Finlay, F.H.R.
F.H.R. Finlay

1. Official Papers
2. Maps and Plans
Printed material
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Title: Finlay, F.H.R.
Dates of creation: 1938-1955
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
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F.H.R. Finlay

Sudan Irrigation Department:

1937-1943 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Wad Medani Division
1943-1945 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Projects Division
1945-1947 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Abu Ushar Division
1947-1948 Assistant Divisional Engineer, Construction Division
1948-1953 Divisional Engineer, Construction Division
1953-1955 Resident Engineer, Sennar Dam Division


1. Official Papers
2. Maps and Plans
3. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
1938 Jun 11
Note by F.H.R.F. on comparison of cubes in drains
[c. 1948]
Data for design estimates and construction, Gezira canalisation scheme, including reference tables and charts
1946-1951 Development Programme reports:
1952 Dec
Report on the north-west extension to the Gezira scheme and the enlargement of the Gezira main canal by P. Hall, Asst. Director (Development)
1952 Jan 3
Note on the completion report for project 4A - extension to H.Q. Office, by F.H.R.F., with table showing final expenditure
1952 Jan 5
Completion report on project 4B - move of Mechanical Division to Wad Medani, by F.H.R.F.
Interim completion report to Jun 1952 on project 4C -extension to Gezira canalisation, by F.H.R.F.
1953 Jan 17
Completion report on project 4D - White Nile pump schemes, by F.R.H.F.
1953 Jan 13
1951-1956 Development Budget report:
Completion report by F.H.R.F. on work undertaken during 1951-1952
Scheme 320 pump house for Wad el Nau Scheme remodelling
Scheme 323 tractor bay floor
Scheme 325 housing for unclassified staff at Wad Medani
Scheme 326 housing for classified staff, Wad Medani
Scheme 108 housing for medical specialists, Wad Medani
1954 Jan 4
Report on Sennar Reservoir survey, by B. Caillard, Assistant Divisional Engineer, Projects
1954 Jun 16
Report on Roseires ferry, by F.H.R.F.
1954 Dec 28, 1955 Mar 22
Notes on Sennar Reservoir capacity by F.H.R.F.
1955 Jan 24
Table showing mean monthly calibrated discharges from Sennar Dam with explanatory note by F.H.R.F.
1955 Mar 26
Report on the development of Lake Tsana by H.A. Morrice, Irrigation Adviser
1955 Apr 13
Memorandum by F.H.R.F. on the renewal of moving parts, Sennar Dam
1955 Aug 28
Extracts from Mr Johnstone's notes to the Institute of Civil Engineers on design of the Gezira canalisation scheme (c.1929) and Mr Butcher's notes on ‘water factor and assessment of agriculture requirements' (1924)
[c. 1955]
Note on the completion report on main canal syphons
Report on investigation of stable channels in the Gezira canalisation scheme
Extracts from report/publication on irrigation in the Gezira:
ch 1 - The Sudan Gezira plain
ch 2 - Irrigation in the Gezira
ch 3 - The Sennar Dam; general description
ch 4 - The Sennar Dam; operation
ch 6 - The Sennar Dam; hydrology
ch 8 - The Gezira irrigation scheme; layout and design
ch 9 - The Gezira irrigation scheme; operation
Conditions and specifications for Sudan Irrigation Department contracts
2. Maps and Plans
1943 Dec 19
General map of the Gezira
scale:   1 to 1,000,000
Size: (20 cms x 29 cms)
Section of sluice dam, fig 5
scale:   No scale
Size: (32 cms x 24.5 cms)
Graph showing discharge of the Blue Nile at Roseires, 1912-1952, fig 16
Size: (23 cms x 18 cms)
1949 Jan 10
Graph showing guage discharge curve at Sennar Dam since 1924, fig 17
Size: (21 cms x 32 cms)
Sections on the Blue Nile showing silting and scouring action during the 1950 flood, fig 18
Size: (21 cms x 32 cms)
Graph showing main canal head regulator downstream level - discharge curve, fig 19
Size: (18 cms x 17 cms)
Plan showing canalisation layout, fig 38
Size: (21 cms x 33 cms)
Printed material
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. Irrigation by pumps from the Nile in the Sudan (Sudan Survey Department no. 1072, Jun 1955) (dupl.)
Matthews, I.S.G., Earthwork problems in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme (Sudan Irrigation Department technical note no. 4/52)
Matthews, I.S.G. [and] Morrice, H.A., Investigation of stable channels in the Gezira canalisation scheme by I.S.G. Matthews, with note on practical application by H.A. Morrice
Morrice, H.A.W., Irrigation report on the French North African coast (Sudan Survey Department no. 1045, Apr 1955)
Morrice, H.A.W., A theory for the design of control works on deep permeable foundations (Sudan Irrigation Department technical note no. 2/45)
Morrice, H.A.W., The location of head regulators in the Gash Delta (Sudan Irrigation Department technical note no. 1/39)
Williams, W.M., A report on a study of Indian irrigation works (Ministry of Irrigation, Khartoum [1936])
Wolfe, J.M.B. (ed.), Notes on the work of a Gezira sub division by I.S.G. Matthews