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Reference code: GB-0033-UND/CH
Title: Durham University Records: Central Administration and Officers: Estates and Buildings
Dates of creation: 1555-2018
Extent: 24 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Durham University: Estates and Buildings
Language: English

Surveyor/Estates and Buildings/Estates and Facilities

On the reorganisation in 1963, Durham University had a surveyor and buildings officers responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of the university's buildings and its estate, and also for the administration of new building projects. By 1985, these officers formed the unievrsity's Estates and Buildings department which, on 21 March 2019, became the Estates and Facilities directorate.


The records of the university's surveyor or estates and buildings department at present mainly comprise the deeds for the university's estate, which considerably predate the university and provide much valuable property history for the city of Durham, and elsewhere, back into the sixteenth century. There are also some correspondence files on the major building projects of the university in mainly the 1960s, and some maps and plans, reports and photographic material.

Accession details

The deeds were transferred to the university's then Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic as noted with each series. The rest was transferred to the University Library on Palace Green from the university's central administration at various times since the 1950s, and especially since 2004.

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Open for consultation.

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Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Head of Collections (email pg.library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


The deeds retain their original arrangement.


Individual series of deeds processed as noted with each series; otherwsie listed by Michael Stansfield since c.2005.


Clean duplicates removed.


Continuing accruals are anticipated.

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G. Collard, “Some Foundation Problems Encountered During the Current University Building Programme”, in Durham County and City with Teesside, ed. J.C. Dewney (Durham 1970), p.113-120.
Martin Roberts, The buildings and landscapes of Durham University, (Durham 2013).


Durham University Surveyor/Estates and Buildings The University's Estates and Buildings department became the Estates and Facilities Directorate on 21 March 2019.

Reference: UND/CH1
Dates of creation: 1555 - 1971
Deeds for the university's estate.

Barclays Bank deposit
Reference: UND/CH1/A
Dates of creation: 1591 - 1891
Deeds from Barclays Bank for properties which became part of the university's estate. For most bundles, the deed actually transferring the property to the university was retained at the time of deposit, as noted below, but came in later with the deposit from the Surveyor's department, listed below as CH1/B.
Deposited by the University Treasurer in Durham university department of Palaeography and Diplomatic on 30 April 1970 and later transferred to Palace Green Library on 30 November/1 December 1992.

UND/CH1/A1   1761 - 1839
Deeds for Durham City, Queen Street, Master's House. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 11 February 1839.
Parties: Nicholas Halhead, Margaret Johnson widow, her daughter Ann Johnson, Teasdale, George Mowbray, Francis Burton, his wife Caterine Halhead, her sister Elizabeth Halhead, John Taylor, Thomas Griffith (1831), bishop of Durham (1832), Catherine van Mildert to Durham dean and chapter (1839).
For the other half of the 1839 deed, see UND/CH1/B157 below.
UND/CH1/A2   1831 - 1832
Deeds for Durham City, Palace Green, stables.
Parties: Henry Smales, Thomas Davison.
For the other half of the 1832 deed, see UND/CH1/B172.
UND/CH1/A3   1787 - 1834
Deeds for Durham City, Queen Street, Palace Green, freehold houses and offices. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 8 January 1834.
Parties: Francis Burton, his wife Catherine Halhead, her sister Elizabeth Halhead, John Taylor (1788), Henry Donkin (1814), Peter Bowlby (1819), Richard Kirton (187), Henry Douglas, George Wilkinson (1827), Thomas Davison (1831).
For the other half of the 1834 deed, see UND/CH1/B162.
UND/CH1/A4   1798 - 1838
Deeds for Durham City, Queen Street property. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 26 November 1838.
Parties: Mrs Tabitha Johnson, Francis Johnson (1798), John Hobson (1827), Michael Hobson and his wife to William Scott (1830), Mrs Mary Cummins (1830), William Cummins to Durham dean and chapter (1838).
For the other half of the 1838 deed, see UND/CH1/B160.
Now (30 November 2005) part of UND/CH1/B158.
UND/CH1/A6   1787 - 1834
Deeds for Durham City, Palace Green property. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 8 January 1834.
Parties: Hannah Hutchinson widow to Francis Smales (1787), Peter Hunter (1791), later bankrupted so William Hoar to William Boulton and John Dixon (1802), Robert White (1802), Thomas White to John Ward jr (1805), Thomas Charlton (1829), Thomas Davison (1831).
For the other half of the 1834 deed, see UND/CH1/B173.
UND/CH1/A7   1804 - 1836
Deeds for Durham City, Dun Cow Lane property. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter 6 August 1836.
Parties: Durham dean and chapter to Richard Scruton (1806), Mrs Ann Potts (1818).
For the other half of the 1836 deed, see UND/CH1/B165.
UND/CH1/A8   1806 - 1838
Deeds for Durham City, Bailey houses. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter 20 September 1838.
Parties: Durham dean and chapter to Thomas Calvert (1806), Thomas Wilkinson (1824), [Seymour and Chator (1835)].
For the other half of the 1838 deed, see UND/CH1/B166.
UND/CH1/A9   1759 - 1836
Deeds for Durham City, Old Queen's Head. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter 5 August 1836.
Parties: Joseph Hays (1759), Peter Barwick, and his wife Elizabeth (nee Hays) to William Walker (1772), William Hay (1774), Christopher Johnson (1777), William Adey and his wife Elizabeth widow of Peter Barwick to Anthony Punshon in trust for Robert Punshon (1789), Henry Donkin and John Wolfe (1799), William Walker (1799).
For the other half of the 1836 deed, see UND/CH1/B161.
UND/CH1/A10   1788 - 1842
Deeds for Durham City, Queen Street houses. Conveyed to Durham university 1 December 1843.
Parties: Francis Johnson to Stephen Bradley and his wife Margaret (1788), Stephen Hull, Joseph Hull, Charles Thompson and his wife Jane to John Ward (1820), William Walker (1824), Susannah widow of William Walker to John Clifton (1829), John Tiplady (1842), William Howe to John Howe (1842).
For the other half of the 1843 deed, see UND/CH1/B154.
UND/CH1/A11A   1671 - 1823
Leases for Durham City, Palace Green, Cosin's Hall, Hawdon part. Conveyed by the archdeacon of Durham to Durham dean and chapter (with A11B&C) 20 January 1834.
Parties: archdeacon of Durham to Cuthbert Hawdon (1671), Henry Dalston and his wife Catherine (1704), Gilbert Spearman (1709 & 1710), John Cuthbert and William John Spearman Wasey (1763), Ralph Milbanke (1791), Mrs Betty Pearson widow of George Pearson (1815), Henry Smales (1822 & 1823).
For the 1834 conveyance, see UND/CH1/B171.
UND/CH1/A11B   1697 - 1741
Leases for Durham City, Palace Green, Cosin's Hall, Sisson part. Conveyed by the archdeacon of Durham to Durham dean and chapter (with A11A&C) 20 January 1834.
Parties: archdeacon of Durham to Mrs Anne Sissons (1697), Gilbert Spearman (1720, 1725 & 1728), and George Spearman (1741).
For the 1834 conveyance, see UND/CH1/B171.
UND/CH1/A11C   1697 - 1842
Leases for Durham City, 43, 44, 45 North Bailey (Archdeacon's Inn). Conveyed by the archdeacon of Durham to Durham dean and chapter (with A11A&B) 20 January 1834.
Parties: John Spearman (1697), Gilbert Spearman (1719&1725), George Spearman (1741), John Cuthbert and William John Spearman Wasey (1763), William Reynolds (1786), Alderman John Potts (1795), John Gregson (1822), Mrs Sarah Manisty (1842).
For the 1834 conveyance, see UND/CH1/B171.
UND/CH1/A12   1761 - 1832
Deeds for Durham City, Palace Green, “The Great House”.
Parties: Thomas Alderson to Ralph Milbanke (1761), John Cuthbert and John Spearman Wasey (1764), Robert Robinson (1765), John Boulby (1768), Ralph Milbanke (1791), George Pearson (1794), (lease by the bishop of Durham to Betty Pearson of Palace Green land 1816), marriage settlement of the house on the marriage of George Hutton Wilkinson and Elizabeth Jane Pearson (1817), William Thomas Greenwell (1821), Henry Smales (1829), Thomas Davison (1832).
UND/CH1/A13   1737 - 1837
Deeds for Durham City, Queen Street property. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 6 August 1836.
Parties: George Dixon, John Dixon, Stephen Bradley and his wife Margaret, to Francis Johnson (1788), Mrs Tabitha Johnson (1788), Francis Johnson (1798), Francis Humble (1829).
For the other half of the 1836 deed, see UND/CH1/B159.
UND/CH1/A14   1660 - 1826
Deeds for Durham City, North Bailey, “Gatehouse” and Banks. Conveyed to Durham university 18 February 1845.
Parties: John Heath, John Tempest and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Heath, to Sir William Darcy (1660), Richard Smelt (1662), Thomas Fetherstonhalgh (1663), John Conyers (1666), Ralph Carr (1669), Durham dean and chapter (1669), Ralph Heath (1669), Cuthbert Bowes (1690), Dorothy Cradock to Charles Neile (1693) (Gatehouse lease), John Middleton (1700) (Banks lease), Richard Grey (1722), Nicholas Paxton (1724), John Morgan (1728), Richard Conyers (1732), Robert Hilton (1741), bishop of Durham lease to William Williamson (1744), George Dale (1744), William Surtees (1744) ( “The Folly” ), Davis Hilton and Auborne Surtees (1744), Barbara Surtees and Thomas Reed to William Farquharson (1752) ( “Folly House” ), Lawrence Richardson (1760), Thomas Hoult (1783), bishop of Durham lease to Ann Richardson (1796), Edward Davison to Richard Scruton (1800) ( “Gateway” ), Robert Waugh (1821), Walter Scruton to Henry Donkin and Richard Chaytor (1826).
UND/CH1/A15   1831 - 1832
Deeds for Durham City, Palace Green, freehold property.
Parties: trustees of the late Francis Smales to Thomas Davison (1832).
UND/CH1/A16   1654 - 1847
Deeds for Durham City properties.
Originally part of the same bundle: UND/CH1/B170, 174, 177, 179-184.
UND/CH1/A16/1   19 October 1669
Admission of Robert Chilton to a Durham Market Place burgage, lately held by Robert Bailes and Ann Bailes, widow.
UND/CH1/A16/2   1 November 1654
Bargain and sale by Richard Marshall of Gray's Inn, London, to John Heslop of Durham, butcher, of a burgage in Durham North Bailey bounded by those of Robert Hutchinson to the south, Christopher Mickleton to the west and the street to the north and east.
UND/CH1/A16/3   13 April 1739
Assignment of a 2 November 1724 Durham dean and chapter lease of a burgage north of Gilesgate, Durham, by the church, by Thomas Greeveson of Rotherhithe, Surrey, carpenter, to Joseph Hayes of Durham, innkeeper.
UND/CH1/A16/5   May 1847
Abstract of title to the late George Bell's property in Durham North Bailey 1804-1847, to be sold to Durham dean and chapter.
UND/CH1/A16/6   May 1847
Abstracts 1804-1847 and papers re Bowes Close and a burgage in South St of Rev Thomas Wilkinson, to be sold to Durham dean and chapter.
UND/CH1/A17   1787 - 1880
Deeds and other papers for Durham City properties.
Formerly part of the same bundle: UND/CH1/B175, 176, and 185.
UND/CH1/A17/1   7 July 1787
Copy faculty for a new pew in Durham, St Mary le Bow.
Original: DDR/EJ/FAC/3/1/16
UND/CH1/A17/2   17 December 1814
Copy will of William Hall of Durham Crossgate, yeoman, bequeathing property in Crossgate.
UND/CH1/A17/3   28 September 1831
Receipt from Rev Heneage Elsley and James Quilter to John Leybourne for an Elvet Moor allotment lease of 9 August 1828.
UND/CH1/A17/4   21 November 1831
Licence of Durham dean and chapter to Rev Heneage Elsley of Burneston, Yorkshire and James Quilter to assign a 28 September 1829 lease of an Elvet Moor plot to John Leybourne.
UND/CH1/A17/5   18 June 1845
Agreement between Durham university and Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway Co for the sale by the university of the land of the Brandling Junction Railway Co between Trinity churchyard and Metcalfs dock in South Shields, including a plan.
UND/CH1/A17/6   27 June 1848
Counterpart lease from Durham university to the Durham Water Co of 2 parcels of land in Elvet for a pumping engine and a reservoir with liberty to lay pipes, including a plan.
UND/CH1/A17/7   10 September 1864
Covenant by Henry Jenkyns to pay £10 p.a. to Durham university on resigning as professor of Divinity, but retaining his third stall, to provide stipends for Rev James Barmby, as professor of Divinity, and Rev Francis Frederick Walrond.
UND/CH1/A17/8   10 March 1876
Notices by Durham university to its tenants that their contracts are unaffected by the provisions of the Agricultural Holdings (England) Act 1875:
Henry Jenkyns;
George Ridley, New Elvet;
J.W. Earl, Saltholme, Stockton;
Anthony Unthank, Hallgarth St;
Edward Hutchinson, Cosin's Hall;
Thomas White, Saddler St;
Misses Jane and Mary Jackson, Hallgarth St;
Bearpark Coal and Coke Co Ltd;
Messrs J.H. Lane and partner, Shincliffe.
UND/CH1/A17/9   23 March 1880
Grant of easements by Durham university to Weardale and Shildon District Waterworks Co over land in Elvet from Mountjoy reservoir to Oswald House.
Not deposited.
UND/CH1/A19   1779 - 1847
Deeds for Durham City, North Bailey, Jevon's House. Conveyed by Thomas Hopper to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 5 May 1835.
Parties: Thomas Mascall, Hendry Hopper (1779), and again with Christopher Wardell, Christopher Hopper (1779), Durham dean and chapter and Hendry Hopper (1804 & 1805), Thomas Hopper (1834).
With also an abstract of Thomas Hopper's title to a house and Margery Close on the west side of Margery Lane prior to selling to Durham dean and chapter 1847.
For the other part of the 1835 conveyance, see UND/CH1/B164.
UND/CH1/A20A   1591 - 1862
Deeds for Durham City, Queen St/Owengate freehold and leasehold property. Conveyed by John Wetherell Hays to Durham university 2 June 1862.
Parties: Edward Wandles to George Smith (1591), Sir James Fearnes for the Admiral of England to Oswald Baker and his mother Mary (1609), Anthony Theobald to William Smart (1628), James Hilton 1632, Clement Theobald 1636, Barbara Hilton widow of James to Lancelot Hilton 1649, Christopher Mickleton (1657 & 1659), Richard Marshall (1657), Mary Colthirst, her son John and daughters Frances and Mrs Katherine Goston, also Ann Mickleton, Christopher Mickleton, Anne Bell, Thomas Smith and his wife Margaret to Thomas Wilkinson (1709), George Dixon (selling ground called “doglope” to Thomas Smith and his wife Margaret (1715), David Hilton and Thomas Hunter executors of Thomas Smith to Charles Whitaker (1741), Benjamin Whitaker, son and heir of George brother and heir of Charles to Richard Wharton (1758), Benjamin Whitaker and Mercy Newman widow (1760), Joseph Hays (1764), John Hays (1795), Durham dean and chapter to Mrs Eleanor Hays widow and John Griffith (1805), Judith Hays (1835).
For the other part of the 1862 conveyance, see UND/CH1/B156.
UND/CH1/A20B   1639 - 1856
Durham City, Queen St/Owengate, bishop of Durham's leasehold waste the “turnpike”. Conveyed with A20A on 2 June 1862.
Parties: Henry Heighington (1639), Benjamin Whitaker (1758), Eleanor Hays (1835), Judith Hays (1856).
UND/CH1/A21   1740 - 1835
Durham City, North Bailey, ?Bailey House. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter in trust for Durham university 27 December 1834.
Parties: William Wrightson, William Randolph (1740), Dorothy and Sarah Randolph, spinsters, James Robson (1751), Mrs Jane Robson, William Robson (1756), John Robson (1778, 1780), James Robson and his wife Eleanor (1780), Robert Allison (1781), Mrs Elizabeth Waugh (1794), Thomas Maynard (1799), Christopher Hird (1802), John Hollon and Richard Hodgshon (1803), Elizabeth Henzell (1807), Thomas Clennell (1808), Matthew Woodifield, John Leybourne (1812), Joseph Willis, Henry Donkin (1815).
UND/CH1/A22   1756 - 1841
Durham City, North Bailey, ?Bailey House. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter 26 May 1841. ?Overlap with A21 which contains copies of some of these deeds.
Parties: Mrs Jane Robson, William Robson, John Robson (1756), John Robson (1778), Rev James Robson (1780), Robert Allison (1781), John Marshall (1786), Mrs Elizabeth Waugh (1794), John Marshall (1799), William Shields and Matthew Woodifield (1807), Rev James Britton (1808), Thomas Blount (1818).
UND/CH1/A23A   1817 - 1848
South Shields, Fowlers Close alias Ogle Terrace. Conveyed to Durham dean and chapter 31 December 1831 by Rev Robert Harrison and then by him to Archdeacon Charles Thorp and Rev W.S. Gilly in trust for the incumbent of South Shields St Hilda's 20 October 1848.
Parties: Charles Earl Grey, James Laing (1816), Messrs Bowlby and Shield (1817), Jane Ridley (1824), Rev Robert Harrison (1826).
UND/CH1/A23B   1842 - 1883
UND/CH1/A23B/1   8 September 1842
Assignment of a leasehold house in Wellington Street, South Shields, by Robert Wallis, esq, to Mr John Dempster.
UND/CH1/A23B/2   3 December 1844
Counterpart lease of a way over land in South Shields by Durham university to Thomas Salmon.
UND/CH1/A23B/3   11 September 1854
Conveyance of a piece of land in Moatside Lane, Durham, by Charles Biggins to Durham university.
UND/CH1/A23B/4   7 February 1859
Assignment of leasehold premises in Wellington Street, South Shields, by John Dempster to George Lawson.
UND/CH1/A23B/5   7 February 1859
Assignment of leasehold premises in Long Bank, South Shields, by Robert Wallis to George Lawson.
UND/CH1/A23B/6   10 January 1860
Surrender of a lease of property in Wapping Street, South Shields, by John Maxwell to Durham university.
UND/CH1/A23B/7   25 March 1861
Counterpart lease of a way over lands in South Shields by Durham university to Richard Shortridge.
UND/CH1/A23B/8   13 June 1868
Surrender of a lease of premises in Market Place, South Shields by Mrs Jane Gregson to Durham university.
UND/CH1/A23B/9   25 October 1883
Letter from Salmon and Osborne to Richardson Peele, Durham dean and chapter, enclosing deeds for the lease of No 257 on the schedule.
UND/CH1/A23C   1798 - 1840
Leases of the Durham dean and chapter properties in South Shields and elsewhere (some in Sunderland) before they became part of the university estate, numbered 1 to 394, with a small unnumbered bundle at the end, as listed in the schedule of South Shields estates, part of the 1832 University Act. Recorded on them is the reference of their entry in the Notitia books in DCD/F/CB 1-6 (formerly Church Commissioners 167098-167103), which again cites the property's number in the 1832 Act schedule.
UND/CH1/A23D   c.1839 - 1891
Leases of South Shields properties and some in Sunderland, mostly for 7 years, by Durham university, organised in number order (2 to 392) according to the schedule of its South Shields and Sunderland property listed in the 1832 Act, (with gaps where the properties were sold off).
Surveyor's deposit
Reference: UND/CH1/B
Dates of creation: 1555 - 1971
The bulk of the documents are title deeds to various properties in Durham city, with some also elsewhere in Co Durham and beyond, especially London, in which the University had or has some interest. They have been divided into the following groups:
1-59 Durham City and Durham City jointly with other properties elsewhere.
60-96 Durham County.
97 Northumberland.
98 Newcastle.
99-101 Yorkshire.
102-103 London area.
104-114 Durham dean & chapter estates, abstracts of title used in a court case.
115-132 Documents not directly concerning property, wills, receipts, etc.
133-139 Durham Assize cause papers 1870-1876.
140-141 Blank and completed writs.
142-147 Miscellaneous volumes.
148-150 South Shields.
151-185 Durham City.
186 University of Durham Act 1908.
187-211 Durham City and Lumley Castle.
212-230 Miscellaneous legal papers and some deeds.
231 Cornforth, Coxhoe and Quarrington.
232-237 Durham City.
238-239 London area.
240 Hallgarth Farm.
241-248 Durham City and County.
249 Evidence taken under the Durham University Act 1863.
250 Charley Field, St Mary's College, Durham.
251-301 London, Harrogate and Durham.
302-321 Fire insurance certificates.
322-337 Farm deeds and plans.
338-361 Durham City and its moors, also Easington, Bishopwearmouth and London.
362 Map.
Deposited at various times 1973-1981 in the department of Palaeography and Diplomatic by the Surveyor's department and the university solicitors (Freeman, Daly and Jacks), as follows:
1-147 were deposited by Mr R.C. Browne of the university surveyor's department in October and November 1972.
Further deposits followed:
88a from Mr Browne, 11 January 1973.
148-150 via Mr Browne from the university solicitors, Freeman, Daly and Jacks, 12 September 1973.
151-153 from Revd Towers, saved from being thrown out by Maddison, lawyers of Durham North Bailey, 1974 and 1978.
154-181 from Mr Browne, 23 October 1974.
182-185 from Mr Browne, 15 May 1975.
186 from the surveyor's department, 11 June 1975.
187-211 from the surveyor's department, 18 June 1975.
212-230 from the surveyor's department, 6 October 1975.
231 from the surveyor's department, 9 October 1975.
232-237 from the surveyor's department, 10 October 1975.
238-239 from the surveyor's department, 17 November 1975.
240 from the surveyor's department, 28 January 1976.
241 from Mr Browne, May 1972.
242-247 from the surveyor's department 6 April 1976.
248 from the surveyor's department 26 October 1976.
249 from the surveyor's department, 31 August 1977.
250 from the surveyor's department, 22 June 1978.
251-301 via Mr Browne from the university's solicitors, 20 February 1978.
302-321 from Mr Browne, 27 February 1978.
322-337 from Mr Browne, 20 February 1979.
338-340 from Mr Perkins of the university solicitors, Freeman, Daly and Jacks, 9 February 1981.
341-361 from Mr Matthewson of the surveyor's department.
362 from Mr Hetherington of the university solicitor's office in the Science library, 1 June 1974 (Palace Green), transferred to Palaeography and Diplomatic 11 November 1983.
Formerly UND A5 Surveyor's deposit.
1-147 were arranged, boxed and listed and the list indexed by Linda Drury in December 1972. She arranged and listed the further material as it came in. The material was repackaged where appropriate and the list checked by M.M.N. Stansfield September-October 2005.

UND/CH1/B1   1775 - 1855
Durham City. No ?8 South Bailey. A house with a coachhouse and stable opposite.
Parties: Haslewood, Greenwell, Hays, Bedford, Durham dean and chapter, Hall, Reed, Rodham, Griffith.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B2   1797 - c.1938
Durham City. 9 South Bailey and other unnumbered property in South Bailey belonging to the previous owners of No 9. Mention is made of Nos 8, 9, 10, and 11, and of No 5 opposite.
Parties: Tayler, Edmund and Edward Shippersdon, Hanby, Wooler, Hutchinson, Durham dean and chapter and Bishop Barrington.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B3   1655 - 1791
Durham City. No ?46 North Bailey. The deeds of an unnumbered building in the North Bailey, once a coffee house, the grounds of which extended to Palace Green and were eventually built over. Other premises concerned are in Owengate and on Palace Green. The same people (Mickleton family and successors) owned premises in Seaton Carew, Stranton, Newburnrow and Monkhesledon.
Parties: Mickleton, Bell, Brass, Smith, Wharton, Hall, Mauleverer, Hutton, Hutchinson, Doubleday, Stout, Batey, Litster, Teasdale, Thorpe, Smales and Hunter.
Parchment and paper bundle, 38 items
For deeds for another house in the North Bailey on the same side, see UND/CH1/B152.
UND/CH1/B4A   1752 - 1862
Durham City. South Bailey. A house on the south side of South Bailey, with brewhouse, copper, stable, orchard and a section of town wall.
Parties: Crow, Hilton, Byers, Bullfinch, Wanley, Egerton, Sharp, Baker, Chaytor.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B4B   1867 - 1888
Durham City. South Bailey. Grounds between the South Bailey and the river and adjoining the house above.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter, Chaytor.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B5   26 January 1842
Durham City. South Bailey. Dwelling house, lease.
Parties: Francis Wharton, William Henderson (carpets).
Parchment, 1 item
See also UND/CH1/B47.
UND/CH1/B6   1810 - 1848
Durham City. North Bailey & Sadler Street. Humble family of Durham. 2 marriage settlements, 2 wills. Francis Humble was a shareholder in and printer for the Durham Advertiser. His property, sold 1847, included:- Nos. 1 & 2 North Bailey, Sadler Street (adjoining property) Exhibition Rooms, shops and printing offices.
Parchment and paper bundle
See also UND/CH1/B9, 57 & 241.
UND/CH1/B7   24 December 1804
Durham City. Sadler Street. A tenement and appurtenances, no number.
Parties: John Potts, John Grieveson.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B8   1657 - 1792
Durham City. Sadler Street. A house on the west side beside Castle Gate (gaol) and backing on to the Castle Hill.
Parties: Pearson, Wanless, Hodgson, Martyn, Reed, Rippon, Whitaker, Smith, Robinson, Sykes, Ashworth, Wilkinson, Taylor, Cookson, Wharton.
Parchment and paper bundle
For the house next door to this, see UND/CH1/B151.
UND/CH1/B9   1844 - 1888
Durham City. Moatside Lane (part of this was (c.1980) 61 Sadler St).
A. 1844 A freehold messuage, workshop and premises being another printing works of the Walker family and also adjoining a building used in 1844 as a theatre (on the west side of Sadler Street). Parties: Walker, Smurthwaite, Timothy Rushworth.
B. 1888 Other premises in Moatside Lane, part of Durham Mendicity Society property. Parties: Durham Mendicity Society & Thomas Rushworth.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B10   1735 - 1907
Durham City. Sadler Street & Elvet Bridge.
A. Hart Hall, Fleshergate alias 8 Sadler Street.
B. Shop and house on the east end of Elvet Bridge south of and adjoining Harts Hall alias 9 Sadler Street.
C. A shop on the west end of Elvet Bridge.
A. B. & C. together, 1735-1792, when C. is missing. Parties: Dawson, Byerley, Dennison, Wheldon.
B. only. 1821, 1823, 1828, 1854. Abstracts of title numbered 1-3. Parties: Wheldon, Weelands, Wheatley, Hall, Bridick.
A. only. 1815, 1820, 1825, wills 1819 & 1852. Parties: Wheldon, Clyburn, Gregson, Barnes, Bridick.
The properties were owned together until c.1820 when they became owned separately. Later in the century Bridick became owner of both again. The schedule of deeds, 1907, shows later owners were Robson, Gibson & Neale.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B11   2 July 1840
Durham City. Elvet Bridge Smithy. Assignment of personalty.
Parties: William Adamson, Matthew Brown.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B12   7 May - 6 June 1930
Durham City. Elvet Bowling Green & Public Lavatory.
Correspondence between Durham University and Durham Corporation.
Paper file, 6 items
UND/CH1/B13   20 April 1861
Durham City. Land between Old Elvet and the Wear. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University and Durham Water Company.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B14   12 May 1810
Durham City. Old Elvet. A house and garden. Release in fee.
Parties: John Walton, George Bacon.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B15   1793 - 1885
Durham City. Old Elvet etc. The deeds first concern an “old building” in Old Elvet. Later also involved are a house in Queen Street built partly on the site of the old gaol and its yard, premises up Claypath, at Church Street Head and the ex-common bakehouse in Back Lane, Durham City.
Parties: Richardby, Stoddard, Smith, Durham dean & chapter, Walker, Jackson, Stone, Welton, Holmes, Brewster, Ward.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B16   1804 - 1833
Durham City. ?25 Old Elvet. A house and premises with Smiddy Haugh on the east.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter, Logan, Parker, Forster, William Bacon, R. D. Smith.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B17   23 November 1810
Durham City. Old Elvet. Release. A new house and garden with a vennel from Old Elvet to Smiddy Haugh, which lies on the east of these premises. (George Bacon was already on the north.)
Parties: Stephen Bradley and George Bacon.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B18   1697 - 1862
Durham City. Old Elvet. Deadreah or Deadrish, Green Lane, bought by the university from J.W. Hays. The early deeds concern also premises in the Market Place near Claypath gate and an old (1709) workhouse.
Parties: Sanders, Wharton, Paxton, Thompson, Hays and Durham University.
Parchment and paper bundle
See also UND/CH1/B227.
UND/CH1/B19   1754 - 1817
Durham City. Elvet. Premises bounding on the Hallgarth.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter, Aire, Bell.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B20   1555 - 1734
Durham City. Elvet. Premises between the street and Barncroft (part of Elvet Hallgarth). Documents number 1, 3-8 - Fisher family papers.
Parties: Christopher Wardell, Roger Claxton, Snow, Fisher, Hinks, Smith, Finney.
Parchment bundle
UND/CH1/B21   1677 - 1745
Durham City. (New) Elvet. Two messuages, Elvet on the East, the Wear on the West. The 1678 document included a shop in Smyth Street, Durham.
Parties: Proud, Vasey, Stratforth, Mayland, Kirkhouse, Thompson, Grainger, Blunderville, Atkinson, Swallwell.
Parchment and paper bundle
For another house in New Elvet, see UND/CH1/B153.
UND/CH1/B22   1766 & 1834
Durham City. New Elvet. Tenement and garth.
Parties: John Palmer, Grainger.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B23   1843 - 1937
Durham City. 27-28 Hallgarth Street. Leasehold property belonging to the 2nd Stall.
Parties: bishop of Chester (2nd stall), Peele, Dodds, Caldcleugh, Cornwell, Anderson, Wilkinson, Chadwick, Bewick, Consitt, Curry, Bamber, Ord, Fawell, Collins, Taylerson etc., Durham University.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B24A   22 November 1781
Durham City. Premises next to Barncroft.
Parties: Perkins, Ovington, Spencer.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B24B   12 May 1794
Durham City. A messuage, a stable plus a pew in St. Oswalds.
Parties: Marshall, Woodness, John Redhead.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B25   1752 - 1953
Durham City. 32 Church Street. Premises now part of Hatfield College.
Parties: Swallwell, Henderson, Palmer, Lofthouse, Alderson, Coxon, Smales, Thompson, William Brown, Hope, W. Wardropper, Miss E.F. Bell, Mr M. Golightly, W.S. Greenwell.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B26   1789 - 1925
Durham City. 33 Church Street. A house described in early deeds as in New Elvet, plus one insurance policy for a property in Gilesgate, found among these.
Parties: Henderson, Lambert, Halliman, Allison, Brown, Appleby, Pugh, Thwaites.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B27   1881 - 1906
Documents concerning both 32 & 33 Church Street.
Parties: Ann Farrow, William Wardroper, Susannah Blacketh.
Paper file, 3 items
UND/CH1/B28   20 August 1781
Durham City. South Street. A house and garden backing on to the Wear. Assignment.
Parties: Mr James Deason to William Cornforth.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B29   1738 - 1838
Durham City. Crossgate. A freehold house and shop on the north side of the street with a passageway on the east.
Parties: Dobinson, Richardson, Fall, Smith, Madgon, Kelly.
UND/CH1/B30   23 July 1824
Durham City. Crossgate. 3 houses between Crossgate and the Mill Burn with shop and ground. Administration of the estate of Edward Clark.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B31   1725 & 21 April 1832
Durham City. Crossgate. Premises between the street on the north and West Orchards on the south.
1725: George & John Smith.
1832: wardens of St. Margaret's church and Eleanor Fielding.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B32   1842 - 1843
Durham City. Crossgate. Premises with the street on the north.
Parties: J. Egglestone, Thomas Brown, Thomas Helmerow.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B33   1804 - 1869
Durham City. Milburngate, chiefly “the Horns” Public House.
A. 1858-1869 The documents deal with “The Horns” only. The earlier ones include other property.
B. 1804-1805 2 tenements in Milburngate including a steep lead kiln, malt lofts and an allotment under Crossgate Moor Division. Parties: Durham dean & chapter, Sheffield.
C. 1807-1817 3 tenements in Milburngate, the middle one being “The Horns” public house, the Crossgate allotment plus a smith's shop and a house (formerly 2 dwelling houses) in South Street backing on to Crossgate. Parties: Sheffield, James.
1829-1839 “The Horns” and the house to the north and to the south. Parties: Sheffield, Hardy, Adamson, Ovington.
1859-1869 “The Horns”. Parties: Ovington, Darling, Adamson, Bramwell, Smallwood.
Parchment and paper bundle
The bundle of deeds for Framwellgate and Sydgate, 1682-1770, (UND/CH1/B41) was found with these deeds and may be earlier deeds of “The Horns” though the descriptions of the premises are rather different.
UND/CH1/B34   31 January 1826
Durham City. Milburngate. Dwelling house. Deed for securing £250 on freehold and leasehold premises.
Parties: Addison, Ord, Backhouse.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B35   1579 - 1800
Durham City. Framwellgate. A house known as Painters Place or Palace, on the west of the street running up to the Rack of Mutton. Also one Sighill deed 1626, concerning Timothy Whittingham, creditor of Thomas Mascall - see Thomas Mascall's will in the Painters Place deeds, 1686. Daddryshield, Weardale is mentioned in the 1736 deed Burdus-Whittingham.
Parties: Parkinson, Errington, Wyddowes, Robson, Heath, Harrison, Mascall, Nicholson, Burdus, Whittingham, Carr, Paxton.
Parchment and paper bundle
See R. Surtees, History of Durham, vol. 4, p.163, for the grant of Painter's Place by Queen Elizabeth I.
UND/CH1/B36   1621 - 1771
Durham City. Framwellgate. ? No. 58 - premises on the west of the street.
Parties: Willowby, Colling, Corner, Stott, Clawson or Clarkson, Maire, Bennet.
Parchment bundle
UND/CH1/B37   1677 - 1765
Durham City. Framwellgate. Premises between Framwellgate and the Wear plus a lawyer's bill 1829-1830.
Parties: Moor, Watson, Thompson, Coulson.
Parchment bundle
UND/CH1/B38   18 July 1810
Durham City. Framwellgate. Leasehold burgage. Assignment.
Parties: Miss Hannah Appleby, John Dixon.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B39   30 November 1882
Durham City. Albert Street. Mortgage.
Parties: Thomas Daniel Summers, Mrs Sarah Robinson.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B40   1900
Durham City. Framwellgate Moor. Brick Row.
Parties: Emily & Edith Stewart.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B41   1682 - 1770
Durham City. Framwellgate & Sidegate. These deeds were found with those for “The Horns” in Milburngate (CH1/B33).
A. 1682 & 1683 A tenement in Framwellgate and another with an orchard on the south side of Sidegate. Hutchinson and Boulter.
B. 1765 (bonds 1758-1759) A tenement, a waste, 2 garths and a stable at the head of Framwellgate lying on the south side of Sidegate. Richardson, Dixon, Hutchinson.
C. 1762 and will of 1770 Two garths on the east of Sidegate and running down to the Wear, named Kirkley's Garth and Wilson's Garth. Richardson, Herdman.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B42   27 July 1772
Durham City. Sidegate. Fine: 2 messuages, 2 burgages, 2 cottages, 2 garths, 2 gardens, one acre of land and common pasture for cattle.
Parties: William Kirton, John Almond and his wife Jane.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B43   1878
Durham City. Sidegate. Freehold land and premises. Mortgage, cancelled.
Parties: Mr R.H. Parkinson, Luke Smith.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B44   22 November 1880
Durham City. Lease of part of the coal and fireclay underneath the Crookhall estate (Framwellgate).
Parties: Robert Hopper Williamson and Thomas Lishman.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B45   5 December 1734
Durham City. Market Place. “Several” tenements, shops, malting and outhouses. Mortgage.
Parties: Mrs Sarah Hetherington, John Mann.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B46A   1 December 1863
Durham market tolls. Lease.
Parties: Mayor, alderman and citizens, Durham Cattle Markets Co. Ltd.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B46B   9 July 1867
Durham market master and collector's bond.
Parties: Edward Dodd, The Durham Markets Co.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B47   1828 - 1835
Durham City. Carpet Factory. Trusts and business agreements.
Parties: John Henderson, William Henderson, Mrs Henderson, George Harle, Andrews (Bookseller), Rippon. (See South Bailey deeds, Wharton, Henderson bundle.)
Parchment bundle
See also UND/CH1/B5.
UND/CH1/B48   22 May 1849
Durham City. Gilesgate. House and premises. Mortgage.
Parties: Hornby Hamilton, William Rippon.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B49   1810 - 1860
George Burnett's property.
A. 1810-1825 Crossgate, “Elm Tree” public house. Parties: White, Thwaits, Burnett.
B. 1832 Milburngate, land by the Mill Dam. Parties: Durham to Tyne Bridge Turnpike Trustees, Burnett.
C. 1854 Old Elvet, premises next to Smiddy Haugh (Race Course). Parties: Burnett, Punshon, Bailes, Shields.
D. 1860 North Road, premises at Milburngate Corner.
E. Framwellgate - unspecific references to property there in some documents.
Parchment bundle
UND/CH1/B50   1808 - 1890
Durham City; Claypath, Silver Street, Moatside Lane.
1851-1853 Claypath. The “Wheatsheaf” public house. Parties: Messrs Summerbell, Swinburne, Hogg.
1808-1872 Silver Street. Workshop and warehouses. Parties: Halls, Swinburnes.
1858-1890 Moatside Lane. A shop. Parties: chapel-wardens of St. Margaret's, Tiplady, Swinburne.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B51   1916
Durham City. Papers relating to the estate of George Davison. Properties in Framwellgate, Crossgate and nos. 21-22, 38-41 Sidegate.
Parties: Catherine Dodd, Lovegreen, Ralph Thornton Smith, Wilkinson.
Paper file
UND/CH1/B52   1839
Durham City. Elvet Moor. A plot near Bucks Hill Lane. Title of Mrs Catherine Clavering.
Paper, 1 item
UND/CH1/B53   24 December 1839
Durham St. Oswalds - Butterby Lane. A cottage. Appointment.
Parties: George and the Rev. William John Wilkinson.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B54   13 May 1862
Durham City. Houghall. Land by the Wear. Wayleave counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University and the North Eastern Railway Co.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B55   1804 - 1939
Durham City; Lumley; Stockton.
Church Street, no. 34. - a butcher's shop, house and garden. Parties: Durham dean & chapter, Hopper, Mowbray, Hancock, Potter, Amble, Armstrong, Jackson, Marshall, Durham Second Union Benefit Building Society, Coward, Hutchinson, Pattison, Hall, Pickles, Walker, North of England & Newcastle Permanent Building Society, Wilson, Ferens, Thorman, Forster, Durham Corporation.
Framwellgate, burgage on the west mentioned in the documents for 1852-1865.
Lumley & Stockton mentioned in the 1870 abstract.
2 parchment and paper bundles
UND/CH1/B56   1826 - 1852
Durham City, Milburngate, Clock Mill.
Parties: Moore, Wilson, Allison, Horne, Patrick, Thomas, Hines, Chapman, Berkley, Watt, Dodgson, Brockett, Henderson, Hewson, Boyd.
Parchment bundle, 22 items
UND/CH1/B57   1740 - 1870
Durham City mainly, also Great Lumley & Stockton.
1818-1860 Great Lumley - ancient freehold house and other premises. Parties: Taylor, Potter, Ambler, Hammond.
1823-1860 Stockton - a house held of Stockton manor. Parties: Potter, Hammond.
1740-1870 Durham, Sadler Street - a house, shop, stable and garden etc. on the west of the street and backing on to the castle mote. Between 1816 & 1819 the back premises became a printing shop henceforward excluded from conveyance. Parties: Leaper, Andrewe, Lawson, Lowes, Byers, Palmer, Thomas, Thompson, Wardell, Salvin, Nelson, Walker, Stoker, Lutenor, Stonehouse, Moore, Hooper, Ambler, Armstrong, Hogg. Ambler and Armstrong had interest in property at Blackgate, ?Newcastle.
There is also correspondence relating to the Potter and Howard wills and other matters in the 1840s.
2 parchment and paper bundles
UND/CH1/B58   1764 - 1882
Wilkinson family papers.
A. 1764-1822 Durham City: leasehold and freehold closes in Framwellgate and associated buildings. Parties: Tinmouth, Loveday, Coates, Letteney, Wilkinson, Shotton, Scruton, Hudson, Sisterson, Wilkinson.
B. 1808 & 1832 Langley (St. Oswald), New Elvet (Wearside), Allergate, Sheriff Meadows, Framwellgate, Tenter Hills, Bowes Close (St. Margarets). Parties: Lynn, Wilkinson, Bewicke.
C. 1823, 1848, 1850 Lanchester Mill: allotments and 5 acres of land. Parties: Whinney, Griffith, bishop of Durham, Penson, Todd, Wilkinson.
D. 1843, 1844 Wingate, Co. Durham: House and land. Parties: Wandless, Wilkinson, Seymour.
E. 1882 Haswell: George Inn. Parties: Wilkinson, Potts.
F. 1853 Durham: Sheriffs Meadows (see B) on North Road. Parties: Wilkinson, Forster.
G. 1821 Crossgate: 1 acre land tax. Parties: Wilkinson.
H. 1783-1849 Thos. Wilkinson's legacies - relevant papers.
2 parchment and paper bundles
UND/CH1/B59   1 November 1841
Durham City, Framwellgate and Sunderland, High Street. Marriage settlement.
Parties: John Holliday & Miss Catherine Dale.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B60   1709 - 1858
Auckland St. Andrew, Westerton. Leasehold land, tithes, premises, etc.
Parties: Perkin, Dunn, Longstaff, Ramshaw.
These premises were held by the same people as the Middlestone/Merrington premises (CH1/B83). Wills in that bundle concern these properties.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B61   1908
Bishop Middleham. 14-15 Hawthorn Terrace. Conveyance and mortgage.
Parties: Thomas Palmer, Mr E.M. Warhurst.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B62   1691 - 1760
Bishopton Mansion House, also land at Little Stainton and Newbiggin. Abstract of Title.
Parties: Croft, Harling, Low, Kilburn, Steavenson, Smith, Johnson, Rawling, Carlisle, Alinson, Tatham, Herdman, Goundry, Whorlton, Raisbeck, Carlisle.
UND/CH1/B63   1622 - 1891
Priormans estate, various lands and buildings. Parties: Conyers, Mawer, Rowntree, Smith, Lax, Beverley, Lowson, Reedhead, Thompson, Sidgwick, Brunton, Swainston, Preston, Oliver, Rogers, Sowerby, Sipling, Goundry, Sowerby, Sparke (1733), Smurthwaite, Pennyman, Tinkler, Horner, Burton, Ellerker, Priorman, Corker, Metcalfe, Gray, Harbottle, Shields, Rayson, Clarke, Bayley, Harrison, Byers, Head, Seymour, Chilton, Laidler, Stephenson, Rowe, Plummer, Clavering, Robinson, Davison, Wood, Trotter, Greenwell, Forster.
4 parchment and paper bundles
UND/CH1/B64   1 May 1889
Brandon & Byshottles. Browney Lane plot. Lease.
Parties: Gustavus Russell Viscount Boyne, John Inness.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B65   21 August 1874
Broom (just west of Durham City). Property trust. Appointment of new trustee.
Parties: Thomas Wearmouth, John Luke Cooke.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B66   13 May 1872 and 13 April 1883
Castle Eden. Brewery farm with plan - deed and release of Chancery action.
Parties: Rowland Burdon, George & William Nimmo.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B67   1901
Chilton. 5 Feversham Terrace.
Parties: Thomas Chapman, George Jackson.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B68   c.1850
Chopwell & Medomsley, Co. Durham. Plan of a gravel pit on the Derwent between Chopwell and Medomsley. ?O.S. copy.
Silk paper on a wooden roller
UND/CH1/B69   February 1699
Coatham Mundiville and Brafferton. (Recovery in Chancery).
Parties: Michael Watson, Abraham Askworth, John Lisle, Robert Roper.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B70   26 March 1881
Consett. Victoria Street.
Parties: Edmund Nichols, Rev Thomas Smith.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B71   5 May 1896
Coxhoe. Freehold land.
Parties: Cornforth & Coxhoe Co-operative Society Ltd., and Thomas H. Booth.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B72   13 December 1824 & 1 October 1840
Elwick Hall. Land and buildings. Deed 1840, will 1824.
Parties: Nicholas Cusson & George Coussons.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B73   19 April 1909
Ferryhill. 15 Osborne Terrace.
Parties: George William Lazenby, Charles William Mills.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B74   1856 - 1867
Helmington Row and the Spennymoor Temperance Hotel, Co. Durham.
Parties: Cole, Hutton, Mitchell, Ward, Dennison, Wilkinson.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B75   1821 - 1834
Houghton-le-Spring. East Rainton. 2 properties.
A. 1834 A house and land north of the Durham Sunderland Turnpike, having a cart road along its north boundary (one deed). Parties: Ralph Carr, Thomas Carr, Davis, Hinton, Castle.
B. 1821-1833 A different house and land on the north side of the Turnpike for Durham to Sunderland. Parties: Heaviside, Nicholson, Robson, Smales, Shaw, Bramwell, Oliver, Bowes.
Parchment bundle, 11 items
UND/CH1/B76   1827 - c.1909
Houghton-le-Spring, Middle Rainton, Co. Durham, etc. Cottages. Plus papers about the administration of the properties, poor rates, water rates, etc. c.1909. Parties: Hutchinson, Sanderson, Curry.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B77   27 June 1820
Houghton-le-Spring, Moorsley. 119 sq. yards of land east of the Hetton to Moorsley road. Release and appointment.
Parties: John Lyon, Thomas Winship.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B78   7/8 May 1675
Hutton Henry. West Moor House. Mortgage.
Parties: Ralph Harrison, Thomas Battersby.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B79   1873
Kelloe. Building site at Wheatley Hill. Lease.
Parties: Henry Chandler Wilkinson of Oswald House, Durham & _.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B80   1830 - 1831
Lanchester Common, Co. Durham. Freehold and copyhold allotments.
Parties: Bonner, Wallis, Andrews, Russell Bowlby, Anderson.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B81   30 March 1869 & 3 May 1873
Langley. 2 unrelated deeds.
1869: John Buckham & National Provincial Bank; mortgage.
1873: R.A. Cochrane etc. & William Rutter; conveyance.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B82   16 December 1795
Langley Moor Division. (by Joseph Grainger) plus 2 deeds 1795-1796 which are relevant.
Parties: George Sparrow, Richard Scruton, Thomas Wilkinson, John Smith.
Parchment and paper, 3 items
UND/CH1/B83   1771 - 1864
Merrington & Auckland St. Andrew. Premises at Middlestone and quarries near Auckland.
Parties: Ladler, Perkin, White, Ramshaw, Sir J. Eden, Durham dean & chapter, Sir R. J. Eden, Parkin, Balme, Jerratt, Marshall, Musgrave, Allinson, Snowdon, Hird, Dunn, Bacon, Farrow, Brownless, Ellis, Goodburn.
The name of Wilkinson of Oswald House, Durham, also crops up so there may be some connection between this group and bundle 115. This bundle is also connected to the Westerton deeds.
2 parchment and paper bundles
UND/CH1/B84   30 March 1833 and 24 November 1860
Pespoll, Haswell, Co. Durham. A freehold house.
Parties: John Pemberton, George Ewbank, Samuel Rowlandson, William E. Dennison, Ralph Davison.
Parchment, 2 items
UND/CH1/B85   1678 - 1729
Shadforth and Cornforth, Co. Durham. Shadforth, half a tenement and appurtenances. Cornforth, a tenement and townfield land.
Parties: Hallyman, Atkinson, bishop of Durham, Haswell, Errington, Curry, Reay, Blunderville, Swallwell, Airey.
Parchment and paper bundle
UND/CH1/B86   1845 - 1870
Shadforth, Ludworth. Part of Ludworth Tower Farm.
Parties: John Smart, Henry John Spearman, Thomas Smith Ramsay, Henry Greenwell, John Coxon, (Jopling & Nimmo).
Parchment bundle
UND/CH1/B87   15 May 1838
?Sherburn, County Durham. Premises on the Durham to Hartlepool road - deed is damaged.
Parties: George Wilkinson, Elizabeth Brown.
Parchment, 1 item
UND/CH1/B88   1832 - 1864
Various leasehold properties including a public house.
Parties: Jackson, Pickering, Layburn, Westgarth, Smith, Thompson and the Church Commissioners.
UND/CH1/B88a   28 April 1651
Sheraton, Co. Durham. West Tofts, being 16 acres of meadow, for the remainder of 999 years with a bond to perform a covenant.
Parties: John Rashell of Sheraton & William Moore of Hartlepool.
UND/CH1/B89   1 November 1878
Shincliffe. Mortgage.
Parties: John George Russell, Onward Building Society.
UND/CH1/B90   24 December 1874
Silksworth (New). Mary Street; conveyance of ¼ share.
Parties: Joseph Johnson, Dr William H. Arrowsmith.
UND/CH1/B91   24 August 1829
Southwick, Co. Durham. A dwelling house.
Parties: Anthony Scott, William Stobart, James Laing.
UND/CH1/B92   21 July 1831
Spennymoor and Hett, Co. Durham. House and land.
Parties: Thomas & George Wilkinson.
Also two parts of deeds concerning one Thomas Wilkinson (possibly not the same), 1791 and ? (mutilated).
UND/CH1/B93   1 May 1800 & 26 October 1838
Sunderland, Co. Durham. George Street. Two houses apparently next to each other but owned separately.
1800 deed and warrant of attorney.
Parties: Markham, Robson, Drydon, Hunter. (1834 will of Ann Robson of Bishopwearmouth found separately and may be irrelevant.)
1838 deed.
Parties: Robert Thomas Burne, Charles Williams.
UND/CH1/B94   1854 - 1859
Sunderland, Co. Durham. House in Coronation Street, 2 slaughter houses in Arras Lane, pew in Sunderland Church.
Parties: John Harrison, Robert Thomas Wilkinson.
UND/CH1/B95   1875
Trimdon, Cassop, Wingate, Co. Durham.
Lot I Cassop - “Prince Albert Inn”.
Lot II Trimdon Grange - “The Station Hotel”.
Lot III missing.
Lot IV Trimdon Grange - 3 cottages.
Lot V Trimdon Colliery - “Locomotive Inn”.
Lot VI Wingate - “The Oak Tree”.
Parties: all Robert Tindale to George Davison.
UND/CH1/B96   1894
Willington and Jobs Hill. Freehold dwelling houses and premises; conveyance and mortgage.
Parties: James Ward, William Sutton, James Robson.
UND/CH1/B97   1784 - 1819
North Shields, Northumberland. Premises on the south side of the town street.
Parties: David Robinson, Misses Robinson, John Fenwick, John Hunter.
UND/CH1/B98   1789 - 1799
Newcastle, Dean Street. Land with 2 tenements and shops thereon.
Parties: mayor & burgesses of Newcastle, Peter Paxton, Hugh Spencer, Joseph Bainbridge.
UND/CH1/B99   1778 - 1876
Guisborough. Premises on the south side of Westgate.
Parties: Dale, Burdon, Sanders, Harrison, Clarkson, Price, Greenwood, Bell, Knaggs, Faber, Trevor, Wilson, Messenger.
UND/CH1/B100   1634 - 1823
Kirby Ravensworth, Yorkshire. Abstract of title to a leasehold estate at East Dalton.
William Jefferson.
UND/CH1/B101   23 December 1818
Sheffield. Far Field and a house and workshop at Darnall, also a settlement.
Parties: John Bramwell, Samuel Owen, Thomas Fenton, Sarah Longden.
UND/CH1/B102   8 December 1817
London. 105 Guildford Street, Middlesex; lease.
Parties: John Shaw to Matthew Williamson.
UND/CH1/B103   30 April 1874 & 1897
Middlesex - Charterhouse.
1874 13 Charterhouse Buildings conveyance. Merchant Taylor's Company and Messrs. Henry Thomas Tubbs & Joseph Lewis.
1897 Abstract of title of nos. 11-13 Charterhouse Buildings produced in a Chancery case concerning Durham University - with plans including Charterhouse School (f.21).
UND/CH1/B104   [c.1912]
Durham dean and chapter estates. The dean's corps - extracts from dean & chapter lease registers etc.
p.1. Beaurepaire, White House Spring, Ayre Spring, Conduit Head, Graykleys, Meggots Fall, Beaurepaire Moor or Herber Close and 3 closes nearby.
p.4. Shipley, Stotgate.
p.6. Whitehall near Muggleswick.
p.12. 1639 Chancery proceedings re dilapidation.
p.22. Close Roll extract with field names.
p.24. Aldingrange.
p.27. The Holme and the rectories of Billingham and Merrington.
p.28. North and South Ravenflat, Summer Pasture.
UND/CH1/B105   [c.1912]
Extracts from Durham dean & chapter act books 1578-1799. These concern the corps lands of various stalls.
Papers used in a case between the Durham Colleges and the Bearpark Coal & Coke Co. Ltd. They are mainly extracts from Durham dean & chapter lease registers.
UND/CH1/B106   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the first and second prebendaries. Manor of Elvet Hall alias Hallgarth and Houghall (p.16).
p.11 list of field names.
See also UND/CH1/B113.
UND/CH1/B107   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the third prebendary. Manor of Sacriston Heugh also Holcroft or Howlcroft, a close near the west end of Durham.
p.10 list of field names.
UND/CH1/B108   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the fourth prebendary. Manor of Witton Gilbert.
p.5 bridge repairs.
p.11 Newhouse in Aycliffe parish.
p.11 Underside in Esh chapelry.
UND/CH1/B109   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the fifth, sixth, and eighth prebendaries. Muggleswick Manor and Park.
p.5 iron mills.
p.12 field names.
p.12 Close Roll extract.
p.21 lead.
p.27 millstones and slate.
p.46 lime kilns.
See also UND/CH1/B105, p.9, 10, 12, 16, 23, 27.
UND/CH1/B110   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the seventh prebendary. Finchale Abbey (Fenkeloe).
p.17 field names.
p.20 extract concerning tithes from Hunter MSS 11, p.23, concerning Isaac Basire.
See also UND/CH1/B105, p.15.
UND/CH1/B111   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the ninth prebendary. Relley Manor (on the Browney) and Almoner Barns near Durham City.
UND/CH1/B112   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the tenth prebendary. Properties in the Pittington/Rainton area plus
p.4 Poulter's Close on the Tyne.
p.8 Billingham and Wolverton (Wolviston).
p.6 reference to a lease with field names.
UND/CH1/B113   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the eleventh prebendary. Houghall Manor also Hall House Field.
p.5 reference to a lease with field names.
See also UND/CH1/B106.
UND/CH1/B114   [c.1912]
Corps lands of the twelfth prebendary. Manor of Newton Bewley near Wolviston, mansion house and demesne.
UND/CH1/B115   1799 - 1857
Marriage settlement; Robert Howard and Susanna Caroline Brignell. This settlement eventually concerned George Wilkinson of Oswald House, Durham. Other Wilkinson papers concern land at the north end of Framwellgate Bridge (for a turnpike road), Wingate, and shares in Hartlepool Dock and Railway Company.
Also a ?stray deed from New Thornley, Co. Durham which was found tied to the Wingate deed.
UND/CH1/B116   25 February 1814
Commission to empower John Watson to take and swear affidavits in the court of pleas at Durham.
UND/CH1/B117   22 August 1888
Grant of administration of the estate of Stephen Thompson of Brandon Colliery.
UND/CH1/B118   23 January 1925
Two copies of the London Gazette with page 563 removed from both.
UND/CH1/B119   June 1898
Circular letter concerning the canvass of out-voters, Durham City Election 1898. Joseph Mawson, election agent.
UND/CH1/B120   8 March 1893
Receipt for hay and straw. Will Leng, Winston, Co. Durham, seller, ?H. Nicholson, buyer.
UND/CH1/B121   11 June 1920
Stockbrokers' notice about shares bought. Messrs. Adamson, stockbrokers of Sadler Street, Durham, and Messrs. Chapman.
UND/CH1/B122    25 March 1875
Deed of arrangement.
William Lee, Thornley Hall Farm, Co. Durham.
Dorothy Lee, High Carr House, Co. Durham.
Margaret Lee, High Carr House, Co. Durham.
Matthew Lee, High Carr House, Co. Durham.
UND/CH1/B123   1884
Mortgage of interests. Mr. & Mrs. Anderson of Hallgarth Mill near Sherburn, Co. Durham, and Messrs. Charlton of Newcastle, corn merchants.
UND/CH1/B124   8 April 1876
Dissolution of partnership as “Drapers & Taylors”. John Wilkinson and William Allan, both of Durham City.
UND/CH1/B125   16 July 1888
Disclaimer of trusts by Charles Robson re. Herbert Robson, deceased, of Durham City.
UND/CH1/B126   16 July 1892
Release by legatees to trustees re. William Henry Ferens, deceased, of Durham City.
UND/CH1/B127   8 March 1894
General release of beneficiaries re. John Walton, deceased, of Sunderland.
UND/CH1/B128   c.1800
Newcastle, Barber family. Investigation into the claim of the family of Joseph Barber of Newcastle upon Tyne to the estate of Charles Barber, late of Calcutta who died in 1799. Includes coloured pedigrees dating back to 1688.
UND/CH1/B129   7 May 1885
Will and codicil of John Purvis of Great Lumley, extracted.
UND/CH1/B130   28 November 1876
Will of Eleanor Tiplady of Durham City, draft.
UND/CH1/B131   10 September 1840
Will of Edward Johnson, mariner of Wrekenton, Gateshead Fell, extracted.
UND/CH1/B132   26 February 1869 & 13 August 1878
Will of Joseph Brown, clerk, of Richmond, Yorks. Also letters of administration for Hannah Brown, his widow.
A collection of cause papers relating to cases in Durham Assizes, 1870-1876.
UND/CH1/B133   1870
Durham assizes cause papers:
William Milburn v. Charles Stephenson and John Jopling.
Eliza Storey v. North Eastern Railway Company.
John Brunton Falconar and Robert White Falconar v. Peter Stanwix.
Barbara Cullen v. William Christopher Allen.
George Reynolds v. Rt. Hon. George H.R.C.W. Earl Vane.
Richard Brown Hall v. Thomas Riley (see also 1875).
UND/CH1/B134   1871
Durham assizes cause papers:
George Crask v. Robert Stamp, Matthew Boyes and Elizabeth Groves.
John Glaholm v. Guardians of Sunderland Poor Law Union.
Thomas Corrigan v. Rt. Hon. George H.R.C.W. Earl Vane.
William, Henry, Charles and George Trotter v. John and Henry Maughan.
Richard Frankland v. Thomas Crosby.
Mary Richardson v. North Eastern Railway Co.
UND/CH1/B135   1872
Durham assizes cause papers:
Henry M.R. Thorman and Joseph Ferens v. John Merchant.
Andrew, Leslie, Arthur Coote and Joseph Henderson v. John and Henry Gwynne.
The same, vice versa.
William Dodds v. John Stoddart.
John Stephenson v. William Maddison.
Henry Marshall, Robert Thorman and Joseph Fernes v. William Dodds.
Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd. v. David Kennedy.
UND/CH1/B136   1873
Durham assizes cause papers:
David Kennedy v. Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd.
James Sterry v. Robert Thorman.
William Catterick v. John Wharton.
Isaac Lothian Bell, Thomas and John Bell v. John Quin.
UND/CH1/B137   1874
Durham assizes cause papers:
Thomas Brown v. North Eastern Railway Co.
Charles Weidner v. W.S. Hoggett.
George Stepney Gulston v. Cleland & Co. Ltd.
William Magdin v. Robert Dowson.
Margaret Spencer v. John Straker and Joseph Love - 2 cases.
Charles Scurr v. John Straker and Joseph Love.
James Lowes v. John Milner.
UND/CH1/B138   1875
Durham assizes cause papers:
Thomas Elwon and James Mackean (Lackenby Iron Co.) v. Charles Emil Muller.
Joseph Siddell v. William Addy.
John Timlin v. North Eastern Railway Company.
Sarah Abbott or Woodbridge v. Thomas Sherwood.
Thomas Trattles v. Consett Iron Co.
Regina v. North Eastern Railway Co.
John Stobbs v. Weardale Iron and Coal Company.
Regina v. Bolckow Vaughan & Co. Ltd.
Richard Brown Hall v. Thomas Riley.
John White Soulsby v. Northumberland & Durham Land & Property Company Ltd.
UND/CH1/B139   1876
Durham assizes cause papers:
George Clark v. William Hopper, Hiram Craven & W.B. Hopper.
UND/CH1/B140   c.1850 - c.1875
Selection of blank parchment forms, mainly writs.
Property and income tax, schedule E, 184-.
Certificate of the registration of a deed and the protection of a debtor under the 1861 Bankruptcy Act.
Extract of fines for non-appearance in actions at Durham Sessions temp. Victoria.
Writ to summon a jury - 3 types.
Summons on bill or note.
Writ of summons.
Writ of summons where the defendent resides within the jurisdiction.
Writ to arrest and send to Westminster one who has not complied with a recent judgement. (496 Ca: Sa:).
Writ to answer a plea of debt.
Writ concerning the assets of debts (Fi. Fa. in debt).
Writ to a sheriff to prosecute for debt.
Note of the issue of a writ.
UND/CH1/B141   c.1850 - 1875
File of miscellaneous writ forms, filled in.
A. “the attorney's name” etc. an example, no persons named.
B. similar, justices and sheriff named. 1850.
C. similar, costs of execution £1. 3s. 6d.
D. Frederick Thompson, n.d.
E. Robert Pattison, 8 Heaton Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, Stephen B. Sumner, Westminster, 1872.
F. A. Elliott, 9 Elvet Bridge, Durham, James Kemp Sanley (James K. Sanley & Co). Manchester. 1873.
G. John Whaley, Gilesgate, builder, John Lowes. Westminster. 1873.
H. Thomas Thompson, West Auckland, Charles Chapman. Durham. 1873.
I. Michael Hutton, Browney Colliery, Mark and William Robinson (M. & W. Robinson). Durham. 1873.
J. Owen Smith, Brandon Colliery, Mark and William Robinson (M. & W. Robinson). Durham. 1873.
K. A. Smith and John Smith, Langley Mills, Durham. James Anderton Dewhurst. Lanchester. 1873.
L. A. Smith and John Smith (Smith & Son), Langley Milles, Durham. Edwin Ashworth, James Percival, John Ashworth (Ashworth, Percival & Co.). Lancaster. 1874.
M. John Smith (A. Smith & Son), Langley Mills, Durham. Louisa Sarah Bethell. Manchester. 1874.
N. Stephen Lumley, Durham, Robert Leach Tweedale, John Tweedale and James Tweedale. (Jacob Tweedale & Sons). Manchester. 1875.
UND/CH1/B142   1787 - 1865
“Names of Attornies who have been admitted in the Court at Durham since 1787.” The names have been entered up to about 1865.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/CH1/B143   19th century
Manuscript copy of the Ordinances of the Cathedral Church of Durham. Indexed.
UND/CH1/B144   1828
Lawyer's formulary book for the drawing up of wills with all the trusts and provisions they may entail. Indexed.
UND/CH1/B145   c.1828
Lawyer's notebook on procedures for buying and selling estates, conveying advowsons, tithes, annuities, etc., presentment to a living, settlements, order of parties in a deed and a jingle to help a lawyer to remember the distribution of the personal estate of intestates. Indexed.
Loosely inset - draft of documents relative to the acknowledgement of a deed by a married woman. 1842.
UND/CH1/B146   c.1828
“A Practical Treatise in Conveyancing” by Bradley. Manuscript copy.
At the back of the volume is a scheme of charges as approved of by the Durham Law Society.
“Thos. Eggleston Durham 1829” is written on the flyleaf.
UND/CH1/B147   1880
List of Voters 1880 p.182-239.
It covers Durham Polling District, being a list of voters in respect of property, including tenant occupiers, at a rent of £50 and upwards. Areas covered: North and South Bailey, Broom, Durham Castle and old gaol (only 4 names), Cocken, The College (no voters), Crossgate, Elvet and Barony, Framwellgate, Kimblesworth, Moorhouse and Pittington.
UND/CH1/B148   1893 - 1943
A bundle from the university's solicitors, Freeman, Daly and Jacks, relating to property of the university in South Shields. Items 1-13, 15-59, 61-64, & 66 are duplicate conveyances by the university. No. 60 concerns a footpath, 14 and 67 are schedules of property in lease or sold. The rest are papers concerning sales and demolition.
Formerly UND/CH1/A23.
UND/CH1/B148/1   13 December 1893
To John Moralee - freehold land off Thrift Street.
UND/CH1/B148/2   30 December 1893
To James Brown Nelson - premises in West Holburn Street.
UND/CH1/B148/3   1 January 1894
To Edward Maxwell - premises in Commercial Road.
UND/CH1/B148/4   30 April 1894
To John Moralee - premises in Thrift Street.
UND/CH1/B148/5   26 June 1894
To W.B. Reid & Co. Ltd - The United States Inn.
UND/CH1/B148/6   29 January 1895
To William Bate - premises in Pie Lane.
UND/CH1/B148/7   7 March 1895
To Charles William Newlands - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/8   9 February 1897
To George Thomas Grey - premises in West Pan Street.
UND/CH1/B148/9   26 October 1897
To the mayor, aldermen and burgesses of South Shields: premises - ground with manure staith and erections in Shadwell Street.
UND/CH1/B148/10   26 October 1897
To John Wright - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/11   14 May 1898
To Robert Atkinson - premises in Carpenter Place.
UND/CH1/B148/12   21 June 1898
To William Robinson Smith - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/13   21 June 1898
To J.P. Rennoldson & sons - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/14   October 1898
Schedule of properties in South Shields belonging to the university of Durham and in lease with the names of lessees, rents, descriptions of properties, condition of repair, etc.
UND/CH1/B148/15   29 April 1899
To John Bowman - premises in West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/16   5 June 1899
To Robert Fenwick Brigham and Robert Cowan - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/17   5 June 1899
To Robert Fenwick Brigham and Robert Cowan - further premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/18   14 October 1899
To John Donald - premises in East Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/19   28 October 1899
Elizabeth Jackson & others - “The Scarboro' Castle”, East Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/20   18 November 1899
To William Stobart - Salmon Fishery.
UND/CH1/B148/21   30 November 1899
To the debenture trustees of John Rowell & Son Ltd. - premises in Spring Lane.
UND/CH1/B148/22   20 December 1899
To Andrew Nichol Dodds - premises in E. Holburn Street.
UND/CH1/B148/23   22 December 1899
To Anthony Wallace - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/24   28 December 1899
To the North Eastern Railway Co. - premises in Long Row & Lower Thames Street.
UND/CH1/B148/25   27 January 1900
To W.B. Reid & Co. Ltd. - The Crown and Sceptre Inn, Comical Corner & other premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/26   29 January 1900
To Newcastle Breweries Ltd. - “Custom House Tavern”, Mill Dam.
UND/CH1/B148/27   29 January 1900
To Newcastle Breweries Ltd. - “Tyne Hotel”.
UND/CH1/B148/28   9 February 1900
Durham Walker Fitzgerald - premises in East Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/29   9 February 1900
To George Day Harrison - premises in East Holburn & Hill Street.
UND/CH1/B148/30   17 February 1900
To Robert Fenwick Brigham & Robert Cowan - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/31   28 April 1900
To Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Thompson - premises in Long Row.
UND/CH1/B148/32   19 June 1900
To Robert Fenwick Brigham & Robert Cowan - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/33   20 June 1900
To the mayor, aldermen & burgesses of South Shields - premises in Brewery Lane & Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/34   27 September 1900
To Thomas Noel Finch - premises in West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/35   27 September 1900
To Mrs. Margaret Wilson - 96, 98 & 100 East Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/36   19 April 1901
To Robert John Marshall - premises in Shadwell Street.
UND/CH1/B148/37   14 December 1901
To Robert John Marshall - premises in Shadwell Street.
UND/CH1/B148/38   14 December 1901
Tto Marmaduke Wetherell - premises in East Street, Waterloo Vale.
UND/CH1/B148/39   17 December 1901
To William Sisterson - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/40   9 December 1902
To John George Dobson - premises in West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/41   17 March 1903
To Messrs. Brigham & Cowan Ltd. - premises at Kirton's Quay, Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/42   17 March 1903
To Messrs. Brigham & Cowan Ltd. - further premises at Kirton's Quay, Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/43   22 May 1903
To the Harton Coal Co. Ltd. - premises in West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/44   30 September 1905
To John Rowell & Son Ltd. - “The Adelaide Arms”, West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/45   22 February 1907
To the Middle Docks and Engineering Co. Ltd. - premises in Henderson's Lane, Chapel Lane & Johnson's Hill near West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/46   4 July 1911
The Council of the Durham Colleges in the University of Durham to John Readhead & Sons. - premises in West Holburn.
UND/CH1/B148/47   26 October 1911
The Council of the Durham Colleges in the University of Durham to John Readhead & Sons - further premises in West Holburn & West Pan Place.
UND/CH1/B148/48   26 November 1912
To Charles Reginald Redhead Taylor - premises at the corner of Laygate Street and Hill.
UND/CH1/B148/49   25 February 1913
To the Middle Docks & Engineering Co. Ltd. - premises in East Holburn Street.
UND/CH1/B148/50   20 February 1914
Tto Brigham & Cowan Ltd. - premises between Wapping Street and Albion Street.
UND/CH1/B148/51   5 May 1914
To Rev. Albert Remington Steggall - premises in Commercial Road.
UND/CH1/B148/52   2 June 1914
To George Thomas Grey - premises in Shadwell Street.
UND/CH1/B148/53   4 May 1915
To Tyne Dock Engineering Co. - premises in Thrift Street.
UND/CH1/B148/54   30 January 1917
To Messrs. Brigham & Cowan Ltd. - premises in Shadwell Street.
UND/CH1/B148/55   29 January 1918
To Cuthbert Miller - premises in Wapping Street.
UND/CH1/B148/56   21 October 1919
To the mayor, aldermen & burgesses of South Shields - premises in Union Lane.
UND/CH1/B148/57   24 February 1920
To Percival Arthur Mudd - premises in Carpenter Street.
UND/CH1/B148/58   27 January 1920
To John W. Pratt Ltd. - premises in Hebron on a corner where two cart roads meet.
UND/CH1/B148/59   11 May 1926
To William James Lockerby - premises in the Market Place.
UND/CH1/B148/60   12 June 1929
Cartwright to Durham Colleges. Grant of a footpath in substitution for a right of way which is released - beside the Institute in Commercial Road.
UND/CH1/B148/61   12 November 1929
To Messrs. W. Duncan Ltd - premises in Carpenter Street.
UND/CH1/B148/62   2 November 1935
To South Shields Corporation - premises in Shadwell Street, Wapping Street, Albion Street, Military Road, Long Bank and Wellington Place.
UND/CH1/B148/63   27 June 1936
To South Shields Corporation - premises in West Holburn, Windmill Hill, Gibson's Place and Mill Place.
UND/CH1/B148/64   20 May 1937
To South Shields Corporation - premises in Lower Thames Street & Long Row.
UND/CH1/B148/65   1932 - 1937
Correspondence relating to the demolition, sale and levelling of property in Long Row and Lower Thames Street.
(a) File of 28 items relating to estimates for demolition, insurance for the workmen, notices to quit, technical problems and the general progress of the work, November 1932 - August 1933.
(b) Order confirming a compulsory purchase order made under section 6 of the 1930 Housing Act relating to Thames Street, North Lane, North Street, Lackland Street, Foster Street, Price Street, Lower Thames Street, Phillips Court, Johnson's Court, Studley Stairs, Potts Court, Long Row, Thrift Street, Burnt House Bank, Anderson's Lane, Mill Street, Harding's Bank, Morris Court, Shakespeare Place, Walker's Court and Lawson's Buildings, 26 November 1934.
(c) File of 17 items relating to the purchase from Durham University by South Shields Corporation, for levelling, of the sites cleared in file (a) above plus some extra land. Two plans are included, items 6 and 9 in the file. February - June 1937.
UND/CH1/B148/66   12 December 1938
To the mayor, aldermen & burgesses of South Shields - premises in West Holburn, Cone Street, Forrest Hill, Tiny Street, Pleasant Place, Shepperdson's Place, Johnson's Hill and Commercial Road.
UND/CH1/B148/67   c.1939
Schedule of property in South Shields owned by Durham University in 1894 and all sold off in the years up to 1939. Only some of the counterpart conveyances relating to these properties are in this bundle (148).
UND/CH1/B148/68   23 March 1939
Letter from E.T. Bell, agent of the Durham Colleges, replying to a letter from the town clerk of South Shields about a complusory purchase order in the Holburn Area of South Shields.
UND/CH1/B148/69   1943
Plan of part of South Shields with a plot marked between Stob Lane and Mason's Lane.
UND/CH1/B148/70   1943
Plan of South Shields with two plots marked between Spring Lane and Saltwell Lane.
UND/CH1/B149   26 June 1871
Copy of a statute to appropriate lands in South Shields to the University of Durham free from certain interests. Inside is a covering letter from Quance & Co., chartered accountants with an office in Sunderland, who found the document and sent it to Robert Boumphrey of Durham University in 1963.
Original: UND/AB1/21.
UND/CH1/B150   1897
Copy of a petition from the University of Durham for a supplementary charter to give the power to revoke degrees.
Further copies in UND/CH1/B216.
These are now (as of c.1975) Towers deeds 65-123 as follows:
151: Towers 65-75.
152a: Towers 76-99.
152b: Towers 100-104.
153: Towers 105-123.
UND/CH1/B154   1 December 1843
Durham City, Queen Street, various premises.
(a) a dwelling house with yard and outbuildings.
(b) 3 workshops adjoining or near (a).
(c) 1 workshop near (a)
(d) 1 yard and garth near (a)
((c) & (d) recently used as a joiners shop & woodyard by William Howe. )
(e) another dwelling house with a small yard.
Parties: Mrs Elizabeth Howe, Tiplady, University of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A10.
UND/CH1/B155   28 September 1852
Durham City, Queen Street and suburbs.
(a) Premises facing on to Queen Street.
(b) a strip of land on the east of Potters Bank, Durham.
(c) a strip of woodland running across to Butterby Lane, between Durham and Houghall.
(d) a strip of land along the turnpike road between Shincliffe and Durham.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter and the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A18.
UND/CH1/B156   2 June 1862
Durham City, Queen Street. Premises facing on to Queen Street and extending round the foot of the Wallace Tower of Durham Castle and behind premises facing on to Sadler Street.
Parties: John Wetherell Hays, university of Durham.
The property in this item and bundle CH1/A20 was described by C.R. Hudleston in 1955 as follows:
The property formed part of the possessions of the guild of St. Cuthbert founded in Durham Cathedral. After the dissolution of the guild, it was demised by Queen Elizabeth I to Robert Catchside on 19 February 1582 to hold for 21 years from 29 September following.
On 28 July 1592, Edward Wandles, a Durham dyer, who had acquired the property in 1591, granted it to George Smyth, taylor. It was then described as a tenement or burgage in a street called Ovingate. On 20 June 1607, a wine licence was granted to Oswald Baker, Mary his wife and George their son. Oswald died soon after. On 11 July 1607, King James I granted a new licence to Mary Baker and George her son to keep one tavern or wine cellar in the mansion house or houses wherein they then lived, with permission to sell and utter by retail, by the gallon, pot, quart or pint “all and every good and wholesome wyne”, paying £3 per year.
In 1621 Durham dean and chapter had granted to Anthony Theobald their burgage in Owengate between “the goal of the Bishop of Durham on the east, the tenement belonging to the late Earl of Westmorland on the west”, and extending in breadth from the King's highway on the south to the old Castle walls on the north. This leasehold burgage was assigned by Anthony Theobald on 7 June 1832 with the wine licence to James Hilton, gentleman of Durham.
On 30 May 1636 Clement Theobald granted the freehold burgage to Hilton. It was then described as bounded by a tenement in the tenure of George Barcroft and late the inheritance of Barnabie Hutchinson on the west, the Castle moat on the north, a tenement belonging to the dean and chapter on the east and the King's highway on the south. The property had at one time been owned by Thoms King gentleman, and had been formerly in the occupation of Anthony Theobald, William Smart and Robert Clarke, but was then tenanted by James Hilton.
James Hilton made his will on 29 June 1638 and it was proved by his widow in 1642. In 1649, when she was living at South Shields she sold the property for £210 to her son Lancelot, together with the wine licence She had been given a life interest in the property in her husband's will.
In 1657 Lancelot Hilton mortgaged the property to Christopher Mickleton. By this time the freehold part of the property was tenanted by Richard Jopling, innkeeper.
In 1659 Hilton conveyed the property to Mickleton and in 1709 May Colthirst and others, obviously representatives of Mickleton, sold it to Thomas Wilkinson, who in 1711 granted it to Thomas Smith and Margaret his wife, of Morton Grange, who had joined in selling it in 1709. By 1711 the house was occupied by Nynian Burleigh, watchmaker. Before 1715 Thomas Smith converted the house in Owengate into two houses. He also owned a piece of waste ground behind the gaol called the Turnpike and in 1741 his executors sold two houses and the Turnpike to Charles Whitaker of Durham, gentleman. The houses were tenanted by Francis Johnson, esq, and Mr George Taylor.
By his will made in 1743, Charles Whitaker left the property to his mother for life with remainder to his brother George, who suceeded and left the property to his son Benjamin Whitaker, who owned it in 1758. At that time the houses were occupied by Thomas Gyll, esq, and Rev Abraham Gregory. The leasehold house was also leased to Benjamin Gregory in 1758 and he also got a lease of the Turnpike, the waste ground 11 yards long and 8 yards in breadth. The boundaries of the Turnpike - upon which a house and buildings had been erected - were the Castle wall or the wall going between the gaol and castle and upon a little tower there on the south and west, the Gaol of Durham on the south and east, the Castle moat on the west and north west, and a burgage once in the possession of Stephen Elrington on the north. In 1764 Benjamin Whitaker, who was a woollen draper and an alderman of Durham, sold the property to Joseph Hays, innkeeper, of the North Bailey. The property consisted of two messuages tenanted by Thomas Gyll and Rev Abraham Gregory, a pew on the north side of the gallery of St Mary-le-Bow church, and stables, cellars, brewhouses and a washhouse behind the two messuages. He also sold to Hays the burgage which he had leased fronm the dean and chapter in 1758 and the Turnpike. John Hays left the property to his wife Eleanor Hays, and in 1806 it was stated that the estate then consisted of a dwelling house in her occupation, and a house adjoining on the west side of it, then occupied by Mr George Bacon. The property descended to Mr J.W. Hays and was by him sold to the university in 1862. The property is delineated in the plan attached.
Formerly UND/CH1/A20.
UND/CH1/B157   11 February 1839
Durham City, Queen Street, various premises.
(a) Tenement with entrance yard and offices on the north side of Queen Street.
(b) Tenement formerly a stable and brew house with yard and offices on the south side of Queen Street.
(c) One messuage on the north side of Queen Street and facing on to Palace Green.
(d) Ground being the site of a messuage on the north side of Queen Street next to (a).
Parties: Catherine Van Mildert, Ives, Etherington, Cooke, Durham University.
Formerly UND/CH1/A1.
UND/CH1/B158   27 June 1837
Durham City, Queen Street. Stables, coach house with outbuildings, yard and gateway partly adjoining the Old Queen's Head in Queen Street.
Parties: Wilkinson, John Thwaites jr, Archdeacon Sharp, the bishop of Durham, Durham dean & chapter.
Formerly UND/CH1/A5.
UND/CH1/B159   6 August 1836
Durham City, Queen Street. A dwelling house situated in Queen Street being the eastern part of a house once occupied by Adamson, Mitford & Row; release.
Parties: Francis Humble, Smith, the bishop of Durham and Durham dean & chapter.
The property in this, the next item, CH1/B154 and bundles CH1/A4 , A10 and A18 were described by C.R. Hudleston in 1955 as follows:
In 1693 George Dixon gentleman owned a house which he settled in 1694 on the trustees of his marriage settlement. By 1724 he had let the house to Thomas Davison and had acquired (in 1707-1708) another house adjoining on the south west, together with a garden lying on the foreside of the house and a dwelling-house and two stables built upon part of Owengate garden, and another house adjoining on the west side.
The house he bought in 1707-1708 was bounded by the house he occupied in 1693 on the east, a house formerly belonging to John Jefferson attorney at law, but then of John Mowbray, gentleman, on the west, the Castle moat on the north, and the Queen's highway on the south.
The property descended to John whose sister Tabitha married Christopher Johnson. Tabitha was left £800 by her father and John Dixon conveyed to her the house which George Dixon had bought in 1707-1708. The Johnsons' son Francis, of Aykley Heads, inherited John Dixon's property, and in 1788 sold part of the property to Stephen Bradley. The other part of the property - the house bought in 1707-1708 with a new house adjoining on the east - he conveyed to his mother. This part of the property appears to have been immediately below the house occupied in 1955 by the master of University College. The house sold to Bradley was on the eastern side of the last mentioned house, which Tabitha Johnson in 1798 reconveyed to her son Francis. He in 1827 sold it to Francis Humble, printer, of Durham, who afterwards converted the premises into two houses, the lower one of which he occupied as a printer's office and the upper one he sold to John Hobson. Hobson's brother sold this latter house (CH1/B160) to Mary Cummins in 1830 and after her death in 1838 her son sold it to the dean and chapter for the university. The house which Francis Humble bought in 1827 he sold to the dean and chapter in 1836 (CH1/B159). The house bought by Bradley was sold after his death in 1816 to William Howe of Durham, carpenter. In 1843 Mrs Elizabeth Howe sold the premises to the university (CH1/B154).
Formerly UND/CH1/A13.
UND/CH1/B160   26 November 1838
Durham City, Queen Street. A dwelling house situated in Queen Street being the western part of a house once occupied by Adamson, Mitford & Row; release.
Parties: William Cummins, Durham University.
Formerly UND/CH1/A4.
UND/CH1/B161   5 August 1836
Durham City, Queen Street. Tenements on the east side of Queen Street known as the Old Queen's Head.
Parties: Mrs Susannah Walker, Thomas Ward, the bishop of Durham, Durham dean & chapter.
The property in this item and bundle CH1/A9 was described by C.R. Hudleston in 1955 as follows:
Where exactly in Owengate the Old Queen's Head was has not been discovered, but it was on the west side of the street, and presumably on the site covered by part of the Exchequer building. The deeds begin with the will of Joseph Hays, innkeeper, of the North Bailey (where he lived). His will dated 19 December 1759 mentions that he owns the Old Queen's Head, which was then in the occupation of himself, Margaret and Jane Marshall (who occupied three rooms in the house for their lives), Ralph Banks, Thomas Harbottle and Joseph Flowers.
Joseph Hays had a daughter Elizabeth who married Peter Barwick, printer. Barwick died in 1778 and his widow married William Adey of Silver St, Durham, joiner. In 1789 they sold the Old Queen's Head (then occupied by William Shafts, John Nicholson, Elizabeth Pringle and William Walker) to Robert Punshon, innkeeper. He sold it in 1799 to Henry Donkin and others, and they at once re-sold it to William Walker. In 1836 his widow and stepson, Thomas Ward, sold the property to the dean and chapter for the university for £750.
Formerly UND/CH1/A9.
UND/CH1/B162   8 January 1834
Durham City, Queen Street. A house on the south side of and at the head of Queen Street (being the top house) and adjoining on Palace Green.
Parties: George Wilkinson, Durham dean & chapter.
Formerly UND/CH1/A3.
UND/CH1/B163   27 December 1834
Durham City, North Bailey. Conveyance.
(a) A dwelling house with outbuildings, formerly a stable.
(b) A garden behind it measuring from east to west 78' 10" and north to south 18' 3" late possessed by Henry Donkin.
(c) a pew in Durham St. Mary-le-Bow church.
There is a right to share the pump with Blount's property next door.
Parties: Henry Donkin, Durham dean & chapter in trust for the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A21.
UND/CH1/B164   5 May 1835
Durham City, North Bailey. A dwelling house with coach house, stables, etc. on the east side of the North Bailey, on the west side is the Bailey, on the east is the Wear, on the north is a house owned and occupied by Elizabeth Fielding and ground below the old town wall late belonging to John Thwaites and on the south is the house now owned by Walter Scruton. Conveyance.
Parties: Thomas Hopper, Durham dean & chapter in trust for the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A19.
UND/CH1/B165   6 August 1836
Durham City, North Bailey.
(a) A tenement, garden, coachhouse, two stables on the west side of the North Bailey.
(b) Another messuage in Dun Cow Lane alias Lygate with its stable adjoining.
These properties are contiguous and are bounded by the King's High Street on the east, Burrell's house on the west, Dun Cow Lane on the south and Mrs. Calvert's dwelling on the north. The premises were once four burgages belonging to Richard Scruton.
(c) a pew in Durham St. Mary-le-Bow church.
Parties: Mrs Ann Potts, the bishop of Durham, Durham dean & chapter.
Formerly UND/CH1/A7.
UND/CH1/B166   20 September 1838
Durham City, North Bailey.
(a) A tenement, garth and stable on the west side of the street now occupied by Sarah Bainbridge.
(b) A pew in Durham St. Mary-le-Bow church.
Parties: Seymour, Chater, Thomas Wilkinson, Atkinson, Jackson, Durham dean & chapter.
Formerly UND/CH1/A8.
UND/CH1/B167   26 May 1841
Durham City, North Bailey. Release.
(a) A dwelling house and garden bounded by university property on the north, by a house occupied by Wetherall on the south, by the bishop's Almshouses on the west and the North Bailey on the east.
(b) 2 pews in the gallery of Durham St. Mary-le-Bow church.
Parties: Thomas Blount, Button, the bishop of Durham and dean & chapter of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A22.
UND/CH1/B168   18 February 1845
Durham City, North Bailey. Assignment.
(a) A dwelling house on the east side with garden adjoining.
(b) A tenement called the Gate House, joining the North Bailey on the west, the Wear on the east, Waring's house and Bow church on the south and on the north by property the dean & chapter will demise to John Middleton.
Parties: Nathan Horn, Waugh, Donkin, Chaytor, Scruton, Shotton, university of Durham and Davison.
Formerly UND/CH1/A14.
UND/CH1/B169   18 February 1845
Durham City, North Bailey. Release.
(a) A house with garden, orchard, coachhouse, stable, etc.
(b) Those offices on the east side of the North Bailey lately occupied by Walter Scruton, bounded on the east by the Wear, on the south by Burrell's ground and university land on the north.
Parties: Waugh, Donkin, Chaytor, Walter Scruton, Shotton and the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A14.
UND/CH1/B170   1885
Durham City, North Bailey. Exchequer Building - schedule of writings.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16A.
UND/CH1/B171   1762 - 1959
Durham City, Palace Green.
(a) Plan of the archdeacon of Durham's houses which are Cosin's Hall plus the houses directly behind it and facing on to the North Bailey, 1762.
(b) Deed, the Great House on Palace Green with associated buildings and land, 1834.
(c) O.S. Plan NZ 2742 SW 1959 with the premises in (b) marked on it.
Formerly UND/CH1/A11&12.
UND/CH1/B172   13 September 1831
Durham City, Palace Green.
(a) Stables, coachhouse and yard.
(b) Piece of ground through which runs a right of road between Palace Green and the North Bailey.
(c) Two dwelling houses with yard and appurtenances.
(d) Two pews in Durham St. Mary-le-Bow church.
Parties: John Douce Garthwaite and Thomas Davison.
Formerly UND/CH1/A2.
UND/CH1/B173   8 January 1834
Durham City, Palace Green. Dwelling house and yard, bounding upon Palace Green. Conveyance.
Parties: Thomas Charlton, Bailes, and Durham dean & chapter in trust for the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A6.
UND/CH1/B174   20 November 1850
Durham City, Palace Green. Palace Green Grammar School and House. Lease.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter and the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16E.
UND/CH1/B175   31 December 1852
Durham City, Green Lane. Land on the banks of the Wear. Conveyance.
Parties: Sarah Robinson to the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A17I.
UND/CH1/B176   25 March 1862
Durham City, Crossgate, Howlcroft [Archery Rise]. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham university and Rev. Henry Jenkyns.
Formerly UND/CH1/A17H.
UND/CH1/B177   20 November 1849
Durham City, Crossgate, Bellasis Fields, [Observatory Field]. Lease.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter and the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16F.
UND/CH1/B178   1867 - 1887
Durham City, Smiddy Haughs (Durham Race Course). The students' cricket field and the mineral rights are excepted, and the removal of the grandstand is mentioned.
Parties: Durham university, Henry John Baker Baker, Henderson, Durham Grandstand Company, back to Durham university.
UND/CH1/B179   23 October 1877
Witton Gilbert [Station Hotel]. Land between Wallnook Bridge and Witton Gilbert Station.
Parties: Durham university and Francis Bell.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16B.
UND/CH1/B180   22 January 1851
Bearpark, Stotgate Close and tenement. Lease.
Parties: Durham dean & chapter and the university of Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16G.
UND/CH1/B181   1864
Durham University Act 1864 - to provide for the discharge by deputy, in certain cases, of the functions of warden, in the university of Durham; and to authorise the abolition of certain fellowships in the said university; and to provide a further endowment for the school of Theology, and a proposed school of Physical Science, in the said university; and for other purposes.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16J.
Another copy: UND/AC2 and UND/CH1/B185.
UND/CH1/B182   1 May 1877
Auton Style near Bearpark Colliery, Broom township - a small plot of land. Counterpart conveyance.
Parties: Durham university and the School Board of Elvet, St. Oswalds, Co. Durham
Formerly UND/CH1/A16C.
UND/CH1/B183   1 May 1877
Houghall, Elvet township, Co. Durham - a piece of land west of Houghall pit. Counterpart conveyance.
Parties: Durham university and the School Board of Elvet, St. Oswald's, Co. Durham.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16D.
UND/CH1/B184   c.1830
Draft of rough copy of a Bill or Act to enable the Dean & Chapter of Durham to appropriate part of the property of their Church to the establishment of a university in connection therewith for the advancement of learning.
Formerly UND/CH1/A16G.
UND/CH1/B185   1864
A printed copy of the Durham University Act 1864.
Formerly UND/CH1/A17J.
Other copies: UND/AC2 and UND/CH1/B181.
UND/CH1/B186   1908
A printed copy of the University of Durham Act, 1908. [8 Edw. 7. cap. 20], signed “F.W. Ritson”.
Further copies: UND/AC2, CA1/30a and CA5/7a.
UND/CH1/B187   9 February 1960 & 1964
Durham City, 51 Saddler Street. Premises once occupied by J.R. Edis, photographer. Counterpart leases.
Parties: Durham university, Daisy Spence & John Philipson.
UND/CH1/B188   24 November 1967
Durham City, 2 North Bailey, 1st floor office. Surrender.
Parties: university of Durham, Charles Anthony Elgey & Joseph Keith Turnbull.
UND/CH1/B189   28 November 1947
Durham City, 50 North Bailey, the Old Chancery Court. Memorandum of an agreement between the Church Commissioners and Durham University.
UND/CH1/B190   28 July 1949 & 23 May 1955
Durham City, 50 North Bailey (part). Counterpart leases.
Parties: Church Commissioners and J.L. Mawson.
UND/CH1/B191   29 July 1949
Durham City, 50 North Bailey, New Exchequer Buildings. Lease.
Parties: Church Commissioners and the University of Durham.
UND/CH1/B192   24 December 1940
Durham City, North Bailey, Hatfield College. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University and Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/B193   19 June 1920 & 3 March 1944
Durham City, The College. A house for use as St. Mary's College.
Parties: Durham Dean & Chapter, Durham University.
UND/CH1/B194   16 December 1953
Durham City, 9 South Bailey. Lease.
Parties: Durham University and Mrs. Martha Sabrina Gordon.
UND/CH1/B195   3 August 1960
Durham City, 15 Old Elvet.
Parties: Nellie Edith Hunter, Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/B196   23 January 1957
Durham City, 25 Old Elvet. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Martins Bank Ltd & Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/B197   11 December 1906
Durham City, Old Elvet, Hollow Drift Field. For use as a sports field (?cricket ground). Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University, Messrs. Turnbull, Ferens & Moyes.
UND/CH1/B198   25 May 1926 & 28 October 1948
Durham City, Old Elvet, Smiddy Haughs. A Cricket Ground (part of the old Race Course). Counterpart lease.
Parties: University of Durham and Durham City Cricket Club.
UND/CH1/B199   7 June 1932
Durham City. Land adjoining the Race Course, for use as an electricity sub-station. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University and the Co. Durham Electrical Power Distribution Company.
UND/CH1/B200   1 July 1929
Durham City. Counterpart tenancy agreement.
(a) Hallgarth Farm.
(b) Charley Field between Potter's Bank and Quarryheads Lane.
Parties: Durham University, John Robert Kingston & Jane Alice Stevenson.
See also UND/CH1/B245.
UND/CH1/B201   7 January 1935 - 10 July 1936
Durham City, Hallgarth Farm and Fletcher's Closes near Shincliffe Bridge. Tenancy agreement and letter.
Parties: Durham University and John Robert Kingston.
UND/CH1/B202   c.1934
Durham City, Shincliffe Old Waterworks. Condition of letting and plans.
Parties: University of Durham and Durham County Council.
See also UND/CH1/B244.
UND/CH1/B203   1939, 1944 & 1959
Durham City, parish of St. Oswalds. Tenancy agreements.
(a) Mount Joy Farm.
(b) Land at Elvet Hill.
(c) Observatory Field.
(d) Howlcroft, Neville's Cross.
(e) Drains.
Parties: Maddison, Durham University, Stevenson.
UND/CH1/B204   5 December 1947
Durham, St. Oswalds. Memorandum of an agreement between Durham University and Vivian Leslie de Cordova concerning the sporting rights over Mount Joy Farm and Houghall Woods.
UND/CH1/B205   30 January 1940 & 10 January 1957
Durham City, parish of St. Oswalds, Howlands Farm, including the site of the later St. Mary's College. Rent agreements.
Parties: Durham University and John Robert Kingston.
UND/CH1/B206   14 May 1927 & 1 May 1947
Durham City, Quarryheads Lane. Stays for electrical cables. Wayleave and rent agreements.
Parties: Durham University and the Co. Durham Electrical Power Distribution Company.
UND/CH1/B207   2 December 1938 & 1954
Durham City, Quarryheads Lane. A motor garage plot. Agreement.
Parties: Durham University and Mrs. Annie Tilley.
See also UND/CH1/B200 & B245.
UND/CH1/B208   28 May 1906
Durham City, South Road. Wayleave for overhead electrical lines.
Parties: Durham University and the Co. Durham Electrical Distribution Company.
UND/CH1/B209   1935 & 23 November 1937
Durham City, South Road, Elvet Garth. An assignment to J.F. Duff (in his private capacity) in 1937 of a 1935 lease of Elvet Garth, with some correspondence re the history of the property prior to its sale to Durham University in 1943 or later.
Parties: Miss Alice Gertrude Brownless, Arthur Harrison & J.F. Duff.
UND/CH1/B210   18 October 1951
Durham City, Neville's Cross. Land partly known, in 1975, as Archery Rise. Counterpart lease.
Parties: Durham University and the mayor etc. of Durham City.
See also UND/CH1/B246.
UND/CH1/B211   26 March 1946 & 14 February 1948
Lumley Castle, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham. Agreement and lease.
Parties: Lord Scarbrough and Durham University.
Copy of the lease: UND/F1/C4/A21.
UND/CH1/B212   1784 - 1804
Durham City, Elvet, Church Street and Hallgarth Street.
These complicated deeds concern five pieces of property in Hallgarth and Church Street, obtained by James Gladstain in 1800 and 1804. The deeds date from 1784, 1794, 1800 and 1804(2).
First property - on the corner where Hallgarth and Church Streets meet. The deeds of 1784 and 1794 describe it as being in Elvet Barony with the two streets to the east and west and dean & chapter property occupied by John Martin to the south. With it went an allotment of 2 acres 1 rod 22 perches on Elvet Moor. The 1804 deed measures the frontages on to Church and Hallgarth Streets and the south boundary, with property then occupied by Hines. The allotment is not mentioned. [Wood's plan of 1820 shows this corner property, still held by a Gladstain.]
Second property - This is mentioned twice, both times in the deed of 1800 which rehearses an earlier one of 20 July 1787. (N.B. It rehearses two deeds of that date; reference is made here to the first of these.) The earlier description is a messuage, with a piece of waste with a house on it, in Elvet barony with 2 acres 2 rods and 6 perches on Elvet Moor. The later description is of then two dwelling houses with gardens to the east, the street on the west and Messrs. Curry and George Hopper to the north and south. The allotment is not mentioned in 1800. [Wood's plan of 1820 shows a Mr. Hopper with the street to the west, in Church Street opposite St. Oswald's Church yard.]
Third property - This property is mentioned twice, both times in the deed of 1800 which rehearses an earlier deed of 20 July 1787. (The second of the two deeds of that date which it rehearses.) The first description is of a waste in Elvet barony with John Wilson on the south and a tenement belonging to St. Oswald's Church on the north and having 1 acre 2 rods and 4 perches on Elvet Moor. The later description is of a house built on the waste with Messrs. Crow and Hopper Williamson to the north and south, the street on the east and a garden behind with no allotment. [Wood's plan of 1820 shows two properties in Hallgarth Street with the street to the east and Hopper Williamson on the south.]
Fourth property - This is mentioned twice in the deed of 1800 which rehearses another of 1791. The first description is of a messuage in Elvet barony with Messrs. Wilson & Stoddart north and south and 2 acres 2 rods and 12 perches on Elvet Moor. The later one mentions a house and yard with the street on the east and Messrs. Hopper Williamson and Pinkney north and south, without an allotment. [Wood's plan of 1820 shows this house and neighbours in Hallgarth Street opposite the tithe barn and still occupied by one Gladstain.]
Fifth property - This is mentioned three times, twice in the deed of 1800 which rehearses a deed of 1795 and a third time in one of the 1804 deeds. The first description is simply of a messuage in Elvet barony street with 2 acres and 1 perch on Elvet Moor. In 1800 it was described as a burgage with the street on the west, the Church croft on the south and Elcott to the east and north. Thomas Philipson had once occupied it and later John Young and John Jobling. In 1804 it is described as being in Elvet barony and having 2 acres 1 perch on Elvet Moor, but no neighbours are given. Recent occupants in 1804 included Thomas Philipson and others not named in 1800 (as perhaps being later occupants). [Wood's plan of 1820 shows the house in Church Street with the street on the west and the Church croft on the south, still occupied by a Gladstain.]
UND/CH1/B213   1840
Durham City, Gilesgate. Draft surrenders before T. C. Maynard, steward of Gilesgate manor, of a house on waste on the south side of Gilesgate, two other burgages with half an acre of land, a rig of meadow and part of a close named Five Acres, all in Gilesgate.
Parties: Ovington and Robson.
UND/CH1/B214   1797 - 1890
Papers of the Maynard, Crofton, Hunter, Fatherley family, mainly wills and trusts thereunder. The bundle includes the following:
(a) a copy of the London Gazette for 14 March 1826 with a marked entry about Christopher Maynard. Loose in the Gazette is a paper recording births in the Maynard family 1797-1805.
(b) a note and two deeds about Maynard property: Baxterford Wood Farm and Ushaw Moor Farm 1840-1843.
(c) copy with extract of probate of the will of Nicholas Crofton, the elder, of North Biddick Hall, made 27 July 1835, proved 1840. He had property in Boldon.
(d) copy of the will and probate of Thomas Hunter of Sunderland [Bridge], parish of St. Oswalds, Durham, made 2 May 1825, codicil 14 July 1828, proved 1831.
(e) copy of the will and probate of George Crofton of Bartholomew Close, London, made 21 August 1841, proved 1851, with release to trustees of 1890.
(f) copy of the will and probate of Dorothy Hunter of Holywell Hall, made 18 May 1852, proved 1856 with appointment of new trustees in 1872 and a release to trustees in 1890.
(g) copy of the will and probate of Mary Crofton of Bishopwearmouth, made 23 August 1858, proved 1866, with release to trustees of 1890.
(h) copy of the will and probate of Isabella Jane Maynard of 55 South Street, Durham, made 13 October 1877 and proved 1878.
(i) copy of the will and probate of Margaret Hunter of Bishopwearmouth, made 23 December 1871, codicils 9 April 1876 and 11 October 1882 and proved 1883.
(j) copy of the will and probate of Frances Maynard of Old Elvet, Durham City, made 23 July 1883 and proved 1885.
(k) a bundle of 4 bills, which was found among the above (a-j), to the executors of Mrs. Tyler of 7 Old Elvet Durham City, from George Procter, printer, the Weardale and Shildon District Waterworks Company, the Durham Union Borough and Watch Rate Committee and Poor Rate Overseers, all 1890.
UND/CH1/B215   1897
London, no.16 (formerly 13) Charterhouse Buildings, Middlesex, and nos.10 and 11 Middle Street, parish of St. Bartholomew the Great.
A petition in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division (with two supporting affidavits) from the Warden, Masters and Scholars of the University of Durham about the purchase of certain freehold ground rents.
See also UND/CH1/B252 & B256.
UND/CH1/B216   1897
Two copies each of a petition and the consequent supplementary royal charter enabling the University of Durham to revoke degrees it may have conferred, if sufficient need should arise.
Further copy of the petition in UND/CH1/B150.
Original of the charter is UND/AA4/1.
UND/CH1/B217   1837, 1894 - 1897
A copy of the 1837 charter of the University of Durham with drafts and papers about the supplemental charter giving degrees to women, with correspondence about payments in the business.
UND/CH1/B218   1846 - 1905
Durham University Scholarships.
(a) 1846 Copy of an indenture concerning Bishop Edward Maltby's scholarship.
(b) 1863 Two copies of all evidence taken by the Durham University Commissioners under the Durham University Act 1861, ordered to be printed by the House of Commons. 145 pages.
(c) May 1905 Two copies, numbered 10 and 11 of a confidential report on the University of Durham Scholarship and Prize Funds.
(d) 1905 Two copies of a case for the opinion of counsel regarding Durham University endowed scholarships.
For another copy of (b), see UND/CH1/B249.
UND/CH1/B219   1771 - 1835
Iveston Manor and an allotment on Lanchester Common. Five items relating to tithes and land. From the annotations and numbers, these are only part of a long series of deeds of “Mitcheson's purchase” numbered 24-25 and 34-36.
Parties: John Hopper, Robert Mitcheson and William Wales.
UND/CH1/B220   13 October 1841
Peacock's Trust. Writing on the back of the wrapper shows there is a connection between this bundle and bundles 222 and 223 (Stainton Tithes and Hamsterley). Thomas Peacock entrusted to Messrs. Peacock and Fogg Elliot the following premises:
Cowburn House, Fishburn, with eight named fields all lying to the south of Salter's Lane which ran between Fishburn and Hartlepool.
Horse Shoe House Farm and its land at the same side of the same lane.
Two messuages in Bolam.
Premises called Dun Moor and West Moor.
Allotments under the Bolam Inclosure.
South East Dun Moor Farm.
A plot and tithes under the Evenwood Inclosure.
A plot under the West Auckland Inclosure.
A plot under the Railey Fell Inclosure.
Tithes at Escomb.
There are also two papers by which shares in the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway Company were transferred to Hannah Peacock in 1855.
UND/CH1/B221   6 November 1776 and 16 April 1782
Lancashire. A messuage and lands at Edgworth. Mortgage and bargain and sale.
Parties: Richard Brewer, Thomas Marriott, Whitwell, Milnes, Bracken and Lomax.
UND/CH1/B222   1710 - 1761
County Durham - Hamsterley, Colesfield. The premises comprise one acre in Hamsterley West Town Field with a messuage, bakehouse and outhouse, later described as a bakehouse, blacksmith's shop, brew house and maltkiln. With a schedule.
Parties: Cole, Richardson and Elliott.
UND/CH1/B223   1758 - 1779
Copies of three wills.
(a) John Elliott of Middleton in Teesdale, County Durham, gentleman, made 8 July 1758, codicil 25 July 1760, proved 1760.
(b) James Elliott of the same, made 5 March 1777, proved at York 1778. His property included Copley Farm at Hamsterley, another farm lying in both Bedburn and Hamsterley, premises called Paulshouse, Banklonds Close and Lequathfield probably in Middleton in Teesdale, plus shares in lead mines.
(c) Ann Elliott, widow, of the same made 29 June 1779 and proved 1779.
UND/CH1/B224   1824 - 1898
Yorkshire - Tithes of Stainton in Cleveland near Coulby. Nine deeds, one letter and an abstract of the will of Matthew Waddeson dated 5 July 1830.
Parties: Edward [Vernon Harcourt], archbishop of York, Sir John Beckett, Messrs. Rowntree, Clarke, Grey, Robinson, Wadeson, Peacock, Fogg Elliott, Witton and Thomson.
UND/CH1/B225   1842 - 1864
Durham City, Norton and Hartburn.
1. Marriage settlement on the occasion of the marriage of Lucy Smith of Church Street, Durham to John Henry Forster of Old Elvet, Durham dated 5 October 1842.
2. Conveyance of copyholdings at Norton and Hartburn by Lucy Smith to trustees of the settlement, dated 5 October 1842.
3. Copy of the will and probate of Henry James Ellis of Hallgarth Street, Durham, dated 22 January 1862, proved 1864. J.H. Forster was a beneficiary.
UND/CH1/B226   18 February 1842
Durham City, North Bailey, Archdeacon's Inn. As Archdeacon's Inn the premises comprised two houses but had been one. A garden, outhouses and part of a passage are included. There is mention of an unnamed customary estate in Weardale.
Parties: Archdeacon Charles Thorp and Durham dean and chapter.
UND/CH1/B227   2 December 1862
Durham City, St. Oswald's parish. Dead Rish on the Wear banks.
Parties: John Wetherell Hayes, Durham University.
UND/CH1/B228   1 June 1852
Durham City, 25 Claypath. Copy of the will and probate of Thomas Robson of Claypath, dated 1 June 1852, proved 8 March 1854.
UND/CH1/B229   11 September 1702
Durham County, Coatham Mundeville and Brafferton, 1702. Exemplification of a recovery whereby John Crosby and Richard Lee obtained in fee simple: two messuages, one granary, two gardens, 100 acres of land, 50 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture with the appurtenances.
UND/CH1/B230   20 April 1923
Durham City, St. Oswald's, Charley Field. Farm agreement.
Parties: Durham University and Richard Layfield.
See also UND/CH1/B200, B207 and B245.
UND/CH1/B231   1823 - 1945
Durham County Cornforth Grange Farm plus land in Coxhoe and Quarrington and buildings in Coxhoe including Railway Tavern.
These documents were accompanied by a schedule (kept with them) listing them up to 1890. They have been arranged in the groups assigned to them in the schedule. Not all the documents in the schedule arrived and four extra items, unscheduled as post 1890, but relating to the same premises, were also received. These last papers form group F.
UND/CH1/B231A   1852 - 1855
Premises purchased from Carnaby, concerning land in Coxhoe village bounded on the east by the Durham to Sedgefield turnpike road and having ten cottages built on it.
Parties: Lockey, Carnaby, City and County of Durham Permanent Building Society, Hart and Morrison.
UND/CH1/B231B   23 September 1857
Premises purchased from Reed One item, the first of the two in the schedule, was received. Concerning two leasehold fields in Quarrington township measuring 6 acres 1 rod 21 perches and 4 acres 18 perches respectively (plan).
Parties: John Reed, Thompson and James Morrison.
UND/CH1/B231C   1823 - 1856
Property purchased from Blanshard, concerning the leasehold Cornforth Grange Farm. The last item includes some copyhold land there too.
Parties: Watsons, Coulthard, Redhead, Ord, Vane, Blanshard, Bishop Edward [Maltby] of Durham and Morrison.
UND/CH1/B231D   1861 - 1884
As to the copyhold property. The 1856 surrender (in the schedule) was not received. The copyhold land lay in Cornforth township in the Manor of Bishop Middleham.
Parties: Morrison, Fenwick and Laing.
UND/CH1/B231E   1858 - 1889
As to the whole of the property. The indenture of reconveyance of 20 February 1865 was not received.
Parties: Church Commissioners, Morrison, Fenwick, Brown, Leeman, Granger Permanent Building Society, Laing, Hindmarsh, Proctor, Thomson, Hutton, Kilvington, Greenwell, Wood and Bell.
UND/CH1/B231F   1892 - 1945
Documents drawn up later than the schedule.
(a) a transfer of mortgage from F. Greenwell etc. to L. Wood etc. of freehold and copyhold lands at Coxhoe, dated 18 November 1892.
(b) an envelope entitled “Title Deeds to 4 Cottages ... at Coxhoe” 7 May 1902. The declaration inside is dated 5 May 1902 and includes a plan.
(c) an insurance policy dated 12 December 1928 covering Cornforth Grange Farm and property in Coxhoe.
(d) an envelope marked “James Laing” in bold black ink. It contains three leases of two fields at Coxhoe from the Coxhoe Co-operative Society to James Laing, 1933, 1936 and 1943, plus an agreement between Mrs. Laura Panico and James Laing 1945.
UND/CH1/B232   27 August 1777
Bond. Peter Barwick of Queen Street, Durham City, is bound to Christopher Johnson of the same place.
UND/CH1/B233   1791 - 1794
Durham City, Palace Green. Repairs and decoration done to a house on Palace Green for Ralph Milbanke, Esq.
(a) Bill 1791 and receipt 1794 attached, for payment by David Hilton to Mr. Ashworth for hardware for the repairs.
(b) A detailed analysis of Mr. Ashworth's bill, nails, cord, putty, hinges etc.
(c) Money laid out on R. Milbanke's house on Palace Green by D. Hilton, 1791-1794. The amounts include the bill in (a) and (b).
UND/CH1/B234   1799 - 3 December 1828
Durham City, Queen Street.
(a) Lawyer's bill submitted by Francis Smales to Mr. William Walker, regarding the purchase of a house in Durham, Queen Street, in 1799 and the claiming of an allotment on the division of the Durham Commons 1801-1802.
(b) Receipt for a legacy from the estate of W. Walker of Queen Street, Durham, left to George Cornforth his nephew. 3 December 1828.
UND/CH1/B235   1805
Durham City, North Bailey. Lawyer's bill submitted by R. Burrell to Mr. Maynard for business in Durham Consistory Court regarding a faculty for a pew in St. Mary-le-Bow Church, Durham.
UND/CH1/B236   1826
Durham City, Palace Green and unspecified. Receipts for rent.
(a) Rent paid by Henry Smales to Archdeacon Prosser for a house on Palace Green, Durham.
(b) Rent paid by the same to the bishop of Durham for unspecified leasehold property.
UND/CH1/B237   1806
Durham City, Owengate. Land tax redemption certificate for two dwelling houses in Owengate alias Queen Street occupied by Eleanor Hays and George Bacon and their allotments of common.
UND/CH1/B238   1876
Death certificate. Sir John Maryon Wilson, baronet, died at Charlton House, Charlton, Kent, on 11 May 1876 aged 74 years.
UND/CH1/B239   24 June 1935
London E.C. 18 and 19 Middle Street. Conveyance.
Parties: Durham university and Messrs. Tubbs.
UND/CH1/B240   7 January 1935
Durham City - Hallgarth Farm.
Parties: Durham university and John Robert Kingston.
UND/CH1/B241   1763 - 1958
Durham City, 45, 46 & 47 Saddler Street.
NB. The original documents were returned to Dept. of Estates & Buildings in 1999 for sale of the property. Photocopies of plans in the documents were retained and are now filed here.
Parties concerned: Widdrington, Green, Acroyd, Granger, Thompson, Colpitts, Hammond, White, Shaw, Brownless, Grey, Caldcleugh, Dent, Lambton, Backhouse, Carpenter, Durham County Advertiser etc., university of Durham.
These three sets of premises were originally one freehold dwelling house with a garden and one rood of ground behind. This was occupied by William Hutchinson, cabinet maker, at the end of the 18th century. The house lay between the river Wear and Saddler Street. The neighbouring house to the north, the downhill side was another house occupied by Hutchinson and once by Luke Shipperdson. On the south or uphill side was a vennel leading from the gaol to the river. A pew in St. Nicholas church was included in the 1801 deed and some pasture in the 1801 fine. By 1828 the neighbouring house to the north was occupied by Gleason and later Messrs. Ward & Story. The vennel and part of the gaol were sold by the justices of the peace to John Thwaites who built there a house, with yard and land behind stretching to the river bank, later owned by the Humble family. In 1848 the premises in question, occupied after Hutchinson by Green, then Walker, were described as a messuage with printing offices, yard and garth. In 1850 the property was divided. Acroyd sold Shaw the uphill, south side of the property [46] to be used as a confectioner's, grocer's or tea dealer's shop. Six years later Shaw obtained the other part, but the double description of the property persists in the deeds thereafter. In the abstract of title of 1900 the numbers 45 and 46 first appear. By 1929 the same property is described as Nos. 45, 46 & 47, but there is no plan to show the division between 46 and 47, although this is suggested in the exception and reservation section of the 1850 deed. Items I and K (in the solicitors' schedule kept with the documents) mention other property in Saddler Street, Nos. 56-58, which were in the same ownership as Nos. 45-47 at the time. Item U in the same schedule, mentions Playhouse Passage off Saddler Street. There are plans on the deed of 1850, item D (1900), item M (1938), and items R & S (1958).
UND/CH1/B6, B9 and B57 are relevant also to the premises and people concerned in this bundle.
UND/CH1/B242   20 September 1920 & 14 November 1921
Houghall Farm near Durham and nearby; wayleave (plan).
Parties: Durham University and Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/B243   1922 - 1932
Houghall near Durham, Garden and Cross Streets. Aged Miners homes, 3 June 1922, 1923 and 12 July 1932 (plans).
Parties: Durham University, the trustees of the Durham Aged Mine Workers' Homes Association and Lord Joicey.
UND/CH1/B244   1 February 1935
Shincliffe and Houghall. (plan) The old waterworks near Shincliffe Bridge and land at Houghall north of Garden Street. Parties: Durham University and Durham County Council.
See also UND/CH1/B202.
UND/CH1/B245   1926 - 1944
Durham City Charley Field. These five deeds (with plans) concern different parts of Charley Field, which lies at the foot of Potters Bank on the east side of the road, below St. Mary's College.
Parties: Durham University, Theodosius, Green, Goodyear and Wood.
See also UND/CH1/B200, B207 and B230.
UND/CH1/B246   1926 - 1948
Durham City. Neville's Cross (plans). Plots of land on the south side of Crossgate Peth and east and south of St. John's Church.
Parties: Durham University, Kell, Durham Diocesan Board of Finance and Clayton.
See also UND/CH1/B210.
UND/CH1/B247   20 June 1899 and 28 October 1913
Bearpark churchyard (plans). Two plots were added to the churchyard near Auton Style.
Parties: Durham University and those in whom the churchyard was vested.
UND/CH1/B248   c.1950
Plan made up of parts of O.S. 25" sheets 18/1, 18/5 and 18/9, probably the revised edition of 1939-1940, showing Whitehall Moss South of Healeyfield, an area recently sold by the university. A water main is marked on. Mr R. Browne said that the university owned the land by the water main and southwards.
UND/CH1/B249   1863
Copy of all Evidence taken by the Durham University Commissioners under the Durham University Act, 1861., printed by order of the Commons 1863.
For another copy, see UND/CH1/B218 (b).
UND/CH1/B250   17 November 1931
Durham City, Charley Field. Agreement to divert a footway at Charley Field. With plan.
Parties: Durham R.D.C. and the university of Durham.
UND/CH1/B251   1889 - 1949
Harrogate. A property across a corner, known as 19 Cambridge Street and 21 Market Place. Title deeds.
UND/CH1/B252   1810 - 1955
London. Title deeds dealing with the following properties:
11, 12 and 13 Charterhouse Buildings (lately known as nos. 9 and 10), Charterhouse parish, Middx. (see also 256)
35-37 Cloth Fair, parish of St. Bartholomew the Great, City of London.
18-19 Middle Street, parish of St. Bartholomew the Great, City of London.
22-23 Newbury St. (formerly New St.) parish of St. Bartholomew the Great, City of London.
18 Australian Avenue, Pauls Alley, parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London. (see also no. 254)
The George Public House and five small messuages, Pauls Alley, Red Cross Street, Saint Giles without Cripplegate, London.
With photocopied plans, noted as sold off in 1955.
UND/CH1/B253   25 March 1952 - 15 August 1955
Conveyances of properties sold by the Council of Durham Colleges:
A. London, Willesden, 5 Grove Road, 7 May1954.
B. London, Willesden, 6 Grove Road, 19 January 1953.
C. London, Willesden, 7&8 Grove Road, 9 May 1952.
D. London, Willesden, 9 Grove Road, 25 March 1952.
E. London, Willesden, 10 Grove Road, 15 August 1955.
F. London, Willesden, 14&14A Grove Road, 29 March 1952.
UND/CH1/B254   27 October 1958
Sold by Durham Colleges to the Corporation of London:
London. 18 Australian Avenue, City of London (see also no. 252).
UND/CH1/B255   19 May 1952 - 20 February 1953
Conveyances of properties sold by Durham Colleges:
A. London, Willesden, 24 Park Avenue, 20 February 1953.
B. London, Willesden, 28 Park Avenue, (Park Mansions) 19 May 1952.
C. London, Willesden, 30 Park Avenue, 7 November 1952.
UND/CH1/B256   24 April 1953 & 14 July 1955
Conveyances of properties sold by Durtham Colleges:
A. London. 11-13 Charterhouse Buildings. E.C.1 14 July 1955 (see also no. 252).
B. London. 16 Charterhouse Buildings. E.C.1 24 April 1953.
UND/CH1/B257   25 April 1896 & 2 November 1943
Conveyances of properties sold by Durham Colleges:
A. South Shields, Union, Stobb, Saltwell and Spring Lanes, 1943.
B. South Shields - Ferry Street and West Street, 1896.
UND/CH1/B258   13 May 1907 & 5 January 1968
Durham. 21-22 Silver Street.
UND/CH1/B259   c.1965
Schedule headed “Old title deeds and documents relating to the properties mentioned below and belonging to the University of Durham”. This recent typescript schedule listed properties in the Elvets and Church Street (only some of which were in the parcel) and gave bundle numbers not now on these bundles.
UND/CH1/B260   1900 - 1960
Durham City, 69, 70, 71, 73 part, 74-81 New Elvet. A bundle of documents dealing with the various parts of this block of property including a Memorandum and Articles of Association of Adams (Durham) Ltd. [New Elvet Toffee Factory].
UND/CH1/B261   1890 and 1927
Durham City, New Elvet. Wesleyan Methodist Schools; appointments of new trustees.
UND/CH1/B262   1900 - 1960
Durham City, 44-48, 48½, 50, 50A and 51 New Elvet (including the Hare and Hounds Public House) and 34 Church Street.
UND/CH1/B263   1857
Durham County, Greatham Hospital. Dam on Greatham Brook.
UND/CH1/B264   19 December 1902
Durham County, White Hall Farm, Lanchester; conveyance of tithe rent charge, Mrs Mary Jane Broad to Durham university.
UND/CH1/B265   9 January 1960
Durham City, Hollinside Lane. Electricity substation; lease, Durham Colleges to North Eastern Electricity Board.
UND/CH1/B266   12 August 1964
Durham City, Old Elvet. Premises behind the Dun Cow; lease, Flowers Breweries (Northern) Ltd to Durham university.
UND/CH1/B267   20 March 1930
Durham City, Howlands Farm, Quarryheads Lane. [Durham University Tennis Courts]; tenancy agreement, Durham Colleges and Durham Women Students' Association.
UND/CH1/B268   21 April 1947
Durham City, 20 North Bailey; tenancy agreement, Durham Diocesan Board of Finance and Durham Colleges.
UND/CH1/B269   1903 - 1925
Durham City. Lane [at the end of Old Elvet,] south-west of Elvet Station, being part of Parson's Field [and later Whinney Hill Road]; conveyed by Durham University to the Prison Commissioners in 1903.
UND/CH1/B270   1860 - 1861
Durham, St. Oswald's Parish. Land by Shincliffe Bridge, by the Wear near Houghall and by Hallgarth Toll Bar.
Parties: Durham dean and chapter, Durham university.
UND/CH1/B271   1832 - 1845
Durham Chapter Estates. Documents about the right of the university to timber for repairs and the digging of clay and gravel. It includes a copy of the 1832 Act to enable the dean and chapter to establish a university.
UND/CH1/B272   1946 - 1970
Durham City, Hallgarth Street. Palmer's Garth - a piece of property known as 43 New Elvet, 43 Back New Elvet and 43 Palmer's Garth.
UND/CH1/B273   1843 - 1936
Durham City, 24 Hallgarth Street, alias 24 The Crescent, Hallgarth St., alias 24 New Buildings, Hallgarth St.
UND/CH1/B274   1874 - 1936
Durham City, 25 Hallgarth Street.
UND/CH1/B275   1843 - 1937
Durham City, 26 Hallgarth Street. Includes a catalogue advertising the sale of the property in 1898 together with Almner Villa and grounds (later known as Byland Lodge and the grounds, the site of Laburnum Ave., Lawson Terrace, Mistletoe and Holly Streets) and also Crossgate Foundry.
UND/CH1/B276   1843 - 1887
Durham City, 29 Hallgarth Street.
UND/CH1/B277   1890 - 1894
Durham City, Hallgarth Street. Deeds of a parcel of land at the south end of the street, on the east side; conveyed by Joseph Hutchinson to Durham University in 1894.
UND/CH1/B278   1833 - 1894
Durham City, 10 and 10A Old Elvet. Includes a sale catalogue of 1882 for these premises, 10 and 32 Claypath, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 17 Providence Row and stables behind Providence Row all in Durham City, and in Durham County premises in Railway St., South Hetton, High St., Willington and the “Crooked Billet”, West Hartlepool.
UND/CH1/B279   1720 - 1815
Durham City, 11-12 Old Elvet. Includes a burial and death certificate of 1847 both relating to Catholic priests.
UND/CH1/B280   1842 - 1911
Durham City, 11 and 12 Old Elvet. Includes papers about the right of way to nos. 11 and 12 which involved no. 13 also. There is a plan of nos. 13-17 and mention of the building of Shire Hall.
UND/CH1/B281   1904 - 1948
Durham City, 14 Old Elvet, (Child Welfare Centre).
UND/CH1/B282   1853 - 1923
Durham City, 23 Old Elvet.
UND/CH1/B283   1853 - 1927
Durham City, 24 Old Elvet.
UND/CH1/B284   1883 - 1948
Durham City, 26 Old Elvet.
UND/CH1/B285   1858 - 1919
Durham City, 34 Old Elvet. Contains the death certificates of several Roman Catholic priests.
UND/CH1/B286   1688 - 1936
Durham City, 42 Old Elvet. These deeds mention 11 and 13 Old Elvet and 19-22 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B287   1834 - 1925
Durham City, 44 Old Elvet. These papers contain evidence of births etc. of the Smithson family in Corfu.
UND/CH1/B288   1782 - 1932
Durham City, 50 Old Elvet.
UND/CH1/B289   1939
Durham City, 44 New Elvet. Deed and papers.
UND/CH1/B290   1893 - 1960
Durham City, 45 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B291   c.1843 - 1956
Durham City, 46 and 47 New Elvet. The premises were once the Anchor Inn and later a fried fish shop.
UND/CH1/B292   1912 - 1960
Durham City, nos. 46, 47, and 48 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B293   1847 - 1945
Durham City, 48 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B294   1809 - 1873
Durham City, 48 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B295   1857 - 1960
Durham City, 48A New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B296   1797 - 1960
Durham City, 50A and 51 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B297   1852 - 1925
Durham City, 74 New Elvet. These premises at one time comprised a brewery and the public house named the Newcastle Arms.
UND/CH1/B298   1925 - 1950
Durham City, 74 New Elvet. Latterly the premises were known as Fowler's New Elvet Sale Rooms.
UND/CH1/B299   1810 - 1944
Durham City, 75 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B300   1799 - 1944
Durham City, 76 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B301   1865 - 1944
Durham City, 80 and 81 New Elvet.
UND/CH1/B302   1938 - 1965
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road.
UND/CH1/B303   4 May 1971
Durham City, 55 Saddler Street (Academy of Music); counterpart lease to Miss Olive M. Daunt.
UND/CH1/B304   1971
Durham City, 56 Saddler Street (the Bishop's Mint and café) counterpart lease to Mrs J.A.E. Marcombe.
UND/CH1/B305   1904 - 1910
Durham City, South Road and Quarryheads Lane. The hockey field south of Bow School.
UND/CH1/B306   15 January 1963
Durham City, South Road and Elvet Hill Road. Agreement about drains under the roads near Southend [and Collingwood College].
UND/CH1/B307   11 November 1930
Durham City, South Road and Stockton Road. Site of an electricity sub-station on the Science Site; lease, Durham Colleges to County of Durham Electrical Power Distribution Co Ltd.
UND/CH1/B308   1939 - 1971
Durham City. 2 and 3 Hallgarth Street and land behind (Palmer's Garth). Part of this area was the Spread Eagle Inn. Access to nos. 1-4 Palmer's Close & 43 Back New Elvet was involved.
UND/CH1/B309   1951 - 1956
Durham City, Neville's Cross, Howlcrofts. Three deeds relating to land at Archery Rise, two concerning parts of Neville's Cross Nurseries and one, land for Archery and a Tennis Ground.
UND/CH1/B310   23 May 1952
Durham City. Sites for electricity sub-stations near St. Mary's College, the Science Laboratories and Elvet Garth.
UND/CH1/B311   2 May 1946
Durham City. [Old Elvet] site of an electricity sub-station by the racecourse; Durham Colleges to North Eastern Electricity Supply Co Ltd.
UND/CH1/B312   1 September 1958
South Shields, Co. Durham. Shops warehouse, hotel and dwelling i.e. nos. 4 and 5 Dean Street, 4 West Street and 4 Ferry Street; conveyance, Durham Colleges to the mayor, aldermen and burgesses of South Shields.
UND/CH1/B313   1944 - 1970
Co Durham, Whitehall Farm, Rowley, Castleside. The conditions of the lease of 1944 are very full. The plans include parts of the 25" O.S. sheets 1939 xviii/i, 1940 xviii/5, 1921 xviii/9.
Insurance certificates etc. received on the 14th February 1979 from R. Browne who said “these papers were with documents for what is now Cosin's Hall, Palace Green”.
UND/CH1/B314   2 December 1802
Insurance certificates. Mrs Eleanor Hayes widow, of Queen Street insured two stables and hay lofts in one building in the tenure of I. Griffiths and W. Fenwick, attorneys at law, and a dwelling house and stable adjoining in the tenure of W. Salkeald, surgeon, and T. Ebdey, labourer, all stone, brick, slated and tiled and situated in the Gaol Yard, head of Sadler Street, City of Durham, with the Phoenix Assurance Company.
UND/CH1/B315   6 July 1797
Proposals from the Phoenix Fire Office, with a table of annual premiums for insurance and other conditions, inscribed “Mrs. Hays”.
UND/CH1/B316   12 April 1819
Insurance certificate. George Hutton Wilkinson esq. of Harperley Park, Co Durham, insured a dwelling house and offices adjoining in the tenure of Miss Chayter situated adjoining [Palace] Green in the parish of St. Mary le Bow, Durham City, with a laundry and servants' apartments adjoining behind and a dwelling house and offices adjoining each other and the above, in the tenure of Mrs. Johnson, all stone brick, slated and tiled, with the Phoenix Assurance Company.
UND/CH1/B317   16 March 1822
Insurance certificate. Henry Smales esq. of Palace Green, Durham City, insured two dwelling houses with offices adjoining and communicating in the tenure of himself and Mrs. McNab, situated on Palace Green with house contents and a stable and hay loft adjoining, all stone, brick, slated and tiled, with the Phoenix Assurance Company.
UND/CH1/B318   25 March 1824
Receipt issued by the Phoenix Fire Office, Durham Agency to H. Smales for his premium.
UND/CH1/B319   25 March 1825
Receipt issued by the Phoenix Fire Office, Durham Agency to H. Smales for his premium.
UND/CH1/B320   25 March 1826
Receipt issued by the Phoenix Fire Office, Durham Agency to H. Smales for his premium.
UND/CH1/B321   25 March 1827
Receipt issued by the Phoenix Fire Office, Durham Agency to H. Smales for his premium.
UND/CH1/B322   20 May 1913
Durham City, 3 South Bailey, St. John's; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to St John's Hall, Durham.
UND/CH1/B323   25 April 1917
Co. Durham, premises at Bearpark, Witton Gilbert, Broom, Framwellgate Moor and Langley; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
UND/CH1/B324   7 February 1911
Co. Durham, land at Wallnook Bridge, parish of Witton Gilbert; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/B325   24 June 1902
Co. Durham, Belmont, site for extension of Belmont Parish School; duplicate conveyance, Durham University to the vicar and churchwardens of Belmont parish..
UND/CH1/B326   27 September 1902
Co. Durham [Belmont] part of Ravensflatt Farm on the Sunderland Road; duplicate conveyance, Durham University to Cuthbert Burnett.
UND/CH1/B327   10 February 1912
Co. Durham, [Belmont] part of Ravensflatt Farm near Belmont School, signed by Harrison Laslie; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to Harrison Lashlie.
UND/CH1/B328   10 February 1912
Co. Durham, [Belmont] part of Ravensflatt Farm near Belmont School, (duplicate of the above), signed John George Dawson; duplicate conveyance, Durham University to John George Dawson.
UND/CH1/B329   3 June 1922
Co. Durham, Belmont, part of Ravensflatt Farm for the Red Triangle Club; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to the trustees of the Red Triangle Club.
UND/CH1/B330   19 October 1926
Co. Durham, Belmont, part of Ravensflatt Farm, next to the Red Triangle Hut; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to Newcastle upon Tyne Electricity Supply Co Ltd.
UND/CH1/B331   29 October 1929
Co. Durham, Belmont, part of Ravensflatt Farm, on the road between Durham City and Belmont Church; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to Miss Gladys Robson.
UND/CH1/B332   10 December 1931
Co. Durham [Belmont] Ravensflatt Farm (remains of); duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
UND/CH1/B333   2 February 1932
Co. Durham, Belmont, land between Ravensflatt Farm and the road from Durham to Pittington; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to John George Dawson .
UND/CH1/B334   14 November 1933
Co. Durham, land next to Belmont School; duplicate conveyance, Durham Colleges to the vicar and churchwardens of Belmont parish.
UND/CH1/B335   24 March 1900
Co. Durham, Monkfield Farm, South Bedburn, Hamsterley; duplicate conveyance, Durham University to George Pears.
UND/CH1/B336   12 August 1964
Durham City, Dun Cow Inn, Old Elvet. 1964 with letters of 1967 and 1970 attached, no plan; copy lease Flowers Breweries (Northern) Ltd to Durham University, noted as purchased 24 March 1972.
UND/CH1/B337   15 December 1898
Durham, Saltholme Farm, Billingham; duplicate coveyance, Durham University to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
UND/CH1/B338-339   1805 - 1924
Durham City, 43 Old Elvet, (Department of Anthropology). This building which housed the Water Authority before its purchase by Durham University, was once in three parts. One part was a freehold burgage on the north side of Old Elvet, ten yards in breadth with a garden behind. Beyond the garden was a long garth stretching to the river Wear with Smithy Haughs, later the Race Ground, on its east. Next door to the west lay two leaseholds belonging to Durham dean & chapter, which were later enfranchised. Both these burgages were 5¾ yards in breadth and had come into the same man's hands by 1805. There is a plan of these two, become one on item 15 (1853). All three parts appear on plans with items 16, 19 and 20 (1853-1854). There is mention of the Baths as the neighbouring property at the rear.
338: 1805-1849.
339: 1852-1924.
UND/CH1/B340   1748 - 1957
Durham City, “Kingsgate” 13 Bow Lane. This burgage or tenement in Kingsgate alias Bow Lane was Durham dean & chapter property in lease to Dr. Richard Stonehewer. By 1748 he had erected a brewhouse on Bowbank, 20ft. by 16½ft. (item 1). In 1805 the property was enfranchised (item 6). In 1811 the brewhouse, which had become a coach-house or stable, was separated from the property and the cellar of the house next door, plus a share of its dunghill, was added (items 7 and 8). The house eventually became the Samaritan Nurses Home until about 1954 and was soon afterwards acquired by Durham University. There are four copy deeds (items 22-25) relating to the freehold property next door, westwards, the cellar under which was added to the Stonehewer house. The same man had become owner of both properties.
UND/CH1/B341   1841 - 1903
Durham City. 13 Old Elvet and land behind it. This is the site of Old Shire hall. There are plans with the deeds of 1847, 13 May 1893 and 6 June 1903.
UND/CH1/B342   1828 - 1930
Durham City. 44-45 Old Elvet. Nos. 44 and 45 were once one house (plan January 1828) but by 1840 they had been divided and these deeds thereafter concern no. 45, plan 1930. The 1848 deed concerns also a garden or orchard occupied by John Spink, gardener, called Kirkley's Garth between the Wear and the street Sidgate or Civitgate near Framwellgate, also Wilson's Garth lying immediately south of Kirkley's Garth and two burgages in Sidgate on the south side of the street.
UND/CH1/B343   1848 - 1905
Durham City. 46 Old Elvet. There is a plan on the 1904 conveyance.
UND/CH1/B344   1827 - 1920
Durham City. 46-49 Old Elvet. There are plans, 1827-1920.
UND/CH1/B345   1848 - 1888
Durham City. 47-49 Old Elvet. There is a plan in the 1848 deed. Besides the three houses in Old Elvet, the 1888 paper concerns printer's premises in Sadler Street, offices unlocated, offices in Sadler Street and a cottage in Sherburn Road.
UND/CH1/B346   1765 - 1802
Durham City. [New] Elvet. A burgage and garth on the west side of the street with the River Wear on the west, a Durham dean & chapter property once occupied by Robert Betles on the north and a property belonging to the crown and occupied by Elizabeth Loftus on the south, together with, after the inclosure, an allotment on Elvet moor of 1a. 2r. 19p. In 1802 Woodifield sold to William Hoar the allotment of 1a. 2r. 19p, and the story of that plot continues in the “Hillcrest” bundle, (CH1/B353).
UND/CH1/B347   1769 - 1960
Durham City. New Elvet, the Hare & Hounds. In 1769 the burgage and the garth each measured 9 yards 1 ft. across and included a stable. To the property belonged a pew in St. Oswald's Church measuring 5ft. 2ins. by 4ft. 8ins., being the third from the main door. The burgage had become a public house in 1831. There are plans with the deeds of 21 December 1955 and 23 June 1960. Some of these deeds relate to an adjoining piece of ground, not fronting onto the street, which became part of the Hare & Hounds. The deeds contain an inventory of fittings in 1953.
UND/CH1/B348   20 September 1893
Durham City. 31 Church Street. Agreement for a lease from Robert Howe to John Welsh. Howe owned other property see bundles 354 and 358.
UND/CH1/B349   [1815] - 1960
Durham City. 44 New Elvet alias 35 Church Street. There are plans in the documents of 1940 and 1960. Other properties mentioned in this bundle are 11 Hallgarth St. (1901 sale notice), 47 New Elvet (1901 declaration) and 7 Magdalen St. (13-14 May 1919).
UND/CH1/B350   1828 - 1961
Durham City. Elvet Moor, Maddison's Field in Potter's Bank or Lane. The 1828 release concerns several allotments by then in four closes and comprising about 10 acres and a dwelling house. The later items concern part of the land, 5a. 2r. 4p, lying in Potter's Bank, opposite the entrance to the Observatory, plan 1888. The land lay alongside the “Hill Crest” site and with it and Top and Middle fields, formed a compact area, see bundles 351-353.
UND/CH1/B351   1810 - 1961
Durham City. Elvet Moor, Middle Field in Windmillhilll Lane. Middle Field was made up of two strips of 3r 28p and 3r 22p, making its area 1a 3r 10p. It lay in Windmillhill Lane between Top Field and Hill Crest plot and on its north side lay Maddison's field. The four plots formed a compact area. See bundles 350, 352-353.
UND/CH1/B353   1886 - 1961
Durham. Elvet Moor, Top Field in Clay Lane. There is a plan on the conveyance of 1886. The land, 1a. 3r. 12p, lay on the north side of Windmillhill, Millhill or Clay Lane. To the north of the field lay Maddison's field which extended to Potter's Bank. This land, the “Hill Crest”, Middle and Maddison's fields, formed a compact area, see bundles 350-351 and 353.
UND/CH1/B353   1802 - 1961
Durham City. Elvet, land on Elvet Moor and “Hillcrest” in Potter's Bank. The abstract of 1842 describes the burgages in [New] Elvet in respect of which allotments were made. Of these accumulated parcels, part was sold in February 1884 (plan). The land, 10a 2r 32p, lay between Potter's Bank and Millhill alias Clay Lane. Between 1906 and 1946 the house named “Hillcrest” was built on part of the premises and thereafter the remainder was split up, as a plan of 1951 affixed to the 1906 conveyance and endorsement of the 1946 assent show. This land, Top, Middle and Maddison's fields, formed a compact area. See bundles 350-352.
UND/CH1/B354   [1798] - 1934
Durham City, Crossgate Moor, St. Monica Grove area. These deeds concern several plots which came into common ownership. Plot 1 was a close called Garbred, 5a 0r 19p of which was apparently enclosed before the division of Crossgate Moor following the Act of 1769. Plot 2 was a plot of 1a 0r 15p allotted to John Kidson in the division. He was allotted two contiguous plots of the same size. Probably the more southerly is intended in these deeds, as it is contiguous to plot 3 and if the more northerly were intended, the united plots would contain an awkward gap. Plot 2 lay to the east of the road to Newcastle and was west of Garbred. Plot 3 was another plot of 1a 0r 15 perches, allotted to Thomas Storey, east of the Newcastle road and west of Garbred. Plot 4, also 1a 0r 15p, was allotted to James Reynolds and lay east of the Newcastle road and south of Thomas Storey's plot. This plot 4 was later truncated at the south end by the construction of a railway line. Early mentions of plot 4 mention the burgage in Crossgate in respect of which the allottment was made. Item 14 is a plan. There is another in item 11. Plot 1, Garbred, is concerned in items 1, 3-5, 7, 8, 10-18 and 21, plot 2 in items 1, 3-5, 8-18 and 21, plot 3 in items 1, 3-5, 7, 8, 10-18 and 21 and plot 4 in items 1-6, 8 and 10-20. There is a copy of the Crossgate Inclosure Plan showing the location of these lands, with the bundle. See also bundles 357 and 358.
UND/CH1/B355   [1769] - 1882
Durham City, Crossgate Moor, Redhills Lane. This land, comprising 2a 1r 9p on the south side of Redhills Lane, was allotted in three plots to Thomas Sheffield at the division of Crossgate Moor under the 1769 Act. A copy of part of the Crossgate Inclosure plan, showing the plots, has been added to this bundle. See also bundle 357.
UND/CH1/B356   [1843] - 1882
Durham City, properties near Neville's Cross. The abstract of title concerns the first four of the following parcels, which in 1866 were described as Neville's Cross Public House, four cottages adjoining, five fields in grass and one in tillage. The law suit 1875-1878 concerned parcels 1, 2, 3 and 5 and in 1878 parcels 1 and 2 were sold to R.B. Dixon. A copy of part of the Crossgate Inclosure plan has been added to the bundle to locate the properties. See also bundle 357.
Parcel 1. A field containing 4a 1r 34p on the west side of the Newcastle road, a little south of Neville's Cross. The 1878 plan shows that this plot comprises what were 3 allotments on the Crossgate Inclosure plan, then measured as 1a 0r 15p, 1a 2r 4p and 1a 2r 36p = 4a 1r 15p, not 4a 1r 34p as the deed a century later puts it.
Parcel 2. A field containing 4a 2r 12p, once four strips, at Neville's Cross, on the north side of the lane to Stone bridge and opposite the Neville's Cross Hotel. The 1878 plan shows that this field comprises what was four allotments which totalled 4a 2r 2p at the Crossgate Inclosure.
Parcel 3. An area of 1a 2r 4p allotted to Ralph Grey at the Crossgate Inclosure. This became the Neville's Cross Hotel, its cottages and outbuildings.
Parcel 4. An acre of land at Neville's Cross with 5 cottages, exact location uncertain.
Parcel 5. A piece of building land containing 1r 18p (which may not be at Neville's Cross).
UND/CH1/B357   [1902] - [1952]
Durham City, Sadler St., Crossgate Moor, Redhills and Neville's Cross. These items concern the will of Robert Brown Dixon of Old Elvet, Durham City, butcher, who died in 1902. Among the properties he left were the following:
1. 3r 27p allotted on Crossgate Moor (possible Christopher Horseman's plot on the east of the Newcastle road about opposite the junction with Harbour House Lane).
2. 1a 3r 23p in Crossgate township on the east of the road from Neville's Cross to Whitesmocks.
3. Land on the south side of Redhills Lane containing 2a 1r 9p, see bundle 355.
4. Land on the east side of Newcastle road on Crossgate Moor (St. Monica Grove) one piece 1a 0r 15p (Kidson), another the same but reduced to 1a 0r 2p (Reynolds), another 6a 0r 34p (Garbred & Storey), see bundle 354.
5. Land at Neville's Cross, 4a 1r 34p (bundle 356 parcel 1).
6. Land at Neville's Cross, 4a 2r 12p (bundle 356 parcel 2).
7. 70 Sadler Street, R.B. Dixon's butcher's shop.
After 1929 the property on the Newcastle road was reduced, some going for road widening. These transactions are noted in the 1929 appointment.
UND/CH1/B358   1838 - 1896
Durham City, Crossgate Morre (St. Monica Grove), 75 Hallgarth Street, another house in Hallgarth St., a house in Church Street - Robert Howe's properties. Howe lived at 73 Hallgarth Street.
1. Letter written to Howe in 1838 by Robert Hudson who owed Howe money and was connected with the Chronicle where his salary was paid irregularly.
2. Red rent book 1862-1896, noting tenants, rents and sales of Howe's land which included part of Crossgate Moor (see bundle 354, 1891). R.B. Dixon was his tenant and, later, purchaser.
UND/CH1/B359   1806 - 1933
Co. Durham, Easington and Bishopwearmouth. These items concern mainly three houses in Rosemary Lane, Easington, lying on the west side of the road from Sunderland to Stockton. The site was known as Green Lady Garth in 1806. There is a plan, 1933. In 1842 and 1847 a cottage on a plot 36' x 84', on the south side of Ratten Row, Easington was mentioned. In 1847 premises on the west side of Union Street, Bishopwearmouth were involved (plan). The bundle contains copies of the wills of John & Edward Oysten, dated 1829 and 1834, and certificates of the burials of various Oystens and Malboroughs.
UND/CH1/B360/1   30 December 1770
Copy will of Richard Herdman of New Elvet, Durham City, merchant.
UND/CH1/B360/2   16 March 1797
Copy will of William Wharton of Durham City, ironmonger. He owned houses in Silver Street and Claypath. He appointed John Thompson as his trustee. Thompson's bill from Thomas White is with the will.
UND/CH1/B360/3   9 January 1886
Copy will of John Hepton of Shadforth and later Sherburn Hill, blacksmith, before his proposed journey to Australia.
UND/CH1/B360/4   1878
A paper about the bankruptcy of William Davison of Framwellgate and later Langley Moor.
UND/CH1/B360/5   1904
A certificate from the Land Registry of the non-finding of entries in the names of Frederick William Bailey, Ann Forster, Lizzie May Jackson, Caroline Ann Jackson, Mary Forster and Marian Forster.
UND/CH1/B361   1866 - 1896
Middlesex, Chapter Road, Grove Road and Park Avenue, Willesden. Abstract of title of Mr. Earnest Owers, to freehold ground rents of the above premises with plans. There are five loose papers, all the same.
UND/CH1/B362   c.1840 x 1880
Plan of Durham Castle and other buildings on Palace Green and the North Bailey, showing University buildings, gas pipes and drains etc.
Size: 490 x 375mm
Deposited in the Science Library, 1 June 1974 by Mr. Hetherington of the University Solicitor's office, transferred to Palace Green Library 4 June 1974 and to Pal. & Dip. at 5 The College on 11 November 1983.
UND/CH1/B363   18 June 1914
Memorandum of agreement between the Council of Durham Colleges and P.J. Heawood, J.H. How and E.V. Stocks leasing to them the Racecourse alias Smiddy Haughs, as delineated on an annexed plan at an annual rent of £55, providing part of it is let for “shows in connection with the Miners' Demonstration”, using it as a recreation ground for undergraduates of Durham Colleges.
With 2 letters of 1926 about a lease to Durham City Cricket Club.
UND/CH1/B364   6 May 1916
Two copies of a draft lease of two tennis courts on the University Playing Fields to Walter William Henderson on behalf of Durham Territorial Tennis Association up to 30 September 1916 for £4 per court.
UND/CH1/B365   1 March 1920
Memorandum of agreement between Percy John Heawood, John Hall How and Edward Vazeille Stocks on the one part and Edward Morley of Laxey House, Southfield Road, Middlesbrough on the other part, giving permission for the erection of roundabouts, shows, stalls and entertainments on the Old Racecourse for a week each year for 3 years at the time of the Durham Miners [Gala] for a rent of £340 per week with a £30 deposit, with no undesirable or questionable exhibitions, no shows on Sundays and no organs to be played between noon and 2pm during the speeches. Signed.
Amended for 1924.
Paper, 2f
Transferred form Old Shire Hall basement records store 16 May 2008.
UND/CH1/B366   26 June 1920
Memorandum of agreement for entertainments on the Old Racecourse, as in the last above, with John Evans, amusement caterer, of 57 Hope St Glasgow replacing Edward Morley.
UND/CH1/B367   14 August 1920
Agreement between P.J. Heawood, J.H. How and E.V. Stocks, trustees of the University Athletics Fields, on th eone part, and Thomas Holiday, manufacturing chemist, Fred Docherty, hosier, and Robert McLean, tobacconist, for the use of the files by Durham City Association Football Club on specified dates, at a rate of £5 per match, with a £10 deposit and other conditions specified.
Estates and Buildings deposit
Reference: UND/CH1/C
Dates of creation: 1811 - 1994
Deeds for properties in Durham and some elsewhere in which the University has or has had an interest, with occasional other related documents.
1-41 Durham City.
42-48 Co Durham.
49 Yorkshire, Leeds.
50-51 Devon, Exmouth and Dawlish.
Transferred from Durham University's Estates and Buildings 17 March 2005, Acc No Misc.2004/2005:46.
Initial sorting and checking by Katie Carter, Durham University MA student, September 2005; sorted and bundle listed by Ramona Riedzewski, Archives MA student at Dublin, March 2006; completed by Michael Stansfield May 2006.

UND/CH1/C1/1   17 July 1946
Durham City, 71 Saddler St
Photocopied conveyance of a house and shop by Frederick Hugh Hiller to Durham Colleges, with plan.
UND/CH1/C1/2   25 January 1968
Durham City, 71 Saddler St
Lease of a lockup shop on the ground floor by the University of Durham to Messrs Morrisons Holdings Ltd, with plan.
UND/CH1/C1/3   21 August 1978
Durham City, 71 Saddler St
Counterpart licence to assign and change of user by the University of Durham to Morrisons Holdings Ltd and Maynards Ltd, assigned to Simpsons of Sunderland Ltd 1985.
UND/CH1/C2   15 July 1968
Durham City, 6 acres in Crossgate Peth
Duplicate conveyance from the University of Durham to Durham County Council [as site and playing fields for St Margaret's CofE junior and infants school], with a photocopy.
UND/CH1/C3/1   27 May 1950
Durham City, “Struan” 45 South St
Photocopied conveyance by A.A. Macfarlane Grieve to Durham Colleges.
UND/CH1/C3/2   1973
Durham City, “Struan” 45 South St
Photocopied conveyance by the University of Durham to Thomas Ivison Percival.
UND/CH1/C4   10 May 1921
Durham City, land at Parson's Field, N end of the Whinney Hill site
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham Urban District Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C5   27 October 1925
Durham City, land near Parson's Field near Elvet Station
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham Urban District Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C6/1   3 January 1928
Durham City, “Innisfree” 5 Farnley Hey Road
Photocopied conveyance by Herbert James Hunt to Herbert Allen Evelyn-Smith, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C6/2   1 May 1953
Durham City, “Innisfree” 5 Farnley Hey Road
Photocopied conveyance by Kingsley Charles Dunham to the University of Durham.
UND/CH1/C6/3   1972
Durham City, “Innisfree” 5 Farnley Hey Road
Photocopied conveyance by the University of Durham to Mr and Mrs Brian Dick.
UND/CH1/C7   2 April 1965
Durham City, “Craigmore” Percy Terrace, Neville's Cross
Photocopied conveyance by Mrs Nora Mewett to the University of Durham, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C8   12 December 1893
Durham City, Howley Croft, Neville's Cross
Duplicate conveyance as a site for a church by the University of Durham to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C9   1 August 1952
Durham City, 2 parcels of land at Neville's Cross
Deed of release to a covenant re road widening.
1. Durham Colleges.
2. Durham St Margaret's Parochial Church Council.
3. Durham Diocesan Board of Finance.
UND/CH1/C10/1   17 June 1952
Durham City, land at Neville's Cross, adjacent to St John's church
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Walter Spenceley Turnbull, including a plan.
UND/CH1/C10/2   7 April 1975
Durham City, land at 6 Howlcroft Villas, Crossgate Peth, Neville's Cross
Deed of release from a covenant re road widening by the University of Durham to Mr and Mrs Sidney Holgate, with a plan, and a photocopy.
UND/CH1/C11/1   18 January 1961
Durham City, 10.37 acres of land adjoining Neville's Cross College
Photocopied conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham County Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C11/2   4 June 1963
Durham City, 213.77 square yards of land adjoining Neville's Cross College
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham County Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C12/1   1976
Durham City, 2 Nursery Cottages, Neville's Cross
Photocopied conveyance by the University of Durham to Mr and Mrs Edwin Hutchinson, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C12/2   1977
Durham City, 2 Nursery Cottages, Neville's Cross
Deed of release re an access road.
1. Mr and Mrs Edwin Hutchinson.
2. University of Durham.
3. Sunderland and Shields Building Society.
UND/CH1/C13/1   3 March 1966
Durham City, 11 Mountjoy Crescent
Photocopied conveyance by Mr and Mrs John Morley Taylor to the University of Durham, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C13/2   1994
Durham City, 11 Mountjoy Crescent
Agreement and Land Registry Transfer of Whole by the University of Durham to Philip Christopher Thomson.
UND/CH1/C14/1   11 April 1947
Durham City, strips of land on the S side of Quarry Heads Lane and Stockton Road
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries authorisation for a sale by Durham Colleges to Durham County Council, with a plan
UND/CH1/C14/2   1 September 1947
Durham City, strips of land on the S side of Quarry Heads Lane and Stockton Road
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham County Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C15   11 May 1977
Durham City, Palmers Close, Quarry Heads Lane
Lease for 5 years by the Dean and Chapter of Durham to the University of Durham, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C16   9 February 1950
Durham City, Houghall Isolation Hospital
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham County Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C17   26 January 1977
Durham City, land at Castle Mound and Hollow Drift Depot
Certified photocopied deed granting licence to use land for storage purposes by the University of Durham to Bovis Construction Ltd
UND/CH1/C18   24 November 1970 - 21 August 1980
Durham City, The Mount, 115 Gilesgate
Lease by Claypath Property Co Ltd to the University of Durham, with subsequent correspondence.
UND/CH1/C19/1   27 April 1960
Durham City, County Club, 52 Old Elvet
Draft lease of portions of the building by the trustees of Durham County Club to Durham County Council, with floor plans.
UND/CH1/C19/2   1 June 1963
Durham City, County Club, 52 Old Elvet
Lease of portions of the building by the trustees of the County Club to Durham Colleges, including an extension of 31 August 1966 and floor plans, and with a report on the internal condition after an inspection of 24 February 1960.
UND/CH1/C20   17 February 1970
Durham City, 2 Hatfield View
Photocopied conveyance by Thomas Turnbull to the University of Durham, with a photocopied Land Registry Land Certificate of 30 April 1970.
Land registry title no DU18526.
UND/CH1/C21   16 November 1942
Durham City, 21-32 Hallgarth St
Counterpart conveyance by Durham Colleges to Henry Lawrence Gradon.
UND/CH1/C22   25 February 1930
Durham City, land and barns at Hallgarth Farm, Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to the Prison Commissioners, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C23   14 September 1943
Durham City, land and buildings at Hallgarth Farm, Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Mrs Annie Mary Broughton, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C24   24 December 1943
Durham City, land and buildings at Hallgarth Farm, Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to John Alfred Bond, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C25   26 July 1945
Durham City, 135 square yards on the W side of Hallgarth Farm roadway
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Mrs Annie Mary Broughton, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C26   24 November 1925
Durham City, Philipson's Cross, Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham Urban District Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C27   11 May 1920
Durham City, land at Whinny Hill, Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance for making a road from Hallgarth St to Old Elvet by Durham Colleges to Durham Urban District Council, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C28   30 April 1945
Durham City, 0.6 acres of land on the E side of Hallgarth St
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Durham Corporation, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C29   19 June 1888
Durham City, land on the N side of Stockton Road
Duplicate conveyance of land for an additional burial ground for Durham St Oswald's parish church by the University of Durham to Durham St Oswald's Burial Board, with a plan.
Counterpart is DCRO EP/Du.SO 378.
UND/CH1/C30   1 February 1898
Durham City, land on the E side of Church St, adjacent to St Oswald's Burial Ground, later developed as Boyd St
Duplicate conveyance by the University of Durham to John Kell, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C31   30 March 1899
Durham City, land in Pit Lane, adjacent to St Oswald's Burial Ground
Duplicate conveyance by the University of Durham to John Kell, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C32   1 May 1877
Durham City, land adjacent to Great High Wood at Houghall
Typescript copy of a conveyance by the University of Durham to the School Board of the parish of Elvet St Oswald, with a plan.
Noted as “Copied from the book of copies of deeds in the Secretary's safe”.
UND/CH1/C33   13 December 1892
Durham City, land on the E side of Church St, adjacent to St Oswald's School
Duplicate conveyance of land for the use of the school by the University of Durham to the 4 trustees of St Oswald's Parochial School, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C34   8 April 1942
Durham City, land on the E side of Church St, adjacent to St Oswald's School
Duplicate conveyance of the land as a playground for the school by Durham Colleges to the 4 trustees of the school, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C35   1 April 1959
Durham City, land in South Road
Duplicate deed of modification of a restrictive covenant by Durham Colleges to the City of Durham.
UND/CH1/C36   31 December 1946
Durham City, land between Howland's Farm and Blaid Wood, South Road
Duplicate conveyance for a cemetery by Durham Colleges to Durham Corporation, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C37   14 February 1933
Durham City, 15 North Bailey also known as Bow Lane
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Rev S.R.P. Moulsdale, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C38   17 October 1994
Durham City, 11 Leazes Place
Copy letter from R.J. Metcalfe to C.H. Atterton of Freeman Johsnon, Durham, listing deeds and documents, 1878-1987.
UND/CH1/C39   12 August 1993
Durham City, Gilesgate
Valuation Office valuation of land at the rear of Charles Stranks House (between Grove House and Manor House), with a plan.
UND/CH1/C40   17 October 1975
Durham City, land on the W side of New Elvet fronting Elvet Riverside and Dunelm House
Dedication agreement by the University of Durham to Durham County Council.
UND/CH1/C41   2 January 1911
Declaration of Trust for Durham High School for Girls by the Bishop of Jarrow, Rev Dr Henry Gee and Robert Burrell, with a note of a further declaration of trust 5 July 1921.
UND/CH1/C42   1929 - 21 March 1944
Order of the High Court of Chancery to convert 4 separate funds held in War Stock in the name of the Warden, Masters and Scholars of Durham University into 1 fund held in the name of the Council of Durham Colleges.
With documents about the origins of these 4 funds, being premises sold in January 1847, land sold to the Stockton and Darlington Railway December 1858, land sold to the Justices of the Peace of County Durham June 1868 and land sold to the Tyne Improvement Commissioners in April 1869, including copies of conveyances and extracts from the Chancery Entry Books of Decrees and Orders in the Public Record Office, along with copies of the 1908 University of Durham Act and the subsequent statutes. There is also an account book recording the transfer of the funds and correspondence about this 1929-1930, the Council of Durham Colleges's solicitior's note about the case, and a further duplicate Order of the High Court of Chancery for the investment of the one fund (then totalling £26,235 18s 7d), in Local Loans 3% Stock of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 21 March 1944.
59 items
UND/CH1/C43   7 July 1966 - [c.1990]
Co. Durham, Stockton-on-Tees. 75 Hartington Road
Photocopied conveyance by Mrs Ann Isabelle Dennison to the University of Durham 7 July 1966, with a sale agreement by the University of Durham to Cleveland Homes [c.1990].
UND/CH1/C44   11 May 1960
Co. Durham, Lanehead, former Lanehead County School
Photocopied conveyance by Durham County Council to Durham Colleges, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C45/1   16 June 1947
Co. Durham, Langley Park, Bridge Street, “Wincrete House”
Photocopied conveyance by Alphonse Bolam to Thomas Blatchford Pringle, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C45/2   29 July 1969
Co. Durham, Langley Park, Bridge Street, “Wincrete House”
Photocopied conveyance by Thomas Blatchford Pringle to the University of Durham.
UND/CH1/C46   7 December 1977
Co. Durham, Sherburn, Sherburn House Farmhouse
Duplicate agreement for a lease by the governors of Sherburn Hospital to the University of Durham.
UND/CH1/C47   28 March 1956
Co. Durham, land at Shincliffe
Duplicate conveyance by Durham Colleges to Ernest Alfred Coyne, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C48   18 April - 7 June 1984
Co. Durham, Chester-le-Street, 30/36 Front Street
Plan of proposed alterations to Woolworth's shop front, with correspondence about the University of Durham's approval.
UND/CH1/C49/1   18 January 1944
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
Photocopied conveyance by Aireside Buildings Ltd to Durham Colleges, with a plan. With a copy covering note of 6 February 1981 to G.A. Turnbull of Freeman, Daly and Jacks, forwarding the original.
UND/CH1/C49/2   20 June 1969
Yorkshire, Leeds, 57 Pepper Road
Photocopied counterpart deed of grant by the University of Durham to The Union International Co Ltd, with a plan.
UND/CH1/C49/3   3 January 1969
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
Wayleave consent by the University of Durham to Yorkshire Electricity Board.
UND/CH1/C49/4   November 1958
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
Plans of Grenfell Baines & Hargreaves of Preston for a distribution depot for H.J. Heniz Co Ltd.
UND/CH1/C49/5   11 November 1962
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
Site plan.
UND/CH1/C49/6   16 August 1968
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
Plan of proposed alterations to the warehouse (formerly Heinz).
UND/CH1/C49/7   12 November 1971
Yorkshire, Leeds, Pepper Road
2 plans of a proposed chiller facility.
With a site plan.
Scale 1/8", 1/4" to 1' and 1:1250.
UND/CH1/C50   10 October 1851 - 12 October 1973
Devon, Exmouth, 10 (renumbered 45 in 1950) The Parade
Photocopied conveyance, with 9 Bampton St, Tiverton, and 7 The Strand Dawlish (see C51 below) by Watermead Properties Ltd to the University of Durham 12 October 1973. With earlier deeds, mortgages and associated documents, with lists of deeds of 1970 and 1973.
Parties: Mrs Tryphena Thomas Hayman 1851, Horatio Reeves 1851-1864, George Reeves 1851-1873, George Blackmore 1864-1873, James Barnes 1873, Charles Edwin Ware 1878, Frederick Walter Newton 1878, Herbert Frederick Newton 1904-1905, Charles Drew Newton 1904-1905, Primitive Methodist Chapel trustees 1904, Henry Blackmore 1905-1911, William Tompkins 1905-1911, William John Tompkins 1923, William Frederick Stokes 1923-1926, Frederick George Towill 1923, Mutual Property Insurance Co 1923-1926, Mrs Selina Wells 1926, Mrs Alice Eliza Stokes 1926-1947, Exeter Benefit Building Society 1930, Arthur Thompson Fieldhouse 1932, Hamilton Linford Brown 1935, William Henry Stone 1935, Edwards and Rees Ltd 1947-1969, Amos Bridgeman 1969.
42 items
UND/CH1/C51   13 December 1811 - 1981
Devon, Dawlish, 4 and 4a (also known as Regent House and Lawn View House, renumbered as 3 and 4 by 1922) The Strand, [4a was used as the Post Office 1904-1958 and later became 7 The Strand]
Photocopied conveyance (as 7 The Strand) by the University of Durham to Lloyd Maunder Ltd 1981. With earlier deeds and associated documents.
Parties: John Edge Manning 1811, Abraham Vicary jr 1811-1840, Mrs Eliza Vicary 1843-1850, Charles Jewell sr 1850-1856, William Jewell 1856-1874, Watts Whidborne & Co 1872, John Atwill Ellis 1872, William Southwood 1874-1879, William Floyde 1874, Edward Ellis 1879, Henry Skinner 1879, Anna Pinsent Horton 1881, William Horton 1881, Susanna Tremlett 1893, Thomas Pinsent Horton 1893-1922, Samuel Horton 1900, Postmaster General 1912-1956, Percy Lowe Norrington 1904, John Phillips Page 1917, Alfred Reginald Norrington 1917, George William Westley 1922-1958, Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher 1937-1958, Torbay Mill Co Ltd (Torbay Pet & Garden Co Ltd from 1961) 1958-1969, Gaiety Restaurant (Dawlish) Ltd 1961, Amos Bridgman 1969.
55 items
Maps and Plans
Reference: UND/CH2
University Maps and Plans
Reference: UND/CH2/A
UND/CH2/A1   [c.1970]
“Durham University Development Plan”, showing current buildings, those approved, under consideration, not yet planned and to be acquired, ownership boundaries and land usage, with an invite to a public meeting about it 28 April 1970.
Size: 1190 x 720mm
Transferred by Dr R.I. Higgins, 12 December 2005.
Formerly numbered Elephant LL 378.4281 DUR and ACE 959, date stamped “9 Feb 1998” (date of processing).
UND/CH2/A2   1972
“Durham University Development Plan (Revised 1972)”, showing current buildings, those approved, and those not yet planned, also ownership boundaries and land usage. Some additions and alterations compared to CH2/A1 above.
Size: 970 x 770mm
Transferred by Dr R.I. Higgins, 12 December 2005.
Formerly numbered Elephant LL 378.4281 DUR, dated stamped “9 Feb 1998” (date of processing).
UND/CH2/A3   1969
University of Durham Development Plan
Written Statement (Draft), with sections on the university, planning and architecture, and landscape.
Including charts, plans and photographs.
Transferred by Dr R.I. Higgins, 10 January 2006.
Formerly numbered L+ 378.4281 DUR.
UND/CH2/A4   2003
“Proposed Estate Strategy”, assessing the university estate's value, condition, fitness for purpose, utlisation and development potential.
Paper file
UND/CH2/A5   2004
“Estate Strategy”, specifying how the university's estate should be reformed by adaptation, acquisition, disposal and improvements in operation.
Paper file, 52p
UND/CH2/A6   July 2005
Masterplan for the Durham and Stockton Campuses, Part A Quality Submission and Project Development Brief, by Shepherd Epstein Hunter.
2 paper files, spiral-bound
UND/CH2/A7   June 2006
Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site Management Plan public consultation draft , produced by Chris Blandford Associates, with a draft management plan leaflet advertising the consultation process.
Paper file, spiral-bound + leaflet inserted
UND/CH2/A8   21 February 2008
The Gateway Programme Durham University response to Written Enquiries in a letter by Mr Trevor Armour of 11 February 2008.
Paper file, spiral-bound
UND/CH2/A9   September 1932
Insurance plan by Phoenix Assurance Co Ltd, with all the university buildings in Palace Green, Owengate, North Bailey numbered.
1" to 40'
Paper, 1f, torn creases repaired with brown tape
Size: 580 x 735mm
UND/CH2/A10   5 September 1962
University of Durham Development Plan 1962 South Road Area, by J.S. Allen, written statement
Paper file, 11f, in card covers
UND/CH2/A11   17 - 26 October 1972
“Building Development Exhibition Elvet Riverside”, with details of the various projects in progress/planned and the architects/designers.
Paper file, 9f
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 727.3 DUR/BUI
UND/CH2/A12   February 2007
Plan of Durham with university properties highlighted in various colours, by Estates and Buildings.
Paper, 1f, laminated in plastic
Size: 840 x 1160mm
Transferred [from Estates and Buildings] 30 March 2017, Acc No Misc.2016/17:110.
UND/CH2/A13   January 1997
Plan of the long course on the RIver Wear with boathouses and other riverside features marked, by Estates and Buildings SJ.
Card, 1f
Size: 295 x 415mm
UND/CH2/A14   May 2006
University of Durham Development Framework and Master Plan
Drawn up by Shepherd Epstein Hunter
Specific Buildings and Projects
Reference: UND/CH2/B
UND/CH2/B1-2   [1981]
5 The College, Durham, showing its conversion for the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic to provide archive storage, administration, document repair facilities and teaching accommodation, January 1980 to December 1981, architects Bernard Taylor partnership, Manchester.
1. Front elevation and section, listing the partners involved, and outlining the brief, the internal and external restoraton carried out, and a brief history of the building.
2. Ground plan of all 4 floors with the existing building and alterations differentiated, location plan of No5 within the College, and sections of the cornices, dados, picture rails and skirting boards, and the stairs.
Size: 815 x 600mm
Stored in NSR planfile H42
Found in the Palace Green ASC New Strong Room.
UND/CH2/B3-23   c.1980
Mosque and Islamic Centre, including library, studies centre, accommodation, mosque, and exhibition space, proposed for a Mountjoy site, adjacent to Hollingside Lane, comprising elevations, sections, plans, maps, exterior and interior impressions, and some explanatory text, by the Newcastle upon Tyne University School of Architecture Project Office.
21 items mounted on card
UND/CH2/B24   February - August 2003
Dunelm Student Villages Colleges Accommodation Project plans for the Howland Farm and Parsons Field sites, by Gotch Saunders and Surridge, architects.
Closed under FoI.
UND/CH2/B25   September - November 2005
New Sciences Lecture Theatre Building by Doig and Smith.
Closed under FoI.
UND/CH2/B26    27 November 1913 - 28 November 1914
Letters from Stephen Wilkinson, architect and surveyor, to Stocks and How about work on the entrance lodge, Smithy Haugh, the Racecourse, and payments for it, with plans of the building, with a list of suggested alterations, and an inscription to G.K. Hilton.
UND/CH2/B27   February 1966
Saddler Street Site Development Scheme A by George Pace, architect, of York, plans and sections for a development providing 66 student rooms on the east side of Saddler St, running down to the Wear, with 4 floors and 5 basement levels. Drawings numbered 6-19.
Paper file, 14f, in card covers
Stored in NSR planfile H42
UND/CH2/B28   November 1990 - July 1991
Plans, elevations and sections of a proposed study centre at Grey College, by Howarth Litchfield Partnership (not built).
Paper file, 22f
Stored in NSR planfile H42
Formerly numbered: Job No 90144 drawings 102-901.
UND/CH2/B29   January 1998
Plans of electrical services for Grey College, Oswald Building, Phase 2, lower, intermediate and upper floor plans, Jackson Coulson Partnership Consulting Engineer.
Paper file, 3f
Stored in NSR planfile H42
Formerly numbered: 1264E/1-3, Rev.A.
UND/CH2/B30   March 1979
Plans of Parsons Field Court by Bernard Taylor & Partners Associates of Manchester: site plan, flat types 1 & 2; detached block at entrance.
Paper file, 3f
Stored in NSR planfile H42
UND/CH2/B31   July 1992
Allocation of Responsibility for Repairs in Council Colleges, cross-section of a building with each aspect of it marked up as either college or landlord responsbility.
Paper, 1f
Stored in NSR planfile H42
UND/CH2/B32   24 October 2010
Master landscape proposal for the Science Site, showing trees, shrubs, hard surfaces, bike racks etc, in colour.
scale: 1:500
Paper, 1f
Stored in NSR planfile H42
UND/CH2/B33   September 2016
Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre [St Mary's Field] stage 0/1 report by Faulkner Browns Architects.
Paper file
Articles and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/CH3
UND/CH3/1   February 2007
Biography of Emmanuel Vincent Harris, (1876-1971), architect of St Mary's College, by Nick Holmes, (including two images of Harris), with a photocopy of part of an article from The Builder, 13 October 1944, p.290-291, showing his plans for the Students' Union on Palace Green, not built.
Given by the author March 2007, Acc No Misc.2006/2007:51.
UND/CH3/2   July 2010
Students' Union, University of Durham, E Vincent Harris, Architect, 1939-1945, but not built, by Nick Holmes, including images of plans and perspectives of the proposed building on Palace Green, with an appendix on Thomas Sharp's 1945 plan for Durham and this proposal, and also a copy of Architecture Illustrated (August 1945) with a view of the proposed building.
Paper file
Given by the author July 2010, Acc No Misc 2010/11:2.
UND/CH3/3   November 2010
Gateway Project Newsletter Issue 1 [only]
Paper, 1f
UND/CH3/4   12 November 1969
“Carpet Test 1968/69”, by S.D. Grace, Furnishing Officer, an assessment of different types of carpet for their value for money,
Paper file, 13f
Formerly PamL+ 642.1 DUR.
UND/CH3/5   [1969]
Durham University Extension by Prof J.S. Alen architect and William Whitfield, chief assistant architect, describing the new Maths and Geography wing, with 20 plans and illustrations, offprint of p.287-294.
Paper file, 4f
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 727.3 DUR/ALL
UND/CH3/6   18 August 1960
“Gulbenkian Museum, Durham, designed by Philip R. Middleton & Partner”, The Architects' Journal article photocopy, with 8 BW illustrations
Paper file, 4f
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 727.6 DUR/GUL
UND/CH3/7   [c.1970]
“Students' Union by Architects' Co-Partnership”, The Architects' Journal Information Library, with BW illustrations and plans, photocopy
Paper file, 18f
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 727.3 DUR/STU
UND/CH3/8   [c.1970]
“Trevelyan College designed by Stillman & Eastwick-Field”, The Architects' Journal Information Library, with BW illustrations and plans, photocopy
Paper file, 15f
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 727.3 DUR/TRE/TRE
UND/CH3/9   [c.2014]
Palatine Centre Welcome Pack & Building Guidance, detailing procedures and activities going on in the new building.
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, 24p
UND/CH3/10   9 April 2016
Twentieth Century Society study day, led by Alan Powers and Elain Harwood, on Dunelm House and Kingsgate Bridge briefing, with images and plans, and a report on its potential listing immunity.
Paper, 4f + 1f
Correspondence files
Reference: UND/CH4
Buildings Officer
Reference: UND/CH4/A
Dates of creation: 1946 - 1976
Files of Col D.M. Eley (1958 - September 1963), G. Collard (April 1961 -) and R.B. Longbottom (1963 - September 1966) for major university building projects, comprising correspondence with the architects and various contractors, including minutes of the various building subcommittees, specifications and estimates for works and fittings, and occasional plans/designs and photographs, though these are mostly elsewhere.
The files were found as a discrete collection in the Old Shire Hall basement record store in July 2008 and evacuated thence to Palace Green Library, though the present collection seems to have been heavily weeded some time beforehand, with probably minor works files having been removed and disposed of. The surviving numbers overlap on occasion indicating that there may have been separate sequences perhaps for the Science Site and elsewhere, and the earliest surviving files ([165] and 166) have also alphanumeric numbers (E2 and E9) indicating maybe a previous sequence superseded perhaps on Col Elvey's appointment in 1958. The original numbers have been retained in case others perhaps come to light in the Estates and Buildings department.

UND/CH4/A1-3   February 1962 - March 1966
Science [Main] Library construction, architect William Whitfield of London, contractor Shepherds, correspondence, building subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and plans.
1. February 1962 - March 1964.
2. April 1964 - April 1965.
3. April 1965 - March 1966.
UND/CH4/A4-6   December 1959 - March 1970
St Aidan's College construction, architect Sir Basil Spence of Edinburgh, contractor Holland & Hannen and Cubitts (Scotland) Ltd, correspondence, minutes of meetings, specifications, tenders, estimates, and orders.
4. December 1959 - December 1962.
5. January 1963 - December 1964.
6. January 1965 - March 1970.
UND/CH4/A8   November 1960 - December 1963
Development Plan - Drainage Scheme with Purification Works, consultants Babtie Shaw and Morton of Glasgow, contractor John W. and S. Dorin Ltd of Whitley Bay, correspondence, specifications, estimates and photographs. Labelled “Vol.I” .
UND/CH4/A9   July 1961 - June 1963
Science Site - Drainage Scheme, consultants R.T. James and Partners of Newcastle, correspondence and reports.
UND/CH4/A12-14   February 1961 - October 1967
Van Mildert College (new men's college X) construction, architect Philip R. Middleton of Middlesbrough, contractor Alan Marsh (Builders) Ltd of Stockton-on-Tees, correspondence, minutes of meetings, specifications, estimates, orders and some plans.
12. February 1961 - December 1964.
13. January 1965 - November 1966.
14. December 1966 - October 1967.
UND/CH4/A17,18,20   November 1961 - September 1966
Engineering Science Building stage I, architect Easton & Robertson, Cusdin, Preston and Smith of London, contractor John Laing Construction Ltd, correspondence, building subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and occasional plans. (Original file 19 not found January 2009).
17. November 1961 - February 1964.
18. March - December 1964.
20. October 1965 - September 1966.
UND/CH4/A24-26   March 1963 - July 1968
Trevelyan College (new women's college Z) construction, architect Stillman & Eastwick-Field of London, contractor F. Shepherd and Son Ltd, correspondence, minutes of meetings, specifications, tenders, estimates and some plans.
24. March 1963 - May 1965.
25. June 1965 - October 1966.
26. October 1966 - July 1968.
UND/CH4/A26A-30   October 1959 - October 1964
Science Site Chemistry Geology and Mathematics building stage II construction, architect Easton & Robertson, Cusdin, Preston and Smith of London, contractor John Laing Construction Ltd of Newcastle, correspondence, building subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and some plans.
26A. October 1959 - October 1961.
27. November 1961 - July 1962.
28. July 1962 - March 1963.
29. March 1963 - March 1964.
30. April - October 1964.
UND/CH4/A41   May 1961 - March 1964
Science Site Dawson Building stage IV (originally III), architect Easton & Robertson, Cusdin, Preston and Smith, contractor R.E. Coleman Ltd, correspondence, specifications and estimates.
UND/CH4/A41A&42   May 1966 - November 1974
Grey College chapel and meeting room construction, architect Harold Wharfe of Newcastle upon Tyne, contractor G.M. Pearson & Son Ltd of Hetton-le-Hole, correspondence, specifications and estimates (41A) with building sub-committee minutes (42).
UND/CH4/A52   May 1961 - September 1963
Science Site West Building conversion for Geography, architect Bernard Taylor and Associates of Manchester, correspondence, specifications, estimates and plans.
UND/CH4/A53   January 1965 - October 1966 & September 1974
38 Old Elvet conversion for the Graduate Society, architect Bernard Taylor and Associates of Manchester, contractor T.W. Gilderoy and Sons Ltd of Durham, correspondence, committee minutes, specifications and estimates.
UND/CH4/A60   May 1964 - April 1968
Kepier Court/Terrace married graduate flats construction, architect Bernard Taylor and Partners of Manchester, contractor Shepherd Design Group of York, correspondence, specifications, estimates and some plans.
UND/CH4/A65-66   February 1962 - November 1968
Science Site Life Sciences building stage I for Pyschology construction, architect William Whitfield of London, contractor John Laing Construction Ltd of Newcastle, correspondence, meeting minutes, specifications, estimates, tenders and some plans.
65. February 1962 - September 1967.
66. September 1967 - November 1968.
UND/CH4/A66A   June 1962 - February 1964
Old Shire Hall conversion, architect Cordingley & McIntyre of Durham, correspondence, minutes of meetings, specifications, estimates and some plans.
UND/CH4/A80   July 1961 - March 1964
Maiden Castle playing fields, gymnasium and pavilion, architect Cordingley & McIntyre of Durham, contractor R.E. Coleman Ltd of Durham, correspondence, subcommittee minutes, specifications and estimates.
UND/CH4/A92   January 1961 - May 1967 & September - October 1975
Owengate redevelopment for University College accommodation, architect David Roberts of Cambridge, contractor A. Gilmore Ltd of Langley Moor, correspondence, orders, site meeting minutes, specifications and some small plans.
UND/CH4/A97   June 1958 - October 1961
45, 46, 47 Saddler St conversion to lecture rooms and lecturers' rooms, correspondence, orders and inventories.
UND/CH4/A114   March 1963 - June 1966
Divinity House conversion to Music School, architect Bernard Taylor and Associates of Manchester, correspondence, building subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and drawings/plans.
UND/CH4/A116   October 1960 - February 1962
Old Fulling Mill (Dept of Archaeology) refitting, correspondence, estimates and orders.
UND/CH4/A117   February 1964 - February 1975
46/47 Saddler St redevelopment for Archaeology, architect George G. Pace of York then Spence & Price of Newcastle, contractor L. & K. Gilderoy, correspondence, specifications, estimates and some plans. Labelled “Vol.I” .
UND/CH4/A136-138   May 1959 - March 1966
Elvet Riverside Arts Building stages I and II construction, architect Marshall Sisson of Godmanchester (for stage I abandoned 1962) then Architects' Co-Partnership of London, contractor John Laing Construction Ltd of Newcastle, correspondence, building subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and plans.
136. May 1959 - April 1962.
137. June 1962 - December 1964.
138. December 1964 - March 1966.
UND/CH4/A153&154   February 1961 - December 1965
Dunelm House (SRC building and staff house) construction, architect Architects' Co-Partnership of London, contractor John Laing Construction Ltd of Carlisle, correspondence, minutes of meetings, specifications, estimates, furniture designs and published article.
153. February 1961 - July 1963.
154. July 1963 - December 1965.
UND/CH4/A165&166   March 1946 - November 1959
Palace Green Library extension into former University College fives courts, and the complimentary construction of squash and fives courts at Maiden Castle, engineer Oscar Faber & Partners of London, contractor G.W. Lazenby and Co Ltd of Darlington, correspondence, specifications and estimates.
[165]. March 1946 - April 1955. (Formerly E2)
166. May 1955 - November 1959. (Formerly E9)
UND/CH4/A169   November 1964 - June 1966
Palace Green Library fives court further conversion, engineer Oscar Faber and Partners of London, contractor G.W. Lazenby and Co Ltd of Darlington, correspondence, subcommittee minutes, specifications, estimates and plans.
UND/CH4/A170-172   April 1961 - November 1966
Palace Green Library extension [Pace Building] construction, architect George G. Pace of York, contractor G.W. Lazenby and Co Ltd of Darlington, correspondence, specifications, estimates and plans.
170. April 1961 - August 1964.
171. September 1964 - December 1965.
172. January - November 1966.
UND/CH4/A178   June 1963 - February 1967
Collingwood College (new men's college Y) construction, architect Richard Sheppard, Robson & partners of London, correspondence, specifications, estimates and a plan.
UND/CH4/A227-229   February 1969 - December 1976
Business School construction, architect Whitfield Partners of London, contractor G.M. Pearson and Son Ltd of Hetton-le-Hole, correspondence, specifications, estimates and some plans and photographs.
227. February 1969 - May 1975.
228. May 1975 - January 1976.
229. January - December 1976.
Administrative files
Reference: UND/CH4/B
UND/CH4/B1   22 July 1970
Flat to let (Hollingside House) notice.
Paper, 1f
Reference: UND/CH5
Photographs - Colleges
Reference: UND/CH5/A
UND/CH5/A1/   1974, [c.1995]
Collingwood College
1. Exterior of library and JCR with Northumberland wing beyond, by Turners of Newcastle, 1 x BW, February 1974.
2-7. Various exteriors of the entrance and amphitheatre, 6 x colour, [c.1995].
7 BW & colour prints
UND/CH5/A1/   [c.1965]
Grey College
1-3. Aerial views of the college, by Newcastle University, 3 x BW, [c.1965].
4-6. One exterior close-up and two interiors of a student firstly in his room and then in the library, by Harold White of Bromley, 3 BW, [c.1965].
6 BW prints
UND/CH5/A1/   [c.1935] - [c.1995]
Hatfield College
1-10. Interior views of the rectory, 10 x BW with negatives, January 1981.
11-34. Exterior views of the rectory, 24 x BW with negatives, January 1981.
35. Exterior view of staircase C with building materials in front, BW, [c.1935].
36. Exterior view of the Pace building, by T. Mason & Co of Durham, BW, [c.1965].
37. Exterior view of the Pace building, by Harold White of Bromley, BW, [c.1965].
38. Exterior view from across the Wear of staircases A-D and the Pace building, by the Durham Advertiser, BW, [c.1965].
39. Exterior view of the Lodge from the cathedral, BW, [c.1965].
40. Exterior view of the master's lodging and the rectory from Kingsgate Bridge, BW, [c.1965].
41. Exterior view of Jevon's from the Bailey, by Fillingham's, BW, [c.1965].
42-43. Exterior views of Jevons being re-roofed covered in scaffolding, from the Bailey and courtyard, 2 x colour, [1995].
44. Exterior view of staircases A-D from the river, medium format colour transparency, [c.1995].
45-50. Exterior views of Palmers Garth [as university offices], by Fillinghams, 6 x BW, 18 May 1971.
51-53. Exterior views of Palmers Garth and especially the road to it, 3 x colour, [c.1992].
48 BW prints, 5 colour prints and a colour transparency
UND/CH5/A1   [1960s - 1970s]
Palace Green views and buildings
1-2. Exterior of the front of Cosin's Hall, by Durham Advertiser, 2 x BW, [c.1960s].
3-5. Exteriors of almshouses, Cosin's Hall, Moneyer's Garth, Master's Lodging, top of Owengate, 3 x BW, [c.1960s].
6-9. Exteriors in deep snow of: Abbey House, Pemberton Rooms, almshouses and Cosin's Hall from the cathedral graveyard with a building compound on Palace Green; Moneyer's Garth and the top of Owengate from across Palace Green; Cosin's Hall and the building compoun from the castle entrance; 3 x BWs, [c.1960s].
10. Exterior of Bailey Court at the back of Cosin's Hall, by Stewart Bale of Liverpool, BW, [c.1970s].
10 BW prints
UND/CH5/A1   [1965 - 1966]
Parson's Field House
1-7. Views of the original site, allotments, buildings, cathedral beyond and road, 7 x BW, [c.1965].
8. Aerial view of the 3 blocks, and other buildings, by Newcastle University, BW, 3 August 1966.
9-10. Exterior views of the 3 blocks, looking towards Hild Bede, 2 x BW, [c.1966].
10 BW prints
UND/CH5/A1/   [c.1965] - [c.1995]
St Aidan's College
1-3. Aerial views, by Newcastle University, 3 x BW, 22 August 1967.
4-5. Exterior views of the dining hall, with students reclining in the gardens, by Charles Bartram, 2 x colour, [c.1995].
6. Exterior rear view of Shincliffe Hall, by T. Mason & Co of Durham, BW, [c.1965].
4 BW & 2 colour prints
UND/CH5/A1/   [c.1995]
St Chad's College, exterior view from the gardens
Medium format colour transparency
UND/CH5/A1/   [c.1980]
College of St Hild and St Bede
1. Aerial view of St Hild and St Bede from the area of the cathedral, by Charles Bartram, with an invoice, BW, May 1980.
2-3. Aerial views of the main front of St Hild's College, 2 x BW, [c.1980].
4. Exterior view of St Hild's College entrance front, by T. Mason of Durham, BW, [c.1980].
5. View of the gardens leading down to the back of St Hild's College, BW, [c.1980].
5 BW prints
St Mary's College
1. Exterior view of the college across fields, by Harold White of Bromley, BW, [c.1980].
2. Exterior view of the main college front, medium format colour transparency, [c.1995].

Photographs - Other University Buildings
Reference: UND/CH5/B
UND/CH5/B1   July 2018
Assembly Rooms interiors, taken by Caroline Roberts of DULASC.

Reference: UND/CH6
UND/CH6/1   1992 - 2009
Estates and Buildings Reports
Half-yearly: June 1992, December 1992, June 1993, January 1994
Yearly: December 1994, December 1995, December 1996, 1997, 1998, August 1999 - July 2000
Half-yearly: August 2000 - January 2001
Colleges' Annual Report 2008/2009
13 booklets