AGLEN, Edward Francis
AGLEN, Edward Francis (1907 - 1993)

1. Official Papers
2. Articles
3. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: AGLEN, Edward Francis
Dates of creation: 1930-1938
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

AGLEN, Edward Francis (1907 - 1993)

1930-1931 A.D.C. Civil Secretary's Office, Khartoum
1931 A.D.C. Eastern Jebels, Kordofan
1931-1932 A.D.C. HQ, El Obeid, Kordofan
1932-1935 A.D.C. Central District, Kordofan
1935-1939 A.D.C. Eastern Nuer, Upper Nile Province
1939-1944 A.D.C./D.C. Wad Medani/Fung District, Gezira Province (from 1942 Blue Nile Province)
1944-1948 D.C. El Fasher, Darfur
1948-1949 D.A.C.S. (External), Political Section, Civil Secretary's Office
1948-1949 Secretary to the Executive Council
1949-1953 Assistant Director, Department of Economics and Trade, Khartoum
1953-1955 Director, Department of Economics and Trade
1955 Retired


1. Official Papers
2. Articles
3. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms

1. Official Papers
'Colloquial Arabic', a series of exercises with vocabulary for the beginner, probably compiled for the use of newly appointed officials
2. Articles
[c. 1930]
Account by George L. Harrison from Pennsylvania of a hunting trip up the Dinder in 1905/06. He describes the game which he shot, the men who accompanied him, the terrain through which they passed and the people they met en route, including an old man who had served with Maximillian in Mexico (815/1/47). The account was sent by G.L. Harrison to Aglen in 1944, who in turn submitted it to A.J. Arkell, Editorial Secretary of Sudan Notes and Records. The latter declined to publish it.
3. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms
No.1: Kordofan
Battleship, tug, ships in harbour, Port Sudan; suq in El Obeid, gum arabic in centre; street scenes; train at station; British officials at station - Arthur Charles going off by train; game of polo, including Coriat on polo pony (1934); young British children in garden - Honor Coriat (now Baynes) and Trevor Grice; British men on horseback, including L.M. Buchanan; prisoners at work, relaying the tennis court; mudiriyah ; gateway with flags flying, El Obeid; Governor's house and garden; El Obeid fula ; view of El Obeid, mosque in background; street scenes; suq ; Camel Corps soldiers; prison inspection under trees - L.M. Buchanan; loading lorry; tent; village with tukls ; signpost to Dilling being erected; road making; villagers, Abu Haraz, 30 miles from El Obeid; village men sitting in circle for discussion; porters on trek; watering cattle at waterholes; drawing water from well; women cleaning area outside tukls ; bushy terrain; camel; Aglen on polo pony, bought from A.J. Gillan; syce on pony; animal inspection by vet; British officials, including G. Bredin, departing on train (note black armband for death of George V, 1935)
8mm, black and white, 9 minutes
No.2: Jokau Post on the Sobat, Abyssinian frontier
Men with dug-out canoes; Shilluk (?) village, women and children; Shilluk (?) men with togas; cattle; young men bathing; village discussion; British official giving out chief's sashes to Nuer; moving cattle at dusk; cow with bells strung between horns; young men, their bodies smeared with ash, moving cattle across Jokau river, cattle massed together because of crocodiles; dead crocodile; women carrying loads on their heads; British officials on trek with porters and mules; pulling down a tukl on a raid into Abyssinia; village; Nuer men in dugout canoe; men wearing cloaks; biplane taking off from runway at Nasir; moving pony across river; porters crossing river, return journey from Abyssinia; men resting in grass; cattle at village; moving herd of cattle across river; young men with spears and young women (Nuer); Nile steamer approaching bank; loading cows on to steamer; view of village and riverbank from steamer; sudd; villagers and British officials at riverbank
Additional information from Aglen: ???Auban, DC Akobo and Romilly used to yarn until 2a.m.. Romilly could quote Shakespeare by the page and ate the same supper every night???.
8mm, black and white, 12 minutes
[c. 1936]
Gajok (means son of Jok)
All shots are of the Eastern Nuer, around Nasir
British official carrying rifle; soldiers and porters on trek in sudd, north of Nasir during rains; erecting tent; Nuer village with tukls and luaks ; Nile steamer with barges moored at river's edge; Nuer men with spears in sudd hunting crocodile; removing crocodile from water and cutting it up; Nile steamer; passengers on board; Aglen's film-shows on top of boat deck for Nuer who loved them; riverside village from steamer; man smoking long pipe (if no tobacco available, they smoked charcoal); woman grinding millet; children; Nuer man; cattle in sudd; group of Nuer men, tukl in background; typical cattle camp in dry weather; young man spreading dung on head; men covered in ash which they put on every morning; young men with cattle; views of cattle camp; tribal gathering; dog with pups; putting up a tukl; group of children; horse; cattle camp; men in dugout canoes on fishing expedition on the Sobat/Jokau; group of men seated under tree with British officials, including F. Hamer (Aglen's boss before Romilly); Romilly with handkerchief in mouth; young girls; drummers; young men dancing with spears
8mm, black and white, 16 minutes
British official and men with horses on early morning parade, Commandant (Beattie-Pownall) inspecting; cemetery with single grave of F.L. Hamer, 1936 (died of blackwater fever); engineer, Mr. Dougherty helping to erect wind tower; British children and women; R.A.F. visit; duck shoot; take-off of aeroplanes; Nuer wedding; marriage dance of Jak Kwor, Aglen's interpreter, at Nasir aerodrome, 1936; men preparing for marriage dance; bridegroom and best man; bride and party dancing; beginning of dance at sunset; evening trip by motor boat (British men); river scenes; men in dugout canoe; village and villagers on riverbank, taken from river
8mm, black and white, 7 minutes
Nuer men carrying spears, at woodstation; men hoshing; erecting steel structure; soldiers and porters on trek (tall man is groom of Aglen); porters crossing river; trekking through sudd on donkeys and ponies; Nuer men including man blowing horn; men with spears; sailing boat on Nile; men wearing cloaks and carrying spears; group of chiefs seated - case being heard; court clerk writing; man preparing meal on trek; H.A. Romilly (chewing handkerchief) in discussion with Nuer/Shilluk (?) men; tribal gathering; cattle camp with luaks ; British official handing out gifts; men dancing; man smoking long pipe; girls dancing; drummers; men dancing; on trek; crowd gathered around tent; Romilly; lorry with British official driving on to ferry; crossing river on ferry; cows with bells on horns; cattle camp; men dancing
8mm, black and white, 14 minutes
[c. 1938]
Daga and Kigille posts
Uduk and Burun tribes; tsetse fly country so no animals; porters on trek through wooded terrain; setting off after a break; village with tukls ; SDF soldiers at attention (in charge of porters); kit inspection of police at Kigille post; porters on trek; road into village; Daga post rest house; Wedderburn-Maxwell; men cutting down tree; porters arriving at village; Aglen seated on dead animal; men with spears; top of Jebel Gemmi (10,000 ft); climbing down jabal ; porcupine at Kigille; clearing path through wood; four Ethiopians (Galla tribe?); on trek through bamboo; lorry crossing khawr ; spearing crocodile; mission station; men dancing; fence around village; SDF soldiers; men with cattle; sacrificing cow
8mm, black and white, 10 minutes
[c. 1938]
Trip up Nile
Carrying luggage on to Nile steamer; White Nile bridge open for steamer; view of villages on bank from steamer; tribal gathering, British and Egyptian flags flying; men dancing; view of flat countryside from steamer; woodstation; steamer at bank; British official; Mrs. Beattie-Pownall standing by lorry; Shilluk (?) men with spears and shields at gathering; man blowing horn; dancing andmock fighting; British officials; seaplane taking off; view of riverbank from steamer; British officials disembarking from steamer at Malakal; John Winder and others in Malakal swimming pool
8mm, black and white, 6 minutes
[c. 1938]
Train at No.6 desert station; men carrying dead lion; British man standing over lion; porters on trek; pushing lorry; ferry (at dusk); loading lorry on to and driving off ferry; craftsman at work; men carrying loads on poles; view from moving lorry; buffalo; village
8mm, black and white, 5 minutes
[c. 1938]
Leopard skin trial
Nuer witch doctor with spear wearing leopard skin; 3 men with sacrificial goat. If blood spurts out it is said to fall on guilty man. This man then sits on the leopard skin. Appears not guilty; second goat being killed
8mm, black and white, 3 minutes
SAD.Video 15
Time-coded VHS video copy of films 765/5 - 765/13.