Redfern, Sir A. Shuldham
Sir A. Shuldham Redfern

1. Personal Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Articles
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Redfern, Sir A. Shuldham
Dates of creation: 1935-1981
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Sir A. Shuldham Redfern


1914-1918War Service in the Territorial Infantry Regiment and the Royal Flying Corps
1920-1921 A.D.C. Khartoum North, Khartoum Province
1922-1923 A.D.C. Geneina, Dar Masalit, Darfur Province
1923-1925 A.D.C. Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province
1926-1928 Gezira Commissioner, Blue Nile Province
1928-1929 Deputy Governor, Blue Nile Province
1929-1932 Assistant Civil Secretary (Personnel)
1932-1934 Commissioner, Port Sudan-Suakin Administration
1934-1935 Governor, Kassala Province
1935-1945 Seconded to the Canadian Government
1947-1951 Director of the Commonwealth Division of the British Council
1957-1977 Deputy Chairman of the Sudan Government British Pensioners Association


1. Personal Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Articles

1. Personal Papers
1965 Dec 9
Letter to Richard Hill enclosing "vignettes" by A.S. Redfern and Lady Ruth Redfern, and mentioning Yahia Awad
2. Memoirs
Memoir by A.S. Redfern of his career in the Sudan, divided into two parts:
Memoirs arranged chronologically, concerning recruitment (863/5/1-2) and postings: in Khartoum North, including a description of Khartoum and of Muslim customs (863/5/3); in Dar Masalit, including a description of the journey there and of legal work (863/5/4-6); in Wad Medani as Gezira Commissioner and as Deputy Governor of Blue Nile Province, with comment on the marriage of Political Officers (863/5/6-7); as Assistant Civil Secretary during the Depression (863/5/7); as Commissioner of the Port Sudan-Suakin Administration and later as the Governor of Kassala (863/5/7-8); and secondment to the Canadian Government (863/5/8)
Comment on Indirect Rule, the elimination of the Egyptian element of the administration in 1924, how the Sudan should have been furnished with a federal government prior to independence, and the role of the armed forces
3. Articles
“The Bandit” : article by A.S. Redfern on Yahia Awad, a bandit of Kassala Province
“Some Sudan Experiences” by Lady Redfern