A. J. O'Meara
Arthur Joseph O'Meara

1. Personal Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Photographic Material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: A. J. O'Meara
Dates of creation: ca. 1915-1944
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: A. J. O'Meara
Language: English

Arthur Joseph O'Meara

( 1893-1947 )

1921-1927 District Judge 1st Grade, Ed Damer
1928District Judge, 1st Grade, El Obeid
1929-1931Province Judge, El Obeid
1932Province Judge and Registrar General of Lands
1933-1941Seconded to the Iraq Judiciary
1941-1944Judge of the High Court, El Obeid
1944Short-term contract as Judge of the High Court of Justice (presumably until his death in 1947)


1. Personal Papers
2. Memoirs
3. Photographic Material

Accession details

Presented by Mr Gary Williams, 2006

1. Personal Papers
Papers relating to O'Meara's employment with the Sudan Legal Department, comprising testimonials; application to the Legal Secretary for employment with related correspondence from Sir Edgar Bonham-Carter and Wasey Sterry, Legal Secretary; letter from Sir Thomas Creed inviting O'Meara back to the Sudan in 1941; memorandum appointing O'Meara Acting Legal Secretary in 1943; and short-term contract for further employment as Judge of the High Court of Justice in 1944
2. Memoirs
[ca. 1945]
Incomplete memoir by O'Meara of his departure from the Sudan in 1944, covering his lack of regret at leaving and the first part of the journey home
3. Photographic Material
[ca. 1920]
Portrait photograph of Sir Edgar Bonham Carter, Legal Secretary 1899-1917
1930 Feb 28
Portrait photograph of Nigel G. Davidson, Legal Secretary 1926-1930
[ca. 1935]
Portrait photograph of Sir Humphrey Bell, Legal Secretary 1930-1936
[ca. 1932]
Judge A.J. O'Meara (seated centre) with his court staff
[ca. 1930]
Edward, Prince of Wales meeting Sir John Maffey, Governor-General, during his visit to Khartoum