NALDER, Leonard Fielding
Leonard Fielding Nalder

1. Official Papers
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: NALDER, Leonard Fielding
Dates of creation: 1929-1930
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Leonard Fielding Nalder

(1888 - 1958)

1912 Appointed to the Sudan Political Service
1912-?1913 Khartoum
?1913-1914 3rd Inspector, Suakin, Red Sea Province
c.1914 3rd Inspector, Port Sudan, Red Sea Province
c.1916 2nd Inspector, Suakin, Red Sea Province
1916 3rd Inspector, Red Sea Province, Special Duty
1918-?1922 2nd Inspector, Red Sea Province, Special Duty
1917-1922 Seconded for service in Mesopotamia and Iraq
1922-1923 District Commissioner, El Obeid, Kordofan Province
1923-1926 District Commissioner, Omdurman, Khartoum Province
1927 Deputy Governor, Khartoum, Khartoum Province
1927 Deputy Governor, Khartoum Province, Special Duty: Member of the Turco-Iraq Frontier Delimitation Commission
1927-1930 Governor, Singa, Fung Province
1930-1936 Governor, Juba, Mongalla Province
1936 Governor, Juba, Equatorial Province
1936 Retired


1. Official Papers

1. Official Papers
1929 & 1930
Fung Province Notes, Parts I and II, compiled by L.F.N. during his years as Governor of the province and providing a full tribal, political and economic background to the area
Part I (indexed), containing tribal and political information relating to the province. Tribes covered are: the Rufa`a el Hoi (631/11/16-18); Bani Hussein (631/11/19); Hamada (631/11/21-23); [Gawasma] (631/11/24); Kenana (631/11/26-30); [Agalin] (631/11/35); Kubeishab (631/11/36); [Dar Agil] (631/11/36); Bani Helba (631/11/36); Ta`aisha (631/11/36); Fallata (631/11/39-42); Berta (631/11/46,56); Gumuz (631/11/46); Hameg (631/11/43); Ingessana (631/11/52-55); Berta (631/11/56); Barun (631/11/57-58); Koma (631/11/58-59); Uduk (631/11/60); Gura (631/11/60-63); Bani Shanqul (631/11/64-65,67). Other sections include those on historical background of the Fung (631/3-8), refugees (631/11/76) religious connections (631/11/78-79), a word list (631/11/80) and a list of British officials in the province (formerly Sennar Province) from 1905 (631/11/81-82)
Part II (indexed), containing information about the economics of the province, divided into sections on geographical and physical details (631/12/3-5), population (631/12/5-11), produce (631/12/12-22), transport and communications (631/12/22-29), trade and markets (631/12/29-32), land and tenure (631/12/33-35) and revenue and finance (631/12/36-37). Appendices I-X (631/12/38-51) give details of crop assessments, poll tax, number of cultivators, export figures, sugar consumption, revenue figures and road distances and times