H. A. Nicholson
Henry Alleyne Nicholson

1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: H. A. Nicholson
Dates of creation: ca. 1948-1980
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: H. A. Nicholson
Language: English

Henry Alleyne Nicholson

(1900- 1990)

1923-1926ADC Singa, Fung Province
1926-1927ADC Eastern District, Mongalla
1927-1929ADC Southern District, Berber Province
1929-1932ADC Merowe, Dongola Province
1932-1935ADC / DC Northern District, Upper Nile Province
1935-1938Inspector, Department of Economics and Trade
1938-1939DC Northern Gezira District, Blue Nile Province, later Hasaheissa District, Gezira Province
1939-1940War Supply Department
1941-1945DC Khartoum Province; Deputy Governor from 1943
1945-1948Deputy Governor, Upper Nile Province
1948-1949Governor, Equatoria
1949Retired from Sudan Political Service


1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs

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Presented by Nicholson, 1982 & 1987

1. Official Papers
1948 Mar 6
Equatoria annual report for 1947 by B.V. Marwood, Governor, covering visitors to the province and movements of staff, frontiers, local affairs including the Juba conference, local government, public security and justice, labour and migration, climate, agriculture, forests, public health, education, veterinary work, game, communications, buildings, trade and finance
1949 Feb 28
Equatoria annual report for 1948 by H.A.Nicholson [H.A.N.], Governor, covering topics as in the 1947 report above. The section on local affairs includes an account of the first and second meetings of the Equatoria Province Council
1949 Mar 16
Handing-over notes on Equatoria by H.A.N. for J.F. Tiernay covering headquarters organisation, staff, agriculture and food production, Zande scheme, trade, province council, elections for the Legislative Assembly, local government, safeguards for the south, education, missions, medicine, veterinary work, police, prison, Juba town, drift to the towns, housing of staff, Juba water supply, mining leases, communications and the future of Moru District
2. Memoirs
[n.d. ca. 1980s]
Memoirs of H.A.N.'s service in the Sudan, written in response to a questionnaire and covering family background and arrival in Khartoum (SAD 777/11/4-5); service in Singa, Fung Province (SAD 777/11/5); service in Mongalla Province and Berber Province (SAD 777/11/5-7); service in Dongola Province (SAD 777/11/7-9); service in Upper Nile Province (SAD 777/11/9-11); secondment to the Department of Economics and Trade (SAD 777/11/11); service in Blue Nile Province (SAD 777/11/12); appointment to the War Supply Department (SAD 777/11/13); service in Khartoum Province during the war years (SAD 777/11/13-14); appointment as Deputy Governor, Upper Nile Province (SAD 777/11/14-15); transfer to Equatoria as Governor (SAD 777/11/15-19); views on native administration (SAD 777/11/20); educational progress (SAD 777/11/20-21); the process of Sudanisation initiated by Governor-General Sir Stewart Symes (SAD 777/11/22); devolution of powers to native authorities (SAD 777/11/22); the attitude of the Sudan Government to Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman al-Mahdi (SAD 777/11/22-23); relationships with colleagues (SAD 777/11/23); relationships with Sudanese civil servants (SAD 777/11/24); the “graduates movement” (SAD 777/11/24); the role and influence of Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman al-Mahdi (SAD 777/11/25); independence (SAD 777/11/25-27)