of Our Blessed Lady.
June 1st. Order for devotions before the picture of the Sacred Heart.
June 6th. Agreement reached with Sister Mary Pia of Southam Convent for making up of the Gold Vestments, with payment of £95-£100 to be made in two instalments.
June 9th. Transferred Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians: new Litany of Sacred Heart said for first time. Beginning of triduum for the Consecration of all Mankind to the Sacred Heart.
June 12th. Prizes promised by the Rector for various papers to be taken by all classes.
June 19th. Details of Latin composition and papers set to Low Figures.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with order. June 22nd. Loosely inserted sheet of Juniors’ cricket expenses for 1899.
June 26th. Beginning of Novena for a “blessing on our studies and Examinations”.
July 1st. Minors’ teaching responsibilities for the coming year. Low Figures Mr. G. Jefferys, I Class Richard Bilsborrow, II Class Mr. G. McGrath, III Class Mr. W. Hodson, Mathematics and Arithmetic Mr. B. Jefferys, French Mr. F. McKenna, Study Place Mr. T. Roberts.
July 2nd. Visitation of Our Blessed Lady. Outdoor procession hindered by weather.
July 7th. Low Figures Testament Prize not awarded, as the best mark achieved by any of the entrants was 333 out of 900 across three papers. Sheet loosely inserted giving the results of the eight boys in each paper. Prize promised instead for the best performance in the October Oxford Local lists, provided a good enough standard is reached.
July 10th. Some details of special papers in English, Latin, French and Arithmetic to be set to II and III Class.
July 16th. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Philosophers’ Church History paper, with a prize to be given.
July 17th. Start of Oxford Locals, taken in Gymnasium. Mr. Cooper was examiner. 19 Junior entrants, 22 Prelim.
July 24th. Five named boys turned back after exams: one kept in I Class, one in II, three in III.
July 25th. Anniversary of Consecration of St. Innocent’s Altar.
July 26th. Allocation of Minors’ rooms for next year. (Loosely inserted sheet giving full details of the book prizes to be awarded to all classes).
July 27th. Going home day. Only three Juniors staying at Ushaw.
July 28th. Customary afternoon treat for the few boys remaining at Ushaw through the vacation. Itemised receipt for strawberries, cakes etc. from E. Jones of Hill Top near Esh loosely inserted.
Sept. 16th. Return day. 60 old boys back, with 2 still to come, and 25 new students: total of 85 Juniors in residence.
Sept. 18th. Playday for Archbishop Stonor. New desks began to be moved into Study Place, to be 100 in all. John Cremers moved up into High Figures, “too big for Juniors”.
Sept. 22nd. First whole day of school: boys reminded of dormitory and Study Place rules. Mr. Knuckey again to take the best pupils in Low Figures for classes in Virgil, teaching Virgil and Caesar on alternate days.
Sept. 25th. Detailed arrangements for teaching by Minors.
Sept. 26th. Retreats commenced, given by Fr. C. Ryder, Redemp. (Senior House) and Fr. Howell, Redemp. (Junior). Stephen McEllicut left Ushaw: he had arrived on the 23rd, recommended by Rev. Luke Burke, but had no Latin and was too big and too old for II Class.
Sept. 30th. Close of retreat. No confirmations, as all the unconfirmed boys were thought better delayed a while.
Oct. 1st. Rosary Sunday, with order.
Oct. 2nd. Some teaching arrangements, including those for Mr. Knuckey’s Virgil Class for some of Low Figures. The six bishops arrived for their meeting.
Oct. 6th. Mr. Hodson appointed Sacristan in place of Mr. B. Jefferys who was anxious to retire.
Nov. 8th. Order for Benediction for Souls in Purgatory, for every Wednesday through November.
Nov. 13th. Consecration of the Lady Altar in St. Cuthbert’s.
Nov. 15th. In response to a request by the Rector, Fr. Proctor promised to prepare a document to the effect that the Superior for the time being of the Junior House should always be its Director for the Juniors.
Nov. 26th. Rector sang High Mass, with Dr. Preston, three other Profs. and the Bishop away at Darlington for the opening of a new altar.
Nov. 30th. Harold Sharp, I Class, appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Order of Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’, Bishop officiating.
Dec. 12th. New conditions for Writing and Dictation Prizes (Low Figures, I and II Classes). Dictation marks (100) to be awarded out of 60 for penmanship, 30 for spelling and punctuation, 10 for neatness.
Dec. 13th. New allocation of prizes for Low Figures. Class to be read up in Greek instead of in Writing as before.
Dec. 14th. Community Mass said for the soldiers fallen in the South African war. Requiem for them at the Cathedral in Newcastle, by order of the Bishop.
Dec. 14th-21st. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 21st . Going home day for the 22 boys not staying at Ushaw.
Dec. 24th. Juniors to bed at 5.20 PM, rising at 9.
Dec. 25th. Reading up: Low Figures in Greek, I Class in Algebra, Euclid and writing.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury: Pontifical High Mass. Play performed at 8.
Dec. 31st. Juniors to bed at 8 PM, rising at 11.30 for Midnight High Mass and Communions for close of the century. Leave given by Pope for the same next year also.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/14   1 January - 31 December 1900
Jan. 1st. Hymns for Low Mass in St. Aloysius’.
Jan. 3rd. To Newcastle to buy Christmas Tree prizes, games and treats.
Jan. 9th. Christmas Tree celebration at 4PM. “Old Father Xmas” with characters in attendance.
Jan. 11th. Last day of Christmas vacation. Six boys still to return.
Jan. 14th. Day of Special Prayer on account of war. Loosely inserted printed sheet giving the order for the day, annotated with reference to St. Aloysius’.
Jan. 18th. Stuart West diagnosed with measles (“Brought them with him”). Removed to Sanatorium on the 21st: first patient to occupy it.
Jan. 29th. Three more cases of measles as outbreak begins.
Feb. 8th. Daily Aristote until sickness subsides. Three Minors confined to bed in their rooms with influenza, and two in Infirmary.
Feb. 14th. B. Thomas Plumtree. Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’, none in St. Cuthbert’s as Cantor and many singers were ill.
Feb. 22nd. Studies off given for making Senior House cat balls.
March 1st. Loosely inserted sheet naming measles cases in the 1900 outbreak: 18 named boys, plus some false diagnoses, the last case sent to Infirmary Feb. 18th.
March 5th. Quarant Ore: exposition in St. Aloysius’, with order.
March 10th. Scarletina – first two cases of new outbreak.
March 14th. Feast of Consecration of St. Cuthbert’s. No High Mass owing to absence of 1st Cantor and illness among singers.
March 25th. Feast of the Annunciation kept for first time on a Sunday.
March 26th. Requiem for those fallen in the {?Boer] war sung by Bishop.
March 28th. Petition on status of St. Bede’s Feast, May 27th, and for Oct. 29th to be a secondary feast of his Translation, sent to Rome by Bishop.
March 29th. Catechism exams. Badly known by 3rd Class, who would be examined again the following Thursday.
April 2nd – 6th. Exams for all classes.
April 8th. Beginning of retreats. Senior led by Fr. McNabb OP, Junior by Fr. H. Pope OP, reader Mr. G. Jefferys. Orders on following days.
April 12th. End of retreat.
April 13th: Good Friday. Relic of True Cross brought processionally to St. Aloysius’. Stations and Veneration with order.
April 14th. Easter Saturday. Wilf. Ruxton – brother being received into the Church - allowed home to Durham for three nights, all other applications for leave refused.
April 18th. Bishop and Mr. Broadhead gone to Bath. Peter Narey allowed to go home for sister’s funeral.
April 25th. T. McManemy appointed Sacristan.
May 2nd. Left with Mgr. Corbishley to go to Edinburgh for the funeral of Archbishop Macdonald. Back next evening.
May 4th. Mr. B. Jefferys Sacristan again, in place of Mr. Hodgson in view of latter’s duties as Cantor.
May 6th. Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’, with order.
May 8th. Entry forms for Oxford Locals sent off.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Devotions at St. Innocent’s before mass.
May 19th. Playday for Relief of Mafeking. Evening Benediction, then fireworks, and patriotic songs after supper.
May 31st. Beginning of retreat for confirmandi.
June 1st. Confirmandi taken to Eshe for some instruction and a treat: allowed to talk to each other in the afternoon.
June 2nd. Confirmation of 17 boys, with order, and their names listed on loosely inserted sheet. Godfather, Mr. Collingwood of Esh. Ten boys still to be confirmed.
June 5th. Benediction for Pretoria taken, with fireworks and torchlight procession. Playday for Pretoria on the 6th
June 15th – 17th. Details of special papers to be set the various classes in Latin, French, English and mathematical subjects, with the prizes to be awarded.
July 8th. Feast of the Relics with order.
July 10th. Minors’ responsibilities 1900-01. Mr. T. Roberts Study Place, Mr. Bilsborrow I Class, Mr. John Lynch II Class, Mr. Wil. Hodgson III Class, Thom. Singleton Arithmetic and Mathematics, Mr. McKenna (sub-prefect) French, Rev. G. Knuckey Low Figures, Mr. B. Jefferys to take Low Figures to bathe and to country.
July 16th. Oxford Locals began. 29 Prelim. Entrants (I Class), 24 Junior (Low Figures). Mr. Cooper examiner, with Mr. Knuckey substituting as required. Gymnasium used for the exams. Special Latin and English papers given to II Class.
July 18th. Philosophers given a first Church History Paper, “entirely on Birkhauser… a mere test to see whether the Manual has been read”.
July 22nd. Ordination at High Mass of Rev. J. Brennan, Rev. W. Dunne, Rev. D. McGrath, all to be Professors.
July 23rd. Exams and special papers.
July 25th. Dr. Preston consecrated as Bishop of Phocoea: said Community Mass next day. Studies off both days.
July 30th. Michael Roskell (I Class) turned back, with a decision on two more boys to follow the vacation.
Aug. 1st. Room changes for next year.
Aug. 2nd. Start of vacation.
Aug. 3rd. Usual treat for the boys still at Ushaw: only 5 this year, and 2 Divines. All the provisions obtained from housekeeper, Procurator made no charge.
Sept. 22nd. Return day. 62 boys returned, 2 more not back yet, 21 new boys arrived.
Sept. 24th. Mr. Hodgson put in charge of singing, at least until towards Easter.
Sept. 25th. Lancelot Trotter, new Hexham student, ran away home to Stanley: “had done nothing but cry” since arriving at Ushaw.
Sept. 28th. First study day. Began General Ethics with High Philosophers, Low Figures started Caesar lib. V, I Class Eutropius.
Oct. 2nd. Studies off: Feast of Angel Guardians. Retreats began. Senior House led by Fr. Nicholson CSSR, Juniors Fr. Rossall CSSR, Mr. McKenna appointed reader. Orders provided, including Visit to Relics.
Oct. 6th. Close of Junior Retreat.
Oct. 8th. II Class to be divided in two, as it numbered 27 after only one of Third Class was found unready for Second. Mr. Lynch made master of II Class 1st Division, with 14 boys, Mr. Hodson of the 2nd Division of 13 boys. Revised teaching responsibilities for the classes, including Catechism.
Oct. 28th. Private lists (more detailed results) of Oxford Locals arrived, after payment of a shilling per boy. To consider whether in future to ask for the results of more boys, including some of those who fail badly.
Oct. 29th. Feast of St. Bede, celebrated as a Doctor. Pontifical High Mass, playday given, evening Benediction by Bishop Preston in St. Aloysius’.
Nov. 7th. Order for Benediction for Souls in Purgatory, repeated each Wednesday in November.
Nov. 22nd. Feast of St. Cecilia. Benediction in St. Cuthbert’s. conjuring performance at 8PM.
Nov. 23rd. Singers’ playday for the 19 choir members. Six best junior singers taken to Durham, the others to Brancepeth.
Nov. 29th. James Adamson appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception, with order.
Dec. 17th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 21st. Going home day.
Dec. 25th Operetta Diamond Cut Diamond performed in Gymnasium – “so good that Bp. & Profs. want in the Hall”.
Dec. 26th. G. Finch allowed to go home (detained until today for “laziness & bad Exams”). Revised staff arrangements for vacation, with all but two Minors gone home.
Dec. 31st. Juniors to bed at 8PM, rising at 11.30 for High Mass . Final entry in the 1900 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/15   1 January - 28 December 1901
Jan. 1st. Low Mass in St. Cuthbert’s, juniors present.
Jan. 2nd. To Newcastle for Christmas Tree prizes: games and treats bought, objects of piety etc. ordered as shop was found closed.
Jan. 3rd, 4th. Junior operetta as before performed in Hall.
Jan. 7th. Christmas Tree celebration at 4PM. Father Xmas with one attendant, only Minors and juniors present.
Jan. 8th. Chapel Christmas decorations taken down gradually in the course of the week. Crib remains until Feast of the Holy Name on the 20th.
Jan. 10th. Return day. Nine boys delayed or otherwise still absent.
Jan. 20th. Order for Feast of the Holy Name.
Feb. 2nd. No study: Queen’s Funeral. High Mass at 7.30.
Feb. 11th. Choir Master Mr. Bonney given permission, only if really necessary, to continue taking select junior singers for choir practice on five nights a week until Easter, to prepare Holy Week music. Other masters had complained of the difficulty of getting boys to do their work with more than four nights a week of choir practice. Saturday and Sunday always to be kept free.
Feb. 15th. Feast of the Passion. Cantata King Olaf at 8.
Feb. 21st. Studies off for Seniors to make Cat balls. Bishop preferred that Juniors should now be given time off when their own balls were to be made.
Feb. 24th. Instruction given on the Jubilee, published today in the diocese. Four visits to the Chapel to made on each of 15 days: most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, ending on April 2nd.
March 8th. Feast of the Holy Winding Sheet.
March 11th. Loosely inserted sheet giving full order of the public visits to St. Aloysius’ for the Jubilee, to pray for the Intentions of the Holy Father.
March 12th. Studies off for Juniors to make their Cat balls.
March 19th. Feast of St. Joseph. Bell rung late for Grand Benediction as Rector was hearing confessions. Sheets loosely inserted of Salutations to St. Joseph in handwritten and duplicated form, but these were omitted on account of the delay: three Glories said instead.
March 23rd. Benediction for St. Patrick’s transferred feast. Some students had got up a subscription, and requested the benediction from the Bishop.
March 25th – 29th. Exams for all classes. Rector in bed with cold on 29th, requiring some French exams to be deferred until after Easter.
March 31st. Retreats: Mgr. Croke Robinson in St. Cuthbert’s, Bishop Preston in St. Aloysius’. Reader Mr. McKenna.
Apr. 1st. Revised order of the morning to suit Mgr. Robinson. 14th day for Jubilee. Order of Visit to Relics.
Apr. 4th. Maundy Thursday, with order. Ten named boys taking their first Communion.
Apr. 5th. Good Friday, with order: Relic of True Cross exposed. Cat struck out before dinner.
Apr. 13th. Rector suggested to boys after Mass the desirability of their going to communion the next day (Sunday). Left them free to go or not, but spoke of the wrongfulness of letting attendance at sacraments depend on study days and playdays.
Apr. 22nd. Church History Prize for Philosophers announced. All to write a paper on Birkhauser, pp. 224-416, then those with satisfactory results to write a second paper on the Venerable Bede for which the prize would be awarded.
Apr. 30th. Josiah Rigby appointed Sacristan.
May 9th. Cheque sent to Oxford for entries to Locals, 27 Junior and 26 Prelim.. Confirmation instruction started for 16 boys.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Devotions at St. Innocent’s altar before Mass.
May 19th. R. Bleasdale appointed Sacristan in place of Jos. Rigby.
May 20th. Arrival of headmasters for meeting. May 23rd. Start of Retreat for Confirmation. Loosely inserted duplicated sheet giving full order.
May 25th. Fifteen named boys confirmed. Three more still unconfirmed.
June 13th. Details of compositions to be given each class and of special prizes to be awarded, the latter also on loosely inserted sheet.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with order. Boys allowed, at Minors’ request, to stay in cricket field until supper and have night prayers after supper: “for this once… not to be a precedent”.
June 30th. Began Novena for blessing on Exams and Studies.
July 8th. Philosophers given their Church History test paper on Birkhausen: “Rise of Mahomedanism to Council of Constance”.
July 12th – 19th. Exams for all classes.
July 13th : Paper on Venerable Bede given to the five qualifying Philosophers.
July 14th Feast of Relics. Ordination of Mr. Reid and Mr. Walsh.
July 16th. Start of Oxford Locals. Examiners Mr. Cooper Junior House, Mr. Gee Seniors.
July 22nd. Next year’s class and teaching responsibilities for Minors.
July 23rd. Special prizes awarded after dinner. Seven boys in total to be turned back on exam results, in five cases only if they had failed the Oxford Local.
July 25th. Going home day. J. Sanders appointed Sacristan. Only three boys staying through vacation.
Sept. 13th. Arrived back from North Berwick with the Bishop.
Sept. 14th. Return day. Juniors to number 80 when all are back: 58 old boys, 22 new. Sept. 20th. First school day. Sept. 23rd. Teaching responsibilities for the new year. Mr. Myler and Mr. Singleton to teach Arithmetic and Geometry to II Class, Mr. McGrath and Mr. Hodson to take Catechism, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Hodson Elocution, etc.
Sept. 24th. Retreats began: Seniors led by Fr. Laverty CSSR, Juniors by Fr. Jackson CSSR.
Sept. 28th. Order for close of Junior Retreat.
Sept. 30th. All six bishops at Ushaw for their meeting.
Oct. 6th. Order for Rosary Sunday.
Oct. 23rd. Approximate start of heating by hot water pipes.
Nov. 1st – 2nd. Grand Benedictions on All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days.
Nov. 6th. First of Benedictions for Souls in Purgatory, each Wednesday through November. Order given.
Nov. 7th. Mr. R. Roche began taking II Class for Arithmetic, three afternoons per week, with leave from bishop for his early start to teaching.
Nov. 13th. Only half the Refectory fit for use, the rest of it too wet as the roof was off.
Nov. 19th. Louis Mooney appointed Sacristan.
Nov. 22nd. St. Cecilia’s Day: singers’ playday. Most taken for a walk by Mr. B. Jefferys, a few to Durham by Mr. Bonney.
Dec. 1st. Rector announced rules for Christmas boxes: to be sent to Witton Gilbert a week before time, no tinned meat or fish, no uncooked meat.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Usual order of procession etc..
Dec. 15th. Instruction by Mr. Knuckey, “On serving God everywhere, holidays as well as elsewhere”.
Dec. 16th – 23rd. Exams in all subjects.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day. Cabs ordered for 6.45 AM, earlier than usual as snow and frozen ground would require driving slowly.
Dec. 24th. Juniors to bed after night prayers at 5PM, rising at 9, Rector said one mass at midnight.
Dec. 26th. Revised teaching arrangements over Christmas, as several Minors had gone home.
Dec. 28th. Robin Hood performed by Juniors in Gymnasium.
Dec. 31st. Benediction in St. Aloysius’, Te Deum in College for the end of the year. Last entry in 1901 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/16   3 January - 31 December 1902
Jan. 3rd. Juniors’ play Robin Hood in Hall. Further performance on the 6th.
Jan. 7th. Christmas Tree celebration. 30/- spent on sweets etc., 19/9d. on holy water fonts etc.
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast.
Jan. 9th. Return day, with details of boys delayed or unaccounted for.
Jan. 15th. Began Novena of Benedictions for the Bishop’s recovery.
Jan. 16th. J. Aylmer and W. Healey, both to leave in March, allowed to substitute English for Greek Grammar.
Jan. 18th. Low Figures and II Class to drop Algebra and drop or reduce Euclid until Easter, to allow concentration on Arithmetic for the Oxford Locals.
Jan. 19th. Feast of Holy Name and of the Holy Infant of Prague, with order.
Feb. 2nd. Feast of the Purification. Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’ with special leave of the Bishop.
Feb. 12th: Ash Wednesday. Instruction by Mr. Knuckey on the need of penance. Stations of Cross at night.
Feb. 17th. Quarant Ore. Exposition in St. Aloysius’ with order.
March 3rd. Hymns at mass and Benediction for the Pope’s Coronation day.
March 4th. Rector insisted on Mr. Bonney reducing singing practice, so that all boys would have at least two week nights free.
March 6th. Juniors given studies off to make their Cat balls.
March 7th. Prizes of £5 and £3 from St. Cuthbert’s Society to awarded for Philosophers’ special Church History paper.
March 13th-19th and 22nd. Exams for all classes.
March 23rd. Retreats began. Senior led by Fr. Hyacinth Koos OP, Junior by Fr. Vincent McNabb OP. Orders on subsequent days.
April 29th. Bishop’s instruction of Confirmandi began.
May 2nd. Start of confirmation retreat. Order in diary and on loosely inserted sheet. May 4th. Six boys confirmed: L. McEvoy, W. Kennedy, H. Blackoe, W. Rigby, Jos. Jones and Thom. Bretherton.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina observed.
May 14th. Oxford Locals entrants paid for. 26 Junior candidates, 30 for Prelims., with further details.
May 25th. Procession of Our Lady. Rector was celebrant, as Bishop unable to attend.
May 26th. Bishop left for Bath.
June 1st. St. Philip Neri, with order. Devotions at night before picture of the Sacred Heart, repeated on next three Sundays and on the last night of the month.
June 4th. Playday for Peace, with High Mass and Grand Benediction.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. High Mass sung by the Bishop.
June 27th. Playday, with Coronation Bonfire at night.
June 30th. Began Novena for blessing on studies and exams.
July 6th. Boys told to write for money for their journeys home, and to request an extra 5/- for travel to Durham, food etc.
July 12th. Philosophers sat their special Church History prize paper: St. Peter at Rome, Arianism to the return of Pope Liberius from exile.
July 13th. Feast of the Relics. Two loosely inserted sheets, one giving the order, the other a brief account of the feast for reading out. “[W]hat I would have you ask of [these holy martyrs] most earnestly is that of all of us now kneeling here, not one single one may be lost…”
July 14th. Start of Oxford Locals and other exams.
July 17th. Boys to be turned back: three from I Class and four from II Class.
July 22nd. Special prizes awarded. Junior athletic sports in the afternoon.
July 24th. Going home day. Gilbert Maingot the only Junior staying at Ushaw.
July 25th. Minors’ room allocations for the coming year.
Sept. 13th. Return day. 48 returned, 33 new boys, 4 still to come.
Sept. 15th. Playday for exam success.
Sept. 17th. Playday for new Prefect, Mr. Roberts.
Sept. 23rd. Retreats began. Senior House led by Fr. Lasseter CSSR, Juniors by Fr. Gaisford CSSR, Mr. F. McKenna reader.
Sept. 27th. Close of Junior Retreat, with order. Tonsure given in the afternoon, to shorten the next day’s General Ordination.
Oct. 1st. Benediction with October Devotions. Boys spoken to about the Devotions and on the next day’s feast.
Oct. 2nd. Feast of Angel Guardians. Mr. Walter Hathersall appointed “Gaoler”.
Nov. 1st. Grand Benediction. Robert Cowens received into the Church by his confessor Mr. Knuckey.
Nov. 2nd. Rector spoke about the Servers’ Confraternity of St. John Berckmans, admitted all of Low Figures and I Class, and told II Class Torchbearers to come if they wished to be admitted.
Nov. 25th. St. Catherine’s Feast. Some Philosophers, drawn by lot, examined in Scripture – Logic, Geology and Ethics.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Brief instruction by Rector, procession at 8.40, Bishop pontificated, playday given.
Dec. 18th – 22nd. Exams in all subjects. I Class Latin Explaining badly known and would have to be revisited.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day. Boys rose at 6.10 AM, 28 gone home.
Dec. 24th. Usual rising at 9 PM after night prayers at 5.15. Rector said a single Mass at midnight.
Dec. 26th. Three Minors went away for vacation.
Dec. 29th. Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury: Pontifical High Mass. Juniors performed Forty Thieves in the Gymnasium.
Dec. 30th. Operetta in the Hall. Dec. 31st. No entertainment, many confessions in the evening. Last entry in 1902 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/17   2 January - 31 December 1903
Jan. 2nd. Forty Thieves performed by Juniors in Hall.
Jan. 7th. President’s Feast. Benedictions in both chapels.
Jan. 8th. Return day. 15 boys back, 15 more to come.
Jan. 18th. Feast of Holy Name and of Holy Infant of Prague, with order.
Feb. 16th – 18th. Daily lectures on the English Martyrs by Fr. Camm, with lantern slides.
Feb. 20th. Boys asked to pray for Pope Leo XIII at Mass, on the completion of his Anno Petri.
Feb. 25th. Ash Wednesday. Preached on penance at Community Mass. Ashes given out by Bishop at two minutes to twelve. Stations of the Cross at night, as on all Wednesdays in Lent.
Mar. 1st. Gave instruction on the Pope’s Jubilee and St. Peter.
Mar. 2nd. Exposition in St. Aloysius’, with order. Playday for Pope’s birthday and Jubilee.
Mar. 3rd. Pope’s Coronation day and Jubilee. High Mass and Benediction, and no study.
Mar. 8th. Mr. Knuckey gave instruction on the Gospel of the blind man.
Mar. 12th. St. Gregory the Great: Grand Benediction.
March 26th. Catechism exams.
March 30th – April 4th: Exams for all classes. I Class Latin “better than Xmas – some very slow”.
April 5th. Beginning of retreats. Seniors led by Fr. H. Pope OP, Juniors by Rev. J. Earnshaw. Opening discourse given by Rector as Fr. Earnshaw arrived late.
April 10th: Good Friday. Stations as before. Exposition of Rector’s own Relic of True Cross. April 25th. Philosophers’ Church History test paper to be on Birkhauser pp. 224-416, Mahomedanism to the Council of Constance inclusive. As before, satisfactory performance would be a condition of entering for the essay prize.
April 28th. Special prizes promised. Latin (1st and 2nd) and Testament for Low Figures and I Class, two prizes (Special Letter and general) for II Class, one for III Class.
April 29th. I Class not to be entered for Prelims. this year, as many of them would be excluded by their age. Ordinary exams would determine their readiness to advance to Low Figures.
May 1st. Edward Waterworth diagnosed with measles: first case mentioned in a small outbreak, around 15 Juniors affected.
May 2nd. Leo Meagher appointed Sacristan.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina, with Visits to St. Innocent’s.
June 1st. Devotions before the Picture of the Sacred Heart, with brief instruction. Repeated without instruction on each Sunday in June.
June 4th. Final measles case among Juniors, B. Wake, discharged from Infirmary. Last of the Seniors discharged on the 6th.
June 22nd. Feasts of St. Aloysius and of the Sacred Heart, with order. Mr. Knuckey gave instruction on the double feast.
June 28th. Edward Waterworth confirmed: had been in the Infirmary when others were confirmed last autumn.
June 30th. Devotions to Sacred Heart repeated for the last day of June. Low Figures Testament paper, on St. Luke and Acts.
July 1st. Started Novena for blessing on studies.
July 4th. Philosophers sat their Church History test paper (see Apr. 25th).
July 11th. Playday for Oxford Locals. Philosophers’ Prize Paper for Venerable Bede’s History, with eight eligible to enter.
July 13th – 16th. Oxford Locals, and other exams for all classes.
July 16th. Three III Class boys turned back. Three boys allowed to go on provided they improve before Christmas, and three more “allowed… to go forwards as apparently hopeless.”
July 18th. Appointments of Minors for next year. Edward Tuohy to take III Class, or 2nd division of II Class if there is no III Class. John Lyons to Study Place, Mr. Foy wanted for Elocution in College, Mr. McKenna has to give up as entering 3rd year as Divine, all others to continue.
July 19th. Public ordination of five priests at Low Mass.
July 21st. Special Prizes given out.
July 23rd. Going home day. Boys rose at 5.40 for breakfast at 6.
Sept. 12th. Return day. 23 New Boys and 53 Old returned, two old and 11 new yet to arrive.
Sept. 18th. School began.
Sept. 22nd. Retreats began. Fr. Maturin leading Senior retreat, Fr. Graham CSSR Junior. Reader Mr. J. Myler.
Sept. 26th. Close of Junior Retreat, with order.
Sept. 28th. Mr. H. Gillet appointed to teach Arithmetic to 2nd Division of II Class.
Oct. 6th. Elocution masters: Mr. Myler to take Low Figures and II Class 1st Div., Mr. Tuohy I Class and II Class 2nd Div., during first hour of schooldays as before.
Nov. 4th. Benediction for Holy Souls, repeated each Wednesday in November.
Nov. 23rd. Choir playday, by permission of the organist Mr. Lynch.
Nov. 29th. First Sunday in Advent: Rector gave instruction on the Incarnation.
Dec. 6th. Instruction by Mr. Knuckey on the Immaculate Conception. First skating of the season.
Dec. 9th. Nightly Benediction during the Octave, in view of the beginning of the Jubilee year of the Definition.
Dec. 13th. Rector gave instruction on Holy Communion. Exposition for the Immaculate Conception Jubilee.
Dec. 15th – 23rd. Exams for all classes. II Class 2nd Div. very bad in Latin, and to be examined again a few weeks after the Christmas vacation.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day. 26 boys gone. Dec. 24th. Grand Benediction. Bed at 5.30 PM, rose at 9 for breakfast then Matins at 10.
Dec. 26th. Only one Minor, Mr. Singleton, left at Ushaw during the vacation, so Mr. Young, Mr. Foy, Mr. H. Gillett and Mr. McKenna (daytime only) brought over to take care of dormitories.
Dec. 31st. To College after taking Junior confessions. Last entry for 1903.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/18   1904
Jan. 4th. Blue Beard performed in the Gymnasium in the afternoon, with Bishop and Fr. J. Morris present. Almost all Profs. dined at Sacriston.
Jan. 7th. Performance of Blue Beard in Hall prevented by influenza among Juniors.
Jan. 8th. Christmas Tree 4.30 PM.
Jan. 9th. Return day. 18 boys back, 9 still due, some (from later diary entries) on account of illness at home.
Jan. 11th. Started Church History with Philosophers.
Jan. 17th. Feast of the Holy Name, with order.
Jan. 26th – 27th. Performances in Hall of Blue Beard, now that actors had recovered from influenza.
Feb. 15th. B. Thomas Plumtree. Benediction in spite of transfer by Bishop’s wish, at 7 on account of entertainment later.
March 6th. Third Sunday in Lent. Instruction by Rector on “Be at agreement with thy adversary, whilst thou art on the way with him”.
March 13th. High Mass of St. Gregory, by special permission of the Pope on account of St. Gregory’s Centenary.
March 17th-19th, 22nd-26th. Exams for all classes.
March 27th. Retreats began. Senior Mgr. Croke Robinson, Junior Fr. B. Camm OSB. Reader Mr. Myler started with Instruct. for Youth and Saints of the Desert.
March 31st: Maundy Thursday. No High Mass: oils blessed by Bishop at Low Mass at 8.30.
April 9th. William Christopher went home with St. Vitus’ dance.
April 11th. Philosophers told that on May 7th they would be examined on the “First Period”, the first 253 pages of Birkhauser.
April 20th. Special Prizes to be awarded as before (Latin and Testament) for Low Figures and I Class, and a 1st and 2nd. prize for highest combined totals in each division of II Class. May 10th. Order for devotions to Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina, brought forward a day in view of the Vigil of the Ascension.
May 18th. Opening of Retreat for Confirmation, after boys to be confirmed had been instructed daily by the Bishop for more than a week. Confirmandi allowed to talk only to others who were to be confirmed.
May 19th. Confirmation after Mass, said by Rector as the Bishop was not strong enough. Eleven boys confirmed: J. Morley, B. Waterworth, B. Ellison, E. Maingot, J. Duffy, Edm. Pugin, J. Croucher, Jos. Wilkinson, L. Davin, Jos. Wilson, J. Moralee. Seven more still unconfirmed.
May 29th. Procession for last Sunday in May. Bishop too tired to take part after ordaining in morning.
June 1st: Feast of St. Philip Neri. Bishop had refused Benediction in St. Cuthbert’s, but allowed it in St. Aloysius’ as St. Philip was Patron of Low Figures.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with brief order.
July 9th. Philosophers’ test paper: Church History, Birkhauser pp. 488-702.
July 10th. Feast of the Relics, with order. Began Novena for blessing on studies.
July 14th-21st. Exams for all classes.
July 16th. Philosophers’ History Prize paper.
July 18th – 21st. Juniors’ Oxford Locals.
July 21st. Boys turned back: II Class 1st Div. B. Ellison, H. Newsham, Jos. Wilson, B. Waterworth, E. Hernandez, J. Hernandez. II Class 2nd Div.: Aug. Kelly, J. Chadwick, J. Wilkinson, Rod. Maingot, E. Pugin, Jos. Marshall, C. Marshall. A. Ward to advance to I Class on trial, J. Kane and C. de Verteuil into Low Figures on trial.
July 25th. Minors’ class and teaching responsibilities for next year. Low Figures Rev. G. Knuckey, I Class Mr. R. Roche, II Class Mr. E. Tuohy and Alphon. Harker. Arithmetic and Math Jos. Butler, French Hugh Morissey.
July 28th. Going home day. Six Juniors and four in College staying at Ushaw through the vacation.
Sept. 17th. Return day.
Sept. 21st. Benediction in thanksgiving for a good harvest.
Sept. 23rd. First school day of the new year.
Sept. 27th. Retreats began: Seniors led by Fr. Chase, Juniors Fr. Howell CSSR, Reader w. Hodson.
Sept. 28th – 30th. Daily Visits to St. Cuthbert’s (the “principal church”, as required) in observance of the Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception.
Sept. 30th. Fast day for the Jubilee. Observed by all Juniors, “except 3rd Class, & four other little fellows thought too weak”.
Oct. 26th. B. Wake gone home “on account of nervous fancies, etc.”.
Nov. 2nd. Grand Benediction for All Souls’ Day. Studies off for an hour at noon.
Dec. 5th – 7th. Daily Benedictions preparing for the Immaculate Conception.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception. Procession at night in St. Aloysius’, Bishop pontificating.
Dec. 15th. Catechism exams for I, II and III Classes.
Dec. 17th – 23rd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day: 17 Juniors gone.
Dec. 24th. To bed at 5.30 PM, rising at 9 for supper and Matins at 10.
Dec. 31st. End of year Benediction.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/19   7 January - 31 December 1905
Jan. 7th. Return day. All but four boys back.
Jan. 15th. Feast of Holy Name, with order.
March 2nd. Puss in Boots: afternoon performance for Juniors only, in Hall so that scenery etc. need only be assembled once. Further performances on 6th and 7th.
March 12th. First Sunday in Lent. Instruction by Rector on Quarant Ore.
March 19th. Instruction on self denial by Mr. Knuckey.
March 26th. Instruction by Rector, “Our Lord contradicted”.
April 2nd. Instruction by Mr. Knuckey, “Venite ad me omnes”.
April 9th. Rector’s instruction on the Passion.
April 9th – 15th Exams for all classes.
April 14th. Eight of II Class to be examined again in Latin grammar: “Didn’t know the verbs at all”.
April 16th. Beginning of retreats, Senior led by Fr. Hugh Pope, Junior by Canon Collingwood.
April 20th. First Communions of John Mills, John Chadwick, Pat. Hickey, Rod. Maingot and Edw. Charnock. Six boys still to make theirs.
April 21st: Good Friday. Stations and Veneration of True Cross.
April 27th. Extinction of Ancient Hierarchy sent to Sands (printers), with cheque for £68.
April 30th. Instruction by Mr. Knuckey on Our Lady. Procession and Benediction.
May 4th. Loosely inserted note giving the categories for Juniors’ prizes, also rule re. sitting on grass: “Waistcoats not to be taken off without leave from Prefect each time”.
May 11th. Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina, with two Visits to St. Innocent’s.
May 12th. Philosophers given an exam on Birkhausen’s 1st Period. Preface to the Extinction sent to Sands. May 14th. Further £10 sent to Sands in view of the increased size and type of the book.
May 28th. Procession and Benediction for last Sunday in May.
June 4th. Devotions to Sacred Heart, repeated each Sunday in June.
June 7th. Confirmation Retreat. Detailed order on loosely inserted sheet. Boys to be confirmed allowed to talk to one another, but not to anyone else, and to play.
June 8th. Confirmation of James O’Connor, Vin. Hawksworth, John Chadwick, Roy Mooney, Rodney Maingot, Will. Williams, John Mills, Arth. Gracey, Edw. Charnock. Godfather Mr. Collingwood.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. High Mass – Bishop too weak to sing – and Benediction.
July 2nd. Feast of Sacred Heart.
July 3rd. Visitation of Our Lady. Started Novena for “blessing on our studies and exams”.
July 6th. Philosophers’ test paper, on Birkhausen’s Second Period.
July 15th. Philosophers’ prize paper on Bede’s History. Six candidates.
July 16th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
July 17th. Oxford Locals began.
July 22nd. Turned back: V. Hildyard staying in 1st Class, Fred. Nethersall and Edw. Clarkson in 2nd, J. Hernandez in 3rd. July 25th. Next year’s Minors: Mr. Harker taking I Class, Mr. J. Manly II Class, Mr. E. Hothersall III Class if there is one, Mr. Butler Math., Mr. Morrissey French, Mr. Lyons the Study Place, Mr. Myler the Sacristy etc.
July 27th. Going home day.
Aug. 6th. Preached at Esh.
Aug. 8th. Left for Hawick after staying on because of Bishop’s illness.
Aug. 13th. Preached at Hawick on Our Lord weeping over Jerusalem.
Sept. 14th. Returned from N. Berwick.
Sept. 15th, 16th. Said Mass in Bishop’s room.
Sept. 16th. Return day.
Sept. 17th. 18 new boys on list, 3 old boys yet to return.
Sept. 26th. Retreats: Fr. Howell CSSR led Juniors, Fr. Proctor OP the Seniors, Mr. Myler reader.
Nov. 2nd. Gave sermon at All Souls’ Day Community Mass.
Nov. 21st. Presentation of Our Lady: Benediction at 7 in St. Aloysius’, with approval of the Bishop, who attended. Concert afterwards on eve of Singers’ Feast.
Dec. 2nd. Vin.Wickson appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception. Bishop pontificated at Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’.
Dec. 17th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 20th. I Class Latin and French exams not finished – “very slow and poor”, to be required to explain after Christmas.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day: rising at 6.10, breakfast at 6.40. 17 boys gone.
Dec. 26th. Responsibilities during the vacation, with all Minors except Mr. Myler gone home.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury: Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’with the Bishop’s leave. Operetta in evening, repeated on the 31st.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/20   4 January - 31 December 1906
Jan. 4th. Operetta in the Hall, Benediction in St. Aloysius’. Grand Benediction on the 5th.
Jan. 10th. President’s Feast, and afternoon Christmas Tree celebration. One and a half dozen Holy Water Fonts, three dozen glass pictures, games and sweets given out.
Jan. 11th. Return day for those who went home. Seven boys still to come back.
Jan. 14th. Feast of the Holy Name, with order.
Feb. 23rd. Afternoon performance of Dick Whittington, for Juniors only. Further performances on evenings of 26th, 27th. Feb. 29th. Ash Wednesday. Gave short instruction before Stations in evening, as choir practice had precluded giving instruction in the morning.
March 4th First Sunday in Lent. Gave instruction on Penance.
March 5th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’ after Community Mass.
March 6th. Juniors given studies off from 6 to 7, for cat balls to be made in Low Figures’ playroom.
March 18th. Gave instruction on St. Joseph and St. Cuthbert.
April 1st. Passion Sunday: Instruction by Mr. Knuckey.
April 2nd- 4th, 6th-7th: Exams for all classes. April 5th. Studies off for the Bishop’s 81st birthday.
April 8th. Junior retreat led by Fr. M. Watts Russell CP, Seniors by Fr. F. Couturier OP. Reader Mr. Myler. Sent reply to a review in the Guardian [of Extinction of the Ancient Hierarchy ?].
April 9th. Junior retreat revised, as weak throat limited Fr. Watts Russell to giving three instructions daily. Nine boys absent as in Infirmary with ringworm, three more with influenza. Loosely inserted sheet giving details of confirmed and suspected cases of ringworm.
April 12th. Raymond Warner, Char. Marshall and John Hernandez took their First Communion.
April 13th. Good Friday. Stations, and Veneration of Relic of the True Cross.
April 15th. Easter Day. Refused request for whole choir to sing in College as this had no precedent, letting only select boys go.
April 28th. Giulio Lacayo appointed Sacristan. April 30th. Procession and Benediction for opening of May. Bishop too unwell to attend.
May 6th. Confessors met to discuss the Pope’s wishes regarding daily communion. Bishop suggested that Deacons and perhaps Subdeacons should be recommended to go daily, others advised individually by their Confessors. Great caution to be used with the younger students.
June 3rd. Whit Sunday. Devotions to Sacred Heart, with spoken text on loosely inserted sheet.
June 7th. Jos. Morgan gone home to have operation on swollen neck.
June 14th. First Communion of Herb. Newsham, Leo de Verteuil and Eric Duggan.
June 17th. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, for the preservation of Catholic schools against the Education Bill.
June 18th. Mr. Swales to take over as Prefect of Study Place for the remainder of the year, as Mr. Lyons was about to leave for ordination. Mr. Butler appointed for next year.
July 2nd. Began Novena for blessing on studies and exams.
July 8th. Feast of the Relics, order as on paper (not extant).
July 14th. Philosophers’ Church History test paper, on Birkhausen’s Third Period.
July 20th. Retreat for Confirmation. July 21st. Nine boys confirmed: H. Newsham, J. Lacayo, Ch. Marshall, Eric Duggan, Cuth. M’Cahy, Leo de Verteuil, Edw. Buckley, Ben. Croke, John Hernandez, Raym. Warner. Philosophers’ History Prize Paper, with nine entrants.
July 23rd – 27th. exams for all classes. July 30th. List of next year’s form and subject masters. Low Figures Rev. Knuckey, I Class Mr. Harker, II Class Mr. Manly, III Class Mr. E. Hothersall. Boys turned back: Fred. Rosner and Leo de Verteuil promised to go on at Christmas if their work is sufficient, Eric Duggan to be dropped by Bishop unless he does better.
July 31st. Boys kept in because of thunderstorm: Special Prizes etc. distributed in Gymnasium. Distinctions read up: qualification for Distinction may need “tightening up”, perhaps by requiring 80 marks rather than 75. Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra to be treated as a single subject.
Aug. 2nd. Going away day. Left on foot to catch special train from Aldin Grange rather than having to go to Durham Station.
Aug. 6th. Loosely inserted printed sheet giving schedule for clergy retreat at Ushaw, Monday 6th to Saturday 11th.
Sept. 22nd. Return day. 46 boys returned, 6 more delayed by illness etc., 28 new boys with 3 more expected.
Sept. 26th. Joseph Shane left, “having done nothing since he came, but mope and cry, and ask to go home”.
Sept. 27th – 29th. Teaching responsibilities. Rev. Knuckey to take Low Figures for Writing and English History, Mr. Harker I Class for Writing. Mr. Hodson all but III Class for Elocution.
Oct. 2nd. Retreats. Senior led by Fr. John Burke CSSR, Junior Fr. Hull CSSR. Reader Mr. Myler.
Oct. 3rd.-6th. Some details of Junior retreat. Rosary said at Mass rather than at Benediction during the Retreat, as it “seems too much for the boys at night, after all the Retreat exercises of the day”.
Oct. 8th. Bishops arrived for their meeting. Rosary in St. Aloysius’ now to be said generally at Mass except on Sundays: continuing to be said at night as before in St. Cuthbert’s.
Oct. 11th. Letter sent to the Archbishop of Westminster, signed by the six northern Bishops, asking for steps to be taken toward the Beatification of the eleven Bishops of the English College.
Oct. 21st. General Communion for the defeat of the Education Bill.
Oct. 30th. Arrangement made with Mr. Hodson to take all but III Class for Elocution.
Nov. 22nd. Concert given, repeated on the 25th. Nov. 23rd. St. Cecilia’s Day, a playday for the choir as before.
Nov. 30th. Will. Murphy appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 2nd. Gave instruction on the Benefit of our Redemption: How to spend Advent.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception: Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’. Bishop not strong enough to pontificate.
Dec. 16th – 21st. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day, 18 Juniors gone.
Dec. 26th. Revised class responsibilities for the vacation, as all Minors but Mr. Myler had gone home.
Dec. 27th. Play put on in Hall.
Dec. 29th. St. Thomas of Canterbury: High Mass and Grand Benediction.
Dec. 30th. Gas failure.
Dec. 31st. Skating, first mention this season. End of 1906 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/21   1 January - 31 December 1907
Jan. 1st. Operetta performed at night, repeated on 3rd.
Jan. 2nd. Play given by I Class in Gymnasium, for Juniors only.
Jan. 9th. President’s Feast, and Christmas Tree celebration, with costed summary of prizes.
Jan. 10th. End of Christmas Vacation. School resumed on 11th.
Jan. 15th. John Moralee made Sacristan, replacing Jul. Lacayo who had been overtaxed by it in combination with his choir and piano practice.
Jan. 20th. Feast of Holy Name, with brief order.
Feb. 8th. Play Aladdin rehearsed in Hall with all Juniors present.
Feb. 11th, 12th. Junior play Aladdin.
Feb. 12th. Beginning of small influenza outbreak. 2 cases diagnosed and sent to Infirmary, 11 more over next few days. Feb. 18th. Quarant Ore exposition.
Feb. 26th. Measles outbreak began. 19 cases diagnosed in all, the last on March 27th.
March 14th. Dedication of St. Cuthbert’s: High Mass.
March 14th – 21st. Exams for all classes.
March 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Cat struck out for Juniors, deferred from the 17th on account of bad weather and measles.
March 24th. Retreats began. Senior led by Fr. Moore OP, Junior by Canon Dallow.
March 28th. First Communions: Jos. Bretherton, Bern. Wilkinson, Will. Clifford, Vin. Pickering.
April 7th. Scheme of marks and prizes for midsummer papers read out at Rosary Tickets.
April 25th. To Abbot Gasquet’s for a meeting of the Commission on the Cause of the Eleven Bishops.
May 4th. Philosophers told to expect a midsummer exam. paper on Birkhausen’s Second Period, but no prize as history had not been studied in school this year.
May 12th. Headmasters arrived for conference. June 1st. St. Philip Neri, with order.
June 2nd. Gave instruction on Frequent Communion and the Month of the Sacred Heart.
June 15th. Rob. Baybutt appointed Sacristan.
June 21st. High Mass and Benediction for the Feast of St. Aloysius. Guy Smith made his first Communion. June 23rd. Start of Confirmation Retreat.
June 24th. Confirmations: Guy Smith, B. Wilkinson, C. and W. Clifford, V. Pickering, Osc. Burke, Fran. Jones, Fran. Croke, Dan. Sharpe, Rich. Gillow, B. Bradley.
June 30th. Returned papers and Report of the Hist. Commission on the 11 Bishops to Dr. Burton, with own appendix signed and with postscript.
July 1st. Cuthbert M’Cahy gone home for change, “never quite well after Influenza”.
July 17th. Philosophers’ Cosmology paper.
July 19th. Playday given for the first day of the College’s 100th year. Bishop blessed the new rooms of the raised front story.
July 20th – 26th. Exams for all classes.
July 25th Leo de Verteuil gone home after four months or more in Infirmary.
July 28th. Eight priests and two deacons ordained in St. Aloysius’, as scaffolding was up in St. Cuthbert’s. July 30th. Reading up, and distribution of Special Prizes.
July 31st. Guy Smith turned back in I Class, F. Croke and T. Cookson allowed to advance on trial.
Aug. 2nd. Minors’ rooms for next year.
Aug. 5th – 10th. Clergy retreat. Printed timetable loosely inserted as last year.
Sept. 19th. Rector returned from vacation.
Sept. 21st. Return day for students. Expected total 89, 28 of them new.
Sept. 26th. Study began for Juniors.
Sept. 27th. Philosophers given private playday for new master Dr. Towers. Timetable and masters for writing lessons for all Junior classes.
Sept. 28th. Started Church History with High Philosophers only.
Oct. 1st. Retreats began. Senior given by Mgr. Croke Robinson, Junior by Fr. B. Camm, reader Mr. Pickering.
Oct. 7th. Bishops arrived for meeting, Leeds and Shrewsbury absent.
Oct. 9th. Bishops left for London to elect the new Bishop of Northampton. Rob. Myerscough allowed to stay until Christmas, but to be dropped then by Bishop of Liverpool unless much improved.
Oct. 11th. Playday given for Dr. Coulston’s Jubilee.
Oct. 12th. St. Wilfrid’s playday. Juniors had been spoken to about not giving up confession on playdays.
Oct. 19th. Two cases of chicken pox. Three more by Nov. 5th.
Nov. 28th. Bernard Smith appointed Sacristan. Dec. 1st. Weekly Instruction given on Sundays through Advent, Rector alternating with Rev. Knuckey.
Dec. 14th. Philosophers’ Church History paper, from St. Peter at Rome to the Council of Nice.
Dec. 16th – 23rd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day, 23 Juniors gone. Dec. 25th.
Staff responsibilities during the Christmas vacation.
Dec. 27th. Christmas Tree celebration in the afternoon. Religious artefacts, games and fruit distributed.
Dec. 29th. Order of devotions before the Crib.
Dec. 31st. Benediction for last day of the year. Close of 1907 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/22   8 January 1908 - 3 January 1909
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast, with Benediction.
Jan. 9th. Return day. Three boys delayed.
Jan. 19th. Feast of Holy Name, with order.
Feb. 13th. Order for Confirmation Retreat.
Feb. 14th. Eight boys confirmed: G. Cooper, Reg. Bradley, Ever. Maingot, John Stevenson, Kevin Henegan, Wilf. Finn, Edw. Barnes, G. Sinclair.
March 8th. Gave instruction on Fasting and Temptation of Our Lord. Quarant Ore put off as St. Cuthbert’s was being redecorated.
March 12th – 13th. Mid-term exams for Philosophers.
March 29th. Gave instruction on the Gospel of the Samaritan Woman, and on the Quarant Ore, delayed until now.
March 30th. Exposition in St. Aloysius’. No Juniors were wanted for singing, so none went to High Mass.
April 4th. Philosophers’ Church History paper: Ven. Bede books I and II and Birkhauser’s Second Period.
April 5th – 11th. Exams for all classes. April 8th. I Class Latin Grammar not well known, Themes very bad and had to improve before a playday would be granted. Rob. Myerscough gone home as consumptive.
April 12th. Retreats: Senior led by Fr. Proctor OP (Provincial), Junior Fr. R. Moss OP, reader Mr. E. Wilkinson.
April 17th. Good Friday. Stations of Cross and Sermon for the Servants in St. Aloysius’ at 4. Stations and Veneration of Relic at 8.30.
April 28th. Erection began of scaffolding for repainting of St. Aloysius’ roof.
May 1st. Short sermon by Mr. Knuckey to open Month of Mary.
May 4th. Repainting of St. Aloysius’ roof began, by Grey. Cost to be under £70, Rector promised £63 towards it and Mgr. Corbishley undertook to pay the rest. May 11th. Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Devotions at St. Innocent’s altar before Mass.
May 30th. Painting of St. Aloysius’ roof partly finished, scaffolding moved to middle bays.
June 1st. St. Philip Neri. No Benediction in St. Cuthbert’s, but Benediction in St. Aloysius’ with Bishop’s leave as he was Low Figures’ Patron.
June 20th. St. Aloysius’ decorators had finished all but the Antechapel roof area.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Some singers from College joined for High Mass.
July 9th. Philosophers’ Church History test paper, on Birkhausen pp. 526-631 and 651-654.
July 13th. Philosophers’ Prize Paper, from Bede’s History, with 8 eligible to compete. Subject: “Trace the ecclesiastical history of Northumbria from the death of St. Edwin to the death of St. Wilfrid, showing that the Holy See’s supremacy always was acknowledged”.
July 16th – 18th, 21st – 24th: Exams for all classes. Prizes given on the 26th.
July 19th. Centenary day. Bishop said Community Mass in St. Cuthbert’s then preached. Playday for the Centenary given on the 20th.
July 27th. Minors’ appointments for next year. Mr. Pickering French, and Subprefect: Mr. Bentley I Class, Mr. Baines II Class, Mr. Molony III Class, Mr. Butler Study Place, Mr. Wilkinson Math, Mr. Harker Sacristy etc.
July 28th. Turned back: Edw. Walsh, Vin. Galloway, Fran. Taylerson all to proceed to I Class when ready. Oscar Burke given up by Bishop, T. Lambert warned of danger of dismissal, Godfrey Tipper warned of severe punishment unless he improves.
Sept. 25th. Mr. Butler going to the Paris Institut, so Mr. Hothersoll appointed Study Place master in his stead.
Sept. 26th. Return day. 55 old boys, 22 new with several more expected.
Oct. 6th. Retreats. Senior Fr. Gaisford CSSR, Junior Fr. Charlton CSSR.
Oct. 14th. First Class split into two Divisions: Mr. Bentley to take the 1st, Mr. Moloney the 2nd, with the four Third Class boys going into Second Class. I Class Divisions to be taught French and Arithmetic together for the present, each class to be taught Writing by its own master.
Oct. 15th. Low Figures Spiritual Reading master to be Mr. Moloney. Sacristan Mr. Harker should be free to be in the Sacristy during Spiritual Reading, and to take care that Images, Reredos etc. were dusted.
Oct. 16th. Mr. Sargent appointed Bounds Master, responsible for Gymnasium and taking boys to country.
Nov. 2nd. Order for All Souls’ Day.
Nov. 19th. Cassimir Hobi made Sacristan.
Nov. 30th. Specific opening times of Study Place to get books for classes and Dormitory to change for football.
Dec. 7th. Geoffrey Martin and Raymond Corboy in retreat for First Communion tomorrow.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception. Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’. “Bishop too feeble to officiate: remained at bottom of the Chapel”.
Dec. 15th – 23rd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day, 25 Juniors gone. Grand Benediction in St. Aloysius’ for Bishop’s Diamond Jubilee.
Dec. 26th. Some boys allowed home for the day. Told not to leave until after breakfast, and to be back for supper.
Dec. 27th. Christmas Tree. Crucifixes, toys and sweets obtained: enough pictures and holy water fonts were left over from last year.
Jan. 3rd. Visit to Crib at Night Prayers. Last entry in 1908 Diary.
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UC/AA6/4/23   1909

1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/24   8 January - 26 December 1910
Jan. 8th. Return day. Six boys delayed.
Jan. 10th Studies began. V.P. to take Low Phils. for Council of Nice etc., Rector High Phils. for St. Bede.
Jan. 17th. Philosophers’ History Prizes – this year two equal prizes, one to Low Phils., and one to High for a paper on St. Bede after a qualifying paper on Birkhausen.
Feb. 3rd. Louis Fitzgerald returned after father’s illness and death. Play rehearsal, without audience of boys as it was thought better they should not see it three times.
Feb. 7th. Junior play Lost Heir of Cola, repeated on 8th.
Feb. 13th. Rector’s instruction on Quarant Ore and the necessity of prayer.
Feb. 14th. Exposition as before in St. Aloysius’.
Feb. 15th. Mr. Alan Barton-Fannin received into the Church.
Feb. 20th. Instruction by Dr. Towers on state of grace. “Barton Fannin erupit evasit”.
Feb. 28th. Begun 2nd Novena to St. Gerard for Mgr. Corbishley.
Mar. 10th. Catechism exam for I and II Class. Very badly known by II Class who would have to be examined again.
Mar. 13th – 19th. Exams for all classes.
Mar. 14th. High Mass for Dedication of St. Cuthbert’s. Low Figures Latin and French Grammar: P. Morris and L. Nivet to be punished for doing badly.
Mar. 16th. I Class Latin exam, “a good deal better than at Xmas”.
Mar. 18th. II Class Latin and French. “Several did very badly”.
Mar. 19th. Magic lantern lecture on St. Gerard given by Fr. Jeanrenaud.
Mar. 21st. Retreats began: Seniors led by Fr. J. Davidson CSSR, Juniors Fr. Jeanrenaud. Reader Mr. Bentley.
Mar. 23rd. Some 60 boys enrolled in the People’s Eucharistic League by Fr. Jeanrenaud.
Mar. 25th. Good Friday. Servants in retreat, so no service in St. Aloysius’ during Tenebrae. Stations at 8.30, and kissing of Relic of True Cross.
Apr. 12th. Mr. Adamson to take five of 2nd Class “who are only really fit for 3rd Class” and who would drop Latin: J. Forrest, H. Marshall, T. Fayer, G. Foggin and G. Welsh.
Apr. 20th. Public Blessing of image of St. Gerard at end of Night Prayers, by Rector with Bishop’s leave.
Apr. 23rd: St. George. No playday, but Grand Benediction in both Chapels at night.
May 11th. Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Evening devotions at 6.30 with President’s approval.
May 22nd. Cuthbert Peckston appointed Sacristan.
May 27th. President away for about a fortnight.
June 1st. St. Philip Neri. Benediction in St. Aloysius’, with Bishop’s approval, though this was perhaps unnecessary.
June 9th. Rector’s rheumatic attack began.
June 18th. First time taking Philosophers after illness.
June 20th. Retreat for Confirmandi.
June 21st. Confirmation in St. Aloysius’, of all the remaining boys: Aug. Watts, Will. Dunne, John Whinham, Rol. Kay, John Forrest, Pat Gaughan, Geo. Foggin and Geo. Welsh.
June 26th. Flowers etc. at St. Aloysius’ statue prevented Sacred Heart devotions.
July 3rd. Boys told to write home for 5/- above their journey fares. Novena for blessing on studies announced to begin the next day.
July 7th. Minors for next College year. Low Figures Mr. Baines, I Class Mr. Moloney, II Class and Dormitory Master Mr. Nich. Brown, Math Mr. McElroy, French Mr. Adamson, Study Place Mr. Ern. Wilkinson, Sacristan and “Gaoler” Mr. Hothersall.
July 10th. Feast of the Relics. Rector fell and sprained knee.
July 11th. Philosophers’ Prize Paper on St. Bede. Only four candidates.
July 14th. Rector up again after fall.
July 17th – 22nd. Exams for all classes. No separate exam playday for any school this year.
July 25th. Boys to be turned back: I Class A. Watts, II Class T. Fayer, G. Foggin. J. Forrest, H. Marshall, G. Welsh. T. Taylor to be tried in I Class, likewise J. Southworth with no Latin.
July 26th. Church students dropped after exams: Thom. Whelan Liverpool, John Barras and John Rogerson Hexham.
Sept. 17th. Return day. 53 old boys, 40 new, 6 not back yet.
Sept. 20th. Retreats began. Seniors led by Bishop of Northampton, Juniors Rev. John Seed as Mr. G. Knuckey prevented by illness.
Sept. 24th. Close of Junior Retreat. Brettaner Radclyffe, John Leeming, William Carins and John Carins made their First Communions.
Sept. 25th. Five sent on into High Figures: Fran. Chaloner, Ber. Cavanagh, Vin. Galloway, Ern. Grey and Will. Strickland.
Sept. 26th. Bishops, excepting Salford, arrived for their meeting.
Sept. 27th. Change in terms for appointment of the Study Place Master. In future to be a Minor employed in school time as a teacher, to coach backward boys, rather than engaging in his own studies. No suitable candidate could be found this year.
Sept. 28th. Arrangements for the four Third Class boys. To write in copy books, learn English parsing, etc., with Mr. Brown while others are studying Latin, but to work alongside the rest of the school as much as possible.
Oct. 15th. Instruction on St. Gerard after Night Prayers, and his Relic given to be kissed.
Oct. 31st. Bret. Radclyffe to go on into 2nd Class, Edw. Southworth put back into 3rd.
Nov. 2nd. Rector sent to Bath by order of Dr. Page.
Nov. 25th. Return from Bath.
Nov. 29th. James Quinn appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 9th. 200 copies of Cause of the 11 Bishops with Answers to Objections received from Oliver & Boyd.
Dec. 15th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day, 22 boys gone.
Dec. 26th. Going home day for Minors. Local boys (Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington etc.) allowed home for this day only, returning at night.
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UC/AA6/4/25   7 January - 26 December 1911
Jan. 7th. Return day. Three boys delayed by mumps, one more a suspected case.
Jan. 15th. Order for Feast of Holy Name and Holy Infant of Prague. President officiated.
Feb. 1st. Rector in bed with influenza.
Feb. 26th. Dinner in Parlour for first time after illness.
Feb. 27th, 28th. Junior play Robinson Crusoe. Dormitory bell at 6.45 on following mornings to give a little more sleep.
Mar. 2nd. Studies off given by President for play, as it had been prepared entirely in play time.
Mar. 9th. Wrote to Cardinal Merry del Val.
Mar. 10th. Revised statement of “Cause of the 11 Bishops with answers to objections” sent out to those Bishops who had not yet received it.
Mar. 12th. Instruction by Dr. Towers on need of frequent and daily Communion.
Mar. 19th. Pope’s name day. Boys asked to offer their Communion for the Pope’s intention, and to pray for his independence.
Apr. 2nd – 7th. Exams for all classes.
Apr. 8th. Requiem for Bishop Wilkinson.
Apr. 9th. Retreats began. Seniors led by Fr. Jackson CSSR, Juniors Rev. G. Knuckey. Ern. Wilkinson appointed to read.
Apr. 13th. Maundy Thursday. Bishop empowered Mr. Knuckey to give the Papal Blessing. Stations at 8.30, also on Good Friday.
Apr. 28th. Arthur McCormack appointed Sacristan.
May 11th. Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Morning and evening Devotions at St. Innocent’s altar.
May 13th. High Philosophers’ Church History paper, deferred from last Easter owing to Rector’s illness.
June 17th. Retreat for Confirmandi began at 5 PM.
June 18th. Confirmation in St. Aloysius’. Boys confirmed John Kelly, John Leaming, A. Forkin, Jos. Vokes, Nat. Dunne, Bret. Radcliffe, John Corboy, O. Moody, F. Holland, Mich. W. O’Connell, Ch. Rogerson, T. Chadwick, W. Carins, J. Carins. None now left unconfirmed. Godfather, Rev. Rob. Corbishley.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Pontifical High Mass sung by the Bishop.
June 22nd. Coronation of King George V. High Mass at 8.30, Te Deum at Benediction. Boys given eggs for breakfast and “an extra good dinner – strawberries etc.”. Extra week of vacation announced, and Coronation playday on the 23rd.
June 26th. Next year’s responsibilities for Minors. Low Figures Mr. J. Morrissey, I Class John Kavanagh, II Class Mr. Mich. Brown, Math. Thomas Carroll, French Mr. Adamson, Study Place initially Mr. E. Wilkinson, Sacristy Mr. Hothersall.
July 2nd. Usual instruction to write home asking for railway fare and 5/- over for sundries.
July 3rd. High Phils’ Church History paper: Birkhauser’s 2nd Period, 2nd Epoch. July 9th. Feast of Relics, Rector celebrant. July 10th. Philosophers’ Prize Paper on St. Bede’s History: 5 competitors. Low Figures and I Class Latin Prize Papers.
July 16th – 21st. Exams for all classes.
July 22nd. Mr. J. Cavanagh appointed to Dormitory.
July 23rd. P. Bennett, C. Higgins and E. McManus to progress into Low Figures. Fran. Carr, J. Whinham, Thom. Taylor turned back in I Class.
July 31st. Beginning of diocesan Clergy Retreat. Printed Horarium loosely inserted.
Sept. 23rd. Return day. 28 new boys. Sept. 24th. Mr. Nick Brown appointed Subprefect.
Sept. 26th. Retreats began. Senior led by Fr. Nicholson CSSR, Junior Fr. Jeanrenaud. Reader Mr. Ern. Wilkinson.
Oct. 1st. Ordinations. Mr. Henry Smith appointed to III Class.
Oct. 2nd. Bishops arrived for meeting. Rector to take High Phils. for St. Bede 10.15-11 Mondays and Fridays. Some history of the Reformation to be studied in third quarter if possible.
Oct. 3rd. Bishops unanimously adopted the Cause of the Eleven Bishops. Bishop of Middlesbrough to write to the Archbishop to that effect.
Oct. 6th. Playday for Bishop Cowgill.
Oct. 15th. Led Devotions after night prayers on eve of St. Gerard.
Oct. 16th. Votive Mass for St. Gerard.
Nov. 2nd. Brief order for All Souls’ Day.
Nov. 23rd. Eric Dawes appointed Sacristan. Change to cleaning regime – Butler and other servants would be allowed to clean only in the afternoons, 3.15 to 7, with a break in the middle when Sacristans take tea, as soon as possible after 5.
Nov. 24th. Dr. Towers gone home to rest – “nerves out of order”.
Dec. 3rd. Beginning of weekly Instruction by Rector on Sundays in Advent.
Dec. 14th. Catechism exams, except Low Figures on 17th.
Dec. 18th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 22nd. Going home day for lay students.
Dec. 25th. Devotions before the Crib at Night Prayers.
Dec. 26th. Local boys allowed home for the day, to be back by 9PM at latest. Minors all gone home for the vacation: Messrs. Manby, Baines, Molony and McElroy to stand in.
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UC/AA6/4/26   10 January - 23 December 1912
Jan. 10th. President’s Feast.
Jan. 11th. Return day. J. Leeming and P. Adamson delayed by illnesses.
Jan. 14th. Feast of Holy Name and Infant of Prague, with brief order.
Jan. 15th. Philip Bennett diagnosed with scarletina. No further cases mentioned.
Jan. 17th. I Class Latin explaining repeated – did better than at examinations.
Jan. 20th. Three gone to Liverpool to be ordained.
Jan. 21st. Ordination of two Priests, four Deacons, one Subdeacon.
Feb. 4th. Cyril German given Last Sacraments.
Feb. 7th. Death of Cyril German. Funeral at 10 AM on the 10th.
Feb. 17th. Rehearsal of Robin Hood at 3. Rector stayed for first hour before hearing Confessions.
Feb. 19th. Junior play Robin Hood performed. Repeated on 20th.
Feb. 25th. Gave instruction on Our Lord’s fasting and temptations. Quarant Ore deferred for a week.
Mar. 3rd. Instruction on Quarant Ore by Dr. Towers. Usual Exposition in St. Aloysius’ on the 4th.
Mar. 10th. Decree Quam Singulari read in St. Cuthbert’s after High Mass.
Mar. 11th. Philip Bennett allowed amongst the boys again after supposed scarletina.
Mar. 12th. St. Gregory the Great – Grand Benediction.
Mar. 18th. Benediction for triduum of St. Joseph. Grand Benedictions on 19th and 20th.
Mar. 19th. Cat struck out for Juniors. College begun already, on 14th.
Mar. 21st, 24th. Catechism exams.
Mar. 25th – 29th. Exams for all classes.
Mar. 27th. Decided Thomas Foyer and Peter Bordas should cease to be Church students.
Mar. 31st. Retreats began. Senior led by Fr. Alexius, Capuchin from Oxford: Junior by Fr. Priaxe [? - smudged], Redempt. Reader Mr. John Cavanagh.
Apr. 5th. Good Friday. Servants in retreat. Kissing of Relic of True Cross at 8.30, then Stations.
Apr. 11th. Peter Bordas, given up as a Church student by the Bishop of Middlesbrough, to remain as a lay student.
Apr. 14th. Austin Fee put into Low Figures.
May 2nd. Will. Rigby appointed Sacristan. Petition to fix the Douai Martyrs’ Feast on Oct. 29th sent to Rome by the Bishop.
May 11th, 12th. Eve and Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Devotions at St. Innocent’s altar on both days.
May 26th. Whit Sunday. May Procession and Benediction, Bishop officiating.
June 1st. St. Philip Neri. Relics exposed morning and evening, Bendiction in St. Cuthbert’s.
June 9th. Began Instruction for Confirmandi, at 6.50 in own room. Rector and Dr. Towers to alternate in taking them.
June 16th. Feast of the Sacred Heart. Benediction in St. Cuthbert’s, with Act of Consecration ordered by the Pope.
June 20th. Retreat for Confirmandi began.
June 21st. Seventeen boys confirmed: Gab. Redmond (High Figures), H. Southworth, Per. Mills, Ch. Dunne, John Featherstone, Eric Brown, Cuth. Findlay, Ger. Clifford, John Coyle, Geo. Phillips, Ger. Finch, Merv. Morgan, Geo. Morgan, Rob. Moody, Leo Corboy, James Sullivan, Anth. Robinson. None now unconfirmed.
July 7th. Boys asked as usual to write for 5/- more than their fares home, to cover luggage, food etc.
July 8th. Began Novena “for a blessing on studies and Examinations”. Philosophers given paper on Birkhauser, pages 533 – 663.
July 9th. Eight of nine Philosophers sat the paper, and half gained less than a third of the marks available.
July 12th. Philosophers’ Prize Paper on Ven. Bede. President decided that all should have to sit the Prize Paper, taking the view that those who did badly on Birkhauser were trying to avoid it.
July 14th. Feast of the Relics – Devotions at St. Innocent’s altar, then Benediction.
July 16th. Minors’ roles for 1912-13. Low Figures Mr. J. Morrissey, I Class Mr. J. Cavanagh, II Class Mr. N. Brown, III Class (if enough boys) Mr. H. Smith, Math. and Dormitory Rob. Milroy, French James Pollock, Study Place Mr. E. Wilkinson. Mr. McElroy and Mr. Adamson advanced to Divinity.
July 19th, 21st Catechism exams.
July 22nd – 26th Exams for all classes.
July 27th. Cyr. Walmsley and Cecil Hindhaugh turned back. John Carins unfit for I Class but advanced nonetheless, after two years in II Class. Church students dropped: T. Fayer, P. Leach, J. Featherstone, John Watson, Will. Carins, John Carins, Rud. Hindhaugh and Cec. Hindhaugh. July 30th. Special Prizes awarded.
Aug. 1st. Going home day. Community Mass at 5.50, breakfast 6.30.
Aug. 5th. Start of Clergy Retreat. Horarium loosely inserted.
Sept. 21st. Return day. 86 Juniors including three delayed: A. Tornquist mumps, Ger. Finch whooping cough, J. Kennedy broken arm.
Sept. 24th. Retreats began. Senior Fr. John McMullen CSSR, Junior Fr. Hugh Pope OP. Timetable revised, as Fr. Pope arrived late after a missed connection.
Sept. 28th. Junior Retreat ended with sung Litany.
Sept. 30th. Both sets of Philosophers addressed by President on rules etc.
Oct. 2nd. Bret. Radclyffe to be prepared for Naval Cadetship exam in December. Last year’s exam papers obtained and given to the Minors who were to teach him.
Oct. 3rd. Mr Hodson to continue Arithmetic with the less able boys in Low Figures, whom he had taken when they were in I Class – J. Whinham, G. Welsh, T. Taylor, J. Forrest, P. Bordas, F. Holland, T. Chadwick. Rest of Low Figures to study Arithmetic under Mr. Milroy.
Oct. 7th. Dr. Wheatley to take the two Leonards for German on Mondays and Fridays.
Oct. 13th. Gave instruction on Blessed Sacrament, Communion and watching, and spoke about Archconf. of Blessed Sacrament. 12 or 14 boys enrolled in the Archconf., and their names given to the President.
Oct. 14th. Circular from Bishop announced that the Prayer of Pope Leo to Our Lady was only to be said on Sundays, not on weekdays. Special prayers for the Conversion of England ordered for the second Sunday of the month.
Oct. 16th St. Gerard’s Day, here Feast of Maternity BVM, with order.
Nov. 2nd. All Souls’, with order. Nov. 25th. Bret. Radclyffe gone to London for Navy examinations.
Nov. 28th. John Coyle appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 1st. Could not give Instruction, as voice lost through bad cold. First day of skating.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception. Rector celebrant, as President away.
Dec. 16th – 23rd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 23rd. Going home day – 32 boys gone.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/27   8 January - 26 December 1913
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast. Jan. 9th. Return day after Christmas vacation.
Jan. 19th. Gave instruction on Holy Name. Feast transferred to next day.
Jan. 31st. Rehearsal, for cast only, of play Carrier Pigeon. Boys not involved, around 30, studied under Mr. Kavanagh.
Feb. 3rd. Play Carrier Pigeon. Repeated on 4th.
Feb. 9th. Dr. Towers gave instruction on Quarant Ore, as Rector too unwell.
Feb. 11th. Benediction on Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.
Feb. 16th. Instruction by Rector on Death. Weekly Instruction continued on Sundays through Lent.
Mar. 6th and 9th. Juniors’ Catechism exams.
Mar. 7th. Philosophers’ paper delayed until about a month after Easter, as the quarter had been short.
Mar. 10th – 15th. Exams for all classes.
Mar. 16th. Retreats began. Seniors led by Fr. Albert, Capuchin of Olton: Junior by Rev. Aloysius Johnson.
Mar. 17th. Revised morning order for retreats, as breakfast was being delayed by the number of Communions.
Mar. 20th. Short instruction by Rector, and Papal Blessing in virtue of faculty from Apostolic Union.
Mar. 21st. Good Friday. Exposition of Relic of True Cross.
Apr. 25th. Shortened Litany of Saints, with prayers following, said in English in St. Aloysiu “s’. It doesn’t seem the best thing to ignore the Litanies altogether”.
Apr. 28th, 29th, 30th. Litany of Saints, as on 25th, said instead of morning prayers.
May 1st. George Phillips of I Class appointed Sacristan.
May 4th. Announced Special Prizes. Three each for Low Figures, I and II Class for highest Midsummer marks in Latin, French and Maths. III Class one prize for highest in English and Arithmetic, same in Low Figs. and I Class, and a Testament prize.
May 11th. Whit Sunday. Relics for Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina exposed at Mass. Benediction in St. Aloysius’ with the Bishop’s leave.
June 1st. Boys forbidden to leave study books in the ambulacrum, except during the half hours, as great damage had been done them. Books were to be left in classrooms or the Study Place at all other times.
June 15th. Gave instruction on Jubilee. Six Visits to St. Aloysius’ to be made, nightly until the 20th, with the Bishop’s sanction.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius: Jubilee Communion.
July 6th. Boys told to write for journey money with 5/- over as usual. Boxes, parcels etc. to Ushaw Moor station rather than Witton.
July 7th. Began Novena for blessing on Studies and Exams.
July 10th. Minors’ responsibilities for 1913-14. Low Figures Mr. Geo. Brunner, I Class Mr. Jos. Howard, II Class Mr. James Fallon, III Class Mr. Henry Smith, Math. Mr. Rob. Milroy, French Mr. James Pollock, Study Place Mr. John Moloney.
July 11th. Note of Grand Week revisions to the above. Mr. Jos. Howard to take Low Figures, as G. Brunner’s health very uncertain. Mr. V. Nickson, I Class and Dormitory Master. Mr. H. Smith to begin his Divinity – there may not be a III Class, “and he has taught III Class long enough”.
July 14th. Philosophers’ Prize Paper on Ven. Bede, sat by all High Phils: “Trace the sources from which each kingdom of the Heptarchy received its Christianity; with proofs that in each case the supremacy of the Holy See was recognised””.
July 17th-18th, 20th-25th. Exams for all classes.
July 23rd. Francis Pickering told that he must do better next quarter, or be dropped by Bishop or at least turned back.
July 24th. Rowland Atkinson to stay back.
July 28th. Minors forbidden to go to their Parlour after Night Prayers unless with special leave, in view of “great abuses, late suppers etc.”. Singing and piano playing after Night Prayers forbidden, also the wearing of golf jackets instead of cassocks. “Great abuses” also found by Procurator re. Divines sleeping in the Infirmary during Grand Week.
Sept 20th. Return day. 57 old boys returned, 23 new boys arrived, so 80 Juniors in all.
Sept. 22nd. No new boys have “more than the mere beginning” of Latin. 19 assigned to II Class, 4 to III Class. Mr. Will Doyle to be III Class Master after the retreat, Mr. Milroy appointed Subprefect.
Sept. 23rd. Retreats began. Seniors led by Fr. Rossalll CSSR, Juniors by Fr. MacCabe CSSR, Mr. Molony appointed Reader.
Sept. 29th. Playday for new Prefect. Bishops, except Bp. of Shrewsbury, arrived for meeting.
Oct. 1st. Bishop’s resolutions: Tuesdays and Thursdays to have normal school day mornings. Course to be shortened by a year – High Figures to be in Junior House after the 1914 vacation, Low Figures to remain, then Underlow to combine present I and II Class, III Class unchanged. During transition, each school to be gradually pushed toward doing some of the work of the school above it.
Oct. 5th. Spoke at Rosary Tickets about the pending rearrangement of the schools.
Oct. 16th. Feast of St. Gerard observed, with exposure of relic during Mass.
Nov. 2nd. Rector in bed from a chill. Dr. Towers gave Instruction on praying for the dead
Dec. 3rd. Leo Landreth appointed Sacristan, and told that he need not go to choir practices: choir master Mr. Bonney had “seemed not to object”.
Dec. 7th. Public Ordination and High Mass.
Dec. 8th. Immaculate Conception: Procession and Benediction in St. Aloysius’.
Dec. 11th. Catechism exam for I, II, III Class.
Dec. 14th. Gave instruction on Prayer. Spoke at Rosary Tickets about cutting names on class room desks.
Dec. 15th. Church History paper for High Philosophers, on Birkhauser, Boniface VIII to Magna Carta.
Dec. 17th – 22nd. Exams for all classes.
Dec. 19th. I Class Latin and Greek. “Several very poor & idle, who did badly” – only perhaps 6 or 7 with any hope of entering High Figures at end of year.
Dec. 22nd. II Class Latin – so bad that they would have to be examined again before exam playday granted. French and Math. better.
Dec. 23rd. Going away day. Supper after Night Prayers allowed to the Minors who had put up the Crib.
Dec. 25th. Rector said three Masses at midnight in own room. Devotions to Crib at Night Prayers.
Dec. 26th. Divines taking Minors’ responsibilities during vacation: Mr. J. Adamson Sacristy, Subprefect, Low Figures. I Class Mr. D. Lucey, II Class Mr. J. McKenna, III Class Mr. John Thompson.
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UC/AA6/4/28   1 January - 31 December 1919
Jan. 1st. Visit to Crib at 7, play performed in Gym after supper. Play repeated on 4th, 5th, 6th.
Jan. 7th. Took over work of Mr. Morrissy, who had contracted influenza. This to include arranging for around 30 newcomers, including “war returns”.
Jan. 8th. President’s Feast, with play in evening.
Jan. 9th. End of Christmas vacation. Many boys very late on account of railway delays. New in Sem., P. and M. Charlton and T. Power.
Jan. 14th. New boys examined. Geo. Empson to go to College.
Jan. 15th. 12 new desks arrived for Study Place. Four old ones being moved to College, leaving increased total of 100 in Study Place.
Jan. 17th. Fred Bamber put back to Underlow at his own suggestion.
Jan. 20th. Mr. Godfrey returned to Ushaw as Professor, to take one year of Philosophers when the years are separate again, but in the meantime taking a division of High Figures. This released Mr. Cunningham to replace Mr. Meyer in Sem., allowing Mr. Meyer to concentrate on his theology, though he would still live in the Junior School and act as Bounds master.
Jan. 26th. George Baines advanced to Low Figures. Recent arrival Th. Power turned back from Low Figures to Underlow.
Feb. 4th. Oswald Gibson turned back to Underlow.
Feb. 8th. Skating began, with morning studies off. Mr. Corbishley ill in bed.
Feb. 22nd. Diarmuid Scammell and John Morris arrived.
Feb. 28th. Sem. play rehearsal at 3 PM, with studies off until 7 for those involved.
Mar. 1st. J. Moody returned after appendicitis.
Mar. 3rd. Cock Vac., and sudden influenza outbreak. Sem. play put off and 20 Juniors sent to Infirmary joining three already there.
Mar. 4th. 14 more influenza cases, Infirmary overflowing into dormitory. Mr. Meyer in bed in his room.
Mar. 5th – 6th. 14 further cases of influenza. Stations dropped on 5th (Ash Wednesday) as so many were absent, studies off on 6th with healthy boys sent out for walks at doctor’s suggestion.
Mar. 7th. Only one new influenza case, several recovering. 47 cases among Juniors in the past week, out of the total of 96 boys present.
Mar. 13th. George Spencer (High Figures) died of pneumonia.
Mar. 15th. Requiem and funeral of George Spencer.
Mar. 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Studies off in afternoon, Divines given morning off too in return for their nursing work during ‘flu outbreak.
Mar. 18th. Rev. J. Sullivan returned from Rome, joining the staff to teach a class of Syntaxians and Poets. Mr. J. Clifford, formerly taking Syntax,, given a division of I Underlow.
Mar. 21st . J. Colgan gone home as mother ill.
Mar. 22nd. Return of Mr. Corbishley. C. Turner arrived, making 100 boys currently on Ushaw’s list.
Mar. 24th. Quarant Ore exposition in St. Aloysius’. Two more new boys, both Belgians.
Mar. 26th. Went to Newcastle to give lecture on Socialism.
Apr. 7th. Went to Preston until Friday 11th, with lectures finished for the quarter.
Apr. 13th. Retreats began. Rev. A. Johnson in Sem., Fr. McCarthy (Servite) in Senior House.
Apr. 14th. Arrival of two new boys, who followed the exercises of the retreat but were given the use of a small room with one playfellow where they could talk.
Apr. 20th. Easter Sunday. Mr. Corbishley spoke at Mass, Rector said Mass at Langley Park.
Apr. 21st. F. Dawson taken ill with appendicitis and sent home. Mr. Corbishley went away. Four deacons, a subdeacon and some minor orders ordained by Bishop of Leeds.
Apr. 24th. Mr. C. and Mr. W, Clifford gone home as their brother was seriously ill.
Apr. 27th. Mr. G. Marshall and Mr. Meyer appointed to look after Underlow while the Cliffords were away.
Apr. 30th. To London, representing President on Committee of Head Masters, considering scheme of Apologetics and Christian Doctrine for secondary schools.
May 2nd. Back from London.
May 3rd. L. Ferris appointed Sacristan.
May 7th. Fr. Woodcock SJ delivered lecture on Lourdes.
May 8th. Jh. Finnegan gone home, probably unable to continue at Ushaw because of chronic rheumatism.
May 11th, 12th. Sem. play in evening, postponed from Cock Vac..
May 21st. Requiem for those fallen in War, and a playday in honour of those who had returned.
May 29th. Ascension Day. 36 boys publicly enrolled in Brown Scapular.
June 7th. Mr. Corbishley gone to German camp at Catterick.
June 11th. Cleaning day for Sacristans. They were seen playing tennis from 4.30, after working during the Hour to finish early, a laxity that must not be repeated.
June 21st. High Mass (President) at 8.30. Farce produced in the Hall by Low Figures after supper, without asking permission: Rector only heard indirectly.
July 2nd. J. Wilson, a Philosopher, died unexpectedly, after diagnosis of rheumatic fever with endocarditis the day before.
July 5th. Requiem and funeral for J. Wilson.
July 13th. Preached at unveiling of war memorial in Esh. July 19th. Peace Day. All allowed out after night prayers to watch bonfires and fireworks. Strike on NER causing anxiety about availability of trains for going home.
July 24th. Boys left for vacation. Rector left on 25th.
Sept. 17th. Rector returned to Ushaw.
Sept. 18th. Return day for boys.
Sept. 19th. Several boys not returning or doubtful, so a few bed places free.
Sept. 20th. Fall of snow. Joe Langton put into quarantine on news of measles at home.
Sept. 21st. John Dix also quarantined, as scarlet fever reported at his home.
Sept. 23rd. Retreat began, led by Rev. Ch. Hayes. A college retreat had begun on the 19th for a few returned from the war, with preacher Fr. J. Reeves OP.
Sept. 24th. New boy Thomas d’Aguiar. Given permission to speak to his playfellows during retreat, but not to others.
Sept. 27th. End of junior retreat. Boys to number 109 once the two who were missing (one new, one old) arrived. Current staff – Prefect, Mr. R. Baybutt: Study Place, Mr. Meyer: 1st div. High Figures, Mr. B. Whiteside: 1st div. Low Figures, Dr. Hart: 2nd div. Low Figures, Mr. Skehan: 1st Underlow, Mr. Cunningham for now. For French, Low Figs. to Mr. Campbell and Underlow to Mr. Kennedy: for Maths, Low Figs. to Mr. T. Dunne and Underlow to Mr. Heaney.
Sept. 28th. End of college retreat. Bishop should have been present for ordinations, but prevented by general railway strike.
Oct. 1st. Sacristans had day cleaning the silver.
Oct. 4th. J. Langton out of quarantine.
Oct. 11th. J. Dix out of quarantine.
Oct. 13th. Bishops arrived for their meeting, postponed from a fortnight ago because of the railway strike.
Oct. 14th. Jas. Hardy diagnosed with measles.
Oct. 15th. Cadet Corps abandoned on instructions from Rome.
Oct. 16th. President authorised by Bishops to allow smoking for higher Bounds on certain conditions.
Oct. 17th. Benediction at 8.30 because of a shortage of gas.
Oct. 23rd. Boys reminded of the necessity of reasonable thanksgiving after Holy Communion.
Oct. 24th. Second case of measles, Eric Coudron. Several boys now in infirmary, and colds widespread.
Oct. 25th. Sem. play, Dick Whittington, to be attempted, with Mr. Cunningham in general charge and Mr. Kennedy seeing to the music.
Oct. 26th. Dr. Hart confined to bed with feverish cold, Mr. Skehan taking both divisions of Low Figures in his absence.
Oct. 30th. Now eight cases of measles in Sem., and one in College.
Nov. 1st. Breakfast now to be at same time on Sundays and holy days as on ordinary days. Nov. 2nd. Mr. Corbishley ordered by doctor not to say Mass for a fortnight. Mr. Dunne to Sem. in the meantime.
Nov. 11th. Armistice Day: heavy snow. Two minutes’ silence and recollection at 11.00 as requested by the King, then some prayers.
Dec. 4th. Last measles case dismissed from infirmary.
Dec. 5th. Ed. Hodgson appointed Sacristan.
Dec. 15th. Rector gone away for change before Christmas.
Dec. 23rd. Rector returned. Boys going home had left on the 22nd.
Dec. 24th. Usual Christmas Eve – boys to bed after prayers at 5 PM, rising at 9. Dec. 26th. Local boys allowed home for the day.
Dec. 31st. Community Mass in Sem. said by Fr. Wilfrid Fitzgibbon, visiting.
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UC/AA6/4/29   1 January - 30 December 1920
Jan. 1st. Low Mass said by President at 10, as nobody was available to play organ for High Mass.
Jan. 2nd. Concert and short play in Gymnasium.
Jan. 5th. Private Secretary performed at night. Play in Gym in afternoon.
Jan. 7th. President’s Feast.
Jan. 8th. End of vacation. Mr. Heaney had left: Mr. Skehan now to take Maths, Mr. W. Clifford taking over 2nd division Low Figures. Mr. Blenkin taking place of Mr. Whiteside until his return.
Jan. 9th. Two new boys, A. and W. Lane. L. Barr and A. Macdonald moved up to Low Figures. Sacristans allowed to leave Study Place at 12.30 to remove holly from the chapel.
Jan. 14th. To Newcastle to give lecture, staying at Dunston overnight.
Jan. 18th. Devotions at the Crib, not yet taken down.
Jan. 28th. Mr. McGough away on sick leave, Mr. Blenkin taking charge of II Underlow and Dormitory.
Feb. 8th – 13th. Rector mostly confined to bed by rheumatic pain.
Feb. 11th. Mr. Corbishley went away after hearing of death of his brother Sydney.
Feb. 16th. Rector now in hardly any pain, but right leg lame. Sem. play Whittington & his Cat, repeated on 17th.
Feb. 21st. J. Langton gone home on account of scabies.
Feb. 26th. Mr. McGough returned.
Mar. 1st. Quarant Ore exposition, brief note only.
Mar. 23rd. Lectured in Newcastle.
Mar. 28th. Retreats began: Junior led by Fr. Gordon CSSR, College by Fr. Green OSB.
Mar. 31st – Apr. 29th. The two Lanes gone to see their father, returned from India after several years.
Apr. 2nd. Good Friday. Passion sermon by Fr. Gordon. Apr. 3rd. To Langley Moor to supply for Fr. Parker, who was ill. Apr. 5th. Returned from Langley Moor. Some boys had been away for the week, some others allowed to Durham for the day. Orchestral concert in Hall at 8PM.
May 1st. Neil Grimes diagnosed with scarlet fever – at least six cases already in College. Two more Juniors being watched.
May 4th. Rector began a series of short talks at first prayers, to continue for now on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginning with the Blessed Sacrament, in the hope of improving preparation for and thanksgiving after Holy Communion.
May 10th. Now 10 cases of scarlet fever in College, and 2 juniors.
May 14th. F. Newman died after short illness, malignant scarlet fever.
May 15th. Requiem for F. Newman. Funeral “quite privately” at 3 PM.
May 17th. Great anxiety over M. Ryan (Grammar), whose scarlet fever had struck suddenly as for F. Newman. Local Medical Officer present, advising as much time in open air as possible for all. Contact between College and Sem. to be reduced as far as possible during the outbreak.
May 18th. Death of M. Ryan.
May 19th. Bishop attended to confirm ten boys.
May 20th. Requiem for M. Ryan followed immediately by private burial.
May 26th – 31st. Four more cases of scarlet fever. Several parents now asking for their boys to be sent home for fear of the disease. “Our policy is to allow a truthful state of affairs to be made to parents, but I am stopping alarmist reports & urgent requests”.
June 6th. A nurse, Sr. Dolores, sent to Newcastle for an immediate operation for appendicitis.
June 9th. J. Clarkson to be taken home after two days of seizures, considered epileptic.
June 13th. Preached at Newhouse, on the unveiling of memorial window.
June 14th. Leo Barr returned after long absence through eye trouble.
June 21st. St. Aloysius. President sang High Mass.
June 27th – 28th. M. Thorpe (Grammar) and L. Ferris diagnosed with scarlet fever, more than four weeks since the last case.
June 28th. T. O’Connor went home, having become extremely nervous through scruples.
June 29th. Ordination of five priests at public Low Mass.
June 30th. Playday given at doctor’s suggestion.
July 11th. High Mass, and exposition in honour of B. Oliver Plunket and for peace in Ireland.
July 15th. Last hour off to be given to those who would not receive a third Biggin Day. President related the decision that, when a third round of Biggin Days could not be completed, Sem. rather than Syntax should begin the round.
July 16th. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Enrolled several boys in Brown Scapular.
July 18th. Readings up. Term ending a week early, as scarlet fever had forced the cancellation of Grand Week.
July 20th. Prize Day. High Mass and evening Benediction.
July 21st Boys left. Rector left later in the day.
Sept. 15th. Rector returned.
Sept. 16th. Boys returned. Numbers a little under 100, with High Figures all in Sem..
Sept. 17th. Breakdown of classes: 35 in High Figures under Mr. Whiteside, 34 (probably 1 more to come) in Low Figures under Dr. Hart and Mr. Nathaniel Dunne: 20 in 1st Underlow, master Mr. Fr. McGuinness: 5 (a 6th to come) in 2nd Underlow under Mr. McGough. Maths, Mr. Skehan: French divided between Rev. L. Campbell, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. N. Dunne; Study Place Mr. Meyer. Sept. 20th. Some playfellows going out without the new boys assigned to them. A proclamation against this to be made next year.
Sept. 21st . Retreats began: Dr. Geo. Wheatley taking Juniors.
Sept. 26th. Public ordination.
Sept. 27th. Playday for the Pope, who had sent an autographed message of thanks for an address on the 50th anniversary of Def. of Papal Infallibility. Bishops arrived for their annual meeting.
Sept. 29th. Gerard Collingwood diagnosed with scarlet fever.
Sept. 30th. E. Witherspoon to leave, as he had abandoned thoughts of the priesthood. Oct. 1st. Annual High Mass for health.
Oct. 5th. O. Corboy advanced from 1st Underlow to Low Figs.
Oct. 6th. Rob. Cahy with scarlet fever.
Oct. 7th. Francis Travis to leave – “does not settle down & it would seem that he ought not to have been sent to college” ”.
Oct. 10th. A. Wickwar to leave, as did not want to become a priest.
Oct. 16th. General coal strike began. Aristotes to save fuel – school to begin at 9.30 (Oct. 18th entry) - and night prayers or benediction at 8.30. A. McCabe with scarlet fever.
Oct. 17th. A. Pippet found to have scarlet fever.
Oct. 25th. Double aristote for gas economy on return to normal time. R. Redmond with scarlet fever.
Oct. 31st. A. Coia scarlet fever.
Nov. 2nd. All Souls. Aristotes abandoned for the day, order as in other years.
Nov. 3rd. Jas. Shields moved up to Low Figs..
Nov. 7th. Geof. Kershaw diagnosed with German measles, W. Costello with mumps.
Nov. 11th. Armistice Day. Bell rung at about 10.53 to summon all to the chapel: Litany of Our Lady and De Profundis said. No further study in the morning.
Nov. 22nd. Benediction at 7, concert at 8 PM.
Nov. 28th. Gave instruction, “Honour as feature of Spirit of Ushaw”. Dec. 12th. Instruction on Thoughtlessness, with special reference to Prayers and Holy Communion.
Dec. 14th. Last sacraments given to J. Cullen, in consequence of scarlet fever with danger of meningitis. With disease still raging, many were let home immediately for Christmas.
Dec. 16th. J. Cullen much better, but three new cases of scarlet fever and more of influenza. Parents of boys with ‘flu being told their departure will be delayed. General state of upset & uncertainty.
Dec. 17th. Senior house emptying fast through early Christmas departures to avoid sicknesses. Divines’ exams cancelled by President.
Dec. 20th. General departure of remaining lay boys. Fewer than 20 remaining in Sem., but many in Infirmary.
Dec. 21st. Kept busy making arrangements for early departures of healthy boys and delayed departures for the sick.
Dec. 22nd. Rector left for Christmas. A few boys were still at Ushaw waiting for journey money, and the two Lane boys could not go back to Ireland in view of the state of the country.
Dec. 30th. Rector returned. 12 students in residence including the Lanes, Infirmary now empty, 6 convalescents in Sanatorium.
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UC/AA6/4/30   1 January - 30 December 1921
Jan. 1st. Rector to act as chaplain at the Sanatorium on Sundays and holidays.
Jan. 11th. Boys returned, but many still away, and three, W. Coghlan, A. Parkinson and A. Smith, had gone down with scarlet fever during the vacation.
Jan. 12th. President’s Feast. Newcomer G. Storey.
Jan. 17th. The two divisions of Low Figs. to be united under Dr. Hart. Mr. N. Dunne now taking French for the whole sem..
Jan. 28th. Greek playday. Death of Archbishop of Liverpool.
Feb. 1st. J. Moore arrived, new boy from Stanley.
Feb. 2nd. Feast of Purification. Ceremony 8.30 – 10.05, shorter than usual because of Gregorian Mass.
Feb. 7th. Cock Vacation. College play The Magistrate, repeated on 8th.
Feb. 9th. To bed with bronchial cold.
Feb. 12th. Gradual recovery, but contact with boys limited in view of risk of infection.
Feb. 14th. Usual Quarant Ore exposition in St. Aloysius’.
Feb. 21st. E. Laverty gone home on death of his brother – returned March 5th. Half playday as promised by President for when Divines’ exams were finished.
Mar. 5th F. Fitzpatrick scarlet fever.
Mar. 19th. To Langley Moor for confessions and Mass the next day.
Mar. 20th. Start of retreats. Juniors led by Fr. McCabe CSSR, College by Fr. Crank.
Mar. 28th. Several boys gone away for the week after Easter.
Apr. 5th. Transferred Feast of St. Cuthbert.
Apr. 6th. St. Cuthbert’s playday. Requiem at 8.30 for Mgr. Corbishley.
Apr. 8th. Students allowed out of school from 9.50 to 10.15 to view the solar eclipse.
Apr. 11th. Studies off given in afternoon, as fires were out on account of strike and the house “bitterly cold”.
Apr. 19th. Gas turned off through the house because of continuing coal shortage. Apr. 28th. Gerard Collingwood appointed Sacristan.
May 1st. Rogation Sunday: procession at 8.30 with President assisting. Rosary to said each day for Ireland.
May 4th. Return to normal times for supper etc..
May 11th. Order for Feast of SS. Bassus and Fabius.
May 14th. Rector to Whitby to see his brother, who had been there since April 27th through ill health. Returned to Ushaw on 17th.
May 29th. President considered Rector’s brother’s health too uncertain for him to continue as Prefect. Considering moving Mr. Baybutt from Sem. to College and appointing new Sem. Prefect, probably Mr. Gracey. June 3rd. President to make arrangements for Mr. Gracey’s early ordination, to allow immediate change of Prefects.
June 6th – 8th. Rector to Whitby to see his brother and discuss his future plans in view of loss of Ushaw duties.
June 18th. Mr. Baybutt commenced College duties. Mr. Gracey to be Sem. Prefect from the 20th. June 19th. Mr. Jos. Marshall, Mr. Gracey and Mr. McLeary privately ordained by Bishop.
June 20th. Mr. Gracey said first Mass and took up duties of Sem. Prefect. Playday given.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, sung Mass by President. Playday on 22nd.
June 23rd. Going home day set at July 14th on account of the coal strike.
June 24th. Gerard Storey taken home with appendix trouble. June 26th. Return day to be Sept. 8th, allowing exactly eight weeks for the vacation.
July 4th. Start of examinations.
July 11th. St. Cuthbert’s Soc. Council met. Exams ended in the morning: afternoon off given.
July 12th. President agreed to Dr. Hart’s earnest request to be allowed to go on mission. “Reading up” at 12. July 13th. Bishop could not attend, so President sung High Mass and distributed prizes.
July 14th. Boys left. Rector staying until 18th. “Very tired”.
Sept. 7th. Rector returned.
Sept. 8th. Boys returned. New appointments: Mr. Meyer Sacristan, Mr. Bibby Dormitory, N. Dunne Sub-prefect.
Sept. 9th. 2nd Underlow to be abandoned, as it would only have contained two boys. Responsibilities: High Figures Mr. Whiteside, Low Figs. Mr. Bibby, Underlow Mr. McGuinness, Maths Mr. O. Whitaker, French Mr. N. Dunne, Study Place Mr. Meyer.
Sept. 10th. Arranged with President that Mr. Kennedy, to be Bounds Master and responsible for singing, would receive a vacant room. Rector gave all his penitents opportunity of confession, as he was leaving for Preston until the 15th, to be the MC at consecration of English Martyrs’ Church there.
Sept. 15th. Rector returned at night.
Sept. 16th. Robert Preston diagnosed with diphtheria.
Sept. 20th. Retreats began. Sem. led by Fr. Jas. Nicholson SJ, College by Fr. Jos. Davidson CSSR.
Sept. 28th. Arrival of Bishops for annual meeting, excepting Salford who was ill.
Sept. 30th. Playday in honour of the new Archbishop of Liverpool.
Oct. 2nd. Rector to look after Mgr. Broadhead’s work while he took vacation.
Oct. 3rd – 5th. . President decided Underlow should be divided again, requiring Mr. C. Cronin to return from College to be responsible for the second division, taking the room of Mr. Kennedy who would be moved into a small empty room.
Oct. 9th. Mr. Douglas Beaufort gave an entertainment in the Hall.
Oct. 17th. Whole house in front ambulacrum to welcome Cardinal Bourne, who gave an address in Hall and assisted at Benediction.
Oct. 18th. Cardinal Bourne said Mass for the Sem. boys, and left at 10 AM, with all assembled to see him off.
Oct. 24th. Mr. Whiteside to London to sit for his BA.
Nov. 2nd. All Souls’ Day arrangements as last year. Mgr. Broadhead returned, but went straight to bed with an attack of phlebitis: Rector to continue doing his work.
Nov. 3rd. President read Rector a letter from Dr. French, relating real danger in Procurator’s condition.
Nov. 11th. Juniors out on the pond for most of the morning, after several days of frost.
Nov. 27th. Gave instruction against hurrying away after Holy Communion.
Dec. 4th. Started public prayers for Mgr. Broadhead after a very bad report on his condition.
Dec. 5th. Mgr. Broadhead received Last Sacraments. Much better report on him later in the day.
Dec. 9th. Playday for Irish peace, “tho’ this seems far from certain”.
Dec. 20th – 21st. A few early Christmas departures, including three Irish boys.
Dec. 22nd. Lay boys went home.
Dec. 24th – 26th. Usual Christmas schedule. Rector at Ushaw until the 30th.
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UC/AA6/4/31   12 January - 25 December 1922
Jan. 12th. Rector returned from Preston.
Jan. 16th. Return day. Carts sent to meet trains at Ushaw Moor and Aldin Grange, as thick snow kept buses off the roads.
Jan. 17th. Many boys still not arrived. ‘Flu raging in some parts of the country.
Jan. 18th. First morning of skating, but with frequent falls of snow.
Jan. 20th. Cuthbert Archard and Cuthbert Duffy with ‘flu. News received of the Pope’s grave illness.
Jan. 23rd. Now several cases of ‘flu, but none serious. Confirmation received that Pope Benedict XV died on the morning of the 22nd.
Jan. 24th. Requiem for the Pope. Still some boys returning.
Jan. 25th. ‘Flu cases beginning to leave the Infirmary.
Jan. 27th. Performance of A Pair of Spectacles.
Feb. 2nd. Purification: ceremony 8.30 to 10.15. Study, but no school.
Feb. 5th. Spoke on Confraternity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and took down many names for membership.
Feb. 14th. E. Scallon went home, as mother dying.
Feb. 27th. Cock Vac. Abraham Lincoln performed.
Feb. 28th. Shrove Tuesday: boys rose at 6.50 for Mass at 7.10. Play repeated at night. E. Scallon returned.
Mar. 3rd. S. Gilroy left.
Mar. 5th – 7th. Quarant Ore observed. Instruction given on 5th, exposition in Sem. on 6th.
Mar. 10th. A. Parkinson left.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Playday, with High Mass at 8.30. Beginning of Cat. Mar. 20th. Morning like an Aristote, as Summer Time began.
Apr. 9th. Palm Sunday. Retreats began: Rev. R. O. Bilsborrow taking Juniors, Fr. Evans CSSR in College.
Apr. 13th. Retreat ended in usual way. Blessing of Holy Oils.
Apr. 17th. 18 boys left for the week after Easter, A. Gray permanently.
Apr. 20th. Rector to College for Community Mass, as President had bad cold and others were away.
Apr. 25th Asking Down. A. Kirkby advanced from Underlow to Low Figs.
Apr. 30th. Cuthbert Duffy appointed Sacristan. Arranged for Life of General de Souis to be read at first prayers.
May 3rd. President’s Feast.
May 11th. Feast of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Visit to relics before Mass.
May 28th. All day Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament by order of the Pope, in union with Eucharistic Congress in Rome. Procession in Sem. at night.
May 29th – June 1st. Rector to St. Edmunds to represent President at Conference of Catholic Colleges.
June 7th. Surprise playday given, 10 until 7, at request of Cardinal Merry del Val, received through C. Walmsley, Censor, having attended the Eucharistic Congress in Rome.
June 19th. Anniversary of Dedication of St. Cuthbert’s. Decision taken after many years of uncertainty not to keep this feast in the Junior House, rather taking the feast of St. Aloysius as titular.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. High Mass sung by President, Mr. Corbishley in charge of music.
July 8th. Mr. Meyer entered retreat for ordination. Mr. Blenkin given Study Place for rest of year, and care of Sacristy from the 15th when Mr. Meyer leaves.
July 10th. Vincent Foley gone home.
July 15th. Departure of Mr. Meyer, for ordination next day at Mill Hill.
July 16th. 50 boys enrolled in Brown Scapular, and their names sent off.
July 27th. General departure. Rector also left to begin vacation.
Sept. 16th. End of vacation. Appointments: Mr. J. Quin - Dormitory, Mr. N. Dunne – Sub-Prefect, Mr. Bibby – Sacristan.
Sept. 17th. Letters at noon. 23 new boys examined: two divisions of Low Figures would be needed. Only 12 new boys for 1st Underlow.
Sept. 18th. Arrangements completed: 4 of last year’s boys staying in 1 Underlow. Full appointments: High Figs. Mr. J. Quin, Low Figs. I Mr. Bibby, Low Figs. II Mr. Roskell, Underlow I Mr. Hickey, Underlow II Mr.Burrow, Maths Mr. O. Whitaker, French Mr. N. Dunne, Study Place Mr. R. Corboy. Sept. 19th. Retreats: Canon Burton in Sem., Fr. John Hary OSFC in College.
Sept. 22nd. Stations of Cross substituted for visit to Relics by Rector, to give better opportunity for confessions. Five old boys still not back at Ushaw, and one new boy delayed by sickness.
Sept. 23rd. End of junior retreat.
Sept. 24th. Ordinations at Ushaw. Rector at Ushaw Moor as supply.
Sept. 25th. Arrival of bishops, except Middlesbrough, for their annual meeting. W. Malone (High Figures) made Sacristan.
Oct. 9th. G. Wearden advanced to High Figures.
Oct. 15th. Began giving sermons to the maids.
Oct. 17th. New boy, A. Moran, arrived from Leeds.
Oct. 18th. Return of A. McCabe after sickness.
Oct. 27th. Several boys to Infirmary with bad throats and in some cases sickness. Thomas Ethrington proved to have scarlet fever, the beginning of an outbreak.
Oct. 29th. John Mitchel confirmed with scarlet fever on 28th Oct. 31st. B. Smith and C. Wilkinson with scarlet fever.
Nov. 8th J. Catterall scarlet fever.
Nov. 11th. David Quinlan to Infirmary with scarlet fever, the seventh case. Second nurse sent for, as the nursing sister was confined to bed with rheumatism and high temperature. Visits of brothers from College suspended.
Nov. 12th. Sister severely ill, and given last sacraments. J. Lawler (Poetry) thought ot have acute mastoid trouble.
Nov. 13th. Death of Sister Peter. J. Lawler removed to Newcastle by ambulance. Two new nurses met at Durham by Rector.
Nov. 14th. Sarsfield Kenny and Mr. Hickey with scarlet fever.
Nov. 15th. Requiem and funeral of Sister Peter. Boys sent to country while Sem. was fumigated – lost their way and came back very late.
Nov. 17th. G. Storey confirmed with scarlet fever – now 6 cases at Sanatorium, 5 in Infirmary.
Nov. 21st. A. Pippet with pleurisy.
Nov. 22nd. Concert in Hall at 8PM.
Nov. 27th. Death of Sarsfield Kenny following severe nasal haemorrhage.
Nov. 28th – 29th. Rector taking care of Mr. and Mrs. Kenny, arrived from Dunfermline
Nov. 30th. Body of Sarsfield Kenny taken home for burial after requiem at Ushaw.
Dec. 1st. Playday given, “nominally for Bp. Dobson who was consecrated yesterday, but more, perhaps, as a tonic”.
Dec. 3rd. H. Berry with scarlet fever.
Dec. 9th. Playday given for Sir Mark Sheldon, staying at Ushaw.
Dec. 11th. Five former scarlet fever patients left for home.
Dec. 14th – 15th. Rector to Dunfermline, taking S. Kenny’s possessions.
Dec. 21st. Lay boys went home, also Jas. Lawler who was in poor health.
Dec. 23rd. D. Quinlan, J. Ruddy and Mr. Hickey left for home after scarlet fever. Dec. 24th. Boys to bed at 5.20 PM without prayers.
Dec. 25th. Boys called at 9.30 rather than 9.00 as usual on Christmas Day.
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UC/AA6/4/32   15 January - 26 December 1923
Jan. 15th. Rector back from vacation. Mr. Gracey in bed in College since Christmas, so unable to resume his work for some time.
Jan. 16th. Return of boys, but several absentees, including Mr. Hickey. Five new boys, including John Graham, “not a Catholic but his parents are very willing that he should be instructed & received into the Church”.
Jan. 17th. Mr. Cronin to take charge of Underlow until return of Mr. Hickey.
Jan. 20th. A. Pippet back after illness.
Jan. 21st. M. Charlton turned back to Low Figures, and R. Maxwell and D. Ethrington to Underlow. A. Ord moved on to High Figs., and J. Lyons and L. Daly to Low Figs..
Jan. 26th. Spoke at last prayers about Bishop Collins, thought to be dying.
Jan. 31st. Two more Juniors returned, leaving 8 still away.
Feb. 4th. J. Graham turned back to II Underlow.
Feb. 12th, 13th. Daily Aristotes, Pinafore performed at night.
Feb. 19th. Quarant Ore. Exposition on the 19th with visits at 11.30 and 6.40.
Mar. 3rd. Return of Mr. Hickey, kept at home since Christmas by infection in the house.
Mar. 18th. Passion Sunday – instruction by Mr. Corbishley on St. Joseph and St. Cuthbert.
Mar. 19th. A. McCabe went home, on death of his father.
Mar. 24th. Lantern lecture on the Passion given by Fr. Woodlock SJ, who was to give the College retreat.
Mar.25th. Junior retreat led by Fr. Devas SJ.
Mar. 27th. Return of A. McCabe.
Mar. 30th. Good Friday. Passion Sermon, by Fr. Aherne CSSR who was giving retreat to the maids, was so long as to require Tenebrae to be postponed half an hour.
Apr. 1st. N. Irvine’s first Communion. Bishop of Leeds arrived for next day’s ordinations.
Apr. 2nd. Ordinations at 8.30: 2 priests (C. Marshall and A. Slack), 20 Subdeacons, 3 Minors.
Apr. 4th. A. Lane went away to see his parents lately back from India, and J. Linnell returned after being absent since Christmas.
Apr. 9th. E. Carroll back, absent since November.
Apr. 10th. G. Storey returned, Miles Clement arrived.
Apr. 13th. F. Pearson turned back to II Underlow.
Apr. 17th. Admiral Charlton arrived on a visit.
Apr. 18th. President’s Feast.
Apr. 19th. Lantern lecture by Admiral Charlton on the destruction of war material in Germany. He had been responsible for the naval side of the work.
Apr. 20th. Playday for Admiral Charlton at end of his visit. W. Spencer taken to Newcastle Infirmary after breaking his arm in falling from a tree in the Plantation. Mr. Gracey left for three weeks.
Apr. 22nd. J. Graham conditionally baptised, and made first confession.
Apr. 24th. Return of A. Smith after operation for adenoids and tonsil trouble.
May 4th. Rector in bed suffering from tonsillitis. T. Dawson (Low Figs.) starting as Sacristan. W. Spencer back from Newcastle Infirmary.
May 7th. Rector kept to his room, with meals taken to him.
May 9th. Play at night, Ready Money.
May 11th. Return of Mr. Gracey.
May 14th – 17th Conference of Head Masters very successful.
May 23rd. W. Spencer gone home, as arm required special treatment: also H. Denney, needing extensive treatment for his teeth.
June 11th. H. Denney returned.
June 16th. First cases of ringworm diagnosed. Six isolated in Infirmary by the 19th, and a final two more on the 21st.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Parlour breakfast 7.55, President sang High Mass at 8.30.
June 26th. Mgr. Rooney sang a special High Mass in thanksgiving for his Golden Jubilee, kept on the 15th. P. McAloon went home for possible appendicitis operation.
July 5th. Six ringworm cases discharged from Infirmary.
July 24th. A number of boys confirmed by the Bishop of Leeds.
July 26th. Start of vacation.
Sept. 15th. End of vacation. Numbers not high, as almost no boys had been sent by Hexham & Newcastle. Minors: Mr. R. Corboy (Sub-Prefect) to Study Place. High Figures Mr. Quinn and Mr. Rospell: Low Figures & Dormitory Mr. Darragh: I Underlow Mr. Hickey: II Underlow Mr. Burrow (Sacristan). French, Rev. L. Campbell and Rev. A. Gracey.
Sept. 17th. New boys standing at 22, with one more to come. G. Storey not expected back until after Christmas.
Sept. 18th. Retreats began: Rev. G. B. Pippet Juniors, Fr. Dominic (Devas) OSF in College. No deacons in the House, so Benediction to be by a priest alone.
Sept. 22nd. End of Junior retreat, and the third playday for new boys.
Sept. 23rd. Ordinations by the Bishop of Leeds.
Sept. 24th. Bishops arrived for their annual meeting. Playday given for the Prefect General.
Sept. 26th. T. Ethrington appointed Sacristan.
Oct. 11th. Paul Warrington put in isolation with ringworm, upstairs in Infirmary.
Nov. 2nd. As in other years, boys rose at 7AM and heard two Masses.
Nov. 5th. Surprise playday given.
Nov. 25th – 27th. First three skating days of the season.
Dec. 9th – 10th. F. E. Coughlan suffering rheumatic fever: not a serious attack.
Dec. 16th. Juniors to College chapel to hear reading of a long encyclical on St. Francis de Sales.
Dec. 21st. Irish boys left for home after dinner.
Dec. 22nd. Lay boys left.
Dec. 25th. Skating after dinner, then heavy snow.
Dec. 26th. No buses because of condition of the roads, so boys walked to Aldin Grange to catch trains home. Rector left for home.
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UC/AA6/4/33   15 January - 26 December 1924
Jan. 15th. Rector returned to Ushaw.
Jan. 16th. End of vacation. F. E. Coughlan unable to return, Mr. Quinn still away, as were three boys. Gerard Storey back for first time since midsummer vac.
Jan. 20th. Reg. McCurdy advanced to Low Figures.
Jan. 25th. Mr. Quinn back.
Jan. 28th. R. Rickaby and A. McShane returned.
Feb. 9th. News received of death of Bishop Collins. Prayers at 11 for the repose of his soul.
Feb. 14th. Funeral of Bishop Collins. High Mass at 9.30, body arrived shortly after 2 PM. Many clergy attending: Archbishop of Liverpool officiated, assisted by Archbishop of Cardiff, Bishop of Portsmouth, Bishop of Leeds, Bishop Dobson, Bishop Hanlon.
Feb. 15th. Playday given for the Archbishop of Cardiff, who was staying at Ushaw.
Feb. 29th. E. and H. Hewitt left.
Mar. 3rd – 7th. Rector away.
Mar. 6th. Arrival of new boy, Patrick Manley.
Mar. 15th. Month’s Mind for Bishop Collins.
Mar. 19th. Pirates of Penzance, delayed from Cock Vac. by sickness.
Mar. 20th. Feast of St. Cuthbert: High Mass and Benediction. Play in Hall.
Mar. 30th. Rector gave instruction, on Temptation, in place of Mr. Corbishley supplying at Durham.
Apr. 13th. Retreats began, Fr. Woolock (?) SJ in Sem. and Fr. Mays SJ in College.
Apr. 21st. Easter Monday. Bishop of Leeds ordained 6 priests, 2 deacons, 16 subs. H. Backhouse gone home for throat operation.
Apr. 23rd. Around 20 Grammarians occupying Little Dormitory, to allow building work in the East Dormitory. Night Prayers to be at 9.15 henceforth, so that boys would not be disturbed by College members after the dormitory had settled down. Song recital given by Mr. J. Maltby at 8PM.
May 1st. J. Graham gone away at father’s request, to go to Bruges for the procession of the Precious Blood.
May 2nd. Reginald McCurdy appointed Sacristan.
May 3rd. Thos. Ethrington gone home as his father had died. Returned on 10th.
May 4th. Peter McDonald gone away to receive treatment for glandular trouble.
May 6th-9th. Rector away.
May 12th. E. Coughlan returned after rheumatic fever.
May 14th. New boy, Douglas Chapman. J. Graham returned.
May 29th. Rogation Sunday: procession at night, President assisting.
June 1st. No special devotions this month, as decoration work in the Lady Chapel prevented the Sacred Heart picture from occupying its usual place.
June 7th. Usual Eve of Pentecost arrangement: Matins and Lauds 5PM, dinner 6.45.
June 21st. St. Aloysius’ Feast. President sang morning Mass and gave Benediction in evening. “Beautiful weather for the playday”.
June 22nd. Rector began instructing confirmandi.
June 28th. Eight boys confirmed by Bishop Shine. Mr. Wm. Walmsley, visiting, acted as sponsor.
June 29th. 7 priests ordained by Bishop Shine.
July 27th. Sunday of Grand Week.
Sept. 19th. Back at Ushaw. Number of boys to be low, but accommodation well filled as new East Dormitory, scheduled for completion by Sept. 1st, was far from ready. Mr. Cunningham taking Mr. Gracey’s place as Prefect.
Sept. 20th. Boys returned. Tea given to those arriving by 5PM. Minors for the year, Mr. R. Corboy Study Place and sub-Prefect: Mr. Lowrie High Figures: Mr. Darragh Low Figs. and Sacristan: I Underlow Mr. Pownall: II Underlow Mr. Anderson: Maths and Dormitory Mr. Paul Grant: French and Small Dormitory, Mr. Louis Landretti. F. Whiteside appointed Sacristan, as T. Ethrington would not be back for a week.
Sept. 21st. Usual letters 12-1 on first full day back. Divines’ retreat began, conducted by Fr. H. Lucas SJ. Boys numbering 63, with G. Robinson as well as T. Ethrington currently away.
Sept. 23rd – 27th. Sem. retreat, under Rev. J. Corboy.
Sept. 28th. General ordination by Bishop of Leeds.
Sept. 29th. Bishops present for annual meeting.
Oct. 6th. Nothing heard of George Robinson, so he was presumed to have left, reducing junior numbers to 62.
Oct. 15th. J. Dolan found to have scarlet fever.
Oct. 16th. Letters to Mrs. Dolan and to Mr. McDonald re. Peter, whom doctor considered unfit for college life.
Oct. 18th. Peter McDonald gone home to be examined by doctor there.
Oct. 24th. Peter McDonald back at Ushaw with satisfactory written report by doctor.
Nov. 13th. Gerard Brown discovered to have scarlet fever, a second case four weeks after the first.
Nov. 19th. Dr. Beattie found J. Kinsella to have valvular disease of the heart.
Nov. 22nd. P. McDonald gone home for further medical exam.
Nov. 23rd. J. Kinsella suffering acute appendicitis. Given last sacraments and taken to Newcastle for immediate operation, in spite of grave risk because of his heart condition.
Nov. 25th. Visited J. Kinsella in Newcastle, safely through operation.
Nov. 28th. Dermot Donelan with scarlet fever.
Dec. 4th. Speaking by High Figures, very good.
Dec. 5th. Playday given for exercise. F. Anwyll suffering appendicitis, heart affected: taken to hospital for operation.
Dec. 19th. L. Maidens gone home, with pains suggestive of appendicitis.
Dec. 20th. R. Henshaw sent home with unmistakeable appendicitis. Death of Mr. J. Nixon at 10.30 PM.
Dec. 23rd. Requiem and funeral for Mr. Nixon.
Dec. 26th. All gone away. J. Charnley driven to Blackpool by Rector, as considered unfit for travel by train. D. Donelan (scarlet fever) remaining in Sanatorium.
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UC/AA6/4/34   16 January - 26 December 1925
Jan. 16th. Rector returned to Ushaw. Bishop Elect of Hexham and Newcastle present, making his retreat before consecration.
Jan. 17th. Boys returned. Three new boys, but B. Lucas had left. George Robinson back after missing the whole of last quarter. Eleven boys not yet back, largely on account of illness, with only two not accounted for.
Jan. 18th. J. Dolan to go back to Underlow.
Jan. 19th. Playday given for the new Bishop. Higgins turned back from College to Sem..
Jan. 24th. Later return of L. Maidens and J. Malone.
Jan. 27th. Bishop Thorman consecrated at Newcastle. Study continued at Ushaw though most Profs. attended.
Jan. 28th. Around 12 boys down with ‘flu.
Feb. 8th. Gave out rosary tickets, delayed from previous Sunday as many boys were in infirmary with ‘flu. Outbreak now almost over.
Feb. 17th. Austin Healey gone home for health – “seems to have got into a state of nerves & there is no doing any good with him”. Feb. 23rd. Cock Vacation. Play at night, The Purple Mask, repeated on 24th.
Mar. 1st – 3rd. Quarant Ore. Instruction on “Christ living with us” on the 1st., exposition in Sem. on 2nd with visits at 11.30 and 6.45.
Mar. 4th. Exercise playday given. “A very nice day after much bad weather”.
Mar. 16th. Cat struck out.
Mar. 20th. Feast of St. Cuthbert. Bishop Thorman sang Pontifical High Mass, and gave evening Benediction in Sem..
Mar. 31st. J. Walmsley gone home, as mother dangerously ill.
Apr. 2nd. R. Rickaby left, J. Stubbs arrived. Sem. retreat to be started by Dr. Godfrey, as Fr. Bonaventure Meagher unable to come as arranged, and his replacement couldn’t arrive before Monday.
Apr. 4th. Junior Rector told by President to be ready to start College retreat, as the intended giver Fr O’Dea was suffering from bronchitis and might be unable to come.
Apr. 5th. College retreat started by Rector, relieved by Fr. McGuire OP (standing in for Fr. Meagher) on the 6th. Dr. Godfrey gave the entire Sem. retreat.
Apr. 6th. J. Walmsley returned to Ushaw.
Apr. 9th. Brian Wesley left, and James Charnley returned for first time since Christmas.
Apr. 29th. President’s Feast. May 2nd. H. Backhouse appointed Sacristan.
May 14th. General vaccination against smallpox.
May 21st. Several boys suffering from the smallpox vaccination, with high temperatures. Playday given on the 22nd on account of this: 12 boys in infirmary on the 23rd, down to 4 by the 26th.
May 26th. F. Pearson gone home as mother dangerously ill.
June 1st. Spoke on Devotion for June. Altar of the Sacred Heart reluctantly foregone, to avoid danger to decorations of the Lady Chapel.
June 7th. President sang High Mass of thanksgiving on the 66th [or 60th ?] anniversary of his coming to Ushaw. Special dinner for students, Cox & Box performed after supper.
June 8th. Playday for the President’s jubilee. Cox & Box repeated.
June 11th. Corpus Christi, Bishop pontificated.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius, with no High Mass as a Sunday. Chapel decorated as usual.
July 1st. J. Lawler gone home because of bad heart.
July 7th. V. Lee gone home through rheumatism.
July 24th. Large number of boys enrolled in Brown Scapular.
July 28th. A few boys confirmed by Bishop before Mass.
Sept. 18th. Rector returned to Ushaw. Two brothers from Ireland arrived.
Sept. 19th. General return, with over 30 new boys but some absentees.
Sept. 20th. New boys examined: 32 for Sem., with 2 more to come. No 2nd Underlow, so Mr. Anderson not required to be a master. Minors for the year, Mr. R. Corboy Study Place and Sub-prefect: High Figures Mr. Lourie, not yet back from illness: Low Figures and Dormitory Mr. Chew: Underlow Mr. Pownall: Maths Mr. P. Grant; French and Little Dormitory Mr. Louis Landreth. Mr. Cronin in charge of Sacristy.
Sept. 22nd. Retreat began, under Fr. Delany OP.
Sept. 25th. Mr. Gribbin now hearing Sem. confessions, in place of Dr. McCormack who was switched to College.
Sept. 27th. Arrival of Paul de la Riviere. Left “apparently for good” on Oct. 26th.
Sept. 28th. Arrival of Bishops for annual meeting.
Oct. 2nd. Playday for the Bishop of Lancaster.
Oct. 16th. Gerard Corbet left.
Oct. 17th. George Leek left. Dr. Godfrey began hearing Sem. confessions, releasing Mr. Gribbin who became confessor for the maids.
Oct. 24th. James McKenny arrived.
Oct. 27th. F. Pearson went home as his father was dangerously ill.
Nov. 14th. First morning off for skating.
Dec. 6th. Rector gave Conference on Immaculate Conception.
Dec. 22nd. Lay boys went away, a day earlier than usual apparently through a mistake by the President.
Dec. 26th. Boys left as usual.
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UC/AA6/4/35   15 January - 27 December 1926
Jan. 15th. Rector back at Ushaw.
Jan. 16th. Boys returned: some absentees. Thos. McGoldrick back for first time since midsummer.
Jan. 17th. M. Elcock advanced from Low Figs. to High Figs., B. Foley and J. Hughes from Underlow to Low Figs..
Jan. 23rd. Leo Kelly returned.
Jan. 30th. Gordon Redington returned.
Feb. 1st. L. Sharratt returned.
Feb. 4th. J. McKenna returned.
Feb. 15th. Cock Vacation: The Mikado performed. Repeated on 16th.
Feb. 21st. 23rd. Quarant Ore observed as usual, with exposition in Sem. on the 22nd.
Feb. 24th. President gave an exercise playday.
Mar. 16th. Cat struck out in afternoon.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Feast and playday.
Mar. 21st. Passion Sunday. Rector gave instruction on Hearing Mass.
Mar. 28th. Palm Sunday. Bishop present to bless palms. Retreats began: Fr. Boyle CSSR in College, Fr. Leach CSSR in Sem..
Apr. 2nd. Passion sermon by Fr. Boyle.
Apr. 4th. Address given by Fr. Leach at Community Mass in Sem..
Apr. 21st. President’s Feast. May 1st. Beginning of May devotions. Fr. Morris’ lecture on English Martyrs to be read at first prayers.
May 6th. Influenza outbreak in College had arrived in Sem.. Mr. Chew among the cases.
May 7th. Small Dormitory cleared to accommodate ‘flu cases as Infirmary was full.
May 8th. ‘Flu beginning to wane.
May 11th. Visit to relics of Sts. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina with Benediction at 6.50. There had been no visit before Mass, because of Rogation Litanies.
May 24th. Death of David Hennessy (High Phils.) of heart failure after four days’ illness. Anointed by Rector, sickness prevented his receiving Viaticum. Dirge at 6.30 on 25th, Requiem on 26th.
June 2nd. John Walmsley gone home with appendix trouble.
June 7th. Mgr. Broadhead gone away for holiday, Rector in charge in his absence.
June 12th. D. Bankes went home as father ill.
June 18th. Sem. Sacristans’ cleaning day. Preparations on 19th for Feast of St. Aloysius.
June 20th. Feast of St. Aloysius. Bishop sang High Mass, President gave evening Benediction.
June 25th. Wilfrid Rigby (Grammar) died at a Durham nursing home, where he had gone on night of the need of operation for appendicitis and peritonitis.
June 26th. Body of W. Rigby returned to Ushaw, received by Divines and placed in Oratory.
June 28th. Funeral of W. Rigby. Studies off for morning and until 6 PM.
July 12th. Return of Denis Bankes.
July 14th. M. Pigott went away.
July 16th. T. and J. Dolan went away.
July 25th Grand Week Sunday.
July 29th. Vacation began.
Sept. 17th. Rector returned. 41 new boys for Junior House, making 86 in all.
Sept. 18th. Boys returned.
Sept. 19th. 39 new boys after examination, so total of Juniors was 84. Some College boys sleeping in Junior dormitory.
Sept. 20th. Minors for the year: Mr. Darragh, Study Place and Sub-prefect. High Figures Mr. Lourie, Low Figures Mr. Chew. Mr. Pownall I Underlow, Mr. Greenwood II Underlow, Mr. P. Grant Maths, Mr. O. Curry French. Mr. Burrow, Sacristan, given the little room.
Sept. 21st. Retreats began. Juniors Fr. Wilmot SJ, College Fr. Jagger [?] SJ.
Sept. 26th. General ordination.
Sept. 29th. Arrival of Bishops for their annual meeting. Date changed because of Catholic Congress at Manchester.
Oct. 1st. Playday for Bishop Henshaw, visiting for first time since his consecration.
Oct. 3rd. Changed daily schedule, introducing tea for all. Weekdays: study until 12.50, dinner at 1, schools from 3 until 4.45, tea 4.45, study 5.15 to 7. Sundays dinner still at 1.10, but Vespers at 3.30, tea 4.30. Parlour dinner to be 5.30 every day.
Oct. 8th. Introduced porridge at breakfast.
Oct. 27th. Playday for visit of the Bishop of Menevia.
Nov. 3rd. Rector to bed with influenza.
Nov. 9th. Rector recovering, went to Parlour for lunch after days in bed and in own room.
Nov. 22nd. St. Cecilia’s Day. Benediction in Sem. at 7 PM, concert by Divines at 8.
Nov. 28th. Mr. Adamson began saying Mass in Sem. in place of Mr. Dunne.
Dec. 1st. Playday honouring Bishop Hinsley, consecrated the day before in Rome.
Dec. 8th. Usual procession in Sem. on Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Dec. 16th. Lantern lecture on SS. Aloysius and Stanislaus given by Fr. Martindale.
Dec. 23rd. Departure of lay boys.
Dec. 27th. All went away.
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UC/AA6/4/36   17 January - 26 December 1927
Jan. 17th. End of vacation. Mr. Chew and several boys not back yet.
Jan. 18th. Morgan Sweeney and Ralph Malone advanced to High Figs., Hugh Welch dropped to Low Figs..
Jan. 19th. Lantern lecture in Hall at 8 PM: another on the 20th.
Feb. 6th. Play performed in the Hall, until nearly 10.30. Rector arranged that bell next morning should not be rung until 6.45.
Feb. 9th. Requiem for Bishop Collins. Return of J. Charnley.
Feb. 12th. Return of Mr. Chew.
Feb. 28th. Mountebanks performed at night, repeated March 1st.
Mar. 1st. Return of J. McKenny, absent since Christmas through appendicitis.
Mar. 2nd. Ash Wednesday. Bishop blessed ashes at 10, service ended by 11.30.
Mar. 6th – 8th. Quarant Ore. Exposition in Sem. on 7th, Rector gave instruction on 6th and sang Mass of Reposition on 8th.
Mar. 13th. Instruction by Rector on Uncertainty of Life.
Mar. 14th. Feast of Dedication of St. Cuthbert’s, returned this year to the date originally fixed rather than the actual anniversary. Resumed observing the feast in Sem. on President’s decision, after a few years in which it was not kept there on account of St. Aloysius being regarded as their titular.
Apr. 10th. Palm Sunday. Beginning of Summer Time, rising now at 7. Bishop blessed palms. Retreats began, led by Fr. Cheeseman CSSR in Sem., Fr. Bradley CSSR in College.
Apr. 14th. End of Junior retreat.
Apr. 15th. Passion sermon by Fr. Bradley.
Apr. 16th – 19th. Rector away at Whitby.
Apr. 20th. W. Lupton left. J. McKenny appointed Sacristan in his place.
Apr. 23rd. Return of D. Waugh and of J. Hughes, away since Christmas.
Apr. 24th. Joe Scott, staying at Ushaw for a few days, gave an address in Hall after supper “Quite wonderful”.
Apr. 27th. Playday given in honour of Joe Scott.
Apr. 30th. Paul Armstrong arrived. Douglas Chapman appointed Sacristan.
May 2nd. Beginning of May devotions. St. Alphonsus’ Month of May to be read in first prayers in Sem..
May 4th. President’s Feast.
May 11th. Octave of Solemnity of St. Joseph took precedence over SS. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Usual devotions before Mass, but nothing in evening.
May 16th – 19th. Rector travelled to Oxford to represent the President at the Conference of Catholic Colleges.
May 29th. Procession at night – Mgr. Broadhead.
June 4th – 6th. Rector gone to Preston.
June 21st. President unwell, so Rector sang Mass for St. Aloysius’ Day.
June 28th. Last hour off for cricket match. Boys to bed early, after prayers at 8.40, to allow early rising to view eclipse. June 29th. Boys rose at 5.45 in time for eclipse at 6.24. Too cloudy for a good view.
June 30th. President approved the last hour off for High Figs., who missed the hour off on the 28th as they were at Biggin.
Sept. 17th. End of vacation. Rector detained in Lancashire.
Sept. 19th. Rector returned. 31 new boys for Sem., of whom one not yet arrived. Minors for the year: Study Place and Sub-prefect Mr. Darragh, High Figs. Mr. Greenwood, Low Figs. Mr. Chew, Underlow Mr. J. McShane, Maths Mr. B. Kershaw, French Mr. Curry. Mr. Burrow remaining in Sem. and acting as Sacristan. No II Underlow.
Sept. 20th – 24th. Junior retreat, led by Fr. Edmund, Capuchin.
Sept. 26th. Playday given in honour of Cardinal Merry del Val, who had visited Ushaw during the vacation. Bishops arrived for their annual meeting, leaving on the 28th.
Sept. 30th. Rector began instructions with Underlow, after dropping Apologetics with Syntax. He felt a need to be brought into closer touch with boys in the Sem., particularly at the start of their time at Ushaw.
Oct. 11th. Return of Terence McAloon, delayed by adenoid trouble.
Oct. 17th. Rector called home, as his father had died.
Oct. 21st. Rector back at Ushaw. Two new boys, Noel Donelan and Desmond O’Brien.
Nov. 27th. Rector gave instruction on Obedience.
Nov. 28th. Playday given for exercise.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Procession at night, President assisting.
Dec. 24th. Tea at 4.30, prayers at 5 before bed.
Dec. 26th. All went away.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/37   16 January - 4 November 1928
Jan. 16th End of Christmas vacation. Several boys delayed.
Feb. 1st. Andrew Brett gone home with ear disorder.
Feb. 2nd. Roland Fox pronounced to have German measles.
Feb. 3rd. Wilfrid Fee also with measles: 2 other suspected cases.
Feb. 5th. Morgan Sweeney (Grammar) with measles. Two further cases later in the month.
Feb. 6th. Leo Holleson returned after broken arm.
Feb. 17th. Rehearsal of Sem. play, Puss in Boots.
Feb. 20th. Cock Vacation: Sem. play, “very successful”. Repeated next evening.
Feb. 25th. P. Armstrong last measles case to leave the Sanatorium.
Feb. 26th. Instruction by Rector at beginning of Quarant’ Ore. Usual exposition on the 27th.
Mar. 2nd. Rector took John McGregor home to Gosforth, to have arm X-rayed after a fall in the gym.
Mar. 8th. Sydney Breen gone home because of knee trouble. J. McGregor back at Ushaw.
Mar. 12th. Noel Donelan with measles.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s. Bishop sang High Mass.
Mar. 26th. Sem. began Cat. College delayed as rings were not ready.
Mar. 29th. J. Connor in Infirmary with heart trouble, needing to be kept quite still. Declared to be in a very dangerous condition by doctor on the 30th, and given Last Sacraments.
Apr. 1st. Retreats began: Fr. Geddes SJ in College, Fr. W. Davis SJ in Sem.. J. Connor with rheumatic fever, but in general no worse.
Apr. 3rd. Horarium for the retreat revised. Main change was to move Stations to 4.30, omitting visit to relics and leaving 10AM free.
Apr. 5th. Mr. Greenwood’s place taken by Mr. Lowrie. N. Doullan gone away for Easter.
Apr. 6th. Good Friday. Passion sermon preached by Fr. Davis.
Apr. 9th. Ordinations. Boys allowed to visit Durham with relatives.
Apr. 14th. L. Masterson returned, away since Christmas through sickness: also O. Clement.
Apr. 21st. Andrew Brett returned.
Apr. 25th. President’s Feast. Breakfast at 9AM.
May 1st. J. Fox appointed Sacristan.
May 2nd. Morris’ The English Martyrs to be read at 1st prayers.
May 11th. Feast of SS. Bassus, Fabius and Lucina. Ordered that relics be left exposed all day.
May 21st. Rector to Manchester for Conference of Catholic Colleges. Returned on 24th. May 28th. Entertainment in Hall, The Diletective, repeated on 29th.
June 6th. Bishop confirmed Norbert Manly and Noel Donelan.
June 8th. The Memorial Chapels consecrated by the Bishop, in private.
July 22nd. Grand Week Sunday, with public ordination.
July 26th. Start of vacation.
Aug. 7th. Returned to Ushaw because of Mgr. Broadhead’s illness. President away for holiday.
Aug. 24th. Mgr. Broadhead distinctly worse: Dr. Parkin said there was heart trouble, his condition serious but not immediately dangerous. Wired for two nursing sisters and wrote to President.
Aug. 28th. President returned.
Aug. 29th. Better report on Mgr. Broadhead from Dr. Parkin. President decided that Rector should drop Dogma to be free to help Mgr. Broadhead in future. Bishop visited and stayed for dinner, and agreed to R. Delaney’s return to Ushaw.
Sep. 12th. Mgr. Broadhead up for first time since illness began.
Sep. 15th. Students returned, total number on the books now 349. Mr. Gerard Corboy now given extra room near the Library. Low Figs. passed to Mr. O. Corboy, while Mr. Chew took the little room with responsibilities of Sacristan. Other Minors as last year. Dormitory. Mr. O. Corboy.
Sep. 16th. Juniors now numbering 84.
Sep. 18th. Beginning of retreats. Rev. Hayes of Crook in Sem., Canon Knuckey in College.
Sep. 21st. Mgr. Broadhead’s progress fairly satisfactory, but Dr. Parkin advised that he should not leave his room.
Sep. 23rd. Ordination of 3 subdeacons and 15 deacons.
Sep. 24th. Bishops’ meeting, without Bishop Lacy. Newly consecrated Archbishop of Liverpool brought Mgr McMahon of New York and Major Vaughan.
Sep. 25th. President abolished Askings Down. He himself would grant Studies-off from time to time.
Sep. 26th. Departure of the bishops. Playday given for the Archbishop of Liverpool.
Oct. 1st.. Rector went away for a vacation.
Oct. 26th. Rector returned to Ushaw. Desmond O’Brien ill with pneumonia. T. McAloon had left, and Olsen been turned back from Grammar to Sem..
Oct. 27th. D. O’Brien’s parents staying at Sanatorium.
Oct. 28th. Graham Bush turned back to Underlow.
Nov. 2nd. D. O’Brien doing markedly better after grave concern for him.
Nov. 4th. Rector gave out Rosary tickets at 12. To keep to this time in future, as 9 was not always possible. Final entry for 1928.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/38   15 January - 6 April 1930
Jan. 15th. Returned from Cambridge. Gribbin in bed after throat operation.
Jan. 16th. Boys returned, but many delayed by fog, P. & A. Storey by whooping cough at home.
Jan. 18th. Mr. Bonney began hearing Sem. confessions in place of Dr. Godfrey, now College confessor. Rare visit by President to Smoke Room. New bus service started on Top Road.
Jan. 21st. Paul Armstrong, Low Figures, “ran home” to Newcastle. Mother telephoned to explain.
Jan. 22nd. Paul Armstrong brought back: had walked to Durham and taken train to Newcastle. Punished at his mother’s request.
Jan. 29th. Greek Playday. High Figs. 4 – Low Figs. 0.
Feb. 1st. Death of Canon Newsham of St. Mary’s, Newcastle. Blackfriars Magazine and the Illustrated London News introduced into Smoke Room. Vice President anxious about conforming to new Holy Communion regulations: thought rails would be needed in St. Cuthbert’s, St. Joseph’s and St. Aloysius’.
Feb. 10th. Mgr. Joe McCormack appointed Ministrator of St. Mary’s Newcastle.
Mar. 3rd, 4th. Sem. play Blue Beard, “Everyone seemed delighted… Mr. Crosse played the piano & paid great compliments to the orchestra and boys”.
Mar. 8th. P. Donnelly returned from Newcastle after operation on mastoid. “Wonderfully quick (2 wks). Seems quite well”.
Mar. 9th – 11th. Quarant’ Ore, More notes than usual on the ceremonies and timings.
Apr. 6th. Passion Sunday. “Ceremony did not end until 12.55 (Coram).” Final entry in the 1930 Diary.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/39   2 January - 31 December 1937
Memoranda – three closely written pages of notes before the start of the diary proper, under several headings (Gratuities, Nurses, Grand Week, Clergy Retreat, Phils. Feast, Divines Feast.
Jan. 2nd. Mild weather: boilers cleaned. Fires lit in boilers and heating resumed on the 3rd.
Jan. 4th. Liam Moreland gone home, after being in Infirmary since Dec. 22nd.
Jan. 5th. Housekeeper returned. News of Mgr. McCormack’s appointment as Bishop.
Jan. 6th. Wrote and sent article on the new bishop in response to telephoned request from The Tablet.
Jan. 7th. Failed washing machine examined. P. Seed phoned insurance and manufacturers (Vulcan), replacement part to be sent next day.
Jan. 9th. Students returned, but a number missing through sickness. Washing machine repair completed in evening.
Jan. 10th. Mr. Corboy in bed with ‘flu. Rector explained to President the need for systematic office help. This to be provided by Dr. Gowland.
Jan. 11th. Departure of Sr. M. Rock and Rector’s sister, arrival of Sr. Attracta.
Jan. 12th.. To Newcastle to discuss matters of tax, first with Fr. Johnson at Chester-le-Street then with Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Mulcahy. Mr. W. Clifford and Mr. Malone with ‘flu.
Jan. 14th. Back to Newcastle to visit solicitors etc.. ‘Flu patients getting better.
Jan. 16th. Mr. P. Cleary (Infirmarian) went home, after stay at the Minories for cartilage operation.
Jan. 19th. Went to Ebchester re. tax on loan interest.
Jan. 20th. President’s Feast. Farm estimated to provide 300 lbs. turkey: bought 150 lbs. further from Bainbridges. Supplies ample. 2 oranges, 2 apples, 1 banana each. Dinner 2 PM, with cold trifle as second course. Some difficulties as a number of maids were ill.
Jan. 22nd. T.McCormack sent to Durham for X-ray of shoulder injury. Dislocation revealed, immobilized for three weeks.
Jan. 27th. Took Mr. Greenwood to Minories for an X-ray regarding suspected kidney stone, after he had begged to avoid the original intention of his going to Mr. Gilmour’s home for the scan. 28th – no stone found.
Jan. 29th. To Durham with President, Vice-President and Mr. Gowland to make tax declarations regarding properties and investments.
Jan. 30th. Mr. E. Oldmeadow arrived for a two day visit. Infirmarian Mr. Cleary returned to Ushaw.
Feb. 2nd. Mr Greenwood’s left kidney found affected. Right kidney’s condition needed to be known before any action.
Feb. 3rd. Revs. V. O’Shaughnessy, G. Griffin, B. Bleasdale and Mr.J. Duckett arrived in advance of consecration.
Feb. 4th. Bishop McCormack consecrated at Newcastle, with most Profs. attending. President stayed for dinner at Mansion House.
Feb. 6th. Further examination to be made of Mr. Greenwood’s right kidney: no immediate operation on left. V. Hurson to go to Durham for X-ray of ankle: probably a broken bone. Two girls gone home ill, one with probable appendicitis.
Feb. 7th. Kitchen difficulties, with the chef wanting to give notice.
Feb. 8th. Sem. play Puss in Boots, repeated on 9th with Bishop present. Further tests on Mr. Greenwood showed right kidney was worse than left, so no question of an operation.
Feb. 10th. Ash Wednesday: fasting for students, but they would not fast during Lent.
Feb. 11th. Architect Mr. Burke visited to go into several matters, including Dining Room enlargement and improvements to the swimming bath.
Feb. 13th. Hours of work in laundry found too long by Rector. Nothing said to chef about his wish to give in his notice. All maids’ places currently filled.
Feb. 16th. Visited Consett Iron Co. to clear up dividend payment matters. Vincent Whelan returned to Ushaw, after it had been thought that Salford had dropped him because of his deafness.
Feb. 18th. Mr. Greenwood had been told that he should lead a sedentary life, which seemed to rule out his continuing as Prefect. Suggestion of his changing over to teaching.
Feb. 20th. Mr. Greenwood returned, looking “very broken”, and expected to keep to his room for some time.
Feb. 22nd. Mr. Grant with sharp attack of ‘flu.
Feb. 23rd. Complaint made to police re. troublesome young fellows coming along the Back on Saturdays and Sundays when maids are returning.
Feb. 24th. Mr. Corboy with acute rheumatism, for the third time this quarter: currently 5 Profs. laid up.
Feb. 25th. Representatives of H. Walker and Sons looking into possible improvements to Library heating.
Feb. 26th. Mr. Cook present to consider leaks from Swimming Bath: currently empty, several cracks to mend before filling it again. He also reported on royalties, particularly Broom Hall which was almost worked out.
Mar. 1st. To American Consulate in Newcastle re. legal matters arising from the estates of Mgrs. Brown and Broadhead and their stock holdings.
Mar. 2nd. Mr. Moody, solicitor, undertook to resolve the matter of Philadelphia Co. stock holdings. Pair of swans arrived from Liverpool, a gift from Joe Scott. Mar. 5th. Picked up President from Tynemouth, where he had taken lunch with Bishop.
Mar. 7th. Lectured to Big Lads and Phils. on “Ushaw 45 years ago”.
Mar. 8th – 13th. Went for short holiday, leaving Dr. Gowland in charge of office.
Mar. 16th. Continuing difficulties re. maids and domestic arrangements – “we are carrying on somewhat precariously, with a number of substitutes of doubtful capacity”.
Mar. 17th. A party to the Brooms for Dirge of Rev. W. Rickaby, “staunch Ushawman”, found dead in bed on the 15th.
Mar. 18th. Sr. Attracta confined to bed. Sister obtained from Ebchester Convent. Kevin Byrne with temperature 104.5: inflamed gland in neck. Memorandum: Bishop Thomson had previously bought palms for Palm Sunday. This year Rector bought 12 ft. palm for bishop, 24 @ 8ft. for priest, assistant priest, and cutting in three for Profs. and part of stalls, and 400 crosses. Intention to order 32 @ 8ft. in future, to give all in stalls a good sized palm.
Mar. 23rd. Sicknesses continuing, all rooms occupied. Number expected for Conference of Higher Studies next week becoming too large: suggested to President that lists should be closed.
Mar. 26th. Good Friday. General position in Infirmary improving. Fr. Sleigh preached Passion Sermon.
Mar. 30th. Conference of Higher Studies, with 40 attending, and taking their meals in Parlour. Visitors mostly accommodated in new wing, with those displaced sleeping in the dormitories. Seven diphtheria contacts soon to leave Infirmary.
Mar. 31st. Work of the Conference proceeding. Very cold weather, and new fireplace in Reading Room found unequal to keeping it warm.
Apr. 1st. Discussion of the condemnation of five rows of cottages at Ushaw Colliery. Offer from Peases to pay full rent until first four rows are evacuated, then a third rent until the last is evacuated, with an ex-gratia payment of two years’ rent at the end, but with the College responsible for demolition work.
Apr. 3rd. Conference dispersed.
Apr. 4th. Invalids doing well except for Mr. Corboy, and Liam Moreland with TB. Long spell of bad weather making general health worse.
Apr. 6th. Walkers assessing Reading Room with a view to improving its heating. Orders given on 8th. for them to install extra heating in various parts of the House during the vacation.
Apr. 9th – 10th. With Sr. Attracta, took Liam Moreland to Nottingham and gave him into the care of his parents.
Apr. 11th. Ordinations: one for each Minor order, 20 Subdeacons, 4 Deacons.
Apr. 12th. Playday in place of St. Cuthbert’s Day. Gave all an orange and an apple each at dinner. President went to Conference of Catholic Colleges at Downside.
Apr. 13th. Visit by stepfather and two brothers of Mr. Corboy, anxious about his prolonged illness. Dr. Rollin on 18th was satisfied that it was normal rheumatism, with some impairment of the heart.
Apr. 14th. Retrieved large bundle of deeds from Newcastle.
Apr. 15th. Bishop of Leeds and Dr. Duin, Rector of Leeds Seminary, to lunch. Bishop given the deeds of Normanton parish.
Apr. 16th. Fr. Bede Tuohey, lately arrived at Bishop Auckland, came for information on the Bishop Auckland loan. Mr. Burke left plans for dining room enlargement. A maid who left ill on the 15th was found to have scarlet fever.
Apr. 17th. Prof. Hume saw Mr. Corboy, and recommended removal of tonsils once present condition has abated, thinking an infection there was responsible for the persistent rheumatism.
Apr. 18th. Decided that Mr. Burke’s plans for enlargement of the dining room should be carried out in the summer.
Apr. 19th. Peter Jarrett to Minories for operation on neck glands.
Apr. 22nd. Mr. Addison to discuss Cornsay Colliery and Ushaw Colliery village. Fr. Jos. Whitaker, newly in charge of St. Godric’s Durham, visited to discuss his loan.
Apr. 23rd. To Newcastle. Lent £2000 to Convent of Good Shepherd at 4.25% interest.
Apr. 24th. Girl sent home then hospitalised immediately with diphtheria.
Apr. 25th. President down with ‘flu.
Apr. 27th. Visit by Dr. Ellis, St. Nicholas’ Cathedral’s choirmaster, who had been training several Profs. in voice production and Mr. E. Clifford in general choir work.
Apr. 28th. Crowe’s cottage discussed with sanitary inspector at Hill Top.
Apr. 29th. Fr. Raphael Williams OSB arrived to stay a few days. May 1st. W. Rooney, rheumatic fever, returned for first time since Christmas. P. Jarrett returned from Minories after operation. Afternoon studies off for some Divines working on building bonfire.
May 4th. Concerns over the bonfire having developed a list: attempts would be made to correct it. £10,000 to be lent to Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on May 25th, exhausting all available capital. Special arrangements would be needed after this to fund almost £4000 for La Sagesse, Grassendale, on June 1st.
May 5th. Divines Feast. Breakfast of fried egg with bacon, served at usual time.
May 7th. Mr. Corboy to go to Minories on the 10th for removal of tonsils, though the extent of their responsibility for his rheumatism remained unclear.
May 10th. Party of 11 Profs. took an excursion to Fountains, Rievaulx and Bylands as guests of Canon Smith.
May 11th. Kevin Payne gone away to convalesce after long illness.
May 12th. Coronation of King George VI. Dinner required seven “good sized lambs”, served with new potatoes and mint sauce: rhubarb tart, fruit and a glass of port to follow. Fireworks at 9.30, bonfire at 10, supper at 11. Bishop attended. “Great success”: after rain early in the day, evening was dull and cold but dry.
May 13th. Bishop left. Discussed with Addison questions of Ushaw Colliery and proposed demolition order.
May 16th. Whit Sunday. Phils. and Big Lads party game, ended 16-14.
May 17th. Canon T. Chadwick at Ushaw for his annual rook shooting, later than usual as weather had been bad. Heating turned off in the evening.
May 18th. J. Scott broke his collarbone, set by Dr. Dickinson.
May 19th. Enquiry received as to whether Ushaw might sell property in Northgate, Darlington. Mr. Corboy had tonsils removed.
May 22nd. Received income tax refund of £5685. 8s.3d: a further sum thought to be due. Cheque for £2300 sent to Fr. Leavy (Penshaw).
May 24th. Cheque for £10,000 sent to Franciscan Missionary Sisters.
May 25th. Arranged for house at Farm to be pebbledashed, as its brick walls were out of harmony with the Farm buildings. Good profits from the Farm would cover “this little luxury”.
May 27th. Corpus Christ: Bishop sang High Mass. Mr. Anwyll of Darlington advised asking at least £8000 for the Northgate property if it was to be sold.
May 31st. Visited School Camp at Blackhall Rocks with Peter Seed, to examine an automatic dishwasher.
June 1st. Arranged with parents of John Harker to take him home to Newcastle the next day, on account of mental trouble.
June 3rd – 5th. Angela Tobin ill with pneumonia.
June 10th. Began sending urns of tea to the cricket field for players in the course of games, using bakelite cups rather than crockery.
June 11th. Progress made in pebble-dashing the farm house.
June 12th. Three students left for London for BA exams, to return in a fortnight. Given £8. 10s. for expenses, with a further £1 for the head of the party in case of emergencies.
June 14th. Pease & Partners started work on the Pond: “leaking badly for some years… They have never denied liability but have not known what to do”.
June 15th. Fr. Short, friend of Dr. Meagher, arrived for a few days’ stay.
June 16th. President went to Harrogate: Rector travelled with him to Stockton, then visited School Holiday Camp near Redcar to inspect another dishwasher. Unsure if Ushaw could use one to advantage in view of the large number of girls at work here
June 20th. Bishop ordained a deacon and a subdeacon.
June 21st. St. Aloysius’ Day: Rector sang High Mass in Sem. and gave Benediction. Buns for breakfast and new potatoes at dinner.
June 23rd. To Hill Top to discuss byre accommodation at North View with Mr. Addison and sanitary inspector.
June 24th. Full set of rose coloured vestments, “most beautiful”, including three copes and altar frontal, presented by Mr. Stephens. They had been designed by Mr. Bonney and made at Clare Abbey, Darlington.
June 25th. To Newcastle re. carpet for the enlarged dining room. Quoted price for extending the room was £1080, more than expected.
June 26th. The three students (June 12th) returned from London, and gave back the £1 emergency money as their allowance had been sufficient. Jos. Wrangham, tailor, very ill.
June 28th. Death of Jos. Wrangham.
June 30th. Saw Mrs. Wrangham, telling her to take her time over future plans. “Serious trouble” in kitchen, involving charges against the chef. Rector made enquiries and concluded that wild accusations were being made. Was prepared to dismiss the chef immediately, but could not justify such action on the evidence available.
July 1st. Went to Newcastle re. tailoring. Farm worker taken to Durham Hospital after cycling accident.
July 2nd. Burial of Joe Wrangham. Rector drove to Barnard Castle to begin a short holiday.
July 5th. Saw Canon Blackoe at Poulton on business matters, and agreed to take some of his furniture to Ushaw after he resigned his parish, conditional upon his being given facilities to say Mass in the house at Poulton.
July 8th. Heard from Poulton of Canon Blackoe receiving authority for Mass in the house, and that he would shortly resign.
July 12th. Returned to Ushaw. Sadlers were withdrawing their wish to terminate coal lease. Mr. Malone still sick, Mr. Corboy’s return expected next week.
July 13th. Arranged that Frank Goundry (?) would take over the tailor’s shop at a date to be determined. Mrs. Wrangham wished to leave on the 23rd.
July 14th. Discussed several cases with Dr. Rollin, including Vincent Lynch (bad heart). John Corcoran to go home after exams for removal of tonsils. A divine arrived from Oscott to join the ordination retreat starting on the 17th.
July 15th. Discussions with solicitors and architects at Newcastle.
July 16th. Tried to resolve how to do without students helping to wait at dinner in Grand Week.
July 18th. W. Walsh in infirmary since the 14th with quinsy. Doctor punctured his throat in the hope of giving relief.
July 19th. Mr. McGuckin performed emergency tracheotomy on W. Walsh, but he died at 2.15 AM. Mr. Corboy returned to Ushaw, President went away.
July 21st. Dirge for W. Walsh at 6.30. Mrs. Walsh and three daughters arrived and were put up in Infirmary. Photo of all taken after Refectory dinner. Registered death at Lanchester and saw F. Goundry at South Moor.
July 22nd. Requiem and funeral. The Walshes left after an early lunch. Grand Week shopping in Newcastle, and arranged at Birtley for a girl to come to help in the Iinfirmary. Called on Mrs. Wrangham to say goodbye.
July 23rd. Mr. Malone went away after many weeks off work suffering from nerves. All three BA candidates were successful, including a First for Ronald Fox.
July 24th. Bishop arrived for ordination, and some Salford students left for their ordinations. Frank Goundry took over tailor’s shop.
July 25th. Ordination of six priests including one from Oscott.
July 26th. Beginning of Grand Week. Four pots of peas ordered from Newcastle as the supply from the kitchen garden was insufficient. Four extra altars for Masses.
July 27th. Visitor Rev. McShane returned home with suspected diphtheria. Cherries could not be had, so extra strawberries bought from Durham.
July 28th. Dinner went well, with eight waitresses.
July 29th. Students went away, and various works were started immediately. July 30th. received furniture and books from Canon Blackoe.
July 31st. President went away. Hay-making going well.
Aug. 1st. Start of clergy retreat, led by Fr. Myerscough SJ: 99 attending.
Aug. 7th. End of clergy retreat. Screen across dining room allowing most of it to be used during enlargement works.
Aug. 10th. To Newcastle. Saw picture by T. Henry of consecration of Bishop Wilkinson. “Owner asks £50 – much too much”.
Aug. 12th. Small excess of income over expenditure now expected, thanks to Farm profits.
Aug. 13th. Work on heating system getting on: dining room appears behind schedule.
Aug. 14th. Hay nearly all in. Plants and candles arranged before Lady Statue. Party from Tow Law shown round by T. Dunne.
Aug. 15th. Visit by Children of Mary from St. Dominic’s, Newcastle.
Aug. 17th. Arranged for radiators to be fitted to Mortuary wall.
Aug. 20th. Attended requiem for Fr. Jos. Whitaker at St. Godric’s.
Aug. 21st. Rector’s brother Leo, and Richard Winter, arrived for the weekend.
Aug. 23rd. Most maids returned. Visit by Canon and Miss Blackoe. Aug. 24th. Housekeeper and others gone on holiday. Canon Blackoe added £1000 to his fund, from which he would draw £50 per year.
Aug. 31st. Audit. Auditor Canon F. Wilkinson, assistant auditor Canon George Brunner. Canon Pippet and his curate M. McCleary to lunch.
Sept. 4th. Plasterers working in dining room. Much still to be done re. heating pipes, decoration, furnishing and cleaning in the last fortnight.
Sept. 7th. Two boilings of jam: Victorias from garden and damsons, each with apples from the garden.
Sept. 8th. Discovered that dining room fireplace had been fixed in wrong place, and must be taken down and rebuilt. Workmen regularly working late in attempt to finish on time.
Sept. 11th. Rector’s brother and R. Winter arrived bringing replated sanctuary lamp, “very beautiful”.
Sept. 12th. Benediction, with a party of 55 from Chorley.
Sept. 14th. With Mr. Burke, decided to paper rather than paint the dining room, in part to save time.
Sept. 17th. Mr. Burke supervising a long day of work by polishers, cabinet makers etc..
Sept. 18th. End of vacation. 342 students on books. Cabinet makers not quite finished, some pictures still to hang, but the enlarged dining room was used and met with enthusiastic approval. Mr. Corboy back at work though still stiff with rheumatism, Mr. Malone also returned.
Sept. 19th. Fr. Harold CP came to give retreat, in place of Fr. Oswald who was ill.
Sept. 20th. Fr. Fennessy arrived to give Sem. retreat. Sr. Attracta returned, to an empty infirmary.
Sept. 21st. Phils. v. Big Lads, given Cornish pasties for breakfast instead of porridge: same next day for Lower Bounds v. Sem., with syrup allowed. Triptych of English Martyrs arrived, “a success”. Mr. Addison visited to discuss demolition of colliery cottages.
Sept. 23rd. English Martyrs triptych “put into position & looks very well”.
Sept. 25th. Visit by Mr. Geoffrey Webb, artist of the triptych. New table brought for dining room. P. Seed began a holiday: given £5 in reward for much extra work during vacation, and authorised to give reward of £1 to head painter O. Towns.
Sept. 26th. Fr. Harold went after tea, paid £12. Ordinations – 25 for each of minor orders, 20 deacons.
Sept. 27th. Mr. Webb left, and all seven bishops arrived, with Canon Wilkinson and Dr. Tootill.
Sept. 28th. Bishops’ meet6ing finished, with only Shrewsbury and Leeds remaining overnight. Professional audit planned for next year.
Sept. 29th. New students examined and considered to be above average Three geese obtained for Michaelmas. Concern over R. Carson, showing appendix symptoms.
Oct. 1st. Carson better. Requiem for Mgr. Brown.
Oct. 5th. To bank, to settle £850 of Mr. Burke’s work and Walker’s heating installation.
Oct. 6th. Left at noon for a holiday until the 30th.
Nov. 2nd. Returned to Ushaw later than intended, after attack of ‘flu. Income tax return claim settled in the meantime, with something over £8600 recovered.
Nov. 3rd. Sent lorry to Newcastle for fruit, as apples from the garden had finished.
Nov. 5th. To Newcastle to examine samples of concrete tiles suggested for the Stations cloister.
Nov. 8th. Working with Mr. Ferguson, who was reorganising Ushaw’s book-keeping method. Visit by Fr. Vernon Johnson (speaking in Newcastle) and L. Campbell.
Nov. 9th. Mr. Ferguson’s fees 450 gns. plus out of pocket expenses, “Rector quite satisfied… total expenses are about 6% of what has been recovered”.
Nov. 10th. Began allocating income tax refund to various funds.
Nov. 15th. Concern over water wastage, after 4000 gallons passed through meter during night.
Nov. 16th. Instructed Richardsons to apply for £5000 worth of Australian 3½%. President and four others to Burn Hall in the evening.
Nov. 17th. Discussed with Mr. Cook the proposed nationalisation of coal royalties. Announcement of Archbishop Hinsley’s nomination as Cardinal.
Nov. 18th. Serious leak discovered on an underground water pipe: being repaired.
Nov. 19th. Visit by request to London Assurance in Newcastle, to discuss “housemaid’s knee”, of which Ushaw had several cases, and whether precautions could be taken.
Nov. 22nd. Playday in honour of Archbishop Hinsley, to be made Cardinal at the December consistory.
Nov. 24th. Phils. Feast. 64 with Profs., 15 bottles of port allowed. 20 lb box of Californian grapes obtained as the usual barrel of Almerian could not be had. Mr. Patterson of Newcastle took Leeming, Tate and Gradwell chalices away for regilding.
Nov. 25th. President to Manchester for Ushaw dinner: Rector travelled with him to Darlington before making local visits.
Nov. 26th. To Newcastle to discuss with Bishop the investment of income tax refund.
Nov. 29th. £20 sent to Miss Broadhead, better lately after a cerebral thrombosis about ten days earlier.
Nov. 30th. Bernard Rowey (?) taken to Sanatorium after swab tested positive for diphtheria. New bacon slicer ordered for kitchen. Tiles ordered for Stations cloister, plain with no colouring as advised by Mr. Geoffrey Webb and accepted by the President.
Dec. 1st. New bacon slicer came, and the chef cut his hand on it.
Dec. 4th. To Esh for funeral of John Suddes of Biggin Farm, believed to have worked the farm for 51 years before his sudden death on the 30th.
Dec. 7th. Snow. Meeting with Mr. Addison at Cornsay Colliery cancelled on account of weather, as was plan for Big Lads to join meet of beagles at Ushaw Farm after an early lunch.
Dec. 8th. Feast of Immaculate Conception. First Holy Communion for John Chadwick and Michael Stiles. Rector gave turkey and goose for Parlour dinner: best claret and port.
Dec. 11th. Wet and snowy weather continuing. More rainfall in first 10 days of December than in October and November combined.
Dec. 12th. First use of the new rose coloured vestments given by Mr. Stephens, who officiated at High Mass and Vespers.
Dec. 13th. Thaw after frost. One Tip Top room flooded by water getting under the lead.
Dec. 14th. Injuries to John Jones, knee wrenched while sledging, and John Caden, wrist put out in gym.
Dec. 15th. Martin Kehoe, ankle injury while skating: to go to Durham with J. Caden for X-rays. Gave 20 Cailston masses to each Prof. from income tax refund, in addition to 20 for the next year.
Dec. 16th. X-rays: Martin Kehoe cracked bone in ankle, John Caden broken wrist.
Dec. 17th. Visit from Dr. Edge, Mathematics lecturer at Edinburgh University and a friend of Vice-President and Mr. Corboy from Cambridge days.
Dec. 23rd. Very mild day and a rapid thaw. Lay boys and those from Ireland went away.
Dec. 25th. Warm and bright. 8 turkeys obtained from Bainbridges, average 16 lbs., to supplement 24 from the farm thought below the expected 13.5 lbs each. First breakfast at 1.45 AM, bed at 2.20: then House rose at 9.15 for breakfast at 9.45, High Mass 10.30.
Dec. 27th. Students gone, and all Profs. excepting President and Rector. Removal of tiles in Stations cloister began, preparatory to laying new ones.
Dec. 29th. Rector gave the maids a party, using Divines playroom for concert and dance.
Dec. 30th. Oswald Pippet came, with Canon Pippet, to examine cracking paint on panels in the Memorial chapels.
Dec. 31st. Tiling of Stations cloister finished. Kevin Byrne and the sister went away, leaving Infirmary empty.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/40   2 January - 31 December 1938
Jan. 2nd. Chimneys swept. Male swan found dead.
Jan. 3rd. Boilers re-lit. Some filling by Atlas Concrete to finish the work on Stations cloister.
Jan. 4th. Dinner given to “locals” – Canon Pippet and curate, Fr. Shelby, Rev. W. Meagher and Dr. McCormack.
Jan. 5th. Death of the other swan. They had been given special attention through autumn and winter, but had ailed in the past month’s harsh weather.
Jan. 7th. Cloister floor polished, and French polishers at work all day in dining room.
Jan. 10th. End of vacation. Rector’s sister left. All Profs. returned, some students missing as usual.
Jan. 12th. To Crook to see Mr. Addison. New tenancy at Biggin to be granted to a son of the late tenant. Rector agreed to increase of annual sum allowed for service on Biggin days from £10 to £15.
Jan. 15th. B. Rowey gone home for four weeks after successive negative swabs. Rector spoke to five representative maids, regarding many arriving late for Mass and returning late from days out. Asked by Archbishop of Liverpool to represent him at the funeral of Fr. M. Kelly, who had died at Blyth.
Jan. 17th. To Cowpen for the funeral of Fr. Kelly. Crib taken down.
Jan. 18th. Panels of Memorial chapels’ altars sent to Hardmans for restoration.
Jan. 19th. President’s Feast. 580 lbs. of chicken found more than sufficient for student dinner, 520 lb. would have been enough. Mr. Cook at Ushaw to inspect serious leakage from swimming bath. Kitchen under strain after second girl in two days sent home ill.
Jan. 20th. Bishop gave two minor orders to Mr. O’Dea in Lady Chapel.
Jan. 21st. Infirmary filling, with 13 patients. Several girls gone home ill, and Miss Seed not yet back to her full duties.
Jan. 23rd. Doctor saw 18 patients in Infirmary. Numerous severe chills, some with diarrhoea.
Jan. 25th. Mr. Cook investigated further serious leak from the bath: to communicate at once with colliery. Wonderful Aurora Borealis seen between 7 and 11.
Jan. 29th. Mr. Clifford to Infirmary, which was still busy, with the Infirmarian himself suffering a chill.
Jan. 31st. 20 in Infirmary including 10 Juniors. Rector and Mr. Bonney to Newcastle to discuss details of new stage curtain. Dr. McReavy to London for meeting of committee preparing National Synod.
Feb. 1st. Dinner at 11.45 for Big Lads, to enable them to follow Beagles meeting at the Farm at 12.30. Rector allowed Quarry field to be used for rugby.
Feb. 3rd. To Newcastle re. registration of coal royalties. Sister Martha very poorly.
Feb. 4th. Much work through the week on stopping cracks in the swimming bath.
Feb. 6th. Infirmary down to 9 patients, including Mr. C. Clifford and Sister Martha. Rector gave talk to Big Lads Ushaw Society, Phils. also attending, on Ushaw’s benefactors.
Feb. 8th – 9th. President to London for committee meeting of Conference of Catholic Colleges.
Feb. 10th. Rector with Dunne and Cunningham to Hexham for funeral of Mgr. Mackin.
Feb. 12th. Re-filled swimming bath still leaking after about a fortnight’s attempts to seal it. Dead leaves lifted and blown over the Infirmary roof by an exceptional wind. B. Rowey returned from convalescence after diphtheria, John Chadwick also returned after being absent since Christmas.
Feb. 14th. Peter Seed showed Rector how a corner of the swimming bath appeared to have sunk. Trouble in scullery, with the girls there quarrelling.
Feb. 15th. Work in Newcastle on registration of coal royalties. Decided against getting a dishwasher, as there was no suitable place for one.
Feb. 18th. To Newcastle with Mr. Dickinson, whose cheek had been giving trouble. Calculus found in a salivary duct, and removed surgically at Minories on the 20th.
Feb. 20th. Gone away for a few days.
Feb. 25th. Returned to Ushaw in the evening. Mr. Dickinson still at Minories.
Feb. 26th. Spoke to Mr. Cleary after Sister Martha complained that she was finding him very hard to work with.
Feb. 28th. Cock Vac.. Canons Smith and Pippet, Fr. Walton from Burn Hall, Campbell and Gibbons for dinner and the Sem. play, Blue Beard.
Mar. 1st. Bishop among guests for dinner and a repeat of the play.
Mar. 2nd. Ash Wednesday. Bishop blessed ashes, leaving before lunch.
Mar. 4th. Brought Mr. Dickinson back from Minories. Swimming bath emptied, having lost 9 inches of water in 3 weeks.
Mar. 6th. Quarant’ Ore. Rector obtained white lilac and lilies which were placed on the altar, part during procession and part after ceremony.
Mar. 7th. Demolition of cottages at Hill Top beginning.
Mar. 9th. J. Potter back in Infirmary, 2 days after spending 7 weeks there. Rector and President agreed that he should return home once fit to travel, and see how he does once there.
Mar. 10th. A. Bryce taken to Minories, with a high temperature and acute pain in ear. Mr. Burke at Ushaw with Mr. Pearson, cabinet maker, taking particulars for a cupboard for vestments.
Mar. 11th. Rector offered Jas. Connor new post of under butler, which he accepted.
Mar. 14th. Operation on A. Bryce after abscess burst in his ear. Under butler took up his duties.
Mar. 16th. Measurements taken re. possible reorganisation of swimming bath and sacristy. Panels returned from Headmans being re-fixed in Memorial chapels.
Mar. 17th. J. Potter put on train home to Liverpool after 8 weeks in Infirmary.
Mar. 18th. Called on new tenant of Biggin House. Top office to be fixed up as a room for Dr. Theissen, who was being troubled by noise in his present room.
Mar. 21st. Transferred Feast of St. Cuthbert: Pontifical High Mass at 8.30. Buns for breakfast, chicken and fried ham for dinner. Bishop left in evening. Mr. Curry gone home, as his father had died.
Mar. 23rd. President to Berwick for Silver Jubilee of J. McHugh, a schoolfellow.
Mar. 24th. To Newcastle, arranging for two mortgages at 4¼%, value something over £5000.
Mar. 25th. Doctor’s report on V. Lynch: no organic disease found, but “no reserves of strength & is little suited to hard work”. Report forwarded to bishop.
Mar. 28th. Mr. Burke at Ushaw to discuss substantial alterations to swimming bath and East Dormitory. Rector suggested cutting off part of the dormitory as a lavatory with baths, and allocating remaining bed-places to Phils. as study-cubicles.
Mar. 30th. Peter Seed bought two bookcases and other items at auction sale at Mrs. Shafto’s in Durham, as directed by Rector who had viewed them the day before.
Apr. 1st. C. Roddy and D. Backhouse left for ordination, the former to return to teach in Sem..
Apr. 3rd. Mr. W. Clifford left for short holiday. Dr. Theissen left by night train to visit Belgium and Germany, not expected back until Low Week.
Apr. 5th. Cheque for £4250 left with Mr. Waugh at Newcastle to cover a mortgage.
Apr. 7th. Arranged to lend £2500 to Sisters at Cromer on the 23rd.
Apr. 9th. Mgr. Aspinall arrived for Sem. retreat.
Apr. 10th. Palm Sunday. Fr. Oswald CP arrived for College retreat.
Apr. 13th. Bishop came and assisted at Tenebrae. Fr. Oswald began maids’ retreat. A divine arrived from Upholland for ordination as deacon: lodged in Infirmary as it currently only held one patient.
Apr. 15th: Good Friday. Passion Sermon preached by Fr. Oswald.
Apr. 16th. Took Bishop to Stockton in afternoon to see Canon Taylerson, who was dying.
Apr. 17th. Ordination of 23 subdeacons and 2 deacons. Bishop and Fr. Oswald left.
Apr. 20th. £2500 loaned to convent at Cromer.
Apr. 21st. Sem. lads shown around the Farm in the morning and taken on bus trip to Blanchland in afternoon.
Apr. 22nd. Two juniors left, making three Hexham students dropped this Easter.
Apr. 23rd. Most Profs. returned after a few days away.
Apr. 27th. Mr. C. Clifford still ill at home. Evening meeting of Butsfield Young Farmers Club at Ushaw farm: Rector attended.
Apr. 29th. Dr. Jedin, German priest and a recognised scholar, began a short stay at Ushaw to consider the possibility of coming to teach Church History.
Apr. 30th. End of a very dry month: a total of 0.4 inch of rain between March and April.
May 1st. Discussed several lads with doctor, particularly J. Wilson (persistent stomach trouble) and D. Gaurley (bad case of nerves). May 2nd. President to Conference of Catholic Colleges at Old Hall, taking Dr. Jedin with him: he would decide later whether to come to teach, but “[p]rospect of his coming unpopular”.
May 3rd. Brought flowers from Durham: roses for English Martyrs’ altar and white iris for St. Joseph’s.
May 4th. Preached at La Sagesse, Newcastle, in the morning, for their Silver Jubilee. Divines’ Feast: 95 for dinner, 5 Minors, 1 head carver. Rector and four others to Sunderland in evening for football match against Preston North End.
May 5th. Received two swans, gift of J. Scott. Visit from Mother Provincial of La Sagesse and Reverend Mothers of Newcastle, Preston, Chorley and Liverpool.
May 8th. Sunday: three Profs. at Chester-le-Street and Mr. Dickinson supplying at St. Godric’s, Durham.
May 11th. Weather warmer: Rector ordered that playroom and classroom fires were to be left to go out in the night.
May 12th. Canon Chadwick arrived to shoot rooks. Dr. Gowland gone home as his father was seriously ill.
May 13th. Farm valuation received, £330 above last year’s.
May 14th. Dr. Meagher to Lancashire for special sermons at Weed Bank. Farm appeared to have made a surprisingly substantial loss on the year.
May 16th. Saw Newcastle solicitors about Canon Blackoe’s property in Preston. Bishop and his secretary arrived, for consecration of church at Ushaw Moor the next day.
May 17th. Studies off given, to allow several Profs. to assist at church consecration. Analysed farm workings to reveal cause of losses – mostly through foodstuffs for stock, sheep, and horses.
May 19th. Arrangement of north end of East Dormitory fixed with Mr. Burke. Sent to Stockton for a picture left to Ushaw by the late Canon Taylerson, reputed to be a Guercius.
May 22nd. Gave address at CYMS Rally at Ushaw Moor.
May 25th. Bishop arrived to confirm 5 Sem. lads, and to ordain a deacon next day. Rector visited Neville’s Cross steam laundry, checking prices and confirming that Ushaw’s laundry was saving the college money.
May 26th. J. Daly ordained deacon by Bishop in St. Charles’.
May 27th. Representative of Vulcan Boiler Co. visited and approved proposed changes to plant. Mr. Burke came re. proposed new wash house.
May 30th. Friends of National Libraries visited, and were shown an exhibition of books prepared by Mr. Payne.
June 1st. Chimney fire discovered during night prayers, after President had left blower running in front of his fire. Much mess from burning soot.
June 2nd. Bishop consecrated 30 altar stones.
June 6th. Rev. A. Ord, currently at Newcastle Grammar School, told that he was to return to Ushaw next year to teach Maths in Sem. and assist the Rector.
June 7th. Doubt as to whether private “sports” arranged by Big Lads at Busby should continue to be allowed: Jos. O’Mahoney damaged his ankle jumping, and on the previous occasion Jas. Scott had broken his collarbone.
June 12th. Resolved that June 22nd. should be a day of celebration for the President’s Silver Jubilee, which would fall in August.
June 15th. Boiler makers advised that a new boiler smaller than the present small one might be capable of higher output than the existing two boilers, which would remove the ned for a new wash house. Discussed loans to Leeds parishes with Bishop at Tynemouth.
June 17th. Mr. C. Clifford returned after illness lasting since Easter week.
June 21st. Bishop sang High Mass for feast of St. Aloysius.
June 22nd. Celebrations in honour of the President’s coming Jubilee. Students had an egg at breakfast: dinner soup, lamb with new potatoes, desserts and fresh fruit, wine and biscuits. Used 7 lambs, 90 lbs. cherries, 12 bundles of mint.
June 24th. Papal Visitation by Mgr. Godfrey with secretary Rev. E. Roberts. Visitor received by whole House on arrival: intoned Veni Creator in church and delivered a short address. June 26th. Mgr. Godfrey’s work continuing – as much time as possible spent with Divines.
June 27th. Thomas Seed began work on the outdoor staff. Fourth generation of Seeds working at Ushaw.
July 1st. Playday for the Papal Visitor. Rector had long talk with Mgr. Godfrey: “very similar” views on matters of discipline.
July 2nd. Mgr. Godfrey addressed students in chapel, gave papal blessing, and ended the visitation, leaving at 3.40 to a send-off by House assembled on terrace. He mentioned receiving complaints over food, its service and variety. Rector considered in response doing away with carving hall and introducing steam hot plates in Refectory.
July 3rd. President to Oscott for their centenary celebrations.
July 4th. Rector left for ten days’ rest.
July 14th. Rector returned to work in the afternoon. 112 names on Grand Week list.
July 17th. Increased seating required in Divines’ lecture room next year, as they would number well over 100.
July 20th. Gave orders to Mr. Pearsall of Thompson’s, including for a super economic boiler to be erected early next summer. Cheque for £2450 received as income tax refund.
July 24th. Bishop ordained 8 priests. July 25th. Start of Grand Week. Rector to Durham to buy plums and gooseberries: strawberries, beans and potatoes supplied by Ushaw’s garden. Final number on list 113.
July 26th. More fruit from Durham, but could not get cherries. Girl who had gone home sick the day before was said to have scarlet fever and possibly diphtheria: fumigation needed.
July 27th. Almost 200 for dinner. “A very successful Grand Week”.
July 28th. Fine weather for departure of students.
July 29th. President left. Ordered provisions for clergy retreat.
July 31st. Went to Langley Park for Mass after Mass at college. Finished list of rooms (102 including Rector) for clergy retreat.
Aug. 1st. Start of clergy retreat, Bishop of Menevia preaching. Unexpected arrival of four priests not on list. Aug. 5th. Serious escape of gas from refrigeration plant: larder difficult to enter for a time.
Aug. 6th. End of retreat. Canon and Miss Blackoe arrived from Poulton. Refrigerator repaired, a full day’s work.
Aug. 8th. Works proceeding in many parts of House. Walkers installing steam pipes for hot plates in Refectory.
Aug. 13th. President arrived with his brother Wilfrid, and Ernst Clostermann from Germany. Bishop of Nottingham arrived later.
Aug. 14th. Further arrivals for President’s Silver Jubilee. E. Clostermann presented a missal and stole
Aug. 15th. President’s Jubilee. He said Mass at High Altar, served by R. Worsley and G. Maingot. Mgr. Cogan in for dinner, making a total of 16.
Aug. 20th. Departure of seven visiting priests. G. Maingot, B. Wren, W. Corbishley and E. Clostermann still at Ushaw.
Aug. 27th. Visit by a party of around 100 of the Legion of Mary. Looked after by Rector and Mgr. Cogan.
Aug. 30th. Work began on E. Dormitory tiling. Sept. 6th – 9th. Canon Wilkinson at Ushaw for audit, and Canon T. Chadwick for a holiday.
Sept. 12th. To Bishop Auckland to see bank manager re. Bishop Wilkinson’s account. Maids had a party, for which Rector had given £3.
Sept. 16th – 19th. Visit by Fr. T. Connolly SJ, an American authority on Francis Thompson.
Sept. 18th. Arrival of Archbishop Goodier to lead retreat. Hot plates in Refectory now in use.
Sept. 20th. Retreat began: Sem. led by Rev. Denis Kennedy.
Sept. 24th. Departures of Fr. Kennedy and Archbishop Goodier. News of death of Bishop Henshaw.
Sept. 25th. 81 ordinations. Ceremony lasted until nearly 11.45, Bishop left at 2 PM. Concern continuing over new boy J. Forster, with suspected appendix trouble.
Sept. 26th. Arrival of most bishops, for annual meeting beginning next day. “Grave anxiety over international situation”: Rector had talk with Dr. Theissen regarding his position.
Sept. 28th. Began digging trenches in front of racket houses in Bounds, with Divines helping. “Dramatic and good news of situation in late afternoon. Coffee and liqueurs in honour of Chamberlain”.
Sept. 29th. J. Forster operated on for appendicitis.
Sept. 30th. “Great rejoicing” and a playday, for settlement reached at Munich.
Oct. 3rd. Mr. Cunningham to Minories for operation on varicose veins. Rev. Gerard Culkin visited before going to Louvain to prepare for post as Professor of Church History. Gale at night damaged various windows.
Oct. 5th. Conference with Peases’ representatives re. damage, especially at the farm house. Rev. Culkin left: to receive £50 per year including allowance for books, and Rector allowed an extra £12 towards books and clothes.
Oct. 12th. St. Cuthbert’s Society playday, but nasty weather. 11 Profs. to Canon Smith’s at Hexham.
Oct. 14th. Mr. Cunningham and J. Forster brought back from Minories. Last of harvest brought in, unusually good at over 15 stacks of corn.
Nov. 8th. Rector returned. Mr. Ord at Minories for operation. R. Wood gone home, tuberculosis. Pease & Partners given notice to terminate coal lease.
Nov. 12th. Arrival of new boy, Laurence Murray.
Nov. 16th. Operation on Mr. Ord – adhesive peritonitis found, and his condition thought very grave.
Nov. 18th. Mr. Cunningham appointed Headmaster of St. Cuthbert’s Grammar School, Newcastle.
Nov. 19th. R. O’Sullivan KC, at Ushaw for the weekend, gave talk to Divines.
Nov. 20th. Mayor’s Sunday at St. Godric’s, Durham. President sang Mass, Rector preached.
Nov. 21st. Inspected repairs at Biggin Farm: still much to do. Joseph Wilson had developed pleurisy, and heart trouble suspected.
Nov. 23rd. J. Wilson considered probably to have TB. Phils. Feast, “a very wild day with much rain and wind” . Newspaper enquiries following the announcement of Mgr. Godfrey’s appointment as Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain.
Nov. 24th. Arrival of Sr. Evangelist to take over night duty. Dr. McReavy in bed with a severe chill.
Nov. 27th. President to Manchester for funeral of Rev. J.A.Gribbin.
Nov. 29th. Valentine’s Meat Juice obtained for J. Wilson, who was showing some improvement but taking little nourishment.
Nov. 30th. To Stanhope with President and Fr. Shelley to visit Raphael Wood, in sanatorium there. Mr. Cunningham to be succeeded by Mr. Greenwood in Sem..
Dec. 1st. An entertainment given by Mr. Finlay Dunn.
Dec. 2nd. Playday for Mgr. Godfrey’s appointment as Apostolic Delegate. J. Wilson taken by ambulance to Minories.
Dec. 5th. To Lancaster with President and Mr. Kershaw for funeral of Bishop Pearson.
Dec. 6th. Harriers met at Ushaw Farm at 12.30, Big Lads had early dinner then followed the hunt.
Dec. 14th. Brought Mr. Ord back from Minories after “wonderful recovery”. Damage inspected at Farm and Sem. Bounds wall etc.. Order for reconditioning Sem. organ at cost of £118 given to Pearson & Phelan.
Dec. 15th. A. McConnell taken to Minories for operation re. appendicitis.
Dec. 17th. Met Mgr. Ronald Knox at Durham station.
Dec. 18th. President and Vice-President accompanied Mgr. Knox to Newcastle after dinner.
Dec. 21st. Mgr. Godfrey consecrated in Rome. Mr. Cunningham named Honorary Canon of Hexham and Newcastle on his appointment at Newcastle Grammar School.
Dec. 23rd. Lay boys went home.
Dec. 25th. All turkeys for Refectory were from own farm.
Dec. 26th. Students left, and all Profs. excepting President, who left the next morning.
Dec. 29th. Most maids left for brief holiday.
Dec. 31st. Rector took Mr. Cunningham to Sunderland. Frosty weather, causing concern as heating was off ready for cleaning of flues.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/41   2 January - 27 December 1939
Jan. 2nd. Maids returned. Heating back on after boiler re-lit. Jan. 6th. Severe weather, pond frozen hard. Rector took his sister to Minories for examination: non-malignant fibroids.
Jan. 9th. End of Christmas Vacation.
Jan. 12th. To Newcastle with Sr. Attracta, to bring J. Wilson back from Minories.
Jan. 13th. To Jarrow to view the furnishings of the Berengaria, to be sold by auction.
Jan. 16th. Peter Seed to Berengaria sale, but prices were too high.
Jan. 18th. President’s Feast. Turkeys from Bainbridges. TB officer visited to see J. Wilson: thought to have recovered well, and to be moved to a sanatorium.
Jan. 19th. President to Manchester for Conference of Catholic Colleges committee meeting.
Jan. 23rd . J. Wilson taken to Wolsingham Sanatorium. Rector viewed furniture to be sold at Auckland Castle.
Jan. 24th. President to Middlesbrough for funeral of Mgr. Sullivan: brought back from John McCormack at Stockton “an interesting old spinning wheel”. Peter Seed made a few purchases at Berengaria sale.
Jan. 30th. More goods, 2 loads, bought from Berengaria.
Feb. 4th. Went away for a few days.
Feb. 5th. Mr. Leo Sharratt ordained at Gosforth, to take up post of Prefect General. Returned to Ushaw on 7th, and Mr. Greenwood went over to Sem..
Feb. 8th. Playday for the new prefect.
Feb. 9th. Rector returned. In bed with heavy cold from the 11th to 26th, allowed up for a little longer each day after that.
Feb. 20th. Cock Vac.. Play, Iolanthe.
Mar. 2nd. News of Cardinal Pacelli’s election as Pope. Champagne for Pius XII on the 3rd. Rector back to his room after sickness, but not yet allowed out.
Mar. 8th. Divines’ playday for feast of St. Thomas.
Mar. 12th. Coronation of the Pope. Studies-off for an hour from noon to allow listening to end of Coronation broadcast.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day, High Mass at 8.30. Buns at breakfast, chicken and ham for dinner. Bishop and five local visitors at dinner. Cat struck out.
Mar. 24th. Weekend visit by Dr. Edge, lecturer in Maths at Edinburgh.
Mar. 28th. To Accrington with a lorry taking a ram from Broadgate for exchange with a reconditioned one.
Apr. 1st. Arrival of Fr. Vernon Johnson to give College and maids’ retreats.
Apr. 2nd. Palm Sunday. Supply of palms failed: some from last year were used, but most people had willows or catkins. Fr. Campbell CSSR arrived to lead Sem. retreat.
Apr. 5th. Mr. Clifford called home in response to his father’s condition, arriving shortly before he died.
Apr. 6th. Maundy Thursday. Archbishop Godfrey arrived and presided over Tenebrae.
Apr. 7th. Passion sermon preached by Fr. Johnson.
Apr. 9th. Easter Day. Archbishop Godfrey sang High Mass and gave Papal Blessing.
Apr. 10th. Most Profs. and Fr. Johnson left. Archbishop Godfrey and Secretary left on morning of the 11th “after a very pleasant visit”.
Apr. 15th. Most Profs. returned, also most of the students who had gone away.
Apr. 17th. Playday for the Apostolic Delegate.
Apr. 24th. President to Beaumont for Conference of Catholic Colleges. Frs. Hoelson and Fitzpatrick came to stay several days.
Apr. 26th. To Barnsley to see Miss Broadhead, now very weak.
Apr. 29th. Mr. A. Roddy and Mr. G. Hinchliffe left to be ordained the next day.
Apr. 30th. Ordination of 16 subdeacons and 2 deacons. May 2nd. Peter Seed unfit for heavy work after a motorbike accident on April 30th, leaving him with a cracked rib and much bruising. Juniors began having May devotions in their own chapel, only to go to College on Mondays and Saturdays.
May 3rd. Divines’ Feast. Egg and bacon for breakfast, and dinner at 3 PM.
May 6th. Sr. Vincent LCM came on visit. Vincent Fairclough left, at his father’s urgent request, so as to be able to choose his own regiment for compulsory military service.
May 9th. All fitted with gas masks in the morning. Small boiler moved to new boiler house. Rev. R.O.Bilsborrow, visiting, gave talk on Cat in Hall.
May 11th. Canon Chadwick arrived for rooks.
May 15th – 19th. Canon Prescott and Rev. T. Turner paid visit.
May 18th. Ascension Day. Cold and with showers, so no party game.
May 24th. To Lanchester for show and sale of calves, and distributed prizes.
May 26th. Heard of death of Miss Broadhead. Attended her funeral in Barnsley on the 28th.
May 29th. Party of 14 Profs. given a day out as guests of Canon Smith, visiting Blanchland, Hexham for lunch, then Ullswater.
May 31st. Arrival of Apostolic Delegate for a short stay. Playday given in his honour on June 2nd. Course of ARP instruction began, mainly for Rector, Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Sharratt, who were to be air wardens.
June 3rd. Students aged 20 and 21 registered for military service at Ushaw Moor.
June 12th. Six boys staying overnight prior to sitting exams for two scholarships. Canon T. Flynn appointed Bishop of Lancaster.
June 15th. Completed papers re. Miss Broadhead’s probate.
June 19th. To Newcastle, and ordered flowers etc. for the feast of St. Aloysius. ARP instruction completed.
June 20th. Dr. Brown of Auton Stile began giving first aid course to ARP wardens and other interested Profs..
June 25th. Several to see the doctor. “Mostly end of year exhaustion, I think”.
July 1st. Rector went away for ten days.
July 14th. Meeting of numerous interested parties to discuss compensation for damages to grounds and buildings.
July 18th. Shopping for Grand Week. Visit from Frs. E. Whiteside and R. Taylor regarding Ushaw students in camp at Carlisle and much distressed by conditions there. Rector writing a report to be sent to Cardinal.
July 20th. Communications re. Carlisle, where position of the Ushaw lads was improving. Fr. Gerald Culkin arrived for brief stay.
July 21st. Meeting with surveyor and sanitary inspector about byreman’s cottage and gas house cottages
July 22nd. Bishop arrived for ordinations next day, also Frs. Simpson OSB and Robnett OSB to assist.
July 23rd. Ordination of 12 priests and 6 subdeacons.
July 24th. Monday of Grand Week. 114 visitors: over 210 for dinner on Wednesday.
July 27th. Students left, except those with public exams still to finish.
July 31st. Start of clergy retreat. Total of 112 with Bishop and Mgr. Knox.
Aug. 1st. Meeting toward deciding liability for colliery damages, with architect, mining engineer and representatives of Peases and Sadlers.
Aug. 5th. End of retreat. Mgr. Knox left, Canon and Miss Blackoe arrived.
Aug. 7th. Visit by some SVP delegates after their conference in Newcastle: Rector speaking at Catholic Reunion in Durham. Small calf from Ushaw won second prize at Durham County Show.
Aug. 14th. Heard from Carlisle that Ushaw militia men had been given the option of transferring to non-combatant corps. Bishop considered that they should, but some seemed reluctant.
Aug. 16th. Outing to Lake District for Rector, his sister and Dr. Theissen.
Aug. 19th. Drove to Carlisle to enquire about the Ushaw men there. All had applied for transfer to non-combatant corps.
Aug. 21st. Hospitality offered to an Arab gentleman, native of Bethlehem, speaking several languages, who called at Ushaw. Dr. Theissen hoped to talk with him about Palestine and be given some lessons in Arabic.
Aug. 24th. Sent the Bishops a short report on the position of the Ushaw men at Carlisle. Wondering whether war imminent, tested paint for obscuring windows.
Aug. 25th. Departure of the Arab guest after breakfast. Visited Mr. Cunningham at Newcastle Grammar School and bought a quantity of material for covering windows.
Aug. 26th. President to return, at least for a few days, on the 28th, after cancellation of pilgrimage to Lisieux because of the threat of war.
Aug. 28th. Met President in Newcastle, and experimented further with ways of darkening windows.
Aug. 31st. “International position very grave”. Asked by head of ARP to stand by for 24 hours. Lighting restrictions ordered.
Sept. 1st. War between Germany and Poland. To Lanchester in evening for ARP lecture. Many children brought from Newcastle to Esh. Working on darkening windows.
Sept. 3rd. War declared. Visit by party of Children of Mary. Short Benediction at 3.45.
Sept. 4th. To Consett with Dr. Theissen, to ask police authorities about his position. “Extremely well received. He will have to keep within a 5 miles radius but is not likely to be otherwise disturbed”. Arrangements for obscuring lights inspected at night with local policeman. More work next day to remedy defects.
Sept. 8th. Rector’s sister unable to return home, as trains to Carlisle had been withdrawn for 2 days for further evacuations.
Sept. 10th. Mr. Leblique, son of old gym master, arranged for his boy to start at Ushaw. Rector’s sister taken home.
Sept. 11th. Long discussion with Mr. Armstrong, of Fowler and Armstrong, on supply of petrol, about to come under government control. Fred Wrangham found dead.
Sept. 13th. Still working on darkening windows and adjustments to lighting. Attended Fred Wrangham’s funeral.
Sept. 16th. End of vacation, but many students delayed. Dr. Meagher returned to England from USA. No news of Mr. Brennan, who had gone to USA with Pax Romana.
Sept.17th. Fr. Ernest Graf OSB arrived to give retreat.
Sept. 18th. Day to begin half an hour later, to gain more light for Masses. Dr. Meagher back at Ushaw.
Sept. 19th. To Durham, Low Fell and Newcastle. Fish wanted for Ember Wednesday, but only kippers available in Durham. Powell’s of Low Fell promised to maintain supply of jam as long as they could get sugar. Fr. G. Griffin arrived for Sem. retreat. No evening Benediction because of lighting restrictions.
Sept. 20th. President to Manchester for ordination of Bishop of Salford. Effects including piano sent to Fr. C. Clifford. Defects in blackout screening observed at night.
Sept. 21st. Obtained, with difficulty, fish for parlour on Friday. Consulted Mr. Rowe in Lanchester re. work of air wardens.
Sept. 22nd. (Friday). Potato pie for Sem. and maids, rest of house 2 eggs each.
Sept. 23rd. Bishop to Ushaw to give tonsure, and for ordinations next day. Mr. Ord in great pain: given morphia injection and to be taken to Minories next morning.
Sept. 25th. Fr. Graf left. Called on Fuel Oversser at Lanchester re. rationing. Bishops arrived for their meeting, except Archbishop of Liverpool whose mother had just died.
Sept. 27th. Playday for Bishop of Lancaster. Last of the bishops left.
Sept. 28th. After worsening reports, Mr. Ord died at Minories. His body to be brought back to Ushaw on the 29th for funeral on the 30th.
Sept. 29th. News received that church students would be exempt from military service, and that the Ushaw militiamen would return to the college.
Sept. 30th. Mr. Ord’s funeral, attended by around a dozen visiting priests and ten relatives. The President delivered a short panegyric. Lighting of playroom fires delayed because of rationing.
Oct. 2nd. Larger fireplaces being partially bricked up to save coal.
Oct. 4th. Fires to be lit from the 5th, but would have to be let out overnight. Lighting fires daily would make for too much work for the maids to perform in the time available, so some of Peter Seed’s men would be charged with the lighting.
Oct. 6th. Air raid alarm rehearsal, “went very smoothly”.
Oct. 7th. Given gas chamber test in Langley Park. Selby Jackson died at Durham County Hospital after being struck by a train at the station.
Oct, 9th. Vincent Lynch returned after an absence of more than a year for bad health.
Oct. 10th. Selby Jackson buried: requiem at Esh. Canons Wilkinson and Prescott stayed overnight at Ushaw.
Oct. 11th. Arranged for a son of Frank Goundry to wind up his shoe repairing business and take over Ushaw’s shop, with help from a younger brother who would also work as a labourer under Peter Seed.
Oct. 13th. A day’s meeting of interested parties re. colliery damages, largely to chapel foundations and swimming baths.
Oct. 15th. Doctor had “serious talk” with Mr. Leo Harrison about his nervous debility.
Oct. 16th. Requiem for Mgr. Brown. Mr. Henry Olsen came back to Ushaw to take the place of Mr. Ord.
Oct. 17th. Air raid warning lasting an hour and a half in Newcastle, where rector was, and at Ushaw. Decided that an air raid warning by itself was not sufficient cause to send everyone to the cellars – all would stay on ground floor in absence of further evidence of the proximity of raiders.
Oct. 18th. Permission readily granted to an officer from Ushaw Moor to establish a small rifle range in the old quarry below the cricket field.
Oct. 23rd. Rector went away for a week.
Oct. 30th. Driven back to Ushaw by Fr. Coia.
Nov. 1st. Vespers of the Dead followed Vespers of the feast. Pheasants for dinner.
Nov. 3rd. Community Mass to precede meditation because of blackout. Visited Hermitage in Chester-le-Street to view sale of effects.
Nov. 8th – 9th. Peter Seed bought items at the Hermitage sale, chiefly for the Infirmary, which were transported to Ushaw on the 10th. Turkeys ordered for the Phils. Feast.
Nov. 12th. Six including Rector to ARP lecture in Langley Park.
Nov. 15th. Mr. Leo Harrison examined by Dr. Horsley Drummond at Newcastle: considered him physically sound, but suffering effects of overwork and lack of exercise while studying for his BA.
Nov. 16th. News received that Ushaw’s army men had been released on the afternoon of the 14th. They were to be allowed to stay at home until after Christmas, but the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle wished his men to make a retreat first.
Nov. 17th. Divines v. House at football, “a game to which no objection could be made” after the Rector had spoken to Divines about rough play in the past two years.
Nov. 18th. Ration books received. Nov. 19th. With ending of summer time, lights could go up earlier and so meditation was returned to before Mass.
Nov. 22nd. Phils. Feast, at 4 PM as the days were starting later.
Nov. 23rd. To Durham to talk to Meat Controller and Divisional Food Controller about registration for rationing. Ushaw categorised for rationing purposes as a Catering Establishment, rather than a Residential Establishment or an Institution.
Nov. 28th. Much progress made in kitchen garden, where some Professors and students had been helping out. Donnellys told they must work harder if they were to stay.
Dec. 6th. New finishing machine arrived for cobbler’s shop.
Dec. 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Grand Benediction in Sem. at 1.45.
Dec. 12th. Geo. Canavan taken to Minories: suspicion of pelvic abscess or bone trouble. Operation on the 15th discovering a quantity of pus at the hip joint. Varying reports on his progress on successive days, and reference to his having had meningitis in the past.
Dec. 22nd. Students left for Christmas.
Dec. 24th. Death of Mrs. Seed.
Dec. 27th. Attended Mrs. Seed’s funeral.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/42   1940
Jan. 1st. Keen frost: gave some Ushaw employees permission to skate on the Pond.
Jan. 7th. Applied to Ministry of Food for permission for Ushaw to kill its own stock when rationing began.
Jan. 9th. End of Christmas Vacation. All Profs. back in time for dinner, except Dr. McReavy (flu).
Jan. 10th. Skating all day. Mr. Brennan fell and broke his collarbone.
Jan. 12th. To Sunderland in lorry, returning with 1cwt. of salt for water softener.
Jan. 15th. Sr. Vincent in bed, and four Divines and two from Sem. in Infirmary, also a Philosopher with knee injury from Pond.
Jan. 17th. President’s feast. Turkeys from Bainbridges and the Farm. Oranges and apples served but no bananas or biscuits: port obtained from Blaneys, Samos Muscat brought up from cellar, students very pleased with the dinner.
Jan. 21st. 20 degrees of frost: some frozen pipes and cisterns. Ten Juniors and four Divines in Infirmary.
Jan. 24th. Infirmary overflowing, with more flu cases daily having to be kept in dormitory or private rooms.
Jan. 26th. Now around 70 with flu, Sem. and Divines worst affected.
Jan. 27th. Choirmaster-organist among flu victims, and Benediction for the feast of St. John Chrysostom ws performed without the organ.
Jan. 29th . Recoveries from flu now outnumbering new cases. Snow covering much of pond but skating still possible on parts of it: Oliver Plunket to Durham for X-ray of broken fibula.
Feb. 5th. Cock Vac.: “impromptu, but enjoyable” concert in Hall at 8PM, and another the next day. Bad report on George Canavan, with bone disease having extended to hip joint.
Feb. 11th. Quarant’ Ore not possible because of blackout, but daily Expositions on the three days. Visit by representative of Daily Mail intending to feature Ushaw in a series on theological colleges.
Feb. 12th. Article on Ushaw printed in Daily Mail, entitled “Where priests get their smiles from” – “Not bad: very entertaining”.
Feb. 15th. George Canavan taken home, and then to be admitted to a local hospital.
Feb. 17th. Henry Townend sent to Sanatorium with scarlet fever, and Theodore Guthrie followed next day.
Feb. 19th. John McNabb to Newcastle to spend ten days in nursing home receiving treatment for ear trouble. Dr. Meagher gone home as his father was dying.
Feb. 20th. Sanatorium cases declared to be German measles rather than scarlet fever.
Feb. 26th. Back to summer time, and Peter Seed’s men would now start work at 8 rather than 7 AM, with no break at 9. Painters, masons and bricklayers to have wages and time at work adjusted to trade union rates and hours.
Feb. 27th. Two more Divines with German measles, making eight cases in all.
Feb. 29th. Mr. Cook called re. damage to the Farm House, “now in a very bad way”.
Mar. 5th. A 12-1 win at football for a strong Ushaw team over a team of army men from Ushaw Moor.
Mar. 11th. Start of meat rationing. Ushaw had obtained a permit to kill its own stock, but difficulty was still anticipated in maintaining supply.
Mar. 13th. Vincent Wrangham left, called up for Friday (15th). Given £5 by Rector.
Mar.14th. To Newcastle, High Mass and church dedication. Michael O’Donahue left to return to India.
Mar. 16th. Bishop arrived after dinner, to stay for the retreats.
Mar. 17th. Arrival of Drs. Garwin and Morgan for the retreats. Some boys confirmed in Sem. by the Bishop during vespers.
Mar. 19th. Bishop returned to Tynemouth for the day as Provost Rogers was seriously ill.
Mar. 20th. Dr. Garwin began maids’ retreat. Students had rabbit at dinner, after Rector obtained 70 ready skinned from Oliver in Durham.
Mar. 22nd. Good Friday. Passion Sermon preached by Dr. Garwin. No veneration of Relic of the True Cross at night, because of blackout requirement: special ceremony in Sem. at 7AM with Bishop presiding.
Mar. 23rd. Infirmary now empty.
Mar. 25th – 30th. Most Profs. away for the week, as usual.
Mar. 31st. Ordinations: 1st and 2nd Minor Orders, 20 Subs. and one Deacon.
Apr. 2nd. Candles in St. Joseph’s for his transferred feast. Arrival of Fr. Parisotti to stay two days.
Apr. 3rd. Pontifical High Mass on transferred Feast of St. Cuthbert. Seven Profs. to Fenham Convent for meeting of the Priests Eucharistic League, where Rector delivered a paper on Fostering Vocations to the Priesthood.
Apr. 8th. President to Mt. St. Mary’s for Conference of Catholic Colleges.
Apr. 9th. Vincent Fairclough, suffering rheumatism and ear trouble, gone home for two weeks to recuperate.
Apr. 13th. Water storage tank by Sanatorium found to be seriously damaged.
Apr. 15th. Visit for two days by Fr. Leonard, head chaplain to Forces in Durham and Northumberland.
Apr. 16th. Dr. Theissen appeared before a court in Newcastle, accompanied by the President, to obtain renewal of his permit for a further year on its existing terms.
Apr. 22nd. Went to Satley, where a show of calves – Ushaw’s two entries were placed 2nd and 4th – was followed by a cattle sale. Mr. J. Hardy was told that he would be Infirmarian next year.
Apr. 26th. Mr. McGuire to Cambridge to receive his MA.
Apr. 28th. J. Magee said by doctor to be outgrowing and outworking his strength, and ordered to take a fortnight’s complete rest. To do so in Infirmary, rather than at home which would be too dull.
May 1st. Divines’ Feast. Lamb unobtainable, so roasts were beef and pork, following the usual menu otherwise.
May 3rd. Overnight stay by the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Godfrey, and his secretary Fr. Rickaby, travelling from London to Edinburgh.
May 5th – 8th Fr. Coia visited Ushaw.
May 9th – 11th. Archbishop Godfrey and secretary at Ushaw again.
May 12th. Aliens’ Office required the immediate internment of all male Germans and Austrians between 16 and 60. Dr. Theissen taken initially to Brancepeth: “took it very well indeed”.
May 13th. Visit by a party from Preston, under Canon Prescott. Ruddigore performed in the evening, and repeated next day.
May 16th. Rector left for holiday.
May 17th. President visited Dr. Theissen, who was confined at Fenham Barracks and not able to say Mass.
May 30th. Rector returned. Ushaw asked to be ready to accommodate up to 50 officers evacuated from France. Beds prepared in Infirmary and East Dormitory, but no men arrived.
May 31st. News received that Dr. Theissen was being held at Huyton. While in Lancashire, Rector heard a story that Dr. Theissen, while on supply with the Benedictines in Blyth, had been gathering information about the submarines there. Wrote to Abbot Bamford requesting his observations.
June 2nd. The first of the officers to be billeted at Ushaw arrived, two in the morning and two at night.
June 6th. Officers continued to arrive, and played a game of cricket against an Ushaw team.
June 7th. Officers coming and going: around 56 took breakfast. BBC broadcast of Vespers from Ushaw, 3.40 – 4PM.
June 13th. The last few officers left Ushaw, after steady departures through the preceding days. Received “many expressions of appreciation and gratitude”.
June 14th. Wonderful weather, and start of haymaking.
June 15th. Five students gone away for ordination.
June 18th. £21. 13s. received from an officer from Ushaw Moor for the recent billeting, not including messing.
June 19th. Jos. Orrell pronounced to have endocarditis.
June 20th. Noises of firing or bombs, then sirens, raised the college before midnight, and all went to cellars. All except wardens to bed around 2AM, though the All Clear had not yet sounded. The trouble had been at Hartlepool and Stockton.
June 21st. Bishop assisted at High Mass for Feast of St. Aloysius: arrived by car and left in mid-morning. Peter Storey (English College) arrived to make retreat before ordination.
June 22nd. Further air raid warnings around midnight and in early hours. Received letter from Dr. Theissen, written in Huyton on the 12th. Retreat for ordinandi began.
June 24th. So many lettuces grown that gardeners were anxious to sell 1000 head.
June 25th. French oral examiner present.
June 28th. 20 dozen lettuces, grown by Dr. McReavy, sold to Rushworth and Storey.
June 29th. Departures for ordination: Gerard and Raymond Crumbley to Jarrow, Messrs. Brady, Carter and Lovelady to Liverpool, Mr. Costello to North Ormesby.
June 30th. Bishop ordained 3 priests and a subdeacon.
July 1st. Big Lads in garden picking gooseberries, of which 1 cwt. Were for sale to Rushworth and Storey.
July 3rd. Air raid warnings becoming frequent. Heard of firing of Spillers’ old mill at Newcastle in previous day’s raid, with casualties: more casualties at Jarrow, and broken glass at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
July 4th. Visit from Mr. Travis Mills and his wife.
July 7th. Revised arrangements introduced to cope with nightly interruptions by air raid warnings. Community Mass to be said immediately when the Alll Clear sounds after 2 AM. Students to make their own beds on those days, and maids to rise at 7AM. Rector to say Mass at 7.30 for those free to attend.
July 8th. Sent parcel of books to Dr. Theissen.
July 9th. Heard that Dr. Theissen had left Isle of Man, presumably for Canada.
July 10th. Mr. Rowe from Lanchester to address wardens on HE bombs. He approved Ushaw’s arrangements for air raid shelters.
July 14th. On doctor’s advice, John Bardsley (rheumatism) and Jos. Topping (run down) to go home. End of eight well observed days of fasting and special prayer for the war.
July 17th. Fire extinguishing practice at a cottage at Hill Top.
July 18th. Dr. Vincent McNabb took away his two boys, paying £50 toward their accounts and undertaking to try to make further monthly remittances.
July 22nd. Grand Week cancelled, but 11 officials and members of the Council of St. Cuthbert’s Society attended for a meeting. Council decided to give £300 to College as nucleus of a new Lay Scholarship Fund.
July 23rd. Tuesday, with morning order following that of a Grand Week Wednesday. Over 40 visitors for a general meeting and a meal at 1.30. Mr. Stephens related being told by President that he thought he should end his work at Ushaw.
July 24th. Students left, except for Jos. Orrell in Infirmary and 32 continuing exams.
July 27th. Rector left alone at Ushaw after departure of President, Corboy and Gowland. Did not rise for air raid warning in night.
July 29th. Arrival of the Blackoes, met by Rector in Newcastle.
July 30th. Lanchester surveyor, Mr. Simkins, at Ushaw to discuss possibility of erecting obstacles in Park to prevent enemy aircraft from landing. Fr. Harold Wrangham in for Mass.
Aug. 2nd. Subsidence damages received, just under £3300, much less than had been expected.
Aug. 12th. Heard from Mr. Grant of the Ministry of Health that in extremity Ushaw would be used as an emergency hospital for air raid casualties.
Aug. 13th. Rector’s sister arrived for her annual stay.
Aug. 18th. Visit by a party of Children of Mary from Middlesbrough.
Aug. 23rd. To Newcastle to discuss with the Bishop the idea of making grants of money to Profs. who leave the college after long service, with particular reference to Stephens.
Aug. 24th. Received letter from Stephens with the information that he had been offered and would accept the newly vacant parish of Ince.
Aug. 28th. Meeting to wind up arbitration process re. colliery damages.
Sept. 3rd. Canons Wilkinson and Brunner arrived for audit, and Canon T. Chadwick for a visit.
Sept. 6th. Mr. Stephens left Ushaw. Air raids continuing, and in night Rector and others had seen, from the end of the Library, a plane caught by searchlights and finally shot down.
Sept. 7th. Heard from E. Stephens that he had accepted parish of Earlstown.
Sept. 14th. End of vacation, with all Profs. returned. Arrival of Mgr. Knox for retreat.
Sept. 15th. Bishop arrived to make short retreat. Rector saw him and put the case for being set free no later than October 1941. “Bishop felt compelled to agree… but would do his best to find good reasons for the contrar” ”. Crowe finished as second chef: given £10.
Sept. 16th. New second cook, named Bishop, began work.
Sept. 17th. Arrival of Fr. A. Johnson for Sem. retreat.
Sept. 19th. Received in Newcastle cheque in settlement of Mining Damages Award, £3296, from which Mr. Cook would receive 100 gns. and Peter Seed £25.
Sept. 21st. Rector received in writing from Bishop the opinion that it would be best for him to carry on at Ushaw, but with more help. Decided to let students sleep until 8 AM, after sirens at bedtime had continued until almost 1.
Sept. 22nd. Ordinations 10 to 12.30, of all orders excepting priest. Sept. 23rd. Departure of Mgr. Knox, and arrival of bishops for meeting: all except Middlesbrough , who was expected next day.
Sept. 24th. All bishops present for meeting. They sent a letter of thanks and appreciation to Stephens, and Rector was to present next year a scheme for a Profs’ Pension Fund.
Sept. 26th. Archbishop of Liverpool left: “has been very pleasant”, relishing the quiet of Ushaw after Liverpool’s bombs.
Sept. 27th. Boy sent to Newcastle for examination of eye injury caused by paper pellet.
Sept. 28th. Hydrants tested in exercise, and water pressure even with aid of a pump found hardly sufficient to reach top of Front or of the Church.
Oct. 5th. Requiem for Mgr. Brown at 9.30.
Oct. 7th. Rector left for holiday, very tired.
Oct. 24th. Back from holiday, feeling much better. Gave order that all heating should be put on.
Oct. 26th. Bishop arrived for ordination next day. Arranged for Philip Cronin to give help in the Infirmary.
Oct. 27th. Ordinations in St. Joseph’s: 1 priest, 1 deacon, 2 for 2nd and 3rd Minor Orders.
Oct. 28th. Frequent air raids continuing. Decided after much discussion to black out St. Cuthbert’s, St. Aloysius’ and St. Joseph’s.
Oct. 29th. Painters blacking out St. Joseph’s. Use of table lamps by students prohibited.
Oct. 31st. Blackout of St. Joseph’s completed.
Nov. 4th. Arrival of 36 Army Chaplains for retreat given by Fr. Oswald. All housed in new wing, except Senior Chaplain Fr. Parisotti, in Visitors’ Rooms with the Retreat Father.
Nov. 7th. Solemn Requiem for deceased Chaplains sung by Fr. Parisotti, and the chaplains’ retreat ended: well appreciated, despite “many difficulties on the domestic side”. Infirmary full of Juniors.
Nov. 9th. Sr. Vincent arrived to help with Infirmary after an appeal to Nottingham.
Nov. 13th. Protracted evening air raid warning. Celebrated news of a successful air attack on Italian ships at Taranto with a glass of Marsala with soup at dinner.
Nov. 19th. Sent to diocese £6000 of surplus cash at 3% interest, withdrawable without notice.
Nov. 22nd. Blackout of the Church completed, so full lights could now be left on in evenings.
Nov. 23rd. K. McDool sent to Durham Hospital for examination of arm fracture.
Nov. 24th. New regular order for the days. Rise 6.30, Meditation 7, Mass 7.30, Breakfast 8.15, Spiritual Reading 9.30, Prone 9.45. H Mass 10.15, Middle Hour 12.15 – 1, Dinner 1.10.
Nov. 26th. Domestic work difficult as numerous maids were off work through illness.
Nov. 27th. Phils. Feast, “more or less up to the usual standard” with eggs for breakfast, turkeys and chickens, 6 bottles port.
Dec. 2nd. Washing machine in need of repair taken to Manchester on Ushaw’s lorry.
Dec. 4th and 5th. Correspondence continuing about, and with, Dr. Theissen.
Dec. 7th – 11th. Apostolic Delegate at Ushaw with his secretary. Celebrant in Sem. on the 8th, playday given in his honour on the 9th.
Dec. 12th. 10 Profs. and a Divine played Grammarians at football, and won 6-2.
Dec. 14th. Three boys, A. Bryce, D. Milburn and V. Leonard, went home for reasons of health.
Dec. 22nd. All seven boys in Infirmary allowed by doctor to leave, but two more admitted after supper. Readings up, and a successful concert by Divines in Hall after supper.
Dec. 23rd. All students left. Mr. Corboy the only Prof. staying over Christmas.
Dec. 28th. Authorised any boys who wished to return early from Liverpool and Manchester, where air raids had done great damage.
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/43   3 January 1941 - 11 January 1947
1 volume 
UC/AA6/4/43i   1941
3/1 Heard that Canon Blackoe had received Last Sacraments. Reported next day to be in no immediate danger.
9/1 End of vacation.
10/1 To Edinburgh to preach at Profession after staying overnight.
12/1 Arranged for soldiers from Hill Top to visit Ushaw for hot baths on Mondays and Fridays.
16-17/1 Visit from Fr. O’Hea SJ.
20/1 Road blocked by blizzard. 30 Divines sent to help clear the way from Millgate Cottages to Hill Top, as college was in danger of running out of coal.
22/1 President’s Feast. No fruit or biscuits available. 300 lbs of turkeys obtained from Bainbridges to add to 12 birds from the farm – more than was needed.
27/1 Divines gave orchestral concert with some community singing.
2/2 Candlemas Day. Rector had been to Newcastle on Jan. 31st to buy processional candles after head sacristan had forgotten to order them.
3/2 Denis Gantley in Infirmary with very bad throat infection.
6/2 Bought £1000 of 3% Defence Bonds as part of Lanchester’s War Weapon week: “much appreciated by local authorities”.
9-12/2 President away, staying with Bishop of Notts. in order to attend consecration of Bishop of Northampton.
10/2 Received in confidence from Consett police the information that the Home Office had ordered Dr. Theissen’s release.
14/2 Dr. Theissen arrived at Ushaw.
16/2 A night of sirens after months of quiet, with the All Clear not sounding until 6AM. Community Mass at 6.30, High Mass dropped to allow students to get some sleep. Kate McQuillan and K. Meehan, returning in the dark, hit by car which then took them to Ushaw, suffering head injury and shock respectively. K. Meehan found next day to have fractured collar bone.
17/2 To Ministry of Labour in Durham with Dr. Theissen, regarding his obtaining a permit to continue in employment.
20/2 Roads blocked after heavy snow. Divines and others set to work clearing ways in the college grounds, but outside roads impassable. Potato pie planned for the next day (Friday), as no chance of obtaining fish.
21/2 Phils., Divines and others again at work clearing ways. No mail, and telephone wires down for third day.
22/2 Conditions still severe, but flour obtained from Newcastle by lorry and coal from Ushaw Moor. First mail since the 19th arrived, brought by military gun carrier.
24/2 Coal obtained from Hill Top after a morning’s digging. Frs. Shelley and Gibbons to dinner, 1066 and All That performed.
25/2 Bishop brought by Ushaw’s vehicle as snow prevented use of his own. Canon Prescott and Rev. W. Clarkson also staying for next day (Ash Wednesday). B. McCabe diagnosed with scarlet fever and taken to Sanatorium.
27/2 Kate McQuillan went home, after almost a fortnight in bed since car accident.
28/2 Mr. Kershaw gone to Cambridge to take his MA, and Dr. Meagher gone home as his mother was gravely ill.
2/3 Quarant’ Ore observed.
3/3 Air raid alert from 8.10 PM until around 12.30. Blessed Sacrament removed while it lasted, replaced after the All Clear when adoration continued through the night.
5/3 Dr. Meagher returned. Concern over Dan Shanahan, septic knee and temperature reaching 103 F.
7/3 Application made for renewal of licence to kill cattle, which was to expire at the end of the month.
8/3 Rector left for short holiday.
10/3 Arranged for Ushaw lorry to go to Preston to pick up provisions difficult to get in the North East.
11/3 Business arrangements at Poulton with Canon Blackoe, whose faculties were failing.
14/3 Back to Ushaw on the college lorry, with a large load of goods. Air raid warnings through most of night.
18/3 Jos. McDonald to go home to be treated for scabies.
19/3 Arrangements completed for Sr. Martha to go home for rest and recuperation when fit to travel, with her place taken by Sr. Vincent.
20/3 Pontifical Mass for St. Cuthbert’s. Bishop, Mgr. Cogan. Frs. Shelley, Gibbons, McShane and Smith to dinner. Cat struck out.
22/3 All the Hexham candidates for ordination as subdeacons went to Newcastle for examination by a TB specialist.
23/3 Beginning of a week of prayer and penance.
27/3 Received special grant of syrup amounting to 50% of former supplies, in addition to recognised ration of preserves.
31/3 Shower of flares dropped over Ushaw by a German plane around 9.25. Alert followed shortly, All Clear around 10.30. B. McCabe gone home to convalesce after scarlet fever.
1/4 14 flare cases picked up in college grounds and collected by Head Warden from Lanchester, taking notes of their positions. One more found next day. Difficulties with tea and sugar supplies from Newcastle.
3/4 More alerts, and an evening meeting of wardens to discuss how to respond to them. Visited Lanchester Food Office about various supplies, including tea.
5/4 Arrival of Bishop, Fr. Devas OFM – for College and maids’ retreats – and Rev. T. McGoldrick.
6/4 Palm Sunday. No real palms, so some of last year’s used along with catkins. Some confirmations by Bishop. Fr. Frank Thompson arrived for Sem. retreat.
8/4 Alerts through much of the night, so House only rose at 8.30 and schedule adapted.
9/4 Fr. Devas began maids’ retreat. Dr. Theissen in bed with erysipelas.
10/4 Another long night of air raid alerts – St. Michael’s, Elswick badly damaged. Bishop left to visit bombed areas.
11/4 Good Friday. Passion Sermon preached by Dr. Devas. Bishop returned briefly in afternoon, leaving after Tenebrae for Newcastle in view of danger of air raids there.
14/4 Most Profs. gone away for the week. Dr. Theissen back in Parlour after being declared free from erysipelas.
16/4 To Tow Law with President for funeral of Rev. T. A. Dunne.
17/4 To Newcastle with Dr. Theissen, who was to stay at Hexham for two days. Arrival of Apostolic Delegate.
19/4 Profs. returned, excepting Dr. Meagher whose mother was gravely ill.
20/4 Ordination of 35 subdeacons and one priest. Bishop left after breakfast.
22/4Took Apostolic Delegate to Darlington to catch the London train.
28/4 Mr. Corboy to Stonyhurst to represent Ushaw at Conference of Catholic Colleges. Denis Gantley and J. Bardsley returned after illnesses.
2/5 Serious problems from an outbreak of scabies among the maids: 11 current cases.
3/5 Clocks put on, but Ushaw’s timetable to run an hour later than usual – rising at 7, prayers at 10.15 etc. Workmen refused to change their hours.
5/5 Rector doubting suitability of the revised timetable, which still did not work well when alerts at night necessitated later rising.
7/5 Ushaw to return as soon as possible to the horarium observed after rising at 6.30 on a playday.
9/5 To Newcastle to discuss War Damage Compensation and insurance.
10/5 Another alert, but most people now getting a good amount of sleep even through the alerts.
12/5 Rector gave day’s retreat at Marie Redemptrice, Newcastle. Rev. F. Pearson arrived for a few days.
14/5 Ministry of Health representatives at Ushaw to revise plans for hospital accommodation in case of severe air raid casualties. Dr. J. Heenan arrived for a few days.
15/5 Ministry of Health now regarded Ushaw as a place to which a neighbouring hospital could be briefly evacuated, rather than as itself a potential emergency hospital receiving casualties.
16/5 Dr. Heenan addressed Higher Bounds on Rerum Novarum.
May 18th. Several attended rally in Durham for jubilee of Rerum Novarum.
May 20th. To Lancashire for eggs and other provisions, calling at Poulton to see Canon Blackoe, who had been given Last Sacraments on the 17th.
May 23rd. Tom Donnelly, Ushaw’s gardener, died after some five weeks off work.
May 27th. Attended burial of Tom Donnelly at Esh. Fr. Ernest Graf OSB arrived for two days’ stay, and gave lantern lecture on Holy Land.
June 1st. Fr. Coleman staying overnight, and to say Mass next day at searchlight station, Hill Top.
June 2nd. News received of Canon Blackoe’s death at Poulton.
June 5th. Preached panegyric at Canon Blackoe’s requiem, Fernyhalgh. Bishop presided, Mgr. Knuckey sang Mass.
June 7th. Durham Archaeological Society met at Ushaw, with over 50 attending.
June 12th. Corpus Christi: Bishop sang Mass.
June 13th. Went to Poulton to collect some of Canon Blackoe’s possessions, and saw solicitor in Preston regarding his estate. Returned with large load of eggs and other provisions.
June 14th. Warmer day. Gave orders for fires to be put out the next day, “surely… the latest date on record”.
June 17th. President’s first sitting, at Ushaw, for a portrait by Dawson. Kate McQuillan to return to work after four months away.
June 18th. Three men called to National Service, one to start that day.
June 25th. To Lanchester re. ARP and fire watching. A ton of rhubarb from garden taken by Powells Products.
June 26th. Army chaplains to be given a retreat in first week of August, as there would be no clergy retreat this year.
June 27th. Four students went away for ordination: B. Farrell, W. Boulton, I. McGaun (Lancaster) and K. Davies (Liverpool).
June 28th. Nine priests ordained – seven Hexham and Newcastle, one Middlesbrough, one Salford.
July 8th. Peter Seed to Newcastle, where he bought large bookcase wanted by Rector.
July 10th. Divines v. House cricket match won by House off last ball. July 13th. Gave three talks to Boys’ Clubs at Stockton, around 300 lads.
July 17th. Visit from Rector’s brother Ted and family, on leave prior to his going to the Gold Coast.
July 18th. Two students to Cambridge for a three week French course. Given £2 each plus their rail fares.
July 19th. Student from Valladolid arrived for ordination retreat. College Birthday: Beaujolais at dinner.
July 20th. SVP conference in Sunderland. Four went from Ushaw, Rector gave an address.
July 21st. Six girls left, resulting in difficulty getting domestic work done.
July 23rd – 25th. 16 Divines and 2 Phils. to Newcastle for special TB test required by Bishop, six per day.
July 28th. St. Cuthbert’s Soc. council meeting.
July 29th. General Meeting of St. Cuthbert’s Soc, and lunch with 94 attending.
July 30th. Only President, Dr. Gowland, Mr. Grant and Rector still at Ushaw.
Aug. 2nd. Heard that Gerard Giblin had TB, and that two others were prescribed three months of complete rest.
Aug. 4th. 37 Army Chaplains arrived for retreat, to be given by Fr. Butler OSB, himself an RAF chaplain. Mostly accommodated in new wing, and the retreat was preached in St. Joseph’s.
Aug. 6th. Bishop Dey, army bishop, arrived in the afternoon. Said Requiem for Deceased Chaplains on the 7th.
Aug. 21st. Arrangement of Sem. classrooms discussed with Mr. Corboy. At least 104 Sem. students expected.
Aug. 23rd. Rector suffered severe attack of dizziness and had to be helped back to his room. Dr. Rollin blamed strain, and gave orders to go easy and take a holiday as soon as possible.
Aug. 24th – 31st. Rector in mixed health, saying Mass some days. Doctor repeated orders to rest.
Sept. 9th. Rector taken away by his brother Leo for complete rest ordered by doctor and the Bishop.
Nov. 4th. Rector returned after eight weeks away.
Nov. 5th. Death of Francis Tidy. Rector examined by Dr. Rollin and found greatly improved.
Nov. 7th. Rector examined by Dr. Hume, who considered that he would never be able to do nearly the amount of work as hitherto. Dirge for F. Tidy, Requiem next day. Six relatives staying at Ushaw.
Nov. 9th – 10th. Discussion of how to reduce Rector’s responsibilities. Dr. Gowland to take over the domestic side completely.
Nov. 13th. Junior boy, John Page, quite badly hurt in a fall from the balustrade. Sent for X-ray next day, and injuries pronounced not serious – fracture of nose and maxilla.
Nov. 20th. Heard that the bishops’ September meeting had instructed the President to obtain the services of a community of nuns to oversee domestic arrangements.
Nov. 26th. Phils’ Feast. No turkeys available, so jugged hare was followed by chickens and pork.
Dec. 3rd. £1000 of Savings Bonds invested in Lanchester Warship Week.
Dec. 5th. Compline broadcast from Ushaw’s chapel. Some loss of quality toward end of broadcast.
Dec. 19th. Decided going home day should be Monday 22nd, as railways could not handle the departure of all the students on the 23rd as intended.
Dec. 26th. Departure of Dr. Gowland, leaving Rector as only Prof. and in charge of all business matters.
Dec. 29th. President went away.
UC/AA6/4/43ii   1942
Jan. 1st. Beginning of five year diary, received as gift from Marie Reparatrice.
Jan. 4th. Visit for tea from Mr. Murray, Classics lecturer at Durham and a friend of Dr. Theissen, with his wife.
Jan. 7th. Rev. E. Boyle arrived to take Dr. Gowland’s place as Prof. of Philosophy.
Jan. 13th – 15th. Bishop Mathew visiting. Playday given for him on the 14th.
Jan. 15th. Attempted to buy farms at a sale in Bishop Auckland, but prices were too high. All were bought by Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Mrs. Tezzaghi arrived to be Matron of the Infirmary.
Jan. 21st. Mr. Dickinson found to have cracked scapula after falling on a slippery road. President’s Feast not observed as no poultry could be had.
Jan. 22nd – 25th. Various roads blocked by snow.
Jan. 25th. Mr. Payne dined in parlour but continued to occupy the Infirmary. “There has been a considerable element of imagination about his case”. Left the Infirmary on the 27th.
Feb. 2nd. Candlemas Day: Dr. Gowland had to go to Newcastle to get votive candles for the procession. Rector given medicine for blood pressure.
Feb. 11th. Visit from Mr. Douglas Woodruff. He gave a talk to Divines on the 12th, and left at mid-day on the 13th.
Feb. 16th. Cock Vacation. Good skating, and a play in Hall, but no visitors.
Feb. 17th. Visitors for dinner and play: Bishop, Mgr. Cogan, Fr Shelley and curate, Frs. Redmond Gibbons, A. McShane, O. Whitaker.
Feb. 22nd – 24th. Quarant’ Ore observed.
Feb. 27th. Cheque for £8000 sent to Bishop of Northampton. First lamb born.
Mar. 6th. Recent severe weather continuing. Some Divines cleared road between Millgate Cottages and Hill Top.
Mar. 14th. Mr. Greig, manager of Esh Winning colliery, looked at damage to west drive and cricket field. Work on the drive began on the 16th.
Mar. 18th. Single case of scarlet fever.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Bishop sang High Mass, beginning at 8.50 to allow his early departure to attend Requiem of Canon Byrne at South Shields. Visit from Rev. R. Henshaw, chaplain to Canadians.
Mar. 21st. Cat began in Sem., not in College as rings were not ready. G. McClean left to be ordained next day at Redcar.
Mar. 26th. Evening air raid alert. Bomb dropped on Malton Colliery.
Mar. 28th. Arrival of Bishop and Fr. Deeny CSSR.
Mar. 29th. Palm Sunday. Three boys confirmed by Bishop in Sem. chapel: Fr. Locke CSSR arrived to lead Sem. retreat.
Mar. 30th. First meditation at 9.30 rather than 9.00, to allow students more time for their domestic work.
Apr. 1st. Fr. Deeny began maids’ retreat. Their afternoon talk dropped because of shortage of labour.
Apr. 5th. Easter Sunday. Mr. Clifford ordered to keep to his room after head injury by a Cat ball.
Apr. 6th. Departure of most Profs. for the week.
Apr. 8th. President in lorry to Winston, with Mr. Marron driving, to bring cases of birds for museum from Mr. Frank Bell’s there.
Apr. 10th. Visited Greystones Farm, Winston, with a view to its possible purchase. Asking price was £11,500.
Apr. 11th. Two Nottingham and five Leeds men left for ordination.
Apr. 12th. Ordination of two Deacons, 19 Subs., two Minor Orders. Tabernacle key broke at start of Benediction. Instructed Mr. Addison to negotiate for purchase of Greystones Farm.
Apr. 13th – 17th. Frs. T. Moss and A. Gracey visiting.
Apr. 18th. Left for short holiday, after arranging purchase of Greystones Farm for £11,125.
Apr. 30th. Returned to Ushaw. Rev. J. Heenan DD arrived on visit.
May 1st. Bombing near Durham. Paid 10% deposit on Greystones Farm.
3/5 Vincent Sproson taken to Minories suffering from appendicitis.
May 4th. Dangerous fire occurred in Mr. Roddy’s room during his absence for an operation. Insurance claim made.
13/5 Studies off for Silver Episcopal Jubilee of the Pope.
16/5 Mr. Roddy and Vincent Sproson brought back from Minories after their operations. Mgr. Knox arrived for one night before continuing to Burn Hall for a retreat.
May 22nd. Meeting with Brandon and Byshottles RDC over strip of land along lower road, occupied by Ushaw at minimal rent, which the Council now proposed to take over.
May 24th. Death of Henry Brown after some months’ illness.
May 27th. Henry Brown buried, with several attending his requiem at Esh.
May 28th. Oral exams in French for Durham School Certificate. Major Fairfax Blakeborough at Ushaw to discuss matters of military service.
May 31st. Several Profs., including Rector, ill and unable to say Mass.
June 6th. Gave lecture to Divines on family allowances.
June 8th. The younger Donnelly fell badly from top of the greenhouse staging. Golden Jubilee of wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wrangham. Rector said Mass for them in St. Joseph’s.
June 19th. Four Shrewsbury students left for ordination. Mr. Douthwaite went home because of petit mal.
June 20th. Mr. Roddy went away for a change, after a difficult convalescence in Infirmary. Returned on 30th.
#July 15th. Arrival of Mr. E. McCartan to make his retreat before ordination.
July 20th. Visited Greystone Farm, on way to Darlington to make some calls and collect an ice cream machine.
July 22nd. John McGough diagnosed with definite TB, with recommendation of immediate sanatorium treatment.
July 26th. Ten Hexham priests ordained.
July 27th. 13 members of St. Cuthbert’s Society Council for dinner and a meeting.
July 28th. High Mass, but no St. Cuthbert’s Society lunch, with only five ordinary members attending.
Aug. 3rd. Clergy retreat, with attendance of just over 100, including Bishop of Northampton, Fr. T. Corbishley SJ.
Aug. 5th. Rector left for holiday.
Aug. 27th. Returned to Ushaw. President had returned more than a fortnight earlier but in poor health: had been ordered to take ten days’ complete rest, and was now saying Mass again.
Aug. 31st. President postponed going away, as he did not feel well enough. Left on Sept. 2nd.
Sept. 3rd. Benediction for anniversary of opening of war, with singing led by Mr. Grant.
Sept. 11th. Nuns and girls from Dublin, to take over Sem. domestic duties, settling in to their quarters.
Sept. 18th. End of vacation, with 116 boys expected in Sem..
Sept. 20th. Fr. T. Corbishley arrived to give College retreat.
Sept. 22nd. Arrival of Fr. Barrett SJ for the Sem. retreat.
Sept. 28th-29th. Bishops’ meeting, with the seven bishops and Canon Wilkinson. Archbishop “warmly approve[d]” Rector’s staying at Ushaw to be chaplain to nuns and to lecture to Divines as well as working as outdoor Procurator.
Oct. 1st. Archbishop left. Requiem for the late President.
Oct. 7th. Visited Pearson’s with Mr. Addison and asked for a valuation of the cottage, as Ushaw might buy it. Valued at a maximum of £190 with possibilities as business premises, or £150 as building alone.
Oct. 8th. Arranged with Frances Pearson to buy cottage for £190.
Oct. 9th -12th. Visit from Brazilian priest, accompanied by Dr. Sullivan of Ilkley who could speak Portuguese. Part of a tour arranged by the Ministry of Information.
Oct. 10th. Rector began his lectures to Divines.
Oct. 12th. Peter Derbyshire broke a leg playing football: sent to Durham for setting and X-ray.
Oct. 14th. Sem. girl found to have scarlet fever, and sent to hospital. The other girls were quarantined, leaving Sem. and Infirmary with no maids. Boy found to have chicken pox and sent to Sanatorium because of the Infirmary’s lack of staff.
Oct. 16th – 17th. Visit by the Abbot of Downside.
Oct. 20th. Won football match against an Army team, 9-2.
Oct. 25th. Several cases of impetigo in the Sem., and one of scabies.
Oct. 28th. Supply of biscuits received as part of emergency rations in case of invasion. Further invasion rations arrived on the 30th.
Nov. 6th. Playday for Victory in Egypt. Water run into swimming bath for the first time this college year.
Nov. 8th. High Mass performed as a requiem for those killed in the War.
Nov. 12th. Death of Frances Pearson, upsetting arrangements for Ushaw’s purchase of the cottage.
Nov. 16th. Several Profs. attended Frances Pearson’s funeral, some Divines also allowed to go.
Nov. 18th. Sr. Celestine joined Sem. community, and Miss Seed informed that from Christmas the sisters would take charge of College as well as Sem.. New gardener took possession of Pearson’s. Nov. 22nd. Rector offered the early Mass for Miss Seed, who was much upset at having to leave Ushaw.
Nov. 23rd. Ushaw took prizes in cropping competition organised by Durham County Agricultural Society: 1st for oats and kale, 2nd. for potatoes.
Nov. 25th. Rector’s hearing tested at Newcastle, found defective for high notes.
Nov. 28th. Mary Fitzpatrick back from Sanatorium after convalescence. New scarlet fever case in Sem..
Dec. 3rd. Dr. Gowland bought an Austin 10, a not much used 1939 model for £240. Delivered from Armstrong on the 7th., and Ushaw’s Daimler sent there.
Dec. 16th. Offered £200 for a field in Langley Park on Mr. Addison’s advice.
Dec. 16th – 19th. Three new cases of scarlet fever in Sem..
Dec. 21st. Departure of Miss Seed. Case of acute appendicitis taken to Minories.
Dec. 22nd. Start of Christmas vacation. Several boys remaining in Infirmary, mostly scarlet fever contacts.
Dec. 27th. Ciborium Benediction in Sem., arranged by the Sisters, with one of them playing the organ.
Dec. 28th. Rector began a little retreat for the Sisters.
UC/AA6/4/43iii   1943
Jan. 2nd. Rector left for holiday.
Jan. 14th. Rector returned. Domestic staff much depleted until the arrival of a further sister and nine girls due to come on the 19th.
Jan. 19th. Sr. Aquinas and eight girls arrived from Ireland. Visit from Mr. Robert Morgan, until the 29th.
Jan. 23rd. Clapham and Bishop (cooks?), paid a month’s salary in lieu of notice by Dr. Gowland. “There has been unpleasantness & it was felt that there would be no peace unless there was a clear out”.
Feb. 2nd. Candlemas Day observed. Won 8-2 against an Army team at football.
Feb. 5th. Mr. Dickinson to Durham to meet four more girls who arrived from Ireland.
Feb. 8th. Labour shortage obliged arranging for students to help with distributing coal.
Feb. 11th. Sr. Celine in bed with erysipelas.
Feb. 12th. Gale tore away part of the ivy on walls between the Bounds racket houses.
Feb. 19th. Two girls tried to leave for London, but failed.
Feb. 25th. First four lambs, triplets and a single, arriving in a spell of exceptionally mild weather.
Mar. 8th. Cock Vac.: Murder in the Cathedral performed, and repeated next evening when Bishop and Mgr. Cogan were present. Feast of St. John of God, with relic exposed on Sem.’s Lady Altar for the Sisters.
Mar. 11th. Successive alerts after Benediction, and bombs were dropped near Earl’s House. The Irish girls somewhat alarmed.
Mar. 12th. Another air raid alert. Dr. Gowland took the girls to the old gas house, to calm them by showing them searchlights at work.
Mar. 14th. Quarant’Ore began. Girls slept through noisy air raid alert.
Mar. 17th. Girls had a party for St. Patrick’s Day. Death of Cardinal Hinsley.
Mar. 18th. Disappearance at night of one of the girls, apparently to travel with another who was going to London with permission.
Mar. 22nd. President in London for Cardinal Hinsley’s funeral.
Mar. 24th – 25th. Visit from Mr. Stafford Northcote.
Mar. 25th. Visit from Dr. Jos. McDonald, who was to teach Dogma from next year. Farm awarded 2nd Championship Cup in county cropping competition, missing first place because of silage.
Apr. 5th. Strong gale. Weathercock blown off.
Apr. 12th. Mr. Marron gone home for a few days after being sick for some time.
Apr. 13th – 15th. Visit from Bishop of Leeds.
Apr. 14th. Four more girls from Ireland. Now well staffed but accommodation was short. Former chapel being cleared, and housemaid’s room to be used as a storeroom.
Apr. 18th. Palm Sunday. Fr. Ring arrived to give retreat.
Apr. 23rd. Good Friday. Passion Sermon preached by Fr. Ring.
May 1st. Return of most Profs. after customary week away.
May 2nd. Ordination of 3 Deacons and 17 Subdeacons. Rector left for a few days.
7/5 Rector returned, with his nephew Ted.
8/5 Fr. Brooks OSB, former chaplain on the Anson (adopted some time back by Ushaw’s students), arrived for a few days’ stay.
13/5 Ministry of Information film show.
14/5 Dr. Heenan on short visit. Benediction delayed until 9.30, after Churchill’s broadcast from Washington.
May 20th. Party game: Grammar 17, Syntax 10.
May 24th. Raid alert previous night, with damage and loss of life at Sunderland.
May 25th. To Newcastle. Rector’s first visit to bishop’s house.
May 28th. Mr. Corboy went away because of poor health.
June 1st. Cricket started.
June 8th. Rector giving conferences at Day of Retreat, Notre Dame Convent, then to Halifax spending night with Austin Henry.
June 14th. Whit Monday. Grammar performed scenes from Twelfth Night.
June 15th. President to Nottingham for funeral of Bishop McNulty. At Ushaw Divines and Phils. performed a short drama A Night in an Inn, and Phils. a farce Aforesaid.
June 21st. Feast of St. Aloysius. Bishop said Mass in Sem. and assisted at High Mass sung by President.
June 22nd. Heard that Campbell had suffered a serious stroke.
June 23rd. Ronald Fox arrived on a visit.
June 27th. Corboy briefly back at Ushaw, before going to London for a course of treatment lasting up to two months.
July 5th. Bishop consecrated 17 altar stones. Ronald Fox left. M. Malachy and Sr. Mel left for retreat in Ireland, taking with them one of the girls, Mai Watson, who had suffered a haemorrhage.
July 10th. Death of Rev. L. Campbell shortly after suffering a second stroke.
July 13th. Attended Rev. Campbell’s funeral at Newcastle. Canon Prescott came to visit, bringing a portrait of Cardinal Hinsley which he had painted for Ushaw.
July 14th. Godfrey Bryce taken urgently to Minories with perforated duodenal ulcer.
July 16th. Vespers of St. James recorded by BBC for overseas transmission on his feast, July 25th.
July 21st. Heard of the appointment of Paul Grant as Vice-President.
July 23rd. Four Salford men left for ordination.
July 26th. Ordination of nine Hexham and Newcastle men, including Rector’s nephew Tom who gave Benediction in the afternoon.
July 27th. Nephew Tom said his first Mass, in St. Joseph’s. Meeting of St. Cuthbert’s Society Council after dinner, and entertainment in Hall.
July 28th. Start of vacation.
July 29th. Arrival of Fr. Vernon Johnson to give Clergy Retreat.
Aug. 2nd. Rector left for vacation.
Aug. 30th. Rector returned.
Sept. 1st. To Esh with Dr. Gowland, for wedding of Vincent Wrangham and Marie Reed.
Sept. 7th. Arrival of auditors. Account books not in good condition, as they had not been checked.
Sept. 8th. Return of Srs. Hilary and Aquinas, with two new sisters.
Sept. 9th. Overnight stay by two Blue Nuns. Dr. Duff of Durham University and Mr. Everett of Cambridge came to tea.
Sept. 17th. End of vacation. Sr. Benedicta arrived to complete the community of seven nuns. Spam and tomatoes for supper.
Sept. 19th. Start of Divines’ retreat. Mr. Clifford in bed with poisoned foot.
Sept. 20th. Fr. Coia arrived for College retreat.
Sept. 21st. College retreat began, and Mgr. Aspinall came for Sem. retreat. Rev. R. Rickaby arrived to make retreat.
Sept. 26th. End of retreat. Ordinations, Deacons and Minor Orders. Rector gave address at half yearly CYMS meeting in Durham, on “The Pope and the War”.
Sept. 28th. Bishops’ meeting. President was with them for an hour, discussing Relatio and the reading of the Fathers.
Sept. 29th. Bishops’ meeting continued, preparing for a meeting at 8PM with Mr. Butler, President of Board of Education, and others, who left afterwards to catch night train to London.
Sept. 30th. Departure of the bishops. “Their meeting with the Board of Education seems to have been quite animated on one side”.
Oct. 3rd. Doctor called to attend to Eamon Sarson, who had a finger badly crushed by a door. Further visits over coming days, with fear of a need for partial amputation.
Oct. 26th. Arrival of a new Divine, Hignett.
Nov. 3rd. Dr. Gowland up in the morning, during a spell of variable health in which Rector was taking much of his work. E. Whitehead taken to Sanatorium with scarlet fever.
Nov. 14th. Solemn Requiem for fallen in war.
Nov. 17th. V. Sweeney taken to Minories for operation. Found to have very bad appendix with adhesions, but no further trouble.
Nov. 23rd-24th. Rev. B. Scannell on visit.
Nov. 24th. Phils. Feast postponed through supply difficulties.
Nov. 29th. Cases of flu increasing, with Infirmary full and four accommodated in Sem..
Dec. 1st. Phils. Feast postponed again, as Sr. Aquinas, 8 girls and the butler were all confined to bed.
Dec. 5th. Influenza abating, but Rector now ill.
Dec. 7th. Rector should have been on holiday, but instead in bed with cold or flu. Continued unwell through most of December.
Dec. 20th. Christmas vacation began, two days early because of railways.
Dec, 21st. Arrival of two Sisters of God from Hull, to stay for Christmas holidays and Triduum.
Dec. 25th. Benediction in St. Cuthbert’s at 4, with the girls singing.
Dec. 28th. News of death of Fr. Bernard Ford of Sheffield, with whom the President had intended to stay for part of the vacation. Began Retreat to Sisters.
UC/AA6/4/43iv   1944
Jan. 1st. Renewal of Vows at Mass in St. Joseph’s.
Jan. 2nd. Rector went away.
Jan. 10th. End of vacation. Rector away until the 14th.
Jan. 16th. Delayed Readings-up, as results had not been ready when the vacation began.
Jan.18th, Began Novena for Catholic schools.
Jan. 20th. Fr. Owen Dudley arrived for a few days, and spoke to Divines on the 21st.
Jan. 23rd. Departure of Fr. Dudley, and of six Irish girls leaving the college understaffed.
Feb. 7th. “A President’s Feast without a Feast, but the students had a boiled egg each at supper”.
Feb. 10th. Ushaw’s own electric plant running again, after being out of action since before Christmas.
Feb. 14th. Kitty Sheehan, with “clear signs of mental trouble” of late, brought back from Craghead by police in the early hours after vanishing in the night. She ran off again in the middle of the day: police informed and a search initiated.
Feb. 16th. Kitty Sheehan located in Meadowfield, brought back to Ushaw in a confused state, then taken to Bishop Auckland to stay there with a sister of hers.
Feb. 20th – 22nd. Canon J. Cunningham visiting.
Feb. 21st. Cock Vac.. Apostolic Delegate arrived for a two day visit, together with the Bishop. Little Lads performed scenes from Henry IV, and on the 22nd. Phils. and Divines presented a comedy.
Feb. 28th. Snow drifting: students had to dig a way along the top of the Mill Field.
Mar. 8th. Received news of death of Dr. Kane on previous day. Feast of St. John of God: relic exposed in St. Joseph’s.
Mar. 16th. Return of Mr. Corboy after being in London for a cure since last July. “He doesn’t seem much different, but it is claimed the trouble has been arrested”.
Mar. 17th. Ushaw’s farm awarded the county silage championship.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Pontifical High Mass. Students given buns for breakfast, oranges for dinner, a boiled egg each at supper. Play Abraham Lincoln performed at 8.
Mar. 21st. To Newcastle with Dr. Gowland for a meeting about coal royalties. Mr. Burke agreed to consider acting as Ushaw’s official adviser at a fixed salary.
Mar. 27th. Attended Durham Agricultural Society meeting, where Geo. Dixon received the silage championship cup on Ushaw’s behalf.
Apr. 1st. Fr. Hall (Salesian) arrived to give retreats.
Apr. 2nd. Rev. Wilf. Blenken (?) came to give Sem. retreat.
Apr. 7th. Passion sermon by Fr. Hall.
Apr. 10th. Easter Monday, with many Profs. leaving for the week.
Apr. 11th. Visit by Rector’s nephew, supplying at Bishop Auckland. Just as in last Easter week, Leonard Spencer hit one ball over the wall and another into the Plantation.
Apr. 14th. Evening performance of Pastoral Interlude.
Apr. 17th. Canon Prescott arrived with Fr. Whelan, one of his curates, bringing with them a portrait of the President. Both stayed until the 21st.
Apr. 19th. DM taken to Minories with suspected mastoid trouble, and kept there under observation.
Apr. 23rd. Ordinations by Bishop, including 12 subdeacons.
Apr. 26th. Gave day’s retreat to Guild of Catholic Mothers at Marie Reparatrice, Newcastle.
Apr. 27th. Paul Wilkinson to Minories for operation on appendix.
8/5 Visit by Rev. R. Bleasdale and Edmund Quinn.
12/5 With Geo. Dixon to a livestock demonstration at the Earl of Durham’s farm near Fencehouses.
17/5 Farm valuation, showing annual profit down from over £1200 to less than £400. The fall was caused by rust in the wheat and infectious abortion among the cattle.
May 20th. Sem. boy, Duffy, developed acute appendicitis, and was taken to Minories for immediate operation on a perforated appendix.
May 21st. Afternoon visit from Fr. G. Burns SJ.
May 23rd – 24th. Visit by a Polish chaplain. At his request, it was agreed that Ushaw would accommodate 50 Polish lads, who had been in Russia, for three weeks’ leave in August.
May 25th. Another operation on Duffy at Minories. His condition next day “serious but not desperate”.
May 29th. Mr. Corboy to London for a medical exam.. Rev. J. Lyons arrived on visit.
May 30th. Canons Pippet and E. Wilkinson, and Rev. E. Flynn, at Ushaw for lunch and to watch party game: Divines 12 – House 19.
May 31st. Mr. Corboy returned, pronounced better. Mr. Payne returned from examining books at Dodding Green, Kendal, bringing back a Sarum Missal and an early, perhaps first, edition of Ben Jonson.
June 5th. Playday to celebrate the entry of Allied troops into Rome. “It is a great mercy that there has been no bombardment of the city”.
June 12th. 13 boys at Ushaw to sit exam for two Lay Scholarships.
June 17th. Revs. G. Farrell and R. Fallon staying at Lodge and taking meals at Ushaw. B. Duffy brought back from Minories in an ambulance after four weeks there.
June 21st. St. Aloysius’ Day. Bacon for breakfast in Sem.. Jos. Harrold in bed with pneumonia, requiring nursing through the night.
June 22nd. Rev. A. Pickering arrived for short stay. Government inspector visited to assess Ushaw with a view to issuing a maintenance licence.
June 29th. To Middlesbrough with President and W. Clifford for the Golden Jubilee of Bishop Shine.
July 10th. Polish soldier visited to make arrangements for 50 young Poles to stay at Ushaw for three weeks from the 27th. Jos. Harrold found to have TB.
July 16th. Death of Dr. Geo. Wheatley in Minories.
July 23rd. Ordination of four priests.
July 24th. Arrival of St. Cuthbert’s Society Council, and of the Apostolic Delegate.
July 25th. Bishop sang High Mass, Apostolic Delegate distributed prizes. Polish officer came to take charge of the young Poles on their arrival.
July 26th. Start of vacation, but a number of students staying another day or so to take public exams.
July 27th. Arrival of 40 Polish boys with two instructors.
July 31st. Rector left for his holiday, travelling by car with his brother Leo and nephew Gerald.
Aug. 28th. Returned to Ushaw.
Sept. 15th. End of vacation. As numbers were high in the lower schools, High Figures would be put in College.
Sept. 16th. Arrival of Fr. Aelred Graham OSB to give College retreat.
Sept. 17th. End of double summer time, and blackout regulations relaxed.
Sept. 19th. Rev. T. Cain came to give Sem. retreat, and Rev. G. Banks, wounded, to make a retreat.
Sept. 24th. Said Mass in Infirmary for four Sisters renewing their vows. Ordination of 12 deacons and numerous Minor Orders.
Sept. 26th. Bishops’ meeting, with Rector involved in a long discussion on the balance sheet.
Sept. 28th. Departure of last of the bishops, Bp. Moriarty. Requiem for the late President.
Oct. 2nd. Mr. Crosse, with increased pupil numbers (32), to stay at Ushaw each Monday night.
Oct. 4th. Gastric trouble afflicting a number of Juniors.
Oct. 10th. Standstill order imposed because of foot and mouth disease in Spennymoor.
Oct. 15th. 150th anniversary of Crook Hall celebrated. President sang High mass with Te Deum. Studies off, and a small dinner.
Oct. 16th. Playday for Crook Hall. Fr. Pope OP on a two day visit.
Oct. 21st. Peggy Stapleton sent to Durham for operation on appendicitis.
Oct. 23rd. BBC recorded Vespers of Christ the King for transmission on Sunday 29th.
Oct. 24th. Rev. A. Coia (wounded) and Rev. F. Pearson arrived on visit.
Nov. 6th. Bishop consecrated 35 altar stones. Last barley cut in Quarry Field, in a harvest made difficult by much wet weather.
Nov. 7th. Announcement made by Mgr. Cogan in the Bishop’s name, that the President and Vice-President had been made Honorary Canons of Hexham and Newcastle. Playday given on the 8th in their honour.
Nov. 14th. Rector began as Spiritual Director to a Praesidium of the Legion of Mary.
Nov. 16th. Army team from Brancepeth defeated Ushaw’s team 6-4 “on a quagmire”.
Nov. 18th. New gardener to start on Jan. 8th, replacing Alison who would be told that he must be out by then.
Nov. 21st. Visit by Revs. E. Stephens and E. Glynn. Rev. Stephens brought gifts, including a dessert service bequeathed to him by R.O.Bilsborrow which had belonged to Lingard, Bilsborrow’s Ushaw notes (from Mgr. Wrennall), and a lock of Lingard’s hair.
Nov. 29th. Suggestion from Sisters that they might have days of retreat on Sundays rather than a triduum, as the late departure of students at Christmas left them short of time for work.
Nov. 30th. Departure of Rev. Stephens after “a most successful visit”. Dr. Gowland agreed with Rector that the Sisters should not be denied a proper triduum, and so persuaded President to add three days to Ushaw’s vacation.
Dec. 4th. Mr. Acomb at Ushaw for dinner, and to lecture to the Divines.
Dec. 5th. Installation of President and Vice-President as Honorary Canons.
Dec. 19th – 22nd. Dr. Edge visiting.
Dec. 22nd. Lay boys went home.
Dec. 25th. Rector said three Masses in St. Joseph’s, assisted by Peter Seed. House rose at 9.15: High Mass 10.30, Reading-up 12.10. Turkeys and mince pies, apples and nuts. Most pleasant concert of carols at 8.
Dec. 26th. Students left for Christmas vacation.
Dec. 28th. Began Triduum to Sisters.
UC/AA6/4/43v   1945
Jan. 2nd. End of Triduum. Went to Byker with Dr. Gowland.
Jan. 3rd. Went away, returning on the 16th.
Jan. 17th – 19th. Fr. G. Corboy on a visit.
Jan. 21st. Willie Wade left to escort back to Ireland the father of one of the girls, who had suffered a stroke and was having to return home from war work.
Jan. 30th. Roads blocked after blizzard. Divines cleared a way for coal, opening the road all the way to Langley Park, where they dug out a coal lorry and helped to load it twice.
Jan. 31st. Road cleared for mail van by a group of German prisoners.
Feb. 5th. President’s Feast, again without a feast.
Feb. 11th. Delivered lecture to Big Lads on the Rebellion of 1842.
Feb. 12th. Cock Vac.. Toad of Toad Hall performed. Canon Cunningham at Ushaw for the night, Mgr. Cogan and Fr. Shelley for dinner and the play.
Feb. 14th. Ash Wednesday. Bishop blessed and distributed ashes.
Feb. 18th – 20th. Quarant’ Ore.
Feb. 21st – 23rd. Rev. H. Dowd on visit.
Mar. 2nd. Mr. Cook, Mr. Dunne and a surveyor from Peases inspected a crack that had appeared in Bounds. The damaged places were filled in by Peases on the 5th, by when a new crack had appeared.
Mar. 6th. Buildings of Hedley Hill Farm found to be in worse condition than Rector had expected. “Very good performance” of Macbeth at 7.45.
Mar. 19th. Peases filling in new crack in Bounds.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Day. Pontifical High Mass, and five Sem. boys confirmed.
Mar. 23rd. Announcement made that the Bishops of England and Wales would hold their Low Week meeting at Ushaw.
Mar. 24th. Fr. Ric. Davey OSB, of Downside, arrived to give College retreat.
Mar. 25th. Fr. Deery CSSR came to lead Sem. retreat.
Mar. 26th. Leo Leblique arrived to make retreat, and to stay until the 31st.
Mar. 28th. Fr. Davey began maids’ retreat.
Mar. 30th. Good Friday: Fr. Davey preached the Passion sermon.
Apr. 2nd. Fr. Davey left, and as usual most Profs. left for the week after Easter.
Apr. 5th. Easter Thursday. Lyons and Corbally left for ordination at Leeds.
Apr. 8th. Low Sunday. Ordinations of 18 subdeacons, 3 1st, 2 Minors.
Apr. 9th. Arrival of the Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales for their Low Week meeting: only Brentwood and Shrewsbury missing and Middlesbrough delayed. Reading Room used for their meetings and as lounge.
Apr. 10th. Bishops’ meetings continued, and Bishop Shuey arrived for the day. Macbeth performed at 9PM.
Apr. 11th. Last business of the bishops’ meeting concluded in the morning. Photographs taken after lunch.
Apr. 12th. The remaining bishops left. President heard of his election to the Old Brotherhood. Playday on the 13th in honour of his election.
Apr. 16th. Mr. H. Roberts, who had been a student in Mr. Bonney’s school, visited after an absence of 53 years.
Apr. 23rd. Mr. Roberts left. Much work on removal of blackout after restrictions lifted.
Apr. 26th. To Newcastle with Dr. Gowland, to consult Mr. Waugh on the purchase of £11,000 of ground rents. Sent word to Mr.Weld that Ushaw would buy them.
Apr. 27th. Mr. M. Vasey, ordained last Sunday at Whitby, returned to teach at Ushaw before beginning to study English at Durham in the autumn.
May 1st. Visit from Rev. G. Forster, recently liberated from Germany. 8/5
Victory Day: “Great joy. A happy day, notwithstanding much rain in p.m.”. A singsong at 8 PM, and devotions delayed for the King’s broadcast at 9. Further celebrations on the 9th ending in a march through the grounds.
10/5 Ascension Day. Ordinations included a Polish subdeacon from Upholland.
May 18th. Fr. Agnellus arrived to stay overnight. Farm discovered to have lost over £1000, “a very disappointing result”.
May 28th- 30th. Went to visit T. Swarbrick at Great Eccleston, dying of cancer.
May 31st. Corpus Christi. Bishop sang High Mass, Vespers at 3.30, Exposition of Blessed Sacrament until night.
June 12th. Six visiting boys sat scholarship exam.
June 16th. Mr. A. Bullen taken to Minories with appendicitis. Mr. Corboy to Ampleforth for a weekend of discussion about the effect of legislation on boarding schools.
June 18th. President gave a long promised playday for the Archbishop of Westminster.
June 19th. Departure of Dr. Gowland for a holiday in Ireland with the Bishop. Mr. Loftus left for ordination.
June 27th. To Lanchester with Peter Seed to view a large collection of furniture for sale. “Mostly rubbish”.
June 28th. Heard unofficially that the return of Mother Malachy and Sr. Reynagh would be delayed for some weeks.
July 3rd. Chapter meeting. Studies off, and fresh salmon from Berwick.
July 4th. A successful performance of a home made musical play The Orphan Bandit.
July 5th. General Election. Students allowed to go to vote in the morning.
July 7th. Rector gave weekend retreat at Marie Reparatrice, Newcastle.
July 18th. Dr. Gowland due to return from his holiday. Rector in Preston, where he blessed the marriage of Mary Hayward, with nuptial mass.
July 22nd. Ordination of five priests.
July 25th. Start of vacation, but some students remaining for exams. All had left by the 27th. July 27th. Rector’s brother Leo arrived, bringing brother Fred who was to stay at the Sanatorium.
July 28th. Dr. Theissen went for duty at German prisoners’ camp at Barnard Castle, then left for London next day. Dr. McDonald arrived to give Mass to Italians near Durham.
July 30th. Rector left for vacation.
Aug. 27th. Back at Ushaw. Rector’s brother Fred still in Sanatorium. Rev. E. Stephens visiting
Aug. 29th. Afternoon visitors included Mgr. Bickford, President of Old Hall.
Sept. 11th. Return of President and Mr. Sharratt. Rector’s nephew Tom in for tea and dinner, about to leave Esh after two weeks on supply.
Sept. 12th. Late arrival of Sr. Aquinas and a new sister. Last of the barley cut, perhaps the earliest date ever.
Sept. 14th. End of vacation. “Record number of Students & Profs – 405 if all come”.
Sept. 16th. Rector’s brother Fred taken home. Fr. Oswald CP came, and started Divines’ Retreat.
Sept. 17th. Naval chaplain Rev. J. Houston came to make retreat.
Sept. 19th. Forwarded to Bishops a letter from Mr. Ferguson on Ushaw’s income and expenditure, recommending interest rate adjustments and an increase to pensions. “Mr. Gregory brought back Geo., whom I caught bolting again in the evening”.
Sept. 20th. Geo. Gregory, “a highly nervous lad”, found going off again at breakfast time. He had to be allowed to go away.
Sept. 21st. Departure of Fr. Houston.
Sept. 23rd. Ordinations of Deacons and Minor Orders. Sunday meal arrangements changed to an informal dinner in the middle of the day and a cold supper at 7.30, as Profs. need to take schools on Sunday evenings.
Sept. 25th. Bishops’ meeting. They decided to pay £5 more per student, and to accept an ½ % less than average yield on investments, with a minimum of 3¼ %.
Oct. 1st. Arrival of Fr. Bamber, Salesian, for a visit.
Oct. 3rd. Playday given for victory in Japan.
Oct. 6th. Vincent Wrangham in to discuss his future at Ushaw. He hoped to leave the Army in spring or early summer.
Oct. 9th. Arrival of Mr. Willis of Pease & Partners to inspect the Pond, and of Mr. Dunn, of the Lambton estates, to inspect and advise on the plantation.
Oct. 17th. President to London to take his place on the Old Chapter.
Oct. 18th. Rector to Newcastle to give conference at Marie Reparatrice.
Oct. 21st. Thick, wet fog, and 1.51 inches of rain, the most for three years.
Oct. 22nd. Rev. Gerard Culkin on visit until the 27th.
Oct. 29th. Observed a Day of Recollection for the first time. Fr. Worsley SJ gave conference at 6 PM. Sem. began a retreat, conducted by Fr. John Deans.
Oct. 30th. High Mass for Feast of Douai Martyrs. Day of Recollection ended after a conference at 11.30. Fr. Conche, Provincial of the Salesians, arrived to discuss a series of loans: £5000 immediately, £5000 in two or three months, £10,000 next summer.
Oct. 31st. Fr. Deans left early after a bilious attack.
Nov. 1st. Very short handed after two Irish girls left, one after vague notice and one with no notice at all. Nov. 5th. John Moore to Minories for appendicitis.
Nov. 9th. M. O’Donahue left to convalesce after scarlet fever.
Nov. 16th. Second VJ Day: special meals for students. Mr. Burke called with a set of small crosses for the Stations of the Cross in St. Cuthbert’s. Informal evening concert.
Nov.23rd. Visit by four chaplains, including John O’Mahoney who had been imprisoned by the Japanese.
Nov. 27th. Dr. Gowland gone away for two weeks with tired heart. Rector to Newcastle to obtain poultry for Phils. Feast next day.
Nov. 28th. Bishop came to bless the Stations of the Cross, which had been installed earlier in the day.
Dec. 1st. Recollection began at 3, with Mgr. Cogan giving a conference.
Dec. 2nd. Mr. Roddy allowed up after two weeks in bed.
Dec. 10th. Mr. Malone taken to Minories for operation on appendix.
Dec. 15th. Visit from Mr. Arkwright regarding details of a bequest from the late Mrs. Morley of Blackburn.
Dec. 16th. Rector began the retreat for Sisters, to be given by Mgr. Cogan in the Oratory.
Dec. 18th. K. O’Donaghue to Minories, appendix trouble.
Dec. 21st. Departure of lay boys.
Dec. 25th. Shortage of turkeys for students’ dinner – 24 from Farm, but only 2 could be had from Newcastle – made up for with pork.
Dec. 26th. All students went away.
Dec. 27th. Rector left for a fortnight.
UC/AA6/4/43vi   1946-1947
Jan. 10th. Rector returned. President and a few others at Ushaw, and Mr. Malone and K. O’Donaghue both convalescing after appendicitis.
Jan. 11th. End of vacation. Rector started as Ordinary Confessor to Sisters at Burn Hall.
Jan. 20th. Quite a number in Infirmary, and Dr. Gowland in bed with ‘flu.
Jan. 23rd. Now 25 in Infirmary.
Jan. 31st. Dr. McReavy gave religious service broadcast on radio at 10.30 PM.
Feb. 8th. Mr. McGoldrick went to Cambridge for M.A. Returned on the 11th.
Feb. 9th. Recollection at 3PM, with Conference given by Mgr. Cogan.
Feb. 10th. Mr. Stokes MP visited with a companion and stayed for lunch.
Feb. 26th. To London for an interview with Mr. Bellord (?) of Witham & Co..
Feb. 28th. Ice gave way under some Phils. who had tried skating after their Mid-terms.
Mar. 3rd. Gave conference to Sisters in absence of Canon Shelley.
Mar. 4th. Mgr. Cogan and Fr. W. Lowrie to dinner. Play performed at night, and the next night when the Bishop had arrived for Ash Wednesday.
Mar. 9th. Day of recollection. Mgr. Cogan addressed Higher Bounds, Rev. W. Meagher the Little Lads. Sisters at Ryde backed out of an arranged loan and returned a cheque for £16,000.
Mar. 10th. Beginning of Quarant’ Ore.
Mar. 12th. Brian O’Donaghue badly concussed at football, but no permanent injury found.
Mar. 17th. Rector took 2nd Mass and evening service at Esh.
Mar. 19th. Bishop stayed at home rather than making the intended visit, as he was recovering from ‘flu.
Mar. 20th. St. Cuthbert’s Feast, with High Mass at 9. “Successful performance of Marlowe’s Faustus by Big Lads”.
Mar. 22nd. Lorry to Wigton to collect valuable sets of birds’ eggs etc. bequeathed by the late Fr. Kerr.
Mar. 23rd. Last Sacraments given to Tommy Holliday, joiner.
Mar. 29th. Arrival of Fr. O’Halloran, Franciscan. Canon Shelley received Last Sacraments in Minories. The Rector, his sole executor, visited at his request and discussed his will and instructions.
Apr. 1st. Fr. O’Halloran left, and Mr. Clifford left Ushaw in the afternoon. Rector returning from Newcastle heard that Mr. Marron was in Durham Hospital after a motor accident. “Considerable injuries to head, but apparently not dangerous”. Satisfactory reports followed, with no fracture found.
Apr. 4th. Mr. Clifford’s goods taken to Malton by lorry.
Apr. 8th. Mr. Marron brought back to Ushaw by ambulance. Fr. Collins arrived from Birkdale.
Apr. 9th. Gave day of Recollection at Corboy Hall.
Apr. 11th – 16th. Dr. O’Doherty stayed at Ushaw while attending psychological conference in Durham.
Apr. 13th. Rector moved to Mr. Clifford’s former room after its redecoration.
Apr. 14th. Mgr. Knox in for lunch. Mgr. Cogan arrived to give college retreat, and Dr. E. Avery for Sem. retreat.
Apr. 15th. Agreed to President’s request to take Fundamental Moral Theology next year.
Apr. 20th. Canon Shelley worse, “more or less in state of coma”.
Apr. 22nd. Easter Monday, with most Profs. going away as usual. Canon Shelley died.
Apr. 25th. President sang requiem at obsequies of Canon Shelley. Departure of four Leeds ordinandi.
Apr. 26th. Easter Friday, with an impromptu concert at 8.10.
Apr. 27th. Most Profs. back. Rector rejoined the official list of confessors.
Apr. 28th. Ordinations: 19 subdeacons, 1 for 3rd and 4th Minors. Rector preached at Ushaw Moor in memory of Canon Shelley.
Apr. 29th. Fr. O. Whitaker appointed to succeed Canon Shelley.
May 1st. Lantern lecture on Roman engineering given to Big Lads and Syntax by Mr. Richmond of King’s College Newcastle.
5/5 Rector left for a few days.
9/5 Back at Ushaw. Julius Caesar performed by Grammar and High Figs., repeated next day.
11/5 Death of Mrs. Frank Goundry.
12/5 Report of consultation on Mr. Bonney: duodenal trouble, requiring treatment by diet.
15/5 Mr. Bullen moved from Sem. to College to act as Prefect General on account of Mr. Marron’s prolonged illness.
17/5 Visit by Dr. Hugh Dowd and Fr. Edge.
May 23rd. Mr. Marron went away for further convalescence.
June 1st. Day of Recollection. Mgr. Cogan gave conference to Higher Bounds, Fr. W. Meagher to Little Lads.
June 2nd – 5th. A young French student of Francis Thompson at Ushaw for work on his thesis.
June 3rd. Mr. Bonney weak after seven weeks of illness. Operation on duodenum postponed because of haemorrhage.
June 4th. Arrival of Archbishop Simmonds, Coadj. of Sydney, for a two day stay. Wedding from Ushaw: Eileen Murphy to T. Towns, joiner.
June 8th. Victory Parade in London. An ordinary day at Ushaw.
June 10th. Whit Monday. Rev. J. Lyons of Shrewsbury arrived for four days. “A very successful entertainment” by Phils. in evening.
June 11th. Operation on Mr. Bonney, only on duodenum, but as well as duodenal ulcer two gastric ulcers were found, also thickening of the entrance to the pancreas. A boy, Brian McNamara, taken away with appendicitis: returned from Gilmour’s on the 24th.
June 16th. Visit from Judge Lynskey for High Mass and lunch. June 21st. feast of St. Aloysius: President sang High Mass. Mr. Bonney “brighter but condition remains desperate”.
June 26th. Victory Playday, with a repeat performance of Faustus in evening.
June 27th. Death of Mr. Bonney, after a further operation from which he never regained consciousness.
June 29th. Mr. Bonney’s body received at 5 PM, and taken solemnly to lie in state in Reception.
July 1st. Funeral of Mr. Bonney. President sang Mass, Rector gave Panegyric.
July 2nd. Rector to Newcastle, attending to matters including registration of Mr. Bonney’s death and transfer of securities.
July 3rd. To Middlesbrough for Bishop’s Episcopal Silver Jubilee.
July 10th. Valuation of Mr. Bonney’s effects for probate, by Anderson and Garland. Overnight stay at Ushaw of the chaplain at Madrid.
July 15th.- 17th. Visit by Dr. P. Redmond, to teach Phils. next year.
July 18th. Mr. Corby appointed Rector of St. Edmund’s Hall, Cambridge.
July 22nd. Arrival of Council of St. Cuthbert’s Society.
July 23rd. Pontifical High Mass, followed by distribution of prizes. Rector made a member of St. Cuthbert’s Soc. Council.
July 24th. Start of vacation, with only some examinees delayed until next day.
July 25th. To Middlesbrough with President for Consecration of Bishop Brunner.
July 27th. Rector’s brother Leo arrived with his two boys, and left, with the Rector, on the 29th.
Aug. 26th. Returned to Ushaw.
Aug. 29th. Rector unwell. Canon Pippet and Revs. J. Kelly and D. Cronin guests at lunch.
Aug. 31st. Rector recovered, and heard Sisters’ confessions at Burn Hall in evening.
Sept. 3rd. Arrival of Bishop Brunner and Canon Wilkinson for annual audit.
Sept. 8th. Rector took care of a party of 60 Legionaries from Middlesbrough.
Sept. 12th. Return of Vice President after duodenal trouble. Mr. Loftus arrived for two days before going to Louvain for Moral Theology.
Sept. 13th. End of vacation. More than two dozen put in Infirmary because of large student numbers.
Sept. 16th. Arrival of Fr. Agnellus OFM to give Divines’ retreat.
Sept. 18th. Mid-morning coffee and biscuits now to be provided for all.
Sept. 23rd. Arrival for meeting of all Bishops except Middlesbrough, along with Canon Wilkinson and three secretaries. Playday given for new Prefect.
Sept. 24th. Bishops raised Juniors’ pension to £85.
Sept. 25th. Rector began his lectures in Moral Theology. Started Ascetical and Mystical Theology lectures on the 29th.
Oct. 5th. Requiem for Mgr. Brown, the last of the series.
Oct. 11th. Last of the year’s barley led. “All of the grain has been won in good condition notwithstanding bad weather”.
Oct. 24th. “Last of potatoes lifted: grand lot”.
Oct. 27th. Chicken pox case taken to Sanatorium.
Oct. 28th. Scabies case to Sanatorium.
Oct. 30th. Staff shortage, so currently no waiters at dinner.
Nov. 14th. Start of Sem. retreat, Rev. F. Thompson. Overnight stay by Rev. B. Hagen, foreign mission.
Nov. 15th. Two new scabies cases, one kept in Infirmary.
Nov. 25th. President, Vice-President and Dr. Gowland went to Darlington for funeral of Canon Tom Chadwick.
Nov. 27. Phils’ Feast.
Nov. 30th – Dec. 2nd. Visit by Fr. Moore O’Farrell.
Dec. 10th. Mr. Bullen to Liverpool for eye operation. A. Lennox had pneumonia.
Dec. 16th. Start of Sisters’ retreat, given by Dr. E. Avery.
Dec. 20th. Departure of lay boys. Rector said Mass for Sisters renewing their vows.
Dec. 26th. Went away.
Jan. 11th. Returned to Ushaw.
Jan. 13th. Students returned.
Jan. 14th. Mr. Dunne appointed Honorary Canon of Hexham and Newcastle.
UC/AA6/4/44   13 January - 4 March 1948
Jan. 13th. End of vacation. Fred Devlin gone home on 12th after developing scarlet fever on Dec. 23rd: returned to Ushaw
Feb. 4th. Roderick Macdonald returned after missing the whole first quarter.
Jan. 15th. Richard Morrissey moved from Underlow A to Low Figs. B, and Leo Edgar from Low Figs. A to B.
Jan. 16th. J. McElroy moved from Underlow A to B, and T. Clifford from Underlow B to A. The Bishop asked in a letter to President that S. Sedgwick and A. Summer be told that he is not pleased with them, after seeing their Christmas reports.
Jan. 18th. Sem. High Mass – Rev. R. Carson. Rector gave Conference on the New Year’s resolution of doing things now, not just looking forward. Chasuble hanger borrowed from Mgr. Jefferys of Thornley as a model for more to be made.
Jan. 19th. Names taken for membership of the Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary. A letter or two each day sent to last year’s ordinate to remind them to subscribe to the Ushaw Magazine.
Jan. 20th. Saw Procurator re. various items still lacking after a year and a half of asking: servers’ cottas, albs, a wardrobe for vestments, hangers for chasubles etc..
Jan. 22nd. Sycamore tree nearest the buildings in top gardens removed, and others trimmed.
Jan. 23rd. G. McEnnerney, and his brother Michael in High Figs., very upset when told of the death of their grandmother: left on the 24th to attend her funeral. J. McGrath back at Ushaw after gastroenteritis.
Jan. 25th. Conference by Rev. L. Harrison, on Septuagesima – Spiritual Fitness.
Feb. 1st. Received new silver spoon from BCS, and put it to the use of the temporary altar.
Feb. 3rd. Received 63 magazine subs. in the day’s post after sending out bills: 43 more the next day, 32 the day after. Requested baptism certificates for the four confirmandi: J. Foulkes, A. Wilkinson, P. O’Neill and M. Hampson. Historical Quiz held by (Low?) Figures History Club: Revs. T. McGoldrick and B. Doyle and the Rector attended, also Rev. L. Harrison arriving late.
Feb. 9th. Cock Vac.. Mikado performed at night, produced by Rev. R. Carson, with about six local clergy attending: repeated the next evening.
Feb. 11th. Ash Wednesday. Benediction, not Stations, at night, as it was the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.
Feb. 13th. Further digging up of a row of sycamore trees between the top tennis court and top gardens, which had apparently been planted by P. Gillow.
Feb. 15th. Quarant’ Ore, with detailed order. Antony Wilkinson found to have scarlet fever.
Feb. 16th. Completed altering Drinkwater’s Short Instructions on the Mass, to make it suitable for public use in St. Aloysius’ by dividing it into 20 readings.
Feb. 18th. First shrubs, two brooms, planted in the new “top gardens”.
Mar. 1st. Nicholas Middleton found to have scarlet fever.
Mar. 4th. Antony Wilkinson ready to travel home after scarlet fever.
1 volume 
(e) Director of Studies' Records
UC/AA6/5   1995 – 1998
Papers of Michael R. Marr, mostly miscellaneous internal matters including timetables, telephone directories, and staff guidelines
2 files 
(f) Infirmarians' Records
UC/AA6/6/1   1828 - 1978
Infirmarian’s diary and record book of patients, including date, name of patient, description of ailment, and length of stay
1 volume 
UC/AA6/6/2   16 February 1968 – 10 March 1969
Correspondence between the Hospital for Sick Children and the president of Ushaw (Paul Grant) concerning the establishment of a Rubella vaccination programme at Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA6/6/3   1969 – 1973
Injection record book, including name of student and details of drug administered
1 volume 
(g) Clerk of Works' Records
UC/AA6/7/1   1927 - 1982
Auxilliary staff record books, mostly lists of names of staff working and tasks undertaken. Some volumes also include meter readings
Volume 1: 1927
Volume 2: 1928
Volume 3: 1929
Volume 4: 1930
Volume 5: 1931
Volume 6: 1932
Volume 7: 1933
Volume 8: 1934
Volume 9: 1935
Volume 10: 1936
Volume 11: 1937
Volume 12: 1938
Volume 13: 1939
Volume 14: 1940
Volume 15: 1941
Volume 16: 1942
Volume 17: 1943
Volume 18: 1944
Volume 19: 1945
Volume 20: 1946
Volume 21: 1947
Volume 22: 1948
Volume 23: 1949
Volume 24: 1950
Volume 25: 1951
Volume 26: 1952
Volume 27: 1953
Volume 28: 1954
Volume 29: 1955
Volume 30: 1956
Volume 31: 1957
Volume 32: 1958
Volume 33: 1959
Volume 34: 1960
Volume 35: 1961
Volume 36: 1962
Volume 37: 1963
Volume 38: 1964
Volume 39: 1965
Volume 40: 1966
Volume 41: 1967
Volume 42: 1968
Volume 43: 1969
Volume 44: 1970
Volume 44: 1971
Volume 45: 1972
Volume 46: 1973
Volume 47: 1974
Volume 48: 1975
Volume 49: 1976
Volume 50: 1977
Volume 51: 1978
Volume 52: 1979
Volume 53: 1980
Volume 54: 1981
Volume 55: 1982
Volume 56: 1983
56 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/2   1889 - 1995
Staff wage books:
12 boxes 
UC/AA6/7/2/1   1920 - 1937; 1952 - 1972
Tailor and laundry shop staff wage books
1 volume, 4 files 
UC/AA6/7/2/2   1940 - 1987
Maids’ wages
6 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/2/3   1940 - 1985
Indoor staff wages
3 boxes 
UC/AA6/7/2/4   1960/61 - 1985
Part-time workers’ wages
1 box 
UC/AA6/7/2/5   1889 - 1926; 1946 - 1952; 1971 - 1986
Maintenance staff wages
Also includes a cash book of advances for wages, 1942-1959, and individual pay records, 1976-1986
22 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/2/6   1976 - 1986
Domestic staff wages
2 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/2/7   1986 - 1995
Staff payroll records
8 boxes 
UC/AA6/7/3   1919 - 1981
Day books recording sundry maintenance expenditure
UC/AA6/7/4   1869 - 1971
Account books recording amounts spent on general repairs and maintenance of Ushaw College
12 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/5   1944 - 1959
Lists of items to be collected from various Durham companies for the maintenance of Ushaw College
4 volumes 
UC/AA6/7/6   [early x mid 20th century]
Memoranda books with notes and jottings
2 notebooks 
UC/AA6/7/7   1927 - 1982
Papers of the clerk of works, mostly invoices and correspondence
Loose leaf in auxilliary staff record books
2 files 
UC/AA6/7/8   1942 - 1946
Card index with record of the visa details of Irish maids employed by Ushaw College
1 file 
(g) Other Officers' Records
UC/AA6/8/1   30 January 1985 - 19 October 1994
Papers of the Year Reps, including correspondence, reports and minutes of meetings
1 file 
UC/AA6/8/2   [1992] - 16 January 1998
Papers of the Senior Student, including guidelines and minutes of meetings with the President and Deputy Senior Student
1 file 
UC/AA6/8/3   21 April 1989 - 23 January 1991
Papers of the Diocesan Student Forum Representative including minutes of meetings and correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA6/8/4   March 1892 - 28 November 1983
Papers of the sub-postmaster and the Post Office at Ushaw College, mostly forms and sub-postmaster's correspondence
1 file 
7. Staff and Student Administration
Reference: UC/AA7
(a) Staff Administration
Reference: UC/AA7/1
UC/AA7/1/1   [?late 19th century]
General regulations for the housemaids
1 volume 
UC/AA7/1/2   October 1949 – 28 September 1977
Papers relating to staff administration, including reports and correspondence on job advertisements, staffing restructures, salaries, and staff training issues. Includes correspondence between Rev M.V. Sweeney (headmaster at St Bede’s Grammar School), Paul Grant (president of Ushaw), and George Patrick Dwyer (bishop of Leeds), on a dispute over staffing at the school
1 file 
UC/AA7/1/3   22 November 1949 – [2010]
Correspondence relating to individual members of staff, mostly appointments, resignations, and deaths of certain staff members, including Edward Towers, William Godfrey, Gerard Culkin, as well as enquiries about individual priests. Also includes photocopies of staff record cards.
1 file 
UC/AA7/1/4   19 November 1956 – 9 July 1986
Correspondence between Ushaw College and Medical Mission Sisters and La Sagesse on the employment of nuns from the convent as domestic staff
1 file 
UC/AA7/1/5   10 February 1983 - 14 September 2003
Record of accidents, dangerous occurrences and ill-health enquiries
1 item 
UC/AA7/1/6   [2000]
Staff Curricula Vitarum
1 file 
UC/AA7/1/7   2005 - 2008
Staff workloads
1 file 
(b) Student Administration
Reference: UC/AA7/2
UC/AA7/2/1   18 March 1925 - 26 February 1973
Correspondence between the bishops of Brentwood and Ushaw College on the administration of the Brentwood diocesan students sent to Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA7/2/2   9 December 1980 – 26 May 1998
Correspondence concerning former students of the college, mostly references
1 file 
UC/AA7/2/3   23 March 1987 – 24 September 1997
Letters to Ushaw College from prospective students, mostly enquirers seeking further information on various courses offered by the college
1 file 
UC/AA7/2/4   3 February 1989 – 5 June 1997
Correspondence between Ushaw College and prospective or current students, mostly relating to specific issues including student withdrawals, complaints, references, tuition fees, and other course enquiries
1 file 
UC/AA7/2/5   1990 – 1992
University of Durham undergraduate student registration forms and references
1 file 
UC/AA7/2/6   5 January 1993 – [1995]
Correspondence between Ushaw College and lay and occasional students, mostly enquiries relating to various course and lecture programmes offered by the college
1 file 
8. Publicity and Outreach
Reference: UC/AA8
UC/AA8/1   [?1900] – 2009
Printed leaflets including prospectuses and degree programmes
1 file 
UC/AA8/2   18 April 1958 – July 2011
Press cuttings on Ushaw College from a variety of newspapers including the Independent, the Guardian, the Northern Echo, the Tablet, the Northern Cross, the European Catholic, the Catholic Pictorial, the Northern Cross and the North Durham and Tyneside News
Also includes two articles on the enthronement of Bishop Heenan (former Ushaw student) as bishop of Leeds
1 file 
UC/AA8/3   17 June 1959 - 24 December 1962
Scripts from television and radio broadcasts of services at Ushaw College and elsewhere, as well as papers relating to a documentary by Tyne Tees Television on Ushaw College entitled Path to the Priesthood
1 file 
UC/AA8/4   13 October 1992 – 27 June 1995
Papers relating to publicity campaigns to promote courses offered by Ushaw College, including minutes of the meetings of the Theology and Ministry Working Party, correspondence, and draft press releases
1 file 
UC/AA8/5   1995 – 2001
Papers relating to the planning of outreach summer conferences and Ushaw Days, including posters, notes and correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA8/6   1997 – 2008
Leaflets advertising short courses and conferences at Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA8/7   29 July 1999 – 18 May 2009
Papers relating to the marketing of Ushaw College, including design of advertisements in various Catholic publications, design and marketing of the college prospectus, and publicising the 2008 bicentenary
1 file 
UC/AA8/8   1990 - 2010
Student handbooks and guidelines
2 files 
UC/AA8/9   2004 - 2005
Papers relating to the management of the Ushaw Festival of New Music
1 file 
UC/AA8/10   2006 - 2009
Papers relating to the management ofthe Discernment Retreat Weekend
1 file 
9. Other Administrative Papers
Reference: UC/AA9
UC/AA9/1/1-5   January 1912 - December 1968
Meteorological recordings taken by the Ushaw College Meteorological Station
Includes monthly recordings of temperature, rainfall, and weather patterns:
UC/AA9/1/1: 1912 - 1929
UC/AA9/1/2: 1930 - 1939
UC/AA9/1/3: 1940 - 1949
UC/AA9/1/4: 1950 - 1959
UC/AA9/1/5: 1960 - 1968
1 box 
UC/AA9/2   [1930] - 1991
Papers, including articles and correspondence, on the history of Ushaw College
1 file 
UC/AA9/3   January 1940 – 23 June 1945
Papers relating to the management of Ushaw College during the Second World War, including Ministry of Information printed posters and guidelines, log books of visitors, evacuation procedures, and correspondence
1 file 
UC/AA9/4   September 1982 – May 2005
General administrative file on various topics, including conferences, calendars, room lists plans, and administrative procedures
1 file 
UC/AA9/5   1 October 1990 – 26 September 2003
Papers relating to student induction and Open Days
1 file 
UC/AA9/6   1809 - 2009
Papers relating to the burial of deceased persons in the cemetery at Ushaw College, including registers of burials, biographies, coroner's records of burial, disposal certificates, and correspondence
1 file & 1 volume