Durham Cathedral Library MS. B.II.11Jerome on Hebrew, etc.
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A corpus of works by Jerome mainly on Hebrew terms, with other authors. The collection of works on f.2-108 is found in other manuscripts, such as Alençon 2, f.1-119v (Saint-Evroult); Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.34 and O.4.7; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 808; Yale, Beinecke 322. One of the books given to Durham by William of St Calais before 1096, probably written in Normandy.

Digitised: https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t1m8g84mm24n.html

Physical description of manuscript

Parchment: well prepared with minimal distinction between H and F sides. The preliminary bifolium i+1 is of lower quality. Arranged: HF, FH. Some damage and staining from damp.

Extent: i+139+i f
Size: 328 mm x 240 mm

Secundo folio: posuit eum in paradiso

preliminary quire (f.i-1) a bifolium; I-XIII8, XIV3 (4 with 4, probably blank, lost or cancelled), XV-XVII8, XVIII6. Apparently prepared (to the same specifications) in two sections: quires I-XIV (f.2-108) and quires XV-XVIII, (f.109-138), which the 12th century contents list on f..1r indicates were brought together at an early date.

Signatures: Original signatures, ‘i’, ‘ii’, ‘iiii’, and ‘v’ flanked by dots survive on quires I, II, IV and V (final versos, lower margin, centre).

Written area: 256 x 178 mm. Two columns (width: 77 mm). Lines: 37 (space, 6 mm; height of minims, 2 mm). Pricking: awl or knife (occasionally survives in the upper margin, very occasionally in the outer margin). Ruling: hard point, directly on to each hair side. Double verticals flank both columns (four in total in the intercolumnar space); first, third, last and antepenultimate horizontals extended.


Written in Protogothic


Standard Tuckett binding, mid 19th century full brown calf over thick wooden boards (Charles Tuckett, binder to the British Museum, rebound many Durham manuscripts in the 19th century)

Manuscript history

Written in France, Normandy, late 11th century, before 1096.


Given to Durham Priory by William of St Calais.

Manuscript contents
(a)     f.1r
Modern title: Note on the Origin of the Soul
Date: added 11th/12th century
Incipit: De origine animarum
Explicit: a deo cotidie factas dari, anathema sit
Language: Latin

Cf. Gratian, Decretum C.32 q.2 c.9. f.1v, blank

(b)     f.1r
Modern title: Contents list
Date: added later 12th century
Language: Latin

Registers items c-e, h-p, r, t, u (possibly including s), v1, v3, w, aa, ab1-4, ac, ad, ae and aj.

(c)     f.2r-19r
Original title: Liber quaestionum hebraicarum in Genesim
Author: Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420
Incipit: Qui in principiis librorum debebam secuti operis argumenta proponere, cogor prius respondere maledictis
Explicit: qui seruientes altari uiuunt de altari
Language: Latin

A couple of early Nota marks

(d)     f.19r-36r
Original title: De situ et nominibus locorum hebraicorum
Author: Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, approximately 260-approximately 340
Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420
Incipit: Eusebius qui a beato pamphilo martyre cognomentum sortitus est post decem ecclesiastice hystorie libros
Explicit: ubi adonias immolauit uictimas iuxta fontem rogel
Rubric: Incipit liber de distantiis locorum
Language: Latin

In the margin beside the word ‘chorographiam’ in the Preface (f.19r) a 12th century hand has added ‘Chorographia’ in Greek capitals with superscript transliteration, followed by ‘regionum descriptio’.

(e)     f.36r-61r
Original title: Liber interpretationis hebraicorum nominum
Author: Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420
Incipit: Aethiopia, tenebras
Explicit: Sathan, aduersarius uel preuaricator
Rubric: Incipit prologus Beati Ieronimi in interpretationes hebraicorum nominum
Language: Latin
(f)     f.61r
Original title: Interpretatio alphabeti hebreorum
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Aleph, mille uel doctrina
Explicit: Tau signum, uel subter
Language: Latin

Followed by a line and a half of sigla or pseudo-letters.

(g)     f.61r
Modern title: Interpretation of Greek alphabet and numerals
Incipit: Α alfa Agricola, Β beta uetus
Explicit: ogdacosin dccc, ennacosin dcccc, ΧΨΩ
Language: Latin

This set of interpretations (and others) listed in B. Bischoff, "Das griecische Element in der abendländischen Bildung des Mittelalters" (1951) reprinted in his Mittelalterliche Studien II (1967), 246-75; see also York Minster Library, XVI.I.8.

(h)     f.61r-71v
Original title: Quaestiones hebraicae in libros Regum 1-2
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Fuit vir unus de ramatham sophim de monte Ephraim
Explicit: uero sescentis aureis emisse
Rubric: Incipit liber Beati Ieronimi presbiter de questionibus libri Regum
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3414
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3415
(i)     f.71v-82r
Original title: Quaestiones hebraicae in libros Paralipomenon 1-2
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: In diebus eius diuisa est terra quia in diebus eius facta est turris
Explicit: ut ruinas templi restauraret
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3417
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3418
(j)     f.82r-82v
Original title: De decem tentationibus
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Haec sunt verba que locutus est moyses
Explicit: quando me misit moyses ad terram considerandam
Rubric: Incipit de decem temptationibus
Language: Latin

The rubric was supplied in the intercolumnar space by a different hand, written at right-angles to the main text, compare with Beinecke 322.

Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3411
(k)     f.82v-83r
Original title: De sex civitatibus ad quas homicida fugit
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Prima ciuitas est, cognitio uerbi
Explicit: Jacob duodecim tribus, Israel decem
Rubric: De Sex civitatibus ad quas homicida Fugit
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 8940
(l)     f.83r-84v
Original title: In Canticum Debbore
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Cecineruntque debbora et barach filius abinoem. Barach uir debbora
Explicit: sicut habes in Ieremia propheta
Rubric: Incipit canticum Deboborae
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3413
(m)     f.84v-87r
Original title: In Lamentationes Jeremie
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Et factum est postquam in captiuitatem ductus est israel
Explicit: et sequendo uoluptatem carnis
Rubric: Incipiunt lamentations Ieremie
Language: Latin
Citation: Stegmüller RBMA 3423
(n)     f.87r-88r
Original title: Tractatus super Aedificium Prudentii
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Gratia dei adiutrice uitiorum uoragine annichilata uirtutum domicilium describere nobis studuit prudentius doctor
Explicit: ad discretionem pertinet
Rubric: Incipit tractatus super edificium Prudentii
Language: Latin
Cited: Bloomfield 1979, 2241
(o)     f.88r-88v
Original title: Epistola 23
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Cogor a te, ut tibi dardane de alii de generibus musicorum
Explicit: legis ueteris in manu iudeorum
Rubric: Ieronimvs ad dardanum
Language: Latin

(p)     f.88v-92r
Original title: Epistola 125
Author: Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420
Incipit: Nichil christiano felicius cui promittuntur regna celorum
Explicit: sed magna sunt proemia
Rubric: Ieronimus ad Rusticum monachum
Language: Latin
(q)     f.92r-92v
Original title: De sphaera celi
Incipit: Affirmatur celum rotundum iuxta ecclesiasten
Explicit: et super eminentem scientie caritatem consequamur
Language: Latin

Cf. Ephesians 3.18

(r)     f.92v-99r
Modern title: Sentences on biblical themes
Incipit: Paulus apostolus non ab hominibus neque per hominem sed per iesum christum et deum patrem
Explicit: et illos oculus possidere in quos festuca peccati non possit incidere
Language: Latin

A diverse collection incorporating credited extracts from Ambrose (e.g. f.95v; De spiritu sancto I.6), Augustine (e.g. f.96r; Ep. 47) and Jerome (e.g. In epistolam ad Galatas and Epistola 51). Up to f.96r subsections are defined by paraphs within the text. The text ends with Jerome, Ep. 68, para 2.

(s)     f.99r-100v
Modern title: Interpretations of the names of Christ’s Ancestors
Incipit: Abra\h/am, pater excelsus, Esaias, Vocabitur nomen eius admirabilis
Explicit: ob scelus inmanissimum adulterii et homicidii quod perpetratum est per eam
Language: Latin

Related to De genealogia Christi, attributed to Alcuin.

(t)     f.100v-101v
Original title: On the Seven Weeks of Daniel 9.24-26
Incipit: Non ad hoc abbreuiauit illos annos ut tolleret inde embolismos
Explicit: cccc xc anni lunares, qui sunt anni solares cccclxxv
Rubric: Glossae septimae ebdomadae
Language: Latin

Cf. Daniel 9.24-26 with Bede, De temporum ratione, ch. 9

(u)     f.101v-102v
Modern title: Notes on selected biblical books
Incipit: In Genesi. Sintagma doctrina. Oecnicon dispensatorem uel secretum
Explicit: De iohannis epistola tertia. Diotrepes, heresiarcha temporis illius aliquis superbis
Language: Latin

Sections of differing length on material from Gen., Ex., Num., Deut.,Kings I-IV, Is., Jer., Ez., Dan., Hos., Joel, Amos, Jonah, Michea, Zacharia, Iob, ‘Solomon’, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom, Iesus filius Sirach, and John Ep. III. In Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.34, f.170r the text is entitled "De partibus minus notis veteris testamenti"

(v)     f.102v-105v
Original title: Liber pontificalis (extracts)
Language: Latin

Origin and summary of deeds for most popes down to Boniface; thereafter (Deusdedit to Constantinus) only the length of the pontificate is given.

(w)     f.105v
Modern title: Excerpts on Units of Measure etc.
Author: Sylvester II, Pope, approximately 945-1003
Language: Latin

3 short extracts

(x)     f.105v-106r
Modern title: Computistical Note
Incipit: Termini anni xxvi, xv, xxxiiii, xxiii, xii, xxxii, xx
Explicit: numerus terminabitur, ibi erit terminus
Language: Latin
(y)     f.106r
Modern title: Eucharistic Distich
Incipit: Sub specie panis fit uera comestio carnis. Sumitur hic sanguis uirus quo pellitur anguis
Language: Latin

Runs on undifferentiated from (x)

(z)     f.106r
Modern title: Two Metrical Prayers
Incipit: O deus immensa clementia suauis optima
Incipit: Qui pie pro nobis cognoscis pondera carnis
Language: Latin
(aa)     f.106r
Modern title: List of Nine Principal Feasts
Incipit: Prima de natali domini. Secunda de apparitione
Explicit: Octaua de cruce. Nona de apostolis
Rubric: Novem praefationes canonicae
Language: Latin
(ab)     f.106r
Modern title: Sets of Verses
Incipit: De natura ignis. Est res effrenis, nec pascitur absque rapinis
Incipit: De quatuor generibus mortis. Quadrifido genere mors ius tenet imperiale
Incipit: De Saule qui duobus annis regnasse dicitur. Monade censetur, cum primum sceptra tuetur
Incipit: De metallis. Quidam septigenum describunt esse metallum
Language: Latin
Citation: Walther 5833
Citation: Walther 14969
Citation: Walther 11179
Citation: Walther 15969
(ac)     f.106r-106v
Original title: De xii lapidibus preciosis
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Jaspis viridis super quem fuerunt nulla phantasmata timet
Explicit: humilitatis benignitate suaues, regia potestate contra omnis incursus constantes
Rubric: De lapidibus
Language: Latin
(ad)     f.106v-107r
Original title: Notae divinae legis necessariae
Author: Ps.-Jerome
Incipit: Hoc in idiomatibus, id est propriis locutionibus legis
Language: Latin

List of thirteen notae, followed by explanations of each.

(ae)     f.107r-107v
Original title: Monochordum Encheriadis
Incipit: Monochordum encheriadis constat ex x et viii cordis ex iiii uidelicet grauibus et quattuor finalibus
Explicit: singuli extremam suam symphoniam attingant
Rubric: Monochordum domni encheriadis
Language: Latin
(af)     f.107v-108r
Original title: Mensura monochordi
Incipit: Mensura domni Boetii. Totam tabulam diuide in quattuor et in prima parte
Incipit: Cromaticum et enarmonicam ita facies. Sume meditatem spacii quod est inter p et o
Language: Latin

2 pieces. Also found in DCL Hunter MS 100, f.41v-42r

(ag)     f.108r
Modern title: Mensura (extract from Micrologus)
Author: Guido, d'Arezzo
Incipit: Γ Gamma itaque in primis affixa, ab ea usque ad finem
Explicit: b, B, c, cd
Rubric: Mensura Domni Guidonis
Language: Latin

Also found in DCL Hunter MS 100, f.42r, but with a different closing section.

(ah)     f.108r
Modern title: On Units of Weight
Incipit: Duo calculi faciunt unum ceratem, duo autem cerates faciunt uum obolum
Explicit: Duo etenim oboli faciunt unum scripilum uel scripulum.
Language: Latin
(ai)     f.108v
Modern title: Divisions of the Monochord
Incipit: Proslambanomenos Enarmonicum
Explicit: Netehyperboleon Diatonicum
Language: Latin

Aligned vertically, arranged in three registers, these and the subdivisions defined by red and green lines; sections of the middle register also marked with capital letters A-P, plus Z.

(aj)     f.109r-133r
Modern title: Letters and Verses
Author: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, approximately 960-1028
Incipit: Dilectissimo patri et archiepiscopo suo L, F dei gratia carnotensium epsicopus orationis suffragium
Explicit: cum magis ex prompta fidelitate quam improba temeritate peccauerim. Vale
Rubric: Epistole Fulberti Carnotensis episcopi
Language: Latin

Contains numbers 2, 3, 5, 4, 10, 13, 14, 8, 15, 16, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17-23, 38, 36, 98, 97, 118, 123-4, 122, 125-127, 147, 40, 39, 72-4, 76-8, 80, 75, 84-87, 132, 88-94, 119, 99-101, 26, 64, 146, 24, 29, 30, 35, 62, 63, 31, 37, 32-3, 148, 25, 79, 81-3, 42, 41, 34, 28, 44, 47, 45, 49, 51, 43, 52, 54, 55, 53, 46, 56-61, 154, Fulbert, Contra Iudeos III, notice of the election of Abbot Bernard of Montier-la-Celle, 50, 120, 27, 65, 67, 66, 68, 48, 69-71, 95-6, 102-6, 110, 109, 111-114, 116-17, 121, 128-131, 115. This collection is identical to that in Leiden Vossianus latin Q.12 and closely similar to that in BAV, Reg. lat. 278.

Citation: Fulbert MS D p. xlvii.
(ak)     f.133r-134v
Modern title: Sermons and Poem
Author: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, approximately 960-1028
Incipit: Patres venerabiles karissimi filii dei aliquid uobis uolumus memorare
Explicit: et uite eterne ianuas patefecit
Language: Latin

Sermo 1; Rithmus de trinitate; Sermo 7; De poenitentia mulierum; Sermo 8.

(al)     f.134v-135r
Modern title: Admonitory Catena
Incipit: Clama ne cesses quasi tuba exalta uocem tuam et annuncia populo meo scelera eorum
Explicit: Corripe me domine uerumtamen in iudicio non in furore tuo, ne forte ad nichilum redigas me
Rubric: Liber Actuum Apostolorum mentionem facit baptismi capitulo vi, vii, xxiiii, xxv, xxx, xlv, xlvi, xlviiii, li, lxi. Admonitio sacerdotum
Language: Latin

The incipit is Isaiah 58.1, the explicit Jeremiah 10.24; incorporates Fulbert of Chartres, ‘Versus de duplicitate’. Other authorities cited by name are Cassian, Jerome, Hosea and Leo.

(am)     f.135r
Original title: De peccatis capitalibus
Author: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, approximately 960-1028
Incipit: Si quis hominem occiderit sponte
Explicit: feria ieiunet
Rubric: De poenitentia laicorum secundum Fulbertum episcopum
Language: Latin

(an)     f.135r-135v
Original title: Rithmus de santa cruce
Author: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, approximately 960-1028
Incipit: Uexillum regis uenerabile cuncta regentis
Explicit: Constanter uitam studeamus adire supernam
Language: Latin
Edition: Fulbert no 134
(ao)     f.
Original title: Epistola ad Gauzlinum abbatem
Author: Robert II, King of France, approximately 970-1031
Incipit: Rotbertus nutu dei francorum rex, Gauzlino
Explicit: Uolo uos scire mei animi motum … donec mihi respondeatis. Valete
Rubric: Epistola transmissa Gauzlino abbati a piissimo rege Rotberto de quodam portento
Language: Latin
Edition: Fulbert p.274-5
(ap)     f.135v-136r
Original title: Rescriptum ad regem Rotbertum
Author: Gauzlin, of Fleury, 967-1030
Incipit: Domino regi francorum excellentissimo Rotberto
Explicit: benedictione in omnibus exornet
Language: Latin
Edition: Fulbert p.275-7
(aq)     f.
Modern title: Hymns and Poems
Author: Fulbert, Saint, Bishop of Chartres, approximately 960-1028
Language: Latin

9 pieces.

Edition: Fulbert no 153, 135, 137 9, 140 1, 142, 149

Microfilmed in 1985/86 by the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, St John's Abbey and University, Collegeville, Minnesota. Copies held by them and Durham University Library.

Digitised material for Durham Cathedral Library MS. B.II.11 Jerome, etc.
Digitised April 2015 as part of the Durham Priory Library Recreated project


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