N. J. W. Hagger
Norman John Watson Hagger

1. Official Papers
(i) Sudan Political Service
(ii) Kordofan Province
(iii) Sudan Church Association
2. Personal Papers
3. Maps
4. Newspaper Cuttings
5. Miscellanea
6. Printed material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: N. J. W. Hagger
Dates of creation: 1931-2007
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: N. J. W. Hagger
Language: English; some Arabic

Norman John Watson Hagger

(1920-2007 )

1950Assistant District Commissioner, El Obeid, Kordofan
1951Seconded to Middle East Centre of Arabic Studies
1952-1954Assistant District Commissioner El Obeid / Dilling, Kordofan
1954District Commissioner, Rashad, Kordofan
1954Retired from Sudan service


1. Official Papers
(i) Sudan Political Service
(ii) Kordofan Province
(iii) Sudan Church Association
2. Personal Papers
3. Maps
4. Newspaper Cuttings
5. Miscellanea
6. Printed Material

Accession details

Presented by Mrs Ann Hagger, 2009 and 2014

1. Official Papers
(i) Sudan Political Service
1950 Jan 1-1955 May 19
Papers relating to Hagger's recruitment to and retirement from Sudan service, and his search for new employment in 1955, comprising a note for probationers (SAD 100/25/1-7), list of suggested reading (SAD 100/25/8-9), contract of employment,1950 (SAD 100/25/10-14), correspondence from the Civil Secretary's Office (later Ministry of the Interior) about the Sudanisation of government posts (SAD 100/25/16-30), letters of thanks from the Prime Minister and Governor-General (SAD 100/25/31-33) and correspondence from the Sudan Service Re-employment Bureau about future prospects for employment (SAD 100/25/34-47)
(ii) Kordofan Province
1931 Feb-Apr 7
“Further notes on devolution in Northern Kordofan” by J.A. de C. Hamilton, with covering letter from H.A. MacMichael, Civil Secretary containing comments on the notes
1934 May 1-Dec 29
Official papers relating to Nuba education including memorandum by D. Newbold, Governor Kordofan to the Civil Secretary on the inefficiency of the Sudan United Mission in the Eastern Jebels District (SAD 100/26/8-13) with précis of the C.S.'s reply (SAD 100/26/14-15); letter from G. Hawkesworth, D.C. Eastern Jebels to Newbold concerning Kauda and Heiban schools (SAD 100/26/16); letter from Newbold to A.J. Gillan enclosing correspondence between Newbold and Dawson and W.H. Mills, both of the S.U.M. regarding discussions in London on the slow progress of S.U.M. educational work in the Eastern Jebels (SAD 100/26/17-27); correspondence between Newbold and Mills on Sunday observance in the vicinity of mission schools (SAD 100/26/28-30)
1940 Jul 6-9
Completed questionnaires on Dilling and Kadugli containing information on housing, communications, population, labour, buildings, transport, animals, water and electric supplies and health and sanitation
1941 Sep 14-1945 Jul
Papers relating to education comprising letter from E. Campbell, Governor Kordofan to R.V.H. Roseveare, Director of Education concerning the opening up of the Nuba to outside influences, including Islam; “Note on the British contribution to character training in Sudan education” by V.L. Griffiths, Principal Bakht er Ruda with covering letter from R.V.H. Roseveare; private note by T.R.H. Owen on the Sudan United Mission; and incomplete note on education for Nuba girls
1941 Sep 14-1942 Feb 11
Papers concerning Nuba administration, comprising correspondence between E. Campbell, Governor Kordofan and P.B. Broadbent on the need for a review of Nuba administration; note by E. Campbell on “Further aspects of Nuba administration” surveying progress of the previous ten years and suggesting probable trends for future policy; anonymous note on future Nuba policy; note on Nuba firearms; note on the attitude of Mek Muhammad Rahal and the Nuba towards Katcha school; draft notes on Nuba policy as expressed in the Gillan memorandum; note by P.B. Broadbent on Kadugli Nuba administration, 1941
1951 Jan 14
Handwritten note from G.W. Bell to Hagger concerning travel arrangements from the Sudan
1954 May 27
Typewritten letter from Hagger to G.W.Bell expressing concern about postponement of leave and restating his case for leave due to illness
(iii) Sudan Church Association
1959 Feb 18-1992
Papers relating to the Sudan Church Association including copy of the constitution; correspondence regarding Hagger's membership of the association and appointment to the committee as treasurer; letters re the appeal for Juba Cathedral; papers concerning the autumn reunion and bazaar; news bulletins; and minutes of meetings
Copy of the last will and testament of Canon B.J. Harper, with related correspondence between Harper and his solicitor
Juba Cathedral building account book with Barclays Bank
1976 Oct 11
Episcopal Church of the Province of the Sudan, “An outline history”, produced for the inauguration of All Saints Cathedral, Juba
1963 - 1980
Papers relating to the Sudan Church Association, including a blank copy of a Sudan Church Association remittance form (SAD.189/4/3); invoice to Rev. Canon B. J. Harper from Whitechapel Bell Foundry for a bell for Juba Cathedral (SAD.189/4/4); typewritten list of C.M.S. Missionaries in southern Sudan from 1943 to 1964 (SAD.189/4/5-8); typewritten copy letter from O. C. Allison to G. R. F. Bredin concerning how best to send emergency aid to East Africa (SAD.189/4/9); accounts and receipt for a relief fund for southern Sudan refugees (SAD.189/4/10-13); printed circular appealing for money for southern Sudan (SAD.189/4/14); typewritten Sudan Prayer Fellowship Newsletter (SAD.189/4/15-17); report by David Chaplin entitled “An account of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan's Partners in Mission consultation” (SAD.189/4/18-26); letters concerning the Diocese of Salisbury's contribution to an aid mission (SAD.189/4/27-29); letter concerning a commitee meeting of the Sudan Church Association (SAD.189/4/30); letter from J. E. Brown regarding a forthcoming trip to Juba (SAD.189/4/31); letter of thanks from the Archbishop of the Church of Sudan, E. J. Ngalamu (SAD.189/4/32); internal memorandum concerning finances (SAD.189/4/33); letter regarding funding for the Sudan Church Association (SAD.189/4/34); committee paper by Bishop O. Allison entitled “Notes and Comments” (SAD.189/4/35); typewritten circular for the Diocese of Salisbury reporting on the Sudan Fund (SAD.189/4/36); handwriiten note regarding a meeting about the progress of the Salisbury Diocese in Sudan (SAD.189/4/37); general secretary's report for St George's Cathedral (SAD.189/4/38); hand drawn map of the Democratic Republic of the Sudan showing roads, rivers, railways, towns, villages and tribes (SAD.189/4/39)
2. Personal Papers
1950 Jan 5-2008 Apr 11
Personal correspondence, chiefly to Hagger, concerning the shipment of his goods to and from the Sudan and personal finances; Sir James Robertson concerning his retirement from the Sudan (SAD 103/11/7); circular letters from Bishop Oliver Allison including re the closure of the cathedral in Khartoum in 1971 (SAD 103/11/32), the visit of Sudanese bishops to the UK in 1978 (SAD 103/11/33) and the consecration of the new All Saints' Cathedral in 1983 (SAD 103/11/34); Nuba Mountains Fellowship letter from Rowena Stevenson (SAD 103/11/38)
1961 Dec 10-1969 Jan 10
Personal letters to Hagger from W.N. Monteith, formerly of the Sudan Political Service, written from the British Embassy in Helsinki (1961) and his home in Fife, describing his life in Helsinki (SAD 103/11/43); preparations for President Abbud's state visit to Britain (SAD 103/11/46); a recent Sudan reunion in Edinburgh (SAS 103/11/48); progress with his divinity degree (SAD 103/11/49-51); and his job in religious broadcasting with the BBC (SAD 103/11/53)
1981 Oct 5
Letter from G.R.F Bredin about the Durham Sudan Historical Records Conference, with an attached programme for the conference
2007 Sep 15
Funeral address for N.J.W. Hagger, given by his son, Edward Hagger
3. Maps
SAD/PF 26/3/1
Street map of Khartoum. Sudan Survey Department
Size: 60 x 81 cm
Digitised material for Street map of Khartoum (1932) - SAD/PF 26/3/1
1935 Mar
Sketch map of the Nuba Mountains. Sudan Survey Department
Size: 36 x 23 cm
Africa series, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Sheet 66-A (Rashad). Sudan Survey Department (printed on linen)
Size: 58.5 x 79 cm
Digitised version
4. Newspaper Cuttings
Cuttings from a variety of British newspapers including “Major Salem goes to Sudan”, 1954 (SAD 103/13/1); “South Sudan tribes confer”, 1955 (SAD 103/13/2); letter from T.R.H. Owen concerning the future of the South, 1963 (SAD 103/13/4); “Massacre in the Sudan”, 1970 (SAD 103/13/5); “Religious instruction: Sudanese example”, 1971 (SAD 103/13/8); continued closure of Khartoum cathedral, 1972, from the Church Times (SAD 103/13/9); and assorted death notices
1976 Jun
Extract from the Sarum Gazette regarding a student trip to Sudan
5. Miscellanea
[ca. 1950s]
Humorous verse: “The great-great-grandpapa's ma.. ”
[ca. 1950s]
Arabic – English phrases
[ca. 1950s]
Loose Sudanese stamps, both used and unused, including 22 featuring the camel post, and official first day cover for Sudan Self Government, 1954
1950 Mar 12
Hagger's driving licence for Kordofan Province
1953 May 27
International vaccination certificate for Hagger
Invoices from Abd El-Ghany Aly Moussa and Sons and the Hotel Grande-Bretagne
[ca. 1960s]
Christmas cards from Robin Crole and G.R.F. Bredin, one containing a photograph of a Moro stickfighter
1980 Sep 27
Obituary for Daffodil (Pat) Dingwall, wife of R.G. Dingwall
6. Printed material
Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC
[ca. 1960s]
Sudan Church Association, The Situation in the Southern Sudan
1971 Jul
The Church in the Sudan: the past history and present needs [appeal leaflet]
[ca. 1964-1970]
The Epsicopal Church in the Sudan [appeal leaflet]
1974 Oct 15
Printed order of service for a celebratory service at Church House, Westminster for Reverend O. C. Allison's life in the Sudan