DCL MS. A.III.24Twelve Minor Prophets (Old Testament), glossed
Held by: Durham Cathedral Library: Durham Cathedral Manuscripts

Glossed copy of the twelve minor prophets from the Old Testament, written in Northern France at the end of the 12th century.

Digitised: https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t2mc534fn99s.html

Physical description of manuscript

Parchment: stout and relatively even-toned; very occasional repaired flaws (e.g. f.96). That of the flyleaf (f.1) is much thinner and of poorer quality.

Extent: ii+158+i f
Size: 352 mm x 243 mm


Modern pencil foliation.

Secundo folio: sanguinem naboth

flyleaf (f.1) a singleton, I-XIX8, XX6

Catchwords: Contemporary catchwords on Qq. IV, VIII, XIV, XVI and XIX.
Signatures: Contemporary signatures: a bold Roman numeral (.I.-.XI.)flanked by dots, final verso, lower margin, centre on quires I-XI; a smaller Roman numeral (XI-XIX), lower margin left on quires IX-XIX.

Condition of manuscriptThe first few leaves and the last one bear liquid stains.

Written area: main text block 220 x 148 mm.
Lines: biblical text written every other line, occasionally every third line (starting below top line) up to a maximum of 20 in quires I-VII, of 22 thereafter (space, 5 mm; height, 4+ mm); gloss written every line (starting above top line) to a maximum of 40 in quires I-VII, of 45 thereafter (space, 5 mm; height 1.5+ mm).
Pricking: awl. Pricked for all rulings; done in both side margins for the horizontal rulings. Prickings survive in all four margins.
Ruling: lead. Complex glossed book design: the biblical text written on every other line in a central zone (and sometimes extending into one or both of the flanking columns), the gloss written every line to either side of it; with further blocks of gloss in the outer margins. Four sets of triple verticals define the outer edges of the main text-block and the three columns within it; a further pair of verticals and two single verticals subdivide the outer margin; another pair of verticals subdivides the inner margin. The number of horizontals extended varies (and is regularly obscured by ad hoc horizontal ruling in both outer margins), but is often the first two and the last two, or the first three and the last three, but occasionally (e.g. f.66r) 1, 2, 3, 21, 22, 23. A further pair of horizontals runs across the upper margin (for the running heading).


f.2r-159r (items (a)-(n)), biblical text and primary gloss written inTextualis quadrata, stately (the biblical text twice the size of the gloss; item (n) written in gloss-grade script).
Additional marginal and interlinear gloss throughout (a) to (m) written in Textualis libraria, compressed.
f.159r-v (item (o)) written in Textualis libraria, functional.


Decorated initials of Channel style, 7+ lines high, coloured pink-red, blue, green, and ochre with white highlights against a gold ground that is outlined in green, head the General Preface (a), f.2r) and the first biblical incipit (b), f.3v. The former incorporates 5 near-complete lions and dragons plus one beast head, the latter has one lion atop symmetrical foliate sprouts. The incipits of all other biblical books are headed by a red and blue initial, 8+ lines high, flourished in both colours. The first preface for other biblical books is generally headed by a red or blue initial, 4 lines high, flourished in the other colour (those for items (g) and (l) are 2 lines high). Many sentences within the biblical texts are headed by 1- to 2-line-high initials, alternately red then blue, flourished in the other colour. Blocks of marginal gloss (plus the headings in item (n)) are headed by a 1-line-high initial, alternately red then blue, preceded by a florid paraph in the other colour (the flourishing of the paraph is sometimes done in both red and blue, and in a couple of cases it incorporates human (f.117r) or beast heads (f.2r)). Running headings (giving the name of the biblical book) are presented in 1-line-high capitals, alternately red then blue. Guide letters for the initials survive throughout; guide words for the running headings survive in whole or part at the extreme top left of many versos.


Standard Tuckett binding, mid 19th century full brown calf over thick wooden boards, 2 clasps (Charles Tuckett, binder to the British Museum, rebound many Durham manuscripts in the 19th century)

Manuscript history

Written in Northern France, end of 12th century.


Rud, p.42, records a lost inscription, ‘In initio: “Ex dono Mag_i Rob. De Hadingtonâ.”’, presumably on a flyleaf that was discarded when the book was subsequently rebound. Master Robert of Haddington was a student in Paris who returned to Durham with his library (some 38 volumes) which he donated to the priory, and who appears, described as magister, as a witness to a number of Durham charters in the 1190s. DCL MS A.III.16 contains a list of his books, of which other survivors are: A.III.2, A.III.5, A.III.16, A.III.17, A.III.19 and York Minster, XVI.Q.5.
Pressmark: “E”, late 14th century, f.2r, top right
Pressmark: “Pi”, “G”, 15th century, f.2r, top right; also (now faint) f.1v, top left, and (very faint, possibly erased) slightly lower on f.1v.
Inscription: “pa pe | G 1” plus list of content (“Contenta huius libri 12ce′ prophete minores viz Osee ... Malachias”), 15th/16th century in hand of Thomas Swalwell, f.1v, top left. In Spendement catalogues.

Manuscript contents
(a)     f.2r-2v
Modern title: Prologue to the Twelve Minor Prophets, with gloss
Author: Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420
Incipit: Non idem ordo est duodecim prophetarum
Explicit: et hi qui eos habent titulos prophetauerunt
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 500
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.3
(b)     f.2v-36v
Modern title: Hosea, glossed
Incipit: Temporibus ozie et ioathe, et achaz, et ezechie regum
Explicit: et purificasse monstratur
Language: Latin

The standard 14 chapters were indicated by numbers (mainly Arabic, but x and xi Roman) added as running headings: not later than 13th century, these could be contemporary with the text.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 507
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.4
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.5
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.6
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.7
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.8
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.9
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11813.12
(c)     f.37r-49r
Modern title: Joel, glossed
Incipit: Uerbum domini quod factum est ad iohel
Explicit: et dominus commorabitur in syon
Language: Latin

The standard 3 chapters indicated by Roman numerals as running headings

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 509
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 510
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 510.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 511
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11814.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11814.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11814.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11814.4
(d)     f.49r-70v
Modern title: Amos, glossed
Incipit: Uerba amos qui fuit in pastoralibus
Explicit: de terra sua quam dedi eis dicit dominus deus tuus
Language: Latin

The standard 9 chapters are indicated by Arabic numerals as a running heading.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 512
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 513
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 515
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11815.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11815.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11815.3
(e)     f.70v-74r
Modern title: Obadiah, glossed
Incipit: Visio abdie hec dicit dominus deus ad edom
Explicit: et erit domino regnum
Language: Latin

Standard chapter number, supplied as a running heading throughout.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 519
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11816.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11816.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11816.4
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11816.5
(f)     f.74r-81r
Modern title: Jonah, glossed
Incipit: Et factum est uerbum domini ad ionam
Explicit: et sinistram suam et iumenta multa. Explicit iona
Language: Latin

Standard 4 chapters indicated by Roman numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 521
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 524
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11817.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11817.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11817.5
(g)     f.81r-95v
Modern title: Micah, glossed
Incipit: Uerbum domini quod factum est ad miceam
Explicit: que iurasti patribus nostris a diebus antiquis. Explicit micheas.
Language: Latin

Standard 7 chapters indicated via Arabic numerals in running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 526
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11818.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11818.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11818.7
(h)     f.96r-103r
Modern title: Nahum, glossed
Incipit: Onus niniue liber uisionis naum helcesei
Explicit: quia super quem non transiit malicia tua semper.
Language: Latin

Standard 3 chapters indicated via Arabic numerals in running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 528
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11819.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11819.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11819.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11819.4
(i)     f.103r-111r
Modern title: Habakuk, glossed
Incipit: Onus quod uidit abacuc propheta
Explicit: deducet me uictor in psalmis canentem.
Language: Latin

Standard 3 chapters indicated in Arabic numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 531
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11820
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11820.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11820.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11820.5
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11820.7
(j)     f.111r-118v
Modern title: Zephaniah, glossed
Incipit: Uerbum domini quod factum est ad sophoniam
Explicit: coram oculis uestris dicit dominus.
Language: Latin

Standard 3 chapters indicated in Arabic numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 532
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 534
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11821.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11821.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11821.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11821.6
(k)     f.118v-124v
Modern title: Haggai, glossed
Incipit: In anno secundo darii regis
Explicit: dicit dominus exercituum.
Language: Latin

Standard chapters indicated in Arabic numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 535
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 538
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11822.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11822.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11822.6
(l)     f.124v-151r
Modern title: Zacariah, glossed
Incipit: In mense viii in anno secundo darii
Explicit: in domo domini exercituum in die illa.
Language: Latin

Standard chapters indicated in Arabic numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 539
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 540
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11823.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11823.2
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11823.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11823.4
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11823.6
(m)     f.151r-159r
Modern title: Malachi, glossed
Incipit: Onus uerbi domini ad israel
Explicit: et percutiam terram anathemate, amen.
Language: Latin

Standard chapters indicated in Arabic numerals as running headings.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 543
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11824.1
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11824.3
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 11824.4
(n)     f.159r
Modern title: Names of Kings of Israel and Judah
Incipit: ¶Nomina regum, duarum tribuum. Roboam, Abia, Asa
Explicit: Osee.
Language: Latin

Two lists in parallel columns with 20 and 19 entries respectively

(o)     f.159r-159v
Original title: Brevis tractatus de Sacramento Altaris
Author: Hildebert, Archbishop of Tours, 1056?-1133
Date: added 12th/13th century
Incipit: Qvis humano sensu percipiat qualiter caro christi cotidie a celis in altare
Explicit: licet ratione neqeat penetrari, non tamen excidat a fide
Language: Latin

Microfilmed in 1985/86 by the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, St John's Abbey and University, Collegeville, Minnesota. Copies held by them and Durham Cathedral Library.

Digitised material for Durham Cathedral Library MS A.III.24 - Twelve minor prophets, glossed
Digitised November 2018 as part of the Durham Priory Library Recreated project


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