Hills-Young, Elaine
Miss Elaine Hills-Young

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Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Hills-Young, Elaine
Dates of creation: 1931-1945
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Miss Elaine Hills-Young


1929 Joined Sudan Medical Service
1930-1937 Matron, Khartoum Hospital (second person to hold this position)
1931 Helped found Sudan Branch, British Red Cross; served as Vice-President for ten years
1935-1940 Lecturer in Nursing at Kitchener School of Medicine
1937-1943 Principal, Midwives Training School, Omdurman. Helped found Child Welfare Clinics, Khartoum Province and elsewhere
1943 Retired to Great Britain to do war work, having declined newly created post of Principal Matron


1. Articles
2. Photographic Material
(a) Photographs
(b) Cinefilms

1. Articles
1931 - 1932
‘Nursing in the Sudan'. Brief history of the Nursing Service of the Sudan, its growth and development, details of training provided, continued role of British nurses in the Service. Ts. copy of article from International nursing review
1942 May 6
‘A day's inspection'. A one-day diary of the inspection of two villages, their midwives and several patients by Miss E. Hills-Young [ts.]
1943 May
‘Red Cross flag day', broadcast over Omdurman Radio, 7 May 1943. An appeal to the British people in the Sudan and the Sudanese people to contribute generously to the third annual war appeal for Red Cross funds [ts, 2 copies]
1943 Jul
‘The training of midwives in the Sudan', broadcast over Omdurman Radio, Jul 1943. Description of the training programme begun in 1921 by Miss Wolff, at Omdurman. Expansion of programme, ante-natal and well-baby clinics [ts, 2 copies]
1944 Nov 4
‘Care of the child in the Sudan'. Address to the Nurses' League, Great Ormond Street Hospital, outlining the programme of the Omdurman Training School for Midwifery, the need for more midwives, and the growth of child welfare work in the Sudan [ts]
1944 Nov - Dec
‘Female circumcision in the Sudan (Surgical seal of chastity)'. Discussion of the brutal practice of female circumcision, account of an operation in Omdurman, and proposals to put an end to the practice [ts]
1945 Jan 13
‘The training of midwives in the Sudan'. An outline and description of the training programme for midwives at Omdurman. Importance of teaching basic nutrition and hygiene, development of Child Welfare Centres. From Nursing times [ts and newspaper cutting]
2. Photographic Material
(a) Photographs
1933 Aug
Imperial Airways first float plane:
Float plane, in water and on land
Views of Blue Nile/White Nile from float plane
(b) Cinefilms

Copies: The above films have been copied on to videotape for ease of viewing. Video 2 (B & W) contains all the film from 633/1 - 633/9, in correct order, whether black and white or in colour on the original film. Cinefilms 633/2 - 633/9 each contain a small amount of colour material which has been brought together on one video cassette - Video 2 (colour). Colour in all ranges is somewhat faded but many details appear more sharply than in black and white.
First trek. White Nile and Kordofan. Scenes of departure from Omdurman Midwives Training School: Miss H.-Y. and Sudanese midwives. Scenes of sailboats, cars on rough tracks, villages, horses, camels, grass huts, winnowing grain, camels turning saqiyah, women dancing, young children dancing, tall crops in field, village crowds.
[12 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
Malakal, Kosti, Gebel Aulia, Abu Simbel, Philae, Suez, Port Said, Stromboli, Rhodes. Ships, steel bridge, temple of Abu Simbel, sailboats, locks, walled city, view of city from harbour.
[4 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
1938 - 1939
Halfa District, Dongola District, Blue Nile. Float plane landing, village scenes, Nile banks, cattle raising water for irrigation, cars on rough tracks and sailboat ferry, market scenes, dam across Nile, picking cotton, flower garden.
[13 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
1938 - 1940
Midwives Training School, Omdurman. Class meeting outside, bedmaking demonstration, trainees going on calls, women and children dancing, children gathering firewood, women in boat on the Nile.
[7 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
Second trek; Northern Kordofan, Darfur. Camel train; riders and baggage; village scene; mud brick buildings; plane landing, Imperial Airways, Geneina; men dancing, with masks and spears; British women on horseback; British babies and children.
[10 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
1939 - 1940
Port Sudan, Suakin, Gebeit, Sinkat, Kassala, Gedaref, Gallabat, Roseires, Wisko, Kurmuk, Soderi. Harbour, ships, buildings along sea front, women with water jugs, camels, crowds, Jabal Kassala? views of round-topped hills, Sudanese soldiers marching, three men in felt hats, boy with heavy load on shoulders.
[9 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
1939 - 1940
Khartoum Zoo Party, 1939, Omdurman, 1939; Khartoum North Party, 1940. Train, large ship, Khartoum scenes: traffic, women, gardens. British children playing; animals in Khartoum Zoo; ports on the Nile; military band marching; oxen pulling hay mowers; winnowing grain; British children at party.
[11 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
Kosti to Juba. Rail bridge, British officials and wives, tall natives dancing with spears, children gathered.
[3 minutes, black and white, safety film]

Digital copy
Kordofan and Nuba Mountains. Beating drums, horse racing, monkeys feeding, women and children on an ox, mountain scenery, village streets, young women wearing only jewelry, schoolboys.
[3 minutes, colour, safety film]

Digital copy
Printed material
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. CROWFOOT, G.: Flowering plants of northern and central Sudan
HILLS-YOUNG, E.: Lectures on nursing for native orderlies (Omdurman, 1940)
LIDDIARD, M.: Kitab murshid al-ammahat
SUDAN [Condominium, 1898 - 1955], MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: Humanity keeps an appointment
SUDAN [Condominium, 1898 - 1955], MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: The first to be freed. British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalia (H.M.S.O. 1944)