SANDARS, George Edward Russell
George Edward Russell Sandars

1. Memoirs
2. Miscellanea
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: SANDARS, George Edward Russell
Dates of creation: 1982-1985
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

George Edward Russell Sandars


1924-1926 A.D.C. Um Ruwaba, Kordofan
1926 A.D.C. Gedaref, Kassala
1927-1928 Deputy Assistant Civil Secretary (Administration)
1929 A.D.C. Sinkat, Nomad (Beja) Administration
1930-1932 A.D.C. Sinkat, Kassala
1932-1933 D.C. Sinkat, Kassala
1933-1937 Private Secretary to the Governor-General
1937-1941 D.C. Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province
1941-1945 Sudan Agent, Cairo
1945-1946 Deputy Governor, Khartoum
1946-1948 Deputy Civil Secretary
1948-1951 Governor, Blue Nile Province
1951 Retired from Sudan service


1. Memoirs
2. Miscellanea

1. Memoirs
Memoirs by G.E.R. Sandars of his service in the Sudan from 1924 to 1951. Subjects covered include: selection and travel to the Sudan against the background of the 1924 Mutiny (815/14/1-2); first posting to Kordofan: description of the district, its administrative structure, and his duties, including dealing with petitions, legal cases and taxation (815/14/2-4); brief posting to Kassala (815/14/4); Civil Secretariat: routine office work concerning the devolution of powers to the traditional authorities (815/14/4,9); Sinkat: description of the Nomad Administration (815/14/4-6); Wad Medani: the reconciliation of tribal administration with that of the Gezira Scheme (815/14/7-8); the impact of the Second World War (815/14/8-9); duties as the Private Secretary to the Governor-General against the background of Egypt-Sudan relations (815/14/9-12); Sudan Agent in Cairo during the war (815/14/12-14); Deputy Governor of Khartoum Province (815/14/14); Deputy Civil Secretary: negotiations with Egypt and Ethiopia (815/14/14-15); Governor of Blue Nile Province: Sudanisation, nationalisation of the Gezira Scheme, and the presence of eminent religious leaders (815/14/15-16); general comments on the Sudan Political Service and the wives of Political Officers (815/14/17-18); retirement and subsequent career (815/14/18). Enclosure:
Two questionnaires with answers filled in by Sandars (the questions of the first are missing) concerning his service in the Sudan
2. Miscellanea
Poem by Sandars entitled “Secretary's Ode to a Hop”
Obituary of Sandars (from the Dogmersfield Parish Newsletter?)