ARBUTHNOT, Ernest Douglas
Ernest Douglas Arbuthnot

1. Official Papers
(a) Kassala Province
(b) Equatoria
(c) Northern Province
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: ARBUTHNOT, Ernest Douglas
Dates of creation: 1939-1953
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Ernest Douglas Arbuthnot


1927-1928 A.D.C. Talodi, Nuba Mountains
1929-1931 A.D.C. Talodi, Kordofan
1931-1932 A.D.C. Rufa`a, Blue Nile Province
1932-1935 A.D.C. Yambio, Bahr el Ghazal
1935 A.D.C Yambio, Mongalla
1935-1937 A.D.C. Gedaref, Kassala
1937-1939 D.C. Gedaref, Kassala
1939-1940 D.C. Omdurman, Khartoum Province
1940-1941 D.C. Gedaref, Kassala
1941-1942 D.C. H.Q., Kassala
1942-1945 D.C. Tokar, Kassala
1945-1949 D.C. Juba, Equatoria
1949-1951 D.C. Shendi, Northern Province
1951-1953 D.C. Wadi Halfa, Northern Province
1953 Retired


1. Official Papers
(a) D.C. Kassala
(b) D.C. Equatoria
(c) D.C. Northern Province

1. Official Papers
(a) Kassala Province
1939 Jan 21
Note by Arbuthnot on the preservation of harig agricultural areas in Gedaref District
1941 Jan 13-Jul 20
Official papers relating to Kassala Province consisting mainly of Arbuthnot's correspondence with the Governor of Kassala concerning Army billeting and the wartime ban on British families in Gedaref, and irregularities concerning the Censor's office; with H.Q. Troops in the Sudan concerning the fact that encrypted telegrams are often marked "urgent" when they are not, and with J.C. Penney of H.Q. Sudan Police on Demissie Force expenditure and thefts from Army property; with Captain Steer of the General Staff (Intelligence) concerning the distribution of propaganda pamphlets; and with the Governor on a new policy concerning the transfer of firearms
1942 Oct 12-1945 Jan 10
Official papers relating to Kassala Province including correspondence between Arbuthnot, the Governor of Kassala and J.C. Penney concerning the discovery of a copy of a secret letter addressed to Arbuthnot in the house of a suspected spy and the subsequent demand for explanations; a note by Arbuthnot concerning land distribution in the Tokar Delta and a memo concerning Government control of the sugar trade; a letter from G.H. Bacon of the Department for Crop Production concerning the increase in dura production in Gedaref since the use of Arbuthnot's scheme to protect harig areas
(b) Equatoria
1949 Jun 16-Sep 14
Letter from Arbuthnot to the Governor of Equatoria concerning the low output of labour and the necessity to invest in better tools and supervision; Judgement of the Court of Appeal in a case concerning a breach of contract to supply dura
(c) Northern Province
1949 Dec 23-1951 Jan 20
Letters from Arbuthnot to the Governor of Northern Province concerning a variety of solutions to problems: famine relief for nomads; overpopulation and land famine; the posting of a Sudanese A.D.C. as part of "Sudanisation"; aggressive demonstrations by a nationalist organisation
1951 Aug 29-1953 Mar 17
Official correspondence relating to Northern Province, including Arbuthnot and the Governor concerning the dangerous enthusiasm for pump schemes, and the hydro-electric possibilities of the Semna cataract; the theft of firearms; the need for a Native Lodging Area in Halfa Town; undernourishment of the Batn al-Hagar population; the need for secure travelling boxes for Treasury documents; the Governor's comments concerning a recent court judgement regarding a tenancy agreement case; Arbuthnot to the Chairman of Halfa Town Council concerning reform of the town's waste water removal scheme; Arbuthnot to the Judge of the High Court of Northern Province in defence of a recent legal decision; Arbuthnot to the Province Medical Inspector concerning the poor design of rubbish lorries; Arbuthnot's new format for the Wadi Halfa District Council annual budget; Arbuthnot's defence of his actions concerning the rescue of a crashed aviator from the desert; the need for the official language to be Arabic as preparation for "Sudanisation"; the need for a 4th class of Native Lodging Area; the destruction of potentially offensive personality assessments prior to "Sudanisation"