Kennedy, M.R.
MacDougall Ralston Kennedy

1. Official Papers
2. Papers concerning M.R. Kennedy
3. Photographs
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Title: Kennedy, M.R.
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MacDougall Ralston Kennedy


1893 Commissioned 2nd Lt., Royal Engineers
1899-1909 Seconded to the Egyptian Army
1899-1906 Director of Works, Egyptian Army, Khartoum
1904-1907 Resident Engineer, Port Sudan
1907-1916 Director, Public Works Department, Sudan Government
1920 Charged with making a defamatory libel on Sir Murdoch MacDonald, under-secretary of state, Public Works Department, Egyptian Government


1. Official Papers
2. Papers concerning M.R. Kennedy
3. Photographs
4. Printed Material


The papers in this collection were donated by Michael Barrington who in 1959 was invited by M.R.K.'s daughter to write a biography of her father. Due to the scarcity of documentary evidence, the biography was never written.

1. Official Papers
1904 Oct 24
Memorandum by M.R. Kennedy [M.R.K.] on points raised in the report of the Commission on Suakin and Shaikh Barghut, in particular the siting and size of the proposed town at Shaikh Barghut, drainage and water supply and estimates of costs, with conclusion of the Commission report
1907- 1908
Annual reports of the Public Works Department 1907 and 1908 by M.R.K., Director of Public Works (ts. copy extracted from Report on the Finance, Administration and Condition of the Sudan), with introductory note by Michael Barrington
1917 Feb 22
Note of confidential suggestions by M.R.K. from “The irrigation of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan” on the proposed rectification of the Sudan/Abyssinia frontier in order to gain control of the Lake Tsana and Sobat basins. Accompanied by a letter and note from the donor, M. Barrington 23 May 1959 and 1961 explaining its provenance
2. Papers concerning M.R. Kennedy
1931- 1937
“Port Sudan water supply. A retrospect by the divisional engineer, Public Works Department, 5 August 1931” (transcribed 22 Mar 1956), with explanatory note by M. Barrington
1934 Oct 10
Copy letter from Col. E.W.C Sandes to Mrs Kennedy concerning his proposal to include an account of M.R.K.'s work in the Sudan in his projected book, The Royal Engineers in Egypt and the Sudan
1938 May 3
Commentary by G.W. Grabham, Sudan Government geologist on The Royal Engineers in Egypt and the Sudan by Lt. Col. E.W.C. Sandes, with related note on M.R.K.'s contribution to public works in the Sudan
1956 Apr 22
Copy letter from Maj. Gen. Sir Charles Gwynn to M. Barrington re the dispute between Wingate and M.R.K. over the selection of Port Sudan as the main port on the east coast
Biographical note on M.R.K. with photograph of his gravestone
1959 Jul 20
Review by M. Barrington of Herbert Addison's Sun and shadow at Aswan (1959) and in particular his references to M.R.K.
1960 Nov 11
Memorandum by M. Barrington on H.E. Hebbert's article “The Port Sudan water supply” (Sudan notes and records v 18 pt 1 pp 89- 101), in particular M.R.K.'s proposals for the extraction of water from Khor Arbaat in the Red Sea Hills
1961 Jun 13
Letter from M. Barrington to Richard Hill re the scarcity of surviving documents on which to base a biography of M.R.K.
3. Photographs
[c. 1912]
Photograph of M.R.K. in uniform, wearing three decorations
[c. 1912]
Copy of photograph above (1/2/1) showing M.R.K.'s full set of medals. The original photograph was copied and enlarged in 1925. The three decorations were toned out, and his complete row of ten decorations drawn in before the photograph was rephotographed. Explanatory note by M. Barrington
Printed material
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. Arthur, G., Life of Lord Kitchener (3v) London, 1920
Gwynn, C.W., Imperial policing (dupl)