Kendall, Charles Brian
Charles Brian KENDALL

1. Memoirs
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Title: Kendall, Charles Brian
Dates of creation: [c. 1982]
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Created by: Kendall, Charles Brian
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Charles Brian KENDALL

(1921 - 2005)

1943-1944 Governor-General's Temporary Commission as Bimbashi in the S.D.F.
1944 A.D.C. Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province
1944-1947 A.D.C. Singa, Blue Nile Province
1947-1952 A.D.C. and D.C. Yambio, Equatoria
1952-1955 Senior Inspector, Establishments Branch, Ministry of Finance
1955-1956 Private Secretary to the Governor-General
1956 Retired from Sudan service


1. Memoirs

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Presented by Kendall, 1987

1. Memoirs
Memoirs with extracts of letters and diaries concerning C.B. Kendall's period in the Sudan Political Service from 1943 to 1956. Subjects covered include his application to the S.P.S. and journey to the Sudan (SAD.815/3/2-3); wartime experiences with the S.D.F. in Tripolitania (SAD.815/3/4-5); posting to Wad Medani, first magisterial work, personalities, and description of the Northern Fung (SAD.815/3/6-8); transfer to Singa with Kendall technically junior to a Sudanese A.D.C. (SAD.815/3/9), assessment of Kendall's time in Singa by his D.C., A.W.M. Disney (SAD.815/3/9-10), routine work (SAD.815/3/10), tribal administration of Fung District (SAD.815/3/10), Sudanese staff of the district office (SAD.815/3/11), trekking (SAD.815/3/11-14,17-19), postwar politics (SAD.815/3/15), personalities (SAD.815/3/15-16); transfer to Yambio under B.V. Marwood (SAD.815/3/20-21), description of new district and duties (SAD.815/3/21-23), building a house (SAD.815/3/23-25), local tribal structure (SAD.815/3/25-26), mission education (SAD.815/3/26), trekking (SAD.815/3/27-28), disposing of a dead elephant (SAD.815/3/28-29), personalities (SAD.815/3/29), language problems (SAD.815/3/29-31), private life (SAD.815/3/31-32), meeting of chiefs in 1951 (SAD.815/3/32-34), leaving Equatoria (SAD.815/3/34-35); new duties in the Secretariat and the uncertain political situation (SAD.815/3/36-38), Kendall's presentation of news broadcasts to the south on Radio Omdurman, and the establishment of three Advisory Commissions under the terms of the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement (SAD.815/3/39-40), riot of the ansar in March 1954 (SAD.815/3/40-41), censorship of Kendall's broadcasts (SAD.815/3/42), ‘Sudanisation' of the Political Service culminating in the termination of Kendall's job (SAD.815/3/42-45); appointment as Private Secretary to Sir Knox Helm (SAD.815/3/46), early days in the new job (SAD.815/3/47-51), tour of the south (SAD.815/3/52-64), tour of Erkowit and Port Sudan (SAD.815/3/66-72), mutiny in the south in August 1955 (SAD.815/3/73-75), work and social life (SAD.815/3/75-79), withdrawal of British and Egyptian troops (SAD.815/3/79-80,85-86), two short tours to Blue Nile Province and Sabaloka Gorge (SAD.815/3/81-85), events on the eve of independence (SAD.815/3/86-89), resignation of Sir Knox Helm (SAD.815/3/89-91), Independence Day (SAD.815/3/91-92), Kendall's last days and departure (SAD.815/3/92-96)
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