Harwood, Frank Lester
Frank Lester Harwood

1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Miscellanea
4. Photographic Material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Harwood, Frank Lester
Dates of creation: ca. 1923-1970
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Frank Lester Harwood


1923-1925 District Engineer, Kassala Railhead, Sudan Railways and Steamers
1925-1928 District Engineer, Khartoum
1928-1929 District Engineer, Gedaref
1929-1932 District Engineer, Atbara
1932-1933 District Engineer, Kosti
1933-1934 District Engineer, Atbara
1935-1936 Maintenance Engineer (Projects), Atbara
1937-1940 New Works Engineer, Atbara
1940-1941 Assistant Chief Engineer, Atbara
1941-1948 Acting Chief Engineer/Chief Engineer
1948 Retired


1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Miscellanea
4. Photographic Material

1. Official Papers
1945 Dec 15
‘An account of some civil engineering work carried out by the Sudan Railways during the war', a paper written by F.L.H. at Atbara
2. Memoirs
‘My years in the Sudan' - memoirs by F.L.H. of his life and work in the Sudan
Chapter 1
Introduction - assessment of Sudan Railways at the time of F.L.H.'s appointment, 1923
Chapter 2: The Kassala Railway (1923-25)
Interview; appointment; journey to Sudan; purchasing supplies in Khartoum; travel to railhead camp from Haiya Junction; meeting with G.R. Storrar; description of work constructing the line from Abu Tikr to Derudeb; list of staff; repair of washouts; appointed District Engineer, Kassala line; departure of the Railway Battalion, 1924
Chapter 3: District Engineer, Khartoum (1925-28)
Table showing the organisation of the Engineering Department; reorganisation of the work of the section gangs; replacement of sleepers; marriage in 1927; trip from Khartoum to Atbara by motor trolley with the Kaid, General Huddleston; problems caused by the rainy season; low levels of salaries
Chapter 4: District Engineer, Gedaref (1928-29)
Description of duties; contacts with Eastern Arab Corps, including Orde Wingate; outbreak of typhoid; construction of the Gedaref/Sennar line
Chapter 5: Town Engineer, Atbara (1929-31)
Responsible for new works; effects of the world slump; reduction in staffing
Chapter 6: District Engineer, Kosti (1932-33)
Other British staff at Kosti; work consisted mainly of maintenance
Chapter 7: District Engineer "North" and maintenance Engineer "Projects" (1934-36)
Tour of antiquities near Halfa with Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Hunter; excursion to Meroitic pyramids at Kareima; lack of work
Chapter 8: New Works Engineer (1936-40)
Main project was Kosti Transhipment Station; introduction of the ‘standard railway brick'; preparation of a ‘washout' scale of dry rations; outbreak of war
Chapter 9: Interlude, Sudan Auxiliary Defence Force (1940-43)
No. 2 Anti-Aircraft Company; Italian raids on Atbara
Chapter 10: Assistant Chief Engineer (1940-41)
Enlargement of Wadi Halfa station; Italian capture of Kassala; work on surveys for a light railway from Qala`en Nahl to Gallabat, from Gedaref to Rashid and from Melawiya to Tessenei in Eritrea; construction of line to Tessenei and station there
Chapter 11: Acting Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer (1941-48)
Choice of Asst. Chief Engineer; reorganisation of department; projects undertaken; introduction of scheme for training Sudanese staff and of promotion committees; leave in Kenya; rise in cost of living; coping with highest Nile on record in 1946
‘Good news is no news', an article by F.L.H. giving his impressions of the Sudan during a return visit in Feb-Mar 1962
3. Miscellanea
Verses by F.L.H.: ‘There is another rapture'; ‘Sudan afternoon'; ‘The old Arab:' ‘To ...'; ‘The English sky'; ‘Sonnet on Phyllis's birthday August 1940'; ‘Spring and Summer'; and ‘Sudan dances'
4. Photographic Material
1923 Dec
F.L.H. on camel back at Derudeb
F.L.H.'s house at Atbara
New cottages at Erkowit
Mr. Deakin in front of the new dairy at Erkowit
Group photographs of S.A.D.F. including F.L.H.