H. H. Austin
Brigadier-General Herbert Henry Austin

1. Sobat River Survey
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: H. H. Austin
Dates of creation: 1900
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: H. H. Austin
Language: English

Brigadier-General Herbert Henry Austin


1887Joined the Royal Engineers
[ca. 1887-1897]Served in India, carrying out railway surveys
[ca. 1897-1899]Served in Uganda, carrying out surveys with Colonel J. R. L. MacDonald
[ca. 1899-1901]Served in the Sudan and Abyssinia carrying out river surveys
[ca. 1902-1914]Served in India and the Far East [?]
[ca.1914-1918]Served in Mesopotamia


1. Sobat River Survey

Photocopies of originals held in the MacMillan Library, Nairobi

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Presented by A. T. Matson, 1970

1. Sobat River Survey
1900 Jan - May
Photocopy of a manuscript report by H. H. Austin on the Sobat River survey conducted by Austin and Major R. G. T. Bright (with some missing pages). The report includes descriptions of: their journey from Nasir to Gore along the Sobat and Baro Rivers and back again via Itang; the landscapes traversed, the local tribes, difficulties with supplies, illness, difficulties with Kanyazmach Walda Gabriel (Acting-Governor of Gore); the good conduct of the Sudanese XIth Battalion; and an aborteive attempt to reach Lake Rudolf. Includes appendices regarding Abyssinian-Sudan boundary disputes; a proposal for a railway line south; list of distances travelled; and a list of payments made during the trip.
1900 May 7 - Jun 20
Photocopies of correspondence from Captain J. L. Harrington to Sir Rennell Rodd and Lord Cromer, and from Lord Cromer to Colonel H. W. Jackson regarding the conduct of Kanyazmach Walda Gabriel (Acting-Governor of Gore) and subsequent punishment dealt out to him
1900 May 28 - Jul 30
Photocopy of manuscript diary with daily entries detailing Austin's time on the Sobat River survey, including an unsuccesful attempt to reach Itang on the Amkeh (SAD.635/2/6-10); journey down the Sobat and White Nile to Tewfikieh, Fashoda, Ed Dueim and back to Nasir (SAD.635/2/11-19); journey to Itang and return to Nasir (SAD.635/2/20-26); journey up the Sobat and White Nile through Tewfikieh, Fashoda, Reng, Gebelein, Kawa, Ed Dueim and Omdurman (SAD.635/2/27-35); attempted train journey from Shendi (SAD.635/2/38-40); steamer from Shendi to Abu Dieh (SAD.635/2/40); train journey to Wadi Halfa (SAD.635/2/40-41); steamer to Shellal and then a train to Cairo (SAD.635/2/41-44)