V. H. G. Vokes
Victor Harold Gordon Vokes

1. Articles, Lectures
2. Miscellanea
3. Newspaper Cuttings
4. Photographic Material
5. Printed material
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Title: V. H. G. Vokes
Dates of creation: 1929-1964
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: V. H. G. Vokes
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Victor Harold Gordon Vokes

(d. 1966)

1925 - 1938 Head Clerk, Registry and Typing Section, Finance Department, Khartoum
1939 - 1946 Head Staff Clerk, Registry, Finance Department, Khartoum
1947 - 1949 News Editor, Public Relations Section, Civil Secretary's Department, Khartoum


1. Articles, Lectures
2. Miscellanea
3. Newspaper Cuttings
4. Photographic Material
5. Printed Material

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Presented by Mrs. F. B. Vokes, 1966-1968

1. Articles, Lectures
Typescript notes for a lecture on the Sudan and the beliefs and customs of its peoples
Typescript notes, 'a passage about the Sudan by Sir Douglas Newbold', taken from his inaugural lecture to the Sudan Cultural Centre
2. Miscellanea
1935 20 Sep
Invitation to the reunion party of the 9th Sudanese
Programme and menu for the Khartoum Caledonian Society St. Andrew's Dinner
[c. 1945]
Addresses of Sudan Pensioners. Typescript carbon copy list of names and addresses of men who retired between 1910 and 1945, with annotations
1946 Oct 1
Letter from K.D.D. Henderson, acknowledging V.H.G.V.'s retirement from the Sudan Herald
3. Newspaper Cuttings
1929 Nov 16 - 1942 Mar 24
Letts Indian and Colonial Rough Diary, 1932, mainly containing cuttings of newspaper articles from the Sudan Herald and features written by V.H.G.V., under the pseudonym 'El Tham', as well as 'Studdy' articles. Contents also include cinema notices for the 'Blue Nile' and 'Coliseum' cinemas, accounts of amateur dramatics held at the Gaiety Theatre, “Round Town” and 'Notes of the Week' taken from the Sudan Herald, which are snippets of news, entertainment, gossip, accounts of lectures and parties at the Clergy Club and reports on court cases. Also included are “Letters to the editor” and invitations. Volume is inscribed 'In the event of my death I would like my wife or children to have this record of many years agreeable labour' and signed "V.H.G. Vokes". The following are samples of the entries:
Examples of numerous notices for the 'Blue Nile' and 'Coliseum' cinemas
Cutting from the Sudan Daily Herald, dated Saturday 22 March [1930], entitled “The gum trade: a weighty warning”
Reviews of amateur performances of 'French Leave' and 'Chinese Puzzle', held at the Gaiety Theatre
Cutting, dated c.1937/8, entitled “Old bore in Khartoum”, making amusing predictions for the coming year
Parts of 'Studdy' cuttings
Cutting from the Sudan Daily Herald, about an eight day journey from Cairo to Khartoum and entitled “Khartoum through the back door”
Charity ball ticket in aid of the Sudan Warplane Fund; programme for gymnastics display by pupils of Edith Rosenthal; reprint from the Sunday Herald entitled “Gordon Anniversary Sunday: Mr. Wallis's lecture at the Supper Club” ; notices for the Great Britain cabaret; advice for tipping on board the Montcalm ; poem entitled “A spring clean” to encourage donations to a jumble sale; letter, dated 13 Aug 1941, sending thanks for kind words
Poem entitled “The Rubaiyat of El Tham” ; a review of Wanderings in Wildest Africa by Dugald Campbell; review of entertainment held at the Clergy House; observations made on the Halfa train; poem, entitled “If” ; court cases
Review of “French Leave”, performed by a regimental dramatic society; musical lecture held at the Clergy House; review of an arts and crafts exhibition held at Omdurman; review of art exhibition held at the Gordon College; court case entitled “Two teeth knocked out” ; children's day at the Clergy House; anecdotes entitled “The New Year spirit”
Pages 101-106 from the Diocesan Review, containing the entries from the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Khartoum
Lectures and parties in the Clergy House and the Supper Club; poem entitled “The keen eye of the little drop of grog” ; amateur entertainments by the R.A.F. Follies and the Atbara Players Society; review of Prisoners Under the Sun ; Captain Geoffrey Malin's lecture on his tour of the world on a motorbike and sidecar; special performance by M. and Mme. Ardziv at the Gaiety Theatre
Dugald Campbell's lecture at the Clergy House; court cases; combined service of the Armenian Othodox, Coptic Orthodox, Evangelical Church of Egypt and Sudan, Greek Orthodox and Anglican Churches, held in the Cathedral of All Saints, Khartoum; visit to the Clergy House by Canon Blackburne, chaplain to the King; party for soldiers and airmen held at the Clergy House; production of Chinese puzzle at the Gaiety Theatre; General Gordon centenary; bishop's annual children's party; Colonel T.B. Wilson as guest of the Supper Club; George Raft and his 'Bolero' dance; Mr. V.C. Buckley as guest of the Supper Club; Major General Butler's farewell lecture at the Supper Club
Obituary for G.K. Chesterton; commemoration of E.G. Sarsfield-Hall's 25 years in the Sudan; loose leaf containing list of names and headed 'Mr. William O'Brien Reeves'; unveiling of the drinking fountain in front of the District Offices, Omdurman, by the Governor General, Sir Stewart Symes; the Victoria Avenue tombs plaque; Sarsfield-Hall's booklet “Omdurman Past and Present” ; Major H.E. Hebbert, J.A. Gillan, Squadron Leader G.Y. Hill and Bishop Woods as guests at the Supper Club; poppy day appeals; G.W. Grabham's lecture on Abyssinia; children's party at the Clergy House
Bishop Woods' sermon at the Gordon Anniversary service; military tattoo; combined service held in the cathedral; annual party at the Clergy House; lectures by Sir George Schuster, C.V. Buckley and Dr. J.R. Mott; Major C.S. Jarvis's book Three Deserts ; concert given by the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry Concert Party
Supper Club guests, including The Rev. Canon John McLeod Campbell, G.W. Grabham, a group of four Sudanese who had visited England for the coronation and E.H. Macintosh; Armistice Day appeal; obituary for Sir Johnson Forbes Robertson; parties at the Clergy House; memorial tablet in Khartoum Cathedral to Dr. Kenneth Fraser; quotation on retirement taken from the Diocesan Review ; Gordon Anniversary Sunday celebrations
Book reviews, including African Genesis by L. Frobenius and D.C. Fox and The Royal Engineers in Egypt and the Sudan, by Lieut. Col. E.W.C. Sandes; guests and parties at the Supper Club and Clergy House; combined service at the Cathedral of All Saints; Bishop Gwynne's letter in the Diocesan Review ; annual speech day at Unity High School for Girls; retirements and leaves, including Major General Franklyn and J.A. Gillan; Mr. Wallis's talk on the Bordein, the Gordon steamer
Obituary for Muhammed Taha Abu Zaid Bey; E.J.N. Wallis as guest speaker at the Supper Club
R.V.H. Roseveare and Lieut. Col. R.M. Rodwell as guest speakers at the Supper Club; comment on Sir Stewart Symes as Governor-General; air-raid drill for the Coliseum Cinema; accidental deaths of Maxwell Anthony Buchanan Harrison and John Noel Richardson; Shaykh Ahmad `Uthman al-Qadi's lecture at the Cultural Centre
Hashim Effendi al-Kamali's lecture at the Cultural Centre; Sudan War Relief Fund; death of Chamberlain; Greek/Italian war; 1940 Poppy Day results
Reception given by Haile Sellasie I to mark British victory in the Western Desert
Programme for “Searchlight Tattoo”, with pencil annotations
Death of Elias Bey Isawi; Colonel Genin's talk in Khartoum (from the French General Staff at Vichy); Red Cross Ball and the 'Great Britain'; deaths of Peggy Paterson and George Gaines King; departure from the Sudan of Lieut General Sir William Platt
Hand-written article intended for the Sudan Herald entitled “Last year of the V. Shop. Reason for closing”
Folded map, the “A.B.C. Railway Guide to England and Wales”, also including Scotland and London and its suburbs
Several invitations, including one to the Governor-General's presentation of the Order of the Nile and celebrations for the birthday of King Farouk I
Letters and invitations, including one from the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Sellassie I, to celebrate British victory in the Western Desert
Letters, 23 Oct and 13 Nov, Anne Hibbert to V.H.G.V., expressing her pleasure on reading his “Poppy Day” notes in the Sudan Herald and thanking him for his support of the Earl Haig Fund
Letters to V.H.G.V., some suggesting improvements in his work and one from Helen Foley, Hon. Sec. of the Red Cross Society in the Sudan, thanking him for his help
Prospective programme for the Blue Nile and Coliseum cinemas for the 1939-1940 season; copy letter, 24 Mar 1938, Lt. Col. E.W.C. Sandes to the Editor of the Sudan Daily Herald, thanking him for the review of his book The Royal Engineers in Egypt and the Sudan
1945 Jan 2 - 1946 Apr 12
Scrapbook filled with newspaper cuttings, presumably V.H.G.V.'S own work for the Sudan Herald. Also includes theatre programmes, invitations, letters, etc.:
Programmes for theatre productions
Retirements of Miss de Peyer from the Unity High School and of R. Ritchie
Greek basketball match
Information on Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt, one of Hitler's generals and the death of George Effendi Habashi Habl (1893-1945)
Proposed Big Three conference; progress of the war in Europe; Churchill on the prospect of a negotiated peace; Gordon Memorial Sunday and retirement of E.G. Harvey Bey
Closure of the Victory Shop; Burns night celebrations; progress of the war; appointments and transfers of District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners during 1945; history of the Khartoum Club; retirements of Ossan Effendi Hassan Khatir and Governors C.G. Davies, E.H. Macintosh and C.H.L. Skeet, and promotions to Governor of F.D. Kingdon, E.J.N. Wallis and B.V. Marwood
Britain's war effort examined; Khartoum Club Ball and other entertainment; retirement of T.F.G. Carless; King Farouk's birthday
Magazine pull-out with reports in pictures of royal visit by `Abd al-`Aziz ibn Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia; feature on Russian pictorial art; Madame Tussaud's waxworks during the war; and New Year in England
American Mission Girls' School achievements; King Farouk's birthday celebrations at the Egyptian Club; Sudan Church Council annual meeting; 70th anniversary of Sudan Railways; advice on avoiding heat stroke
Assassination of Ahmad Maher Pasha, Egyptian Premier; Sudan Horticultural Society flower show and other entertainment; wartime in the Channel Islands; Unity High School speech day; wedding of Richard Ged Muir Bathgate and Cicely Stella Graig and the retirement of P.E. Williams
Death of Sir Douglas Newbold; Khartoum Charity Ball and other entertainment; departure of B.O. Bennett
Red Cross Ball and other entertainment; Sir Douglas Newbold's death; Sudan Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting; death of Philip Guedalla; founding of orphanage by Colonel E.S. Grogan; retirement of C.G. Davies; disappearance of Major Felix John Stewart Symes
Progess of the war; retirement of A.G. Hickson; death of President Roosevelt; Middle East Economic Conference; death of C.E. Allen; engagements: Captain Henry Anthony Pawson to Joan Ingleson and A.J. O'Meara to Margaret Mary Fonblanque; retirement of E.H. Macintosh
Examination results; suicide of Field Marshal Model in Germany; appointments and promotions;memorial service for Sir Douglas Newbold
End of the war; marriage of Gloria Vanderbilt Cicco and Leopold Stokowski in Mexico; Henry Wickham Steed's career
V.E. Day celebrations; retirement of J.A. Castle; creation of a new village, Dar es Salam near Singa; retirement of E.H. Macintosh; departure of Major General W.H.C. Ramsden
Churchill's telegram to the Sudanese people; retirements: Dr. R.W. Stephenson, Dr. E.K. Malone and A.G. Griffin; female circumcision; death of Alexander Cirigottis; victory celebrations; Nurses' Training School progress; visit by Lord Faringdon; Bishop Gwynne's birthday
Retirement of C.H.L. Skeet; summarised accounts for the Victory Shop; King George's birthday; films and other entertainment; record cotton crops
Military Academy scheme in India; new Khartoum Civil Hospital; plans for village halls in the Gezira; Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth as troop ships
Decorations awarded by King George VI; Christmas and New Year celebrations; housing shortages; Omdurman Council recommendations for transportation; progress of Buri Water Works; slum clearance in Khartoum
Death of artist Tomasso Perici; end of the airgraph Service to and from the Sudan; tourism industry; sighting of Rhinoceros Viper in the Sudan
General election result; Hantub Secondary School opening postponed; United Nations victory after Japanese surrender; enthronement of Bishop Gelsthorpe
Formal opening of the Khartoum-United Kingdom Telephone Service; retirements of Alexander Tilson and Leslie Harris; silver jubilee of the Kenya Uganda Railway and Harbours; final financial balance for the Sudan Warplanes Fund; Gordon Anniversary celebrations; visits to the Sudan by Dr. Eardley Holland, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Surgeon Rear Admiral Cecil P.G. Wakeley, Senior Consulting Surgeon to the Royal Navy
American Mission Girls' School annual report; awards and diplomas for the Kitchener School of Medicine; tourism; appointments and promotions; deaths of Basil E. Georgitsis, William Appleby and Hassan Effendi Muhammed Badr; a.g.m. of the Clergy House; inaugural meeting of the Philosophical Society
Retirements of Captain Arthur Leonard Vicars-Miles and Leslie W. Harris; death of Stanley Wilfred Lawson; 50th anniversary of Mitchell Cotts; marriage of J.W. Kirk and Gertrude Clamtatsch; desertion of a British soldier; King Farouk's birthday celebrations; death of Shaykh Ahman `Umar Hawar al-Shaykh; dangers of smoking cigarettes
Regulations for travel to the UK; death of F.J. Sparks; official visits and tours; appointments and promotions; smuggling and black market for grain; Sudan boat building industry; annual V.A.D. parade; departure of J.A. Smith
Official visits and tours; death of Sydney Atterbury Tippetts; increase in holiday costs; Unity High School annual speech day; black market and smuggling of grain; surcharges on water consumption
Official tours and visits; Rev. Cyril R. Garbett, Archbishop of York's visit to Khartoum; locust damage; death of Eileen Fraser; Red Cross Society awards; financial report by the Department of Economics and Trade; introduction of cost of living allowance in the Sudan; world food shortages
Marriage of Donald Calder and Mary Constance Allbright; feature on police work; retirement of founder of Sudan Scout Movement, G.A. Clark; death of Sir Francis Rugman
Various notes written in Arabic
1946 Apr 16 - 1947 Dec 6
Book of newspaper cuttings, mostly Round Town articles (presumably by V.H.G.V.) from the Sudan Herald, as well as complete copies of the Sudan Herald and the Eritrean Daily News, from which a sample of local and international articles are mentioned below. Contents also include theatre programmes, invitations, order of service for enthronement of Bishop Gelsthorpe and letters about newspaper and charitable works:
Official visits and engagements; death of W.L. Mills; promotions and appointments; retirement of Miralai W.L. Atkinson Bey
1946 Oct 29
Two complete copies of the Sudan Herald, including features on Russian military strength, Communist electoral success in Bulgaria, gangster killings in Los Angeles, US recommendations for atomic energy controls, cotton export market, “Round Town” articles, MacArthur's report on the occupation of Japan, US general elections, US proposals for Korean provisional government, Russian allegation of US world domination, Sudan meteorological reports
Deaths of Frank Crowther, Sudan Government official and Lord Keynes, economist; Sudan demobilisation; retirement of George Bell; transfers, appointments and promotions
Contribution of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan to the Allied cause during the war; King Farouk I's accession celebrations; retirement of Mrs. Liddell, Headmistress of the Diocesan School for British Children; fruit shortages; local entertainment and news; departure of J.M. Starkey; Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers; arrivals and departures
1947 Nov 4
Complete copy of English issue of the Eritrean Daily News, the “Final Issue - Special Souvenir Supplement”. Features include English Municipal Council election results; football results; royal wedding of 1947 and “Eritrea diary”
Sugar shortages, retirements of W.P. Archdale, C.R. Williams and H.E. Duckett; Sudanese students go to UK universities; evacuation of Egypt; cinema and other entertainment; local news
Local news and entertainment; official tours and visits; police war memorial; retirements and appointment; death of Dr. Winnington-Ingram; donation to the Sudan Government Antiquities Service of library belonging to Sir William Flinders Petrie, Egyptologist
Archbishop of York's discussion on divorce; retirements of H.G. Wedderburn-Maxwell and J.E. Kennett; forthcoming retirement of H.G. Foley; promotions, arrivals and departures; local news and entertainment; official tours and visits
1949 10 Feb
2 complete copies of the Sudan Star, with features on the unusually cold weather; the Atlantic Pact; the first glaciologist to survey long-term weather trends in the Falkland Island Dependencies' Survey; local classified advertisements, sport and entertainment
The US/UK relationship; US wheat shortages; Bishop Gwynne's 83rd birthday; record-breaking run of Yangtze River by US Navy; promotions and transfers; official tours and visits; retirements of Major W.R. Barker and H.W. Bedford; international agreement on purchase of natural rubber
Knighthood of J.E.W. Miller and other birthday honours; departures from Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo; UN Atomic Energy Commission's first session in New York; Sir Reginald Wingate's 85th birthday and his wife's death; promotions; official appointments; General Paget hands over to General Sir Miles Dempsey as Commander-in-Chief of Middle East Force; local news and entertainment
Nuclear bomb tests; T.H. West's tour of lectures on DDT; Sir Thomas Russell's concern over drug trafficking; Kenya's tourism potential; post-war reconstruction of roads in Kenya; local sport and entertainment
1949 Feb 9
Complete copy of the Sudan Star, with features on Nile Valley irrigation proposals; British and Sudanese news and entertainment
Departures from Port Said and by air; Khartoum rainstorms; Lady Wingate's death; Jose Campbell Penney's departure for Egypt; US pleas to UK government to open Palestine to Jewish immigrants; departures from the Sudan and retirement of J.M. Humphry, Governor of Kassala Province; new Sudan organisation on the lines of the Corps of Commissionnaires in UK; US cotton import quotas
Retirements of W.F. Cottrell, Dr. Leigh Henderson, E.V. Garland, G.M. Moore and G.F. Foley; cinema and other entertainment; Governor of Blue Nile Province's statement on the Gezira Tenants' Reserve Fund; Khartoum District rationing for Aug 1946, Sudan weather; departures from Khartoum
21 nation peace conference in Luxembourg Palace; promotions, appointments, transfers and departures from Alexandria and Port Said; Royal tour in South Africa; Governor-General's approval for the constitution of a Khartoum Province Council; sport and entertainment; UNO General Assembly meeting agenda; retirement of G.F.Foley
Sudan imports for 1946; experimental use of DDT on Sudan cotton crops; Palestine Federation; commemoration for Sir Douglas Newbold; the work of Emily Davies; promotions, appointments and 3. Newspaper Cuttings departures; death of Edward F. Fothergill (Sudan journalist); new special delivery service in operation; cinema and other entertainment; dissolution of the UNRRA
1949 Jan 27
Complete copy of the Sudan Star, including features on Bevan's Palestine policy; the “Lynskey Tribunal” ; Sudan news and entertainment
Retirements of C.G. Turner, Principal of Makerere College and Mr. and Mrs. H. Spittle; Nuremberg trials; potential for Arab appeasement over Palestine immigration of Jews; visit to the Sudan by Dr. Eugene R. Kellersberger, General Secretary to the American Mission to Lepers
Effects of floods, especially on the Omdurman / Khartoum tram service; closing down of ENSA; talks on controlling the Nile; W.K.H. Campbell's report on potential for co-operatives in the Sudan; retirement of Flight Lieutenant and Mrs. Hastings-Thomson; death of Joseph Tetley Hirst; departures and postings; resignation of Bishop Gwynne; Edward Atiyah's book, An Arab Tells His Story ; Battle of Britain celebrations
Flood damage; retirements of Yusuf Effendi `Ali Diab, D.A. De Renzy-Martin and M.L.J. Marasse-Enouf; appointments and departures; US/Brazil bi-lateral Air Transport Agreement; UNRRA refugee operation; testing of Paludrine against malaria; flood relief funds
Malaria warning from Sudan Medical Service; appointment of Captain D.M. Stuart as Commodore of P & O Fleet; plea for flood relief donations; local news and entertainment
1949 Jan 6
Complete copy of the Sudan Star, with articles on Middle East instability; Prince Charles' first train journey; George E. Kirk's book A short history of the Middle East ; progress of Sudanese students in Britain; local news, sport, entertainment and classified advertisements
1946 Nov 15
Complete copy of the Sudan Star, with articles on King Farouk's hopes of unity in the Sudan; divorce back-log; McCorquodale's Centenary Party; talks on world disarmament; the Supply (Import Licences) Amendment No. 10 Order 1946; local news, sport, entertainment and classified ads
Programmes for plays; programme for the enthronement of Alfred Morris Gelsthorpe as Anglican Bishop in the Sudan; invitations to dinner and parties; letter of appreciation of V.H.G.V.'s work with the Herald ; official acknowledgement of V.H.G.V.'s retirement from the Herald ; a Sudan Railways Map showing the Cairo-Mombasa route
1950 Feb 17 - 1950 Aug 10
1943 diary, containing appointments, addresses and newspaper cuttings, mostly “Round Gordon's Statue” from the Sudan Herald :
Clippings, including notable dates and industrial / financial achievements in the Sudan 1929-35
1943 Almanac and address/telephone sections

Hand-written appointments and notable dates
“Round Gordon's Statue” articles, including features on postings and retirements from government service, visitors to the Sudan, the “Mechanised Crop Production Scheme”, entertainment and sport
“Round Gordon's Statue” articles, including features on savings bank deposits, opening of roads on the Atbara Bridge, mechanised land settlement, water crisis in El Obeid, cattle plague, retirement of Bill Latham, Port Sudan's longest-serving British official
Qaid's farewell parades from the SDF; talk on School of Agriculture at Shambat; how to join Khartoum Co-op; tribute to Field-Marshal Earl Wavel; 5-year post-war development plan
Education grants; new Khartoum North Civil Hospital opening; new BOAC service between Cyprus and the Sudan; excavations to solve Sudan water problems; Bakht er Ruda as an Institute of Education; personal annotations
Cruelty to poultry; 5-year post-war development plan; Dinka life in the Upper Nile Province; retirement of E.C. Reed (Hoppy); production rate of government brick factory at Burri; grain situation throughout the Sudan; Zande Scheme (resettlement); new Sudan airmail stamps launched; personal annotations
Building activity in Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North; health of Field Marshal Smuts; death of Jock Vair; handing over to the government of the Gezira Scheme by the Sudan Plantation Syndicate and the Kassala Cotton Company; birthday tribute to Sir Reginald Wingate; Southern National Park and Nimule game reserves
Eritrea problem; Sudan Plantations Syndicate and its work; agricultural development; handing over of Sudan Plantations Syndicate and Kassala Cotton Company; progress in western Sudan; progress of radiography in the Sudan; importance of forest reserves; making of a film on sub-marine life in the Red Sea by Dr. Hans Haas
Birthday tribute to Sir John Maffey (Lord Rugby); Equatoria Province council meeting discusses need for more teachers; retirement of E.A. Turner, manager of Barclays Bank branches in the Sudan; Hicks Pasha expedition; Sudanese visits to Britain and America; the work of the Gezira Scheme
Slum clearance in the old deims ; US coverage of the Korean war; Winston Churchill as a writer; retirements of Dr. John Smith and Mr. Dunwoodie; farewell tea party for outgoing Governor of Khartoum E.J.N. Wallis; Churchill's warning against the Communist threat; Sudan Education Mission; progress of co-peration in the Sudan; Bashir Muhammad Said's journalist training in Fleet Street; advantages of air travel in the Sudan
“Round Gordon's statue” features: Southern National Park; successful Sudanese students
[gap in numbering]

Scattered entries, cuttings and enclosures: e.g. used Sudanese postage stamps, appointments, notable dates, programmes for Gordon Anniversary Sunday 1943 and Christmas celebrations in Tripolitania 1942
[c.1961 Jun 14]
Article on the temporary postponement of Roseires Dam project, with annotations by V.H.G.V. on reverse
1961 Jun 30
“Sudan News” number 29, press releases taken from Sudan Daily, concerning the construction of the Roseires Dam on the Blue Nile, industrial development of the Sudan Textile Mill, a proposed conference for the World Health Organisation in the Sudan, and summaries of the central and development budgets 1961/62
Article on the Khashm el Girba project (incomplete)
1964 Dec 24 - 1965 Feb 23
Newspaper cuttings, mainly concerning the Queen's visit to the Sudan, Sudan's internal political problems, the threat of communism, resignation of the Sudanese prime minister, death of Malcolm X 4
4. Photographic Material
Black and white postcards from the Game Preservation Branch series with envelope addressed to the editor of the Sudan Star :
Bush pigs and waterbuck, Khartoum zoo (No. 1)
Giraffe (No. 2)
Hippo (No. 3)
Elephants with young (No. 3)
Buffalo (No. 4)
Ibex and waterbuck in Khartoum zoo (No. 5)
White rhino (No. 6)
Tiang (No. 7: photographer T.R.H. Owen)
Mrs. Gray antelope (No. 8)
Pelicans (No. 9)
Crested cranes (No. 10)
Shoebill stork (No. 12: photographer J.F.E. Bloss)
Postcards from the Karakashian Bros. series:
Khalifah's House Museum, Omdurman (tinted)
Hadanduwah man with spear
Colour postcard of a drawing of Mount Kenya from Nyeri with the Treetops Hotel in the foreground
5. Printed material
31 Dec 1964 and 21 Jan 1965
Advance, [English language edition of El Medan, organ of the Communist Party of the Sudan]
Sudan Government Railways: Through Lower Nubia to the Sudan
The Catholic Cathedral Khartoum December 1933
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Related material (internal) Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC Sudan: monthly magazine, (first issue), Sudan Government, Ministry of Information and Labour
Sudan Government half-yearly staff list (March 1949)
Sudan in pictures, Sudan Government, Ministry of Information and Labour (Khartoum, 1962)
Sudan Tourist Guide, Sudan Government, Ministry of Information and Labour (Khartoum, 1962)
Visit the Sudan, Sudan Government Railways
Sudan Notes and Records, 6, No. 2 (1923)