Unity High School
Unity High School, Khartoum

1. Official Papers
School logbooks
Reference code: GB-0033- SAD
Title: Unity High School
Dates of creation: 1902-1991
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: Unity High School
Language: English

Unity High School, Khartoum

1902 JulFoundation of the Coptic Girls' School, Khartoum
1903 AprChange of name to CMS Khartoum Girls' School
1928 OctClosure of Khartoum Girls' School and Foundation of Unity High School


1. Official Papers (logbooks)

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Presented by Mr David Treagust, 1994

1. Official Papers
School logbooks
Photocopies of original logbooks for Unity High School (and its predecessors, the Coptic School for Girls and the CMS Khartoum Girls' School) for the period 1902-1991, copied from originals still held in the school. The books cover every aspect of the administration and development of the school, the appointment and resignation of its staff, numbers of pupils, subjects taught and examination results, holidays, changes to school buildings and visits from distinguished guests. They also reflect extra-curricular activities and associations with other schools and the wider community in Khartoum and include references to political issues and the impact of independence and civil war on the school.
1902 - 1942
Logbook 1: The school was originally opened as the Coptic School for Girls before changing its name to the Church Missionary Society's Girls School in 1903. The very earliest entries were written retrospectively; thereafter entries are written in a number of different hands. Entries cover the foundation of the school, with a description of its physical set-up (SAD 906/5/1); visits from a number of distinguished guests and the laying of the foundation stone for the CMS School for Girls by Bishop Morley, Archdeacon of Egypt (SAD 906/5/3); opening of school by Bishop Blyth, Bishop in Jerusalem (SAD 906/5/4); inspections by Gordon College Inspectors (SAD 906/5/8-9); resignation of the first headmistress Miss Bewley on the occasion of her marriage (SAD 906/5/9v); racial analysis of pupils (906/5/14-15); death of the Governor-General, Sir Lee Stack and mutiny of Sudanese troops (SAD 906/5/22); protest from Greek parents who wanted their daughters to be taught in English (SAD 906/5/24); formation of an Old Girls' Association (SAD 906/5/28v-29); the issue of teaching Christian scriptures to Muslim pupils (SAD 906/5/30v); the closure of the CMS Girls School in 1928 and opening of the Unity High School in 1929 under Miss H.M. Wilson as Principal (SAD 906/5/32-33); closure of Khartoum schools owing to a meningitis outbreak (SAD 906/5/37); extract from a report on the school by Miss Warburton (SAD 906/5/49v); arrival of the new headmistress, Miss de Peyer (SAD 906/5/50v-52); Coronation Day, 1937 (SAD 906/5/58); appeal for funds for rebuilding the school (SAD 906/5/67)
1942 - 1949
Second logbook (part 1). Entries cover the general administration of the school, as above, and more specifically visitors to the school and visiting lecturers; construction of the Gwynne Building (SAD 906/6/20,28); changes to the school year (SAD 906/6/21,23); application for recognition by the Board of Education (SAD 906/6/24); issues of staff pay (SAD 906/6/24-25,88); new Government Education Relief Plan (SAD 906/6/27); award of annual British Council grant (SAD 906/6/29); admission of girls to courses at Gordon College (SAD 906/6/36-37); departure of Miss de Peyer and appointment of new headmistress, Miss Junor (SAD 906/6/50-51,57); students watching and participating in political demonstrations (SAD 906/6/67); staff dispute resulting in the resignation of three teachers, the formation of a Girls' Council and the removal of the Principal and one teacher (SAD 906/6/80-83); appointment of Miss Brassington as Principal (SAD 906/6/88); celebrations for 21st birthday of the school (SAD 906/6/102)
1950 - 1959
Second logbook (part 2), following on from SAD 906/6/1-105 above. General entries as above, but also references to the division of the school into houses (SAD 906/7/12); total eclipse of the sun (SAD 906/7/35); marriage of Miss Brassington to A.F. Day (SAD 906/7/39); crash of the Hermes aircraft into the sea off Sicily with 3 members of staff on board (SAD 906/7/40); arrival of new Principal, Miss Kilvert (SAD 906/7/42); girls proselytising in school (906/7/49,55-56); financial problems at the school (SAD 906/7/61); closure of school on occasion of opening of parliament and declaration of a state of emergency (SAD 906/7/81-82); resignation of Miss Kilvert (SAD 906/7/83-84); appointment of Mrs Crowther as Principal, Oct 1956 (SAD 906/7/101); girls participating in anti-British demonstrations and disturbances at school (SAD 906/7/102-103); teaching Islam to Muslim girls (SAD 906/7/104,117,133,136), memorial service for Bishop Gwynne (SAD 906/7/114)
1960 - 1972
Second logbook (part 3), following on from SAD 906/7/1-141 above. General entries as above, but also references to arrangement of suitable religious education for Catholic and Islamic pupils (SAD 906/8/11,38,44); independence day parade (SAD 906/8/13); retirement of Mrs Crowther (SAD 906/8/20); arrival of new Principal, Miss Tweed (SAD 906/8/39); accusations in press of race discrimination in school (SAD 906/8/49); closure of schools due to riots (SAD 906/8/49-50); visit of Queen Elizabeth (SAD 906/8/53); press complaint about school fees and acceptance of married pupils (SAD 906/8/64); arrival, and departure, of Miss Bell, the new Principal (SAD 906/8/64,68); arrival of Miss Hepplestone, the new Principal (SAD 906/8/73); student and teacher strikes (SAD 906/8/80-82,129); changes to the School Leaving Certificate (SAD 906/8/105-106,108-110); departure of Miss Hepplestone (SAD 906/8/120); May Revolution celebrations and impact on school, 1970 (SAD 906/8/120-121); school participation in the national festival of education (SAD 906/8/125); enforced closure in Jul 1971 due to security reasons (SAD 906/8/127); appointment of Miss Clague as Principal, 1972 (SAD 906/8/128); list of principals, 1928-1972 (SAD 906/8/134)
1972 - 1991
Third logbook, following on from SAD 906/8/1-134 above and covering a period in which the school was particularly affected by the continuing deterioration in the political situation. General entries as above, but including also references to a visit from Princess Anne (SAD 906/9/3v); start of evening classes (SAD 906/9/7); appointment of new Principal in 1980, Mr Partington (SAD 906/9/26v); closure of the school due to local disturbances and attacks against the school (SAD 906/9/55-56); demonstration in favour of Islamic law (SAD 906/9/73v); change of government, 1985 (SAD 906/9/79v); the introduction of a boys' section (SAD 906/9/82-84 and ff.); court case brought by a teacher claiming wrongful dismissal (SAD 906/9/85-86); review of staff salaries (SAD 906/9/92v,94v); dispute with the Ministry of Education (SAD 906/9/100-101,106); floods at the school (SAD 906/9/108-109); political demonstration outside the school (SAD 906/9/111); dispute arising out of an increase in school fees (SAD 906/9/116-129); opening of the new building for the boys' school (SAD 906/9/119); arrival of the new Principal, Mr B. Foakes, and his subsequent arrest and resignation (SAD 906/9/127v-129)