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Robert Surtees
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H.R. Leighton's pedigreesRobert Surtees' copy of Hutchinson's DurhamRobert Surtees's Limbi PatrumRobert Surtees's Heraldry LettersRobert Surtees' Letters and Notes

Reference code: GB-0034-SUR
Title: Durham Cathedral Library Surtees Manuscripts
Dates of creation: 1553-1913
Extent: 56 volumes and files
Held by: Durham Cathedral Library
Origination: Created and collected by Robert Surtees and Sir Henry Conyers Surtees
Language: English with some Latin and occasional French

Robert Surtees

Robert Surtees was the only surviving child of Robert Surtees of Mainsforth and his wife Dorothy, daughter of William Steele of Kent, and was born in Durham in 1779. He was educated at Kepier Grammar School, Houghton-le-Spring, and then by Dr Bristow at Neasdon. He matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1796, graduating BA in 1800. A legal career beckoned as he became a student of the Middle Temple but he returned to Mainsforth in 1802 on the death of his father.
A collector of coins and folklore as a child, he now dedicated himself to researching and writing a history of Durham, travelling around the county with a long-suffering groom. Ill-health made publication progress slow. First advertised in 1812, volumes of History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham appeared in 1816, 1820 and 1823, with his friend James Raine being left to produce the concluding volume in 1840. The work contains much genealogical information, and accurate at that, stemming from Surtees's ready access to many family collections. The text was lavishly illustrated, and also interpolated with Surtees's own poems, which gained him the acquaintance of Sir Walter Scott. Surtees remained much at Mainsforth, where he attracted quite a circle of like-minded enquirers into antiquities who were allowed ready access to his own materials. His eminence and esteem were recognised by the foundation of the Surtees Society shortly after his death in 1834, to publish manuscripts prior to the Restoration to illustrate the history of the area between the Humber and the Forth.
Brigadier General Sir Herbert Conyers Surtees was a descendant of the Redworth branch of the Surtees family who inherited the remainder of Robert Surtees's library at Mainsforth on the death of his father, Charles Freville Surtees, in 1906. He was a not inconsiderable antiquarian himself. As well as his interest in his antecedent Robert Surtees, and indeed in all branches of the family, which led to his collaboration with H.R. Leighton in Records of the family of Surtees : its descents and alliances (Newcastle upon Tyne 1925), he also published a number of parish histories for Co Durham, and on the heraldry of Durham Cathedral.


The first 22 volumes are mainly the work of H.R. Leighton with whom Henry Conyers Surtees collaborated in writing Records of the family of Surtees (Newcastle 1925); the next 3 are an annotated copy of W. Hutchinson's The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham 3 vols (1789-1793). Volumes 26-32 are called Limbus Patrum - Robert Surtees's notes re families - which with the remaining 22 volumes, contain miscellaneous correspondence with historians, heralds, local gentry, and notes mainly of the 1810s and 1820s relating to his writing of Surtees's own The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham.

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Catalogued by Michael Stansfield from November 2011 to April 2013. Nos.33 and 34 were listed by Matthew Hall in 2012.

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The Red House Surtees manuscripts contain more Robert and H.C. Surtees material. Add Mss 203 and 204 also comprise a number of H.C. Surtees's texts of proposed works on parishes and Durham Cathedral.

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Much of Robert Surtees's material was sold off after his death in 1834 to pay his debts, and what descended to H.C. Surtees was also subject to dispersal after his death in 1933. So there are some of Robert Surtees's manuscripts in Durham University Library in the Surtees Raine Collection, and others are now in Lambton Park (Box 22), Borthwick Institute York (UL.MSS 4), Durham County Record Office (D/X 1022), and Bodleian Library Oxford (MS Top Oxon c 73). Correspondence of his is in Northumberland Record Office (M12: B25, M17: 5-6), National Library of Scotland (MS 9309 and, correspondence with Walter Scott, MSS 852-870, 3877-3916, 9308) and Yorkshire Archaeological Society (MS 109).


H.R. Leighton's pedigrees
Reference: SUR 1-22A
Dates of creation: 1899-191323 stationery books, some supplied by Chipp, Vine & Co, printers and stationers, of Newcastle-on-Tyne

The first 22 volumes are mainly the work of Henry Reginald Leighton of East Boldon with whom Henry Conyers Surtees collaborated in writing Records of the family of Surtees (Newcastle 1925). Each volume contains north-eastern, mostly Durham and often Leighton pedigrees, dating from the later middle ages where possible up to around 1900 at the latest. Some have crests and arms detailed. Some have references to “Dale's Mss”. These have so far not yet been identified but will probably have been held at one time by Rev T. Cyril Dale, who quite probably used them for his “Durham Associations of John Wesley”, published in Leighton's Memorials of Old Durham in 1910. The manuscripts may originally have been compiled by Thomas Pelham Dale (1821-1892) or his father Thomas Dale, canon of St Paul's (1797-1870), though none of them had obvious Durham connections or interests. The Dale references are usually complemented by ones to Durham nn/nn which may be referring to Durham inquisitions post mortem now in The National Archives. Other sources cited include Surtees's History of Durham, James Coleman's deeds, Peacock Manuscripts, Sharp Mansucripts [at Durham Cathedral Library], the Mickleton and Spearman Manuscripts [at Durham University Library] and William Greenwell's deeds [at Durham County Record Office].
There are occasional supporting notes inserted and one or two letters to Leighton and also Conyers Surtees. The volumes would all seem to date from around 1900-1910. They are generally all in the same hand, in ink, with occasionally some further details added in pencil. A few of the pedigrees would seem to be in another hand, possibly that of Conyers Surtees. Most volumes have quantities of blank folios. Most of the pedigrees are on the recto but some extend on to the opposite verso and many continue on to subsequent folios. Most of the volumes conclude with an index to the main parties in the pedigrees. Leighton's bookplate is pasted on the inside cover of most volumes, or even drawn in some. The bookplate comprises his coat of arms surmounted by a helm and surrounded by his motto: “dread shame manu et corde” .

SUR 1   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol. I”
f.1 Dale of Dalton-le-Dale, Slingley and Tunstall
f.3 Lawson of Little Usworth
f.14 Hindmarsh of Aislaby
f.16 Hindmarsh of Wallsend
f.18 Hindmarsh of Little Benton
f.21 Heton heirs to Monboucher
f.22 Middleton of Silksworth
f.26 Theobalds
f.27 Kerr of Wallsend
f.28 Bell of Barrasbridge
f.29 Newton of Sunderland
f.31 Newton of Whickham; Hannah of Sunderland
f.32 Todd of Bishopwearmouth
f.34 Broderick of Bishopwearmouth; Jopling of Bishopwearmouth
f.36 Burfield of Wallsend
f.37 Fanning
f.38 Ogle of North Seaton
f.39 Kirkley of Fawnlees
f.40 Leighton of Ryhope
f.44 Leighton of Shotton
f.47 Leighton of Gateshead
f.50 Brown of Sunderland
f.52 Hutchinson of Bishop Middleham
f.53 Pleasaunce
f.54 Leighton of Whickham, Corbridge, North Shields
f.59 Fetherstonhalgh of Stanhope
f.62 Jackson of Fatfield
f.63 Braithwaite of Darlington
f.64 Braithwaite of Bishopwearmouth
f.65 White of Burn Hall, Shincliffe
f.71 Peacock of Heworth Shore
f.72 Thompson of Sherburn
f.74 Thompson of Kirkleatham, Bishopwearmouth
f.79 Harrison of Bishopwearmouth
f.80 Grange
f.81 Cutter of Corbridge
f.82 Smith of Benfieldside
f.83 Bates of Fawnlees
f.84 Purdy of Swalwell; Carr of Haughton
f.86 Lecourt
f.[87] Index

Paper book, ii + 86 + iv, foliated
SUR 2    [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees, 2 C-F” with “Durham Pedigrees Leighton 2” on the spine
f.1 Carlisle
f.3 Chauncellor of Brafferton
f.4 Claxton; Laton
f.7 Atkinson of Monkwearmouth; Chamber of Cleadon
f.10 Cully of Stockton, Denton
f.13 Claxton
f.16 Collingwood of Eslington
f.18 Cully
f.19 Chibburn
f.20 Carrowe
f.22 Crundon
f.23 Chaytor
f.26 Carr of Medomsley
f.28 Carr of Cocken
f.30 Cookson of Whitehill
f.32 Simey; Wilson
f.33 Cuthbert
f.34 Carr of Etal; Forster
f.35 Carr of Ryhope
f.37 Crook of Wolsingham
f.38 Crosby of Sunderland
f.41 Campbell of Nesham Square, Sunderland
f.44 Cockburn (now lost)
f.48 Crass of Monkwearmouth
f.50 Crofton of Kimblesworth
f.52 Chilton of Newbottle
f.55 Cockerill of Sunderland
f.57 Cookson of Lemsley
f.58 Curry of Bishop Oak in Wolsingham
f.59 Chapman of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
f.60 Colling of Red Hall & Hurworth
f.62 Calverley of Littleham
f.63 Shipperdson; Chipchase of Durham
f.67 Clavering of Axwell
f.70 Colmore of Birmingham and Durham
f.71 Cosin of Norwich
f.72 Cradock; Clopton; Chernside; Dale; Hutchinson; Maltby
f.73 Briggs; Bulmer; Busy; Radcliffe
f.74 Cumming of Durham
f.75 Cumming of Shotley Bridge
f.76 Billingham of Crook Hall, Durham; Goodchild; Plumpton; Walton; Ward
f.77 Farrow of Fishburn
f.78 Hudson of Cheswick
f.79 Craggs of Wolsingham
f.84 Teesdale of Houghton
f.86 Eden of Bishopton
f.87 Eden of Whitton
f.88 Emerson, Headlam
f.89 Clervaux of Croft
f.93 Charron
f.94 Dale of Tunstall
f.98 Davidson of Sunderland
f.99 Davison of Carlton
f.102 Dunn of Durham
f.104 Eden of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
f.105 Ewbank of Barnard Castle
f.106 Eden of Gainford
f.107 Downes of Evenwood
f.108 Dudley of Chopwell
f.109 Ewbank of Barnard Castle
f.111 Eden of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Shincliffe
f.112 Ewbank of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Durham
f.118 Ettrick of Berford
f.128 Fewster of Ebchester
f.134 Index

Paper book, iii + 136 + i, foliated, f.42-46 excised and lost
SUR 3   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.3”
f.1 Addison of Ovingham
f.2 Angus of Rawhouse, Dotland
f.4 Bell of Prudhoe
f.7 Bigge of Ovingham
f.9 Blackett of Hoppyland, Wylam
f.12 Bates of Horsley, Aydon, Ovingham, Chollerton, Broom House
f.17 Byerley of Ovingham, Muggleswick, Durham, Gateshead
f.23 Brown of Wylam
f.26 Bewick of Cherryburn; Thompson of Broomhouses
f.28 Newton of Broomley, Stocksfield, Eltingham
f.31 Cooke of Aydon White House
f.32 Snowball of Hedley Woodhead
f.35 Richardson of Bywell, Old Ridley
f.36 Usher of Broomhaugh
f.37 Richardson of Bywell
f.39 Ridley of Mickley, Ovingham
f.41 Carr of Muggleswick; Hedley of Westerton
f.42 Index
f.[43] Memorial inscription of the Cocks in Corbridge church

Paper book, iii + 42 + i
SUR 4   [c.1910]
Durham Pedigrees Vol.4
f.1 Richardson of Bishopwearmouth/Sunderland
f.6 Atmar of Bishopwearmouth/Sunderland
f.8 Wright of Bishopwearmouth/Sunderland
f.9 Akenhead of Gateshead and Margate; Campion of Islington; Finney of York
f.10 Shaftoe of Old Elvet
f.11 Laing of Monkwearmouth and Deptford House
f.12 Head of Chollerton
f.13 Bates of Clarewood
f.14 Stoddart of Chollerton
f.16 Dawson of Hylton
f.19 Brandling of Felling
f.24 Palliser of Cold Rowley; Smith of Durham
f.25 Simpson of the Law, Ebchester
f.26 Hird of Wallsend; Hopper of Medomsley
f.28 Woods of Benton, Newcastle
f.31 White of Hedley, Ovingham
f.33 White of Norton
f.34 White of Woodlands, Durham
f.36 Hendry of Easington and Shincliffe
f.37 Hedley of Newcastle
f.39 Stevenson of Byerside
f.40 Dudley of Chopwell
f.41 Hunter of Medomsley
f.50 Ord of Fishburn, Sedgefield, Gateshead, Sands
f.56 Wright of Sedgefield
f.58 Greenwell of Whitworth, Great Chilton
f.59 Dunn of Kirk Merrington
f.60 Bedford of Bishop Middleham
f.61 Stevenson of Lemington
f.63 Bell of Ravensworth
f.65 Hutchinson of Bishop Middleham
f.67 Leighton of Shotley Bridge, Medomsley
f.70 Leaton of Whickham
f.76 Pattinson of Unthank
f.77 Jopling of Satley
f.79 Hindmarsh of Swalwell
f.81 Hall of Stanley and Birtley
f.83 Hall of Greencroft
f.85 Hall of Felling, Whickham
f.86 Hall of Hollenbush
f.[87] Index
Inserted is a letter from H. Askew of 21 Whitworth Terrace, Spennymoor, to General Surtees 30 April 1932 about William Stevenson of Hunwick [d.1575]

Paper book, i + 87 + iv, foliated
SUR 5   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.5”
f.1 Esshe of Hutton
f.3 Esshe of Esh
f.4 Colville; Forster of Esh; Walkerfield
f.5 Smith of Esh
f.8 Elmdon of Elmdon
f.10 Edmondsley of Edmondsley
f.13 Eure of Witton
f.16 Egglestone of Bradwood
f.17 Eighton of Eighton; Ravensworth
f.18 Eden of Preston-on-Tees, West Auckland
f.23 Emerson
f.25 Aske of Hardwick
f.27 Alwent of Dyons
f.28 Anderson of Choppington
f.29 Anderson of Haswell and Newcastle
f.34 Blackett of Woodcroft and Stanhope
f.38 Blackett of East Shipley and Hoppyland
f.47 Brackenbury of Sellaby
f.50 Morland of Pittington
f.51 Farrow/Ferrar of Fawnlees; Hauxby of Fawnlees; Walker of Wolsingham
f.54 Farrow of Fishburn
f.55 Chilton of Fishburn
f.56 Smelt of Kirkby Fleetham
f.58 Sedgwick of Thorpe Thewles
f.60 Kendall of Thorpe Thewles
f.62 Ellison of Hawkwell and Newcastle
f.66 Hebburn of Hardwick
f.67 Kipling of Egglestone
f.68 Adamson of Bishop Auckland; Grice of Bishop Auckland
f.69 Hall of Whickham
f.70 Tailboys of Thornton
f.71 White of Brancepeth
f.72 Vasey
f.73 Bradley of Chester; Shotton of Chester
f.74 Atkinson of Darlington; Emerson of Darlington; Ward of Darlington
f.75 Harle of South Shields; Harrison of Sadberge; Shipperdson; Stratford of Sheraton; Storey
f.76 Dale of Bristol
f.77 Carpenter of South Shields
f.78 Dodds; Heath; Pearson of Picktree; Tweddell of Boldon
f.79 Marshall; Newton; Raw of Wharneyburn; Browell of Earsdon
f.80 Clayton of Sedgefield; Harrison of Sedgefield; Lynn of Sedgefield; Mann of Durham; Maugham of Eaglescliffe; Rawling; Routledge
f.81 Elstobb of Foxton
f.82 Ovington of Whorlton
f.83 Ayre of Tunstall; Nicholson of Berwick and Stockton
f.85 Brady of Berwick; Nicholson of Loanend
f.86 Index

Paper book, ii + 85 + iv, foliated
SUR 6   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.6”
f.1 Greenwell of London
f.2 Greenwell of Neasham; Hedworth of Pokerley; Wyville
f.3 Gascoigne of Kibblesworth; Newton of Mickley
f.4 Horsley of Crawcrook
f.5 Carnaby
f.6 Hauxley of Ryton; Stephenson of Chopwell; Surtees of Ryton
f.7 Sander of Ryton
f.8 French of Crawcrook and Wylam
f.9 Brown of Wylam; Pallaser of Cold Rowley; Robson of Wylam
f.10 Barlow of Spen; Read of Spen; Wild of Spen
f.11 Newby of Whickham
f.12 Lawes of Kibblesworth
f.13 Young of Ethardacres
f.14 Clyburne
f.16 Braithwaite of Ambleside, Burneshead
f.20 Swinburn of Nafferton and Edlingham
f.23 Swinburn of Chopwell
f.26 Swinburn of Prudhoe, Ryton, Spen
f.29 Raymes of Aydon and Shortflat
f.34 Airey of Gateshead
f.36 Heath of London, Kepier, Barnside
f.41 Hungate of Watton; Sotheby of Pocklington
f.42 Gregson of Murton
f.44 Conyers of Horden
f.47 Hauxley of Ryton
f.48 Leaves of Little Leaves and Auckland
f.51 Threlkeld of Threlkeld and Melmerby; Clifford; Bromflete
f.53 Layton of Dalemain
f.58 James of Washington
f.68 Hilton of Usworth
f.72 Hay of Ford Hall, Sunderland
f.74 Herring of Southwick
f.75 Stamp of Sunderland
f.76 Gowland of Sunderland
f.77 Crown of Biker
f.78 Brunton; Lister of Newcastle
f.79 Wake of Sunderland
f.81 Dunn of Halton
f.83 Carnaby of Corbridge
f.85 Clopton; Hall of Ovingham; Lilburne; Sanderson
f.86 Hutchinson of Cornforth; Maltby of Cornforth; Marshall of Cockerton; Sober of Darlington
f.87 Sheffield of Durham

Inserted: notes for pedigrees and:
f.19 Letter from Alwyn Raimes of Ebor Works, Stockton, to Leighton 20 May 1909 asking for information about his ancestor George Raymes.
f.37 Letter from Mary Fortescue of Grove House, Winchester, to General Surtees 25 September 1918 about Tempest family heraldry.
(Back) Notes from a Staffordshire Visitation and Registers of London St Mary Aldermany.

Paper book, ii + 86 + iv, foliated
SUR 7   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.7”
f.1 Hutchinson of Thornbrough
f.2 Sands of Corbridge
f.3 Liddell of Corbridge
f.5 Greenwell of Wolsingham and Corbridge
f.10 Usher of Corbridge
f.12 Noble of Corbridge
f.13 Thirlwall of Thornbrough
f.14 Hepple of Styford and Bywell
f.16 Glendinning of Corbridge
f.17 Jameson of Aydon and Corbridge
f.18 Gibson of Corbridge; Pinkney of Broomhall
f.20 Batmanson of Broomhall; Briggs of Broomhall
f.21 Burrell; Stackhouse of Auckland
f.22 Adamson; Anderson of Durham; Welch of Durham
f.23 Blenkinsopp of Whickham; Lawson; Richardson; Robinson of Herrington; Wilkinson of Blackwell
f.24 Coatsworth of Eldon; Matteson of Sedgefield; Stelling of Trimdon
f.25 Hutton of Hartlepool; Meaburn
f.26 Brown of Benton and Unthank
f.28 Liddell of Monkwearmouth; Tatham of Sunderland
f.29 Markham of Sunderland
f.30 Harrison; Hawthornthwaite of Sunderland
f.31 Nicholson of Sunderland
f.32 Scruton of Sunderland
f.33 Forster of Hetton-le-Hole
f.34 Atkinson of Wallsend
f.35 Fairles of South Shields
f.36 Weldon of Little Whittington, Weldon
f.38 Beeforth of Sneaton, Yorkshire
f.39 Smailes of Whitby
f.40 Jackson and Watson of Easington
f.41 Leighton of Ryhope
f.42 Conyers; Jenkinson; Ward
f.43 Moor of Durham
f.44 Delaval of Tunstall
f.45 Frizell of Durham
f.47 Goodchild of Sunderland
f.48 Ward of Hurworth; Welch of Sunderland
f.49 Greenwell of Broomshields
f.51 Bainbridge
f.52 Green of Sunderland
f.53 Lever of Sherburn; Wren of Wolsingham
f.54 Dale; Ornsby of Lanchester
f.55 Harrison; Hutchinson
f.56 Visell of Gateside
f.57 Grice of Bishop Auckland
f.58 Leighton of Newcastle; Milburn of Cockle Park
f.62 Curry of Hexham
f.63 Lewen of Newcastle
f.68 Maddison of Newcastle
f.70 Ratcliffe of Cockerton; Wright
f.71 Brabant; Meaburn; Shepherd
f.72 Browne; Laycock; Pilkington
f.73 Bromley; Lawson; Shepherd of Sheraton; Welburne
f.74 Radcliffe of Dilston
f.82 Wrenn of Sherburn House and Binchester
f.87 Radcliffe from the Guistiniani peerage claim

Paper book, i + 91, foliated
SUR 8   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.8”
f.1 Cole of Lamesley
f.3 Cole of Gateshead
f.5 Cole of Brancepeth
f.8 Brough of Bishopwearmouth
f.9 Parr of Newcastle
f.11 Lewin of Whickham, Newcastle, Amble, Gateshead, Durham
f.19 Layton of Sexhow and Hungate, Norwich
f.22 Williamson of St Helen's Auckland
f.23 Ewbanke of Staindrop
f.26 Liddell of Gateshead
f.34 Bouser of Bishop Auckland; Shadforth
f.35 Blenkinsopp; Chilton; Spearman of Birtley
f.36 Etherington of Durham; Hall of Chester
f.37 Harbottle of Ravensworth; Hendry; Wild of Ravensworth; Wray
f.38 Woodifield of Bishop Middleham
f.41 Woodifield of Durham
f.43 Mitford of Durham
f.44 Billingham; Marshall of Durham; Richardson; Walton
f.45 Dobson of Newcastle
f.50 Henderson of Newcastle; Henryson of Newcastle
f.52 Allgood of Bradley and Hexham
f.57 Milburne of Cockle Park
f.62 Ord family descents
f.66 Simcoe of Wolford with various additional notes inserted
f.69 Moyser of Appleton
f.71 Delaval; Rippom of Stanhope
f.72 Hudson of Chester; Marley of Picktree
f.73 Crondace of Lambton
f.75 Myres of Durham
f.76 Fairless of South Shields
f.78 Cock of Newcastle; Shafto of Swalwell
f.79 Carr of Ryhope
f.80 Sharp of Sunderland
f.81 Greenwell of Stobilee
f.86 Index

Paper book, i + 89, foliated
SUR 9   May 1910
“Durham Pedigrees Volume 9”
f.1 Grange of Wolsingham, Bishop Auckland, London
f.2 Allanson of London and Huby
f.6 Crow of Rosedon and Berwick
f.7 Crow of Kiplin
f.10 Crow of Newcastle
f.11 Gordon of Durham
f.12 Babington of Newcastle; Errington of Newcastle
f.13 Stodart of Sunderland; White of Brancepeth
f.14 Berridge of London; Dennison of Gateshead
f.15 Davidson of Newcastle; Sidgwick of Cleatlam; Weatherald of Bishopwearmouth
f.17 Jefferson of Elton
f.19 Grey of Herrington; Surrell of Houghton
f.20 Wilkinson of Harperley
f.23 Rutherford of Hunthill
f.24 Cradock
f.27 Bright of Durham; Stonehewer
f.29 Tully
f.33 Smith of the Law
f.38 Grey of Sheriff Hill and Newcastle
f.40 Stephenson of Chopwell
f.48 Airey of Trimdon
f.50 Green of Styford
f.54 Brass of Flass
f.59 Smailes of Gilling and Durham
f.62 Aine of Penshaw; Gray of Chilton
f.63 Clarke of Whickham; Hudson; Wallis
f.64 Alder; Brass of Newsham; Cotesworth; Middleton; Myers; Newby; Peake; Pearson; Sidgwick
f.65 Hutchinson; Jefferson of Elton; Surtees of Ravensworth
f.66 Dale; Etherington; Ewbank; Leighton; Newton; Wall of Durham
f.67 Crauford of Whickham
f.68 Bower of Gateshead; Dowling; Metcalfe; Stobart
f.69 Bowes; Dale; Delaval; Pearson

Paper book, ii + 74, foliated
SUR 10   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Vol.10”
f.1 Dale of Dalton
f.8 Dale of Tunstall
f.16 Dale of Stockton
f.20 Dale of Hilton
f.22 Dale of Barnard Castle
f.27 Goodchild of Ryhope; Goodchild of Pallion
f.50 Holme of Bishopwearmouth
f.56 Holme of Ryhope
f.58 Smith of Tunstall
f.60 Smith of Ramside
f.63 Smith of Ryhope
f.66 Shipperdson of Bishopwearmouth
f.72 Shipperdson of Baines

Paper book, ii + 78, foliated
SUR 11   [c.1910]
“[Durham Pedigrees] Volume 11”
f.3 Lilburne of Thickley
f.5 Lilburne of Sunderland
f.9 Lilburne of Offerton; Scurfield of Elstob
f.15 Lilburne of Sunderland
f.21 Lee of Monkwearmouth
f.23 Huntley of Tunstall; Huntley of Burdon
f.33 Fell of Ryhope
f.39 Robinson of Sunderland; Sedgwick of Sunderland
f.44 Coulson of Cleadon
f.49 Radcliffe of Ullock
f.50 Newton of Bradley
f.54 Hopper of Black Hedley
f.60 Hopper of Toddipotts
f.65 Hopper of Shincliffe
f.73 Burrell; Kirkley
f.77 Andrew of Shotley
f.79 Wardell of Easington
f.85 Wardell of Trimdon

Paper book, iii + 92, foliated
SUR 12   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees Volume 12”
f.2, 14 Greenwell of Greenwell
f.31 Dobbison of Woodifield
f.32 Raine of Moneylees
f.34 Burrell of Lamesley; Hopper of Lamesley; Middleton of Killerby; Partington; Readshawe
f.35 Burrell of Lamesley; Chilton of Gateshead; Cooke of Gateshead; Hopper of Lamesley; Killinghall of Middleton; Layton of Hurworth; Salvin of Elmdon
f.36 Anderson of Egglescliffe; Colling of Long Newton; Medcalfe of Stainton; Place of Esh; Robson
f.37 Hutton; Seatree of Staindrop; Tenant of Staindrop; Todd of Hart; Walker of Yorkshire
f.38 Hodge of Boldon; Middleton of Middleton One Row; Pittie of Middlesex
f.40 Longridge of Newburn
f.49 Longridge of Gateshead
f.59 Epplingden of Epplingden
f.60 Kellaw of Kelloe
f.61 Coxhave
f.62 Fossour of Old Park
f.65 Lambton of Bellasis
f.70 Newton of Burnopfield
f.73 Longridge of North Shields

Paper book, ii + 78, foliated
SUR 13   [c.1910]
“Durham Pedigrees vol.13”
f.1 Walton of Staindrop
f.2 Mills of Willington
f.8 Jopling of Landieu
f.10 Follonsby of Hamsterley
f.15 Newhouse of Durham; Walton of Durham
f.16 Jefferson of Durham
f.17 Kirkley
f.18 Billingham of Crook Hall
f.21 Kirkley of Butsfield
f.25 Reed of Holywell
f.29 Reed of Durham
f.34 Crookes of Hartlepool
f.40 Archer of Sunderland, Whickham, Farnacres
f.57 Thornhill
f.59 Alleyne
f.65 Reay of Newcastle
f.68 Fletcher of Newcastle; Partis of Tallentire
f.71 Archer of North Seaton
f.76 Ayton
f.85 Wooler of Wolsingham

Paper book, ii + 94, foliated
SUR 14   July 1913
“Durham Pedigrees Volume XIV” (mostly blank)
f.2 Barker of Weetslade
f.3 Battersby of Durham
f.4 Stokes of Durham
f.7 Stephenson of Hunwick

Paper book, i + 89, foliated
SUR 15   [c.1910]
“Northumberland Pedigrees Vol.I” (mostly blank)
f.1 Skillingworth of Skillingworth
f.13 Grey of Howick
f.22 Carr of Woodhall and Hexham

Paper book, iii + 85, foliated
SUR 16   [c.1910]
“Visitation pedigrees”
f.1 Lilburne of Newcastle
f.2 Alder of Alnwick
f.3 Anderson of Newcastle
f.5 Armorer of Belford
f.6 Aynsley of Shaftoe
f.7 Chaytor of Butterby
f.8 Bates of Halliwell
f.8a Musgrave
f.8b Ogle of Burrowden
f.9 Baxter of Newcastle
f.10 Bedenell of Lemington
f.11 Belgrave of Newcastle
f.13 Bell of Bellasis
f.14 Bennet of Newcastle
f.15 Bewick of Newcastle
f.16 Blenkinsop of Blenkinsop
f.17 Blenkinsop of Bellaster
f.18 Bradford
p.20 Burrell of Howtell
p.21 Brown of Heddon
p.22 Carnaby of Halton, Langley and Aydon
p.24 Clennell of Clennell
p.26 Clerke of Wark
p.28 Clavering of Callaley
p.34 Collingwood of Great Ryle
p.36 Collingwood of Little Ryle
p.38 Colwyche of Berwick
p.40 Cramlington of Newsham
p.42 Craster of Craster
p.44 Delaval of Seaton
p.50 Eland of Ponteland
p.52 Milford of Ponteland
p.54 Milford of Milford
p.57 Inquisition post mortem on Thomas Gray, 25 Hatfield
p.58 Saxon earls of Northumberland
p.59 Heron of Ford
p.60 Ogle
p.61 Wilson and Braithwaite of Kendal
p.62 Arms of Northumbrian families from a visitation
p.64 Arms of Durham families from MS of John Brough Taylor
p.65 Lloyd of Dolobran
p.66 Arms of Northumbrian families from MS of John Brough Taylor
p.67 Wilson of Kendal
p.68 Lords of Dilston
p.69 Wilson of High Wray
p.70 Washington of Hellon Fleetham
p.72 Conyers of Sockburn
p.74 Layton/Laton/Leighton
p.75 Harbottle of Preston
p.76 Layton of Dalemain
p.77 Bates of Prudhoe Castle and Horsley
p.71 (bis) Belasyse
p.72 (bis) Knollys
p.73 (bis) Percy of Ormesby
p.74 (bis) Killingworth of Killingworth
p.75 (bis) Brown of Wylam
p.76 (bis) St Quintin
p.77 (bis) de Burgh
p.78 Percy of Kildale
p.80 Zouche
p.81 Mallory
p.82 Delaval, Laughton

Paper book, 54f, foliated 1-3, 5-7, 7a, 8, 8a-b, 9-18, then paginated 20-78, 70-82 (bis)
SUR 17   1899
“The Collectanea Genealogica of Henry Reginald Leighton Volume the First”
Pedigrees, arms described and occasional other information such as tombs and parish register entries, from specified visitations and other usually cited sources, for:
f.1 Hastings pedigree from Tonge's Visitation of Yorkshire 1530
f.2 Mitford of Newcastle
f.3 Musgrave
f.4 Layton of Barrowby
f.5 Layton of Whitehouse
f.6 Levyns of Esk
f.8 Watson of Newcastle
f.9 Wastell of Scorton
f.11 Layton of Dalemain
f.17 Bates of Halliwell
f.18 Potts of Bedlington
f.23 Stapleton
f.25 Wharton
f.27 Byron
f.28 Donham of Kerlington
f.31 Layton of Dalemain
f.31v Bold of Bold
f.32 Lancaster of Kendal
f.38 Mitford of Mitford
f.41 Bell of Bellasis
f.42 Musgrave of Musgrave
f.43 Musgrave of Newcastle
f.44 Wharton of Wharton and Croglin
f.46 Hastings of Kirby
f.47 Baron Hastings and Abergavenny
f.48 Watson of North Seaton
f.56 Leighton of Leighton, Stretton, Cotes, Plash and Watlesborough
f.65 Bell of Shortridge
f.66 Leighton of Lambton Grange
f.68 Watson and Forster
f.70 Counts of Angouleme
f.71 Ridel of Blay and Tilmouth
f.73 Watson of Newcastle and Bishopwearmouth
f.74 Thompson of South Hylton and Bishopwearmouth
f.75 Burwardsley
f.76 Leighton of Plash
f.78 Foster of Whickham
f.79 Fanning of Bozedown, Oxon
f.80 Hastings of Croglin
f.81 Bell of Bellasis
f.84 Watson of Newcastle
f.85 Roberts of Hexham
f.86 Mitford of Hexham
f.88 Morville of Dalemain
f.89 Mitford of Newcastle and Heddon
f.90 Leighton of Hawkwell
f.91 Index
f.93 Bromley of Holt Castle
Inside back cover, notes of arms etc from Notes and Queries Ninth Series

Paper book, ii + 65, foliated 1-6, 8-9, 11, 17-18, 23, 25, 27-28, 31-32, 38-39, 41-44, 46-49, 56-61, 63-66, 68, 70-95
SUR 18   1900
“The Collectanea Genealogica of Henry Reginald Leighton Volume the Second”
Pedigrees unless otherwise detailed, with sometimes the source specified
f.iiv Wilkinson of Harperley
f.1 Roll of landholders of Hexham manor 1547
f.8 Hexham burghers 1547 from Robert Thurwall's account
f.10 Wastell of Newbrough
f.11 Extracts from the enrollments of apprentices to the merchant adventurers company of Newcastle and admissions of freemen, Mitford and Watson entries
f.19 Morwick of Morwick
f.20 Newcastle merchant adventurers miscelleanous extracts
f.25 Newcastle merchant adventurers Leighton extracts
f.26 Richmond wills: Roger Laton of Hutton 1556, also inventory and notes; John Laton jr of West Laton
f.31 Conyers of Marske
f.32 FitzWilliam
f.33 Bulmer
f.35 Wills of Thomas Lyndley, John Daudre, Cuthbert Conyers, Margaret Eure
f.36 Heraldry of Laton/Leaton/Leighton
f.39 Wills of Jane Lawson of Nesham, George Lawson of Wark, Agnes Lawson prioress of Newcastle nunnery, John Delavall, Margaret Hilton of North Biddick
f.41 Slingsby of Scriven
f.42 Heron
f.43 Stuteville of Liddell Castle
f.44 Mitford of Ponteland
f.46 Newspaper notices of deaths and marriages 1793-1865
f.49 Heron
f.50 Grey of Heron Castle
f.52 Newspaper extracts 1764 and 1837; lists, extracts and transcripts of medieval deeds
f.57 Stapelton and Musgrave
f.58 Deckham and Mitford; Watson
f.60 Gascoigne
f.61 Neville Lord Latimer
f.71 Mitford of Newcastle
f.74 Bell of Gateshead; Laton of Dalemain
f.75 Musgrave of Ryhill
f.77 Ryall of Ryall
f.78 Dalton of Dalton in Broughtonlithe
f.80 Layton of West Layton
f.84 Ryhill of Dalton Ryhill
f.85 Dalton of Dalton in Broughtonlithe
f.86 Melsonby of Melsonby
f.87 Layton of East Layton
f.90 Leighton of Whickham
f.91 Index

Paper book, ii + 77, foliated 1-33, 35-44, 46-50, 52, 55-58, 60-61, 71-72, 74-75, 77-78, 80-95
SUR 19   [c.1910]
French and other pedigrees with sources detailed (mostly blank)
f.1 Dukes of Toulouse and Aquitaine
f.2 Counts and dukes of Gascony
f.4 Dukes of Normandy
f.6 Counts of Anjou
f.8 Dukes of Brittany
f.12 Counts of Poitou
f.13 Barons Fougères
f.15 Counts of Alençon
f.18 Counts of Perche
f.19 Sires de Laval
f.21 Counts of Nordgau
f.22 Barons of Craon
f.23 FitzWarin of Whittington and Alderbury
f.29 Beysin
f.30 Eyton
f.31 Bagod of Bromley
f.90 Index

Paper book, i + 92, foliated
SUR 20   [c.1910]
f.1 Thompson of Humbleton
f.2 Thompson of Kingston-upon-Hull
f.3 Thompson of Kilham; Whittingham fine from Brinkburn cartulary
f.4 Flamville of Aston Flamville
f.5 Flamville of Whittingham
f.6 Layton of West Layton; Lawson of Cramlington
f.8 Lords of Hephal
f.10 Lords of Heaton and Jesmond
f.12 Northumberland musters 1538, Leighton extracts
f.15 Hewetson
f.16 Mitford of Seghill arms
f.19 Mitford of Pespoole Grange
f.20 Leighton
f.21 Leighton of Harnham
f.22 Leighton of Feckenham
f.25 Leighton of Ullyseshaven, Forfar
f.26 Leighton in Scotland
f.27 Colville of Arncliff and Dale, Yorkshire, and Spindlestone and Budle, Northumberland
f.28 Assize Roll 40 Henry III, action re Rolkley
f.29 Gentry of Northumberland 1433
f.30 Armorial bearings of the sheriffs of Northumberland
f.31 Arms of the sheriffs of Lancashire
f.32 Arms of the sheriffs of Cumberland
f.34 Arms of the sheriffs of Shropshire
f.36 FitzAlans
f.43 Whartons
f.44 Mitford of Modlesdon
f.45 Papedi of Norham
f.47 Layton of West Layton
f.54 Veleripont
f.55 Percy
f.56 Sturmy of Dromanby
f.59 Washington of Washington
f.60 Hunton
f.61 Huddleston of Bereford
f.62 Le Breton
f.63 Richmond
f.64 Rokeby of Rokeby
f.65 Knights of the bishoprick/palatinate of Durham at the Battle of Lewes 1264
f.68 Vaux of Beaufront
f.69 Shaftoe of Barington
f.73 Gardener of Tynemouth
f.78 Pudsey of Bolton
f.81 Newspaper extracts 1838-1864 of births and deaths etc
f.82 Soulby of Soulby
f.84 Layton of Layton
f.86 Bates of Ovingham

Paper book, 69f, foliated 1-8, 10, 12-13, 15-36, 43-45, 47-73, 78, 81-82, 84-86
SUR 21   [c.1910]
Harleian Mss and Randle Holme (deputy Garter, d.1699) pedigrees
f.1 Catalogue of Harleian 2118
f.2 Lists of Durham families collected in 1638 by Randall Holme, from Harleian 2055
f.7 Pedigrees from Harleian 2115 - Ashe
f.8 Barnes of Lancashire
f.9 Bainbridge of Wheatley Hill
f.10 Brodwood of Brodwood
f.11 Fairfax
f.12 Sayer of Worsall
f.13 Shafto
f.17 Tailbois of Thornton Hall
f.18 Tunstall
f.19 Wycliffe
f.22 Notes on the Shafto pedigree in the Holmes Mss
f.28 Durham pedigrees from the 1550 visitation by Harry: Bellasis, Baxter, Anderson of Newcastle, Carr, Hylton, Baxter
f.34 Durham pedigrees from Lawrence Dalton's 1557 visitation: Anderson, Carr, Brackenbury, Lawson, Middleton, Plasey, Shafto of Babington
f.47 Durham pedigrees from Northumberland visitations: Draper, Whittingham

Paper book, i + 51, foliated
   14 June 1910
Letter from H.H.E. Craster of Northumberland County History to Mr Leighton returning the Harleian Ms notes, discussing the Shafto pedigree and Randall Holmes' Durham roll of arms of 1633.
Paper, 2f
   26 January 1913
Letter from C.H. Blair at 32 Hawthorn Road, Gosforth, to Mr Leighton: sending some pedigrees, grateful for his help re Sir Nicholas Aubelyne of Langley who may be represented in the tomb in Warkworth church.
Paper, 1f
Description of the volume.
Paper, 1f
SUR 22   [c.1910]
Blackett pedigree (mostly blank)
Inside front cover: “Christopher M. Blackett”
Inserted: further Blackett pedigrees and a letter of 25 March 1924 from Evelyn Blackett at Riding Mill to General Surtees about the pedigrees
Paper book, 96p, paginated
SUR 22A   [c.1910]
Animal sketches (mostly blank)
Camel, bear, lion, tiger, panther, bison, deer, parrot.
Bookplate of Adrian Brugger, München (?Munich art dealer, 1930s).
Paper book, 35f, central ties
Robert Surtees' copy of Hutchinson's Durham
Reference: SUR 23-25
Dates of creation: [early 19th century]3 paper books, leather covered boards with gold tooling on to spine and edges

William Hutchinson, The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, 3 vols. (Newcastle 1785-1794), graingerised, with notes, extracts and transcripts of documents and pedigrees on the additional pages by [Robert Surtees], with additional notes, extracts and transcripts of documents and pedigrees inserted, and also some notes made on the printed text.
Vols. 1 and 2 have “Mainsforth Library” labels on the inside front covers.
Vol. 1 has had p.275-276 torn out and now missing
Original documents inserted:

SUR 24 p.61   1 October 1807
Printed sale particulars for two freehold farms at Newbiggen, occupied by Messrs Applegarth, to be sold at Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 24 p.61   22 May 1807
Printed sale particulars for tallies of freeholders in the College of Durham, also Sir Henry Vane Tempest's wish for the abolition of the slave trade in Co Durham, to be sold at Gateshead
Paper, 1f
Robert Surtees's Limbi Patrum
Reference: SUR 26-32
Dates of creation: [early 19th century]
Robert Surtees' materials for histories of families and places in Co Durham, comprising notes, pedigrees, extracts and transcripts of documents, especially wills and parish registers, some made by himself, others communicated by correspondents whose letters are often included. The volumes are generally paginated, with some items having more than one number indicating some reordering of the material over time, and with an index of the families or places concerned. They have bookplates of H. Conyers Surtees inside the front cover.

SUR 26   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum I”
passim. Shireft Middleton, Durham, wills, 1810-1816
p.57-60 William Davison, Houghton-le-Spring, 21 April 1814
p.119-122 Thomas Gibson, Witton-le-Wear, 20 February 1811
p.130-133 John Dawson, wills, York, 11 January 1811
p.196-199 John Barnet, registers, Whickham, 10 April 1809

Indexes of names at the front:
Allgood, Aynsley, Anderson, Ayton, Ashmall, Anderson, Armorer, Agnew, Adamson, Arrowsmith, Archbold, Appleby, Addison, Ayrey, Aubone, Allinson, Alwyne, Aylton.
Burton, Brown, Boothe, Burletson, Billington, Burdon, Brough, Bralk, Bewicke, Bell, Brackenbury, Belte, Barnes, Bunney, Brunskill, Blunt, Boutflower, Birkhead, Baker, Bowser, Bullock, Baxter, Beckwith, Bromley, Basire, Burrell, Busby, Brandling, Blackett, Bayes, Bankes, Buck, Barras, Bainbridge, Buckle, Beck, Braose, Benyon, Blaxton, Blakeston, Bowes, Baty, Butters, Bunting, Black, Bowlby, Birtley, Bulmer, Byerley, Bellasis, Brown, Bassett, Beckwith, Bee, Baynes
Carr, Coll, Claxton, Church, Conyers, Carnaby, Clennell, Collingwood, Chilchase, Charlton, Compton, Clement, Campion, Chaloner, Cradock, Caldwell, Cockerell, Colling, Clarke, Chilton, Chamber, Cockston, Coatsworth, Carron, Crosyer, Castel Eden
Davenport, Dunn, Darlington, Dealtry, Dudesbury
Elvet, Easington
Featherstonhaugh, Fishby, Featherston
Hodgson, Hetton Milne, Hutchinson, Hull
Langton, Lisle, Little Eden, Liddell
Musgrave, Metcalfe, Mordon
Pittington, Paxton, Pewterers
Reads, Roper, Recusants
Smith, Shawe, Scudamore, Sunderland, Surteys, Shipperdson, Selby, Spearman
Thorpe, Twisden, Throck, Thompson, Tweddell, Teasdale, Thomlinson, Twizell, Thornley, Trollope, Thirlwell, Thoresby, Tatham, Tillioll
Vaux, Vasey
Wallsend, Waugh, Woodifield, Whitfield, Willey, Wright, Wood, Watson, Wilson, Ward, Wheler, Wray, Wouldhave, Westgarth, Wycliffe, Wilkinson, Wharton, Widdowes, Wren, Warter, Welbery, Wanless, Wardell, Whitham, Wilcocks, White, Whittingham, Walton, Widdrington
Yapp, Younghusband, Young

Original documents included:
Paper book, iv + 842, paginated
p.281-284   8 September [1674]
Durham inquisition re John Conyers
p.303-304   [later 17th century]
Copy will of James Church of Crossgate, Durham St Oswald.
SUR 27   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum II”
passim S. Middleton, Durham: wills.
p.518-521 Margaret Dale, Cleadon, 16 September 1824.
p.562-565 Thomas Bates, Wolsingham, 14 November 1814.
p.669-670 G. Langhorn, Stanhope, 19 November 1810.
p.825 William Davison, Houghton le Spring, 7 February 1814.
(No index of names)

Original documents included:
Paper book, 603p, paginated 84-152, 332-408, 500-959 with 844-850 between 801 and 802
p.802p.802   28 May 1606
Bond of Thomas Heron and Giles Heron of Pigden, Northumberland.
p.813   27 June 1699
Sale by (3) to (2) and (1) of his half share of Wheatley Hill for £500.
(1) Thomas Howard of Framwellgate esq
(2) Thomas Howard of London gent, 3rd son of late Francis Howard of Corby, Cumb, kt and William Howard of Little Corby, 4th son of Francis Howard
(3) William Wilkinson of Crossgate, gent

p.932p.932   13 February 1662
Lease by (1) to (2) of a house in Shadforth for 3 lives for £60.
(1) Joseph Nayler prebendary of Durham, John Swinburne esq, John Farrer, and Gabriel Jackson gent, commissioners for the bishop of Durham
(2) Elizabeth Lakerby of Shadforth widow

SUR 28   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum III”
passim, S. Middleton, Durham, wills.
p.1254-1257 ?, War Office, 9 August 1813.
p.1312 John Dawson, York: wills, 6 April 1813.
p.1314 John Bell, Newcastle Quayside: freemen, 25 December 1814.
p.1398 Thomas Mason, Upper House near Bradford: Bishop Pilkington, 3 April 1813.
p.1407 John Dawson, York: Archbishop Hutton's will, 26 April 1815.
p.1488-1491 William Robinson, 19 Austin Friars Rd: Belford title, 2 February 1813
With a list of significant families featured inserted loose at the back: Lisle of Bedborne Park, Lilburne of St Andrew's Auckland, Metcalfe of Hamsterley, Mowbray of Frosterley, Neville, Cradock of Woodhouses, Newton of Crawbrook, Pearson of Escomb, Pratt of St Andrew's Auckland, Philipson of Stanhope, Calverley of Littleburn, Tonge rector of Brancepeth.

Original documents included:
Paper book, c.662p, paginated 939-1602
p.1514   23 June 1705
Will of Robert Shipperdson of Murton gent.
p.1546   28 July 1728
Will of Elizabeth Steel of Newcastle upon Tyne, widow.
p.1598   26 October 1682
Will of John Trollope late of Thornley now of West Herrington esq.
SUR 29   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum IV”
passim, S. Middleton, Durham: wills
p.28 William Harwill, North Shields: registers, 18 November 1816
p.316 John Dawson, York: wills, 8 September 1815

Index of families etc at the front:
Anderson, Auborne, Ashmall, Ambros, Archbald, Atchesone, Auckland deanery abstract, Aldworth, Alnwick registers
Bell, Burdon, Brand, Bloodhound, Berwick registers, Brabant, Bulmer, Brackenbury, Blakiston, Bunny Bowes, Burton, Bonner, Burnop, Buck, Brignell, Barnes, Batmanson, Brandling, Belgrave, Briggs, Bayles, Bromley, Baynbrigg, Blackthorn, Birkbeck, Booth, Bellingham parish, Braithwaite, Boineton, Brough, Blenkinsop, Bower, Barker, Bone, Bamburgh
Conyers, Carr, Cockson, Clavering, Collingwood, Claxton, Clopton, Clerke, Cooke, Crayster, Carnaby, Calverley, Cole, Comyn, Chaytor, Constable, Caldwell, Chapman, Collinson, Crooks, Colville of White House, Chamber, Carlele, Cuthbert, Cliffe, Colesworth Castle Eden terrier, Carew, Cooke of Stockton
Delavall, Darnell, Dethick, Dale, Davison, Downes, Dackham, Dalton, Dymock, Dudley, Dinsdale, Doubleday, Dowthwaite, Davis, Dearham
Eure, Eden, Ellis, Ellison, Errington, Ewbanks, Elstobb, Emerson
Featherstonhalgh, Forster, Fenwick, Forcer, Fawcett, Freville, Frankland, Fewster, Fairhair
Garnett, Garth, Grindon registers, Gage, Gyll, Grey, St George, Gibb of Jarrow, Green of Grindon, Greenwell, Gateshead
Harbert, Heath, Hauxley, Hudspeth, Hodshon, Hull, Harbottle, Hindmers, Hallyman, Hebburn, Hagthorpe, Hunter, Hodgson, Hedworth, Harrison, Hickes, Howard, Hilton, Harding, Handcock, Hixon, Hall, Hutchinson, Hutton, Henderson, Hearon, Henzell
Ile, Jackson, James, Jennison, Jefferson, Johnson of Whorlton
Killinghall, Kennet, Kendall, King
Lambton, Lurnley, Lawson, Liddell, Lewen, Ledgard, Lively, Lynne of Shotton, Lackenby, Lascelles, Leighton cum Crooks of Hartlepool, Leadome
Mickleton's mss, Maddison, Millot, Milbank, Moorcroft, Maire, Mitford, Martin, Morgan, Marley, Muschamp, marriage licences, Mountaigne, Matfen, March, Midlam, Maude, Madocks, Mawer, Morland
Nichols, Newhouse, Nicholson, Norton, Neville
Ord, Osburne, Ogle of Eglingham
Pleasance, Pattison, Pulteney, Place, Pemberton, Proctor, Partis, Paytifer, Porter, Peareth, Pinkney, Pepper, Parret, Pilkington, Peacock
Rogers, Richardson, Radcliffe, Rudd, Robinson, Riddell, Rayneby, Rand, Read of Lumley, Raw, Rickabie, Roxby
Swinburne, Selby, Sober, Smith of Walworth diary, Salvin, Shipperdson, Simpson, Surtees, Sanderson, Sidgwick, Shafto, Selby, Scurfield, Stephenson, Spencely, Shaw, Sampson, Strother, Shadforth, Steele, Story, Stockdale
Tunstall, Talbot, Tempest, Thornton, Thirkeld, Thomlinson, Thoresby, Trotter, Trollop, Tweddell, Thorpe, Thornton-le-Street registers
Vasey of Conniscliffe, Vaux
Willey, Watter, Ward, Wilkinson of Kyo, Whittingham, Whitehead, Wardell, Widdrington, Wilson, Walton, Watson of Whitworth, Warcop, Wrenn, Walker, Wharton, Williamson, Wanless, Wright of Snow Hall by Wood, Woodifled of Ferryhill

Paper book, xiv + 676p, paginated 3-679, with inserts at the back
SUR 30   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum V”
passim, S. Middleton, York
Index of families etc at the front:
Askeughe, Athey
Bee, Belte, Barnes, Burnett, Blackett, Bowl, Bucke, Bennet, Boyes, Butler, Brabant, Bowes, Baills, Bard, Billingham, Brymley of Hart, Brisco, Burnopp, Billope, Blenkinsop, Bentley, Blake of Ford Castle, Babington
Conyers, Carr, Claxton, Cockeye, Clementson, Cockson, Cuthbert, Craister, Collingwood, Colson, Clavering, Close, Coupland
Darnell, Donckin, Dun, Dalton, Dudley, Dacre, Dowthwayte
Eagleston, Ehterington, Elrington, Eden, Emerson, Eshe
Hochonson, Heron, Hilton, Hall, Heber, Hunter, Hull, Hudson, Handcock, Hedworth, Hopper, Heighington, Holteby, Harding, Hynde, Hourde, Hedley, Horne, Hildreth, Holyday, Hutchinson, Horsleye, Hudspeth, Hyndmers
Farrow, Fenwick, Forster, Foster, Fewles, Freer, Fennye, Frankleyn, Fawcett
Greenwell, Greaveson, Gill, Grene of Morpeth, Gallon, Gibson, Garmonsway, Greenwell Hill tithe deeds, Gainford register
Jennison, Johnson, Jayson, Jefferson, Iley, Jordeine, Jennens
Lynne, Lambton, Langcaster, Lisle, Lawson, Lambert
Maddison, Middleton, Millet, Muggleswick terrier, Milschamp, Mitford, Melmarbye, Meburne, Morpethe, Medomsley register sub fine, Marley, Mason, Morland
Nevelson, Newton
Ornsby, Ogle, Orde
Perkinson, Porter, Pulteney, Pearson, Paul, Pemberton, Place, Pannel, Peareth
Ridley, Read, Richardson, Rutherforth, Rawe, Rudd, Rand, Roode, Robson, Redmarshall registers
Shipperdson, Stobbart, Scotte, Sotheron, Strother, Smith, Swainston, Selby, Shafto, Stoute, Staupert, Sandford, Shayfield, Swynborne
Thirlwall, Trollop, Topias, Thursby, Thornton, Tayler, Tempest, Turner, Towers, Tunstall
Weddrington, Willie, Wren, Whitfield, Wrangham, Wilson, Whittingham, Wilde, Walker, Warde, Welbury, Wall, Walton, Wharton-Stranton abstracts, Castle chiar, Biddie Watervile etc abstracts, Wilkinson (Denton), Ullock, Wycliffe, Vesey, Vepound, Wyvell, Ward, Whytehead, Walton, Wright

Inserted documents:
Paper book, vi + 646, paginated
at the back   [early 19th century]
“The Town Clerk's Nose a Song” to the tune John Anderson.
Paper, 1f
SUR 31   [early 19th century]
“Limbus Patrum VI”
passim, S. Middleton, Durham
p.144 James Green curate of Shotley, Shotley registers, 27 October 1819
p.146 George Hartley, Middleton Tyas, Christopher Hunter memoir, 13 October 1819
p.276, 282 John Dawson, York, wills with bill, 14 July & 1 October 1823
p.320 Jenison Walworth, Heidelberg, to George Pearson, family history for Hutchinson's second edition, 1 July 1797

Inserted at the front is an index of families etc, up to p.454 only:
Ayscough, Auckland etc tithes, Ask, Ashe, Aubrey, Atherton, Athie, Appleby
Baliol, Bensfield, Blacket, Byerley, Buck, Braithwait, Bendlowes, Brandling, Blanchland Abbas de, Barker of East Newbiggin, Blakiston of York, Bellasis, Brabant vicar of Bishop Middleham, Bedford vicar of Bishop Middleham, Barnes, Bowes, Bulmer of Wilton, Birkbeck, Beckwith of Alborough, Brass, Booth of Halifax, Barnby, Bulmer of Marrick, Bridges, Blakiston of Thornley, Byerley tithes, Barnard Castle registers, Blacket of Shipley, Bowser, Blagran, Bulmer Sir William, Bewicke, Booth, Bainbrigge, Burrell, Bechamp, Bulmer estates, Burgh, Burton, Billingham, Bellingham, Bukyll, Baker, Briscoe, Brakenbury, Burnhop, Buk, Baynes of Sallet, Brigham
Courtpeny, Cradock Thomas, Cradock Gainford abstract, Conyers, Cockerton tithe, Constable, Cuthbert of Kirk Leatham, Coupland, Cozin memorial inscription, Croft, Claxton, Crompton, Courte, Cholmley, Carr tithes, Cockerell, Cock, Carhill, Conesbie, Comyn of Whitby, Chaytor, Cole, Cookson, Conset, Calverley
Dethick, Dowthwaite, Darcy, Delaval memorial inscription, Dawes, Dent, Darley, Dudley, Dale of Gelfield, De la More, Darnell, Duck, Davison, Diaper
Ellis, Eden, Eure of Middleham and Easby, Eshe, Elmeden William kt and Alice, Elton terrier, Egglescliffe terrier, Emerson of Eastgate, Ellerington, Eucapia, Eure of Lincolnshire, Elstob, Easington, Eure memorial inscription in Ludlow
Fountayne, Fawcett, Fulthorpe, Fetherstonehalgh, Frevile, Fenwick, Fauconberge, Forster of Stokesley, Fairhare, Fairfax, Folanceby, FitzWilliams, Frankland, Foulis
Gilbie, Gamylyn, Garth of Headlam, Greatham terrier, Grendon terrier, Graystoke, Greenwell, Gibson of Stranton, Gillum, Gowland, Garmonsway, Garnet, Girlington, Gray of Barton, Grice, Gubyon, Gower, Gibletknowle
Hamsterley charity land, Harding, Hancock, Hustler, Heighington, Hudson, Hedwan, Hawkesley, Hallyman, Hall, Horsle, Helers, Herbert, Howard, Hartburn abstract, Hoare, Holmes, Hilton, Handcock, Howar, Harding, Hunter, Hall, Harperly Cradock title, Hodgshon of Fitches, Heronn, Hedworth, Hutton, Hillierd of Elvet, Heber, Hebborne, Hopper of Holehouse, Huchenson, Herle, Heppedun, Harden, Hedley, Hardgyll
Jackson of Harraton, Jenison
Kennet, Killinghall, Kay, Kitching, Kirsopp, Lady Katherine constable
Lascells of Brakenbrig, Lowther, Lilburne of Shildon, Lambton of Old Malton, Lever, Legard, Lawson, Liddell, Lewen, Layton, Lumley, Lanchester augmentation, Lamb, Lynsack and Softley
Metcalfe, Mowbray, Mann, Maxton, Maskall, Musgrave, Middleton St George terrier, Middleton of Newcastle, Maddison of Holehouse, Morpeth of Stillington, Morton archdeacon, Micklethwaite, Markenfield, Milner alias Sorethwaite, Marshall alias Jenison, Muschampe, Metcalfe, Mountney, Marwood, Mitford of Hulam, Mickleton, Manners, Manesforth, Marshall, Musgrave, Merley, Mallome, Milborne
Nevile Sir John, Norton of Skirmingly, Nevellford, Nevillgate, Normavell
Ormysby, Orde, Ogle, Orfeur, Oglethorpe
Pennocke, Plikington, Pallison, Phillipson, Pierpoint, Pennocke, Pursglove, Palyser, Porter, Preston, Pert, Phillip, Paule, Place of Dinsdale, Peacock of Burnhall, Parkinson, Place of Stockton, Pudsey, Parrett, Pepper, Pollerd, Pemberton, Proddy, Penrose, Pennyman, Pierpoint
Rypon, Randolf, Rayne, Remington, Rontree, Richardson, Read, Rosse
Sandford, Stainton terrier, Sayer, Shafto, Smailes, South Shields, Smythe of Esh, Stranton terrier, Smith, Shipley title, Seton of Worsale, Selbie de la Mote, Swainston, Spencer, Scurfield, Smarl, Salkeld of Skerne, Skipper, Sim, Strangways, Shirwade, Swinburn, Silvertop, Scrope, Smailes, Stirckland, Shuttleworth, Stephenson, Sanderson
Tailboys, Thornton, Tunstall, Tempest, Tewddell, Tully, Thursbye, Thweng, Taillor, Thirkeld, Thornell, Talbot
Vazey, Vane, Vavason, Vincent
Wild, Ward, Wharton of Shildon, Williamson, Whitfield, Widdrington, Ward, Whorlton terrier, Wren of Woodifield, Witham, Wytton of Wotton, Wilkinson of Forcet, Wydle of Hunton, Waterhouse, Woodmas, earl of Westmorland, Watson, Withers, Wrenn, Wilde, Wharton, Warcopp, Wilkinson of West Layton, Williamson, Wyvill, Whorlton chapelry, Wycliffe, Wilbraham, Westgarth
Younge of Sunderland

Original documents included:
Paper book, viii + 710p, paginated, with inserts at the back
p.544   16 December 1833
Printed open letter from P. Frushard to the Co Durham magistrates appealing against his proposed 25% pay cut as keeper of County Prisons Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 32   [early 19th century]
Limbus Patrum VII, about half blank
Index of families at the front:
Bellasis, Bowes, Blakiston, Beckwith, Brunskill, Barnes, Bulmer, Byerley, Bradwood deeds, Barton, Blackett, Biggens deeds, Byerley, Brackenbury, Bainbridge
Curwen, Conyers, Carnaby, Calverley, Cock, Chaytor, Clarvaux
Dodsworth, Dymock, Dobleday, Dowthwaite, Darey, Davell
Eure, Ettricke, Etherington, Edwards, Eggleston abbey, Eden
FitzHugh, Featherstonhalgh
Gower, Grey of Wark
Hilton, Herbert, Huddleston, Harrison, Headlam, Ingleby
Metham, Middleton, Maxton, Marwood, Morgan, St Michael Appleby
Nevill, Ogle, Ormside
Paley, Pickering, Percy
Raine, Reresby Ravenscroft, Rokeby, Roguley, Robert Knott, Rothwell
Shipley abstract, Simpson, Snetterton, Smith of Hartford, Savile
Thoresby, Trotter, Thadie, Tullie, Tunstall, Thompson, Vane
Wharton, Widmerpole of Notts, Witham, Wycliffe, Wray, Yeoward of Westerdale and Basedale

Inserted documents:
Paper book, 473p, paginated
at the front   27 February 1832
Letter from J.R. Anderson of London to RS about a “silent” conversation with RS in the British Museum reading room and seeking advice on books on Northumberland's history.
Paper, 2f
at the front   [early 19th century]
Pages 253-254 re Streatlam and Staington from the History, small size.
Paper, 1f
at the front   [early 19th century]
Pages 117-120 re Barnard Castle from the History large size.
Paper, 2f
Robert Surtees's Heraldry Letters
Reference: SUR 33-35
Letters to Robert Surtees about heraldic and pedigree matters, mainly from the College of Arms.

SUR 33   1804 - 1818
Heraldry Letters, many from the College of Arms, especially William Radcliffe rouge croix [pursuivant (1803-1823)].
Index of correspondents on the inside front cover.
Paper book, 247p, paginated, with 34 items inserted at the back
SUR 33/1-4   14 November 1804
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: expresses an offer of help in regard to information about Shuttleworth; providing a pedigree of a branch of the Radcliffe family; notes that this branch appears to write their name ‘Radclyffe’.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/5-8    [1804]
Pedigree of the Collingwood family from around 1650-1769.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/9   [1805]
Sketch of a coat of arms with abbreviated notes possibly indicating colours.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/10-13   [1805]
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsfort: wills written by a Robert Ralph and a John Blakeston and the names mentioned therein; four pedigrees: Lenstace, Booth, Hebborne and Matthew.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/14-15   21 June 1806
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: a discovery linking the Collingwood family of Co Durham to the Collingwoods of Northumberland; pedigree provided to explain the details; the information was uncovered from a 1674 collection of pedigrees by a J. Jilson; pedigree of the Ettrich family.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/16a-d   17 December [?1815]
Letter from C[harles] R[adcliffe] at 10 Place du Carousel, [Paris]: sketches and describes two French coats of arms and discusses others including Conyers and Umfraville; concludes that [RS] does not want any French pedigrees, and he has only spent a few hours on the manuscripts; discusses reports of the quarrel between Lord S. and Prince Metternich though this is not mentioned in their letters and the family's hopes are put off until March or April which is not to be mentioned “to indiscreet people”; he has yet to see a critique of volume 2; an exchange about an Irish map; hopes to see volume 2 in Paris; winter is still mild.
Correspondent identified ex info of Michael St John Parker 2 September 2014.
paper, 2f
SUR 33/17-20   9 November 1808
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth but forwarded to the Robinsons at Middle Hendon: asks RS to inquire of Mr Marrath for details of his birth and family; discusses the Hilton family; asks if Hilton wants to uncover the connection with the Stockton branch of his family; a pedigree of the Darcy family.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/21    [1808]
Pedigree of the Radcliffe family.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/22-29    [1808]
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: list of birth dates of the Pilkingtons of Lumley; details regarding certain members of the Hilton family.
Paper, 5f
SUR 33/30-31   [1808]
Letter in William Radcliffe’s hand: details of William Blakeston’s will.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/32-35   12 - 25 February 1809
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: a suspicion that a Robert Hilton married both his cousin Hannah and her sister Jane; requests RS for more information about Robert and Jane’s eldest son Abraham; pedigree showing the connection between the Blakestons of Blakeston and the Whiteheads of Tynemouth 1586-1663; pedigree of those descended from Ralph and Margaret Blakeston of Gibside 1589-1767.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/36-39    6 May 1809
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: the wills of William Blakestone of New Malton, Henry Blakestone of Old Malton and Dame Mary, wife of William; asks RS for more information re the dates of marriage, burial places and deaths of Francis Mascall, his wife Hannah, and their children Elizabeth, Thomas and Mary.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/40-43   13 June 1809
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mr Blackburnes in High Harrogate: improvements made to the Hilton pedigree, includes a family tree with keyed improvements; gratitude given to RS’s friend Marscall for providing more information which he hopes will lead to a connection between the Nowells and the Reads of Co Durham; states he is so busy “having so many country friends in town” that he will delay writing to Heron until he asks RS to add amendments to a Heron family tree; he has received a letter from their friend Atkinson, “or rather his medical attendant”, stating he is too ill to take his waiting month.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/44-47    17 October 1809
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: he is improving the Salvin pedigree and pledges to bring it “to an eligible conclusion”; admits he has not had time to look into the Whaltons further, but notes that their coat of arms is similar to the Waltons of Walton le Dale.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/48   22 November 1809
Letter from William Radcliffe at Harrogate to RS: brief note explaining that Radcliffe is in Yorkshire and unable to write anything useful in reply to RS in his current location.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/49-51   18 January 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: he is working on the Salvin pedigree; includes pedigrees of the Blakestones 1631-1683 and the Darleys 1617-1679, the latter being more extensive.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/52-55     13 April 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at London to RS: apologises for the lapse in correspondence due to an illness; states they are “at a stand with regard to the whole or half-blood of Read” due to the prospective costs of further searching in 36 parish records; the birthplace of Clement Read’s father is stated in Clement Read’s will as being Heddon on the Wall; he will begin arranging the pedigrees of Salvin; pedigree of Claxtons 1217-1484; Atkinson requests on behalf of Townsend for RS to send him any information regarding a pedigree he had previously sent.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/56-57   17 May 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at York: requests RS to take abstracts from a list of wills that he provides; hopes to “report properly” in his next letter on the pedigree of Salvin.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/58-60    2 June 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at York: pedigree of Salvins dating from before 1231 to 1402; asks RS to try to find a will of George Salvin, or any before him of the name Salvin; asks whether he can depend on an abstract that RS previously sent in regard to Gerard Salvin as he believes there is a mistake, “my mind being now entirely made up as to the other descendants of the numerous Gerards of Croxdale.”; asks to be sent the abstracts from the will of Lady Jane Pilkington and requests RS’s opinion on entering her into the record of the College of Arms.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/61-64   14 June 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discusses the claimants of the estate settled by John Read concluding that Mr Hills has a “perfectly good claim against the present proprieter”; pedigree of eldest branches of Salvin in the 15th century.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/65-68    2 July 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: the pedigree of Salvin proposing corrections; includes the section of the pedigree as it stands at the time of writing; states Dawson of York is presently in London and proposes speaking to him on the subject of Read.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/69-72    3 October 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree of Brisco as requested by RS, including a sketch of a coat of arms; requests that RS uses his influence to give Lord Auckland a proposal for a memorial at Dilston.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/73-76   12 October 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discusses the difficulties of acquiring a lease of land for the use of a memorial at Dilston.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/77-80    3 November 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of Blackett pedigree; includesa Blackett pedigree with notes on a William B of Hoppyland.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/81-84   15 November 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: Lord Newburgh approves of Radcliffe’s plans to build a memorial at Dilston; an extract of the Blackett pedigree sent to Captain Blackett of Wylam; copy of an extract of a pedigree included.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/85-88   15 December 1810
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree providing descendants of Nicholas Fenwick of Wylam 1668; informs RS that his expenses in regard to the work done on Blackett will be paid for; discussion of plans for a memorial at Dilston; partial pedigree of Baddaly noting he can find nothing else of the family; discussion regarding the family of an ancestor of Blackett, Edward B of Bromley, questioning who married Eleanor Maddison and concluding that Edward’s father will not be identified.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/89-90    21 January 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: details of the arrangements regarding the erecting of a monument at Dilston.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/91-93   28 January 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: a folio giving details of the Durham community in 1311 found and someone will deliver it to RS; discussion of Beaumont pedigree; Blackett pedigree 1597-1733.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/94-97   [c.1811]
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: pedigree of Tempest sent for consideration as it differs in detail from another earlier copy; Blackett pedigree with notes on a William which Radcliffe has deduced was not the father of the first baronet; asks who was John Douglas of Matfen wishing to discover what line of Douglas he belongs to.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/98-100   4 January 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsfort:; copy of an examination of lead ore undertaken for Radcliffe; discussion of the Dilston memorial; pedigree of the Featherstones.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/102-105    19 February 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: the Dilston memorial application has been denied.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/106-107   8 March 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of the Blacketts of Hoppyland; a section of Blackett pedigree as it currently stands; discussion of the confusion surrounding Edward B of Bromley.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/108-109   [c.1811]
Pedigree of Heron 1639-1784.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/110-111    8 February 1812
Letter from William Radclife to RS: pedigree of Constable sent to connect the second line of Fulthorpe; a meeting with Bentham will take place to discuss the pedigrees of Forster and Bacon.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/112   23 November 1813
Drawing of the Durham see emblazon of arms sent by William Radcliffe to RS; “from an ancient illuminated manuscript marked Vincent 187, page 32” in the College of Arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/114-117   6 November 1811
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree of Wood 1594-1669 including a sketch of the arms; no pedigree of Revely in the College of Arms; pedigree of Cropley with a description of arms; pedigree of Colvell/Musgrave; pedigree of Wednipton 1715-1792; pedigree of Howard 1649-1665.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/118-121    26 March 1812
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of the practise of printing pedigrees; “having in the course of the last month performed the Herculean labour of proving the pedigree of Salvin to the examiners which took them four days going through to satisfy themselves”; Mr Wilkinson met with Radcliffe and imparted information in regard to his pedigree; extract of Wilkinson's pedigree; Mr Wilkinson’s father is in possession of a deed relating to a division of personal property and states details of two or three generations back; extracts of wills of the Blackett family.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/122-123    4 June 1812
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree of Thorpe.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/124-127    28 August 1812
Letter from William Radcliffe College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree of Baronia de Hordene.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/128-129   14 August 1812
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: in regard to previous queries “Young Nicholas” made calculations, and future inquiries of the same nature should be sent directly to him; “keep the pedigrees of Blackett as long as convenient”; the pedigree of B of Wylam has been proved and is under registration in the hands of the department’s registrar.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/130a-131a    24 December 1812
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: pedigrees of George Baker of Elimore; pedigree of John Maire of the city of Durham (descended from the Maires of Cheshire); discovered “the whole of the record of the little ancient Roll of Sheppertons”; a packet regarding Nichols to be sent to RS.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/130b-133   January 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: abstracts from wills relating to the Blakestons of York and London; will not be able to do work relating to Salvin in the near future; reports that a draft of Shipperton’s pedigree will be ready for inspection soon; a woman visited the College of Arms by recommendation from Lord Newburgh claiming to be the granddaughter of Dorothy Radcliffe, the younger of two daughters of James of Derwentwater “!!!”; upon inspection of a will by the countess, widow of James, this claim was rejected.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/134-135   8 January 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: requests a note to be sent to Middleton; searches for the will of Anthony Maxey have been unsuccessful; in possession of all notes on Read; a draft of the Read pedigree will be sent to RS; Bulmer Bentley providing guidance on the notes at the bottom of the Bentley pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/136-139   9 February 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: second packet from Nichols received and along with the first will be sent to RS; abstract from a will of Robert Jennison; pedigree of Tempest.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/140-143    5 March 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: additional Wilkinson notices applied to the pedigree; asks for an opinion on whether the Rowland Tempest that married Barbara Calverly was the same Roland who was the fifth son of Thomas Tempest of Stanley; Nichols has received RS’s letter; discussion of Shipperton pedigree; notes the death of RS’s friend and relative Mrs Robinson.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/144-145    17 March 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: material alteration made to the draft pedigree of Belargle; questions have been raised about Mrs Shipperton’s father, mother and aunt; unable to find any will of the family between 1648-1660 and none for Bishop James (1615) but they may be found in York; requests RS to send extracts of the wills of Thomas Forster (7 September 1637), his son Thomas (buried in Bamburgh 19 December 1673), Sir William Forster (aged 30 in 1660) and his son John (died 15 November 1736).
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/146-149   1 May 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: Shipperton pedigree was supposed to be given over to the registrar “but having had no Chapter since I wrote you it lays yet unreported on”; Radcliffe included two notes in the pedigree, one stating the antiquity of the family viz 1368, the other “a short abstract of Deed 12 Ch II” with a seal of arms, both of which were approved by the examiners; list of dates of death of Forster family 1699-1780; pedigree of Hansard.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/150-153    4 June 1813
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: request for an extract of the will of Thomas Forster of Edderston; pedigree of Forster; pedigree of Yorke.
p.152-153 are mostly missing though they appear to have originally shown pedigrees for York and Dawson.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/154-155   [1813 x 1814]
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: illustration of the arms of the archdeacon of Durham; pedigree of Robert Cooper; pedigree of Hendley.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/156-160   24 June 1814
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: more information is needed on the Wright family to complete the description necessary to insert in the petition; p.157 is inserted as a separate note showing the extract of a pedigree for John Wright of the parish of Sedgefield; speculation that the Wrights of Sedgefield may be descended from the Wrights of York; the proof of Robinson’s pedigree is yet to be sent by Nichols.
Paper, 3f
SUR 33/161-164   1814
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: delay in writing due to workload and the death of Lord Newburgh; pedigree of Ettrick settled; “a tollerable [sic] pedigree of Milbank … to 1733” borrowed from Lord Harrowby will aid the work on Milbank.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/165-166   1814
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: details of information needed to improve the Wheeler and Sharp pedigrees.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/167-168   1814
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: copied the text of three different documents (numbered by Radcliffe), notices of appointments of troops to Captain Robert Hutton from 1645, 1650 and 1659; copied the text from a letter sent by George Monck to Captain Robert Hutton.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/169-170   1814
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: pedigree of Barnes with a coat of arms sketch; suggestions on how to condense a collection of arms onto three plates.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/171-174   10 January 1815
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: official notice from the College of Arms stating that the college “have the original cognizance of Pedigrees and Coat Armour; and that the Genealogist of Bath cannot properly receive any evidence of Pedigree or Coat Armour to be entered in his books, except from the said College” (author’s emphasis) signed by Order of Chapter, Ralph Bigland, Norroy and Register; a correcting statement regarding to Lord Newburgh will be sent to the Gentleman’s Magazine; inquiries for pedigrees relating to persons listed; cheap but good quality candles will be sent to RS.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/175-178   1815
Notice printed by C. Baldwin of New Bridge-Street, London, signed (by Order of Chapter) Ralph Bigland, Norroy and Register, states, with greater detail than the notice catalogued SUR 33/171, that the College “have the original cognizance of Pedigrees and Coat Armour; and that the Genealogist of Bath cannot properly receive any evidence of Pedigree or Coat Armour to be entered in his books, except from the said College” (author’s emphasis).
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/179-180    11 April 1815
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: copied an extract of the will by Nicholas Thornell from 30 January 1559.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/181-184   2 May 1815
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: information regarding a “trio of Bishops” ; “On Pilkington I have had much labour without being able to produce anything interesting”; pedigree of Barnes; pedigree of Hutton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/185-188   19 March 1816
Printed copy of “Prospectus of a General History of the County of York” by Thomas Dunham Whitaker printed February 1816, reused as a letter by William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: description of Sandcroft coat of arms; discussion of publishers and costs.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/189-190   16 April 1816
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: re the Derwentwater vault at Dilston.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/191-194   13 April 1816
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: transcribed text taken from a note by George earl of Shewsbury and Earl Marshal in relation to Glover’s visitation of Durham 1575; proposed alterations to the Norton pedigree.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/195-198   22 April 1816
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainfort:; papers delivered to Nichols and Co, and proof sheets will be sent for RS’s inspection; information relating to the Smythe pedigree which was entered in 1776.
Notes on p.197 relating to Shuttleworth, Maddison, Popper and Smithe.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/199-200   24 August 1816
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: information regarding Mary Ord; the pedigree of Clayton has been received and some corrections have been made; copy of the Wodrington pedigree; correction to the Fulthorpe pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/201-204   31 March 1817
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: the extracts of Surtees are applied; the name of Hargrave to be added to Dawson of Morpeth; discussion of books bought at the recommendation of RS; notes a dispute in the College of Arms.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/205-208   1817
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: pedigree showing the descendants of Thomas Heemframville (Umfraville).
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/209-212    3 June 1817
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: copy of Salvin taken from unpublished letters in the Talbot collection; pedigree of Meaburne 1573-1786.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/213-214   1817
Letter in the hand of William Radcliffe: copy of a letter sent by Sanderson to the earl of Shrewsbury regarding great abuses & disorders committed in woods belonging to the earl.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/215-216   26 September 1817
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: pedigree showing the connection between the Tempests and Eyres; discussion of dividends; information regarding John Palmery; request to look up the will of Captain Fowler.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/217-220   1817
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS: some additions made to the pedigree of Felton based on the Tower records but unable to connect the line of Hastings; discussion of Surtees pedigree and possible sources of new evidence - Rolls Chapel, Prerogative Office.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/221-224   10 January 1818
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: information regarding Hiltons; discussion of the wills of two brothers, William and Ralph Surtees; the outline of a long running dispute between Radcliffe and a “coalition between the two […] Knights of [the College of Arms]”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/225-240    1818
Language:  Latin
Notes written in William Radcliffe’s hand relating to Hilton, Ord, Montbocher, Hastings, Faston, Fulthorpe included originally either as part of 221-224 or 241-242.
Paper, 8f
SUR 33/241-242   7 March 1818
Letter from William Radcliffe at College of Arms to RS: due to the on-going “proceedings of Chapter [which have] hurt my spirits exceedingly and have left me very little time with the best inclination either to do ought for you or myself.” Sends notes relating to Hilton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/243-244    23 March 1818
Letter from P.G. Young at College of Arms to RS: request for information regarding a gentleman named Wilkinson who married into a family of Bowes “about the middle of the last century”. Francis Townsend, by whom the letter has been sent, writes at the end a message of condolence in regards to the “unfortunate situation” with William Radcliffe.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/245-246   1818
Note from William Radcliffe giving details on Nicholas, Catherine and Robert Tempest.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/247-248   19 July 1819
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainforth: pedigree of the Tempests 1673-1790; request for papers showing a “decent line of Hilton”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/249-250   16 April 1810
Bill of George Cummings to John Popling for a coffin for Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/251-252   2 March 1810
Bill of George Cummings to Robert Hogg for drink for Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/253-254   [early 19th century]
Pedigree of Consett of Hovingham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/255-256   [?1810]
Account of the debts of Sir Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/257-258   27 April 1810
Receipt of George Cummings to RS for paying the funeral bill for Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/259-262   22 February [?1810]
Letter from J. Hammett to RS: enclosing a contribution to support Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/263-264   17 April 1810
Bill of William Pybus to William Wardropper for food.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/265-266   18 April 1810
Bill of George Cummings to RS for the funeral of Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/267-270   [3 July 1828]
Letter from William Thomas Salvin to RS at Harrogate: information on the moat, house and chapel painting at Butterby, the Clarance Railway Bill and William Chaytor a candidate as [MP for Durham].
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/271-274   5 December 1833
Letter from Thomas Thorpe to RS at Durham: listing books with prices, and discussing Radcliffe and Surtees papers bought at auction, and a Shipperdson pedigree, burnt many papers, going to press soon with his catalogue.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/275-276   [early 19th century]
Note on George Thoresby of York's property transactions.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/277-280   [?April 1810]
Letter from ?J. Sheringham of Hull to RS at Mainsforth: lamenting the death of Thomas Conyers, and discussing the fate of his £10.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/281-282   18 July 1820
Letter from ? at York [to RS]: Tindall's report on the case against Radcliffe on the charge of forgery of the register.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/283-286   22 September 1815
Letter from W.H. Longstaffe at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth: the closing of a footpath over his field from Stranton to the sea, the repair of stiles and the endowment of common to the school for the schoolmaster and Tate's encroachment thereon.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/287-290   [early 19th century]
Letter from ?Radcliffe to RS: descent from Thomas Browne of Westwood Lincs, seeking his advice on his proposed publication on Yorkshire genealogy using Dugdale as his basis.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/291-294   7 August 1819
Letter from [Ratcliffe] at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: additions to his Tempest pedigree, the injuries to his reputation through the scandal of the case against him.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/295-298   [early 19th century]
Letter from William Radcliffe to RS at Mainsforth: draft notice of the case against him for forgery in the 1801 parish register for Ravenfield, his miserable case unlikely to be resolved by the king ahead of the queen's, discusses publication by Nichols.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/299-306   25/26 March 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at York to RS at Mainsforth: laments the failure of his case about forging a parish register entry to gain from the Derwentwater estate, protesting his innocence in detail.
Paper, 4f
SUR 33/307-310   1 April 1820
Letter from [William Radcliffe] at York to RS at Mainsforth: grateful for the support of his friends and further detailing his innocence of the forgery case verdict.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/311-314   1 April 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at York to RS at Mainsforth: further comments on his case and his betrayal by the non-calling of his witnesses.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/315-318   28 June 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: copying a summons for RS from Lord Sidmouth and sorry that he has left London already.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/319-322   12 July 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS: sending some papers by boat, news of friends seeing Lord Sidmouth for him.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/323-326   16 March 1821
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: the opinion of F. Mascall jr on the proposed publishing of his statement re his case and reporting [James] Raine's opinion on it.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/327-330   31 March 1823
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: advised by Mr Tennyson to get his junior counsel Smedley to prepare a statement for putting to Peel.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/331-334   30 May 1823
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS: progress of his claim for compensation for resigning his office and asking if RS will be a witness at his trial, subjects for the armorial windows in Brancepeth castle decided on, Tennyson will visit RS.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/335-338   5 June 1823
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: he has surrendered his patent to the king and has been duly compensated.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/339-342   18 July 1823
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: what arms did the Greys of Kyloe have, intends to become a genealogist, has a commission for a large pedigree on the wall of the chief baron involved in Magna Carta.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/343-346   13 January 1824
Letter from William Radcliffe at Darley Hall, Barnsley, to RS at Mainsforth: sending him a manuscript text about arms and pedigrees at the siege of Calais and battle of Agincourt to comment on and provide an introduction to, been discussing a possible genealogical office at York Minster.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/347-348   21 April 1824
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS: finished with RS's Dugdale on Yorkshire, helping Hunter of Bath with his proposed history of Doncaster.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/349-352   26 May 1824
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS: discusses their publications, Rud's and Thorpe's catalogues, Miss Currer has allowed him to see her manuscripts in Yorkshire.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/353-354   7 June 1824
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: sending on books from Nicholls, concerned about the financing of his publication, failed to buy Taylor's manuscript of Yorkshire genealogy at auction.
Paper, 1f
SUR 33/355-358   19 January 1824
Letter from William Radcliffe at Darley Hall to RS at Mainsforth: wounded fingers, arrangments for RS sending his Dugdale, needs help with queries in his proposed publication.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/359-362   4 March 1828
Letter from William Radcliffe at Cannon Row to RS at Mainsforth: books sent, Salvin's pedigree, Fairfax pedigree, comments on Dugdale.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/363-366   17 May 1828
Letter from William Radcliffe at Parliament St to RS at Mainsforth: reporting searches on the names Bedford and Platt.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/367-370   27 December 1825
Letter from William Radcliffe at Darley Hall, Barnsley, to RS: sending a volume of testamentary collection, to be returned; wants any details from inquisitions post mortem of the Saltmarshe family as he found no mention in the Tower of London indexes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/371-374   [?1826]
Letter from W[illiam] R[adcliffe] to RS: sends the Blackett pedigree; going to Oxford.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/375-378   12 June 1826
Letter from William Radcliffe at Cannon Row to RS: has yet to do the Conyers search; had to pay 10s for the first plate of the Bayeux tapestry.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/379-382   4 June 1828
Letter from W[illiam] R[adcliffe] at Messrs Nicholls to RS: he has settled the points in the early part of the Salvin pedigree in the College of Arms.
Paper, 2f
SUR 33/383-384   11 February 1828
Letter from William Radcliffe at Cannon Row to RS: discussing the arms of the Lambtons, Fitzwilliams and Hollands and the quartering of Aldred the Saxon; also his pedigree for Mr Fairfax of Gilling Castle and a branch at Bocton, Cumberland; last autumn he had th eluxurious treat of inpsecting 50 folio volumes of Hopkinson's collection of Yorkshire manuscripts with abstracts of inquitions post mortem etc, owend by Young Smith of Heath, a minor, with access granted by his uncle Wilson of Dalham Tower.
Paper, 1f
Bought from Richard Ford of London, September 2014, Acc No 14/01.
SUR 34   1804 - 1819
“Heraldry Letters &c”. Letters to RS from especially Fred Beltz, Lawson, John Wilson, James Raine, George Allan, John Graves and Ralph Spearman on antiquarian matters . Not in chronological order.
Index of correspondents at the front.
Paper book, items numbered 1-90, only 84 now present
SUR 34/1   2 June 1813
Letter from Fred Beltz at Durham to RS at Mainsforth: discussing a problem with the Lambton pedigree in relation to a Heralds Visitation in 1575.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/2   18 March 1814
Letter from Fred Beltz at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of the Lambton pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/3   16 February 1814
Letter from Fred Beltz at College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of the Lambton pedigree; the will of Robert Lambton is found in York in which Thomas Lambton is named as his cousin, this potentially links the Runthorpe and Lambton branches of the Lambtons; requests RS consults his collection to find a connection between the ancient Hedworths “& John who married Katherine Darcy”, follows with Beltz’s current information on the ancient Hedworths pedigree and Darcy pedigree; requests elucidation on the Chancellors of Brafferton, followed by his current pedigree information.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/4   5 October [c.1810s] & 18 March 1814
Letter from Fred Beltz at Wheatsheaf, Durham to RS at Mainsforth: sends thanks for information provided by RS’s “valuable collection”; requests a meeting in Durham soon.
Letter from Lambton at London to RS at Mainsforth: thanks for providing Beltz with information in regards to Allan’s pedigree; offers his help with RS’s “intended history of Durham” if “it may be in my power”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/5   2 January 1819 & 21 April 1810
Short note from Lawson at College of Arms to Mr Townsend stating that Nichols “has never been able to satisfy himself of the name of the Things in the Arms of Harbottle and therefore best to decline running the risk of misleading Mr Surtees.”
Letter from Lawson at Lartington Hall near Barnard Castle to RS at Mainsforth: requests on behalf of his brother John Lawson that some letters relative to the Lawson family be forwarded the “papers being matters of a curiosity of our family”; expounds his interest in RS’s work and asks to be a subscriber; offers the use of “any book or paper in my library”.
Paper, 3f
SUR 34/6   2 March 1813
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall to RS at Mainsforth: has sent deeds for Neasham Hall and requests to know “who is the present proprietor of that estate & thro’ what hands it passed after the Braithwaites & Jennisons”; enclosed a “curiosity paper” in relation to the plague in Newcastle and Gateshead in 1636; “the pedigree of the Maize family is as accurate as I can make it.”
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/7   18 February 1813
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall near Catterick to RS at Mainsforth: has found deeds regarding the convent of Neasham near Darlington and offers to send them to make copies of extracts.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/8   19 May 1810
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall near Catterick to RS at Mainsforth: message of thanks regarding the information sent to John Lawson; asks to know the expected date of publication.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/9    11 December 1811
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall to RS: extract ofthe Maize pedigree with notes detailing occupations and residence.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/10   31 August 1812
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall to RS at Mainsforth: sends a schedule concerning Hurworth; asks to be added to the list of subscribers of RS’s work in the Gentlemen’s Magazine.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/11   10 December 1813
Letter from Lawson at Brough Hall to RS at Mainsforth: message of thanks for returning the deeds of Neasham Abbey; invitation to visit Lawson at Brough Hall.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/12   17 October 1812
Letter from John Wilson at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth: the rector of Harworth is in possession of authenticated copies of some grants relating to the abbey of Neasham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/13   12 November 1812
Letter from John Wilson to RS at Mainsforth: transcribed extract from Lord Coke’s commentary on Magna Carta regarding a bishop of Durham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/14   [c.1813]
Letter from [James] Raine at Durham to RS at Mainsforth: notes copied from “the library book” primarily concerning D. Hunter and books bought between 1728 and 1738; discussion of Riddell’s poor health; plans to visit Riddell in Berwick; possesses a “stock of very interesting information relative to the abbey”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/15   28 March 1814
Letter from [Cuthbert] Sharpe at Hartlepool to RS at Mainsforth: discussion and details regarding historical details of Hartlepool with particular focus on two seals.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/16    8 April 1814
Letter from George Allan at 24 Pall Mall to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of the seals of Hartlepool.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/17    28 June 1806
Letter from George Allan at Hartlepool to RS at Mainsforth: requests information regarding the date and location of a marriage between Elizabeth Killinghall (born 29 June 1679) and William Pemberton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/18
Not used
SUR 34/19    22 February 1813
Letter from George Allan at Grange to RS at Mainsforth: request for a testimonial to allow Allan to join the Antiquarian Society.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/20    8 March 1813
Letter from George Allan at Grange to RS at Mainsforth: thanks for the testimonial provided to aid his application to join the Antiquarian Society; details of Allan’s own pedigree.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/21    1813
Letter from George Allan to RS; extract of the Allan pedigree as it appears “in the Harleian Collection of the manuscripts in the British Museum no.1233 page 151”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/22   21 March 1814
Letter from George Allan at 63 Pall Mall to RS at Mainsforth: has taken his seat at Westminster but not yet at Somerset House; discussion of a debate about peace about to take place in parliament, “though I confess however desirable peace may be I have a strong repugnance to any compromise with Bonaparte”; discussion of the postmaster of Sunderland.
Paper, 2f + 1f
SUR 34/23   22 October 1804
Letter from John Graves at Yarm to RS at Mainsforth: message of thanks and also a request to send any notes relating to families from Cleveland; a list of names that RS may have some information on is included.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/24   3 November 1804
Letter from John Graves at Yarm to RS at Mainsforth: message of thanks; difficulties in working on the pedigrees of Conyers and Salvin.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/25    14 November 1808
Letter from John Graves at Yarm to RS at Mainsforth: discussion of an exchange of money “for the Plate of Mount Grace Priory”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/26   20 March 1810
Letter from [John Graves] (signature excised and missing) at Yarm to RS at Mainsforth: reporting on Blakistons at Arncliffe and Conyers at Rudby; happy to help with his great undertaking; proposing to start collecting material for a History of Richmondshire.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/27   28 June 1810
Letter from John Graves at Yarm to RS at Mainsforth: reporting progress on his history of Richmondshire and grateful for RS's offer of pedigrees and Radcliffe's assistance, also Bishop Gasterell's account of the diocese of Chester and Mr Tate's help.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/28   [1812 x 1828]
Letter from James Raine at Durham to RS at Mainsforth: sends extracts from Haslewood's and George's registers, also has Jacob Bee's register; discusses progress on various pedigree;, needs to visit the wills office at Richmond.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/29   15 January 1814
Letter from [James Raine] (signature excised and missing) at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: describes a visit to an old lady at Barford and her coins and stained glass fragments; also his inspection of Forcett church and its registers; hopes to take Bow registers hom;, Matthew Hutton to be buried in a quarry; [John] Headlam to borrow for him a topographcial manuscript from Richmond.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/30   [1812 x 1828]
Letter from James Raine to RS at Mainsforth: cites extracts from Marske and Downholme registers.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/31   [early 19th century]
Register entries for Smiths, the vision of John Borrow of a coach drawn by 6 black swine.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/32   1811
Language:  Latin
Printed notice of James Bailey's Epigrammata Numismate Annuo Dignata et in Curia Cantabrigiensi Recitata, endorsed with a note of Baron Hilton's money scheduled for the poor being spent on blue claret.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/33   3 January 1815
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: extracts from the Rokeby registers; information on the Boldon Boo;, an old lady's ghost stories and ballad on Little Musgrave and Lord Barnaby; also stones at Legs-a-cross, raining blood at Raby on family deaths and other tales.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/34   9 January 1815
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: offering to buy Hutchinson's own copy of his History of Durham to be sold in Richmond; query about a Wycliffe arms.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/35   23 July 1815
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: visit to Mortham with Mr Sherwood (Latin text recited with arms and inscriptions drawn); he has to take [John] Headlam's church next Sunday.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/36   October 1815
Letter from James Raine at Durham [to RS]: Sir Christopher Yelverton's charitable attention to Bishop Morton; Cuthbert Sharp loaning heraldic manuscripts from Thoresby's sale.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/37   [1812 x 1828]
Pedigrees of Langleys of Sheriff Hutton Park and Wilkinsons of Kirkbrigg.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/38   [1812 x 1828]
Letter from [James Raine] to RS at Mainsforth: list of editions of Richard de Bury's Philobiblon and notes on his book collecting; memorial inscription from Startforth; the entail of Joan [Neville] countess of Westmorland.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/39   [1812 x 1828]
Letter from James Raine to RS: found Sir John Keresby and others of his books in Millar's room; comments on the book Andrews has made for his letters; Sharp to send RS a drawing of Hart font; hopes RS will record what happenedd between Dugdale and Pudsey of Lawfield; Hull's catalogue has very cheap books.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/39A   29 March 1811
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick hall to RS at Heralds Office: grateful for Ridley's pedigree; arrangements to send his annotated Hutchinson; he will describe the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts; Mrs Wasey had refused to allow him to pass on extracts from her Northumberland manuscripts to RS (possibly stemming from an old quarrel between her father and RS's Uncle George).
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/40   30 June 1811
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: movement of the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts; notes on his Hall relatives.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/41   29 December 1811
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: strained wrist; recoved an estate at the assizes; sends his annotated Hutchinson's Northumberland; a Mary I letter to Thomas Bates; he must organise his own family's history.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/42   [c.1810s]
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS at Mainsforth: returning his papers; Peareth pedigree; riddle re the Swinburnes.
Paper, 4f
SUR 34/43-44   28 August 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: sending extracts from Tynemouth church books re Spearmans made 27 August 1810.
Paper, 4f
SUR 34/45   [c.1815]
Letter from Clement Wasey to Ralph Spearman at Preston Grange: sending 21 volumes from the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts which might be most useful to him, please receipt, includes a list of the numbers; discusses the dispute over Stanhope Park between the church of Durham and Greenwich Hospital.
Added to by E.H. Wasey, 7 April: family news.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/46   13 December [?1812]
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS at Mainsforth: the Milburns of Tynemouth; he has copied Inquisitions Post Mortem, Testa de Neville and Nicholson's Border Laws, with extracts and information re Clennells.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/47   16 April 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick hall to RS at Mainsforth: information on the Riddells.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/48   11 May 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: information on his Spearman antecedents answering RS's queries.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/49   22 July 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: grateful for his information on Denton; answering more queries about his antecedents, with extracts of documents tempore Charles I.
Paper, 2f + 1f
SUR 34/50   7 September 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS: passing on a book from Newcastle Literary Society which he has just joined; discusses the Clennell family.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/51   18 July 1813
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: Revd Leman of Bath wishes to converse on Durham antiquities; poor opinion of Mr Wyatt's architecture; a druid temple near Nether Wilton; he has annotated Hutchinson's Northumberland; Col Daniel Orde enquiring about RS's History.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/52   7 November 1813
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: sends information about Swinburnes and Widdringtons; he is growing old.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/53   [c.1813]
[Ralph Spearman's] description of the Lambton Worm legend.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/54   30 April 1814
Letter from Ralph Spearman to [RS]: information on Robert de Lorraine and his descendants; with sketches of flints in Cornwall.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/55   [c.1814]
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS at Mainsforth: information on the Milbankes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/56   [c.1814]
Printed “Plan of a Roman Encampment at Chew Green Engraved for the History of Northumberland Dedicated to John Smart Esquire of Trewitt House”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/57   [c.1814]
A poem “Burton Ale”, incipit“Of all the Belles who Christ Church bless”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/58   [c.1814]
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS at Mainsforth: extracts from and discusses documents concerning Newcastle.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/59   10 April [c.1815]
Letter to Mr J. Spedding at The Temple, [London]: the duke of Norfolk would be happy to see Mr A. Spedding.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/60   20 August 1816
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: compliments him on volume I of his History; information re Ildertons and Riddells
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/61   [c.1816]
Letter from Ralph Spearman to RS at Mainsforth: information on the Plesseys and extracts re Neile and White and Co Durham's boundary.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/62
no longer present
SUR 34/63   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcript of a licence of Dickens Haslewood rector of St Mary in the South Bailey, Durham, for crows from Abbey Wood to nest in the churchyard.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/64   23 December 1815
Letter from William Ettrick of High Barns to Mrs Robinson at West Hendon: justifying his man's rudness as being due to “a full loading of my children for an airing along with him” and the rain falling; waiting to pay the artists' bills for RS's printing.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/65   11 March 1816
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: he had the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts for 4 years but returned them 5 years ago; lung problems have always restricted his physical pursuits; extracts from and discusses various documents
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/66   [c.1816]
Letter [from Ralph Spearman to RS]: answering RS's enquiries.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/67
no longer present
SUR 34/68   15 November 1815
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: consoling him on his los;, urging him to continue publishing his work; discusses his Spearman antecedents, especially Lorraine, and John Bell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/69   26 November 1817
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: forwarding an enquiry from Mrs Beaumont of Hexham Abbey re her Wentworth grandmother.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/69A   31 January [c.1818]
Letter from Ralph Spearman [to RS]: Peareth information from the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts,
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/70   [25 April 1818]
Letter from Ralph Ridell to RS at Mainsforth (part): large icebergs this year; Riddell family information.
Annotated [by Ralph Spearman] 23 April 1818 with further Riddell family details.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/71   ?7 December 1815
Letter to RS at Mainsforth (part): Brandling pedigree and family information, also Hegg, Mickleton, Cole, Lambton and Riddell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/72   9 March 1817
Letter from John Bell to RS at Mainsforth: details of the Heath family.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/73
no longer present
SUR 34/74   [early 19th century]
List of books bought (with prices) by RS and [James] Raine.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/75-76   [early 19th century]
Catalogue of the Mickleton and Spearman printed books and manuscripts 1-33, some with crosses against them.
Paper, 1f (torn in 2)
SUR 34/77
no longer present
SUR 34/78   30 September 1811
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Durham to RS at Mainsforth: details enclosures (no longer present); information on John Shaftoe of Bavington.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/79   27 April 1812
Letter from Ralph Spearman at Eachwick Hall to RS at Mainsforth: answers his queries; information on the Spearmans.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/80
no longer present
SUR 34/81   [c.1812]
Part of a letter [from Ralph Spearman to RS]: information on the Hodgsons.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/82
no longer present
SUR 34/83   [1812 x 1828]
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: includes “The Leech's effusion” poem incipit“Now bring ye a flask of Madeire”; reports on his researches.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/84
no longer present
SUR 34/85   [early 19th century]
Note on the cathedral's acquisition of the Hunter and then Randall manuscripts.
Paper, 1f
SUR 34/86   24 December 1817
Letter from James Raine at Ovington [to RS]: notes and pedigrees for Fenwick, Heron, Woodrington and Swinburne; completed his Administrations index; gold ring found near Piercebridge; two Blore drawings for his host at Broom Park.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/87   February 1811
Printed circular Proposals for Completing the Second Edition of Hutchins's History of Doresetshire with Improvements by the Late Richard Gough, Esq. from J. Nichols printer of Red Lion Passage, Fleet St, London inviting subscriptions.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/88   [early 19th century]
Humorous formal description in old English of a visit to Richmond by James Raine and Thomas Sherwood, with their arms, sent to RS at Mainsforth.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/89   25 December 1815
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: describing a walk with Mr Sherwood at Gainford and a meeting with [Maurice] Cradock and discussing his documents about his ancestry. With a copy of the first folio of Dugdale's visitation and a drawing of the St Quentin arms.
Paper, 2f
SUR 34/90   20 January 1816
Letter from James Raine at Ovington to RS at Mainsforth: he has access to the cathedral's archive; dinner with John Hutton of Marsdke and being given the family papers, describes them, will pass them on to RS; comments on his Blore story; notes from an archdeaconry of Richmond registry 15th century volume.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35   [early 19th century]
“Heraldry Letters &c” , also notes, watercolour of Old Hartlepool shore line, drawing of Durham Deanery, drawings of churches and monuments, printed subscribers' noitces for various publications of histories, and an inserted booklet of pedigrees.
Paper book, 100 items mostly stuck in with some loose
SUR 35/1   [c.1800]
Pencil drawing titled “Deanery Durham”, from the College.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/2   [early 19th century]
Pedigrees: Young, Buriton, Clarke, Osborne, Stampe, Bennet, Whistler, Upperton, Jennens, Tetyplace, Dunch, Winchcombe, Truloke, Wiseman, Aston, Golafre, Bassingham, Offenden, Terendun, Leye, Latton, Bostock, Forster.
Paper booklet, 17f, damaged by damp
SUR 35/3   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of a cross in Chester le Street churchyard.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/4   [early 19th century]
Engraving of an oyster shell, labelled “an oyster club laid”
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/5   10 May 1704
Letter from John Peddene to Mrs Janet Drummond in Edinburgh: expressing his affection.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/6   [18th century]
Watercolour of a boat sailing in front of houses, with a slip labelled “Old Hartlepool”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/7   [18th century]
Pen drawing of St John the Evangelist's eagle “from St Oswalds beneath a seat in the chancel” .
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/8   [early 19th century]
Pedigree of the Wrays of Richmond.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/9   [early 19th century]
Letter from James Raine to RS at Mainsforth: lack of success in searching the Mercurii in the bishop's library.
Paper, 1f, 3 applied seals
SUR 35/10   [early 19th century]
Extract of Frances Shepper's baptism 30 June 1667.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/11   [early 19th century]
Pen and wash drawing of a coffin inscription in St Mary le Bow churchyard starting “hic prior” .
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/12   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Extracts of documents re Usworth, Bydyck, Emeldon and Gategang.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/13   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Extract from Bishop Kellaw's register f.224 about the burial of Sir John Marmaduke, addressed to RS at Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/14   22 December 1818
Printed advertisement for Inscription for a Tablet to be Placed in the Sunderland Subscription Library to George Wilson Meadley, printed by Reed and Son.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/15   2 February 1819
Printed advertisement: Marble to be Sold Just Arrived in this Port and to be disposed of by public Auction ..., printed by G. Garbutt of Sunderland, with a description of the inscription in honour of Cacodoemonius, and a notice In the Press Scripture Proofs on the Pre-Existence and Deity of Christ.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/16   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Extracts of documents from the Rufford abbey cartulary, Cosin U.V.9.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/17   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a grave slab with 3 crosses.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/18   [early 19th century]
Pen and wash drawing of a grave slab in Sedgefield church.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/19   [early 19th century]
Prospectus of the History and Antiquities of North Durham by James Raine, printed by F. Humble and Co Durham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/20   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a William ?[II] writ to G. Barnard.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/21   [early 19th century]
Note on the Watsons of Thorpe Thewles.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/22   [early 19th century]
Extract from Newton's register re William Atkinson and Baxtonford Wood.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/23   [early 19th century]
Description of hatchments in Tanfield church.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/24   [early 19th century]
Notes of presentments re Wooler 1599-1610.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/25   [early 19th century]
Note of a lease to John Wilkinson of Ferryhill of Ferrycliffe fishing 1631.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/26   [early 19th century]
Part of a letter about not giving up a project.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/27   [early 19th century]
Report on researches at Yarm, disturbing the parson sitting down to his roast goose.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/28   [early 19th century]
Longstaffe pedigree and arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/29   [early 19th century]
Valuations of manors at Naworth Castle 14 December 1611.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/30   [early 19th century]
Extract from a Newcastle newspaper about a death.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/31   [early 19th century]
Pen and wash drawing of a notice “The free gift of the Inhabitants of the Towne of Carleton in the County of Durham winne it and weare it” 1672, in a wreath with a tankard below.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/32   [early 19th century]
Note of a sermon preached in Durham cathedral by Peter Tenant on “The Varietie & downefall of superstititous popish ceremonies”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/33   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcript of charters of John de Denum 1312 and 1314.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/34   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a judge in wig and with quill, seated, labelled “Judge Wood?”
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/35   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp at Hartlepool: gravestones; Mr Allan's Durham Hospitals; plague at Stranton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/36   19 March 1817
AW jr's report on the Ulchester coin hoard.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/37   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp: going to Sunderland; his visit to Eachwick; nothing earlier than 1620 in the Lambton papers.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/38   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of two coats of arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/39   [early 19th century]
Extracts from Hilton wills, sent to RS at Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/40   [early 19th century]
Measurements of trees.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/41   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp at Walworth to RS at Mainsforth: found a cross at Aycliffe, with drawings of it and its location.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/42   [early 19th century]
Note and sketch of a Roman altar at Maiden Castle, by James Raine.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/43   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp: report on his researches in a town's archives with the town clerk and aldermen nervous of material being published; arranging the Liddell pedigree; when his pony is back he will visit Whickham and Newcastle.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/44   [early 19th century]
Part of a letter about an engraving of a brass.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/45   [early 19th century]
Copy certificate of a meeting house for German Protestants at Shotley 16 September 1698.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/46   [?1800]
Captain D'Angibau's Military Secular Diary with a calendar for 1801-1894, printed.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/47   12 December 1817
Notice to the Subscribers to the History of Whitby, reporting on its completion after Mr Winter's death, printed by Clark and Medd of Whitby.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/48   [early 19th century]
Note of R. Bellasis of Jarrow wishing to murder Bullein despite recovering from “a spice of the Palsie” thanks to him, with notes of Hilton pedigrees and arms on the dorse.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/49   [early 19th century]
Thomas Newton's description of Bullein.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/50-51   [early 19th century]
Notes on bishops and prebendaries of Durham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/52   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of two grave slabs with crosses, on the dorse of a pen and wash drawing of a flower.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/53   [early 19th century]
Pen sketches of 3 grave slabs on the dorse of part of a discussion of Saxon grave slabs.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/54   9 July 1819
Start of a letter from James Raine at Ovington [to RS]: grateful for enquiries after his health; with a pen drawing of two sides of Edward Blore's ?seal.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/55   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Deed of Marmaduke Surtees 1566.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/56   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a bee, titled “Jacob's Bee”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/57   [early 19th century]
Petition by J. Mountacu for the office of keeper of Bearpark.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/58   [early 19th century]
Act Book examinations re Sir Robert Brandling's will, with an engraving of a decorated letter A affixed.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/59   17 December 1822
Letter from George H. Wilkinson at Harperley Park: title to the Harperley estate in the Cradocks time before Mr Pearson's purchase; sends abstracts of other adjacent and Seaton estates.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/60   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Note on the king's progress in Scotland 1617.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/61   [early 19th century]
Impression and discussion of a seal of Raouf marshal of the bishop of Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/62   [early 19th century]
Pedigrees of Welch and Nicholson, and notes on the division of lands of Lumley Castle.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/63   [early 19th century]
Notes on the burials, widows and marriages of the Milbournes.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/64   [early 19th century]
Lumley pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/65   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of a church, views from the north, south, east and west, with a lord's porch maintained by Musgrave, Shafto and Lawson.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/66   [early 19th century]
Language:  Old English
Engraving of a grant of R. Birceop.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/67   [early 19th century]
Pencil sketch of Lambton castle with the chapel identified.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/68,69   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawings of a church, views from the north, south, east and west.
Paper, 2p each of 2p
SUR 35/70   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp: his movements; shield at Brancepeth; sends John Duck's shield.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/71   [early 19th century]
Biddick and Hilton pedigrees.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/72   [early 19th century]
Plan of Dinsdale manor house; on the dorse is a measured drawing of Dinsdale church interior.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/73   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcript of DCD 3.1.Reg.H1.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/74   26 March 1816
End of a letter from W.N. Darnell; discussing a ?Roman capital found in a cowhouse.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/75   [early 19th century]
Newspaper cutting: poem “The Power of Precedent” by “An Oxford Freshman”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/76   [early 19th century]
Transcript of DCD 1.1.Reg.H1.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/77   20 December 1816
Part of a letter from [Shute Barrington bishop of Durham] at Mongewell to Philpott: commenting on his account of Bishop Bury's Philobiblon; will subscribe to Raine's book; happy for the Mickleton and Spearman mss to be deposited in Bishop Cosin's Library; commends Darnell's sermons.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/78   [early 19th century]
Pen drawing of the Forster coat of arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/79   [early 19th century]
Descriptions of the Tempest of Umfraville arms and other features in a church.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/80   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Verse about George Wrightson of Ebchester.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/81   [early 19th century]
Pen drawing of 3 coats of arms and a sculpture in Lanchester church.
Stuck on the dorse is an advertisement for John Taylor's book on John Hegge's Legend of St Cuthbert of 1625.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/82   [early 19th century]
Pencil sketch of a mitred head with two shields.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/83   [early 19th century]
Pencil sketches of coats of arms in Hilton castle.
Paper, 2f
SUR 35/84   [early 19th century]
Pen drawing of 3 coats of arms on Gibside fireplace.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/85   [early 19th century]
Pen sketch plan of Blanchland abbey, sent to RS at Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/86   [early 19th century]
Newspaper cutting of a song “The Mail Coach linger'd on the Strand ..” to the tune Black eyed Susan.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/87   [early 19th century]
Newspaper cutting of a Walter Scott poem “Enchantress, farewell, who so oft has deceived me ...”
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/88   [early 19th century]
Note of an extract from DCD Reg. I, f.125 re Hilton.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/89   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a niche with shields above.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/90   [early 19th century]
Engraving of a church from the south-east, labelled “Is this Bp Middleham” (probably not).
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/91   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of the decoration of the tops of three window mullions.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/92   7 May 1817
Description of the old bridge foundations [?at Piercebridge].
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/93   [early 19th century]
Master Wyvill's charity benefaction at Dinsdale, and the dimensions of a tree at Sockburn.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/94   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of a grave slab.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/95   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of a ?floor memorial with 4 coats of arms at Sockburn.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/96   [early 19th century]
Memorial inscription to an abbot.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/97   [early 19th century]
Description of Dinsdale church.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/98   [early 19th century]
Pencil drawing of a font and two shields, with comments.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/99   [early 19th century]
Extract from Brignall register of a marriage 1678.
Paper, 1f
SUR 35/100   [early 19th century]
Pencil and wash drawing of a font with pencil sketches of the figures around it.
Paper, 1f
Robert Surtees' Letters and Notes
Reference: SUR 36-55
Letters to Robert Surtees about his researches and his History and Antiquities volumes, and notes of his own researches, pedigrees, arms etc.

SUR 36   1553 - 1831
“Topograph Chester and Easington Ward”, letters and research notes sent to RS, with a quantity of transcripts by ?Gilbert Spearman.
Paper book with 68 items inserted and some stuck in, in paste boards with half tooled leather binding
SUR 36/1   27 April 1831
Sketch of the pedigree of the Vaus Family, by Henry S. Vaus, Edinburgh.
Paper, 4f
SUR 36/2   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcripts of Balliol charters [by Henry S. Vaus].
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/3   5 May 1831
Letter from Henry S. Vaus at 44 Northumberland Square, Edinburgh, to RS at Mainsforth: date correction to his family history re Barnburroch house [in 1].
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/4   31 March 1831
Letter from Henry S. Vaus at Edinburgh to RS: sending copies of deeds re Lady Devorguilla's second marriage; spelling of de Wallibus; Mr Riddell's opinion
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/5   [mid 20th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcript of a grant by the bishop of Durham to the prior and convent of Durham of waste land in Middlewood near Segresteynhough for the sacrist.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/6   10 June 1831
Letter from Henry S. Vaus at 44 Northumberland Square, Edinburgh, to RS at Mainsforth: discusses the proofs; Richmond pedigree; Kelso and Newbottle cartularies; the Balliols.
Paper, 4f
SUR 36/7   29 October 1806
Letter from Christopher Jackson at Christ Church to RS at Rushyford: soliciting his vote for Mr Abbott.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/8   [early 19th century]
Pedigree of Coundon and Downes of Evenwood.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/9   24 April 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at York to RS: asking him to plead his case with the countess of Newburgh about his alleged forgery of the Ravenfield register.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/10   23 September 1820
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp at Paris to RS at Mainsforth: still researching Durham pedigrees, despite being in France, through the medium of the Bavarian minister with Count Jennison and securing private access to the library through the director van Pralt; so forwards details of the military service of various etc.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/11   [early 19th century]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp to RS: he can bring home a cart load of books at a time from the library [?in Paris]; reports on his researches; Stuteville pedigree
Noted at the head: “This is a letter written long ago & which had got behind a drawer” .
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/12   26 March 1810
Printed letter from William Chaytor at the Family Antiquity Office to Sir John Conyers Bt of Chester-le-Street: asking for the return of a manuscript text [on the baronetage] he sent him, duly corrected.
Printed by P. Stuart of 47 Holywell St, London.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/13-45   [early 18th century]
Language:  Latin with some English
Transcripts of documents from the archives of the cathedral and bishops of Durham, probably made by Gilbert Spearman, many to do with chantries:
13. Commission by Bishop Walter Skirlaw into the transgressions of the men of Hartlepool against Sir Ralph Lumley at Stranton 1392.
14. Writ of Richard II to Bishop Walter Skirlaw re the dispute between Sir Ralph Lumley, Matilda the widow of Sir Roger Clifford, and the mayor and bailiffs of Hartlepool over Stranton.
15. Bonds of the mayor and bailiffs of Hartlepool and Ralph Lumley to keep the peace 1394.
16. Indenture between Thomas Hatfield bishop of Durham and John Neville lord of Raby to be on his council 1368.
17. Appointments by Bishop Lawrence Booth: commission to Henry Gillow, Geofffrey Middleton, Robert Weardale and Seth Gillow to hold the bishop's courts at Gaynford, Barnard Castle, Middleton in Teesdale and Langton 1459; appointment of John Neville as constable of Barnard Castle and master forester of Teesdale 1460; appointment of Geoffrey Middleton as sheriff and escheator of Co Durham 1462.
18. Grant by Bishop Nicholas Farnham of 20 marks from Whitburn to the nuns of Neasham DCD Reg. I, pt.2 f.9; confirmation by Bishop Robert Stichill of a 10 mark pension from Washington rectory for the nuns of Neasham 1279 DCD Reg. I, pt.2 f.21.
19. Documents of Bishop Thomas Hatfield: inquisition into chantries in the castle at Barnard Castle 1361; writ of scire facias to the sheriff of Sadberge; writ to inquire into Robert Proctour chaplain's petition; inquisition held at Sadberge.
20. Will of John Lord Greystoke 1436, Langley's Reg., f.233; acquittance of John of Hasting rector of Morpeth 1352, Hatfield's Reg., f.9.
21. Inspeximus by Bishop John Fordham of two charters of Bishop Antony Bek for chantries to St Mary in Auckland St Andrew 1388, DCD Reg. I, pt.2 f.108; presentation of John Wilson to a prebend in Auckland church 1410; letters testimonial to Peter rector of West Tanfield for the marriage of William Eure to Matilda daughter of Lord FitzHugh 1411, Langley's Reg., f.39; licence to the burgesses and inhabitants of North Auckland to hear divine service in a chapel there 1424, Langley's Reg., f.117.
22. Ordinance of Auckland collegiate church 1428.
23. New ordinance for St Mary's chantry in Bishop Auckland collegiate church 1499, Fox's Reg., f.26; indenture giving the chapel's books (detailed) to William Thomeson the dean of Auckland 1499.
24. Bishop Antony Bek's foundation of the collegiate church of Auckland St Andrew.
25. Documents re St Katherine's chapel in Hilton castle: agreement between the prior and Sir Romanus 1157 , DCD Reg. I, pt.1 f.39; agreement between Prior Germanus and Sir Alexander of Hilton 1172, DCD Cart. II, f.82; oath of the chaplain of Hilton, Reg. I, pt.1 f.126; status of the chapel 1306, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.105; Robert of Hilton's grant of land to replace tithes 1313, DCD Reg. II, f.34; burial in the chapel granted to the lords of Hilton 1313, DCD Reg. II, f.33; presentation of Thomas Hilton to the chaplain 1321, DCD Cart. II, f.82; grant of the passage of Boves ferry by Robert Hilton to William Hilton chaplain 1323, DCD Reg. I, pt.1 f.40; St Mary's chantry in Hilton chapel granted by the lord of Hilton to Robert of Billingham, DCD Reg. I, f.40; Bishop Thomas Hatfield's ordinance for Hilton chapel 1370, Hatfield's Reg., f.49.
26. Lease by Edward IV to Robert Bertram of the borough of Sunderland 1463; appointment by Edward IV of Sir John Fogg, Sir John Scott and Thomas Colt as wardens of the temporalities of the diocese of Durham 1462.
27. Ordinance of Seaham vicarage, appropriated to Coverham monastery 1478, [?Dudley's Reg.], f.185.
28. Institution of a market at Wolsingham 1614.
29. Permission to hold services in Landa chapel granted by William rector of Wolsingham 1230; permutatio of a former vaccary at Bearpark with the moorhouse for the almoner by Prior Bertram; grant by Ralph de Rugemunt to the priory of Blancheland of land in Edmundbyers; confirmation by Prior Ralph of Bishop Richard's grant of the advowson of the church in Bearpark wood to Robert of Cockfield; peace made between Bishop Richard and Ralph rector and the brothers of KepierHospital and Hugh de Bolebek over land at South Redelem; confirmation of Bishop Richard's grant of land called Morebroks to the master and brothers of Kepier.
30. Documents concerning Landa Dei in Wolsingham parish: grant by Bishop Hugh of Landa called Ebberely called Landa Dei to Brother Ralph and his brothers, Ushaw Sacrist's Cart., f.67; quitclaim by Ralph Master of Kepier Hospital to Ralph sacrist of Durham of the toft of Landa Dei; gift by Bishop Hugh of Landa Dei to Lawrence his chamberlain; confirmation by Bishop Philip of his predecessor's charter to the Lawrence the chamberlain; depositions re Bakstanephord by Stephen canon of Guisborough, Utred the sacrist, William of the infirmary and parson of Eden, Helias de Castello, Master Robert, Reginald of the cellar.
31. Documents re St Mary Magdalen's hospital in Gilesgate from DCD Elemos. Cart.: assize over a footpath being blocked in Magdalen; licence by Bishop Robert Neville to transfer the church of St Mary Magdalen to the west part of the hospital, f.127; licence for the bishop's suffragan in the bishop's absence to dedicate the church of St Mary Magdalen 1451, f.128; grant of indulgences by Bishop Walter Skirlaw to those benefitting or praying at St Mary Magdalen 1391; grant by Peter son of Elias Russell of Durham of a toft and croft in Magdalen to support the poor, f.126; quitclaim by Matilda daughter of Richard of a tenement in St Mary Magdalen, f.121; grant by William Galand to John of Hexham of a toft and an acre in St Mary Magdalen, f.121; quitclaim by Matilda widow of William Galand to Agnes widow of John of Hexham over the same 1324; grant by Silward of Barton and his wife of a toft and half an acre there to Agnes of Hexham 1326; grant by Agnes of Hexham of land there to her sons Richard and William 1330, f.122; grant by Henry Spenser of a tenement and land there to William of Hexham and his wife Cecilia 1357, f.123; grant by William of Hexham and his wife of land there to Hugh of Chilton 1360, f.124; grant by Cecilia widow of William of Hexham of her lands there to William de Graystanes 1379, f.124; lease to Cecilia widow of William of Hexham of land there for life by William Graystanes 1379, f.125; gift by Richard vicar of Billingham of 3s from houses in Crossgate to the almoner, f.55; list of lands belonging to the hospital; corn assigned from the prior's manors for the hospital's poor.
32. Foundation by Reginald the merchant of a chantry in St Nicholas church Durham, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.31.
33. Documents re St Mary's chantry in St Nicholas church Durham from DCD Elemos. Cart.: foundation by Hugh of Quarrington 1299, f.34; donation of a rent from a burgage in Clayport by Mariot Burghard 1359, f.73; grant of two tenements in Clayport by John Cocken to William Prentys with a rent for the chantry 1393, f.73.
34. Foundation of the chantry of St John the Baptist and Evangelist in St Nicholas church Durham by Thomsa Kirkby parson of Whitburn, confirmed by the bishop and the prior 1433, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.72.
35. Foundation of a chantry in St Nicholas church Durham by Thomas Coxside and his wife Alice 1382/1383, DCD Reg. II, pt.2 f.29 & 99; appropriation of the church of St Nicholas Durham to Kepier Hospital by Bishop Robert Neville 1443, DCD Reg. III, f.291; notes on the use of St Nicholas church by the archbishop of York's commissaries temp Bishop Robert of Holy Island and after his death.
36. Grant by Prior Richard of two tenements in Clayport to Hugh of Quarrington, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.62; agreement between the almoner and the ward of Hugh of Quarrington's heir about rebuilding a tenement in Clayport 1336.
37. Relaxation of the rent arrears for houses in Clayport to the son of Thomas of Quarrington under certain conditions 1343, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.63.
38. Rental of St Mary's chantry in St Nicholas church Durham 1432, DCD Elemos. Rental, f.57; grant by Jolanus of Durham to Reginald the merchant of 38s rent in Durham, DCD Elemos. Cart., f.38; repeat of the previous by Bartholomew of Lindsey as attorney of Jolanus; collation of the chantry of St Mary and St James in St Nicholas church Durham 1335, Hatfield Reg., f.38.
39. Injunctions by Bishop Thomas Hatfield against the prior and monks of Durham 1355, Hatfield Reg., f.21.
40. Licences for the Holy Trinity guild in Houghton and for it to acquire lands 1476.
41. Licence for a chantry chapel at Chilton 1271, DCD Cart. II, f.214.
42. Farnacres rental 1679.
43. Agreement between the churches of Durham and St Albans over the visitation and regulating of the church of Tynemouth 1247, DCD Reg. III, f.65.
44. Mandate of Henry Percy earl of Northumberland for free passage for the prior and his brethren 1461, Ushaw Sacr. Reg., f.3.
45. Will of Francis Trollope vicar of Sockburn, probate 1579.

33 items
SUR 36/46   [?July 1553]
Letter from Cuthbert Watson to Thomas Watson dean of Durham: his letter was delivered to Lady Percy at Prudhoe Castle on 6 July who said it should be shown to Lord Wharton and the king's council at York or in London, and she intends to have more of the [?chapter's] ground [at Chillingham]; tenants listed as George Stenners, John Richardson, James Rennyk, Richard Finchale and Thomas Talzen.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/47   [early 19th century]
3 inscriptions at Kirk Bradden, 2 runic, transcribed [by James Raine]
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/48,49   [early 19th century]
Language:  Latin
Transcripts of entries from Bishop Kellaw's register re William of Kelloe and Gilbert Lumley, and the ordinations of Robert Marley, John Juell and Adam Hilton, [by James Raine].
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/50,51   [early 19th century]
Language:  French and English
Transcript of petitions to the bishop by Robert Heworth and Richard Cowhird, and other documents of Elizabeth Lady Clifford and Nicholas Blackburn, [by Cuthbert Sharp].
Paper, 3f
SUR 36/52   [early 19th century]
Sketch and description of the [?spurious] arms of Master Johnny Pottys.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/53   [early 19th century]
List of books and ?auction prices.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/54   [early 19th century]
List of 17th century Tempests.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/55   20 January 1821
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp at 18 Rue Vivienne, [Paris], to RS at Mainsforth: glad that John Nichols promises his publication soon; George S wants him to call but his situation is lamentable with everyone gambling and women more available and he should rather be in a county town like Rouen or Caen; been working in the library manuscript room but the catalogues are contemptible and the staff surly, but the printed books are entirely at his service; weather very cold; French miserable dancers; comments on news in English papers of party violence.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/56   2 August 1820
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: discusses research on Thweng, Bruce and Rawson; laments having to grovel by indirect means; Mr Tennyson had not seen Lord Sidmouth to promote his cause; been collecting material for a pedigree in Yorkshire which Dowse will complete soon.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/57   1 November 1820
Letter from [William Radcliffe] at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth, forwarded to James Raine at the Bailey Durham: reports on a meeting with “one of the Brethren”, who did not want to be named, about his case, and the possible publication of affidavits etc, and nervous about sending [Radcliffe] his work on Bruce and Thweng; hopes Lord Sidmouth can soon come to a conclusion in the case.
Endorsed with “return this” and a note by RS commending postponement of publication.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/58   11 January 1821
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: a scire facias writ has now been issued in his case which he will dispute, but his spirits and finances are suffering; rails at his opponents' complaining about their legal expenses when there are 12 of them to bear them.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/59   31 March 1821
Letter from William Radcliffe at the College of Arms to RS at Mainsforth: reports on progress in his case and grateful for RS's advice on not printing; sends information on the lords of Raby; and comments on Umfraville, Tempest and Blackett.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/60   9 December 1820
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp to RS at Mainsforth: reports on researches into Orleans and the Protector in 1548; news of Lord Sidmouth's wife; mild weather; library intolerable in the cold as it has no fires and its windows are being repaired; Brienne and Scott pedigrees; sketches of French nobility coronets.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/61   [c.1820]
Letter [from James Raine] to RS: discussing Blore's plates of the cathedral and cloister door; forgives Mr Lambton's speech in parliament; discusses his printing of the Resolutions; reports on a possible castle at an embattled cowhouse near Stockton.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/62   17 April 1817
Letter from H.E. Lee at ?Coldrey to Miss Ambler at Bishop Middleham: her uncle's manuscripts have gone to London and Mr Taylor and RS can find them at Gray's Inn in Mr Dyneley's office; discusses the historic basis for naming her 13th child Godfrey; news of the other children; weather and recent frosts; local illnesses: Lord Byron's poetry; concerned at the Hampshire demagogues Cobbett and Hunt inflaming the minds of people; Marshall's friend Henry is deeply engaged with Robinson Crusoe.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/63   [c.1630]
“Lo Newcastell his esteat in the north”, survey of the estates of probably [William Cavendish earl of] Newcastle shortly after acceding to his northern estates on his mother's death in 1629, detailing rack rents in Ogle lordship, Bottell barony, and Hartlepool barony.
Paper, 2f
SUR 36/64   22 August 1618
Note of a pardon at Hamsterley to William Shafto esq, George Beadnell and Thomas Fenwick for a purchase from John Swinburn and Thomas Swinburn.
Paper, 1f
SUR 36/65   4 November [1627]
Appointment by Charles [I] of Thomas Swinburn miles as warden of Northumberland during pleasure.
Date: Westminster, 4 November 3 Charles [I].
Paper, 1f, indented head and foot, wavy
Decoration: elaborated initial “C”
SUR 36/66-68   [early 18th century]
Transcripts probably by Gilbert Spearman:
66. Letter to John Swinburne at Capheaton from Thomas Stevenson re his proposed disposal of his Hamsterley estate 1612.
67. Grant by Bishop Thomas [Hatfield] of free warren at Farnacres to Robert de Umfraville chivaler 1368.
68. Commission by Edward IV to John Fogge, John Scott and Thomas Colt to levy the arrears belonging to Bishop Lawrence Booth to the king's use 1463; commission by Edward IV to Stephen Preston and John Sturgeon for the sale of the bishop's coal 1463; restitution of his temporalities to Bishop Lawrence Booth by [Edward IV] 1464.

Paper, 3f
SUR 37   [?1760] - 1837
Letters to RS, with some notes on historical topics and an original document, labelled on the spine “Letters &c” .
Paper volume, with 1-37 bound in and 38-56 loose at the back
SUR 37/1   29 March 1803
Letter from Ralph John Lambton at 24 Conduit St about his support for foxhunters as warreners are destroying all species of game.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/2   2 April 1806
Letter from Nathaniel Davison at Alnwick to RS at Mainsforth: discussing Wingate Spa and the chemicals therein.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/3   [early 19th century]
Notes on Yorkshire regiments, clergy, memorial at Cawood, and a list of flowers identified at various locations around Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/4   17 March 1809
Letter from ? at Eppleton to RS discussing willows and including a discourse on Salix alba or white willow. Incomplete.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/5   [early 19th century]
Note on the colourings needed for lead line.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/6   [early 19th century]
Note on the fate of Lampspring College during the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1808.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/7   [early 19th century]
Note on names for the elk or moose.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/8   3 July 1811
Letter from T.F. Wilson at Newcastle sending a portrait of a fish.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/9-14   26 March 1806 - 10 May 1807
Letters from B. Uphill at May's Buildings to RS discussing purchases of books and pamphlets:
9. 26 March 1806.
10. 5 April 1806.
11. [June ?1806].
12.10 May 1807.
13. 5 May 1807.
14. 31 December 1806.

Paper, 6 items, 5 of 1f and 1 (14) of 2f
SUR 37/15   30 October 1806
Letter from William ?Burrell at Edinburgh to RS at Mainsforth about payment for seals, and coins of the time of Mary and James VI.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/16-26   11 November 1806 - 29 October 1811
Letters from Matthew Young at London to RS at Mainsforth about tokens, coins and medals, and their purchase, incorporating bills.
16. 11 November 1806.
17. 4 December 1806.
18. 8 July 1808.
19. 3 February 1810.
20. 15 July 1808.
21. 18 August 1810.
22. 2 November 1808.
23. 19 September 1810.
24. 31 October 1809.
25. 10 June 1811.
26. 29 October 1811.

Paper, 11 items each of 2f
SUR 37/27   9 April 1807
Letter from Ralph Robinson at Malta to RS at Low Harrogate about coins, travels in Sicily, a military revolt and the climate on Malta.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/28   13 February [early 19th century]
Letter from B. Bandinel at New College Oxford about Finchale documents and Dugdale's information on Finchale.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/29   18 September 1805
Letter from ?C.T. Orbeling at Durham to RS at Mainsforth about John Sherwood and his books at Corpus Christi College Oxford.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/30   [early 19th century]
Poem about Little Musgrave, 23 4-line stanzas, first line “As it fell out on all hallow day”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/31   16 December [early 19th century]
Letter from S[hute] Barrington [bishop of Durham] at Durham to Mrs Surtees postponing the Surteeses stay as the gale has blown down chimneys and destroyed the room they were to have used.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/32   20 February 1815
Letter from George Young at Whitby to RS at Mainsforth enquiring about an inscription at Ravenshill.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/33   [early 19th century]
Letter from C[uthbert] Sharp at [Hartle]pool [to RS] reporting that a ditcher had found human bones and a possibly Roman stone inscription when digging a drain at his tenant Thompson's house.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/34   [early 19th century]
Note of a memorial to William Dethick in old St Paul's [cathedral London], from Stow's [Survey of London] continued by Strype.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/35   [early 19th century]
Notes from various publications:
a 1663 pamphlet listing clergy ejected from their livings in Co Durham.
sermons preached by Richard Weige rector of Gateshead 1683 and 1685.
note about W. Hilton tailor in Strype's continuation of Stow.
query about Monkwearmouth cell monks receiving herrings from Hartlepool.
query about the burial of Richard Lumley of Waterford.

Paper, 1f
SUR 37/36   [c.1818]
Letter from Cuthbert Sharp to RS at Croft, sending a copy of his book on Hartlepool and asking for corrections, explaining that the portrait was inserted at Raine's request, and other features, and he has a private poem on St Hilda in the press.
Paper, 2f, part torn out and missing
SUR 37/37   17 April 1810
Letter from Ralph Robinson at Malta to RS at Middle Hendon, Sunderland (Mainsforth cancelled), announcing his intention to leave Malta on or about 1 May, he will not put up a candle in St Paul's church since his friend Madison lost the market in them, asking his sister Mary to bottle some dew for him, news of his household, reporting a letter from the souls in purgatory on the church door at Castel Vetiano in Sicily, hopes to go shooting in September though out of practice, story of an innkeeper in San Francisco with no food, procedures for killing a pig, and baking in Sicily and other tales.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/38   [early 19th century]
Letter from ?John Smeddle to RS soliciting a loan of £40 drawn on Shields.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/39   [early 19th century]
Extract from a printed volume (p.5-8) titled “Geological Sections” re mines around Alston.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/40   [early 19th century]
Copy of part of a letter of Granville Sharp to the bishop of Oxford from Sir George Wheler's papers about the delivery of marbles he presented to the University of Oxford.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/41   [early 19th century]
Copy letters of Sir George Wheler to Dr Woodroffe at Gloucester Hall, Oxford, and Dr Covell about a Greek student Dionysius and the proposal for a college for Greek priests.
Paper, 4f
SUR 37/42   26 December [?1760]
Abstract of George Clavering's title to copyhold lands in Lanchester, originally William Greenwell's, 1654-1753, with Thomas Rud's opinion.
Paper, 2f, edges torn and damaged
SUR 37/43   [early 19th century]
Printed drawing of the seal of Antony Bek bishop of Durham, with the arms of the Beaumont family and Reading abbey.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/44   30 June 1830
Letter from Thomas Brumwell at Heworth, Newcastle, [to RS] discussing the possibility of a trap dyke cutting through magnesian limestone at Bolam.
Paper, 1f
SUR 37/45   23 June 1817
Letter from William Knowles at Stranton New Mill to RS at Mainsforth complaining about the practices of RS's agent Edward Smith and tenant Thomas Gibson to whom the tithes at Stranton had been let by Rev Mr Birket.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/46   23 April 1810
Letter from S[hute Barrington bishop of] D[urham] at Cav[endish] Square London to Lord Eldon about the commission of the peace and the custos rotulorum.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/47   30 November 1832
Letter from Edward Swinburne at Belsay to RS at Mainsforth, discussing correspondence with Miller over plates of High Force and the lower Tees, and offering advice on the viability of a friend serving in the Austrian army.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/48   7 April 1831
Letter from William Bentham at Upper Gower St [London] to RS at Mainsforth, sending coin catalogues, and enquiring about his Durham volume 4 and discussing plates for it, commenting on the Reform Bill, Dowse's paintings have improved his county histories.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/49   12 April 1809
Letter from William Emms at Auckland Castle to RS at Mainsforth asking him to stop payments to Mr Blackton who has been dismissed from the free school at Heighington and his curacy, and saying that the bishop hopes that RS will agree to be a trustee of the school.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/50   4 October 1830
Letter from John Headlam at Wycliffe to RS at Mainsforth, describing his dispute with Lord Cleveland over Whorlton manor after he had straightened some fences and been fined in the manor court at Barnard Castle, with Mr Harrison and Capt Dinsdale similarly involved, and also detailing events over the proposed bridge and turnpike road at Whorlton, the loss of the first one to the flood and their intention to build a suspension bridge there.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/51   28 March 1831
Letter from Thomas Sopwith at Newcastle to RS, listing subjects for plates and suggesting they meet.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/52   20 July 1837
Letter from C.R. Cameron at Louth to Mrs Surtees at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, (Mainsforth cancelled), reminiscing about RS at Oxford, his friends, his planning then of his opus magnum, a History of Durham, his “fearless independence of mind”, anecdotes about RS with a proctor and the dean of Christ Church, subsequent meetings, and his own family news.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/53   2 June 1798
Copy letter from Ward and Lockett of Derby to Edward Smith at Mainsforth, about paying off the mortgage on the late George Surtees's estates, sending title deeds for the Nesbit and Humbleton estates, and requesting “a particular” of the Newbiggen estates.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/54   1 December 1809
Letter from Francis ?Pascall at Eppleton to RS at Mainsforth, to be left at Francis Smale's in Durham, sending him and discussing some marble from Eppleton, reporting on his alders thriving in his plantation and other trees he has ordered.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/55   15 March 1831
Letter from Henry S. Vaus at 44 Northumberland St, Edinburgh, to RS at Mainsforth, discussing the Baliol pedigree and his family's connection.
Paper, 2f
SUR 37/56   [early 19th century]
Note about the Lady of the Lake and fairies.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38   1809 - 1833
Letters to RS especially from subscribers complimenting of the publication of Volume I of the History and Antiquities, and also from his printers about plates, payments and the printing of Volume I and work on Volume II.
Paper volume, with 1-94 tipped in or affixed to pages, and 95-125 loose at the back
SUR 38/1   15 May 1814
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at Otterden Place, Charing, to RS at Mainsforth, discussing the engraving of Sir George Wheler's portrait for the volume to which he wishes to be a subscriber, the manuscript of Sir George Wheler's travels lost by his father, happy to provide further information on the family's pedigree as necessary, and please tell Darnell to visit on his way to France.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/2   11 July 1814
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at Otterden Place, Charing, to RS at Mainsforth, sending his memorial and his corrections to RS's papers, discussing Sir George Wheler's letters, sorry to hear of Mr Burrell's death, he has to undergo an operation before he can send the engraving of Sir George's portrait.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/3   22 August 1814
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at Sandgate [to RS], discussing the engraving of Sir George Wheler's portrait, Mr Hutton's picture of him, and some of his relatives and forbears at Otterden Place.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/4   20 October 1814
Letter from [Granville H. Wheler at Ledsham, Ferrybridge] to RS at Mainsforth, discussing his correspondence with Edward Blore about Mr Rainbach engraving the portrait of Sir George Wheler.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/5   17 November 1814
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at Ferrybridge to RS at Mainsforth, accepting his invitation for a pilgrimage to St Cuthbert and reporting on delays with the engraving.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/6   17 November 1814
Letter from G[ranville] H. Wheler at Ferrybridge to Revd W.N. Darnell at Durham: he will accept his invitation when he has his family settled near Ledsham, discusses the death of Lady Napier, having lost one engraver already, Collyer has now withdrawn, so Bromley has now been engaged.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/7   16 May 1815
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at St James Hotel, Jermyn St, [London], to RS at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, (Mainsforth cancelled), reporting Bromley's completion of the line engraving of Sir George Wheler which he will send at his instruction.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/8   14 July 1816
Letter from [Granville H. Wheler] at Broadstairs to RS at Mainsforth, thanking him for and complimenting him on his History of Durham, and he has a framed copy of the engraving for Mr Darnell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/9   [July 1816]
Letter from [Granville H. Wheler] thanking Mr Nichols for the copy of the History of Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/10   [c.1815]
Part of a letter from [Granville H. Wheler to RS] about the Wheler family.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/11   [February 1820]
Letter from W.N. D[arnell] to RS enclosing a letter from [Granville H.] Wheler and deriding “the small portion of knowledge that enters into the composition of a Kentish Squire” .
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/12   9 February 1820
Letter from [Granville H. Wheler] of Otterden Place, Charing, to Mr Darnell, asking him to enquire of RS as to the whereabouts of the engraving plate of Sir G[eorge] Wheler as Mr Lowther of Swillington wants to make some impressions for the late Dr Zouch's work, which Lowther had asked him about in 1818 but he was then too distressed with the loss of his child to reply, and could the plate be forwarded to Mr Wilson printer in York.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/13   18 November 1815
Letter from William Ettrick at High Barns to Mr Robinson at Hendon Lodge, about arrangements for an engraving and printing of RS's work, and sending two pieces of his own on the king's visit to Weymouth and the Bampton lectures.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/14   6 January 1815
Letter from William Ettrick at High Barns to RS at Mainsforth about the printing of an etching [in the History of Durham].
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/15   7 January 1824
Letter from Granville H. Wheler at Otterden Place, Charing, to RS at Mainsforth, thanking him for and complimenting him on the third volume of his History of Durham, and he is sorry not to have seen him when he visited Durham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/16   12 July 1816
Letter from J.E. Lambton at London [to RS] thanking him for and complimenting him on the first volume of his History of Durham and offering any assistance he can with the next volume as it will cover part of Chester ward.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/17   6 August 1816
Letter from Jospeh Frank at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth, thanking him for the first volume of his History of Durham which, because of its exceptional size, he will have to keep “in some precious casket 'unmixed with baser matter'”, and asking if he knows the whereabouts of the bishop of Dromore's manuscript, and he saw lots of old gothic churches in the Netherlands.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/18   8 August ?1816
Letter from J.B. Fenwick [at Durham] to RS at Mainsforth, grateful for the copy of the History [of Durham] but he will pay the bookseller for it.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/19   18 August 1816
Letter from Richard Wallis of Seaham to RS at Mainsforth (Middle Hendon cancelled), thanking him for and complimenting him on the first volume of his [ History of Durham] and for the plate of Mr Rotherham whose omission he quite understands, but RS has nevertheless credited him too much in print.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/20   [?1816]
Letter [from ?W.N. Darnell at Durham] to RS at Mainsforth, thanking him for the History of Durham, and detailing the arrangements for his stay in Durham.
Paper, 2f, bottom part of f1 cut off and missing
SUR 38/21   23 August [1816]
Letter from W.N. Darnell at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth, sorry not to be able to visit Durham to inspect the plate of Brass Crossley because of his complaint, but otherwise he derives infinite entertainment from his [ History of Durham].
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/22   25 December [?1816]
Letter from W.N. D[arnell] at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth, about receiving and despatching someone and his luggage, and discussing a letter about Hegge.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/23   21 August 1816
Letter from S[hute Barrington bishop of] Durham at Auckland Castle to RS, thanking him for his History of Durham, sent to London in June, and inviting him, with Mrs Surtees, to be thanked in person.
Paper, 2f, f2 detached
SUR 38/24   24 August 1816
Letter from William Powlett at Raby Castle, sorry not to have been an original subscriber and would now like a copy of his [ History of Durham].
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/25   12 March 1817
Letter from James Tate at Richmond to RS at Mainsforth, sending the Hutton remnant of the manuscript by Revd Henry Yorke, he still has an old box of papers at Marske to rifle, asks if he is to attend the sale of Thomas Hollis, Brand Hollis and Dr Disney in London in the Spring.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/26   1 June [?1817]
Note from Mr Nichols to RS forwarding [a copy of William Bray's History of Surrey] with the author's compliments, and asking to be a subscriber to RS's History of Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/27   [early 19th century]
Extract from the memoirs of John Evelyn recording an ordination in Paris by the bishop of Galloway on 12 June 1650.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/28   [?1816]
Printing estimate for the History of Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/29   3 April 1813
Estimate from Nichols & Co at Red Lion Passage, [London], to RS, for the small and/or large paper that might be used for printing his [ History of Durham], with a suggestion for a print run of 300 and 150 respectively.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/30   [?1813]
Estimate [from Nicholas & Co] for printing the first volume of his History of Durham, with estimates of the returns after varying numbers of sales.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/31   26 March 1813
Letter from Nichols & Co to RS, sending him printing samples of a pedigree and the parish of Dalton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/32   [?1813]
Letter from S. Bentley of John Nichols & Co [to RS] sending a bill for printing so far, halted at the life of Wheler, delayed by waiting for the Wheler material, and discussing circumventing that and the arrangement of subsequent volumes, and apologising for overlooking Mr Raine's communication, and returning manuscripts finished with.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/33   21 December [?1813]
Letter from Nichols & Co to RS, discussing printing progress and errata.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/34   8 December 1813
Receipt from Samuel Bentley to RS for £5 10s for printing July 1812 to March 1813, by the hands of William Radclyffe.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/35   [?May 1814]
Bill of Nicholas Son of Bentley to RS for printing.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/36   [21 September 1816]
Account of Nichols Son & Bentley with RS for printing his History of Durham, with a covering letter about the despatch of the volumes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/37   20 June 1814
Letter from Henry Le Veux at London to E. Blore, explaining the delay in the plate of seals and sending proofs.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/38   [?1816]
Letter from [Nichols & Co] to RS sending a copy of vol.1 of [Robert] Clutterbuck's [ History of] Hertfordshire, now at increased cost, and discussing an advertisement for RS's impending publication.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/39   11 February 1816
Letter from Edward Blore at 6 Gorwell St Road [London] to RS at Mainsforth, discussing arrangments for the publication of subsequent volumes from RS, and the need for prompt payment to ensure engravers are satisfied for their plates, and expressing his awkwardness at having to discuss the subject of money.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/40   [31 December 1816]
Account of Nichols Son & Bentley with RS for 1816, including a statement of delivery.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/41   4 January 1817
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley at Red Lion Passage, [London], to RS, thanking him for his volume [of the History of Durham] and sending a tract in part exchange.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/42   [?1816]
Account for drawings and plates, itemised, and for moneys received.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/43   [?1816]
John Dixon's bill to RS for printing engravings.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/44   15 July 1815
Receipt from George Cooke of London to Mr Blore for £37 10s for engraving Bernard Gilpin's monument.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/45   4 March 1816
Receipt from George Hollis to Edward Blore for £26 5s for engraving a plate of seals.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/46   1 September 1816
Receipt to E[dward] Blore for engraving the choir of Durham cathedral.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/47   16 January 1815
Receipt from Henry le Keux to Edward Blore for £20 for engraving a plate of seals.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/48   29 November 1815
Receipt from John Lodge to Mr Blore for 17s 6d for plates of seals.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/49   29 April 1816
Receipt of Henry le Keux to Mr Blore for £73 10s for engraving a plate of Hartlepool church.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/50   18 May 1819
Receipt of Basire to RS for £85 10s for engraving.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/51   2 March 1816
Receipt of Henry le Keux to Mr Blore for £115 10s for engraving a plate of the choir of Durham cathedral.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/52   3 April 1815
Receipt of Robert Sands of London to RS for £30 for engraving a plate of seals.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/53   8 January 1819
Letter from C.G. Young at the College of Arms saying that RS's Lambton pedigree is fuller than the one he has.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/54   10 February 1815
Receipt of John Dixon to RS for £4 15s for printing engravings.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/55   3 July 1816
Receipt of J. Byrne of London to Mr Blore for £80 by Mr G. Cooke for engraving a Saxon arch at Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/56   3 January 1816
Receipt of George Cooke to Mr Blore for £48 for engraving monuments and effigies.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/57   27 April 1816
Receipt of George Cooke to Mr Blore for £42 for engraving the Ettrick monument.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/58   27 July 1816
Receipt of John Hayward to Mr Blore for £87 9s 6d for “printing a work of Durham” .
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/59   15 May 1815
Receipt of Robert Sands of Sandhurst to Mr Blore for £27 for engraving a plate of seals.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/60   December 1818
Offprint printed advertisement from the Gentleman's Magazine announcing the dissolution of Nichols, Son & Bentley, with a covering letter from S[amuel] Bentley to RS assuring him that he will continue to work with John Nichols and Son and he will hope to continue to be of service to RS.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/61   8 April [?1816]
General receipt of S[amuel] Bentley to RS for “a most liberal remuneration” .
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/62   30 March 1816
Receipt of John Dixon jr to Mr Blore for £4 15s for printing part of Dr Cousen.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/63   [?1819]
Note re the Lambton pedigree and RS's likely opinion of the one sent from the College of Arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/64   11 August 1821
Letter from M.B. Taylor of Bishopwearmouth [to RS], saying that Mr Ewbank recommends Mr Wadeson to supply the necessary information, Mr G. Hollis says Sunderland Harbour is well advanced, discusses the prints from Turner's drawings in the last volume and the quality of Mr Swinburne's drawings.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/65   [c.1820]
Letter from W.N. Darnell to RS, discussing payments to Blore but considers the plate is worse than the Cloister Gate.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/66   21 December 1819
Letter from John Nichols [to RS] advising him to publish Chester ward separately and discussing this and dividing subsequent volumes into parts to get them out and so get a return more quickly.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/67   31 January 1823
Letter from Edward More at 56 Arlbrook St [London] to RS at Mainsforth, discussing the plate of Mainsforth, the issue of money, visiting the north, a plate of Louis Beaumont, and the “plates drawing rapidly to a close”
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/68   [?1822]
Letter from Mr Wheatley asking for the prices of Mr [George] Allan's tracts sold, with details on the dorse of the prices realised at the auction of 20 March 1822.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/69   28 January [?1823]
Letter from J.E. Lambton at Hebburn Hall [to RS] asking when volume 3 might be in the press as Lambton is so altered he would like to offer another plate if possible.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/70   27 July [1822]
Letter from Edward Swinburne at 39 Bury Street St James [London] to RS at Mainsforth, saying he has talked to William Cooke about having his drawings of Shields and Hartlepool engraved, but can RS afford the price of 80 guineas each.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/71   [May 1816]
Account of John Hayward with RS for printing plates.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/72   1813
Account of James Basire with RS for various engravings.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/73   [c.1820]
Note of amounts of paper and boards.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/74   6 January 1818
Account of Nichols and Co of Red Lion Passage for the delivery of volume I, December 1816 to December 1817, and their account of moneys, and a note that they will be happy to start on volume II when he can send a copy.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/75   6 February 1821
Letter from William Taylor at Hendon Grange, Sunderland, to RS, thanking him for and complimenting him on volume II in florid terms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/76   13 October 1817
Letter from W[illiam] Bray at Great Russell St, [London], [to RS] offering to send him copies of 4 letters that he has of Tobie Matthew bishop of Durham, and hoping that he has received a copy of his account of Mr Smith and his charities.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/77   12 December 1817
Note [from William Bray] to Mr Bowyer Nicholls saying that RS had not acknowledged receipt of his book which he had directed them to send him.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/78   31 December 1818
Account of Nichols Son and Bentley with RS for moneys and the printing of volume II.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/79   [c.1820]
Note about the granting of arms to the Greenwells in 1601, endorsed that it should have been forwarded to RS but was omitted.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/80   11 January 1822
Letter from S[hute Barrington bishop of] Durham at Cav[endish] Square [London to RS] approving of Mr Pye's engraving of Auckland Castle for volume III.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/81   2 June 1817
Letter from S[hute Barrington bishop of] Durham at Cav[endish] Square [London to RS] saying he wants Mr Pye to engrave the drawing of Auckland Castle as he did Lambton so well, but can RS wait for a year and a half before it is done; he will see RS and Mr Raine in Durham at the assizes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/82   Friday night [c.1820]
Letter from E.H. reporting details of the clergyman John Warcop (d.1784/5) and asking for an impression of Moses in the bush.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/83   28 April 1819
Letter from George Allan at St James Park, discussing [printing] arrangements, forwarding a sheet to Red Lion Passage, and Sir Egerton offered to add something but he has too much on to be relied on to produce.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/84   18 November 1817
Letter from W.N Darnell at Stockton to RS asking for his answer to Blackburn's query about when the different wards will be printed as Mr Turner has been engaged by the earl of Strathmore to take views of Streatham, Gibside and Hylton.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/85   14 October 1816
Letter from W.N. Darnell at Stockton to RS with queries about a head of the bishop of Durham, clerestory windows, lions at Philadelphia Prow and Middleham Castle, John Routree's receipt and Lawrence's treatise on gardening, with some errata, also he has been promised a capital from a pillar at Stockton Castle, and further queries about the Stockton ward boundary and the legend of St Cuthbert.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/86   24 March 1810
Printed circular from William ?Clenyfar at the Family Antiquity Office, Holborn, to Sir Nicholas Conyers bt, advertising his proposed history of the peerage and baronetage, incorporating William Beetham's work on the Irish peers and baronets.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/87   [c.1815]
Printed circular to RS at Mainsforth proposing the completion of “Mr Bigland's Collections for the County of Gloucester Accompanied by an Entirely New History of the City of Gloucester by Rev T.D. Fosbrooke”, printed by Nichols Sone and Bentley of Red Lion Passage.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/88   31 January 1818
Letter from J. Nichol, he has contacted a friend at Oxford about the transcript, he will send [to RS] letters to D.L. Grey from his brother via Mr Radclyffe, and he is happy to proceed with volume II when convenient.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/89   [c.1820]
Letter from Richard C. Hoare at Stourhead, Wilts, offering drawings of the former chapter house, by John Carter, and the gate at Durham for his work.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/90   5 May 1818
Letter from Edward More at 27 King ?St to RS at Revd Raine's, Bailey, Durham: sorry not to have replied sooner, he has acquired a plumbing business and a house, so he is grateful for RS's £100, discusses plans for plates, with Lord Strathmore not having settled anything with Turner, so Hutton and Gibside might be delayed, discusses possible cathedral subjects of the Nine Altars, the west front, Hatfield's tomb, and a view across the transepts, and adopting a lighter style to reduce expense, and he does not have much time to devote to this.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/91   2 April 1818
Letter from Robert Goodchild at Green St, Bishopwearmouth, to RS at Mainsforth, grateful for his History of Durham, sorry to have missed him in Durham, he would have walked to Mainsforth to pay his compliments.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/92   6 October 1819
Letter from Joseph Hunter at Bath, his subscriber's copy of The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield is ready for collection or delivery from the printers Messrs Taylor of 38 Shoe Lane.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/93   [c.1820]
Transcript of a Saxon charter by Bishop R. to Islandshire and Norhamshire, with drawings and notes of 4 coats of arms.
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/94   [c.1820]
Notes of errata on p.226-307 of [vol.? of his History].
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/95-105   [c.1820]
Notes of documents and for entries re families and places with some pedigrees.
Paper, 11 items
SUR 38/106   28 January 1830
Letter from [the earl of] Durham at Lambton Castle: he will look for the plate when he gets to town.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/107   15 February 1831
Letter from Benjamin Ord at Sedgefield to RS at Mainsforth, accepting a dinner invitation.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/108   1812
Copy letters:
From R[alph] Hodgson to Mr Freeling about his retirement, now 74, from the Postmaster General's office and his being succeeded by Mr Robinson. [29 August 1812]
From Mr Freeling to R. Hodgson not agreeing to his proposal. 1 September 1812.
From John Hodgson at Bugden to his brother George Hodgson at Bishop Auckland about their brother Ralph's retirement proposal.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/109   2 December 1815
Bill from Mr Blore of London to George Cooke for engraving monumental effigies for RS's [ History].
Paper, 1f
SUR 38/110   24 April 1833
Letter from W[illiam van Mildert bishop of] Durham at Hanover Square to RS at Mainsforth saying that on Faber's decease he had offered his post to a near relation who has accepted it, but he is grateful for RS's testimony for Mr Smith.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/111   10 November 1809
Letter from J. Conybeare at Christ Church [Oxford] to RS at Mainsforth, canvassing him, though acknowledging he is engaged to Lord Eldon, but Lord Grenville is an old member of Christ Church and Shotely has been appointed drawing master at the academy at Marlow, and offering to check anything in the Bodleian.
Paper, 2f
SUR 38/112-125   [c.1820]
Notes of documents and for entries re families and places with some pedigrees, including:
114. Notes on Jarrow.
122. Notes on Whitburn church.
Paper, 14 items
SUR 39   1809 - 1829
Letters to RS giving ifnromation about local history etc.
Paper book, 406p
SUR 39 p.1-4   21 March 1822
Letter from P[ercival] Frye at Dinsdale to RS at Mainsforth, reporting his failure to elicit any information [for RS] from Mr Marmaduke Theakston about the glebe at Hurworth, in contrast to the profuseness of the rector of Sockburn, grateful for his predecessor's will.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.5-12   ?1822
Letter from Percival Frye at Dinsdale to RS at Mainsforth, reporting on local information, the problems of people just telling him information without spelling names or being reluctant to talk at all, details of Pountys Bridge, topographical description of Dinsdale, and its occupants, the rectorial glebe, a Surtees memorial slab, remains of Neasham abbey
Paper, 4f
SUR 39 p.13-16   [?1822]
Letter from P[ercival] Frye at Dinsdale to RS at Mainsforth, reporting further information on his parish, especially re County Flatts, elicited from the tenants at tithe day when they were rather more communicative than usual after some punch, details the glebe at Hurworth, glad to see Raine established in the library at Durham [cathedral].
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.17-18   25 January 1822
Letter from William Chaytor at Croft, reporting on his local enquiries into Hurworth manor, as requested, happy to provide Mr Raine with any assistance he can re the borough of Northallerton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.19-22   ?1822
Letter from P[ercival] Freye at Dinsdale to RS at Charles Page's, Crouch Hill, Hornsey, with his comments on the proof [re Dinsdale], drawing the boundaries of Dinsdale with Hurworth and Middleton, pen and wash drawings of a magpie and a carved stone in Sockburn church, describes Sockburn as “a pig-stye”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.23-26   8 August 1822
Letter from William Chaytor at Croft, describing the bridge and sending a deed about Stainton, offers him a Butterby deed if he visits, with a note recording inscriptions andthe dimensions of the bridge.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.27-30   12 December 1821
Letter from William Hoar at Durham to RS at Mainsforth, answering his enquiries about his estate at Dinsdale and Middleton, describing its descent, its location and his Sleigh ancestors.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.31-34   14 November 1821
Letter from William Addison Fountain at Middleton St George to RS at Mainsforth, responding to his enquiries about his living and church, recent alterations, coffins, monumental inscriptions, poor payments, county bridge, road, the lost village of West Harburne, all this from parishioners' reports rather than documents, hopes he might visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.35-38   22 November 1821
Letter from William Addison Fountain at Middleton St George to RS at Mainsforth, responding to his enquiries about the lost village of West Harburne, ploughed up tomb stones from its possible chapel, the farms of Goosepool, Fosters House and Gingerbread House, his church of Middleton St George and other queries about the parish.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.39-42   12 August 1822
Letter from Arthur Aylmer at Seaton near Stockton to RS at Mrs Robinson's, Little Hendon, Sunderland, describing and including a sketch of his trees at Walworth.
Paper, 4f
SUR 39 p.43-44   10 July 1823
Letter from Joseph Frank at Stockton, with comments on [RS's proof] “addition”, busy as the attorney in Tom Jones but hopes to visit Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.45-48   15 July 1822
Letter from Joseph Frank at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth, sending Mr Ritson's pedigree (no longer present), the family estate at Hackthorpe was sold to Lord Lowther.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.49-52   30 October 1822
Letter from Thomas Peacock at Denton to RS at Mainsforth, has little information re the queries in Mr Raine's letter about Carlbury manor, its descent and extent, the Childers and Bainbridge families, also Ulnaby property and Darlington curates.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.53-54   [?1822]
Description, addressed to RS at Mainsforth, of Heighly Hall, Winston, with drawings of a window and a piscina in a chapel.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.55-56   24 December 1821
Letter from Joseph Little at Stanhope House to RS, sending “a section of the strata in this neighbourhood” for his History, asks RS to correct the grammar as he is “more at home in a Lead mine than in writing good English” , and offers to write on the working of lead mines and the process of smelting.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.57-60   24 July 1822
Letter from Edward Pease at Darlington to RS at Mainsforth, comments on the present extent of Darlington, the lack of former remains, except at Darlington mill on the Skerne whose history he discusses, also the Brownes of Darlington, see Francis Mewburn re the Stockton and Darlington railway of which he encloses an engraving (no longer present), his Roman finds on the beach north of Seaton Carew.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.61-62   25 June 1823
Letter from R. Burdon at Castle Eden, detailing his family arms and the Roman origins of the name.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.63-64   13 January 1821
Letter from John Karriman at Durham identifying the plant RS sent him as pyrola secunda, though he has not seen it grow.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.65-66   23 August [?1821]
Letter from James Dalton at Croft, grateful for the specimen [plants] which he identifies as pyrola rona rather than secunda and thymus acinas, and discusses them.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.67-68   7 August 1821
Letter from Henry Petrie at the Tower Record Office to RS, he has received and is grateful for the volume of MS romances, Mr R. Heber asks RS to stimulate his neighbours who have votes and are in his brother's interest.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.69-72   12 November 1819
Letter from William Thomas Salvin at Croxdale to RS at Mainsforth, he has received a box of coins which he has forwarded to Mr Lister as he rather he did not send him “any of his temptations” , though he has bought The Marango and St Barnard.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.73-76   9 February [c.1820]
Letter from W.N. Darnell to RS, grateful for his pedigree, comments on it, returns the Anonymiana, hopes he will visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.77-78   4 November [1820]
Letter from J.S. Lambton at London to RS at Mainsforth, has no comments on the enclosed [proof] and is grateful for RS's kind words about his father.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.79-82   4 March 1829
Letter from J.S. Lambton, he cannot pronounce on the truth of the worm legend, suggests moving the Lambton pedigree in the [proof] received from Mr Nichols, and suggests that an account of his father is included.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.83-86 & 91-92   26 February [c.1820]
Letter from J.S. Lambton at Cleveland Row, [London], suggesting amendments to the [proof], encloses an account of the locality of Lambton, with some notes [by RS].
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.87-90   18 February [c.1820]
Letter from J.S. Lambton at Cleveland Row, [London], discussing the plate of his arms, he has received [the proof].
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.93-94   [c.1820]
Letter from Ignatius Bonomi to J. Raine at The Bailey, [Durham], giving dates of the construction of the park bridge at Lambton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.95(bis)-97   [c.1820]
Note from L.G. to RS about funeral chaplets and similar customs.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.98-101   27 December 1819
Letter from J. Ward at Durham [to RS] lending him and discussing his draft of the foundation deed of Mr Russell's charity at Cornsay dated December 1816 in answer to his queries, and advising him on his workload with the History, and commenting on and commending his style.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.102-103   13 December 1819
Letter from Edward Shipperdson at Durham [to RS] offering information from Leland about Michael Scot and a leaf from an ancestor's commonplace book about the Salvins.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.104-107   5 February 1820
Letter from Edward Shipperdson at Durham to RS at Mainsforth with further lines on Michael Scot from Dante, and Giovanni Villani, with Cary's comments on this, discusses the election, possible opposition to Lambton, also Russell, Brandling and Beaumont.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.108-111   25 February 1820
Letter from John Pemberton at Bootham, York, to RS at Mainsforth, he has found no will for Jane Tempest, discusses the election, Mr Lambton's alienation of the electorate and the possibility of Mr Wharton standing, keen to know where RS stands on this.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.112-113   8 December 1820
Letter from Mary Tabitha Lee at Staindrop [to RS] wanting to know how many impressions he wants for his work of Mr Blore's engraving of her father's monument, she has paid him and will keep the copper plate.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.114-115   14 August 1820
Letter from Henry Chapman at Mickleover, informing [RS] of the death of his uncle John Ward from angina pectoris, so, unless he has a print already, the picture of Dr S. Ward will not be available for his History.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.116-118 (bis)   12 March 1821
Letter from H. Chapman ([father of the previous]) at Darlington to RS at Mainsforth, returning a book and offering a picture of Dr Samuel Ward held by his daughter in Aylesbury.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.119-122   8 February 1821
Letter from B. Ward at Ramsgate to RS at Mainsforth informing him that the picture of Dr Samuel Ward is held by Mrs Mary Bell at Aylesbury, and she will continue to take his work as long as she lives.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.123-126   1 March [?1821]
Letter from M. Wormald at Newcastle to RS with family news.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.127-128   24 October [?1821]
Letter from Marianne Dalton at Croft rectory [to RS], asking for her father's ms work on Yorkshire families back, and thanking him for the etchings.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.129-130   6 November 1823
Letter from the Miss Hutchinsons at Church St, Durham, to RS, thanking him for his work and for his compliments of their father's work, of which they were not allowed to keep one copy, and they look forward to the next part with their father in, though he has not asked for their mother's pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.131-132   22 November 1823
Letter from the Miss Hutchinsons at Church St, Durham, to RS looking forward to his third volume, and perhaps a preview of his piece on their father.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.132a-134   7 February 1821
Letter from the Miss Hutchinsons at Church St, Durham, to RS, sorry for keeping his book so long, suggest that their father was very much more than a compiler of Mr Allan's, as has been suggested, but visited everywhere in the bishopric himself, offer details of their ancestry and happy to send him a pedigree of their mother.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.135-138   8 March 1821
Letter from Michael Jones at 34 Duke St, London, had sent him a pedigree of the Johnsons of Twizell and now offers some comments on the history of the family and locality, and some anecdotes of the Johnsons from a Miss Smith at Flass.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.138a   [c.1820]
Pen drawing of Harry Rowe (1726-1797), half-length, in uniform with trumpet, born York, trumpeter in the Duke of Kingston's Light Horse at Culloden and to the high sheriffs of Yorkshire.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.139-142   15 April 1818
Letter from Brian Abbs at Monkwearmouth to J.B. Taylor at Sunderland with extracts from the Whitburn parish registers re the Hamiltons and Williamsons, details of the Benediction effigy in the floor and of donations for the augmentation of Monkwearmouth.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.143-146   21 April 1818
Letter from Richard Scruton at Durham to RS at Mainsforth about the descent of the Fulwell tithes to John Abbs now Stafford.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.147-148
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.149-152   27 February 1818
Letter from Richard Scruton at Durham to RS at Mainsforth detailing the descent of the Fulwell tithes, and the White House, delightfully situated overlooking the Tyne and Wear estuaries.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.153-154   16 February 1818
Letter from Richard Scruton at Durham to RS, referring him to Stobart Picktree of Chester-le-Street for the information, he has lots of abstracts of title for Darlington ward, re Chester he can only assist in so far that he owns the White House estate on Gateshead Fell and is the lay impropriator of Fulwell tithes, he has also inherited the deeds of the late Robson and Terry practice of Darlington.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.155-156   Saturday evening [?1818]
Letter from Richard Scruton to RS standing him down from attendance on the grand jury as Mr Cartwright of Norton has offered.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.157-158   7 February 1818
Letter from Richard Scruton at Durham correcting an earlier statement about when the Shaftoes acquired Washington.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.159-160   16 April 1818
Letter from Maria Williamson at Pilgrim St, Newcastle, [to RS] giving him details of her father Sir James Hamilton of Monaghan, the living of Monkwearmouth and Sir Hedworth Williamson's patent.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.161-162   [c.1820]
Note on the history of Monkwearmouth Hall.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.163-166   28 February 1818
Letter from Isaac Nicholson at Newcastle to Sir Cuthbert Sharp at Wallace's Lodgings, Claypath, Durham, reporting on his drawing of arms at Hilton Castle, illustrating one, and refreshments proffered.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.167-168   [c.1820]
Letter from J.B. T[aylor to RS] reporting his efforts to find out information about the “Cauld Lad of Hilton”, and recollections about the last Baron Hilton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.169-172   3 March [c.1820]
Letter from John B. Taylor at Bishopwearmouth to RS at Mainsforth, detailing the arms he found at Hilton Castle, illustrating one coat and their location, he has asked Mr Bryan to write about Newton Garths and Biddic, gives responses to RS's other questions [re Hilton], and he would like a copy of his song about John Bell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.173-174   [c.1820]
Note on the story of the “Cowd Lad of Hylton” and of Baron Hylton and the wife of Anthony Garfoot.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.175-178   27 February 1818
Letter from Richard Pemberton at Barnes to RS at Mainsforth, answering his queries about the settlement of the Hylton estates, and sending paper.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.179-182   29 August 1819
Letter from William Burrell at Broompark to RS [at Mainsforth], been at the assizes, recites a letter from Mrs Pearcett thanking RS for his description of Mr Pearcett in his History, has Sir William Scott and Edmund Goodenough to visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.183-184   4 August 1818
Letter from Robert Shaw of Usworth Place [to RS], reciting the response of a relative in Dublin about the family's Irish origins at Sandpitts in Kilkenny after the Battle of the Boyne.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.185-188   6 September 1817
Letter from T[homas] Baker to RS at Mainsforth sending (no longer present) and describing an elevation of his new Whitburn rectory and hopes he might visit it.
Paper, 4f
SUR 39 p.189-192   27 June 1818
Letter from Thomas Baker at Whitburn to RS at Middle Hendon, answering queries about [Whitburn's] patron saint, Mr Symon's dates as incumbent, an inscription, local plants, window repairs, and his hopes for a visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.193-196   30 June 1818
Letter from Thomas Baker at Whitburn to RS at Middle Hendon, with comments on [RS's proof], including re building works, happy to answer any further queries, and asks if the Monkwearmouth charitable bequests are regularly paid.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.197-200   22 June [1818]
Letter from Thomas Baker at Whitburn to Bryan Abbs at Cleadon, with comments on [RS's proofs].
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.201-202   8 May 1824
Letter from Edward Davison at Durham to RS, asking him about his stipend paid by his patron Mr Bickwith of Trimdon but he has never seen any documentation and it is now somewhat in arrears.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.203-206   9 May 1818
Letter from William Peters at Newcastle to RS at Mainsforth, sending his account of the Boldon charity (not present), and offering some errata from volume I [of the History] re which counties some places (such as Alston and the Farne Islands) were in, and offering to procure an engraving of Gateshead House ruins.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.207-208   18 April 1818
Letter from William Peters at Newcastle to RS, offering information for his volume II re a charitable bequest by John Stephenson to the parish of Boldon.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.209-212   6 March 1818
Letter from Bryan Abbs at Cleadon House to RS at Mainsforth, answering quries about the Gilly tithes in Whitburn parish, also Newton Gards or Garths, Lavrock Hall, fees due to the rector of Whitburn.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.213-216   23 June 1818
Letter from Bryan Abbs at Cleadon House to J.B. Taylor at Sunderland, with comments on the proof sheets, about White Mare pool, trees at West House and other aspects of Whitburn and Boldon, including sailing through the hole in Marston Rock.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.217-220   6 February 1818
Letter from Bryan Abbs at Monkwearmouth to RS at Mainsforth, sending notes from Mr Fairles, illness has prevented him visiting South Shields church, a spring near Souter Point called Byers Well and its restorative properties, death of Mayor Tathwell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.221-224   21 January 1818
Letter from Bryan Abbs at Cleadon House to RS at Mainsforth, he had walked to [South] Shields but Rev W. Maugham was busy with the Master Mariners Annual Jubilee so he could not get at the registers, but he will try again, he should have Mr Fairles's notes for him soon re excise duties and the Burdons, describes the John Darley tombstone at South Shields, details on Thomas Wood to follow.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.225-228   20 March 1818
Letter from Bryan [Abbs] at Cleadon House to RS at Mainsforth, comments about Gilly tithes, South Shields registers, Biddick, Hutton's or Lavrock Hall, and Pattison's Close, and sorry to have missed his visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.229-230   [c.1820]
Note on H[enry] Greathead and his building of life boats, though it is also suggested that William Wouldhave, South Shields parish clerk, was the inventor.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.231-232   3 August 1818
Letter from Adam Askus of Redheugh [to RS] outlining mortgages of the Redheugh estate.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.233-236   10 December 1818
Letter from William Greenwell at Newcastle to RS at Mainsforth, answering his queries about the Upper Hall and Nether Hall at Kibb, enclosures and Beamish, other properties and landholders, his brother is not fit enough to go to Ceylon.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.237-238   [c.1820]
Letter from W.N. D[arnell] reporting that Sir T[homas Liddell] was organising a description “of the place” .
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.239-242   13 February 1819
Letter from W.N. D[arnell] at Durham to RS at Mainsforth, reporting his efforts to discover the name of the steward Mr Joseph Medcalf of French Hall, Gateshead, describes and comments on [Ravensworth] Castle and its situation, an old village, a heronry in the park, and the gardens.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.243-244   17 April 1819
Letter from [W.N. Darnell] at Stockton to RS with minor comments re his Ravensworth piece et al.
Paper, 1f, bottom right corner cut off and missing
SUR 39 p.245-248   [26 April 1818]
Letter from C[uthbert] S[harp] to RS at Mainsforth, noting a story about Elsie Marlie and the “Pelton Brag” ghost, with a pedigree for the Marlies and also Brandlings, discusses returning books and reports on autographs being cut.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.249-250   7 February 1820
Letter from John Gillow at Ushaw College [to RS], sending a description of Ushaw College, offering to answer any further queries, and please add Ushaw to the subscribers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.251-256   13 August 1819
Letter from Edward Grey at the College [to RS], sending answers to his queries with information re charities taken from Dr Wood's charity book, writing in haste as he has been in court all day and is now off home, and enclosing Dr Barnet's account of Dr Wood's charities, and notes of Samuel Hancock's lands at Barnard Castle, and of Whickham parish, its school, charities and glebe.
Paper, 3f
SUR 39 p.257-262   16 August 1819
Letter from [?Charles Thorp] at Thorp Green near Boroughbridge [to RS], sorry to have been absent when [RS] visited Ryton, gives a description of the Crowley charities, set up by Sir Ambrose Crowley, and Winlaton, the ruinous chapel replaced by a school room, also comments on ?Chipwick, Blackhall, Axwell Park, and White Horse Park, describes his Roman antiquities, especially altars, bought from Mr Brand, also Ryton glebe, Ryton savings bank, the old church, and charities.
Paper, 3f
SUR 39 p.263-266   12 June 1819
Letter from J. Scafe at Alnwick to James Raine at Durham, the delay in his reply is due to illness, answers RS's queries about his family history in Westmorland.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.268-271   28 August 1819
Letter from Anthony Surtees at H[amsterley] H[all] to RS, answering his queries about Chopwell, Blackhall, Ravenside and especially Hamsterley, the monument is up in Ebchester church and spurns his invitation.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.272-273   11 June 1824
Letter from H.S. correcting an entry in volume 2 of the History about the allotment of lands to the curate of Ebchester in the 1773 Enclosure Act.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.274-277   25 April 1818
Letter from Joseph Dawson of Edmondbyers to RS at Mainsforth, asking him about the endowment of the Muggleswick curacy or Edmondbyers rectory and his entitlement to the hay tithe.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.278-281   31 May 1809
Letter from T[homas] Baker to RS at R. Robinson's at Hendon, Sunderland, seeking his opinion about his entitlement as vicar of Stockton to agistment tithes on copyhold land of the bishop of Durham, needs some more pea sticks, no new prebendary to succeed Durell.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.282-283   [?1820]
Letter from ? answering queries about Easington and Pittington parishes.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.284-285   4 January 1821
Letter from Richard Wright at Sands to RS, answering queries about Sedgefield, and reporting his brother's new children.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.286-289   3 November 1821
Letter from Leo Raisbeck at Stockton to RS at Mainsforth, has corrected his proofs, the customs house clerks will answer his queries, and he is organising a statement of local commercial activities, he has procured a pedigree of the Cookes for Sir C[uthbert] Sharp.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.290-291   5 May 1821
Letter from George Hutchinson, sending particulars of the Whitton estate from 1698, notes of his pedigree of the Hutchinsons of Whitton and details a Roman coin,
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.292-293   [c.1820]
Letter from ? to RS, recounting his embarassing encounter with children in a [London] park, then makes comments on his proofs.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.294-295   [c.1820]
Notes by [Cuthbert] Sharp on the History and pedigrees in it.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.296-297   [c.1820]
Notes on the enclosure of the stinted moors and pastures of Stanhope parish, reciting the case of 1798 between Mr Scruton and the bishop of Durham leading to the 1799 Act.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.298-299
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.300-301   7 January 1823
Letter from John Graves at Yarm reciting extracts from the Ingleby parish registers re the Eures.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.301a-301b   Monday [c.1820]
Letter from C.H. to RS, received the History of ?Hartlepool and “charters galore”, come to Sunderland for good, recites register entries re Eures, more work to do on pedigrees.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.302-305   Saturday evening [c.1820]
Letter from J.B. T[aylor] to RS with pedigree extracts re Eures, needs a list of the best topographical works for a friend of Mr Swinburne, happy to help Mr Ratcliffe with pedigrees.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.306-309   18 February 1824
Letter from John H. Mathews at Lincoln's Inn Old Square, [London], to RS, sending a copy of the Eure pedigree (not now present), drawn from various sources, with the Ildertons, and reports on further ongoing researches re the Eures.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.310-311   22 April 1824
Letter from John H. Mathews of Lincolns Inn, [London, to RS], detailing the Eure pedigree from the Stokesley registers, with further notes on Eures.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.312-315   22 December 1820
Letter from Miss ?Morley to RS at Mainsforth, detailing George Beckwith, his wife and children, happy to help as she remembers many pleasant hours spent at Mainsforth when RS was “a little tiny boy” .
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.316-317   16 April [c.1820]
Letter from J. Witham at the Alleyn Club, Edinburgh, has sent some entertaining old papers for him to Mr Wheldon at Barnard Castle.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.318-324   10 May 1822
Letter from George William Cuthbert at 34 Great Portland St, Cavendish Square, [London], discussing his antecedents and his efforts to reconcile the variance between a pedigree in Hutchinson's Durham and the details (copy included) in serjeant at law John Cuthbert's will (d1774), asking for RS's assistance, and discussing his possible link to a William Cuthbert of Benwell.
Paper, 4f
SUR 39 p.325-328   16 November 1322
Letter from George William Cuthbert at 34 Great Portland St, Cavendish Square, London, to RS at Mainsforth, discussing his efforts to establish the pedigree of his antecedent serjeant at law John Cuthbert through parish registers, the College of Arms, wills at York and Doctors Commons records.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.329-332   10 December 1322
Letter from George William Cuthbert at Portsmouth reporting on his further researches into his Cuthbert antecedents from Kirkleatham records and hoping that his family will appear in RS's History.
Paper, 2f, lower part of f.2 cut away and missing
SUR 39 p.333-336   16 April 1823
Letter from George William Cuthbert at 34 Great Portland St, Cavendish Square, London, to RS at Mainsforth reporting further on his Kirkleatham researches and commenting on RS's extracts [of wills] for him.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.337-340   14 July 1823
Letter from George William Cuthbert at 34 Great Portland St, Cavendish Square, London, [to RS] sending him some turtle in thanks for his research efforts, reports on progress on Robert Cuthbert, sorry he is too late probably to offer a crayon portrait of Serjeant Cuthbert and enquires about a Cuthbert prior of Guisborough.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.341-342   3 September 1823
Letter from ? at Durham to RS, reporting his researches into the Hall of Flass pedigree and asking for his help.
Paper, 1f, bottom right corner cut off and missing [with correspondent's signature]
SUR 39 p.343-346   1 January 1822
Letter from ?Nicholas Carlisle at Somerset Place to RS at Mainsforth, seeking information about families settled at Stillington in Redmarshall parish, reporting his correspondence with Mr Studholme of Shincliffe, with a PS about Elizabeth Hutchinson, married to Mr Carlisle of Redmarshall.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.347-348   [c.1820]
[RS's] text about the Blakiston of Gibside pedigree, page 255.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.349-352   9 March 1822
Letter from Henry ?Augustus Bell at 10 Royal Terrace Adelphi, London, to RS asking for his assistance to trace a marriage of Mr Andrew Home with Miss Isabella Ford of Darlington between 1700 and 1717.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.353-354   12 July 1822
Letter from Robert Surtees of Redworth to RS, grateful to him and Mr Taylor for the seals and engraving and details his marriage and children.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.355-356   17 April 1823
Letter from J.I. Wilkinson at 1 Pump Court Temple [London] seeking clarification of his arms and the pedigrees of his family and the Wilkinsons of Harperley.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.357-358   30 March 1819
Letter from Isaac Cookson jr at Newcastle discussing corrections to his family's pedigree.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.359-362   18 September 1820
Letter from James Chipchase at 1 Child's Place, Temple Bar, London, to RS at Mainsforth, asking for his opinion on the claim of a poor man of Gravesend named Hume to the title earl of Marchmont and the associated estates, recounting especially the history of a William Hume.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.363-364   [c.1820]
Notes written by Thomas Surtees Raine about his Raine family antecedents in south-west Co Durham.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.365-368   1820
Letter from William Greenwell at Newcastle to RS at Mainsforth, discussing the affixed printed crest of Lt Col Greenwell CB 45 Regt and especially the meaning of the motto “Viresco”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.369-372   17 May 1816
Letter from Farrow Chillon at Fishburn to RS at Mainsforth, in bed with gout but sends him a pedigree and discusses his antecedents.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.373-376   9 September [c.1820]
Letter from J. Hill jr at Bankfoot near Appleby to [R]S “author of the new history” at Durham, asking if he is in time for the History to consider the Bainbriggs family formerly of Co Durham, and he considers that Bishop Bainbridge's arms are incorrect.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.377-384   10 October [c.1820]
Letter from J. Hill at London [to RS] discussing the Bainbrigg pedigree which [RS] sent him, and sketching him his version with the family arms, wants to purchase and be a subscriber of his work, describes his recent visit to the desolate Shotley, and also the Friar House estate near High Force, and asks that his name not be mentioned for family reasons.
Paper, 4f
SUR 39 p.385-388   8 December 1818
Letter from Richard Henry Tolson of Woodland Lodge, near Taunton, to RS “publisher of the History of Northumberland” (sic) at Mainsforth, asking for any information re a lost marriage settlement of 1673, as described, and suggesting he contacts the College of Arms for their family's pedigree.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.389-392   8 October 1821
Letter from W. Willam rector of Wolsingham, at Wolsingham, to RS at Mainsforth, asking if he can clarify how Thomas Harvey of Gateshead might have been related to his grandfather Martin Nixon formerly vicar of Haltwhistle, and giving the details he has been able to ascertain.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.393-393a   15 November 1819
Letter from William Wharton at Aske to [James] Dalton with comments on the Wharton family pedigree and suggesting RS contacts his eldest brother for any further information.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.394-395   [c.1820]
Pedigree of the Legards of Anlaby.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.396-399   9 September 1822
Letter from George Hartley at Nunwick near Hexham to RS at Mainsforth commenting on the pedigree of the Gylls of Haughton, and discussing portraits of the family and their arms, and a history of Thomas Fairfax.
Paper, 2f
SUR 39 p.400-401   [c.1820]
Letter from James Dalton [to RS] thanking him for the etchings and detailing William Wharton's children.
Paper, 1f
SUR 39 p.404, 406   [c.1820]
Index of “Principal matters” (names and places).
Paper, 2f
SUR 40   1791 - 1840
Correspondence, many being copy letters from RS to his friend Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees about the progress of his History and Antiquities, and also about soliciting subscriptions to support the impecunious and aged Sir Thomas Conyers, also correspondence after RS's death with his widow Anne about the publication of Volume IV of the History together with Taylor's Memoir of RS. Inserted loose at the back are transcripts, in typescript with ms amendments, of 23 of the letters.
Paper book with 80 items totalling 151f bound in, and 23f inserted loose at the back, buckram covered in half leather with gold lined bands, titled “Correspondence R. Surtees 1806”
SUR 40/1   1 October 1791
Letter from Richard Master at 1 Chancery Lane [London] to RS at Mainsforth acknowledging receipt of £1000 from Mr W. Shield of Durham on account of George Smith esq of Chepstow.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/2   6 October 1791
Letter from George Smith at Primfield to RS empowering him to draw on Richard Master esq & Co bankers of London £50 every half year for the life of Mrs Dorothy Surtees from 26 April 1792.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/3   3 May 1794
Letter from Crompton and Newton of Derby to RS at Mainsforth, declining his suggestion re the repayment of his mortgage.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/4   26 November 1794
Letter from J.R. Rowntree to Edward Smith at Bishop Middleham reporting that he had received the agreement between W. Surtees and Pearts from London and he is to meet Mr Hoar to give instructions about the deed, and can he be as active as possible in raising the remainder of the money for Eaglescliff.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/5   8 October 1806
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton thanking him for his friend's pedigree and saying he had hoped to see him in Assize week.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/6   23 January 1807
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank returning and commending his friend's novel, he had hoped to meet but will not do so immediately as he has to go to London as his wife's brother goes abroad, offers to do any possible research, sends him a letter of his uncle's, he has not heard from W[alter] Scott though he thinks Marmyon is published, can he do anything to hasten the signature of William Surtees.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/7   26 January 1807
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, enquiring on behalf of W[alter] Scott, author of the Lay of the Last Minstrel, if he has any manuscript of his late uncle's relating to border poetry which might include the ballads “Musgrave's Goodnight” and “The Raid of Rookhope”, formerly held by [Joseph] Ritson, both discussed along with possible copies, he hopes they might meet.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/8   4 February 1807
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton discussing his possible copy of “The Raid of Rookhope” ballad, details of feuding border clans, its possible publication by [Walter] Scott, he would also like a transcript of “Plumpton Park”, discusses other possible sources of information, including from Lord Woodhouslee.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/9   13 February 1807
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, grateful for the copies of the Rookhope [ballad], one of which, with his instructions, he has forwarded to [Walter] Scott, happy to testify to Mr Ritson's friendly character, he knew him by correspondence discussing the copies of ballads and metrical compositions RS made for him in Oxford and Cambridge, in return for which he helped RS with material from the British Museum, considers how he might have made enemies.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/10   28 February 1807
Letter from RS at Cleadon near Sunderland to Joseph Frank at Stockton, sending him letters of Mr Ritson's to [Walter] Scott sent to RS by Scott whom he will ask again about any contact with Lord Woodhouslee, hopes he has received the deed, he will soon see him in Stockton.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/11   8 June 1807
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, sending him a letter from [Walter] Scott whom he will remind of the possibility of other [?|Ritson] documents being held by Lord Woodhouslee, Mr Samles will bring back the papers he has finished with.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/12   Tuesday [9 June 1807]
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton, he is not sure where [Walter] Scott is so he would like to retain the border ballads to discuss with Scott, outlines his proposed movements.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/13   14 June 1807
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, reporting that [Walter] Scott has presumably returned to Edinburgh as he has apologised for not calling on account of election and law business, and discusses the transmission of papers and a translation of Frank's “Les Souvenirs”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/14   15 March 1808
Letter from RS at 79 Upper Guildford St to Joseph Frank at Stockton, asking for a copy of his The Raid of Rookhope for John Delafield Phelps of Gloucestershire who has all Mr Ritson's publications except that one.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/15   [13] April 1808
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton asking him to send Marmyon direct to Bishop Auckland to Mr Sherwood, his friends have yet to return from the western circuit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/16   30 June 1808
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, reporting that he is now home and is procuring papers for him from Heber and [Walter] Scott.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/17   10 October 1808
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank about having his copy of Ellis's Romances bound.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/18   23 October 1809
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton commenting on his answer and on Weber's genealogical blunders.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/19   30 December 1809
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton, returning Le Maistre and Paris but keeping Hodder, and suggesting his London agent cannot be acquitted of considerable “Rountreization”.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/20   4 January 1810
Letter from S[hute Barrington bishop of] Durham at Mongewell to RS offering £5 5s or £10 10s as the only way of assisting Sir T. Conyers at his advanced age.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/21   6 February 1810
Letter from John Ward at Mickleover [to RS] moved to support his portrait of Sir Thomas Conyers, discussing Sockburn, Nessham, and Ward ancestors back to the Battle of the Standard, stimulated by the article on Bishop Middleham in Hutchinson's History of Durham.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/22   12 February 1810
Letter from Thomas Sheppard at Thornton Hall, Stony Stratford, to RS offering to be an annual subscriber to Sir Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/23   28 February 1810
Letter from ?S.A. Liddell at 51 Portland Place [London to RS] happy to support his efforts, as notified to him by [Bishop Shute] Barrington, re Sir Thomas Conyers bt, now a pauper in the Chester le Street workhouse.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/24   5 March 1810
Letter from ?S.A. Liddell at 51 Portland Place [London] to RS at Mainsforth happy to subscribe 10 guineas a year for the more comfortable support of Sir T[homas] Conyers and he shall so instruct the Tyne Bank in Newcastle.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/25   5 March 1810
Bill of Sir Thomas Conyers for 9s for a pair of shoes from Robert Wardropper paid by George Cumming 20 March.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/26   5 March 1810
Letter from G. Anderson of Newcastle to RS at Mainsforth, sorry to hear that the support for Sir Thomas Conyers has not been more and offers to make his contribution annual.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/27   15 March 1810
Bill of Sir Thomas Conyers for 14s for clothes and drawers from John Emmerson, paid 28 April.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/28   23 March 1810
Bill of Sir Thomas Conyers for £1 3s for ? and shaving from John Bland, paid 27 April.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/29   25 March 1810
Letter from S. Hamlen to RS with suggestions for the proposed printing of his appeal, and discussing sending it out to all baronets, including those in distant parts abroad, though their contributions might arrive after the decease [of Sir Thomas Conyers].
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/30   16 April 1810
Letter from William Pybus at Chester-le-Street to RS at Mainsforth, reporting the last days and demise of Sir Thomas Conyers on 15 April aged 79, despite Dr Nelson's attentions, with details of the proposed funeral.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/31   17 April 1810
Letter from ? Etherington at Hull to RS at Mainsforth, sorry to hear of [Sir Thomas Conyers] and surprised that he was not relieved by some of the gentlemen of the county, and sending his mite.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/32   22 March 1810
Bill of Sir Thomas Conyers for £5 6d for cloth bought from George Cumming, paid 27 April by RS.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/33   30 April 1810
Letter from John Ward at Mickleover to RS at Mainsforth, pleased he has helped Sir Thomas Conyers, hopes he has arranged for an engraving of Dr Samuel Ward, and discusses pre-Henry VIII Ward antecedents.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/34   3 May 1810
Letter from Thomas Sheppard of Thornton Hall to RS at Mainsforth, sorry to hear of the death of Sir Thomas Conyers and he hopes that the grandchildren will benefit from the remaining funds.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/35   4 May 1810
Letter from George Cumming at Chester-le-Street to RS at Mainsforth, detailing those present at the funeral of Sir Thomas Conyers and their clothing.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/36   4 May 1810
Letter from ? at London to Revd Samuel Gamlen at Sedgefield detailing the contributions of Sir Joseph Andrews and Sir Montague Cholmeley for Sir Thomas Conyers.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/37   23 May 1810
Letter from Robert Wilmot at Chadderdon [to RS], as he has ten children he ought not to be amongst the subscribers to Sir Thomas Conyers but he will not withhold his mite.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/38   8 October 1810
Letter from John Ward at Mickleover to RS at Mainsforth, he has instructed James Ward at 6 Newman St, Oxford Road, with RS's directions re Samuel Ward, and discusses his pedigree and his mistaking Grindon for Trimdon, and his great-grandfather Thomas Ward gentleman, he hopes to meet [in London].
Paper, 2f, central tear repaired with paper
SUR 40/39   2 November 1810
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton about meeting up.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/40   30 December 1810
Letter from William Pybus at Chester-le-Street to RS at Mainsforth, detailing the grandchildren of Sir Thomas Conyers, and he has split his £10 between Conyers's two sons-in-law William Hardy and Joseph Hutchinson.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/41   7 January 1812
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton reminding him that he ought to come and stay, commenting on his draftsman Green and suggesting that Frank sends him no work as he “ has a knack of outrunning ye Constable”, and discusses the holders of the Coxhoe estate.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/42   3 May 1812
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, hoping he has not forgotten to visit them, and [Walter] Scott asks if he has heard of Mr Park's intention to republish Ritson's works.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/43   14 February 1813
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees mentioning that Jonathan Walton had showed him a letter from Mr Barker of Stockton stating that Mr Sampson's creditors were to send powers to their employees before they could receive their dues, though his recollection of the letter may not be accurate, RS is in his debt for bookbinding.
Endorsed with Joseph Frank's reply of 20 February 1813 that he is grateful for RS's information but he cannot attend to the matter at present as he has a slight inflammation of the eyes, but stating that the debtor is legally obliged to seek out his creditor whereever he may be in the realm.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/44   21 March 1813
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank, apologising that he has not had Rokeby but he was detained at Hendon and asking him to forward it to Mrs R. Robinson at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, when he has finished with it.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/45   31 August 1813
Letter from Thomas Hanmer at Bettisfield, Whitchurch, to RS at Mainsforth saying he originally threw away the printed appeal re Sir Thomas Conyers but it has reappeared and could RS confirm if the cause still subsists, in which case he will send a trifle.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/46   5 June 1814
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, explaining that his wife's sister Emma Robinson's burst blood vessel is causing much concern and detaining him at Hendon much at present, but he has a hundred volumes or more waiting for new backs from his honest bookbinder.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/47   31 January 1815
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank, asking for the name of his London bookbinder as he has a large parcel to send if Frank could forward it, and asking when he is to visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/48   16 January 1818
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, discussing the case about Braithwaite whom he discovers from Burn and Nicolson was “an idle classical gentlemanly dog like enough to write poetry” , he will ask Mr Nicholls at Oxford to look at it, RS hopes he can slip his “foot out of the chains of law” and visit soon,
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/49   9 April 1818
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank, sending Crabb's tales of Susan and asking for Crabbes Borough by return as he needs a quotation about Gateshead and Monkwearmouth, he has tried to stimulate Macaulay in his process.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/50   20 November 1818
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, just off horseback, Rake [his dog] has a place to work by day, he will settle the Oxford transcriber's bill, hopes he can visit.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/51   [20 February 1819]
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, enclosing signed receipts and Frank can keep the other money until they meet which he hopes will be soon, Rake lives with Edward Smith where his bark is approved of.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/52   29 February 1820
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton, reporting on Edward Smith's mortgage of around £2000 for land, whose security RS did not intend to be part of.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/53   10 December 1820
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank, he now has Chastelain, in Scots translation, and Rookhope which [Walter] Scott calls his “worthless doggrell”, and which RS wonders what Campbell would have made of, he would like Chastelain back if Frank does not wish to publish it, he must visit again and for longer.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/54   25 May 1823
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, asking him to send proofs to Mr Nichols in Parliament St [London] if he leaves the county, and also who elects the mayor of Stockton and whether the borough of Stockton is an aristocracy or a monarchy.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/55   27 June 1823
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank, saying he will return his papers as he is now off to the assizes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/56   8 July 1823
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, sending suggested text re Ritson's publications and suggesting he visits when they are not at the assizes or Hendon.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/57   11 February 1824
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton asking for his involvement in [Edward] Smith's mortgage which the family are keen to sort out on his sudden death and whose papers RS will look through to see if there is anything recoverable, and hoping that Frank will be Miss Thompson's convoy when she might visit, and sending some spare proofs of Ritson.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/58   Thursday [April 1824]
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/59   21 October 1829
Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Joseph Frank sending him all the Scott volumes as he was not clear if he only wanted Rookhope, he does not know if Chalmers introduced the Bibliographia Scotua in Caledonia, he has not had time to sift some loose papers in the minstrelsy.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/60   18 August 1830
Letter from John Gough Nicholas at Harrogate to RS, discussing his movements, past and proposed, before reaching RS.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/61   24 November 1832
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank, grateful for Robin Hood which he is reperusing ballad by ballad, and he will chase Ralph Tatham senior tutor at St John's [College Cambridge] to procure Sir Peny and, failing him, he will try Hon Mr Nevill president of Magdalen College [Oxford].
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/62   5 August 1833
Letter from RS at Hendon near Sunderland to Rev C.R. Cameron at Swaby, Louth, discussing his vsit, Mrs Surtees is staying at her mother's at Hendon for the benefit of the sea-bathing and suggesting he might visit when they are at Mainsforth or he is [with the Bakers] at Whitburn, discusses routes, distances and places, admits that Lincolnshire is almost terra incognita to him, Dr Chalmers has been preaching for the benefit of the Scottish churches here, though the Methodists would not let him use their chapel, there are lots of different sects here.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/63   4 September 1835
Letter from Rose Chipchase at 53 York Road to Mrs Surtees at Mainsforth, grateful for the £10, confined to bed with a nervous complaint, and added to her money troubles she has just lost her second brother Dudley with an apoplectic fit, hopes the rest of the dividend will be paid shortly, asks for help with mourning as what they had for poor Washington is now old and worn out.
Endorsed that £5 was forwarded by Mr Turner 16 September 1835.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/64   3 December 1836
Letter from John Gough Nichols to his father saying he hopes to answer Mr Raine's letter with Mr Blanchard's assistance, re remaining copies of RS's History vols.I-III with vol.IV not to be sold, sending the Oxford paper and some proofs.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/65   28 [August] 1837
Letter from William Miller at 4 Hope Park, Edinburgh, to Mrs Surtees at Mainsforth, listing RS's plates that he still has, all paid for, and asking what to do with them.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/66   18 July 1837
Letter from John Hodgson at Hartburn, Morpeth, to Mrs Surtees at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, gratified by her approval of the notice he printed of RS for vol.I of the Surtees Society, pleased to hear vol.IV of the History is to be published, gives the contact address of Mr Swinburne in London who had told him something about RS's engravings for the History held by Miller of Edinburgh, hopes to visit Mainsforth.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/67   11 November 1837
Letter from J.G. Nichols to Mrs Surtees at Mrs Robinson, Middle Hendon, Sunderland, discussing how much he could sell off sets of Vols.I-III for to Mr Bohn, sorry to lose Mr Bentham and will she contact his widow about the plates, Mr Blore needs chasing about the memoir, wishes from his son and wife, he has been to Ramsgate.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/68   16 November 1837
Letter from Henry G. Bohn at 4 York St, Covent Garden, London, to Mrs Anne Surtees at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, discussing his purchase and sale of the small paper Durham 3 vols.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/69   16 March 1838
Letter from J[ames] Raine at C[rook] H[all] to Mrs Surtees at Mrs Robinsons, Middle Hendon, Sunderland, explaining his non-return of the plates she sent to Mr Sopwith, reporting on his and his son's health, and trying to change her mind over her veto of the plate of seals, he is in favour of Mrs Bentham, try to persuade her to up the price of vol.IV which she has apparently written to Mr Charnley about, Mr Taylor is busy with his history of the History, seemingly Mr Allan, on receiving his copies of vols.I-III, immediately subscribed £20 to the plates but there is no record of this.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/70   2 September 1839
Letter from Anne Surtees at Mainsforth to Messrs Nichols at Parliament St, London, saying she is not happy with the inscription on her late husband's tablet which Mr Taylor says has been forwarded to Nichols and she wants some words altered, she also wants copies of the engravings including of the Bowes house at Streatlam, asks about the price of vol.IV, the letters of Walter Scott and RS should not be reprinted as they were between man and man and not for publication, hopes the sun will come soon else the harvest will suffer.
Endorsed with a reply from J.B. Nichols at Rochester of 5 September 1839, saying he has stopped the printing of the memorial inscription, she can have copies of the Streatlam plate, suggests 4 guineas for vol.IV, hopes the weather will relent for the harvest which is mostly in for Kent, hopes to organise an index for vol.IV though Mr Badley who did the index to vols.I-III is now blind.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/71   20 November 1839
Letter from Anne Surtees at Mainsforth to J.B. Nichols at Parliament St, London, wants to see a copy of the memoir before it is printed, and offers any help to expedite it, suggests Streatlam or Brancepeth plates for the frontispiece of vol.[IV] which she is anxious to see progressing though she has not seen Mr Raine.
Endorsed with a reply from J.B. Nichols at 25 Parliament St of 29 November 1839 saying he has listed all the plates and awaits a response from Mr Raine before proceeding, which she might remind him of, discusses the pages, plates and price of vol.IV relative to vols.I-III, suggesting that only those who have vols.I-III will buy vol.IV so he suggests the same price as for the earlier vols.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/72   30 November 1839
Letter from Anne Surtees at Mainsforth to J.G. Nichols at Parliament St, London, suggesting one change to Mr Taylor's memoir, and asking for 50 to be printed, specifying the binding and lettering, and she has asked Mr Raine to attend to his letter.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/73   16 January 1840
Letter from Anne Surtees at Mainsforth to Messrs Nichols and Son, Parliament St, London, sending and written on the back of a printed notice by F. Humble, printer, of Durham, to subscribers that the published vol.IV of RS's History incorporating [Taylor's] memoir is ready for delivery.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/74   14 February 1840
Letter from Samuel Bentley at 80 Hatton Garden to Mrs Surtees at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, thanking her for the copy of vol.IV “so valuable a memorial of a friend to whose early encouragement I am so much indebted”, and also commending the memoir.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/75   29 February 1840
Letter from Sir Henry Ellis at the British Museum [to Mrs Surtees], thanking her for the copy of the memoir of RS.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/76   3 February 1840
Letter from ?J.B. Nichols to Mrs Surtees at Middle Hendon, Sunderland, sending her the remainders of the memoir after distributing them to named individuals including Raine (10 copies), and suggesting one of Raine's might go to Sir Henry Ellis, he is also sending copies of vol.IV to the subscribers who survive, though many have died, and discusses a copy for the College of Heralds, and receiving one back from Dawson ?Turner of Yarmouth who considered it “shreds and patches”, and he will do his best to promote and sell the volume.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/77   [?1818
Letter from RS to Joseph Frank at Stockton on Tees, happy for him to transmit what he has stated about Palmer, grateful for his attention at M'Kinlay's, urges him to visit.
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/78   Saturday [?1810]
Letter from Samuel Gamlen at Sedgefield to RS, reporting on his lack of success in eliciting subscriptions, especially from baronets, to save [Sir Thomas Conyers] from the workhouse, quoting Shakespeare: “a careless herd/ Full of the pasture...” ( As You Like It II,1, line 595).
Paper, 1f
SUR 40/79   Monday [?1810]
Letter from Samuel Gamlen at Sedgefield to RS, disucssing the death [of Conyers], Dolly Barker will attend the funeral, he will visit tomorrow, Pybus's letter is very properly written.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/80   [c.1810]
Letter from Sir Thomas Liddell [to RS], discussing the possible maintenance required by Sir Thomas Conyers, aged 80 not 71 as stated, and listing those who have already subscribed, and considering the needs also of his three daughters and grandchildren.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/81   25 June 1816
Letter from [J.B.] Nichols to RS at Mainsforth, sending him a complete copy of vol.I on large paper with proofs of the plates, and commending the work of the copper plate printer, and discussing delivery and sale price to London booksellers.
Paper, 2f
SUR 40/82   [c.1810]
Letter from RS to Mr Urban at Messrs Nichols, Red Lion Passage, Fleet St, London, reporting further subscriptions since Conyers's death, and accounting for expenditure, and reserving a copy of the Hundred of Sparkenhoe small paper [ History of the County of Leicester vol.IV part 2 (1811)].
Paper, 2f
SUR 41   1819 - 1822
Letters from John Taylor jr of 10 Birchin Lane London, to RS discussing, incorporating or including pedigrees, and their mutual historical researches.
Paper book, with 96 items bound in, healf leather binding titled “Taylor to Surtees M.S.S.”
SUR 41/1-3   18 January 1819
Fenwick, Swinburne of Chopwell, descent of Chopwell manor.
SUR 41/4-8   4 June 1819
Monboucher, Harbottel, Fenwick, Jennison.
SUR 41/9-13   17 June 1819 am
Tempest, Selby, Grainge/Harding, Winlaton lordship.
SUR 41/14   17 June 1819 pm
SUR 41/15,16   24 July 1819
Fenwick and Heron.
SUR 41/17   9 August 1819
Heron of Chipchase.
SUR 41/18   3 September 1819
SUR 41/19   27 December 1819
Tempest of Old Durham.
SUR 41/20,21   20 January 1820
Shuttleworth, Middleton of Boxgrove.
SUR 41/22,23   8 February 1820
Jennison of Elswick, Shafto of Bavington.
SUR 41/24-26   6 March 1820
Sudbury, Cole of Brancepeth, Duck of Haswell, Sanderson of Greenwich, Taylboys.
SUR 41/27   15 March 1820
Savile, Smith or Smythe of Esh.
SUR 41/28   29 March 1820
SUR 41/29   14 August 1820
SUR 41/30   28 August 1820
Clarkes and Jervoises.
SUR 41/31   5 September 1820
Ward, Winlaton lordship.
SUR 41/32   6 September 1820
SUR 41/33   14 October 1820
Cropley, Bowes, Younghusband.
SUR 41/34-39   27 October 1820
Samuel Ward, Vescy.
SUR 41/40   5 December 1820
Dalton and Wray, Gerrard.
SUR 41/41   2 January 1821
Conyers of Walthamstow.
SUR 41/42   3 March 1821
Herbert, Constable, Wormley, Sayer and Errington, Wilson.
SUR 41/43   6 March 1821
Errington, Sayer, Conyers.
SUR 41/44,45   15 - 23 March 1821
Fulthorpe, Conyers.
SUR 41/46   23 April 1821
Reade of Stranton.
SUR 41/47   27 April [1821]
Lambton arms.
SUR 41/48   6 May 1821
SUR 41/49   1 November 1821
Vane, Bowes of Thornton.
SUR 41/50,51   15 July 1822
SUR 41/52   24 Juy 1822
Hansard, Conyers, Claxton of Old Park, Bowes of Thornton, Tailbois of Thornton, Shafto, Crosin.
SUR 41/53,54   23 February 1821
Liddell of Farnacres, Ayscough, Vane, Herbert.
SUR 41/55-96   [c.1820]
Undated pedigrees and notes on families and armorial bearings.
55-59. Boyes of Rolsey, Elstob of Foxton (from Elizabeth Elstob), Neville.
60. Conyers, Askwith, Ayscough, Gascoigne.
61-63. Conyers.
64. Lambton of Biddick.
65. Widdrington and Ingleby, Aslakby, Conyers, Wharton, Hebborne.
66. Blakiston.
67. Bowes of Thornton, Gyll of Haughton, Bowes of Oxenfield.
68. Bowes of Thornton, Shafto, Jennison, Heron, Mallory, Aislabie.
69. Craggs, Thirkeld, Talbot of Thornton-le-Street.
70-71. Eure.
72-74. Hansard.
75-76. Gray, Conyers, Tailbois.
77. Killinghall.
78. Percy.
79. Gerrard.
80-81. Tailbois, Gifford.
82. Sanderson of Hedley Hope.
83. Tunstall/Tonstall.
84. Wray, Heron.
85. Reade of Osterley.
86. Umfreville of Bucks, Essex and Suffolk.
87. Conyers of Sockburn.
88-89. Strabolgi.
90. Hall of London.
91. Nevill.
92-96. Notes.

SUR 42   [early 19th century]
p.1-1053. Transcripts by Robert Surtees from the medieval priory and bishops' registers of documents concerning places, with references usually given.
p.1-230 (new pagination). Index then extracts of documents from bishops' records concerning places A-G.
p.900-1153 (recte 1053). Further transcripts by Robert Surtees from the medieval priory and bishops' registers of documents concerning places, with references usually given, with a place index near the end:
1-5. Aislabie.
7. Amerston.
7-14. Esh.
15-52, 62-65. Auckland St Andrew, Bishop Auckland.
66-68. Northallerton.
69-74. Alwenton.
90-92. Alneham.
93-94. Aldeston.
95. Alnwick.
96. Aldeston.
97. Brancepeth.
104-112. Boldon.
116-129. Binchester, Bedlingtonshire, Bedlington.
134-143. Bywell St Peter.
144-145, 170-174. Bywell St Andrew.
176-179. Burdon by Haughton.
180-181. Billingham.
182. Elvet, Witton Gilbert.
184-185, 188, 190-191. Birtley.
192-195. Plasworth.
196-197. Chollerton.
198. Cramlington.
199. Chatton.
200-207. Consett.
208,210. Chilton Magna.
212-218, 220-222. Chester le Street.
225-227b. Cocken.
228. Finchale.
229-229a. Croxdale.
230. Flemingfield.
233-237. Castle Eden.
240-245. Dalton le Dale.
266. Herrington.
273. Ancroft.
274. Dinsdale.
278. Eden.
284. Edlingham.
286. Ebchester.
288. Ellingham.
295. Brankiston, Dalton le Dale.
297. Edmondbyers.
298. Elwick, Elton.
299. Ford.
300. Greatham.
304. Kirkham.
305. Hartburn.
308. Lazenby.
309. Newburn.
310. Ovingham.
312. Ponteland.
314. Prudhoe, Whatton.
315. Horsley.
320. Evenwood.
324. Butterwick, Elmdon.
328. Thrislington.
331. Trillesdon.
336. Chester le Street, Farnham.
340. Felton.
350. Somerhouse.
352. Hoppiland.
358. Heley.
360. Embleton.
362. Newminster.
363. Rothbury.
364-373. Ryton.
373. Benfieldside.
381. Sunderland.
387. Easington
388-394. Hardwick by the sea.
396. Ponthorpe.
400. Bishop Middleham.
402. Horden.
416. Hawthorn.
422. Easington.
428-435. Houghton le Spring, including Kepier School (434).
436. Newbottle.
440. Mainsforth.
443. Old Durham.
445. Lanchester.
448. Lanchester.
449-451. Nesham abbey.
452. Durham St Oswald.
457. Tynemouth.
460. Hauteswesill, River Tyne.
462-465. Hetton le Hole.
466. Hetton on the hill.
467. Abbotford, Greenside.
468. Ramside.
469. Crawcrook.
470. Ryton.
471. Rampson.
472. Hewhale.
474. Cleatlam.
477-483. Darlington.
490. Skirmingham.
492. Rowley Gelet.
493. Sledwich.
494. West Auckland.
506. Kelloe.
510. Kelloe.
511. Stotfold.
514. Claxton.
515. Coxhoe.
520. Lynts.
528. Ludworth.
530. Morton.
532. Stanley by Chester.
537. Ousterley.
549. Pelton.
560. Nettlesworth.
561. Oxenhall.
562. Preston on Tees.
566. Redmarshall.
568. Morton - Tynemouth.
570. Raby.
573. Mainsforth, Preston le Skerne.
575. Manor House.
576. Malam, Whittell.
578. Whitfield, Shilbottle.
579. Shotley.
581. Halistane.
585. Farnacres.
593. Frereside.
597. Stannington.
601. Bakenstoneford, Wooler, Wolsingham.
604. Bradley.
609. Simondburne.
614. Mickle Benton.
615. Nun Stainton.
618. Aycliffe.
619. Bermeton.
623. Heworth.
627. Stainton.
629. Elton.
630. Snotterton.
631. Southwick.
632. Stainton Parva.
634. Stainton in the Street, Stranton.
636. Seaton.
637. Osmondcroft, Selaby.
639. Thornelaw.
640. Bishopwearmouth.
642. Wardley.
645. Wackerfield.
647. Whitehall.
648. Monkwearmouth, Walworth.
650. Whitburn.
652. Whickham.
658. Winlaton.
662. Winston.
663. Westholme.
664. Heigh le Hall.
665. Trimdon.
667. Hutton Henry.
673. Thickley Punchardon.
674. Newbiggin.
676. Witton.
680. Halghton.
681. Dinsdale.
683. Middleton St George.
685. Thickley Punchardon, Sersleykerne.
691. Coniscliffe.
697. Gundon.
699. Medomsley.
700. Byerside.
701. Stockton.
706. Bishopwearmouth.
706-721. Hilton.
722. Whitworth.
725. Wingate.
726. Wingate Grange.
727. Ufferton chantry.
730-737. Witton Gilbert.
739. Pollard family.
740. Wolviston.
743. Gainford.
746. Winston.
756. Fishburn.
758. Carleton.
759. Billingham.
760. Blakiston, Stockton.
768. Sadberge.
769. Sedgefield.
775. Elmdon.
778. Sedgefield.
781. Trillesden.
782. Warkworth.
785. Halton.
786. Corbridge.
790. Whitfield.
793. Cornhale.
792. Whelpington.
794. Illeshawe, Stamfordham.
795. Ingreham.
797. Morpeth.
798. Bedlington.
801. Benton.
802. Bothal.
807. Lowick.
810. Mitford.
811. Meldon.
815. Bolam.
818. Chillingham.
820. Corbridge.
821. Hauteswesill.
824. Kirkham, Newton in Glendale.
826. Kirkhalgh.
828-832. Hart, Hartlepool.
840. Easington ward.
844. Barnard Castle.
858. Merton Hall.
894. General array of the clergy.
900. Middridge.
903. Rickenhall.
904. Counden, Windleston.
909. Morden.
917. Gainford.
920. Merrington.
920b. Long Newton.
922. Ferry.
923-924. Hett.
926b. Horden.
927b. Durham St Margaret.
928. Merrington.
929. Milburngate.
929b. Sledwich.
930b. Windleston.
934. Aycliffe.
939. Easington.
945. Howburn.
946. Owton.
948b. York St Mary Ousegate.
950. Penshaw.
954. Redworth.
956. Sacriston Heugh.
963. Harperley.
964. Sockburn.
965. Bishopton.
967. Softley.
967b. Corbridge.
970. Spittlehouse.
971. Sheraton.
973. Staindrop.
976b. Durham St Margaret, St Mary in the North Bailey.
977. Stanhope.
978b. Nevill chantry in Durham cathedral.
981b. Elvet.
982. Guild of St Cuthbert in the Galilee.
983. Chantry on the new bridge.
984. Rivington School, Lancashire.
988b. Rothbury.
990b. Durham castle, Framwelgate, Harberhouse.
994. Northallerton.
994b. Guild of St Cuthbert in the Galilee.
995. Leek.
995b. Palace Green school.
1000b. Langley's chantry.
1005b. St Mary le Bow.
1011b. Kepier.
1024b. Gilly tithes.
1025b. Hunstanworth.
1033b. Durham St Giles.
1046b. Epplingden, Keynington.
1047b. Berrington.
1051b. Whorlton

Paper book, 1374p, in marbled-paper covered pasteboards, half-leather, paginated (originally ?by RS, additions and corrections by M M N Stansfield 23 June 2011), with some errors, and losses: additions 5a, 22(bis), 184-187 (bis), 227a-b, 228a, 229a-b, 282a, 304a, 332 (bis), 338a-b, 400a-b, 420a-b, 424a-b, 446a-b, 460a-461b, 490a, 575a, 576a, 615a-618a, 630a-f, 675a, 823a, 825a, 954a-b, 971a-b, 998a, 999a 1033a-1034a, 1040a-g, 1069a-d, omitted 173, 175, 690, 696, 792-793, 798-799, 991-992, 1004; missing 54-61, 98-103, 128-133, 146-169, 231-232, 246-263, 266-273, 414-415, 486-489, 504-505, 550-558, 804-809, 812-813, 828-843, 904-905, 908-913, 962-963, 1053-1058
SUR 43   [early 19th century]
Robert Surtees's transcripts and extracts of documents, with some pedigrees and drawings of coats of arms, including:
f.4r-6r Memorial of Christopher Hunter from the mss of Thomas Gyll.
f.8r-9v Will of Robert Lambton 1582.
f.11r-28v Transcribed documents concerning the Salvin family, especially Gerrard.
f.30r-44v Extracts of ?inquisitions post mortem tempore Bishops Hatfield to Ruthall, organised alphabetically by place, F-G.
f.46r-61r Transcribed documents, some concerning the Salvin family, especially Gerrard.
f.71r-86v Transcribed documents from the cathedral priory's cartularies and registers.
f.87r-134r Extracts and notes of documents concerning various places and manors mainly post-Dissolution, with some pedigrees and coats of arms.
f.135r-139v Extracts of Thornley Gore entries from ?a Palatinate court register.
f.156r-v An introduction to the Wanderer a poem in 6 cantos.
f.171r-186r Inquisitions post mortem tempore Bishop Walter Skirlaw.
f.201r-233v Inquisitions post mortem tempore Bishop Thomas Hatfield 11-36.
f.236r-248v Inquisitions post mortem tempore Bishop Richard Bury.
f.251r-262r Inquisitions post mortem tempore Bishop Thomas Hatfield 1-10.
f.262v Index to the inquisitions.

Original documents inserted:
Paper book, 265f (foliated 24 June 2011 by M M N Stansfield), comprising a number of booklets and further loose items, with other booklets seemingly now missing, in marbled-paper covered pasteboards, half-leather
f.96   27 June 1648
Anthony Smith's receipt to Mary Simpson for £16 3s 11d for half a year's rent for 2 tenements and a mill in Pittington manor, lately held by Durham dean and chapter and now “to be imployed for the use of the ministerie of pay” .
Paper, 1f
f.98   11 April [1607]
Inquisition post mortem of John Gregson yeoman at Morton in the parish of Dalton.
Paper, 1f
SUR 44   [early 19th century]
Transcripts and notes of documents by Robert Surtees, and pedigrees.
i. List of contents.
1-9. Pedigree and arms of Simpson St Liz of Sheffield.
11-17. Papers concerning Pittington manor and the Parliamentary Committee for Sale.
19-22. Transcripts of fines to Thomas Salvin of Croxdale.
23-27. Schedule of Sir Edward Smith's title deeds.
28-32. Marriage articles 23 Henry VIII between Antony Baynbrigg and Anne Thirkeld.
33-34. Will of Sir William Belasyse of Murton 1640.
35-48. Title deeds of Owton in the families of Bellasis and Lambert.
49-75. Particulars about making Mally Smythe a nun, and her friend's expenses, her letter thereon and some letters of the Kennets, Haggerstons, and Salvins.
76-78. Grant of Bradbury to Sir John Ramsay kt, 4 James I, from the Ord mss.
79-80. Extract from Sunderland Bridge enclosure award.
88-149. Notices of Harley and Cotton mss relative to the see and county of Durham, with some account of popish recusants, a letter of Sir Ralph Sadlers and persons executed 1537; pedigrees; notices of Cotton mss relative to Durham, with some extracts from Hutchins's History of Dorset; abstracts from Johnson's law mss; pedigrees; extracts from Bishop Kellaw's register; abstracts of Ellimore title.
150-157. Calverley notices and pedigree.
158. Vicars of Eriholme.
159-166. Notices of Ettricks.
167-176. Harley mss relative to Durham.
177-197. Cotton mss relative to Durham.
198-214. Bodleian mss relative to Durham.
215-243. Extracts from Johnson's law mss 1755 relative to Durham, Nos. 1113-1216.
244-305. Pedigrees and arms, including Hylton, Gilpin, Tempest, Lee, Babthorpe, Tailboys, Aiscough, Curwen, Holland, Leaver, Girlington, Blaxton, Hansard, Gray, Saltmarshe, Lumley, Heron, Lawson, Bowes, Forster, with an index (p.302).
306-327. Extracts from ?the Liber Vitae.
329-380. Pedigrees including Trollop, Claxton, Lilburn, Athey, Smith, Appleyard, Richardson, Phillip, Sedgwick, Lisley, Clopton, Conyers, Wray, Booth, Walton, Carr of Woodhall, Heron, Lisle, Baynbrigg, Talbot, Cradock, Maners, Aiscough.
381-393. Lists of pedigrees in heralds' visitations of 1575 and 1615.
395-422. Pedigrees including Eden, Gray of Hebburn, Young, Addison, Dobson, Ridley, Mitford, Rogers, Ridley, Jetherston.
423-426. (reversed) Memorial inscriptions.
430-433. (reversed) Extracts of surrenders and admissions.
435-436. (reversed) Memorial inscriptions.
437-443. (reversed) Letters to Lord Burghley: from the bishop of Durham about Sherburn Hospital 1590; from the earl of Westmorland seeking an audience with the Queen 1569; from W. Parry re the earl of Westmorland's case.
447-492. Extracts from Bishop Kellaw's register.
495. George Baker's title to Aycliffe Wood.
496-506. Extracts from the Testa de Nevill.
506. Descent of the Naggs property in Framwellgate.
507-508. Nevill pedigree.
509-510. Descent of property in Hetton.
511-514. 1291 Taxatio extracts.
515-532. Notes on the descent of property at Elwick, Ellinore, Durham North Bailey, and Framwellgate.
533-540. (reversed) Extracts from Bishop Kellaw's register.
Inserted: letter to RS from Sam Dukinfield at Rushyford thanking him for his support in his canvas at Mainsforth and Bishop Middleham.

Paper book, comprising 8 notebooks, some with covers still attached, bound up as one, 544p, original pagination to 392 continued July 2011 by M.M.N. Stansfield
SUR 45   early 19th century
Notes and transcripts of documents, with pedigrees, by Robert Surtees, including:
1-3, 8-51, 53-66. Pedigrees and notes on them, with some coats of arms.
4-7. Letter from R. Nich[ols] offering congratulations on the birth of an heir, 27 March 1718/9.
52. Two copy letters from Ralph Lawson of Burgh kt to Ambrose Appleby and Thomas Appleby of Clove Lodge, 22 March 1618/9 and 2 June 1619.
67-108, 122-123. Transcripts of documents, mainly deeds, with depictions of armorial seals, from the cathedral's medieval archive, and also Mr Salvin's deeds and the British Museum.
109-112. Notes of deeds, inquisitions, and bonds mainly 17th century.
113-118. Notes of marriages 18th and early 19th centuries.
119-120. Notes on natural history.
125-126. Song on Alice Marley.
127-128, 137-138. Extracts from ?Monkwearmouth's churchwardens' account book 17th century.
129-136, 140-141. Parish register extracts 17th century.
139-153. Pedigrees, parish register extracts, transcripts of documents.
154-179. Booklet in marble covers of transcripts of letters to bishops, archbishops and the crown, with some notes of other documents.
182-187. Transcripts of deeds from the cathedral's medieval archive.
188. Notes on William Wiket of Brancepeth.
189. Notes on Staindrop vicarage.
190-191. Transcript of the will of Jane Lawson 1537.
192. Notes on Newton-le-Willows.

Paper book, 181f of various papers and a booklet bound up as a volume, + 11f loose inserted at the back
SUR 46   [early 19th century]
Transcripts and extracts of documents, with pedigrees, by Robert Surtees, including:
3-4. Transcripts of documents from the Pont series in the cathedral's medieval archive.
5. Extract from a survey of the barony of Hilton and manors of Ford, Great Usworth and Follonsby 1717.
6. Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Radclyffe with notes and pedigrees re the Kellaw family, 24 November 1811.
7-24. Notes, extracts of documents, lists of incumbents for Escomb, Sadberge, Thorp Bulmer, Egglescliffe, Holmeside, Wolsingham, Frosterley, Chillingham, Kepier, Greatham, Stanhope, Lanchester, Holme.
27-38. Notes and extracts of documents for Middleton St George, Dinsdale, Castle Eden, Greystones, Chilton, [Bishop] Middleham, Trilsdon.
40, 42-43. Transcripts of medieval documents.
47-68. Transcripts of medieval documents, with gaps, 2-40.
78-91. Transcripts of indentures numbered, with gaps, 1176-1204.
103-109. Transcripts of indentures numbered 1142-1166
112-122. Lists of admittances and indentures ?paginated 1316-1371.
123-145. Transcripts of documents.
147-150. Transcripts of medieval documents mainly from the almoner's cartulary.
151-160. Extracts of 17th and 18th century documents
162-163. Transcripts of deeds re Acomb Grange from J. Pemberton esq.
164-196. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents.
197-199. Pedigrees and notes on them.
200-215. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents, including parish registers.
216. Plan of British and Roman settlements in Co Durham.
217-223. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents.
224-242. Pedigrees and notes of names.
243-266. Booklet of pedigrees extracted from the College of Arms and the Harleian Mss in the British Museum.
267-273. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents.
276-279. Letter from RS at Mainsforth to Radclyffe with notes and pedigrees re the Kellaw family, 24 November 1811.
280-287. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents.
288. Extracts from Yorkshire documents.
289-310. Extracts and transcripts of 17th and 18th century documents, especially parish registers, with some pedigrees.
311. Letter to RS re details from Yarm and Sunderland parish registers, 30 December 1813.
312-316. Extracts from [York] parish registers.
317. Recipe for red ink.
319-329. Extracts from parish registers and other documents.

Paper book, marbled half-leather covers, 331f of various papers bound up as a volume, somewhat disordered with some material bound upside down, +2f inserted at the back
SUR 47   [early 19th century]
“Chaos”, notes and extracts of documents by Robert Surtees, with contents listed, about families, Durham city, grants by bishops, boundaries, deeds, court extracts, pedigrees, lists of clergy and officers, wills, abstracts of title
Paper book, in leather covered boards, xx + 392p + 5 items inserted at the back
391   24 November 1794
Letter from Crosier Surtees at Ewdean House to Edward Smith at Bishop Middleham, he has sent interest for Crompton and Newtown and asks for a year's rent for Mrs Surtees of Stranton.
392   [c.1830]
Letter from Margery Woodhouse of The College, Durham, explaining a 1661 Durham Assizes charge in RS's “new history” about black game.
393   [1759]
Record of the military career of Robert Oswald, serjeant in the 58th Foot, serving in Ireland, then against the French in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and at Quebec and Montreal in Canada with General Wolfe, then Havanna [Cuba] and back to Ireland.
394-396   [early 19th century]
Notes on the Whalton and Espee families.
SUR 48   [early 19th century]
Transcripts and extracts of mainly medieval documents, with some depictions of seals and occasional pedigrees, by Robert Surtees.
Paper book, originally various booklets and some loose papers, in marbled half-leather covered boards, 257f + 1f inserted
Formerly numbered: 19
SUR 49   later 18th - early 19th centuries
1. Booklet in grey covers, a personal name index to registers of wills, administrations and inventories, inscribed “Robt Surtees” on the inside cover and numbered as 34.
2. Booklet in marbled covers, part laid out as a ledger (unused), then used for memoranda on such as “compost for arable lands” and also (reversed) York 28 January 1771, with drawings throughout of parts of the anatomy, figures, animals and architectural features, and practice letters, inscribed “R. Surtees” on the inside cover.
3. Booklet in marbled covers with some coats of arms drawn on the back cover, containing lists of some wills, administrations and inventories, extracts from the Magnum Repertorium of the cathedral's medieval archive and transcripts of some documents from it.
4. Booklet without covers, a transcript of the 1601 grant and institutions of Heighington Grammar School by Elizabeth Tenison, made in November 1767, with subsequent memoranda to 1793.
5. Folios with writings by [Robert Surtees] affixed, describing Wolsingham, Rothbury, Edinburgh and Scotland, and (reversed) Heraldicus.
6. Booklet without covers, describing a journey from Auckland to Witton Castle, Bradley Hall, Wolsingham, Hexham, Rothbury, Alnwick, and then to Scotland.

Paper book, 6 booklets bound up in half-leather covered boards
SUR 50   [early 19th century]
1. Booklet without covers, “Leonora translated from the German of Gottfried Augustus Bergher by W.R. Spencer esq” .
2. Booklet without covers, lined, extracts from parish registers and notices of memorials for Middleton in Teesdale, Cockfield, Romaldkirk, Eggleston, Barnard Castle, West Auckland, and Auckland St Helen.
3. Booklet without covers, lined and columned, transcripts of medieval deeds [held by G. Bowes esq].
4. Booklet without covers, poems “A Stupid Day in Winter” , “Liberty Content and Reason a Fable” , “On a favourite sat 1756 but left unfinished by her unfortunate Elopement” , “Assigned to be sent to Mr Forrester at Rome as an apology for the Lady's Husband not answering a very affectionate letter which he had received from Mr Forrester by the hands of Mr Dance” , letter from D.S. to Nonny.
5. Booklet in marbled covers, stories about Sir Walter Raleigh, with some pedigrees.
6. Booklet without covers, “Miscellaneous Extracts”“The Continent” , “On Travelling” , “On the rise of the person of the Popes” , “The Book of Job” , “On the natural unreasonableness of the sacrificial rite” , “On the Universality of Sacrifice”, at the front engravings of King Christian VII and Queen Carolina Matilda of Denmark.
7. Booklet without covers, Northumberland Assizes address 1688, earl of Westmorland's bond 1659, indulgence for Simon Chandy of Newcastle 1410, marriage dispensation for Thomas Hibburn 1417, Barnard Castle inquisition on the death of the earl of Warwick 1461 (sic), warden of the West March protection for two pedlars 1565, knights of the Royal Oak 1660, Sunderland charter of incorporation 1634, lease of the borough of Sunderland 1590, grant of property in Sunderland to Robert Bertham 1452, appointment of a forester in Wickham 1388, palatinate rights of the bishop of Durham, quitclaim to Newcastle property by John Pateson 1518, certificate for the royal treasurer 1377.
8. Booklet in marbled covers, extracts of abstracts and deeds concerning property, including in Tudhoe, Wingate, Crawhall, Thorpe Thewles, Beadnall, Nether Ryefield, Clayport, Stanhope, Silver St, Ryton, Framwellgate, Whitfield, Ouston, Merrington, Hurworth, Newfield, Cassop, Cornhill, and (reversed) rentals.
9. Booklet with printed covers by Marwood of Bishopwearmouth with a church with a verse on the front and multiplication tables on the back, description of the manor of Auckland with notices of documents, also Middridge, Coundon Grange, Wenwood, West Auckland, Darlington.
10. Booklet with printed covers by Marwood of Bishopwearmouth with Henry Jenkins died 1670 aged 169 and a verse on the front and multiplication tables on the back, notices of leases in and around Wolsingham.
11. Booklet in marbled covers, extracts from Southey's Book of the Church on church history, (reversed) history of France.

Paper book, 11 booklets bound up in half-leather covered boards
SUR 51   1731 - 1810
1. Extracts of baptism and burial register entries, 16th - 18th centuries.
2. “Memorandum Book 1771 R. Surtees York”, including moneys borrowed and lent, notes on leases, expenses in York, Paris, Brussels and Bath June 1771 - January 1772, further notes of expenses and addresses, list of tenants, farms and rents, list of measures and weights.
3. Notes of register entries and [?coroners'] entries [?for Durham] 1581-1596.
4. Two alphabetical lists of words, with financial calculations at the back.
5. Extracts of wills and deeds, 17th - 18th centuries.
6. The printed tale of the nefarious Mr McGregor of Glannap, died 1798.
7. Extracts of probate records and deeds, 17th - 18th centuries.
8. Extracts of deeds and some pedigrees, 18th century.
9. Notes on pedigrees and coats of arms.
10. Extracts of deeds and pedigrees, 18th century.
11. Extracts of deeds and pedigrees, 17th - 18th centuries.
12. Extracts of deeds and pedigrees, 17th - 18th centuries.
13. Baptism certificate Thomas Conyers, Chester-le-Street 1731.
14. Memoranda of letters and subscriptions received re Thomas Conyers, and accounts of moneys expended on his behalf in Chester-le-Street workhouse 1810.

Paper book, booklets bound up in half-leather covered boards
SUR 52   [early 19th century]
“Manuscript”, containing 317 numbered comments and discourses on the scriptures by RS. At the front is a list of books “To be got”.
Paper book, in half-leather covered boards, gold-lined on the spine with a red title panel
SUR 53   [early 19th century]
“ Miscell. Collections for County History RS chiefly abstracts of Property Registers Wills Extracts of Close Rolls Inquisitions Copyhold Books”; only p.1-161, 181, 464, and (reversed) 692-724 used; with a contemporary index at the back. Note on p.i “Send back at leisure RS”.
p.1-21, 23 Helmington abstract of deeds etc 1566-1787
p.22 Beckwiths pedigree
p.25-28 Shipley deeds etc abstracts 1609-1763
p.31-35 Plawsworth deeds abstracts 1563-1729
p.37-39 Abstracts re Mrs Coulson's title to a lease in Stanhope Park 1709-1749
p.39-41 Abstracts re the title to Bishop's Oak in Wolsingham 1706-1748
p.42-46 Abstracts re Thomas Greenwell's title in Thornley 1632-1728
p.47-49 Abstracts re Fielding's title in Startforth 1603-1744
p.50 Burrell pedigree
p.51-53 Abstract of Mr Huntington's title to corn tithes in Killerby leased from Durham dean and chapter 1683-1756
p.54 Abstracts re Anthony Cockson's lands at Colepike Hall 1638-1650
p.55-57 Abstracts re lands called The Hagg purchased by William Newton and Samuel Newton from Thomas Pearson 1558-1758
p.58 Abstracts re a house in Barnard Castle 1622-1748
p.58-60 Abstracts re Broad Close 1673-1759
p.61-62 Abstracts re property in Durham North Bailey 1641-1743
p.62 Abstracts re Thursbys, with a pedigree 1602-1761
p.63-69 Further various abstracts re properties
p.71 Dodsworth pedigree
p.72 Jevison pedigree
p.73 Simon Birkbeck memorial
p.74 Swinburn pedigree
p.75 Note re Chopwell manor; Dudley pedigree
p.77 Wilkinson pedigree
p.79-103 Extracts of wills of various Wilkinsons, also Henry Craven of Market Weighton, Christopher Leake and Towers Wallis, both of Kingston upon Hull, and Mary Williamson
p.106-109 Extracts of wills of various Middletons and Teasdales
p.116-161 Transcripts of medieval deeds (most in Latin) re Butterwick
p.181 Bulmer pedigree
p.692-698 Abstracts re the Wrights' estate at Fishburn 1634-1783
p.699 Mason pedigree
p.700-725 Abstracts re Herrington 1617-1703
p.31 1266
p.35 1258
p.37 1259
p.47 1265
p.65 1286

Paper book, with half leather covered marbled boards, ii + 740p
SUR 54   [early 19th century]
“Registers”, extracts of parish registers unless otherwise indicated (all other pages blank):
p.1a York St Martin Micklegate
p.1 Kensington, Paddington
p.2 Chislehurst, Isleworth, Newington, Marylebone
p.3 St Pancras, Sharwell, Marylebone, Kensington, Stepney, Stratford-at-Bow, Twickenham, Beckenham, Charlton
p.4 Barking, Chigwell, Eastham
p.5-19 York St Sampson, St Michael Spurriergate, St Maurice Monk Bar, St Trinity Goodramgate, All Saints the Pavement, St Crux, St Olave
p.21-32, 45-53, 61-88, 96-103, 115-127 Newcastle All Saints and St Nicholas
p.129-135 Newcastle St John
p.137-141 Newcastle St Andrew
p.145-150 Newcastle St Nicholas and All Saints
p.150-152 Newcastle corporation books and hostmen books admissions
p.155-157 Carlton castle partition, from a Raine ms, in Latin
p.159-163 Gateshead
p.164 Newcastle St Nicholas
p.165-171 Coatsworth
p.172 Drapers books admissions
p.173-199 [Newcastle St Nicholas]
p.202-209, 225-235 Ryton
p.237-267 Whickham
p.269-274 Tanfield
p.281-293 Lamesly
p.294-300 Lanchester
p.301-308 Esh
p.311-319 Heworth and Jarrow
p.320-322 Conniscliffe
p.323-327 Witton Gilbert
p.329-340 Durham St Giles
p.341 Durham St Mary the less
p.343-346 Draper Taylors books admissions, also mercers, glovers, barbers
p.346-35- Durham cathedral
p.352-353 Durham St Margaret Crossgate
p.356-357 Boldon
p.360 Dyers and Draper Taylors books extracts
p.361-368 Durham St Oswald
p.369-382 Durham St Nicholas
p.383-394 Notes on officers
p.395 Newsham
p.397-401 Grays Inn from Harley 1912
p.402-404 Cambridge St Clement
p.405 Billingshurst; Blaxton/Blakeston pedigree
p.406-409 Conyers and Greenwell pedigrees and other notes on families
p.411 Stanhope
p.413-414 excised
p.415-416 Hartlepool
p.417-419 Aycliffe
p.420-422 York St Olave
p.423-434 Pedigrees: Pearson, Sheffield, Williamson, Slingsby, Bamburgh, Ventris, Hebblethwaite, Scargill, Goodrick, Bellasis
p.435 Marriage licences
p.436-438 Merrington
p.439-440 South Shields
p.441-445 Lower Gainford terrier 1733 extract
p.446-449 Upper Gainford in Barnard Castle terrier 1635 extract
p.452 Staindrop
p.452-453 Darlington
p.453-455 Whitworth
p.455-456 Sadberge
p.456 Thomas Anderson and Victoria Corbet memorial inscriptions
p.457-460 Index to Allan's illustrated Camden
p.462 Wright pedigree
p.464-465 Bridget Tempest will
p.465 Garmondsway pedigree
p.466-467 St John's admissions
p.469-475 Stockton
p.475 Jenkins pedigree
p.476 Bunting pedigree
p.476 Boldon
p.477 Richard Baddeley's description of Durham castle chapel (in Latin); note on Aimeric archdeacon of Durham (in Latin)
p.478 Note on a hospital at Romaldkirk (in Latin)
p.480 Elizabeth Nesfield memorial inscription
p.481 List of Catholic sheriffs in 1830 and 1831
p.485-509 Abstracts of Whorlton manor deeds, cases, and correspondence involving John Headlam and Capt Dinsdale, and court rolls 1671-1820
p.510-511 Copyhold books extracts
p.550 Bearpark keepership sold by Philip Wright to his brother Thomas 1638
p.580-581 The Cheviot from Harley 912 (in Latin)

Inserted: p.73a “The Colours” poem, 1st line “O'er Northumbria's hill and dale”
Paper book, half-leather covered marbled boards, spine detached, iv + 584, paginated
SUR 55   1810 - 1847
Letters to RS and research notes.
Paper file
SUR 55/1   21 February 1810
Letter from William Bentham at Upper Gower St [London] to RS: been busy with book sales, congratulates RS on his acquisitions from the Salvins and on engraving the Chester monuments, does not know of the assault involving Jack Hopper, five deliveries from the Antiquary Society for him, view of the dispute between [the bishop] and the county magistrates involving also Mr S. Allen, Phelps has been very much impressed by Lord Spencer's library, he had engraved a borrowed Barnard Castle tradesman's token for his History but apparently RS has one already, discusses Sir B. Conyers and a baronetcy, hopes to visit, kind to order proof copies of Basire's engravings, has bought Kennet's Parochial Antiquities and Drayton's Polyolbion.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/2   13 November 1810
Letter from RS “Proceed when you chuse - any further trouble you give me will be answered by my Attorney”
On the dorse is a French verse “Il parla fort bien de la guerre ...”
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/3   15 February [early 19th century]
Letter from ?C. Young: he has despatched a packet via Nicholls and now sends a Nevill note.
Endorsed with an abstract in French of a deed in the duchy of Lancaster office re Ralph Nevill and Staindrop 14 December 1391.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/4   26 June 1816
Letter from Edward Blore at 6 Gorwell St Road to RS at Mainsforth: congratulates him on the publication, grateful for his mention, discusses sales prospects and procedures, wary after the trouble with the dean and chapter over the engraving, large and small copies similar in quality, has some drawings to do for the duke of Buccleuch near Melrose.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/5   26 December 1823
Letter to RS at Mainsforth detailing and discussing pedigrees of Parkin, he has done the wills, discusses a letter from Lord T.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/6   28 January 1830
Letter from Alexander Sinclair at 133 George St, Edinburgh, to RS at Mainsforth: wants to know who is the heir of the Baliol family as he disputes Lord Strathmore's claim to be it, with further questions about two Thomas de Multons, Margaret de Baliol, and Thomas de Baliol.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/7   15 February 1830
Letter from [Alexander Sinclair] at 133 George St, Edinburgh, to RS at Mainsforth: grateful for his answer and the Bowes MS which he will forward to Blackwood as suggested, discusses the relations of Margaret Baliol, aunt to King Edward Baliol, includes a Valoines pedigree. Incomplete.
Paper, 4f
SUR 55/8   [7 June 1830]
Wrapper [for a letter] to RS at Mainsforth.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/9   18 July 1831
Letter from Alexander Sinclair at Edinburgh to RS at Mainsforth: reporting on Henry Vaus's Baliol pedigree which Vaus sent him and discussing the Redcastle and Cavers branches of the Baliol family.
Paper, 3f
SUR 55/10   16 March 1832
Letter from ? (signature cut out and missing) at Belvedere, Bath, to RS at Hendon: discussing Mr Boucher's MS on words which he is going to complete for publication, discusses the “vulgarisms of Newcastle” included by Mr Brockett in his work on especially plants, and the Baliol fee of Barnard Castle, recommends the Life of Richard Rothwell for the state of Barnard Castle in the time of Sir William Bowes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/11   16 June 1834
Letter from W. Ward Jackson jr at Lincoln College Oxford to Mrs Surtees at Mainsforth: discussing RS's caution money account with the treasurer of Christ Church of £10 12s 4d and arrangements for payment by Thomas Dry, butler of Christ Church, including the detailed account, and note of its payment 21 June 1834, and a note of RS's matriculation on 14 October 1796.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/12   [c.1900]
List of RS's notes in his copy of Hutchinson's History of Durham (SUR 22-24).
Paper, 6f
SUR 55/13   21 January 1847
Receipt by J.P. Eden at Bishop Auckland to Douglas Gresley for £25 for a half-year's payment by the bishop of Durham for the stipend of the curate of Hunwick.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/13   19 January 1819
“On the yellow limestone of the county of Durham as a cement” article, with footnotes.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/14   [mid 19th century]
[Draft] article on Bishop Middleham, Mainsforth and Thrislington, with details of manor house, church, registers, pedigrees and impropriation of the lay rectory. Some parts duplicated.
Paper, 25f, paginated ii + 5-42 + ii
SUR 55/15   [early 19th century]
Adamson pedigree 1662-1771.
Paper, 2f
SUR 55/16   [early 19th century]
Greenwell/Collyer pedigree 1632-1699.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/17   [early 19th century]
“Genealogical Table of the House of Vaux” , from the Bibliothica Heraldica p.491
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/18   [early 19th century]
Transcripts of Durham documents sent by [William] Bentham to RS, from James I's visit to Durham 1617 to the city's address to Charles II in 1683.
Paper booklet, 14f in paper covers
SUR 55/19   [early 19th century]
Transcript of a Latin document re the nuns of St Boydan, paginated 137.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/20   [early 19th century]
From a poem on the “Superstitions of the North”.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/21   [early 19th century]
“The Humble Petititon of the Knights, Gentleman and Inhabitants of the County Palatine of Durham” to the king, with a list of subscribers, and Thomas Heighington's certificate as postmaster at Durham, extracted from Hunter MS 2/38 & 39 (sic), annotated with instructions to a printer.
Paper, 1f
SUR 55/22   [c.1900]
Index to Surtees's manuscript pedigrees.
Paper file, 20f
SUR 55/23   [c.1900]
Index to Surtees's manuscript Limbus Patrium.
Paper file, 9f