Catalogue of the papers of T.F.G. and K. M. Carless
Thomas Frederick Gordon Carless
Kathleen Mary Carless (née Fox)

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
Sennar, Blue Nile Province
Transcripts and biographical notes
3. Photographic Material
(a) Loose Photographs
(b) Postcards
4. Newspaper Cuttings
5. Miscellanea
6. Museum Objects
7. Printed material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Catalogue of the papers of T.F.G. and K. M. Carless
Dates of creation: 1921-1946, 1990, 2016-2017
Extent: 1.5 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: T. F. G. Carless and K. M. Carless
Language: English

Thomas Frederick Gordon Carless


1922-1923Assistant District Commissioner, Blue Nile Province
1923-1924Assistant District Commissioner, Kassala Province
1925-1926Assistant District Commissioner, Khartoum
1927-1928Assistant District Commissioner, Nuba Mountains Province
1929Assistant District Commissioner, Southern Kordofan
1930-1931District Commissioner, Upper Nile Province
1931-1933District Commissioner, Fung Province
1933-1934District Commissioner, Berber Province
1935-1938Inspector of Police and District Commissioner, Ed Damer, Northern Province
1938-1941Inspector, Department of Economics and Trade, Khartoum
1941-1945Assistant Controller-General, War Supply Department
1946Retired from Sudan service

Kathleen Mary Carless (née Fox)



1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Photographic Material
(a) Loose Photographs
(b) Postcards
4. Newspaper Cuttings
5. Miscellanea
6. Museum Objects
7. Printed Material

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Presented by: T.F.G. Carless, 1970; Andrew and Guy Carless, 2016, 2017.

1. Official Papers
1932 Dec 1
Letter from J.L. Maffey, Governor-General, to Carless for circulation to other government officials, concerning the effects of the economic recession
1938 Dec-1939 Sep 22
Carless's working notes in diary form on food supplies and the war effort
1939 Jun 28-Oct 18
Minutes of the meetings of the Emergency Supplies Committee, covering trade, prices, food and oil supplies
1939 Oct 17
Note by J.D.P. Chataway, Director of Economics and Trade, entitled “Price fixing and policy in relation to imported articles”
7 and 18 November 1939
Copy notes of thanks from Governor-General S. Symes and Assistant Civil Secretary J.M. Humphrey for the work of the (now wound up) Emergency Supplies Committee, on which Carless played a leading role.
1938 May 10-1942 Jun 27
Copy extract from a letter from Harrison's (London) Ltd. to Jardine, Skinner & Co. Ltd., Calcutta criticising their treatment of Russian ships calling at Calcutta
On the reverse is a customs declaration for a coffee import
2. Personal Papers
22 December 1921-28 January 1944
Letters from Carless (TFGC) to his parents, Thomas J. and Mrs C.E. Carless, chiefly the latter, with one or two to his sisters Lucy (9 October 1923), Eva (11 January 1928) and Nell (10 April, 10 December 1926). TFGC writes from Sudan, and occasionally from Egypt, Tanzania, or various ships at sea.
22 December 1921
S.S. Leicestershire. Voyage from Marseilles to Port Said, with [R.T.] Johnston.
25 December 1921
Shepheard's Hotel, Cairo. Rendezvous with TFGC's brother Harry Carless at Port Said, returning home from 8 years in India; riots in Cairo.
12 January 1922
A.D.C. orientation with Bridgett at Omdurman; meeting Misses Sayer (C.M.S.) and Evans; servants' terms of service, and banking.
25 January 1922
Meets at Sennar [D.H.] Kitchin and wife; first duties as Magistrate (2nd class).
18-20 April 1922
Makwar, Blue Nile Province. Effect of early intermittent against later steady rains on crops and social order; East acting as Resident Engineer during R.E.'s leave; many [dam construction] company employees and Irrigation personnel away on leave; praises earthenwares of local fellata; departs tomorrow to Hag 'Abdulla to hear cases; promises new batch of photos by next mail. Superscribed: replied 8 August [1922].
27 May 1922
Theft of private papers of [P.] Ingleson and [W.D.C.L.] Purves.
29 July 1922
Class distinctions within Makwar British social circle.
1 August 1922
Effect of the rains on workload and roads.
20 August 1922
Wad Medani; squash with Governor [Sir A.] Huddleston].
17 September 1922
Assisting A.D.C. at Hassa Hussa [Hasiheisa] to transfer 2,000-tonne durra grain reserve by newly lain Decauville light railway to (permanent) railway line, part of 3,000 tonnes due [from the province] at Port Sudan; appreciation of Huddleston. Superscription: letter arrived 28 September [1922].
6 October 1922
Pearsons contract for [Sennar] dam, chain dredgers, population expected to rise substantially with affect on market.
6 July 1923
Port Said to Cairo, Khartoum, and Makwar; clears backlog at offices at Makwar, Sennar and Hag 'Abdulla; farewell tea party at Makwar in TFGC's honour, with “little understood” Arabic speeches; journey from Wad Medani to new posting at Gedaref.
15 August 1923
Gedaref, Kassala Province. Islamic New Year's Day allows time for letter writing; repairs to a bridge nearly washed away; postal route, subject to delays. Superscribed: [?arrived] 6 September [1923].
9 October 1923
First polo since the rains; description of a typical day, with appreciation of Mr Mikhali, a Cypriot local merchant, and account of Mudir's Court; inability to read Arabic.
28 October 1923
Mawlid celebrated at Gedaref; books valued most as presents from home. Cotton sample enclosed (not present).
19 January 1924
Abu Deleig, Kassala Province. Passed Arabic examination; trek from Shendi.
23 January 1924
Uses Vest Pocket and Quarter-plate Kodak cameras; trekked 399 miles in 1½ months; requests seeds from England; Moghariba tribe.
5 February 1924
Land disputes adjudicated by Deputy Governor.
11 February-23 April 1924
Correspondence regarding the order and importation of vegetable and flower seeds from James Carter & Co., London, to TFGC in Sudan.
25 February 1924
At Goz Regeb, on trek. Game bird shooting; tribal networks; building new merkaz (district headquarters) recycling stockpile of mud bricks intended for barracks in 1898, roofing grass “brought in free by the Arabs”; large slide collection of [G.W.] Grabham.
11-13 March 1924
At Khashm el Girba. Travels from Goz Regeb to Kassala to Khashm el Girba; exhibition game of polo; description (with sketch plan) of Eastern Arab Corps and tribal grand parade and salute of the Governor [C.P. Browne] at Khashm el Girba, comprising 3,000 camels and riders led by the nazir of the Shukria, followed by sports programme including sword dance and parade of ‘utfas (decorated bridal camels); visit to eight diluka (dances) in the evening, prizes later awarded.
28 March 1924
Illness on trek; several months of trekking planned in Butana district between Kassala, Khashm el Girba and Abu Deleig, relieving A.D.C. C.H.L. Skeet at Khashm el Girba and spending a month at the mudiria; satisfaction with his photographic prints, 4½d. each. With pencil sketch map of routes.
16 April 1924
Land disputes, legacy of Mahdist-era tribal immigration; inter-district tribal transfers complicate budget.
24 May 1924
Pension contributions commence on confirmation; convalescent food from Khartoum; British Empire exhibition, and regret that no Sudanese delegation was invitied; visit of nazir of the Shukria (Kassla and Blue Nile provinces); trust in the nazir to adjudicate in tribal disputes; nazir was one of the post-war delegation to England; dehydrating effect of the climate; china crockery arrived from Abu Deleig [and England] in a barrel.
29 July 1924
At Kassala. Reluctance to accept next posting to Khartoum due to expense and distaste for “town work”; new (card index) filing system adopted for provincial confidential files; tennis and polo twice a week; means of crossing the River Ghash; Kassala Cotton Company new local area of cultivation.
12 August 1924
At Kassala. Trial of thieving servant of A.D.C. J.A. de C. Hamilton; social obligations preclude out of office hours working.
9 September 1924
At Kassala. Rains; anticipates composing annual report during midday halts on trek.
7 November 1924
Khartoum. Description of a typical working day, 06:00-14:30, then social activities (in season); Sunday reserved for making social calls before evening service; ponies arrived from Kassala.
22 November 1924
Aftermath of the assassination of Governor-General Lee Stack, Sudanese nationalism and risk of anti-Egyptian violence; memorial service in the Palace grounds. Superscribed: “Important”.
16 December 1924
Carless' role in events during the mutiny, and subsequent police decorations. With draft reply, dated 29 December 1924: family news, and recommendation of The Clash of Colour. A study in the problem of race by B.J. Mathews (1924), enclosed [not present].
6 March 1925
Ladies, and a battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment, return to Britain; office rearrangement; details military band concerts across the city.
12 April 1925
Visit of the Duke and Duchess of York; flight of four aeroplanes now stationed at Khartoum.
9 August 1925
Illness requiring hospitalisation; selling ponies in anticipation of home leave; relief is G.B. Crole.
17 November 1925
The Continental-Savoy hotel, Cairo. Met for the first time F.D. Kingdon [Sudan Political Service, a distant cousin] on voyage from Brindisi; ten ladies to be on Khartoum train - “absolutely abnormal”.
4 January 1926
Christmas festivities and social events at Khartoum, including Boxing Day meet of the Khartoum Foxhounds (Hare and Hounds).
24 January 1926
Visit of High Commissioner, reception, awarding of decorations to two Greek merchants, opening of Sennar Dam; triennial bazaar in aid of C.M.S. work in southern Sudan, referencing a pamphlet, about E£1,000 raised; Rev. R.J. Campbell visiting Khartoum.
10 April 1926
At Port Sudan hotel. Met sister-in-law Gwen Carless and her child Hugh on the S.S. City of Paris en route [?from] India; surprise at frequency of maritime passenger and freight traffic through the port; inspects new extensions to the docks.
10 December 1926
Kadugli, Nuba Mountains Province. Marriage prospects of Dr Churcher, C.M.S. hospital at Omdurman; satisfaction at departure from Khartoum; Nuba “a most riotously happy, lazy & quarrelsome people who live if they can in caves in the hills”, and government response; cotton cultivation campaign and civilizing inducements of the market.
9 January 1927
Christmas at Talodi staying with Deputy Governor A. Gillan, tennis, polo, party games, fancy dress; a meeting of D.C.s considers building plan for District offices, officials' quarters and police lines; plans for a ginning factory.
23 January 1927
On trek, by horse with mule train; description of trek retinue; effect of the sun. Incomplete.
7 August 1927
S.S. Lancashire at sea, Marseilles to [Port Sudan]. Accompanied by brother Jack [a quantity surveyor]; [fiancée] Kathleen [Fox].
12 October 1927
At Dilling. Criminal trials; A.D.C. D. Hawkesworth on trek to enhance his Arabic skills; probate of father's will.
30 November 1927
Kadugli post without a doctor; polo with Sudanese; building programme, officials' quarters, 40 police houses, shops in market; trek planned, triennial tax assessment (head-counts), the district divided into 3 groups.
[1927 x 1940]
P & O Strathnaver at sea, [U.K.] to Port Sudan. Many Sudan “folk” aboard, including Maxwell Harrison; daily routine of swimming, games, sleep, bridge, films.
2 January 1928
Christmas at Talodi.
11 January 1928
Impending first visit of new Deputy Governor G.N.I. Morrison; progress on programme of building and well digging, officials' houses, 35 new shops; unreliable postal service; return of Bernays, following reprimand.
30 January 1928
On trek near Kadugli, listing inhabitants; lack of permanent civil doctor [at Kadugli], anticipates inviting Dilling doctor on trek; illness of Governor E.G. Sarsfield-Hall.
16 July 1928
At Dilling. Leave and wedding plans; intercepting his letters as he travels north.
5 April 1929
With wife Kathleen; visit of eldest sister Lucy; purchase of motor car, and drive to Muglad; preference for the harder life outside of Khartoum.
11 October 1931
[At Khartoum]. Growing strength [after brucellosis infection]; reports replacement of Financial Secretary A. Hudleston with Treasury appointment; local [?Southern District, Fung] budget not balanced, further staff reductions anticipated.
9 November 1931
Kurmuk, Fung Province. New in post, describes quarters, arrived with convoy of 6 trucks; anticipates 20 days/month on trek; repairing road at stream crossings.
10 December 1931
Reports death of Edmund Batty in Darfur, of blackwater fever on 27 November; bout of malaria; wife Kathleen absent [in England], in late stages of pregnancy; affect of world economic depression on pay, income tax, and allowances, including assisted passages home on leave; notes overspending of other D.C.s.
29 October 1933
Berber, Berber Province. Visited with Governor P. Ingleson and wife at Damer, Province Headquarters; adoption of full responsibilities as D.C. Berber Northern District, with appraisal of probationer A.D.C. J.H. Dick; north wind and arrival of winter.
16 November 1933
Armistice Day spent at Damer and Atbara; administrative burdon of adjudicating land disputes; tennis with Sudanese staff.
6 December 1933
Cramped railway saloon quarters with Governor Ingleson and his wife on excursion; economising, opting for tennis with J.H. Dick rather than attending Atbara Races.
10 October 1934
M.V. Llangibby Castle at sea, [London to Port Sudan]. Spanish revolution delays disembarkation of passengers at Mallorca; anticipates trouble at Marseilles in wake of the assassination of Alexander I of Serbia on 9 October.
20 October 1934
Illness of young son.
17 December 1935
Past two weeks on tour; to spend Christmas with Maxwell [A.B.] Harrison (Legal Department) at Damer; attends Atbara Races, and invited to act as a race steward; garden and fruit planting; dines with [M.E.] Wolff.
14 February 1936
Reaction to the death of King George V; D.C.s [E.J.N.] Wallis and [G.H.] Barter touring the province investigating conditions of taxation; hopes to afford a car in the coming year; annual leave in May may be delayed by actions of Italian fascist state; preparing a report on a troublesome local “holy man”.
9 March 1936
Flies; anticipates more sociable new posting as no. 3 at [Damer] or no. 2 in another province; leave delayed; yacht.
1 May 1936
Damer, Northern Province. Summary of Damer establishment; Maxwell Harrison, province judge, tours two-thirds of each month; notes the “politically awkward” contrast between the local Sudanese people's reaction to the death of King Fouad of Egypt on 28 April (relative indifference) and the death of King George V (sorrow); military parade to mark accession of King Farouk I.
9 May 1936
Hospitalisation; shame and outrage at Italian annexation of Abyssinia.
2 March 1937
Refrigerator; shooting competition; visit of [Deputy Governor J.N.] Richardson [and wife].
10 March 1937
At Wadi Halfa. Surfeit of tea parties; tennis at Native Official's Tennis Club, led by Egyptian passport officer; visit of friend Dr E.D. Pridie, arriving from Dongola; rumour, from Sudanese official, of Carless' transfer to Khartoum as Commissioner of Police.
6 May 1937
Sadness on death of his Nuba syce (groom), Habeela, at Kadugli - TFGC's servant of nearly 11 years, first employed at the age of 11, and “like a son to me”; social engagements.
16 April 1939
S.S. Amarapoora, at sea; Port Sudan to London. Ship full of mothers and children; poor news service on board; includes note from son Guy.
11 August 1939
Department of Economics and Trade, Khartoum. Morning machine gun instruction course at barracks, as counter to any Italian air attack; housing with Maxwell [Harrison] who has a wireless.
27 October 1939
Irregular posts; tennis, golf, and hopes of sailing; understaffed and no prospect of leave.
14 March [1940]
Joined Cathedral choir, Lenten programme; fruit sent to the front; suspects Italian signals jamming; relays news of his family's “trying winter” in [the U.K.].
22 March 1940
Surface mails good, one vessel sunk; Fridays off work; choir - “Uncle Harper & the organist are too ambitious”.
[March x April 1940]
Threat of Italian involvement in the conflict increases work-load; serving as a Volunteer with the Sudan Auxiliary Defence Force, in charge of anti-aircraft machine guns; golf; first aid training for Sudanese staff.
22 April 1940
Visit of Maxwell Harrison, now judge of Port Sudan and, temporarily, Kassala Province; intends visit to Port Sudan, to see John Dick, on temporary duty; Dick's Norwegian background; [broadcast] sermon from St Martin's, [?London], and Italian music; personal disbelief at Italian alliance with Germany not widely shared; disinclination to take leave in Kenya.
7 June 1940
Tonsilitis; southern rains lower temperature; widely shared desire to be in Europe taking a more active part in the war; impatience with Italian vacillation; anticipates no leave this year; economising.
19 July [1940]
Disruption and re-routing of mails; further illness requiring hospitalisation; planned recuperative stay at Erkowit, “our so-called hill station”; rains broken, relieving record June temperature in Khartoum of 117.8º Fahrenheit in the shade (June average over 110º); family in England - evacuation decisions left to wife Kathleen; threats of air raids in Khartoum, TFGC serving as a Volunteer private in Home Defence [?Sudan Auxiliary Defence Force], as he did at school in 1912.
6 September 1940
Suffering from arthritis; reaction to death of Maxwell Harrison [in a railway accident]; air mails taking a month to arrive, surface mails 2½-6 months; planned convalescent stay with Forwoods; speculates on type of air raid shelter at family home, 162 [Sheen Road, Richmond].
22 November 1940
Reaction to news of [bomb damage] to 162 [Sheen Road, Richmond], rendering it uninhabitable. Telegramme.
18 December 1940
Healthy effects of 21-day leave at Alexandria, concluding with dinner and dance at the British Club; planned Christmas dinner party in Khartoum; new Governor General Huddleston “a very silent man”; TFGC's mother evacuated to Marlow, [Bucks]; reaction to Libyan victories and hopes for similar success in East Africa; sent by surface mail due to improved Mediterranean situation. Endorsed: received 20 February 1941.
9 May 1941
Hot weather; delayed mails, one surface letter taking 6 months to arrive; Pat's garden productive, citrus fruits imported from Palestine and Cyprus, and anticipates grapes from Paterson's vine and mangoes from Meroe.
13 June 1941
Regularity of surface mails contrasted with air mails; departure of one tenant prompts decision to return to live in his own house; dissatisfaction with current tenants, senior R.A.F. officers; gardening a respite from work; tennis and golf.
27 June 1941
Enjoying living alone in own home having dismissed final tenant; encloses programme [not present] for a recital by the Sudan Defence Force band, just returned from tour of Eritrea playing to units, hospitals and at the theatre in Asmara; strong wind causes damage across the city; golf; looking after Paterson's dog while he is away on leave; Nile rising.
22 August 1941
Sudan War Supplies Board, Khartoum. Poor reaction to heat; quiet social week; new organisation at office increases staff from 20 to 65; garden plans; power failure; watches Balalaika (1939) at cinema [with his golf foursome].
29 August 1941
Sudan War Supplies Department, Khartoum. Good rains, though river late in rising (gauge at Roseires); Kenya leave considered, South Africa - by air - too expensive; garden plans; regrets departure of Geoff Power to Atbara, breaking up golf and bridge foursome.
26 December 1941
Reminisces on childhood Christmases, in contrast to those in Sudan; carol choir rehearsing for performances at the military and civil hospitals and cathedral services; TFGC's mother and Mrs Elkington [the wife of a colleague] in contact with each other; curtails letter to listen to Winston Churchill's address to a joint session of [U.S.] Congress.
10 April [1942]
Leave plans, 60-day allowance as none was taken in 1941; work summarised, “trying to keep the economies of the country straight, controlling prices, supplying other areas with our surpluses and endeavouring to make people reduce demands on imported goods as much as possible”; critical of local consumerism, and anticipates sharp impact of rationing; choir performs Easter anthems. Incomplete.
4 July [1942]
War Supplies Department moves to better accommodation on river front, reallocated from Army; reaction to news of Libyan campaign.
2 October 1942
Children's schooling in England; heavy late rains in Khartoum; TFGC promoted and transferred out of the Political into the Civil Service (with comparably higher pay rate) to Assistant Controller-General in the War Supply Department.
21 January [1943]
Illness requiring a month's hospitalisation; desire for home leave. Airgraph.
4 May 1943
[Lushoto, Tanzania]. Suffers from arthritis and flu; trip to Nairobi dentist planned; late rains; applied for extension of leave to end of June on medical grounds. Airgraph.
30 July 1943
[War Supply Department, Khartoum]. TFGC's wish for more children upon hearing of the birth of a niece; demands of work require Friday conference, usually TFGC's day off; series of guests expected, a S.D.F. officer on leave, Dr Anderson from Nairobi, Donald Purves. Airgraph.
25 August [1943]
Anticipates end to the war, reacting to news of the last week; notes ware and tear on service china by servants; guest Colonel Acheson, whose family of five children is [now] unusual. Airgraph.
10 September 1943
Calm reaction to the surrender of Italy; anticipates requirement to supply coal to Italy, and “full economic control” in Sudan until TFGC's retirement in 1947; spring cleaning, in preparation for visit of [Donald and Mabel] Purves. Airgraph.
24 September 1943
Presence of guests restricts his reading, resting his deteriorating eyesight; 3-day American flight to U.K. used by two colleagues for home leave. Airgraph.
15 October 1943
Looks forward to more clement winter weather; positive effects of Mabel Purves' regulation of household; inception of the Khartoum Choral Society. Airgraph. Superscribed: received 29 October 1943. Airgraph.
28 January 1944
Hosts Deputy Controller General, visiting Sudan with large official delegation from Cairo; praises film H.M. Pulham Esq. (1941). Airgraph.
Reminiscences of Kathleen Carless, excerpts from Some Memories, of her marriage to TFGC in August 1928 and their life in Sudan, 1928-1939.
Transcripts and biographical notes
Biographical note on TFGC; with (uncorrected) transcripts of TFGC's personal correspondence (SAD.1004/3). Some letters are accompanied by contextual supplementary information, provided by Andrew Carless, son of TFGC.
Biographical note on Kathleen Carless, wife of TFGC.
3. Photographic Material
Abu Deleig District; Khashm el-Girba; Butana district, Kassala Province; Khartoum.
1 album
Khartoum; Blue Nile Province; Construction of Sennar Dam; Port Sudan; Construction of Kitchener Memorial.
1 album
Kadugli, Kordofan.
1 album
1 album
(a) Loose Photographs
1923 Nov 12-1925 Mar 2
Photographs of the building of the Sennar Dam, including:
1923 Dec 19-1925 Mar 2
Sennar dam during construction
1923 Nov 12
Sennar dam during construction, showing the deep water section looking north
Railway bridge across the Sennar dam during construction
Photograph of Sennar District staff group in front of the markaz, including Carless, Assistant District Commissioner (seated, fourth from left); P. Ingleson, Assistant District Commissioner (seated, sixth from left); W.D.C.L. Purves, District Commissioner (seated, middle); 'Ali Fu'ad Wahbi, Ma'mur (seated, sixth from right); and R. Ward, Superintendent of Police (seated, fifth from right)
Photograph of Sennar District staff group with Makwar sub-district staff, including (seated, from left to right): Sub-Ma'mur; Mrs Ward; Carless, Assistant District Commissioner; Mrs Purves; W.P. Purves, District Commissioner; Mrs Ingleson; P. Ingleson, Assistant District Commissioner; 'Ali Fu'ad Wahbi, Ma'mur; and R. Ward, Superintendent of Police
Photograph of Northern Province headquarters staff group at Ed Damer, including (seated on chairs): J.W. Crawford, Deputy Governor (third from left); W.D. Purves, Governor (middle); and Carless, Commandant of Police and District Commissioner (third from right)
Photograph of anti-aircraft teams from the Department of Economics and Trade, Agriculture Department and Customs Department at Khartoum. Featuring, top row (from left to right): Bashir Mahmud, Ahmad Ishaq, 'Abd Allah Rahim, 'Abd Allah Halim, Husayn Gefun, Ahmad al-Daw, Ibrahim Tahir; middle row (left to right): H.A. Nicholson, V.P. Wallye, 'Ali Arnaout, W.A. Tarttelin, I.W. Douglas, J. Smith, J.D.P. Chataway; bottom row (left to right): Yahya Fadl Sid, Adil Khalil, Carless, 'Abd al-Mun'im abu Rish, 'Ali abu Samra/ Photographer: Karakasian Bros.
1941 May 16
Photograph of members of the Committee of the Sudan Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Economics and Trade at Khartoum, including J.D.P. Chataway (seated, third from left) and Carless (seated, third from right). Photograph taken during a farewell teaparty for Chataway.
1944 Feb
Photograph of staff of the War Supply Department at Khartoum, expanded from the Department of Economics and Trade in 1939, including (seated on chairs, fifth from left onwards): J. Carmichael, Financial Secretary; M.E.C. Pumphrey; A.M. Telford; R.C. Couldrey, Controller-General; Carless, Assistant Controller-General; K.G. Haselden, W.A. Tarttelin; J.G.S. Macphail; D. Vidler
Photograph of Sudan Defence Force contingent in a victory march in London past King George VI after World War Two
(b) Postcards
Postcard of man on camel. G.N. Morhig (120)
Postcard of Shilluks paddling in an ambach canoe on the Upper Nile. G.N. Morhig (137)
Postcard of the Dinder River, Blue Nile Province. G.N. Morhig (182)
Postcard of stall selling zirs, pots and other earthenware, at a suq. G.N. Morhig (329)
1912 Feb
Postcard of Baqqarah or Hamar horsemen holding spears, during H.H. Kitchener's visit to El Obeid for the official opening of the Sennar - El Obeid railway. G.N. Morhig (435)
4. Newspaper Cuttings
1939 Sep
Cuttings from the Sudan Daily Herald: notices on the banning of exports, restriction of sales and the fixing of prices of certain foodstuffs, issued by Carless as Assistant Director in the Department of Economics and Trade
1940 Mar 25-Apr 4
Typescript transcript of a satirical open letter, printed in El-Nil, from Husain Taha to Adolf Hitler, with “reply”
1942 Aug 24
Cutting from the Sudan Daily Herald containing the text of the Governor-General's message to the people of the Sudan
5. Miscellanea
[1941 Apr]
Satirical note entitled “Resourceless ramblings or facts to forget” concerning the work of the Resources Board
Humorous parody of an official note on the food supply problem, with enclosed copy of the official note which it parodies, intended for the annual review section of a December bulletin
6. Museum Objects
Printed copies of portrait sketches by E.G. Sarsfield-Hall, comprising:
H. J. Huddleston, Qaid al-Amm, Sudan Defence Force 1924-1935 (black and white)
“Uncle” Harper (coloured)
Soldier of the Western Arab Corps (coloured)
Soldier of the Eastern Arab Corps (black and white)
Soldier of the Equatorial Corps
Printed portrait sketch by [?] of a Nuba soldier in Abyssinia in 1941 (coloured)
7. Printed material
Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC