Wolfe, J.M.B.
Wolfe, J.M.B.

1. Official Papers
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Title: Wolfe, J.M.B.
Dates of creation: 1954
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
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Wolfe, J.M.B.

1934-1955 Sudan Irrigation Department
1934-1937 Sub-Divisional Engineer, Abu Ushar Division, serving at Abu Ushar, Wad el Turabi and Tabat
1937-1941 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Abu Ushar Division, Tabat
1942-1944 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Sennar Dam Division
1946-1948 Chief Engineer, seconded to Gash Board, Aroma
1949-1951 Divisional Engineer, Abu Ushar Division
1952-1953 Divisional Engineer, Projects Division, Wad Medani
1953 Assistant Director (Development) Designate
1953-1955 Assistant Director (Development), Wad Medani


1. Official Papers


Presented by Wolfe, 1979

1. Official Papers
1954 Jan
“Irrigation problems in the Sudan and recommendations as to how to deal with them”, a report by Sir Claude Inglis dealing with the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, the Gash Irrigation Scheme, a comparison of methods of irrigation in North India and the Gezira, and research