Daniell, J.P.S.
John Paul Seabrooke Daniell

1. Personal Papers
2. Diaries
3. Newspaper Cuttings
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Title: Daniell, J.P.S.
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
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John Paul Seabrooke Daniell

(1915 - )

1938-1940 A.D.C. El Fasher District, Darfur
1940 Governor-General's temporary commission as Bimbashi in the S.D.F. (Eritrea and Abyssinia)
1941-1942 A.D.C. Rumbek, Lakes District, Equatoria
1942-1945 S.D.F.
1945-1947 A.D.C./D.C. Omdurman, Khartoum Province
1947-1950 D.C. Zande, Equatoria
1950-1955 Civil Secretary's Office; seconded to Gordon Memorial College as Dean, School of Administration, 1950; to University College of Khartoum as Dean, Faculty of Law, 1951
1954 Rank and status of Governor
1955 Retired from Sudan service


1. Personal Papers
2. Diaries
3. Newspaper cuttings

1. Personal Papers
1937 Aug 5
Letter of appointment to the Sudan Political Service
1945 Mar 27; 1951 Nov 11
Personal letters from J.P.S.D. to his father and stepmother concerning the death of Sir Douglas Newbold (777/12/2) and to his father-in-law Harry Houldsworth concerning the crisis caused by the abrogation of the 1936 treaty and 1899 Condominium agreement, current feeling in the Sudan about self-determination and communist-inspired disruption of schools (777/12/3-10)
1982 Jul 6
Explanatory letter concerning the 2 letters above, 777/12/2-10
1982 Mar 27
Letter from J.P.S.D. to A.H.M. Kirk-Greene concerning his career in the Sudan, written at some detail in response to a request for a contribution to a history of the Sudan Political Service and covering his short service in Equatoria and recuperation from illness in Uganda (777/12/15); service with the S.D.F. and house guest of Sir Douglas Newbold (777/12/15); service as D.C. Omdurman (777/12/15-17); political demonstrations in Khartoum (777/12/17); transfer to Yambio, Equatoria and description of the Zande scheme (777/12/18-20); appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration (777/12/20-21); pre war policy and constitutional aims (777/12/22); war time experiences with the S.D.F. (777/12/22-23); retirement and subsequent career (777/12/24-25)
1980 Jan 22
Letter from J.P.S.D. to Dr. J.A. Mangan in response to various questions concerning the influence of education on career choice, including motivation for officials joining the Sudan Political Service (777/12/26); family background and its relevance to his choice of career (777/12/26-28); reasons for choosing the Sudan Political Service above the Indian Civil Service (777/12/28-29); influence of his University (Oxford) (777/12/30); financial resources which supported him at school and university (777/12/31)
2. Diaries
1937 Jan 21 - 1939 Apr 17
Ms and ts. copies of entries from J.P.S.D.'s diary, interspersed with later comments by J.P.S.D. and extracts from trek reports:
1937 Jan 21 - Oct 5
Choice of career:
Reading up about the Sudan Political Service [S.P.S.] and Indian Civil Service [I.C.S.], arranging testimonials and applying to Colonial Service [C.S.], S.P.S. and I.C.S. (777/13/1-2); rejection by I.C.S. (777/13/3); first and second interviews with Sudan selection board (777/13/4-5); offer from S.P.S. and C.S. (777/13/5)
1937 Oct 9 - Jun 17
Colonial Services training course, Oxford:
First term of course (777/13/8-17); reading and work during vacation (777/13/18-19); conference at Kings College Theological Hall, London (777/13/20); second and third terms - brief extracts (777/13/20-22)
1937 Jun 20 - Sep 7
Joining the S.P.S.:
Preparations for embarkation (777/13/22-25); journey to the Sudan (777/13/25); arrival at Port Sudan and train journey to Khartoum (777/13/26); introduction to life in Khartoum (777/13/26-28); visit to Kfouri's farm at Khartoum North and to the battlefield of Omdurman (777/13/28)
1937 Sep 8 - 1938 Dec 31
El Fasher, Darfur:
Journey to Darfur (777/13/28-30); early days in El Fasher (777/13/30-32); first trek to Abu Deleig in search of locusts, stopping at Idd el Gudheim, Idd el Beida, Saniya Karau and `Ubeid (777/13/32-38); routine work in the markaz (777/13/39-40); prison inspection (777/13/40); on trek to Um Qozein, meeting up with Hogg and Bowers from Kordofan (777/13/41-44); first tour with Ingleson the governor (777/13/45); trek to Ogr with J.S. Owen, stopping at Wada`a and Taweisha (777/13/45-47); meeting with Hugh Boustead (777/13/47); rifle club meeting (777/13/48); purchase of annual grain stock (777/13/49); first shaikhs' teaparty (777/13/50); instruction with the mounted infantry (777/13/52); first experience of sitting on the bench as a judge in a minor court case (777/13/54); King's Day celebrations (777/13/54); officiating at two hangings for murder (777/13/55); Christmas celebrations (777/13/56); annual D.C.'s meeting (777/13/56); trek to Umky by lorry via Khereit and Abyad (777/13/57)
1939 Jan 1 - 24
Um Kedada, Darfur:
Gum garden boundary trek in Eastern District via Abu Deleig, `Ubeid, Saniya Karau, Tutu and El Da`ein (777/13/58-61)
1939 Apr 11 - 17
Forestry inspection trek in the western area of Central District
3. Newspaper Cuttings
1952 Jan 4
“Britain and the Sudan. Welfare of the population as basis of policy”, from The Times
1952 May 10
“Egypt and the Sudan. The sources of the Nile waters”, from The Times