MS 13, f.210Leaf from a Durham Priory register
Held by: Durham University Library: Mickleton & Spearman


Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 1 f
Size: 218 mm x 153 mm

Initial O filled in with vertical ink lines

Manuscript history

Written in England, Durham, later 13th century.


Single leaf from a Durham Priory register, the surviving remains of which are in British Library MS Stowe 930. This leaf preceded the current f.35 in that manuscript. Bound in on a guard in a volume apparently compiled by James Mickleton the elder (1638-1693)

Manuscript contents
Original title: Ordinatio Ecclesie de Houeden in prebend' de consensu capituli Dunolm'
Language: Latin

Ordination by Walter Giffard, Archbishop of York of the church of Howden as a collegiate church. A copy of the first part of DCD 3.1.Archiep.1a, which is continued on BL MS Stowe 930 f.35.

Digitised material for Mickleton & Spearman MS 13, f.210


F. Barlow, ed., Durham Annals and Documents of the Thirteenth Century   OCLC citation (Surtees Society 155, 1940), p.171-172

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