W. M. Williams
Walter Morgan Williams

1. Sudan Irrigation Department
2. Ceylon Irrigation Department
3. Printed material
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Title: W. M. Williams
Dates of creation: 1923-1954
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Walter Morgan Williams

(fl. 1926-1966)

1926-1951Sudan Irrigation Department
1926-1929Assistant Divisional Engineer. Projects Division, Wad Medani
1929Assistant Divisional Engineer. Wad Medani Irrigation Division, Kassala-Aroma
1930-1931Assistant Engineer. Gash Board, Aroma
1932-1934Sub Divisional Engineer. Gash Board, Aroma
1934Sub Divisional Engineer. Wad Medani Division, Basatna
1935Sub Divisional Engineer. Sennar Dam Division, Sennar
1936Sub Divisional Engineer. Western Gezira Division, Wad Medani
1937Sub Divisional Engineer. Wad Medani Division, Wad El Nau
1937-1938Assistant Divisional Engineer. Wad Medani Division, Wad El Nau
1938Divisional Engineer. Projects Division, Wad Medani
1938-1941Resident Engineer. Sennar Dam Division, Sennar
1942-1944Divisional Engineer. Abu Ushar Division, Abu Ushar
1945Divisional Engineer. Wad Medani Division, Wad Medani
1945-1946Assistant Director. Operation Headquarters, Wad Medani
1946-1948Assistant Director. Development Headquarters, Wad Medani
1948-1951Assistant Director. Headquarters, Wad Medani
1951Retired from Sudan Service
1951-1952Seconded as Irrigation Advisor to Government of Ceylon


1. Sudan Irrigation Department
2. Ceylon Irrigation Department
3. Printed Material

Accession details

Presented by Williams, 1965-1966

1. Sudan Irrigation Department
1923 Mar 21
Copy report by R.M. MacGregor, Indian Service of Engineers, on “Flood irrigation of the Tokar Delta”
1924 Jun 4
Typescript notes on night watering in Gezira by A.D. Butcher
1932 Mar 19
Completion report on the Gezira Canalization Scheme by R.M. MacGregor, Irrigation Advisor, entitled “Extensions of area 1926 - 1931”
1934 - 1936
G. Lacey, Executive Engineer and Irrigation Research Officer, Note on regime diagrams for the design of canals and distributaries, United Provinces P.W.D. Irrigation branch Technical Paper No. 1 (2 editions: Allahabad, 1934 and 1936), with related notes
1937 Mar - 1948 Jun
Handwritten notes by Williams on the Nile Waters (SAD.626/4/2); article from the [ Daily Telegraph and Morning Post] by Hamish Davidson, entitled “Making the Nile dive through turbines” (SAD.626/4/3); first draft note on the Nile Waters (SAD.626/4/4-9); copy note by [R.M] MacGregor on irrigation agreements (SAD.626/4/10-14); historical note on Nile water and the Sudan by W.N. Allan, Irrigation Consultant (SAD.626/4/15-29)
1939 Jan 21
Report by W.N. Allan, Divisional Engineer on “The development of irrigation in the Gezira”
“A note on the practical application of Lacey's silt theory in the Gezira”, by H.A. Morrice
Report by I.S.G. Matthews entitled “Investigation of the stable channels in the Gezira Canalisation Scheme”
Report by A.A. Middleton, Irrigation Advisor, entitled “Alternative livelihood schemes and protection works on Gebel Aulia Reservoir”
1943 Apr 5
Script for broadcast by A.E. Griffin, Director of Irrigation, on “Irrigation in the Sudan”, detailing the achievements of the department in the Sudan, particularly in the Gezira
1945 - 1950
Notes of costs and estimates for reservoirs and pumps, one signed by W.N. Allan, Director of Irrigation
2. Ceylon Irrigation Department
1951 Nov 15 - 1953 Feb 10
Correspondence concerning Williams' appointment by the Commonwealth Relations Office as Joint Irrigation Adviser to the Government of Ceylon
1952 Jun 28
Final report on the “Reorganisation of the Irrigation Department in Ceylon” by T.M. Lyle and W.M. Williams, Irrigation Advisers to the Government of Ceylon
1952 Jun 28 - 1954 Mar 31
Correspondence with the Commonwealth Relations Office concerning Williams' final report (above) and its implementation
3. Printed material
(a) In Archive
[ca. 1934]
Sudan. Irrigation Department, Manual of orders. [Khartoum : s.n., 1934?]
Egypt. Treaties, etc. Great Britain, 1929 May 7: Exchange of notes between His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom and the Egyptian Government in regard to the use of the waters of the Nile for irrigation purposes, Cairo, May 7, 1929. London : H.M.S.O., 1929
[ca. 1933]
Sudan. Irrigation Department, Sennar Dam : regulation rules. [Khartoum] : McCorquodale, [1933?]
1934 Jan
Sudan. Irrigation Department, Gezira Canal regulation handbook, January 1934. [Khartoum] : McCorquodale, 1934
Sudan. Irrigation Department, Gezira Canal : statistics of water consumption 1945-1946. [Khartoum] : McCorquodale, 1949
Williams, W. M., A report on a study of Indian irrigation works. Khartoum : McCorquodale & Co., [1936]
(b) In Library

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