Rachel Hassan
Rachel Hassan

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
Transcripts, by Rev. John Poole, of personal papers of Rachel Hassan [R.H.]:
Original papers of Rachel Hassan
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Title: Rachel Hassan
Dates of creation: 1944-1992
Extent: 2 boxes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: Rachel Hassan
Language: English

Rachel Hassan

(fl. 1944-1992)

1944 - 1971 Rachel Hassan worked for the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.)
1944-1959 Taught in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan
1945-1951 Salara Mission
1951-1959 Katcha Mission
1963-1971 C.M.S. Secretary in Omdurman, Sudan


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Articles
4. Photographic Material
5. Newspaper Cuttings
6. Miscellanea
7. Printed Material

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Presented by Rev John Poole, 1995

1. Official Papers
Papers relating to the Nuba Mountains Fellowship including accounts, reports and newsletters:
1988 Jun 16
Letter to Reverend B. Idris from W. Anderson, Principal of the Bible School, Gereif West, Khartoum reporting on five Episcopal students who attended the school 1987-1988
Financial details of the Nuba Mountains Fellowship
Reports / newsletters from the Nuba Mountains Prayer Fellowship with details of meetings; finance; letters from those in Sudan and extracts from letters that others have received; requests for prayers / intercessions
1975 - 1982
Agendas and minutes of the Sudan Church Association meetings including appendices relating to finances, letters from Bishop O. Allison; reports / letters from individuals about Sudan or related activities; copies of the Salisbury-Sudan Link; updates on the Kirkwei Fund; the Episcopal Church of the Sudan's Partners in Mission Consultation (SAD 903/7/11-12)
1983 - 1989
Agendas and minutes of the Sudan Church Association meetings. Contents as above and including: draft constitution (SAD 903/8/18-22); paper on the position of the Christian Churches with regard to the enforcement of sharia law and to the declaration of the Sudan being an Islamic state, signed by church leaders (SAD 903/8/23-27); summary of the late Bishop Butrus Tia Shukai's sickness up to the time of his death (SAD 903/8/42); report on confusion in Khartoum Diocese (SAD 903/8/47-48) and a response to this by Bishop O. Allison (SAD 903/8/50)
2. Personal Papers
Transcripts, by Rev. John Poole, of personal papers of Rachel Hassan [R.H.]:
1944 Sep 24 - 1946 Jul 19
Extracts from letters from R.H. probably sent home to family and some group letters, mainly from Salara in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan and when travelling, describing the education of children (mainly of girls); numbers of pupils; development of the curriculum; problems with teachers; church services; success with conversions including baptisms and confirmation services, marriages and burials; celebrations around Christian festivals; gardening, building, food, and water supply; learning Arabic; visits from friends and dignitaries; and Sudanese people and their customs, with specific reference to the following:
1944 Sep 24 - Oct 20
Sea journey; activities on board and meeting other passengers, including G.R.F. Bredin, Governor of Blue Nile Province
1944 Oct 25 - 29
Arrived at Khartoum via Port Sudan and met by S. Trimingham, secretary of the C.M.S.; arrival at C.M.S. Omdurman and visit to the school; learns she will start at Wad Medani
1944 Oct 31 - Nov 25
Life in Wad Medani including social activities, coping with Arabic and cultural differences, and visit to the American Mission chapel
1944 Dec 1 - 21
In Omdurman; asked, along with Helen Norton, to replace Reverend R.S. Macdonald and Dr. Catherine Macdonald in the Nuba Mountains; seated with Sudanese on the train due to confusion over her name; response to a zikr ; nativity play
1945 Jan 24
Journey to Salara; met by Queenie and Jimmy Martin
1945 Jan 31 - Apr 18
Preparations for girls to board at school; visits to the meks and shaykhs and discussions on education of girls; visit from S. Trimingham; visit from doctor at Dilling; plans for change in girls' diet
1945 Apr 22 - 25
Inspection visit from Mrs. I.M. Beasley, Director of Girls' Education
1945 May 9 - Aug 5
Plans for new activities for girls and expansion of boarding accommodation; joined by Christians from Dilling; introduction of uniform; inoculation of girls against yellow fever; enthusiasm for gardening and knitting; end of term tests
902/1/51- 55
1945 Aug 13 - 16
Departure from Salara; to Wad Medani via El Obeid; levée to celebrate victory in war with representatives from Greek, Syrian, British and Sudanese communities
1945 Aug 18 - 29
Travel by train and steamer (the Nazir) through the sudd ; at Malek (originally Bor); met Canon Ewell in Adok, Archdeacon Shaw, Dr. E. Lloyd, Rev. F.B. Hadow and Rev. Daniel, a Dinka
1945 Sep 4 - 27
Arrived in Yei via Lui; in Wed Medani
1945 Oct 7 - 15
In Khartoum and Omdurman; talks of water provision in Salara and El Obeid; Coptic wedding in Omdurman
1945 Oct 31 - Dec 25
In Salara; girls return to school; lack of personnel; new activities for girls; visits to school by Governor [E. Campbell] and wife; R.C. Stevenson; Deputy Governor [G. Hawkesworth] and Sir Arnold Overton; and seven meks ; celebrations for King's Day
1946 Jan 2 - Mar 27
Visit from Director of Education [C.W. Williams]; arrival of Rev. E. and Mrs Kathleen Arnold; robe of honour awarded to Mek Amina by the Governor-General [Sir Hubert Huddleston]; Rev. Arnold bringing new life to Salara, especially involving adults; first village service
1946 Apr 7 - 14
Travel to a conference in Khartoum; Sudanese attending talks in Egypt; account of the conference including Nuba Mountains Committee meeting and lectures
1946 Apr 24 - May 29
New term in Salara; visit from Muhammad Hasan, Head of the new Dilling School; reluctance of the D.C. to leave her at the mission without another English person
1946 Jun 3 - 19
Arrival of Miss Maxwell; governor's wife assisting with teaching
1946 Jul 13 - 19
Journey home to Cairo, stopping at Abu Simbel; mission schools in Cairo have received threatening letters forbidding teaching of the Christian faith
1947 Jan 12 - 1949 Mar 7
Continuation of letters from R.H. in Salara, Sudan and when travelling, to her family with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1947 Jan 12 - Feb 2
Journey back to Salara via Port Said, Cairo, Wadi Halfa and Khartoum; reports negotiations broken off between Britain and Egypt
1947 Feb 7 - Mar 26
Building work at the school; large gathering in Dilling with groups from across the western jabals ; arrival of Sitt Um al-Hasan; Miss Warburton (inspector) very pleased with the school; doing accounts and estimates
1947 Apr 2 - 16
Travelled to Khartoum for a conference; worried for Christians going to Muslim places; conference details; met Miss C. Padwick
1947 Apr 29 - Sep 1
Decision made on site for permanent girls' school; tried translating psalm into Nuba; met Lillian Jackson, oldest C.M.S. missionary and an educationalist
1947 Sep 14 - 30
In Erkowit and Omdurman
1947 Oct 1 - Dec 25
Headquarters opposed to missionaries flying home; visits from Mek Amina; Mr. Twinay; Miss C. Padwick (in the Nuba Mountains to write books for Nuba children) and Miss Mayne; the Governor [E. Campbel]); and Bishop Gelsthorpe; girls performed a play for Christmas
1947 Dec 31
In Katcha helping with teachers' training week; details of course; hopes to learn Niamang
1948 Jan 21 - Apr 11
Difficulty getting more girls to be educated; visit from Province Education Officer, and Elfreda Whidborne; government school opened in Dilling; E. Arnold at Intermission Conference with hope of becoming a United Church; spoke on Christian teaching at Fassu
1948 Apr 18 - May 4
In Omdurman via El Obeid; in Juba
1948 May 9 - Jun 16
Travelled to Uganda: Gulu Mission, Masindi, Kampala, Buloba, Kosti. Visited hospital, C.M.S. Maternity Centre, C.M.S. schools
1948 Jun 26 - Sep 27
A father tried to remove daughter from the school; R.H. spoke to a mother about a girl's future and her Christian faith
1948 Oct 5 - Dec 25
More teachers arrived than expected; held Nyamang service; sales to raise money for a new church; visit from Sylvia Clarke (school inspector); unpacked “wants” boxes; discussed customs relating to pregnant Nuba women; conflict over Muslim and Christian teachings
1949 Jan 2 - Feb 20
E. Arnold at Inter-Mission Conference to discuss policies; S. Trimingham leaving the mission; visit from the Director of Education [C. Williams], and the head of medical services [E. Pratt] and the senior medical officer for the province [G. Clarke]; hope to buy land in Dilling to hold meetings; girls asked for teaching
1949 Mar 7
Left Salara; met missionaries working for the Sudan United Mission (S.U.M.)
1949 Aug 22 - 1951 Jan 30
Continuation of letters from R.H. in Salara, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1949 Aug - Oct 4
Met G. Parry, new C.M.S. Secretary in Khartoum; received communion in Arabic; hope to open a new school in Mandal; held a service for Dilling School boys; met J. Thompson, the A.D.C.; Batul Kline (a new teacher) arrived
1949 Oct 16 - Dec 19
School books in Nyamang arrived; visits from Canon Bickersteth, G. Parry, Miss C. Padwick; new recruit: Rev. J. Donnelly; discussion about preparations for and regulation of baptism; financial worries; teaching to begin at Katcha; one teacher to go to Tendia to improve evangelical work
1950 Jan 8 - 25
Selected boys from those presented by the meks from different hills
1950 Feb 3 - Mar 23
In Khartoum for C.M.S. conference: the school at Salara will have to close to save the mission money; providing teacher training courses; school reorganised; visit from D. Kerr and Pastor Amosa; built room in Dilling; Christian marriage of two Nubas
1950 Apr 7 - May 17
In Cairo via Omdurman; saw Aswan Dam; comments on the Israel/ Palestine conflict; to Alexandria with Miss E. Hamer
1950 Jun 4 - Sep 10
Government opening village schools and prepared to take teachers from Salara; timetable changed to accommodate those working in the fields; worried about strength of faith at the school; celebrated waraga loubia sibre ; blessed crops
1950 Sep 15 - Nov 14
School at Tendia has support of mek ; visited Institute of Education in Dilling; conflict of traditional superstitions and Christianity; troublesome boy was dealt with by all the teachers; death of teacher - given a Christian burial
1950 Nov 24 - 1951 Jan 30
Met Alexander Efendi Najib; attended Standing Committee in Khartoum to decide future of Salara; cases of meningitis close the school
1951 Jun 27 - 1953 May 25
Letters from R.H. in Katcha, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1951 Jun 27 - Jul 15
Visited Seamen's Mission in Port Sudan; R.H. to be in charge of administrative duties at Katcha; met Miss Maxwell and K.McDonnell; to Katcha via Salara
1951 Jul 16 - Sep 25
Group letter summing up the present situation; boys vaccinated; visits to local houses; exhibition of work and plays by boys
1951 Oct 3 - Dec 2
Boys earning money at the mission; visits from Rev. J. Donnelly, Rev. G. Martin, Governor G. Hawkesworth; collection from Harvest Festival; comments on issues of independence and the Suez; refers to boy scouts
1951 Dec 19 - 30
At Salara; school examiners visited Katcha
1952 Jan 6 - Mar 16
Starting girls' school; Rowena Stevenson arrived; meningitis restricting travel; visit from Director of Education [D.H. Hibbert] and the Sudanese Minister of Education [`Abd al-Rahman] who declared that Muslims must receive Islamic teaching; boys asked to declare their faith; boy to go to Salara as an evangelist
1952 Mar 29 - Apr 8
In Omdurman for C.M.S. Conference via Dilling and El Obeid; Katcha received its grant and one for 3 European teachers
1952 Apr 22 - Jun 16
In Katcha. Brought children from Salara including 6 girls; church opened by Bishop and Governor G. Hawkesworth; chance to preach in a village that had not seen a European before
1952 Jul 8 - 27
In Salara via Kadugli and Dilling; attended village meeting about religion and lack of rain; teachers declaring faith as Muslim
1952 Oct 14 - Dec 26
Girls saying grace on their own; wives of teachers attending school; Government Home Committee accepted 5 year agreement to guarantee staff and pay; government schools closed due to political issues; discusses future of Salara
1953 Jan 4 - May 17
Visit from Bishop O. Allison; more boys than places at the government school; exams; sold girls' sewing; boys moving on to the theological and technical courses; problem with travelling cinema
1953 May 25
Journey to El Obeid
1953 Nov 17 - 1955 May 23
Letters from R.H. in Katcha, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1953 Nov 17 - Dec 26
Punishment of girls; tailor visited to make uniforms
1954 Jan 4 - Mar 8
Visit from Canon Bewes and G. Parry; staff meeting; teaching teachers' wives; began clubs; holiday for the opening of the Sudan Parliament; School Board meeting; riot in Khartoum
1954 Mar 14 - Apr 5
Describes mission's stance if there is further political trouble; attended conference in Khartoum; discussed future of Sudanese Church
1954 Apr 11- Jun 13
Visited by the Bishop - fewer confirmations than they had hoped for; a dismissed teacher claims he was sacked because he was Muslim
1954 Jun 30 - Oct 8
To Dilling, Khartoum, and Salara. Present missionaries at Salara finding opposition to the mission
1954 Oct 16 - Dec 26
Roman Catholic services in Kadugli; visit from the tailor
1955 Jan 11 - Feb 20
Received £25 for non school matters; visits from the Governor, District Commissioners and the Medical Inspector, and G. Parry; blessed new buildings; started “truth campaign” due to misbehaving girls
1955 Feb 26 - Mar 6
To C.M.S. Conference; enquired about a grant from the Ministry of Education for a house mother
1955 Mar 15 - 27
Conducted entrance exam for the intermediate school; Prime Minister visited Kadugli
1955 Apr 10 - May 23
Boys at the intermediate school observing Ramadan; thanks for donations from England; success of local boys training in an occupation
1955 Oct 25 - 1957 Jun 12
Letters from R.H. in Katcha, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1955 Oct 25 - Dec 25
Lost majority of boys in top two classes over letter sent to District Commissioner about the school; holiday to celebrate withdrawal of British and Egyptian troops; built a quiet room for the school, a smokeless oven, and a potter's wheel; caring for under-nourished children
1956 Jan 2 - Mar 20
Visited by G. Parry and K. McDonnell; held Nuba Mountains committee meeting; watched villagers' sports; comments on the Kosti incident
1956 Mar 25 - Apr 16
Ordination of B. Tia attended by many officials; refused to accept a wayward girl back into school; travelling to Omdurman for C.M.S. conference; met some old Katcha boys now in the army
1956 Apr 30 - Jun 10
Decisions made about separating European traditions from Christian essentials of marriage; two students married by B. Tia; teachers attending a six week course in Dilling; financed Nubas travelling to Khartoum for a conference
1956 Jun 17 - Oct 20
Travelled to Youth Conference in Omdurman; comments that schools in Southern Sudan have opened again; relates details of the conference including makeup of delegates; travelled on to Uganda and Kenya
1956 Oct 29 - Dec 30
Returned to Katcha with a new recruit, Jean Barton; comments on international situation; G. Parry to leave Sudan permanently; arson attacks at schools in the area; replacement dispenser sent from S.U.M.
1957 Jan 6 - Mar 24
Christmas message from Prime Minister; quotes monthly salary; questions continuation of educational agreement with the government; visited headmistress of girls' school in Kadugli; children travel for external exams
1957 Apr 14 - Jun 12
Girl changed to Muslim teaching; suspicions of anti-mission feelings; visits from Bishop O. Allison; J. Hillman and J. Buxton
1958 Apr 5 - 1959 Jun 24
Letters from R.H. in Katcha, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, with similar content about school and daily routine and specific reference to the following:
1958 Apr 5 - 20
Conference in Omdurman; met Miss Turk, retiring after 36 years in Sudan
1958 Apr 27 - Jun 8
To Katcha via El Obeid; new staff: Beatrice Coggan and Audrey Way; children asked questions about faith; visit from Province Educational Officer demanding the readmission of some boys; election and meeting of church council; government plans to take over school; preparations for youth conference
1958 Jun 15 - Sep 8
To El Obeid for Youth Conference; teaching some adults; improvements to the church; Nuba deacon making progress with villagers; took in boys from school at Miri where roof blew off; questions level of Christian belief in some teachers; praises their Nuba deacon
1958 Sep 17 - 28
In Malakal with Helen Tetley
1958 Oct 4 - Dec 28
Gave cooking related presents to wives of teachers; contemplates affect of coup d'état; involving women in activities; questions the giving of salt to encourage a congregation
1959 Jan 5 - Mar 12
Visit from Bishop Allison; discussed Lambeth Report; football match against Kadugli; Local Conference; developed new local hymn; church council meeting; Government to take over the school
1959 Mar 26 - Jun 24
Arrival Government head teacher; decisions about R.H.'s future and that of mission staff and property; most children chose to be taught Islam when asked; fears for Christians; visit from Inspector for schools in province; visit from Roman Catholics; evangelists sent to Katcha by Sudan United Mission
1963 Mar 14 - 1965 Apr 26
Letters from R.H. in Omdurman, Sudan and when travelling, to her family, describing settling in to house and job as C.M.S. Secretary; sorting permits and visas and preparing for C.M.S. staff leaving and arriving; settling accounts; social events; attending the cathedral at Khartoum; attending various meetings including church committee and the Rural Deanery; celebrations at Christian festivals; and with specific reference to the following:
1963 Mar 14 - Aug 1
In Omdurman. Conference in Omdurman and Khartoum; dealing with accounts; looking after a Nuba girl before sending her to school; discussed finance issues; attended hospital board meeting
1963 Aug 4 - Oct 25
Began helping with art at Unity High School; resignation of K. MacDonnell; attending art classes at Khartoum Technical Institute
1963 Oct 30 - Nov 21
Travelled to Juba for consecration of the cathedral and synod; visited Maridi; celebrations for the anniversary of the army revolution
1963 Dec 1 - 1964 Apr 12
Visit from President of C.M.S., Sir K. and Lady Grubb; missionaries in the south expelled due to involvement in troubles; completion of new hymn book; Barclays Bank celebrated 50 years in Sudan; conference
1964 Apr 18 - May 14
In Kenya. Visited C.M.S. Kenya conference and St Paul's Theological College at Limuru
1964 May 24 - Oct 18
Attended Muslim wedding feast; teaching art one day a week at girls' school; fact finding commission taking place in southern Sudan; visits from members of Near East Council of Churches
1964 Oct 24 - Dec 25
Account of student demonstrations and Council of Ministers dissolved; resignation of President Abbud; clashes between northern and southern Sudanese; American Mission burned down
1965 Jan 1 - Apr 26
Celebrated Independence Day; visit from Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh; further discussion of future of Sudan; Ambassador Sir Ian Scott leaving Khartoum; old school boy from Katcha ordained priest in Khartoum Cathedral
1965 Oct 17 - 1967 May 14
Letters from R.H. in Omdurman, Sudan to her family. Content similar to above with specific reference to the following:
1965 Oct 17 - Dec 26
United service including Evangelical church; Arabic communion service; Arabic hymn book printed; helped at cathedral triennial bazaar; refused police confirmation to travel to Nuba Mountains; Sudan broke off diplomatic relations with Britain
1966 Jan 1 - Mar 20
Visit from K Nolin, an Islamic scholar; week of prayer for unity visiting churches of different denominations; Mission Quiet Day; demonstrations against the government; church making pleas for peace; new cars for the mission; memorial service for Canon B.J. Harper
1966 Mar 26 - Jul 10
End of term trip to jabal ; police would not allow R.H. to visit Nuba Mountains; illegal strikes took place
1966 Sep 11 - Dec 27
New headmistress of Girls' School arrived from England but soon left; difficulty funding the girls' school; good will visit made by four African Christians to the government to help resolve the problem in the south
1967 Jan 1 - Mar 12
Application to go the Nuba Mountains refused again; week of prayer for unity; responsibilities during home leave; news from Ministry of Health unable to give annual money and plans for dealing with the lack of income for the C.M.S. hospital; taking over duties at the girls' school; prices rising
1967 Mar 19 - May 14
Preparing for home leave; arranging conference in England
1967 Sep 24 - 1969 Jul 5
Letters from R.H. in Omdurman, Sudan to her family. Content similar to above with specific reference to the following:
1967 Sep 24 - Dec 31
Reduction of service at the hospital to save money; potential financial assistance from head of Shell Oil; meeting of Sudan Council of Churches; a Sudanese officiated communion at Khartoum Cathedral for the first time
1968 Jan 7 - Mar 24
Week of prayer for unity; received hospital grant; Government assembly dissolved; financial problems; R.H. handed in resignation for 1969; description of the Omdurman Christian Club
1968 Mar 31 - Jun 23
Christenings in Khartoum Cathedral; new head of Clergy House School in Khartoum
1968 Jul 5 - Aug 2
In Ethiopia
1968 Aug 9 - Oct 20
Teaching art at the girls' school; advertising for a course for Christian teachers; teaching women's sewing classes; rise in cost of visas for missionaries; appeal for money to build home economics block at Unity High School
1968 Oct 27 - Dec 29
New house for pastor built in grounds of the church; cathedral bazaar; visit from R.C. Stevenson working on translation at bible house; mentions New Testament printed in local language in Dec 1967; religious drama workshops held for Christian teachers
1969 Jan 12 - Mar 30
Diocesan Board meeting; Butrus Tia Shukai made Archdeacon and Honourable Canon of the Cathedral at Khartoum; visited principal of Unity High School to ask about physical education specialists; parents' day at high school; involvement in leprosy work
1969 Apr 6 - Jul 5
Financial problems; Christian teacher buried in Muslim burial ground due to time constraints; sorting money for widow of a Sudanese teacher; government paid the money owed
1969 Nov 21 - 1971 Jun 19
Letters from R.H. in Omdurman, Sudan to her family. Content similar to above with specific reference to the following:
1969 Nov 21 - Dec 28
Outlines problems for the mission at present; cost of living impacting on salaries
1970 Jan 4 - Mar 28
Bishop refused permission to travel to Nuba Mountains; problems at local schools; visit from Minister of Health; involved in bible study groups for women - the Three Towns Group; threat of hospital closure through lack of funds; financial problems for new congregations
1970 Apr 5 - May 23
Most American missionaries asked to leave the country; emotional strain on missionaries; arranging accommodation for new mission families
1970 May 29 - Sep 4
All banks and large businesses nationalised; conference in UK seen as turning point for C.M.S. policy; Clergy House School moving from cathedral site to give more autonomy to headmistress
1970 Sep 8 - Oct 3
On holiday in Kampala and Nairobi
1970 Oct 18 - Dec 27
Disappointment of staff unable to come to Sudan and school having its grant cut
1971 Jan 3 - Feb 27
Problems with visa for replacement secretary for the C.M.S.; Diocesan Financial Board meeting; Butrus Tia Shukai and Benjamina Yugusuk consecrated as assistant bishops; negotiations with the government for the take over of the hospital and the future of medical work
1971 Mar 6 - May 9
Sewing group combined with English lessons; hospital closed, although maintaining treatment of leprosy patients; refers to exchange programme between university in Khartoum and Oxford University; break-ins and threatening behaviour against the mission
1971 May 14 - Jun 19
Meeting with delegation from World Council of Churches and All African Conference of Churches; Clergy House School moved location; another replacement sought for position of C.M.S. Secretary as visa refused for couple waiting in Cairo for 6 months; financial trouble; preparations for leaving Sudan
Original papers of Rachel Hassan
[ca. 1948 - 1969/70]
Letters from R.H. while in Katcha, Sudan and returning from a holiday in Kenya, giving news of daily events and including postcards of steamers; printed map with annotations showing journey from Nairobi to Nimule; hand-drawn map of journey from Katcha to Kampala; (copy of?) extract from letter to J. Hassan about the Keymer family
1973 - 1992
Letters from R.H. in the U.K. to C.M.S. members and clergy in Sudan covering financial issues at the mission and money sent from the U.K.; planning a trip to Sudan; questions about leases of houses that belong to the Episcopal Church of Sudan
1955 Nov 4
Letter to R.H. from D. Lomax re Oversees Visual Aids and advice on photography
1971 - 1977
Letters to R.H. from C.M.S. missionaries, members of the clergy and Christian community, mainly based in Omdurman, Sudan. Most relate news from Omdurman with regard to old friends; developments at the C.M.S. hospital; church news; events following the coup and counter coup in 1971 including the closure of Khartoum Cathedral; financial matters and donations
1978 - 1993
Letters to R.H. from C.M.S. missionaries, members of the clergy and Christian community, mainly based in Omdurman, Sudan. Content similar to above but with additional news of translation for the Bari Bible and some with annotations by R.H. for prayers
[ca. 1978-1993]
Biographical information about R.H.'s correspondents in the Sudan
1971 Nov 21 - 1979 Dec 30
32 group/link and personal letters from H. Caren at Omdurman, Sudan, containing medical news and news of developments at the hospital and in leprosy work
1975 May 28 - 1980 Sep 10
28 group/link and personal letters from J. and Deborah Barff at Omdurman, Sudan and Malvern, England. Contain news about developments in training of priests and also as mission secretary
3. Articles
[n.d. ca. 1960?]
“The Story of C.M.S. in the Nuba Mountains 1935-58” by R.H. with details of when individuals served and where, including a chart showing this information
4. Photographic Material
Photograph of Sudan Weekend, London Bible College with the name Mark Mayoul written on the reverse, found enclosed in Cash, W. Wilson, The Nubas' calling: a challenge to pioneer missionary adventure among Sudan hill tribes. (London: Church Missionary Society, 1933)
5. Newspaper Cuttings
Article by Philippa Guillebaud from unknown magazine about bible translation in southern Sudan, attached to letters from P. Guillebaud
Cutting from unknown magazine concerning the consecration of Dr. F. Crabb as Bishop of Athabasca. Attached to letters from Alison Crabb
Black and white picture from unknown magazine of open-air service in the Sudan. Attached to letters from Reverend R. Makoi
6. Miscellanea
Set of 12 Sudan United Mission poem cards in sleeve
1985 Feb
Photocopy of poem: “Nuban Encounter”, by Chris Hayward
7. Printed material