Quinlan, Hugh
Hugh Quinlan

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2. Photographs
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Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Quinlan, Hugh
Dates of creation: 1923-1982
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: Quinlan, Hugh
Language: English

Hugh Quinlan

(1895 - 1987)

1922 Accountant, Sudan Railways and Steamers, Atbara
1922-1924 Acting Private Secretary to A.C. Parker, General Manager
1924 Temporary attachment to Railways and Steamers Police Force, Atbara
1925-1938 Superintendent of Police, Railways and Steamers
1938-1940 Commandant of Police and Prisons, Gezira Province
1940 Resigned from Sudan Province Police
1940-1944 Commission in the R.A.F.
1944-1947 Penal Inspector, Legal Division, Foreign Office for the Military Government of Germany
1947 First British Governor, Spandau Prison


1. Memoirs
2. Photographs

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Presented by Quinlan, 1982 & 1989

1. Memoirs
1982 Apr 7
Brief résumé of Quinlan's career in the Sudan Railways and Steamers Police Force, 1924-38 and in the Gezira Province Police Force 1938-40. Includes references to the mutiny at Atbara, 1924, which led to the formation of the Railways and Steamers Police Force (SAD.730/9/2-3), Quinlan's attachment to British police forces in 1931 (SAD.730/9/5), the introduction of first aid training for Railway police officers (SAD.730/9/6) and the circumstances which led to his resignation in 1940 (SAD.730/9/7)
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2. Photographs
A.C. Parker, General Manager Sudan Railways and Steamers with the Headquarter Company of the Railway Police Force in Atbara. Quinlan is on Parker's left. For enlarged copy see SAD.724/3/1
1937 Nov
Sudan Railways and Steamers Police First Aid class, all of whom passed the St. John's Ambulance examination and received the Association's certificate. Quinlan seated centre. For enlarged copy see SAD.724/3/3
Captioned: The first East African First Aid Class. Sudan Government Railways and Steamers Police Headquarters Atbara. November 1937. St. John's Ambulance First Aid Class of 15 Sudanese, including Yusif Eff. Mohd, Police officer, Sol. (Sgt. Major) and 13 N. C. O.'s who passed the Associations Certificate with distinction. In white suit is Shawish (Sgt.) Eheid Abdullah of C. I. D. On left is Lutfi Eff. Saleh Dawood, Egyptian and Head Clerk, who translated the lectures into Arabic, and helped in demonstrations. He received the British Empire Medal when the Governor-General paid a visit to congratulate the class
Large mounted photographs
Large copy of SAD.729/24/1 above
Khartoum central railway detachment of the Sudan Government Railways and Steamers police force during an inspection by H. Quinlan, Superintendent of Police (seated centre), with Sargeant Major Ibrahim Niam in command
1937 Nov
Large copy of SAD.729/24/2 above
Members of the Atbara sports club football team at a match against the Khartoum club team. Back row, from left to right: Evans, Lawes, Williams. Middle row, from left to right: Leadbetter, H. Quinlan, Tilson, Simpson, Ensor, Cavanagh. Front row, from left to right: Sparks, Clark, A. Tilley, “Soggy”, Dewdney
Winning team of the Parker cup football competition. Headquarters Sudan Railways and Steamers, Atbara
1909 May
Members of the Egyptian Club, Atbara
Sudan Church members lunch party at Church House, Dean's yard, Westminster
1932 Mar 25
Guests at a Maulid al-Nabi celebration held outside the mudiriyyah, Atbara. Includes Quinlan and his wife, H.B. Emley, the General Manager Sudan Railways and Steamers, H.C. Jackson, Halfa Province Governor, Mrs Jackson and Harry Dibble