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Reference code: GB-0033-TUN
Title: Tunstall-Behrens Papers
Dates of creation: 1884-1929
Extent: 4 metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Tankred Tunstall-Behrens (1878-1939)
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese


Tankred Tunstall-Behrens was born in 1878, the eldest son of Louis Wilhelm Ferdinand Behrens (1847-1910) and his wife Emily (ne Tunstall, 1850-1923). Louis Behrens, a successful coffee merchant, had emigrated from Germany to London and became a British citizen before his son's birth. It was his wish that all his children should use the name Tunstall-Behrens, but in his professional career Tankred was known as Behrens, as the army authorities considered that to be the official form of his surname. Tankred was educated at Clifton College and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, before being commissioned into the Royal Engineers as 2nd Lieutenant in 1897 (Lieutenant 1900, Captain 1906, Major 1914, Acting Lieutenant-Colonel 1917, Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel 1920, full Lieutenant-Colonel 1922). He was on the General Staff 1906-1910, and served in France and Belgium during World War I. He retired from the army on half pay in 1926 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, but returned as garrison engineer at Shorncliffe and Lydd in 1934. He died in April 1939.


Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel Tankred Tunstall-Behrens (1878-1939), surveyor, Royal Engineers, largely relating to his survey work for international boundary commissions. Tunstall-Behrens served on the Anglo-German-Belgian boundary commission in Uganda 1902-1906, the Peru-Bolivia boundary commission 1910-1911, and the Austro-Italian boundary commission 1920-1924. The papers include diaries and journals, field computations, correspondence, official instructions, notes of meetings, maps and drawings, photographs, photo albums and offprints of articles and related papers. They also include a file on Tunstall-Behrens' work in 1928-1929, after he had left the army, for a topographical survey of the city and federal district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was undertaken by the Aircraft Operating Company for the city authorities, using a combination of aerial photography and ground surveying. Tunstall-Behrens's East Africa journals include descriptions of the country and of colonial social life.

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Deposited by Mrs Jean Wrangham, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Tunstall-Behrens, 1999 (accession Misc.1998/99:11).

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Held by the creator and his family

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The National Archives Austro-Italian Boundary Commission files for 1924, especially maps and plans, in FO 925/20072-20081
Anglo-German East Africa Boundary Commission 1904-1906, files and maps in OS 62/209-217, CO 700/East Africa39, FO 881, and WO 300
British High Commission Nairobi Anglo-German East Africa Boundary Commission 1904-1906 files apparently despatched there in 1977, according to E11 below


Letters between a Victorian schoolboy and his parents, 1892-1895, [an edition of Tankred Tunstall-Behrens' correspondence with his family while a schoolboy at Clifton College], ed. David Lisle Crane (Durham, 1999). The originals of these letters are not included in the deposit, but remain in family possession.
Behrens, T. T., “The most reliable values of the heights of the central African lakes and mountains”, The Geographical Journal (March 1907), p.307-326.
Adami, Vittorio, National frontiers in relation to international law (London, 1927) [a translation by Tankred Tunstall-Behrens of Adami's I confini di stato nella legislazione internazionale (Rome, 1919), with an appendix on practical considerations when defining frontiers by watersheds]
Uganda. Official report of the British section of the Uganda-Congo Boundary Commission, 1907-1908 (London, 1909)
Uganda. Report on the work of the British section of the Anglo-German-Belgian Boundary Commission (London, 1911)


Boundary Commissions, especially Austro-Italian, and surveying general
TUN A1   1921 - 1922
Austro-Italian boundary commission. Pocket book containing:
Travel permit for 1921 from the chief of the Italian delegation tax exemption document, 1922
Card of free passage across the Austro-Italian frontier, 1921 & 1922
Three rail passes allowing free travel in Austria and Italy
Letter exempting Tunstall from having to pay luxury tax in hotels in Italy
Two visiting cards: avvocato Ubaldo Bensa, Genova; Reginald W. Holmes, Barclays Bank, Paris
Two pre-war Austro-Hungarian banknotes of 100 crowns each.
Leather wallet with paper inserts
TUN A2   1897 - 1909
Diverse papers and documents from TTB's time mainly in London, including insurance policies from E.P. Henderson including for his Clement Talbot 1906 car, and also many repair and maintenance bills for it, mainly in London, but also Cornwall to Inverness 1907-1909, and also an account book with Cox & Co of Charing Cross 1897-1908.
Concertina file with paper inserts
TUN A3   1920 - 1921
Austro-Italian boundary commission address book (almost blank), an “Army Book 136” marked as containing addresses: p.1 the addresses of the members of the Boundary Commission are given. In the following alphabetical register about a dozen addresses of persons connected with the work of the Commission are written down, e.g. of Tunstall's secretary, a local photographer and others.
Paper booklet
TUN A4   [1920 - 1921]
Austro-Italian boundary commission expenses book (almost blank), another “Army Book 136” , titled 'Sundry Expenses' containing just one address at the very end of the book: Col. Delisona, Pallazo (sic) Carli, Verona, Hotel Milano.
Paper booklet
TUN A5   1920 - 1924
Austro-Italian boundary commission large account book with separate pages covering various expenses of the British Delegation of the Commission, including the pay of the staff of the British Delegation. From 16 (?) July 1920 the members of the Commission are paid from funds provided by inter-allied allowances; all British Army allowances terminate with this date. There are also wages and allowances to employees of the British Delegation, costs of surveying instruments, boundary pillars, car and lorry costs, petrol etc. On some added pages £55 is mentioned for a stolen suitcase. The expenses book was obviously kept with great care; in 1923 a difference of 3d was noted. Inserted are accounts and balance sheets, and some correspondence with the Foreign Office about claiming repayment.
Paper book with an added bundle of sheets
TUN A6   [1920 - 1924]
Photographic views of the Alps where the boundary was drawn: Part I (with a photo of members of the Austro-Italian boundary commission - HQ Verona/ Field HQ Bolzano). On the inside of the front page a photo of the Boundary Commission is attached, all identified (Rouget, Behrens, Pariani, Bernhard, Hattori, L'Hullier); there are, however, two French officers; normally the Commission consisted of one French, one British, one Japanese, one Austrian and one Italian officer. The album is titled: Ötztaler Alpen, one of the regions where the boundary was drawn. The photographs are of good quality; all names of the places are given under the photographs; a few photographs show the work of members of the Commission with their surveying instruments. There are some pictures of mountain tops and glaciers. Numerous mountain refuges are shown; possibly members of the Commission stayed there.
On the inside of the hardcover back a print of an etching is attached, showing a view of the border stone set by TTB. Its frame bears, on its top, the letter Q.B.F.F.F.S. (Quod bonum, faustum, felix , fortunatumque sit - ie. may this be good happy prosperous and favourable) The Latin text on the frame reads: ALTE STAT TERMINUS HAERENS (ie the boundary stone clings to this height) TERMINUS IN BRENNERO POSITUS (the boundary set in the Brenner) ITALIA AUSTRIA HIC USQUE FONTES SEIUNGO AUDITA EST CONSOCIO POPULOS VOX TUA ROMA PARENS (so far as this point your (I separate the wells[ie the river sources as they flow in voice has been heard, I connect the peoples) different directions] mother Rome) The Italian side obviously wanted to state its claim on the newly annexed territory and refers to its cultural superiority. The Austrian side deplores the separation of the South Tyroleans from the mother country. The principle is that a watershed does not divide a nation.
Photo album with BW prints inserted
TUN A7   [1920 - 1924]
Photographic views of the Alps: Part II Ötztaler Alpen II.Teil Second part of the Ötztal Alps: a continuation of A6 with more photographs of a similar kind - There are a number of panoramic views from mountain tops, joined together; this particular technique requires professional skills; as the expense accounts show, professional photographers were employed by the British Delegation.
Photo albums with BW prints inserted
TUN A8   [1922 - 1929]
Notes on photographic and surveying techniques and books, then diary of a surveying trip to Brazil [Rio de Janeiro] 7 June 1928 to 7 March 1929, with further notes on books.
Paper loose leaf binder, with metal spine
TUN A9   July 1928 - January 1929
Order book for surveying work.
Paper book
TUN A10   [1920 - 1921]
Diary and notes of meetings, 15 July -16 December [1920] and 20 June - 25 July 1921. Tunstall's unofficial diary on the work of the commission; it contains interesting material since TTB here was able to write down his personal observations which could not be published officially. On July 16 [1920] TTB left London Victoria for Paris, where the first session of the Commission took place; on the inside cover is handwritten: Delegation Anglaise Commission de Délineation entre l'Italie et l'Autriche Commissione Confine Italo-Austriaca Verona Italy (presumably as a precaution in case of loss)
The first page reads: Diary of notes and meetings The diary continues:
15 July: TTB leaves Penzance for London
16 July: TTB leaves Victoria for Paris
17 July: conference 3 p.m. at 138. Rue de Grennelles (Grenelles?) "Service Géographique"
18 July: Sunday
19 July: 3 pm Conference of the Delegation for Austrian Boundary under the presidency of Col. Bellot, head of the Service Géographique; Speech of introduction; Commission separates to offices provided for each in the building. Members of Austro-Italian Commission: Commandant Rouget 1250 Regt. Inf., Poitiers Lt. Colonello Alberto Pariani Commissione Confine Italo-Austriaco, Verona Commandant H. Hattori Commissaire Japonais de Délineation de la frontière Austro-Italienne + self a) Commandant Rouget elected president unanimously. b) Resolved that the Boundary be divided into 3 sections with 11 sub sections of the work for topographical purposes as suggested by Col. Pariani.
20 July: Conference 10 am. It appears that Japan has not ratified and therefore the Japanese Delegation may be objected to by the Austrians. The Commission has no objection to his continuing visit. Resolutions: Permanent address "Délegation Anglaise" Commissione Confine Italo-Austriaco Verona Italy Short Title Commission de Délineation Italo-Autrichienne Telegraphic Commissione Confine, Verona
2 Aug Monday to London 15 Aug 10 am. Conference Hotel Bristol Meran Minutes of previous meeting passed Austrian delegate proposes .....
24 Aug Sunday to Sterzing to see Tiroler Marmorwerke about special Boundary pillar design and costs
25 Aug Lt. Col. Potyka hands in Aug. (?) Reports for Austria, Italian reports still to come
Diary ends with the last entry on July 25 (1921) No years are given in the diary, but it can be safely supposed that the first year is 1920, when the Commission was established, and the following year then was 1921. (Altogether 60 pages of the diary is filled with notes, about half of the diary is blank; unsually only the right pages are written on with the left hand side pages blank, with occasional annotations)
Paper book
TUN A11   1919
Vittorio Adami, I Confini di Stato nella Legislazione Internazionale, Rome, a paperback edition of a book written by the Italian Colonel Vittorio Adami, Commando del corpo di stato maggiore, Ufficio Storico [i.e. Superior State Command, Historical Office] Colonello Vittorio Adami, I confini di stato nella legislazione internationale [i.e. State boundaries in international law], Roma, Stabilimento Poligrafico per l´amministratione della guerra [Poligraphical Establishment for the administration of war]. The copy is stamped on the inside cover [illegible] 20 Sep. 1926 Secretary's office Summary of the contents 1. General: definitions - state boundaries - natural boundaries - artificial boundaries and boundaries of convenience - various kinds of natural boundaries. 2. Mountain boundaries 3. River boundaries 4. Lake boundaries 5. Sea boundaries 6. Artificial boundaries and boundaries of convenience 7. Aerial boundaries 8. Boundary marks 9. Boundary documents 10. Boundary conflicts 11. The administration of boundaries.
Paper book, 125p
TUN A12   1919
Copy of A11 marked "Personal Copy. Lt. Col. T.T. Behrens"; this copy shows traces of frequent use and contains numerous annotations in pencil. TTB seems to have used this copy for his translation of this book (A16).
Paper book, 125p
TUN A13   November 1919
The Geographical Journal, p.288-312 containing three articles:
a) "The new boundaries of Austria", with a map of the "Boundaries of Austria by the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye, September 10th 1919”, p.288-296; map on p.328; the article is signed A.R.H.
b) "The aeroplane in African exploration", by Lieut Leo Walmsely, M.C.; p.296-302
c) "The international rivers of Europe", by Professor L.W. Lyde, M.A.; p.303-312
Paper file
Number not used
Number not used
TUN A16   1923
Vittorio Adami, National Frontiers in relation to International Law, trans by TTB, London, (original is A11 & see item E10) with a chapter, as an appendix, on the practical considerations to be taken into account when a frontier is about to be defined by a watershed line. A printed note is added to the book: “The text of this book was printed in Italy soon after the war under what were virtually war conditions, and a considerable number of errors found their way into or remained undetected in the text as a result. The following list of errata is not intended to be exhaustive, but is confined to the practical purpose of preventing the reader from being misled by those mistakes of which the corrections are not immediately obvious. October 1926 T.T.B.” (The errata list consists of 6 pages; practically all of the errata are of negligible importance; a great number seem to originate from possibly Italian typesetters who used modern Italian names for classical personages, e.g. "Strabone" for "Strabo").
Paper book, viii + 128 + xiip
Number not used
TUN A18   1923
Another copy of A16, in a much poorer state. TTB seems to have used it for his corrections, as indicated by numerous handwritten remarks which found their way into his list of errata.
Paper book, viii + 128 + xiip
Number not used
TUN A20   1920
Antonio Loperfido, La descrizione geometrica di una regione terrestre, Rome. A brochure, with a flowery and philosophical introduction, starting from cosmological considerations, touching upon gravity, the nature of man, the relevance of theories in general, the relations of the arts and the sciences. On p.5 the principles of geometry are named, e.g. the right angle, the ellipse, and on p.6 mountain chains and the Alps are finally reached, which inspire a sense of immensity and terror. There are numerous other general considerations on life. On p.7 a passage is marked in pencil, and another on p.10 which refers to the inhabitants of mountain regions: the shape of the terrain is relative to the human character. People living in plains are full of exigence (esigenze ?), (fiacco?) and love leisure; in the mountains one must overcome great difficulties and privations. Since the mountain dwellers are smart, intelligent, sober, and have a mind always open to quiet contemplation of inaccessible solitude. (tr. by G.W.) The paper was published in 1919 in Florence, one year after the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye and seems to attempt to give moral support for the persons that have to draw a new boundary. The actual title seems to have little concrete reference to the contents of the brochure.
Paper booklet, 11p
TUN A21   1922
Tavole Ausiliare, Instituto Geografico Militare, contains various logarithmical tables; an appendix to A23.
Paper book
TUN A22   1919
Riassunto di una relazione sulle operazioni compiute dalla Commissione per la Revisione dei Confini fra Baviera e Tirolo degli anni 1900, 1901 e 1902, Instituto Geografico Militare, a pamphlet on a border settlement between Bavaria and Tirol/Austria which was agreed between the German Reich and Austria in the years 1900-1902. It bears the heading RISERVATO, which seems to indicate that it is confidential - no author is given. The treatise seems to have been written by the institute as a handbook for the Italian members, referring to the coming work of the border commission. It contains an analysis of the work undertaken by the German and Austrian commissions to define the boundary clearly. Exact delineation procedures would have to be followed. Practical hints for the actual work are given, also drawings of mountain ranges where the new border between Bavaria and Austria was drawn.
Paper booklet, 8p
TUN A23   [c.1920]
Procedimenti di Matematica, Instituto Geografico Militare, printed from a handwritten original, signed by Antonio Loperfido on the cover. This book contains mathematical principles and methods, written for students at secondary school level. It includes principles of mechanics and electricity.
Paper book, 150p
TUN A24   1902
Collegamento Geodetico delle Isole Maltesi con la Sicilia, Regia Commissione Geodetico Italiana, Florence. A book on surveying, geology and geography, including the geodetic survey connecting Sicily and Malta, 1894-1889 including trigonometric diagrams and sketches of the theodolites used and the long-distance light observatories.
Paper book, 36p + maps + plates
TUN A25   [?1921]
Die automatische Herstellung topographischer Karten und Pläne aus Luftmessbildern mit Hilfe des Autokartographen, nach Hugershoff, mit 5 Kunstdrucktafeln Optikon A.-G., Zürich, Bahnhofsplatz 7, with maps and an aerial photograph, on aerial mapping. Included is a handwritten analysis of two pages by TTB on the function and value of this machine. Also included is an instruction sheet in French, probably meant for the French speaking population of Switzerland. Although no year is given, the brochure seems to have been published in 1921 since measurements with it in September 1920 are mentioned in the text.
Paper booklet, 10p
TUN A26   [c.1920]
Example de restitution de levers aériens au moyen de l'autographe Wild, Société anonyme de vente des instruments de géodesie Henri Wild, Heerbugg (St. Gall, Switzerland) (no year) on an aerial surveying instrument including a 1 page handwritten commentary on the machine by TTB: cost of buying and operating the machine and its performance.
Paper booklet, 6p
TUN A27   1928
La méthode de relèvement aérophotogrammétrique "nistri", Rome, S.A.R.A. (Società Anon. Rilevamenti Aerofotogrammetrici), Roma, Via Francesco Negri 11 - Tel. 53-066 (“corrected reprint”, and see notes on the "nistri” method of aerial survey at the beginning of A8) on aerial photography for surveying purposes, including stereographic methods. It contains several drawings and aerial photographs as examples.
Paper booklet, 16p
TUN A28   1927
A. Nistri, Come ed in quali limiti nel Fotocartografo nistri..., Pisa, (see notes on "nistri" method of aerial survey at the beginning of A8)
Paper booklet, 24p
TUN A29   1913 - 1921
Maps and drawings: Brenner Pass (Austro-Italian boundary commission) This folder contains maps and drawings, plus a report on the progress of the various groups of surveyors according to their nationality (Austrian and Italian) The largest group of maps are of the Brenner Pass, which was the most prestigious point of the whole enterprise. These maps and drawings are very detailed and partly down to a scale 1:1000, and signed by both sides, the Austrian and the Italian, supposedly to avoid future disputes.
A 29/1 An original envelope "On His Britannic Majesty's Service" containing the following three maps:
a) Document A: Brenner Sattel 1:2000 - Dessin de courbes de niveau naturelles au col du Brenner; signed by : TTB as Head of the British Delegation.
b) Document B: Brenner-Sattel 1:1000 - Levée du col du Brenner, faite par ordre de la commission. Septembre-Octobre 1920; signed by: Oberstleutnant Ing. Dr.phil. Hugo Potyka, technischer Adjunkt der österreichischen Grenzdelegation. L'aggiunto tecnico della delegazione italiana (illegible) - Brennero 15 Novembre 1920 Two more members of the Austrian delegation and one member of the Italian delegation T.T. Behrens, Chef de la délegation de la Grande Bretagne - 10 Dec 1920.
c) Document C: Brenner-Sattel 1:1000 - (size ca. 1 meter by 80 cms) - Recueil montrant le col du Brenner au commencement de la construction du chemin de fer; signed by: A military topographer of Austria and Italy TTB as head of the British Delegation.
A 29/2 An envelope containing one copy of Document A and two copies each of Document B and C, identical with the previous maps in A 29/1, except for some colouring.
A 29/3 A map with the new Austro-Italian border around the Brenner Pass 1:25.000 - Italienisch-österreichische Grenze, Abschnitt Kreuzjoch-Kraxentrager - Legende: Unentschieden ist die Grenze nordöstl. Post-Alpe und auf dem Boden der Landshuterhütte. An Austrian map, signed by the head of the Austrian delegation, Potyka, and another Austrian officer.
A 29/4 Maps probably used by TTB in his work, some bear lines drawn by hand.
a) Laibach, Villach,, Kufstein, Belluno (1915 or f.), 1:750,000, k.u.k.militär-geographisches Institut
b) Innsbruck, Trient, Basel, Zürich (1915 or f.) - same scale and publisher as previous map. With handwritten annotation in old German handwriting (not by TTB) on accessability of mountain regions with vehicles.
c) 4 maps joined together by a needle, of Italian origin, issued by the Istituto geografico militare 1909 - scale 1:100.000 1) and 2) Nauders (the region of) with hand-drawn additions of the new boundary 3) and 4) Merano (Meran) with hand-drawn additions of the new boundary.
A 29/5 A map issued by the Deutscher und Österreichischer Alpenverein (German and Austrian Alpine Club) showing Ötztal und Stubai, 1913, scale 1:50.000.
A 29/6 A map for school use over Tirol and Vorarlberg issued by the Austrian Institute of Military Geography, 1917, scale not clearly given, with the new boundary printed in, which suggests a new print after 1918 - included are two local maps of Innsbruck and Bregenz.
A 29/7 a) A politically interesting document, issued anonymously in Verona, April 21. Il Confine d'Italia Conferenza pro: "Casa del Soldato" Ben provide natura al nostro stato quando dell'Alpi schermo pose tra noi e la tedesca rabbia (Petrarca - Canz. all'Italia), Verona, Aprile 1921 - added handwriting by TTB: illustrating military advantages of the new frontier; arrows represent passes.
A 29/7 b) Also a document showing the old and the new frontiers (not always correctly) at various stages. It also shows the railway communications of northern Italy and the rest of Europe - no year is given, but it seems to have been issued for the same conference in Verona as mentioned on A 29/7a.
A 29/8 A statistical survey of the progress of the Austrian and the Italian surveyors. Their names, the total area surveyed and the total length of boundary traversed by each of them is given. All of them were senior officers.
A 29/9 An unidentified geographical drawing, in English (see also D10 and D11).
Paper file
East Africa and South America photos
Number not used
TUN B2   1905
Photos of East Africa taken by Carl Uhlig, and also many stamped “Weiss OBLT”, of landscapes (including snowy mountains), surveying camps and work, African tribespeople (Masai), some troops, Zanzibar, Congo, German East Africa, animals including giraffes, rhinos, buffalos, buck, most captioned on the back in German, and a letter from Weiss.
c.150 BW prints
TUN B3   [?1907]
Photos: Bolivia & Peru: time of Col Fawcett's expedition, mainly views of landscape and tented camps, including Sina Pass, Palomani, and ?mining with water hoses.
c.20 BW prints
TUN B4   1904 - 1905
Photos & negatives: East Africa (prints) by C. Uhlig & Peru (negatives).
c.50 BW prints & negatives
Number not used
TUN B6   1905
Photos: East Africa landscape and tribespeople, with some portraits including of Weiss of the German Boundary Commission, most taken by C. Uhlig.
c.100 BW prints
East Africa photo albums
Number not used
Number not used
TUN C3   [c.1905]
East Africa, photos of [and by] TTB, in camp, travelling, surveying, in Uganda and Kenya, with colleagues and Africans, some animals, landscapes, all captioned
Photo album, c.50 BW prints inserted
TUN C4   [c.1905]
East Africa, photos of [and by] TTB, in camp, travelling, surveying, with colleagues and Africans, some animals, some portraits of Africans, landscapes, no captions.
Photo album, c.50 BW prints
TUN C5   [c.1905]
East Africa photos, including Mombasa, Kilindini, Masai, Wakikuyu, a rope incline on the Kikuyu escarpment, the Kedong Valley, Morandat River, Lake Elmentieta, railways on the Man escarpment, Stoney River, Walumbira, all captioned.
Photo album, c.30 BW prints
TUN C6   [c.1905]
East Africa, mainly landscape views, also Bismarck Platz, no captions.
Photo album, c.30 BW prints, mottled
TUN C7   [c.1905]
East Africa, landscape views, Africans, drying skins, fishing, with spears, children, women, no captions.
Photo album, c.50 BW prints
TUN C8   [c.1905]
East Africa, landscape views, steamers, ship-building, surveying, Africans, waterfalls, crossing water, some animals, plantations, water wheels, some by Uhlig and Weiss, no captions.
Photo album, c.50 BW prints
TUN C9   [c.1905]
East Africa, Mombasa, European women, shipping, gardens, railways including MSAU station, African women.
Photo album, c.20 BW prints
Boundary Commissions, especially Austro-Italian
Number not used
TUN D2   1928 - 1938
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: expedition and survey, correspondence, timetable, journal notes, ID cards for Paul Emilio P. de Silva, Diario Official Estados Unidos do Brasil 4 July 1928, The Aircraft Operating Co Ltd and TTB contract and correspondence 1928-1929, and correspondence of Waterhouse & Co solicitors re his pay off, also from J.M.A .Robinson and C.A. Oelsner 1932-1938.
Paper file
TUN D3   1928 - 1930
The “Nistri” Photocartograph (Rome) booklet, 12p, method of aerial survey, with other notes and papers on the subject.
Paper file
TUN D4   1928 - 1929
Photographic surveying, various materials on aerial surveying, containing correspondence of TTB with surveying experts (letters written to him by colleagues and personal acquaintances), technical instructions, evaluations of different methods, including a draft paper “The Theory of the Re-Construction of Photographic Images by the Nistri Photocartograph”.
Paper file
TUN D5   [c.1920]
Vocabulary of technical surveying terms (German to Italian) [used] in the practical day to day surveying work at the Austro-Italian boundary - typed original and an identical carbon copy.
Paper file, c.46p
TUN D6   1920 - 1923
“Italy’s new province, Venezia Tridentina, and its boundary with Austria”, lecture by TTB, 1923 (ms and 2 ts copies) Contains manuscripts in TTB's hand for a lecture to be given in Paris after 18 February 1923, including instructions to a Miss Périn, [to do the typing]. The first mansucript contains 17 pages, the second 11 pages. The title of the planned lecture is: “ITALY's new province, VENEZIA TRIDENTINA, and its boundary with AUSTRIA” (30 typed pages) - with an identical carbon copy. This lecture is of high significance for the Austro-Italian boundary question. It offers an insight into the work of the commission by one of its leading members. The work of the commission was not finished yet, but much had been done already. There is also voluminous correspondence on the viability of the planned lecture, since the work of the Commission was still going on; friends of TTB in the Foreign Office seem to have warned him not to go ahead with the lecture.
Paper file
TUN D7   1921
Austro-Italian boundary: la question de la gare de Thörl; documents referring to the railway staion of Thörl, which was one of the disputed areas. It contains a memorandum by the Italian delegation, of 7 pages, with a handwritten commentary by TTB and another commentary also in English. There are two Italian maps of the area Porticina, [the Italian name for Thörl]. There is also a typewritten letter of 4 pages by the head of the Italian delegation, Colonel Pariani, on the problem of this railway station (6 June 1921). There is another large map of the south-eastern Alps, with the important international railway lines dawn in by hand. There is a carbon copy of the reply by the Austrian delegation to the Italian statement by the head of the Austrian delegation (12 June 1921). There is also an undetailed map of Carinthia (Kärnten), and a disputed area in the south, with two sheets with statistical data about parish funds of the region.
Paper file
TUN D8   [c1920]
General instructions to boundary commissions, for their practical work, including a printed copy "Instructions regarding boundary commissions" of 11 pages, October 1919 (no author or issuing authority given), with a French edition of the same.
A carbon copy of a translation from French of instructions concerning the Sarre (Saar) Valley Boundary Commission, 24 June 1920. Possibly these instructions served as supporting guidelines.
A carbon copy of detailed and practical instructions in French of three pages. A carbon copy of more detailed instructions of 13 pages in French. A carbon copy of seven pages on the positioning of boundary pillars (in French: obelisques)
A carbon copy (in French) of 43 pages (22 July 1922) containing all decisions of an administrative kind, i.e. decisions by the Commission not concerning the actual delineation of the boundary (e.g. how often the Commission is to report to the Council of Ambassadors etc.)
A carbon copy letter by the British Delegation concerning the printing of a map of the region concerned, three pages, addressed to the Austrian and the Italian delegations
Paper file
TUN D9   1920 - 1924
Austro-Italian boundary commission: correspondence, with personal letters written by and sent to TTB - this correspondence includes some highly interesting information, e.g. an invitation to the inauguration of the boundary pillar at the Brenner Pass in the presence of the King of Italy on 13 October 1921.
D9a: personal correspondence, including picture postcards, invitations, etc.
D9b: official correspondence, settling of expenses, bills concerning the work of the Commission.
Paper file
TUN D10   1921
Archives: Commission de Délimitation entre l'Italie et l'Autriche 1920/21, volume I, a 14 page typed manuscript (stencilled copy) of decisions by TTB on the watershed line at the Brenner Pass, including a bibliography.
Paper file, 14p
See A29, which contains the other material on the Brenner Pass.
TUN D11   1921
On the Brenner frontier: from the Italian delegation, 1920-21 (notes on item D10). Contains maps, letters, statements and petitions to the Commissions from the Austrian and Italian sides concerning the new boundary at the Brenner Pass. It also contains another copy of item D10 (see also A29)
Paper file
TUN D12   1920 - 1924
Austro-Italian boundary commission: various papers:
3 identical carbon copies of 6 sectors with 46 panoramas (probably panoramic photographs; not included) (in English with German names).
A detailed list of the aforementioned 46 panoramas taken from various stations.
A similar list in Italian with the German and Italian names of the locations; altogether 56 locations. Of the higher mountains the height is given, with the highest being 3660 meters, approx. 12,200 feet. This list seems to refer to a collection of transparencies, which, however, are not included in the TTB Papers.
Three handwritten pages, apparently by TTB, with detailed instructions on how to find the exact line of a watershed and how to mark it. These instructions seem to be meant for the personnel carrying out the actual work.
A handwritten letter to Sgt. Wilde by TTB to report on his work on seven points, dated 8.11.21 at Bozen.
A handwritten report on work carried out at the Paso of Giromondo, signed by A.C. Wilde, Sgt. R.E., dated 16.11.21 (4 pages); a reply to TTB´s request.
A typed report on the history of surveying in Austria, 9 pages (in German), stamped. Austrian Delegation.
A two-page report on the oldest document on boundary demarcation from 117 B.C. (in French).
Paper file
TUN D13   1921
Austro-Italian boundary commission: determination of the frontier north of Tarvis, including various documents, maps, petitions and statements by both the Austrian and the Italian side on the exact position of the future boundary. The Italian interests seem to be motivated by military considerations, the Austrian interests by economic considerations for the inhabitants of the area. The documents include a confidential letter to TTB by the Italian side, which was sealed with a wax seal, and also a metal roundel template for the English delegation's title
Paper file
TUN D14   1920 - 1924
Austro-Italian boundary commission: instructions and miscellaneous duplicate papers
D14a: Contains a typewritten report on the work of the Boundary Commission 1920 - 1923, of 23 pages, with interesting details. This report would have been confidential and meant for the Foreign Office. There are two carbon copies, with the original probably filed by the receiver.
D14b: Bound together by a white ribbon; various documents on the demarcation of the boundary. There were three such bundles, all of them incomplete, and numbered in Roman numerals with a thick blue crayon. These were rearranged, so that one complete bundle exists now, the other two being more incomplete than before, but with the advantage of one complete bundle now existing. Cover page: analysis of the technical organisation (the rest in French).
I: Fascicule, contenant toutes décision ... Analysis of technical organisation. A typewritten report on administrative decisions on the work of the Commission, not actually the field work to demarcate the boundary, 43 pages in French with added documents.
II: Analyse des instructiions techniques ... Analysis of technical instructions, 13 pages in French.
III: Programme d'abornement ... Instructions on the design and placing of boundary pillars. With 12 detailed drawings and two photographs on the actual work to be done.
IV: Instructions techniques et pratiques .. Technical instructions on the design and placing of boundary pillars (7 pages in French).
IVa: an English translation of the previous.
V: Liste des documents techniques ... List of documents on the placing and (reperage???) of the boundary pillars (10 pages in French).
VI: Table alphabetique ... Alphabetical list of decisions made by the commission (typewritten carbon copy; three pages in French).
Here follows a brief description of the more interesting documents also to be found in D14:
Resolution of the Ambassadors' Conference on 28 March 1923. Two pages - a noteworthy passage on the second page states that the future borders shall be borders of peace and the contentment of the inhabitants along the border is in the foreground. A summary of precedents from the work of earlier boundary commissions in other parts of the world. (12 pages) TTB is required to provide information to answer a parliamentary question on the cost of the Boundary Commission, which he seems to have done.
A draft for instructions for the boundary commission from 22-7-1920 (11 pages; three copies).
An Austrian appeal for clemency to safeguard the survival of the Austrian nation after the sizeable territorial losses laid down in the Treaty of St Germain-en-Laye. (in English).
Two maps on other European regions, whose versos are used by Austrian cartographers to outline the new boundary and the subsections for the 11 subcommissions.
A similar map drawn by Italian cartographers.
A minute of a meeting of the three Commissions on the new Austrian border in Villach on 11 Nov 1921, i.e. the Austro-Italian, Austro-Yugoslav and Italo-Yugoslav Commissions.
A minute of a meeting of the Austro-Italian Boundary Commission at Uggowitz on June 16th 1921; the conference there discussed local questions on forests and their future.
A folder titled "The last seven questions including Mt. Croce Carnico”: this contains protocols of interrogation of several local farmers of the village Reschen, near the Reschen Pass, whose properties would be divided by the new boundary, if demarcated according to the principle of watershed. 21 farmers were interviewed and their case is presented Beschlüsse der internationalen Kommission hinischtlich des Grenzverlaufs und der durchzuführenden Arbeiten.
Japanese letter, following Italian demands (in French).
Letter by French delegate Rouget presenting unresolved questions.
Another document in French concerning unresolved questions.
Paper file
(It is suggested to remove the documents concerning the erection of a border monument at the Brenner Pass from D 14 and open a folder on this monument alone. There is material on the Brenner Pass in other folders too.)
TUN D15   1919 - 1920
Austro-Italian boundary commission: cases submitted by the commissioners of the interested states No.1, with an index at the beginning of the folder of the cases submitted.
There are two newspaper clips from Austrian papers, one from October 6 (1920) on a reception given to the Commission in Vienna (paper unknown); the other being the Bozner Nachrichten of October 27 1920, in which an article on disputed areas mentions Reschen, Pustertal and others, where the boundary deviates from the line suggested by the treaty to avoid cutting through communal boundaries.
A one-page leaflet, marked 1 in blue crayon, unnamed and undated, written in English, probably by an Austrian source, petitions the Commission not to cut through communal boundaries and individual property.
Another leaflet on the hardships of the treaty, marked 2 in blue crayon is contained in another folder.
A typed carbon copy of a statement by the head of the Austrian delegation, Lt. Col. Bernhard, summarising cases in which the actual border is to deviate from the watershed line, dated Meran, August 31 1920 (i.e. at a very early stage of the work of the Commission).
Immediately after the previous document is a highly significant Italian document (blue stencil) explaining the Italian position on the new frontier. It is dated Meran, August 21 and signed by the head of the Italian delegation Col. Alberto Pariani (later minister of war in the Fascist government of Mussolini).
The next document (4 in blue crayon) states the Italian position in the question of the Reschen-Pass Boundary.
Then petitions by the commune of Reschen follow.
An Italian map on Nauders follows, into which several possible frontiers are drawn; the one being most favourable for Italy is based on military considerations.
The next document is an Italian statement on the watershed-line and the geology of the Reschen-Pass area (two pages, typed).
A stencilled document (marked 5 in blue crayon) presents the Austrian position in the question Reschen - Scheideck.
Number 7 (blue crayon) is a document by the Austrian delegation on the positioning of the boundary at the Brenner Pass. (There is a separate unit of documents on the Brenner Pass.)
Another document on the Brenner by the Italian delegation.
Followed by a number of documents, petitions and a map on the Brenner Pass.
These are followed by No.8 (blue crayon) which covers with the following map the Drau-Basin.
This is followed by number 9 (blue crayon) on the border of the Puster valley, with a map, and a statement by the Austrian delegation, followed by a reply by the Italian delegation.
No.10 comprises documents on the disputed boundary of the commune Schnals, where the treaty boundary cuts right through the commune. (Numerous documents, c.16 pages, several maps.)
The next documents and maps refer to the commune of Pfitsch, east of the Brenner Pass, where again the treaty boundary cuts the commune into two almost equal parts (several pages and two maps.)
The following documents refer to the questions of Rain and Antholz, both northeast of Bruneck.
Paper file
TUN D16   1921 - 1922
Austro-Italian boundary commission: cases submitted by the commissioners of the interested states No.2, and reports of progress in the field. The folder contains documents and maps on disputed areas, i.e. cases submitted to the Commission in the Drau (Drave) Basin in the south-eastern Austrian province of Carinthia (Kärnten). There are numerous maps, douments, statements with counter-statements and petitions which indicate that the disputes in this area were many and difficult to resolve.
Paper file
TUN D17   1920 - 1921
Austro-Italian boundary commission: spare copies of instructions, especially on the practical demarcation work. Of interest is a blank form in which the exact position of a boundary point is laid down for the geographic registers. The form is in both German and Italian and is to be signed by both sides. The actual positioning of boundary pillars was carried out by Austrian and Italian military men, with the allied and Japanese officers and soldiers supervising the work and acting as judges in disputed cases. The protocols were to be kept by both sides for their registers. ("Verbale Grundbuchblatt").
Paper file
TUN D18   1920 - 1923
Austro-Italian boundary commission: minutes. The sessions begin with the first meeting on 19 July 1920 in Paris (the Austrian Commissioner not present) at the Service Géographique de l'armee. Not all minutes are among the TTB papers.
The first minutes of the year 1921 are numbered. Thus numbers 3, 4 and 5 are missing, also 7-12, 16 + 17, 20 - 22, 26. The last extant minute bears the number 29 and the date of 20 November 1920. The year 1921 begins with the number 32. The last minute of 1921 bears the number 69 and the date 30 November 1921. Strangely there is a minute dated 27 November 1921 which bears the number 30. So the minutes of 1921 seem to be complete.
The year 1922 begins with the number 70 and the date 10 April 1922 and ends with number 98 of 2 December 1922. The minutes of the year 1922 seem to be complete.
The year 1923 begins with number 99 of 30 April 1923 and ends with the number 102 of 6 June 1923. (On a dispute between the Austrians and the Italians as to who shall bear the costs of the automobile of the head of the British delegation.) If 102 was the last session, the minutes of the year 1923 seem to be complete.
Paper file
TUN D19   1920 - 1922
Austro-Italian boundary commission: vocabulary (German/English/French), protocols, resumés of decisions, instructions, and reports.
Paper file
Boundary Commissions, especially East Africa
TUN E1   1921, 1996
Brenner pass boundary photos photocopies; newspaper cutting about Anglo-German East African boundary; letter from Professor Gerald Blake about deposit of this archive [to help the work of the International Boundaries Research Unit at Durham University.]
Paper file
Number not used
Number not used
Number not used
Number not used
TUN E6   1910
Proceedings of the International Map Committee assembled in London, November 1909, HMSO, (with a photograph of the delegates from the Illustrated London News.)
Paper booklet, 18p + plates + 1p
TUN E7   1910
Another copy of E6.
Paper booklet, 18p + plates
TUN E8   March 1907
Capt T.T. Behrens, “The most reliable values of the heights of the central African lakes and mountains”, The Geographical Journal, (Mar 1907), p.307-326, offprint.
Paper file, 20p
TUN E9   1909
Index to map of Northern Nigeria, G.S.G.S. No.2461, (War Office).
Paper booklet, 52p
TUN E10   1923
Vittorio Adami, National Frontiers in relation to International Law, (Rome) translated by TTB 1923 (with additional chapter ?by TTB): translator's bound copy with frontispiece of Brenner Pass and boundary stone placed there, 13.x.1921 (see item A16 and correspondence concerning the publication of this book in E11.) Written on the title page in his own hand: author's own copy to be bound up with title page .......two frontispiece plates which are attached to it now (signed TTB), 28.Oct.26. (The plates show two prints of lithographs of the Brenner Pass area with a design for the border monument.)
Paper book, viii + 128 + xiip
TUN E11   1926 - 1927
Correspondence between TTB and his publishers, the War Office and the American Geographical Society concerning the publication of V. Adami's book National Frontiers in Relation to International Law. There is also a letter of 27 May 1977 to Mrs Mary Behrens from a Mr James Nairne, who obviously had a look at some of the East African papers and removed some of the manuscripts of the East African Boundary Commission and sent them to the Foreign Office, from where they were to be dispatched to the British High Commission in Nairobi.
Paper file
Number not used
TUN E13   June 1902 - June 1903
TTB: East African journal (ts) from his letters home: 2 copies (differing), with a covering note about their typing up 1969.
Paper file
TUN E14   June 1902 - March 1904
Further differing extended (top) copy of E13, being TTB's East African journal, typed up.
Paper file
TUN E15   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: East African journal from his letters home (unedited version; ts).
Paper file
TUN E16   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: East African journal, vol I (ts).
Paper file
TUN E17   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: East African boundary journal, vol I (ts).
Paper file
TUN E18   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: East African boundary journal, vol I (edited version; ts).
Paper file
TUN E19   1900 - 1914
TTB: 4 photocopied passports (1900; 1906; 1910; 1910); 3 papers conveying power of attorney to his parents and Brian Tunstall-Behrens (brother) (1902, 1910, 1914).
Paper file
TUN E20   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: part of East African journal, vol I (edited version; ts).
Paper file
Number not used, now incorporated in E22.
TUN E22   June 1902 - April 1904
TTB: East African journal, part of vol I (edited version; ts).
Paper file
TUN E23   1907
"Bericht über...zur Festlegung der Grenze Deutsch-Ostafrikas gegenüber dem Kongostaat und Britisch-Ostafrika von seiten der deutschen Kommissare in den Jahren 1902 bis 1905...", Mitteilungen aus den Deutschen Schutzgebieten, vol 20, no 4, p.165-223.
Paper booklet, 58p
TUN E24   1910 - 1911
Bolivian boundary commission: various correspondence with Major Fawcett.
Paper file
TUN E25   1919 & 1920
Information on possibilities for settlement in Tanganyika.
Paper file
Boundary Commissions, especially East Africa
Number not used
TUN F2   1902 - 1915
TTB: East African boundary commission correspondence:
1. Official and private correspondence (not family) 1902-1903.
2. Official and private correspondence (not family) 1904-1908.
3. East Africa correspondence 1910-1915.
3 paper files
TUN F3   1907
L. Ambronn, “Aus dem deutsch-ostafrikanischen Schutzgebiete”, Mitteilungen aus den Deutschen Schutzgebieten, vol. 20, no. 4, p.165-240, offprint.
Paper booklet, 76p + maps
TUN F4   19 September 1904 - 3 April 1905
TTB: East Africa journal, (ms).
Paper book, 100p, only 33 used
TUN F5   1907
Carl Uhlig, “Der sogenannte große ostafrikanische Graben”, Geographische Zeitschrift, vol 13, no 9, p.478-505, offprint, inscribed to TTB from Uhlig.
Paper booklet, 28p
TUN F6   January 1908
Carl Uhlig, “Die ostafrikanische Expedition der Otto Winter-Stiftung”, Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin, p.75-94, offprint.
Paper booklet, 20p
TUN F7   1904
D. Herrmann, “Das Volkangebiet des zentralafrikanischen Grabens”, Mitteilungen aus den deutschen Schutzgebieten, vol.17, no.1, p.41-64, offprint.
Paper booklet, 24p
TUN F8   1904
Carl Uhlig, “Vom Kilimandscharo zum Mero: vorläufige Mitteilungen über eine Forschungsreise,”, Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin, p.627-718, offprint.
Paper booklet, 90p
TUN F9   March 1907
TTB, “The most reliable values of the heights of the central African lakes and mountains”, The Geographical Journal, p.307-326, offprint, inscribed as “Royal Geographical Society lecture 1907”.
Paper booklet, 20p
TUN F10   March 1907
TTB, “The most reliable values of the heights of the central African lakes and mountains”, The Geographical Journal, p.307-326, offprint, another copy.
Paper booklet, 20p
TUN F11   February 1907
Duke of the Abruzzi, “The snows of the Nile: being an account of the exploration of the peaks, passes and glaciers of Ruwenzori”, The Geographical Journal, p.1-28, offprint.
Paper booklet, 28p
TUN F12   10 July 1902 - 12 October 1903
TTB: East Africa journal, (ms), with notes on animals ?seen.
Parchment book
TUN F13   1910
Bolivian boundary commission: address book, “Army Book 136”, with some correspondence and visiting cards inserted.
Paper book
TUN F14   April 1901 - December 1905
TTB: cash book, with an index at the back
Paper book
TUN F15   1896 - 1904
TTB: cash book. London and South Western Bank Ltd account, 1896-1904; regimental pay; Cox & Co account 1897-1902.
Paper book
TUN F16   November 1904 - August 1905
TTB: East African journal (ms) (carbons of p.1-29 from F12); lengthy descriptive letters to his mother and 1 to his father, from East Africa, November 1904 - August 1905.
Paper file
TUN F17   [c.1916 - 1921]
34 BW prints/postcards of the Alps and some individuals, with captions:
BW print of Italian soldiers with a WW1 glacier tunnel and a railway line.
Printed coloured map Handkarte von Tirol und Vorarlberg, 1:750,000, by Karl Schober, Vienna 1917, with the boundary indicated.
7 BW South of France views, including Roman amphitheatre at Arles, 1921, with captions.
Map of Africa, hand drawn, coloured, ?by TTB.
Italian topographical survey of Cyprus.
Paper file
Number not used
TUN F19   1906
Douglas W. Freshfield, “Towards Ruwenzori”, The Alpine Journal, (May & Aug 1906), p.1-32, offprint.
Paper booklet, 32p
TUN F20   22 September 1906
E.B. Poulton, “Mimetic forms of Papilio dardanus (merope) and Acræa johnstoni”, Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, p.281-322, offprint.
Paper booklet, 42p
TUN F21   June 1909
“Instructions regarding the training of special officers in reconnaissance at manœuvres” , War Office.
Paper file, 6f
TUN F22   January 1908
J.E. Edmonds, “Intelligence in European Warfare (lecture)” , War Office.
Paper file, 35f, some damp damage
Number not used
Number not used
Number not used
TUN F26   August 1907
Positions, Azimuths and Length of Sides of the Anglo-German Boundary Commission Triangulation (1902-1906), from Zanzibar to Mount Ruwenzori with Two Charts (War Office).
Paper file, 12f + charts
TUN F27   March - May 1905
Anglo-German boundary commission: maps and reports, 1904-1905, printed for the use of the Foreign Office.
Paper file, 80 + 30p
TUN F28   1903 - 1907
Anglo-German boundary commission:
notes and tables of survey readings 1904.
The Peaks of Ruwenzori, draft copy of this note dated 1906.
note on the determination of mean sea level.
letters from Schlobach of the German Boundary Commission (1903) with TTB calculations.
note on the differences between British and German results (1906-1907).
Paper file
TUN F29   1902 - 1906
TTB: East Africa: pay and stores dispute.
Not found 2000, and still not found 28 December 2019
Paper file
Africa printed maps and photos
TUN G1   1904
East Africa photos, wide landscape panoramas, with some views of surveying camps, Africans and animals.
28 copy BW prints with negatives
TUN G2   1905 - 1919
East Africa printed maps:
the Anglo-German Boundary from Victoria Nyanza to Long. 30o E. 1903-4, 1:100,000, (War Office 1905), sheets I, II, III, T.S., G.S. No.2118(a)-(c).
the Uganda Congo Commission 1906-8, Sheet 92-F and part of 93-A, 1:250,000, (War Office 1909).
Mount Mfumbiro and Lake Albert Edward (incomplete), 1:250,000, (War Office December 1906 with additions February, March, April 1910).
Uganda - Mbarara, Sheet South A36/A, 1:250,000, (War Office 1917).
Lake Victoria (incomplete), Provisional Issue, 1:1,000,000, (War Office 1910).
Lake Victoria, Sheet South A-36, 1:1,000,000, (War Office 1917).
Ruanda and Urundi (Rwanda and Burundi) (showing a possible railway route), 1:1,000,000, (War Office 1919).
the Western Frontier of the Uganda Protectorate to illustrate 'On The Congo Frontier', by Major E.M. Jack RE, 1:1,500,000, (War Office, July 1914), with an inset of East Africa, with pencil annotations.
Paper roll, 8 sheets
TUN G3   1908
East Africa: map of Abyssinia, Provisional Issue Only, 1:3,000,000, coloured, (War Office).
Paper roll, 1 sheet
TUN G4   1905
East Africa: map of the Anglo-German Boundary from Victoria Nyanza to Long. 30o E. 1903-4, 1:100,000, (War Office), sheets I, II, III, T.S., G.S. No.2118(a)-(c), all conjoined.
Paper roll, 1 sheet
TUN G5   1905 - 1909
East and South Africa printed maps:
the Uganda-Congo commission 1906-08 Lake Albert, sheet 86, 1:250,000, (War Office 1909).
the Uganda-Congo commission 1906-08 Fort Portal, parts of sheets 85-X and 86-S, 1:250,000, (War Office June 1909).
the Uganda-Congo commission 1906-08 Bulegga, sheets 86-M and part of 85-R, 1:250,000, (War Office June 1909).
Albert Nyanza, sheet 86, 1:1,000,000, (Ordnance Survey 1905).
Basutoland - Maseru, sheet 129-J, 1:250,000, (War Office 1906).
Cape Colony - Britstown, sheet 128-R, 1:250,000, (War Office May 1908).
Orange River Colony - Odendaals Rust, sheet 125-U-IV, 1:250,000, (War Office 1908).
Paper roll, 7 sheets
TUN G6   1909
Map of Northern Nigeria, 1:2,000,000, coloured, (War Office) (see item E9).
Paper roll, 1 sheet
Letters to Tunstall-Behrens, and his wife Joy
TUN H1   1884, 1896 - 1898
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents, and one to his father 1884.
Paper file
TUN H2   1902
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents, with the occasional letter back.
Paper file
TUN H3   1903
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents.
Paper file
TUN H4   January - July 1904
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents, with enclosures and envelopes.
Paper file
TUN H5   August 1904 - 1905
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents.
Paper file
TUN H6   1906 - 1907
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents.
Paper file
TUN H7   1908 - 1909
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents, including an invite to a state ball at Buckingham Palace 10 July 1908.
Paper file
TUN H8   1910
Letters to TTB, mostly from his parents, including a BW print from Los Angeles.
Paper file
TUN H9   1911 - 1913
Letters to TTB, including of condolence on the death of his father 1910.
Paper file
TUN H10   1914
Letters to TTB.
Paper file
TUN H11   1915 - 1916
Letters to TTB, and the occasional out letter to his mother.
Paper file
TUN H12   1917 - 1919
Letters to TTB from various, and some to his mother.
Paper file
TUN H13   1920
Letters to TTB, many from his mother.
Paper file
TUN H14   1921 - June 1922
Letters to TTB, many from his mother.
Paper file
TUN H15   July - December 1922
Letters to TTB, some from family.
Paper file
TUN H16   1923
Letters to TTB, especially on his marriage to Joy, including an adapted Punch cartoon for the couple.
Paper file
TUN H17   1924 - 1925
Letters to TTB and to his wife Joy.
Paper file
TUN H18   1926
Letters to TTB and to his wife Joy.
Paper file
TUN H19   January - February 1927
Letters to Joy and some to TTB.
Paper file
TUN H20   March - December 1927
Letters to Joy, including 3 BW postcard views of New Mexico, USA.
Paper file