Kenrick, Mrs Rosemary
Mrs Rosemary Kenrick

1. Memoirs
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Kenrick, Mrs Rosemary
Dates of creation: 1942--1954; 1987
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Mrs Rosemary Kenrick

Mrs. Kenrick, wife of John W. Kenrick of the Sudan Political Service (1936-1955), accompanied her husband to the Sudan where she lived at Talodi, Kordofan (1945-1946), Rashad, Kordofan (1946-1949), Omdurman (1949-1953) and Khartoum (1953-1955). See separate handlist for the papers of Mr. Kenrick.

The collection comprises the memoirs of Sudan Political Service wives which were quoted extensively in Rosemary Kenrick's book Sudan tales: recollections of some Sudan Political Service wives 1926-56 (Oleander Press, 1987).

1. Memoirs
Flyer advertising Sudan tales..., with list of errata
Memoirs of Bridget Acland, wife of P.B.E. Acland, covering their service in Khashm el Girba, Kassala (1927-1931); Port Sudan (1931-1934); Geneina, Darfur (1934-1936) and Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province (1937-1939). Subjects covered include first impressions, servants, trekking, entertaining, sport and leisure, church activities, visits to Suakin and Tokar, and wartime
Memoirs of Persis Aglen, wife of E.F. Aglen, covering their service in Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province (1940-1941), Singa, Blue Nile Province (1942-1944), El Fasher, Darfur (1944-1948) and Khartoum (1948-1955). Subjects covered include learning Arabic, contacts with Sudanese women including midwives, the Girl Guide movement, servants, wartime, trekking and the installation of the mek of Fazughli
Memoirs of Pat Arber, wife of H.B. Arber, relating to their service in Rashad, Kordofan (1938-1939), Khartoum (1940-1944 and 1946-1951), Kassala (1945-1946) and Ed Damer, Northern Province (1951-1954). Subjects covered include the journey out and first impressions, trekking, and employment during the war years
Written and recorded contributions by Lady Silvia Bell, wife of G.W. Bell, relating to their service in El Obeid, Kordofan (1945-1947), Nahud, Kordofan (1947-1949), Cairo (1949-1951) and Khartoum (1951-1954). The short written piece (890/6/8-11) covers life in Khartoum, while the tape recording comprises readings from her diaries, 1945-1947 on the journey out, first impressions of Khartoum and life in El Obeid and Nahud
(Side 1: 45 minutes. Side 2: 30 minutes)
Memoirs of Marie Blaikie, wife of J.A.A. Blaikie, who lived in Torit, Equatoria (1943), Khartoum (1943-1945), Khartoum North (1946-1948), Singa, Blue Nile Province (1948-1952) and Port Sudan (1953-1954). Subjects covered include trekking, sailing, encounter with a rabid dog and servants
Memoirs of Elizabeth Blackley, wife of T.R. Blackley, who lived at Singa, Fung Province (1932-1934), Kassala (1935-1938) and Gedaref, Kassala Province (1938-1939). Subjects covered include a description of Singa, social contacts with Sudanese, insects, making coffee, servants and separations from children
Memoirs of Kay Coriat, wife of P. Coriat, who lived at Abwong, Upper Nile Province (1927-1931), Malakal, Upper Nile Province (1933) and El Obeid and Nahud, Kordofan (1936-1939). Brief account of life in Upper Nile Province and Kordofan
Memoirs of Sheila Duncan, wife of J.S.R. Duncan, who lived at Khartoum (1950-1956). Subjects covered include her work as a doctor, pantomimes and the Girl Guide movement
Memoirs of Joanna Hogg, wife of P. Hogg, who lived at Shendi, Northern Province (1948-1949), Nahud, Kordofan (1949-1953) and Khartoum (1953-1954). Brief account of her life in Shendi only
Memoirs of Rosemary Haig, wife of J.W. Haig, who lived in Wau, Bahr el Ghazal (1938), El Fasher, Darfur (1938-1940), Geteina, Gezira (1940-1941), Dueim, Blue Nile Province (1942-1945), Port Sudan, Kassala Province (1945-1946), Atbara, Northern Province (1946-1949) and Khartoum (1949-1954). Memoirs cover only the journey out and the first tour in Wau and El Fasher
Covering sheet for memoirs by Margaret Luce, wife of W.H.T. Luce, which were returned to the author
Memoirs of Joan Lampen, wife of G.D. Lampen, who lived in Rufa`a, Blue Nile Province (1936-1937), Rashad, Kordofan (1937-1939), Kassala (1939-1944) and El Fasher, Darfur (1944-1949). Subjects covered include trekking, social contacts with Sudanese women, wartime, entertaining, contacts with American servicemen and insects
Memoirs of Dagmar Mynors, wife of T.H.B. Mynors, who lived at Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province (1938-1939, 1941-1944 and 1954-1955), Singa, Blue Nile Province (1939-1941) and Khartoum (1944-1953). Subjects covered include the journey out and first impressions, entertaining, sport and entertainment, trekking, bringing up children and servants
Memoirs of Mary Oakley, wife of A.S. Oakley, who lived at Talodi, Nuba Mountains (1927-1928), El Obeid, Kordofan (1929-1934), Wau and Amadi, Bahr el Ghazal (1934-1937), Kosti, Blue Nile Province (1937-1943) and Khartoum (1944-1948). Subjects covered include the journey out, insects, accommodation, servants, trekking, contacts with Sudanese women, wartime and bringing up children
Written and recorded memoirs of Elizabeth Paul, wife of A. Paul, who lived in Dueim, Blue Nile Province (1938-1939), Geteina, Blue Nile Province (1940), Hasiheisa, Blue Nile Province (1941-1945), Tokar, Kassala (1945-1948), Malakal, Upper Nile Province (1948-1950) and Kassala (1950-1954). The written memoirs cover life in Kassala Province including the Sudanese Ladies Club (890/8/1-15), while the taped memoirs cover wartime and travelling with children (890/8/16)
(Side 1: 30 minutes)
Recorded memoirs of Peggy Pawson, wife of P.H.C. Pawson, who lived at Waat, Upper Nile Province (1948-1949) and Khartoum (1949-1955). Subjects covered include the journey out, Upper Nile Province, health, trekking, missionaries, clothing, Khartoum, food and entertainment. Mrs. Pawson's reminiscences are followed by a contribution from her husband describing the district in Upper Nile Province and the climate, with comments on certain items covered in his wife's recording
(Sides 1 and 2, each 45 minutes)
Memoirs of Evelyn Simpson, wife of S.R. Simpson, who lived at Raga, Bahr el Ghazal (1930-1933), Damer, Berber Province (1933-1934), Kajo Kaji, Mongalla (1934-1936), Khartoum North (1936-1943), Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province (1943-1944) and Khartoum (1944-1953). Subjects covered include first impressions, health, internal travel, life in the southern Sudan, bringing up children, servants, sport and recreation, local girls employed as nannies, contacts with women of other nationalities, interludes in Southern Rhodesia during the Second World War and teaching at Unity High School. Enclosure:
1942 May
Black and white photograph of the Simpson children, Hugo, Judy and Barbara with Khadra, their nanny at Khartoum North
Memoirs of Eileen Tracey, wife of C.B. Tracey, who lived at Khartoum (1932-1933 and 1936-1938), Khartoum North (1933-1936), Yei , Equatoria (1939-1940), Wau, Equatoria (1940), Wad Medani, Gezira, later Blue Nile Province (1940-1944) and Ed Damer, Northern Province (1944-1948). Brief memories from each posting, including reference to purchasing boats for the Blue Nile Sailing Club
Memoirs of Peggy Vidler, wife of D. Vidler, who worked as a nursing sister at Atbara, Northern Province and Khartoum (1939-1942) and after her marriage lived at Khartoum (1942-1945 and 1953-1955), Hassaheiss, Blue Nile Province (1945-1949) and Atbara, Northern Province (1949-1952). Subjects covered include the journey out, work at the Khartoum Civil Hospital, habubs, servants, bringing up children, and involvement with girl guides
Memoirs of Daphne Waugh, wife of A.D. Waugh, who lived at Khartoum North, Abu Deleiq and Khartoum (1950-1955). Subjects covered include first impressions, accommodation and contacts with Sudanese
1950 Nov - 1954 Mar 7
Extracts from letters home from Dawn Arthur, wife of A.J.V. Arthur, from Khartoum (1950-1951) and Shendi, Northern Province (1951-1954). Copy extracts from 1949-1950 were not kept as the originals are already in the Arthur collection in the Sudan Archive. The letters were not used in compiling Sudan Tales as they arrived too late. Subjects covered include the weather, first impressions of Shendi, visit from the Governor-General, eclipse of the sun, entertainment, birth of their second child, signing of the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement, health problems and civil disorder during the visit to Khartoum by President Najib