Pratt Green manuscripts
The Pratt Green manuscripts
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Reference code: GB-0033-PRA
Title: Pratt Green manuscripts
Dates of creation: 18th-19th century tune books; 20th-21st century papers.
Extent: 26 boxes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: material connected with hymnology, based upon the working collection of Fred Pratt Green.
Language: English

The Pratt Green manuscripts

Durham University Library's Pratt Green Collection of hymnology was founded in 1987, with the encouragement of the noted hymn-writer Dr. Fred Pratt Green, who generously provided a core by donating his own collection of hymnbooks and works on hymnology. The collection continues to grow by both donation and purchase, and includes both printed and manuscript material.

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The Pratt Green printed collection.
A growing collection of hymnbooks and hymnology, not restricted by period or denomination, which now contains ca. 2,000 printed volumes. Additions continue to be made by donation and purchase.
Part of the collection's purpose is to facilitate the study of the alterations made in standard hymnals from one edition to another, and the changes in taste, theology and liturgy they represent. Most of the hymnals received so far are in English, but there is a sprinkling in other languages, including some non-European. Early items include W. Tan'sur's Works (1737-38), W. Knapp's Sett of New Psalms and Anthems (1750), and various 18th and early 19th century hymnals printed in the provinces. There are proof copies of The English Hymnal (1906) annotated by Percy Dearmer, the joint compiler, and copies marked by him with his own and Vaughan Williams's proposals for a projected new edition.
Printed items are recorded in the Library's OPAC.


S. Doyle, “The Pratt Green Hymnology Collection in Durham University Library”, Durham University Journal, 81 (1988-89), 307-8.


Contents Papers of John Wilson (1905-92), hymnologist.
They include lectures, broadcasts, correspondence, mss of modern hymns and tunes submitted to or acquired by John Wilson, research notes and other background material.
Source of acquisition Presented by his son Mr. Anthony Wilson (accession 1992/93:3). JW's collection of photocopied research materials, his “Come and Sing” archive, and his recordings were given by his family to the Hymn Society (see list in Box 1 below).

Biographical and Bibliographical Material
Reference: 1A
Photocopy of obituary of John Wilson from Hymn Society of Great Britain Bulletin v.13 no.8 (Oct. 1992) 158-162.
Outline list, compiled by John Wilson's family, of his working papers, research materials and recordings, including the material given to the Hymn Society (see above).

Hymn-related Lectures and Broadcasts by John Wilson
Reference: 1B
For each event there is usually a script, copies of hymn-sheets used, sometimes a tape recording and other notes.

“Hymns in perspective” 1961
“Hymns for Church and School”, 1965
Sunday Halfhour (BBC) Charterhouse 1965
RSCM Prep-school Festival 1965
“The use of hymns in worship” 1966
“Who cares about hymns” 1966
Teach-in on Church in the '70's 1968
“Recent Hymns” Act of Praise - Hymn Society Conference 1969
Various sessions - Guildford Methodist Church 1967-9
“Hymns and tunes to explore” MCMS/Guildford 1969
Sunday Halfhour (BBC) Guildford Methodist Church 1969

1970-71 Box 2
“Congregational singing?”, Manchester Diocesan Magazine, 1970
“Sanctus”, 1970. With tapes
“Thoughts on congregational singing”, 1970
Workshop for worship 1970

1972-78 Box 3
“New hymns & tunes from new hymn books” 1972
“Vaughan Williams and hymnody - centenary tribute” 1972
“Come and sing” Chelmsford 1973
Session at “Youth makes music”1973
Session at Caversham 1973
“New congregational praise” Bromsgrove 1973
Session at MCMS 1973
“Stanford, Holst and hymnody” (“Come and sing”) 1974
“Act of praise”, Harpenden, 1975
Commentary on the Act of praise, Hymn Society Conference, Cardiff, 1975
“Francis Westbrook and hymnody” 1975
“Hymns - bringing the repertoire up to date” RSCM 1975
“Seeing and believing” (BBCTV - RSCM) 1975 and various other sing-ins
“What about these new and modern hymns?” Guildford, 1975
“The challenge of the music” (Hymns today, Hymn Soc) 1976
“My desert island hymns” 1976
“The Westminster Abbey phenomenon”, RCSM overseas course, 1976
“What makes a good hymn?”, Addington, 1977
“16 Hymns” MCMS 1978
“Dr Croft and Co” (“Come and Sing”) 1978
“What about these modern hymns?” 1978

1979, and 1970's lecture series Box 4
“Come and sing 1969-79, survey and selection” 1979
Session at Trinity Methodist Church, Chelmsford 1979
“What makes a hymn tune successful and why”, 1979. With tape
“Accoustics” : lecture series given at RCM, 1970's

1981-87 Box 5
“English hymnody, a look at some of the sources” 1981
“Victorian worship-music as seen by J S Curwen” 1982
“Hymns preparing for Christmas”, Eastbourne, 1983
“Bach”, 1985
“Handel and the hymn tune” (Bach and Handel) 1985
“Reflections” (BBC World Service talks) 1986
“The Clarendon Hymn Book” 1986
“Hymns for tomorrow's church”, Leeds Conference, 1987
“Nine hymn tunes from eight schools” (“Come and Sing”) 1987

Reference: 1C
Mainly letters received dealing with hymnological points, new hymns, and hymn-related events. Some copies of letters sent.

1C. a Box 6   1970-92
Fred Pratt Green, Includes file on Hymn for the Nation, 1977.
1C. b Box 7
Erik Routley (taped bundle)
Nicholas Temperley 1991- (folder)
Brian Wren 1977 (folder)
Sam Young 1990- (folder)

1C. c Box 8
Miscellaneous correspondence:
1950s (small bundle - incl Ralph Vaughan Williams)
1960s (bundle - incl Howells, Boult)
1970s (bundle)

1C. d Box 9
Miscellaneous correspondence:
1980s (bundle)
1990s (bundle)

Recent Hymns and Tunes: MSS Submitted to or Acquired by John Wilson
Reference: 1D
Includes some printed items and collections. Some items are accompanied by correspondence.
A & M proposed supplement
C. Harold Barker
Albert F. Bayly
Laurence Bévenot
J.E. Bowers
Basil E. Bridge
Violet Buchanan
P.C. Buck
J.C.G. (of Tonbridge School?)
Peter Chave
Richard Chubb
T.C.H. Clare
Melville Cook
Ian Copley
John Cullen
Peter Cutts
Michael Dawney
Edgar M. Deale
Dunblane Praises
Alan Dunston
Brian Foley
William H. Harris
Gordon Hawkins
Rosamond Herklots
Herbert Howells
Adam Hutchings
Francis Jackson
David E.C. Jardine
Gordon Johnson
G. Edward Jones
E. Gwendoline Keevill
Ewart Knight
Geoffrey Laycock
Alan Luff
David McCarthy
David W. Morgan
David Mowbray
Elizabeth Poston
Doreen Potter
Fred Pratt Green (2 files)
James Quinn
Philip Radcliffe
Erik Routley
George Sharman
Brian Smith
Jean W. Steele
Joseph Stubbs
Marilyn N. Toller
S.M. Wiersma
Derek Williams
H.E. Wilson
Jack Winslow
Brian Wren
Misc. unidentified

Research Notes
Reference: 1E
Papers relating to pieces of work completed or in progress. Each file may include photocopies, draft and/or final text by John Wilson.

1E. a Box 11-12
Alphabetical sequence of information on and copies of individual hymns.
1E. b Box 13
1E. c Box 14
Dr. Gauntlett, MS tunes etc., c.1865 onwards
S.S. Wesley
A & M 1868 Appendix
A & M proofs
1766 Psalter material
New Tallis III (2 files)
Charterhouse, Wilkins, Bishop, Michael

1E. d Box 15
Handel and Antioch
1E. e Box 16
And can it be
Eileen Pratt - supporting material
Welsh tunes
S. Stanley and Milgrove
Lasst uns erfreuen, 1980
Mounsey book
Christians awake
The other Jeremiah Clarke
Parry “Repton”
Tunes by Nielsen

1E. f Box 17
Glasgow & Soldau
Old 100th
Greiter's tunes
Quedlinburg article
Relics of the Hymns and Songs Committee, 1967-69, including Erik Routley's early version of “All who love and serve”, and letter from Fred Pratt Green
RSCM reviews
T. Dudley-Smith latest hymn texts
O.U.P.'s New Songs of Praise
Mean tone and other temperaments
W. Little article “Sources of hymns in the Wesley Hymn Book 1780 and Sacred Harmony”

1E. g Box 18
Handel Wesley (5 files)
Hymnology - Bourgeois
Hymnology - Genevan tunes
Hymnology - Jerusalem (Satanic mills)
Hymnology - Mine eyes have seen
Hymnology - O little town of Bethlehem
Hymnology - Old 104th
Hymnal 1982 Companion
Hymns and Psalms: Corrections
Notes as sent for Companion to HP
Articles on the Norths for the New Grove's Dictionary

1E. h Box 19
Notes from and correspondence with various resource centres
(Bodleian, British Library etc.) on a variety of hymns.
Misc. research notes (2 files)
1E. i Box 20
Barrel organs. (With tapes)
Manuscript, typescript and cyclostyled drafts of hymns and hymn tunes, some unpublished, by Canon H.C.A. Gaunt, with a little related correspondence.
Biographical note Howard Charles Adie Gaunt (1902-83) was a schoolmaster for thirty-five years, teaching at King Edward's School, Birmingham, Rugby School, Malvern College and Winchester College. He then became Sacristan and subsequently Precentor of Winchester Cathedral. One of his hymns was published as early as 1932 in the Rugby School Hymn Book. His work began to attract more attention with the publication of 100 Hymns for Today (1969), which includes six of his hymns (Come, Lord, to our souls come down; Dear Lord, to you again our gifts we bring; Glory to thee, O God; Lord Jesus, once you spoke to men; O God, by whose almighty plan; Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing) and More Hymns for Today (1980), to which he contributed three hymns (Jesus, my Lord; Lord, to you we bring our treasure; Rise and hear! The Lord is speaking). These were all set to tunes by others, but Canon Gaunt himself composed tunes to a number of his hymns, some of which are included in this collection of his papers.
Source of acquisition Presented by Canon Gaunt's son, Revd. Roger Gaunt, via Revd. A. Luff. (Accession 1991/92:7)

Pratt Green MSS 2/1-25
File of typescript hymns (text only), with ms revisions and annotations, with at start a contents list headed “Twenty hymns for the Eucharist” followed by an introduction annotated "This is the sort of Introduction I should like to be included in any printed edition".
Nos 2, 11, and 17 in the contents list are not present. No.20 is followed by a further contents list, headed "General hymns", for hymns numbered 21-41, with the texts of those hymns, lacking nos 21-23, 25-27, 32, 36-38 and 41.
Pratt Green MSS 2/26-56
File of photocopies of the same group of hymns, but with fewer gaps (here nos 3, 17, 24, 36-38 and 41 are lacking). The photocopies were made before all the annotations on 2/1-25 had been made, but include at least one note not found there.
Pratt Green MSS 2/57-74
File of hymns with tunes or tunes alone, one with related correspondence, submitted to various competitions.
Pratt Green MSS 2/75-84
File of hymns with tunes or tunes alone.
Pratt Green MSS 2/85-146
File of hymn texts without tunes, some with several drafts of the same hymn, some with related correspondence.
Manuscript hymn tune book, in an early 19th c. hand.
Indexes of short metre and long metre tunes on p.i-ii.
ii, 100 pp., [remainder blank]. 
Size: 87 x 250 mm.
Manuscript hymn tune book, compiled late 18th/early 19th c.
Alphabetical index of tunes on p.3-5.
274 pp. 
Size: 107 x 210 mm.
Manuscript hymn tune book, compiled early 19th c.
157 pp. [remainder blank]. 
Size: 148 x 245 mm.
Manuscript hymn tune book, compiled first half of the 19th c.
67 pp. 
Size: 90 x 235 mm.
Manuscript hymn tune book, compiled first half of the 19th c.
143 pp. 
Size: 90 x 234 mm.
Manuscript hymn tune book, numbered 1-356, compiled c.1840's.
Size: 165 x 300 mm.
“English hymns and authors - a fascicle to supplement the Dictionary of hymnology, revised edition, 1907, by ... John Julian ... being part of the work done by the Reverend Leslie H. Bunn ...”.
The materials compiled by Leslie Bunn under the auspices of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland for a revision of Julian's Dictionary were edited, after Bunn's death, by Arthur S. Holbrook in 1972 to form this typescript. The information is arranged in a single alphabetical sequence of hymns, hymn-writers, translators and editors, with three indexes of hymns, alternative hymn titles, and authors, translators and editors.
Photocopied typescript.   270 pp.
Source of acquisition Deposited by the Hymn Society (accession 1991/92:6).
Another photocopy of the typescript in the Hymn Society Collection at the Royal College of Music, London.
Contents Beginning in 1969, Fred Pratt Green kept this record of his own hymn-writing activities, with an eye to copyright considerations. The arrangement is chronological, often with later comments inserted. The first volume (Pratt Green MS 10/1) begins with a note, written by Pratt Green in May 1984, describing his purpose in compiling the volumes, and includes a section on his early work prior to the publication of Hymns and Songs (the title under which the 1969 supplement to the Methodist Hymn Book was published). The last volume ends in November 1988. The volumes contain hymn drafts, notes on how they came to be written and what emendations were made, correspondence, reviews, cuttings, photographs etc.
The index (Pratt Green MS 10/52) also contains references to material in Pratt Green's notebooks and diaries; (these, together with his "Poetry Scrapbooks" and the definitive texts of his poems are, 1998, in the possession of Bernard Braley, who is to be his literary executor).
51 vols of scrapbooks, and 1 index vol. 
Biographical note Born at Roby, near Liverpool, in 1903, Fred Pratt Green was ordained into the Methodist ministry in 1928, and worked as a school chaplain and circuit minister until his retirement in the late 1960's. During these years he wrote several plays and numerous poems, but only a few hymns. His poems appeared in many periodicals, and three collections were published, This Unlikely Earth (1952), The Skating Parson (1963), and The Old Couple (in 1976, after his retirement). In 1967 he was co-opted to a working party appointed to prepare a supplement to the 1933 edition of the Methodist Hymn Book, and it was this involvement which sparked off the intense burst of creativity which was to make him one of the foremost modern hymnwriters. From the late 1960's to the 1980's he produced some 300 hymns and Christian songs, and hymnals published in the last three decades of the 20th century have commonly included more of his hymns than those of any other modern writer. Much of his work is brought together in two collections, The Hymns and Ballads of Fred Pratt Green (1982) and Later Hymns and Ballads, and Fifty Poems (1989). For a fuller biographical account see Bernard Braley, Hymnwriters 3 (1991), 123-171.
Source of acquisition Presented by the Pratt Green Trust, via Bernard Braley, 1998 (accession Misc. 1997/98:8).
PRATT GREEN MSS 11/1-20   1977-1992
Contents Family letters, with frequent references in the earlier letters to his hymn-writing activities. The letter of 16 November 1988 (Pratt Green MS 11/11) announces his decision to finish hymn- writing. The letter of 2 January 1991 (Pratt Green MS 11/13) is a postscript to one from his wife Marjorie to Sylvia Barnett.
18 documents. 
Source of acquisition Presented by Mrs Sylvia Barnett (accession Misc. 1994/95:18)
Manuscript tune book compiled by Thomas Mee (born c.1824) and his son Thomas, for the choir of Lockhurst Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Foleshill, Coventry.
Contents list, arranged by metre, on pp. i-iii and 141. Some tunes annotated with numbers of the hymns to be sung to them. Label on front cover "Choir Lockhurst Lane No 2". Compilers identified by the donor (a descendant of Thomas Mee senior); letter from the donor, giving additional information about the compilers, tipped in.
iii, 141 pp. 
Size: 160 x 300 mm.
Source of acquisition Presented by M.J. Harris (accession Misc. 1995/96:17)
Bibliography Ernest Dennis, The Church in the Lane: a History of Lockhurst Lane Church, Foleshill, Coventry, 1809-1925 (Coventry, [1925]).
A copy of this, presented by the same donor, is in the printed books section of the Pratt Green Collection.
PRATT GREEN MS 13/1-2   1994; 2000-2001
Biographical material relating to Fred Pratt Green.
1 file. 
Source of acquisition Donated by Mr Ray Lucas, 2003 (accession Misc. 2003/2004:11).
PRATT GREEN MS 13/1/1-3   2000-2001
2 service sheets, one for Pratt Green's funeral 3 November 2000 at Norwich and one for his memorial service in London 9 June 2001. Copy of The Bell Spring 2001, including his obituary.
3 pieces. 
PRATT GREEN MS 13/2/1-11   1994
Honours nomination form for the award of MBE to Pratt Green and 5 supporting letters for the award, including from Lord Soper and Rev. Leslie Griffiths (President-Designate of the Methodist Conference). Press announcements: of the award of the MBE in At home Autumn 1994 and a photocopy of the notice in the Eastern Daily Press, 11 June 1994.
10f. + 1 piece. 
PRATT GREEN MS 14   31 May 1906
Letter from John Julian, Topcliffe Vicarage, Thirsk, about a review of the English hymnal apologising for not replying earlier due to the critical illness of his son. Answers a series of questions about progress and prupose of the work.
4p on 1f 
Presented by Rev. Ivory, December 2006 (Misc.Acc.2009/10:136)
PRATT GREEN MS 15   1800s-1824
Contents Manuscript hymn tune book, compiled first quarter of the 19th c. Third line melodies.
With indexes of common meters, short and long measures, sevens and eights, peculiar and trumpet meters, and common measures pp. i-vi.
1 v, 288 p 
Size: 95 x 250 mm
Source of acquisition Donated by The Wesley Historical Society, North East Branch collection (Literary and Philosophical Society), May 2010 (accession Misc. 2009/2010:156).
Provenance: (1) with bookplate of James Burrows, 1824; (2) Emmie Burrows; (3) Mrs Mark Young; (4) with ex libris stamp of Reverend Dr John C. Bowmer.
PRATT GREEN MS 16   12 February 1856
Contents Autograph manuscript hymn book of Thomas Clements Humphrey of Gosforth.
With indexes of hymn tunes and metres at ff. 1 and 88; and key of 'musical characters' (notation) on f. 88.
With typescript label on front cover identifying Thomas Clements Humphrey as the grandfather of Nora and Edna.
1 v, 88 f 
Size: 295 x 250 mm
Source of acquisition Donated by The Wesley Historical Society, North East Branch collection (Literary and Philosophical Society), May 2010 (accession Misc. 2009/2010:156).
Provenance: (1) with bookplate of Thomas C. Humphrey, 12 February 1856.
PRATT GREEN MS 17   1870-1912
Hymn tunes composed by John Bacchus Dykes, published by Novello and Company, Limited, on 30 September 1902. Publisher's correction copy; heavily annotated and with much interpolated correspondence and other matter (pasted-in and loose) relating to the tunes and hymn texts, and their copyright permissions, and also book royalties; some hymns not included in the final publication are also included in this extraneous matter. A manuscript note on page v directs the reader to Envelope 30e for “sundry other letters”. [The British Library holds a large archive of Novello material for this period.] The editor of the work was Edward O. Dykes (EOD), the brother of the composer; and much of the administrative work is in the hand of Henry King (Novello) and the Rev. A. W. Malim. Most correspondence was initiated by a 1898 circular from Dykes' widow, (pasted to the flyleaf), requesting permission for republication of hymn text; however, there are also items of correspondence and other inserted matter dating back to 1870, and forward to 1912.
The contents of the volume are descibed in three sections:
1. correspondence (pasted-in and loose)
2. other pasted-in material not indicated in the list of correspondence;
3. all loose items (numbered Pratt Green MS 17/1-11, and now filed separately but with the volume).

1. Correspondence
The following list of correspondents notes: the date of the item if it falls outside the period 1898-1902; the page number where the letter is inserted or pasted in; and whether the item is original (silently) or a copy.
Edward O. Dykes (EOD) (editor) to Novello: ii, iv, vii, 17, 34, 162, 219 (2), 257 (2) (loose), 278e, 407
John B. Dykes to J[oseph] Barnby (Novello): 1872; ii-iii (loose)
Arthur Bigge to Rev. Ernest Dykes: iii
[Rev.] G. C. White (Hymns Ancient and Modern) to Mrs Cheape (sister of JBD): 1897; ix; copy
R. Minton Taylor (Parish Church Hymnal) to Rev. A.W. Malim: 1884; 1
Frank G. Ellerton (J. Ellerton) to EOD: 14
Lady Victoria Evans Freke (alias Lady Carberry) to [Novello]: 1885; 23
Godfrey Thring to Mrs Cheape: 23; copy
E. Wordsworth (William Wordsworth) to [Mrs Susannah Dykes]: 25; copy
George P. Joyce to Nicholas Dykes Levett (nephew of JBD): 1886 (2); 28
L. R. Tuttiett (Canon L. Tuttiett) to [unknown]: undated; 33
Rev. H. W. Hutton to [unknown], excerpted by A. W. M. [?Rev. A.W. Malim]: 1884 (3); 57; copies
Henry Allers (?) (Charles Wesley) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1883; 61
[Sir] John Stainer to [Henry] King: 80
Miss Bridges (M. Bridges) to EOD: 83
Brown & Co. (Sarum Hymnal) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1884; 88
William M. Cooke (Congregational Church Music) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1883; 89, 138
S. Childs Clarke to [unknown]: 90
William Clowes & Sons Ltd (Hymns Ancient and Modern) to Mrs Cheape: 95
Miss Baker (Sir Henry Baker) to [unknown]: undated; 95; copy
James Nisbet & Co. to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1884; 102
Secretary of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge to Mrs [Susannah] Dykes: 103
Rev. S. Baring-Gould to Mrs [Susannah] Dykes: 106
Francis Pott to EOD: 107
H. Walsham How (Bishop W. Walsham How) to [unknown]: 115
E. H. Bickersteth (Evening Hours, and Hymnal Companion) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1883; 119
W. J. Hall (New Mitre Hymnal) to [unknown]: 1884; 135
M. L. Reid (Praise Book) to [Nicholas Dykes] Levett: 1884; 143
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. to Novello: 157
Anna L. Waring to EOD: 160
R. Tomlins to [unknown]: 1886; 170
Juliet Chatterton Dix (W. C. Dix) to [unknown]: 172
E. G. Monk (Anglican Hymnbook) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1884; 177
James Rodger (Praise Book) to the editor of the Musical Times: 1911; 178 (loose)
Elinor Vere Monsell (J. S. B. Monsell) to [unknown]: undated; 183
J. G. Bode (J. E. Bode) to [unknown]: 187
Henry King (Novello, London) to H. W. Gray (Novello, New York): 191 (copy)
W. H. Gray (Novello, New York) to Henry King (Novello, London): 191 (2)
W. W. Rousseau (Tucker Hymnal) to Novello, New York: 190
F. A. Shaw (Miss F. R. Havergal) to EOD: 195
[Rev.] A. W. Malim (re H. H. Bemrose's Chorale Book) to [unknown]: 1885; 199 (part of letter only)
S. M. Barkworth (Reading Supplement) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1885; 213
F. Morgan (Bristol Tune Book) to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1884; 219
E. Foster to Novello: 219
H. E. T. Cruso (Dean H. Alford) to [unknown]: 220
William Armagh (C. F. Alexander) to [unknown]: 222 (copy)
Macmillan & Co. Ltd (C. F. Alexander) to [unknown]: 222 (copy)
Richard K. Bolton to [unknown]: 251 (2)
W. Bright to [unknown]: 253 (copy)
W. Walsham How to [Novello]: 1870; 256, 257 (4)
[Novello] to Rev. W. Walsham How: 1870; 256 (copy)
John Julian (concerning R. L. Tuttiett) to Henry King (Novello): 1912; 257
R. Minton Taylor (re Rev. A. W. Headlam) to [unknown]: 1884; 257 (loose)
Novello to Frederick Dykes: 1895; 257 (loose)
Novello to Frederick Dykes: 1894; 257 (loose)
Thomas Nelson & Sons to EOD: 263
R. Brown-Borthwick (Supplemental Hymn and Tune Book) to [unknown]: 1884; 263
Baptist Missionary Society to EOD: 278 (loose)
Rev. F. W. Davis to [Novello]: 1890-1902; 278a-l (7)
[Novello] to Rev. F. W. Davis: 278b, 278f-g, 278k, 279 (5) (copies)
Bishop E. H. Bickersteth to [unknown]: 280
[Rev.] A. W. Headlam (Margaret Ann Headlam) to Mrs Cheape: 306 (2)
William Walsham How, [Bishop of Bedford] to [unknown]: 1884; 311 (copy)
Rev. Godfrey Thring to [unknown]: 1884; 311 (copy extract)
Rev. C. Knipe to [unknown]: 1884; 311 (copy extract)
Rev. H. W. Hutton to [unknwon]: 1884; 311 (2) (copies, extracts)
Frederick Dykes to Novello: 1897; 323
Novello to Frederick Dykes: [1897]; 323 (copy)
J. Masters & Co. to Nicholas Dykes Levett: 1885 (?); 330
Henry King (Novello) to [EO] Dykes: 333
Charles F. Hernaman to [unknown]: 1897; 355
Albert Midlane to Mrs [Susannah] Dykes: 365
Rev. Charles L. Hutchins (Church Hymnal) to [Novello, New York]: 367
Novello, New York to Henry King (Novello, London): 367
Major A. W. Pollock (T. B. Pollock) to [unknown]: 398
Louisa M. Borradaile (Rev. Vernon Hutton) to [unknown]: 400
E. Longhurst (Rev. Vernon Hutton) to [unknown]: 400
Rev. Dr R. F. Littledale (People's Hymnal) to [unknown]: 1883; 406
Rev. W. Morgan (alias Penfro) to T. Redfern: 415
T. Redfern (Rev. W. Morgan) to [EO] Dykes: 415
Rev. W. Morgan (alias Penfro) to [EO] Dykes: 415
[Rev.] W. Williams to [Henry] King (Novello): 415

2. Other pasted-in material
Circular from Mrs [Susannah] Dykes, titled “The Late Dr. Dykes”, and requesting copyright owners in words for JBD hymn tunes to allow their work to be published in a volume of JBD's hymn tunes; 1898; flyleaf.
Two newspaper cuttings (unidentified publications); debate among Frederick E. Schofield, F. A. Jones, and F. G. Edwards concerning authorship of various hymn tunes; c. 1887; 17
Hymn sheet (Novello) of hymn tune DUNHOLME, hymn text “Hymn for the end of the year”; [1863]; 57
Hymn tune ST LAWRENCE with hymn text “The judgement o'er, see now, beneath”, excised from unidentified work, marked up for typesetter; with manuscript notes and suggested alteration to the harmony by Sir John Stainer; undated; 80
Manuscript of hymn tune ST LAWRENCE in the hand of Sir John Stainer, who notes, “I like all, except these 3 chords. Perhaps Mr J. D. will reconsider them.”; undated; 80
Hymn tune MARE RUBRUM, marked up for typesetter, with copyright notes; undated; 108
Manchester Guardian cutting; letter to the editor from EOD concerning NICÆA and CONSENT; undated; 128
Note on hymn tune CONSENT, written for the Galilee Chapel (Durham Cathedral); undated; 178
Manuscript note by Sir John Stainer querying the harmony of the opening of hymn tune TENBURY; undated; 213.
Hymn tune SANCTUARY, marked up for typesetter, with note on its first publication and copyright; undated; 240
Hymn tune PAX ELECTIS, marked up for typesetter, with note concerning its composition; undated; 248
Hymn sheet [Novello] for hymn tune OSWESTRY, hymn text “Great and glorious father” by W. Walsham How; c. 1870; 256
Circular from Mrs [Susannah] Dykes (another copy), annotated concerning the hymn text for the tune EUCHARISTICA; 1898; 263
Manuscript note by Sir John Stainer containing a modification to the hymn tune ALLELUIA!; undated; 269
Hymn tune BLAIRGOWRIE marked up for the typesetter, with note of the circumstances of its composition.
Daily Mail cutting; “Slander by a clergyman” (Rev. F. W. Davies); 12 October 1906; 279
Cutting (?) concerning the death of Rev. A. R. Davis Tosswill, and containing an account of the circumstances of the composition of the hymn tune BLAIRGOWRIE; formerly enclosed in a letter from Rev. F. W. Davis to Novello; 278g
Hymn sheet (Novello) of the wedding hymn tune BLAIRGOWRIE, hymn text “The voice that breathed o'er Eden”; undated; 278h-i
Manuscript hymn tune IN MEMORIAM, [in the hand of J.B. Dykes]; undated; 281
Manuscript note concerning the circumstances of the composition of the hymn tune IN MEMORIAM; 281
Hymn sheet (Novello) of the hymn tune WHORLTON, hymn text “Holy is the seed time”, with pasted in opening phrase of the hymn tune marked up for the typesetter; 1881; 306
Hymn tune THANKSGIVING, marked up for the typesetter; undated; 307
Manuscript hymn tunes COME, LABOUR ON!, ST BEES, HOLLINGSIDE, in unknown hand, with modifications; undated; 319
Manuscript fold-out summary of replies to correspondence relating to fifteen hymns/persons; undated; 332
Hymn sheet (Novello) for the grace hymns “Grace before meals” and “Grace after meals”, extracted from The psalms, canticles, hymns, &c., to be sung at the service in the church of S. Mary Magdalene, Launceston, on Tuesday, August 6th, 1872. Being the first festival of the Launceston District Association of Church Choirs; 1872; 376
Four metrical litanies, by Canon Vernon Hutton, pasted within a 1901 letter from Louisa M. Borradaile to [unknown]; undated; 400
Newspaper cutting (unidentified publication): “The late Dr. Dykes”, letter to the editor from Edward O. Dykes; 17 September [1901]; 401
Hymn text “To thee, O! Christ, Redeemer King”, for the hymn tune BOSNIA, in the hand of the translator of the original (?anon) Welsh text (“Dadseiniwn orfoleddus glod”), Rev. W. Morgan (alias Penfro), formerly enclosed within a 1901 letter from Morgan to T. Redfern; 1901; 414
List of sixteen copyright owners who have granted permission for their work to be included in the Dykes hymn tunes volume, several of them “repudiate any claim, to copyright”; undated; flyleaf.

3. Loose items (Pratt Green MS 17/1-11)
1 v, 454p 
Donated, 20 May 2011: Misc.2010/11: 88.
PRATT GREEN MS 22/6: loose sheet listing hymn tunes by JDB, marked up as though for publication.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/1 (p iii)   1 October 1907
Newspaper cutting: “Church and organ music. Lux Benigna.”, Musical Times.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/2/1-2 (p iii)   23 January 1872
Letter from John Bacchus Dykes at Durham St Oswald's to [Joseph] Barnby [music editor of The Hymnary], 1 Berners Street.
[The letter refers to one from Barnby to Dykes, dated 20 January 1872, among the Dykes Papers held by the the Library of the Royal College of Organists: information supplied by Graham Cory, 6 June 2015.]
Note: envelope is 1d. postal stationary; Wyon head.
2p; envelope 
PRATT GREEN MS 17/3 (p 170)   13 July 1880
The order of service for use at the third annual festival to be held in the Cathedral Church, Lichfield, on Tuesday, July 13, 1880, at 4 p.m., published by Lichfield Diocesan Gregorian Choral Association, printed by Novello; contains ST LEONARD. Formerly enclosed in an 1886 letter (see above) from R. Tomlins.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/4 (p 178)   26 April 1911
Letter from James Rodger at Cape Town to the editor of the Musical Times, concerning DERRY / ST NICHOLAS / CONSENT / ST BARNABAS and CONSECRATION.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/5/1-2 (p 257)   31 May 1870
The service book to be used in the church of S. Michael and All Angels, Coventry, on Tuesday, May 31st, 1870. At the festival of the Choral Association for the archdeaconry of Coventry. Published by [the Choral Association for the archdeaconry of Coventry]; printed by Novello. Enclosed within, a 1912 letter from John Julian to Henry King (Novello), concerning the origin and first publication of hymns by Reverend L. Tuttiett.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/6 (p 257)   5 November 1884
Letter from R. Minton Taylor (re Rev. A. W. Headlam) to [unknown].
PRATT GREEN MS 17/7/1-3 (p 257)   28-29 May 1895
Novello royalty statement (“The Lord is my shepherd”), covering letter, and cancelled bank draft, payable to F[rederick] Dykes.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/8 (p 257)   22 July 1900
Letter from EOD to Novello, confirming (specified) advance, royalty and assignment of copyrights re Hymn tunes composed by John Bacchus Dykes.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/9/1-2 (p 257)   14-17 November 1894
Novello royalty statement (“The Lord is my shepherd”), covering letter, and cancelled bank draft, payable to F[rederick] Dykes.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/10 (p 257)   14 October [1902]
Letter from EOD to [Henry] King, reporting the death of Mrs [Susannah] Dykes.
PRATT GREEN MS 17/11/1-2 (p 278)   6 December 1898
Letter from the Baptist Missionary Society to EOD; with printed hymn “Jesu, to thy table led”, annotated (and rejected) by Sir John Stainer.
PRATT GREEN MS 18   12 February 1856
Photocopied hymnsheet for Women's world day of prayer (centenary hymn). Setting of Fred Pratt Green's “Come celebrate with us” to music by Ida Prinns Buttle.
Donated by Mrs Colleen Palmer, April 2012 (accession Misc. 2011/12:56).
PRATT GREEN MS 19/1-4   [1900 x 1920]
A record book and index of hymns and sacred songs, for 2,500 hymns and songs, and music books owned by Charles M. Alexander (1867-1920), and in which he held a controlling [or part] interest. Four typescript volumes compiled and arranged by Edwin H. Bookmyer for Charles M. Alexander, proprietor, of Tenessee, Moor Green Lane, Birmingham, England, an American evangelist song leader, choir conductor, recording artist, and publisher; settled in Birmingham, West Midlands c.1904. The first volume is the second (titles from M-Z) of a [2 volume] series, the remainder appear to be a complete duplicate set bound in 3 volumes. Each volume is heavily annotated. Titles are arranged alphabetically (to first letter only), and numbered, which numbers [used to] cross reference to pages in one of ten volumes of Record books (not extant) in which were recorded ‘the data concerning the gospel hymns and the copies of the music itself’. Composers and lyricists, copyright terms, and publication details are recorded for each title.
4 volumes 
Donated by Richard I. Johnson, November 2012 (accession Misc.2012/13: 32).
Pratt Green 19/1A   [1906 x 1920]
Part of rough draft letter [from C.M. Alexander to Rodeheaver Company] concerning territorial publishing copyrights in “My Saviour's Love”, and any other songs or hymns by Charles H. Gabriel; detailing an Agreement between Alexander and Gabriel dated 3 December 1906. Blue carbon copy typescript.
Paper   1f
PRATT GREEN MS 20/1-10   2000-2001
Correspondence and notes concerning F. Pratt Green's life and career by Bernard Braley, his biographer, Mrs Genista Dawson, R.W.T. Thomas, and Ursula K. Everest; passed to Braley in preparation for his work Serving God & God's Creatures (2001). Includes: notice and report of memorial and funeral services, 9 June 2001 and 3 November 2000 respectively; recollections of Dawson and Everest; text of hymn of Hunmanby Hall school, ‘Respice Finem’, by F. Pratt Green, music by Pamela Colverson.
Paper   14f
Donated by Mrs Genista W. Dawson, 2001 x 2011 (accession Misc.2012/13: 24).
PRATT GREEN MS 21/1-16   2008-2013
Personal papers of Peter Brophy, editor-in-chief, relating to the creation and preparation of the Methodist hymn and song book Singing the Faith, published by Hymns Ancient & Modern in September 2011. Supplemented (2023 accession) with related papers from Methodist Publishing (MS 21/17-20)
Paper; DVD-R and CD-R disc   7 boxes; 2 DVD-R discs; 1 CD-R disc
Donated by Peter Brophy, 1 February 2013 (accession Misc.2012/13: 51); Rev. Dr David Hart, 3 January 2023 (MS 21/17-20; accession Misc.2022/23:42).
The archives of the Methodist Church, including official papers of the Connexional Team and the Conference are held by the Methodist Archives and Research Centre at the University of Manchester Library. References to official decisions concerning Singing the faith will be found within those papers. This publication is also supported by a website:
PRATT GREEN MS 21/1   2008-2011
Working papers: project correspondence, and administrative and budgetary papers; reports to Strategy and Resources Committee and Faith and Order Committee; minutes of the Music Resources Group and its sub-groups Production & Marketing, Content Selection, Appendices Group; cuttings.
8 files 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/2   2008-2013
Electronic project files. (Microsoft Office 1997-2003 and 2007, Adobe Acrobat, Sibelius file formats.)
DVD-R disc   1 (1.4 GB)
PRATT GREEN MS 21/3   2008-2011
Electronic project email files. (Thunderbird file format.)
DVD-R disc   1 (0.5 GB)
PRATT GREEN MS 21/4   1 August 2009
‘A new hymn resource for the Methodist Church. Draft prepared by the Music Resource Group on the instructions of the Methodist Conference. Sumbitted to the Faith and Order Committee, 1 August 2009.’ Draft manusript (text), annotated by Reverend P. Hedley Cousin (in red), and Professor Peter Brophy (in green).
3 volumes 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/5   [December 2009]
New Hymn Collection, Revised version: 8 December 2009. Manuscript (text) annotated with comments of the Music Resources Group's Content Selection Group, made at a residential conference, December 2009.
5 volumes 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/6   [2010]
Original texts as supplied to Hymns Ancient & Modern. Manuscript (text).
½ box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/7   May 2010-Oct 2011
Music photocopies supplied to Hymns Ancient & Modern, ‘where they do not have a version on their database’. May 2010-Oct 2011.
¼ box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/8   [2010]
Manuscript (text) marked up with editor-in-chief's initial amendments.
½ box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/9   [2010]
Corrections to originals (supplied before production of galley proofs). Manuscript (text).
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/10   October-December 2010
Galley proof corrections.
¼ box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/11   November 2010-January 2011
Music Group corrections to galley proofs.
¼ box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/12   November 2010-January 2011
Biblical index. Material from Mike Childs and Neil Richardson.
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/13   January 2011
Sampler proofs.
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/14   March-April 2011
First page proof corrections: nos 9001-9399 (+9876); 9401-9814 (end). [Disregard initial 9, i.e. in fact nos 2-814, 876].
1 box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/15   March-April 2011
Second page proof corrections: nos 9002-9814.
1 box 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/16   April-July 2011
Canticles and Psalms. First and second page proofs (originals).
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/17   2009-2010
Rolling Resource working group meeting papers
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/18   2010-2013
Singing the Faith (2011) and Singing the Faith Plus (2012) Working Group meeting papers and Editor reports
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 21/19   2011-2013
Singing the Faith (2011) correspondence from public following publication; with press reviews; and photographs (on CD-R disc)
DVD-R disc   1 file
PRATT GREEN MS 21/20   1893-1907, [2011]
Methodist Sunday School presentational bookplates for books presented to Charles Best of Melton Mowbray, James Palmer of Maryport, M.J. Hair of Coalville; and blank bookplate for Singing the Faith
1 file 
PRATT GREEN MS 22   1897-1923
Enclosures found within Life and letters of John Bacchus Dykes (1897 edition), given by Hugh C. Forster to Mrs Ellis at Christmas 1906; and given again by Kate A. Pearce-Ellis (née Simpson) of Longford House, Gloucester to Dr J[ohn] Dykes Bower on 29 April 1948.
Paper   1 file (7 items)
Donated, 4 May 2013: Misc.2012/13:76.
PRATT GREEN MS 22/1   19 November 1897
Letter from Fred[eric] Dykes at 2 St Nicholas Parade, Scarborough, to Henry King, [Novello], 1 Berners St, London: reporting imminent publication of Life and letters of John Bacchus Dykes by John Murray.
2 f 
PRATT GREEN MS 22/2   [6 January 1898]
Newspaper cutting, [ Morning Post (London, England), Issue 39184]: review of Life of John Bacchus Dykes.
1 f (in 2 fragments) 
PRATT GREEN MS 22/3   31 January 1898
Newspaper cutting, Daily Chronicle: ‘A sacred melodist’, review of Life of John Bacchus Dykes.
1 f 
PRATT GREEN MS 22/4   25 June 1898
Magazine cutting, Saturday Review: review of Life of John Bacchus Dykes, and Life of F.R. Wynne, D.D. by James Hannay.
1 f 
PRATT GREEN MS 22/5   5 August 1904
Newspaper cutting, Church Times: obituary of Lucy Cheape, last surviving sister of John Bacchus Dykes.
1 f 
PRATT GREEN MS 22/6   [1912]
Manuscript list of hymn tunes by John Bacchus Dykes, marked up in pencil and blue [typesetter's] crayon.

1 f 
A comment, ‘J.S. says yes, why not!’ added in pencil, probably referring to John Stainer, and the inferred publisher context suggest this loose paper may be more relevant to PRATT GREEN MS 17 than MS 22: both manuscripts originated from the collection of John Dykes Bower and (subsequently) the same bookseller.
PRATT GREEN MS 22/7   9 March 1923
Newspaper cutting, Church Times: extended biographical appreciation of the life of John Bacchus Dykes written upon the centenrary of his birth.
1 f 
PRATT GREEN MS 23   27 August 2013
“The Northern Saints”, SINE NOMINE, hymn (six verses) by Stewart Burton, reader at Hartlepool St Hilda; with Burton's entry from the Durham Diocese online personnel directory. Hymn written for the 2013 Flower Festival at St Hilda's, and published by Rev. Christopher Collison on the Durham Diocesan e-forum ‘for other churches to use’.
Paper   4 f.
Accession: Misc.2012/13:78.
PRATT GREEN MS 24   1988-2015
Hymns by Rev. David Campbell Grieve; with copy entry from Durham Diocesan online directory.
1. “O ageless Lord, all worlds and laws obey you”, FINLANDIA (repeating last two lines of each verse) or STRENGTH AND STAY or O PERFECT LOVE, (1988, 2001).
2. “Christ is arisen”, BUNESSAN, 3 verses, for Easter Day, (Easter Day 2010).
3. “God of our silent tears”, MONKS GATE, 4 verses, for Good Friday, (4 April 2014).
4. “Hymn for the massacred innocents”, QUEM PASTORES, 4 verses, (25 November 2014).
5. “So well, so much”, 3 verses, (13 October 1999; edited July 2015).
6. “God of creation”, BUNESSAN, 3 verses, Harvest hymn, (26 September 2015).
7. “Pilgrim hymn”, 3 verses, (23 July 2016).

Paper   1 file
Donated by the author: Misc.2015/16:27, 12, 28 September 2015; Misc.2015/16:180, 25 July 2016.
PRATT GREEN MSS 25-26   [mid-20th century]
Items found loose within Gospel songs of grace and glory, a sacred song book formerly owned by Patricia Boustead of Consett, W. R. Wigham of Consett. For printed item, see PrattGreen 783.9F1 WEA.
Paper   2f.
Donated from the estate of Patricia Boustead, 12 May 2016: Misc.2015/16:139.
PRATT GREEN MS 25 Loose at song no. 71Loose at song no. 71   [mid-20th century]
Loose leaf from a printed hymnal or sacred song book, containing numbers 787-788, “Anchored”, and “Peace, wonderful peace”, and annotated with the tonic sol-fa system.
PRATT GREEN MS 26 Loose at song no. 111Loose at song no. 111   [mid-20th century]
Manuscript text of the sacred song “All in thy hands” by J. Lincoln Hall, annotated with the tonic sol-fa system.
PRATT GREEN MS 27   [1890s x 1900s]
Printed cutting, with text of the “Salute to the Flag”, and the “Salute to the Christian Flag”, issued by the Americanization Department of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union; with variant forms of both salutes on separate typescript fragment.
Items found loose at the hymn “Flag of the Free” by Harrison Millard, p. 84 within The white ribbon hymnal : or, echoes of the crusade / compiled for the National and World's Woman's Temperance Unions , a hymn book formerly owned by Mrs D.J. Slater. For printed item, see PrattGreen 783.9E9 WHI.
Donated by Jackie Morrice, 26 June 2018: Misc.2017/18:126.
PRATT GREEN MS 28   1948
Sermon notes [by Canon Alan Dunstan] for a service marking the bicentennial of the death of Isaac Watts on 28 November 1948; with a manuscript fragment on the origin of the phrase “sterling silver”.
Items found loose within Isaac Watts by Arthur P. Davis, from the library of Canon Alan Dunstan (1928-2004). For printed item, see PrattGreen 826.5 WAT/DAV.
Donated by Christiana Dunstan, 25 May 2018: Misc.2017/18:98.
PRATT GREEN MS 29/1-3   1904-1906
Holograph letter from Jemima Luke (1813-1906) of Newport, Isle of Wight, hymn writer, returning an autograph to an unnamed correspondent, dated 28 September 1904; with two cuttings:
“A favourite children's hymn”, unidentified theological publication, with photographic illustrations of Luke and the school at Blagdon, before February 1906;
“Death of Mrs. Luke. Composer of a well-known children's hymn”, Daily News, with portrait photograph, 3 February 1906.

Presented by Prof. J.R. Watson, 27 September 2019 (Misc.2019/20:22).
PRATT GREEN MS 30   [1938 x 1979]
Hymn sermons by Revd Ian Elliott Douglas-Jones (1914-2000). Douglas-Jones served between 1938 and 1979 in Highbury, Tunbridge Wells, R.A.F.V.R., Penge, Rushden, Fulwood, and Mayfield.
Presented by Prof. J.R. Watson, 4 December 2019 (Misc.2019/20:49).
PRATT GREEN MS 31   1839
Manuscript hymn tune book of John Rochester of Greenside, Tyne and Wear, bearing label on front board “Music for Wesleyan Hymns”, compiled from 1839, and containing 224 tunes, including 38 tunes by John Benson of Stanhope, and tunes by George Cook, Fawcett (Third Set), and other Greenside composers. Tunes are arranged by metre. With index by the donor.
Size: 255 x 155 mm
Source of acquisition Presented by Paul Gailiunas, 15 January 2020 (Misc.2019/20:68).
Bibliography Gailiunas, Paul, The Hymn Tunes of John Benson of Stanhope [2015]
Gailiunas, Paul, Hymn Tunes from John Rochester's Manuscript [2016]
Copies of these titles were presented by the author and are held in the printed books section of the Pratt Green Collection.
PRATT GREEN MS 32   1868
Manuscript (printed staves) hymn tune book of John William Carr of West Sleekburn, Northumberland, compiled from 1868, and containing 111 tunes. With index by the donor.
Size: 260 x 170 mm
Source of acquisition Presented by Paul Gailiunas, 15 January 2020 (Misc.2019/20:68).
PRATT GREEN MS 33   2020
“John Scurr’s Manuscript”, article by Paul Gailiunas on Durham Cathedral music manuscript E37, an incomplete book compiled in Givet prisoner of war camp between 28 March 1808 and sometime in 1809 by John Scurr, originally from Whitby.
Source of acquisition Presented by Paul Gailiunas, 12 October 2020 (Misc.2020/21:10).
PRATT GREEN MS 34   2000-2001
Hymn and hymn book surveys, conducted by Canon Rosalind Brown in 235 churches over a four-week period of Ordinary Time in summer 2000 (mostly Anglican, some Methodist and United Reformed Church) and in 51 schools in Salisbury Diocese in summer 2001, and compared with Christian Copyright Licence returns. Papers include: survey returns; summary and tabulations of survey returns; lecture delivered to the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland International Conference at Cambridge in 2015; Notes on the theology of the most popular hymns and worship songs surveyed; lecture slides.
Source of acquisition Presented by Canon Rosalind Brown, 1 October 2020 (Misc.2020/21:30).
Access to the survey forms returned by churches and schools will be restricted under the terms of UK Data Protection legislation until 2083.
PRATT GREEN MS 35/1-2   1936; 1946
Newspaper cuttings formerly enclosed in John Telford's The new Methodist hymn-book (1934) at page 250:
Christian World, 25 June 1936: “A great hymn marred”, concerning Whittier's “Immortal love for over full”;
British Weekly, 12 December 1946: ““Abide with me”. Coming centenary of a famous hymn”.

Source of acquisition Presented by John Farrow, 24 March 2020 (Misc. 2020/21:44).
PRATT GREEN MS 36/1-892   [1880-1930]
Hymn-related postcards, most in colour and associated with a particular hymn, some embossed, a few in European languages, arranged in alphabetical order of the hymns' first lines in 3 volumes (A-G (252 cards); H-O (341 cards); P-W (258 cards)). Many postcards include writing on reverse with stamp and postmark, many correspondents referring to album collections of such cards. Images include: decorative religious illustrations and iconography, portrait photography, First World War military scenes, pastoral illustrations, sheet music, images of mourning or grief relating to sickness or war. A separate section containing 41 humourous postcards parodying the hymn cards is included in the third volume at the end of the alphabetical sequence.
Two appendices of cards on “The Holy City” and “The Lost Chord” have been merged into the main alphabetical sequence.
892 postcards: 252 + 341 + 258 + 41 
Source of acquisition Presented by Alan C. Owen, 16 March 2019 (Misc.2019/20:18).
PRATT GREEN MS 37   4 September 1881
Letter from Ira D. Sankey at Brooklyn to “Bainbridge and friends”, concerning journey to England and planned northern itinerary taking in Newcastle upon Tyne; travelling with Dr and Miss Bonar [?Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)] and the Moody family.
The Bainbridge addressed is probably a member of Cuthbert Bainbridge's (1841-1873) family, perhaps Cuthbert Harold (1865-1885) or Emmerson Percy (1869-1928).
Presented by Celia Costello via the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 21 October 2021 (Misc.2021/22:36).
PRATT GREEN MS 38/1-12   1903-2003
Series of personal photograph albums and scrapbooks compiled by Fred Pratt Green and his wife Marjorie, and some related personal material.
1. “Honeymoon album”, containing numerous photographs and postcards of locations around Europe;
2. Unlabelled album of family photographs with illustration of a camel and rider on the cover;
3. “Our visit to America” scrapbook (1982), containing trip itinerary, a brief outline of the visit, and numerous photographs, cuttings, postcards, and the programme of The Hymn Society of America, Inc. 1982 National Convocation;
4. Album of photographs,“Diamond wedding celebration”, 13 August 1991, and “Visit of Elizabeth & Pam June 7-10 1991”;
5-8. “Looking Back”, four scrapbooks (1903-1990; 1990-1993; 1993-1994; 1994-1995) of photographs of F. Pratt Green, family, friends, pets etc., including hymns, newspaper cuttings, letters, birthday cards and postcards;
9. 2 photos and article concerning the award of an MBE to F. Pratt Green;
10. Group photograph of the Student Christian Movement Conference at The Hayes Confence Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire, July 1925;
11/1-35. Personal photographs and postcards of Marjorie Pratt Green, including school photo (MS 38/11/35), postcards of Lourdes (MS 38/11/1-22), family photographs (MS 38/11/23-34);
12. Order of service for Braford West Circuit “Fred Pratt Green Birth Centenary” 6 December 2003, Haworth Road Methodist Church

Presented by Carol Wakefield, Literary Executor to Fred Pratt Green, 3 December 2021. Accession no. Misc.2021/22:49
PRATT GREEN MS 39   1963-1998
Personal correspondence between Fred Pratt Green and Peter Dunn, including letters and a postcard, discussing daily lives and plans, poetry, religion, social engagements, works of other authors. Also includes original copies of poems or sonnets by F. Pratt Green, often dedicated to Peter Dunn. Letter to George from Eric [F. Pratt Green]. Typescript and manuscript
Presented by Carol Wakefield, Literary Executor to Fred Pratt Green, 3 December 2021. Accession no. Misc.2021/22:49
PRATT GREEN MS 40   [mid-late 20th century]
Scrapbook of poems, postcards, and pressed flowers, by Maureen and addressed to [the Pratt Green family]
Presented by Carol Wakefield, Literary Executor to Fred Pratt Green, 3 December 2021. Accession no. Misc.2021/22:49
PRATT GREEN MS 41/1-3   1994
Fred Pratt Green's M.B.E medal, in Toye Kenning & Spencer Ltd case, and framed testimonial (MS 41/3, filed at Rm5/PFJ/19/2); with note inside case with instructions for its disposition after the death of [Marjorie Pratt Green]
Presented by Carol Wakefield, Literary Executor to Fred Pratt Green, 3 December 2021. Accession no. Misc.2021/22:49
PRATT GREEN MS 42/1-24   1991-2001
Letter from Fred Pratt Green to Ray Lucas relating to The Ten Friends; newspaper cuttings relating to Fred Pratt Green's M.B.E. award, and death; copy will of Fred Pratt Green, with copy grant of probate, 5 February 2001; ticket and order of service for a Service to celebrate the life and work of Fred Pratt Green held at Wesley's Chapel, 49 City Road in London on 9 June 2001; flyer for a music event hosted by The Methodist Church S.E. and S.W. Districts and the Hymn Society celebrating the life and work of Fred Pratt Green at the Drive Church, Sevenoaks on 13 October 2001; two photographs of a wall tablet listing the contributors (including Fred Pratt Green) towards the construction of Gobowen School, Ellesmere.
Presented by Ray Lucas, 10 June 2022. Accession no. Misc.2021/22:90