BAILY, Robert Robin E.H.
BAILY, Robert Robin E.H.

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Photographic Material
5. Newspaper Cuttings
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: BAILY, Robert “Robin” E.H.
Dates of creation: 1898-1972
Extent: 0.5 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

BAILY, Robert “Robin” E.H.

(1885 - 197-)

1909 Sudan Political Service, Khartoum
1910-1911 Sudan Political Service, Kassala
1911-1915 2nd Inspector, Shendi, Berber Province
1915-1920 2nd Inspector, Singa, Sennar Province
1920-1921 1st Inspector, Singa, Sennar province
1921-1925 Deputy Governor, Khartoum
1926 Acting Governor, Kassala
1927-1933 Governor, Kassala
1933 Retired from the Sudan Political Service
1935-1938 Secretary, Royal Empire Society
His great uncle was Sir Samuel Baker who visited the Sudan in 1862. His maternal aunt was married to General Sir Elliott Wood. His mother was connected with Lieut. R.N. Smyth's family


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Photographic Material
5. Newspaper Cuttings

1. Official Papers
1919 May - Jun
Papers concerning the Sennar rising of 1919 including:
An account of the rising near Singa, Jun 1919 and the defeat and capture of the ring leader, Muhammad Sayyid Hamid, nephew of the Mahdi, a report by Baily
1919 May 20
Letter from Baily at Singa to C.A. Willis re Muhammad Sayyid Hamid and his emissaries
1919 Jun 11
Letter from Baily at Singa to Willis re Muhammad Sayyid Hamid's plan to flee to Khor Doleib and Abyssinia to proclaim a jihad against the government. Includes a short account of the 1919 uprising
1919 Jun
Extracts from official correspondence from A. Cameron, Governor Sennar Province to Civil Secretary, and from H.E. Governor-General, Lee Stack to Governor Sennar Province
1932 Jun 27
Text of speech by Bushara `Abd Allah, surraf, Kassala in honour of Baily's retirement including outburst against al-Sayyid Hamid and re Baily's bravery during the 1924 uprising
1919 Jul 3
Letter from Baily at Singa to his father, re the Egyptian rebellion
422/13/1-33; 268/11/4-5
1924 Oct 7 - 1926 Mar
Photocopy of Baily's journal kept during the mutiny of 1924 and after
Covering note by Baily on extracts from his diary 1924-1926 (422/13/1-33)
Tributes to Baily on his departure from the Sudan from Kassala area dignitaries and Sudan Government officials, R.A.F., General Huddleston
2. Personal Papers
Personal papers on the 1924 crisis including:
1924 Jul 3
Extract from letter from Sir George Schuster to Baily re the role of Zaghlul
1924 Jul 25 - Dec 10
Letters and copy extracts from letters from Baily to his parents concerning the mutiny in Khartoum and its aftermath
1924 Dec 10
Extracts from Baily's diaries on the repercussions of the mutiny and Sayyid `Ali Mirghani's fear that Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman was working to become King of the Sudan
1963 Sep 1
Extract from a letter from Reginald Davies, Director of Intelligence to Baily re the ambiguous position of Sudanese officers before the S.D.F. was set up in Nov 1924
1970 Dec
Note by Baily on the visit of a Labour Minister to a rural D.C. in Sudan in the 1920's
Personal papers including correspondence between H.L.R. Watt and Baily concerning the Singa rising in 1919 (533/3/1-2); letters home from Baily re a visit by Lord Allenby to Khartoum in 1922 (533/3/6-7), his farewell supper before the move to Kassala in 1926 (533/3/9) and a visit by H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Italy to Kassala in Feb 1928 (533/3/19); letters of farewell and congratulations on Baily's appointment as Governor of Kassala in 1926 (533/3/8,10,14-17); and correspondence from Baily to Lord Lloyd on his retirement as High Commissioner in 1929, with reply (533/3/20-22); Peter [Acland] re the Suakin-Berber railway of 1885 (533/3/30-31) and re life in Port Sudan (533/3/32-37); tributes to Baily on leaving the Sudan in 1932 (533/3/38-45); Shaikh Muhammad Ahmad Abu Sin, nazir of the Shukriyyah re the role and power of chiefs, formation of the Socialist Republican Party and pressure from Egypt (533/3/51-59). Also includes:
1922 Feb 22
Translation of a speech by al-Ta`aisha on the occasion of Baily's visit to Ed Dueim
Photograph of `Ali Fu`ad Wahby, enclosed in letter of 1966
Notes and recollections about Sudan and personalities by Baily:
Recollections of Mohi Bey, a former Turkish provincial governor, collected by W. Peter D. Clarke
Protest by an Egyptian Yuzbashi of an Egyptian battalion serving in the Sudan to his British C.O. about a horse
1917 May 23
Letter with sketches written by a member of the Egyptian Irrigation Department, H.M. Bond in Merowe to Peter Clarke. Description of Dongola Province under the rule of Jackson Pasha
SAD.533/4/16; 533/4/62-65
1927 Mar 16
Letter in English by a Sudanese clerk requesting a rise of pay
SAD.533/4/12-14; 533/4/17-18
Anecdotes about Sir Arthur Huddleston
Anecdotes about Sir Lee and Lady Stack
Anecdote about `Ali Fu`ad Wahbi, A.D.C. Khartoum
Baily's early recollections of the Sudan from his arrival in 1910, and covering Kassala, Shendi, tales of Slatin and his fears of a Mahdist revival, an account of the 1919 rising near Singa, west Africans and witchcraft, the rise of Sayyid `Abd al Rahman, inadequate British staff, `Abd Allah Khalib and the 1924 mutiny, Daud al-Khalifa; Rev. Llewellyn Gwynne and Gordon
Biographical notes on Sir and Lady Samuel Baker, Lt. Col. J.D.H. Stewart, Ahmad `Abd Allah?, chief executioner of the khalifa, Ahmad Bey Awad al-Karim Abu Sinand Ahmad Pasha Abu Widan of Kassala
c. 1972
Notes on Sir Sayyid `Ali al-Mirghani and Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman
1925 Aug 13
Extract from Baily's diary re Sayyid `Ali al-Mirghani
Note by Baily on Kamtor, a celebrated Gasmi family
Notes on the history of the Shukriyyah, Balahin and Ashraf tribes
Extracts from Baily's letters home including a description of a journey from Ed Damer to Kassala in 1910 (533/4/48-49); from Shendi in 1912 re the Bayuda desert and the battlefield of Abu Klea (533/4/50-54); from Shendi in 1914 re meetings with Professor Sayce, Kitchener and Poupre (533/4/56); from Khartoum in 1922 describing a typical day's work (533/4/57); from Mrs. Baily in 1922 re the arrival of the Stacks in Khartoum (533/4/58); from Khartoum in 1924 describing Lord Allenby's visit (533/4/59-60); memories of the Turf Club in Cairo (533/4/61); description of a trek in the Red Sea Hills with Sandars in 1931 including a visit to the gold mine at Gebeit (533/4/66-67). Also includes:
1912 Jan 17
Sketch by Baily of the battlefield of Abu Klea (1885)
1952 Feb 14 - Apr 24
Correspondence re King Faruq's claim to the title ‘King of the Sudan', including Baily to Atlee re Eden's pronouncement of Nov 1951, with reply (533/5/7, 11); Baily to R.C. Mayall with a list of people concerned with the issue (533/5/15); C.G. Davies, Sudan Agency in London to Baily re the need to remain quiescent and the lack of support from Sudanese for King Faruq's claims (533/5/32); A.E. Baldwin to Baily with copies of a letter from Anthony Nutting of 28 Feb 1952 about the need to take into account the wishes of the Sudanese (533/5/33)
3. Historical Material
1898 Sep 4
Copy letter from Lieut. R.N. Smyth of 21st Lancers to his sister Alice re the charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman Aug 29 - Sep 21
Baily's notes on 533/6/3-6 above
4. Photographic Material
1966 May 14
Photograph of Miralai `Ali Fu`ad Wahdi, an Egyptian Mamur of Turkish origin who served under Baily in Kassala, Singa and Khartoum
5. Newspaper Cuttings
1932 Oct 29
Cutting from the Sudan Daily Herald re Baily's retirement
1952 Feb 27
Cutting from the Manchester Guardian, a letter from Baily re King Faruq's claim to the title ‘King of the Sudan'
SAD.533/5/23-25; 533/5/40-42, 44
1952 Feb - Apr
Cuttings from The Times and The Manchester Guardian on Anglo-Egyptian talks on the future of the Sudan, held in London and Cairo
1964 Oct 15
Cutting from The Times, “Preserving records of Empire” re Oxford and Durham's archives
1972 Aug 29
Cutting from The Times, a letter from Anthony Sylvester re aid for the Sudan