Blyth, G.F.P.
George Francis Popham Blyth

1. Papers relating to the Church in Egypt and the Sudan
2. Photographic Material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Blyth, G.F.P.
Dates of creation: 1887-1914
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: G. F. P. Blyth
Language: English

George Francis Popham Blyth

( d. 1914 )

1855-1861Curate of Westport, Wiltshire
1861Curate of Bigglesthorpe, Yorkshire
1863Chaplain to the Earl of Kimberley
1866Chaplain at Allahabad
1867Chaplain to the Bishop of Calcutta
1877-1878Fort William
1879-1887Archdeacon of Rangoon
1887-1914Bishop in Jerusalem


1. Papers relating to the Church in Egypt and the Sudan
2. Photographic Material

Accession details

Presented by H.C. Jackson from the estate of Bishop L. H. Gwynne, 1959

1. Papers relating to the Church in Egypt and the Sudan
1887 Feb 24-1894 Dec 25
Correspondence, chiefly between Rt Rev Bishop Blyth in Chiswick, Jerusalem and Cairo and Canon John Scarth in Maidstone (mainly Blyth to Scarth) concerning the British hospital in Port Said, the building of a new church in Port Said and fund raising for chaplaincies in Egypt; estimates of the Jewish population in Palestine and the education of Coptic girls in Egypt (SAD 419/7/26-27); his opinion of Sir Reginald Wingate, the Governor General and official policy towards missionary work in the Sudan (SAD 419/7/39); Blyth to the Committee of Managements, Jerusalem and the East Mission Fund, and to Scarth concerning financial difficulties (SAD 419/7/41-44); Lord Cromer to Blyth, enclosing a letter from Rogers Pasha concerning the Luxor cemetery (SAD 419/7/45-47). Enclosure:
Leaflet advertising a private party to accompany the Bishop of Salisbury to the consecration of the Church of St George at Jerusalem on 18 October 1898
1887 Oct 11-1914 Aug 3
Correspondence to Bishop Blyth regarding church matters in Egypt, including E.J. Davies enclosing a list of the British residents in Ramleh (SAD 420/5/3-4); J.G. Young regarding the wish of the Suez Church Committee to receive periodic visits from a clergyman (SAD 420/5/5); John Parker re the Coptic Church and community in Egypt (SAD 420/5/6); Sir Evelyn Baring (later Lord Cromer) advising against the introduction of a prayer for the Khedive (SAD 420/5/7); Fereedy Shakoor, Baring, Blyth, Miss D. Vernon and Miss A.C. Blyth concerning the future of the British mission school (SAD 420/5/8-16); C.A. Cookson and Lord Cromer regarding the church at Helouan (SAD 420/5/17-19); Rev William Sadler and Lord Cromer re the repercussions of the marriage of Archdeacon Butcher (a divorcee) to Miss Edith Floyer (SAD 420/5/20-28); Blyth and Cromer concerning the Greek Patriarchate of Alexandria (SAD 420/5/29-35,45-46); Cromer, E.B. Gould and the Archbishop of Canterbury concerning the chaplaincy of St Mark's, Alexandria (SAD 420/5/36-41,47,49); and Blyth regarding the Ramleh chaplaincy (SAD 420/5/50-56. Enclosures:
1902 Feb
Cuttings from The Egyptian Gazette concerning the chaplaincy of St Mark's church, Cairo
[ca. 1888]
Undated notes by Bishop Blyth for an address to parishioners in Egypt on the occasion of his first visit after his appointment as Bishop in Jerusalem, outlining his plans for the work of the church in Egypt (mss notes with ts copy)
1891 Aug 10-1932 Aug 16
Papers relating to St Mary's church and school, Cairo, chiefly correspondence between Bishop Blyth and Rev Naser Odeh of the Anglican Mission to the Jews and Chaplain to the Bishop concerning progress of the schools and dispensary (SAD 420/1/1-14); Joan Taylor to Rev A.W.B. Watson, complaining about Rev Odeh (SAD 420/1/15-21), with further letters on the subject from Watson to Blyth (SAD 420/1/22-24); correspondence concerning inaccuracies in Rev Odeh's death notice in The Times in 1932 (SAD 420/1/25-29); and correspondence between Rev Odeh, Canon Marriott, Bishop Collins of Gibraltar, Rev W. Sadler, Bishop Blyth, Rev T.A. Branthwaite, R. Holt (churchwarden), Archdeacon A. Ward, W.H. Montgomery, Randall, Archbishop of Canterbury and Russell Harris and Co, Accountants concerning staffing at the mission, deeds to St Mary's property, the possibility of the sale of St Mary's to the CMS, poor management of the church and its finances and the closure of the girls' school (SAD 420/1/ 30-176). Enclosures:
[ca. 1891]
Leaflet listing services at St Mary's Cairo
Income and expenditure statement for St Mary's, Cairo
Contract of sale for land at Kasr el Doubara between H.E. Ahmad Mazlum Pasha, Minister of Finances and the Committee of the Association for the Furtherance of Christianity in Egypt
Mortgage deed with extension on property in Cairo
[ca. 1890s]
Plan of proposed schools at St Mary's Mission, Cairo
1 to 100
Size: 40 x 36 cm
[ca. 1890s]
Plan of proposed schools at St Mary's, Cairo
Size: 47 x 41 cm
[ca. 1890s]
Plan of new schools and vicarage at St Mary's, Cairo
1 to 100
Size: 34 x 93
[ca. 1899]
Black and white photograph of the north side of the boys' school at St Mary's, Cairo under construction
[ca. 1899]
Black and white photograph of side view of the house and entrance to the chapel at St Mary's, Cairo, under construction
Cheque book for St Mary's Church of England Girls' School
1913 Mar 10-Apr 15
St Mary's Church and school, Cairo: statement of accounts for the years 1908-1912 by Messrs Russell, Harris & Co, with related report
1898 Oct 29 - 1914 Jul 24
Papers relating to attempts to establish a separate bishopric for Egypt with a suffragan bishop in the Sudan, chiefly comprising correspondence between Bishop Blyth, Bishop Davidson (later as Archbishop Davidson), Bishop Wilkinson, Rev William Sadler of the Jerusalem and the East Mission Fund and Lord Kitchener. Enclosures:
[ca. 1898]
Undated notes by Bishop Blyth on the Egyptian bishopric (mss notes with ts copy)
Association for the furtherance of Christianity in Egypt, Report of a meeting held at the church house, January 18, 1899. London (1899)
1901 Jun 17
Appeal from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the churchmen in England to raise funds for the endowment of a bishopric for Egypt, with list of donations
1905 Dec 27-1906 Jan 10
Cuttings from The Egyptian Gazette and The Times on the appeal for a bishopric for Khartoum
1914 Jul 24
Lead article from The Near East regarding Bishop Blyth's impending retirement and his long campaign for a separate bishipric for Egypt
1903 Apr 4 - 1914 May 27
Correspondence between Bishop Blyth and Lord Cromer, Rt Rev T.E. Wilkinson, Bishop of N. & Central Europe, Sir Reginald Wingate, Archbishop Davidson, Rt Rev L.H. Gwynne, H.B. Rivington and Rev W. Sadler (but chiefly between Blyth and Gwynne) concerning missionary work in the Sudan (SAD 420/3/3-4); the foundation of a bishopric in Khartoum (SAD 420/3/5-9,12-18,53,61-65); the appointment of Gwynne as archdeacon and suffragan bishop of Khartoum (SAD 420/3/10,56-57); the building and consecration of Khartoum Cathedral (SAD 420/3/19-30,56); problems with setting up a Dean and Chapter and organising the administration of the cathedral (SAD 420/3/31-46,48-52); Lord Kitchener's refusal to allow a Sunday day of rest (SAD 420/3/54); the establishment of a Sudan United Mission station at Melut (SAD 420/3/60); pressure on Bishop Blyth to resign (SAD 420/3/61-65); and the creation of a Central Church Council for the Sudan (SAD 420/3/66-72,75-80). Enclosures:
1912 Jan 23
Regulations with regard to the conduct of Khartoum Cathedral after its consecration, signed by Sir Reginald Wingate, Governor-General
[ca. 1912]
Press cutting concerning the cost of Khartoum Cathedral and plans for the consecration
Printed and typescript copies of a list of the proposed members and duties of the Sudan Central Church Council
1905 Dec 29
Cutting from The Egyptian Gazette on “The bishopric for Khartoum”
1912 Jan 31
Cutting from The Egyptian Gazette on a service at St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem to mark the consecration of Khartoum Cathedral
1912 Jan 15
Cutting from The Morning Post on the consecration of Khartoum Cathedral
2. Photographic Material
[ca. 1899]
Photographs enclosed in file of correspondence of Bishop Blyth relating to St Mary's Church and school, Cairo (see above):
North side of the boys' school at St Mary's, Cairo under construction
Side view of the house and entrance to the chapel at St Mary's, Cairo, under construction