Simon D.I. Fleming Music Collection
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Reference code: GB-0033-FLE
Title: Simon D.I. Fleming Music Collection
Dates of creation: 14th - early 20th centuries, mostly later 18th - early 20th centuries
Extent: 2 metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Collected by Simon D.I. Fleming (1976-)
Language: English with some Italian, French, Russian and Welsh


Born in Penrith, Simon D.I. Fleming's interest in antiquarian music was sparked when, as an undergraduate, he was given some by the widow of a Penrith organist. Being employed at the time of his MMus, gained from Liverpool University in 1999 for a thesis on the Newcastle composer Charles Avison, he began to collect such material seriously. The bulk of the collection however was built up when he was engaged upon his PhD at Durham University, awarded in 2009 for a thesis entitled 'A Century of Music Production in Durham City 1711-1811: A Documentary Study'. The first part of this detailed the historical background to the music and musicians, and the second part examined the musical compositions themselves. The collection grew into a major resource of original printed and some manuscript music material from the period. He has also been involved in the production of numerous CDs produced by the Avison Ensemble, including recordings of music by Charles Avison and John Garth. He continues to write with a focus on music in eighteenth-century Britain, and much of the collection reflects this interest. He has been deputy organist at Penrith parish church, and was later organist at Bishop Middleham Church and, most recently, St Nicholas's church in Durham. He himself plays a lot of the music he has collected, as does the Baroque Ensemble he runs as part of his job as Course Leader for Music at the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College in Darlington.


The manuscript part of the collection comprises two groups of material:
Autograph letters, being single or small groups of letters from or to musicians, composers and singers 1784 to the 1930s, with sometimes printed ephemera.
Manuscript music books, and some occasional loose folios, being mainly collections of songs and piano pieces drawn from operas, oratorios and popular songs in England, Scotland and Wales for individual practice and performance at home, though some are duets or for choral forces. Some are for instruments such as the harp, trumpet or flute. Many have owner inscriptions of mainly ladies of the early or later nineteenth century. There are also occasional part books and accounts for music teaching. In addition MS 24 has been used as a cash book for provisions and dress-making in the USA in the later 19th century and 80 is a military campaign sketchbook from British India in the 1840s.

Accession details

Deposited by Simon D.I. Fleming in January 2016 (Acc Nos. Misc.2015/16:86), with various subsequent additional deposits to 2020.

Previous custodial history

As noted for individual items.

Conditions of access

Open for consultation.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


The autograph letters and manuscripts are generally ordered chronologically by date of acquisition by the depositor; this order has been retained as further accruals are anticipated.
AL Autograph letters from or two musicians, with some associated printed ephemera
MS Volumes, generally, in manuscript of music, with occasioanl other items


Catalogued into XML by Michael Stansfield, with Anastasia Akulich and Florence Lockheart, in 2018, with subsequent additions by Michael Stansfield


Further acccruals are anticipated; so far the occasional item has been added to his material roughly every few months or so

Finding aids

There are Excel spreadsheet lists of the whole collection (including the much greater quantity of printed items) maintained by the depositor.

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Fleming A start has barely been made on cataloguing the approximately 4000 printed items in the collection


Autograph Letters
FLE AL 1   13 June 1800
Language:  English
Letter from William Shield to Mr Forster (senior or jun[ior]), musical instrument maker to the royal family, near Exeter [ex]Change explaining that "the book" is printed, but needs to dry so cannot be delivered before Monday morning. Shield goes on to explain that although he will make a loss in selling this book for half a guinea he considers himself under "great obligation" to Forster.
FLE AL 2   7 March 1815
Language:  English
Letter from William Shield at Berners Street to 'Sir George' explaining that he has bought tickets for "next Friday's performance" in the hopes that his wife will by then be well enough to attend. Shield also thanks Sir George for his behaviour during the "Debate last night" during which Shield had pledged his vote to 'Bacari' before he knew 'Mr [Ferdinand] Ries' (1784-1838) was a candidate and so was caught between the two.
FLE AL 3   26 January 1827
Language:  English
Letter from William Shield at Berners Street to William Watts explaining that his attached two nominations for a position [secretary?] within the Philharmonic Society are not autographs of the nominees, but "the careless penmanship of a friend of theirs". Shield also adds that before the end of the evening he "may probably extend [his] trio to a quartetto for the son of [his] departed friend John Gardell" who has not secured his ticket.
FLE AL 4   20 March 1837
Language:  English
Letter from William Horsley (1774-1858) at Kensington to W.P. Smith acknowledging the receipt of Smith's letter and explaining that, due to his business, he will only be able to attend the fourth concert of the Academy. Horsley asks Smith to convey his thanks to the committee of management for their "favour" done to Horsley.
The card is part of a letter from Kreutzer, first viol[in], asking to discuss a matter.
1f mounted on card 
FLE AL 5   21 January 1910
Language:  English
Letter from C. Hubert Parry at the Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington, London to Miss Warm in Berlin [?] explaining that her card had been lost until the day before and so he did not have her address. Parry explains that not many of his works are published and then goes on to explain where the few published ones can be found.
FLE AL 6   21 October [1784]
Language:  English
Letter from Charles Dibdin to Charles Rennet in which Dibdin explains that, since he wants Rennet to "have the Direction of [his] affairs", he wants to see Rennet as soon as possible.
FLE AL 7   17 June [1880]
Language:  English
Letter from John Stainer at 7 Rue Lauriston, Champs Elysées, Paris to 'Hume' enclosing a card which will "obtain a comfortable seat" for Hume's friend if she goes very early. Stainer is currently working as "Juror of the Exhibition" and is representing England for the "Class XIII" which is a "great honour no doubt, but a decided nuisance".
FLE AL 8   17 December 1907
Language:  English
Letter from S. Varley Roberts of Magdalen College, Oxford at The Acland Home, Oxford to Mr Nevin explaining that Roberts has just undergone a serious operation and so cannot write much, but Nevin can "put" that "the Cantata Adoration is easy, melodious and effective in character."
FLE AL 9   12 March [1887]
Language:  English
Letter from C.V. Stanford at Cambridge on Cambridge Union Society notepaper to a "dear Friend" explaining that his wife is wisely not coming North this week, over-tired from their Bach concert, but Stanford and Lucien Powlett will come on Wednesday morning from Liverpool.
FLE AL 10   4 December 1917
Language:  French
Letter from [C.M.] Widor at (written on the paper of) the Institut de France to "Marichal" explaing that Widor will visit Marichal the next day and then they will have lunch at Lapèmann's.
FLE AL 11   [c.1900]
Language:  English
2 Musical phrases signed by C.R. Rilson and Geoffrey Shaw respectively, on a page from a printed musical calendar/journal covering 13-18 November.
FLE AL 12   [c.1880s]
Language:  English
A piece cut from a letter with the words "Yours truly John Stainer"
FLE AL 13   31 December 1887
Language:  English
A piece cut from a letter with the words "Yours truly John Stainer"
FLE AL 14A   10 January 1859
Language:  English
Letter from S.S. Wesley at The Close, Winchester to Mr E.J.R. Russell at Dorking acknowledging Russell's reply to an advertisement published by Wesley. Wesley writes that he would like to meet Russell and his son prior to Russell placing his son in Wesley's care and would he please reply with details of how they can meet, whether in Winchester or in London.
FLE AL 14B   13 January 1859
Language:  English
Letter from S.S. Wesley [to Mr E.J.R. Russell] explaining that it would be best for them to meet in Winchester as there is a church organ ready for Wesley to hear the son [play]. He apologises that they could not meet in London as it would have been more convenient for [Russell]. Wesley asks that the son bring something to play on the piano and organ and writes that he expects them on 19 January.
FLE AL 14C   24 January [1859]
Language:  English
Letter from S.S. Wesley at Winchester to [Mr E.J.R. Russell] expressing his pity that his son should be "neglected as he can never recover from the loss of the next few years" as he must learn young. Wesley mentions that Mr Thorn the verger could take the son for £35 a year and Wesley could arrange a smaller fee in future. Wesley will be going to London soon and his address for the continuation of their correspondence will be "Annesley Villa, Canonbury Park, London".
FLE AL 14D   5 February 1859
Language:  English
Letter from S. S. Wesley to [Mr E. J. R. Russell] explaining that there may be a vacancy in their number of choristers and it may be possible to place the son in the school [Russell] heard of when they were there and the son's board would only be £12 a year. Wesley is not sure that the arrangement could be carried out and mentions that he could give further information about placing the son as an apprentice. Wesley expresses his pity that the son should not have a good musical education as "without it he will suffer much".
FLE AL 14E   8 February 1859
Language:  English
Letter from S.S. Wesley to [Mr E.J.R. Russell] acknowledging the recipient's previous letter and giving him until Tuesday to come to a decision. Wesley explains that he requires a reply because it is a matter of public business.
FLE AL 15A   27 November 1904
Language:  English
Letter from C.V. Stanford at 50 Holland Street, Kensington to [Lord Alverstone] the Lord Chief Justice thanking him for "rescuing" the college opera. Stanford is ashamed of "pleading the same thing 3 times in 6 years" and goes on to thank the Lord Chief Justice while explaining the circumstances of "this particular week".
FLE AL 15B   16 July 1902
Language:  English
Letter from C.V. Stanford at 50 Holland Street, Kensington to [Lord Alverstone] Lord Chief Justice explaining that his "excellent gardener[?] has been most kind and helpful."
FLE AL 15C   16 October [1910]
Language:  English
Letter from Charles Villiers Stanford, Jennie Stanford, Geraldine M. Stanford, Guy Stanford, Henry E. Luxmoore and Harry Plunket Greene at Judge's House, Leeds to [Lord Alverstone] the Lord Chief Justice, thanking him for "allowing [his] face to shine upon [them] from over the chimneypiece throughout a wonderful successful festival".
FLE AL 16A   22 July 1914
Language:  English
Letter from S. Liddle at 55, Ordnance Road, St John's Wood, N.W. to Miss Hatchett containing only the words "with pleasure".
FLE AL 16 B   [1914]
Language:  English
Newspaper clipping about the 48th season of the London Ballad Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall with the name Mr S. Liddle underlined in his role as accompanist.
1f, mounted on paper 
FLE AL 17   3 April 1855
Language:  English
Letter from Charles Lockey (tenor, 1820-1901) at Lavender Hill, Surrey to "Elvey" explaining that he will be singing the tenor solo in Elvey's new anthem at the ensuing choir benevolent festival at Elton. Lockey asks Elvey to send a copy for him to look over and sends his compliments to Elvey's wife.
FLE AL 18   16 June 1899
Language:  English
Letter from Robert Butterworth, Professor of Music and Local Representative of the London College of Music, at 19 Bouverie St, Chester, to Miss Moore. He asks Moore if he should expect her on Wednesday morning.
FLE AL 19   9 April 1910
Language:  English
Postcard from [Frederick Bridge?] at Littlngton Tower, The Cloisters, Westminster Abbey, London to "Miss Mordy" at 101 Park Street, Park Lane explaining that the author is going to Scotland on Sunday night but is in to tea at a quarter to 5.
FLE AL 20   30 June 1919
Language:  French
Letter from Gustave Charpentier at Paris to "Madame" acknowledging receipt of her "charmante" letter and saying that he is sending the photograph which she had asked for. Charpentier writes that he hopes to have the great pleasure of hearing her next time she sings the air of Louise which she had said was her "mascotte", which Charpentier was particularly happy about. Charpentier expresses dismay for what "Madame" had told him about transport offered at "L'Oeuvre des Petits de Lille", but he hopes the discomfort did not last.
FLE AL 21   18 October [?1930s]
Language:  English
Letter from Miriam Licette (soprano, 1885-1969) at The Studio, Warwick House, Warwick Avenue, W.2. to Mr Scholte thanking him for his kind invitation which she will not be able to accept because she has a concert almost at the same time as Scholte's party. However, Licette will try to come if she can "get away in time" but that is always difficult "on these occasions".
FLE AL 22   [1930s]
Material related to Herman Finck, (1872-1939), light music composer, especially of 'In The Shadows', and musical director of the Palace Theatre, being largely letters of [his daughter] Marjorie, describing her holidays, dancing, playing tennis and social activities.
1. Photograph, BW, mounted, of Herman Finck, Christmas Day 1900, by G.R. Lavis of Eastbourne
2-9. Letters from Marjorie [Finck], dancer, at Gallia Palace, Cannes, to her mother (7) and father (1) [Herman Finck]
10. Letter from Marjorie [Finck], in Wiesbaden, to [her mother] (1), with envelope
11-14. Letters from Marjorie [Finck], at the Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, to [her mother] (4), September 1933
15. Letter from Marjorie [Finck], at Southfields Road, Eastbourne, to [her mother] (1)
16. Letter from the Guildhall School of Music to Mrs Herman Finck [widow] thanking her for giving [Herman Finck's] operatic vocal scores, 24 July 1939
Paper file, 16 items
FLE AL 23   1916 - 1917, [1962]
Oriana Madrigal Society (1904-1962, founded and condudcted by Charles Kennedy Scott (1867-1965), pereforming initially English Elizabethan music, and later more contemporary material): newspaper cuttings about and programmes for performances, with a letter.
1. Letter from Charles Kennedy Scott to [Margaret] Ward Smith [alto] inviting her for an audition, 5 April 1916.
2. Programme for the Society's 19th concert at The Aeolian Hall, New Bond St, London, 5 July 1916.
3. Programme for the Society's 20th concert at The Aeolian Hall, New Bond St, London, 26 March 1917.
4-5. Programme and flyer (endorsed with ?a story) for the Society's 21st concert at The Aeolian Hall, New Bond St, London, 3 July 1917.
6-8. Newspaper reports of the last concert and part of a programme for another concert.
9-10. Printed invitation to read an article in The Musical Standard by Scott on the Society, with a copy of the article.
11. Programme for the Society's concert in Leighton House, 16 July 1917.
12. Note from Scott to Margaret Ward Smith about helping to organise a performance of Norman O'Neill's ballet at Queen's hall, 29 August 1917.
13. Newspaper cutting on the Society's final concert in Wigmore Hall [1962].
Paper file
FLE AL 24   February - July 1916
1. Letter from Frederick Moore to [Margaret Ward] Smith about her singing in a concert in Haven Green, Ealing, 29 February 1916.
2. Programme for the Haven Green Church Choir concert in The Haven Green Hall, Ealing, conducted by Frederick Moore, 22 March 1916.
3. Letter from Frederick Moore to [Margaret Ward] Smith commending her singing in a concert at Haven Green, Ealing, 26 March 1916.
4. Letter from Murial [wife of Frederick] Moore to [Margaret] Ward Smith commending her singing [in a soldiers' concert at Hounslow], 1 June 1916.
5. Letter from Frederick G. Harris to Margaret Ward Smith commending her singing in a service, 24 July 1916.
Paper file
FLE AL 25   1921 - 1923
Programmes for The Wednesday Five O'Clocks 1921 and the Foxon Five O'Clock 1922-1923 series of concerts in Victoria (Lecture) Hall, Sheffield, organised by Miss Marie Foxon and Miss Lily Foxon, with a programme for their Grand Concert 17 March 1923, and newspaper cuttings reporting on the concerts.
Paper file
FLE AL 26   28 March [19]05
Letter from Otto Goldschmidt (1829-1907) at 1 Moreton Gardens, South Kensington, to C. Fraser as Hon Sec of the Moreton & Cresswell Garden Committee, apologising for his absence from the forthcoming meeting of householders as he has an important committeee meeting, but he would have voted for games within the limits as before.
Paper, 1f
Manuscript items
FLE MS 1   1809
Language:  English, French, Italian, Scots
Julia Somervile's manuscript book of keyboard pieces and songs, including duets, with especially many Scottish songs:
Billington, Shepherds I have lost my love
Latour, O dolce concerto
Pucitta, March and Chorus in the opera La Vestale
Cramer, Kutusoff's Victory from Handel's Disdainful of danger
Willelmus van Oranje
Charlie he's my darling
Fy let us a' to the Wedding
The Days o' Yore
Bentmine's on air hida' Willie
West may the boatie ron
Miss Porbis's faerwell
The Island of Mull
The Gypsie Laddie
The Highland Secretary
Thro' the Wood Laddie
Houssard air Hougrois
The Sicilian Mariner's Hymn
Come my bonnie love
Lewie Gordon
Tell me bab'ling retro
The Lullaby
Marseillois Hymn
La Conditton
La Tancred
Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled
When the Sheep an in the Fauld
John Anderson my So
Lewie Gordon
Ludoviska Lovinski
The East Nuik o' Fife
Mount and Go
Lass, gin ye to'r me, tell me now
Will you go to Sheriffmuir
Boy's wife of Aldivalloch
Loch na Garr
The Land and the leat
On the Banks of Allen Water
Love's Ritornella
Pretty Polly Hopkins
Der Freyschütz
Handel, The Harmonious Blacksmith
Musical snuff box waltz
Alpine Hunters, arranged by Moschelle
From La Muette de Portici, No.6 Barcarole
The Hunter's Horn is Sounding
Miss Davis, Passing Away
Miss Davis, Hours of Happy Childhood
Of a the airts the wind can blau
The siller crown
My love is like a red red rose
The hill hill O
John Anderson my Son
Charles Horn, the Deep Deep Sea
List to the Convent's Bells
Annie Lawrie
Twin Things
Macgregor's gathering
Infant school tunes
Panel on the front cover: Julia Somerville. Flyleaf: Mrs Ramsay.
Paper book, ink with occasional pencil entries, half leather over marbled papers, spine lost    i + 88 + i f
FLE MS 2   [1855 x 1876]
Score anthem “When the Lord turned against the captivity of Sion” , by William Amps MA (1824-1910), organist of King's College, [Cambridge], SATB in 8 parts.
Paper booklet, in card covers   34 p
FLE MS 3   June 1859
Score anthem Psalm 126, “When the Lord turned against the captivity of Sion” , [by William Amps MA (1824-1910), organist of King's College, Cambridge], SATB in 8 parts, another copy.
Paper booklet, in paper covers   16 p
FLE MS 4   [1852]
Two organ arrangements by George M. :
Samuel Wesley fugue, dated 14 October 1852
From Haydn's Passione No.6
Paper booklet, some damage   6 p
FLE MS 5   [1820s]
Language:  French
“Collection de Musique Sacrée”, French collection of motets [copied by] Arthur de la Croix, 2 volumes in 1, separately paginated
1er volume of motets for solo, solo and choir, duo, tri, trio and choir
p.1 Wautral, O Maria Virgo
p.17 C.P.E. Bach, Ducal me quocumque
p.23 Dreschssler, Beata nobis gaudia
p.39 Seyfried, Te decet hymnus
p.48 Tiron, Ecce Deus
p.55 Tiron, Gustata et videte
p.63 Tiron, Que est ista
p.70 Tiron, Domine salvum
p.92 Menié, Sit laus plena
p.98 Martini, Quem ad modum
p.107 Suremont, Benedictus
p.113 Tiron, Laudamus te
p.119 Le Sueur, Domine salvum
p.124 Tiron, Deus qui hanc diem
p.133 Tiron, Stamus contente
p.154 Louis Lambillotte, Veni sancte spiritus
p.168 De'eldens, O salutari
p.186 Tota pulchra es
p.194 Tiron, Cuius regni non erit fini
p.204 Tiron, Gratias agimus tibi
p.221 Cramm, Ecce panis

2er volume [first part] of motets with orchestra or organ
p.1 Louis Séjan, Benedictus
p.7 Louis Séjan, O salutaris hostia
p.11 Mozart, Splendente te deus
p.43 Mozart, Ne pulvis et cinis
p.69 La Sante Vierge, Benedicta filia
p.84 Böens, Ave verum
2er volume [second part]
p.1 Sigismond Nuekomm, Adoramus te
p.1 ?, Recordare domine
p.61 Sigismond Neukomm, Ave verum corpus
p.63 Sigismond Neukomm, O salutaris
p.66 Sigismond Neukomm, Veni sancte spiritus
p.69 Sigismond Neukomm, Exaltabo te deus meus rex
p.75 Sigismond Neukomm, Alma redemptoris mater
p.77 Sigismond Neukomm, Ave regina coelorum
p.79 Sigismond Neukomm, Regina coeli
p.83 Sigismond Neukomm, Salve regina
p.86 Sigismond Neukomm, Amor Jesu dulcissime
p.89 Michael Haydn, Tenebrae a quattro voce
[p.98] Contents of vol.2

Front cover lettered: Mr Arthur de la Croix.
Title page stamp of École St Joseph de Poitiers I.H.S. Bibliothêque Musicale
Paper book, half leather bound with spine title labels of Musique Sacrée, Motets and Poitiers   [viii] + 228 + [ii] + 96 + 8 + 4 + [32] + [vi] p
FLE MS 6   [early 19th century]
Joseph Haydn, “Cantate a quattro voci con accompagnamento do Pianeforte”, full score, with the texts separately at the beginning
Paper book, in marbled card covers with a title label on the front   vi + 96 p
FLE MS 7   [early 19th century]
Book of piano pieces, mostly waltzes, polonaises, polkas, gallops and mazurkas by such as Beethoven, Cranz, Albert, and Johann Strauss, compiled by including also part of a mass “heard at St Peters Rome & learnt by The Honble Mr Caulfield Pratt on hearing it played 1850”
Label on the front cover: “Lady Selsey” .
On a flyleaf: “From Lady Selsey to her friend the Honble Cecilia Irby March 1846 from the Honble Mr Caulfeild Pratt” .
Paper book, in marbled board covers, many pages partially or completly cut out and missing
FLE MS 8   [?mid 20th century]
Score of “The Answer”, by Wolstenholme [?for organ].
Paper, damaged, repaired with brown tape   2 f
Bought in Liverpool
FLE MS 9   [mid 19th century]
Keyboard music and songs:
p.1 Handel, He was despised
p.3 But thou didst not leave his soul in Hell
p.5 Happy happy pair
p.7 With ravish'd ears
p.10 Song in the padlock
p.12 Gavotte par Comi
p.14 Sonata by Mr Weston
p.16 Romance de Richard Coeur de Lion
p.17 Mme del Caro's Hornpipe
p.21 Overture to Oscar and Malvina
p.29 Overture to the Enraged Musician
p.34 Overture to Inkle and Yarico
p.41 Campbell has got his wife again
p.41 Welcome Home
p.42 Vital Spark
p.46 I know that my Redeemer liveth
p.49 Comfort ye my Poeple
p.50 O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion
p.53 I travers'd Judah's barren lands
p.54 Sonata by Nicolai
p.60 The Austrian Retreat
p.61 The Irish Potatoe Merchant
p.62 Miss Eliza Barrett's Waltz
p.62 Got to the D_l and shake yourself
p.63 Siege of Valenciennes
p.72 Rule Britannia with variations by T. Latour
p.76 Princess Sophia's Fancy; The Euphrosyne
p.77 Handel, Overture in the Occasional Oratorio
p.83 Mrs Williamson's Reel; Miss Elphinstone's Reel
p.84 Henry's Cottage Maid, by Pleyel
p.85 Pas Russe or the Russian Dance
p.86 Matilda, a ballad from The Sorrows of the Heart by J. Moulds
p.87 Lord Duncan's Reel
p.88 Cold Blew the Wind, by Giordani
p.90 Ground Ivy ballad by J. Moulds
p.91 Still Must Droop Maon, duet by W. Reeve
p.92 The Nancy, by Mr Dibden
p.95 The Maid of Selma by Mr Oswald
p.96 Overture to the grand dramatic romance of Bluebeard
p.102 Duet by Kelly, Twylight glimmers o'r the steep Fatima
p.108 March
p.110 Chorus
p.112 Duet
p.117 Beda by Kelly
p.120 Some husbands will after a conjugal strife, by Kelly
p.122 When pensive I thought of my love, by Kelly
p.124 Dance Madame Parisot, by Bossi
p.126 Moving to the melody of music's note, by Kelly
p.130 Major Domo and I of this great family, by Kelly
p.132 Duet, by Paesiella
p.135 Sir Sidney Smith's March
p.136 Comtesse Becker's favourite Rondo, by Mr Shuster, variations by Mr Kambra
p.140 How happy a state does the miller possess, sung by Mr Dignum
p.142 Marche des Marseillois or French Te Deum, ordered to tbe used by the army to excite them to battle

Label on the front cover: “AR”
Paper book, paginated, in marbled boards, front cover detached   iv + 144 + iv p
FLE MS 10   [?1820s]
Book of keyboard dance music, featuring waltzes, reels, gigs, strathspeys, polonaises, airs and marches, copied by ?M.H. in Edinburgh, 1823, 1814, Miss Foulis 1823, E 1813, J.H. Edinburgh 1823, including: Le Marriage Secret, Grove Hall, The Calabria, Montreal, Fight about the Fireside, Sleepy Maggy, The Lasses of Stewarton, The Mason's Apron, Niel Gow's strathspey, Through the wood of Favie, Dumfries House, The Auld Wife Ayout the Fire, The Campbells are Coming, Duke of Perth's reel, I hae a wife o' my ain, The merry lads of Air, Lady Hand's gig, Brose & Butter, Woo'd & Married, Lady Harriet Hope, Mrs Garden Troup's, Brechin Castle, Isle of Skye, Duncan Davidson, Jenny's Bawlin, Cawdon Fair, The Caledonian Hunt's March, Paddy's Frolic, The Legacy, Lady Caroline Montague's strathspey, Miss Forbes's reel, The High Road to Linton, Quick March of the 4th Battalion of Line K.G.L., The Fife Hunt, Sandy o'er the Lee, Perthshire Hunt, Dunse Ding's, The Stop waltz, Captain Byng's reel, Valse Favorite de Guillaume Tell, Pausen Waltzer, Carlisbader Faurit Waltzer, Welch Air, Air in la Ruscire, Russian waltz, The East N'euk o' Fife, Grand Slow March of the 4th Dragoon Guards, Russian March, The Bird waltz, La Corneille valse, French Country Dance, Marche Imperiale of Buonaparte, The Braes of Fullymet, Loudoun Castle, Black Mary, A Gallic Air, Kind Robin lo'es me, Chorus from Iphigenia by Gluck, Grand March composed & dedicated to Lady Byng by Eusebius Hull M.M. 4th R.I.D.G., a Pollacca, Checcona by Felton, Minuett by G.A. Mecklin, March composed by W. Russel organist to the Foundling Hospital, Imitation of a musical snuff box, minuette by Metzger, March of the Prussian Guards, Der Freyschutz.
Paper book, in modern quarter leather marbled boards, spine title Manuscript Volume   104 p
FLE MS 11   [early 19th century]
Book of bugle music, comprising scales, lessons, exercises and (mostly) pieces including: Begone dull care, Robin Adair, The Blue Bells, Tancredi, My love she's but a lassie yet, Poor Mary Ann, Rule Britannia, March in the Battle of Prague, Ta be a butterfly, Swiss boy, Cinderella, Cottage waltz, The lass of Richmond Hill, Theres nae Luck, The oyster girl, Rise gentle moon, The Huntsman's chorus, All's well, Waltz der Freyschutz, Swiss waltz, quick step, Cherry ripe, Kitty of Colrain, Adieu my native land, The house that Jack built, The king God bless him, On no we never mention her, La belle Catherine, the pilgrim of love, the light guitar, the Welch harper, Fair is the moon, La petite sambouer, Slow broke the light, Jockey to the fair, Sicilian mariners hymn, Alice Gray, Scots wha hae, Hungarian air, Storm rondo, Artoyd y nos, Tyrolean air, the Taglioni waltz
Pieces for two bugles: The captive to his bird, Home sweet home, My own blue bell, Rise gentle moon, Hark the vesper, See the conquering hero
Band tunes, marches, waltzes and a Canadian boat song.
Inside front cover: E. Vaughan bugle
Paper book, in half-leather gold filleted marbled boards   120 p
FLE MS 12   [?1795]
Book of songs, scores and words separately, song titles: Kitty of the Clyde, My native Caledonia, Mary I believed thee true, See the conquering hero, O tibbie I hae seen the day, What ails this heart of mine, Lassie wi the lint white locks, Fairest maid on Devon banks, On Ettrick banks etc, O Nancy wilt, I lo'e ne'er a laddie but ane, The minstrel, Keen blows the wind, As I stood by, Auld Robin Gray, The young May moon, My nannie O, Blythe blythe & merry was she, Kitty of Coleraine, Royal Charlie, Soldier rest thy warfare oe'r, How sweet this lone vale, Twas within a mile of Edin', Oh talk not of love, The blythsom bridal, Cauld kail in Aberdeen.
Notes on the outside and inside front cover about various payments February, July, September 1795.
Paper booklet, in marbled card covers, detached   78 p
FLE MS 13   1828-1829
Book of keyboard music, including waltzes by such as Weber, Beethoven, Durat J. dos Santos, and quadrilles by such as Cuningham, Pantalon, G. Griffin and J. McFadyan jr, some signed J.R. Greenock, or J.R. Glasgow, or J.M. London, or J.P. London, or C.B. Greenock, and one dated 28 July 1829.
Inside front flyleaf: “To Jane Reynolds from a sincere friend Greenock 19 March 1828”
Paper book, half-leather red morocco boards    96 p
FLE MS 14   [1820s]
Book of music for violin/flute, including the tunes: The bewildered maid, T'was the last rose of Summer, Hark the vesper hymn is stealing, Those evening bells, Savowina deligh Shelah O, De macer mi babra il cor, Song by J. Gladstone.
p.1: “A.M.G. to J.G. Jan: 1823” (Anne Mackenzie Gladstone to J. Gladstone).
Paper booklet, in dark red covers, with a tie   22 p
Bought at Montrose 26 November 2008.
FLE MS 15   [1820s]
Book of music for keyboard and voice, beginning with ms and printed (by Hime & Son of Castle St and Church St, Liverpool) scales and descriptions of musical notation, then ms scores of: Beethoven Waltz, Farewell to Lochaber glee by Dr Calcott.
Reversed: scales and I saw three ships.
Inside front flyleaf: “Hy Scaforth Octbr 1829”
Paper booklet, in marbled soft covers   56 p
Bought at Montrose 26 November 2008.
FLE MS 16   [?1820s]
Songs Little Bo-Peep and Jack & Jill
Initialled at the head “L.G.” (Louisa Fellowes Gladstone).
Paper, torn   1 f
Bought at Montrose 26 November 2008.
FLE MS 17   [1833 - 1841]
Book of keyboard music, mainly dances, especially waltzes, also some minuets and a mazurka, and some marches, chants and the occasional hymn, including pieces by Beethoven, Paganini, Haydn, and Gluck, Voigt, Weippert, and specific pieces such as German march Played at the Execution of a Deserter, March played by the Poles when leaving Warsaw, The Tyrolese War song, The Last Rose of Summer, Waltz brought by the Duke of Devonshire for Petersburgh, with also some extracts from bigger works such as the Marriage of Figaro, An Italian in Algiers, Messiah, and Creation, with some pieces dated and/or identified: 4 February 1833, 1836, 27 February 1840, E.M.D.M. 31 December 1839, and AJB - October 1st 1841 Cheltenham.
With an inserted loose folio of a ?piano piece Brooklynn Lodge.
The original blank score book sold by J.B. Cramer, Addison & Beale, music sellers, of 201 Regent St, of London, with a carotuche of cherubs and musical instruments.
Paper book, in half leather marbled boards, detached   94 p + 1 f inserted
FLE MS 18   [?1765]
“Collection of Songs by the Most Eminent Composers”, songs by especially Thomas Arne, and also G.F. Handel, with also some by Bowman, Collinet, Boyce, Mr Arne jr, Worgan, Baildon, Stanley, Atterbury, Geminiani, Howard, Gerrard, Count St Germain, Galluppi, Dubourg, Michael Arne, Weldon, Green, Byron, Rush, Battishal, Tenducci, Pergolesi, and some anonymous, with an index of titles at the front.
Inside front cover: “Albr Bertie 1765”
Paper book, in reverse calf-covered blind-stamped boards, with a red with gold scolls etc title label on the front cover, paginated   [xiv] + 240 p
Unfit for production: August 2022
FLE MS 19   [?1815]
“Lessons for the Harp &c &c”, book of music for the harp, with pieces including Je suis Lindor, Henry qaurtre, Fantaisie pour la Harpe sur la marche des deux Avares, The Dirge in Cymbeline, Second Simphonie pour la Harpe seule par Mme [Anne-Marie] Krumpholtz, Lieber Augustine, Cease your Funning by Martha Greatorix, Ou vous dirai je Maman by Cardon, Ar Hyd y Nôs Welsh air with variations by Weippert, La Chasse, Les Echo's, La Carnivale de Venise.
On the inside front cover: “Neville Wright 1815”
Paper book, in grey soft covers tied together with ribbon   42 p
FLE MS 20   [c.1850]
Book of songs: The Stars, The Robin, Our Cottage, The Rose, The River, Hark the Bonny Christ Church Bells, Come Follow Me, The Song of the Bees, The Sweet Birds, The Crystal Spring, Autumn, The Evening Bell.
With some music exercises at the back.
Inserted: Oer the waters by moonlight
On the front cover: “William Williamson Anderson February 1st 1851”
Paper booklet, in soft covers,    22 p + 1 f
FLE MS 21   [mid 19th century]
Pocket music book of songs, including: Glee, Love and Music, To the Gay Tournament; largely blank.
Paper book, in half-leather with gold fillets vellum covered boards   88 p
FLE MS 22   [early 19th century]
Pocket hymn book: The spacious firmanent on high (Handel); Grateful notes & numbers bring (Haydn); Meet & right it is to sing (Mozart); Praise O praise the name divine (Gluck); God our strength to thee I pray (Handel); Come ye that love the Lord (J. Smith); Awake my soul & with the sun (Handel); Glory to thee my God this night; Christians awake salute the happy morn (Hall); Lamb of God that in the bosom of the Father; Lord dismiss us with thy blessing.
Paper book, in half leather marbled paper covers, detached, stained by damp, with various stabbed holes   96 p
FLE MS 23   [early 19th century]
Manuscript music formerly of the Glasgow Society of Musicians:
1. Orchestra parts for ?an opera aria beginning “Te Semaco tu pure soddisfa ...”, for 1st and 2nd violin, viola, 1st and 2nd horn, bassoon, 2nd oboe, 26 pages.
2. “Duetto del Sigr Giacomo Tritto nell' Opera della vergine del Sole”, scored for voice, violins, viola and cora, 20 pages.
3. Romeo and Juliet, “Scena e Rondo Ombra adorata aspettan Del Sigr Maestro Zingarelli”, scored for violins, viola, clarinet, bassoon and horns, with a printed cartouche of music and flowers on the cover, 64 pages.
3 is inscribed on the front “from Birchall & Co”.
3 paper booklets
FLE MS 24   1840-1897
Account book, comprising:
Piano teacher's account ledger of Sophia D. Carpenter of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, detailing the lessons given to each pupil, 1863-1877.
Cash book for provisions paid to Chauncy Murch, April - May 1840.
Dressmaking cash book for Sophia Carpenter and A.D.C. 1868-1897.
Paper book, in half leather marbled paper boards, damaged and detached    initial pages cut away and lost, 272 pages remain
FLE MS 25   [?c.1900]
Book of Swedish songs: En Sangers Bon (I.S. Welhaven); Sno (Ellen von Heland); Ingalill (N. Lejdström).
Paper book, in half leather mottled paper covered boards, damaged, largely blank   116 p
FLE MS 26   [c.1850]
Book of piano pieces and songs with piano accompaniment.
p.1 The blue bells of Scotland, Griffin
p.6 Walse de Hummel, variation par Gelinek
p.20 Airs selected from the most celebrated operas of Rossini, arranged by Camille Pleyel, 31 June 1829
p.39 March in Pietro l'Ermito, Rossini
p.41 Prelude en ut majeur, by Ferdinand Pries
p.42 The Blue Bells of Scotland, p.47 Saw ye my father, p.52 My love she's but a lassie yet, p.54 Argyle is my name, all with accompaniment for violin or flute, by Haydn
p.59 La Dame Blanche, from the opera by Boëldieu
p.64 Se vuol ballare, from Mozart's Marriage of Figaro
p.68 A Sicilian Air, from which is taken the ballad Home Sweet Home, arranged with variations by Breathaupt
p.72 Variations on A Highland lad my love was born, by Lynch
p.78 The Battle of Prague, a sonata by Koyzwara (recte Kotzwara)
p.104 Unidentified
p.106 Paroles par Rogier
p.108 La Source par Blumenthal
p.118 Berceuse Javanaise
p.122 Moment de tristesse, air par Agnes Baroune von der Lund
p.124 La Marseillaise
p.129 Vivre Henri Quatre
p.148 Waltz, last composition of the late lamented Carl Maria von Weber
p.150 Invitation to the Waltz, Weber
p.160 A favourite air from the ballet of Nina, variations by Mayseder, arranged by F. Ries
p.180 Introduction for flute and piano by Bochsa
p.196 Scales
p.200 Introduction by S. Herold
p.236 Les mystères d'Isis ou la flute enchantée, by Mozart with variations by Abbot [Josef] Gelinek
p.245 Waltz by Latour, tirée des variations de Sul margine d'un rio
p.248 Rondeau by L. Jadin
p.263 Walse Allemande, for the harp with violin accompaniment by Corsin
p.279 Venice Carnival by Schulhoff
p.291 Air Suisse
p.296 Overture to the Magpie or the Maid melodrama, composed and arranged for piano by Henry R[owley Bishop]
p.299 French airs and the White Cockade
p.304 The Stop Waltz
p.307 Le reveil d'un beau jour, paroles de Betourné, musique de Malibran
p.313 Air Suisse
p.315 Le retour de Pierre
p.317 Waltzes, including by Mozart, and a Swiss Waltz, and by Dussek
p.361 Military duets, grand march by Logier
p.363 Te bien aimer, oh ma chère Zélie, a celebrated romance for the piano composed and dedicated to Miss Ade Corbigny by A. Klenger
p.371 Songe de J.J. Rousseau, for the piano by J.B. Cramer

Label on the front cover: Miss Steele
Inside front cover: Bought in the Caledonia Market June 1931, S. Grew, Birmingham
Paper book, half red morocco, some pages loose, paginated 1-80, 103-118, 121-126, 129-138, 147-170, 180-197, 200-263, 278-307, 312-373 (p.332-335 excised), 377-387 (p.384-385 excised)
FLE MS 27   1892-1894
Book of mainly German music, including waltzes, marches, mazurkas and polkas, for the piano and other instruments, with some English pieces, most numbered consecutively (up to 144), with a title index at the back. Occasional items are dated, in chronological order, in New York.
On the inside front cover: Fortmüller Masl geschrielen am 5 Janer 1892 New York 115 - 3rd Ave.
Paper book, in boards, spine lost, most pages detached and some lost   180 p
FLE MS 28   [c.1820s]
“Caldecott's Musical Miscellany MS Vol. I” , musical score book printed by Goulding D'Almaine, Potter & Co of 20 Soho Square, 124 New Bond St , London, and 7 Westmorland St, Dublin, almost filled with songs and pieces, most with titles, composers and some dates cited, some also with the source, especially M[usical] M[iscellany] vols 1-5 1729-1731, with an index of titles at the front, also a list of composers and dates (latest being 1821), and various verses and comments, some dated 1824 and 1829 by J.C.
Composers: Avison, Arne, Aldrich, Bird, Bach, Boyce, Battishill, Blow, Bassani, Bonocini, Bach Sebn, Clarke Jer, Croft, Carissimi, Corelli, Colonna, Caldava, Cooke Dr, Danby, Dupuis, Eccles, Ford, Geminiani, Giardini, O. Gibbons, Galliard, Gluck, Graun, Green Dr, Guglielmi, Jackson, Jomelli, Hayes Wm, Hasse, Haydn, Handel, Lawes W, Lawes H, Leo, Linley, Linley F, Locke, Morley, Marenzio, Mozart, Marcello, Martini, Nigri, Paxton, Palestrina, Purcell, Pergolesi, Pepusch, Puccini, Perez, Rameua, Reading, Stradella, Steffani, Sacchini, Smith, Handel, Travers, Traietta, Wise, Webbe, Weldon, Vinci, Worgan Dr.
Reversed: including more verses by J.C., various dated settings for psalm 100
On the inside front flyleaf: from Sarah James to Isabella Octavia Smithe with her affectionate love May 12th 1854 Alton Vicarage Hants.
Paper book, in half-leather marbled boards, with gold decoration and titles on the spine, paginated   [iv] + 191 + [iv] f
FLE MS 29   [c.1820s]
“Caldecott's Musical Miscellany MS Vol. II” , musical score book filled with songs and pieces, most with titles and some composers, with an index of titles and composers at the front.
Composers: Jn Clarke, T Clarke, Pergolesi, Abbot Gelinek, Lawes, Handel, Bach, Eccles, Scarlatti, Corelli, Waland, Dr Alcock, Rev W. Crowe, Weldon, H. Purcell, Newton, Gillin, Blow, Leveridge, Barrett, D. Purcell, Hillick, Le Moye, Lully, Lannieu, Dr Arne, R. Cox, Courtivill, Sabatino, Dr Hayes, Elford, Shield, Ht Abrams, Dr Croft, Crowe, Hasse.
On the inside front cover: from Sarah James to Isabella Octavia Smithe with her affectionate love May 12th 1854 Alton Vicarage Hants.
Paper book, in half-leather marbled boards, with gold decoration and titles on the spine, paginated   [ii] + 194 + [ii] f
FLE MS 30   [c.1820s]
[“Caldecott's Musical Miscellany MS Vol. III”] , musical score book printed by Goulding D'Almaine, Potter & Co music publishers and musical instrument sellers of 20 Soho Square, with a cartouche sculp by F. Bartolozzi, filled with songs and pieces, most with titles and some composers, with an index of titles and composers at the back, and various verses at the front and comments on John Barratt at the back.
Composers: Farmer, Tudway, Courtiville, Turner, Leveridge, Purcell, Weldon, Eccles, Brown, Barrett, Green, D. Purcell, Handel, Jenkins, H. Lawes, Croft, Abel, R. King, James Hart, Carey, H. Hall, Boyce, Mattox, Gregory, Wise, Galliard, C. Taylor, Gluck, Weldon, Latour, Dr Blow, Pack, Berenclow, Stafford, Oswald, Colman, Baptist, Robert King, Isaac, Elford, Himenes.
On the inside front cover: from Sarah James to Isabella Octavia Smithe with her affectionate love May 12th 1854 Alton Vicarage Hants.
Paper book, in half-leather marbled boards, detached, spine lost, paginated    [iv] + 238 + [iv] f
FLE MS 31   [?early 1830s]
“Caldecott’s Music Miscellany” MS Vol. IV , musical score book filled with songs and pieces, most pieces have composers and/or titles, some dated 1730, 1731, 1794, 1830, 1831. The book seems to have been in use since as in quite a few pieces there are finger numbers noted to help the performer.
Composers: S. Aknoyde, Alcock, Arne, I. Backwell, C. Balsano, Banister, Baptiste, W. Barker, Barret, Bassani, Dr Blow, Boyce, T. Campion, Carey, Casani, Charles, Chilcot, N. Cloes, I. Courle, Courteville, Croft, R. Dering, Dieupart, J. Eccles, Galliard, Geminiani, Dr Christ. Gibbons, D. Gibbons, W. Goff, John Goodgroome, Graves, Green, Handel, J. Hart, P. Hart, P. Humphrys, John Jackson, Jeffreys, Jones, T. Killick, Rob. King, Will. King, Lamp, Nic. Lanneare, Matthew Locke, H. Lowes, Will. Lowes, Monroe, Cap. Parke, Potter, D. Purcell, H. Purcell, Ravencroft, V. Richardson, Dr Ben. Rogers, Rowes, W. Senhouse, Sheeles, Rob. Smith, Stafford, Steffani, Trevers, W. Turner, John Walter, George Warns, Will. Webb, J. Weldon, W. Weldon, D. Wilson, Mich. Wise, J. Whitaker.
With a poem by William Strode (d1644) on the inside front cover and notes on the back cover about a composition by Thomas Hillick in the style of Orlando Gibbons, added in 1829
On the inside front cover: from Sarah James to Isabella Octavia Smithe with her affectionate love May 12th 1854 Alton Vicarage Hants. Also poem by William Strode (d1644)
Paper book, in half-leather marbled boards, paginated    [ii] + 238 + [ii] f
FLE MS 32   [mid 19th century]
“ The Earl of Shrewsbury Manuscript Music Book” filled with pieces and hymns. Most pieces are not given the composer, some do not have any indication of the title or the composer, including pieces for piano, piano, flute and 3 voices, piano and flute, with some notes on harmony part writing, scales, and pieces for clarinet, blank from p.49 on.
Composers: C. Edgar Ford, Haydn, G.F. Handel, Henry Purcell, [Frantisek Kosczawa].
Some of the pieces for which a composer was not given: a duet for 2 performers on 1 piano forte, ‘He Dies, the Friend of Sinners Dies’ for flute, voice and piano forte, ‘Before Jehova’s Awful Throne’, a solo for a flute and a piano forte.
Paper book, in gold edged calf covered boards, some damage, front board detached, paginated, with red morocco title panel on the front   [iv] + 140 + [vi] f
FLE MS 33   [1777]
Manuscript music book, inscribed W[illiam] Lowther on the first flyleaf, filled with musical pieces, songs and hymns. Quite a few of the pieces do not have any indication of the composer, mainly piano, also piano and ?violin, violin and harp, chorus and solo voices, anthem, 3 voices, and other songs/glees, some reversed.
Composers: Abel, Arnold, Bach, Fran. Forcer, Handel, Rev. Mason, Vento.
Some of the pieces for which composers are not stated: several minuets, a sonata, ‘Song in La Buona’, ‘Thou O God Art Praised in Sion’, ‘Mynstrelles Songe’, ‘The Death Song of Cherokee Indians’, ‘La Belle Catherine’, ‘Oh Nancy wilt Thou’, ‘The Wandering Sailor’, ‘Hymn for Easter Day’, ‘The Nativity. A Favourite Hymn’, ‘Mad Tom’.
Paper book, gold edged leather covered pasteboards, rear cover detached, spine lost   43 f
FLE MS 34   [mid 19th century]
Manuscript music book of pieces for piano, piano and violin, piano and voice.
Composers: F.M. Bartholdy, Dessauer, Donizetti, Keller, Reissiger, Schubert (lyrics in Russian). Quite a few pieces are stated to have been copied from Madame Lvoff’s book at Heidelberg. Schubert’s piece is interrupted for two pages by an unfinished music score and lyrics which consist of two words ‘burya mgloyu’, which are the two first words of A.S. Pushkin’s poem ‘Winter Evening’ or ‘Winter Night’, after Reisser’s piece; the entirety of the first verse of the poem can be found written out as if it was going to be lyrics, but no music score is present. One of the pieces from Madame Lvoff’s book appears to be Mozart’s ‘Sei Notturni’ however written down in 4/4 rather than more traditional for this piece 2/4. Another piece copied from Madam Lvoff’s appears to have been written to a poem by D.P. Oznobishin ‘I Loved’ (lyrics in Russian), the composer is not stated. Some reversed.
Paper book, marbled boards   55 p
FLE MS 35   1770
‘Sei Overture. Viola’. Title page: ‘Overture. Con Violini, Viola, Oboe, Corni, Basso. Di Diversi Maestri. 1770. Viola.’ 6 overtures by Italian composers: Sales, Misliweceh, Monza, Tasman, Franchi and Celestini.
Paperback book, front cover decorated with depictions of musical instruments, Cupid playing pianoforte and a faun playing a pan flute, Carloni del., Bombelli sculp.   14 p
FLE MS 36   [c.1860]
Music book of songs, piano and voice, with titles but no composers: ‘Thy Voice is Near’, ‘The Little Hero (A Tale of the Atlantic)’, ‘The Gates of the West’, 'Mother's With The Angels There of The Orphan's Prayer', ‘The Ring My Mother Wore’.
With 2 loose piano studies at the back.
Paper book, dark red leather cover, ‘Manuscript Music’ impressed on the front cover with gold with a black ornamented border   20 f + 2 f loose
FLE MS 37   [later 19th century]
Music school exercise book; the first page contains notes on writing music down written in pencil, with the notes practised on the next page. Otherwise blank.
Paperback book, ‘Lease No…… Manuscript Book for the Mandoline Harp Co., Music School. Head Office: 7, Highbury Mansions, Upper Street, Islington, N[1]. Local School. Name:……’ printed on the front cover. The front cover is signed by Mary E. Carter. Bottom right corner of the book is quite badly damaged.   16 f
FLE MS 38   1840s
Manuscript music book of mostly English with some Italian piano and piano/voice pieces, inscribed on first flyleaf [Revd] 'E.J. Williams' [vicar of Caldicott]. For quite a few, composers are not stated. Composers: Captain Aides, Bishop Heber, Johannes Bishop, Callcot, F. Christy, Csouch, Dolores, Mrs Groom, Guglielmo, Havergil, A. Lindahl, G. Rossini, E. Schubr, Stevenson, I. Thalberg, F. Trider, C.M. Weber. Some of the pieces for which composers were not given: ‘Bright Be Thy Dreams’, ‘1st Variation’, ‘Bridal Galoppe’, ‘Joy to the High Born Dame of France’ (from Oberon, comp. C.M. von Weber), ‘A Finland Song’, a waltz performed as a duet with some notes as to who the performers were, ‘Thy Will Be Done!’, march and waltz dated 1838, ‘Oh Here is to the Year that’s Awa’, ‘Care Thou Canker of Our Joy’, ‘Barcarola Napolitana’, ‘Hark the Herald Angels’, ‘Solitude’, ‘Steiriches lied’, ‘Absence’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Ring Out Wild Bells’, ‘A Maggio'.
Paper book, marbled boards, leather spine with gold decoration   51 f
FLE MS 39   [1880s-1890s]
American manuscript scrap book, inscription on the back of the back cover identifies it as belonging to Miss M'Intyre, 227 Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, PA. First part of the book to p.19 is filled with Biblical quotes and references, with the latter part used as a music-themed scrapbook filled with poems, newspaper cuttings, envelopes (some of them empty), greeting cards and invitations, concert programmes, a biography of Josef Hofmann and other memoranda.
Concert programmes: John F. Rhodes Recital 1886, Princeton College Glee and Banjo Club Concert, Theodore Thomas Concerts 1891, Yale Glee and Banjo Club Spring Tour 1890.
Newspaper cuttings: 'Got Rich on Credit', 'A Rose Wedding', puff-paste and toffee recipies, 'Jerusalem', 'The Thomas Orchestra', 'Honoring Mr Thomas', 'Moody and M'Neil', 'A World's Conference', 'Our Bible Institute', 'Students' Conference'.
Invitations: 19th Annual Contest of Franklin and Washington and Philo and Union Literary Societies Washington and Jefferson College 1889, a wedding of Margaretta Cameron and John Clark.
Poems: 'Legend of the Craisbill', 'Her Only Fault', 'La Feuille', 'Sestine'.
Letters: Sarah A. Randolph 1892, J.J. Kealy 1903.
Printed booklet Biography and Musical Career of Josef Hofmann (1888)
Marbled boards, leather spine (damaged) with gold decorations.   55 f + various loose items
FLE MS 40   [mid 19th century]
Manuscript copy of Haydn's quartet in D minor Op 33 No 2 “The Joke”, all 4 parts present, from the collection of Max Handl, a member of the Rosé quartet from 1930-1933 and the Viennese Symphoniker; front cover is also signed Steiger.
Paperback, marbled cover, a heart shaped title panel with the title and signature of the owner on the front cover   16 f
FLE MS 41/1-4   [mid 19th century]
Manuscript copy of Weber’s Grand Piano Quartet in B flat major for piano, violin, viola and cello, all 4 parts present, from the collection of Max Handl, a member of the Rosé quartet 1930-1933 and the Viennese Symphoniker, produced in Bonn by N. Simroch; Wiessner. With notes for the performers made in ink and pencil.
Paperback, some pages are loose, with the signature of the owner on the front cover   21 f
FLE MS 42   [mid 19th century]
Manuscript copy of Lubin’s Variations Concertante for pianoforte and violin, Wiessner lehrer, from the collection of Max Handl, a member of the Rosé quartet 1930-1933 and the Viennese Symphoniker.
FLE MS 43   [c.1800]
Language:  Latin & Dutch
Manuscript page of tones for the psalms in Latin and Magnificat in Dutch.
1 f 
FLE MS 44   [later 19th century]
Language:  French
French manuscript music book, printed by S.G.D.G., Paris. Belonged to Renee Dantedeau. Filled with songs, lyrics in French, mostly by 19th century composers, most of whom have been active in the second half of the 19th century. A table of contents is at the end of the book. Composers: G. Alary, Auber, Chopin, Donizetti, Duprato, Faure, Nicolas Ferri, Paolo Gosli, Ch. Gounod, Gumbert, Halevy, Princesse L. Kotchoubey, Liudpainter, Victor Masse, Meyerbeer, Olaginer, Etienne Rey, Anoton Rubinstein, Gustave de Suede, Thomas, Wekerlin. Some of the pieces for which composers are not stated: ‘Le Voyage de l’Amour et du Tempts’, ‘Le Bonheurre qui Passe. Serenade’, ‘Patron des Mateloto’,‘La Legende de Saint Nicolas’.
79 f 
FLE MS 45/1-3   [early 20 century]
Language:   Russian
Three Russian manuscripts each containing a song. One page is marked as having been printed by M.G.K. (Moscow State Conservatory). Most lyrics in Russian. Uses pre-revolutionary spelling which most likely places it before the 1920s. The references to 'Grandfather Frost' in the second manuscript places it either in really late 19th century or 20th century. All manuscripts including the terms in the music are in the same or very similar handwriting.
1: Song entitled 'Cloud (Tuchka)', Op. 49 No 3 by Ceasar Cui, a Russian composer and music critic active in the second half of the 19th and early 20th century, a member of the Mighty Five group of Russian composers.
2: Song entitled 'Happy/Fun Grandfather (Veseliy ded)' by P. Tyenchitskiy referring to Grandfather Frost, a mythological figure associated with winter, winter forest, Christmas and New Year.
3: 'Berceuse' from B. Godard's Opera 'Jocelyn' with lyrics in Russian and French.
8 f 
FLE MS 46/1-4   [later 19th century]
Language:   German
Four muscript male voice part books “Grabgesänge” with lyrics in German for Tenor I, Tenor II, Bass I and Bass II, with some pieces reversed. The books mostly contain the same pieces though some of them contain one or two pieces that some of the others do not have. Composers include: H. Berggrun, J.T. Componir, J.L. Elsasser, J. Faisst, Franz F. Fleming, Ch. Hohlfeld, Z. Kaluscha, V. Kreuzer, Lewandowski, M. Pereles, Alice Rothschild, Fr. Schneider, Sulzer. Some of the pieces for which composers were not stated: Jubilaums gesange, Haneros Halolu.
70 f 
FLE MS 47   [1750s]
Language:  Italian
Manuscript music book filled with 3 solo cantatas by Nicola Romaldi, the first being titled “L'Amante Tradito. Cantata à Soprano solo con Violini” and the second just “Cantata à Soprano solo con Violini”.
42 f 
FLE MS 48   1857
Manuscript book of trumpet pieces, inscribed with “Thomas Bird” on the front and “W. Bird” at the back. Filled with mainly dances, songs and marches numbered 1-94. Some of the pieces: March, God Save the Queen, Battershill Chaunt, The Pleasure of Sprughton, Hylands Humour, Darkies All, Oyster Girl, Pop Goes the Weasel, Lady of the Lake, Haste to the Wedding, Irish Washing Woman, Polka, White Cockade, Country Dance, Gallopade, Off She Goes, Fear e Flower, The Swiss, Teddy the Tiler, The King Pippin Polka, Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself, La Polil, The Girl ? Behind Me, Shepherds Hay, Buffalo Girls, Beautiful Star in Heaven So Bright, Nightingale Polka, La Poole, Gentle Anne, Horny Steps Hornpipe, So Early in the Morning, The Devil Among the Tailors, The Cottage by the Sea, I'd Choose to be a Fairy, Wille We Have Missed You, Let Me His Pim for His Mother, Queen of Beauty, Maggie May, Not for Joseph, Mouse Traps, Quadrille on Popular Air, Champagne Charlie, He Meet Thee in The Lane, Stonewall Jackson Schottische, Mabel Waltz, The Triumph Country Dance, Liverpool Hornpipe, Clifford Hornpipe, Washington, Harvest Home, Glengarvel Hornpipe, Bristol Hornpipe, Speed The Plough, Flower of Edinburgh, Manchester Hornpipe, Peter Plrut Hornpipe, Collin's Hornpipe, Barley Mow Hornpipe, Money Musk Scotch Reel, Crystal Palace Reel, Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue, Barney Brallaghan, Sir Roger de Coverley, Corn Rigs, Soldier's Joy, First Love Waltzes, Favorite Redowa, The Wedding Polka, Annie Song, Strauss Favorite Polka, Lancashire Lass, The Celebrated 'England Quadrille', St Patrick's Day in The Morning, Green Grow the Rushes Oh, Rose Tree, Summer Flower Waltz, Love Polka.
48 f 
FLE MS 49   [c.1900]
Manuscript album leaf, a piano piece by W. Wolstenholme.
2 f 
FLE MS 50   [1810s]
Language:   French
Manuscript French music book titled “G.R.F.C.D.L.R.L.” on the front and “Airs Romances Duos Nocturnes” on the spine, filled with songs mainly for piano and voice, with a table of contents at the front. Composers: Anson, Balochi, Beuguiere, Blangini, Boieldieu, Bouflers, Carbonel, Cartufo, Choron, Comte, D'Esaugiers, Dalmivare, Dourtens, Dugazon, Fischer, La Fond, Gail, Garat, Gatayes, Gaveaux, Gilles, Goule, Gretry, Jadin, Linus, Gretry Neveu, Nicolo, Var Messonnier, La Mote, Ouvrad, Paesiello, Paccini, Pertosa, Plantade, Pollet, Theodore Poussez fils, Romagnes, J.J. Roussseau, Saint-Severin, Solie, Sophie, Staes, Vaillant, Versius. Pieces for which composers are not stated: Beaux Damois-sel, Le Chevalier Errant, L'Ane, Exce's D'amour Exce's de l'ele, Nus Fraiche que Le Matin, Vous Mequitez pour Aller a la Gloire, Vous qui Sur Ces Montagnes, La Fantome ou L'angelus, Elle Aima Toujours ou la Dance Laurence, Le Castel Antique, Je Te Revois, La Nouvelle Nina, C'est une Larme, Je Pense a Vous, Suite de Pensez, La Suissesse au Bord du Lac, Un Jour de Plus Beau de Ma Vie, L'amour apres Mointe Victoire, Une Rose a L'agonie, Le Retour Ma Chaumiere, L'age d'ou, d'Estelle, Salut o Jour Fois Heureux, Le Vaisseau ou Le Retour en France, Le Serenade Baccarole Venitienne, God Save the King, Le Chant de Midi, Bois Muet Sombre Asile, Les Moissonneurs, Ma Paine a D'esance L'aurore, Salut o Divine Esperance, Ni Jamais Ni Toujours, Fleur de Tage, Plasir d'Aimeau, Ronde De La Veillee Villageoise, La Buveur, Roland Chant Guerrier, La Bella Rastorella, Colin Se Plaint De Ma Riguer, L'Ecoutez Gentes Damoiselles, Plaisir d'Amour Embellisait la Vie, Le Beau Tristan, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.
[ii] + 541 p 
FLE MS 51   [later 18th century]
Manuscript book of English service settings for matins (variously Te Deum, Benedictus, Jubilate, Nicene Creed, Deus Miseratur) and evensong (Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis) by; Thomas Tallis, Richard Farrant, William Child in F, Adrian Batten, William Child in A, William Bird in D, Elway Bevin, Wiliam Boyce in A, William Boyce in C, Albertus Bryan in G, Charles King in F, Charles King in C, [William] Child in G, [William] Boyce in A, Charles King in B, Dr [James] Nares in ?G, [Orlando] Gibbons in F, [Samuel] Arnold in G
Paper book, covers lost, originally perhaps 3 separate volumes now bound together with pages excised from the front of 1 (?20), the back of 2 (2), and the front (54) and back (c.20) of 3   67 f
FLE MS 52   1845
“Round for 6 bass voices From an ancient round for 4 voices the other parts added by Novello”
Paper   1 f, ?excised from a volume
FLE MS 53   [early 19th century]
Manuscript music for [piano] (1804, by ?Winter; variations on the tune of David the Prophet; Waterloo) and piano/voice (The Friar of Orders Gray by Callcott), possibly in the hand of Tryphena Trist.
Paper   5 f
Formerly Cornwall County Record Office; purchased at Pendarves Archive sale at Penzance, 4 June 2013.
FLE MS 54   [?1777]
Language:  Italian & English & French
Songs, mostly Italian with instrumental accompaniment: A Fevorite Song Sung by Sigr Tenducci In the Opera of Cosroè Composed by Sigr Tomaso Giordani; Siga Ristorini Nelle Pazzie dOrlando; Song Sigra Grassi; Care Luce che regnate ... ; L'Assemblea; Volgi o cara un solo... ; Catch - The Fairy Prince; Artasere; Dorma sul margine... ; duet Sorge l'alba; Non dubbitane.. .; Qui veut acheter...
Signed by Louisa Bertie on the inside front cover.
Paper book, in marbled boards with a leather spine, and a red morocco gold-edged title panel   2 + 40 + 1 f
FLE MS 55   1825
Language:   Italian
Manuscript Italian song book, for guitar, voice and piano, 10 songs, titled “Canzonoine Seneziane scelte”.
Inscribed on the front cover Anne Gordon Venice 1825.
Paper book in speckled soft covers, detached, with a central title panel   20 f
FLE MS 56   1825
Language:   Italian
Manuscript Italian song book, for guitar, voice and piano, 10 songs, titled “Canzonoine Seneziane scelte”.
Inscribed on the front cover Anne Gordon Venice 1825.
Paper book in speckled soft covers, detached, with a central title panel   20 f
FLE MS 57   [c.1810]
Manuscript music book of [piano] exercises, inscribed A.M. Stretton on the first flyleaf
Paper book, marbled covers, detached, leather spine, a torn folio repaired   37 f
FLE MS 58   [c.1810]
Manuscript music book of [piano] pieces, identified ones: Louis von Esch, La Colombe Retionare and Fantasie; ?Luces Devake, La Contrariante; Piece Militaire; Rondo; von Esch, Romance; Mineure; from Wolfe's Ne Plus Ultra; Life Let Us Cherish with 8 variations; L.C. Nielson, Niel Gow's Cattar Herring; from Cramer's Examples; Cramer, Scherezando; Abbe Vogler, from Hass's Selection; Hass, theme Mozart, variation Abbe Gelmuk; theme Mozart, variation Kirmair; Nielson, George Kenlock; von Esch, March; Dr Clarke, Merip Megan, Welsh arrangement; Stebelch, The Beautiful Maid; Hasse, Thema Martini Forster; How Sweet the Voice of Her I Love; La Tour, the Copenhagen Waltz; Handel's Water Piece
Inscribed on the inside front cover: Ann Maria Stretton died Sep 23rd 1814.
Paper book, marbled covers, leather spine   74 f
FLE MS 59   [c.1800]
Language:   Italian
“Salmo 136 Il Prigioniero In Babilonia Musica Del Sr Mo Ambrogio Minoja Censore del J.R. Conso di Musica in Milano” for voice and instrumental accompaniment (?string quartet) composed by Minoja (1752-1825)
Paper book, no covers   56 f
FLE MS 60   [early 1900s]
Manuscript music book, bound in Peshawar, filled with instrumental pieces. Composers: Barwood, Bishop, Bonniseaw, Clinton, M. Coy, Darnare, G. Davson, Elgar, R. Elinberg, F. Filipovsky, Fred Godfrey, W. Grant-Jones, J. Green, F. Joyce, Kling, Kuhlaw, Laure Micheli, Myddleton, Nicholson, J. Perry, Rossini, Ch. Le Thiere, Thomas, F. Thorne, E.W. Waile, Harrington Young, J.H. Young. Some pieces for which composers are not stated: Romance & Polacca, Song & Varie, Home Sweet Home, The Swiss Boy, Coming Thro' the Rye, Blue Bells of Scotland, Keel Row, The Fall of Pearls, Adelade, Reguava hel Silemyio.
Paper book, hardback, boards covered in fabric, leather along the spine, spine damaged, some pages cut out    [i]+64+[i] f
FLE MS 61   [c.1900]
Language:   French
Manuscript music book, according to the book plate, belonged to Prince Roland Bonaparte (1858-1924). Contains Mascitti's Op 1-4.
Paper book, hardback, leather cover, decorated spine, slightly worn    [i]+31 f
FLE MS 62   [c.1821]
Language:  English & French
Manuscript music book filled with piano songs and pieces. Inscription on the fly leaf identifies owner as Miss Windus and period as 1821. Book also used reversed for practising note writing. Composers: Cardon, G. Kialemark, A. Leduc, V. Pucitta, B. Schroeder, Schubert. Some pieces for which composers are not stated: La Colomba Retrouvee, The Cobler's Whistle, Once a Maiden Spring, Go Rover Go, Home! Sweet Home!, A Voice Whispered Softly Dear Mary, God Save the King, Isabella Waltz, Canadian Boat Song, Caller Hening, La Nouvelle Fantasia, O! Nanny Willl Thou, Isabel, The Carnival of Venice, Galoppade, Gavotte de Veshis, The Sailor's Grace.
Paper book, hardback, marbled boards, red leather spine, spine damaged    [ii]+61+[i] f
FLE MS 63   [c.1801]
Manuscript music book printed in London for Goulding, Philipps and D'Almaine Music Sellers, 45 Pall Mall, filled with piano pieces. Much of the book is empty. Composers: Keller, Purcell. Some of the pieces for which composers are not stated: The Mouth of Nile, Haunted Tower, Duetto, Turkish Quick Step in the Battle of Prague, Ar Hya Y Nos, March in Blue Beard, Madam Hillersberg's Dance, Lauretto, Prince's Favorite, Prelude in the Minor Key, Quick March, The Honey Moon, Curly Locks, Allegro, The Royal Quick Step, Sir Sydney's Escape.
Paper book, hardback, leather with gold border, decorated spine, badly damaged, parts of spine missing, watermarked 1801    [ii]+48+[i] f
FLE MS 64   [mid 19th century]
Manuscript music book that belonged to A.E. Andrews of Claxby Rectory filled with vocal pieces. Pieces: A Fox Went Out, A Lapland Song, Annie's Tryst, Dinna Foyet, Don't Let It Happen Again, Follow, Follow, German Watchman's Song, Good Night, Hagar's Prayer, Hours of Happy Childhood, Let it Pass, Long Time Ago, March, Mary Jonieson, My Merriles Chant, Shall I Wasting in Despair, Soft, Soft Music is Stealing, Spanish Air, Sun of My Soul, The Gipsy Countess, The Rainy Day, The Beoper and the Flowers, There's He Luck, The Three Fishers, Three Little Kittens, Three Mice, Vive La Compagnie, The Elfin Waltz, When Mother Sends for Anything, Work While You Work.
Paper book, blue cover with dark blue leather along the spine, spine damaged, golden decorations on the spine, title of the book in golden letters on the front cover, some pages cut out, table of contents on a loose page in the end    [i]+63+[i] f
FLE MS 65   1827
Manuscript music book that belonged to Eliza Pettigrew, Croydon Barracks. Composers: Barnett, T.H. Bayly, Bishop, M. Dunnios, Miss Foote, J. Hart, Alex Lei, J. Smith, J. Stromson, W. Turnbull, J.A. Ward, Whitaker. Some of the pieces for which composers are not stated: Hark From Yonder Holy Pile, And Ye Shall Walk in Silk Attire, Nubian Girl's Song, Tho 'Tis All But A Duam, Not A Drum Was Heard, The Plain Gold Ring, Though Now We Part, Come Take the Harp, Tell Me Not, Your Heart And Lute, Flow On Thou Shining River, Wake Dearest Wake!, Twere Vain To Tell Thee All I Feel, My Native Land Good Night, Song Of La Fleur Dune Heure, Song Of The Bee Flower.
Hardback, marbled boards, damaged, blue leather spine with gold decorations, damaged, a note attached to the last page of sheet music    [ii]+64+[ii] f
FLE MS 66   [early 19th century]
Manuscript music book with a label for J. Smith, Liverpool, filled with early 19th century songs. Composers: Dr Alcock, Bayly, Rev J.E. Beckwith, Dr Beekurth, J. Bottomly, D.C. Brown, Dr Chard, Dr Cook, Matthew Cornidge, Dr Crotch, Dr Dupuis, Rev Fitzherbert, Rev R.P. Guadenough, Handel, Hayes, Jackson, John March, Wm. March, Wm. Mather, Wm. Muttow, Dr Puis, Purcell, Dr Randall, Reed, Wm. Russell, Wm. Sitchfield, Sheppard, Soper, Spencer, J. Taylor, Dr Woodward. Reversed: Stirling, Hundredth Psalm, Wimbledon, Sicilian Marines, Alfred, Melcombe, Montgomery, Old Thread, Hale, Evening Hymn by J. Simpson, Bostock, Old Loughts, Warrington, Derby 100, Reeds 100, St Peters, Islington, Portugal, Union, Sirge, Burdswrth, Salem, Bishopthorpe, Messiah, Bethlehem, St Mirren, Lynn, Newtown, Beaumaris, Tranquillity, Job, Martyrdom, Condescension, Smyrna, Sabaoth, Mount Pleasant, Loving Kindness, Communion, Scotch Air, D.C.M. Pleyel, Orlington, Weber's 7, Sardis, Stirling, Woodford, Come Holy Spirit, Hallelujah, Dreams of Heaven, Sleep and Forget, Sing Me To Sleep, Ora Pro Nobis by Piccolomeni, Aberystwyth by Joseph Perry, Glorious Devon by Edward German, Vale by Kennedy Russell, The Skipper by W.H. Jude, Song Of The Bow by Florence Aylward.
Paper book, hardback, marbled boards, dark brown leather decorated spine, spine damaged, some pages and parts of pages cut out    [iiii]+51+[iiii] f
FLE MS 67/1-6    1860-1875
1: Manuscript music book that belonged to J.A. Shaftoe, York filled with songs. Songs: Won't You Volunteer?, Scatter Seeds of Kindness by Vail, Mary and Martha and Pharaoh's Army.
2: An invitation addressed from G. Douglas, Superintendant, and J. Atlay Shaftoe, Chief Templar and Secretary to the Executive, to the Annual Team Meeting of Juvenile Temples dated 1 November 1875.
3: A draft of an advertisement being an invitation to join the Juvenile Templars in verse.
4: Printed sheet music of Song of The Band of Hope by James H. Croxall.
5: Manuscript sheet music and lyrics of a song starting Sying on My Dying Bed.
6: Member's ticket of 'Sheriff-Hutton Band of Hope' dated 1860.

A small paper book, worn, sheets of paper containing lyrics attached to first four pages   6 p, loose pieces of paper inside
FLE MS 68   24 January 1840
Language:  French, English, Russian
Manuscript music book that belonged to 'Kitty' filled with songs and piano pieces, lyrics mostly in French, two in English and nine in Russian. Pieces: Walse, Galop de Czerni, Bonheur de se Revoir, Il Serienolsa Demain Matin (music by Mme Caroline, lyrics by Mr Brisser), La Jeune Indienne (music by Desire Lenire, lyrics by Leon Maleoi), Te Doi te Pur (Tyrolienne), Nanna Ballade (music by Panseron, lyrics by Casuiur Delarigne), La Queteude Romance (music by Romagnesi, lyrics by Andrasde), L'Anglaise a Saris Walse (music by Panseron, lyrics by Ulric Guttinger), La Brigintine ou Se Depart, Le Coure Feu Ballade (music by Mad. Santine Duchambge, lyrics by de Courey), Bibi. Chantonette (music and lyrics by F. Besar), L'Anglaise Melomane Chanson (music and lyrics by A. de Beauplan), La Fete de Hommeau, Tyrana amorase polonaise, El Contrabandista, Oft in the Still Night (Scotch air lyrics in English), Macleans Welcome (lyrics in English), Here Comes the Brave Troika (lyrics in Russian), Cherkessian Song (music by Alyabyev, lyrics in Russian), Talisman (lyrics in Russian), Singer (lyrics in Russian), Black Shaw (lyrics in Russian), Malorossian Song (lyrics in Russian), Aurora is Shining for Us (lyrics in Russian), Heart is Aching (lyrics in Russian), Leon, Love me (lyrics in Russian). There is also a poem A Madame le M-ise de Gabriac.
Paper book, hardback, dark burgundy cover, worn along the spine and the edges of the cover, gilt edged, one page and section of another page cut out   [i[+59+[ii] f
FLE MS 69-72   [c.1800]
Four manuscript partbooks, containing mostly quartets, duos and a movement from Camilla by [Giovanni] Bononcini (1670-1747), all mostly blank.
69: partbook for first violin.
70: partbook for second violin.
71: partbook for tenor, containing one Aria, lyrics in English.
72: partbook for bass.

Four paper books, marbled papercover, spines worn and damaged   25 p each
FLE MS 73   [mid-19th century]
Language:   Italian
Manuscript paper book that belonged to Mrs Bayly filled with duos from Italian operas. Composers: Bellini (died 1835), Donizetti (1797-1848), Mercadante (1795-1870), Paear (1771-1839), Rossini (died 1868).
Paper book, hardback, marbled cover, burgundy leather along the spine and in the corners, golden decorations of harps/lyres along the spine, section of the last page of sheet music cut out    165+[i] f
FLE MS 74   [18th century]
Manuscript paperbook sold by Peter Randall, Lute and Violin, the Corner of Paulgroves Head Court in the Strand near Temple Bar, London, filled with pieces: To Arms, Brittans Strike Home, The Slow Minuet, Honours, Happy Groves Round, Prince Eugen's March, Dolbo, Pritty Poll, Charming Craturs, Ianthey ?[Ianthe], Shores Trumpet, Dams of Honour, Sublingny's Minuet, Round & Minuet, Laines Minuet, A New Minuet, The Shamham, A Song in Dryden's Last Play, A Song Tune, Dear Pretty Youth, Shore's Trumpet Tune, Treble, Celia has a Thousand Charms (by Hen. Purcell), Tamotanto, William and Margaret. Reversed: Cantata, Da'l Signor Pepusch, Maiden Fresh as a Rose.
Hardback, brown leather cover, golden decorations, spine, binding and cover damaged   45 p
FLE MS 75   [early 20th century]
Manuscript sheet music of the piano score for The Barrel Organ, lyrics by Alfred Noyes, music by Herbert E. Hames.
Paper sheets, originally attached together, but some falling out, worn    [ii]+3 f
FLE MS 76   1858
Manuscript waltzes transcribed ?for violin, [owned by] William Whittaker, musician, of Hull, Beverley Road End. Pieces: Traviata waltzes by Montogu; Dreams of Childhood, Blue Eyes waltzes by Montgomery; La Marquiese waltzes; Mesmeric waltzes; First Love waltzes by H. Farmer; Haunt of the Fairies by C.D. Albert; Trovatore waltzes by C.D. Albert; Georgette waltzes by C.D. Albert; Flowers of Hope waltzes by Hoffman; Queen of the Ball waltzes by C.D. Albert; Nancy waltzes; Summer Flower waltzes by Tinney; Lucresia waltzes by Jullien; Fair Star waltzes by C.D. Albert; Lily of the Valley waltzes by C.D. Albert; Estella waltzes; Violet waltzes; Empress Quadrill by H. Farmer; Somanbru La Quadrill by C.D. Albert; Lucia De Lammer Moor Quadrill by H. Farmer; Lucrezia Borgia Quadrill by C.D. Albert; Musketeers Quadrill by Montgomery; Quadrill of the Nations by H. Farmer; La Marseillaise French; Warriors Joy German; Lucrezia Borgia Quadrill by Bossisio; North York Polka; I Were Vain to Tell The All I Know.
1858 Almanack used as a pastedown at the front.
Paper book, leather spine, paginated   i + 75 p
FLE MS 77   [later 19th century]
Manuscript music book of waltzes and dances, piano pieces and songs with piano accompaniment, [owned by] Miss Robinson
Gallopade; Mayourka; The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls; Come Love To Me; Favorite Munchen Waltz by Held; Grand Duke Nicholas Waltz; The Vienna Waltz; Massaroin Waltz; Alice Geary; Ye Banks and Braes; My Lodging is on the Cold Ground; A Jacobite Waltz by L van Beethoven; Waltz Beethoven; Waltz; Snuff Box Waltz; Quadrilles sur la Ballet ...; Waltz Beethoven; Snuff Box Waltz; Hark the Convent Bells are Singing; the Banks of Allan Water; Let Us Haste to Kelvin Grove; Where the Bee Sucks; the Soldier's Tear; Teach o Teach Me to Forget; When First We Met; Waltz by Chanlieu; Swiss Air; Waltz by W.H. Steil; La Nuit Profonde Course Le Monde; Grande Valse by Miss Le Langalerie; Kinloch of Kinloch; Come with the Gipsey Bride; Redowa Polka; Come with the Gipsey Bride; I Dreamt That I Dwelt.
Paper book, in marbled half leather covers, with gold lyres down the spine, and a central red morocco panel with the owner's name in gold lettering    iv + 64 + iv f
FLE MS 78   1794-1809
Language:  English and some Welsh
Manuscript music book of waltzes and dances for piano, and songs with piano accompaniment, in various hands, owned [?initially] by Jackson Barwis Esq of Marshalls, ?then added to later
Difyrwch Arglwyddes Owen's; Nôs Galan; Glân Meddwdod mwyn; Ymadawiad y Brenhin; Merch Megen; Anhawdd Ymadael; Megen a Gollod ei Gardas; The Kinegad Slashers; The Fairy Dance; Tekeli; The Nameless; Ap Shenkin; Daddy O'Connor; The Labyrinth; Caro Dolce; waltzes; a march and waltzes by Severite of the 18th Light Dragoons; a Russian waltz; Lady Anna Maria Stanhope's Fancy; a Selection of irish Melodies with Symphonies and Accompaniment by Sir J. Stevenson DMus and Characteristic Words by Thomas Moore Esq; Oh Think Not My Spirits Are Always As Light; Oh Breathe Not His Name; Go Where Glory Waits Thee; Fly Not Yet; Erin! The Tear and The Smile in Thine Eyes; As A Beam Oe'r The Face of the Waters May Glow; The Meeting of the Waters; Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore; Tho' The Last Glimpse of Erin; A Waltz frm Clementis Selection; Here's the Bower by T. Moore; Ah! Who Is That; Send Home my Long Stray'd Eyes 1809; Epitaph; The Tear by Hook; Kate Kearney; We May Roam Through This World; Prime of Life; Opera Hat; Montreal; Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; Miss Bristow's Favorite Pas Seul; Frine's A Tell Tale; The Harp That Once Thro Tara's Halls; Flauto Primo.
Paper book, in marbled half leather covers    ii + 90 + ii p
FLE MS 79   1838-1860
Manuscript book of piano pieces, waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and some songs, most with dates [?of copying], most 1838-1844:
Mrs Macdonald; Le Pantalon from Dos Santos Quadrilles; We Met by Miss Swettenham; The Hunchback; Gramachree; My Lodging is in the Cold Ground; Beethoven Waltz; Sul Margine d'un Rio; Connel; Auld Robin Gray; The Grenadiers' March; Ah Vous Dirai Je Mancau; Beethoven Waltz Le Desir; Kathleen O More; The Blue Bell of Scotland; Aurora Waltz; Give That Wreath To Me; The Light Of Other Days; Norwegian Air from Constable's Miscellany; Strauss Waltzes; Das Leben;The Rising Sun; Les Papillons; Le Bonheur De Se Revoir; Philomelen Waltz; Freuden Grusse Waltzes; The Adventurer Waltzes; Dos Santos 8th Set of Quadrilles Les Amiables arranged by A.C. Whitcouche; The Groves of Blarney by C. Czerney; Les Nouvelles; Mozart's Figaro by C. Czerney; A Greek Air by Lord Byron; Boat Song as Sung at Staffa; Russian Bells; Scaramuccia by Strauss; Fairy March in Oberon by Weber; Les Belles Du Nord; Elizabethan Waltz by Strauss; Deutsche Dust Waltzer by Johann Strauss; Where Hae Ye Been a Day My Boy by Tinney; Lady Neville; Der König Von Thule; Duet by Jowett; Canada by Arne; Saliere; Eppie Adair; Air Russe by Mozart; Of Noble Race Was Shrulein by Beethoven; Chevy Chase; Woodstock Town; From Pleyels Concertante; Marcia; Jack Sheppard Quadrilles; Blueshire; Sir Roland Trenchard; Thaseus Darrell; Threebore; Kinloch of Kinloch arranged by T. Powell; Die Petersburger by Strauss; Par ?Ensam Petit Ste Marie; Polish Military Waltz; Come Come to the Woodland by Jack Sheppard; The Vesper Trynen; The Blue Bells of Scotland; Fortuna Galop; The Opera Polka by Sgr Pugni; The Celebrated Oriignal Polka by Jullien; Coote's Don Pasquale Quadrilles; Die Elfen Waltzer by Labibzley; Buona Sera from Il Barbiere arranged by Burrowes; Zitti Zitti by Burrowes; Hilda Polka by C.D. Albert; Nuremberg Waltz; The Fenny Loves Waltz arranged by T. Parry; The Paris Waltz; Queen's Own Quadrille; Waltz by Lanner; Rodes' Air from Il Barbiere; La Wentworth by Weippert; Quadrilles by Griffin; God Save The Queen by Hertz; Arnolds, Jacksons, Devizes, French, Irish, Artaxerxes, Martyrdom, Caroline, Bedford, Pembroke, Sheffield, Scarborough all C.M.; Floriida Polka Mazerka by B.J. Misslen; La Drolette Polka Mazerka by C. Faust; Fanny Grey.
Paper book, in plain half leather covers, paginated   ii + 184 + ii pages
FLE MS 80   November 1844 - February 1845
Pencil drawings and sketches, and watercolour paintings of landscapes and scenes in Sindh Province, (then British India, now Pakistan), probably made on campaign. The scenes include various military encampments and boats, and occasional scale coloured plans, but the scenes are mainly of rocky landscapes.The volume is inscribed W.M.E. and some of the scenes are signed W.E., with some also being identified as from sketches by Captain [William Montagu Scott] McMurdo (1819-1894) A[rmy] Q[uartermaster-] G[eneral] (stationed at Sindh at this time). Many of the scenes are dated and identified, being around Sindh: Mulleeree, Pokrun (Pokun), Deyrah, Guibee (?Ghiaree River) including tombs, Liasee River, Lukkie (Lakki Hills), Muzzon Plain, Ootch (?Oot), Renne-ke-Kote (?Ranikot), Schwan (Sehwan), Seebree (Seebee), Shuhpoor (Shahpoor), Truckee. 59 images, some spread across the double page, one fold-out; some incomplete. With also a survey and calculations of the height of the Truckee Hills.
With a note by Simon Fleming about the volume, its dedication to his aunt, a companion volume not secured at auction but with some photographs from it, and a bibliography.
Paper book, marbled covers with a leather spine   73 f (including 1 f excised) + 2 f inserted + packet of 12 colour prints
FLE MS 81   September - December 1802
Miss Fleet's bill for lessons and music (itemised) from W. Parsons.
Paper   1 f
FLE MS 82   21 September 1939 - 11 July 1945
Personal cash book of J.L. Keeling of Holy Trinity vicarage, South Shields, recording income and expenditure, with at the back various accounts including sundry monies received, field day 1944 and baby expenses.
Paper book, in black hard covers with a dark red spine
FLE MS 83   [14th century]
Language:  Latin
Missal, parts of 2 leaves, notation on 4 line staves, with letters in red and blue and some line decoration.
Parchment   2 m
FLE MS 84   [later 18th century]
Language:  Latin and Italian
Manuscript book of songs, solo, two, four and six parts, some with accompaniment.
O praise the Lord; O amantissime by Merula, Miserere by Pergolesi, Quem vidistis pastores by Victoria, Decite quid nam vidistis by Victoria, Beata Dei genitrix by Guerrero, Ora pro populo by Guerrero, Pastores loquebantur by Victoria; Andate O miei sospiri cantata by Gasparini sent to Scarlatti 1712, with Scarlatti's reponse con idea humana, with another aria Tu l'antecedente per capricio, and Scarlatti's response con idea inumano.
Paper book, covers lost   260 p, paginated [i-ii], 1-106, 1-[32], 131-250
FLE MS 85   [c.1800]
Manuscript book of songs, with some printed numbers stuck into the back.
Doxology by Selby; Sherburn; Greenfield; Berlin; Columbia C.M. by S. Jackson; Air Springfield C.M., S. J.; Air Saybrook C.M., S.J.; Ipswich C.M.; Brockway C.M., J. ?Clenney; Air Rapture S,M., S.J.; Indian Song; The Benighted Traveller S.J.; Leroy L.M.; March; New Durham C.M. & Austin; Consolation; Tranquility L.M. J. Tingall's Coll.; Jerico So or L.M., J. Tingall's; Lincoln S.M.; Lillian L.M..
Printed: From the Tyrolean Lyre; I am Weary fof my Sin by L. Mason; The Village CHurch; Alexander; Wesdley Chapel 11,8. Words by R.W.D. Music by S.A.; Keep the Declaration, Wm B. Bradbury; Crystal Spring words by Charles Thurber, music by Asa R. Trowbridge.
Inscribed on f.1r & f.9v “Joseph Chapman's Book Given him by Miss Mary Waters Salem”; with some childish scribblings.
Paper book, in damaged leather covers   13 f with many pages excised
Bought from Nevermore Antiques & Books, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA
FLE MS 86   [c.1800]
Manuscript book of songs, with an alphabetical index of titles, also describing the type of song (catch, glee, song, duet, chorus etc)
The Sea, sung by Mr Phillips; Thou has left me ever Jamie, R.A. Smith; The Watchman, Thomas Moor; All Good Lasses; Ellen the Beautiful, R.A. Smith; The Boatie Rows, Knevyet; Albion on my fertile plains; The Light of Other Days, M.W. Ralfe; All's Well, duet, Braham; Of All the Brave Birds; Isn't it a Pity; Canadian Boat Song; The Chough and Crow; The Campbells are Comin'; Sweet tis now the Moonlight Hour, A. Love; Isle of Beauty fare thee Well; Life's A Bumper; Here's a health to one I loe dear; Ye Mariners of England; Hark from Yonder Holy Pile; Jeanie Gray; Master Speaker; Oh say not woman's heart is caught; The Gypsies Glee in Harlequin and Oberon, by William Reece; Take, o take this pale Lily; The Old Commodore, by W. Reeve; It is not on the Battle Field; Great Apoleo, by Webb; Remember Me, by J. Whitaker; Anthem from Psalm 130; Alice Gray (with 3 further verses inserted); Dismission; Hosanna, by Rev Dr Young; Luthers Hymn; Scots Wha hae wi Wallace bled; Dame Durden; Ply the Oar Brother; Pibrich of Donald Dha; The Galsses Sparkle on the Board, by J.A. Geary; Hail Smiling Moon, by Spofforth; Foresters Glee, by Bishop; Away Away Away; The Winds Whistle Cold, by Bishop; Bragela; The Maid of Langollen (with 2 further verses inserted); The Red Cross Knight, by Dr Callcot; Here in Cool Grot, by the Earl of Mornington; Harry Bluff, by J. Welsh; Are there Tidings in Yon Vessel, by Henry R. Bishop; Take Heed Whisper Low; Come Forth Sweet Spirit, by Bishop; The Tramp Chorus, by Bishop; Oh Skylark for thy Wing, by Bishop; She sat within the Abbey Walls, solo; Man's Life's a Vapour, a round; Oberon's Bridal Feast, by Charles E. Hoon, glee for 3 voices; Zephyr, by Smart, glee for 3 voices; A Boat, a Boat, a Catch; Fairies Glee, by Callcott, glee for 3 voices; The Wreath, by J. Marringli, pastoral glee for 3 voices; Give Me a Cup of the Grape's Bright Dew, by Bishop, a glee for 3 voices; Mynheer Van Dunck, 3 voices; Oh! Skylark for the Wing, by Bishop; The Stammerer's Glee, by Dr Horsington; O Bird of Eve, by Lord Mornington, glee for 5 voices; Joan Said to John; Go Idle Boy, by Dr Callcott; Lützlow's Wild Hunt, by Weber (with 2 further verses inserted); The Pilot; Hark! The Vesper Hymn is Stealing, Russian Air; Peace to the Souls of the Heroes, by Dr Calcott; The Witches, from the first scene of Macbeth, by M.P. King; And the Glory of the Lord, Messiah chorus; And he shall Purify, Messiah; O Thou that tellest good tidings to Zion, Messiah; For unto us a Child is Born, Messiah; Glory to God, Messiah; His Yoke is Easy and his Burthen is Light, Messiah; Behold the Lamb of God, Messiah; Surely He hath borne our Griefs, Messiah; And with his Stripes we are Healed, Messiah; All we like Sheep have gone Astray, Messiah; He trusted in God that he would deliver him, Messiah; Lift up your heads O ye Gates, Messiah; Let all the Angels of God Worship Him, Messiah; What is Beautiful.
Paper book, marbled half leather covers, spine lost, broken into segments   ii + iv + 252 + iv pages
FLE MS 87   [1828]
Manuscript book of [piano] pieces, dances and songs, many of them Scottish.
Note on the flyleaf: 'Stirling Castle. 1828. January.'
Hindoo Air; Persian Air; Over the Water to Charlie; Norwegian National Air; Lieber Augustine; When the Day with Rosy Light; Home Sweet Home; The Bugle March; The Soldier's Song in Wallenstein dedicated to Miss H.H. Graham by E.C.I.; To Where Glory Waits Thee, words by Moore; German Lullaby by Kraff; Oft in the Stilly Night; The Meeting of the Waters; O Dear! What Can the Matter Be!; Rule Brittania; Neva Boatman's Song; Kathleen O More words by C.E. Horn; The Blue Bell of Scotland; The Summer Is Coming; French Horn; Crook Music from The Battle of Navarino; Fly Not Yet; Pretty Little Damsels; The Little Netting Girl; Venetian Air; Blue Bonnets Over the Border; The Highland Laddie; Mrs Macleod of Rasay; Somebody, an old Jacobite song; The Merry Lads of Ayr; The Millar of Doune; The Mason's Apron; Sodget Laddie; I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun; Woo'd and Married and a'; Miss Lucy Campbell's Strathspey; Weippert's Bird Quadrilles; The Mocking Bird from The Slave; The Bird Duet from The Cabinet; Lo Here the Gentle Lark - Comedy of Errors; la Golira, finale from Das Unterbrochene Opferfeist; St Patrick's Day; I'd be a Butterfuly composed by T.H. Bayly, arranged by Knapton, with a drawing of a butterfly; Over the Sea from the Rencontre; John Campbell's Strathspey; Blue Bonnets Over the Border; Played by the Bugle of the 74th Regt; When Shall We Three Meet Again; Greek Air; The Weybridge Waltz; C'Est L'Amour; Polish March; Comin Thro the Rye; A Russian Dance; Indian Air; Navarino Waltz; O Merry Row the Bonnie; Lilla's a Lady; Marianne; Farewell to Funeray; Leave Me To My Sorrow!; A Troop of the Grenadier Guards; Sung by the Fishermen on the Rhine; When the Distant Bugle Horn is Heard; 1st of Guy Mannering Quadrilles; Ranz des Vaches; The Seete Flower of My Lodging is on the Cold Ground; The MacGregors' Gathering; Rosemount Waltz; Dancing Girl's Song - Hindoo Air; Bonny Prince Charlie; Dusty Millar; Waltz; Old Irish air - The Girl I Left Behind Me; The Carlovitz Waltz; Stirlingshire Yeomanry Bugle March; The Light Guitar; Waltz by Carl von Weber; Spanish Waltz; Pabby Keary; Quick Step in Imitation of the Bagpipes; Storm Waltz by Mozart; The Athol Highlanders March the Old 77th Regt; March from La Clemenza di Tito; Hearts of Oak; Hey! The Bonnie Breast Knots; St Petersburgh Bells; Highland Air; Jock o'Hazledean; Suise Air; Highland Jig; Sicilian Air; Logie o'Buchan; Quick March; Lord Breadalbane's March; Here's a Health to Them That's Awa!; For Auld Langsyne; Continuation of the Bagpipes; Capersey a Highland Air; Weber's Waltz; The Girl I Left behind Me!; Cotillion Ronos; Cotillion No.2; Alice Gray; Aitken Drum; Bugle Air; Quick March Banquo; The Gathering of the Clans; Mrs Garden of Troup's Strathspey.
With a pencil sketch of a long-fingered female [pianist].
Paper book, in marbled half leather covers, spine part worn away   6 (sewn in) + 52 f
FLE MS 88   [1819 x 1826]
Manuscript book of [violin] tunes variously inscribed Richard Munson (1805-1888) 1819, 1820, 1821, and 1826 aged 21 and titled [by him] with not always accurate spelling.
Liber Augustine German Air; Robin Adair; The Drops of Brandy; Round about the Maypole; Jacky Bull; Over the Hills and Far Away; What a Beauty I Do Grow; The Ladies Brest Knot; Dusty Miller; The Young May Moon; Fire and Water; Yarmouth Hornpipe; The College Hornpipe; Bakers Hornpipe; Wisbech Assembly; The High Bonnet; Flowrs of Edinbourgh a Hornpipe; Peticote Loose; Castle Down; Off She Goes; Dance in the Honey Moon; Pleyels Hymn; New May Moon; Royal Quick Step; Playels Hymn; Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself; The Broadsword Hornpipe; Princess of Wals a Minuet; The Woad Picker; Jessey of Dublane; Kinlocher; Misses Casey; New Lango Lee on the Banks of the Dee; The Sentury Box; Ashleys Hornpipe; Lady Townsends Delight; Astteys Ride Ashleys Ride; The Sailors Joy; Duke of York's Quick Step; Christmas Hollidays; the Creem Pot and Stick; Saylers Delight; Lynn Basses ...; Colledge Hornpipe; What the Devil Ails You; The Shepard & Shepardess; The Bonney Lleses; Speed the Plough; Silver Street Lasses; The Young Rascious Land; The Devle in Ireland; Cume Kiss Me John Behind Your Hay Stack; Red Lion Hornpipe; Volinters Hornpipe; The Point of Honner; Lady Hamilton's New Waltz; A New Hornpipe; Hob Her Nob; Morgin Rattellevo; the Rent is Eume; Granthem Hornpipe; Full Bottomed Gigg; Saylors over the Bar; A Trip to Tinmouth; Salt Fysh; Sanhous Hornpipe; I Jack Horse Coursers; The Bird Catcher; The Fynn Hornpipe; The Hiland Man Kissed his Mother; Margerts Hornpipe; Key of the Celler; Church Hornpipe; Ballence as Now; Lo Sworn; Hay My Mamay My Mamay; Trip to Paris; Merry Dance the Quaker; The Dark Tower; Lady Mary Deluges; Drops of Branday; Lord Curtnay's Hornpipe; Lady Colmondleys Waltz; Marrys Dreem; The Rout Is Came; The Royal Standard; A Reel; Butchers Hornpipe; Kiss Me Simply; Butchers Loos; I Make You Faint to Follow Me; Smiling Dicks Hornpipe.
Paper book, marbled soft covers printed with a text about churchwardens and overseers, leather spine   i + 24 + i f
FLE MS 89   1833
Manuscript book of tunes for hymns and oratorios with, reversed, some psalm chants, with indexes of the tunes organised by metre, titled at the head 'Mr Goodfellow'.
Inside front cover: No.1 Richard Pearson's Book 20th June 1833
Paper book, pasteboards half-leather, front board detached, spine lost, with a label on the front 'Music No.1'   [xx] + 296 + [ii], paginated
FLE MS 90   [1840s - 1880s]
Manuscript book of recipes and remedies for people and animals, also such as a list of the children of Jane Knight wife of John Knight of Honiton baker married 17 February 1801, and a poem.
Inside front cover: 'Jonathan Dowdeswell is my name and England is my nation Taunton is my dwelling place and Christ is my salvation'.
Inside back cover is a list of clothing and on the pages at the back is a song 'Say what shall be our sport today'.
Paper notebook with blotting paper inserts, in leather covers, with a central brass clasp   72f remaining, some pages variously excised, including most of the blotting paper
FLE MS 91   [c.1860]
'A March composed for this Album by W[illia]m H[utchins] Callcott' (1807-1882).
Paper, 1p, edge embossed with musical instruments
FLE MS 92   [c.1860s]
Language:  French
'Morceaux Brillants 6', French manuscript music book of piano pieces (to p.129), then opera arias, in a variety of hands, with a title panel on the front: 'Melle Aline Couche'
Paper book, 264p, paginated, in half faux-leather boards
1. Les Cloches du Monastère, Lefebure W'ely.
9. La Danse des Sylphes, Felix Godefroid.
22. Le Reveil des Lees.
37. La Fille du Regiment, F. Beyer.
53. Robert le Diable, F. Meyerbeer.
61. Le Chant du Rossignol, Frédéric Brisson.
69. L'Éclipse Polka, Koenig.
73. L'Hirondelle et le Prisonnier, A. Croissez.
79. Lucie de Lammermoor.
93. Etudes Caracteristiques, Bertini.
110. Fanchonette opera en 3 actes, L. Clapisson.
124. Le Grillon.
126. Les Dragons de Villars.
130. La Juive opera en cinq actes, F. Halévy.
136. Le Trouvère (Il Travatore), G. Verdi.
140. Le Caïd opera comique en deux actes, Am. Thomas.
152. Les Amours du Diable opera series en quatre actes, Albert Grisar.
163. L'Ambassadrice, [Daniel] Auber.
174. Giralda ou La Nouvelle Psyche opera comique en trosi actes, Ad[olphe] Adam.
182. Quentin Durward opera comique en 3 actes, F.A. Gevaert.
194. La Juive opera en 3 actes, F. Halévy.
202. Ariodant, [Étienne] Méhul.
216. Le Serment, D[aniel] F.E. Auber.
230. Le Pardon de Ploërmel opera comique en trois actes, G. Meyerbeer.
237. Le Chartreux, Lazergea.
240. Cur d'Elvire, Bellini.
251. la Reine Topaze Carnaval de Venise varié, chanté par Me Miolan-Carvalho.
263. List of contents.
FLE MS 93   [mid 19th century]
Language:  French, Italian, German, English
Manuscript opera arias and songs, in various hands, with some blank sections.
List of contents
1. Ah non avea pisi lagrime, Donizetti.
5. Vieni meco, sol di Rose, Verdi.
7. Bella siccome un Angelo, Donizetti.
12 My Phillida, trio, Webbe.
14. Vouchsafe O Lord, Handel.
15. I Know Who, Mrs Groom, July 1850.
17. Bonhomme, G. Nadaud.
19. Ah! fors e lui, Traviata, Verdi.
23. Far down a Valley lonely, Allen.
25. The Student's Serenade, Hatton.
27. Love me if I Live, William Gilbert.
30. There the brisk sparkling nectar (The Choice of Hercules), Handel.
34. Les plaintes de la jeune fille, Schubert.
36. Ah! Non credea (Sonnambula), Bellini.
38. Deh Vieni non tardar (Nozze di Figaro), Mozart.
43. Haste the Nymph, Handel.
46. I love my love in the morning, trio, George Allen.
51. Volhslied aus dem Thuringer Walde.
52. Zigeunerlied, Ellmenreich.
54. Chanson de L'Abeille.
57. Alla Dama del Castello, Lauro Rossi.
64. To Anthea who may command him anything, Hatton.
67. Felicité passée, J.B. Weherlin.
69. The storm, Hullah.
73. Au rivage bon menage, Masini.
77. Down in a flow'ry vale, Constantius Festa.
82. The Water Lady, Macfarren.
86. The Reveillée, C.H.
90. Il Bacio, L. Arditi.
99. Le Renard et le Corbeau.
101. Curiose Geschichte.
103. Lieb Liebchen, H. Heine.
105. Die Bergstimme, H. Heine.
110. Come innocente Giovane, Donizetti.
116. Give that Wreath to me, Sir J. Stevenson.
118. Comme la fauvette, A. Thomas.
120. The rainy day, Mrs R. Arkwright.
121. Zara's Earrings, Mrs Arkwright.
122. Ned that died at Sea, Dibdin.
123. Susan's Story, Claribel.
125. Aventura de un Cantante, Barbieri.
128. L'Echange, Dumas.
130. Fern von Sud, Mrs Barnard.
121 Easily Lost!, Leichter Verlust, Erik Meyer Helmund.
134. Serenade des Troubadour, Erik Meyer Helmund.
138. Many Dreams, Erik Helmund.
(Insert). The Weary Troubadour, Erik Helmund.
Paper book, front cover lost and initial pages burnt along the right edge, pages with text paginated
FLE MS 94   January 1848
“The Sacred Melodist. A Selection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Scottish English and American for Four Voices Adapted to the various metres in the Churches of Scotland Collected and Written by David Reid Jun.”
Contents (with the metre indicated, if not common): Aldwinkle, America New, Andersons, Ashfield, Ascension, Ashley with Doxology, Alford, Ballantine, Birthday, Bloomfield, Bloombsburgh, Bunkerhill, Cambden, Calcutta, Carlisle., Chester, Clydesdale, Conversion, Conquest, Caladonia, Coronation, Consolation, Conclusion Anthem, Damascus, Delight, Devotion, Dismission, Dorton, Dunblane, Dunkeld, Edom, Eglon, Enfield, Ettrick, Eythorn, Faith, Farmington, Funeral, Gladness, Guisborough, Guildford, Greyfriars, Greenwich, Happy Canaan, Haddington, Harmonia, Harwick, Heber, Haverhill, Hermitage, Hermon Hill, Hilsborough, Hindoo Hymn, Hope, Horsley., Huntsford, Incarnation, Invitation, Islay, Johnston Chapel, Laigh Common, Ladehope Chapel, Loudon Hill, Lenox, Lydia, Mount Hermon, Montgomery, Morna, Mount Calvery, Monkton Chapel, Mount Nebo, Meditation, Mount Cedar, Moina, Milford, Morning Hymn, Montague, Marlborough, Munificence, Millenium, Merksworth. Nauvoo, New Jerusalem, Newburgh, New Providence, Newport, Newstead, New Sabbath, New Lebnon, Northampton, Normal Semenary Clasgow, Ocean, Ontario, Orwell, Paradise, Peru, Pennsylvania, Phebus, Praise, Psalm XL, Rapture, Renfrew, Repentance, Recovery, Resignation, Russia, Roxburgh, Sunday, Sion, Schenectady, Sutton, Sherburn, Sutton, Sharon, Symphony, Saints Rest, Sutton Hill, Surprise, Stirling, Saints Repose, Salvation, St Salvadors, St Davids New, St Clements, St Asaphs New, St Lukes, St Helens, St Nicklas, St Leonards, St Abbs, St Silas, St Lukes, Samaria, Salem, Southchurch, Switzerland, Serephs Anthem, Transport, Taymouth, Torwood, Voice of Nature, Virginia, Voice of Spring, Violet Grove, Worral, Westminster, Walpole, Washington, Ward, Whitestown, Whitefriars, Who Hath Believed.
Supplement: America, Anthem Heavenly Vision, Athens., Bristol, Bridgewater, Doxology Now Unto God Eternal, Canaan, Carolina, Calvary, Conneticut, Cumberland. Eden, Funeral, Free Church, Greenfield, Grafton, Hutcheson Street, Haverhill, Jordan, Lisbon, Miflin, Middlebury, Mortality, Mount Carmel, Mount Vernon, Omega, New Durham, North Orange, Norwich, Rochester, Savannah, Sardinia, Silver Spring, Solemnity, Sterling, Stillwater, Stafford, Stratfield, Southwell, Sylvan Streams, Venus, Wigham, Williamstown.
Paper book, in half leather marbled boards, with a spine title and stamped harps, viii + 160 + 48 + iv, paginated
Bought on Ebay [2021]
FLE MS 95   1796
Manuscript book of mainly Scottish/Border tunes, including lots of minuets, with some general notes on music, inscribed in the front: Elizabeth Fisher Oldscale Wythop (Cumberland) 1796
p.5-11 list of contents (incomplete, only to p.143)
p.19-20 various notes,
p.29-34 musical keys and scales
p.40-188 tunes and some songs: Cores March, A Minuet, The Lads of Aire, Lanstra Pone thee new way, Crowford's Minuet, Topsy Turvey, Horse to new Market, An Air for the German Flute, God save the King, Farwel to Manchester, Donkin Grey the newest Way, A Minuet, A Minuet by Mr Lully, A Minuet, A Minuet, A Scotch Reell, A Hornpipe, A Scotch Lilt, Gavot in Otho, Lord Grants March, An Italian Minuet, A Gigg, New blown Rose, A Fine Minuet, Jockey A Favourite Tune, A Minuet, A March, Jockey and Jinny A Song Tune, Parsons Dance A Symphony, Glovers Jig, Ducants Minuet, Rogers Hornpipe, Blak Joah, New Highlands Laddie, Flowers of Edenburg, A Minuet by Jeminiani, A Symphony, Shilling a Gary, Stay and take your Breeches, Side Breeches Hornpipe, Breeches is Loose, Dukes March, Shearks March, Moa House or Love after Marriage, The Old Seybel, I would if I durst A follow to Shilingaly, A Play House Tune, The Birkes of Ednermay, Hey Jinny com down to Jockey, Handles Waterpiece, Lady Jane Crofords Reel, A Minuet, A Minuet, A Minuet, A March or Trumpet Tune, A Minuet with Duburgh's variations, The Millers Wedding, Trip to Winser a Country Dance, A Minuet by Mr Handle, God save the King, The Duke of Cumberland's Reel, A Playhouse Tune, A Minuet by Duburgh, Lovly Peggy, Tokey with its Symphanies, The Miller of Mansfield, A Minuet by Mr Ward, Prince Charles Welcome to Inverness, A Play House Tune, The Last time I came ore ye moor, Baths Minuet, The Lads of Air, The Duke of Cumberlands Minuet, Women are Changeable Things, A Follow to the tune before, Give the sow a Drink, Slepy Magy a Reel, Mis faas Reell, A Minuet, A Favourite Minuet of Mr Handles, Bachus Defeated, A Minuet by Samcon, Martins Minuet, Minuet, A Minuet by Saxon, A Minuet, Another Minuet, A Minuet by Mr Glover, Drown Draught, The Reasonable Lover, A Minuet, The Ass a song Tune, The Slighted Lover, A Favourite Air by mr handle, The Yellow Har'd Laddie, A Minuet of Mr Handles, The Happy Man, A Song Tune by Osvald, The Drunken Peasant, Bacchus Defeated, Liverpool Minuet, A song Tune, Bumper Esquire James, A Kiss for a Babe, Miss Nancy shewed he Har, Inch a Perth, Nobody Loves me, Porto bellow, Scotch Cranny, Plain Truth, The Draft, Madens Resolution song Tune, A Scotch Tune, Jenney of the Green a song Tune, A solo by Sig Kingeltin, A Tollon to the tune before, A Minuet by Mr handle, A Country Dance, New Highland Lasse, A Minuet, A Minuet, Alicia House or Love after Marriage, New Highland Ladde, Highland ladde, Tess Fare, Kiss the Beauty, An Air Set to the First and Second Fiddel, Jack Lattan, Good Seblell, The Lass of the Hill, Senesino, New Castle Rant, Millers Wedding, A March , A Minuet, A Gavot by Correll, The Queen of May, A Minuet by Mr Handle, New Scotland, A Minuet, Suter of Selchirch, Dainty Davy, A Scotch Tune, A Lass of Mill, A song Tune, A Favourite Tune, Push about the Brisk bowl, A French Tune, A Minuet by Mr Hampers, Willies the lad for me, The State of Little Britain, Colins Request, Britains strike home, The Huntegs song tune, The Cucow Solo, A Minuet in Vertonals, A Minuet by Mr Patti, An Air by Mr Burges, A Minuet by Duburge, Women Love Kissing, The Cypress Groves, Ophelia, The Dispute of the Gods, The Life of a Beau, Youth and Beauty, Happy Pair, Sweet nan of the Vale, The Wit and beau, A Lovely Maid, True Blue, The Blind Boy, Nany of the Hill, A Song in the Fordling, I woodst thou know, The Power of Musick & Beauty, The Fly, Old Oxford, Cupids Holyday, Plain Truth a Song Tune, Cream Pot, A minuet, Broughtans Defeat, Philps Fancy, A minuet, Peg Wassington's minuet, Hass Tigg, High Way to Warrington, Bony Jane of Aberdeen, Duks Rake, Oover the Water to Charle, Old Rodger, Sandy ofer the Lee, Katherine ogee, Saw ye non my moge, White Cockade, A School Tune, Scotch mans Rant, If Love be a Sweet Pashon, Jenny Kist the Weaver, Theas Three good Fellows, Conellys Jigg, Bony Grey Eyd Morn, Pasing Bird, A Minuet New and Fine, Meryas John, A Scotty, Isle a Skey, Waux Hall Minuet, Banks Minuet, Ge ho Dobin, The Swain is gon ginling Pelton Loning, A Minuet, Welcome here again, Saly a song Tune, Kentis Kuchets, Chear up the heart Charly, The Lillys of France, Queens Berry House, Bony Cate of Aberdeen, Egelentons new Minuet, Sowerby lassee, Jokies Friend us never pleasd, Malitia Jigg, Ambuscade, Betty Brown, Shawn Boys over the water to Charley, Capecheer, Malitia march, For the sake of Gold she left me, A Bonny Young Lass is my Molly, Batterpeeas, Never mynd the Weather, Blue Bonnets, Dumpty Deary, A New Song on the Coronation (with words), Hearts of Oak, Heppachs Rant, Good Night and God be with you, Mopping Nelly, The Crooked Eue, A Gigg for James Lady, The Broad Hoop, Stampy gown and Russels, Souerby Lasses, (New hand) The Rovers Delight, A Sheet by John Greenhow of Keswick, The Blindman's Ramble a Jigg, Lady Carrick's Minuet, The Boniest Lass in the World a Song Tune, The Sparkes Rant, William was a Wanton Wagg, William was a Bonnay Lad, A Gigg by John Greenhow of Keswick, Three Half Crowns a Day, A New Jigg by John Greenhow of Keswick M M, The Duke's Reel, A Minuet, Terby Lasses, A Trip up Stairs, The Corner a Jigg, A Scotch Reel, The Modest Thing by John Rothey, Able Drugger a Jigg, The Light Horse of England a Song Tune, The Lillies of France (words only), A New Song (words only), Jenney of the Green (with words), The Jolly Toper (with words), Nancy Crow (with words), Plain Truth (words only), Seant of Money, Come Coddle me Longer in Bed, Jockey Streets Reell, A Minuet, Scots Vagres or Green goes the Rashes, Meals grow & Cheap at Keswick, The Cukoe Minuet, Send my Laddy back again, I'll fetch her away without leave of Her Minney, Lashlas march, We have but a mile to ride, The New Year's Even, Hay makers, The Judicious & Fair One (with words), The Scotch Black and Gray, Lowther, Follow a New Song (with words), To Arms (with words), May Maiden Head's a Folly, Old Wife envied in the Miudding, Open the Door Sweet Betty (with words), Colin and Phillis (with words), The farmer a Song (words only), The Happy Wife a new song (words only), A Hunting Minuet, Dorcet March, Thro' the Wood Laddie Miss Wright Vox (with words), My Fond Shepeherd (with words), Argiles Bowling Green, She's galloping over the Cowhill, The Dirty Slut, Molly's the lass, The English Padlock sung by Mr Vernon Vaux (words only)
p.191 letter by Mr Spectator about 2 young ladies),
p.194-200 Crazy Jane poem, A Nue Hunting Song (words)
p.18-23 Notes on musical notation, scales, playing the violin etc;
p.5-6 Various other notes
Paper book, leather covered pasteboard covers, many pages damaged and the covers detached
Acc No Misc.2021/22:30
FLE MS 96   [?c.1820]
Volume of printed tunes, with a section at the back of further manuscript ones.
Flyleaf: Isaac Coulson variously, also Milton Cambs, April 6 1826, William Coulson.
p.I-II Tunes referred to in the Collection suitable to Dr Watts's Hymns, Books I-III in hymn number order, correlated with the psalms.
p.III-VI A Short Introduction to Singing.
p.1-86 A Collection of Tunes in psalm number order with [related] named hymn tunes and C.M., S.M. etc, some 3 staves, some 2 staves.
p.87-138 Further named hymn tunes, many with words, and some with cross-references to Mr G[eorge] Whitefield, most 3 staves.
p.[139-140] A General Index of all the Tunes
p.unnumbered Manuscript tunes numbered 1-60 with further ones (8-12) inserted between 23 and 24, and further ones unnumbered at the end.
Paper book, some papers torn and some detached, some sewn back in, half leather covers
FLE MS 97   1856
Manuscript tune book of George Stevens of St Erth and ?Lanotharn College. Table of long and short metres at front, and with index to sequence 1-179 at end. Inscriptions and pen trials on pastedowns.
Numbered in two sequences: 1-164; 1-74; 24ff un-numbered; 165-179; 8ff un-numbered.
Paper book, some papers torn with full leather binding; front board detached
Acc. No. Misc.2021/22:89
Non-Music items
Reference: FLE c.
FLE c.1   [c.1900 - 1980 (most pre 1940)]
Postcards of Penrith, including views of the church (St Andrew's) interior and exterior, and the giant's grave in its churchyard, also the war memorial, Christ Church and its vicarage, St Catherine's, the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, the castle and Castle Park, Beacon Pike and Beacon Wood, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, soldiers and their band marching through town (WW1), the South African/Boer War Memorial, the Town Hall, a clergyman preaching to an open air crowd, Dockray Hall, a carnival, Old House (1563) in St Andrew's Square, the Liberal Club, a football team, the town centre and Bowmans.
Around a third have text on the back.
With a label: The Otley Stamp Centre, 7 Court House Street.
117 postcards, BW and some colour, inserted in plastic sleeves in a 2-ring plastic binder
FLE c.2   [c.1900 - 1980 (most pre 1940)]
Postcards of the environs of Penrith: Brougham Castle, Bridge and River Lowther, Brougham Hall and chapel, Askham church and bridge, Edenhall village, cross, ice skating, Ladies Walk, Eden Hall, Mardale church interior, Mardale Dun Bull Hotel, Nunnery Walks, Long Meg and daughters, Greystoke Castle and staff, Greystoke church, Low Gardens Bridge, Lord Lonsdale and animals, Lowther Castle, Eastgate falls, Lowther Camp officers mess and soldiers, tents, the Duke of Lancaster's Imperial Yeomanry, Hutton John, Cliburn, Bowscar, Nunwick Hall, Shap Fells Hotel, Shap Fells road, Morland village and church, Newton Reighey St John's church, Culgaith church, Hutton in the Forest, Eamont Bridge and village, Pooley Bridge and village, Dacre village, castle and church.
Many with text on the back.
130 postcards, BW and some colour, inserted in plastic sleeves in a 2-ring plastic binder
FLE c.3   [c.1900 - 1980 (most pre 1940)]
Postcards of Penrith: Penrith House as a military hospital [?tempore WW1] with soliders and nurses, horse and 2 ladies, general views of the town, Brunswick Square, Scum Scar, Crown Hotel, King Street, railway accident at the station 5 December 1903, engine LNER 1464 with train, composite scenes in and around Penrith, Penrith Beacon Entrance Lodge, Wordsworth Street, Beacon Road, Richard Mason's gravestone, Cottage Hospital, Market Place and Clock Tower, Devonshire Street, George Hotel with interiors, Middlegate with a parade, Church Army van, Poets Walk Shopping Precinct, Cornmarket and Market Cross, boys' school group, outdoor swimming pool, Thomas Edmondson chemist, Carleton Avenue, Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry cricket team, female dancers with tambourines, a reunion, Nandana Youth Hostel.
Many with text on the back.
137 postcards, BW and some colour, inserted in plastic sleeves in a 2-ring plastic binder
FLE c.4   [c.1914 - 1918]
Postcards and photos of military hospitals: Penrith Red Cross and Greystoke VAD, including staff, nurses and soldiers/patients, including some activities, a charabanc and ward groups and scenes, also Empire Day 24 May 1915, some Fleming family groups, the Penrith Musical Society performing Handel's Messiah etc 1910, troops and horses at Lowther camp, and the Westmorland and Cumberland Imperial Yeomary training in Lowther Park.
36 BW postcards and BW prints, most encapsulated in stiff plastic
FLE c.5   [c.1900 - 1950]
Postcards of Salem, Massachusetts, and its buildings, and especially the great fire of 25 June 1914, with some images of the fire and more of the after effects, burnt out buildings and townscapes, ruins and refugees.
231 BW and some colour postcards
FLE c.6   [c.1925]
Sale particulars for Skiddaw Grove, [Lowther St], Penrith [CA11 7UW], illustrated, produced by Thornborrow & Co of Penrith [owned by Simon Fleming's parents].
Printed paper booklet, 2f + covers
FLE c.7-31   1989 - 2022
Service papers from Simon Fleming's work as organist, including papers for specific services, church newsletters, baptism, wedding and funeral/memorial services, and other recitals/performances as organist, and some play programmes.
7-11. Bishop Middleham St Michael, parish of the Upper Skerne, 2001-2010.
12. Trimdon St Mary Magdalene, 2011-2019,
13. Durham St Godric, 2010-2016
14-16. Durham St Nicholas, 2007-2022.
17-18. Shincliffe St Mary, including CofE School, 2015-2019.
19. Darlington Holy Trinity, including for Zoom services 2020, 2018-2020.
20. Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, 2004-2019.
21. Hurworth House School, 2009-2010.
22. Other Durham City, 2002-2019.
23. Other Co Durham, including Sedgefield St Edmund, St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic College South Shields, Lanchester/Burnhope, and Northern Sinfonia 2003 programme signed by Lesley Garrett, 2003-2020.
24-26. Penrith, especially St Andrew, including 2 scrapbooks, 1 of the Spice Girls, 1989-2019.
27. Other Westmorland and Cumberland, especially Aigburth and Newton Reigny, 1990-2003.
28. Nottinghamshire, especially Tickhill St Mary, Nottingham St Peter and All Saints, and Mansfield, and also Skegness, 2018-2019.
29. Others UK, especially Stokesley, 1995-2021.
30. India, 2010-2019.
31. Rest of the World - USA, Salem, 1987-2001.
24 paper files
FLE c.32   [1765]
Printed armorial bookplates: of “Robert Spearman [1703-1761] of Oldacres Esqr DURHAM”
Paper, 1f
Bought on eBay [2021].
FLE c.33   [1919]
Memories of the Great War compiled by M.E. Thomson, MBE, Commandant Penrith Auxiliary Hospital
?Photographs (now removed and missing), with a coloured drawing of ?daisies with a nurse and patient, and a medal, also a list of subscribers and a dedication of a salver and suitcase to Thomson from the staff for their service 25 march 1915 to 2 April 1919.
Album, 3f of stiff card, in hard covers
From the collection belonging to Elizabeth Josephine Fleming. £35
FLE c.34-35   1997 - 2019
The Charles Avison Society and the Avison Ensemble, programmes, flyers, leaflets, and some correspondence about recordings, concerts etc, and some related material about 18th century music such as Newsletter of the Friends of the London Handel Festival and John Garth.
2 paper files
FLE c.36-39   2004 - 2020
Invoices and receipts for acquisitions of music scores etc by Simon Fleming.
4 paper files
FLE c.40   1797
Bookplate of Thomas Bell, with a discussion of its possible attribution to Thomas Bewick
Paper, 1f
Bought on eBay [2021]