H. B. M. Farrell
H. B. M. Farrell

1. Official Papers
2. Articles (drafts)
3. Printed material
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Title: H. B. M. Farrell
Dates of creation: 1930-1955
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Created by: H. B. M. Farrell
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H. B. M. Farrell


1950-1955Sudan Medical Service (Ministry of Health)
1950-1951Medical Inspector (Special Duties), Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province
1951Medical Inspector (Special Duties), Wau, Bahr al-Ghazal
1951-1953Medical Inspector (Special Duties), Sources Yubu, Equatoria
1953Medical Inspector, Singa, Blue Nile Province
1954-1955Medical Inspector, Sources Yubu, Equatoria


1. Official Papers
2. Articles (drafts)
3. Printed Material

Accession details

Presented by Mr Farrell, 1966

1. Official Papers
1952 Mar 24-Jul 17
Correspondence between Farrell at Sources Yubu, the government statistician and Dr R. Lauder, Medical Inspector, Li Rangu concerning the decline in the Azande population
Annual reports by Farrell as Medical Officer for Sources Yubu sleeping sickness settlement , covering the years 1951/52, 1952/53 (incomplete) and 1953/54
Sources Yubu medical diary, probably compiled by Farrell, covering history, endemic diseases (sleeping sickness, leprosy malaria, ankylostoma, bilharzia, endemic goitre and bakitigoro), venereal disease, fertility and hernia
1954 Nov 20
Zande District handbook, covering physical, rainfall, temperature, history, external relations, administration and tribal, agriculture, medical, missions and education, communications, domestic animals and game, forests, trade and development, and taxation
1955 Nov 17
Extract from a letter written at Moyo describing the disturbances in Southern Sudan
2. Articles (drafts)
“Notes on the tribes of the Bahr-al-Ghazal Province of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1955”, by [E.E. Evans-Pritchard], an early draft of “The Mberidi (Shilluk group) and Mbegumba (Basiri group) of the Bahr-El-Ghazal” in Sudan Notes and Records, 14, pt 1 (1931), 15-48
“The history of Sindiru, Bilinian and Mogiri”, draft of an article by A.C. Beaton later published as “A chapter in Bari history: the history of Sindiru, Bilinian and Mögiri” in Sudan Notes and Records, 18, pt 2 (1934), 169-200
[post 1937]
“Sleeping sickness” by Lt Col G.K. Maurice: an account of the history of Sources Yubu sleeping sickness settlement and the work of Dr Baz, Dr Spence, Dr J. M[ ] and Dr G.K. Maurice, with annotations by Farrell in 1954
Ts copies of essays by Azande people on their customs, etc., including essays by Azande at Sources Yubu
“What future the Azande” by T.A.T. Leitch, formerly Agricultural Inspector, Ezo, Tembura Sub-District, Equatoria, describing the aims and achievements of the Zande Scheme. The article was published in New Commonwealth, 14 May 1954.
3. Printed material