DCL MS. A.III.35Tabula to glossed Bible
Held by: Durham Cathedral Library: Durham Cathedral Manuscripts

Tabula to glossed Bible, early 14th century.

Digitised: https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t2mkw52j8172.html

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 306 f
Size: 305 mm x 205 mm

Secundo folio: vana gloria et avaricia

Written in two columns. Text-block: 240 x 165 mm.


Red and blue initials.


Bound in Durham by John Waghorn, 18th century (charged 4s 6d for work done on 6 October 1727). Calf; decorated with two rolled rectangles; gilt armorial of Durham Cathedral subsequently applied to the centre of both boards (presumably by Tucketts).

Manuscript history

Written in England, Durham ?, early 14th century.


Inscription: liber sancti Cuthberti assignatus communi Armariolo per fratrem Iohannem de Wessyngton, early 15th century.

P Tabula super omnes libros biblie 15th century, f.1r, top.

Manuscript contents
(a)     f.1r-115v
Original title: In Heptateuchum
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8721
(b)     f.116r-162v
Original title: In libros Historiales
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8722
(c)     f.163r-211r
Original title: In Psalmos
Cited: Stegmüller, 8726
(d)     f.211r-235v
Original title: In Prophetas
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8727
(e)     f.236r-257v
Original title: In Iob
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8728
(f)     f.257v-265v
Original title: In libros Salomonis
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8724
(g)     f.266r-274v
Original title: In Evangelia
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8723
(h)     f.275r-297r
Original title: In Epistolas Pauli
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8729
(i)     f.297r-299r
Original title: In Actus Apostolorum
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8730
(j)     f.299v-301v
Original title: In Epistolas canonicas
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8731
(k)     f.302r-306r
Original title: In Apocolipsim
Language: Latin
Cited: Stegmüller, 8732

Microfilmed in 1985/86 by the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, St John's Abbey and University, Collegeville, Minnesota. Copies held by them and Durham Cathedral Library.

Digitised material for Durham Cathedral Library MS. A.III.35 - Tabula to glossed Bible
Digitised January 2018 as part of the Durham Priory Library Recreated project. The volume is tightly bound and many pages throughout have marginalia not visible in the image because they are too far into the gutter. This is particularly a problem at the beginning of the manuscript. The parchment throughout the volume cannot be made to lie flat and the undulation of it has caused more than usual distortion in the images. The text is clear on all images but, in certain areas, letter shapes and sharpness in some images have been affected.


Catalogi veteres librorum Ecclesiae cathedralis dunelm. Catalogues of the library of Durham cathedral, at various periods, from the conquest to the dissolution, including catalogues of the library of the abbey of Hulne, and of the mss.   OCLC citation, Surtees Society 7, (London: J.B. Nichols and Son, [1838]).

Stegmüller, F., Repertorium biblicum medii aevi   OCLC citation, (Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1950-1961)

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