Thomas Hogg Manuscripts
Thomas Hogg
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Reference code: GB-0033-HOG
Title: Thomas Hogg Manuscripts
Dates of creation: 17th and 18th century, with transcriptions of material back to 13th century.
Extent: 4 volumes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: material collected by Thomas Hogg, partially in the course of his work as agent for Durham Dean & Chapter estates.
Language: English

Thomas Hogg

Details of Thomas Hogg's life are elusive. According to the D.N.B article on his grandson Thomas Jefferson Hogg (1792-1862), Thomas Hogg made a fortune as the Dean & Chapter's land agent. He first appears in their records in 1739 (Treasurer's Books Michaelmas 1739/40) and then signs the Treasurer's Discharge in 1742 (Audit Book A V). When he ceased to act as their land agent is not clear, but in a letter to Thomas Wells of 29 July 1771 (Hogg MS. 3 f.4r), Hogg states that he had not been concerned with Dean & Chapter estates for some time. He continued, however, to be active as a land agent on behalf of other clients and many individual members of the Chapter. Hogg married Ann, only child and heiress of John Jefferson of Norton, descendant of John Jefferson, Solicitor General for Durham during the Restoration period (W. Fordyce, History ... of Durham (1857) i, p. 205), an alliance which probably accounts for the inclusion in the manuscripts of transcripts of a number of documents relating to the elder Jefferson (e.g. Hogg MS.1, nos. 12, 13).


The manuscripts consist of three volumes of transcripts, with a few original documents, concerning Durham Cathedral, City and County (Hogg MSS 1, 2 and 4) and a letter-book (Hogg MS. 3) in which Hogg copied or wrote drafts of his own outgoing letters, 1771-76. The letter-book records primarily his business affairs, both his own purchasing activities and his work for those who used him as an agent, but it is also a mine of information on local personalities and contemporary events and social life. The volumes of transcripts are concerned particularly with the government of Durham City, with 17th and 18th century land surveys, enclosures and tithe disputes, and with revenues and other matters of the Dean and Chapter. Some of the transcripts were no doubt copied for their antiquarian interest, but most were more probably assembled as background reference material for Thomas Hogg's work.

Accession details

The Hogg MSS were presented to Durham University Library in 1907 by Thomas Jefferson Hogg of Norton, Co. Durham, and comprise four volumes of manuscripts of his forebear, Thomas Hogg (d. 1776), also of Norton, land agent to the Durham Dean and Chapter.


The material is bound in four volumes.

Collection description

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A further quantity of manuscripts and printed books of the Hogg family of Norton were sold at Christies's auction BKS 1412 at South Kensington, 14 December 1984, but were unfortunately heavily lotted (lots 4-14). These included letters to Thomas Hogg, six estate books, and related receipts (lot 5). Durham University Library bid for most of the manuscript material but was successful only in acquiring lot 14 (commonplace books of John Hogg, Thomas Hogg's grandson, now among the Library's Additional MSS.) Lot 13 went to Yale University, and the rest of the material is thought to have been widely dispersed.


References are given separately under each entry.


Hogg MS.1
Volume of transcripts of charters, grants, orders, etc., largely concerning the government of the City of Durham. Written in the 18th century, pp. iii and 1-70 in a large clear copyist's hand, pp.71-75 at least partly in the hand of Thomas Hogg. Some errors in pp. 1-70 (e.g. date of no. 4) suggest that the accuracy of the copyist, or possibly his sources, cannot entirely be relied on.
iv, 86pp.
Size: 375 x 245 mm.
Binding: Early 20th century marbled paper over stiff cardboard boards, buckram spine, trade label of T. Caldcleugh & Son, bookbinders etc. 45 Saddler St., Durham, on front pastedown.
Index terms
Hogg, Thomas, -1776
Durham (England) -- History
Durham (England : County) -- History
Charters and articles of incorporation
p. iii.
Contents table for pp. 1-70
Hogg MS.1/1 (p.1)   Original: in or before 1179/80.
Language:   Latin
Copy of Charter of Hugh du Puiset, Bishop of Durham (1153-1195) to the Burgesses of the City of Durham, freeing them from merchets, heriots and fines of "intoll" and "utoll", and granting them the same privileges enjoyed by the burgesses of Newcastle.
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library, Ms. Allan 7, p. 8.
Hogg MS.1/2 (p.7)   Original: 16 March 1179/80
Language:   Latin
Confirmation of above grant, by Pope Alexander III (1159- 1181), from the Lateran.
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library, Ms. Allan 7, p.8.
Hogg MS.1/3 (pp. 2-3)   31 March 1450
Grant to the Corpus Christi Guild of St. Nicholas' Church, Durham, by Thomas Billingham [of Crook Hall] Esq., of permission to enclose and cover a well on his manor of Sidgate near Framwellgate, and to pipe the water to the pant in the Market Place, for the use of the men and burgesses of the city, at 13d. a year rent, to be paid on St. Martin's day.
See also: Durham civic memorials, ed. C.E. Whiting (Surtees Society, vol. 160) (1952), p. 17.
Hogg MS.1/4 (p. 4-5)   20 July 12 Neville [recte 13 Neville, 1450]
Language:   Latin
Letters Patent of Robert Neville, Bishop of Durham (1138-57) confirming the above grant.
Date appears wrongly in transcript as 12 Neville, but in DKR as 13 Neville.
Mentioned (original): PRO, Deputy Keeper's Report, 34 (London 1873), p.200.
Hogg MS.1/5 (pp.6-7)   3 April 30 Langley [1436]
Language:   Latin
Grant from Bishop Langley, establishing the Corpus Christi Guild of the Church of St. Nicholas in Durham.
Mentioned (original): PRO, Deputy Keeper's Report, 33 (1872), p.133
Hogg MS.1/6 (p. 8)   5 April 30 Langley [1436]
License from Bishop Langley to the Corpus Christi Guild of St. Nicholas Church, Durham to acquire lands etc to the value of xd. [£10 according to DKR ], but not those that are held of the Bishop.
Mentioned (original): PRO, Deputy Keeper's Report, 33 (1872), p. 133
Hogg MS.1/7 (pp. 8-9)   12 January 10 Neville [1448]
Language:   Latin
Grant from Bishop Neville of the office of Marshal or Clerk of the Market within the Bishopric of Durham to Robert Kelsey. "Per breve de privato sigillo".
Hogg MS.1/8 (pp. 9-15)   30 January 8 Elizabeth I [1566]
Letters Patent of James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham (1561-1576), granting the burgesses of Durham a new charter, incorporating the City of Durham and Framwellgate in one body, to be governed by an Alderman with the assistance of 12 Burgesses, the Burgesses to continue for life, if it please the Bishop, the Alderman to be elected annually from among them.
Printed: W. Hutchinson History ... of Durham, ii (1787), pp. 16-19.
Hogg MS.1/9 (p. 15)    (No date)
Form of oath and subscription taken by the Mayor of Durham at his election.
Hogg MS.1/10 (p. 16)    (No date)
Repudiation of the oath of Solemn league and covenant, signed by Henry Wanles, Mayor.
Hogg MS.1/11 (p. 16)   4 October 1668
Memorandum recording the oaths taken by Nicholas Richardson at his election to the Mayoralty of Durham. With names of witnesses.
Hogg MS.1/12 (p. 16-17)   21 October 1679
Language:   Latin
Deed of appointment of John Jefferson as Steward or Recorder of the town court of Durham and Framwellgate, by Cuthbert Hutchinson, Mayor.
Hogg MS.1/13 (p.18)   3 April 1685
Language:   Latin
Deed of Appointment of John Jefferson to the Stewardship of the town court of Durham, by Marmaduke Allenson, Mayor.
Hogg MS.1/14 (pp. 19-20)   24 August 1683.
a. Grant to Alderman John Duck, from John Hutchinson, Mayor, of permission to construct a pipe, conveying water from the pant in the Market place to his own home.
b. A list of the 24 members of the Common Council who consented with the Mayor and Aldermen to the above order.
Hogg MS.1/15 (p.21)   12 March 1685/6
Memorandum of a general meeting, held in Durham, where the new Charter of incorporation, dated 7 March, 1 James II [1686] was read, and recording the election of Marmaduke Allenson to the Mayoralty, and the appointment of 12 Burgesses (named) as Aldermen.
This charter, granted by Bishop Crewe after he had in 1684 demanded the surrender of Bishop Matthew's 1602 charter, appears to have become null in 1689, when the 1602 charter was revived (see below nos 23-24.)
For a copy of the 1686 charter see Hogg Ms. 2, no. 9.
Hogg MS.1/15a
Strip of paper tipped in before p.21 with note of the order of the Mayor etc. surrendering the 1602 charter to Bishop Crewe, 25 August 1684, and of issue of new charter, 7 March 1 James II [1686].
Hogg MS.1/16 (p. 21)   19 March 1685/6
Memorandum of the election of 24 members of the Common Council of the City of Durham, with a list of those elected, and a note of the appointment of 2 sergeants to the Mayor and Aldermen.
Hogg MS.1/17 (p. 23)   13 March 1687/8
Order from Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, removing George Morland from being an Alderman of the City of Durham, and requiring the Mayor and Aldermen to appoint a replacement.
Hogg MS.1/18 (p. 23)   14 May 1689
Letter of resignation of Sir John Duck from the position of Alderman of the City of Durham.
Hogg MS.1/19 (pp. 24-5)   24 May 1689
Memorandum of a meeting of the Mayor, Alderman, and Common Council of Durham, to elect a new Alderman to replace Sir John Duck, with the names of those present, and of the election of John Gordon of Shacklock Hall, and his acceptance of the office.
Hogg MS.1/20 (pp.26-42)   [21 September] 1602
Letters Patent of Tobias Matthew, Bishop of Durham (1596-1606), granting a new charter to the City of Durham and Framwellgate, constituting the burgesses and inhabitants a body politic and corporate composed of a Mayor, 12 Aldermen, and 24 Common Council men, who are to be elected from twelve specific trades. Grants powers to make by-laws, confirms earlier grants of rights to hold courts, fairs and markets, and to collect tolls. Grants power to hold a borough court, view of frankpledge and court leet, and to hold a Saturday market and three annual fairs, and nominates a clerk of the market.
In an English translation by George Barkas, Public Notary and deputy to John Jefferson, Recorder of Durham.
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library Allan Ms. 7., p. 12 (Latin.); p. 42 (English)
Hogg MS.1/21 (pp. 42-5)   15 February [1606]
Letters Patent of James I, confirming the charter of Bishop Matthew to Durham City.
An English Translation.
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library Allan Ms 7 p.12 (Latin), p.42 (English).
Hogg MS.1/22 (pp.45-53)   6 September 1637.
Decree concerning the law suit brought in the Durham Chancery Court by Thomas Mann and others, lessees of the tolls, against Margaret Forster and others, concerning the ancient right of scavage or toll corn.
Restricts the measure exacted by the farmers of the tolls to one uniform pint per bushel, and modifies the time of exacting the duty to noon.
Another copy: Durham Cathedral Library, Ms. Allan 7, p. 116.
Hogg MS.1/23 (p. 54)   25 August 1684.
Surrender by the Mayor (John Hutchinson), Aldermen and Common Council of Durham (with a list of their names), of the Charter of Incorporation granted by Bishop Matthew in 1602 (see item Hogg MS.1/20) to Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham.
Printed: Hutchinson, History ... of Durham, ii pp. 31-2.
Hogg MS.1/24 (pp. 55-9)   21 January 1688/[89]
Account of the redelivery by Robert Delavall (appointed mayor by Bishop Crewe) of the charter of 1602 and confirmation of 1606 (surrendered to Bishop Crewe by John Hutchinson, mayor, in 1684) back to John Hutchinson and the Aldermen and Common Council, and of the surrender of and reappointment to the office of Mayor of Robert Delavall, and election of two Aldermen.
Hogg MS.1/25 (pp. 60-61)   4 February 1688/[89]
Memorandum recording the election of 9 Common Council men from specific trades.
Hogg MS.1/26 (pp. 61-2)   8 February 1688/[89]
Memorandum recording the meeting of the Mayor, Aldermen, and members of the Common Council to elect a new Alderman, in the place of Charles Mountagu (with a list of names of those present) and the election of William Greeveson, and his acceptance of the office.
Hogg MS.1/27 (pp. 63-9)   7 September 1664
Decree of the Durham Court of Chancery, concerning the payment and collection of scavage corn, in the case brought by Stephen Thompson and others, lessees of the tolls, against Roger Talbot.
Hogg MS.1/28 (p. 70)   24 December 1664
Order for the performance of the decree Hogg MS.1/27.
Hogg MS.1/29 (p.71)   17 October 1773
Letter to John Lambton Esq., M.P., at Harraton Hall, nr. Durham, from George Brooks, Auckland Castle, writing on behalf of the Bishop of Durham [John Egerton, Bishop 1771- 87], sending a copy of the report [Hogg MS.1/30] prepared by the Attorney General of the Durham Palatinate, to whom the Bishop had referred petitions for a new charter for the City of Durham. Copy in the hand of Thomas Hogg.
Hogg MS.1/30 (pp. 71-5)   7 August 1773
The report of the Attorney General, James Wallace, referred to in Hogg MS.1/29.
Copy, at least partly in Thomas Hogg's hand.
Partially printed from (p. 73) "But the titles ..." Hutchinson, History ... of Durham, ii, pp. 40-1.
Hogg MS.2
Volume of 11 miscellaneous documents, English and Latin, 17th-18th century, some originals, some copies, originally loose but now bound up together, concerning the Dean & Chapter, City and Palatinate of Durham.
Size: 340 x 225 mm
Binding: Buckram, early 20th c., trade label of T. Caldcleugh & Son, bookbinders, Durham.
Index terms
Hogg, Thomas, -1776
Durham (England) -- History
Durham (England : County) -- History
Charters and articles of incorporation
Hogg MS.2/1
Language:   Latin
Copy of Charles II's confirmation, 23 October 1675 of the Foundation Charter, 20 September 1669, of Bishop Cosin's Library, Durham.
The original charter and confirmation are both now lost.
There is a copy of a 1696 exemplification of the confirmation in Durham University Library, Mickleton & Spearman MS 91, f.169
Paper    2ff.
Hogg MS.2/2
Language:   Latin
Decision of Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, concerning a dispute on seniority within the Durham Cathedral Chapter, 19 November 1686 :
18th century copy, with, on verso, related extract from the Dean & Chapter's " “Grand Chapter. Act Book” Page (317.)", 20 November 1686.
Addressed "For Dr. Watts" [William Watts, Prebendary of Durham 1719-37 ] and endorsed "Bp Crews Injunctions about seniority and the G[ra]nd Chapters".
Paper    1f.
Hogg MS.2/3
Extracts in an 18th century hand, from the Dean and Chapter “Receiver's Book”, undated, 1595 and 1596, concerning the tithes of East Merrington, Chilton Parva, Chilton Magna, and Hett.
Paper    1f.
Hogg MS.2/4
Note of a lease, by the Dean & Chapter to James Mountagu Esq., of the havermalts [i.e. the great tithes] at Billingham, 3 February 1717/[18].
With particulars of earlier leases of the Billingham tithes, in the late 16th and 17th centuries, from the Deans' registers.
Paper    1f.
Hogg MS.2/5   [between 1773 and 1775 from internal evidence]
“A Proposal for an Agreement to be Entered into by the Dean & Chapter of Durham in the Disposal of Livings in their Gift.” In Thomas Hogg's hand.
Paper    2ff.
Hogg MS.2/6a
List of persons and estates chargeable to the militia in the South West division of Stockton Ward, returned by the Petty Constables before Thomas Davison, George Vane and George Bowes, Deputy Lieutenants, 29 August 1739.
(This document appears to be a transcript copied on to the originally blank verso of the next item, and roughly contemporary with it.)
1f., with additional strip pasted to bottom of right hand column.
Hogg MS.2/6b   21 December 1745
Order to John Jefferson, Chief Constable of the South West Division of Stockton Ward, from G. Vane and H. Brown [? as J.P.s] to issue warrants to all Petty Constables in the division to require the highway supervisors to appear before them at the Black Lion in Stockton on 8 January next, to put in nominations for their successors. With seals.
Paper    1f.
Hogg MS.2/7
Extract from Halmote Court Records, case of Anthony Hall and 6 others versus Robert Skepper concerning certain closes near "Sleperlawe", 20 April 19 Eliz. I [1577].
Hogg MS.2/8   16 September 1691
Letter from Samuel Gerard, Gateshead Park, to Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, complaining that no doubt because of the ignorance of some clerk or officer, a precept has been issued in the name of Mr. Mountagu for holding a Court Baron in the manor of Whickham in 3 weeks time, although as the Bishop and Mountagu know, Gerard has purchased the right to hold such courts.
Asks that the precept be withdrawn, and administration of the manor left to himself and his steward.
Paper    2ff.
Hogg MS.2/9
Language:   Latin
Letters Patent of Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, 7 March, 1 James II [1686] granting a new charter for the city of Durham.
Follows closely the Charter of 1602 (Hogg MS.1 no. 20) whose surrender Crewe had demanded in 1684, but with a clause prescribing that the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Councillors shall conform to the Church of England.
18th century copy.
42 ff. (text on ff. 9-34, other leaves blank).
Durham County Record Office, Du 1/4/2.
Hogg MS.2/10
“The Annual Rents Belonging to the Bishoprick and See of Durham. Taken in 1733”.
Text of the rental (pp. 1-37) and title and notes on front wrapper in the hand of Thomas Hogg.
The front wrapper notes include his comment "But since the year 1733. There have been great advances in the B[isho]ps Rental particularly in the Division of Com[m]ons, and new leases granted".
On pp. 38-41 there is an added memorandum (? by Hogg writing more carefully, or in a copyist's hand) on the extent and powers of the Durham Palatinate.
Another copy appears in Hogg MS 4, no. 6 (pp. 63-66).
Booklet of 44pp. in paper wrappers. Pagination of pp. 1-37 contemporary with text, pp. 38-44 paginated in 1987.
Copied from (not quite word for word), pp. 1-7 of An enquiry into the Ancient and Present State of the County Palatine of Durham [by John and Gilbert Spearman] (1729)
Hogg MS.2/11
“Durham Com[m]ons & Entercom[m]ons”.
File of 18th century documents on schemes for enclosing the commons of the city of Durham and Framwellgate.
Possibly a file assembled in connection with the unsuccessful bills of 1771 and 1772 "for dividing and inclosing certain wastes or commons, and two parcels of ground called the Intack, or Cow-pasture and Shaw-Wood in the parish of St. Oswald and manor of Chester".
(See Commons Journals v.33, pp. 98, 248, 255, 272, 281, 502-503, 763.
An enclosure act for these commons was eventually passed in 1801, 41 Geo. III., private, c.12.
Durham University Library holds printed copies of the bills of 1771 or 1772 and the act of 1801). The latter two items in the file probably relate to the 1771/1772 bills, while the first two items appear to be copies of documents concerning a much earlier 18th-century proposal for enclosing the city's commons, presumably transcribed as background material for someone involved in the 1771/72 scheme.
Another copy of these documents appears in Hogg MS 4, pp. I, 43-57.
The contents of the file are as follows:
16 leaves (originally 4 separate documents, paginated in 1987 p. 1-32), in 18th century wrappers, with title as below on front wrapper.
Hogg MS.2/11 (a) Pages 1-8.
P. 1.: Note in late 18th c. hand that "The things contained in this book were copyed from old papers whereby it appears That there was a scheme ... many years ago ... for dividing the Commons belonging to the City of Durham ...", and further note in a different hand plausibly dating this earlier scheme to circa 12 Wm. III [1700].
Pp. 3- 8: Transcripts of documents relating to this earlier scheme: viz. list of the houses in Framwellgate and St Nicholas Parish, set out street by street, with names of householders (pp. 3-6), list of "Commissioners intended to be named in the Act ... for dividing certain Comons belonging to the City of Durham ... " (p. 7), and "Observations in a letter", partly objections to the measure (pp. 7-8).
Hogg MS.2/11 (b) Pages 9-24.
Arguments in favour of the earlier scheme, and draft bill (this document also has pagination 1-15 contemporary with the text), viz:
"The Case of the Com[m]ons and Enter com[m]ons belonging to the City of Durham and Framwellgate and proposals for the dividing the Commons and keeping up the Entercom[m]ons" (pp. 9-14), and "Draft of the bill. An Act for dividing the Com[m]ons & freeing the inclo. grounds belonging to the City of Durham & Framwellgate from Entercom[m]ons" (pp. 15-23).
No such bill seems actually to have been introduced into Parliament.
Hogg MS.2/11 (c) Pages 25-30.
Observations, largely critical, on a bill [i.e. the 1771/72 bill?] "For Dividing & inclosing certain parcells of land called the Intack or Cow pasture & Shaw wood".
Hogg MS.2/11 (d) Pages 29-32.
Further observations on the [1771/72] bill, in a different hand. These observations support the proposed measure,and give names and reasons of objectors to it.
Hogg MS. 3.   30 May 1771 - 8 December 1776
Letterbook of Thomas Hogg. Copies or drafts in Hogg's own hand of his outgoing letters, over 1,000 in all, closely written, with on average about 3 letters to the page. The letters are primarily concerned with Hogg's business affairs, but also shed much light on contemporary affairs and local personalities. By the time the letterbook begins Hogg had already ceased to be the Dean & Chapter's land agent (Hogg MS.3 f.4r), but the letters document his own purchasing activities, and his work for the numerous clients who used him as an agent, including many individual members of the Chapter, e.g. William Markham, the Bishop of Chester (Hogg MS.3, f.1r) and William Warburton, the Bishop of Gloucester (Hogg MS. 3, f.4r-4v). References to bankers and accountants, both in Durham and London, abound, and there are many sidelights on matters affecting the Dean & Chapter (e.g. the death of Bishop Trevor and arrangements in Durham concerning it, Hogg MS 3, ff.3-4), and on contemporary social life and Hogg's family affairs. The last letter in the vol. is dated 8 December 1776 and Hogg died on 27th December 1776 (ms note by J.T. Fowler at end of volume).
166 ff. (foliated in the early 20th century). Text ends on f.140v.
Size: 323 x 204 mm
Binding: 18th century quarter calf, marbled paper over boards, contemporary ms. title on spine "Coppy's Letters 7". With three letters (Hogg MSS 3a-c), found loose in the vol., in pocket inside back cover.
Index terms
Hogg, Thomas, -1776
Durham (England) -- History
Durham (England : County) -- History
Hogg MS.3a   9 July 1776
Copies of letters from Hogg to Mr. Corday at Miss Clayton's, Tilney Street, London, , and to Mr. Parry [? same date], concerning the efficacy of the medicine prescribed for Hogg's illness by Parry. Written on the back of part of a letter [to Hogg] from Pol[icarpus] Taylor ... (For Taylor, see DNB).
1 sheet
Hogg MS.3b   23 July - 26 August 1776
Copies of 7 letters from Hogg, to Mrs. Vane and others.
1 folded sheet.
Hogg MS.3c   6 December 1776.
Letter to Hogg from T[homas] Dampier [Dean of Durham], from Windsor.
Hogg MS.4   [later 18th century]
Volume largely concerned with Dean & Chapter property in Durham City and in the Billingham area.
Written in the 2nd half of the 18th century, at least partly in Thomas Hogg's hand, and with his ownership inscription on front flyleaf and rear pastedown.
79 leaves
Size: 330 x 205 mm
Binding: 18th century stiff vellum.
Index terms
Hogg, Thomas, -1776
Durham (England : County) -- History

Sequence beginning at front of vol. (I)
Hogg MS. 4/1 j9(pp. I, iii and 1-36)
Enclosure award for common land at Wolviston in Billingham parish, Co. Durham, by private agreement between the freeholders and leaseholders and the Dean & Chapter of Durham.
Agreement of the freeholders and leaseholders to submit to the award of the arbitrators dated 19 March 1696/97, with additions 16 August 1697.
Agreement of the Dean & Chapter to submit to the award dated 20 October 1697 (p.5).
Arbitrators: Marmaduke Chapman of Norton, yeoman; William Ward of Billingham, yeoman; William Arrowsmith of Close, yeoman; John Leighton of Durham City, gent.; Cuthbert Bowes of Durham City, gent., or any three.
Land surveyed by John Leighton (p. 6).
Award dated 22 October 1697.
Index of the allotments of land on p. iii.
John Jefferson, Thomas Hogg's father-in-law, was one of the tenants involved in this award; the allotment to him (pp. 17-18) is annotated with financial calculations.
Hogg MS. 4/2 (pp. I, 38-39)   1754
A. Rentall of Wolviston Tithes 1754.
List of tenants at the time of the 1697 enclosure award (see no. 1) with the names of their successors in 1754, details of their holdings, and the composition for tithes pertaining to each.
With summary of the holdings in the township:
13 Dean & Chapter farms, 5 Dean & Chapter odd hundreds, 8 Dean & Chapter cottages, 25 freehold oxrights or 3 farms and 1 oxright, and 3 freehold cottages, making in all 18 farms.
With note "8 odd hundreds is a farm, or 8 oxrights is a farm".
Thomas Hogg holds the land held by John Jefferson in 1697.
Hogg MS. 4/3 (pp. I, 40-41)   No date [? also 1754].
A Rental of Wolviston Oat Rents according to the [Dean & Chapter's] Receivers Books.
With summary "In all 13 Farms Dean & Chapter, besides the Cottages and freeholds".
Hogg MS. 4/4 (pp. I, 43-57)
“Copy's of Papers relating to Com[m]ons and Enter Com[m]ons about Durham” :
Copy of the file of documents found in Hogg MS. 2, no. 11, concerning unsuccessful schemes for enclosing the commons of Durham City & Framwellgate, circa 1700 and 1771/1772.
(For fuller details see the description of Hogg MS. 2 above. The order of the last two sections is here reversed from that in Hogg MS. 2).
Hogg MS. 4/5 (pp. I, 58-62)   Award dated 6 March 1664/65.
“A Copy of the Award for the Division of Newton Bewley”.
Enclosure award for common land at Newton Bewley, Co. Durham, by private agreement of the inhabitants.
Arbitrators: William Kitching, Robert Davison, George Johnson and John Burdon.
The table of tenants and their allotments at the end of the award is annotated in Hogg's hand with the names of tenants in 1766.
See Hogg MS. 4, no. 24 (pp. II, 33-38) for a survey of Newton Bewley in 1774.
Hogg MS. 4/6 (pp. I, 63-66)
Memorandum on the extent and powers of the Palatinate of Durham.
Part of this also appears in Hogg MS. 2, no. 10, pp. 38-41.
Copied from An Enquiry into the Ancient and Present State of the County Palatine of Durham, [by John and Gilbert Spearman] (1729). pp. 1-7, with further references appended.
Hogg MS. 4/7 (pp. I, 67-69)
“An Act for the Incorporation of the Hospital of Christ in the Town of Sherborne in the Bishoprick of Durham.”, 1585.
Printed: George Allan, Collections relating [to] Sherburn Hospital, [Darlington], 1771, pp. 119-122.
Hogg MS. 4/8 (pp. I, 70-76)   20 August 1767
“Case of Greatham Hospital”.
Evidences and legal opinion signed C. Yorke, bearing on a dispute between Nicholas Halhead, appointed Master of Greatham Hospital in 1764, and the executor of his deceased predecessor, Dormer Parkhurst, over the latter's demises of the demesne lands of the Hospital, and other matters.
See also nos. 10-11 below.
Hogg MS. 4/8a (loose leaf clipped to p. 74)
Extracts from the charter of Robert Stichill, Bishop of Durham, founding Greatham Hospital, 6 January 1272, and from the Statutes of the Hospital, 23 January 1272.
Printed: George Allan, Collections relating to the Hospital at Greatham [Darlington, 177-])
Hogg MS. 4/9 (pp. I, 78-89)
Chronological tables 1509-1767 (ruled but not filled in for 1754 onwards).
Gives for each year the date according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars; rulers of the Ottoman and Holy Roman Empires, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Savoy, and Russia; Popes; Men of learning, Remarkable Events; Statesmen, Warriors, etc.
Hogg MS. 4/10 (p. I, 92)
“Disbursements by Mr. Bradley for Greatham Hospital from Mart[inmas] 1763 exclusive to Mart[inmas] 1764 inclusive.”
Ralph Bradley was Steward of the Hospital in succession to his father Nicholas (see p. 73). This table apportions how much of his expenditure in this period should be paid by the executors of Dormer Parkhurst (died 1764), and how much by his successor as Master of the Hospital, Nicholas Halhead.
Hogg MS. 4/11 (p. I, 93)
“Receipts by Mr. Bardley for Greatham Hospital for Rents due in March & at Pentecost 1764 and at Mic[hael]m[a]s & Mart[inma]s. 1764. inclusive.”
The receipts are apportioned, as in no. 10, between the executors of Dormer Parkhurst and Nicholas Halhead.
Hogg MS. 4/12 (p. I, 95)   5 June 1769
Withdrawal by Thomas Hogg, as land agent to the Durham Dean & Chapter, of their claim to right of common on Crossgate Moor in respect of their freehold burgage of Abbey House mill, in the tenancy of James Reynolds, and claim to an allotment in lieu under the enclosure award to be made by the commissioners appointed by the Act of 9 Geo. III, private, c.35, 1769, to enclose the moor.

Sequence beginning at back of vol. (II)
Hogg MS. 4/13 (pp. II, 1-2)
Summary of the Letters Patent dotatio of Henry VIII, 16 May 1541, endowing the newly refounded Cathedral Church of Durham with all its former possessions, with notes on other related documents.
Printed: Latin text of the dotatio with English translation: The statutes of the cathedral church of Durham, with other documents relating to its foundation and endowment by King Henry the Eighth and Queen Mary, ed. A. Hamilton Thompson (Surtees Society, vol.143) (1929), pp. 14-63.
Hogg MS. 4/14 (pp. II, 2-3)
“Endowment of the Bishoprick of Durham. The Endowment of the see as it was given in A o1534.”
With notes on payments demanded from the revenues of the bishopric under Elizabeth I for garrisoning Berwick, and on the dissolution of the see under Edward VI and its restoration under Mary.
Hogg MS. 4/15 (pp. II, 4-7)
The account of Hugh Whitehed, Prior of the Cathedral Church of Durham, of the possessions and revenues of the priory at the time of its surrender, 29 September 1540, extracted from the records of the Court of Augmentations.
Transcribed from an exemplification of 26 March 1681.
Hogg MS. 4/16 (pp. II, 8)
Details of the establishment provided for the refounded Durham Cathedral by Henry VIII's 1541 statutes.
Extracted from Browne Willis, A Survey of the Cathedrals, v.1 (1727), p. 222, and includes his comments on the value of the prebends.
Hogg MS. 4/17 (p. II, 9)
Orders extracted from the Durham Dean & Chapter Act Books, 17 December 1594, providing a modus for the division of fines for renewal of leases etc. between the Dean and Prebendaries, and setting a limit of £10 to the Dean & Chapter's contribution to the diet and entertainment of the Bishop and his servants when he or his substitute carries out a visitation according to the statutes of the Cathedral.
Hogg MS. 4/18 (p. II, 10)
Agreement on the management of Dean & Chapter affairs, the division of revenues between Dean and Prebendaries, and the renewal of leases "taken out of Mr. John Pilkington's Articles February tertio 1575 [/76] ".
Hogg MS. 4/19 (p. II, 11)
Agreement of Tobias Matthew, Dean, and 11 prebendaries, 28 January 1594[/95] concerning arrangements for the payment of subsidies due from the Dean and Chapter to the Crown.
Hogg MS. 4/20 (pp. II, 12-15)    (No date)
“Assignments of lands and possessions for the corpes of the Deanrie and Prebendaries within the Cathedral Church of Durham”.
Hogg MS. 4/21 (pp. II, 17-22)   1774
“The Case of Billingham Tythe Corn” : evidences and queries concerning a dispute over composition for tithes at Billingham, 1774.
Common land at Billingham, where most of the commoners were leaseholders of the Durham Dean and Chapter, had been enclosed by private agreement in 1716, and the Dean & Chapter and tenants had the enclosure award registered by Chancery decree in 1717. By this decree a modus of composition for tithes was set, and followed until 1774 ; by then however, the composition payments had fallen far behind the value of the tithes, and the new Dean, Thomas Dampier, attempted to repudiate the composition and resume payment of tithes in kind. The name "Mr. Peter Bowlby" appears at the foot of p. 19 (like Hogg, Bowlby served the Dean & Chapter as land agent, and may have been responsible for drawing up this document).
Pages 20-22 contain comparative evidence relating to Ferryhill and Merrington, extracted from An Enquiry into the Ancient and Present State of the County Palatine of Durham [by John and Gilbert Spearman) (1729), pp. 125-127.
Hogg MS. 4/22 (pp. II, 23-24)   13 March 1775[/76]
J. Skynner's legal opinion to the Dean and Chapter, on the Billingham tithes dispute (No. 21), with observations on it by Mr. Woodford, advising that the Dean's claim to resume payment of tithes in kind would have poor chance of success before a jury "for the Farmers or even their betters of the laity are of the Quakerish Cast, fond of Modus's & bear a strong aversion to tythes".
Hogg MS. 4/23 (pp. II, 25-32)   1774
“Coopan Survey. By Richard Richardson of Darlington 1774”
Survey of Cowpen Bewley near Billingham, Co. Durham.
Summary (with columns headed Name of the Lessee, Quantity in each Tenement, Annual value of each Ten[emen]t, Out or reserved rent, What Part of a Tenement), followed by detailed survey of each tenant's holding (with columns headed No. in Plan, Name of the Close, Quantity in Ac[res], R[oo]d[s], Per[ches], Value per acre, Value, Quality in 1774).
Hogg MS. 4/24 (pp. II, 33-38)   1774
“Newton Bewley Survey by Rich[ar]d Richardson 1774”.
Survey of Newton Bewley near Billingham, Co. Durham.
Summary (first column headed Name of the Tenement, rest as for Cowpen Bewley in No. 23) followed by detailed survey of each tenant's holding, (columns as for Cowpen Bewley). See Hogg MS. 4, no. 5 (pp. I, 58-62) for Newton Bewley enclosure award, 1665.