Hornby, E.M.
Emily M. Hornby

1. Journal
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Hornby, E.M.
Dates of creation: 1904-1905
Extent: 2 volumes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Emily M. Hornby

(d.1906) Emily Hornby paid two visits to Egypt with her parents to escape the worst of the British winter, the first in 1904-1905 which is recorded here, and the second in 1905-1906. Her journal from the second trip was published as A Nile Journal (London: Thompson, 1906) shortly after her death.


1. Journal


Purchased, 1994

1. Journal
1904 Dec 22 - 1905 Mar 5
Journal, in two volumes, kept by E.M.H. during her first trip to Egypt with her parents, recording in some detail their travels to and from Egypt, impressions of life there and visits to the major sites of antiquities
(Two typescript volumes, leather bound)
1904 Dec 22 - 1905 Jan 31
Volume one describes the journey by train to Marseilles (880/10/4-6); on board the SS Oriental to Port Said (880/10/6-12); impressions of Port Said (880/10/12-15); by train to Cairo (880/10/15-16); sight-seeing in Cairo including detailed descriptions of mosques and local architecture (880/10/17-55); visit to two mosques to watch a Dervish zikr (880/10/37-38); music for a Dervish chant (880/10/40); visit to the pyramids (880/10/44-51); Egyptian Museum (880/10/53-54)
Tour up the Nile to Aswan on the Rameses the Great
Visit to Memphis and the tombs of Mera and Thi, the Serapeum of the Bulls (880/10/60-64); description of a shaduf (880/10/67-69); rock temple of Pakht, tombs of Beni Hasan (880/10/74-77); Assiout (880/10/80-83); Keneh (880/10/86-98); Luxor and Karnak (880/10/99-126); Esna (880/10/126-128); Edfu (880/10/128-136); temple of Kom Ombos (880/10/136-137); Elephantine Island and Aswan (880/10/138-142)
On the Prince Abbas from Aswan to Khartoum
Kalabsheh (880/10/146-148); Dakkeh (880/10/149-150); Korosko (880/10/155-157); Abu Simbel (880/10/158-168); Wadi Halfa (880/10/168); by train from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum (880/10/169-175); at Khartoum, staying with Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Broun (880/10/175-198) and including dinner with Slatin Pasha (880/10/191-192), dinner party at the palace (880/10/194-195) and visit to the CMS Girls' School (880/10/196)
Return journey from Khartoum to Aswan
Return journey by train to Halfa, by boat (the Prince Abbas) to Shellal, by train to Aswan and boat (Rameses III) to Luxor (880/10/198-220); second cataract and rock of Abusir (880/10/201-204); Abu Simbel (880/10/204-206); Qasr Ibrim (880/10/207); Philae (880/10/210-212,216); and the Aswan dam (880/10/216-219)
1905 Feb 1 - Mar 5
Volume two covers the second half of the return journey to Cairo and remainder of their stay in Cairo. including descriptions of Luxor and Karnak (880/11/2-50); race meeting at Luxor (880/11/22-24); by steamer to Cairo (880/11/50-76); excursion to Abydos (880/11/52-63); sight-seeing in Cairo and Heliopolis (880/11/77-195) including a description of the Khan el Khalil (880/11/85-90); Egyptian Museum, Cairo (880/11/112-124,140-169); visit to the pyramids and sphinx (880/11/125-140); the journey home on board the Caledonia (880/11/195-214)