R. Davies
Reginald Davies

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2. Personal Papers
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Title: R. Davies
Dates of creation: 1912-1969
Extent: 5 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: Presented by Mr Davies, 1966 & by Mr & Mrs G. Best, 1995 and 2006
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Reginald Davies

( 1887-1971 )

1911 - 1935 Sudan Political Service
1912 - 19153rd Inspector, Bara, Kordofan
19162nd Inspector, Safia, Kordofan
1916 - 19202nd Inspector, Nahud, Kordofan
1920 - 1924D.C. Geneina, Darfur
1924 - 1928Assistant Director Intelligence Department, Khartoum (Director from 1927)
1929 - 1930Assistant Civil Secretary, Khartoum
1930 - 1931Assistant Financial Secretary, Khartoum
1931 - 1932Secretary for Economic Development, Khartoum
1932 - 1933Deputy Financial Secretary
1933 - 1935Chairman of the Board of Economics and Trade and Director of the Department of Economics and Trade
1935 - 1942Service in Egypt
1935 - 1939Deputy Director-General, Alexandria Municipality
1939 - 1942Director Publicity Section, British Embassy, Cairo


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Articles, Speeches
4. Photographic Material
5. Museum Objects
6. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
1915 Jun 9
Policy in Dar Kababish, a memorandum written by R. Davies when Inspector of the Kababish, with explanatory note written by him in 1966
1929 Dec 24 - ca.1934
Letters to Davies from H.A. MacMichael, Civil Secretary thanking him for his work in connection with Native Administration (SAD 882/8/1); and from Sir John Maffey, Governor-General concerning the need for alternative sources of revenue if Sudan is to be saved from financial and political bankruptcy (SAD 882/8/2)
2. Personal Papers
1912 Jan 18 - 1920 Apr 6
Letters home from Davies to his family: from El Obeid concerning his service as acting Inspector in the absence of J.A. Gillan, in particular the trial of an elaborate slave case (SAD 882/8/3); from Bara concerning a case of camel theft in a dispute between the Kawahla and the Kababish (SAD 882/8/4); from Nahud concerning a visit from the Governor of Darfur, Col. R.V. Savile and prospects for a new appointment as Resident for the Sultanates of Masalit and Gimr on the Wadai border, with description of the area (SAD 882/8/5-6); and from Nahud, describing a typical day (SAD 882/1/7-8)
1941 May 22 - 26
Diary account by Davies of a trip From Cairo to Nairobi by air and road to attend a conference, with seating plan for a dinner at Government House, Nairobi
1969 May 3
Letter to Gwenllyan Davies, wife of Davies from the widow of Lord Rugby (formerly Sir John Maffey, Governor-General of the Sudan), concerning her husband's death and enclosing a photograph from a Greek newspaper of Sir John Maffey and his wife and child in 1926
3. Articles, Speeches
Article by Hajj al-Num entitled “Batil! Batil!” concerning a case of kidnapping in the Sudan of two young boys for slavery and the resulting court cases
“Moorish hospitality”, an article by R.D. on his travels through Algeria in 1925 and in particular the hospitality he received from a family in Fez, with related letter from “Oryth” of The Cornhill Magazine. For photographs taken on this trip, see section 4 below, SAD 887/5/1-4
Account by Davies of the war-time activities of the Publicity Section of the British Embassy in Cairo (lacking p.2)
“Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted”, an account by Davies of a reconnaissance trip from Alexandria to the Qattara Depression to assess its potential as a route for an invading force, with related letter. For photographs taken on the trip, see section 4 below, SAD 887/5/6-9
Essay by Davies on “Germany's future role in Africa”, with a letter to The Times from Lord Lugard on the same subject and related correspondence between Davies, Lord Lugard, J.A. Spender, Edward Grigg and R.M. MacGregor (author of Order or disorder? Studies in the decline of international order, 1918-1936 (1939))
[1939 - 1942]
Text of talk by Davies to the Anglo-Egyptian Union on “Aspects of war”, reprinted from the Egyptian Gazette
1940 Feb 14
Draft and final version of speech by Anthony Eden, Secretary of State for the Dominions to the Egyptian press on the occasion of his visit to Egypt, with a newspaper report of the same speech
Texts of speeches and articles by R.D. on South Africa which were published in the Egyptian press, with related letters:
1942 Jan 6
“Some aspects of South Africa's war effort”, a speech to the Cairo Rotary Club
1942 Jan
“The story of Anglo-South African relations”, a talk to the Anglo-Egyptian Union
1942 Jan 13
“South Africa's policy in the war”, a talk to the Anglo-Egyptian Union, with a copy of the same talk published in the Egyptian Gazette, 19 Jan 1942
Series of articles written after Davies' tour of the principal centres of South African war activity
4. Photographic Material
Photographs taken by R.D. in Fez during his travels through Algeria. For the account of this trip, see SAD 882/8/39-49 above.
The son-in-law of Hashim Abu Ghalib (Davies' host in Fez), with his small son
Mulay Ahmad Abu Ghalib, cousin of Hashim Abu Ghalib
Muluda, the slave girl of Hashim Abu Ghalib
Interior of Mulay Ahmad Abu Ghalib's house in Fez showing a fountain in the middle of a courtyard
[ca. 1926-1933]
Portrait photograph of Sir John Maffey, Governor-General, in full dress uniform
Photograph of Governor-General Sir John Maffey with Gwenllyan Davies, wife of R. Davies, at the races
[ca.1934 - 1937]
Photograph of Sir David and Lady Kelly at Burg el Arab in Egypt. Sir David (1891-1959) served in the Diplomatic Service in Egypt from 1934 to 1937.
Photographs of a reconnaissance trip from Alexandria to the Qattara Depression. For account of this trip, see SAD 882/9/7-12 above:
Line of trucks taken by members of the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards to the Qattara Depression
Trucks in the desert
Egyptian man standing by back of motor car, palm trees in background
Foam on seashore
5. Museum Objects
[ca. 1930s]
Watercolour by Mrs. G. Davies of the Mahdi's tomb, Omdurman, before it was rebuilt
Size: 25 x 19 cms
6. Printed Material
Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC