Johnson, Douglas H.
Douglas H. Johnson

1. Operation Lifeline Sudan
2. Agence de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement (ACORD)
4. Southern Sudan Agencies
5. Academic Articles and Papers
6. Human Rights reports
7. UK Department for International Development. Safety, Security and Access to Justice report
8. Africa press cuttings
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Title: Johnson, Douglas H.
Dates of creation: 1956-2017
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
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Douglas H. Johnson

(b. 1949)

1980-1983Assistant Director for Archives, Regional Ministry of Culture and Information, Juba
1990-1991World Food Programme, Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS)
1992Agence de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement (ACORD)
1993-1996Adviser for OXFAM’s Sudan Programme
1994Emergency Pastoralist Assistance Group, South Sudan and Kenya
1995OXFAM, Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal
1996Operation Lifeline Sudan Review
2002-2003UK Department for International Development, Security, Safety, and Access to Justice (SSAJ)
2003Resource person in the 2003 Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement negotiations over the Three Areas
2005International Expert, Abyei Boundaries Commission
2006-2007Adviser to the Government of South Sudan on the North-South border


1. Operation Lifeline Sudan, 1986-1997, 2017
2. Agence de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement (ACORD), 1987-1993
3. OXFAM, 1983-2001
4. Southern Sudan Agencies, 1989-2000
5. Academic Articles and Papers, 1981-1997
6. Human Rights reports, 1987-2002
7. UK Department for International Development, 2001-2003
8. Africa newspaper clippings, 1956-1994

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Presented by D.H. Johnson, 5 July 2017

1. Operation Lifeline Sudan
Papers relating to OLS phase II: background reports from OLS phase I, 1989; reports from the World Food Programme (WFP) / Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association (SRRA) Joint Assessment mission April-June 1990; papers from Project Evaluation and Food Tracking teams, August-November 1990.
26 March-2 April 1990
Views on OLS of:
Leo Ballard (World Vision), 26 March 1990;
Carlton James (UNICEF), 27 March 1990;
Egil Haggan (Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)), 2 April 1990.
April 1989-March 1990
WFP/OLS Food Monitors’ reports: Bor, Ayod, Waat, Nasir, Pibor, Nimule, Torit, UNICEF, SRRA.
5 files
June-December 1989
Notes and transcriptions by DHJ of the following two reports. Manuscript
WFP reports, Bor, 5 June, 15 July, 9-16 August, 14-20 September 1989
World Vision report of convoy to Bor, 4-21 December 1989
[9 August ]-19 September 1989
“Monitor’s Report, Bor”, 3-9 August 1989, with sketch map (15pp)
“Food Monitors Report, Bor”, 31 August-6 September 1989, with sketch map (16pp)
“Food Monitors Report, Bor”, 7-13 September 1989, with 3 sketch maps (17pp)
“Special Supplementary Report, Bor, as at 11 September 1989”, with 2 sketch maps (8pp)
“Proposed Distribution Plan for Lentils Donated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), in Bor District, South Sudan”, 19 September [1989], with sketch map (8pp)
[13 September]-1 November 1989
“Narrative Report, Ayod”, week 7-13 September 1989 (6pp)
“Ayod, Food Monitors’ Report, 1-17 Sept 1989”, with 2 sketch maps (24pp)
“Narrative Report, Ayod”, week 13-20 September 1989 (8pp)
“Ayod Nutritional Survey”, 20-23 September 1989 (5pp)
“Ayod, Narrative Report”, 20-27 September 1989 (5pp)
“Ayod, Narrative Report”, 5-11 October 1989 (5pp)
“Narrative Report”, Ayod, 12-18 October 1989 (4pp)
“Situation Report, Ayod”, 25 October-1 November 1989 (4pp)
15 August-11 October 1989
“Food Monitors' Report, Waat”, 18 July-10 August 1989, 15 August 1898 (21pp)
Waat Region (7 court centres). Manuscript map, showing tracks/roads, footpaths, court centres, pumps/boreholes (2pp)
Annotated sketch map of water, grazing and potential cattle concentrations in Waat, indicating cattle movement migration patterns, populated areas, water pumps, wells and pools, court centres, main towns, bridges, seasonal dry streams, small paths, main roads, and population areas; map drawn “in conjunction with SRRA”, [1989] (2pp). Another more annotated copy is filed at SAD.1023/2
“Report on the Nutritional and Medical Situation in Waat, the surrounding villages” of Wunbil, and Wideng, by Dr Michele John, UNICEF (10pp).
“Nutritional Survey, Waat Area, as at 15 August 1989”, by Andrew Swiderski, IRC / Kapoeta; survey conducted 6 and 8 August 1989 (8pp)
“Food Monitors' Report, Waat, as at 23 August 1989”, by Richard Pearson (5pp).
WFP / OLS Situation reports, Waat, nos. 3 (24-31 August 1989), 4 (1-6 September 1989), 5 (7-13 September 1989), 6 (14-20 September 1989), 8 (2-11 October 1989) (30pp)
June-October 1989
Notes by DHJ from WFP reports: [undated], 23 June, 10 July-15 August, 9-16 September, 20 September-10 October 1989. Manuscript (7pp)
“General report about different locations in Nasir Province”, 9-16 September 1989 (7pp)
August-October 1989
Notes by DHJ from WFP Situation report, 4 August 1989, and Nutritional survey, 21 August-1 October 1989. Manuscript
30 October 1989
Notes by DHJ from WFP Preliminary Assessment report. Manuscript
21 May-30 August 1989
Manuscript notes and transcriptions by DHJ from Situation and Food reports (1p)
Situation report by B.A. Martinson, Torit, 1 April-18 May 1989, 21 May 1989;
Report by Mike Wilson, Torit, 19-25 June 1989; Food Monitor's report, 25 July 1989 (1p)
Food Monitors' report by John Horsey and Louis Imbleau, Torit, 23-30 August 1989 (5pp)
March 1990
Manuscript notes by DHJ from UNICEF report, “An Overview of the Emergency Situation in Southern Sudan. Focusing on the Areas Currently under the Control of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army”.
March 1990
Manuscript transcription by DHJ of tables from report of SRRA Liaison Office, Nairobi, “Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Needs for Areas Accessible to the SRRA: an Executive Summary of Interim Report on Socio-Economic Survey 1989-1990”.
28 June 1989
“Report by on the UN Train of Relief Grains from Babanusa to Aweil and return - 13-25 June 1989”, with sketch map
13 November 1989
Draft WFP / OLS “Preliminary Report, Food Needs Assessment Survey, Eastern Operations Area”, with maps, graphs, and tables
“Population distribution by region, province, area council, peoples' council, mode of living and sex”. Table 1. Excerpt from 1983 Sudan Census, Southern Districts, pp19-22
20 April-25 May 1990
1990 Assessment Topics of Enquiry.
2 files
April-May 1990
WFP / SRRA Assessment Team notes on Kapoeta, Torit, Boma, Tibari, Bor, Jalle, Paliau, Kongor/Panyagor, Payom, Wangolei, Pok Tap, Duk Fadiat, Ayod, Bul, Pathai, Waat, Akon, Mayan Abun, Malek Ngok, Ajong, Akak, Yirol, Pagarau, Ler, Nasir, Yomding. Includes maps. Typescript and manuscript photocopies
May-September 1990
“Interim Report WFP Assessment Team Area from Tibari (E. Equatoria Province) to Waat (Jonglei Province), 24 April-8 May 1990”, 8 May 1990 (6pp)
Confidential (SRRA-UN Internal Use Only). “Preliminary Report”, by WFP / SRRA Assessment Teams, [1990] (13pp)
Notes of meetings in Nairobi, Kapoeta, Ayod, Akon, Nasir, April-September 1990. Manuscript (32pp)
April-September 1990
SRRA Travel Permit (by authority of the SPLM / SPLA), with photograph of DHJ.
Index terms
June 1990
“Lifeline Sudan. An Investigation into Production Capability in the Rural Southern Sudan: A Report on Food Sources and Needs”, United Nations (UN), Nairobi
August-November 1990
Papers relating to work on Project Evaluation and Food Tracking programmes with WFP.
3 files
General information:
Populations: 1983 census. Manuscript and photocopied notes (16pp)
Routes and road distances, 1990. Photocopies of typescript and manuscript notes (8pp)
Food vocabulary, [1990-1991]. Manuscript and typescript notes (7pp)
WFP “Logistics Vehicles Latest Standing Position”, 25 August 1991 (2pp)
September-November 1990
OLS II: WFP monthly reports: September-November 1990 (39pp)
J. Waite, UNICEF Logistic Officer, “An Extract from my Sobat River (Nasir/Abwong) report”, 3-14 September 1990, with map. Manuscript (4pp).
May-November 1990
Reports. Personal copies of DHJ.
July-September 1990
3-month plan tracking and evaluation:
“Famine Looms in Southern Sudan in 1990-1991 as rains are erratic”, SRRA report, with map and graphs, July 1990 (18pp)
“Operation Lifeline Sudan Joint UN / SRRA Three Month Emergency Action Plan”, with map, 8 August-8 November 1990 (23pp); with preliminary comments by DHJ, 17 Sept 1990. Typescript carbon copy (4pp)
Food Tracking Evaluation Coordinator terms of reference, with OLS reporting system diagram (6pp)
Notes by DHJ of a Bor briefing, 27 August 1990. Manuscript (2pp)
Letter from Nils Enqvist to DHJ, concerning recruiting, communications, DHJ's tasks, “chain of actions concerning WFP food”, and imminent visit of Swiss government team, 15 Sept 1990 (3pp)
May-November 1990
Mongalla / Bor:
WFP Operational Area, 3-month plan 1990 (1p)
Food Vocabulary (3pp)
Bor food distribution reports, 2 May-10 August 1990. Photocopied manuscript (10pp)
Field reports: Tibari, Mongalla, Gemaiza, September-October 1990 (14pp)
Memorandum by DHJ at Kongor to Nils Enqvist, “Food Tracking in Gemmeiza and Mongalla”, 19 September 1990. Typescript carbon copy (3pp)
“Gemmeiza - Mongalla - Tibari Supplementary Report”, by DHJ, 9 November 1990. Typescript carbon copy (3pp)
Notes on: Cueiker, Kolnyang, Gak; Mareng, Anyidi, Makuac; Kapaat, Werkok, Yomcier; Makolcuei; Baidit, Mathiang; Jalle; Jalle, Kolmarek, Akuaideng; Jalle, Mareng, Kolnyang, September-October 1990. Typescript and carbon copies (40pp)
October-November 1990
Kongor / Ayod:
Field Notes on Kongor, Wanglei, Aborom, Maar, Panpiol; Kongor, Pok Tap, Duk Fadiat, October-November 1990. Typescript, carbon copies, and manuscript notes (31pp)
“School Feeding Scheme”, report by DHJ, 8 November 1990. Carbon copy and photocopies of manuscript tables (10pp)
Notes by DHJ of SRRA / UN / NGO Coordination meetings, Kongor, 20 and 27 October 1990. Manuscript (11pp)
“Embankment Work Jalle to Kongor Preliminary Estimate”, 8 November 1990. Typescript carbon copy (2pp)
Letter from DHJ at Loki to David Richardson on his induction to OLS II at Jalle-Bor, concerning productive exchanges of food, areas of need, school feeding, and the Aliab Dinka, 8 November 1990. Typescript carbon copy (2pp)
Memorandum from DHJ at Kongor to Nils Enqvist, concerning schedule for the establishment of an Advance Base Camp in Kongor, 19 October 1990. Typescript carbon copy (2pp)
Ayod Field Notes, 3 and 4 November 1990. Typescript carbon copy (6pp)
September-October 1990
OLS meetings:
Memorandum from DHJ at Bor to Nils Enqvist, concerning the relocation of WFP staff to Kapoeta, 27 September 1990. Typescript carbon copy (2pp)
Notes by DHJ of OLS Project Meeting, 15-16 October 1990. Manuscript (5pp)
September 1990
“Proposal: Reference Books on Southern Sudan”, by DHJ, 17 Sept 1990. Typescript carbon copy (3pp)
“Reading List: Southern Sudan” (1p)
December 1989-September 1990
Background reports relevant to 1990 Assessment Report (April-June 1990).
2 files
December 1989-September 1990
“Field Officers Handbook”, WFP, February 1990, [edited by Egil Herdan, Nairobi] (92pp): “made to facilitate the work for WFP OLS personnel in the field [containing] information on Sudans [sic] geography, climate, population and their living conditions ... job descriptions and terms of reference for WFP assignments, instructions on radio procedure, handling of WFP equipment and reporting procedures”.
Handbook includes: WFP “Transport Map - South Sudan”, October 1989, extending into neighbouring Zaire, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, and marking hard top, all weather, and dry season roads, and railway lines (approx. scale 1:2,857,143); UN OLS map of southern Sudan, marking long and small airstrips, warehouses, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) operations, communications, provincial and international boundaries, logistics networks and their extensions (approx. scale 1:7,017,544).
Enclosures (54pp):
Proposed Visit of DHJ to Liberated Areas in Upper Nile Region, March-April 1990 (3pp). Submitted by DHJ to SRRA Nairobi for travel permit prior to being offered employment by WFP / OLS;
Notes by DHJ on report writing. Manuscript (2pp);
WFP (logistics office) “Phonetic Alphabets” (1p);
“Application for Entry/Travel Permit into the Areas of the Sudan under the Administration of SPLM/SPLA”. Blank form (1p);
Memorandum issued from Health UNICEF / OLS to all expatriates in the field re Malaria in Lokichoggio and South Sudan, 31 July 1990 (2pp);
Receipt for 145/- KSh for telefax to UK, 27 August 1990 (1p);
International Christian Aid (ICA) / InterAid International (IAI) “Rules of Conduct for Expatriate Personnel”, stamped WFP logistics office (3pp);
Memorandum to all IAI staff on secondment to WFP re retention of salary, 4 Dec 1989 (1p);
Contract of employment between Inter Aid International and DHJ, employed as an Assessment Officer on secondment to WFP for 53 days commencing 9 April 1990, with covering letter from Erik Andersen, 6 April 1990 (4pp);
Letter from Nils Enqvist to Erik Andersen concerning the extension of contracts for WFP personnel on short term contracts until end June 1990, listing such staff (on 19 April 1990) including DHJ, functions, nationalities, dates of birth and contracts, 5 May 1990 (2pp); with letter from Erik Andersen to DHJ notifying him of the extension of his contract, 9 May 1990 (1p);
List of WFP / OLS staff on short term assignment, 10 May 1990 (1p);
Letter from DHJ at Nairobi to Nils Enqvist, terminating his of employment contract 9 June, 26 May 1990. Typescript carbon copy (1p);
Contract of employment between IAI and DHJ, employed as an Assessment Officer on secondment to WFP 23 August-30 September 1990, 27 August 1990 (3pp);
Organizational chart for WFP / OLS Southern Sector, annotated (1p);
OLS (blank) Data Collection Form. Sections: foods consumed, cattle, crops, wild food, nutrition, market, population, health, other socio-economic observations, storage, roads and vehicles (6pp);
SRRA Agricultural Coordinator Kapoeta Southern Sudan, “Agricultural Survey, Notes on Questionnaires” Photocopy (21pp).
March 1990
“An overview of the emergency situation in Southern Sudan, focusing on the areas currently under the control of the Sudanese Liberation Army”. UNICEF report, marked confidential.
August-December 1990
Reports relevant to Project Evaluation and Food Tracking programmes (August-November 1990).
4 files
October 1990
UN Children's Fund, OLS Southern Sector, “A Critical Review of the Management and Impact of Seeds and Tools Programmes in Southern Sudan”. Nairobi.
26 September 1990
“Aerial bombardment / military overflight activity in South Sudan during Operation Lifeline Sudan”. Photocopy.
October-December 1990
WFP Telexes 1990
Notes by DHJ on WFP / NGO / Donors’ Food Aid Assessment Mission Sudan, Khartoum, 27 November-19 December 1990, Khartoum 19 December 1990. Manuscript (3pp)
Notes by DHJ on UNICEF “A Critical Review of the Management and Impact of Seeds and Tools Programmes in Southern Sudan”, Nairobi October 1990. Manuscript (3pp)
Notes by DHJ on SRRA Food Needs for the Year 1991 and Appeal to International Donor Community, Nairobi. Manuscript (2pp)
Telexes, 3 October 1990-6 November 1990 concerning emergency food aid request from Government of Sudan. Photocopies (29pp)
Telex of Radio SPLA press statement on relief mismanagement, broadcast in English 29 September 1990 (8pp)
August-September 1990
Field reports (August-September 1990).
Report on visit to Lassu, Kaya and Kajokeji areas, 28 August-4 September 1990. Typescript carbon copy (22pp)
Yei River District Field Trip, 28 August-4 September 1990. Preliminary Report. Typescript carbon copy (3pp)
Lassu Camp 29 August 1990. Manuscript notes (2pp)
Lassu, 30 August 1990 (3pp)
Old Lassu, 30 August 1990 (4pp)
Nyori, 31 August 1990 (2pp)
Kaya, 31 August 1990 (1p)
Kopera, 1 September 1990 (1p)
February-August 1991
Papers relevant to return to work for WFP in OLS (May 1991).
Notes by DHJ on phone conversation with Nils Enqvist, 20 May 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Summary of meeting with Deng Alor, Salva Kiir, Elija Maluk [sic] (all SPLM / SRRA) and Douglas Johnson (WFP), Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa, 20 May 1991 (5pp)
Draft by DHJ of overview of relief needs of S. Sudan in 1991, (begun before evacuation of Itang and never completed). Manuscript (13pp)
Notes of meeting in SRRA office, Nairobi, 23 May 1991. Manuscript (5pp)
Summary of points raised at meeting at SRRA Office, Nairobi, 23 May 1991. Present: Elijah Maluk, Pierre Ohure, James Dukku, Nils Enqvist, Louis Imbleau, DHJ (2pp)
“Points” presented by Elijah Malok Aleg, Executive Director, SRRA, [23 May 1991] (2pp)
Memorandum from DHJ at Nairobi to James Dukku, re request for plan for distribution of 5,000 MT maize on West and East bank areas, 29 May 1991 (1p)
DHJ at Nairobi to Louis Imbleau, re SRRA Distribution Plan for Western Equatoria Assessment, 31 May 1991 (1p)
Notes by DHJ of [WFP] staff meeting, [Nairobi], 19 July 1991. Manuscript (1p)
List of [WFP] Field Staff as at 31 July 1991, recording name, job title, nationality, duty station, NTE [?contract termination date], salary level, and comments. Computer printout (1p)
Proposed agenda for OLS Food Aid meeting 15 August 1991, annotated (1p)
SRRA Travel Permit (by authority of the SPLM / SPLA), with photograph of DHJ, 29 May 1991-28 January 1992.
Format for Assessment Mission Report (1p)
“Monitoring in Southern Sudan”, 18 February 1991 (9pp)
Papers relevant to work on 1992 Assessment Report (October – December 1991).
February-May 1991
WFP / OLS Distribution and Evaluation Reports 1991.
Two reports, with covering note 10 April 1991 (1p): “A brief report on Tibari Displaced Persons Camp, Tibari South East Mangalla, S. Sudan”, 5 April 1991 (2pp); “Ngangala, A brief report of assessment”, 5 April 1991 (4pp). Photocopies
Memorandum from J.L. Siblot to L. Imbleau re ‘Tentative plan’ to offload and lease fleet and reload / offload the Bor and Jalle Rubb Halls, 14 March 1991 (2pp)
Distribution plan for 4 court centres of Jonglei Arera and 3 court centres of Athoc Area, with reports and memoranda, February-July 1991 (11pp)
Memorandum from D. Richardson to Nils Enqvist, re Hired Fleet 005/91 Kampala / Ayod Offloading, 9 April 1991 (1p)
Notes about situation in Ayod, Kongor, Jalle Area as at May 1991 (4pp)
Monitoring Report, Distribution: Ayod Area, 8 September-May 1991 (2pp)
Monitoring Report, Distribution: Jalle Area mid-April 1991, 14 May 1991 (2pp)
Monitoring Report, Distribution: Bor Athoc Dinka Area mid-April 1991, 27 May 1991 (3pp)
Report of visit to Pibor Post 2-3 March 1991 (6pp)
Nutritional Report on the food situation and nutritional status of the people in Western Upper Nile, by Anna De Roos, Nutritionist, MSF-Holland (MSF(H)), Ler, February 1991 (4pp)
July-August 1991
WFP situation reports.
Khartoum, 30 July-6 August 1991 (16pp)
Taposa Tribesmen: in Juba Facing Starvation, Juba, 3 July 1991 (2pp)
Notes by DHJ on UNICEF assisted SRRA Rinderpest Campaign, 1991. Manuscript (13pp)
Yirol field notes and reports:
Yirol livestock market, 1989-90 (1p)
Yirol area cattle / grain exchanges, 1989-90 (1p)
Yirol area cattle / grain market prices, 1989-90 (1p)
Yirol places. Manuscript (1p)
ICRC “The Demographical Situation” in Yirol, 1989 (5pp)
Section of Sudan Survey map, Dur and surrounding villages annotated (1p)
Nuer report, informant Peter Puol, Dor section Nuer, Ganylil village, 15 May 1990; with 2 sketch maps (4pp)
Report by Klaus [Fehling] of visit in Aroup Nyiel, 13 May 1990 (1p)
Yirol town market, report of goods and prices, 14-15 May 1990 (1p)
Pagarau, report of information gathered from local farmers, 13 May 1990 (2pp)
Cic and Atuot report, 14 May 1990 (4pp)
ICRC report of mission to SRRA Committee, Yirol 15-17 June 1991 (5pp)
Interview notes of Michel Guignard, Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR), with Makuac Alit Tianic, SRRA Relief Officer, Yirol, 28 August 1991 (1p)
1991/92 Assessment, Yirol field notes by Patta Scott-Villiers; with Yirol ICRC area notes, 10 December 1991 (7pp)
October 1991-December 1992
Preliminary Reports and General Notes, 1991 Assessment
Report on phase I UN Assessment Team – 1992, 24 October 1991 (10pp)
OLS – Southern Sector 1992 Assessment. WFP / UNICEF notes for Special Emergency Programme for the Horn of Africa (SEPHA) preliminary report (9pp)
SEPHA bi-monthly reports, no. 4 (18 October-1 November 1991), pencil notes on back of last page provide preliminary account of casualties from SPLA-Nasir faction attack on Bor district (10pp); no. 5 (2-20 November 1991), (11pp). For reports 10-23, 25-27, see SAD.1024/1/1-53. Photocopies
OLS III: Southern sector (delivery through Kenya and Uganda all Agencies – 1991). Table of accumulated deliveries by destination, 1 January-2 December 1991 (1p)
WFP Food deliveries to Kongor / Jalle area. Manuscript (2pp)
Total distributed, 11 April-30 June, and July-September 1991 (1p)
Summary of food distribution for Jan-Dec 1992 in S. Sudan. Photocopy) (1p)
Kaya and Torit areas food distribution, Jan-June 1992 (2pp)
Financial needs for logistic infrastructure, communication and monitoring aircraft, and monitoring / executive staff, WFP-OLS office Nairobi (3pp)
Notes from Agencies: Catholic Relief Services, World Vision International (WVI), 10 December 1991 (3pp)
Transcript of radio conversation between Douglas Johnson in Nairobi and Alastair Scott-Villiers in Lokichoggio concerning the situation in Bor, Kongor, and Ayod, [December 1991] (1p)
December 1991
“Report of the WFP / FAO / UNICEF Crop, Food and Emergency Needs Assessment Mission, Southern Sudan, 29 October-14 December 1991” (80pp)
Enclosures: manuscript redraft notes by DHJ (4pp); WFP memorandum re Horn of Africa debriefing of SEPHA mission, 16 December 1991 (1p)
Sudanese returnees emergency and Nasir airdrop, May-August 1991.
4 files
[1991], [2017]
Note on the Nasir emergency, detailing DHJ's movements and duties, and with note expanding abbreviated initials of personnel as used in radio messages and minutes (1p)
Chronology of events and consequent Sudanese refugee movements, 1983-91 (2pp)
[February 1991]
“Report of the Multi-Donor Technical Mission on Refugees and Returnees”, February 1991: western region team's mission occurred 11-23 February 1991. Photocopy.
27 May 1991
Press releases issued by SRRA, Nairobi. Photocopies:
[no. 1], “Human tragedy of a very great dimention [sic] afflicting the peoples of the Sudan in the refugees centres in western Ethiopia and in areas around Gameiza, Bor, Ayod, and Pibor”;
no. 2, “Human tragedy of a very great dimention [sic] afflicting the peoples of the Sudan who are on the move from Western Ethiopia to the Sudan in areas around Gameiza, Bor, Ayod, and Pibor”.
30-31 May 1991
UNICEF / OLS radio messages from Emma McCune, Street Kids International, to Vincent O'Reilly, OLS, and others, reporting status of refugee camps and refugees movements and condition, requesting peacekeeping force. Photocopies.
3 and 4 June 1991
2 letters from John Ryle in London to Andrew Timpson, and others, concerning Southern Sudanese returning refugees in Upper Nile / Jonglei, assessing relief options, recommending airdrop from Nairobi, and with population breakdown of former refugee camps in Ethiopia based on December 1990 UN statistics
8 June 1991
Nasir Assessment report no. 2, 8 June 1991. Carbon copy.
Blank sketch map of Sobat / Pibor area
Index terms
5-19 June 1991
UNICEF Information Updates:
no. 1, First wave of Sudanese refugees from Ethiopia reach Nasir, 5 June 1991.
nos. 2-11, Mass migration of Sudanese refugees from Ethiopia back into Sudan, 5-19 June 1991.
June-August 1991
UN / NGO team, Nasir, Situation reports and summaries:
Situation reports nos. 8-10, 11-13 June 1991. Carbon copy (6pp);
Memorandum to Vincent O’Reilly, OLS, for wider distribution, re Deadline for air drop, 14 June 1991. Carbon copy (1p);
Situation report no. 12, 15 June 1991. Carbon copy (2pp);
Situation Summary, 16 June 1991. Carbon copy (2pp);
Situation reports nos. 13-14, 17-18 June 1991. Carbon copies (4pp);
Situation summary, 20 June 1991 (1p);
Situation reports nos. 22-23, 26-27, and 30, 26-27 June, 8 and 12 July, 9 August 1991. Carbon copies and photocopy (16pp).
14 June 1991
Letter from DHJ at Nasir to Louis Imbleau, Nairobi, itemising record keeping materials to be provided to Itang Refugee Committee for issue to registered heads of families to monitor distributed food. Carbon copy.
22 June 1991
“Report on visit to Nasir and Pochalla and appeal by New Sudan Council of Churches for assistance for Sudanese refugees who have returned to Sudan, 18-21 June 1991”, by Bishop Paride Taban and Fr Mathew Haumann. Photocopy.
[June 1991]
OLS “Return of Sudanese refugees from Ethiopia to Southern Sudan, Outline emergency plan of action”, draft no. 2.
June-July 1991
Nasir air-drop reports:
No. 1, 26 June-6 July 1991, by DHJ, 7 July 1991. Carbon copy (3pp)
Distribution report, 26 June-16 July 1991, by DHJ, 19 July 1991 (9pp)
[Nasir] Airdrop receipts, 26 June-16 July (2pp)
Summary of food, non-food cargo and fuel used for 44 airdrops, annotated, 17 July 1991 (1p)
July 1991
Registration and distribution site reports, Nasir area:
Mandeng and Torpot registration and distribution reports, 8 July 1991 (2pp)
Dhordeng [registration and] distribution report, 10 July 1991 (3pp)
Nor food distribution site visit report, 9 July 1991 (3pp)
Covering letter from Dave Richardson to DHJ, referring to daily distribution report as of same date (not present), 15 July 1991. Manuscript (1p)
Letter from Dale [Skoric] to DHJ, reporting events since DHJ's departure, distribution, work-force, rise in new constructions, [1991]. Manuscript (2pp)
WFP / OLS radio message, “very urgent”, from Patta Scott-Villiers to DHJ and others, relaying SRRA refugee figures for 7 camp sites, to be used as guide for planning distribution, 17 July 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Reports on visits to distribution centres, 14-31 July 1991, with summary “Monitored impact of current aid programme in the Nasir area”: Nor, Torpot, Mandeng, Kuerenga, Kot, Pandanyang Minor, Duording, Kwat. Photocopied manuscript (29pp)
July 1991
UN press releases:
“United Nations calls for urgent and integrated response to a deepening crisis facing the returning refugees of Sudan”, [July 1991] (2pp)
“United Nations calls for urgent response to the deepening crisis in the Horn of Africa”, Nairobi, 31 July 1991 (3pp)
August 1991
Registration and distribution site reports, Nasir area:
“Reaction of returnees to wheat as food aid” report by Ruth Oloo, WFP Food Monitor, Nasir, 2 August 1991 (2pp)
WFP / OLS Beneficiary monitoring report, Dhordeng village, Nasir area, by Mark Gallagher, Food Monitor, 1 August 1991 (6pp)
Report of food distributions at Kot and Pandanyang, by Ruth Oloo, 2 August 1991 (4pp)
Report on Kwerenga Returnee Camp, Nasir, by Ruth Oloo, 2 August 1991 (2pp)
WFP / OLS Beneficiary monitoring report, Torpot village, Nasir, with sketch plan, by Mark Gallagher, Food Monitor, 4 August 1991 (5pp)
July-August 1991
Enumeration of returnees from Itang and displaced people ( “victims of war” ) from Southern Blue Nile Region, [1991]. Manuscript (1p)
Rough estimates of populations of returnees in Baliet, Abwong, and Doma areas, by Alastair [Scott-Villiers], [July 1991]. Manuscript (1p)
Fax from Nicolas Bwakira UNHCR Geneva to Charles Lamuniere, UNICEF, New York, reporting procurements in response to OLS Nairobi Assessment report of 4 July, 8 July 1991. Original and photocopy (2p)
Memorandum from Moses Tipo Nyawello, Agricultural Senior Technician, to Taban Deng Gai, SRRA Secretary, reporting result of a survey for crop fields in the Nasir area, 8 July 1991 (2pp)
Letter from Klaus [Fehling] at Loki to DHJ, concerning aid flights logistics, Pugnido and Itang returnee movements, 8 July 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Notes by DHJ on Daga area, informants Edward Otome Luteng and Alfred Amanya Orryomo who had come to Nasir to ask for relief supplies to be sent to Daga, 9 July 1991. Manuscript (1p)
Memorandum from Patta Scott-Villiers to Nils Enqvist concerning Fellata group stranded in Nasir, suggesting repatriation to Damazin by UN barge, 18 July 1991; annotated by DHJ, Khartoum approved barge to carry them to Kosti. Manuscript (2pp)
Notes by DHJ of SRRA Follow-up meeting at Nasir, 24 July 1991. Manuscript (1p)
Notes by DHJ of WFP meeting at Nairobi, 27 July 1991. Manuscript (3pp)
“Joint Communique” issued by the Provisional Government of Eritrea and the UN, concerning issues of relief for the people of Eritrea, 27 July 1991 (1p)
Notes by DHJ of Donor’s meeting, 31 July 1991. Manuscript (3pp)
Notes by DHJ of meeting with Gaajak (Maiwut) chiefs, Ketbek, 5 August 1991. Manuscript (4pp)
July-August 1991
Akobo and Pakok reports:
Akobo Interim situation report, UN / SRRA Assessment Team, 10 July 1991 (6pp)
Akobo Situation report, UN / SRRA Assessment Team, 14-17 July 1991 (3pp)
Report of Akobo assessment mission no. 3, 8-11 August 1991 (9pp)
Pakok Situation report, UN Assessment Team, 24 July 1991 (9pp)
Pakok Food distribution report by Dale [Skoric], 29 August 1991 (3pp)
6 and 12 July 1991
Pochalla Situation report, SRRA, 6 July 1991; with covering letter from Klaus [Fehling] at Loki to DHJ concerning registrations, 12 July 1991. Photocopy and manuscript
August 1991
Urgent memorandum by O'Reilly and Enqvist to Haider and USAID reporting the number of returnees in Nasir, [August 1991] (2pp)
WFP/OLS radio message, Alastair Scott-Villiers to Vincent O'Reilly and Nils Enqvist, report of Assessment visit down Sobat / Pibor river, 12 August 1991 (3pp)
Report by DHJ of WFP Assessment visit to Sobat / Pibor River, 12 August 1991; Summary by DHJ of findings of UN Preliminary survey of returnees settled along River Sobat beyond Nasir down to Baliet; with covering note from Zanusso requesting permission for various distributions via a second barge delivery to Nasir, 12 August 1991 (5pp)
OLS Summary of Findings: “Survey of Itang returnees settled along Sobat / Baro / Pibor / Akobo Rivers, June-August 1991”, 14 August 1991 (4pp)
“Southern Sudan Emergency, Field Visit of July 12-20, 1991: update and recommendations on returnees from Ethiopia”, by Thomas O. Brennan, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) / Regional Economic Development Services Office, East and Southern Africa (REDSO / ESA) (20pp); with “Comments” by DHJ, 14 August 1991 (10pp)
WFP / OLS Nairobi [DHJ] “Comment on New York Times Allegations”, 14 August 1991 (3pp)
Telex from Smith Hempstone, “Southern Sudan emergency - refugees returning from Ethiopia: the view from both sides now”, 28 August 1991. Contains sections on Gambela general, Refugee camps, Back in Sudan (Pochala, Nasir, Pakok). Photocopy of REDSO file copy (17pp)
9 August 1991
“Background Report and Guidelines for Future Planning: Nor Deng Centre for Sudanese returnees, Nasir”, by Wendy James, WFP / OLS, Southern Sector, Nairobi.
31 August 1991
“The Return to Southern Sudan of the Sudanese Refugees from Itang Camp, Gambela, Ethiopia: A report on their current situation, numbers, areas of origin and present location along the Baro, Pibor and Sobat Rivers of Southern Sudan”, by Alastair and Patta Scott-Villiers, UNICEF / OLS, Nasir.
1991-1992; 26 May 2017
Letter from DHJ at St Louis, Missouri, to Deborah Scroggins, Atlanta Journal - Constitution, providing Sudan returnees update, focussing on effects of American policy towards Ethiopia, 31 August 1991: annotated by DHJ with qualification, 26 May 2017. Photocopy
August-October 1991
“Proposed Inter-Agency Plan of Action for Immediate Assistance, Protection, Reintegration and Resettlement of Unaccompanied Minors in Southern Sudan”, UN / OLS.
Enclosure: Some considerations for the reintegration and resettlement of unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups in southern Sudan, [after August 1991].
15 October 1991
“Vulnerable groups in the Nasir Region: update on Nor Deng (Blue Nile returnees) and resettlement proposal.” Report for WFP / OLS Southern Sector, Nairobi, based on a field visit from 23 September-9 October 1991 by Wendy James, Assessment Consultant.
[November 1991]
Confidential memorandum by Alastair Scott-Villiers to TE [Thomas Ekvall], concerning security in Nasir following split in the SPLA, [after 1 November 1991]. Annotated by DHJ: delivered verbally by DHJ to TE at Bor. Manuscript
16 and 18 September 1992
Minute of conversations with John Egan MacAteer, US Embassy, Addis Ababa, concerning evacuations of Itang, Funyido and Dima and possible SPLA motivation,16 and 18 September 1992.
31 October 1992
“Uduk Asylum Seekers in Gambela, 1992: Community report and options for resettlement”, report by Wendy James for UNHCR, Addis Ababa.
January 1995
“The Bonga Scheme. Progress to 1994 and outlook for 1995: A report for UNHCR on assistance to Sudanese (Uduk) refugees in Western Ethiopia”, by Wendy James, January 1995.
“Repatriation of 150,000 Sudanese Refugees from Ethiopia: a case study in manipulation of civilians in a situation of civil conflict”, by Alastair and Patta Scott-Villiers and Cole P. Dodge.
Reports used in drafting OLS Southern Sector 1991 Assessment Report.
UN / OLS 3 1992 Food Needs Assessment.
[1989 x 1991]
Operation Lifeline Sudan. UN map, showing long / small airstrips, warehouses, ICRC operations, and logistics networks.
1:6997148 (approx.)
Index terms
Notes on Bor, Kongor, Pok Tap / Duk areas.
Map (Appendix 2) of area from Bor to Duk Faiwil, showing communications, settlements, settlements abandoned since 1960s due to Murle raids, cattle camps, administrative and court centres, villages, migration routes into the Eastern Plain (approx. scale 1:567,368) (1p)
Bor population statistics, 1955/6, 1976, 1983, 1989 (1p)
Bor area population statistics, September 1989: SRRA, WFP, and Extrapolated data; with 2 sketch maps of Bor District (approx. scale 1:454,545) and Bor / Pariak area (approx. scale 1:192,308) showing communications, swamp, villages / towns, and population movements (3p)
Pages from 13 September 1989 report on Cuejbet-Longo drainage canal project, including 2 sketch maps (6pp)
Notes: Jalle to Paliau, 25 April 1990 (6pp)
Journey from Bor to Jalle, 12 September 1990 (2pp)
Notes: Mareng, Anyidi, Makuac, 15 September 1990 (4pp)
Notes: Cueiker, Kolnyang, Gak, 18 September 1990 (7pp)
Notes: Jalle, Kolmarek, Akuaideng, 19 September 1990 (5pp)
Notes: Mathiang, 6 October 1990; with sketch map (5pp)
Visit to Kapaat, Werkok, Yomcier, 7 October 1990; with sketch map (1p)
Notes of field trips by Ruth Jolly, Chris Horwood, Alier Lueth (SRRA) to communities at Makolcuei, Baidit, Kapaat, and Werkok, with sketch maps, 15-16 October 1990; with Comment on October reports by DHJ, Kongor, 22 October 1990 (13pp)
Population of court centres, compiled by Ayom Mach Jok (SRRA Bor), 6 November 1990 (2pp)
Memorandum from SRRA Bor / WFP Field Coordinator, concerning distribution to Bor Gok area, 14 April 1991 (1p)
OLS radio message re 3-month distribution plan for displaced people in Bor county, 19 July 1991 (2pp)
Report of food distribution (bags) in Jalle, Pampial, Paliau (3pp)
Notes by JLS: Mareng / Anyidi, 3-7 November [1991] (3pp)
Bor area notes, 4-8 November 1991 (6pp)
Fax from AP to DHJ re cattle vaccination statistics 1989-1991, 9 November 1991 (1p)
“Proposed assistance to Bor grinding mill”; “Proposed FFW program on repairs and maintenance of embankment and dykes between Akuai Deng and Wangolei”, reports by Kilian Kleinschmidt (KK), WFP Bor, 10 November 1991 (4pp)
OLS radio messages, KK to DHJ, reports of distribution, deaths, resettlement, schools, cattle vaccinations, water pumps, 10 November 1991. Manuscript (5pp)
Breakdown of population counted according to villages on 11 November 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Malek Coordination Meeting, 11 November 1991. Typescript carbon copy (2pp)
Letter from KK to DHJ, on distribution, access, river transport, 11 November 1991. Manuscript (1p)
Report from KK to DHJ, DH, LI on physical count of displaced people in Malek and Pan-Pandiar, 12 November 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Twic Dinka: Wuts, Court centres, Sections (dhien) (1p)
Twic Dinka sections and chiefs. Manuscript (1p)
Notes of SRRA / WFP meeting at Kongor, 29 April 1990; with 2 sketch maps and 2 photocopied sections from Sudan Survey 1:250,000 maps (10pp)
Reports of Information from villagers in Panyagor, Payom, Wangolei, 29-30 April 1990 (6pp)
Analysis of ICRC Family census registers, May 1990 (1p)
Kongor sketch map, showing communications, relief zones, bush warehouses, dispensaries, EPIs, veterinary vaccinations, fishing areas (approx. scale 1:929,310) (1p)
Kongor area Agricultural Report 1990/91, by Peter Deng Aguer, 7 September 1990; with sketch map showing production sectors, areas of good yields, drought, bird affected, without harvest (approx. scale 1:709,211) (6pp)
School statistics, Kongor and Duk Districts, October 1990 (1p)
Notes of SRRA / WFP / UNICEF visits to Wanglei [sic], Aborom, Panipol, Maar, 24-30 October 1990 (10pp)
SRRA Kongor cereals distribution plan for February 1991, listing areas, populations, daily kg per village, monthly rates in sacks (1p)
Pok Tap / Duk:
Notes: Pok Tap and Duk Fadiat, 1-2 May 1990 (3pp)
Notes: N. Kongor / Pok Tap / Duk Fadiat, 2-4 November 1990 (1p)
Notes on Ayod, Waat, Akobo areas.
Notes by DHJ on livestock and human populations. Manuscript (6p)
Graph of rainfall at Ayod, 1987, 1988, 1990 (to 20 July) (1p)
WFP Food monitors’ report, Ayod, 1-17 September 1989; with 2 sketch maps (24pp)
Numbers and distribution of needy people, Ayod, 13-20 September 1989: single page from larger report (1p)
Ayod field report, visit by SRRA assessment team, Alastair Scott-Villiers, DHJ, SN, 3 May 1990; with annotated section of 1:250,000 Sudan Survey map, Buk to Chiulbong (7pp)
Field notes from two interviews at Bul, 3 May 1990 (2pp)
Notes, Ayod, 3-4 November 1990 (5pp)
Notes about situation in Ayod, Kongor, Jalle area as at [8-9] May 1991, 29 May 1991 (3pp)
Area notes: Ayod, arriving by air, 29 October-1 November 1991 (8pp)
Notes about Ayod, by Jean-Luc Siblot, 29 October-1 November 1991 (3pp)
Report of interview with Martin Marial, concerning effects of “coup”, 1 November 1991 (1p)
Notes by DHJ on Waat Population in 1955/6, 1976, 1989. Manuscript (1p)
Graph of rainfall at Paddoi, 1987, 1988, 1990 (to 20 July) (1p)
Annotated sketch map of water, grazing and potential cattle concentrations in Waat, indicating cattle movement migration patterns, populated areas, water pumps, wells and pools, court centres, main towns, bridges, seasonal dry streams, small paths, main roads, and population areas; map drawn “in conjunction with SRRA”, [1989] (2pp). Another less annotated copy is filed at SAD.1020/4
Notes of meeting at Pathai, 4 May 1990 (2pp)
Notes on visit to Waat, 4-5 May 1990 (1p)
WFP/OLS radio message from SRRA Ayod to Jean-Luc Siblot on new airstrip, 25 October 1991 (1p)
Radio message from Riek Machar Teny to DJ [?DHJ] concerning missing radio and food situation at Waat, 31 October 1991; with note of 2 replies sent. Manuscript (1p)
Radio messages concerning situation in Waat, 1-2 November 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
OLS radio messages concerning situation in Waat and UN radio, 2-10 November 1991. Manuscript (8pp)
List of personnel accompanying UN Team to selected areas to collect data re starvation situation in Lou area, 13 November 1991. Manuscript (1p)
1991/92 Assessment, Waat, notes by Patta [Scott-Villiers], 12-13 November 1991 (5pp)
Area notes: Waat, 12-14 November 1991 (5pp)
Notes by Jean-Luc Siblot on visit to Waat, 12-14 November 1991 (3pp)
Report of Akobo assessment mission no. 3, 8-11 August 1991 (9pp)
Notes on Eastern Equatoria.
Torit / Kapoeta:
Field trip report by Patta Scott-Villiers to DP: Torit and Kapoeta / Chukudum. Part of a report of a visit to Boma, Torit, and Ler, 24 September-11 October 1991 (7pp)
WFP Assessment report by J.O. Odak: Ngangala, 5 April 1991 (2pp)
WFP “A brief report on Tibari displaced persons camp”, by J.O. Odak, 5 April 1991 (2pp)
Notes on Tibari, 24 April 1990 (2pp)
OLS radio message, population numbers Ngangala and Tibari areas, for SRRA distribution ratio calculation, 19 July 1991. Handwritten photocopy (1p)
Mongalla and Gemmeiza:
Note on Gemmeiza Mundari sections and distribution, with December 1989 populations and diagrammatic map (2pp)
Mongalla report, 8 October 1990 (2pp)
Mongalla [field trip] report, with sketch map, 11-12 October 1990 (6pp)
Gemmeiza field trip report, 12 October 1990 (2pp)
Supplementary Report: Gemmeiza, Mongalla, Tibari, 9 November 1990 (1p)
OLS radio message, population numbers Mongalla area, [for SRRA distribution ratio calculation], 19 July 1991. Manuscript photocopy (2pp)
Notes on Western Equatoria, Kajo-Kaji areas.
Western Equatoria:
“Situation report on Maridi – Yambio – Mundri”, WFP Assessment Team, 19 August 1991 (6pp)
6 photocopied sections of Sudan Survey 1:250,000 maps for Tembura area (6pp)
Kajokeji, Kaya:
“Report on visit to Lassu, Kaya and Kajo-Kaji areas” 28 August-4 September 1990, WFP / UNICEF report by DHJ at Bor, 11 September 1990; with appendix on markets, and sketch map (scale 1:1,000,000) (17pp)
Notes on Pochalla, Boma, Pakok, Pibor areas.
Area notes: Pochalla, 2 November and 10 December 1991 (1p)
Notes on Boma, Murle, 21 May 1991 (2pp)
Notes on Kaiwa village, Boma, 22 May 1990 (2pp)
Notes on Bayien village, Boma, 23 May 1990 (1p)
Field trip report by Patta Scott-Villiers to DP of a visit to Boma, 24 September-11 October 1991. Part of a report of a visit to Boma, Torit, and Ler, 14 October 1991 (5pp)
Pakok situation report by UN Assessment Team Dr Susie Cohen (UNICEF) and Klaus Fehling (WFP), 24 July 1991; with sketch map of Pakok (8pp)
Pakok food distribution report by Dale [Skoric]. Manuscript photocopy (3pp)
Pakok situation report, 6 October 1991 (4pp)
Telex from BM / AM to TE, re Aerial survey of road to Pakok, 24 October 1991 (2pp)
Pakok situation report by Thomas Ekvall and Louis Imbleau, Nairobi, 25 October 1991 (3pp)
Pibor Post:
Report of visit to Pibor Post by Teela Swanson (WFP) and Victor Christo Odong (SRRA, Bor), 2-3 March 1991; includes table of pupil and teacher numbers and names of headmasters of Bor, Aliap, and Mundari schools, and 2 sketch maps of Bor - Pibor road and Pibor area (6pp)
1990-[December] 1991
Notes on Nasir:
3 graphs of rainfall at Nasir, Jekmir, and Yomding, 1987, 1988, 1990 (to 20 July) (3pp)
Notes by DHJ on Dhuording, 2 July 1991. Manuscript (3pp)
Notes of interview of Edward Otome Luteng (Mboya) and Alfred Amanya Orromo (Buldit) from Daga, conducted at Nasir, 9 July 1991, Manuscript photocopy (1p)
Report by DHJ of meeting with Gaajak (Maiwut) chiefs at Ketbek, 5 August 1991. Manuscript (4pp)
Enumeration of returnees and displaced people from southern Blue Nile region. Manuscript photocopy (1p)
SRRA “Report by Campaign Committee on the issue of whether returnees should go back to Itang or resettle in their places of origin or integrate with the locals in Sobat Basin”, 11 October 1991 (4pp)
SRRA National Committee, “Concept Paper on Relief and rehabilitation in the Sobat Basin of South Sudan”, October 1991; with map (20pp)
Area notes: Nasir, 15-16 November 1991 (2pp)
Headcounts for Kot, Mandeng, Karenga, Torpot, Dhourdeng areas. Manuscript (1p)
OLS Radio message from DR to DHJ, re personal welfare, 16 November 1991 (1p)
Report of an assessment mission to Jumding - Ulang area by SRRA / UNICEF/ WFP / UNHCR team and two chiefs from Uduk village Nor Deng, [December 1991]. Manuscript photocopy (4pp)
May 1990-August 1991
Western Equatoria
WFP W. Equatoria:
“A report on conditions of the displaced in Western Equatoria Province of the Sudan”, SRRA Liaison Office, Nairobi (3pp)
Radio message, Ben Martinson to Nils Enqvist, concerning Lasu camp, 2 January 1991 (1p)
“Satellite data on 1990/91 growing season in Western Equatoria”, report by Kay Sharp, 30 January 1991; data from Regional Centre for Services in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (RCSSMRS [now RCMRD]), Nairobi (5pp)
Radio message from WFP Khartoum to WFP Logistics, Nairobi, concerning vehicles in W. Equatoria taken by SPLA, 4 April 1991 (1p)
Situation report on Maridi, Yambio, Mundri, WFP Assessment Team, 19 August 1991 (6pp)
UNICEF Kajo-Kaji / Kaya:
“Field trip report: visit to Kajo Keji and Kaya for Primary Health Care Facility Assessment, 18 April–12 May 1991”, WFP W. Equatoria; with map (approx. scale 1:454,545) of Kaya and Kajokeji areas showing health facilities visited May 1990, and not visited (7pp)
Africa Action in Need (AAIN), W. Equatoria:
“Report on Yei area, Equatoria region, South Sudan. Current situation, needs assessment, and proposed strategies and activities”, AAIN, January 1991; with UNHCR map of S. Sudan (approx. scale 1:3,191,489) (27pp)
“Needs assessment and proposed interventions West Bank South Sudan (Yambio, Maridi, Mundri, Yei and Kajo-Keji areas). Summary”, AAIN, June 1991; with [UNHCR] map of S. Sudan (approx. scale 1:3,191,489), and July-December 1991 Western Equatoria Emergency Programme budget; annotated (13pp)
Action Internationale Contre le Faim (AICF) Kajokeji:
“Mission report. Survey of Kajo-Kaji District, South Sudan, May 4th -10th 1990”, Jean-Francois Vidal, AICF, Uganda (4pp)
“Nutritional and medical assistance for Kajo-Kaji District population.” AICF / American Friends of AICF (AF of AICF) project proposal, 10 May 1990 (4pp)
“Nutritional and medical assistance for Kajo-Kaji District population, South Sudan.” AF of AICF / AICF proposals for an extension, Jean-Francois Vidal, Kampala, 21 May 1991 (13pp)
Mission report, Kano-Keji District, 24 May 1990 (26pp)
AF of AICF Kajokeji Extension program proposal, 1 January 1991–20 June 1991, 17 January 1991 (6pp)
[November 1991]
“Nutritional assessment in Upper Nile, South Sudan, Bor - Ayod - Pakok areas, 29 Oct-17 Nov 1991. Results”, by Dr Loic Flachet, Epicentre consultant, MSF; with map of Sudan (approx. scale 1:9,756,098) and sketch maps of Bor and Ayod areas; with covering letter from author to DHJ.
1991 Food Needs Assessment terms of reference:
Memorandum from Douglas H. Johnson, Oxford, to Szynalski / Green / Haider, WFP Rome, and Imbleau, WFP / OLS Nairobi re Outline for WFP / FAO 1991 Assessment in the Southern Sudan, 6 September 1991 (4pp)
Fax from B. Szynalski, Chief, Disaster Relief Service, to Trevor Page, WFP Director of Operations, Khartoum re Terms of Reference Emergency Food Needs Assessment (WFP), 25 October 1991 (4pp)
1991 Assessment in the Southern Sudan. Proposed plan for phase I (4pp)
1991 Assessment in the Southern Sudan. Proposed plan for phase II (6pp)
Terms of Reference for SEPHA preparatory mission for assistance to the Horn of Africa in 1992 (6pp)
August-November 1991
WFP Assessment 1991 field notes by Klaus Fehling for Douglas Johnson:
Itinerary of 1991 assessment trips by Klaus Fehling, 18 November 1991. Manuscript (2pp)
Notes of meeting at Tambura 17 October 1991, by Dave Richardson, with sketch map. Manuscript photocopy (4pp)
Tambura County distribution plan, issued by Maduk Chol, Tambura County Chairman SRRA and New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC), 18-19 October 1991 (2pp)
SPLM / SPLA Tambura County reports: Education, Civil Hospital, Water Sanitation, Fisheries, Women Affairs’, 18 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (12pp)
Maridi / Mvolo field notes, 9 August-20 September 1991. Manuscript photocopy (13pp)
Torit field notes, 23-30 September 1991. Manuscript photocopy (8pp)
Bor field notes, 1 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (6pp)
Ler [sic] field notes, 7-9 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (20pp)
Interview with Dean Norby, Medair Field Coordinator at Akobo, Loki, 12 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (3pp)
Nasir field notes, 13-14 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (5pp)
Loki-Akobo field notes, 15-16 October 1991. Manuscript photocopy (15pp)
Ombasi market, Rasolo, Mundri, Mvolo field notes, 2-5 November 1991. Manuscript photocopy (5pp)
Yirol field notes, 5-7 November 1991. Manuscript photocopy (10pp)
Akot field notes, 7 November 1991. Manuscript photocopy (1p)
Mundri field notes, 8 November 1991. Manuscript photocopy (4pp)
Waat field notes, 12-14 November 1991. Manuscript photocopy (6pp)
“Operation Lifeline Sudan - Southern Sector, 1992 Assessment, WFP / UNICEF Notes for SEPHA Preliminary Report”, [November 1991] (7pp)
“1991/92 Needs Assessment for SPLA-held Sothern Sudan. UNICEF Notes for Presentation to the SEPHA Preparatory Mission for Assistance to the Horn of Africa - 1992”, UNICEF OLS Southern Sector report.
“1992 Food Needs Assessment”, WFP, OLS Southern Sector report. Annotated.
October-November 1991
UN Reports, Government of Sudan (GOS) side.
Khartoum: “Report on the Problems Facing the Khartoum Displaced”, by UN Emergency Unit, Khartoum, 7 November 1991; with pencilled notes by DHJ on back of last page from a talk by Sandro Triulzi on ‘Neo-Gobanism’ in Ethiopia (13pp)
Upper Nile state: general report, with tables on population and demography, agriculture and rainfall, water supply, livestock and veterinary services, health, food, education, grain goat price ratio (16pp)
Bahr el-Ghazal state: general report, with tables on demography, areas of cultivation, yields, mechanized / traditional cultivation areas, rainfall, water sources, livestock and veterinary services, health, food supply and relief food (12pp)
“Wau situation report for the month October 1991”, prepared by David Deng (12pp)
Juba: “Juba situation report, October 1991”, from Anthony Mogga, UN Emergency Unit, Juba, to Per Janvid, UNDP, Khartoum, 5 November 1991 (14pp)
January-October 1992
Operation Lifeline Sudan (Southern Sector):
SEPHA (UNICEF) bi-monthly reports and situation reports on OLS Emergency and Relief Operations in the Southern Sector, nos 10-23, 25-27. For reports 4 and 5 see SAD.1022/3 (27pp)
No.10, 21 January-5 February 1992 (1p)
No.11, 6-20 February 1992 (1p)
No.12, 15 February-5 March 1992 (1p)
No.13, 5-20 March 1992 (1p)
No.14, 21 March-5 April 1992 (1p)
No.15, 3-21 April 1992 (1p)
No.16, 19 April-5 May 1992 (1p)
No.17, 5-20 May 1992 (2pp)
No.18, 19 May-7 June 1992 (1p)
No.19, 7-22 June 1992 (1p)
No. 20, 21 June-3 July 1992 (2pp)
No. 21, 4-20 July 1992 (2pp)
No. 22, 21 July-5 August 1992 (1p)
No. 23, 5-22 August 1992 (1p)
No. 25, 5-22 September 1992 (1p)
No. 26, 23 September-6 October (4pp)
No. 27, 6-21 October (4pp)
August-November 1992
UN OLS reports on displaced populations, food needs, UN operations and logistics, murders of 3 relief workers and a journalist (Vilma Gomez, Francis Mwihandi Ngure, U. Myint Maung, Helge Hummelvoll) and investigation, draft ground rules required for restoring OLS operations.
Minutes of OLS Donor / NGO meeting, 4 August 1992 (5pp)
“Food supply situation and crop prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Special report no. 3, September 1992. Report by FAO's Global information and early warning system on food and agriculture (8pp)
Report by WFP Regional Logistics Office Nairobi, re flight authorization to Nasir and Waat and total 1992 airlift distributions to August and 17 August 1992, 1 September 1992 (1p)
“Sitrep assessment on displaced population concentrated in Aguthran, visited 14-16 September 1992”, report by Jean-Luc Siblot (WFP) and Bob McCarthy (UNICEF) (5pp)
“Sitrep assessment on displaced in Mundri, visited 17-20 September 1992”, report by Jean-Luc Siblot (WFP) and Bob McCarthy (UNICEF) (6pp)
WFP / RLO – South Sudan food needs for 4th quarter 1992 and 1st quarter 1993, tabulated plans A and B, [September 1992] (6pp)
WFP / RLO Special Emergency Programme for the Horn of Africa (SEPHA) “Bi-monthly report on emergency and relief operations in South Sudan for the period 22 September-5 [October] 1992” (5pp)
Report of UN conference in Nairobi reporting on delegation visit to Sudan, 17 September 1992 (1p)
UN General briefing note, on Sudan, and with briefing notes on unaccompanied minors, [September 1992] (10pp)
UNICEF notice of, and note of decisions taken at, an Extraordinary Donor / NGO meeting at Gigiri to discuss recent developments in Southern Sudan, 1 October 1992 (2pp)
WFP “Weekly emergency report for Southern Sudan, 3 October 1992.” (4pp)
UNICEF telefax memorandum from Vincent O'Reilly, Nairobi, to Charles La Muniere, Geneva, re Call for investigation of circumstances surrounding the deaths of UNICEF and NGO staff and journalist in South Sudan, 4 October 1992 (3pp)
“Briefing note on current security situation in SPLA Southern Sudan, 5 October 1992”, [by Alastair Scott-Villiers] (6pp)
Funeral programme for U. Myint Maung, Kariakor Social Hall, Nairobi, 5 October 1992 (1p)
WFP Nairobi, Kenya: memorandum from Dieter Hannusch to Charles Gilbertson re WFP / South Sudan operations and staffing, 7 October 1992 (4pp)
UNICEF OLS (Southern Sector) inter-office memorandum from Thomas Ekvall re Memorial service for Francis Mwihandi Ngure, 7 October 1992 (3pp)
UN Board of Inquiry into the deaths of three relief workers and one journalist in Southern Sudan: Proposed programme and itinerary 10-15 October 1992 (3pp)
UNICEF OLS (Southern Sector) inter-office memorandum from Anthony Owereko, Operations Officer, to all NGOs, re Investigation team, 8 October 1992 (1p)
Agenda for Food Coordination meeting, Friday 9 October 1992; with Sudan Emergency Operations Consortium (SEOC); with SEOC “Relief update no. 7 ”re movement of relief supplies 14-27 September 1992 (4pp)
UN / NGO Security meeting, 10 October 1992: minutes of Southern Sudan sub-meeting; with proposed agenda (3pp)
Memorandum from Per Janvid to all UN / OLS staff, NGO and Donor Representatives, re ongoing suspension of OLS relief operations in Arne, Aswa and Atepi areas, 16 October 1992; with OLS Update no. 64, 16 October 1992; and copy of draft “Ground rules” required for restoring OLS operations in Southern Sudan, 13 October 1992 (4pp)
UNICEF OLS (Southern Sector) OLS Update no. 65, Waat, 1 November 1992 (3pp)
Minutes of OLS Donors’ Meeting, Nairobi, 3 November 1992 (2pp)
“Ground Rules”, drafts of NGO / UN agreed version and version incorporating SRRA / Relief Association of Southern Sudan (RASS) concerns and comments (3pp)
UN OLS assessments, briefings and reports concerning Southern Sudan: security, refugees and returnees, agriculture and livestock.
Southern Sudan security situation and implications position paper, 23 March 1992 (7pp)
“A political economy of refugee flows from south-west Sudan, 1986-1988”, by David Keen. UN Research Institute for Social Development Discussion Paper (UNRISD) (no. 39), November 1992; with map of “Where north meets south: Ethnic groups in the famine's epicentre, south-west Sudan” (approx. scale 1:3,658,537) (50pp)
Ayod assessment, Patta Scott-Villiers to DP / PO’B, 16 December 1992; with additional notes, 20 January 1993 (11pp)
“Operation Lifeline Sudan Southern Sector 1992/93 Situation Assessment”, Nairobi, February 1993; with maps of Southern Sudan, and areas of Kongor, Bor, Panaru, Sobat, Baro and Pibor Rivers, Ayod and Fangak (42pp)
“Refugees returning home: report of the symposium for the Horn of Africa on the social and economic aspects of mass voluntary return movements of refugees, Addis Ababa, 15-17 September 1992”, UNRISD, Geneva, March 1993 (40pp)
OLS. Joint UNICEF / WFP briefing kit, [June 1993]; with map of Southern Sudan (approx. scale 1:1,428,571) (36pp)
“Results of assessment of seeds and tools, August-November 1994”, report by David Hughes, Household Food Security project officer, UNICEF / OLS, Nairobi, January 1995; with UN map of Southern Sudan (approx. scale 1:6,135,200) (80pp)
“Monitoring for the OLS Livestock Programme guide lines”, presented at the 7th Veterinary Coordination meeting, Lokichoggio, 22 February 1995 (64pp)
2 files
October 1994
“Strategic spaces. Capacity building and the reconstitution of social economic and political relations in Sudan’s internal conflict.” M.A. (Econ) dissertation by Paul Murphy, University of Manchester, October 1994 (80pp)
February 1994-October 1995
Khartoum meetings records of Commissioner of Voluntary Agencies (COVA) / UN / International NGO (INGO) group and Inter-Agency co-ordination group; with COVA-proposed NGO guidelines.
Commissioner of Voluntary Agencies (COVA) meeting minutes, with agenda, 1 February 1994 (6pp)
Sudanese French Bank (SFB) subscript to Bank of Sudan Circular no.17/94 (27 April 1994) re foreign currencies accounts; with extracts from minutes of COVA meetings re exchange rate, 5 April and 3 May 1994; NGO and COVA guidance to procedure for NGOs to obtain higher exchange rate for development and rehabilitation projects, 9 and 10 May 1994 (11pp)
UN / COVA / International NGO (INGO) plenary meeting minutes: 15 June; 5 July 1994 (with agenda) (7pp)
Inter-Agency Coordination meeting minutes, 7 September 1994 (2pp)
Monthly Inter-Agency meeting minutes, 2 November 1994 (2pp)
Monthly Inter-Agency / Donor meeting for the month of February minutes, 1 February 1995 (3pp)
Memorandum (fax) from Christoph Jaeger, UN Coordinator for Emergency and Relief Operations in Sudan, re Follow-up to Ambassador Traxler mission to Sudan / Dec 1994 INGO Operations, 23 February 1995 (3pp)
Inter-Agency Coordination meeting minutes, 8 March 1995 (1p)
Concerns of the INGO community re COVA proposed NGO guidelines, April 1995 (2pp)
Proposed administrative procedure manual for NGOs (Sudan) (14pp)
Inter-Agency meeting minutes, UNDP, Khartoum: 17 May, 7 June, 5 July (with Update on UN / NGO collaboration on issue of IDPS, 3 July), 16 August (with correspondence between GoS Ministry of the Interior and UN Coordinator for Emergency and Relief Operations in Sudan, re movement of displaced persons), 6 September, 4 October 1995 (22pp)
COVA / NGO / UN Monthly Plenary Session minutes, 21 June 1995 (2pp)
17 December 1994-8 November 1995
File notes of UN Emergency Unit, Khartoum, re demolitions and resettlements from Daresalam Elfitihab Hara 17, Gamayeir, Haj Youssif, Angola areas of Omdurman and Khartoum, 17 December 1994-8 November 1995
16 October 1995
[3rd] “Interim report on the situation of human rights in the Sudan prepared by Mr Gáspár Bíró, Special Rapporteur on the Commission on Human Rights, in accordance with Commission resolution 1995/77 of 8 March 1995”; with covering note from UN Secretary-General to General Assembly, 16 October 1995
March-April 1995
UN / Operation Lifeline Sudan (Southern Sector) 1995:
UN / NGO / Donor meeting minutes, 7 March 1995; with list of people present (4pp)
Eastern Equatoria meeting minutes, 8 March 1995 (2p)
Bahr el-Ghazal meeting minutes, 9 March 1995 (3pp)
Upper Nile meeting minutes, 9 March 1995 (2pp)
Household Food Security meeting, Lokichoggio, 21 March 1995; with tabular data: seed, tool, and vegetable seed distributions by locations (8pp)
WFP / OLS Southern Sector monthly situation report, March 1995; with 1995 tabular data to 31 March: WFP deliveries in metric tonnes from Kenya / Uganda to South Sudan; all deliveries from Lokichoggio, by province and district, March 1995 and cumulative from 1 January; Lokichoggio stock / pipeline positions (9pp)
Southern Sector monthly report, March 1995; with map of Southern Sudan (approx. scale 1:7,126,667), and list of abbreviations (10pp)
Schedule of OLS meetings for April 1995 (1p)
OLS Approved Flight Locations (93), with shorter list of not approved locations (10), April 1995 (1p)
Situation report for the period 5 March-5 April 1995, issued by Office of the UN Coordinator for Emergency and Relief Operations in the Sudan, 6 April 1995 (9pp)
WFP / OLS Summary of activities: Southern sector operations, March 1995; with delivery plan for April 1995, 11 April 1995 (3p)
Agenda for Donor / NGO / UN coordination meeting, 11 April 1995 (1p)
CARE Tambura Food surplus status report as of 11 April 1995 (1p)
OLS Contact list directory, April 1995: UNICEF / OLS, WFP / OLS, NGOs, OLS counterparts, OLS donors, bilateral / diplomatic missions (11pp)
[February 1991]-1 June 1992
Briefing papers and reports issued by The Fund for Peace concerning human rights violations in Africa, specifically Ethiopia and Sudan:
“Fund for Peace issues report on Root causes of human rights violations in the Sudan”. Press release, [February 1991] (1p)
Proceedings of the “Conference on the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights”, 24-26 June 1991 (64pp)
“New Wave of Arrests Causes Fear of Execution in the Sudan”. Press release, 30 August 1991 (3pp)
“Ethiopian Citizens Launch Initiative for Peace and Human Rights”. Newsletter, [4 October 1991]; with covering letter (2p)
“Abuses against women in Sudan”, and “Abuses of Academic Freedom in Sudan”: briefing papers issued by the Fund for Peace Horn of Africa Program, 15 and 28 May 1992; with covering letter, 1 June 1992 (24pp)
November 1992-January 1993
Reports and papers produced by Development Studies Association (DSA), UNICEF and other Development Institutes analysing UN and international relief operations:
“The United Nations Humanitarian Response”, DSA, November 1992 (39pp)
“Role of the UN in cases of famine as a result of conflict and war”, paper by H.W. Singer, 30 November 1992 (6pp)
“Report on Progress of 100-Day Action Programme for Accelerated Humanitarian Assistance for Somalia”, UNICEF Somalia, [December] 1992 (12pp)
“War and Underdevelopment: Can economic analysis help reduce the costs?”, by Frances Stewart, International Development Centre, Oxford, [1992]. Draft for comment (45pp)
Letter of invitation to DHJ to attend a DSA seminar on “The United Nations and Humanitarian Relief”, 10 December 1992; with manuscript notes by DHJ (6pp)
Proceedings of DSA Seminar on “The United Nations and Humanitarian Relief”, 15-17 January 1993; with list of participants, programme, and covering note (40pp)
“Seminar on the United Nations and Humanitarian Relief”, DSA, [January 1993]. Afghanistan Case Study (4pp)
“International Approaches to Emergencies: Key Issues for Policy and Research on Support, Prevention and Recovery”, paper by Richard Jolly, UNICEF, 16-17 January 1993. Draft for comment (21pp)
“Recent Changes in the International Relief System”, Overseas Development Institute Draft Briefing Paper, January 1993 (4pp)
January 1993-October 1994
Emergency Pastoralist Assistance Group (EPAG) papers, with interview notes from Nairobi and Akobo.
Situation report by telephone from Nairobi by Patta Scott-Villiers, 20 January 1993: Pariang, Mayen Abun, Kongor mid-December-20 January 1993 (2pp)
“Delivery of Veterinary Services through the Free Market & Revitalising Trade to ensure Sustainability of Service Delivery”. Concept Proposal, [1994] (3pp)
“An Investigation into Trade and Commerce in the Southern Sudan. Part I. A Report on the informal trade networks operating between Western Upper Nile, Jonglei, Upper Nile and the Northern Sudan”, by Alastiar Scott-Villiers and EJP, EPAG, July 1994. Appendices include: SPLM/A “Organization and Regulations for Administration and Finance”, 8 February 1988 and 8 September 1989; SPLM/A “Economic and Marketing Commission Regulations”, 8 February 1988 (22pp)
“An Investigation into Trade and Commerce in the Southern Sudan. Part II. Preliminary Survey of Cross-Border trade between the Upper Nile of South Sudan and Ethiopia”, unfinished report by DHJ, EPAG, 5 October 1994 (6pp)
Nairobi notes, July-September 1994. Reports from interviews with Richard K. Mulla, Riek Machar, Gordon Wagner, DHJ, Trevor Harvey (OLS), 5 Nuer traders at Ayod, Abdu Muhammad (UNICEF), Timothy Tot, Pagan Amum, Steven Wondu (19pp)
Akobo notes, 25-27 Sept 1994. Reports from interviews with Riek Machar, merchants, John Cuol Deng, Cuol Rambang, Gabriel Gai Riam (13pp)
OLS Review 1996 (boxes 21, 1-17)
Philip Winter’s proposal for a review of OLS:
Draft terms of reference for proposed OLS Assessment to be carried out by DHJ in March and April 1993, 5 July 1993 (1p)
Philip Winter, Save the Children Fund (SCF(UK)), South Sudan Programme, to DHJ, 14 October 1993, abandoning idea of a review of OLS (1p)
DHJ to Philip Winter, 6 November 1993 (1p)
Philip Winter to DHJ, 21 November 1993 (1p)
Fax from DHJ to Philip Winter, 27 October 1994 (1p)
May 1996
Draft outlines of OLS Review:
Preliminary report outline (13pp)
South Sector issues (2pp)
Southern Sector preliminary outline (3pp)
Draft report outline, 28 May 1996 (6pp)
Reports copied: from Khartoum, from Nairobi, security reports, veterinary programme, WFP (Nairobi), case studies (18pp)
May-July 1996
Review correspondence, from DHJ to the following correspondents:
Mark Duffield, 15 January, 6 May 1996 (3pp)
Aldo Benini, 13 May 1996 (1p)
Mark Duffield, Susanne Jaspars, George Larbi, Joana Macrae, 14 May 1996; with attachment, “Draft section on 1990-91” (11pp)
Mark Duffield, 4 June 1996; with drafts of sections 1.2 and 1.3 (6pp)
Mark Duffield and George Larbi, 7 June 1996; with drafts of section 4.3.2 (8pp)
Mark Duffield, 10 June 1996; with outline and partial draft of section 8.2 (7pp)
Mark Duffield, Joanna Macrae and Mark Bradbury 17 June 1996 concerning editorial points; with redraft of section 2.1 (11pp)
Joanna Macrae, 24 June 1996 (2pp)
Mark Duffield, 24 July 1996; with draft executive summary for Southern Sector (ch. 6) (5pp)
October 1993-April 1996
Northern Bahr el-Ghazal (NBEG) notes:
Insecurity chronology, 1984-96 (5pp)
Insecurity table (5pp)
Harvest / Access chronology, 1989-95 (3pp)
Livestock and resource depletion (4pp)
Returnee movements, inward & outward labour migration, 1987-1995 (6pp)
Veterinary citations (6pp):
Minutes of second veterinary coordination meeting for Southern Sudan, Gigiri, 14 October 1993;
Minutes of sixth veterinary coordination meeting for Southern Sudan, Lokichoggio, 24 October 1994;
Discussion of Karen Iles' restocking report, Akot (Makuragar), 18 April 1995;
Tim Fison (SCF(UK)) and Darlington Akabwai (Tufts / UNICEF), Loki, 12 April 1996;
Tim Leyland, UNICEF Veterinary Coordinator, 26 April 1996;
David Hughes, Household Food Security Unit, UNICEF / OLS, 17 April 1996;
S. Blakeway, “Evaluation of the UNICEF Operation Lifeline Sudan southern sector livestock programme”, UNICEF, Nairobi, April 1995.
July 1996
Ataul Karim, Mark Duffield, Susanne Jaspars, Aldo Benini, Joanna Macrae, Mark Bradbury, Douglas Johnson, George Larbi, Barbara Hendrie, “OLS Operation Lifeline Sudan: a review” (325pp)
2 files
Reports and Notes used in the 1996 OLS Review
ID cards and permits, with portrait photographs of DHJ:
OLS, 31 December 1991 (crocodile clip removed);
OXFAM, DHJ based in Akot;
UN Certificate, 19 March-15 June 1996;
South Sudan Independence Movement / South Sudan Independence Army (SSIM / SSIA) entry permit, 28 March-28 June 1996;
SPLM / SPLA travel permit, 30 March-30 April 1996.
OLS Review interview notes:
Khartoum interviews (18pp)
Nairobi Interviews (20pp)
Lokichoggio Interviews (21pp)
OLS Security Reports, with notes:
Notes from OLS Security Reports 1991-1996 (44p)
OLS Security Reports 1991, 1993-1994 (149pp)
2 files
OLS Security Reports 1995-1996 (199pp)
9 August 1993
Anis Haider, Regional Manager, Eastern Africa and Horn of Africa, WFP, to Mr Ken Lyvers, USAID, 9 August 1993: concerning allegations that 80% of food WFP delivers is diverted to SPLA.
Briefing Note: “Recent developments in Ethiopia and their impact upon emergency relief and refugee operations in the Sudan”, [1991], pp. 6-8 (3pp)
“Stating of problems facing the Sudan and their impact upon emergency and refugee operations”, July 1991, pp. 6-11 (6pp)
Brief for UN Under-Secretary-General James Jonah, by Trevor Page, Nairobi, 18 October 1991; New Horizon cutting, “Split in SPLA/M”, 16 October 1991; tabulated OLS deliveries (tons) to GOS/SPLM comparing 1990 and 1991 (4pp)
Minutes of the meetings between UN Under-Secretary-General James Jonah and Representatives of the Government of Sudan and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement, 19 October 1991; Letter from Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, Nasir, to James Jonah, 11 October 1991; Press statement on the Corridors of Tranquillity, Department of Information and Culture, Interim National Executive Committee of the SPLM [Nasir], 19 October 1991 (16pp)
Proximity talks under UN auspices on access to Southern Sudan for delivery of humanitarian assistance between delegations of the GOS, SRRA, RASS and SRRA Ad-Hoc Committee, Nairobi, 4-5 December 1992 (14pp)
Fax from Hannusch, Nairobi, to Janvid concerning the situation on the East Bank S. Sudan after recent fighting, 21 April 1993 (3pp)
Report by Bissy Vincent Imoo, on SPLM meeting on humanitarian assistance, 29 September 1995 (9pp)
SPLM / SPLA-United and the Fashoda Relief and Rehabilitation Association (FRRA):
Memorandum, from Cdr/Dr Lam Akol, Leader of the SPLM / SPLA-United to all donors to OLS, concerning the neutrality of the UN / OLS being compromised by its chief, and the formation of FRRA its relief organ in July, 22 November 1994; with copies of 3 letters from Lam Akol to Philip O'Brien, 29 June, 13 September, 11 November 1994 (9pp)
Philip O’Brien, Coordinator and UNICEF Chief of Operations, OLS (Southern Sector), to Christoph Jaeger, UN Coordinator for Emergency and Relief Operations in the Sudan (UNCERO), UNDP Khartoum, forwarding reply from Lam Akol dated 14 July 1995 to Jaeger's letter of 18 June 1995 (3pp)
Fax from Philip O’Brien to Christoph Jaeger, 29 May 1995: joint statement proposed by SPLM - United; looting of barge in Tonga (4pp)
Memorandum from Philip O’Brien to Christoph Jaeger: Jaeger's 9 May 1995 meeting with Peter Sule (SPLM-U), enclosing Sule's minutes of that meeting, and with O'Brien's recommendations, 14 June 1995 (3pp)
Memorandum from Philip O’Brien to Christoph Jaeger: recognition of new rebel factions: implications for OLS, 10 January 1995 (4pp)
Memorandum from [Christoph] Jaeger to Hansen, USG, DHA: pending issue with SPLA / M - United (Lam Akol Faction); OLS criteria for counterparty recognition in context of fracturing rebel movements (2pp)
“Dr. Riek Machar is the obstacle to unity” (18pp)
Peter Adwok Nyaba, South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM / A) Provisional Executive Council, Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, to Philip O’Brien, 23 October 1995: threats of Cdr John Luk; neutrality of humanitarian operations (2pp)
Fax from Philip O’Brien to Tony Raby, UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (UN DHA), New York: Lam Akol’s letter to USG Hansen, and recommending responses, including bilateral relations with FRRA but not as an OLS official party, 7 August 1995 (2pp)
Christoph Jaeger to Lam Akol, Tonga, 18 June 1995: requesting FRRA acceptance of principles of cooperation, and listing OLS actions that would follow such an undertaking (4pp)
1991 Logistics Plan:
1990-91 summary of events, with comment [?by DHJ] (6pp)
UN / OLS Khartoum office notes (5pp):
Statement to the Economic and Social Council by Mr Michael Priestley, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Emergency and Relief operations in the Sudan, on progress made with the second phase of OLS, 11 July 1990;
Recent developments in Ethiopia and their impact upon Emergency Relief and Refugee Operations in the Sudan: brief notes;
Inter-Agency Mission to the Horn of Africa, 11-16 June 1991;
Special Economic and Disaster Relief Assistance Special Programme of Economic Assistance. Sudan Emergency Operation and OLS. Report of the Secretary-General, August 1991;
Minutes of the meetings between UN Under-Secretary-General (USG) Mr James Jonah and Representative of the Government of Sudan and the SPLM, 9 September and 18 October 1991.

Fax from Nils Enqvist to Trevor Page / Anis Haider / Varsen: Logistics plan for 1991, 14 Dec 1990 (6pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Page / Haider: List of estimated food aid needs in SPLA controlled areas for 1991, 21 December 1990 (4pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Haider / Ivarsen: Up-date on logistics plan for 1991 (further our plan of 14 December 1990 for phase I), 2/3 January 1991 (6pp)
“Emergency assistance to the Sudan and Operation Lifeline Sudan”, OLS memorandum to GOS, 16 January 1991 (6pp)
Fax from Haider, Khartoum, WFP, to Q.H. Haque / B. Szynalski, summarising recent developments, in lieu of the Sudan weekly situation report, 24 January 1991 (4pp)
Sudan weekly situation report, fax from Haider, Khartoum, to Q.H. Haque / B. Szynalski, 31 January 1991 (3pp)
“Personal Briefing Notes for USG James Jonah”, 12 February 1991; with addition (11pp)
“Points to be brought up during 10:00 am briefing of USG James Jonah” , 16 February 1991 (2pp)
Points of donors for meeting with Mr Jonah, UN USG, 16 February 1991 (2pp)
Fax from Page to Haider, 17 February 1991, concerning donors meeting documents (3pp)
Notes for the record: minutes of a meeting to discuss WFP food distribution plan, 5 February 1991 (2pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Page, Food situation in Kenya and Uganda for Southern Sudan, 18.02.91 (1p)
Government of Sudan / UN statement concerning emergency assistance to the Sudan and OLS, 18 February 1991 (1p)
Fax from Page to Haider, forwarding Sudan Government's Commission for Relief and Rehabilitation (RRC) Emergency Relief Policy for 1991, 18 February 1991 (4pp)
Update of Logistics Plan for food deliveries from the South into Southern Sudan 1 March-31 December 1991, with covering note to Page, 14 February 1991 (6pp)
Note to the Record. Food security in Juba, report by Justin Bagirishya, 5 March 1991; with covering note from Page to Enqvist, 7 March 1991 (3pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Haider, Up-date Logistics plan 23 February 1991 (2pp)
Fax from Enqvist to Per Janvid, Special Coordinator of UNSG for Emergency and Relief Operation in the Sudan: shutdown of OLS flights, 27 February 1991 (1p)
Fax from Enqvist to Haider, Declining capacity to deliver food and monitoring, 15 March 1991 (3pp)
Telex to Haider, Need for monitoring / control of WFP food deliveries from the South to SPLA controlled areas (1p)
Letter from USG James Jonah to Ibrahim Abu-Aof, Rehabilitation and Relief Commissioner, citing NGO concerns re distribution and stoppage of OLS flights, 14 March 1991 (2pp)
Fax from Enqvist to Page, Reporting on OLS, 21 March 1991 (3pp)
Note for the Record, by Page, concerning decision to delay movement of WFP first convoy, 15 March 1991 (1p)
Telex from Haider to Enqvist, confidential, concerning decision to delay movement of first WFP convoy, 15 March 1991 (1p)
Abu Oaf to Janvid, proposing topics for discussion by technical group, 18 March 1991 (1p)
Field staff for monitoring and assessment: preliminary proposals, with staffing allocations (2pp)
Janvid, UN Development Programme (UNDP), Khartoum to Grant, UNICEF, New York: GOS conditions for new WFP deliveries to Southern areas, and registration of NGOs, 20 March 1991 (1p)
Fax from Enqvist to Page, Latest reports on food shortage 21 March 1991 (1p)
Fax from Page to Enqvist, Assessment mission to Maridi and Mundri, 27 March 1991 (1p)
“OLS Report from the United Nations Special Coordinator for Emergencies and Relief Operations in the Sudan”, 15 February-28 March 1991 (6pp)
Report on emergency operations in the Sudan from 11-12 April Horn of Africa Meeting, UN, New York, pp. 8-9: OLS and ICRC sections (2pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Haider, Update logistics plan for OLS 1991, 10 April 1991 (3pp)
Abu Oaf to Janvid, requiring negotiation of distribution plan for 10,000 tons WFP food to Southern Sudan, 11 April 1991 (1p)
Telex from Enqvist to Janvid / Page: Proposed WFP plan of action Southern Sector OLS June-December 1991 (4pp)
Fax from Page to Haider, reporting authorisation by Abu Oaf for movement of WFP 500 tons maize to Pibor, and specifying land route, 13 April 1991 (1p)
“Preliminary Working Paper for technical discussions on OLS”, 12 April 1991; with covering note from Janvid to Abu Oaf (9pp)
Telex from Enqvist to Haider, confidential: Pibor food delivery, and WFP options if southern relief access hindered, 14 April 1991 (3pp)
“OLS - Southern Sudan. Briefing Note for UN / Donor meeting”, by UNICEF, Nairobi, 10 April 1991; with covering note from Page to Haider (3pp)
Fax from Page to Enqvist, concerning Pibor food convoy, OLS flights, and assessment, 20 April 1991 (2pp)
RRC paper in response to “Preliminary Working Paper for technical discussions on OLS”, under headings: Assessment of needs; Management and monitoring; Corridors of tranquillity; with covering note from Randolf C. Kent, Chief, UN Emergency Unit, Khartoum, to Abu Oaf, 13 May 1991 (6pp)
September 1993-March 1996
UNICEF, WFP, and UNA agency reports:
September-November 1993; July 1994
GOS and SPLM/A (SRRA and RASS) site reports, 1993; and SEOC site report of Mankien, July 1994.
September-November 1993
Bahr el-Ghazal:
Akot County, 20-26 October 1993 (7pp)
Alek County, 4-7 November 1993 (7pp)
Lietnhom County, 15-18 October 1993 (6pp)
Mayen Abun, Wunrok County, 3 October 1993 (5pp)
Tonj, 10-12 October 1993 (9pp)
Warrap County, 28 October-1 November 1993 (6pp)
Thiet County 27 October-1 November 1993 (9pp)
Akop, 7 October 1993 (3pp)
Wun Cui, Riang Nhom County, 5 October 1993 (3pp)
Nyamlel County, 10-13 October 1993 (6pp)
Western Yirol County (Aguran), 20-26 October 1993 (7pp)
Yirol, 11-12 October 1993 (2pp)
Wanyjok County (Malual kun), 8-11 November 1993 (8pp)
Marial-Baai, 12 October 1993 (2pp)
Raja,7-10 October 1993 (2pp)
Wau, 22-24 September 1993 (2pp)
Aweil, 7-10 October 1993 (2pp)
Gogrial, [1993] (6pp)
September-November 1993
Eastern Equatoria:
Kapoeta town, and Faringa and Mashri villages, Kapoeta County, 30 September-3 October 1993 (7pp)
Gemeiza, Juba, Liria, Mongalla, Ngangalla, Terekeka, November 1993 (10pp)
Narus, 30 September-3 October 1993 (6pp)
Kajokeji County, with annexes on Mangalatore and Kansuk Camps, 11 November 1993 (15pp)
Chukudum, [1993] (6pp)
Lafon, 3 October 1993 (6pp)
Morungipi Hills / Niata, 7-10 October 1993 (7pp)
South Bari, Lobonok Payam, 5 November 1993 (8pp)
Torit, 22-25 October 1995 [recte 1993] (8pp)
Torit, November 1993 (2pp)
Triple AAA, Torit County, 26 October-3 November 1993 (2 versions: 16pp; 18pp)
October-November 1993; July 1994
Upper Nile:
Mankien, Western Upper Nile, July 1994 (SEOC) (10pp)
Nasir area, 2 November 1993 (6pp)
Ulang, 13 October 1993 (6pp)
Maiwuit region, 15-17 October 1993 (12pp)
Duar area, 21-24 October 1993 (10pp)
Abyei, 25-27 October 1993 (2pp)
Ed Dein, 17-21 October 1993 (2pp)
Meiram, 25-27 October 1993 (2pp)
Dilling, 6-10 November 1993 (3pp)
Kadugli, 6-10 November 1993 (5pp)
Er Rahmania, 30 October-2 November 1993 (2pp)
September-November 1993
Panyagor, Kongor, Pakuor, 26 October-12 November 1993 (7pp)
Akobo, Wanding areas, 15-18 October 199 (8pp)
Gumruk, Kongor, Pibor areas, 28-31 October 1993 (7pp)
Boma and surroundings, 22 October 1993 (10pp)
Bor area, 5-8 October 1993 (3pp)
Pochalla village, [1993] (7pp)
Ayod area, 26-27 October and 10-12 November 1993 (11pp)
September-November 1993
Western Equatoria:
Tambura area, 30 October-4 November 1993 (9pp)
Mundri County, [1993] (8pp)
Maridi County, 6-9 November 1993 (7pp)
Yambio, 4-8 November 1993 (10pp)
April 1994
“Pisces Aid. Report on a review of PISCES activities in South Sudan” by Karlheinz Eyrich, UNICEF / OLS, Nairobi.
September 1994
“Feasibility study for restocking displaced Dinka & Nuer Peoples in Southern Sudan” by Karen Iles, UNICEF / OLS, Household Food Security Programme (Livestock Sector), Nairobi.
October 1994
“Southern Sector Operation Lifeline Sudan 1994 Assessment”, Nairobi (115pp)
November 1994-August 1995
“UN OLS Southern Sector Seeds and tools evaluation (part II) ” by James Breen, FAO / UNICEF, Nairobi, November 1994 (43pp)
“Evaluation of the UNICEF OLS Southern Sector Livestock Programme” by Stephen Blakeway, April 1995 (58pp)
“SDX078 Household Food Security Project. Final report” by Paul D. Watson, June 1995; with map of Rumbek and West Yirol (scale 1:463,000) (34pp and 1 map)
“Household food security surveys.” Report by David Hughes, UNICEF / OLS, Nairobi, August 1995: Association of Napata Volunteers (ANV), Rumbek County; Sudan Production Aid (SUPRAID), Wanjok, Wathmouk and Gogrial Counties; UNICEF / NGOs, Maridi County. Analysis by Amos Wangora (96pp)
January 1996
1995 WFP Food Economy Reports, compiled by WFP Food Economy Analysis Unit from baseline, monitoring, and emergency assessments by WFP, UNICEF, SRRA, RASS and NGOs; with covering letter, 22 January 1996. Food Economy Areas: Western Flood Plains; Nile Corridor; Sobat Corridor; Eastern Flood Plains; Arid Zone; Hills & Mountains; Green Belt; Agricultural Plains; Jur / Luo. Reports contains maps. Annotated by DHJ (362pp)
February-March 1996
Impact / Program evaluation (end-use monitoring) discussion paper (draft), compiled by WFP Field Monitors William Fielding, Ben Kauffeld, Jason Matus, Charisse Tillman, and presented to WFP Nairobi, 16 February 1996 (63pp)
Minutes, agenda and meeting papers of the 11th OLS Livestock Coordination Meeting, held at Lokichoggio on 28 March 1996 (36pp)
August-September 1992; 1996
NGO reports:
Lutheran World Federation (LWF) / SEOC: LWF emergency operations, 25 August 1992 (1p)
SEOC, Minutes of Road repair meeting, 27 August 1992; with “Project proposal, Road repair: Western Equatoria and Bahr-le-Ghazal, Sudan” (8pp)
SEOC Field trip report East Bank Equatoria, 12 August-1 September 1992 (1p)
SEOC / Cargo situation report no. 92/12, Field Implementation Office, Nairobi, 19 October 1992 (1p)
“Report on visit to Maridi, Mundri and Aguthran”, 10-24 September [1992] (6pp)
“Norwegian Church Aid South Sudan Plan 1996” (44pp)
OLS Review, Bahr el-Ghazal case study:
8-10 April 1996
Akon and Panthou field notes, 8-10 April 1996 (17pp)
Northern Bahr el-Ghazal (NBEG) reports, notes and extracts from reports:
“An investigation into production capability in the rural Southern Sudan. A report on food sources and needs”, UN / OLS, Nairobi, June 1990; with maps of soil types, Akon / Mayen Abun area, and Inferred movement patterns of cattle (21pp)
Akon field notes, 9-12 May 1990, many signed by Simon Norfolk; with sketch plans. Interviewees / locations: SRRA Committee; Akon market; Twic chiefs; Malual and Paliet; Jur Col and Wau area (with diagram of Jur and Dinka areas around Wau); areas between Akon and Mayen Abun and people met on the road; Ngok; Ajong; Mayen Abun; Ajak; Aguok chiefs; Awan chiefs (36pp)
Graphs of rainfall at Ayod and Mayen Abun, 1987, 1988, 1990 (to 20 July) (2pp)
SRRA reported: numbers of persons displaced December [1990]-June 1991 in Aweil, Gogrial, Wau and Yirol Counties; numbers of persons affected by flood, drought, locust November 1991 in Aweil, Gogrial, Tonj, Rumbek and Yirol Counties (2pp)
“Assessment mission to Bahr al-Ghazal”, 27-31 December 1992, report by John Ryle for UNICEF, pp.7-11 (5pp)
UN / OLS Southern Sector 1992/1993 situation assessment, Nairobi, February 1993 (3pp)
Site reports, WFP / OLS, 1993 (annotated):
Wanyjok County (Malual Kun), 8-11 November 1993 (8pp);
Marial-Baai, 12 October 1993 (2pp);
Wun Cui, Riang Nhom County, 5 October 1993 (3pp);
Nyamlel County, 10-13 October 1993 (6pp);
Alek County, 4-7 November 1993 (13pp);
Mayen Abun town and area, 3 October 1993 (5pp);

UNICEF / OLS USAID proposal, 1993/94, annex 2: “Changes in the cattle population of southern Sudan” (2pp)
Assessment report, Lietnhom County, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal, 23 April-1 July 1994. MSF-Belgium (MSF(B)) (39pp)
“Notes on the food economy of Akon”, by Tanya Boudreau and Penny Allen, WFP Food Security Information Officers, [July 1994]. Annotated by DHJ (12pp)
UN / OLS Southern Sector 1994 Assessment, Nairobi, October 1994: maps, table, appendix D (“Food economy of Northeastern Bahr el Ghazal”) (9pp)
SRRA Aweil East County population statistics, 31 December 1995: (1) Database 1995-1996 (payam / village council / chief's name / no. of s chiefs / total population); (2) Population breakdown, group 2, from April-September 1996-1997 (payam / village council / sector airstrip / no. of s chiefs / population % [of food need] / SRRA fig. people [in need] / households / [self-sufficient] population. Annotated: “inflated figures” (2pp)
“Water and health in Mapel, January 1996”, report by K. Belknap. Annotated (11pp)
NBEG harvest / access, insecurity chronologies, 1984-1996; Tables of insecurity and access, 1992-1996: Aweil East and Gogrial Counties; Returnee movements, inward and outward labour migration, 1987-1995; Livestock and resource depletion; Trade and exchange, 1995 (23pp)
Sketch map Bahr-el-Ghazal area (not to scale): communications, airstrips, Government garrisons, radio identification for locations (1p)
Northern Bahr el-Ghazal notes and extracts from reports, and including notes on the following items (43pp)
Extracts from 1983 census;
“Evaluation and report of the Save the Children Fund (UK) Southern Sudan relief programme, September 1992-April 1994”, by Ranald Boyle and David Shearer, April 1994;
“Discussion document: An analysis of the present situation in Waat / Jonglei and Akon / Beg”, by Jane MacAskill, 19 April 1994;
“Results of assessment of seeds and tools, August-November 1994”, by D[avid] Hughes, UNICEF / OLS, Nairobi, January 1995;
“Household food security surveys”, by David Hughes, UNICEF / OLS, Nairobi, August 1995;
OLS Food Coordination meeting minutes, 21 January 1994-9 June 1995;
WFP assessment / monitoring schedules;
Food Economy reports 1995, Food Economy Analysis unit, WFP / OLS, Nairobi, January 1996;
“Emergency medical and nutritional assistance programme in northern Bahr el-Ghazal, South Sudan, 1 July-30 September 1995”, MSF(B), Nairobi, October 1995;
“Emergency medical and nutritional assistance programme in northern Bahr el-Ghazal, South Sudan, October-December 1995”, MSF(B), Lokichoggio, January 1996;
“Incident report. Attack on Panthou by forces of KKB”, by Fergus Boyle, 21 September 1995;
OLS Security reports.

“Progress report North Bahr-el-Ghazal, November 1993”, by H. Akbar (9pp)
Bahr-el-Ghazal regional review, 1993, WFP, [c. January 1994] (6pp)
15 June 1994
“Lietnhom County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Assessment report, 23 April-1 July 1994”, prepared by G.A.D. Barrett, Sarah Prior, Brian Laak, MSF(B). Appendixes: (1) Nutritional survey; (2) Food security assessment; (3) Water; (4) Traditional birth attendants; (5) Medical resources; (6) Morbidity and mortality; (7) Medical structures; (8) Traditional medicines; (9) Alternative relief assistance; (10) Wunrok County; (11) Food; (12) Economy
“Baseline assessment report, Wunrok County” (Mayen Abun, Wunrok, Akak, Banya, Akoc, Panyiok, Maper, Awieng), 26 June-6 August 1994, by Charles Rethman, 28 August 1994 (draft) (60pp)
“Panthou assessment (post-harvest update)”, 16-19 December 1994, by M. Luckhurst and J. Kibe, WFP, 19 December 1994 (17pp)
“Panthou preliminary monitoring notes”, 27-28 July 1995, by Cassandra Cravans and Inez Andrews, WFP; with Action point summary sheet, 2 August 1995 (6pp)
“Assessment of Mapel, Kuajina Payam”, 23 January 1995-26 February 1995, by Gareth Barrett, Programme Coordinator, MSF(B) Northern Bahr el-Ghazal, Lokichoggio, 2 February 1995. Assessment team: Gareth Barrett, Brian Laak, Timothy Boucher, Lou Kellett (11pp)
“Notes on the food economy of Mapel”, 9-13 February 1995, by Tanya Boudreau, WFP Food Security Information Officer (11pp)
“Trip report on Mapel”, [c. 1995] (2pp)
“Assessment of war affected Mayen Abun - Baar”, 31 January-6 February and 13-18 February 1995. Assessment team: Jean Michel Hecq, Jason Matus, John Ngunjiri (10pp)
“Baseline assessment Ajiep”, 5-7 July 1995 (2 versions); with Action point summary sheets, 25 July and 10 August 1995. Assessment team: Caroline Wanjiku Gichigi, Jason Matus, Amet Akec Amet, Joseph Kuol Amet (6pp; 13pp)
“Thiek Thou base line assessment”, 8-12 July 1995, by Jason Matus and Caroline Gullick WFP; with Action point summary sheet, 14 September [1995] (27pp)
“Report on the monitoring of base line data of Maper”, 19-23 July 1995, by Inez Andrews and Caroline Gullick, WEP Field Monitors, 10 August 1995; with Action point summary sheet, 18 August 1995 (18pp)
“Report on proceedings in Akon”, July / August 1995: relating to the theft of SCF property at Abuth / Amon following the evacuation from Akon, and the role of Kuol Amuom (4pp)
“Follow up monitoring in Mangier Payam (Panthou)”, by Charles Rethman, Caroline Wanjiku Gichigi, Jason Matus, 28 August 1995 (6pp)
“Monitoring assessment: Panyok and Akoc District, Wunrog Payam (Akak)”, 24-26 October and 8-12 November 1995; with Action point summary sheet, 6 December 1995. Assessment team: Mawiir Nyok, Cassandra Cravens, Jason Matus, Caroline Gullick (12pp)
“Food economy monitoring report, Akon”, 5-7 November 1995, report dated 16 November 1995; with Action point summary sheet, 6 December 1995. Assessment team: Cassandra Cravens, Jason Matus, Mawiir Nyak, Fergus Boyle (20pp)
“Emergency assessment Alek displaced Panliet (Akon Payam)”, 15-18 December 1995 (Panliet) and 18-21 December 1995 (Pakor). Assessment team: Caroline Gichigi, Inez Andrews, Jason Matus, Mustafa Abubakar, Martin Kuot Deng, Mawiir Nyok, Wol Akec, Dhol Manyuol (9pp)
OLS Review, Yirol / Western Upper Nile case study:
Notes of interviews at Ler, 2-5 April 1996 (21pp)
Fatuma Ibrahim, Rädda Barnen;
Notice stuck to wall of Ler Primary School, proscribing pupils' complaints about examination results;
Meeting with Assistant Commissioner;
Ler Primary School;
Kher Puk Mayen, Veterinary Supervisor;
Rev. George Riak Kliurthoi, Presbyterian Church;
Roman Catholic Church;
Dr Samuel Kong, Hospital;
Joseph Onyango, Healthnet;
Appeal Court.

Notes and extracts from reports on Ler and Western Upper Nile 1989-1991. Photocopies and manuscript (59pp)
“Lifeline Sudan. An Investigation into Production Capability in the Rural Southern Sudan: A Report on Food Sources and Needs”, UN, Nairobi: with maps of soil types, areas of good cultivation, and tribal areas (14pp);
DHJ manuscript notes on Yirol and Ler, Bahr el-Ghazal, some drawn from Jonglei Investigation Team (JIT) report (1954): water, ecology, economy, climate, geology, population and livestock statistics, flooded villages 1988/9, producing villages 1988/9, cattle exchange rates 1988 and 1990;
Field notes, Dok and Jagei, 16 May 1990;
Field notes, Pilieny, 17 May 1990;
Field notes, Ler market, 16-17 May 1990;
Graph of rainfall at Ler, 1987, 1988, 1990 (to 20 July);
Nutritional report on the food situation and nutritional status of the people in Western Upper Nile, by Anna de Roos, Nutritionist, MSF(H), Ler, 8 February 1991; with sketch map of tribal areas west of the Nile from Lake No to Adok;
Field trip report: visit to Boma, Torit and Ler, 24 September-11 October 1991, by Patta Scott-Villiers;
Site report, Duar, 21-24 October 1993, extracted from WFP / OLS site reports;
Western Upper Nile maps, tables, and appendix J on food economy, extracted from “Southern Sector Operation Lifeline Sudan 1994 Assessment”.
1990; 1995-1996
Sharon Hutchinson, “Rising divorce among the Nuer, 1936-1983”, Man, new series, 25 no. 3 (Sep. 1990), pp. 393-411 (19pp)
Mankien assessment, (2 days in) September 1994, provided as background for 1995 assessment team, with covering note 11 May 1995 (14pp)
Mankin [sic] assessment report: Health sector, 16-17 May 1995 (3pp)
Adior-Yirrol District report by Brian Tattersall, Assessment Officer to John Hayes, Barge Coordinator, 8 April 1995 (1p)
“Shambe assessment to date”, memorandum from Tattersall to Hayes, 8 May 1995 (2pp)
“Interim assessment report, Western Nile State”, by Susanne Garrood, Assessment Officer to Khaled Adly, Country Director, 7 May 1995 (6pp, lacking p.2)
“Nutrition assessment of Ador / Lake Jur Region”, report by Paulette Nichols, Programme Coordinator, to Salem Tayarrah, UNICEF, Khartoum, 11 May 1995 (2pp)
Ganyiel assessment, 15-18 June 1995; with Action point summary sheet, 24 June 1995 (5pp)
Assessment Adior preliminary report, 28-31 June 1995 (6pp)
Juba barge Health Team activities (nutritional assessments) 17 April-11 May 1995, report by Robert T.J. McCarthy, Emergency Project Officer, OLS Khartoum, to Paulette Nichols, Programme Coordinator, OLS Nairobi, 14 May 1995 (2pp)
Fax from Philip D. O'Brien, Coordinator and UNICEF Chief of Operations, to Robert T.J. McCarthy, concerning Lake Jur / Shambe region, in response to Juba barge team activities report, 26 May 1995 (1p)
Western Upper Nile and Juba Corridor assessments, memorandum from Tanya Boudreau, Food Security Information Officer to Susanne Garrood and Brian Tattersall, 14 June 1995 (6pp)
Fax from David Hughes, Project Officer, HHFS, UNICEF / OLS, to Paulette Nichols, concerning Situation in Western Upper Nile, 19 June 1995 (2pp)
Fax from Stephen Anderson, WFP Project Officer, to Tanya Boudreau, concerning Western Upper Nile – Juba barge assessment reports, 26 June 1995 (6pp)
Notes on food economy of Aliab Payam – Yirol County (March 1996), by Moses Ikwel, NPA Field Monitor, 27 March 1996; with graph of Local seasonal calendar and sketch map of main centres (including bore holes, payam boundaries, cattle camps) (11pp)
Ler Women's Programme annual report 1995, by Cecilia Muchemi (2 versions: 15pp; 23pp)
Ler annual report, 1995, by Rädda Barnen, Southern Sudan Programme, Lokichoggio, 26 March 1996 (11pp)
OLS Assessment Ler (Adok) area, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), Ler, 30 June [?1995]. Manuscript photocopy (36pp)
[NCA] annual report, 12 February 1995. Manuscript photocopy (9pp)
Extract from unidentified assessment of Nyal food economy, with recommendations for fishing equipment and mosquito nets, 1995 (1p)
Operation Lifeline Sudan Review, Jonglei / Upper Nile case study:
March-April 1994
“Notes on the fighting in the Upper Nile between the Lou- and the Jikany-sections of the Nuer in 1993 and 1994”, note from Kwacakworo to POB, 24 March 1994; with sketch map of Traditional seasonal migrations of the Lou Nuer (10pp)
“An analysis of the present situation in Waat / Jonglei and Akon / BEG”, discussion document by Jane MacAskill, 19 April 1994 (32pp)
Duk, Kongor, Bor situation reports and reports.
Poktap, Duk, 19 November 1992; with sketch map of Lau region, and of Poktap airstrip (4pp)
Kongor, Paliau, Yomcir, 6 August 1993 (1p)
Kongor, Panyagor triprep [trip report], 21/22 March 1995 (4pp)
Kongor, Panyagor, distribution, registration and return, and health recommendations and justifications, 1995 (3pp)
NPA Fishing Programme Kongor / Yomciir report, 25 September-10 October 1995 (5pp)
Summary of need for Bor County, NPA, 12 November 1995 (2pp)
Road condition for Yomciir, Kongor and Panyagor, 3 January 1996: report from John Rakwar and Kuir Dau to Owen Calvert and others; with sketch map of Road / distances from Kimatong to Panyagor, showing new and old roads, water points, 21-29 December 1995 (3pp)
Yomciir assessment, 4 January 1995 (2pp)
Kongor area, Bor County [assessment], 4 January 1995 (2pp)
Individual Targeting Process for North Bor, 29 February-4 March 1996, report by Frederick Wekesa Lukhanyo, NPA Assessment Coordinator / Field Monitor (East Bank), Lokichoggio, to Owen Calvert, NPA Relief and Agricultural Program Manager, Nairobi, 11 March 1996; with covering letter (9pp)
Report of visit to Bor County, 2-9 February 1996, by Majok Ayeun Kur, 12 March 1996; with sketch map of Bor North and South health facilities, showing referral hospitals, health centres, health units, roads and trails; and with covering letter from Arthur Akuein Chol, SRRA Secretary, with agenda for Bor County NGOs (15pp)
Ayod assessments, 1992-1993.
Assessment, 16 December 1992; with map of Ayod (scale 1:1,500,000) (9pp)
WFP / SEO [Ayod] report, by Lisa Campeau, January 1993 (5pp)
Brief report on the situation in Ayod, by Lisa Campeau and Michael Medley, 22 February 1993 (2 versions: 4pp)
Brief field trip report, Ayod / Kongor / Bor, 27-28 February 1993, by J.L. Siblot (4pp)
Situation report, [late February / early March 1993] (3pp)
Telexes from WFP / SEO Lokichoggio - Ayod to SG / JLS-N1 and SG / TLS-N1: report of headcount at Ayod, and brief situation report, [18]-19 March 1993 (2pp)
[Radio] messages report from field, 15.16-19.37, 2 April 1993 (1p)
Telex from HT to DH / AO: Situation report visit to Ayod, following its reoccupation by forces of Riek Machar (1p)
Telex from Pastor Peter Rit, Ayod, to RASS Director NBO: reporting destruction of churches and killings of elders, and with statement of needs, 21 April 1993 (1p)
Situation report, 28 April 1993 (1p)
Ayod, Waat, Yuai situation reports, 19 May 1993 (1p)
Wked [weekend] situation report, 24 May 1993 (1p)
Weekend situation report, 31 May 1993 (1p)
Telex from LC (WL) to JLS / JM / SG N1, 8 June 1993: Waat, Ayod, Yuai, Kongor (1p)
Reports on Ayod, Waat, Kongor, Yuai, June 1993 (1p)
Reports on Yuai, Waat, Ayod, 24 June 1993 (1p)
Situation report, 25 June 1993 (1p)
Situation reports: Ayod, Waat, 28 June 1993 (1p)
Ayod (and Kongor County) weekend situation report, 5 July 1993 (1p)
Report by J. Bridle, 5-11 July 1993; with tabulated headcount results, food request, and logistic material request. Typescript and manuscript photocopies (4pp)
Situation report, 11-18 July 1993; with OLS stock and distribution reports for Ayod camp (4pp)
Kongor and Ayod situation report, 17 August 1993 (1p)
Weekend situation report, [1993] (1p)
Weekly report, 19-24 July 1993, by J. Bridle and Paula Callaghan; with Ayod camp stock and distribution reports, 19-23 July 1993. Manuscript photocopy (5pp)
Monthly report, 30 July 1993 (2pp)
Ayod / Akobo / Lafon / Yuai weekly report, 14-20 August 1993; with OLS stock and distribution reports. Manuscript photocopy (5pp)
Ayod, Lafon, Akobo, Yuai weekly report from P. Callaghan and J. Bridle, 1 August 1993 (2pp)
Ayod, Lafon, Akobo, Yuai weekly report, 21-27 August [1993]; with Ayof / Lafon OLS stock report, and Phou State sketch maps of Ethnographic distribution and Seasonal cattle movements and extent of raiding 1991-1993. Manuscript photocopy (8pp)
Maiwut and Akobo situation reports and reports.
OLS assessment of Maiwut, 18 December 1994 (rev. 12 January 1995); with appendices on Uriang, Thoic, Maiwut II, and Maiwut cattle camp (15pp)
Report on visit to Akobo, 2-4 July 1995, by PC [?Paula Callaghan], 5 July 1995 (3pp)
OLS Review, Eastern Equatoria case study:
OLS Review, Lobone Field Notes, 13-15 April 1996 (20pp)
CRS office notes: Lobone staff, CRS camp populations;
SRRA office;
Agricultural Extension Workers;
William Sebit, FACE;
Acoli, 14 April 1996: Biar Garang, William Magot Deng, Kudum Jok Awok;
Episcopalian Church;
Chiefs of Bor, Episcopal Church;
Chiefs of Kongor;
Elders of Pari, Roman Catholic Church: Paul Jada and others;
Mussie Gebreeziabher, CRS; with Peter Deng;
George Gitchuka, NPA;
Lobone Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC);
Mario Muor Muor, NGO meeting.

Labone Teashop project: CRS, Umbrella grant application for project funding, 9 April 1995: submitted by Amin Anyieth, Family Affairs Coordinator (16pp)
SRRA Labone Poultry project proposal: CRS, Umbrella grant (17pp)
Report on Agricultural activities in Labone, 24 January-29 February 1996 (4pp)
AICF job description: Home-visiting (1p)
Sketch map of Lobone camp (1p)
Southern Sudan Emergency Operational Plan project description, by Doug Greene, OPRM (19pp)
Eastern Equatoria maps, tables, and appendix G on food economy, extracted from “Southern Sector Operation Lifeline Sudan 1994 Assessment” (9pp)
Relief Committees:
“WFP Southern Sudan Working Group for Women: initiatives to support WFP’s commitment to women” (draft), by Caroline Gullick and Cassandra Cravens, WFP Field Monitors, 20 December 1995 (10pp)
[Wunrok] field notes, 19 June 1995: Minutes from a meeting with chiefs and sub-chiefs to discuss election to Wunrok Relief Committee; Notes; Quotations from the commuity on why they selected each member of the committee (6pp)
“Notes on community-based Relief Committees used by World Food Programme, Southern Sudan, February-June 1995”, by Kevin Ashley, WFP Liaison Officer, and Jason Matus, WFP Field Monitor (6pp)
“Economic impact assessment of OXFAM relief operation in North Turkana 1993/1994”: Executive summary; Recommendations for the OXFAM programme; Appendix V, Methodology of food distribution in Turkana (8pp)
30 April 1993
“Nutrition and Mortality Assessment – Southern Sudan, March 1993”, MMWR Weekly 30 April 1993, vol. 42(16), pp304-8 [available online at]
Operation Lifeline Sudan Review organizational and editorial matters:
UN / NGO / Counterpart meeting minutes, 13 June 1995 (37pp)
“The Document of the Government of Sudan on OLS Review” (part 1); Replies of the Government of Sudan to questions posed by the OLS-Operations Team (part 2); Review of the OLS-Program (March, 1996) (unofficial translation) (37pp)
“Report on visit to Sudan and Kenya, 21 November-2 December 1995”, confidential report by Mark Duffield, Technical Coordinator, OLS Review, 21 December 1995 (for earlier version, see below) (8pp)
Records of the consultation (30 January 1996) for the UN Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for the Sudan, UN DHA, 2 February 1996 (24pp)
Organizational Issues:
“Report on visit to Sudan and Kenya, 21 November-2 December 1995”, confidential report by Mark Duffield, Technical Coordinator, OLS Review, faxed to Manuel Aranda da Silva, Director, Complex Emergencies Division, UN DHA, 6 December 1995 (11pp);
OLS Review Workplan, 15 December 1995 (7pp); Terms of reference for an OLS Review, 18 August-5 November 1995 (28pp): with personnel terms of reference for Team Leader Ambassador Atoul Karim, Technical Coordinator Mark Duffield, Relief Economist / Logistician (joint team) Dr Aldo Benini, Food Security / Programmer (joint team) Susanne Jaspers, Social and Impact Analysts (North and South field teams) George Larbi and Douglas Johnson, Team Programmer (North and South field teams) Joanna Macrae and (vacant); OLS Review team list of personnel; suggested case studies;
OLS Review South field team: Programmer. Briefing document: aims, issues (3pp)
Organizational notes by DHJ. Manuscript (4pp)
OLS Review team members contact details (2pp). (Access to this document is restricted under terms of the UK Data Protection Act 2018).
Email from Iain Levine to Mark Duffield, re provisional teams' itineraries 28 March-27 April 1996, 14 March 1996 (2pp)
OLS Review courtesy package: Schedule of OLS Review team; Information sheets; List of NGO telephone numbers; Maps (15pp)
Fax from DHJ, Khartoum, to Wendy James, with brief report of first days of visit, 25 March 1996. Manuscript (2pp)
Fax from DHJ, FO.SUD [Khartoum], to Iain Levine, concerning former SRRA / RASS personnel interviews and requesting briefing, 25 March (1p)
OLS Review contact lists at Khartoum, Nairobi, Geneva (1p)
OLS contact list, October [1995]: UNICEF / OLS, WFP / OLS, NGOs, OLS Counterparts, OLS Donors, Bilateral / Diplomatic Missions (6pp)
UNICEF OLS contact list, November 1995 (2pp)
List of OLS UN and NGO staff located in areas only accessible by air in Southern Sudan, 30 November 1995: location, name, nationality, organisation (7pp)
OLS Review draft outlines, with notes of editorial meetings and style sheets, April-June 1996. Typescript and manuscript (35pp)
Email from Iain Levine to Mark Duffield, detailing current access restrictions imposed on OLS operations, 12 June 1996 (1p)
Correspondence between team members, including Review draft sections, 25 March-17 May 1996 (30pp)
Email from Pierce Gerety to Mark Duffield, with (confidential) update on OLS Southern sector coordination, 30 May 1996 (4pp)
“Review of the 1994 OLS Agreements on the delivery of humanitarian assistance”. Draft (18pp)
Chronologies: Chronology of OLS assessments, March 1989-December 1995; OLS objectives, against UNICEF strategy and conceptual framework, with 1989-1995 issues and trends; OLS access chronology. March 1989-January 1996 (20pp)
May-June 1996
Drafts (annotated):
May-June 1996
“ Definition of OLS in the north” (9pp)
“OLS North Review Team Findings and recommendations”, 20 April 1996 (11pp)
“North Team Recommendations” (17pp)
“Southern Sector issues” (2pp)
1.2 “Phases of OLS” (5pp)
Chapter 2 “Political structure of OLS”. Incomplete draft, 13 June [1996] (21pp)
4.3 “Overview of OLS Southern Sector” (9pp; 17pp)
4.13 “SRRA, RASS, Civil Administration and SINGOs” (7pp)
5.4 “Management of assessment information” (5pp)
“Assessment, food aid and food security” (2pp)
“Food aid and food security” (8pp)
6. “Food aid and food security” (29pp)
6. “Programming and social impact in OLS Southern Sector”; with covering letter from George Larbi to DHJ, [June 1996] (15pp)
8. “Programming and social impact in OLS Southern Sector”, 24 May 1996 (22pp)
6.5 “Capacity building in a complex emergency”; with covering note from George Larbi to DHJ, 29 June 1996 (9pp)
May-June 1996
7. Case studies, including Ed Dein and Wau: drafts with DHJ notes. Typescript and manuscript (83pp)
Chapter: Relief economics and logistics (68pp; 43pp)
Bibliography (4pp; 24pp)
December 1996
Drafts for ODI-commissioned “Continuum” paper; with covering note from DHJ to Susanne Jaspers, with marked up copy of joint draft “The view from the South”, 10 December 1996 (11pp; 5pp)
27 March-23 April 1996
Letters from Sudanese:
Brigadier Stephen Missa Dhunya, 27 [March] 1996. Manuscript (1p)
Atem Yaak Atem, Narus, 11 April 1996. Manuscript (1p)
Chol Kuany Deng, 16 April 1996. Manuscript (2pp)
Invitation to UN Khartoum reception, 23 April 1996 (1p; env.)
January-September 1996
OLS Review presentations and responses:
Minutes of Team meeting, Khartoum, 21 January 1996. Manuscript (5pp)
Agenda for OLS Review Team briefing at Khartoum Hilton Hotel, marking completion of the team's fieldwork, 24 April 1996 (5pp)
Reading notes of “The Document of the Government of Sudan on the OLS Review” (April 1996) (8pp)
Draft Recommendations and Executive Summary; with covering note from Mark Duffield, 12 June 1996 (21pp)
OLS Review presentation summary (2pp)
“Observations, comments and recommendations on OLS Review”, by Thomas A. Chidi, Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, and Felix L. Swaka, RASS Health Coordinator, July 1996 (2pp)
Letter from Lam Akol, Chairman and C-in-C SPLM / SPLA - United, to Pierce Gerety, Coordinator and UNICEF Chief of Operations, OLS Southern sector, with personal comments concerning the OLS Review, 7 September 1996; with covering note, 8 September 1996 (5pp)
Fax from Valerie Newsom, USAID, to Tony Raby, UN DHA, with preliminary comments on OLS Review, 16 September 1996 (4pp)
Fax from Eduardo Klien, OXFAM Regional Manager, Horn of Africa, to Tony Raby, with OXFAM views and comments on the OLS Review, 16 September 1996 (3pp)
UN Position paper (draft), reflecting UN consensus on Review's recommendations; with covering letter from Manuel Aranda da Silva requesting comments prior to meetings with Sudanese Government and southern movements' representatives, 19 September 1996 (17pp)
Memorandum from International NGO Forum to Pierce Gerety, with comments on OLS Review, 20 September 1996 (7pp)
Joint comments on OLS Review document by SPLM and SRRA; with faxed covering note from Mario Muor Muor, Secretary General SRRA, 23 September 1996 (8pp)
Translated summary of Humanitarian Aid Commission Ministry of Social Planning speech, [Khartoum], 23 September 1996; with covering note from Maeve Lynch, OIC [?Organisation of Islamic Cooperation] UN Humanitarian Coordination Unit (HCU) Khartoum, to Christoph Jaeger, Geneva, 24 September 1996 (5pp)
Agenda for Donor meeting on the OLS Review, Geneva, 25 September 1996 (1p)
UN Position paper reflecting UN consensus on Review's recommendations, 25 September 1996 (14pp)
UN Follow-up actions for implementation of OLS Review recommendations as agreed by UN Agencies, DHA-Geneva, 25 September 1996 (1p)
DHJ notes on UN DHA meetings, Geneva, 24-26 Sept 1996: donors; movements; GOS. Manuscript (13pp)
OLS Review presentation notes for SSSUK Symposium, 28 Sept 1996. Manuscript (1p)
October 1996-October 1997
Responses by the Sudan Democratic Gazette to the UN / OLS Review, and to an unoffical note by Christoph Jaeger providing update on UNDP discussions with all parties.
“Beneficiaries ignored: what does the OLS Review Team’s report contain?”, Sudan Democratic Gazette, October 1996, p.6
“Dialogue for sustainable human development in war-torn Sudan: an update”, by Christoph T. Jaeger, Resident Representative in the Sudan, UNDP (7p)
“UNDP Country Representative’s intervention is politically partisan!”, Sudan Democratic Gazette, October 1997, pp.8-9
Reports used in the OLS Review:
Fax from OLS / OXFAM-Nairobi to Nick Southern, “OLS is pleased to announce that it has hired the internationally acclaimed author of Catch 22 Joseph Heller to look into the current cargo problems being experienced by OLS.”, 12 Mar 1996 (1p)
“Assessment visit to Southern Sudan, a consultation conducted by a team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA on behalf of the Agency for International Development's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, March 1993”. CDC Team: David Bassett, Barbara Herwaldt, Carlos Alonso. USAID / OFDA report, 14 April 1993 (38pp)
“Evaluation of U.S. humanitarian assistance strategy for Southern Sudan”. Prepared for OFDA (USAID). Draft final report, 25 January 1995 (31pp)
February-June 1995
“Sudan Emergency Operations Consortium (SEOC). A review”, by Mark Duffield, Helen Young, John Ryle, Ian Henderson, February 1995; with hand-coloured map of southern Sudan showing areas under control of the Government of Sudan (and southern garrisons), SPLA (Mainstream), SSIA, independent commanders, and with inset map of ecological areas [zones]. Bound copy, with covering letter from Duffield to DHJ, 13 June 1995 (318pp; 1p)
“Emergency medical and nutritional assistance programme in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan, July 1-September 30, 1995”. Three months programme report, MSF(B), Nairobi, October 1995 (47pp)
“Emergency medical and nutritional programme in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan, October 1995–December 1995”. Three months project report, MSF(B), Lokichoggio, January 1996 (22pp)
SPLM / OLS Agreement on ground rules, [July 1995]. Sections:
A. Statement of humanitarian principles;
B. Mutual obligations;
C. Use of relief property and supplies;
D. Employment of staff;
E. Rents and taxes;
F. Implementation of this agreement;
G. Mechanisms for resolving alleged violations of ground rules.
Printed pamphlet (12pp)
Annual report 1994, SCF(UK) South Sudan programme; with covering note from Duffield to DHJ (11pp; 1p)
“Water project”, revised proposal, SCF(UK) South Sudan programme, October 1995 (10pp)
“Country report 1994”, by Bjorge Mide, NCA, February 1995 (15pp); “NCA emergency and relief program in South Sudan (MFA) 1994”, progress report by Bjorge Mide (22pp).
“A contribution to the debate on pastoralist restocking” (draft), by Alastair and Patta Scott-Villiers, March 1996; annotated by DHJ. Emergency Pastoralist Assistance Group (UK) (EPAG) Livestock Redistribution Project 1993-1995 (23pp)
“Augmenting pastoralist survival systems in situations of natural disaster and conflict” (2 drafts), by Alastair and Patta Scott-Villiers, April 1996; with covering letter from Alastair Scott-Villiers to DHJ, 25 April 1996. EPAG Livestock Redistribution Project 1993-1995 (22pp; 25pp)
1986; 1992-1994
“Strategic plan for Southern Sudan (non-government held areas) 1992 to 1995”, October 1992 (final version). OXFAM Regional Office for Southern Sudan, Nairobi (40pp)
“Strategic plan for Southern Sudan”, Lodwar, August 1994. OXFAM (48pp)
“Gender and project policy in South Sudan”, by Ann Muir, September 1986. OXFAM (36pp)
Gender and Development. OXFAM’s policy for its programme, 1993 (printed pamphlet) (6pp); with two covering letters from David Bryer, Director, to trustees, advisers, staff, 17 and 27 September 1993 (2pp)
“Notes on the food economy of Akot, with an analysis of the October cattle raid and its effects on food security”, by Penny Allen (SCF(UK)) and Tanya Boudreau (WFP Food Security Information Officer), November 1994; annotated (12pp)
“Agreement between Cooperating Sponsor (CRS) and Coordinating Agency (SSRA)”, 20 February 1996; with annex, “Rules and regulations governing food distributions in CRS / Sudan operational areas” (13pp)
Quarterly report, April-June 1995. Project: 1995 Emergency operational plan (EOP), OFDA / [Food for Peace] FFP (23pp)
Quarterly report, October 1, 1995–December 31, 1995. Project: CRS umbrella grant for Southern Sudan, OFDA / [Disaster Response Division] DRD (33pp)
“Review of 1994 activities”, OLS (southern sector) UNICEF report (21pp)
“1994 Assessment”, OLS (southern sector), Nairobi, October 1994 (152pp)
“1995 OLS Southern Sector Needs Assessment” (final draft), Nairobi, November 1995 (152pp)
1990; 1992-1996
“OLS feasibility study on buying and transporting surplus food commodities from Western Equatoria for use in the neighbouring regions”, September 1995. Report by Luis L.A. Anyanzo (WFP Field Monitor, Head of Mission), Saskia Von Meijenfeldt (WFP Logistics), Ignacio Burrull (European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO)), Lawrence Otika Joseph (USAID / Famine Early Warning System (FEWS)) (56pp)
“Sudan Emergency Annual report 1995”, WFP report; with 5 annexes (28pp)
“Report (final draft), Operation Lifeline Sudan workshop on lessons learned, Copenhagen, 14-15 December 1989”. Emergency Operations, 1 March 1990 (21pp)
OLS southern sector agencies operating in SPLM / SSIM areas, minutes of UN / NGO / Counterpart meeting, 2-4 April 1995; with covering note from Alison Ayers (Institutional Capacity Building Programme (ICBP) Project Officer) to Paulette Nichols and Philip D. O'Brien, 13 June 1995 (37pp)
Fax from Manuel Aranda da Silva to Mark Duffield, concerning: OLS Review – dossier on UN / DHA efforts to secure access to Nuba Mountains, 13 May 1996 (11pp)
“Notes on the question of capacity building in Southern Sudan – twelve months on”, by Paul Murphy, 2 August 1994 (7pp)
“SCF UK Assessment of Waat 30/31 October 1992”. Fax (urgent) from Emma Roberts and Neil Turner, Lokichoggio, 1 November 1992 (4pp)
“Situation in Waat” [5/6 November 1992], summarising movement, food situation, nutrition and malnutrition levels, deaths, inputs distribution (October), needs. Memorandum from HW to DP, 7 November 1992 (6pp)
“Disaster planning: Waat”. Memorandum from AH / WW to CG / JLS, 11 November 1992. Manuscript photocopy (4pp)
Weekly situation report [9-15 November 1992], Waat, 15 November 1992 (1p)
Report of deaths and new arrivals at Waat 15-21 November 1992, 22 November 1992 (2pp)
WFP “Nile corridor work plan”, February to April 1996, [February 1996] (16pp)
WFP “Northern Bahr el Ghazal work plan”, February to June 1996 (1st draft), 14 February 1996 (9pp)
Map of southern Sudan, annotated (in colour in the original) to show towns controlled by Government of Sudan, SPLA-M, SPLA-U, and also the Jonglei Canal and UN / NGOs at Lokichoggio (approx. scale 1:4,141,304) (1p)
Situation report on reunification and education on Western Upper Nile, by Shitta Kassa, 12 March 1994; with report of meetings with RASS officials at Leer, and Radda Barnen Assessment Team visit to Leer, 12 March 1994 (4pp)
“Report on the movement of unconfirmed number of Sudanese boys to Sudan”, 14 March 1994 (2pp)
Situation report on unaccompanied minors, Nasir, by Shitta Kassa, 1 February 1994 (2pp)
Trip report Leer reunification follow up, by Shitta Kassa, 15 February 1994 (5pp)
Shitta Kassa mission report concerning unaccompanied minors who recently crossed the border to one of the Sudanese Refugee Camps in Ethiopia, 20 July 1995 (5pp)
Report of mission to Pignudo refugee camp (Ethiopia) concerning unaccompanied minors crossed from Sudan, 4-12 July 1995, by Shitta Kassa, Consultant / Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC), 20 July 1995 (5pp)
Obstructions of movement and threats on WFP Field Monitors in southern Sudan. WFP memorandum from Burk Oberle, Deputy Country Director WFP Nairobi, to Philip O'Brien, OLS Coordinator, UNICEF Nairobi, 11 May 1995; endorsed with manuscript comments. Typescript and manuscript photocopy (2pp)
UNICEF Agricultural Coordination meeting minutes, 16 July , 14 August (Lokichoggio), 19 October 1993 (12pp)
UNICEF Household Food Security meeting minutes, 16 November 1993, 18 February (Lokichoggio), 29 July (Lokichoggio), 10 August (Gigiri), 19 October (Gigiri) 1994, 2 December (Gigiri) 1994, 7 February (Lokichoggio), 21 March (Lokichoggio) 1995, with tabulated seed, tool, vegetable seed distributions by locations; with Household Food Security trip report (Lokichoggio, Lafon, Maridi, Yambio) 28 July-4 August 1994, by David Hughes; and notice of Fisheries Co-ordination meeting on 4 November at Gigiri, 14 October 1994; and Minutes of One day discussion on fishing in South Sudan, Lokichoggio, 9 November 1995 (42pp)
1991; 1995-1996
Outline for WFP / FAO 1991 Assessment in the southern Sudan, 6 September 1991. Memorandum by DHJ (4pp)
Assessment / Monitoring schedules, plans, reports, memoranda, April 1995-April 1996 (110pp)
OLS Veterinary Program reports, summaries and meeting papers, 1993-1995:
Program officers' terms of reference (14pp)
Presentation of program activities to the 4th Parc East African Coordination meeting, Cairo, 7-11 November 1993 (7pp)
Minutes of Veterinary / Livestock coordination meetings, usually at Gigiri, 28 May, 14 October 1993, 13 May, 16 April (Lokichoggio), [5 August], 24-25 October (Lokichoggio) 1994; 23-24 February, 24 May (Lokichoggio), 22 August (Lokichoggio) 1995 (199pp)
Report on a field assessment visit to the Nuba Mountains, 28 July-9 August 1994, by M. Haroun Kafi, Director, Nuba Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Society (NRRDS) (16pp)
Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) 1995 annual report, by Gabriel Gai Riam, Coordinator, January 1996 (15pp)
Union of Sudan African Parties (USAP) Progress report July 1994-February 1995, by Samuel Au Bol (6pp)
Press statement on the split of the SPLM/A-United, by Lam Akol, 25 June 1994. Manuscript photocopy (7pp)
Richard K. Mulla to Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, in response to having been relieved of his office as Secretary General and Secretary for Political Affairs SSIM/A, 5 May 1995 (6pp)
“The truth of what is happening in Eastern Equatoria”, Department of Information General Headquarters South Sudan Freedom Front (SSFF), 30 March 1995 (4pp)
Declaration for political and military reunification of the SPLM / SPLA, signed by Salva Kiir Mayardit and John Luk Jok, Nairobi, 27 April 1996 (2pp)
“Civil Administration Act 1992 in the SPLA Liberated Areas” (draft), SPLM Interim National Executive Committee, July 15 1992 (15pp)
“Basic rules of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement”, with preamble, SPLM Interim Executive Committee (27pp)
Notes on OLS operations in South Sudan, SSIM Department of Humanitarian Affairs, 30 November 1995 (5pp)
Extract from a UNICEF report on collaboration with NGOs and other partners during OLS (5pp)
Sudan Government briefing, 30 March 1994: Political developments - re-division of states; Economic situation; with plan of states, and various 1992/94 economic indices (13pp)
“The Twelfth Constitutional Decree re Federal relations & Amendment of the state systems”, 1995 (10pp)
“Why we resigned from SPLM / SPLA United”, by Dhol Acuil Aleu, Amon Mon Wantok, Chol Deng Alak, Isaac Cuir Riak, Nairobi, 6 August 1994 (21pp)
29 April-5 May 1996
Papers from the Conference on Civil Society and the Organization of Civil Authority in the new Sudan, Chukudum, 29 April-5 May 1996:
Conference programme (7pp)
“Possibility of investment in the new Sudan”, by Philip Lomodong Lako, 20 April 1996 (13pp)
“Minerals and oil in the national economy”, by Peter Adwok Nyaba (7pp)
“Basic principles on respect for human rights by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement / Sudan People’s Liberation Army”, by Telar Deng, April 1996 (2p)
“National Liberation Movement and the Western concept of multi-party democracy: a critical appraisal of the attitudes toward Sudan People’s Liberation Movement”, by Peter Adwok Nyaba (11pp)
“Review of the legal system(s) in the SPLM/A 1983-present”, by Bullen Panchol Awal (8pp)
“The role of civil authority in economic development of the Nuer Sudan”, by Luka Biong Deng, April 1996 (30pp)
Keynote Address, by James Wani Igga, SPLM Secretary General and Secretary for Finance & Economic Planning, 29 April 1996 (8pp)
“Civil authority in the new Sudan: organization, functions and problems”, by Timothy Tot Chol, April 1996 (11pp)
“An analysis of the civil society and organization of the Civil Authority in the new Sudan”, position paper by SPLM Middle East and North Africa Chapter, Cairo, 5 April 1996 (17pp)
“Experience and problems in the organisation of Civil Authority in the new Sudan at the level of the NEC”, by Daniel Awet Kok, 25 April 1996 (7pp)
“Human resource development and manpower training”, by Elijah Malok Aleng, 17 April 1996 (4pp)
“View of women’s organization of civil society in the new Sudan”, paper by SPLN Social Affairs and Services Committee, National Liberation Council, 29 April 1996 (6pp)
“Experiences and problems in the organization of local authorities (Village, Payam, County, Region)”, by Samuel Ater Dak; with appendices, “Evolution of local government in the Sudan - a historical review”; “[Future powers and functions of regional and local authorities]” (21pp)
“SRRA position paper on Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) Southern Sector”, by Mario Muor Muor, Executive Director, SRRA, 27 November 1995 (7pp)
“A partnership for new Sudan”. Draft report of SPLM / SPLA Conference on humanitarian assistance to the new Sudan, Chukudum, 21-23 September 1995 (33pp)
Recommendations of UN/NGO Workshop [OLS] Programme Coordination / Operation and Logistics, Machakos, 16-18 October 1994 (7pp)
2. Agence de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement (ACORD)
September-October 1992
Papers relating to consultancy with ACORD:
Notes by DHJ of meeting with Maureen Maki, London, 7 Sept 1992. Manuscript, with typed transcript (1p)
Terms of Reference for DHJ consultancy with ACORD (2pp)
Notes by DHJ on ACORD personnel to see (2pp)
Letter from Hilda M. Alex, ACORD Nairobi to SRRA office Nairobi, seeking permission for DHJ to enter Southern Sudan, and with truncated Terms of Reference, 9 October 1992 (2pp)
Note, DHJ, Kampala to Jim Bond, Nairobi, concerning Gulu and Moyo trip logistics, 17 October 1992 (1p)
Radio message, DHJ to Pierre Ohure, SRRA, via WFP, requesting SRRA meetings to access relief / development sites, 20 October 1992; with covering notes to WFP / OLS Kampala and Caesar SRRA (4pp)
Radio Message, SG, SRRA (Arape), to DHJ, advising await approval, 20 October 1992; with transcript (2pp)
Permit to assess refugee settlements in Kiryandongo and Adjumani, issued to DHJ by Carlos Twesigomwe, Permanent Secretary / Director of Refugees, Ministry of Local Government, Kampala, 21 October, 1992 (1p)
Letter of accreditation issued by Francis Can, Country Coordinator, ACORD, Uganda, detailing DHJ’s visit to Sudanese refugee camps in Kiryandongo, Pakelle, Adjumani, and entry into Sudan, 22 October 1992 (1p)
Combined Letter of Clearance for motor vehicles being driven out of Uganda, 22 October 1992 (1p)
Financial account for field trip Kampala to Gulu to Kampala 23-26 October, 27 October 1992 (1p)
ACORD inter-office memorandum re DHJ hotel booking, 27 October 1992. Fax (2pp)
Message, DHJ to Peter James, re return to UK and reporting, 27 October 1992 (1p)
September 1989
“African Livestock Keepers in Recurrent Crisis. Policy Issues Arising from the NGO Response”, by Clare Oxby. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) Drylands Programme. Report prepared for ACORD (81pp)
24 October 1991
“Report arising from a pre-identification mission to East Moyo”, Kampala, by John de Coninck (25pp)
ACORD, Juba/Sudan:
Situation Report, Southern Sudan, September 1987, by Daniel Eiffe, D/Representative Euro Action ACORD, Juba (1p)
Juba Economic Recovery Programme (SUD 15). Proposals for Action, 1988-1990, ACORD, October 1987 (1p)
Briefing by Dan Eiffe, Juba, to Maureen, Peter and Mark, re Security situation as a consequence of the successful national coup led by Col. Omar Hassan al-Bashir against Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi; Major General Alison Mugaya the new military governor, 3 July 1989 (3pp)
Juba security update, Dan Eiffe, Juba, to Maureen, London, 31 October 1989: security, relief, family life, opportunities (6pp)
Notes [by DHJ] on Juba Economic Recovery Programme annual reports, December 1990 and March 1992 (2p)
Notes [by DHJ] on ACORD Programme Committee, London meeting 1 June 1992 (1p)
Map of Agricultural projects in Juba (scale 1:15,000) (1p)
Summary of the Juba programme 1 January-28 July 1992 (2pp)
Juba Bi-monthly report, July and August 1992 (4pp)
Update on Juba programme, 20 August 1992; with map of Juba (scale 1:15,000) showing contraction of area normally occupied by civilian population (4pp)
“Review on Southern Sudan”, by Dan Eiffe, Juba, October, 1990; with sketch map showing ACORD agricultural project sites near Juba (103pp)
The current situation in Southern Sudan, 16 September 1992: summary of events since Abuja peace talks, June 1992; the NGO perspective on conditions in the Sudan; ACORD's role in the Sudan [section not present] (4pp)
September-November 1992
Interview notes:
Jean Eagan MacAteer, Refugee Counsellor, US Embassy, Addis Ababa, 16 and 18 September 1992 (1p)
Dr Achol Marial, 6 October 1992 (1p)
Carolyn Schrock, NSCC, 6 October 1992 (2pp)
Bob Koepp, LWF, 6 October 1992 (2pp)
Garry Jones, Douglas and Gill Ratener, LWF, 6 October 1992 (2pp)
Garry Jones, LWF / SEOC, 12 October 1992 (2pp)
Killian Kleinschmidt, 6 October 1992 (1p)
Detlef Palm, UNICEF, 7 October 1992 (1p)
Chuck Gilbertson, Ben Martinson, Paul Scanlon, WFP Office, 7 October 1992 (2pp)
Dr V. Erasmus, AAIN, 8 October 1992 (2pp)
Jacob Akol and Bruce Menser, WVI, 8 October 1992 (2pp)
Dieter Hannusch, WFP, 9 October 1992 (2pp)
Philip Winter, SCF(UK), 11 October 1992 (1p)
Helge Rohan, NPA, 13 October 1992 (2pp)
Nelson Kisekka, OXFAM(UK), Kampala, 16 October 1992 (2pp)
ACORD Kampala, notes on Sudanese refugees in Uganda (1p)
Barry Sesnor, World University Service, 18 October 1992 (2pp)
Ben Martinson, WFP, Kampala, 19 October 1992 (2pp)
John Bullard, UNHCR, Kampala, 21 October 1992 (1p)
Helmut Langschwert, UNHCR, Pakelli, 24-5 October 1992 (3pp)
Visit to camps near Adjumani, 24 October 1992 (1p)
Stephen Wani, 25 October 1992 (1p)
Kiryandongo, 26 October 1992 (3pp)
Elijah Malok, SRRA Nairobi, 31 October 1992 (1p)
Manase Apollo Lomole, International Aid Sweden, Nairobi, 2 November 1992 (2pp)
Halvor Aschjem, Resident Representative NCA, Nairobi, 3 November 1992 (2pp)
Doug A. Johnson, OXFAM(UK), Nairobi, 3 November 1992 (2pp)
Dr Peter Aduok, Timothy Tot, George Jenon, Simon Mori, RASS, Nairobi, 4 November 1992 (2pp)
[September] 1992
ACORD Annual report, 1991.
June 1992-March 1993
ACORD meetings in London 1992-3:
Minutes of the ACORD Programme Committee meeting, London, 1 June 1992. Programme reports: Red Sea Hills; Juba economic recovery and rehabilitation; Eritrea; Support to the repatriation of Eritrean refugees from Sudan; Qala en Nahal refugee settlement; Somalia; Fight against AIDS (E. Africa); Poverty and enterprise in urban Africa; Guinea (39pp)
Agendas, minutes and Sudan item papers of ACORD Programme Committee meeting, London, 8-9 December 1992: “Operationality in Turbulence: the need for change”; “Emergency assistance to Juba, Southern Sudan”, with map of Juba [scale 1:15,000] showing contraction of area normally occupied by civilian population; “Report on relief and development prospects in the rural areas of the Southern Sudan” and refugees in Northern Uganda, report by DHJ, 14 November 1992, including sketch map showing government, SPLA / Nasir and SPLA / Garang areas of control in Southern Sudan; “Programme of assistance to Southern Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda”. Loose maps: Uganda districts (scale 1:5,000,000); Masindi and Moyo districts (scale 1:1,111,111); Arua district (approx. scale 1:952,381). Other programme reports: Burundi; Rwanda; Mali; South Africa; Somalia; Eritrea; Uganda (122pp)
Agendas, minutes and Sudan item papers of ACORD Programme Committee meeting, London, 30 March 1993: “Juba economic recovery and rehabilitation programme (Agriculture and Small Business Components)”; “Qala en Nahal refugee settlement programme: situation update”; “ACORD in Ethiopia. Proposal for long-term consultancy to develop country policy and identify and implement programme activities”; “Evaluation of Tigray small farm tools programme, 1987-1992”. Other programme reports: Namibia; South Africa; Angola (107pp)
August 1992
“The Southern Sudan: the root causes of a recurring civil war”, by DHJ, August 1992 (87pp)
October 1992
Douglas H. Johnson interim ACORD reports, 1992:
Interim report no. 1, Nairobi, 12 October, 1992; with covering note (6pp)
Interim report no. 2; with covering note, 21 October 1992 (2pp)
Interim report no. 3, Kampala, 27 October 1992; with covering note (3pp)
14 November 1992
“Report on relief and development prospects in the rural areas of the Southern Sudan”, by DHJ, 14 November 1992. Maps: Relief routes and accessible population, August 1992 (scale 1:8,333,333); Displacement of people in E. Bahr-el-Ghazal and W. Equatoria, July 1992 (scale 1:4,000,000), by J[ohn] Ryle, SCF(UK); Southern Sudan, UNHCR Emergency Unit (approx. scale 1:2,830,189) (30pp)
OXFAM reports:
“Ethiopia Bulletin”, nos 4-6, 8-19, 20 June 1983-19 December 1984; “Ethiopia / Sudan Bulletin”, nos 21-31, 23 January 1985-4 March 1986. Bulletins also include information on drought grants to other African countries (38pp)
“Sahel and other African drought grants”, bulletin nos 1-2, 17 December 1984 and 28 February 1985 (4pp)
Briefing note on Sudan refugee / drought grants and operations since 1 May 1984, 4 February 1985 (1p)
“Annual Report: The Sudan 1986-87”, by Mark Duffield, Country Representative, August 1987 (11pp)
“Food insecurity in Sudan. How OXFAM should respond”, by Mark Duffield, April 1988; with map of Sudan showing areas of chronic food instability (scale 1:6,060,606) (11pp)
“After Safaha”, report on aid provision to 15,000 Dinkas displaced from Aweil area and relocated via Safaha to seven sites, by John Patel and Simon Mollison, 25 May 1988 (3pp)
Pastoralist conflict settlement: research proposal. OXFAM Kampala memorandum from Nick Stockton (Uganda), to Mark Duffield (Sudan), Nicky May (Kenya), Nicholas Winer (Ethiopia), 24 June 1988 (4pp)
“(Draft) Report on visit of OXFAM & SCF representatives to El Meiram, South Kordofan: 4-8 September 1988”, by Mark Cutts (SCF), Roland Sewell (OXFAM), 8 September 1988 (10pp)
“Social and political change in Sudan: food security and the end of development”, by Mark Duffield, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Visiting Fellow, April-July 1989, IDS, September 1989. Annotated draft (46pp)
Kordofan situation update, by John Patel, Save the Children, 1 October 1988 (5pp)
“Paired Settlements ”, draft UN paper on the expansion of a southern Darfur programme to Kordofan (6pp)
“The Government’s General Policy towards the Displaced”, unofficial translation of a Sudan Government [Ministry of Social Welfare and Zakat] document (4pp)
“War and famine in Africa”, exploratory report for OXFAM by Mark Duffield, November 1990. First draft, annotated by DHJ; with covering letter from Duffield to DHJ, 30 November 1990 (49pp)
“The internalisation of public welfare: conflict and the reform of the donor / NGO safety net”, by Mark Duffield. Paper presented to the workshop on the prospects for peace, recovery and development in the Horn of Africa, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 19-23 February 1991 (25pp)
Bahr el-Ghazal Veterinary Programme proposals for 1992/93, with covering note from John Warabek, Veterinary Coordination Office, Yirol, to Resident Representative NPA, Nairobi, 11 March 1992 (8pp)
Letter from Moralueth, Bahr el-Ghazal to Resident Representative NPA, Nairobi, requesting supply of veterinary equipment and materials for Emergency Mobile Veterinary Programme, 27 May 1992. Manuscript photocopy (2pp)
Lobbying / communicating the Juba Situation. Memorandum from Heywood Hadfield (at Khartoum), OXFAM Programme Coordinator, Juba, to Robert Maletta, Khartoum, and OXFAM House, [Oxford], 2 August 1992 (9pp)
“Sudan Cross Border (SDX) situation report for the West Bank of Southern Sudan”, 5 August 1992 (15pp)
Quick update on conditions in Yondu, Kansuk, Mundri, and Aguron camps. Fax from Doug [A.] Jo[h]nson, Nelson Kisekka, Kampala, to Sudan Desk, 24 September 1992 (2pp)
Report on trip to Mundri from Kampala. Fax from Nelson Kisekka / Margaret Mudogo to Liz Gascoigne, 12 October 1992 (2pp)
Correspondence from Liz Gascoigne and Brendan Gormley and summary concerning OXFAM UK-based Advisory System for the Overseas Division, with list of Africa Desk advisors, including DHJ, 27 January and 16 April 1993 (4pp)
Papers and minutes of OXFAM Sudan regional meeting, Kampala, 10-12 May 1993, with covering note from Liz Gascoigne, 17 June 1993. Papers:
“Humanitarian subversion and aid policy in the Sudan”, 27 April 1993, by Robert Maletta, Sudan Representative (17pp)
South Sudan report, by Elizabeth Phillipo, 5 May 1993 (9pp)
“Sudan communication strategy”, rev. 12 May 1993 (11pp)

Brief tour report, Kampala 4-14 May 1993, by Liz Gascoigne, Regional Manager (7pp)
OXFAM South Sudan meeting, [Oxford], 23 Sept 1993: agenda and meeting notes by DHJ. Typescript (1p) and manuscript (11pp)
A quick bibliography for Maridi, [South Sudan]. Fax from DHJ to Jo Kinnear, OXFAM, 27 June 1994 (2pp)
Letter from Liz Gascoigne to DHJ, enclosing latest OXFAM Sudan reports for comment, 5 December 1994 (1p)
“The civil war in Sudan”, OXFAM Sudan Desk, October 1994. Annotated by DHJ (16pp)
“Sudan monthly update”, OXFAM, October and November 1994. Annotated by DHJ (8pp)
“Sudan situation update on conflict in Akot, Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal Province, Southern Sudan” (2pp)
“An appeal for action. Sudan – a decade of destruction”, The Refugee Council, November 1994. Annotated by DHJ (2p)
Draft Refugee Council press release concerning a visit to Sudan under the auspices of the Refugee Council by MPs Robert Banks and Tony Worthington, [December] 1994; with briefing notes by R. Rees, CAFOD for visit of Worthington to Wau, 13 December 1994 (2pp)
“Sudan monthly update”, OXFAM, January 1995 (7pp)
“Western Equatoria Review”, prepared by Ann Muir for OXFAM, March 1995 (49pp)
Correspondence and DHJ comments concerning manuscript of Sudan: a nation in the balance (OXFAM Country Profile, 1996) by Chris Peters, February 1996 (20pp)
“Impacts of the conflict in South Sudan”, by “Sam”, Nairobi, 18 September 2000 (4pp)
The Nuba Mountains: a microcosm of the crisis arising from Sudan’s unending civil war, by Liz Gascoigne, March 2001: paper considering OXFAM position within UNDP initiative Nuba Mountains Programme (3pp)
OXFAM Sudan Analysis workshop 11-12 May 2001: agenda, and DHJ notes. Typescript (2pp) and manuscript (7pp)
Correspondence from DHJ to Jamie Balfour-Paul and Nick Stockton, concerning Sudan Analysis workshop, and forwarding a small arms trade research project proposal by Peter Adwok Nyaba and Simon Simonse, May-June 2001. Fax and typescript (3pp)
List of participants, OXFAM Sudan days of analysis, [11-12 May 2001] (2pp)
“Analysis of the Sudan Conflict. A synthesis of the Conflict Analysis Workshop”, Nairobi, September 2000 (52pp)
“Humanitarian situation report South Sudan” April 2001, by Michael Anglade, Humanitarian Coordinator, OXFAM GB South Sudan, 7 May 2001; with map of oil concession areas (blocks 1-6) in Southern Sudan. Annotated (8pp)
“OXFAM GB South Sudan programmes”: programme summaries (4pp)
“Implications of the introduction of visas by Government of Sudan (GOS) for OLS humanitarian staff working in rebel held areas of Sudan”. Draft, Nairobi, 18 April 2001 (2pp)
1994-1995, 2001
Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal Evaluation, 1995. Correspondence regarding evaluation:
1994-1995, 2001
“Terms of reference for consultants”, OXFAM UK/I South Sudan Bahr el-Ghazal Evaluation, by Elizabeth Phillippo, Country Representative, Southern Sudan. Annotated by DHJ (7pp)
Fax from DHJ, Oxford, to Jane MacAskill, OXFAM, Nairobi, concerning priority of different [evaluation] survey areas, 6 April 1995 (1p)
Letter from DHJ to Tim Waites, OXFAM, Oxford, enclosing Bahr el-Ghazal Evaluation, 6 June 1995 (1p)
Fax from Jane MacAskill to DHJ, response to Elizabeth Phillippo’s comments and with JM's comments, 8 July 1995. Annotated by DHJ (3pp)
Letter from DHJ, Oxford, to Liz Gascoigne, OXFAM, Oxford, submitting revised Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal evaluation, 27 July 1995 (1p)
SPLM / SPLA Travel permit for DHJ, for Akot, Agnagrial, Mvolo, Lietnhom, Aliap areas, 12 April-11 July 1995; with photograph (1p)
Background reports provided by OXFAM: “Akot SDX [Sudan Cross Border] 077 Emergency Preparedness, Progress Sept-Dec 1994”, and “Emergency Preparedness Workplan Jan-Apr 1995”, by Aidan Timlin, 9 January 1995; with sketch map of Surveillance area - Akot site (in 3 divisions), and draft monitoring forms (8pp)
Map of states and state capitals of Sudan (approx. scale 1:11207547), stamped 6 Sep 1994 (1p)
“Southern Sudan tour report”, by Liz Gascoigne, Regional Manager, OXFAM. Report of tour 23 February-9 March 1994; lacking appendices (13pp)
“Southern Sudan Programme visit report”, by Liz Gascoigne, Regional Manager, OXFAM. Report of tour 30 October-5 November 1994 (6pp)
Staff List: Nairobi, Maridi, Akot / Agangrial / Billing, Lokichoggio, 13 Feb 1995 (1p)
Project Application Summary Forms Database: list of allocations by year (1p)
Urgent Fax from Paul Watson, OXFAM, Akot, South Sudan to Timothy Waits and Sophie Mack Smith, with “SDX078 Household Food Security Project – Interim Report”, with 7 appendices, 28 March 1995. Annotated by DHJ (17pp)
“Final Operation Report. Relief programme in favour of affected populations in Yirol and Rumbek districts – Southern Sudan”, by Bernard Broughton, Relief Coordinator, 26 August 1994; with sketch maps of Rumbek and Yirol districts showing (a) distribution of fishing and agricultural kits, and (b) concentrations of displaced. Annotated by DHJ (18pp)
Emergency Preparedness Kits: project objectives and description (3pp)
OXFAM South Sudan – Akot, “SDX 077 Monthly Report November 1994”, by Adam Timlin, 1 December 1994 (4pp)
Project proposal. “Household Food Security Project – Rumbek, Yirol, Mundri Counties. SDX 078.” Annotated by DHJ (5pp)
Catherine Mears, Health Adviser, “South Sudan Report”, with 8 appendices, 7 December 1993 (23pp)
Anna de Roos, “Nutritional Assessment Rumbek / Yirol District South Sudan, July/August 1994”, 13 August 1994: lacking some annexes (30pp)
Jan Cottle, Health Adviser, “067 Health Programme. South Sudan. Report on Review Visit 19 November-3 December 1994” (27pp)
OXFAM Internal Evaluation Report: “SDX-060 Water Programme, OXFAM, Southern Sudan, May 1994”, John Adams, Water Engineer, 3 June 1994 (6pp)
Fax from Elizabeth PH [?Phillippo] to Sudan Desk / Anne Marie Dupre, “Paravet Programme for Eastern Lakes Province”, 2 August 1994; with copy of Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal Paraveterinary Programme SDX-029 work plan, 1994-1996 (2pp)
“OXFAM’s Programme in Eastern Bahr el Ghazal, Southern Sudan”, October 1994. Annotated by DHJ (12pp)
Sudan Monthly Update, November 1994 (5pp)
OXFAM South Sudan, Akot Office, “Advocacy for harmony among communities” (4pp)
Aidan Timlin to Bol Yol, re Data on Rumbek Area, enclosing key findings extracted from 1978 Ministry of Agriculture survey of Rumbek area, 15 January 1995 (11pp)
Notes on Field Meetings: Introductory meeting of evaluation team to field staff at Akot (Makuragar), 13 April 1995, Akot (1p)
Minutes of Joint Relief Committee, Akot, 13 April 1995 (3pp)
Minutes of meeting between Bol Yol, Jane MacAskill and DHJ, Akot, 16 April 1995: discussion of the Strategic Plan (Lodwar) (5pp)
“Strategic Plan for Southern Sudan”, Lodwar, August 1994: list of aims., objectives and activities; with minutes of Lokichoggio meeting, 23-24 September 1993. Annotated by DHJ (12pp)
OXFAM South Sudan, Akot Office, Minutes of staff meeting, 17 April 1995 (1p)
Weekly Progress Reports [on OXFAM programmes], 17-24 April 1995 (4pp)
Minutes of Extraordinary Field Management Meeting, Makuragar, 26 April 1995; with “Draft statement on food prospects for Rumbek & Yirol 1995”, 26 April 1995 (11pp)
“Draft Statement on Food Prospects for Rumbek & Yirol 1995”, by Aidan Timlin, Akot, 19 and 26 April 1995 (2pp; 2pp)
Notes on Interviews - Administrative Interviews: Rumbek and Yirol Counties, 14 and 15 April 1995 (10pp)
Dr Elijah Makender Makec [interview notes], Billing, with sketch map, 14 April 1995 (4pp)
Markets (field notes): Bar Pakeny, Agany, Yinakuon, 14, 15, 20 April 1995 (2pp)
Gok interviews, 20-22 April 1995; with list of Gok sections (5pp)
General notes: feuds, community shops, Jur-Sofi, distributions, GOS movements, 23-30 April 1994 (3pp)
“Akot Raid”, October 1994: report of looting of OXFAM stores (1p)
David Deng, OXFAM Office, Nairobi, 10 April 1995: interview notes (2pp)
Interview notes, Bol Yuol at Akot, 14-18 April 1995: trade; reports of returnees from Khartoum (2pp)
Widows interviews at Agangrial, 21 April 1995: Nyilweth Rop, Monica Anyuany, Amer Lagut, Lok Macuer, Akec Lomngek (4pp)
Restocking Widows Programme: distributions at Cuibet Payam, Ngap (Jur-Bel), W. Payam Cuibet, Bongo, Agangrial, 27 December 1994-17 August 1995; notes from meetings with widows at Kakur, 24 April 1995 (7pp)
Notes by [Jane MacAskill] of meeting with two women's groups at Bar Pakeny, 18 April 1995 (3pp)
Distribution registration records and summaries, Rumbek and Yirol counties, 24 March-11 April 1995; with sketch maps of Cuibet, Rumbek, Akot areas; sketch map of Rumbek County payams, showing health centres, displacement movements, payam borders. Annotated by DHJ (19pp)
UN / OLS interview notes, Gigiri, 11 April 1995: humanitarian principles, health, capacity building, water; Minutes of Donors meeting, Gigiri, 11 April 1995 (5pp)
OXFAM interviews notes, Nairobi, 28 April 1995: veterinary, water, health, food programmes (2pp)
Water supply programmes, notes include summaries of distributions of well digging tool kits, and of well digging in Rumbek and Yirol districts, 1994 (6pp)
Roads projects, notes, 22 April 1995: Akot to Billing; Agangrial to Pagoor (1p)
Livelihood Monitoring: notes, 16 April 1995; report no. 1, Akot and Gok sites, March 1995; report of monitors at Kakur and Agangrial, 22 and 24 April 1995 (8pp)
Cattle auction prices: Agany market, Yirol (January 1995); Barpakeng Market, Rumbek (1994) (1p)
Notes on OXFAM post-harvest assessment, 24 February 1995 (1p)
Rinderpest vaccination records, 1994-1995: Aliap, Agangrial, Akot (2pp)
Monthly report for the coming veterinary programme for March 1994, by Jimmy Okot (1p)
Minutes of (seven) OLS Veterinary Coordination meetings, May 1993-March 1995 (5pp)
Veterinary: OXFAM(UK) Field Staff. Notes of: discussions with Jimmy Okot and Dr Stephen at Akot (Makuragar), April 1995; discussion of Restocking Report by Karen Iles, 18 April 1995 (7pp)
Notes from Bernard Broughton’s files, July 1993-October 1994 (2pp)
Notes on Discussion paper by Bernard Broughton, “Building a development programme in Yirol and Rumbek Counties”, Akot, 28 March 1995 (1p)
Notes on Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal. Background material compiled by DHJ.
Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal general information and pre-war:
“Yirrol District”, chapter 8 of The Upper Nile Province Handbook, ed. DHJ (1995). Page proofs (9pp)
Notes on Yirol from pre-independence sources: soils, water, rainfall, vegetation, economy, livestock (3pp)
“Modes of Existence”, chapter 2 of A Nilotic World: the Atuot-speaking peoples of the southern Sudan by John Burton (1987), pp.23-45: based on field work 1976-1977 (12pp)
Extract from 1983 Sudan census: Yirol and Warial highlighted (1p)
Food vocabularies: English, Dinka, Mundari, Bari, Arabic (2pp)
Types of Dura, Bor area (1p)
18 March 1989
Yirol District, 1989: extract from ICRC Report, by Peter Hunziker and Klaus Baumberger, 18 March 1989 (6pp)
Yirol District: extract from OLS 1990 Assessment report (pp.60-67) (11pp)
2 sketch maps: Yirol (1990); Lakes area, showing SPLA controlled areas, “enemy held” towns, areas affected by drought and locusts, 1990. Photocopies (2pp)
Copies of OLS 1990 assessment Yirol notes (11pp)
Yirol District: extract from OLS 1991/92 Assessment report (pp. 67-68) (2pp)
Report of ICRC Mission to Yirol, 15-17 June 1991, by Comninos, Koenig, and Fellay (5pp)
ICRC interview notes, Michel Guignard with Makuac Alit Tianic at Yirol, 28 August 1991 (1p)
Yirol field notes, by Patta Scott-Villiers: extract from OLS 1991-92 Assessment (6pp)
Yirol area notes, ICRC Nairobi, 10 December 1991 (1p)
Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal SCF(UK) 1992 reports:
“Notes on war, drought and flood in some areas of SPLM/A-administered Bahr-el-Ghazal”, by John Ryle, SCF(UK), February 1992; with tabulated summary of conditions in Tonj and Warrab counties, western Tonj: written up after two-week road trip from Uganda to Tonj County (6pp)
“Displaced Southern Sudanese in parts of Bahr-el-Ghazal and Equatoria”, by John Ryle, July 1992; with map of displacement of people July 1992 (scale 1:3,030,303) (15pp)
Extracts from “SCF Relief operations in Bahr al-Ghazal”, January 1993 (18pp)
Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal OLS 1993/4 Assessment:
1993 OLS Assessment: extracts concerning Bahr el-Ghazal (29pp)
Assessment of Akot County, 20-26 October 1993 (7pp)
Assessment of Western Yirol County (Aguran), 20-26 October 1993 (7pp)
Yirol summary, 11-12 October 1993 (2pp)
May 1995
“Eastern Bahr el-Ghazal Evaluation”, report by DHJ and Jane MacAskill, May 1995 (69pp)
4. Southern Sudan Agencies
Save the Children Fund (UK) reports:
John Ryle, “Displaced Southern Sudanese in Northern Sudan with special reference to Southern Darfur and Kordofan”, February 1989 (62pp double sided)
John Ryle, “Prospects for relief/development operations in SPLA-controlled areas of Southern Sudan”, May 1989 (81pp double sided)
John Ryle, “SRRA Northern Sobat basin agriculture & fisheries rehabilitation project”, October 1989. Draft (26pp)
Simon Mollison, “Relief needs in OLF controlled Ethiopia”, 8 April 1990 (18pp)
John Ryle (SCF consultant) and Neil Turner (SCF Coordinator for S. Sudan), “SCF relief operations in Bahr al-Ghazal”, January 1992 (40pp)
John Ryle, “Assessment Mission to Bahr al-Ghazal, 27-31 December 1992”. UNICEF report (24pp)
John Ryle, “Where there is no border. Repatriation of Somali refugees from Ethiopia: the implications for SCF programmes in Harerghe and Somaliland”, January 1992; with map of western regions of Somaliland and north eastern Harerghe, showing refugee camps and clan territories (approx. scale 1:1,562,500); diagram of Somali clans in Somaliland and bordering areas (42pp double sided)
Sharon ‘Nyarial’ Hutchinson, “Potential development projects for the Sobat Valley region: a set of proposals prepared for Save the Children Fund (U.K.)”, June 1993 [recte 1992]; with manuscript notes to Wendy James by the author (16pp)
John Ryle, “Displaced southern Sudanese in parts of Bahr-el-Ghazal and Equatoria”, 1st draft, July 1992 (15pp)
Philip Winter, South Sudan Programme officer, “Suggestions for a Security Council debate on South Sudan”, with covering letter to Andrew Timpson, 27 September 1992 (3pp) 2 annotated copies
Emma Roberts, Neil Turner, Urgent Fax, “SCF UK Assessment of Waat 30/31 October 1992”, 1 November 1992; annotated by John Ryle (4pp); with covering note from Ryle to Wendy James, 4 November 1992 (1p)
Angela Penrose and Andrew Timpson, “The United Nations and humanitarian assistance: case study on Somalia”. Development Studies Association Seminar, 16-17 January 1993 (18pp)
John Ryle, “Trip Report: Western Upper Nile (Fangak and Ler), December 1993” (5pp)
John Ryle, “Trip Report: Western Upper Nile (Jikany, Leek & Bul districts), January 1994”; with map, and flyer for Southern Sudan the Price of Survival, a film by John Ryle and Bapiny Tim Chol (see SAD.Video 24) (12pp double sided)
June 1994
“Complex emergencies and the crisis of developmentalism”, Mark Duffield, School of Public Policy, Birmingham; with covering note. Draft (14pp)
Miscellaneous Policy proposals:
“Restoration of self-reliant subsistence: a strategy for recovery”, [c. 1993] (8pp)
“A neglected approach for the Juba food operations”, Khartoum 4321, 2 June 1993 (5pp)
“Towards a humanitarian strategy in the Sudan”, 27 November 1993; with “Notes on strategy” for discussion, 10 November 1993 (7pp)
SEOC “Emergency assessment: Mankien, Western Upper Nile”, July 1994 (8pp)
Miscellaneous reports:
“Report on visit to Sudan 14-29 September 1990”, by Hans Schellenberg and Axel Heiri, Directorate of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Bern, Switzerland; with covering notes (27pp)
“Report on fact finding meetings in Kajokeji area, Equatoria Region, Southern Sudan”, by Manase A. Lomole, International Aid (Sweden), November 1990 (38pp)
“Introduction to ICRC activities in Southern Sudan” (21pp); with ICRC Situation reports for weeks 7-8 (12-25 February 1990) and 11-12 (12-25 March 1990) (10pp).
DHJ manuscript notes: discussion with Dominic Buff (ICRC), 28 March 1990; ICRC Note no. 4, Birthe Pedersen; ICRC OP/Sec 89/2000, 23 November 1989 (11pp)
U.S. Agency for International Development, “Southern Sudan assessment. Final report”, 21 April-31 May 1991, by Thomas O. Brennan, consultant to the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (28pp); with manuscript note on conversation with Kate Farnsworth (2pp, water damaged)
“Juba Situation Report – December-January”, memorandum from Gordon Wagner, United Nations Emergency Unit (UNEU) / Juba to Per Janvid, 5 February 1992 (20pp)
International Aid (Sweden), “Annual Report 1990/91. Southern Sudan programme”, January 1992 (40pp)
“Southern Sudan – Report on a forgotten crisis”, by Nils Carstensen, Danchurchaid, 16 September 1992 (9pp)
“Proposal for funding for the West Nile Vocational Training Centre”, proposal by F.E. Wallace on behalf of NSCC and CMS Ireland (7pp)
“A report for African Children’s Society, February – March 1992”, by Peter Gaisiance, Cambridge House, London (28pp)
Agency for International Development, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, “Situation report no. 5, Sudan – Civil Strive/Displaced Persons”, 26 May 1993 (15pp)
“Sudan 1990-1992: Food aid, famine, and failure”, issue paper by Millard Burr, U.S. Committee for Refugees, May 1993 (34pp)
Minutes of Emergency Relief meeting, Partnership House, London, 23 September 1993 (6pp)
“Introduction to traditional approaches to sickness and healing in the Southern Sudan”, by Kwacakworo [Conradin Perner], May 1994 (25pp)
Notes on the question of capacity building in Southern Sudan – twelve months on, by Paul Murphy, UNICEF / OLS, 2 August 1994 (10pp)
Notes from Evaluation Presentation meeting: Cush Relief and Rehabilitation Society (CRRS) (Cush), 27 March 1995 (3pp)
“Vetaid South Sudan report & animal health project proposal”, based on a field visit made by Jim Crees, MRCVS during February / March 1995 (53pp); with covering letter from Jeremy Cosmo Davies, Vetaid, to DHJ, concerning attendance at upcoming meeting, 16 May 1995 (2pp), and May 1994 Vetaid newsletter (16pp). Report is annotated and with manuscript note by DHJ (1p)
Annual report, presented to PCOS and PCOS / PRDA Partners Consultation meeting held in Limuru, Kenya, September 1997, by Rev. Gabriel Gai Riam, Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) (16pp)
Declaration, South Sudan Liberation Movement, 31 January 2000. Pamphlet (15pp)
5. Academic Articles and Papers
6. Human Rights reports
Africa Watch / Human Rights Watch Africa.
August 1989-October 1993
22 August 1989, “Sudan. The June coup d’etat: fifty days on”, (5pp, lacking p.4);
25 September 1989, “Sudan. Destruction of the independent secular judiciary” (4pp);
24 October 1989, “Political detainees in Sudan” (6pp);
6 December 1989, “Sudan. Khartoum: Government to execute striking doctors. The provinces: militia killings and starvation policy return” (6pp);
13 December 1989, “Sudan. Recent developments in Khartoum: an update” (2pp);
8 and 22 January 1990, “Political detainees in Sudan ”: Journalists, poets and writers; medical doctors; academics; trade unionists; lawyers (14pp);
23 January 1990, “Sudan. The massacre at el Jebelein” (5pp);
6 April 1990, “Sudan. The forgotten war in Darfur flares again” (11pp);
9 April 1990, “Sudan. Threat to women’s status from fundamentalist regime” (9pp);
26 April 1990, “Sudan. Officers executed and doctor tortured to death” (7pp);
8 May 1990, “Sudan. Lest they be forgotten… Letters from Shalla prison” (9pp);
1 June 1990, “Ethiopia. Conscription” (15pp);
30 August 1990, “Sudan. Suppression of information” (26pp);
7 November 1990, “Sudan. Nationwide famine” (2pp);
7 November 1990, “Sudan. Nationwide famine” (32pp);
5 December 1990, “Sudan. Bullets aren’t the seeds of life”, with Note to editors (7pp);
11 February 1991, “Sudan. Inside Bashir’s prisons” (20pp);
9 April 1991, “Sudan. New Islamic Penal Code violates basic human rights” (14pp);
April 1991, “Academic freedom and human rights abuses in Africa”, report (13pp);
30 April 1991, “Ethiopia. Human rights crisis as central power crumbles” (23pp);
October 1993, “War in South Sudan: the civilian toll” (vol. 5, issue 14) (11pp);
July 1994-July 1995
Newsletters (continued):
July 1994, “Kenya. Multipartyism betrayed in Kenya” (vol. 6, no. 5) (36pp);
November 1994, “Sudan. “In the Name of God”. Repression continues in Northern Sudan” (vol. 6, no. 9) (36pp);
November 1994, “Sudan. The Lost Boys” (vol. 6, no. 10) (21pp);
December 1994, “Ethiopia. Reckoning under the law” (vol. 6, no. 11) (36pp);
April 1995, “Somalia faces the future. Human rights in a fragmented society” (vol. 7, no. 2) (69pp);
July 1995, “Kenya. Old habits die hard” (vol. 7, no. 6) (18pp);
July 1996-December 1997
Newsletters (continued):
July 1996, Zaire. Forced to flee. Violence against Tutsis in Zaire (vol. 8, no. 2(A)) (29pp);
March 1997, “Zaire. “Attacked by all sides”. Civilians and the war in Eastern Zaire” (vol. 9, no. 1(A)) (14pp);
April 1997, “Zaire. Transition, war and human rights” (vol. 9, no. 2(A)) (64pp);
December 1997, Ethiopia. The curtailment of rights (vol. 9, no. 8(A)) (57pp).

Jemera Rone, HRW to Dr Abubaker Shingetti, External Information Bureau, 8 June 1995: report of a trip to Juba 4-7 June 1995 (8pp);
“Government of Sudan and rebel forces both guilty of abuses against children”, report, September 1995 (4pp);
Human Rights Watch, “World Report 1996” (91pp);
Human Rights Watch, Annual Report 1996-97; with covering letter from Jemera Rone, 14 August 1997 (28pp; 1p).
Amnesty International. Documents are filed by country, and then chronologically by AI index number. Items are interfiled chronologically with “Urgent Action” leaflets, 29 March 1990-2 August 1999. AFR 53/13/90-54/14/99.
“Memorandum to the Government of the Republic of the Sudan concerning an Amnesty International Mission to Sudan from 26 November to 5 December 1985”, February 1986. AI index AFR 54/03/86 (21pp)
“Sudan. Human rights developments since 1985”, July 1988. AFR 54/05/88 (11pp).
“Sudan. Human rights violations in the context of civil war”, December 1989. AFR 54/17/89 (36pp)
“Sudan. Imprisonment of prisoners of conscience”, February 1990. AFR 54/06/90 (8pp)
“Sudan. Deaths and detentions: the destruction of Juba”, 23 September 1992. AFR 54/26/92; with supplement NWS 11/37/92 add (6pp)
“Sudan: both sides committing grave abuses in the South says Amnesty International”, 4 November 1992. Weekly update NWS 11/44/92 (1p)
“Sudan. The ravages of war: political killings and humanitarian disaster”, 29 September 1993. AFR 54/29/93 (38pp)
“Sudan: peace talks must guarantee human rights”, 18 July 1994. AFR 54/WU 01/94 (2pp)
“Amnesty International Report 1995”, covering the period January-December 1994 (3pp)
“Sudan. Monitoring human rights”, October 1995. AFR 54/29/95 (12pp)
“Sudan. Progress or public relations?”, 29 May 1996. AFR 54/06/96 (40pp)
“Amnesty International Report 1997”, covering the period January-December 1996 (3pp)
“Amnesty International Report 1999”, covering the period January-December 1998 (5pp)
“Living in a State of Fear”, Focus vol. 25, no. 2, February 1995 (4pp)
“In search of safety”, Refuge! Africa, 20 June 1997. AFR 01/05/97 (37pp)
“Africa Update. A summary of human rights concern in sub-Saharan Africa”, September 1998-March 1999. AFR 01/02/99 (58pp)
“Uganda. Death in the countryside: killings of civilians by the army in 1990”, December 1990. AFR 59/15/90 (10pp)
“Uganda: Amnesty International condemns “callous and calculated” killings by Ugandan rebels”, 18 July 1996. AFR 59/14/96 (1p)
Loose Reports.
Sudan Human Rights Organisation, “Chances and conditions for a comprehensive and just peace settlement in the Sudan and a project for peace”, [1990s] (10pp)
Human Rights Voice, vol. 1 issue 3, July/August 1992; with notice of the release of the “Religion and Human Rights” conference (30 May 1992) proceedings (9pp)
African Rights, “The marginalized peoples of Northern Sudan”, March 1993 (9pp)
African Rights, Discussion paper no. 5, November 1994. “Humanitarianism unbound? Current dilemmas facing multi-mandate relief operations in political emergencies” (41pp)
B.E. Harrell-Bond, “Report to Oxfam on the Ikafe refugee settlement project in Aringa County”, December 1994; with compliment slip (46pp)
Humanitarian Monitor, February 1995, no. 2, “Sudan, Somalia and the legacy of conflict in the Horn of Africa” (44pp)
African Rights, “Sudan’s invisible citizens. The policy of abuse against displaced people in the north”, February 1995 (60pp)
1995-1996; 2002
African Rights, outline of Discussion paper no. 6, April 1995. “Great expectations. The civil roles of the churches in Southern Sudan” (2p)
African Rights, Discussion Paper no. 7, December 1995. “Imposing empowerment? Aid and civil institutions in Southern Sudan”. Annotated by DHJ (54pp)
Centre for the Strategic Initiatives of Women, “The outcry for peace in the Sudan”, October 1996; with press advisory, 17 November 1996 (64pp; 1p)
United States Institute of Peace, Special Report no. 89, July 2002, “Islamic Extremists: How do they mobilize support?” (8pp)
Survival International, no. 19, 1988; with Survival International UK Newsletter no. 3, Winter 1987 (20pp)
Anti-Slavery International for the Protection of Human Rights, “Sudan: war, slavery and children”. A report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, 1992 (5pp)
Leah Letherbee and Dale Bricker, “Abuses against women in Sudan”, 15 May 1992, The Fund for Peace Horn of Africa Program (10pp)
Leah Letherbee and Dale Bricker, “Abuses of academic freedom in Sudan”, 28 May 1992, The Fund for Peace Horn of Africa Program (14pp)
The Fund for Peace, Memorandum to all parties concerned about human rights in Sudan, concerning Violations of human rights of women and abuses of academic freedom in Sudan, 1 June 1992 (1p)
“Proceedings: Workshop on Human Rights in the Sudan”, 16-19 November 1992, Cairo (27pp)
UN General Assembly, 2 December 1992, “Human rights questions: human rights situations and reports of Special Rapporteurs and Representatives. The situation in the Sudan” (3pp)
Survival for tribal peoples: “Human rights abuses and mass deportations in central Sudan”, [1993] (4pp)
Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, Bulletin summary, December 1993: “Mediation efforts on Southern Sudan” (2pp)
United States Institute of Peace Journal: vol. VI no. 4, December 1993; VII / 1, February 1994; VII / 2, April 1994; VII / 3, June 1994 (44pp)
United States Institute of Peace, Special Report, “Sudan: ending the war, moving talks forward”, report of 12 April 1994 seminar (8pp)
Leah Letherbee and Dale Bricker, “Consensus and dissent: prospects for human rights and democracy in the Horn of Africa”, The Fund for Peace Horn of Africa Program, 1994 (37pp)
Justice & Peace Newsletter, South Sudan Law Society, no. 1, January 1996 and no. 2, March / April 1996 (24pp)
“South Sudan Watch”, 16 April 1996 (8pp)
Vigilance Soudan (English edition), quarterly, 4th quarter 1997-1st quarter 2001, with supplements of April 1999 and December 2000 (84pp)
7. UK Department for International Development. Safety, Security and Access to Justice report
“Terms of reference for a desk study on access to justice in Sudan”, [2003]. Draft (3pp)
Governance Resource Centre, “Desk based research reports – style guide”, [2001] (5pp)
Email from Oliver Blake, DFID, to DHJ, 26 March 2003 (1p)
Email from John Luk, Centre for Documentation and Advocacy, to DHJ, re South Sudan Law Library and access to legal reference sources in Sudan, 11 April 2003 (2pp)
1st draft of “Access to Justice in Sudan” report, with DHJ comments and corrections (75pp)
Penultimate draft of “Access to Justice in Sudan” report, with Alan Goulty’s comments and queries. Typescript (84pp) and manuscript (2pp)
David Spivack, Mashood Baderin, Douglas H. Johnson, “Access to Justice in Sudan”, 1 May 2003, DFID commissioned desk-based study (76pp)
8. Africa press cuttings
3 boxes
East Africa:
1. Burundi (Oct)
2. East African Community (Jul-Sep)
3-4. Kenya (Jan-Dec)
5. Somalia (Jun-Nov)
6. Tanzania (Jul-Dec)
Falashas (Ethiopian Jews).
1988; 1991-1992
Atlanta Constitution: articles on Ethiopia, Sudan, and Islam by Colin Campbell and Deborah Scroggins.
Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Clippings were originally arranged in 3 scrapbooks and then later into 2 notebooks, by region. Includes introductory note by DHJ on the history of his clippings collection.
1. Africa (general); Albert Schweitzer; Portuguese Africa; North Africa; Algeria
2. Egypt; Libya; Morocco; Tunisia; Cameroon; Congo; Congo Republic; Dahomey
3. Equatorial Guinea; Ivory Coast; Ghana; Guinea; Liberia; Niger; Nigeria; Portuguese Guinea; Senegal; Sierra Leone
4. Togoland; Upper Volta; Burundi; Central African Republic; Chad; Djibouti; Ethiopia; Kenya; Malagasy Republic; Rwanda; Somalia; Sudan; Tanzania; Uganda; Zanzibar
5. Angola; British South Africa; Basutoland; Bechuanaland; Central African Federation; Malawi; Mozambique; Rhodesia
6. Union of South Africa; Zambia
1. Africa (general)
2. Egypt; Equatorial Guinea; Ghana; Guinea; Ivory Coast; Liberia; Libya; Lesotho; Madagascar; Malawi
3. Algeria; Angola; Botswana; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo-Brazzaville; Congo-Kinshasa; Dahomey
4. Mali; Morocco; Mozambique; Niger; Rhodesia; Senegal; South West Africa; Togo; Tunisia
5. Nigeria; Biafra
6. Union of South Africa
7. Upper Volta; West Africa; Zambia