R. C. von Slatin
Rudolf Carl von Slatin

1. Correspondence Files
2. Statutes, Orders, Diplomas, etc.
3. Photographs, Portraits, Films
4. Diaries
5. Official Papers relating to Slatin's Service in the Sudan
6. Arabic and Bohemian Manuscripts
7. Drafts of Published Works and Lectures
8. Maps and Plans
9. Published Works
10. Press Cuttings
11. Museum Objects
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: R. C. von Slatin
Dates of creation: 1895-2012
Extent: 26 boxes; 14 albums
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: R. C. von Slatin
Language: English, French, German

Rudolf Carl von Slatin


1874-1876Visited the Sudan for the first time
1878Served in the Bosnian campaign
1878Appointed Finance Inspector in Khartoum by Gordon Pasha
1879Appointed Governor of Dara in southern Darfur
1881Appointed Governor of Darfur
1884-1895Held captive by the Mahdi at Omdurman
1895-1898Assistant Director of Military Intelligence, Egyptian Army
1898Knighted by Queen Victoria
1900-1914Inspector-General of the Sudan
1914Resigned from Sudan service on the outbreak of the First World War
1914-1918President of the Austrian Red Cross
1919Member of the Austrian delegation to the Peace Conference


1. Correspondence Files
2. Statutes, Orders, Diplomas, etc.
3. Photographs, Portraits, Films
4. Diaries
5. Official Papers relating to Slatin's Service in the Sudan
6. Arabic and Bohemian Manuscripts
7. Drafts of Published Works and Lectures
8. Maps
9. Published Works
10. Press Cuttings
11. Museum Objects

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Deposited by Mrs A. Ponsonby

1. Correspondence Files
Correspondence from King Edward VII, including warrants relating to Slatin's appointments as Honorary Commander of the Victorian Order (SAD 431/5/2-3) and Major General (SAD 431/5/11); invitations to social functions at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and the Foreign Office (SAD 431/5/7-10,12); and a letter from E.V. Turner concerning the King's death (SAD 431/5/21)
Correspondence from General Charles Gordon, including a letter from Gordon relating to arrangements for his visit to Cairo (SAD 431/6/1); and an invitation to the unveiling of a statue dedicated to Gordon and designed by Onslow Ford (SAD 431/6/3)
1895 Mar 10-1931 Nov 10
Correspondence from General Sir Reginald Wingate, including letters and telegrams on the following subjects:
Slatin's escape from the Khalifa (SAD 431/11/1-3); the publication of Slatin's book, Fire and Sword in the Sudan (SAD 431/11/6,10-21,22,32-24); arrangements for a visit to Balmoral (SAD 431/11/21,23-28,46); the military campaigns of the late 1890s and Slatin's desire to be at the battlefront (SAD 431/11/31-32); the success of the military campaign against Mahmud on 14 March 1898 (SAD 431/11/33); Slatin's leave entitlement (SAD 431/11/36-40,42) and his pension (SAD 431/11/50-51); and military intelligence relating to the movements of the Khalifa and other Mahdist leaders (SAD 431/11/41)
Correspondence mainly encompassing the period of Wingate's role as Governor General (1899-1916), covering the many internal difficulties Wingate faced in his position, complaining to Slatin of feeling overworked and the lack of empathy from the Sirdar (SAD 431/11/52); the publication of Fire and Sword in the Sudan (SAD 431/11/53); the Queen's fondness for Slatin (SAD 431/11/55); the death of the Khalifa (SAD 431/11/58); the birth of Wingate's daughter Victoria (SAD 431/11/59); copy letter from Slatin to Wingate concerning Karl Inger (SAD 431/11/60); news of a breakdown in army discipline at Talodi (SAD 431/11/64); A. Wynne re a proposal to make Slatin an honorary Major General in the British Army (SAD 431/11/67); the assassination of the Egyptian Prime Minister Boutros Ghali (SAD 431/11/72-74); Wingate's decision that Bernard should not be appointed acting Governor-General in his absence (SAD 431/11/76); the impossibility of taking over Darfur due to shortage of finance (SAD 431/11/77); Slatin's handling of the visit from President Roosevelt (SAD 431/11/83); the growth of anti-British and nationalist feeling in Egypt (SAD 431/11/83); developments in Somaliland (SAD 431/11/84,86,89); plans for the development of tourism (SAD 431/11/95-96); the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (SAD 431/11/102); and progress of the war (SAD 431/11/106-107). Enclosure:
after 1906
Cutting from a German newspaper concerning a visit by Wingate and Slatin to Karlsbad
Sir Reginald's correspondence after his retirement from public service concerns his bitter disappointment at the mistreatment of Slatin by the British establishment and his former colleagues, particularly in relation to Slatin's application for British nationalisation and his own disappointment over the level of his pension (SAD 431/11/111-114); the uncovering of Fothergill as the writer of a Near East article critical of Slatin's character (SAD 431/11/118-119); Wingate, Henry Guillemard of Cambridge University and Slatin, concerning the failed attempt to obtain an honorary degree from Cambridge for the latter (SAD 431/11/120-129); Slatin, Wingate, Dr Bermann and the publishers, Messrs G.F. Putnams concerning Slatin's input into a publication by Dr Bermann on life of the Mahdi (SAD 431/11/130-165); and H.C. Jackson, Slatin and Wingate relating to a proposed film on General Gordon (SAD 431/11/166-170). Enclosure:
[ca. 1921]
Typescript extract from a book by Percy Martin concerning the role of Inspector General of the Sudan
1895 Mar 18 -1903 Nov 17
Telegrams from Slatin's sisters concerning a journey to Cairo and from his brother congratulating him on his knighthood from Queen Victoria
1895 Apr 9
Telegram from the Club der Wiener Handelsacademicer expressing their happiness at the end of Slatin's captivity by the Khalifa
1911 Dec 30
Letter from Fr Friedrich Falz-Fein requesting to finally meet Slatin and giving some family related information
1895 Apr 26
Letter from the Pall Mall Gazette, London, forwarding payment to Slatin for his recent article
1895 Aug 30-1899 Feb 22
Correspondence from A.P. Watt, literary agents, London, to Major Wingate and Slatin, relating to the publication of the latter's new book, Fire and Sword in the Sudan, the submission and editing of various draft chapters, and the problem of marketing the book in Germany
1895 Oct 17-1896 Feb 23
Letters from Archduke Carl Ludwig requesting meetings with Slatin and inviting him to Prague and other places
Letters from Austrian Lloyd, Triest, congratulating Slatin on his successful flight from captivity by the Khalifa (SAD.431/22/1) and informing him about some changes regarding his route back to Egypt (SAD.431/22/2-4)
1895 Sep 25
Letter and telegram from Dr. Hans Meyer, president of the Geographic Society in Leipzig, inviting Slatin to give a talk to the society
1896 Aug 13-1925 Jul 22
Letters from F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, regarding the publication of Slatin's book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan, discussing problems in terms of the length of the book, illustrations and financial issues (SAD.431/24/4-5), suggestions on the Arabic/ German translation of names and places (SAD.431/24/7-9,18-19), and congratulating Slatin on his retirement from the post of Inspector-General of the Sudan (SAD.431/24/25)
1895 Jun 18-1895 Oct 26
Letters from Professor Eugen Oberhummer of the Geographische Gesellschaft, Műnchen, arranging a date for Slatin to come to Munich for a presentation
1895 Jun 26
Letter from the Director of the Austrian Handels Museum, Wien, inviting Slatin to give talks about his time in the Sudan as captive of the Mahdi and his general experiences
Letters, invitations to receptions, dinners and alike, telegrams from Franz Joseph I of Austria
Diploma conferring on Slatin the "Komthurkreuz mit dem Stern" from Kaiser Wilhem II
1895 Jul 9
Letter to Dr A. Slatin from Dr. Josef Ritter Griez von Ronse in Wien, concerning the need for a translater (French/ German)
Letters, telegrams and invitations to Slatin on behalf of the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II of Egypt, mostly concerning arrangements for meetings, receptions, etc.
Letter and telegram to Slatin from Dr. M. Graf von Zeppelin, Hofmarschall, Stuttgart, asking him to give a talk about his experiences in the Sudan
1908 Jul 4 -1922 Jan 11
Letters from Sir James Currie, Director of Education, Sudan (1900-1914) concerning his dismay at the commutation of the death sentences passed against the followers of `Abd al-Qadir after the attacks on government troops at Katfia in 1908 (SAD 431/34/1-3); the Irish Question in 1921 (SAD 431/34/6-7); and the Foreign Office ban on Slatin wearing his British decorations (SAD 431/34/8-10)
1895 Sep 11-1896 Feb 25
Letters to Slatin from Miss Eugenie Joachim, concerning the translation of his book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan from German to English (chapters from Wingate translated from English to German), London
Letters and telegrams between Carl Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxony-Weimar and Slatin, congratulating him on his safe return and the end of his captivity in the Sudan; diploma; invitations, etc. Enclosure:
[ca. 1892]
Statuten des Grossherzoglich Sachsen-Weimarischen Erneuerten Ritterordens der Wachsamkeit oder vom Weissen Falken (Weimar)
1897 Apr 20-1898 Jun 8
Invitations to Slatin from Archduke Otto
1896 Mar 24-1898 Jul 4
Letters to Slatin on behalf of Umberto I, King of Italy with diploma awarding him the Order of Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro
Correspondence from Johann Albrecht, Duke of Mecklenberg-Schwerin; diploma; postcard from Alexandra, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Enclosure:
[ca. 1897]
Pen and ink drawing of the Duke of Mecklenberg-Schwerin
1897 May 22
Letter to Heinrich Slatin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vienna, informing him about papers which will be sent to him from Cairo
Letters from Archduke Franz Ferdinand,19th Infantry Regiment, asking Slatin to send him some photographs from his time in the Sudan
1899 Mar 7
Letter from the Lecture Agency Ltd., London, requesting the possible availability of Slatin for the lecturing season; as well as a printed list of all lecturers and entertainers who were members of the organization
Invitations from the Junior United Service Club
1929 Mar 18-1932 Nov 10
Correspondence between Dr. Richard A. Bermann and Slatin (living in his residence in Meran, Italy) discussing a new book project Bermann is planning and asking for Slatin's advice and information about the Mahdi, and a letter regarding an article about it for Berliner Tageblatt (SAD.432/51/13); requests concerning the making of a movie on the Mahdi and the Khalifa (SAD.432/51/18)
1896 Feb 13-1897 Apr 27
Letter from Archduke Rainer of Austria regarding Slatin's book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan and an invitation to meet Archduke Rainer
1899 Sep 12
Letter from Francis Joseph Leopold Frederick, Prince of Teck, inviting Slatin to meet him
1896 Feb 10 -1927 Jul 25
Letters and invitations from Arthur, Duke of Connaught, mostly concerning social engagements and exchanging pleasantries
1895 Oct 14-1904 Jan 1
Letters from Sir James Reid, mostly on behalf of Queen Victoria. The initial letters, dated 14 October 1895 to 19 May 1898 (SAD.432/61/1-26), are written in German. Reid learns, via Wingate, that Slatin can read English perfectly (see SAD.432/61/27-28) and thereafter his letters are in English. They mostly relate to social engagements and visiting arrangements that highlight the cordial relationship between the Queen and Slatin, with the exception of the letter dated 12 July 1898, referring to a controversy surrounding the refusal of the Queen to send a special invitation to Slatin from Vienna (SAD.432/61/27-28); as well as letters highlighting the Queen's interest in Slatin's role in the Sudan and her appreciation of his continued loyalty; for example, the letter dated 23 February 1900 makes reference to the Queen's interest in Slatin's interview with `Uthman Dignah (SAD.432/61/43-44). Occasional reference is also made to other events, in particular South Africa and the fate of the British army in the Boer War (SAD.432/61/41-43).
German and English
1895 Aug 23 -1911 Jun 6
Letters, telegrams and invitations from Arthur Bigge, 1st Baron Stamfordham, mostly on behalf of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, thanking Slatin for sending various gifts including photographs, relics and copies of his works, as well as invitations to social engagements. The letter of the 6 October 1895 informs Slatin of the Queen's intention to confer upon him the Third Class of the Order of the Bath and also the British War Medal for the Egyptian campaign (SAD.432/62/3).
1897 Jan 23
Letter from E.R. Humbold, congratulating Slatin on his book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan
1896 Nov 23
Letter from the Registrar and Secretary of the Order of the Bath, confirming Slatin's appointment as “Honorary Member of the Military division of the Third Class or Companions of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath”
Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein: invitation and calling card
1896 Feb 19
Letter from Minister Count Goluchowski concerning Slatin's book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan
1895 Jun 22
Letter from the Minister of Finance, Cairo, concerning the length of Slatin's service in the Egyptian Army
1895 Nov 4
Letter from the Austrian-Hungarian Diplomatic Agency, Cairo, a concerning Slatin's status in the Egyptian Army
1895 Sep 23 -1899 May 5
Letters from Edward Arnold, publisher, London, to Major Wingate and Slatin, regarding the publication of Fire and Sword in the Sudan. The letter of 23 November 1898 (SAD.432/80/3) describes the book's success in finding its way into every library in the country and even being used as a prize in schools.
1898 Dec 3 -1915 Dec 19
Letters from Margaret d'E.E. King, thanking Slatin for his gifts (different artefacts from the Sudan, photographs, etc.), concerning private matters and a couple of photographs of Margaret d'E.E. King
German and English
1898 Dec 1-1923 May 28
Letters from Sir Horace Rumbold, some partly in German. Aside from the usual social pleasantries, Rumbold's letters occasionally make references to the political situation in Austria during the First World War (SAD.432/93/7,10) and the issue of the repatriation of Austrian prisoners of war in its aftermath (SAD.432/93/12-14).
English and German
1898 Nov 20- 1898 Nov 28
Telegrams and letter from Baron Calice congratulating Slatin on his title
1899 Mar 2
Telegram from Edward Cecil, inviting Slatin to dine with his parents
189 9 May 30
Telegram from Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft, Berlin, asking Slatin to give a lecture in Berlin at the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft
1899 Jan 16
Letter from James M. Patch, Boston, USA, expressing his admiration for Fire and Sword in the Sudan and his hope for further work from the author
1899 Mar 2
Letter from Ernest N. Bennett of Hertford College, Oxford, discussing the nature of warfare between civilized and uncivilized countries
1899 Mar 24
Invitation from “The Association of Municipal Corporations” to dine at the Hotel Metropole
1899 Apr 26-1899 May 18
Letter from Carl Graf von Wűrttemberg, Fűrst von Urach, asking Slatin if it would be possible to reschedule a talk he is due to give in Stuttgart
1899 Apr 22
Letter from Princess Louise of Great Britain, regarding a visit to the Sudan and the memorial for Gordon in Khartoum
1905 Mar 29 -1932 Jun 7
Telegram from Wiener Männer Gesangverein, thanking Slatin for the warm welcome extended to the Wiener Männer Gesangverein in Egypt and a letter concerning the Slatin's birthday
1905 Jun 11
“Schottenfelder Achtziger” (Slatin's old school), commemorative sheet containing signatures of Slatin and his contemporaries on the occasion of a 25th anniversary celebration
Papers relating to the adoption of the Chapel in St Paul's, London, to the purposes of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, including a sketch of the proposed changes (SAD.432/106/3) and a pamphlet entitled The Chapel of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (London, 1909) which includes a list of contributors to the chapel fund (SAD.430/106/5-24)
1905 Oct 22-1909 Aug 8
Letters from Sophie von Passavant, mostly regarding private matters with a mention of Princess Beatrice and a telegram informing Slatin of a trip to Salzburg (SAD.432/107/10)
1904 Sep 8-1914 Jul 23
Letters and telegrams from Alfonso de Bourbon, Infant of Spain, requesting information about a famous libel case in London (SAD.432/110/1); and invitations to dine
French, German
1904 Sept 17-1906 Jul 17
Letters and telegrams from Victoria Eugenie von Battenberg, concerning private matters and her engagement to the King of Spain
1902 Aug 4
Diploma bestowing an honour on Slatin from Christian IX, King of Denmark, with covering letter
1906 Mar 30-1927 Jun 10
Letters and telegram from Archduke Joseph, concerning photographs taken by Slatin, birthday wishes and travel information
1906 Mar 29-1914 Dec 21
Letter and telegrams from Maria Anna, Princess of Parma: thank you notes for photographs and other gifts sent by Slatin
1902 Apr 22-1920 Oct 12
Letters from Bishop Fr. F.X. Geyer, Vicariate Apostolic of Khartoum, including one letter dated 8 January 1916 regarding Bishop Geyer's recommendation of Countess M.T. Ledochowska, Director General for the African Missions, and her wish for Slatin to lecture at a conference in Vienna (SAD.432/117/4). In the German letters he writes about his missionary work in Egypt (SAD.432/117/1), his travels to the Sudan and some existing documents in Khartoum (SAD.432/117/6).
German, English
1899 Apr 25-1907 Nov 26
Letters and a telegram from Sir Winston Churchill and from his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, requesting that Slatin contribute an article on the subject of the future of the Sudan to a forthcoming edition of a quarterly magazine edited by Lady Churchill
1901 Mar 23-1914 Jul 16
Letters from Princess Beatrice of Great Britain, regarding personal matters
[ca. 1900]
Report by Karl Inger on his travels to places such as Morocco, Massawa, Djibouti, Constantinople, etc.(SAD.433/125/1-3), and his work as a correspondent for different journals (SAD.433/125/4-5)
1909 Jun 3
Letter from Ch. Julius Eisen, Tunis, listing a number of people with descriptions of what they did in past years
1910 Mar 9-1914 May 27
Letters and telegrams from Theodore Roosevelt, mostly relating to the arrangements for Roosevelt's visit to Khartoum (SAD.433/128/1-5). Roosevelt also refers to the political situation in Europe in a letter dated 17 December 1912, hoping that “things take a peaceful turn” and sympathizing with the Bulgarians and the other Balkan states in their fight against Turkey and Islam in general (SAD.433/128/6)
1899 Feb 6-1920 Feb 3
Letters and telegrams from Sir Ernest Cassel concerning social engagements, travel arrangements and thank you notes
German and English
1901 Dec 22
Letter from Karl Neufeld to Slatin admitting his wrong doing in the Sudan, especially in Omdurman, and asking him for advice regarding a business which he wants to start in the Sudan
1910 Apr 13
Letter from Professor Dr. Lewin, Berlin, asking Slatin to send some samples of a special plant to enable more research on it
1910 Jun 15-1932 Jun 7
Letters from Duke Adolf Friedrich von Mecklenburg and Deutsche innere Afrika Expedition to Slatin regarding a possible meeting in the Sudan, travel arrangements and thank you notes
1910 Feb 2 & [ca. 1910s]
Letter from Otto Cesar Artbauer, Vienna, asking Slatin for some advice and help regarding a Nile expedition
1910 Jul 14-28
Letters from Karl D. Kumm, London, relating to an investigation into the opening of the Bahr al-Arab and subsequent concessions to companies
1910 Jan 19-1927 Jun
Letters from Hansi Niese, actress, to Slatin concerning a possible visit to Khartoum, her performances and other private matters
1911 Jun 22-1932 Jun 22
Correspondence on behalf of King George V, including invitation, order of service, ceremonies booklet and assorted paraphernalia relating to the coronation of the King and Queen Mary on 22 June 1911 (SAD.433/139/1-63); telegrams relating to Slatin's 1912 visit to Balmoral Castle (SAD.433/139); warrant appointing Slatin an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, 5 November 1912 (SAD.433/13968-69); and invitations to various social engagements (SAD.433/139/70-77)
1911 Oct 25-1912 Apr 8
Thank you notes from Albert, King of Belgium, to Slatin stating how pleasant the King's journey had been and mentioning a portrait the King had sent to Slatin
1911 Feb 11-1913 Jul 19
Papers relating to Friedrich August, King of Saxony, including a list of different objects, postcard photograph, probably of the King (SAD.433/141/2); diploma conferring the ‘Grosskreuz des Albrechtsordens’, thank you notes and an invitation to a reception
1912 Mar 6- [ca. 1920s]
Letters from E.E. Bond and L. Geschwind, relating to debts outstanding to a Mr Wildish. One letter in German (SAD.453/144/2) gives detailed information about the traveller Geschwind
Germand, English
1912 Aug 13
Letter from Vossische Zeitung, Berlin, asking Slatin to give some statements about the present and future development of the Sudan under British rule
1912 Oct 9-1914 Apr 14
Letters from Dr. Franz Stuhlmann, Hamburgerisches Kolonialinstitut, regarding the diaries of Emin Pasha, his stay in Khartoum and the diaries of Dr Heir Barth which include a ‘very important unpublished arabic script’ about the ancient history of the western Sudan (SAD.433/149/1), asking Slatin to give permisson to Dr Schwenk to hunt down a rare animal species (SAD.433/149/3) and seeking help for Professor Dr Meinhof to conduct some research into the languages in the Sudan (SAD.433/149/4)
1913 Oct 14
Thank you letter from the Imperial Academy of Science, St. Petersburg
1907 Jun 28
Letter from William Abdullah Barrett, an English Muslim who expresses his desire to work for Slatin
1903 Oct 8
Letter to Slatin from Wűrtt. Verein fűr Handelsgeographie Graf Linden
1900 Sep 1- 1910 Mar 22
Rules of the Marlborough Club and a request for Slatin to pay his annual subscription
1898 Nov 11-1899 Dec 4
Correspondence from the Marquis of Salisbury: mostly relating to social engagements, although two telegrams refer to the conferring of the KCMG on Slatin (SAD.433/164/1-2)
1914Jun 23
Letter from Hofrat G. Kummer informing Slatin about the publication of the book With Kitchener in Cairo and requesting an introduction for the German version
1914 Jun 3
Thank you letter from the Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, for the support shown by Slatin towards the expedition traveling to the Kordofan region and the Nuba mountains
1913 Aug 17-1914 Jul 6
Letters from Prince George of Bavaria asking for advice regarding a hunting trip to the Sudan (SAD.433/171/2) and other private matters
1895 Oct 23-1927 Jun 15
Thank you letters from Dr. Horaz Sonnenthal, Natural History Museum, Vienna, discussing an expedition to the Sudan (SAD.433/173/2) and other matters of a private nature
1914 Apr 26
Thank you letter from the Museum Regni Bohemiae, Prague, expressing their gratitude for the support of the expedition of M. Baron Henri Rothschild
1914 Jul 24-1927 Jun 13
Telegram and letter of congratulations to Slatin from the Mayor of Traunkirchen on Slatin's engagement and his 70th birthday
1914 Dec 21-1919 Apr 11
Telegrams and letters from Bűrgermeister Dr. Richard Weiskirchner, Vienna, mostly concerning private affairs, thank you notes and concerns about the nutritional status of the inhabitants of Vienna
Alice von Ramberg: legal papers
1914 Jun 27
Letter from Baroness Marie Ramberg regarding personal matters
1896 Jul 11-1928 Jan 13
Letters from Harriet Phipps and P.R. Phipps, mostly concerning social engagements and personal news, although the earlier letters written by P.R. Phipps during the period 1914-1916 make frequent reference to the social impact of the First World War. A letter dated 6 December 1914 includes a long list of “our old friends” already killed or wounded (SAD.433/187/4). Reference is also made to Sudanese and Egyptian affairs in later letters, for example the letter dated 5 April 1922 (SAD.433/187/18). A series of letters from 1928 are also included, chiefly between P.R. Phipps and Edward Fothergill in which the latter is accused of authorising an article which refers to Slatin in “uncomplimentary terms” (SAD.433/187/19-28).
1895-1912 Apr 13
Letters from Baroness Jacqulein Reinlein mostly regarding private matters and congratulations on an honour bestowed on Slatin (SAD.433/189/7)
1897 May 2 - 3
Letter and telegram from Direktor Baron Richthofen, regarding details of a journey by Slatin to Germany
1900 Oct 20
Thank you letter from Princess Sophie Renata to Slatin
1899 May 30
Invitation from Leopold, Prince Regent of Bavaria, to a reception
1899 - 1926 Jul
Letters and one telegram from Milo Talbot. There is some reference to Sudanese affairs in an early letter dated from 1899, in which Talbot warns Slatin against contemplating legal proceedings during a controversy surrounding a stolen document (SAD.433/195/1), although much of the correspondence is predominantly written during the First World War. Talbot writes with an air of despondency of the “wretched war” throughout his correspondence and bemoans the loss of many of his friends (SAD.433/195/5-6). Further letters make reference to various campaigns in the war and he is also very pessimistic of the chances of international harmony after the war is over, see SAD.433/195/9
1916 Mar 30
Letter from unknown author to the Kk Orient & Export - Gesellschaft regarding the refusal of his appointment as Vice President of the k.u.k. Orient-und Exportgesellschaft
1919 Dec 20
Letter from the Pressedienst, Vienna, expressing their gratitude for the support which was shown towards the prisoners of war and to asking for some more help regarding a project which is in the planning stage
1896 Mar 16
Letter from Josef Ohrwalder to Slatin regarding a visit to Cairo and the Sudan (SAD.433/201/1) and an obituary notice for Josef Ohrwalder
1910 Jun 26
Invitation and telegram for a lunch engagement with Princess Henry of Battenberg
1907Jul 29
Invitation from George Nathaniel Kedleston, Earl of Curzon
1896 Feb 12-1914 Aug 19
Letters from R.H. Murray, Anna Murray, Malcolm Murray and J. Douglas Murray, mostly social engagements and news. The letters from Anna Murray are in German, thanking Slatin for his kind words (SAD.434/213/4), and a thank you note (SAD.434/213/5).
English, German
1898 Dec 16
Letter from Alfred H. Haggard, complimenting Slatin on his career in the Sudan
1910 Feb 22-1914 Feb 11
Letters from Countess Széchényi and Count Lazlo to Slatin, discussing political issues in Egypt (SAD.434/215/1), informing him about the visit of Prince Leopold of Sachsen Loburg Gotha to Khartoum (SAD.434/215/3); and a postcard
1916 May 28-1920 Jul 23
Confidential letter from Slatin to the Austrian Red Cross, regarding a meeting in Stockholm about the commission which was to send delegates to the war camps in Russia for an update on the condition of prisoners of war, specifically mentioning the sinking of the hospital ship Portugal (SAD.434/217/1-8). Also a report on the condition of people treated by the Austrian Red Cross and asking for more support in order to be able to keep up the treatment (SAD.434/217/20-21).
1907 June 28
Invitation for dinner from the Secretary of State for War
1912 Mar 20-1930 Dec 11
Correspondence from Frederic C. Penfield and family, including letters from Frederic and Anne Penfield, of which the bulk of the correspondence is sent from the latter, relating primarily to travel plans and social engagements; and some letters from F.C. Penfield, the American Ambassador in Vienna, with one letter, dated 25 September 1917, thanking Slatin for his assistance with his safe passage from Austria during WW1 (SAD.434/224/5), and a reference in a letter dated 8 July 1920 to the presidential candidates in the US general election (SAD.434/224/11); as well as three letters from 1921 concerning a Catholic mission to aid Austria (SAD.434/224/25,28,33). Slatin's desire to secure British citizenship and re-establish his knighthood in 1922 is also actively encouraged by both the Penfields (SAD.434/224/51,54). Enclosures:
1919 Sep 25 & 1920 Jul 27
Two postcards of Hopewell Hall, Alexandria Bay, N.Y, sent to Slatin by the Penfield family
Two photographs, possibly of Frederic Penfield
1910 June 23
Letter and telegram from Sir Edward Grey, 1st Viscount, inviting Slatin to visit him
1895 Mar 16-1914 Aug 9
Correspondence from R.P. Lewis of the Intelligence Department in Khartoum, including two telegrams congratulating Slatin on his escape from Omdurman, 1895 (SAD.434/228/1-2); translations of letters from Sultan `Ali Dinar to Slatin, with covering letter from R.P. Lewis, relating to the arrival of El Dudu in Khartoum and the problems of famine and destruction in Darfur (SAD.434/228/3-10); translation of a letter from Shaykh Musa Madibbu concerning the arrival of the Maharia refugees en route from Darfur to Dar Rizayqat (SAD.434/228/11-12); copy of Sudan Intelligence Report No. 239 for June 1914 (SAD.434/228/13-35); letter from R.P. Lewis to Slatin who was stranded in Austria at the outbreak of World War I, regarding problems in the Sudan caused by the outbreak of war such as the high price of food, as well as news of `Ali Dinar and El Dudu's visit to Khartoum (SAD.434/228/36-37)
[ca. 1900s]
Telegram from the Archduchess Maria Theresa to Slatin, congratulating him on his wedding
1895 Nov 2-9
Letters from Count Albert Gleichen & Countess V[alerie?] Gleichen, including thanks to Slatin for his gift of bronze jars
German and English
1907 Oct 9-1910 Jan 25
Thank you letters from Bernhard, Prince of Lippe, to Slatin containing information about his travel to the Sudan and Kenya
1898 Dec 13-1932 Jun 7
Letter from Prince Carl Kinsky and family, congratulating Slatin on the victory against the Khalifa, a telegram and a detailed letter informing Slatin about the death of Kinsky's wife (SAD.434/237/2-4) and other letters mostly concerning hunting expeditions as well as other private matters (SAD.434/237/5-12)
1912 Mar 2-1927 Sept 12
Letters from Prince Lichnowsky to Slatin containing birthday wishes and expressions of thanks
1908 Aug 21-1912
Thank you telegram from Marie Luise, Princess of Baden, to Slatin and two photographs of Princess Marie Luise and her two children
1907 Jan 28-1911 Jun 14
Telegrams and letters from George William, Duke of Brunswick, thanking Slatin for his assistance while travelling to the Sudan and mentioning photography as well as other personal matters
[ca. 1900s]
Postcard from Prince Cyril wishing Slatin a Happy New Year
1905 Dec 15-1920 Apr 1
Letters from Margarete, Crown Princess of Sweden, mostly relating to social engagements and family news, although some correspondence concerns the Austrian prisoners of war and Margarete's assistance in selling their crafts at a bazaar to raise money (SAD.434/243/3-5); as well as appeals to Slatin to help poor victims in distress (SAD.434/243/10-11,13); and three telegrams written in German (SAD.434/243/24-26)
English, German
1907-1929 Jan 8
Telegrams from Myra, Duchess of Cumberland to Slatin mostly regarding congratulations and invitations, letters mentioning Penfield and Slatin's travels to Stockholm (SAD.434/244/4), about Slatin arriving at a sanatorium in Gmunden, Austria, (SAD.434/244/8), and other private and family matters
1905 Mar 27 & [ca. 1905]
Thank you telegrams from Eugenie, Empress of France
1904 Feb 16
Calling card and letter from Leopold, Prince of Battenberg relating to social engagements
1911 Jan 25-1921 Jan 20
Letters and telegrams from Louse, Princess Royal, mostly relating to social engagements and personal news
1906 Nov 17
Letter from the Duke of Bragança, giving Slatin recommending a friend of his for possible employment
1905 May 20
Letter from Princess Victoria Patricia, thanking Slatin for sending his photograph
[ca. 1910s]
Letters from Emily Farquhar, mostly good wishes for the New Year
1899 Jul 8-1923 Sep 21
Thank you letters and telegrams to Slatin from Prince Ernest Auguste, Duke of Brunswick and of Luneberg
1902 Dec 8-1927 Dec 7
Letters from, or concerning, Count László Hunyadi von Kéthely and family, with the English letters relating to the death of Count Hunyadi and the exhumation and transportation of his body from the Sudan (SAD.434/253/21-48)
German and English
1911 June 25
Letter from Sir Douglas Dawson, thanking Slatin for his kind words relating to an honour bestowed upon him
1910 Dec 29-1915 Feb 14
Letters from Baron Ernst and Baroness Alice Loudon thanking Slatin for his assistance in Khartoum and asking him for advice regarding travelling to the Sudan
1911 Mar 30-1913 Jul 11
Letters from Count R. Rex to Slatin, mostly concerning travels in the Sudan
[ca. 1910s] Aug 26 & Sep 3
Letters from Gabriele Wrede to Slatin asking him about Wickenburg, who seems to have some kind of connection to Wrede's daughter
[ca. 1920s] & 1927 Dec 13
Telegram and letter from Mary Fűrstenberg and Karl Emil Fűrstenberg concerning personal matters
1912 Dec 22-1914 Aug 1
Congratulations cards to Slatin from Princesses Anna Hohenlohe and Mimi Hohenlohe
1927 Jun 6 and n.d. [ca. 1920s]
Letters from Count Edward Wickenburg to Slatin congratulating him on his 70th birthday (SAD.434/263/1), thanking him for his friendly advice (SAD.434/263/2); and a letter from Countess Wickenburg asking Slatin for a translation from German to English (SAD.434/263/4-5)
1906 Jul 1-1907 Dec 23
Letters (SAD.434/264/1-11) and postcards (SAD.434/264/12-14) from Princess Bonaparte de la Moskowa, mostly concerning social engagements and private matters
1908 Apr 7-1927 Jun 1
Letters from Prince Fritz von Liechtenstein and family to Slatin mostly regarding private matters, mentioning the opening of a club in London for retired officers of the Austrian Hungarian military (SAD.434/265/3-4) and postcards with congratulations on his birthday
1904 Sep 17
Letter from Prince Louis Alexander von Battenberg, introducing a friend called Emilie Surtock
1908 Feb 4
Letter from C. H. Armbruster, complaining of the appointment of younger men from abroad as senior inspectors in the Sudan Public Works Department
1907 Aug 25-1912 Feb 1
Letters and postcards to Slatin from Count and Countess Aehrenthal-Széchényi, mostly offering congratulations and thanks
[ca. 1900s] Feb 19
Letter from Lady Moyra Cavendish, thanking Slatin for his hospitality in Khartoum
1895 Oct 12
Letter from S.W. Russell Selfridge, enquiring as to the possibility of Slatin providing an article for The Forum on his experiences in the Sudan
[ca. 1920s} Apr 30
Letter from Gustav V of Sweden concerning arrangements for a visit to London
1910 May 26-1921 Mar 17
Letters from George Grey and K. Grey, the former making reference to the problems of the Egyptian-controlled Lower Nile Valley (SAD.435/279/1); and the latter complaining about the British Government as well as a transport strike (SAD.435/279/3)
1908 Jul 1-1918 Dec 19
Letters from F.M. Hull, E.C.P. Hull and Winifred Hull, mostly regarding social engagements but also concerning Slatin's expedition to quell disturbances in Darfur (SAD.435/280/3,5)
1910 Aug 18-1913 Aug 2
Letters from General Sir Ian Hamilton and John Hamilton, regarding social engagements
1898 Sep 5 & [1899?] Dec 6
Letters from Elizabeth A. Rodd and Sir James Rennel Rodd, 1st Baron Rennel of Rodd, congratulating Slatin on the victory over the Khalifa at the battle of Omdurman (SAD.435/286/1) and on his recognition from the Queen (SAD.435/286/2)
1902 Oct 14-1905 Apr 12
Letters from Mary, Princess of Hanover, thanking Slatin for his gifts and regarding general news of the family
[ca. 1910s] Jun 14
Letter from Selma Kurz (1874-1933), Austrian opera singer, inviting Slatin to visit her
[ca. 1896[ Aug 16
Letter from Evelyn Grenfell, thanking Slatin for sending his photograph and referring to a visit by the German Emperor
1914 Jan 26
Letter from Prince León Radziwill to Slatin thanking him for his great kindness and expressing the hope that they meet again
1906 Mar 22 & Oct 8
Letter and telegram from Prince Franz Auersperg to Slatin thanking him for assisting his son Vincenz during his travels
1914 Feb 12
Letter from Countess Marie Esterhazy, thanking Slatin for his hospitality during their recent visit to the Sudan and describing their travels back through Egypt
[ca, 1913-1914]
Letter to Slatin from Mary Cartwright, wife of Sir Fairfax Cartwright, British Ambassador to Vienna, thanking him for his letter and discussing the weather in Vienna
1914 May 4
Letter from O. Fitzgerald, inviting Slatin to visit Cairo
1906 May 30-1913 Nov 11
Letters from Count Albert Mensdorff to Slatin mostly regarding travel plans to the Sudan and Egypt (formal and informal) and congratulations on different occasions
1911 Apr
Telegram from Cora Stafford, inviting Slatin to lunch
1925 Jul 11- Oct 20
Letters from J. Lehmann, Beiter, Copenhagen, to Slatin concerning the translation of his book Feuer und Schwert im Sudan into Scandinavian languages
1919 Apr 9-1922 Mar 22
Report from the Austrian Government Commission for Prisoners of War and Civil Internees on efforts made towards the release of prisoners of war and the improvements in their conditions in captivity (SAD.435/305/2-9); telegrams concerning the transport back home to Austria of prisoners of war in Siberia (SAD.435/305/10-11); and information about the closing of the Austrian Government Commission of Prisoners of War and Civil Internees (SAD.435/305/12-16)
1916 May 16-1921 Nov 3
Letters from and to Slatin as head of the Austrian Prisoners of War Office, Bern, during WW1, asking the Swedish, British and American Red Cross (or the country represantative) for assistance regarding immediate help for Austrian prisoners of war still in Siberia, mostly medical aid and money loans (SAD.435/306/1-3,66-70,77-78,90,97), expressing concern about the treatment of prisoners of war and the return to their home country (SAD.435/306/4-10,22-26,34-40,45-46), asking for support for the Austrian capital by sending coal (SAD.435/306/11-14), financial matters (SAD.435/306/21,27-29,30,42-44,47-58,60,73-74,90-84,88,92-93,95,98-99), matters concerned with the liquidation of the Prisoners of War Office in Bern, such as financial support for the staff moving back to Austria, compensation and accounts in Switzerland (SAD.435/306/61-64,79). Enclosures:
German, French and English
Photograph of unidentified man standing on garden steps
Printed pamphlet: “Scheme for re-establishing economic life of Austria” by Julius Meinl
1918 Jan 26
Telegram from Archduchess Auguste to Slatin thanking him for his efforts
1918 Dec 12-1919 Mar 18
Letters from B. Kautzky to Slatin, also mentioning Otto Bauer, at the time foreign minister of German-Austria, mostly regarding the coal supply for Vienna (SAD.435/310/1,3-5) and support, in the form of money loans and food supply, received by America and Switzerland (SAD.435/310/2,6-8)
1920 Sep 23
Letter from Dr. A. Kautzky Bey to Slatin asking him for support regarding his wife's inheritance
1919 May 3-1919 Aug 21
Telegrams from the minister of Foreign Affairs in Vienna, Dr. Bauer, to Slatin asking him to speak to the peace delegation in Paris on 12 May 1919 answering questions about prisoners of war (SAD.435/312/1-4,14); letters about further actions in terms of repatriation of Austrian prisoners of war held in Russia and Italy (SAD.435/312/5-8); and concerninga position for a delegate in London for further negotiations with the entente powers over repatriation (SAD. 435/312/9-12)
1919 Aug 13-1932 Jun 4
Letters from Staatssekretar Karl Renner to Slatin regarding the peace conference in St. Germains, discussing the course of negotiations and further actions on the prisoners of war, especially in Siberia (SAD.435/313/1-2); a report from Slatin to Renner documenting his course of action in terms of the prisoners of war (SAD.435/131/3-12); and two letters congratulating Slatin on his 75th birthday
1919 Apr 8-1920 May 20
Letter from Slatin to Dr. Aemilian Schöpfer, catholic priest, conservative politician and holder of the chairmanship of the commission sending delegates to Siberia, concerning the post as head of the Prisoners of War Office in Bern (SAD.435/314/1); letter from Schöpfer to Slatin regarding the commission sent to Siberia, mentioning Fritsch, who would be travelling with them, the importance of reaching an agreement and a formal visit to the invalid camps in Austria and Switzerland (SAD.435/314/2-11)
1919 Sep 29-1922 Sep 7
Letters from the Home Office in London, relating to Slatin's unsuccessful attempt to become a naturalized British citizen (SAD.435/315/1-5); photograph of Slatin's wife, Alice von Ramberg, in 1902 (SAD.435/315/6)
1932 Jun 6
Letter to Slatin congratulating him on his 75th birthday and thanking him again for his kind donation of arms to the museum of Merano (SAD.435/316/1) and another letter of congratulations, also on his birthday, from Piedro Sandri, Spa President
1932 Jun 6 -18
Telegram and letter from the Bürgermeister of Vienna congratulating Slatin on his 75th birthday and informing him about the honour of becoming a "Bürger der Stadt Wien" (" honourable citizen of Vienna")
1932 Jun 6-9 Jun
Letters from Slatin to Bernhard R. Friedrichs, complaining about the printing of a private letter in the June issue of the magazine Weltstimmen
1932 Jun 6-15
Letters of congratulations from Baron Herbert von Richdhofen and Baron Hartmann von Richdhofen on Slatin's 75th birthday
1931 & 1932 Jun 7
Photograph and business card from Sr. M. Angelina
1932 Jun 6
Letter from Wilhelm Miklas, President of the Republic of Austria from 1928-1938, congratulating Slatin on his 75th birthday and talking about the glorious life he had had and how proud he had made Austria
1927 Jun 17
Letter from Wilhelm Köhler to Slatin congratulating him on his birthday and asking him to write a small book about his life
1926 Jun 17
Letter from children of the primary school at Konigstetten N.Ő., congratulating Slatin on his birthday
1918 Jan 2-1932 Jun 7
Telegram from Prince Carl, Duke of Westgotland, wishing Slatin a happy new year, and from Direktor Anton Holzer (Vienna), Rudolf Hartmann (Merano), Marie von Glaser, Joseph Feinhals (Köln), Gustav von Dippe (Denmark) and Carl Erunner (Merano), congratulating Slatin on his birthday
1910 Jan 16
Letter from Countess Bellegarde, thanking Slatin for his kind letter and wishing him a happy new year
1898 Jan 22-Nov 28
Letters from H.M.L. Rundle at Merowe, with news of the progress of the advancing Egyptian force and the whereabouts of the Khalifah (SAD.435/353/1-2); and from Karkoj congratulating Slatin on his knighthood
1916 Mar 15
Letter from Sir Mansfeldt Findlay de Cardonnel, offering to assist Slatin in the campaign to free the Austrian prisoners of war
1907 Jul 3-1919 Mar 16
Letters from E.G. Bonham Carter in Khartoum, to Slatin, regarding affairs there, movement of personnel, etc., including the selection of a qadi to serve as inspector (SAD.435/356/1-2); a long discussion with Sharif al-Hindi about his treatment by government officials in the Gezira, reporting the build-up of arms by Arabs in the Gezira and concerning Zubayr Pasha's false claims for land (SAD.435/356/3-6); from Baghdad concerning the fate of many of their former Sudan colleagues in the war (SAD.435/356/8)
1911 Jan
Letter from George August Schweinfurth to Slatin, introducing Leo Frobenius to him and explaining that he plans to visit the Sudan and Egypt on his way back from West Africa
1923 Sep 6 -1926 Apr 18
Letters from Montagu Pollett Norman, 1st Baron Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, renewing their friendship and with news of social engagements and travel experiences
[ca. 1920s] Apr 9
Draft letter from Slatin to E.W. Polson Newman, commenting on the manuscript of his latest book
1919 Jan 21-1920 Sep 11
Letters from Dr. Ferrière, Vice President of the Comité International de la Croix-Rouge, concerning living conditions in Vienna, Austria and the sending of some delegates to Russia (SAD.435/368/1-3); letters from the treasurer of the Comitè International de la Croix-Rouge, concerning financial matters (SAD.435/368/4-9)
French, German
18 Nov 1919
Letter from the American Red Cross, relating to aid for the Austrian prisoners in Siberia
28 Mar 1919-11 Nov 1919
Letters from the British Red Cross, relating primarily to the matter of aid for Austrian prisoners in Siberia. A letter dated 28 Mar 1919 also makes reference to the 1919 typhus outbreak and food shortages in eastern Europe (SAD 436/370/1)
1919 Jan 27
Letter from the Italian Red Cross delegate in Switzerland to Slatin informing him about a possible meeting with Colonel de Sammarzano in Switzerland
1920 Feb 5
Letter from Staatssekretär Dr. Reisch to Slatin regarding support from the Society of Friends for Austrian prisoners of war
1927 Jun
Letter from Colonel Friedrich Brabich to Slatin congratulating him on his 70th birthday and regarding other private matters
1919 Oct 29
Letter from Theodore Russell, British Minister to Switzerland, to Slatin, regarding the writing style to be adopted by them in private and official correspondence
1920 Feb 3
Letter from G.K.A. Bell, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, inviting Slatin for lunch with the Archbishop
1903 Oct 30 -1922 Jul 12
Two letters from General Sir Dighton Probyn (Keeper of His Majesty's Purse and later Comptroller to H.M. Queen Alexandra), enclosing signed engravings of the King and Queen to be hung in the Palace at Khartoum and acknowledging receipt of a letter from Slatin
1925 Dec 10
Letter from A.B.B. Howell to Slatin, with details of Slatin's books despatched to him from Khartoum, and political news from the Sudan including the death of the Mufti and his succession by Ismail al-Azhari and `Uthman Diqnah's pilgrimage to Mecca
1904 Jan 19
Letter from Consul Friedrich Lang to Slatin, explaining his current situation at the Austrian Hungarian Consulate in Hora Hora, New Zealand, and hoping for some advice from Slatin
1913 Mar 24
Letters and a calling card from the 10th Duke of Berwick and Jacobo, 17th Duque de Alba regarding social engagements
1908 Feb 5-Nov 10
Letter and telegram from Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine at the Gordon Hotel, Khartoum to Slatin, requesting a meeting with him, and calling card for Mrs. Hall Caine
1926 Dec 15-1928 Jan 8
Letters to Slatin from R. Davies at Khartoum, concurring with Slatin's view of Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman (SAD.436/393/1); the death of Count Hunyadi in a hunting accident, the appointment of a new Governor General (Sir John Maffey), prospects for a good cotton crop and difficult economic conditions, particularly for the northern provinces and the state of Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman's finances (SAD.436/393/2-3); the fate of Count Hunyadi's shikari and the political situation in Egypt (SAD.436/393/4); an outbreak of trouble among the Nuer in Upper Nile Province and progress with (SAD 436/393/5) refers to
1910 Feb 21-1913 Dec 26
Letters from Ex. von Haugk, mainly discussing travel issues and planning possible visits
1920 Feb 6
Letter from Yella Herkker to Slatin with news of the repatriation of prisoners of war
1927Jun 8 -1927 Jun 29
70th birthday greetings to Slatin
1920 Jan 1-1920 Mar 26
Letter from P.H. Kerr, Downing Street, to Slatin, with reply, concerning the Sultans of Turkey as Caliphs
1923 Oct 22-1923 Nov 4
Letters from R.C. Lindsay of the Foreign Office, with reply from Slatin, concerning the decision to deny Slatin the right to wear his British decorations
1908 Apr 1-1912 Oct 21
Letters from General Sir J.G. Maxwell, thanking Slatin for the gift of a sword hilt and wishing him farewell on his final departure from Cairo
1919 Jun 27-Sep 17
Letters from T.H. Legh, 2nd Baron Newton, of the Prisoners of War Department in London, with reference to the fate of the Austrian prisoners of war
1927 May 15-1927 May 22
Letter from Charles R. Crane with Slatin's reply, concerning Crane's travels in the Hijaz and the Yemen, his admiration for the kindness of the Muslims who resided there and concerning the spread Wahhabism
1899 Jun 29
Letter from Victor Trombi to Slatin, telling him about his promotion in the army, and expressing his regreat at the news that Slatin is quitting his position in Egypt
1935 Jun 25
Letter from Wilhelm Rudolf Kaulla to Slatin's daughter concerning his papers
1898 Nov 20-1913 May 5
Letter from Dr. Hans Kuzel to Slatin concerning the order of precedence for his titles and other private matters
[ca. 1920s]
Letter and business card from Pierre Levefre Pontalis, Embassy Secretary, in praise of Slatin
1920 Jan 26-Feb 17
Letters from Hans Eichhoff to Slatin regarding the ratification of the St. Germain treaty, Slatin's visit to Paris and his efforts in London
1898 Nov 17-1932 Jun 11
Letters and telegrams of congratulations, primarily in relation to Slatin's 75th birthday
English and German
1909 Dec 24
Letter from Maude Fay thanking Slatin for a copy of his book
1921 Nov 14
Letter from Viscount Grey of Fallodon to the Right Hon. Walter Runciman, concerning Slatin's kind treatment of British prisoners in Austria during the First World War
1927 Sep 27-1927 Dec 22
Letters from Nationalrat Gűrtler to Slatin regarding private matters
1919 Apr 16
Letter from R. Whitehouse at the American Legation in Berne, concerning the forwarding of communications to Washington and Paris
1920 Nov 28
Letter from R.G. Leigh, thanking Slatin for his sympathy
1920 Mar 12
Letter from Mrs E. Pethick Lawrence,concerning the repatriation of prisoners of war and her attempts to persuade various organisations to become a collecting centre for receiving funds for thsi purpose
1919May 12
Thank you letter from Fritz Hochberg to Slatin
1906 Jan 23
Letter from Geraldine Grafin Karolyi to Slatin regarding a hunting trip to Sudan which involves her son
1920 Feb 9
Letter from CA. Cripps, 1st Baron Parmoor and Lady Parmoor inviting Slatin to dinner
1920 Jan 10-Jun 4
Letters to Slatin from James K. Watson in Cairo, with news of colleagues (SAD/436/438/1-2); from Khartoum concerning a trip south with the Nile Projects Commission and a report on the sale of Slatin's possessions in Khartoum (SAD.436/438/3-4); and en route to Palestine for a last visit before leaving Egypt and the Sudna for good, encouraging Slatin not to attend the Egyptian Army dionner in London (SAD.436/438/5-6)
1927 Feb 8
Letter from General Verdy du Vernois to Slatin thanking him for a photograph Slatin has sent him, regarding an expedition to Dongola and other private matters
1932 Jun 11-27
Letters from Clive Wigram, on behalf of King George V, concerning a visit by Slatin and his daughter to London
1920 Jan 11-1926 Jan 10
Letters from Minister Paul Dinichert to Slatin regarding private matters
1919 Oct 5
Letter from M. Pölzer to Slatin regarding press statements about the situation in Austria
Letters from Arnold W. Meirs, containing family news
1927 Aug 20
Letter from Patricia Ramsay, thanking Slatin for his visit
1907 Sep 14
Letter from Captain C.P. Roberts, asking him to renew the offer of the post of senior inspector in Kordofan, with annotation by Slatin stating that this was the last letter Roberts wrote before he was killed in a polo match on 16 November 1907
1927 Oct 10
Letter from Ida Marr, thanking Slatin for his letter of sympathy to the Queen of Romania
1910 Jan 26
Letter from Baron von Habrda to Slatin asking for a favour relating to his recent appointment as Head of Police
1914 Mar 27-1929 Mar 3
Letters to Slatin from Mary and Tom D.M. Cardeza, mostly family and personal news
1918 Dec 2-1919 Feb 11
Letters from Hugh Wilson of the United States Legation in Berne, including a request for Slatin to forward a message to Countess Hoyes from Mr Phillips, Assistant Secretary of State (SAD.436/468/1-3)
6 Jan 1920-4 Dec 1920
Letters from M.J. Wheatley, relating to Slatin's financial affairs in the Sudan and the sale of his possessions
5 Jan 1910
Telegram from Lord McKenna
15 Jun 1927
Vilma Setzger (German)
10 Jun 1927
Valerie Odescalchi (German)
17 Apr 1908
Letter from E.E. Bernard, thanking Slatin for his support at a meeting
13 Sep 1919
Hans Daae (German)
9 May 1909-13 Apr 1922
Correspondence from A. Feilden and R.L. Feilden, including official telegrams, dated 9 May 1909, containing instructions relating to transportation along the Sobat and Shablocka (SAD 437/480/1-6), as well as letters referring to travel plans and social engagements
30 May 1906
Sudan Expedition - journalists (French)
6 May 1895
Letter from Sir Archibald Hunter from the Head Quarters of the Frontier Force, relating to his travel experiences
29 Dec 1904 & 2 Nov 1905
Commandant A. Baratier (French)
24 Jul 1920-30 May 1927
Letters from Ibrahim Dimitri, who worked for the Sudanese administration, with much of the correspondence recalling Slatin's time in the Sudan and former colleagues. In a letter dated 24 Jul 1920, reference is made to the relative positions of Syria and Austria (SAD 437/493/1-2), and, in a letter dated 27 Jan 1927, the situation in the Sudan and the fractious relationship between the English and the Egyptians is referred to (SAD 437/493/7-8)
31 Jan 1907
Prince Jamil Tusūn (French)
15 Mar 1909-29 Jun 1911
Letters from V.G.A Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey, mainly concerning arrangements for visiting Slatin
28 Aug 1908-26 Feb 1909
Correspondence from Georgina Pinelli-Figoli, including:
[ca. 1900s]
Postcards from various places in Italy - Tagliolo and Arenzano
26 Feb 1909
Letter from Pinelli-Figoli to Slatin, mainly social engagements (SAD 437/496/5-6)
27 Oct 1911
Letter from Cyril Crossland, referring to the selling and purchasing of pearls for Slatin and arrangements for visiting him
29 Jun [1919?]
Letter from L.D. Spencer, with reference to his injuries sustained in service during the First World War
22 Nov 1898-9 Sep 1927
Letters from Sir H.A. McMichael and J. Michael, mostly concerning social engagements, although there is some reference to Slatin's role in the Sudan, particularly in his involvement in the campaign of 1898 (SAD 237/502/5)
30 Jul 1914-6 Apr 1915
Letters from Robert Rees-Mogg, congratulating Slatin on the news of his marriage
20 May 1909-10 Nov 1910
Letters from Nora, Countess Roberts, concerning social engagements
13 Feb 1896
Letter from General Sir E.F. Chapman, congratulating Slatin on his book Fire and Sword in the Sudan, and his service to the British Government in the Sudan
12 Jan 1899
Letter from C.M. Thompson, offering Slatin a copy of the 'Book of the Dead' as a gift from the Trustees of the British Museum
24 Aug 1895
Letter from Edward Pelham-Clinton, thanking Slatin for sending his photographs
4 Aug 1920-26 Aug 1920
Two letters from Sir G.S. Symes, relating to the transportation of Slatin's kit (SAD 437/513/1); and Symes's acceptance of a Governorship in Palestine (SAD 437/513/2)
10 Feb 1928
Letter from D. Purves, relating primarily to the Sudanese administration, including reference to a proposal to introduce a system of “native administrations” in Darfur and its potential problems with the accommodation of rival tribes, as well as the impact of a flu epidemic in the region
28 Aug 1930
Letter from A. Bagby, relating to family news and expressing his disappointment at not being able to visit Slatin
20 Feb 1905
Letter from H.W.G. Bowles, requesting that Slatin's secretary send him a cake of Tamarind Paste
12 Aug 1921-2 Oct 1921
Covering letters from M.I. Wilson and A.F. Pease, with a copy of a letter written by Cecil Harmsworth to Pease, relating to Slatin's refusal to send his military decorations back to King George V in 1921
3 Nov 1922 & 23 Aug 1923
Two letters from Ronald Waterhouse, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister of Britain, with the letter dated 3 Nov 1922 thanking Slatin for indirectly saving his life in Darfur (SAD 437/522/1)
1 Jul & 12 Jul
Two letters from Brigadier General F. Lyon of the Committee of Imperial Defence, requesting Slatin to provide evidence for a Committee considering the military requirements of Egypt
28 Sept 1909
Letter from Mary Trefusis, thanking Slatin on behalf of “Her Royal Highness” (the Queen?) for sending “the material”
[ca. 1920s]
Letter from Robert Hitchens, expressing his delight in seeing Slatin again on a recent visit
31 Mar 1917
Letter from Christophorus, Metropolitan of Axum, informing Slatin of the number of officials to be present at His Late Majesty's Memorial Service
19 Jan 1910
Letter from Edward Treacy, accepting Slatin's offer of becoming patron of the Catholic Solidier's Club
3 Dec 1921
Letter from Mary, Princess Royal, thanking Slatin for his recent letter
3 Nov 1922
Letter from A. Bonar Law, thanking Slatin for his kind congratulations
18 Feb 1896-15 Mar 1899
Count Deym (German)
30 May 1899
Generalstalschef von Beck (German)
18 Jan 1912 & 19 Jun 1912 & [ca. 1912]
Alfred Montenovo (German)
6 Jun 1932
Ernst von Streeruwitz (German)
1 Aug 1895
Baron von Kosjek (German)
26 Sep 1911
Count F. Szapary (German)
23 Jun 1913
Mgs. C. von Skirmunt (German)
23 Dec 1912-20 Dec 1913
Two letters from Gerald Lowther, with the letter dated 23 Dec 1912 referring to the plight of refugees in the Balkins War of 1912-13 (SAD 437/554/1)
13 May 1913-15 Dec 1913
Count O. Meraviglia (German)
6 Dec 1926-23 Jul 1927
Letter and invitation from Ahmad Muhammad Hasanayn Pasha Fuad I of Egypt, inviting Slatin to a Reception at the Royal Egyptian Legation (French)
8 Jul 1927
Karl Todstalzky (German)
3 Dec 1908 (?)
German Christmas postcard from C. Weikersheim
26 Jul 1914
German postcard from Baron von Bassus
24 Dec 1909
Greetings card from Prince P. Metternich (German)
26 Jan 1903-18 July 1913
Correspondence from Antonio Paterno-Castello, Marchese di San Giuliano (1852-1914), including:
26 Jan 1903-18 July 1913
Letters from Paterno-Castello in English, German & French. The English letters refer to social engagements
Two calling cards
25 Jul 1911 & 31 Dec 1912
Two postcards, one from Tripoli and the other a postcard photograph of a group of army officials, both with German annotation
6 Dec 1919-22 Jan 1920
Two letters from W. Haldane Porter of the Home Office, accepting Slatin's request to visit the country as an Austrian citizen under certain conditions, in a letter dated 6 Dec 1919 (SAD 438/604/1), and arranging a meeting, in a letter dated 22 Jan 1920 (SAD 438/604/2)
22 Mar 1895-7 Jun 1932
Letters and telegrams from a number of different people, mostly in German although some in English, all congratulating Slatin on his various personal achievements, including a promotion in 1895 (SAD 438/610/1), his KCMG decoration in 1898 (SAD 438/610/2-5), and his 70th and 75th birthdays in 1927 and 1932 respectively (SAD 438/610/7-9)
26 Dec 1920
Letter from Richard E. More of the War Office in Cairo, with news of Slatin's old colleagues in the Sudan and complaining of the “new people” in Khartoum not being “the same sort as they used to be”
15 Mar (ca.1914-18)
Letter from Merzedes von Hohenwart, complaining of the nationalist spirit of soldiers (in the First World War?) who “feel more the distress of their country than the pain of their bodies”
3 Dec 1909-19 Apr 1913
Two letters from E.W. Ward of the War Office, relating to requests for Slatin to assist his son on a shooting expedition in Khartoum in a letter dated 3 Dec 1909 (SAD 438/626/1) and his preference for how his name should appear in the Army List, in a letter dated 19 Apr 1913 (SAD 438/626/2)
22 May 1902-27 Feb 1907
Two letters from Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth, 1st Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, the letter dated 22 May 1902 thanks Slatin for sending his recommendation of Baron von Ramberg (SAD 438/628/1), and the letter dated 27 Feb 1907 requests Slatin to send a photograph of himself (SAD 438/628/2)
3 Nov 1909-24 Feb 1910
Two letters from Lady Catherine (Kitty) Wingate to “Uncle Rowdy” (Slatin), relating to events in Gezira including news of “Rex” (Sir Reginald Wingate) and a detailed description of a funeral procession involving British and Egyptian troops in a letter dated 24 Feb 1910 (SAD 438/630/2-3)
[ca. 1890s]
Muhammad Ali al-Sudani (French)
14 Dec 1896
Letter from Harold Leanay, to Slatin and Lieutenant Smythe, thanking them for sending an account of horses in the Sudan
13 Jun 1919
Georges Cahen, President of Prisoners of War Commission (French)
2 Feb 1920
Letter from Julius Meinl, enclosing an essay on the present condition of Austria and a scheme for the re-establishment of economic life in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire
6 Apr 1920, 1 Feb 1921 & 2 Feb 1921
Dr. Heinrich Fritsch (German)
2 May 1911-18 Jul 1912
Baron von Koenneritz (German)
22 Apr 1928
Letter from G.W. Grabham, requesting information on the origins of headgear in the Sudan
13 Feb 1884
Letters from Muhammed Fawzi Mahmud (German & Arabic)
A collection of letters, including:

Letters from Prince Francis of Teck to A.J. Bigge, and a reply from Bigge, reporting of Queen Victoria's shock at a rumour that Slatin avows slavery and “takes the side of the master against the slave”, with Slatin's reply to Bigge revealing strong opinions of the “inherent bad qualities of the negro races whom . . . do not deserve to be treated like independent men”

Lord Kitchener to Slatin's fiancée, Alice von Ramberg, congratulating her on her forthcoming marriage to Slatin

Two letters from CA. Willis, relating to life in the Sudan, including news of the Khalifa's family and the Egyptian Nationalists influence among the Gordon College boys (SAD 438/653/7-10); as well as concerns relating to an uprising, and the trial of a new scheme involving the natives completing their own tax assessments (SAD 438/653/11-13

Letter from Sir Derek C. Keppel to Slatin, inviting Slatin to lunch with the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace
24 May 1895-16 Nov 1897
Letters from Hamad abu Sinn (Arabic) and Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Khalīfa (German), and a letter from Dulib Bakhūrī, 20 Jumada II 1315 (in Arabic and English), which includes a list of tribes he hopes Slatin can assist in helping as “they are afraid of the Arabs on the road” (SAD 438/654/3)
2 Nov 1896
Na`ūm Shuqair: poem to the Emperor (Arabic)
16 Feb 1896
Qawiya Hasan (Arabic and German)
Mar 1896
Muhammad al-Tahir (Arabic and German)
20 Mar 1896
Ahmad Sulayman al-Farisi, al-Hajj (Arabic and German)
29 Dec 1896
Muhammad Sami Madani (Arabic and German)
1 Mar 1897
Letter from Mudawwi 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sinnari (Arabic and German with an English translation), detailing the kind treatment of Slatin to the Jaalin (?) prisoners in southern Sudan and the Lower Nile
Shaykh Ibrahim Muhammad Farah (Arabic and German)
19 Jan 1897
Rashid Muhammad 'Ali (Arabic and German)
5 Jan 1897
Muhammad Bey al-Malik Hamad (Arabic and German)

Ras Gugga (Ethopian) (Arabic and German)
27 Jul 1912
Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Muhsin, Sultan of Lahij (Arabic and German)
Jul/Aug 1909
Petition from Adam Hashi of the Iyyal Tulbahanta [British Somaliland]: petition, Jumada II 1327, asking for the release of the prisoner Alal Seid (Arabic with English translation)
14 Jan 1900
Arakil Sarkis (Arabic and German)
18 May 1914-8 Jun 1914
Letters in Arabic with a petition from Shaykh Abu 'Isa, translated into English, asking to pay his taxes to the Red Sea Province only (SAD 438/670/3), as well as the response from the authorities (SAD 438/670/4-5)
27 Nov 1926
Letter from Husayn Sharifa, relating to an English translation of an newspaper article
23 Nov 1926
Letter from Sir Sayyid `Abd ad-Rahman al-Mahdi, confirming Sheikh abu el Jasim Hashin, Shiekh Moddassin Ibrhaim and himself will meet with Slatin at the Grand Hotel
4 Nov 1926
Letter from Sayyid 'Ali al-Mirghani, praising Slatin for his work in the Sudan and inviting him for dinner (Arabic with English translation)
8 Feb 1899
Statement from Abu'l-Qasim Ahmad Hashim, certifying that a letter written by Slatin to Khalifa Abdullahi has been kept with the Khalifa's papers
3 Oct 1898
Two letters from al-Nur Bey Muhammad 'Anqara, 17 Jumada I 1316, one requesting Slatin to inform him which members of his family are still alive after a recent battle (SAD 438/675/3-4) (Arabic with English translations)

(transferred to outsize box 430)

Muhammad Ahmad ibn 'Abd Allahi, al-Mahdi (Arabic)
Arabian proverbs (German)
Muhammad Sa'd Allah and others (Arabic and German)

Visiting card from al-Zubayr Pasha Rahma Mansur (Arabic and German)
15 Nov 1927
General Angelo Modena (Italian)
29 Jun 1908
Letter from Archibald Crawford of the War Office in Whitehall, London, relating to a request from the secretary of state to present Slatin and Sir Reginald Wingate at the Levee
19 Nov 1908
Letter from P.W. Machell, Ministry of the Interior, Cairo, congratulating Slatin on his recent KCMG honour
30 Nov
Two letters from Sydney Kintore, relating primarily to travel plans and social engagements
16 Nov 1898
Letter from S.G. Toller, congratulating Slatin on his recent honour from the Queen (KCMG)
12 Oct 1898
Letter from Drago, congratulating Slatin on his recent honour from the Queen (KCMG)
Correspondence from Viggo, Prince of Denmark, including a Christmas card with a request for Slatin send him some Egyptian stamps (SAD 439/585/1); and a further letter thanking him for doing so, as well as arrangements for visiting in the summer (SAD 439/585/2)
6 Apr 1920-25 Nov 1927
Letters from V. Grant Smith of the United States Legation, with some reference to the political situation in Europe. For example, in the letter dated 6 April 1920 makes reference to the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, in which Smith apologies for not replying to Slatin as he was “much too busy doing my little bit towards squashing the Boche to reply” and suggesting that “if we had dictated peace in Berlin, it would have been better for the future of the world”, as well as some anti-Semitic remarks (SAD 439/588/1-2). In another letter dated 27 Jan 1925, Smith, working in Albanis, complains to Slatin of not being able to take any holiday, owing to the political situation in Albania and his involvement in the framing of the Albanian constitution (SAD 439/588/4)
6 Jan 1920
Alphard (French)
21 Dec 1913 & 12 Feb 1914
A. Befrane (French)
26 May 1905
Letter from Evelyn Pelly, thanking Slatin, on behalf of the Duke of Connaught, for sending his photographs and reminiscing of their days in Khartoum
25 Aug 1895-18 Jun 1896
Two letters from Commander G.J. Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley, praising Slatin for his escape from Omdurman and commenting on the near destruction of all Mahdist villages in the letter dated 25 Aug 1895 (SAD 439/599/1); as well as praising Slatin's account of this escape in his book, Fire and Sword in the Sudan, and inquiring of Slatin's present position en route to Dougola in the letter dated 18 Jun 1896 (SAD 439/599/2)
26 Sep 1895 & 26 Feb 1896
Prince Trauttmansdorff (German)
10 Nov 1903-9 Nov 1909
Telegrams from Edward George William Tyrwhitt Knollys and 2nd Viscount Knollys, thanking Slatin on behalf of King Edward VII for sending his congratulations (SAD 439/633/1 & SAD 439/633/3-6); as well as a letter from the Hon. Charlotte Knollys, thanking Slatin on behalf of the King and Queen for sending them gifts of feathers (SAD 439/633/2)
28 Aug 1909-31 Aug 1909
Letter from H.W. Channer, enclosing a further letter from Ronald Graham, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, thanking Slatin for his valuable services in connection with Sir Reginald Wingate's recent mission to Somaliland
Miscellaneous correspondence, including letters concerning Slatin's pension and gratuity (SAD 439/640/1-2); a draft letter to Karl Inger concerning his belongings (SAD 439/640/3); as well as a memorandum on his complaint against the Chief Judge, Wasey Sterry, concerning a statement by the latter in the case of Hasan Amir (SAD 439/640/4-8)
Miscellaneous papers, including a Laudationes Doctorum in Jure Civili for Wingate (SAD 439/641/1); as well as a letter of resignation of G.K. Rein, Inspector of Plantations, Woods and Forests (SAD 439/641/2)
1896 - 1899
Personal Papers including:

Invoice from the War Office in Cairo for telegrams of a private nature (telegrams attached);

Map to show the position of the Mahdi Revolt at the end of February 1891;

Letter from Shaheen George, enclosing an intelligence bag of bracelets, knives and Hijabs;

Letter from Robert W. Felkin, congratulating Slatin on his work in the Sudan and expressing the hope that the Khalifa will either be killed or executed;

Draft telegram from Wingate, relating to Slatin's arrival in England and his resignation from the army;

A rough sketch of a conversion scale from yards to miles;

Letter from Ray W.J. Pease (?), expressing his anger at an artist of the Graphic who defaced his sketch of Slatin and his horse, Plum Pudding;

Handwritten alphabetical list of Vanity Fair Cartoons for sale
Letters from Hamid al-Badawi, in Arabic with English translation, informing Slatin of the news that Osman Haj Klaled has returned from Abyssinia to Omdurman with the possible intention of setting up a union between the King of Egypt and the Khalifa in a letter dated 8 Mar 1897 (SAD 440/4/1-2); the second letter provides information on Baber and Western Sudan, as well as information on the Khalifa's construction of a zariba and a fort, and his plans to take the “souls of the soldiers” at Kerrari or the Markhiyat Hills (SAD 440/4/3-5)
1916 May 1- [1916] August/September
Letter and memorandum book, giving detailed information about Slatin's efforts in Copenhagen, Stockholm and other cities to ensure the aims of theCommission Mixte will be realised, some discussions concerning the Portugal Hospital Ship case, regarding prisoners of war (mostly the difficulties of sending relief support to them), the ‘Schwesternreise’ (sisters' or nurses' journey) to Russia, reports about the negotiations between the different national divisions of the Red Cross (SAD.440/5/1-32), details about the situation in the prisoner of war camps and the health of the prisoners (SAD.440/5/33-51) and an action list for the repatriation and support of the prisoners of war (SAD.440/5/64-67). For a related letter (German), marked strictly confidential see SAD.434/217/1-8.
Rudolf Slatin, handschreiben (German).
14 Nov 1898-21 Dec 1929
Rudolf Slatin, 'konzepte': primarily rough drafts and jottings, including:
14 Nov 1898-21 Dec 1929
Rough drafts of letters to various people, including a letter from 14 Nov 1898, to Lord Cramner from Slatin (written by Sir Reginald Wingate), thanking Cramner for the award of KCMG (SAD 450/2/1); letters relating to military intelligence in the Sudan (SAD 450/2/2, SAD 450/2/44-45); a number of post WW1 letters to David Lloyd George, Sir Arthur Stanley and Lord Newton relating to aid for Austria and Austrian prisoners of war (SAD 450/2/8-11, SAD 450/2/13, SAD 450/2/15, SAD 450/2/32, SAD 450/2/36, SAD 450/2/39 & SAD 450/2/43); as well as a letter, dated 2 May 1927) in reply to G.W. Grabham on the origins of headgear in the Sudan (SAD 450/2/19);
Subject/chapter headings for Slatin's book, Fire and Sword in the Sudan
20 Dec 1897
Programme of Music;
3 Mar 1900
A draft legal agreement between the Governor General of the Sudan and Slatin, granting the latter an exclusive prospecting license within the port of Kordofan;
[ca. 1900s]
Extract from a letter to Queen Victoria (German);
[ca. 1914]
Rough draft of a statement by Slatin, in response to the outbreak of war in 1914, and the right to forfeit his pension;
Price list of various items;
10 Apr 1923
Telegram receipt;
28 May 1927
Extract from the diary of Ahmed Sifik Pascha, published in 28 May 1927, with entry dated 26 Dec 1914
[ca. 1920s]
Lectures of Rudolph Slatin, three in German and one in English. The English lecture concerns a description of the work of a Catholic missionary society (SAD 450/3/57-62)
21 May 1896-1899
Papers of Victoria, Queen of England, including two letters in German from Queen Victoria to Slatin, 1896, one from her lady-in-waiting, Victoria Grant, requesting a photograph of Slatin in exchange for one of the Queen, 1899 (SAD 450/4/1-4); 2 telegrams in German, 1899 (SAD 450/4/6-7); 2 invitations to dinner at Osborne (1895) and Windsor Castle (1899) (SAD 450/4/8-9); grant of the dignity of a Companion of the Order of the Bath (1895), grant and warrant for the Royal Victorian Order, 4th class (1897) and grant and warrant for dispensing with the investiture of Slatin as Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (1898), with covering letters and copy of The Statutes of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (1891) (SAD 450/4/10-20)
3 Sep 1887-4 May 1914
Correspondence from Lord Herbert Kitchener, Sirdar of the Egyptian Army, including:
3 Sep 1887-4 May 1914
Letters and telegrams from Kitchener, some in French although most in English, relating primarily to Sudanese affairs, including a telegram, dated 12 May 1898, relating to Slatin's leave entitlement (SAD 450/7/6); a letter, dated 9 May 1902, with an evaluation of a report written by Slatin that Kitchener believes “shows some of the difficulties to be met in the administration of the Sudan” (SAD 450/7/7); a letter, dated 11 Jun 1903, in which the Sirdar expresses his hope the Suakin-Berber line will be a success, although believing that a train line from Suakin to Khartoum, via Kassala, would “open up a lot of new country and be I think easier to make” (SAD 450/7/9); letters relating to land tenure in the Sudan dated 21 Mar 1912 (SAD 450/7/14); the hunting of Grey antelope and Rhino, dated 25 Mar 1913 & 8 April (no year) (SAD 450/7/17 & SAD 450/7/20); Kitchener's negative opinion of the Sudanese workforce dated 3 May (no year) (SAD 450/7/21); and the refusal of Kitchener to agree to a request from the French to allow Colonel Julian to pass through Darfur to take up his command at Wadai dated 13 Jun (no year) (SAD 450/7/23), as well as correspondence to Kitchener, including two telegrams from 1897 congratulating the Sirdar on his victory and military success at Omdurman, and one purporting to be from Slatin Ruidle (?) to Kitchener, likely to be a hoax, with disparaging comments (SAD 450/7/3) ; as well as a letter from A.H. Joyce to Kitchener, dated 25 Sep 1912, relating to the difficulties of Oxford University in conferring an honorary degree on Slatin (SAD 450/7/16);
5 Oct
Dinner invitation from Kitchener to Slatin;
[ca. 1890s]
Two signatures of Kitchener's
27 May 1895-4 June 1932
Correspondence, mostly in German, from the k.k. Geographische Gresellschaft, Vienna, with two English letters, one from the American Embassy in Vienna informing Slatin of a telegram from the Sirdar, Lord Kitchener, who wishes him to return to the Sudan as soon as possible (SAD 450/8/1); and a letter from Colonial Office to the Sirdar, dated 9 Dec 1910, rejecting the appointment of Baron Ramberg for a post in the Colonial service (SAD 450/8/7)
11 Sep 1901-17 Sep 1909
Letters from Arthur Davidson, written on behalf of King Edward VII, mostly relating to visiting arrangements and travel plans
11 Feb 1896, 20 May 1897 & [ca. 1890s]
Crown Princess Witwe Stephanie (German)
16 Mar 1905-6 Jan 1910
Minister Baron Heidler von Egeregg (German)
18 Mar 1895-8 Jun 1932
New Free Press, Vienna (German)
14 Apr 1899 & 19 Apr 1899
Archduke Ludwig Victor (German)
13 Apr 1897-15 Aug 1899
Papers of the Egyptian Army Head Quarters, including a menu for the Egyptian Army Dinner (SAD 450/46/19); two letters informing Slatin of his pension (SAD 450/46/22-23); and a further letter bestowing the honour of the Insignia of the Imperial Order of the Medfidich of the 2nd Class on Slatin (SAD450/46/24)

Karl, King of Wurttemberg (German)
8 Nov 1899
Journalisten und Schriftstellerverein, “Concordia”, Vienna (German)
Jul 1914
Papers relating to the wedding of Slatin and Baroness Alice von Ramberg, including a list of subscribers to their wedding present (SAD 450/55/3-4)
25 Jul 1895-21 Dec 1909
H. Vambery (German)
4 Aug 1895-18 Jan 1896
Leopold II, King of Belgium (French)
30 Dec 1898
Das Personal des Oberstallmeisteramtes, Vienna (German)

Baroness Alice von Ramberg (German)

Beatrice, Princess of Orleans Infantia of Spain (German)
Mar 1895-26 Apr 1899
Press cuttings relating to Slatin, 1895 - 1900 (various languages)
20 Jan 1900-Sept 1914
Press cuttings relating to Slatin, 1900 - 1914 (various languages)
29 Jan 1915-April 1929
Press cuttings relating to Slatin, 1914 - 1932 (various languages), as well as a letter from Milo Talbot to Reginald Wingate, concerning the 1915 Near East article (SAD 450/123/1)
16 Nov 1895-24 Nov 1926
Papers of the Intelligence Department, Egyptian Army, Sudan Government, including:
[ ca. 1890s]
Written diary entries with reference to events in the provinces of the Sudan (mostly German);
16 Nov 1895
Letter to the Assistant Director of Military Intelligence from Slatin, with a report on the reorganisation of the bureau;
3 Oct 1897
Special Orders from Major Talbot, relating to a Field Manoeuvre to be held on 8 Oct;
4 Sep 1898-5 Sep 1898
Military operations relating to the Battle of Omdurman, chiefly British and Egyptian troop locations and a rough plan of the formation of attack;
8 Apr 1898
Report of the Battle of Atbara, and a list of officers wounded or killed;
28 Mar 1899
Report of the Council of Ministers (French);
23 Aug 1899
Letter from Yusif Mansur, in reply to an article in the Muayad, in which it was claimed by Slatin in his book, Fire and Sword in the Sudan that Mansur was a traitor to the Government by communicating with the Mahdi;
4 Sep 1899
Letter from Major Shoucair (?), relating to events in Sudan, including a misunderstanding involving Colonel Wingate and the Dongola and Omdurman Expeditions, the locations of Colonel Talbot, the SIrdar, the expedition against the Khalifa and the occupation of Kodorfan and Darfur, as well as news of Ali Dinar;
6 Aug 1905
Letter from Grant Smith, relating to rainfall conditions in the Blue Nile Province, a dispute between the Tarraf people and the people of Sheikh el-Tayeb Abd-el-Salam Omda, and news of the victory of Ali Dinar's forces against the Massaleet Sheikh;
Letters and telegrams relating to the commutation of deaths sentences for those involved in the Abel al-Qadir Imam Muhammed wad Habuba Rebellion of 1908, including a telegram from Bonham Carter to Slatin resigning in protest against the death sentences, and reply from Slatin with the same intention (SAD 451/124/59-60); a letter from Slatin to Hakinam complaining of the decision to proceed without consultation, and a reply from Hakinam accepting responsibility (SAD 451/124/61-34); as wellas a letter from Slatin to Wingate withdrawing his resignation but expressing his bitterness at Wingate's stance on the matter, with a reply from Wingate justifying his decision (SAD 451/124/65-66);
15 Nov 1908
Leaflet from Reuter's Telegrams, with a list of Sudan honours, including reference to Slatin and Wingate's KCMG award;
24 Mar 1909
Letter from the Civil Secretary of the Sudan Government to the Inspector General, forwarding a letter from Eldon Gorst to Wingate, relating to the latter's report of the Sudan for 1908, and including an attached memorandum issued to the governors of each province for their remarks on a number of issues raised in the report;
3 May 1909
Letter from Kaimakam, Assistant Director of Intelligence, to the Inspector General, relating to cipher amendments;
18 Feb 1909-10 Jun 1909
Papers relating to the Somaliland Mission, including a memorandum, dated 18 Feb 1909, of an interview with Dervish Hirsi Koshin, in which Koshin relays information on the plans of the Mullah and his desire for peace with the British Government (SAD 451/124/75-79); a letter to Slatin from (author unknown), relating to the fate of four men, Kahin Hirsi, Farrah Awala, Abdulla Birali and Nur Ismail who were imprisoned for making a complaint against Ahmed Sherni, enclosing an interview with the four men and a further letter from G.G. Gilligan, the political officer at Camp Sheikh, to HM Commissioner, who believes the men in question are not part of the Akhil tribe and should not be pardoned (SAD 451/124/80-87); a précis of a petition from Adam of the Mohmad Gerah tribe relating to the persecution of the Somali people by the Somali officials (SAD 451/124/88); a letter from C.E. Dansey to HM Commissioner, DATED 6 Jun 1909, relating to the lack of truth in complaints made by the Gadwein headmen against the Illaloes (SAD 451/124/89-90); rough draft of a letter (likely to be from Slatin), in which the motivations for the Mullah's desire for peace are questioned (SAD 451/124/91); various rough notes on Somali affairs and tribal grievances (sad 451/124/92-119); as well as lists of the names of Akils in the various provinces (SAD 451/124/120-125);
5 Mar 1913-27 Jun 1914
Papers relating to Slatin's financial accounts, including two letters from the Intelligence Department and various financial statements;
22 Jun 1914
Copy of the Sudan Intelligence Report, No. 238 (May 1914);
20 Jul 1914
Official memorandum from the Assistant Director of Intelligence to the Inspector General, relating to information from El-Omda Hassan Khalifa on the consequences of a famine in Kordofan;
25 Jul 1914
Official memorandum from the Assistant Director of Intelligence to the Inspector General, relating to reports of raids involving the Anuaks and the Beirs;
22 Dec 1920
Letter from the Department of Ordnance Services to Slatin, confirming a list of items they have stored on Slatin's behalf;
10 Mar 1921
Letter from the Financial Secretary of the Army Finance Department to Slatin, referring to a collection for a belated wedding present for Slatin, including a list of subscribers;
3 Nov 1921
Letter from the Advocate General to Slatin, relating to a china figure of a rifleman held in the care of Stanislas Skirmunt;
24 Nov 1926
Copy of an article on the life of Slatin, published in Hadarat El Sudan Issue, No. 521, dated 24 Nov 1926;
[ca. 1890s]
Expense account statement;
[ca. 1900s]
Rough jottings on Sudanese provinces;
[ca. 1912]
Letter from Slatin to E.R. Becker (German);
[ca. 1920s]
List of names (likely to be a seating plan);
[ca. 1920s]
Various letters and rough notes (German);
[ca. 1890s]
Photograph of Slatin
24 Aug 1920-16 Nov 1928
Ottilie Freifrau von Rambert geb Reichsgrafin Breda (German)
23 Jan 1912-30 Dec 1912
Correspondence of E.T.R. von Becker, primarily papers referring to an investigation into his conduct as Commandant of the Coastguard in the Sudan in 1912, including letters to Slatin concerning the investigation (451/146/13-14 & 451/146/17); letters from Becker resigning from his post (SAD 451/146/22) and forfeiting his right to a pension (SAD 451/146/25-28 & SAD 451/146/36); as well as a detailed report into Becker's conduct and the charges brought against him (SAD 451/146/38-87)
14 Dec 1913
Hugo Fischer (German) Edler von Rösterstamm
2 Oct 1895-8 Aug 1919
Family Hoyos (German), with one English letter wishing Saltin a happy new year (SAD 451/153/4)
25 Jan 1907-20 Dec 1914
Furst Schönburg-Waldenburg and Family (German)
3 Feb 1907-19 May 1908
1 Ismail Hakki Bey (German)
27 Jan 1899-9 Mar 1914
Baron Henri Rothschild and family, in German, French and English, with the English letter from Henry Rothschild to Slatin, dated 17 Dec 1913, concerning the request of Rothschild for Slatin to provide a special permit to allow him to shoot game animals of all species during a proposed expedition in the Sudan (SAD 451/167/3-4)
19 Apr 1916, 5 Jan 1919 & [ca. 1910]
Valdemar, Prince of Denmark (German)
26 Dec 1909, 4 Jul 1914 & 23 Sep 1914
Elie, Prince of Parma (German)
15 Dec 1914 & 30 Dec 1914
Countess L. Berchtold and Count Berchtold (German)
2 Jan 1910-23 Jul 1914
Letters and a telegram from the Earl of Rosebery, relating primarily to the exchange of photographs and social engagements
8 Jul 1903-1911
Letter and two telegrams from Edward, Prince of Wales, relating to social engagements
8 Jan 1907-1913
Letters from Princess Cecilie Murat, expressing admiration for Slatin and his desire to visit him
20 Jan 1908-9 Dec 1928
Prince Louis and Princess Marie Windischgraetz (German)
6 Nov 1906-12 May 1912
Letters and telegrams from Daisy von Pless, mainly relating to social engagements and travel plans to Egypt and the Sudan
8 Sep 1911-1930
Letters from Arthur Bigge, 1st Baron Stamfordham, Private Secretary to King George V. Earlier letters include reference to WW1 and the death of Stamfordham's son, John Neville, in a letter dated 8 Aug 1915 (SAD 451/248/4); the post-war letters include a number relating to the controversy surrounding the removal of Slatin's decorations, including letters from Cecil Harmsworth of the Foreign Office to Stamfordham in 1921, and the inability of the government to restore Slatin's English decorations (SAD 451/248/14-15 & SAD 451/248/17), and letters from Stamfordham to Wingate in 1923, justifying this stance with an Act of Parliament, passed in 1917, and stating that “all alien enemies shall cease to be Members of any British Order of Chivalry to which they belonged before the outbreak of war” (SAD 451/248/25-27); as well as letters relating to the possibility of Slatin receiving an Honorary Degree at Cambridge University, including a draft letter from Slatin who claimed to have no knowledge of the proposal in question (SAD 451/248/36-46)
7 Jul 1909-25 Jun 1914
Prince Franz Auersperg (German)
Various identity cards and passports
5 Mar 1896-7 Jul 1920
Letters from H.W. Jackson, Governor of the Dongola Province, relating to Sudanese affairs, with particular reference to the famine in Khartoum during 1914, with letters dated 29 Jun 1914 and 12 Jul 1914 describing the deteriorating state of the Mamurias of Sebba, Korti and Khandak, where “one is surrounded by hundreds of starving women and children” (SAD 452/276/5-6), and where the small children are “dying off in score” s because the newly-established Private Relief Committees are struggling to cope with the increasing demand (SAD 452/276/8-10), the latter also includes an enclosed table of the number of Sakia Cattle in each village. The later letters of 1920 complain of the inability of securing labour owing to the Sudanese “drinking to their hearts content” (SAD 452/276/11), and Egyptian nationalist officials trying to obtain the sympathy of the Sudanese (SAD/452/276/12)
6 Feb 1911
Gräfin Jean de Castellaume (German)
17 Nov 1898-15 May 1901
Letters and telegrams from Sir Elwin Palmer, mostly social engagements, although the letter dated 16 Mar 1901 relates to Palmer's purchase of a thousand shares from Slatin (SAD 432/291/5); as well as minutes from a meeting of the Sudan Territories Exploration Syndicate held in 1899 (SAD 432/291/4) (latter in French)
29 Dec 1910-26 Jul 1914
Count Edward Paar (German)
9 Feb 1913-9 Jun 1927
1 Carl Count Sturgkh and Josef Count Sturgkh (German)
28 Feb 1894-30 Jun 1927
Miscellaneous papers from a variety of sources, including:
28 Feb 1894-30 Jun 1927
Letters from various correspondents in German and English. The English correspondence include a translation of a letter written by the Khalifa Abdullahi to Slatin Pasha, in reply to a letter addressed to him by Slatin some days after his arrival in Cairo from Ombdurman, in which the Khalifa is pleased to hear that Slatin still adheres to the Islamic Faith and that he should take “the necessary stratagem” to infiltrate the “infidels” and put them at a disadvantage, with an annotation stating that Slatin's original letter to the Khalifa was written “more in jest” than in seriousness in attempting to trick the Khalifa into believing that he was still a Mahdist “in order that the servants he had been obliged to leave behind him in Ombdurman might not be ill-treated ” (SAD 452/302/2); letters from Sir James Reid to Slatin, including a letter in Sept 1898 congratulating Slatin on his role in the capture of Omdurman and commiserating him on his failure to catch the Khalifa, which would have been a “most striking psychological moment”, and the desire of the Queen for Slatin to write a full account of the battle (SAD 452/302/3); and a letter dated 16 Jan 1899 from Reid expressing his disappointment with the stubborn attitude of the authorities over Slatin's pension (SAD 452/302/5); a telegram from J.K. Watson informing Slatin that he has killed the Khalifa (SAD 452/302/9); as well as rough drafts of letters written by Slatin (SAD 452/302/22-26);
Four newspaper cuttings, two in German. English cuttings relate to a meeting in Stockholm between Slatin and a representative of the American Embassy in Petrograd in 1917, to discuss the campaign to provide relief for the Austrian prisoners of war (SAD 452/302/29), as well as a report of a dinner held in honour of Slatin in Omdurman in 1926 (SAD 452/302/30);
Mar 1895
General Report on the Egyptian Sudan, complied by statements made by Slatin Pasha;
[ca. 1920s]
Rough notes of a paper entitled “What is the general situation in the Sudan - the progress and future of the country?”;
18 Sep 1906 & Aug 1908
Two picture postcards, from Hirschberggipfel and Volosca;
13 Sep
Postcard photograph of Mary, Princess of Hanover;
2 Feb 1896-8 Sep 1926
29 Oct 1925
H. Oldofredi (German)
7 Jun 1917
Archduke Franz Salvator (German)
2 Jan 1890-29 Apr 1940
Miscellaneous papers from a variety of correspondents, including:
5 Jul 1899-5 Sep 1927
Invitations, some with seating plans, menus and orders of service for various functions;
[ca. 2 Jan 1890-11 Dec 1928]
Postcards and greetings cards from friends and acquaintances;
[ca. 1899-1925]
Photographs, mostly portrait, of friends and acquaintances;
17 Apr 1916 & 16 May 1927
Two diplomatic passports;
30 Aug 1919
Excerpts from letters addressed to U. Grant Smith from Slatin, mainly concerning family news and holidays;
10 Sept 1895-29 Apr 1940
Letters collected by Slatin's daughter, with some written by Slatin, mostly in German, with excerpts from letters written in English from Slatin, mostly social engagements and visiting arrangements, but including references to a cholera outbreak in Egypt in an excerpt dated 17 Dec 1902 (SAD452/358/104), and the presentation to Slatin of the Cross of Comthur de l'Odre Royal du Lion from the King of Belgium in an excerpt dated 16 Oct 1895 (SAD 452/358/105); as well as letters written about Slatin after his death referring to his former correspondence, including a letter from B. Wilson, dated 14 Feb 1940, relating to information about Slatin's correspondence with Edward Tuck for a biography of Slatin (SAD 452/358/107), a letter written by Kurt Baier, dated 14 Mar 1940, relating to the translation of Slatin's correspondence (SAD 452/358/108), and a letter written by U. Grant Smith, dated 29 Apr 1940, with information about his friendship with Slatin and offering to provide Slatin's daughter with several photographs (SAD 452/358/110);
10 Jul 1905
Letter from Arthur Davidson, on behalf of King Edward VII, stating that the King will not be able to see Slatin before his departure;
6 Sep 1927
Letter from the Austrian Legation (German);
25 May 1921 & 13 Jun 1932
Letter from C.R.K. Bacon, referring to his experiences in revisiting old battle sites in the Sudan (SAD 452/359/1); and a letter from E.D. Bacon relating to arrangements for meeting at Buckingham Palace (SAD 452/359/2)
26 Jun 1920
Ősterr. Staatsamt fűr Heereswesen (German)
25 Feb 1921-21 May 1921
Letters from T.P. Acland, relating primarily to the illness of Slatin's wife and the unsuitability of “Koch's Remedy” in combating it
7 Jan 1918-4 May 1919
Two letters from Lord Acton to Slatin, and a reply from Slatin, relating primarily to the fate of Austrian prisoners of war. The letters from Acton, dated 7 Jan 1918 and 15 Apr 1919 respectively, are concerned with the responsibility of the prisoners in Siberia and Turkestan (SAD 452/387/1-2), and Slatin's letter to Acton requests Austrian aid to be sent to the prisoners as large numbers of Austrian prisoners are identifying themselves with the Bolsheviks in Russia (SAD 452/387/3-4)
16 Jan
von der Planitz (German)
7 Apr
Letter from Philip V. Kelly of the West Cavalry Barracks in Aldershot, referring to his “little campaign” in Darfur and the removal of 6,000 rifles from the Sudanese people

Princess Rosa Cray (German)
1901 Nov 2 -1913 Apr 7
Letters and telegrams from Sir Frederick Ponsonby, mostly on behalf of King Edward VII, relating primarily to social engagements and meeting arrangements
Postcard from Princess Maria of Romania, holidaying in Neureuth bei Tegernsee, Germany
9 Jun 1932
Letter from M. Neven du Mont of the Anglo-German club in London, congratulating Slatin on his 75th birthday
Oct 1913
Letter from Lord Winterton introducing Reihen von Muling, Inspector General of German Customs, who will shortly be visiting the Sudan
30 Jan 1915 & 9 Feb 1921
Two letters from R.V. Savile. The first, dated 30 Jan 1915, refers to Savile's indignation at an article from the 'Near East' newspaper criticising Slatin's disloyalty to Britain by fighting on the side of Austria during the First World War (SAD 452/521/1), and the second, dated 9 Feb 1921, relates to matters in the Sudan including his opinions on the French Chamber ratifying the boundary convention, Eudoka (the Sultan of Masalit) and Idrio, as well as his proposed tour of the region (SAD 452/521/2-5)
1 Mar 1907-2 Feb 1920
Letter and telegram from Haldane, relating to social engagements
16 Oct 1909-25 Jan 1910
Two letters from Demidoff, one asking Slatin's advice on selling ivory, dated 18 Oct 1909, and the other letter thanking Slatin for his assistance during his stay in Khartoum, dated 25 Jan 1910
[ca. 1920s]
Herzog von Coburg (German)
11 Dec 1919-28 Mar 1921
Hans Seidler (German)
7 Oct 1919-22 Dec
Letters from R. Tyler, relating primarily to social engagements, although the letter dated 22 Dec 1919 refers to the matter of the Austrian prisoners (SAD 453/555/3)
1 Sep 1904-25 Feb 1920
Letters from General J. Clarke and F. Clarke, mostly relating to social engagements with Slatin and King Edward VII, although the letter dated 25 Feb 1920 refers to clothing for the Austrian prisoners of war (SAD 453/569/3)
22 Mar 1910
Letter from Laurence F. Abbott, thanking Slatin for his hospitality to the Roosevelt party during their visit to Khartoum
Assorted cards, including visiting cards (SAD 453/580/1-54) and memorial cards (SAD 453/580/55-66), many of the former with annotations (each arranged alphabetically by surname); as well as a birthday card from B. Eggei (SAD 453/580/67), a dinner invitation from the Italian Ambassador (SAD 453/580/68), and a postcard from the Director General of the Survey Department in Egypt, acknowledging receipt of a catalogue of scientific and technical periodical literature (SAD 453/580/69)
Assorted telegrams from various sources, primarily social engagements and expressions of gratitude, including a telegram written on behalf of King Edward VII informing Slatin of his travel plans in the Sudan (SAD 453/581/13)
Kyrillus, Patriach of the Orthodox Coptic Church (French)
Primoli (Italian)
26 Sep 1903
Letter from Lord Milner, relating to social engagements
22 Feb 1896-19 Oct 1931
Letters from assorted correspondents, mostly social engagements, although includes letters from Edward Fothergill, dated 11 Jan 1910, requesting an introduction or preface from Slatin for his forthcoming publication (SAD 453/613/23-24); a letter from S.K. Hind, dated 14 Apr 1921, agreeing with Slatin's decision to fight for his country during WW1 and referring to social unrest amongst the working classes in England (SAD 453/613/37); as well as Slatin's daughter, dated 26 Sept 1926, referring to her travel plans and desire to meet up with her father (SAD 453/613/40)
Lists of names and addresses, including letters received and names of those to be notified of Slatin's marriage (SAD 453/614/1-13); as well as the roll of members of the Egyptian Army Dinner Club, 1914 (SAD 453/614/14-25)
2 Mar 1928
Letter from G.F. Milne, thanking Slatin for his letter and reminiscing about their time in Egypt
1 Feb 1915-21 Jan 1927
Letters from Nigel G. Davidson, with the earlier letters relating to an article from the 'Near East' newspaper, criticising Slatin's divided loyalties in fighting for Austria during the First World War, and including a letter dated 3 Feb 1915 from R.V. Savile to this effect (SAD 453/653/1-2); the letter dated 14 Feb 1920 also recalls this event, as well as offering congratulations to Slatin on becoming a father, and the changing nature of Khartoum (SAD 453/637/5-6). The final letter, dated 21 Jan 1927, relates mostly to family news (SAD 453/637/7)
4 Feb 1918
Count P. von Huyn, Prince Archbishop of Prague (German)
12 Nov 1911
Hazfeld (German)
10 Feb 1914-14 Feb 1927
Marchese Salvago Reggi (Italian)
Muhammad Ahmad Sulayman, Hamid al-Badawi and Muhammad Busati (Arabic with German translations)
Jul 1914
Announcement of Slatin's marriage
7 Apr 1911
Officer of the Ordnance of the King (French)
6 Mar
Letter from Lord Balfour of Burleigh, relating to social engagements
16 Nov 1895
Letter from Lord Curzon, relating to social engagements
14 Dec
Letter from Sir Ernest Shackleton, introducing the Rt Hon W. Bailey
Letters from various correspondents, including Francis Wallace, 1st Baron Grenfell, congratulating Slatin on his book (SAD 453/687/1); as well as G. Wyndham and A.W. Green congratulating Slatin on his KCMG honour (SAD 453/687/2-3)
27 Dec 1897-6 Jun 1932
Letters from various correspondents, mostly in German with some English letters, primarily social engagements and expressions of gratitude, with three letters relating to his KCMG award in 1898 from Ronnie Brooke, McNash and Colin Keppel (SAD 433/701/2-4), as well as a letter from Mary Hiekley, written in 1914 referring to “this most awful war” and her reassurance to Slatin that “to look on you as an enemy is absurd”, as well as a request for Slatin to assist in helping her friend's husband obtain repatriation (SAD 433/701/11); four invitations from Lt Colonel Fergusson of the Officers King's Dragoon Guards, Mrs Herbert Gladstone, Lady Freagh and Lady Farquhar (SAD 433/701/29-32); one “Darfur Dinner” menu (SAD 433/701/33); and one calling card from Rudolf Grauer (SAD 433/701/34)
2. Statutes, Orders, Diplomas, etc.
[ca. 1900s]
Statuten fur den Kaiserlich Osterreichischen Franz Joseph-Orden
13 May 1913
Brevet of the Elisabeth-Orden, Zweiter Klasse, conferred on Alice, Baroness von Ramberg
Statuten fur den Elisabeth-Orden und die demselben affiliierte Elisabeth-Medaille. Schonbrunn
18 Mar 1913
Brevet of the Elizabeth-Orden in the 2nd class, conferred on Alice, Baroness von Ramberg
1 Jan 1928
Testimonial from the Weidling local branch of the Austrian Boy Scout Association
Address of congratulation to R.C. von Slatin by the Imperial and Royal Geographical Society in Vienna, on his appointment as an Imperial and Royal privy counsellor
16 Apr 1902
Diploma of the decoration of Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great in the Civil Class (with plain copy and German translation)
23 Mar 1918
Diploma conferring the Red Cross Decoration, 1st class on Rudolf von Slatin
30 Oct 1895
Diploma of the Emperor Franz Joseph I, conferring the dignity of Commander, with Star, of the Order of Franz Joseph
24 Oct 1895
Diploma of the Munich Geographical Society awarded to Slatin, (with copy)
11 Jun 1905
Diploma containing 37 signatures, including Slatin's
3. Photographs, Portraits, Films
Photographs of a variety of people and places, including Slatin (SAD 453/698/2,17-24); Sir Reginald Wingate (SAD 453/698/2,6); Sudanese tribesmen and women, including Shilluk, Dinka, Karamajong and Masai (SAD 453/698/8-15); as well as photographs of a suq (SAD 453/698/3-7)
Photographs and sketches, mostly portrait pictures of Slatin, including photographs taken a few weeks after his escape from captivity in 1895 (SAD 435/700/1-6), photographs of Slatin, Captain Cox and other officers watching a military review on horseback, possibly during H. H. Kitchener's visit to the Sudan for the official opening of the Sennar - El Obeid railway in Sep 1922 (SAD 435/700/18-19,21); and a photograph of Slatin as the Austrian Red Cross representative addressing a crowd of soldiers, probably European prisoners of war captured during World War One (SAD 435/700/33)
13 loose photographs of the Ramberg and Slatin families including a photograph of Saltin's daughter, Anne Marie (SAD 455/8/5); as well as photographs of Slatin at the bedside of his wife, Alice, in the Clinique La Prairie, where she died, and her grave (SAD 455/8/12-13)
1900-27 Feb 1912
Album of assorted photographs, including Herbert Kitchener's visit to El Obeid for the opening of the Sennar - El Obeid Railway, (SAD A25/1-11); a camel trek to the battlefield at Karai (SAD A25/14-38,263-264); photographs of the Mahdi's tomb, the Khalifa's house and the Governor General's palace (SAD A25/41-48); a temple at Philae (SAD A25/65-68,71), photographs of the Upper Nile Province including soldiers on parade (SAD A25/96-114), and Lado, including Belgian officers and barracks (SAD A25/115-136,225,227,232); portrait photographs of Slatin (SAD A25/72), and young Sudanese soldiers (SAD A25/76,79,81-88,90-93,95), miscellaneous photographs of Slatin in Austria (SAD A25/153-155), on horseback (SAD A25/252-253,255), and in front of the Khalifa's house (SAD A25/258-260); as well as photographs of Dinka (SAD A25/239-240), and Nuba men and women (SAD A25/265-267,269-270,273)
Album of photographs showing the construction of the Aswan Dam
Album of assorted photographs from Southern Sudan, Khartoum, Austria and England, including pictures of Slatin, mostly portrait and group photographs (SAD A29/20,26,35,38-39,45,108,110,113,117), and his house (SAD A29/41-43,46-49); Theadore Roosevelt during his tour of the Sudan (SAD A29/40,107,120); Hebert Kitchener during his tour of the Sudan (SAD A29/51-58,60,62-69,71, 73), photographs of men, women and children (SAD A29/8,10-11,12,15,18-19,21,24,30,33); various landscape and river scenes, including Alexandria Harbour (SAD A29/113-119); as well as a number of photographs of dead animals killed on hunting trips (SAD A29/1-3,5, 23,25,29)
Album of assorted photographs, including pictures of Shilluk warriors (SAD A30/3-4,7,9-19,50-52) and Fur notables (SAD A30/35-40); the visit of Theodore Roosevelt (SAD A30/25-28,31,67); photographs of Khartoum (SAD A30/32-34) and Equatoria (SAD A30/91-92,95); as well as a number of photographs of dead animals killed on various hunting trips (SAD A30/53-60,68-90,94,98-99)
Album of assorted photographs (many unidentifiable), mostly Southern Sudan or Somiliand, including pictures of Sir Reginald Wingate in Khartoum (SAD A31/20,23), and playing golf (SAD A31/155-159); Slatin on a donkey trek to the Karari battlefield (SAD.A31/43-45), outside the Khalifa's house (SAD A31/77), and the Govenor's-General's palace (SAD A31/64); groups of Bari warriors (SAD.A31/26-32) and other unidentified tribesmen (SAD A31/98-100,114-115,118,122,131,135); photographs of various places including Red Sea Hills (SAD A31/214-217) and landscape shots of Sudanese terrain (SAD A31/137-148); as well as photographs of Roman Catholic mission stations (SAD A31/96,113,128,133), military forts (SAD A31/162-172) and harbours (SAD A31/149-151); and a number of photographs of a tug of war match at Khartoum (SAD A31/46-53)
Album of assorted photographs, including pictures taken in various places in the Southern Sudan and Lado Enclave, including shots of rivers such as the White Nile (SAD A32/1-10,21-23,29-30), the Bahr al-Jabal river (SAD A32/24-27), and the River Jur, (SAD A32/49-50); and photographs of places including Wau (SAD A32/45-48), Chak-Chak (SAD A32/66-70), Deim Zubeir (SAD A32/78-92), Lado (SAD A32/144-148), and Gondokoro (SAD A32/157-164); as well as pictures of tribes, such as the Dinka (SAD A32/6-8,10), Shilluk (SAD A32/13-15,18), Azande (SAD A32/41-44), and groups of Golo and Bongo musicians (SAD A32/62-64); photographs of people, including Slatin (SAD A32/32-33), Captain H. H. Fell, Royal Navy, and later acting Governor, Bahr al-Ghazal (SAD A32/34), Captain H. E. Haymes, Royal Army Medical Corps, holding a rifle (SAD A32/36), Sergeant Boardman (SAD A32/81), and Sultan Nasr Andal, chief of the Njangulgule (SAD A32/82); and pictures of the Belgian military forces and barracks (SAD A32/119-120,122-126,150-156), the Govenor General's Palace (SAD A32/167-170), as well as a number of photographs of dead animals killed on various hunting trips (SAD A32/93-106,133-34)
Album of photographs associated with the inspection tour of Slatin and Sir Reginald Wingate, including photographs of various places such as El Odeiya (SAD A33/12-13), El Obeid, (SAD A33/14-18), Gallabat (SAD A33/45-48), Kassala (SAD A33/50-57), Suakin (SAD A33/60-67), the Blue Nile (SAD A33/71-72), Wad Medani (SAD A33/73-79), Roseires (SAD A33/86-88), and Rivers Sobat and Pibor (SAD A33/124-134); photographs of various groups and tribes, including Arab horsemen (SAD A33/21-32), Shilluk tribesmen (SAD A33/91-110), Dinka tribesmen (SAD A33/112-115), Nuer (SAD A33/120-121) and Anuak tribesmen (SAD A33/122-123); and various people, including Bishop A. M. Roveggio, founder of the Verona Fathers' Roman Catholic mission station at Lul (SAD A33/111), and Oscar Neuman (SAD A33/135-139)
Album of assorted photographs, including pictures of the Nuba mountains, and army officials patrolling them (SAD A34/1-9,49-51); pictures of Talodi with soldier on parade (SAD A34/13-17,20-22, pictures of Jabal Gedir, including Slatin standing at the entrance to the cave on Jabal Gedir where Muhammad Ahmad declared himself Mahdi, (SAD A34/58-59,61-62), statue of General Gordon (SAD A34/154,156), the Governor General's palace (SAD A34/159-163,202), the Khalifa's house and Mahdi's tomb (SAD A34/165-167,169-172), Gordon College (SAD A34/176-182,191); photographs of various receptions for Slatin and Wingate (SAD A34/100-105,119-144,147,149,150,205-208), as well as photographs of various people, including Miss Hickley and Miss M. King (SAD A34/75-76), Bishop Taylor (SAD A34/81), Prince Georg Wilhelm and Grand Duke Boris (SAD A34/82-86,109-112), and Captain von Weserbe, (SAD A34/89); photographs of Nuba men and women (SAD A34/23-42), and Hawazma girls dancing (SAD A34/46-47); as well as pictures of horse and camel racing at Khartoum (SAD A34/87-88,90-98,100)
Album of photographs of an expedition to Kordofan, including the journey to Kordorfan by camelback (SAD A35/1-8), and various photographs of the expedition party (SAD A35/15-16,38,61-66,81-82) including Dr. G. Linck and Pearless (SAD A35/2,11,44), and various landscape shots (SAD A35/17-21,45-51); photographs of Sudanese people, including Nuba warriors (SAD A35/24-25) and groups of men and women dancing (SAD A35/27-35,52-60); as well as Shaykh 'Abd al-Samad abu Safiya of the Bedeiriya on horseback (SAD A35/83-84)
Album - Sudan, (duplicates of photographs in A33)
1906-Nov 1926
Album of assorted photographs, including the Governor General Sir Reginald Wingate's tour of the Sudan (SAD A38/13-15,61-64,105-123), the visit of government officials to Karari, site of the battle of Omdurman (SAD A38/12,101-104,124-136,139,168), and the reception to a government official in the Blue Nile region (SAD A38/28-40), various ceremonies and speeches at the Governor-General's palace (SAD A38/99,159-161,169-170), in particular, notables being presented with robes of honour in front of the palace (SAD A38/137-138); the official opening of Port Sudan by the Khedive 'Abbas Hilmi II, including photographs of his ship, Mahrusa (SAD A38/171-182); photographs of Kassala Province, including the fortress and the Governor of Kassala (SAD A38/21-26,42-45,48-49,51); photographs of the investigation into the murder of C. C. Scott-Moncrieff, deputy inspector, Rufa'a, and the murderer, 'Abd al-Qadir wad Habuba, a Mahdist, including soldiers guarding Habuba and his trial (SAD A38/70-83); photographs of the Philae temple (SAD A38/141), Shilluk warriors (SAD A38/66,68,84-89), and Slatin at Gordon College (SAD A38/183-187)
Album of photographs of Nuba wrestlers
Album of assorted photographs of the Sudan, including pictures of feluccas and steamers on the River Nile, as well as landscape shots of the Nile and surrounding areas (SAD A41/1-10,50), photographs from, and of, the Governor-General's palace (SAD A41/11,14-15,17-24), the War Office (SAD A41/25-28), Gordon College (SAD A41/29-30), the British Officer's Club (SAD A41/31-32) and the Khalifa's house (SAD A41/59,62); photographs of a suq (SAD A41/34-35,37,63-68,76-77,80-82); portrait photographs of various people, including a Shilluk petty officer (SAD A41/85), young Fur women (SAD A41/86-87,96, 98-101), young Ja'aliyin women and children (SAD A41/88-91), Fallata women (SAD A41/92,94-95,97), Shiluk soldiers (SAD A41/101-102) Dinka soldiers (SAD A41/103-104), Nur Bey (SAD A41/105,107), Nur Angerer (SAD A41/106) and Nuba officers (SAD A41/108-109); as well as the Sudanese 13th Battalion (SAD A41/111-117); and processions in honour of Sir Reginald Wingate (SAD A41/118-123). (Full list of contents at 454/9/1-7, contents translation at end of handlist]
14 Mar 1910-17 Mar 1910
Album of photographs of Roosevelt's visit to Khartoum, including Roosevelt's arrival (SAD.A44/1-2); visit to Gordon College (SAD A44/11-12); travelling on camelback to the battlefield of Karari (SAD A44/16-29); photographs of Karari (SAD.A44/30-38); the journey to Omdurman (SAD A44/39-78); at Omdurman suq (SAD A44/79-80); guests of honour at a reception for Roosevelt (SAD A44/81-88); and photographs of Roosevelt and family, as well as Slatin, having tea in a garden (SAD A44/91-93)
[ca. 1900-1932]
Oil portraits of Slatin and his daughter
61 x 51cm
Film on the life of Slatin Pasha entitled, “Slatin Pasha. On Her Majesty's service”, made by Fischer Film Produktion
4. Diaries
Diary for 1896 (German)
Diary for 1897 (German)
Diary for 1898 (German)
Diary for 1900 (German)
Diary for 1901 (German)
Diary for 1901 (German)
Diary for 1902 (German)
Diary for 1903 (German)
Diary for 1904 (German)
Diary for 1905 (German)
Appointments Diary for 1906, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1907, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1908, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1909, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1910, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1911, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1912, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1913, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Appointments Diary for 1914, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities (some in German)
Appointments Diary for 1916 (German)
Personal diary for 1929, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Personal diary for 1930, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
Personal diary for 1931, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
1 Jan 1932-28 Sep 1932
Personal diary for 1932, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
[ca. 1920s]
Agenda diary
Personal diary for 1928, including descriptions of social engagements and daily activities
5. Official Papers relating to Slatin's Service in the Sudan
Jan 1899
1895 - 1896
Rough drafts of Intelligence Reports (German; manuscript) by Rudolf Slatin about the general situation in the Egyptian Sudan, concerning expeditions to Suakin, Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal, Darfur, Kordofan, Kassala, Gedaref, Berber, Dongola and Wadi Halfa, as well as information about Gjouma Anad Berberi, Rabeh Scheike Senussi and other personnel; with undated typescript ‘Disposition of troops in Nubia and Dongola Districts’.
May 1905
Sudan intelligence report no. 130
Draft report by Slatin to the Governor-General on the mission to Somaliland
Report on Somaliland Mission
16 Dec 1904-16 Jan 1905
Memorandum on a complaint against the Chief Judge [Wasey Sterry]
6. Arabic and Bohemian Manuscripts
27 Nov 1911
al-Ratib of Muhammed Ahmad to 'Abd Allah al-Mahdi, copied by Ibrahim Muhammad 'Abd Allah al-Dalil for Slatin
[ca. 1900s]
List of Arabic manuscripts in Slatin's possession
[c.a. 1600s]
72 files of Bohemian mss; a mixture of Czech, German and Latin languages. 17th century
7. Drafts of Published Works and Lectures
[c.a. 1890s]
English typescript of Fire and Sword in the Sudan
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. and ts. of Feuer und Schwert im Soudan
[c.a. 1890s]
German ts. and ms. of Feuer und Schwert im Soudan
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. of Feuer und Schwert im Soudan
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. of Auf der Flucht
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. and ts. of article entitled “Vortrag 1”
[c.a. 1900s]
German ts. of article or lecture
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. of Feuer und Schwert im Soudan

Draft of German article, heavily corrected

French ts. and ms. of speech on the Sudan

Draft of article or speech in French
[c.a. 1890s]
German ms. of “Vortrag 1”
[c.a. 1900s]
German ms. of a composition on the history of the military operations in the Sudan, 1884-1898
8. Maps and Plans
1895 May
Map of the countries bordering on the River Nile from its source to Aswan, 1891, amended to show the extent of Dervish influence in March 1895. I.D.W.O. No.1100. London : Stanford's. Map compiled mainly from Intelligence Division maps under the direction of Lt Col J. C. Dalton, R.A., D.A.A.G.
scale:   1 : 11,222,688
33 x 28 cm
Sketch map of the River Nile between the 3rd cataract and Khartoum
scale:   1 : 2,000,000
35 x 25 cm
Sketch map of the Sudan entitled “Karte für Slatin Pascha”, showing the positions of the major rivers and towns
scale:   1 : 10,000,000
31 x 25 cm
1895 Aug 21
Plan of Khartoum and Omdurman, with key to main buildings and structures. London : Stanford's.
scale:   Scale indeterminable
25.5 x 38 cm
“General map of the Nile Valley from Berber to Victoria Nyanza”. Compiled at the Intelligence Branch, War Office.
scale:   1 : 2,500,000
97 x 69 cm
[c.a. 1900s]
Carte de L'E'tat Indépendent du Congo. J. Lebegue & Co.
scale:   1 : 4,000,000
97 x 69 cm
1886 Feb
“Sketch Map of Nile from Wady Halfa to Khartum”. Compiled at the Intelligence Branch, War Office
scale:   1 : 1,013,760
87 x 96 cm
A plan of Omdurman, from descriptions given by natives and revised by Father Ohrwalder. [s.l.] : [s.n.] Plan with extensive key identifying locations within Omdurman. Undated but bears stamp of Intelligence Department dated 2 August 1892.
scale:   1 : 14,400
52 x 67 cm
[c.a. 1890s]
Map of Khartoum and Omdurman
scale:   1 : 10,000
148 x 106 cm
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (Jebel Ain Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1898 Aug
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (Sennar Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1898 Aug
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (Abba Id Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1898 Jan
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (Khartoum Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1898 Jan
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (Gedaref Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1898 Jan
Map of Upper Egypt and the Sudan (J. Arashkol Sheet). Complied in the Intelligence Division, War Office.
scale:   1 : 250,000
56 x 73 cm
1904 May
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Compiled in the Intelligence Office, Khartoum.
scale:   1 : 4,000,000
76 x 60 cm
1906 Oct
“Map of a Portion of Somaliland”. Printed at the Ordinance Survey Office, Southampton.
scale:   1 : 1,000,000
76 x 79 cm
9. Published Works
Schalek, Alice, Tirol in Waffen
Letter from Rudolf von Slatin dated Khartoum 5 Apr 1908, reprinted from Oesterreichische Rundschau,15 no.5 (1908)
Munz, Sigmund, “Slatin Pascha”, from Delhagen und Klasings Monatshefte 13 Jahrg. Heft 12 (1899)
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10. Press Cuttings
Press cuttings from a variety of German, French and British newspapers concerning Slatin's role in the Sudan, the siege and death of Gordon at Khartoum, the death of the Mahdi, the Nile campaign of 1898, the British victory at Omdurman, the rescue of Neufeld and the pursuit of the Khalifah
Jan-Jun 1899
Press cuttings from a variety of German, French and British newspapers concerning the aftermath of the battle of Omdurman and the ennoblement of Lord Kitchener, movements of the Khalifa, Slatin's retirement and his meeting with Queen Victoria
Jul-Dec 1899
Press cuttings from a variety of German, French and British newspapers concerning reviews of works by Charles Neufield and Winston Churchill on the Sudan, as well as the killing of the Khalifa and speculation on the demise of Mahdism
Press cuttings from a variety of German, French and British newspapers concerning news of Sudanese affairs, the appointment of Slatin as Inspector General, and Sir Reginald Wingate's tour of the Sudan
Press cuttings from a variety of German, French and British newspapers concerning news of Sudanese affairs, including Lord Cromer's report on the condition of the Sudan and the building of a new church at Khartoum, as well as reports of Lord Kitchener's triumphant homecoming and various interviews with Slatin
11. Museum Objects
G//S 154/1
Mahdi's drum, with stand
Revolver, Webley type, silver plated, bearing inscription incised on handle: “tabanjiyah Shaykh al-Din [i.e. `Uthman b. al-Khalifah `Abdallahi] tadhkar le sa`adat Salatin Basha”. Manufactured in Belgium after 1893. In leather holster of apparently Sudanese leather.
Mahdist flags
Jibbah worn by Slatin during captivity in the Sudan
Leather pouch inscribed “Slatin Pascha, 7 Juni 1927”
G//S 211/1
Leg iron, said to have been worn by Slatin during his captivity
G//S 211/2
Elephant tusk horn, to which are affixed metallic letters of an Arabic inscription, presented to Slatin: “'Umūm al-Sūdān su'ida bi-liwa' Silatin Basha muhsin” (?), ( “All of Sudan prays/wishes Slatin Basha well/get well”).