Bickersteth, Edward Jelf
Edward Jelf Bickersteth

1. Memoirs
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Title: Bickersteth, Edward Jelf
Dates of creation: 1982
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Edward Jelf Bickersteth

(1915 - 1997)

1937-1938 Private Secretary to the High Commissioner of Palestine
1938-1940 A.D.C. Sinkat, Kassala
1940 A.D.C. Torit, Equatoria
1940-1941 Governor-General's Temporary Commission as Bimbashi in S.D.F.
1941-1943 A.D.C. Wau, Equatoria
1943-1946 A.D.C. Shendi, Northern Province
1946-1951 D.C. El Fasher, Darfur
1951-1953 D.C. Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province, as Local Government Inspector
1953-1955 Assistant Director of Establishments in the Ministry of Finance, Establishments Branch
1955 Retired
1955-1975 Overseas Director (from 1960) and Personnel Director (from 1970) for Reckitt and Colman
1975 Retired; service on the Civil Service Selection Board


1. Memoirs

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Presented by Bickersteth, 1987

1. Memoirs
Memoirs of E.J. Bickersteth concerning his career in the Sudan Political Service from 1938 to 1955. Subjects covered include his interview, a preparatory course in Arabic, and a meeting with General Wingate (SAD.815/2/2-3); first impressions of the Sudan (SAD.815/2/3); disappointing first posting at Sinkat (SAD.815/2/3-4); disruption of the war to his career (SAD.815/2/4); A.D.C. Wau under Martin Parr with comment on the missionaries in Equatoria (SAD.815/2/4-6); three years broken by the war as A.D.C. Shendi under Bill Crawford and C.B. Tracey, with accounts of his first solo trek in 1943, poisoning locusts and buying dhurah for the Government rationing scheme in Blue Nile Province in 1943, trekking as a Purchasing Inspector in Blue Nile Province in 1944, a period as A.D.C. to the Governor-General at the Palace, and running Damer Town (SAD.815/2/6-11); D.C. Darfur, with a description of a border meeting between the four districts of El Fasher in 1946, and comment on sport, social life, and the death penalty for homicide (SAD.815/2/12-14); Local Government Inspector in Blue Nile Province, with his instructions and difficulties encountered (SAD.815/2/14-15); Assistant Director of Establishments under A.E.S. Charles (SAD.815/2/15-16); wartime experiences and attempts to join the British Army (SAD.815/2/16-17); postwar political changes and the period leading up to independence (SAD.815/2/17-19); retirement and subsequent career in industry (SAD.815/2/18-20)
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